Love For You Part 89


Part 89

Geet was frustated, every investor she tried to talk in to coming in their projects but none was satisfied, it’s like years of loyalty and good name of Rathode isn’t enough for them now. Her accountant also couldn’t arrange the amount in so less time but for that she wasn’t still holding her breath, she had told Rudra about the need and cause. At first he was angry that she didn’t informed him right away but eventually he told her to give 2 days so she is waiting.

The one thing that is worrying her the most was the hotel in Jaiselmer. The worker and union is making a fuss for a raise and bonus,, she understands their problem but couldn’t do anything as the hotel wasn’t in a good condition. Kunal and Brij is doing their best but some problem or another are raising every day.

The ringing of her phone brought her to reality. Nowadays every ring made her cringe, she fear the bad news its bringing but this time it was rudra.

Geet grumble: only the good news Rudra or I am cutting the phone.

Rudra chuckle: Mishty everything is arranged.

Geet gasp: u mean

Rudra: yeah yeah every peny. I am transfering it to ur acc, then u can do whatever it needs to do.

For a moment Geet closed her eyes Sighing a breath of relief. It almost made her cry but she remembered soon enough emotion isn’t good in business.

Geet: Thank you.

Rudra was silent for a moment then he replied softly: you know they are my family too Geet, because you r the connection between us. Aur kisine kaha tha dosti me no sorry no thank u.

Suddenly Geet giggled and Rudra smiles in the phone hearing the giggle, next 2 hour went on Geet and the kids chatting through video call.


Brij: how did you manage it?

Geet: bhaisa, jab mujhe jarurat thi, mere pass time nahi tha, as I have to arrange it in one day but abhi to I got enough time to arrange it but please give this money and bring the palace paper.

Brij patted her head, and kunal placed a file on the table which Geet took.

Geet: what’s this bhaisa?

Kunal: it’s a party project, some client of ours is throwing a lavish party in our hotel for his client. I don’t know for whom honour the party has been arranged but one thing is clear he is very important. And that’s why this client of ours is getting on my nerves.

Geet: when is the party?

Brij: tomorrow.

Geet: ok I will see to it, aap Jaiselmer k hotel pe dhyan dijiye.

Kunal: if u r looking into this party then we can head towards Jaiselmer tonight.

Geet: ok bhaisa, don’t worry.

Brij: but Geet this client is important.

Geet nodes and started looking at the blue prints then headed to meet the event manager…..

Ps: I know its very short, but I wll updt tom as well

( C ) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg. 2014


16 responses to this post.

  1. awsemm money arranged geet going in party


  2. It’s geet Arranged money with the help of rudra. She become very upset seeing no one is ready to help her. But finally everything is in control. N what is this about party. Is that related with maan. Waiting for next dear


  3. paiso ki arrangement ho gayi..
    Waiting to see wht happens nxt.


  4. Nice Part Tich, I guess Woh party Maan karwane wala Hai….

    I hope You r fine now, take care of urself…..

    Part 89 was so tiny.. It finished in 2 min. I have proof.. I prepared Maggi… hehehe….

    Please make the nxt part long… will be waiting…


  5. Nice update dear party is for Mann right dear


  6. party 4 maan surely


  7. Posted by sanghita0000 on September 28, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    WOW!! its brilliant dear…loved it


  8. Ohhhh dat sooooo short yaar not fair hmmmm but it was great waiting for next


  9. awesome update.
    feel like part is for maan.


  10. very nice update…
    the client must be maan…
    continue soon…
    take care…


  11. i m sure the client is maan


  12. Wonderful update dear!👏


  13. Posted by life19 on September 29, 2014 at 2:58 pm




  14. Welcome back.
    I think its Maan for whom the party is arranged. He is the one creating problems for geet. If geet knows about his accident then maybe she’ll forgive him


  15. How could rudro arrange money?is it maan?i think dat clint ll be maan.


  16. Superb….so geet is in trouble…. Hmmmm


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