Love for You Part 86


Part 86

“Geet u had our kids with u, ur frnd with u, those 2 angel who can melt any devil or rock then how can u be so heartless? U were never like this, u could never do this then? ”

“Because I never wanted anyone other than you Maan, I have always wanted just you, none of this world can make me Geet the way u did. You were my soul, my heart, my every emotion, and you are the one who left me hollow, heartless and soulless monster, it was always you who had the power ro destroy, and who had the power to heal me.

Believe me I burn in my hell every second, I yern to go to you and forget every word said by you, but as soon I see my angels, I can’t. They didn’t deserved what they faced, I know how my children crave for their father, how they wanted to know about you after finding your photo but they never asked me in fear to see my breakdown.

How could you Maan, how could you leave us? How could you left us on our own, we needed you so much. You are wrong, I was never whole nor our kids, not without you but you never came for us, we waited so long, u never once looked at us. You made me a stalker, an obsessive lover you know that? I used to follow u in the internet world, hiding behind the close door I searched you for a simple glimpse but you abandoned me there too, u never came in gossip column, a part of me felt relieved but then another part cursed u, mocked u for being celibate, I wanted to see u for anything but I couldn’t come back. A mother can never forgive. I wonder will the lover in me die with this bitterness making me as vicious as you said, maybe then my this journey will be complete without you, without being whole. Will my Love for you ever win over my fate?”


Credit goes to Sonali,, sweetheart the line goes perfect here, thank u so much for making it,,, to only enhance the update. Love u…


Closing her journal Geet leaned towards the chair and closed her eyes thinking about his words, its being 15 days and Maan is nowhere to be seen, his words still rang in her ear, but till now she haven’t seen any progress in his threat. For once she feared when she heard Maan went back to Boston, to the kids but then nothing. Not a news came about him other than he is treating her children like princess,, ‘He says we are princesses’ Tamy’s word rang in her mind, but then ‘But Mommy princesses stays in Castle na?’ Mann’s word and the sound of throaty chuckle behind her shivered her soul.

Maan was really making them feel like some princess, which pleased her at the same time scared her. What if he is plotting something, that involve her kids. Her hearts says she knew it’s ridiculous but the mind, tortured and tainted mind said to be cautious because one more stroke and she will be pushed further.

Geet was passing the study room when she heard the voices again, her brothers are arguing for some matter which strangely isn’t abnormal nowadays, she doesn’t know what is happening cz her brothers stopped their discussion the moment she set her foot in the room, and behaves abnormally normal if that possible.

They behaves normal in front of all like they never faught behind the door where everyone is wellknown what storm is passing between them. Geet tried to know from Juhi if anything have happened between her 2 brother but Juhi had no idea, whatever is happening of course worrying Kunal to the edge.


Tammy: Daddy I m not going till u teach me to play guitar, u knw how much mann tease me saying I can’t hold a guitar.

Though mann didn’t said wrong, tammy can’t hold guitar properly, it like guitar was holding her but Maan can’t say that to her. And Mannat’s giggle isn’t helping, Maan glared her but she wouldn’t stop, Tammy pouted and twisted her lips.

Maan: accha thik hain I will teach you.

Mann: hawwwww cheater,, if u teach her guitar then u will have to teach me piano,

Tammy: but u r so bad with keys

Mann: so u are with cords,

Maan: stop u 2,

He glared both which made them pout and glare each other, some time maan feels like pulling his own hair, if this 2 devil wants they can make anyone’s life a living hell and if they fought they make each other miserable and him too..

From afar he heard a cough but he knew it wasn’t a cough, he was trying to hold his chuckle, he glared Rudra who burst laughing. Maan’s phone cried breaking the sweet and maddening atmosphere.

Maan:hmm yash

A smile came on his lips hearing whatever yash said: call aadi and asked the investor to be present in the meeting and yash I mean Every Investor.

Snapping off the phone he stared at the wallpaper of his phone, a smile, sad smile reached his eyes: Don’t hate you dad angels, he is going to hurt your mommy, but I promise it will be for the last time.

Precap: Twist

(C) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg. 2014


16 responses to this post.

  1. Nice one,Hope dis last time hurt will give them their full love and happiness they needs in deir life ahead,jst that hope that nothing will go wrong now,waiting for nxt part updt soon


  2. Nice part,updt soon.


  3. loved it.bcoz of eid can’t give long comment


  4. Posted by life19 on July 28, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    how many twist remaining yaar… and wat maan is planning to do.. will they ever leave a life of love and peace coz one time maan wants to hurt geet and the other side geet destroys him and in this both gets hurt


  5. geet is trying to soothe her soul by hurting maan and maan is doing the same and it is for last time…i dont how much geet will break from inside after that hurt..continue soon dear!


  6. Uff maan going to hurt geet aagain n tqist jaan lele tu humari


  7. hope this last hurt he causes geet is final and breaks the barriers they have between this is one of my favs seems like ages since last ud but best of luck loving it


  8. fabulous update dear:)



  9. interesting update…
    waiting to know what maan is planning….
    continue soon….
    take care….


  10. Awesome update dear waiting for next


  11. nice update geet pain and her broth what they are upto mann tammy making maan crazy


  12. love the update
    poor maan between two devils
    can`t wait for his planning


  13. Hmm..Maan is going to hurt Geet tht too he says fr last time..
    But will Geet be able to take tht??
    Wht is Maan actually planning to do??
    Waiting to know tht..


  14. Posted by sanghita0000 on July 29, 2014 at 2:58 pm

    excellent update dear…loved it….


  15. Posted by vermapriyanka828(pinku04) on July 29, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    superb update dear….
    and tammy and mann..just awesome ❤


  16. Posted by jhumurpiya on July 30, 2014 at 9:40 am

    now wat will maan do waiting to know more exciting


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