Loving You Forever Part 1


Part 1

Handa haveli was decorated like a bride today. Again. Happiness and cheers can be hear from so far. If any stranger see this he will think some festival is going on, but then neighbor knew what is going on actually, Again. They smirked and taunt, then laughed, some even sympathised but not one person was genuinely happy, well accept few. Accept Handas.

Handas are well known in hotel business, the chain of various 5 star hotel are significant of happiness and warmth but the same was absent in this Haveli. Today maybe they will get the reason of happiness, Again.

“Geet why are you so upset beta?” Mohindar Handa the world’s sweetest dad was looking at his beautiful daughter with nervous smile. The glare Geet was throwing at him wasn’t helping really.

“Seriously Geet, I don’t understand why are u so angry? It’s not like they are coming to take you with them, and u trust
Dad we know that so why are you worrying?”

Her best friend and self adopted girl of the family, Shreya Singhania, she is the daughter of Mohindar Handa’s best friend and Business Partner Bikram Singhania who loves Geet like his own daughter. Shreya’s mom died when she was only 5, Bikram never remarried and Rano Geet’s sweet mumma took shreya under her wings, so this way Shreya called Mohindar dad and Rano mumma.

Geet’s glare was enough to shut both of them, shreya made cute angry pout but Geet just turned away her face, Rano and Nani sighed seeing the drama going on. Mohindar pouted seeing his wife which earned glared from Rano and giggle from Shreya.

“Mumma aap hi dekho, ye to kuch bolti hi nahi. Un logo ke samne bhi aise chup rahegi, moam ki gudiya.” (Candle doll)

“Ha,, a-a-aise r-r-rahungi,, a-aur w-wo baki s-s-sab ki t-tarha b-bh-bhag jayenge.” (Yes, will stay like this and they will runaway like others.)

Rano immidiately hugged her daughter who wiped her nose angrily.

“Don’t say like this Geet.” Her mother’s soft voice didn’t sooth her at all, not today. God knows how many marriage proposal had took a u-turn hearing her stammering, what is so special about this guy?

Shreya yanked her angrily “stop getting nervous Geet, you can run a business but why u get scared to meet people? And ye banda, jo bhi hain uska naam isn’t like lion or something jo tujhe kha jayega, tu darna chod de.”

Geet just rolled her eyes at her “y-your e-e-examples are l-like you,, weird.”

Shreya’s face was red like tomato which was enough to set Geet through a laughing spree, Nani too laughed which fumed Sherya more.

“Has lo, but don’t forget toni8 I m gonna stay with you Geet, fir dekhna what I m gonna do.”

“U w-will stay at your o-own room not m-mine. I c-can’t stand your s-s-snoring.”

“Ugghhh Geet I don’t snore you idiot.”

When both the girl indulged in the pillow fight they didn’t knew but at the end they both were laughing. Mohindar n Rano smiled seeing their daughters laughing and thanked God for sending Shreya for Geet. Yes they loves their both daughter but Geet’s stammering was their key of tention but more than that they are worried about Geet getting hurt again. Every time those marriage proposal came Geet would get nervous and her stammering goes worse, and then they will leave, some with excuse, some will bluntly say they doesn’t want a defected daughter in law, like she isn’t a person but a thing who can be defected.

Mohindar doesn’t care about others but he is worried for geet. It’s not like he is dying to send her away, but what father wouldn’t like to see his daughter getting married and having her own family. And he is getting old which is worrying him for his daughter.

“Wo log agaye saab”

Chotu their servant informed them breaking the dreamy bubble, Geet looked at her father with worried eyes and he read them, he smiled kissing her forehead “get ready fast and come down, and don’t worry everything will be fine.”

She knew better what to happen, she smiled at shreya half heartedly and started getting ready.

“Where is Simon?”

Simon was the 3rd wheel of the group. 3 best friend who can die and kill for each other She is Mohindar’s 2nd best friend Vijayandra Rajput’s daughter. None knew the 3 daughter of 3 best frnd’s can be inseperable, they thought maybe it will rise insecurity and jealousy but they became best of friends at a tender age. Simon also took sign language classes with Shreya and Geet.

“She went to office for the meeting, she will be back till 7.”


Geet was smiling remembering her sweet frnd working on the Hotel design. 3 of them took Architecture as Geet wanted to work for her father and Bikram, Vijayandra so Shreya and Simon took the same path as her and now 3 girls are working in office, while Geet works behind the curtain Shreya and Simon took projects and attend meetings with their father.

“Geet today you will go alone, I have some work to finish.”

Geet held her hand as she was going to sit on the edge of the bed, then started using sign language to communicate. when Geet was a child she didn’t start talking untill she was 6yrs old so Handas send her to learn sign language which she never left after starting speaking. As a best frnd at 3 shreya and simon didn’t left her alone and they both took lesson together which worked when they wanted to do some mischief.

“you are afraid they will again choose you over me because of my stammering.”

“No, because you will be too dependent on me to say a word, just be youself and leave this fear Geet. You know u are beautiful.”

“But Defected.”

Geet smiles sadly which turned Shreya scowling and Geet again started laughing. Shreya is beautiful girl but when she scowls or made faces she looks ridiculous which set Geet free to laugh and Shreya loves that.


A wave of sweet essence hit him, happy laughter filled his senses as he entered the beautiful house. He knew Handas are rich but the magnificance royalty they posses, he could have never guessed meeting Mr Mohindar Handa that one timein his office. He was so down to earth, sweet genuine person. His own mansion was epitom of royalty but this is more like home. Again that laughter tickle his senses.

He can’t disagree with himself that he had never expected so warm welcome. Though he is one of the richest bachelor in world but still Handas are something who value relation more than wealth. If he had any doubt before, it cleared at the moment.

But Maan wasn’t aware of his surroundings, his senses were on the laugh which seems like honey bell for the Handa haveli. And it made his decision harder. He isn’t here to marry Mohindar Handa’s daughter, his father blackmailed him to come here with the property he was going to inherit, maybe for this day Surya Singh Khurana never given up his right of KC as MD.

His plan was simple meet the girl, and convince her to say no, Propose a project to Mohidar Handa and go back to his life, his work but all the thought went out of the window the moment his eyes met her…..

He never knew that God had planned a 360 turn and a beautiful future..

(C) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg. 2014

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12 responses to this post.

  1. geet problem stammering poor she nice start


  2. Awesome start,its jst straight to heart,geet having stammering problem and cming to see the girl only to reject.,bt he has already bowed by jst listening d laughter,waiting for nxt part


  3. It’s amazing starting. I loved it. Khuranas are in handa mansion for the marriage proposal for geet. Geet is worried for being again rejected due to her stammering problem. Maan wanted to deny but seeing geet beauty , somewhere he changed his mind. Waiting for next to know maan reaction After knowing geet’s stammering problem.


  4. Awww…sssoo Geet stammers…ma poor soul…tht’s why none is ready to marry with her…
    But hamara hero aa gaya na ab…par even he wnts to deny this marriage as he is nt ready to marry…
    Lekin Geet k hassi ne shayad Maane ke faisale ko u turn de diya..
    Waiting fr th nxt part di..


  5. first part is enough to make this ff awesome.totally different.geet knew she is beautiful but she has a problem still she has threee great friend along with wonderful parents.maan came in handa family to say no but geet s one look forced him to change his decision.can’t wait this whole journey of maaneet.hope u ll continue it regularly ….lolz


  6. awesome part…
    soooo beautiful….
    continue soon…
    take care….


  7. Poor girl Geet having stammering Problem and gets upset with this groom venture.
    She has such lovely friends.
    Maan has come to make her say no. While he is mesmerized with Geet.
    Nice update.


  8. Nice update dear


  9. Posted by ushankitvc on July 23, 2014 at 6:38 am

    awesum….loved it….so geet stammer…..maan came to say no…continue sooon


  10. Posted by angelickushi on July 23, 2014 at 11:19 am

    Loved it
    I am so eager for next pl update soon


  11. Posted by entangledweb on July 23, 2014 at 4:28 pm

    Awesme start
    lovd it
    update next soon


  12. Posted by keerti on March 22, 2017 at 12:45 pm

    very nice concept pls continue it



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