Loving You Forever Prologue



I met you the day of downfall
Sweet & Shy and so natural.
I saw the fear, anticipation
The way you peeked from the veil of your eyelashes
I saw the nervousness in your gesture
I saw the pain when they laughed on your stammering
My heart squeezed and rage took place
That was never the intention
Marrying you was never the equation.

I was ashamed I was using you
I never wanted to be tied
But once a look of your tears
Jerked the emotion I never felt
I was angry on them, I was angry on myself
And you took it on your heart.

You were so beautiful Sweet & Shy
I don’t know who said you aren’t,
I was baffled to see
The confidence
But heart broken to see that wasn’t for yourself,
You stood up for your father’s reputation
But not once accepted you are the worth
Of every proud nerves,
You aren’t scared little kitten,
Brave, confident, protecting your family
I guess I fell in love little more of your solidity.

You were ready for the rejection,
I know you expected me to say anything,
But how could I?
I was so mesmerised of your bravery
How could anyone reject an angel?
Sweet & shy and so natural?

Marrying you was never the equation
But one look of you and I knew
Loving you Forever will be a wild turn of events
Loving you forever the destiny I never intented
But the want I felt will quence
Once I have you in my arms
Looking in to your hazel
And I can say
Loving You Forever isn’t a mistake
You are worth every smile and shine
My Life will complete only after
“Loving you Forever.”

This will be a very short SS because my close frnd Tanvi wanted a dream story on the theme of Arrange marriage, so here it is as her birthday gift… my other story will go on, I have exam on 27th so will be absent but before that I will complete this story. It will be short and sweet with tich tadka.

A little msg for Tanu (b’day girl happy bday)

Hey Tanu,, very happy birthday jaan, you know when u said about this story for the 2nd time, I felt so much pleasure hearing my bestie wanted a dream story from me and I started typing this story. I know we had a missunderstanding, I was just pulling your leg saying all the stupid thing, I can never say those things in right mind. But it was worth it to imagine your face hearing my word “itne sweet sweet bhayanak ideas tereko ate kaise hain?”

But seriously I thought I can see your vission, so I started typing what came in my mind as your dream story is “Arranged Marriage”, then knowing u asked others for the same story as u were uncertain if I will write it or not as I said its not my fortey and other can write family stuff, then only I saw how much serious u are with this story, but I was already preparing your birthday gift, but I just wanted it to be surprise.

Aur ha agar tune apne pasand ka banner ready kar liya to de dena, I couldn’t have asked, it would have ruined your aurprise. So sam helped me a lot and made this as I liked.

So hope you will like this story and seriously I love you sooooooo muchhhhh… Many Happy returns of the day sweetheart… May God always bless you….


8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ushankitvc on July 17, 2014 at 5:57 pm

    beautiful start…loved the poen lines….reallly toouching and beautiful


  2. Awesome poem di..
    Waiting fr the story..


  3. nice prologue


  4. A beautiful poem
    Waiting you to start
    My heartfelt wishes to you for creating such magic. I love love your stories.


  5. yeyy a new story,.. wonderful starting.. waiting for more.. 🙂


  6. lovely prologue….
    waiting for next part…
    continue soon…
    take care….


  7. Nice one dear


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