Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 46


Part 46

Geet gulped hard when his finger brused her inner thigh then the thin material, she sucked in a breath then looked at him, whatever she saw only made her squirm, the dark intense need in his eyes made her thighs clenched. Her core suddenly wet and shivers trickled down her back. Her breath was heavy but he didn’t budge from his sweet assault, if it wasn’t his dark lust filled eyes Geet would have thought it wasn’t effecting him as much as it to her.

Maan thumb caresses her creamy skin, then felt the wet spot, he was hard like a rock and cursed himself for teasing her. He so much wanted to grab her and take a turn to the washroom for a quick hard ride. But this is Geet, she deserves better, she is his wife and she trusts him, that what her eyes says.

“Maan” the small moan was filled with lust and it made him cursed more. He held her nape and kissed her so hardly while his finger plunged in her wetness, her inner walls squeezed his fingers. Thankfully they were in a corner which was hidden from most of the people but the thought of having him so close, and the pending orgasm only thrilled Geet further.

He removed his hand and she let out a whimper, his tongue nibble on her neck “we have to stop.”

His ragged breath told her he was effected as much as she was but the frustation made her angry and slapped his hand away from her, he chuckled and brought her closer.

“I’ll make it good.” Then again he started teasing her senses by his tongue.

“You better be” geet mumble only made him shake with laughter. It was so foriegn to see him laugh that Geet’s belly clenched further.

Someone cleared his throat and Maaneet turned to see a younger handsome waiter serving them, she was so wide eyed seeing the variety of food that she never notice the fella giving her suggestive looks, but suddenly his eyes fell on Maan who was observing everything, the rage in his eyes said only one thing he can murder anyone without a flinch.

“Keep your eyes to yourself before I dab it with a fork.”

Maan’s calm voice didn’t hide the deathly threat and the waiter nodded urgently. Then mumble “Sorry”

“What happen?”

Maan looked at his innocent Oblivious wife, if it was a few days back he would have blame her for being a slut maybe, his rage never need proof but knowing her and her desire for him had helped him being sane and not insecure. He brought her on his lap which she didn’t protest. He shook his head and geet just shrugged again looking at the food.

“Maan what we will do with so much food, it’s gonna be wasted, I know You don’t eat so much. Are you?”

Before he can say anything Bella chimed “Not for him but he always gets company when he comes here, see that.”

Not before Bella finished her words that 2 barking Great Dane ran towards them, for a moment Geet held Maan tighter but she felt the rumble of laughter when the 2 dog came and started shoving Geet, Maan’s one glare made them stop, then again they started shoving Geet away but gently. By then everyone was looking at their table. Bella was laughing and the 2 dog were licking or trying to lick Maan.

“Ok you will get ur share first say hello to Geet.”

Both their head turned to Geet who inched away seeing so very large dog, they tower seating Geet in height. They nudge her hand but Geet was so afraid that she made a ball of her fist. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. Bella’s kind face looked down at her.

“They loves him, so they know you are Maan’s whom they can’t hurt.”

Geet felt her palm being taken and turn to see Maan holding her hand, she reluctantly let him loose her palm and placed infornt of those dog. At first she was shivering but then she felt the cold nose touching softly on her palm, they both sniffed her, then licked her hand before settling beside her either side. Geet couldn’t help but giggle.

“Heyyy she is my woman.” His frustating voice didn’t budge them and it made her giggle more. Maan mock huffed, rest of the lunch went Maan feeding the dogs and Geet admiring him. She wanted to take the dog with them thinking they doesn’t have owner but later Maan told her they are Bella’s and whenver he visit Italy they stays with him.

Geet watched Maan helping them with food, then playing with them for some time and when time came to say good bye Geet couldn’t help but feel sad, so she offered him to take the dogs till they are here but Maan didn’t agree which only made Bella smile so wide that it confused Geet.

“I have never seen him like this, he wants to spent his every moment with you tesoro. You are one lucky girl. He adores you.”

Geet smiles biting her lips, she was feeling shy, nervous yet excited.

“How do u know?”

Bella laughed “Don’t you see that Man is crazy for you, he can’t pull his hands away from you, that shows how much he wants you.”
Geet looked at Maan wistfully, she adores him too but the problem is she is falling in love with him so hard that she fears, he will destroy her. Bella puts her hands on her.

“Take a chance with him Bambina, he deserves it after he faced everything.”

Geet’s face visibly paled “what do u mean?”

Bella’s face closed down, and she looked at Maan with sad eyes “I think it should be him who decides when and what to say Bambina, but mark my one word, if his rage is soul shivering, his hatred is madness then His love is fierce, intense. Once he loves someone he won’t let them go from him, he can destroy anyone who hurt him but he can destroy himself for them whom he loves which is really a very few but you,, I can see you are his soul. His love is madness for you.

he can’t express himself but he opening to you, so don’t let him go ever Geet. He deserves you because I have never seen anyone so fierce like you, so passionate like you. I have seen the jealously when he hugged me and then it converted to wistful when he was with myra and panther. Only you can give him the love and make his life the way he dreamed once. He deserves it.”

Bella left Geet with a baffled face and thought. She kept watching how Myra was licking Maan and he was so happy. Now she got to know why he tolerated Gulgule everytime though he was so naughty. It wasn’t for her only he genuinely loves animals. Maybe beneath of this Devil there stays a soft person who deserves every happiness a person can think.

Maan turn to see her and she beamed then took out a phone clicking some snap, rest of the day they spent with the dogs and Bella laughing, loving and taking memories.

Ps: trust me you should enjoy the soft devil before the dark story began…

(C ) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg. 2014

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  1. Awesome update..
    Loved it..


  2. It’s really superb. Maneet moment was so much passionate. So there is something in maan’s past which made him heartless. But after meeting geet that maan is changing in positive way . waiting for next dear


  3. Posted by angelickushi on September 28, 2014 at 6:17 pm

    Loved it


  4. hot passionate maan can’t control his love even in public geet is one lucky girl can’t wait for next


  5. Posted by ushankitvc on September 28, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    awesumly fab….loved it


  6. Posted by anamikasb on September 28, 2014 at 7:07 pm

    Awesome part loved maanneet❤


  7. Awesome update…hot update too…


  8. MG moment superb
    wats in maan past


  9. Posted by sanghita0000 on September 28, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    WOW!! it was awesome…just loved it…


  10. Welcome back dear n it was awesome update n hotttt hehehe hmmm loved the way Mããñ is changing


  11. awsemm update maneet lunch dogs scene cute maan suffered in past


  12. very nice update…
    want to know maan past…
    they both dogs are awesome…
    continue soon..
    take care…


  13. Nice part …. but last me kya bola tumne abhi bhi Maan ke bare me bura likhne wali ho…

    Ammi.. mujhe darr lag raha hai…

    pata nahi kaise kahu.. mera mann bhagne ko kar raha hai.. Maan jyada bura ho.. nahi dekh payenge..
    but jqb tak puri story khatam nahi hoti tab tak chain bhi nahi milega…

    isliye next update jaldi dena….


  14. really a now face of maan came out before geer
    he has so many faces that makes one confused what is he exactly


  15. Superb n amazing update.. Waiting for more..


  16. Loved the update.geet falling love with maan but like her i also scared.bcoz maan is still enigma for my most fav ff by u.pls keep continue soon.


  17. Posted by neha74 on September 29, 2014 at 2:53 pm

    wow!! finally got an update of my desiring devil after like ages…i missed him so much naughty maan can’t keep his hands of geet 😉 😀 ❤ so the devil is changing for geet, 😀 how sweet he loves pets too,that's nice but what happened in his past that made him a ruthless devil and what were his dreams eagerly waiting for the dark past to unfold but not before some more naughty passionate maaneet moments continue soon and please don't make us wait for so long 🙂


  18. After seeing this sweet devil, I don’t want that dangerous devil


  19. Posted by cuteeagle65 on October 1, 2014 at 8:44 am

    awesome update loved it maaneet moment hot & romantic maan cant be away 4m geet in puplic place 2 hope nothing dark happen with maaneet


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  30. Can u please put a note please please ur really scaring me with inaction . Please let us know if there is a problem or your studies ……..willing to wait but don’t discontinue or if you have decided to discontinue please tell us that as well .


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  39. Posted by bhatdipti on July 21, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    Superbbbbbb but when will u update
    Update sooonnnnnnn


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