Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 38


Pls read last part first then read this one,,

Part 38

After Your birth he had never looked backward. He loved u very much. U were his life but he started guarding his emotion around Priti. He loved his father a lot and when he left us, some part of Abhi’s life left. He loved Gauri a lot and he had to leave her, then he started loving Priti and became afraid of his emotion so he stopped his heart before it was cursed. He was afraid he will lose ur mother and eventually he did. Priti started avoiding him because she thought he resented her. His parties grew and She lost it. Priti was reserved but once she said she love him she meant it. Sadly he took her love for granted and when his arrogance and fear stopped him showing his affection towards her, Priti also stopped her heart and guarded it. They hit the rough patch of their marriage. 4yrs of life together crumbling that’s when he met Gauri broken fearful and widower.

He never meant to betray Priti but they say old heart die hard. He became friend with Gauri again. Her misery pulled him, she married a person who used to brutalized her and after the death of the husband Abhi became her friend again. Abhi was confuse. He loved Gauri but then his feeling towards Priti confused him and after few months of friendship he did the thing that crushed ur mother later.
He cheated Priti with Gauri.

Abhi was remorsefull after betraying Priti. He came to me told me everything, then promised never to meet Gauri. But then Gauri became pregnant and once again ur father’s protective instinct started swelling, he started helping her with money. When I got to know that, which was actually him admitting to me, I was furious at ur father and straight went to meet Gauri. I wanted to see an evil bitch but when I met her my heart went to her. There was standing a broken young girl, fearful, destroyed, in pain. She had lost everything and I was the person to blame for;  because of me she lost her love, married to a brute and then alone with a child of my son. It was all I could take and then I accepted her.

I know u must be detesting me and Abhi but a child bind relation that sometime we didn’t realize. Abhi loved his child and once he saw the twin he couldn’t control his love for them. Gauri wanted to leave the place so that his married life wasn’t in a jeopardy but she couldn’t apart father and sons. Then Abhi told me to do something. I couldn’t have hurt Priti like that because she would left him so I took her to a place where she could see Gauri and took pity on her. My plan was successful and she brought Priti home….

Seeing Gauri with his child the old love surfaced again and Abhi did the inevitable which broke Priti and which remorse he carried till now. When Gauri met u she fell in love with you. Ved was close to u and dev was with his grandmother because Gauri could’t take care of 3 children. Whenever Gauri tried to leave the place she couldn’t,,  not because of ur father but u. She loved u like a mother. Like Priti loved Ved.

Abhi thought he could have both the women he loved. He knew He was in love with Gauri and Priti at the same time but then Gauri was pregnant again with Mihika and Abhi was in stress to break the news to Priti because she will question who is the father of the child. Ur mother loved every person that came in her life, she loved Gauri like a little sister and was protective towards her.

Once she got to see the sign of Gauri’s pregnancy she was hysterical in fear and pain. She wanted best for Gauri and the kids,.she wanted to know if Gauri love someone or anyone molested her. Gauri broke down seeing so much love and in regret she tried to leave the house again.

Abhi finally snapped and told Priti everything. She was broken, numb. For days she couldn’t looked at them and seeing the pain in her eyes Abhi became agitated. He said so mean things just to take reaction on the news and Priti did. She left the house with a note and divorce paper saying her last wish is to see Gauri married,,,, to him. So that the child could have a name. And Abhi did. Not because he was excited to do so. Bcz he loved ur mother too much to refuse.’

Dadima cried and wiped her eyes seeing the crushed emotions on Maan’s face. Geet was horrified and in tears.

Dadima: He tried. God know he tried to search u and Priti. He was broken, he couldn’t eat or sleep and once he knew he couldn’t find her he accepted her verdict of his life.

They heard a sob. Maan saw Gauri leaning on Abhinav crying mufling her voice and Abhi caressing her head absent minded.

So much pain, for what? Love. Love should give life but here it destroyed so many lives. But Love never asked question it give life freely. It’s us human that makes it so complicated….


Maan didn’t left the house which was positive sign for everyone but that doesn’t mean he forgave & forgot. He couldn’t. Abhinav tried to talk to him, unsuccessfull atempt didn’t stop him. Maan on the other hand totally ignored him, but he couldn’t give his back towards Gauri. He tried. He tried to hate her, ignore her, behave rudely but Gauri accepted everything with love and adoration which made it impossible to hate her. Finally Maan left pretending and accepted that he couldn’t hate her instead he had a place for her in his heart, closer to his maa. He couldn’t take out the little flash of himself running and Gauri behind him with food. Sometimes it made him smile which everyone noticed but pretended not to.

Gauri took care of Maan when he felt weak, though he never showed and it angered him to see concern in other’s eyes but never he got irritated to see that in Gauri’s eyes.

Geet was finding all this a little overwhelming and on top of it Ved’s undying attention to her made her uncomfortable. She wasn’t used to large family, specially so complicated.

Maan: Ved. How did u remember me and did Dev and Mihika also knew?

Dev and Mihika simply nodded which made Geet’s jaw drop on the floor.

Geet: how? I mean u never met Maan and Ved was just 3. Even Maan didn’t remember.

Ved smiles a little and in that moment he looked like a little boy who got her favorite toy.

Ved: Mom told us everything when we were 15 and Mihika was 12 but weirdly she was the eldest in understanding relation. I saw picture and yes I got vague memory of our togetherness. Then Dadima told us every little bit of Maan bhai, his likings & dislikings and ofcourse about badi maa, Priti maa.

Maan immediately stiffen but Geet looked at Ved in awe. It’s like in one moment he became a sensitive man from a ruthless jerk devil.

Maan: u call her,,,

Dev: we all call her badi maa bhai like u called mom choti maa in ur childhood.

Maan looked at Gauri who looked at him with yearning, love and pain. Sadness. Regret. He took some air through his nose, his throat trying to lose the knot. He could’t bring himself to call her that now. He can’t break his mother’s heart by accepting the person who ruined her life. But a little corner sighed. Was is her that played or desnity played the cruel game with her? Wasn’t she was the toy in the hand of fate?

Precap: Heer & Prem….

@All Copyrights Reserved. 2014. Tich Mg.


18 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by priyank85 on June 25, 2014 at 12:46 pm

    wow i loved it


  2. Posted by tabby on June 25, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    i like the update …but now i will read entire story again ..i am so confuse ..


  3. it’s awesome. so overall it’s the all game of destiny. everyone has lost something because of love. gauri is also in pain. she has same affection for maan as like she has for her own children. maan is in dilemma. he can’t able to hate gauri neither he can’t able to accept her. waiting for next tich.


  4. Superb update…
    Loved it…
    So much happened…maan not accepting abhi but can’t hate gauri…
    Waiting fr nxt part…


  5. Posted by preetialbert2013 on June 25, 2014 at 1:38 pm

    Awesome part …mere hisaab se gauri ki koi galti nahi sari galti abhi ki he usne priti aur gauri dono ko cheat kiya aur dono ko hi jindgi bhar ka dard diya..
    Pata nahi priti kaise rect karegu jab usko pata chalega k maan kaha tha


  6. Excellent update di….
    waited for sooo long…..
    i dnt like ved’s dad ie Mr.Khurrana,jo bi reason ho he shouldnt cheated pritima,other name of love is sacrifice hai na di,priti ma ne tho apna sab kuch de diya tha sevai maan aur annie….
    according to me he deserve punishment…
    Aur daadima should have informed prithi abt gauri,thank god she left without confront anything they dnt deserve her love and forgiveness….
    in all this priti ma and maan suffered,abhi ne jo kuch bhi kiya woh maafi ke laayak nai hai….
    eagerly waiting for next part….
    continue soon…..


  7. wow i loved it


  8. Posted by sanghita0000 on June 25, 2014 at 3:10 pm

    superb update…I loved it…


  9. Superbbbb awseummm


  10. Awesome update di…
    So overall it is Maan’s father who is at fault…& definitely he shld nt forgive him..bcoz he knowingly did everyghing…
    Waiting fr nxt part di..


  11. Emotional update.maan can’t ignore gauri with family.now want see hwat ll maan do with dis family.missing maaneet moment


  12. Its really the game of god which changed their life hope it gets back to normal which i feel is a little difficult


  13. abhi gauri cheat priti and thats the truth no excuse can change that family bonding good but i reallly don’t want priti to back to abhi


  14. Posted by cuteeagle65 on June 25, 2014 at 6:07 pm

    awesome update little emotional maan cant hate gauri & cant hurt his mom all fault is abhi


  15. awesome update dadima say maan all past to him


  16. Hate abhi maan’s father is cheater he can’t love both women in one time
    Pagal kahiin ka


  17. Posted by chmridula on June 27, 2014 at 9:47 pm

    Loved the update.


  18. Loved yur updt dear
    I always wait fr yur updt
    loved all yur chapters of all yur ffs


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