Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 39


Part 39

It’s being so many days that she had rested her head on her brother’s chest listen him assuring her that everything will be fine. It’s being so long that she met her mother, hearing her soothing voice. She missed her family. She missed being surrounded by love. It’s not like Juneja family hates her. In fact except Prem’s mother everyone like her and Prem, she can feel his love in his every gesture, and his father was ecstasic having her in his mansion. Unknowingly he had stirred emotion that she had buried long seeing her mother’s suffering. Knowing her mother will end up crying and blame herself for depriving a father’s love Heer never asked about her father but deep in her heart she still craves for the fatherly pampering. Though Maan was more like a father than a brother but Mr Juneja had shown her what a real father can be. She secretly wish now that if her father had been a little of Mr Juneja her mother would have never left him. How she wish what must be her father looks like. How he had treated her, like a princess.

She shook her head and concentrated on Prem’s cousin sis Shilpa. She is a sweet girl with black and hazel mix unique eyes and sweet smile though she doesn’t smile much. When she had arrived at the mansion and hugged Prem like her life depends on it,,, Heer was irked and mean to her. Then she got to know Shilpa, her sweet nature and a scarred heart which someone had tore before. How she wish her Maan would have seen it, what if Shilpa had caught his eyes before Geet. All of this wouldn’t have happen. Heer detest Geet, ever that day she saw Geet insulting Maan and her attitude always had pushed wrong buttons of Heer.

Prem had told her everything. At first Heer was angry that Geet somehow betrayed Prem by loving Maan but then if they mutually hadn’t broken that marriage she and Prem wouldn’t have happen but then her brother didn’t had to risk his life.

She doesn’t hate Geet, once upon a time heer adored her but she felt Geet was more guarded and her attitude pushed her far away. Now when she hear how and what her brother went through she blame Geet for all of this. Her heart arched to see Maan but Prem said they couldn’t. Not now. On the other hand Priti couldn’t come also which left her heart broken.

Prem: what are u wondering Heer?

Shilpa: not again…

Heer pouted her lips: I m missing my bhai.

Prem: wo bhi Kya miss karni ki cheese hain!!!

He muttered those word under breath but seeing Heer’s glare he gave a fake smile covering it.

Prem: I mean u don’t have to missed him for longer. We are heading towards Mumbai tomorrow.

Heer sequel in happiness: really???? Oh my God. Thank u thank u so much Prem.

In excitement she didn’t knew when her body pressed on his and hand went to his neck. Prem was in heaven. Seeing it Shilpa only chuckled which was enough to break love bird’s nest for now.

Heer: but maa

Prem: She is coming tom and we will meet her at Mumbai airport then we will be headed towards Abhinav uncle’s house.

Heer: ye kon hain?

Prem: Maan and Geet are staying there. At first I didn’t know it was Abhi uncle house as Geet only told me they are safe but when she said the owner’s name it turn out to be dad’s best friend. So dad will talk to him toni8 and we will fly first thing in the morning.

Heer: thank u Prem

Prem: for what?

Heer: For saving my life.

Prem: Ohhh u mean for saving ‘my’ life.

Heer blushed a scarlet color hearing the hidden meaning which earn a sweet smile from Prem. But one person was lost in her own world. Their love brought so many memories for Shilpa. Once Mumbai was so fascinating for her. But today she hated it. That city snatched her everything. Her passion her motivation and her love. Now she runs on the other end of the world. Mumbai. She will see again Mumbai.


Maan: what the hell were u thinking informing Prem about the place we are in. You know we can’t afford to inform all this shit to Heer. She will be shattered, she doesn’t know anything about our father. You know seeing maa crying she refused to even know anything,, now all of a sudden u want her to face him. How could u do this Geet. I thought u r more sensible than this.

His shouting didn’t affect her the way his hysterica did, the way he sat holding his head and rubbing his face said his tension on Heer’s reaction. Hell she was also worried but she needed to know all this which Maan doesn’t want.

Geet: u know she need to know.

Maan: no,

Geet: Maan Heer deserve to know her father. Let her decide after that.

Maan: she doesn’t need him.

Geet: Ohhh really and did u know that. Did she said that?

Maan: no, yes I mean her action.

Geet placed her hand on his shoulder: Maan every girl needs to know her father, every girl want to feel her father’s love and u can’t stop that.

Maan: and what about maa? What about her sacrifices?

Geet: I m not saying whatever Priti maa did wasn’t right but she should have atleast once told uncle about Heer. He deserves to know he has another daughter. He would have loved as much as he love Mihika.

Maan: maa wouldn’t like that.

Geet: are u sure Maan?

Maan looked at Geet for a moment then looked away knowing she is right. But then both their eyes fell on the person standing at the doorstep. 1st time in those days Abhinav entered Maan’s room in full intention to confront him but he never knew what surprise waited for him.

Maan on the other hand witnessed his father crumble and his heart went to him, without even realizing he ran towards Abhi who sat on the floor holding the wall, the expression on his face was enough to make Maan shiver.

Precap: confrontation.

I know many ppl doesn’t want maan or priti to forgive Abhi and they are true to their reason, but it isn’t like abhi did those thing deliberately, he was young and stupid and in lovr though that doesn’t mean he will get everything on gold platter.. just wait a lil for real confrontation. And no Maan didn’t forgiven Abhi yet nor Gauri. He just has an soft corner for Gauri as she is really a genuine person.

Trust me this track is very important for maaneet’s future.. and one thing, yes Ved likes Geet in a romantic and confuse manner so be prepare lol…

(C) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg. 2014


8 responses to this post.

  1. Awesome update…
    Loved it…
    Waiting fr confrontation…
    Wonder how priti wud react…
    Ved likes geet??
    Hope it won’t be a love triangle…


  2. i cant forgive maans father never i hate him


  3. Posted by jhumurpiya on July 5, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    actually I am not in favour of punishing maan’s father

    as he has got the biggest punishment of not knowing about his another daughter

    but now at least maan and his mother and sister should stay with them

    as they have their rights and plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz update sooner


  4. Posted by sanghita0000 on July 5, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    awesome update dear…


  5. nice update now heer prem preeti coming to meet maan


  6. nice update…
    waiting for real confrontation…
    i hope everything went well…
    plzzz dont create misunderstanding between maaneet….
    ved likes geet how will maan react….
    continue soon…
    take care….


  7. what the hell with ved.he is falling love with his bhabi.hope geet ll clear it properly


  8. Waiting for your updates esp this ff….


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