Love For You Part 87


Part 87

Geet can’t believe her eyes, she was reading and re-reading the words still nothing, slapping the papers on the table she looked at the detective she had hired to know whats going on with her brothers, because her brothers won’t let her sniff a thing.

Geet: what the hell it is? Her eyes were spitting fire and voice has the power of volcano which erupt suddenly.

Detective: Mam it’s all we get to know and its from an insider, the company isn’t doing well from last few years, Kunal Rathode wasn’t in the business after,,, well after u left country and Brij Rathode tried what he could, though after selling few hotels they were doing well, but from few days they are stuggling with the hotels in Jaipur and Jaiselmer, and because of that their other business is suffering. We also get to know some insider took money which left Brij to suspect everyone and he won’t trust anyone in his staff. Which led him to support all business himself.

Geet closed her eyes in frustation anger and self hatred, she knew its because of her, atleast she believes that, her brothers were never inefficient in running business but one incident ruined everything, she can’t even blame Maan for it because deep in her heart she knew if she wouldn’t have taken such drastic step like leaving everyone behind it wouldn’t have happened, maybe if she would have taken decision with her head rather than heart, if she had thought of others first, if she had tried to talk to maan,,, her breath left her lungs and she closed her eyes.

How stupid she can be, how could she still relate everything to maan when her family needed her, her famiky friends everyone seems like shattered after her departure from India which niggle guilt so deep she felt ashamed. But now she have time to make everything alright, and it will start from now and there.

Placing a large packet of notes Geet turned to look at the greedy Man: You will get triple, I want to know about MSK,, I want to know about his time after,,, I left India.. everything,, every single moment of his life. Got that.

Detective gave a crooked smile: Yes mam.

Time for MSK to unfold his all life, she has a feeling, she is in a ride for surprises. Sliding her aviator on her eyes, she slides in her car and went to the Hotel,, her brother’s hotel, “Jannat” their father’s given name.

Everyone took a double look when Geet came out from the car throwing the keys to the valet who eyed her with open mouth, he was a young boy, much younger than Geet but who can say her to be a mother of nearly Six yr twin, her Jeans clad leg and full sleeve baby pink shirt said nothing about age but a beautiful strong body with equally powerful mind.

Without stopping anywhere she went to the office where she knew she will find her brothers, Kunal nowadays spent his time more in office than home and with the villager. Some tried to stop her as very few of them known her to be Geetkshi Rathode, only old employee know her because till now she had never set foot in this office still she know every corner of the hotel, new decoration,, cctv and blueprint which she designed for the hotel actually helped.

Saying Kunal and Brij were surprised to find Geet was mild because their faces shows their happiness to see her there, though everything was on her name, she had never visited to asked for any of her rights, today was all together a new thing, which might change something.

Not stopping to greet her delighted brothers Geet came to the point.

Geet: I want to see company’s 5 yr profit record file.

Their face visibly became pale: Mishty,

Geet cut Brij’s word: Bhaisa it’s my company too and I can see the file right?

Kunal straighten his posture: ofcourse Mishty, but u came a few days back, if u want we will send some file for you to study to the palace.

Geet: Bade bhaisa I m not asking for a look and u know very well I don’t need a look to know how the business work, remember I had started handling my own business at the age of 19 so please give me the file I want.

Brij: why so sudden mishty?

Geet: you are asking me why so sudden when I m thinking why I m so late to know my brothers are suffering from the moment I left them, abandoned them in my own misery to look up to my state,, I have let down so many people,, my family is torn, my state needs me, my hotels, my business is suffering and why? Because I bailed out. Because I thought my pain was greater. I was a selfish bi,,,

Kunal: Khabardar agar aapne aur ek shabd vhi kaha Geetakshi.

She won’t dare to cross her elder brother when his calmness had slipped a notch the way she wanted, she knew her brother. If Kunal is calm then he can be the world’s calmest person but when the calm facade slip it can be so much worse.

But still she dared him to deny which he couldn’t, she knew her fact, brij was silent between the brother sister due, he knew not to say a word when the lava is boiling both side, he cleared his throat which earn glares from both side, he put his hand in air like a surreder motion, Geet’s eyes soften.

Geet: I m hungry, would u like to have lunch with me brij bhaisa, someone is already cooking his own head which I m not interested right now. She said glaring Kunal. A groan work from Kunal.

Kunal: fine, don’t be angry on me, u know I can’t take that.

Geet snapped: I m not,

Kunal smiles softly: you are by being angry on yourself. We will figure it out.

Geet: the hell we are, I m not gonna be satisfied without fighting with this moron investor.

Brij: if everything settle between you 2 then shall we go, I m hungry.

Kunal narrowed his eyes and Geet hugged Brij sideway, three of them exited, making their way towards the resturant. Everyone eyes them and some gasp, the 2 brother had been never seen so happy and Geet in one moment made their life a living heaven. Where was their heaven for so many yrs when they needed it?

Geet turn to look at their oldest employee, Munshi ji and gave a smile like saying “I m here now and won’t leave them ever.” Inside her heart she can only pray “if it need anything I will give everything but won’t let them break again.”

Precap: master stroke.

(C) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg. 2014


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  1. lovely update
    loved it continue soon


  2. So both rathore brothers r facing loss in their business and geet came to take the matter on her head,waiting for next,what maan did in this 6yrs!


  3. nice update geet tense about her brothers financial conditions


  4. All persons r shuttered after geet s departure.her brothers business is not working bcoz of its time to open maan s life about last six geet ll fix everything


  5. Hmm…ssooo Geet came to know tht bcoz of her deprtaure even kunal n brij’s also suffered…
    But now she is back with her brothers..
    Let’s see wht happens nxt..


  6. lovely update…
    finally geet is doing everything right with her brothers….
    continue soon….
    take care…


  7. Posted by jhumurpiya on August 1, 2014 at 9:35 am

    sooooooooo much anger

    loving the way geet is dealing everything


  8. Great update there was no maaneet moments but I loved brother n sis relation


  9. Posted by life19 on August 1, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    nice update.. but m waiting for maan .. want to know wat he has been doing to hurt geet now.. wat level he will go and how it will effect her


  10. Posted by sanghita0000 on August 1, 2014 at 4:56 pm

    superb update dear….loved it….


  11. awesome update
    love so strong geet


  12. Nice update dear


  13. Posted by Disha on August 3, 2014 at 10:44 am

    Nice update dear…plzz continue soon..


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