Loving You Forever Part 2


Eid Mubarak to everyone


Part 2

Their eyes locked and seems like eternity disappeared from them, he can hear her intake of breath, his eyes roamed on her features which tugged a cord in his heart that he never imagined to feel ever. Till now he had never felt it.

She was simple, no make up and definitely no made-up doll. Her natural beauty is so powerful that he felt himself hard to control. Her lashes were down instantly as she stood beside her father, straight in front of him. Red full sleeve anarkali suit was enhancing her white milky skin, and her pink full cheeks, it’s like water drop on red apple. He noticed earlier that she didn’t wear make up not even lipstick, maybe some gloss and kohl. All she needed this simple things and her beauty is glowing like stars.

He felt himself taking deep breath then clenched his fist, trying to control his stupid rapid heart but he couldn’t control the eyes to roam on her, it was working on it’s own. His jaw clenched when his baby sister Arohi bumped his shoulder with her then gave a teasing smile which was enough to make him annoyed. And he blame Geet giving her glare. Geet crunched her brows looking at his glare, slightly pouting, feeling confuse.

The small exchanged didn’t go unnoticed by Arohi who giggled but none other than the 3 knew what was happening. Geet felt nervous, her hand started knotting again. A few minutes earlier Shreya was successful to divert her mind but what now? She hadn’t seen maan’s picture as she trust her father,, shreya did saw his picture and teased her but nothing had prepared her for the breathless look he possessed.

Geet felt her heart will come out just seeing those depth-full eyes. Her heart was thudding so loud and fast, for a moment she thought he can see it right through her eyes. Then his anger, Gosh she never thought she will be so cliché like Shreya’s all novel heroine. Seeing his anger only made the maddening thump of her heart grew faster.


There was Maan’s whole family, cousin, uncles, aunts. Geet had never seen so many ppl together mostly because she never went to her own family functions, and prefer to stay out of crowd. It makes her uncomfortable because of her stammering problem. And now she is feeling the same nervousness, overwhelming feeling threten to flicked and she found herself looking at the stairs for Shreya.

Maan noticed her knotting the hands, then the dupatta, he can feel her nervousness which was weird cz she can’t be pinning on this relation. She is young and so beautiful. He jerked his dreamy eyes and groaned inwardly. Arohi giggled seeing him looking at Geet but one glare and she was running away, infact none sat beside him or close to him because of his anger. They knew he didn’t wanted to come which earned pity for Geet from his cousin. Why anyone can marry this kharoos?

“Geet bete, when I visited Mohindar for a meeting, I saw some painting in his office nd he said you made them.”

Geet smiles brightly at Surya then nodded her head looking at her father proudly.

“They were beautiful, if you don’t mind can u make some for me and Maan’s office?”

At the mention of his name Maan looked at Geet who was looking at him, her cheeks were pink and she nodded again.

“Bhabi kuch bolti nahi kya?” It was Ayan Maan’s 16 yr old cousin brother who got a smack on the head from dadima for being so blunt and calling Geet bhabi.

“She isn’t your bhabi yet,, so stop calling that and don’t speak between elders.”

Dadima was conservative and very strict,, looking at Geet shrewdly she tried to judge if she is capable for being a Khurana Bahu. Geet looked unease to see the criticism in Dadima’s face. She wanted to impress them but as usual she doesn’t know what to do other than stay as herself.

“I won’t say to walk around to see if ur legs are ok as its too old fashion but let me ask you, Can you cook Indian dishes and other cuisine? ”

Chuckles can be heard and cough to hide the laugh was so prominent that for a moment Geet too broken a smile, it was the typical old fashion question.

“Maa we don’t need a cook, just daughter in law will be fine.”

Surya’s throaty laughed broke the youngers in a fit of giggle. But Rano was apprehensive which Mohindar dismiss with blinking his eyes.

“Not just Indian but she can cook 50 diferent cuisine, and her specially is Thai food, you know what I mean spice and Geet go hand in hand, she loves to make ppl burn with just food, I mean in a good way, burn for more.”

Shreya batted her lashes innocently and Geet blink few times seeing the red horns between the tight innocent smile, she knew shreya is getting angry, she never liked those bitchy old ladies. Rano glared shreya which she smiled away making her way to Geet who grabbed her hand like her life depends on her.

Other chuckled hearing and understanding her possessiveness of Geet as Mohindar introduced her, Dadima glared her which shreya shrugged. No one can behave like that with her best friend.

On the other hand Geet was just clutching Shreya, more like restraining her to do any physical harm which can be funny to others but Geet knew how much possessive and protective Shreya can be. Thank God Simon isn’t here her other best friend is sweet like honey but when comes to Shreya and Geet she can be as dangerous as,, well she can be.

Maan was just staring at their joining hand, Arohi cleared her throat.

“Bhai you know they are best friend not lesbian, stop staring like u can kill shreya with your glare, she isn’t running away with your bride.”

The L word draw so many attention which Arohi did understood but later, Shreya grinned, an amused smile lingered her face as she whispered.

“I liked your possessive akhru.”

Geet greeted her teeth in warning. Maan’s mother Natasha cleared her throat.

“Geet beta, you haven’t spoken a word till now.”

Shreya jumped beside Maan suddenly “Aunty Maan ji ne bhi to kuch nahi bola, Geet to ladki hain, but why Maan ji is so silent, Mahendi lagi hain kya?”

Everyone waited for Maan to burst as he never like anyone talking to him like that, specially a stranger which Shreya is technically. But Maan just rolled his eyes.

“Can’t you stop being her bodygaurd and let her do her own work, don’t tell me you always do the talking and Geet did the work.”

Some gasp hearing his not so angry voice and the teasing remark, shreya whistle laughing so hard, but Geet was just staring at him, mesmerized hearing his voice and the way her name sounded on his lips. Soft masculine and sensuous. Calm down geet she told herself.

“Bohot huya itna bhi kya sharmana,, i wanted to ask Geet, are you ready to start your and Maan’s family? I mean u don’t have any prblm if we expect a little son or daughtet right away the marriage?”

Dadima’s voice halted as Maan started coughing and all his cousins started laughing, Surya looked embarrassed.

“Maa aap bhi na, abhi se shuru hogayi.”

Mohindar was happy to see the family accepting his daughter, specially Dadima who is so strict.

Maan looked at Geet who was looking like mouse in a trap, face so red and eyes were close. Nothing is going according to his plan, this is going too far, he should say what he wanted to say or it will be heart breaking for everyone. But after hearing that he doesn’t want to marry anyone right now, will these happy faces stay like this and Geet? What will she think of him? He don’t want to hurt her, but till now she didn’t said a word. He didn’t even know is she ready for this marriage?

But from when he started thinking for a total stranger? When he started caring for someone’s feeling? He never felt emotions for other than his family. But this is Geet, sweet shy and so natural.

(C) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg. 2014


14 responses to this post.

  1. Oh no everybody is talking while Geet is numb. Maan is looking at her so intently and pours out his anger on her friend for not talking anything. Dadi is so typical old lady. Maan came with a different thought but now in different one. Waiting for Geet’s reply.


  2. nice update geet stammering problem


  3. very fabulous and mind blowing update ….
    continue soon…
    take care….


  4. Awesome updte…
    Maan latoo on geet bt still thinking of saying no…
    Dadi is strict…
    Waiting ft nxt part…


  5. Posted by pallavikalaiah on July 29, 2014 at 11:06 am

    very good one this is gonna b an interesting one for sure


  6. Beautiful update…. Really enjoyed it… The marriage proposal… And the questionnaire specially…. OMG… Dadi even asked about kids with out asking their opinion on marriage… So typical oldies…INDU


  7. Awwww..lovelyyyy update di…
    Shreya is ssooo possessive fr Geet…but usne toh daadima ki bolti hi band kar di..
    Hmm…Maan rethinking abt his decision..well tht’s interestinggg..waiting fr nxt part…


  8. Awesome update dear


  9. Posted by jasu732 on July 29, 2014 at 8:34 pm

    nice update


  10. Awesome love it can’t wait for when geet spe


  11. For when geet speaks to maan


  12. ohh poor gal ,msk is gud


  13. pwaiting to see how maan s family accept geet with her incapability.loved the whole update


  14. Posted by cuteeagle65 on August 9, 2014 at 7:58 pm

    awesome update loved it sad 4 geet what happen when they no interesting story what will be maan reaction waiting


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