Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 22


Part 22

When Geet left the place behind Maan none noticed, all were consumed in that moment. Yash saw her leaving behind Maan, he knew she is going to console him and for the 1st time he didn’t worry about geet and her feelings, or if Maan will hurt her, maybe because he knew only Geet can reach his brother or maybe because deep in his heart he knew only Geet can console Maan which somewhere made him jealous, he wanted to be the one whom his brother can confined, but Maan never did that.

Geet half expected Maan to runaway 1st thing, but he was there, sitting in that small garden looking lost. She sat besie him in the swing. None said a word. Strange but the silence was confronting. She didn’t tried to console just sitting there she gave a lot of thing none ever tried. She waited for him.

Eventually Maan’s shoulder relaxed he leaned on the swing chain still not looking at her.

“First time it didn’t hurt to hear her words, maybe because first time I felt loved.”

His soft voice made the lump in her throat larger but she stayed numb, giving him space to talk. She can wait eternity for him to bare his soul, but what he said made her chest arch even more.

“If u don’t mind can I,, can I put my head on your lap Geet? I always wanted to do that, but it was always Mom, she never had time for me.”

His voice was small, lost, in that moment it showed how much vulnerable he is and he is ready show it to her. She just nodded


Her mumble didn’t clear the knot in her throat or the teary eyes but Maan was so lost in himself to see her, she stayed there placing his head on her lap. She threaded her hand in his hair.

“I always wanted her to see me, it enraged me when she choose Yash every time, but I never tried to see my fault, maybe it was my fault,,”

Geet didn’t let him complete “it isn’t, u needed love which they never understood.”

“Do they really love me Geet?”

So much pain, in that small voice of him that squeeze her heart
, how can anyone left their heart not to love him? But his uncertainity tore her heart.

“Yes they do, just open your heart to recieve them, can you do that Maan?”

Her voice was merely whisper but so was his and they understand each other not only with words but eyes.

“Don’t cry,” he wiped her tears that she was unknown “everything will be fine.”

How ironic, that’s what she wanted to say but only manage to give a watery smile. They fell in a comfortable silence and none knew how much time they spent like that, when Geet opened her eyes Yash was in front of them. She immidiately looked at a sleeping Maan, her legs were numb but she couldn’t slide past him, she gesture Yash to be quite but then another figure came across. Geet was stiffen seeing Anisha there. Right now she doesn’t care what anyone think of her, her first priority is Maan who was sound asleep like he had never slept like this in a long time, least she knew how correct she is.

But Anisha did what none expected, she signaled Geet to be quite and with Yash help she slides in Geet’s place so Maan won’t be disturbed. Geet was worried but seeing the pain in Anisha’s eyes she let her hold Maan, Yash walked her inside the mansion but not before covering Maan with a blanket as it was already 10 mins past 9.

“Don’t look at me like that Geet, he is my brother, and I love him.”

Geet gave him a cute smile “I knew that already say something new.”

Yash shook his head smiling and sliding his jacket on her shoulder, they both slides inside the mansion and Yash went to kitchen for her food.

“I am not hungry.”

“I don’t see why is that, you haven’t eaten your dinner.”


“Geet, trust me, I will make sure he eats but now you have to take this,”

There was 2 sandwich with orange juice,, at the sight her stomach grumble and she looked embarrassed, Yash couldn’t himself but laugh at her cute pouting face, and then pinched her nose.

“Eat this, I will make some for Maan and take out. Mom haven’t eaten anything too.”

“And you?”

Somewhere she knew he also haven’t taken anything, his concern shows on his face which made her smile so soft, yash looked at her for a moment longer he would have liked, her smile was so like,,,, he stopped himself thinking of her.

“I have some work, so I will take these in my room. You better take rest.”

“Yash,, ummm can I stay here, I mean I will lie on the couch, I m not feeling good to go to bed now.”

Yash looked at her for some moment then nodded “okay.”


Maan opened his eyes only to see same color eyes as him staring back, immidiately he straighten up and started looking for Geet but she was nowhere, how could she leave him.

“Geet needed rest Maan, she was sitting here for 3 hours.”

He was asleep for 3 hours straight which never happened, and the thought she stayed in one position, in this chilly night only for him did wonder to his heart.

“When” only one word came from his mouth, when his mother came here. Though he couldn’t said full but Anisha understood, maybe for the first time his unsaid words are being listen.

“Just over 20 mins”

Maan was hurriedly straightening to leave when his mother’s desperate word came on him.

“Maan please don’t leave, give me a chance,, give us a chance.”

It halted him and Geet word came in view “Yes they do, just open your heart to recieve them, can you do that Maan?”

Yes he can, not only for Geet, he wanted to it for himself. His eyes fell on the window on ground floor, curtain had been pushed and someone was standing in the dark, his eyes locked with the hazel and he found himself immobilised, how could he say no to the pleading eyes of Her,, Geet. She didn’t left him, she was always there just like she promised everytime.

He sat down beside his mother, both didnt said much.

“We always loved you maan, love you but,,,,” she sighed like a older woman feeling defeated. “Give me a chance Maan, please I beg you. I m sorry for everything, words can never defy what I did, can you please give us a chance.” Her words were broken whisper, the pain she felt reflects in her voice, Geet’s words affected her and the family so much. True, they failed him in many ways, will he ever forgive them for what they did.

“Don’t go.. move here, move in the Mansion.”

“I, I c-can’t

Who can believe the MSK world knows for his anger and ruthlessness can be so vulnerable in front of his mother, his family. His eyes met Geet, it’s like her hazels were given him strength.

“Please Maan, at least stay here till your father gets well, he needs you too Maan like me. Let us show how it could be, what you always deserved, Just give me a chance.”

Maan looked at Geet who’s eyes were on him in concern, her every word follow him,, “give them a chance” her heart whispered maybe.


Precap: Maan and Geet spending the night…

“Can I sleep with you?”
“Uhh-huh I don’t think it’s a good idea.”
“I promise I’ll behave.”

Maan’s eyes went wide hearing her innocent word and cute pout, then looked down at himself “I don’t know if I can behave” his murmur made her more confuse which made her pouty confuse face edible for him and a groan worked deep in his throat….

(C) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg. 2014


23 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by anamikasb on August 28, 2014 at 8:01 am

    Geet is too good 😊 she made Maan agree to listen to his mum ❀
    Superb ⭐


  2. lovelyyyy update di..
    Maan had a sound sleep after so many yrs just bcoz of Geet..
    god Maan actually listened to Geet tht he shld open his heart to his parents n yash..only she has the power to do tht..
    Hhhaaayyyeeee..precap..ssooo dreamyyyy…
    Can’t wait fr it di…jaldi update karooooo..


  3. hw much maan missed his parents love… finally maan listening to geet that he shud give chance to them n he reciprocated the same for geet….


  4. awesome ud
    maan slept in geet lap
    maan family regret on their behavior
    pre cap beautiful waiting


  5. lovely update….
    just love maaneet…
    they are fabulous….
    nice conversation between maan and his mom…
    precap is awesome…
    continue soon…
    take care…


  6. awesome update


  7. awesome the bond between maaneet geet feels his pain next sounds great waiting


  8. Its true when we do something for others maybe we will be thinking for their goodness only bt it may hurt them in a different way,especially with children,really feeling the pain maan was gone through,and eagerly waiting to see maaneet spending night together


  9. poor maan really his family deserve his hatred


  10. Geet is perfect for maan,why yash can’t understand it?geet sit with maan 3hours so dat he could sleep.feeling bad for maan s parent.i loved maaneet eye connection.precap is awesome.


  11. Nice update dear


  12. Posted by esabell on August 31, 2014 at 5:25 am

    emotional one ..
    words of each pain n hurt are very touching ..
    yash is still in love with sanjana ..
    n geet is unware of her love for maan ..
    geet is the srength of maan ..
    precap was superb ..
    geet is all set to torture maan .. πŸ˜€


  13. Posted by ushankitvc on September 1, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    a very tooouching and emotional part….loved ot….precap moooore nicce ….continue sooon


  14. Awesome ohhh I soooo much love dis geet n feeling v bad for maan


  15. Posted by sanghita0000 on September 2, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    fantastic update dear…loved it…


  16. Geet made both side understand the other. Precap is so cute.


  17. Posted by jhumurpiya on September 21, 2014 at 6:51 pm

    sooooooooo finally maan is giving a chance to his family

    where will this lovestory go and wen will yash’s gf enter again


  18. great part so glad Maan is getting what he deserves all thanks to Geet…waiting to see more bonding between him and his family….also very interesting pre cap….waiting eagerly


  19. Posted by cuteeagle65 on October 25, 2014 at 11:08 am

    awesome update loved it maan listen 2 geet 2 give them chance maaneet moments lovely


  20. Very emotionally strong update!
    Finally his mother understood that they didn’t show their love for Maan. Having parents, he still felt like an orphan. Geet has more understanding of Maan’s feelings of being hurt & lonely than his own mother.
    I hope now it clicks in Maan’s family’s head that Maan & Geet r meant for each other not Geet & Yash.


  21. When will u update ur stories we r waiting dear



  22. Plz continue ur stories we r waiting to read ur stories… We love ur stories plz continue. Bahut time hogaya apne stories nhi update Ki plz mai intezar kar rhi Hu… Apki stories ko padhne k liye. Plz update pretty plz…….😊😊😊😊😊😊


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