Tere Ishq ko Sajdah Part 20


Part 20

They all went to Delhi straight from Amritsar. Geet was scared, she had never watched anyone dying. She has a vague thinking about death, she believes whoever had suffers heartattack dies. It’s unfortunate that whenever she heard about a heartattack and hospitals it was her frnds losing her dad or mom or grand parents. It has somewhat scarred her believes in hospital as her innocent mind thought about Maan’s father. Some how she liked him, though he behaved rudely to Maan but he is his dad and she doubt he can hate his own son.

*tich thinking when she ever think any person can be bad? Erm*

Geet’s sudden cry broke the tense and silent car, Maan, Yash Annie and Geet were heading towards hospital in one car, though Brij protested saying he want to take Geet with him and a small part of him wanted to go with both the girls in that car, but Annie pleaded him not to while Geet just sit in the car after Yash and Maan reached the car at the same moment. Maan took the driving and Yash sat beaide him so the girls took back seat. Maan had arranged another car with driver which Brij took half heartedly with Roshni and Nikhil Maan and Yash’s relative.

Hearing Geet crying Maan jerked from his revere and looked at Geet through rear view, Her face was red with agony, everyone got tensed and Annie hugged her. Maan wanted to be there, holding her, supporting her head on his chest. But what made her cry so suddenly?


It was Yash who talked facing her while Geet hugged Annie who looked wide eyed confused and scared.

“Is Aman uncle dead?”


It was Annie and Yash, both looked shell shocked and shouted in unison, Geet just looked at them with crying baby face, none said a word, Maan just rolled his eyes which Geet didn’t missed, she pouted angrily and Maan’s lips twitched up a little, he shook his head clearly amused. Geet heard Annie and turned her attention to her expectantly.

“God Geet,, no Dad isn’t, not even close, mild heartattack, didn’t you hear Yash in the flight, he informed us that dad is fine.”

“Ohh” what all Geet said.

“Ohh? It that all u want to say? Geet u were beating yourself thinking about that in that whole journey? U could have asked.” Yash said with a shake of his head, they all are amused apparently and laughing silently. Geet childishly wiped her face with the back of her palm. Then glared the three, mostly Maan.

“Seems its proven”

Geet squeezed her eyes hearing Maan.


“She doesn’t have brain which function thinking.”

Yash and Annie laughed at Maan’s word but Geet scowled, she actually scowled which Maan found extremely cute. Rest of the journey to Hospital were in silent as Geet made a big face huffing and humping.


Aman Singh Khurana looked so frail lying on the hospital bed, his features were so alike Maan and Yash but the age clearly had an affect and then the heartattack though it was mild. Dadima was looking lost sitting outside the door and Anisha Singh Khurana Maan’s mother look tired and alone. Aniee rushed towards her mother and Geet sat beside Dadima both crying, emotional baggage made both hysterical. Maan rolls his eyes but Yash gave him a stern look. He just shrugged and walked away not even went in to see his fathet. Yash stood there for a moment looking at his retreating back, then walked in.

Anisha hugged yash crying softly then she explained how she found him in the study pass out. Apparently for an emergency they came back to delhi as the same day they left for Amritsar, but what emergency can bring Aman Singh Khurana on his nearly death bed. Maan watched his family hugging, crying consoling, even Geet fitted the family, she hugged Aman who smiles weakly and patted her head in fatherly affection, he saw evverything from far, a sardonic smile played on his lips,, without saying anything he left, not even his father’s health can bring him to his family, he is too far gone in his loneliness.

Precap: do u atleast care for your dying father Maan? I can’t believe u can be so selfish.

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  1. Posted by neetudd on July 8, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    awesome update
    aww my cute crybaby geet


  2. nice update


  3. Nice update dear poor geet all made joke of her


  4. nice part…
    good that his dad is fine…
    continue soon…
    take care…


  5. cute geet can always make maan smile and forget his problems waiting for next


  6. itni si hi update di..
    but it was awesome…
    aww..Geet is damn cccuuttteee…
    Maan..he is all alone..why is it like this??..


  7. geet i sooooo much love u yaar ufff maan tho fida hai tujh pe or hum bhi
    n maan aaj bhi family se dur reh raha hai i think wo ye sochta hai k usski kisi ko zarurat nahi ya wo apna dard kisi ko dhikhana nahi chahta tha hmmm


  8. Watching semifinal match .in between read it.though short but loved maaneet conversation.geet is so pure like a flower.anne is taking care of geet like a sister.maan still can’t accept his father.waiting for next


  9. NNICE UPDATE GEET SO INNOCENT and caring poor maan


  10. Posted by sanghita0000 on July 10, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    awesome update dear…loved it….

    sorry like button is not working….


  11. Sad one for aman geet will bring maan closer to his father sorry forgot to rate it with stars but u know it’s got full 5 stars from me waiting for next


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