Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 45


Part 45

Geet noticed the admiration in Maan’s eyes and for a moment she lost her heartbeat. A sudden heat rushesd through her stomach, settling between her legs finally. No man has the right to look so deliciously handsome, it was not the appearance that made her eyes glued to him, it was the aura he carried. He isn’t in a business suit but that doesn’t stop people to follow his every word with devotion.

In that moment he exactly looked the MSK she met that night. Arrogant Ruthless. But in that exterior their is a person who guarded his emotion, maybe trying to protect himself, there is an era of stories in him. He has history which had hurt him badly and made him the ruthless devil but that doesn’t stop him to show affection towards her in his own style. And what said that about him? He care. He care a big time for her.

The moment her feet hit the ground maan placed his hand on her waist claiming her as his. Geet looked at him ashtonished, he just gave a nod to his bodygaurd and other disappeared, Geet tried to see whom he was talking to but only met with some glare from girls, clearly interested in her devil husband.

“Where are we going?”

“You want to go local place for lunch?”

Geet gave a look tht only indicate does he even know what local places are call cz he only represents 5 star hotel. Maan’s look said he read her mind which earned a scowl from him, that bursts Geet in to a fit of laughter. Finally her hubby can give expression other than glare or smirk.

“Let’s go, I m so hungry.” Geet chided

“It’s good that we are in public.”

“So u can’t touch me or kiss me to shut the hell up?”

Her teasing and twinkling eyes undone him unashamedly. He grabbed her in the middle of everyone and kissed her hard. Geet was baffle, immobile, for a moment she tried to think what he was doing, but it was Maan, he do the unthinking. His lips teased her and tongue moistened her petals, teeth nipped her skin as he groan in her mouth.

“I care a damn about ppl, I wasn’t talking about kissing. I was saying it’s good for u that we are in public or else I would have spank you till u scream with your orgasm.”

Her core clenched with his raw words and body shuddered feeling his hardness pressing her lower abdomen.


The moan worked all the way from her heart then again settle in the pit of stomach, he kissed her again, but it was soft and sensual. Geet can feel she was drowing in him, his desire and possession, it scared her at the same time shivered her with excitement.


When they entered Bella’s Castello rolled up in front of her the fresh aroma of Italian food watered her mouth, but then the line of ppl came in to view. Her mouth literally hanging on ground, never in her wildest dream Geet imagined Maan would bring her here. Truthfully she expected some posh boring 5 star resturant but this place amazed her.

It was beautiful, not small not so large, but what attracted her was the atmosphere. Happiness was oozing out, the music was in Italian and laughter with mouth watering food aroma was drifting. Maan tapped her shoulder.

“Aur muh mat kholo Geet, zameen pe gir jayegi.”

Her mouth gaped while he smirked briskly walking before grabbing her hand.

“Maan if u can’t see let me describe you the scene before,, there at least 50 ppl standing in the line, mujhe aaj bhook lagi hain, kal nahi complete karna mujhe.”

Maan rolled his eyes and entered the place, ppl shouted but he didn’t even looked at them. Strange thing was his bodygaurds weren’t around them anymore. She looked at him in confusion while he was looking for someone.

Suddenly she heard a shriek then something came in a tornado speed and hugged her husband. Her husband. What the hell. Geet was ready to punch the woman who was hugging Maan like her life depends on him, but then she stopped, Maan was smiling, a genuine smile that she had never witnessed.

She can’t see the lady because Maan was hugging her so passionately that her small frame was plastered to him. Geet never knew this kind of jealousy she is feeling right now had ever existed in her but a murderous rage and heart breaking cry was about to tore from her throat. Just then the lady broke the hug and turned her full attention to Geet, she froze.

Geet couldn’t believe what she was seeing, that wasn’t what she thought, she was definitely small but way older than 2 of them, and then she saw the motherly love that lady was holding in her eyes, yep definitely. Her age didn’t hide the glow on her face at 55 she still looks so radiant and partly geet knew because of the love she holds for Maan.

” Bambino è questa la ragazza di cui parlavi? La tua amata moglie? Lei è davvero una bellezza, un pezzo di bella opera di Dio. Sei fortunato” (Child is this the girl you were talking about? Your beloved wife? She is really a beauty, a piece of God’s finest work, you are lucky.)

“Sì, lei è quella. Mi ci è voluto molto tempo per trovare il suo, ma ora quando ho l’ho non lasciarla andare dalla mia vita ” (yes she is the one, It took me a very long time to find her, but now when I have her I won’t let her go from my life)

Bella looked at him surprised ” Tu la ami” (you love her)

Maan didn’t said a word after that, Bella knew him too well so she changed the subject and took them to a booth that she always kept reserved for Maan, and last night he had informed her about his honeymoon.

They were oblibious to the person looking back and fro toward them, she felt intruder hearing their words, she was so curious to see and hear their words that she never told them she can understand Italian, of course she latched on his every word greedily and the fact Maan was sharing his feelings to this woman didn’t hurt Geet though the way he stopped the conversation sting a little. She knew he doesn’t love her but he didn’t rejected the words also, what does that say about him? Maybe his care can turn to love one day? Maybe.

After some more chitchat with maan in Italian and geet in english Bella told them it was time to have lunch.

Bella looked at Maan with a smile “as usual Fettuccine alfredo, Chicken Saltimbocca, Pasta Salad, Shrimp fra diavolo, with white wine and Tiramisu?” Maan smiled at her before nodding.

Bella huffed “you like those stuff too much Maan.”

Maan gave a lazy smile then turnec to Geet who was looking,,, confuse.

“And this beautiful lady? What should I bring for you dear?”


“Should I order for you?” Maan intervene seeing her so confuse.

Geet just glared at him which made Bella chuckle,, Geet made a face and looked at Bella with apologetic smile “I m so confuse.”

Bella smiles softly at her honest confession “what about chicken parmigiana, Fettuccine with lemon tuna and capers, and in dessert?”

Geet gave her full smile “zabaglione. ”

Bella’s face lit up with a name and a sting of italian words came up from her, Maan chuckled at Geet’s bemused expression.

“It’s Bella’s fav, so she is happy u selected it.”

“Well your order will be here is a few mins, till then have this wine and I will send fresh bread for you 2.”

“Grazie Bella.” Geet’s word baffled Maan and Bella at the same time.

“Sai Italiana?” (You know Italian?) Bella claped her hand in childish happiness which made geet blush.

“Un po”(a little bit)

“Entrambi sembrano così carini insieme, Dicevo che è fortunato ad averti come sua sposa.” (you both look so cute together, I was saying he is lucky to have you as his bride.)

Someone called bella and she excused herself. Geet sat there staring at Maan who was looking at her so intently, she knew her face was warming.

“You never said a word when Bella was talking about you, u never told me u know the language.”

“That because I don’t, not perfectly. And definitely not like u and Bella,, and thinking about it, your investigators were lousy if they hadn’t informed about this little bit hobby of mine.”

Maan would have become angry at the mention of investigator but the teasing smile on Geet’s face did only thing, it turned him on. Her smile sudeenly turned to gasp when his fingers touched her knee sliding towards her inner thighs.

Geet looked everywhere to see anyone was watching them but the place was so packed up that none gave a damn about anyone. He continued his journey towards her thong and slightly touched it, her body was on fire and the glare that she was throwing towards Maan wasn’t working tad bit. It was making his assult all the more sensual and she found herself melting in his magical touch.

Ps: all Italian language from Google baba. I don’t know I about Italian.

(C) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg. 2014


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  1. awsemm update maneet romance geet jealous of maan bella hug bella cute bonding with maneet


  2. Awesome one,oops..geet knowing Italian and nt showing it,jst to kno wat dey are going to talk,loving this new side of maan and really enjoying deir unique way of celebrating honeymoon,waiting for nxt part


  3. Awesome update…
    Hehehe…Maan kissed her in public..poor Geet thought tht he won’t do it bcoz of ppl around…
    Hmm..Geet knows italian but dint show it just to know wht Maan actually thjnks abt her..
    Ufff..Geet ‘s every action turns him on..
    Waiting eagerly fr nxt..


  4. nice part…
    geet know Italian was nice surprise….
    continue soon…
    take care….


  5. Posted by sanghita0000 on July 3, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    awesome update dear…loved it


  6. awesome update love it waiting for next update


  7. fantastic update.i want more maaneet romantic but hilarious scene.angry geet with passionate maan.


  8. wow great getting hot under the table nice to see maan doesn’t know everything aboout geet can’t wait for next


  9. Posted by anamikasb on July 4, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    Such a sweet update , Geet knew Spanish but din tell 😛 awww Maan was stumped ! Maan can’t still admit his feelings 😦 felt bad for Geet , now that they are husband & wife . Waiting for more . Please update soon ❤



  10. Superb update…
    Loved it…
    Maneet in Italy…geet jealous of girls ogling at maan n maan kissed her in public…
    Waiting fr nxt part…


  11. Bella is nice.
    Maan is ready to romance anywhere.
    Geet is falling for him so much.


  12. Posted by anamikasb on August 2, 2014 at 8:47 am

    update soon pleej 😛


  13. Posted by cuteeagle65 on August 10, 2014 at 12:52 am

    superb update maan kiss in front of people geet know Italian great bella nice lady maan kahin bhi start ho jata hai lovely


  14. Posted by anamikasb on August 25, 2014 at 5:28 am



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