Kagaz Ki Kashti Luv that Sacrifices Life Part 112


Part 112

That night Maan took Geet to a date night. He spent the afternoon giving instruction how to do the things he wanted, he even did some arrangements himself. The rooftop was blowing in shimmering lights and the moon gave a glow to it. Maan ordered white roses and orchids to decorate the place, even the people on the work were amazed to see the love of a husband.

On seeing Geet’s glowing face his hard work paid off and seeing the mesmerized beauty of Geet every worker smiled on Maan’s madness for her. Few girls in the restaurant were swooning seeing so much love and few got jealous seeing Geet getting everything a girl can desire ever.

Oblivious from all of it Maaneet were lost in each other. Maan’s face was in awe seeing Geet in a red dress that maybe saanjh had helped her for this date. On hearing about the date thing both girls were so excited and Saanjh had pulled Geet seperately for a small shopping trip. And right now that one hour of wandering the malls with the girls finally paid off.

She is looking ravishing in her red off shoulder cocktail dress, the satin and the color did wonder to her creamy complexion. Her full bossom, and hip did justice to the dress. But the apprehensive look on her face torned him, he knew she is concious of her figure, so he did what he did. Large hands closed on her waist pulling her close.

Maan whispered in her ear: you are looking like walking death for me Geet, I think i won’t be happy until I take off this beautiful dress from your lucious body and devour you from night to morning.

Geet gasp in sudden heat: Maan..

She didn’t planned the moan escaped her lips when Maan nipped her neck teasing her senses with his unique cologne that says only him.

Maan: stop beaing concious. You are beautiful and I am thankful toni8 this view is only for me.

Geet: huh? You,, booked this entire top?

Her exasperated look only made her adorable, he licked her lips,

Maan: I wanted a place just for us and I have few ideas, this one is for starter.

Geet gave him a smile: This is beautiful Maan.

A look crossed on her face twisted something deep inside of him. She looks,, dreamy…

Maan: What is it?

Geet shook her head: nothing, u wll laugh only.

Maan made her sit across him and order juice for her and wine for him.

Maan: try telling me first, then see.

Geet: ok, but if you laugh, I wll stop there. Maan nodded his head in agreement. When I was a teenager, 16 actually, I used to think my prince will bring the world to my feet, I used to dream about kissing him standing on the higest place where the world can see us and wish to be in love like us. I wanted something I will always remember when I grow old and the memories will be with me. But then Me and Sujal,,, and it never happen. It was a dream and I was happy to place it in the sweetest corner of my memory, my teenage year. But tonight,, you made me feel that dream do comes true.

Geet turned to see Maan with a smile: everyone thinks I am a simple girl with simple dream and need, and I never told anyone about any fascination of mine, maybe they would have thought I am a materialistic person but tonight without saying anything you fulfilled my one dream. A date of my teenage fascination, a night that my prince will make me feel like a princess. You did all these for me when u didn’t need it.

When maan touched her face with tender finger only then she realized tear was trickling down her face. But she wasn’t feeling hurt, only warmth spread her heart.

Maan: I love you and I promise rest of our live I will try to be your prince fulfilling your every dream.

Geet: thank you.

Maan kissed her knuckle and rest of the night went in few talks, lots of laugh and dancing with passion, when they returned to their room Maan was carrying Geet and kissing her thoroughly. They never looked at another soul while entering their place, then He showes how much he loves her and adores her in every way possible for a man.


Shiv was exhausted but Maahika wasn’t anywhere stopping her tantrums. Tonight she is in a bad mood and her target is as always him. At first she threw her bottle away, okay, he was shoving in to her mouth thinking she must be hungry and that’s why crying but Maahi threw the bottle so the milk spilled on his shirt. Then when he tried to make her sleep she peed on him which was still making him frown, why him? Why can’t it be Abir?

But he was stuck and Saanjh was only laughing at him, why? Because he stupidly challenged her that he can manage maahi all alone. Now he is paying, and its huge. He had to shower 2 times and still maahi is nowhere to sleep. Its 2 hr that Maan and Geet went on their date and Maan had called atleast 30 times to know how his baby doing. Only that time Maahi stopped her cry and behaved like world’s best kid.

And now after bath whenver he tried to put cloth on her she starts screaming then kick her leg, he tried to glare her which made him more frustated as Maahika stopped her tantrum for a min before pouting her lips and he could see the trembling lips, she is ready to burst.

Shiv: ohhhh hold on hold, maahi, don’t you dare cry, I will tell ur dad I am never going to baby sit you again.

First wail comes and shiv fumbled more: oh stop it,, maahi, maahi, you are chachu’s angel.

But till then Maahi was wailing on top of her lungs, Shiv looked here and then, pulling his hair and looking adorably frustated and on the verge of cying himself but then Saanjh came and scooped maahika in her arms. She took out her diaper looking her baby bump that has rashes and she was trying to tell shiv by her baby natural way. After taking it away Saanjh slides a soft cotton dress on Maahi leaving her bottom open.

Shiv crouches on Maahi kissing her red fluffy nose: I am sorry baby. I know chachu wasn’t the best person, but he loves you.

It’s like Maahi understands his apology, she showed her gummy smile and kissed his nose, though it wasn’t a kiss as she put her saliva full mouth on his nose sucking it, maybe trying to mimick his kiss. Shiv laughed, then only he realized someone was watching them, he turned to see Saanjh leaning on a wall looking at them with a tender smile.

She applied some rash cream before putting the diaper then turn to see Shiv who was looking at Maahi.

Saanjh: She loves you and she knows u love her too.

Shiv look down with a small smile when she inches closer: and one day you will be a perfect father, one of the best.

Her voice was so soft that Shiv forgot every thing he planned to say to her, just the love in her eyes was everything he wanted to see. The thought of her round with his child swell his heart with warmth and love.

Shiv whisper: I want that too. He brought Saanjh closer to him and she placed her head on his chest while Maahi closer between them.

It wasn’t long that a thud came on their room and half bare Maan marched in the room looking for Maahi.

Shiv said tiredly: You know we can take care of her.

Maan: Geet was restless and you both need rest and a break from her. Maahi just snuggle closer to Maan like in her sleep she can feel her dada. Shiv noded and appriciated Maan’s concern and he diverted his eyes on Saanjh who was tidying the room.

(C) All Copyrights Reserved 2014. Tich Mg.

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15 responses to this post.

  1. awsemm update maneet on date shiv sanjh taking care of mahi


  2. superb update


  3. It’s amazing. I loved it. Maneet went to date. Geet was very happy seeing all preparation. She shared her teenage dream with maan that she always dreamed to be feel princess by her prince charming n when today it’s fulfilled she become emotional. I loved the way maan was admiring geet and said he will always fulfill her every dream just like that. Mahika made shiv’s life hell. But as usual sanjh handled everything. Waiting for next dear


  4. Nice update dear Mann has unknowingly fulfilled her dream geet is very happy see that shiv is so cute while takeing care of cute mahi she is woderful dear like our geet


  5. Lovelyyy update di..
    Maaneet’s dreamyyyy date .


  6. very nice update…
    mahi is very naughty…
    both maan and geet are awesome…
    continue soon…
    take care…


  7. Posted by angelickushi on September 28, 2014 at 6:10 pm

    Loved it
    Every gal has some teenage dreams and if it gets filled by ur lover wat more do u want


  8. loved their sweet date but geet needs her baby near her so cute


  9. geet dream date maahi with shiv and sanju


  10. Posted by sanghita0000 on September 28, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    WOW!! amazing update dear…loved it


  11. Awesome update n v dreamy date hayeeee only Mããñ can do dis for his Geet wowwww


  12. wow shiv taking care of maahi he really loves her a lot just like her dadda maan n handles all her tantrums


  13. Wonderful update.. Loved maaneet on date.. And mahis part was also mind lowing..😆


  14. Every girl has a teenage fantasy. It may or may not be fulfilled. This update is beautiful as geet’s emotion implies what it would be like to have your teenage dream fulfilled.


  15. I love mahi shiv scene more than maaneet scene.bcoz mahi is so cute and adorable.maaneer can’t stay away frm mahi for a long time.but shiva enjoyed maahi s drama.


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