Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 19


Part 19

Geet was blabbering half to him half to herself. But Maan’s heart stopped on her last words, how could she think she isn’t his worthy when the truth is he isn’t the worthy one.

‘Do u really think u aren’t worth of my friendship? For God sake do u really think so?’

An angry frown was visible on her face making her cuter if it possible and Maan felt his heart will come out with the speed of it’s hammering.

‘What was I supposed to think? U left. Didn’t u? and then never came back. I waited for ur call but u never did call me. What should I think of that?’

‘But I did call u, I was there, the  night when they brought u home, I,,’

Geet gaped at him ‘u did what??’

Maan shifted his weight on his other foot but Geet only gaped at him with open mouth then closed it with another frown. Maan felt like he can eat her right then. How can a person look so adorable with a frown?

‘when? I mean why didn’t u told me? And why can’t remember it? I’

Then she remembered the day she felt Maan but opening her eyes, he wasn’t there and she thought it was an illusion.’

‘when did u called me?’


Again her mouth fell open. She tried to say something but couldn’t. Then her eyes widen some more.

‘Blank calls?’

Maan just nodded clearly not comfortable. It’s not everyday that someone got to question MSK. And here standing the person utterly confuse and edible. Maan shook his thought away.

‘But why? Why couldn’t u call me like as a normal person. U don’t have to behave as invisible. I don’t understand.’

Maan held her chin, rubbing her chin with his thumb.

‘Because u r too sacred for my touch, bcz I didn’t wanted to scarred ur innocence and I didn’t wanted to shadow ur innocence by my darkness. I m a beast that doesn’t deserves the beauty.’

A sardonic smile tugged his lips which made Geet sad, she shook her head.

‘You aren’t a beast. And if u r then every beast deserves a beauty to protect her.’

‘Be the cost of destroying her?’

Geet shook her head ‘To complete her inner beauty. If she can’t love a scarred beast, then she isn’t a beauty.’

He looked at her dumbfounded. Her words were simple, her expression was soft nothing coy. Did she even understand what she said. No. Minding her innocence she can’t even see the definition of love in her own voice.

‘What do u  think of me Geet? A beast? Or a’

He couldn’t complete his words when Geet spoke.

‘A friend. Dost. Will you be my friends Maan? Mujhe dosti karoge?’

Frnd? could he become her frnd? Just frnd? Probably not but if he get her frndship, as the 1st stage, he is ready to take the risk. He knew his feeling for her run deep. He desire her for sure but with that a protective instinct works through him, to solve his feeling he need to be close to her. To know what he feels for her is lust or,,, Love…  He have to be close to her and if it need to be her frnd first then be it.

Maan accepted her hand ‘Friends’
I think we will be much more.


Geet was awfully in a good mood. Yash wasn’t happy seeing Maan in Geet’s room. Not  jealousy but the protecting instinctive. When everyone returned after knowing from Aniee that Geet went to the hotel with Maan, Brij wasn’t either thrilled to find him who didn’t even acknowledge which only indicates he doesn’t care. But He was extremely relieved seeing his baby sister so happy. Asking about why they left the temple Geet narrated her stupidity at the way she jumped in the pond.

‘Why did u come here Maan, it isn’t like u really believe in God. U never once went Gurudwara ever then why now?’

Yash’s question baffled Geet. They were sitting in the lounge having their breakfast. Finally Yash asked what he was itching to do. He was worried specially after the way Maan talked with Geet that night. He remember her sadness, though none can say how happy he was to see his brother but Geet’s happiness also matters which right now seems to be on Mount Everest.

Geet gaped at Yash, so did Aniee but Maan didn’t even spare a glance to him.

‘Had some business Yash.’

‘What business?’

Amusement flickered in Maan’s eyes as he looked at Yash, it was good that He isn’t angry yet, right? But Yash knew that means trouble.

‘It was never your business ‘BRO’ then why you are poking ur nose?’

Geet looked at Maan then at Yash then again Maan to Yash. Her happiness evaporate sensing the silent war. Sadness gripped her and she became silent. Maan saw that and glared Yash. Yash looked at Geet with regret and tried to lighten the atmosphere but Geet was drawn not participating in their banter.

Just then a girl barely covered in a pink dress came out from the elevator and walked straight towards their little grp, then sat beside Maan. Geet’s mouth fell practically on the ground, annie narrowed her eyes seeing the girl and Roshni snorted like she knew some secret. Nikhil was practically drooling over her bare leg of the girl.

‘Ohh so Sasha accompanied you, so it really was business huh?’

Something like a mocking smile spread on Yash’s face, Brij barely spare a glance to the girl.

‘Purely business Yash, that’s why my PA needed to come with me.’

Maan’s eyes were trained on Geet clearly indicating his words towards her, was he clarifying that the girl doesn’t matter to him, and was is for Geet? She can only wonder but one thing was clear. Geet didn’t liked that girl one ounce and seems like feeling was mutual. Sasha was just glaring Geet head to toe.

‘who is that girl MK’

Yash sheathed in anger ‘None of your concern Sasha.’

‘Isn’t it Yash, I worry about MK and she doesn’t looks like she belongs to your family, more like a maid.’

Sasha raised her one brow like challenging, but her smile vanished the moment Maan looked at her.

‘Our family shouldn’t concern you Sasha, you are just an assistance. It’s better to focus on your job, or u won’t sniff the change of position like an assistant to a Jr in cleaning department.’

Sasha greeted her teeth but said nothing, Maan gave her some file which left her no option than leave. Geet avoided meeting his gaze, but she felt his undisturbed stare on her. She shifted uncomfortably. Just then a shrill sound of ringtone broke the unease.

‘What? But. Mom We are coming.’

Yash’s voice alerted everyone. Yash looked so frightened that Geet stood up along with other. Yash just stared at Maan for a few sec.

‘Dad is in Hospital, He got an heartattack last night in Delhi.’

‘Oh God.’

Aniee’s devasted gasp alert brij,  Geet stood there with wide eyes, horrified was right word maybe. Maan just stared at somewhere lost.

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  2. Geet ca never ever like sasha n feeling is mutual


  3. Posted by kingkhanfan2010 on June 3, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    superbb love itt me iqramalik


  4. Posted by sanghita0000 on June 3, 2014 at 7:02 pm

    brilliant update dear….


  5. love the way geet answered maan wow beast n beauty ha lol n loved the way maan insult sasha hahaha cheap girl n y maan was not shocked to know about his dad condition ?


  6. Posted by monikaseth on June 3, 2014 at 8:49 pm

    Sasha ko kuch clothes dedo…..Awesome maan geet become friends so sweet.. Why yash all times poke his nose between maan and geet… Maan because sad after listening his father illness hope geet make him better. Awesome update thank you


  7. simply brilliant
    loved it


  8. Posted by angelickushi on June 4, 2014 at 3:12 am

    Loved the update
    Chalo dosti ki shuruwat to hui


  9. nice update


  10. Posted by priyank85 on June 4, 2014 at 7:15 am

    loved it


  11. bi…… shasha maan favouring geet and maan father ill


  12. nice update…
    they became friends….
    the sasha is devil…
    maans dad got heart attack…..
    continue soon…
    take care…


  13. I just loved the way Geet said to Maan “If a beauty can’t love a beast then she can’t be a beauty”…Awww…the confidence with which she said just loved it to the core…
    Hmm..Maan decided to be frnd with Geet to see wht he feels fr Geet is either love or lust..
    Yash…kuchh bhi ho i can’t like this man..he just irritates me..Maan ne achha khasa Geet ka mood badla tha but nahi yash ko toh bich me padna hi tha kar diya Geet ka mood kharab..
    Wht happened to Maan’s father??


  14. Yash is always doubting Maan for Geet welfare. But can’t think of Maan feelings.
    Geet is so happy with friendship.
    Hope Maan father doesn’t do or make them do things that might separate maaneet.
    Awesome update.


  15. Superb update..
    Maneet became friends…maans dad had a heartattack…wonder whether I wud speed up yash n geets wedding??
    Waiting fr nxt prt…


  16. Posted by anamikasb on June 4, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    Nice yaar friendship started ❤ 🙂 Sasha hurting Geet by her words 👿
    excited to read next 8)


  17. ah …finally he is taking the big risk … i dont know y but sometimes i have a feeling tht may be in this story yash is doing it all deliberately to break his brother’s shell …don’t knw …:p but hope he back off himself ..:\


  18. Love it geet a little jealous and maan afraid to hurt her hope thier dad will b ok can’t wait to read more Maaneet scenes even though their just friends for now


  19. just loved maaneet together.keep that yash stay away from maaneet ,,,,,lolz


  20. Love Maaneet I don’t think anyone can ever come between them Sasha can try but it won’t work no one can break their intimate bond waiting for next love it tich


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