Love For You Part 88


Part 88

Maan looked at his kids, one angry and another pouting, they aren’t happy to see him leaving, and maybe that’s why Tamanna did what she did good, ruined his expensive white shirt with her color pencil, but he wasn’t least bit angry which angered her further, how twisted it can go he have no idea. She wanted to make him angry, why? He is unknown but knowing his kids in these few days, he was almost sure, she wanted him to get mad, then she would have cried, and when he crouch down in front of her asking sorry then she would have asked him to stay, well smart kid with smarter father.

Maan:You know I don’t want to go.

Tammy: then don’t go.

How simple, she looked at him with innocent eyes, like her mother, he sighed then took both of them on his lap.

Maan: you know I have to,

Mann: is it mommy, because of her you are going?

Maan: yes and no.

Tammy: how much confuse you can be, or how much confuse you can make us?

Her glare only made his laughter grew but he stopped with chuckled because he has a feeling tammy won’t take it as lightly as he think.

Maan: Angel daddy needs to go and its partly because of mommy but not because she wants to, it’s complicated I have to go.

Mann: still bouncing over our head papa, u know we are only 6 but to understand it I m not sure 16 will be enough.

Maan: you both don’t seems to be 6,, God knows what will happen to me when u both will be 16 and those boys,,, the last words he grumble more to himself.

Tammy: When we will be16, will you be with us daddy?

Her soft insecure voice tore his gut. Without blinking he looked at both of them.

Maan: Yes. I am and will be always with u, be 16 or 26 or whatever it takes.

Both girls hugged him stimulating: Love you Daddy, love you Papa.

Leaving the girls was difficult, a lot worse than he was prepared for. Rudra wasn’t sure why he was leaving but Maan gave his excuse to him, when they bid bye Maan’s eyes were moist but it’s nowhere close to the arch his heart felt looking at the 2 angel crying their eyes out.

Maan: soon you both will be with me, Us.. he said more to himself not wanted to draw Rudra’s attention and when he sat in his jet all he could think of Geet, parting with her kids must have taken everything in her. Only she knew how she is staying away from the kids, a smile broke on his lips, but soon they will be with her.


Geet was greeting her teeth in anger, the meeting didn’t go as she had planned. Their main investor bailed out on them which had raised murmurs between others, she had tried everything but nothing is helping like some power has bound her. Her last hope is the tender they were bidding but an informer told her the bid was already fixed which agigated her yet she doesn’t have any proof and top of that,, the informer isn’t ready to disclose the name. Whoever it is he must be powerful or her insider isn’t afriad of his own boss but this man.

Geet: if the business is going so down why did u gave me 250 cr bhaisa and the main question how did u gave me? U couldn’t haven taken from business or else it would have blasted the investor then and there.

Kunal and Brij was silent for some time which gave enough space to ponder on her own thinking. Her eyes widen in horor

Geet: how could you? Pls tell me whatever I am thinking isn’t right.

Brij sighed: I tried to talk to him, but it was you.

Geet looked away in regret, Kunal tried to say something but Geet just stood and left the place. She called her accountant and asked her to transfer the same amount but there was 100cr shortage. She can’t let her house go away like this. If she had known about their family business she wouldn’t have asked any dime but now what can she do. But she have to do something, for now they need to have the paper of the palace, how could her brother took money behalf of their palace, it’s heritage to Naman, it should only go to him.

Only one think came to her mind which was naina but without sparing her the details she wouldn’t be ready to give one cent which left no option to her, Rudra and Karan won’t be able to give so much in so less time. She called her accountant again and with a heavy heart breaking her moral she asked to transfer the amount from company account to her as soon as possible. But again the same problem, it need some time, atleast a few day. Sighing she left the thinking for later, now she need to focus on business. She will inform Rudra sparing the details. Hopefully nothing will cause the palace harm, hopefully.


Smiling to himself Maan saw in the video footage, Aditya shaking hands with the investor, he was grinning ear to ear, ofcourse who wouldn’t want to have share in MSK’s company, he knew the game was dirty, still his offer was generous. Leave Rathode hotels and join his company which after giving a small fortune he agreed. It wasn’t hard but the hardest part comes now, breaking the news to Geet and how? That has to be decided.

(C) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg. 2014


14 responses to this post.

  1. aww…angels crying n trying to stop Maan frm leaving..
    Geet trying every way to save her brother’s company..
    God Maan Singh Khurana in action.Let’s sre wht Maan is gonna do…


  2. lovely update….
    both are playing different games…
    continue soon…
    take care…


  3. Posted by life19 on August 28, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    So Maan is using business to get to geet but will this happen..Will she let him do wat he wants and get her.. coz they both are far away from each other playing games


  4. Posted by Disha on August 28, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    angels crying..maan too feeling bad
    eager to know what happens nxt!!
    pls continue soon dear….


  5. nice update


  6. Awesome one,So the maansing khurana has taken charge to mission geet,and he had played his cards very well,waiting for nxt part


  7. awsemm update maan leaving to trap geet


  8. Superb update…
    Loved it…
    Maan parting frm his daughter’s wz emotional…
    Oh my maan is going to play dirty..
    Waiting to see how geet react..


  9. Nice update dear


  10. Maaneet kids r crying.why maan not bring them with him in india.geet wanted to save handa palace i think she has to take help from maan nd maan knew about it


  11. Oh ab geet kia karegi janne k baad?


  12. Posted by sanghita0000 on September 2, 2014 at 7:00 pm

    brilliant update dear…loved it…


  13. Where r u dear? I’m missing your updates.


  14. Awesome baby but geet poor grl


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