Love For You Part 84


Part 84

Maan was shocked and amazed at the same time hearing a 6 yr old kid can crack his password and another was informing it like it happens on a regular basic. They heard a chuckle and Tammy turned to give her cute smile to Rudra who was standing leaning on the door frame looking at Maan’s horror filled expression, he has a grin that says “I told you they are Devil.”

A sound caught their attention and Tammy hissed under her breath.

Tammy: I told her not to start now. Anyway she couldn’t make the tune only with the lyrics.

Apparantly they had cracked Maan’s dream project file that was in it, Maan wanted to get rid of the paper so he was making a CD but in the middle he had to leave the laptop open only with a password. Never in his nightmare he thought anyone can crack the password.

So great for thinking so much. In tht moment Tamanna took a run but not before taking her special hamburgers made by her dad. Maan watched his little daughter running with a cute frown and 2 hamburgers, Rudra’s chuckle brought him back to reality.

Rudra: does it bother u tht they are ‘playing’ with your thing?

Maan shook his head: No. If it was anyone else i woukd have kill that person but Tammy and Mann,,,, my everything is for them. I m just amazed how can they do this?

Rudra: u haven’t seen everything yet. His eyes were glinting with mischievousness. Maan actualaly feared for a moment but then got distracted with a sound. His heart stopped hearing the first cord then another, He didn’t knew when his feet took a haste chase. Rudra followed him feeling curiosus.

Maan’s heart was shuddering violently as he heard the music, piano and guiter mixed a soft yet powerful tune took the atmosphere to an another level of breathlessness. Maan watched his kids playing his tune, which till now he wasn’t felt so much as confident as his kids made him feel right at the moment. It’s like God himself played his unusual game. His dream was playing his dream. He knew his lyrics were soulful, it came from his heart, hearing from Tammy and Mann its like his heart will come out just hearing the tune.

Rudra: Tammy can compose tune, she understand rythm and music, and about Mann, she learnt hacking devices from Geet. So basically your both children got talent from expert.

Maan can feel the lump forming in his throat, Rudra shrugged and walked towards the drum, he read the lyrics then the composition Maan was working, He eyed Maan with one eyebrow up in appreciation. Kids saw Maan watching them and the proud feel cross their face made his heart arch, they loved the composition and it amazed him Tammy can actually work on tune which he did.

They sat there and for hours the 4 of them played music, Maan finally took the drum and Rudra gave his voice, as Rudra’s band member came to the house as scheduled, they also participated. They swore confidentially hearing it’s yet to release, they even offered to make the album which Maan seriously considered. He never heard Rudra before today and he accepted Rudra and his band is phenomenon.

Just then Maan’s cell rang breaking the musical atmosphere. He excused himself from the chaos as the kids were making a lot of noise.

Maan: Yes Aditya what’s the news.

Adi: S, sss, ssir

Maan knew whenever adi stammers like that means bad news. And indeed it was.


Rudra heard the cracking noise, he signaled his frnds to keep eye on the kids before running towards Maan’s direction, he was seething, face hard and eyes murderous.

Rudra: Maan.

Maan looked at him with rage filled eyes that was enough to shiver devil from hell. Rudra’s eyes took the smashed phone and knew something really bad had happened. In these days he had never seen Maan so angry, not even when he arrived here. Guess Geet did her work.

Maan: you were right, she did her number, I could have never guess she could became so malicious, so bitter, vindictive. I can’t believe she sold my dream, how could she?

Rudra became alert, in a few hour he got to know how much he value his dream, he got a vivid picture in those lyrics why he hold them so close to his heart, and now Geet had entered the den snatching lion’s favorite possession. First time Rudra is afraid for his best friend, he can see Maan is carrying a storm with him.

Rudra: Maan relax, we can handle it, just give me some time to solve all this.

Maan: you are telling me to relax Rudra, she sold my heart, ripped it with cruelty. You said right, she isn’t my Geet anymore, she has become henious but she forgot even Maan isn’t the same anymore. If she had asked my every ounce of blood I would have presented her, if she had asked my soul on her feet I would have given, I just asked one chance Rudra, one chance to rectify my mistake, I have waited for yrs with a hollowness in my heart and life, I just wanted one chance to ask forgiveness for my sin, even it mean for only a moment before I die, but she snatched one thing that was the meaning of my life, you have to pay for it Geet.

Precap: You wanted to rip my heart when I had already ripped it the moment I had tore your heart, but this was one step further, now wait how I snatch the only thing you respect so much, I will see u squirm the way I did watching my dream destroying while I stand there and someone else sang those songs.

2nd teaser: if this is the only way to bring my old Geet and kill this vindictive Girl, then I am ready to do anything. If u once said u want my heart I would have given u but that wont bring u back Geet. This is the only way I have now.

Sorry for all the grammer and typing mistakes…

(C) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg. 2014

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14 responses to this post.

  1. Hayee tammy nd mannat are so cute nd devils too
    Nd poor maan geet sold his dream qwaiting what maan will do now
    Waiting for next
    Update soon


  2. great update i loved it


  3. awesome please bring them to a face off want to see/read it soon love it they r perfect couple for sure well matched in everything


  4. Nice update dear poor Mann his dream has been sold waiting for the update cont. soon dear


  5. Posted by life19 on July 7, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    playing with his dream… wat did she think… geet is really dangerous and now she destroyed him.. maan was wrong but geet is more wrong now..


  6. Posted by sanghita0000 on July 7, 2014 at 4:51 pm

    awesome update dear….loved it…


  7. Posted by _BlackPearl_ on July 7, 2014 at 4:55 pm

    I feel bad for Maan.
    Geet will regret for sure once she knows the truth.


  8. Posted by dazzlindd on July 7, 2014 at 5:32 pm

    awesoem update !!!!!!!
    tammy and mannat is sooo cuteee !!!!!!!!!
    oh no she sold it
    i know he did a sin which is unforgivable but she shouldnty have done that
    i hope everything gets back 2 normal
    waiting to see maan geet and kids 2gther


  9. nice update


  10. nice part…
    really both kids are lovely…
    geet sold his dream. that she not did right…
    precap is scarey…
    continue soon…
    take care…


  11. manna tam smart kids geet sold maan dream oho maan angry


  12. OMG..she sold his this has woken up a beast in Maan…
    M scared fr Geet now..
    Wht will Maan do???


  13. Posted by disha on July 9, 2014 at 7:29 am

    mann and tammy are soo cute
    they got the talents from parents..
    geet sold maan’s dream project…why geet????
    maan soo angry
    pls continue soon dear


  14. Brilliant plot
    I read all the parts in one go. A very beautiful story. Ilove tammy and mannn. They are so cute. Do continue


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