Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 111


Part 111

Next day in Thailand was somewhat sweet and tolerable for Maan and Shiv as Ian was nowhere in sight, he had few meetings which was blessing for shiv as saanjh seems to become really fond of Ian which irritate the hell out of him and he made maan’s life hell with his scribing.

4 of them went to have breakfast along with Maahi, and then shopping. It was looking like Shiv and Maan brought the whole market for their princess which pleased Maahi. And suprisingly seeing her look or touch anything the men brought everything, it was weird when geet saw there was some scarf and hat which can drown Maahika’s whole body, it was so big. Geet glaed Maan asking what he was thinking when he brought all those, he would just shrugged and maahi will smile sheepishly. She sometime doubt is she only 3 months old.

Saanjh informed they will go to a local place for lunch which their friend showed last day while they were shopping, seeing the place Shiv immidiately stiffened.

Shiv: u both came here yesterday?

Saanjh: yeah, its so cool shiv, we loved it.

Maan glared the place and then Geet who bite her lips,, it was really a beautiful place closer to beach, but they didn’t informed that the place has half naked men serving and flirting. In fact the place has no female staff. Weird that most of the customer were girls who are shamelessly groping those hunk like half naked men with their eyes. saanjh rolled her eyes at shiv and pulled geet closer to a corner table directly in front of the beach.

Instantly a good looking man wearing shorts and an open shirt which was showing his perfect abs approached their table.

Saanjh: Hey how are u Mark?

Mark gave her a smile: hey saanjh, hey Geet, how have u being girls? Liking Thailand.

Geet: absolutely in love with this place.

Mark: hey who is this cute angel?

He tried to touch maahi which earned growls from the men and a somewhere scowling or pouting Maahika. Saanjh chuckled..

Saanjh: Don’t Mark, maahi Geet’s daughter is in a bad mood and I guess her dada is also, as for Shiv,

Geet: he become mumma bear at the thought of anyone touching his precious God daughter.

Shiv’s scowling stopped at the mention of daughter, he looked at geet with such tenderness. Saanjh cleared her throat and mark stretched himself.

Mark: you never said u r married and have a daughter geet.

He look somewhere sad and accusing which confused geet,, saanjh tried to hide her smile. Her twin was so stupid when men are concern. She is so concern about her size that she never got to see how beautiful and attracting she is to the other men. No exception for Mark. Maan’s glare switched being annoying to murderous. Then Shiv coughed hearing Geet.

Geet: Well I don’t see any need of hanging a banner of ‘I m married’ in my neck when I already have a chain of wedding and a ring in my finger, I don’t know why couldn’t u see tht.

Saanjh: Because all the time his eyes were on ur tits, oops.

Geet gasped and maan growled ready to murder someone be tht Maark.

Shiv: What the hell,, calm down Maan. And u saanjh,, couldn’t find a decent place than this.

Maan was already on Mark’s face: listen you as***** stay the f*** away from my wife and take your eyes with u or God knows what will I do with it.

The owner herself came to rescue and seeing the murderous glare from Maan she immediately asked forgiveness. Later it cracked as a joke and Saanjh laughed so hard. Geet was cutely pouting and Shiv joined the laughter. Maahika happily clapped her hands seeing so much happiness she nearly bounced from Maan’s hand.

Maan: seriously who introduced u to that idiot and this place.

Saanjh: it was a good place with good view except Mark. Geet was too innocent to notice his advancement so I wanted to give a lesson tht every naive girl won’t swoon with his good looks.

Geet: u should have said tht to me.

Shiv: how did u manage to land up here.

Saanjh smiled at him sweetly: Lara brought us here yesterday, I told u we made good friends in tht trip well Lara was really sweet and so bold u know.

Geet: yeah and we clicked so easily.

The world stopped and so did Shiv, it can’t be her, in whole Thailand there could be a lot ppl name Lara, it doesn’t mean it has to be her, last he knew she ws in Chicago but can’t she come when her brother Ian is here. He should talk to Saanjh before his nightmare touch her.

Rest of the day was ruined for shiv as fear gripped his heart, he asked Maan to leave with Geet and spend some time with her, He and Saanjh can babysit Maahi. Abruptly Maan agreed knowing he need some alone time with Saanjh and He want to spend some his quality time with geet.

(C) All Copyrights Reserved 2014. Tich Mg.

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12 responses to this post.

  1. 1. Who is now this Lara
    2.maahi is so cute
    3. Maan a mumma bear heheheeheh
    4.updt soon and dont frgt to pm me


  2. Lovelyyy update…
    Hehehe..bechara mark…Maan was all set to murder him..n our innocent Geet..dint even realized tht the man was actually attractd to her..
    Lara??who is this??is she shiv’s X or something like tht??


  3. Mark was gone maan will kill him if he eyes on geet
    geet is so innocent n naive
    i love maahi she is really a chota packet full of dhamaka


  4. poor mark maan warning shive fear laula in there lives waiting for shi to tell sanjh


  5. Love maans jealousy he can’t take anyone looking at his geet never mind getting to close can’t wait for next


  6. Posted by priyank85 on June 29, 2014 at 10:39 am

    lovely update


  7. Superb part…
    Maan giving angry looks to mark…wonder who is this Lara…


  8. Posted by sanghita0000 on June 29, 2014 at 3:01 pm

    awesome update dear…but who is this lara???


  9. amazing update love it


  10. Hahahaha such a awesome update dear loved it toooo much dat was hilarious lol
    Sanjhna is to much n maan was sooo j n who is Lara now


  11. nice part…
    hope everything goes well with saanjh and shiv….
    continue soon….
    take care….


  12. Who is Lara????
    Mark was taught a lesson. Poor him.
    Geet is so naive.
    Nice update.


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