Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 75


Part 75

Alex: You know Geet When we were kids Maan used to protect me from Brad.

Geet’s eyes were huge: what do u mean kids?

Brad: Maan’s maternal uncle used to live here. If I m not wrong this apartment is his mother.

Geet nodded, suddenly she felt a warm arm engulfing her from behind. She snuggled close to Maan who sat there with Rihana.

Alex: we became friends when he visited London. And after few yrs he moved here for his schooling. Brad used to irritate me and Maan always protected me from his teasing as I was very sensitive.

Brad snorted: u always twisted me with ur fingers.

Alex slapped husband’s arm playfully. Yeah they have a bittersweet relation from childhood. But how Maan fits in it she had no idea. It excited her at same time makes her nervous.

Alex: Maan had a reputation Geet.

All amusement left Alex’s eyes as tenderness replaced it.

Alex: He was popular with Girls. Even though he treated them as dirt but not everyone came in that category. Everyone thought he was rude and Womaniser but never he took advantage of anyone. Those girl always came to him like a moth to fire. He was always clear, never sweet talker or manipulator to use them. But people never tried to understand him, they saw what he showed.

Geet was stiff like a cardboard. Didn’t she thought about him the worst. Punished him for a gimmick. Geet felt a lump becoming large, only then she felt his lips on her head. Her eyes locked with him, regret, pain surrounded her hazels. Maan just shook his head indicating not to shed one drop. Finally she took a long breath before Maan decide to end this. Alex and Brad seems to knowing the silent communication. They gave them time which they needed before Brad spoke.

Brad: well not with 2 girls. Sia and Sasha was under Maan’s protection. No guy had guts to look or bad mouthed about them. And they protected him like shadow. Not a word would go to principal even he did some huge thing. They were always mumma bear for him.

Geet remembered what Sasha did, that was unforgettable but now she know what must had gone through Maan knowing what his best frnd did to his another frnd. And Sia.. That was whole another story.

Alex: and that’s why they never liked me. Maan and I was neighbours cum friend. So when Brad bullied me he kind of spread his wings upon me, taking me under his protection.

Brad: he even broke my nose when I ask her on a date at 14.

Geet couldn’t help but giggle seeing brad rubbing his nose, Alex snuggled Rehan who sighed heavenly then dozed off again.

Alex: he used to trouble me, so when I rejected that absurd notion Brad took it at his ego and made my life hell which earned him a broken nose. But from then everyone speculated things. U know me and Maan.

Geet saw the flush on Alex’s face, she can say Alex is still embarrassed. Maan never interrupted their talk, he burp Rihana continuously.

Alex: But I never clarified it. It’s not like I felt anything for him except Friendship but guess we both never cared about rumours. But it effected his frndship towards Sia and Sasha. As we never clarified our relation to anyone they also thought we are dating. It all started at the age of fifteen. Just to protect me from boys Maan never said anything. So the boys never dared to ask me again and school was peaceful for me.

Brad: But it did strange things to me.. I had a reputation of my own. Kind of bad guy.

Brad looked at Alex with teasing smile which made her blush. It was cute to see their open love. It made Geet smile. She wasn’t alone, a genuine smile adorned Maan as well, like he was recalling His teen years. Happy years.

Alex: u must be thinking how we became a couple then? Geet nodded.

Brad: I was so jealous of Maan. Our friendship long forgotten and we were enemy, who can kill each other. And once we fought like never before, literally fighting with blood. We were 17, hot blood and stupid with hormones. I liked Alex, really liked her but like others I also thought they are an item but Maan didn’t stopped his one night stands.

Geet shifted a little but Maan’s hand tighten. His silent warn shifted on Brad who smiled apologetically.

Brad: I thought he was cheating on her, he used to be so disturb. I was angry and we fought.

Alex: my silence broke that day. My Friend and Love was fighting. What can be more painful for me. And I broke my silence. I told Maan that I love Brad, they stopped punching each another. There wasn’t another soul except 3 of us. Brad told me how much he loved me and I accepted my feelings, then cleared his misunderstanding about our relation.

Brad: I was so happy, I wanted to tell everyone that Alex loves me but we couldn’t. Everyone in school knew I was jealous of Maan. Telling them about our relation would mean making Alex laughing stock Cz none had the guts to say anything to us. Alex was soft target.

Alex: we continued the facad till high school. Maan used to take me to Brad so we can spent some together time in this flat where Maan used to stay. Life was easy, happy or so we thought. We were happy in our world that we never noticed the sadness in Maan. I don’t know what happen between Maan and Sia but Sia accused me a lot of things which half I didn’t understood. Maan and Sia had a huge fight and he left for India, never to retun. We met after that, had chat through internet but those days never came back. Its like we had lost our Maan until I met you…

©All Copyrights Reserved. 2014. Tich Mg.


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  1. Hayeeee maan kitna sweet tha naa


  2. Aww…Brad n Alex’s sweet love story..
    Maan aur Sia ke beech kya hua tha??


  3. nice update….
    really wanna know what happened between maan and sia…
    continue soon…
    take care ..


  4. brad alex relieving past of maan sia shasha and there relation


  5. Awesome update really want to know maan n sia ‘s story


  6. Posted by preetialbert2013 on June 25, 2014 at 4:31 pm

    Ye sia aur maan k beech kya tha past neplz reveal karo jaldi ..
    Ye chotu update tha next jaldi dena


  7. wish there were real men like maan sadly there’s only a few


  8. Posted by cuteeagle65 on June 25, 2014 at 5:30 pm

    awesome update what happen btw sia & maan in past waiting 4 nxt


  9. nice update


  10. Posted by angelickushi on June 25, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    Loved the update
    Maan was so sweet to protect his friends
    Is it sia-maan past thats bothering them


  11. Lovely update…
    Smthng happened.btwn maaN n sia…
    Waiting to know what…
    Superb part…


  12. Awesome update waiting for next


  13. Loved the update.hope sia was not gf of maan.pls wan maaneet kid scene also


  14. Lovely misunderstandings cleared up just waiting to see Maaneet moving forward hope sis doesn’t return to ruin it


  15. Posted by sanghita0000 on June 27, 2014 at 2:37 pm

    WOW!! awesome update dear…


  16. Posted by HAYA on July 24, 2015 at 9:40 am

    where r u ……missing u
    pls come back.
    pls update


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