Love for You Part 85


Part 85

Tanhaai kab dost bangayi pata na chala
Zindagi kab benoor ban gayi pata na chala
Chale to hum bhi the Mohabbat karne
Kab dard se dil laga baithe pata na chala..

Khush the itne
Magroor ban baithe
Apne chahat me itne khoye the
Taqdeer se kb takra baithe pata na chala..

Ashiqui to ki
Dil se mohabbat ki
Andhere me kab kho gaye pata na chala
Pyar ruswayi ki aiyna dikha gayi
Toot ke bikhar gaye
Yaar ko dikhai na diya
Chale to hum bhi the Mohabbat karne
Kab dard se dil laga baithe pata na chala…

Geet was feeling a little restless throughout the day, she knew her plan was successful and anytime she will hear Maan, she knew how to face Maan. She isn’t the naive girl anymore, fearing every small thing. None can scare this Geet anymore. Maan scarred her soul ripping it with his hand, with that the sense of humanity, feeling, pain all left her. Now she is cold heartless bitch. Maybe that’s why Kunal stopped talking to her. Knowing what she did to Maan’s dream he couldn’t relate his choti to this Geet, he could just see a pair of cold eyes with dead heart. He is right, her heart died the day she left India.

She was working on her laptop when the door of her room banged open with a smack as it hit the wall, Geet’s eyes widen hearing the commotion and seeing someone entering her room. She was on her feet in seconds seeing the person.

Geet: What the hell do u think u are doing? Who gave u permission to enter the palace, I told them,,,,

Her words stuck in her throat when Maan held her arms tightly in his grasp: Do u seriously think anyone can stop me meeting u Geet? You think I had waited so many yrs because none said where were u Geet? Well none said but I could managed that on my own but still I waited because I wanted to be worthy of u to meet and say what I wanted to say.

Geet: you can never make it Maan, I would never want to see you.

Maan’s hold tighten as he jerk her close, there was barely an inch between them, their body were plastered.

Maan: trust me Geet, you do or u wouldn’t have wanted to see me now by that dirty trick of yours.

Geet narrowed her eyes and pushed Maan, sudden force made Maan stumble a little but he didn’t lose his hold, strangely though he was so close Geet didn’t noticed any desire or yearning in his eyes which she saw some day before at her stay in his farmhouse. Right now his eyes are only spitting lava.

Geet: you said u won’t leave my kids in any chance, what made u break that oath huh?

Her mocking voice and evil smile undid him and he left her, a sudden loss surrounded her heart, panic rose which was confusing. She tried to calm her breath counting backward, and his tighten jaw, red eyes didn’t help an ounce but dare she show her weakness in front of this man again, never, she isn’t the vulnerable Geet anymore, she couldn’t.

Maan: I had to leave my dream becuse of my dream.

His voice ws soft, pain in those chocolate eyes which was alien for Geet became alive, a twitch in heart that she never expected shivered her. Her hand went to her midriff hugging herself like preparing for a blow.

Maan: 6 yrs Geet, 6 yrs 8 months 19 days, since I lived in reality, since I gave my life delusion, since I have ever lived other than regret, since I have made up this castle of dream and only 6 days it took you to destroy.

Geet sucked in a breath, she can feel the vault of her uneffected feelings melting, opening her wound, her shattered dreams so open.

Geet: Maan,

She tried but Maan held her arms: you made me leave our kids this time, 6 yrs 8 months 19 days 6 hours and 23 mins before it was me who killed his chance of being a happy person, who snatched his only chance to live in fresh air without guilt,, today u made me hollow again. That day I did the mistake that I had never forgot or forgave myself for, today u r doing the same.

Geet: I m not,

She can feel her own heart denying, she can feel herself getting weak, her veil of emotions slipping.

Maan: I did this to you, I know I made this vicious woman standing in front of me, but Geet u had our kids with u, ur frnd with u, those 2 angel who can melt any devil or rock then how can u be so heartless? U were never like this, u could never do this then?

Geet shouted just at the moment: because you made me Maan, u killed my emotion and made me cold blooded bitch, do u get that? My heart emotion everything died the moment I left India after waiting 1 month for u to return, for u to say u never meant all those words, for u to take me in your arms, saying u never meant those thing about our kids but u never came.

Geet saw the horror in Maan’s eyes, she couldn’t believe him, not her own eyes. Could he regret those words? Could he really accept their children? Could he really love,,, air left her as she think about her heart, how it still crave for him, his trust, in that moment she hated herself. She had to do something before she rip her own wound and present her blood to him.

Geet: you destroyed my dream, so did I. We are even Maan. We are both monsters.

Maan: You went too far Geet, i wish u would have did something else, anything but this. You wanted to rip my heart when I had already ripped it the moment I had tore your heart, but this was one step further, now wait how I snatch the only thing you respect so much, I will see u squirm the way I did watching my dream destroying while I stand there and someone else sang those songs.

Geet: You can’t do that,

Maan: watch me.

Geet: everything that was valued to me you had already destroyed it Maan, now what more? U can’t snatch my kids.

There was some kind of desparetion in her voice, she would have thought he would be happy to see that but Maan’s expression never changed, he didn’t felt victorious but more like tortured, if he regret his action then why he is doing this again.

Geet: u said u love the kids, then u won’t hurt them.

Maan: they aren’t the only thing u value Geet, you are so lost in your revenge that u can’t open your eyes to your own loved ones,, just wait now.

And he left just like that, she ran out and saw his brother brij heading for Maan with a rage but Kunal stopped him. Maan never hazed, he just walked away with his bodygaurds, in that moment he looked like a man possessed. He wasn’t her sweet Maan who was reckless and immature. He is a man who had lost his everything yet know how to gain what is his.

Once he was outside, he said to his driver to take lift from the bodygaurds, he hoped in his car, then a smile played, a sad heartbreaking smile. If this is the only way to bring my old Geet and kill this vindictive Girl, then I am ready to do anything. Geet If u once said u want my heart I would have given u but that wont bring u back. This is the only way I have now. After days I have seen emotions on u, I thought I had pushed u too far but you were here with me evry time. I had seen u crack, the mask of ur indifference slipping. Whatever I m going to do will hurt u Geet, I know u will hate me more than ever but I have to take the chance. I have to have you back, in my life life as my wife.

Precap: nahi dungi.

Ps: Sumi only u know what gonna come next if u can remember.

(C) All Copyrights Reserved. 2014. Tich Mg.


12 responses to this post.

  1. nice part…
    what is maan going to do….
    continue soon…
    take care…


  2. Posted by life19 on July 11, 2014 at 4:42 pm

    Just revenge she sold his songs.. and is he going to try to kill himself coz more the way kids are her life Maan is too her life and he would not harm his own kids but he would harm himself… and only this will get back the geet.. but if he is doing tat then she will lose wat she was still holding


  3. OMG..wht is Maan going to do??
    I am scared…
    Update nxt part soon di..
    Can’t wait fr it..


  4. amazing update


  5. Posted by monikaseth on July 11, 2014 at 6:05 pm

    Wow awesome lovely maan going to kill himself for showing geet how much he loves her and kid’s waiting what he is up to awesome lovely


  6. wow well worth waiting for i think he will emotionally blackmail her by getting kids in his home so she has to live with him just a guess but can’t wait this long again so please hurry tich


  7. I don’t beliebe dat in dis ff i ll say i hate geet.yes,whatever maan did,for his possessiveness.but he regreted it to give his lots of yr by leadling alone .maan said right dat geet had all persons,but maan had nobody.geet should think about it.hope maan ll b ok


  8. awesome update let see what happen next


  9. awsemm update confrontation between maneet maan going to hurt geet through whom


  10. Posted by neha74 on July 12, 2014 at 9:33 am

    Fantastic update 😀 but what I am fearing most is that maan is going to hurt himself and risk his life now to bring back the old geet in his life 😦 please don’t let anything happen to maan 😥 i am sure he will try to hurt himself badly now because even though geet shows herself unaffected by him anymore but in reality one thing she fears the most is to loose maan…eagerly waiting for next part…continue soon 🙂


  11. Posted by sanghita0000 on July 12, 2014 at 1:40 pm

    OMG!! such a brilliant update….hope maan brings the old geet back…


  12. Posted by mridula on July 17, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    please di……
    updte next prt soon
    muje aur waite nai karna…..
    pls pls pls pls pls…………………………..


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