Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 21


Part 21

After 3 more days doctor discharged Aman which was a relief for the Khurana family and so for Handa’s who reached the hospital at the same day Geet’s group arrived. Rano hugged Geet where she found her peace, Geet looked a scared kitten, she never liked hospitals so Daarji agreed to go with Geet and Aniee to KM, dadima also went with them as she wasn’t feeling well. They alternate the visiting hours, Yash was the one who stayed with his father the most.

Maan was nowhere to be seen which agigated Anisha, Dadima too was hurt with Maan’s behaviour but the one person who was worried for him was Geet. She tried to rech him only to realize she doesn’t have his number and her own mobile, she lost it,,, again. In that moment of haze she forgot to even ask aniee or other to give her his number, partly because she didn’t wanted to get attention on Maan’s absence which was absurd.

Finally when Aman arrived home and everyone sighed a breath of relief and it was Dadima who broke the fake peace.

“Where is Maan? In these 3 days I didn’t even felt his presence. ”

“Because he was never there maa. He never cared about his family ever, not yesterday, not today, definitely not tomorrow.”

It was Anisha who lashed her anger and hurt. She had expected atleast in this condition where she needs her both son, Maan would come to support them but again she felt alone. Nothing sort of happened which made her angry and bitter, her husband’s sudden face to face with death made her bitter and she lashed it seeing Maan standing with one brow up.

“Not again the family drama.”

Maan said in an amused voice, Geet stared at him wide eyed. She hadn’t seen him in these 3 days and her heart went for him as she saw the flicker he tried to mask.

“Maan.” This time the stern voice ws Dadima’s which stiffen Maan, he walked towards his dad who was sitting on the half lying sofa, his eyes trained on Maan but there wasn’t bitterness or sadness for not seeing his son in theae 3 days. Its yearning and pain,,, regret.

“I want your sign here dad.”

Yash came forward looking at the file “Wht is it Maan?”

Man gave his sly smirk “Property papers. What do u think it is Yash? I want the property before the old man die.”

Everyone gasp including rano and anisha,, Man just shrugged looking unfazed. He sighed dramatically “Hurry dad, I don’t have the whole day for you. Read it, sign it.”

Yash looked at him blankly, Aman looked pained, he was weak to say anything but before he can say anything a tight slap shut everyone making the room silent, just the sound of hand smacking skin filled the room. Anisha looked at Maan with rage that she had never felt before, his words pushed her all buttons.

Maan cocked his head still giving a sly smirk which made her more furious.

“Do u atleast care for your dying father Maan? I can’t believe u can be so selfish. U didn’t showed up at the hospital, we waited days, counted hours mins just to see your face and what u did, never once ask how is your dad? Is he alive or dead all u did ask for property?”

“Mom listen” Yash’s voice couldn’t hold Anisha, she was mad, Aman’s weak protest couldn’t supress the lava.

“You know what Maan, the person lying there your dad whom u don’t have enough time to ask about his health was the one to fight for your life when everyone gve up on you.”

That made everyone shut and stare at her and Geet with breath in throat, and to Maan stare at Anisha with blank eyes.

“You weren’t normal Maan when u were born, Yash was safe but u, ur heart were sinking. Doc had to put u on life support. They doubted u won’t make it. They said either if u make it u wont be normal and u weren’t, u were so angry all the time. But u know who fought for u? It ws your dad, he shouted on the doctor for saying something like that, he fought day and night to keep u alive and u did but whatever he did never satisfied you, we had no choice to put u in boarding because of ur anger just to make you a better person but guess we failed. U failed us.”

“Stop it mom.”

Yash finally shouted, he turned to look at Maan who has a blank look. He looked at his dad who was shaking his head trying to say something.

“Make him sign that.” All he said before leaving. For a brief moment his eyes met Geet but he diverted it soon.

“What was that Yash?” Anisha said angrily.

“Today if Dad is alive and fine its because of Maan. That special doctor from Callifornia came over night because of Maan, he made it a point and threaten everyone to make HIS DAD’s health good. Luckily it was mild but that time I was with Maan when he was flipping the world just in front of my eyes.”

Anisha stared at Aman who nodded with tears in his eyes. She tried to say something but nothing came, her eyes fell on the papers.

“Papers and he said.”

“He was pushing dad to react because I had told dad everything which made Maan vulnerable. So he said it’s property paper, when its the reason he had the heartattack. Someone filled a fraud case against his company, so Maan can only handle it as it own so he said dad to write the power of attorney on his name, he was going to take the blame Mom, he loves his family. It’s his only way to show that and not make himself vulnerable. ”

Everyone looked baffled, Aniee sniffed but Anisha couldn’t, her heart tore away remembering her own words, but she could just stare at him.

“Guess he didn’t fail you, you failed him. You all failed Maan. You said he never loved his family but in this small time span I never felt he was ever loved by his family, then I fear even to think what he felt for years.”

Geet’s voice ws soft and it hit the target s Ddima, Aniee, Aman wiped their tears nd Anisha looked, deafted.

(C) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg. 2014


15 responses to this post.

  1. nice part…
    ohh maan saved his dad…
    his mom didn’t do right…
    i feel very sad for maan….
    continue soon…
    take care….


  2. Posted by monikaseth on July 11, 2014 at 5:21 pm

    Awesome lovely fantastic fabulous πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ so truth is out wana see how everything is going to change


  3. Well tht’s our MSK…he does everything without letting anyone know it…
    Everyone got to know tht it was Maan bcoz of whom aman was saved..
    Were those last words uttered by Geet??


  4. Emotional update.maan doing everything for his family but nobody knew about it.want maaneet scene


  5. v emotional update poor maan n geet was right i loved da way she said about maan


  6. Seriously Maan hasn’t failed as a son.
    His family failed to see the real him.
    Feeling bad for Maan.
    Awesome updates.


  7. Fantastic. Am so glad truth came out about maan. Even when Anusha was shouting at him he keep quiet. It is almost as if only geet understands him. I don’t understand one thing why did maan treat maan so badly all this time. Did he just realize Bout the goodness of maan


  8. How much maan love his family but his showing his love is different


  9. Posted by esabell on July 12, 2014 at 9:50 am

    fabulous updtae..
    its yash who understood maan always ..
    n nw geet too understands him ..
    the words from geet is soo touchy ..


  10. Posted by sanghita0000 on July 12, 2014 at 1:45 pm

    WOW!! amazing update…loved it…


  11. Wow poor maan being misunderstood by all hope they can save their family relations and not lose maan either think geet will be the bridge between maan and his family waiting love it


  12. Nice update dear


  13. poor maan as well as his family…never try to understand each other…where was he in these 3 days…finally geet opened her mouth…


  14. Posted by cuteeagle65 on August 9, 2014 at 7:08 pm

    awesome update emotional 2 sad 4 maan loved geets wording in last maan love his family but family dont


  15. geet statment was right to show family their own face


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