Love for You Part 90


Part 90

This party was plopping her nerves. Geet was frustated beyond limits to hear the cribing of that client, first he changed the flowers, then curtain, then lightings and last but not the least he wanted to change the decoration of champagne fountain. That is the last thing on her agenda right now and she did told him. Maybe this is a lot important than she is letting on but none can tolerate this kind of tantrum.

Finally she snapped on the poor man and told him to let it on her to impress the honourable man for whom the party was thrown, and only then the client left a sigh of relief. He apologised to her for being so cross but then he told her this man is very important for them, and if he likes this arrangement maybe she will get more business from that person than him.

Curiosity won the better of her and Geet ask the man about this person. Mr Chadda looked baffled because she is arranging a party and still didn’t know the client’s name. Geet sensed that and came in a business mood.

Geet: I am sorry Mr Chadda but as you know I am surrounded by other projects too and this party was handled by our event management company, but only u wanted someone personally supervising, so that’s why I came and didn’t get the time to know more about this person.

Mr Chadda smiled genuinely: I appreciate miss Geet. Well this is our most important client, we are the main supplier for his construction and recently we signed a new deal. Then he won entrepreneur of the year award. So we thought,,,,

His words faded away as Geet’s hearts pounded, only one person won the Entrepreneur award recently and this person only brings bad news for her, he must know the party being held in her hotel, she wanted to groan and cursed but only smiled weakly… Before she can excuse herself from the list of MSK’s achievements that Mr Chadda was piling, a stare heated her back, and she felt herself being stiffen.

It’s weird how can she still feels his presence, without even seeing him. After all the years, all the heartache she can still feel his intense eyes and what lurked behind it. So she turned plastering a determined smile on her face which was as fake as his. It’s like he can read her like a book, because when her eyes met his smirk played trigger.

Mr Chadda rushed towards Maan with Geet behind, her jaw was clenched, her eyes were making holes in him but he stood there unfazed, looking at the decoration.

Maan: quite impressive miss Geet.

Mr Chadda was escalated, he almost begged Geet to be with Maan for his every need because Maan was showing extra interest. Geet wanted to say no but remembering Kunal’s word she accepted….

Geet: it was your plan, isn’t it? Her eyes were on Mr Chadda who was giving a speech at Maan’s honour,, but her mind was on Maan who was smirking full fledge.

Maan: I always knew you are smart.

Geet: how did you pulled it?

Maan: uhuh that’s my talent. His eyes were smiling and Geet gave a bored look. Saying ‘seriously’?

Maan chuckled: all right, I happen to , mention about this hotel and how much I liked staying here once.

Geet: you stayed here? Why?

Maan looked at her meaningfully: yes Geet I did, because it made me feel closer to you.

She sucked in a breath while he left her in the misery. Why he is doing this again? What is his game now? Before she can start her cursing he was already coming on center stage as Mr Chadda made a toast on his name.

Geet wanted to shout on someone, she was frustated, only if she get her hands on her P.A. He must have known everything but only to keep the contract he kept his mouth shut. She glared the poor P.A who just gave a nervous smile.

Maan was ending his small speech when his eyes went on Geet who looked like pissed off, she was talking on phone. Undoubtedly it is Rudra and strange he feel sorry for the poor man. But whatever it is that made Geet mad he want to thank the person because in anger she always shreds her gaurd, and right in this moment he want to kiss her thoroughly. A wistful sigh left his lips and then devil smirk appeared his eyes twinkled with mischief.

Geet was frustated on Rudra because yet again he made news for his cassanovic way,, no its not true she know but not the world. Once again some girl he had hooked once sold the juicy details to the tabloid and with it there was glorious details how he abandoned her the night. Now she isn’t there to press control but her PR team is working on it. Geet was furious not because of the negetive publicity but the way Rudra reacted or the lack of reaction from him set her mood on fire. It is like he is trying to prove something or someone.

Geet was so frustated and lost in her thought that when she turned she couldn’t see the person standing right behind her. Her collision not only cause the person to bump but a waiter coming from her left with wine in his hand also got pushed front… Geet was lucky to push the guy or the wine would have ruined her saree but alas the person wasn’t so lucky. when her eyes met the furious pair she only cursed her fate.

Geet greeted her teeth looking at the waiter: where were your eyes damit? Look what you did. Now go inside and don’t come out till you learn your manners.. she eyed him to go inside which he nodded murmuring sorry.

Maan gave an amused smile as he got what she was trying, saving the poor boy from his wrath. Something can never change though we try our hardest to hide our true self but once in a while it ought to come out.

Maan: Miss Geet you shouldn’t have been so harsh on that poor boy when the fault was yours.

Geet stared him blankly: sorry what?

Maan: you bumped to me then your hand hit those glasses, fault was yours not him. Punishment should be yours not him.

Geet crossed her hand just below her breast which caught Maan’s eyes, but then she cleared her thought which earned a sheepish smile from him.

Geet: ohh that mean I should go inside and tell that boy to come here and escort you. Her sarcastic remark didn’t faze his chuckle.

Maan: No that mean you should take me to the washroom to clean this mess you created.

Geet was thin in patience and he was goading her: You said u came here so sure you know the way of the washroom.

Maan: I said I stayed here once long years before but how could I know where is the washroom in this floor, I haven’t got a tour then.

Mr chadda was restless and nearly begged Geet to accompany Maan and clear the air as he is very important to him,, Geet just rolled her eyes. Knowing Maan, asking for someone to go with him is pointless. He will make a fuss again amd force her to go and on top of that she doesn’t want another drama. Their banter had already caught a lot of eyes. Least she want a press publishing her rude manner to their precious Entrepreneur of the year.

Geet showed him the washroom and he turned to see her, the look was mischievous Geet read that.

Geet: Don’t tell me u can’t walk alone because you are scared. I promise there isn’t anyone to kidnap you.

Maan snorted and laughed: and i wonder where was the witty Geet. I don’t doubt about your security but I wish you will help me clean it because I don’t know how to do it.

Geet huffed a frustated breath: Don’t play game with me anymore Maan, I had have enough of your games.

Suddenly he grabbed her hand and pushed her inside the washroom then locked it.

Geet: What the hell are you doing? Don’t try to be over smart Maan there is cctv and I can sue you for harassing me.

But she visibly gulped her tongue as he trapped her between his both hand, spitting fire from his eyes. Though nothing in these years had ever frighten Geet but for an instance she is afraid. There is some kind of darkness in his eyes which tells Geet to be cautious.

Maan: you forgot u stayed days in my farm house with me alone, did I ever disrespected you Geet? Knowing he was right Geet turned her face.

Geet: but You play games Maan, like this. She struggled but he only grasp her more, pressing her body with his hard abs.

Maan: I don’t play games.

A laugh tried to leave: Don’t you? Ohhh u like to bet on people’s emotion, that is the correct game. you like to lie, play with emotion and when your interest fades you leave them, you,,

She stopped as emotion clogged her throat, not again. She left her emotion to flow again. This man always brings the best and worst in her. She couldn’t even look at him now, her emotion got her mouth.

His face was mere inches away: I lied only once, when I said I don’t love you. That one time when I said that everything was a part of bet, it was the lie of my life. I never stopped loving you Geet, and loving you was never a bet for me. There wasn’t any bet. The moment I realized how much I love you, I called off every game that once I wanted so desperately. You were and are the only thing I ever wanted.

(C) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg. 2014


15 responses to this post.

  1. Nice update dear Mann is irritating geet so much dear cont soon


  2. expected…the so called important client of Mr.Chaddha is none other than Maan..
    Maaneet’s strange nok jhok…
    Waiting fr nxt part eagerly..


  3. Superb update so Maan was actually taking advantage of party to irritate or rather say to make geet stay wd himself…he confessed he lied then I hope geet understand him what will happen when geet will get to knw about Maan Accident!!


  4. awesome finally they get some lone time and maan tells her his truth don’t think geet will believe him this quick loved it you could feel the undercurrents between maaneet can’t wait for next love it is this after maan has met his kids and rudra or before been a while or am i confusing it with another story either way i love it so hurry please


  5. It’s really superb part. As we guessed it was maan party. He is trying to get geet’s attention and provoking her to say her heart out. These emotions are so much weird. Both love each other immensely but one is trying to hide and another one is trying to express. Waiting for next dear


  6. Mããñ did wrong he hearted Geet to the extend dat she can’t forget dat n Mããñ is forcing her to accept him becz of his kids he wants to spend his life them but Geet is not going to accept I don’t know what will happen next


  7. awesome maan confessed he lied and now whole truth in front of geet


  8. Wow..Nice part Maan irritating Geet so much but.. he told her that he still love her…
    Ohhh..Geet ka gussa dekh maza aagaya..

    Geet Maan ko kuch bura na bol de bas…
    continue soon..


  9. I was right. Maan is that important client. Enjoyed this update


  10. awsem so maneet face to face again confrontation started


  11. Posted by ushankitvc on October 1, 2014 at 5:14 am

    beautiful…hope they talk and sot out…continue sooon


  12. beautiful part hope they talk n clear their differences for mannat n tammana


  13. Posted by life19 on October 1, 2014 at 2:50 pm

    nice update

    so i was true it was maan..but wat is he planning and playing like this.. how come her brother’s too did not realize who the client was or did they keep quite


  14. Omg the most awaited confession… Nice update.. Waiting for the next part eagerly..👍


  15. very nice part…
    both r awesome…
    continue soon…
    take care…


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