Love For You Part 92

Part 92

Maan took geet to Jaiselmer in his private jet where everyone was waiting for them. Geet rushed to the hospital to meet Kunal who was going under surgery.She met brij, who was distraught. Juhi cried hugging Geet, and Geet herself was a mess. In all this maan was her rock. She never thought this day will ever come in her life when she will lean on him again but fate played upper hand. Truthfully she was glad to have him here or else she doesn’t know what she had done.

Maan without a word gave his support, she didn’t have any strength to deny him and he took it as a scrap of hope. He knew she was hurting, fear was so visible in her expressive eyes and that made the guilt worse.

After 8 days of continuous hospital trips and with doctor’s word Geet agreed to take kunal to their home. They took Maan’s jet to fly Delhi as per Maan’s request. He believed that wiith the medical facility Kunal would get better than their own palace.

Again Maan surprised her and she felt a small part of her vault that was holding her anger so intact melt in his warmth.

On reaching delhi Geet saw a anxious Naina with dev and little yuvraj. Maan left the airport as soon as it touch the ground. With a little push from dev she met Kunal and awkwardly hugged him for the first time in life. Geet could see Naina was scared. But one look of yuvraj shread thousand worry from Kunal. The strong man was nearly on his knees to hold yuvraj. With miraculous warmth Kunal showed sign of recovery. Guilty concious made Geet uneasy. Till now she didn’t said a word about her kids, how will Kunal and Brij will react she had no idea but Naina will be really hurt.

Dev informed geet: it was Maan bhai who forced Naina to see him, he was the one who melted her inner ice for the Rathodes.

Naina was a stubborn girl like Geet but she could be sensible if right pressure uses. Maan knew it too well. On the other hand Kunal and Brij gave a warm response to naina which further melted her anger and she showed sign of craving a family for so long.

Her bubble of happiness brust when her cell rang and she left the airport fuming.


Maan was leaning on his chair hearing Tiasha his assistant briefing him about his schedule.

Maan: cancel my next 2 meeting or shift them and call aadi in my cabin.

Tiasha: ok sir.

When Aadi came to his cabin Maan was going through some file.

Aadi: sir the investors of Rathode group,,

Maan: cancel those deals aadi and tell them no need to take out money from the industry, I am investing in them. I hope that’s enough for them to trust on Rathode Group. If necessary then buy the shares also.

Aadi: but sir all your strategy will be

Maan: useless. I know Aadi, but sometime we should hear our heart not the business mind.

Just then they heard a mocking voice.

Geet: you have a heart. News of the century.

On turning towards the door Maan cursed under his breath.

Maan’s face was granite: listen to me first.

Aadi sensing the atmosphere left the duo to their own.

Geet: why should i listen to u or precisely what should i know more than this. You are incredible Maan. One side you played the hero who was holding us safe in the worst nightmare a person can see and then i got to see the real face of yours. All the time i was thinking you are helping me, being my rock and behind my back you were plotting to destroy our family business. How could you stoop so low to backstab my family just because i sold your stupid dream.

Maan: Enough.

His voice was thunderous, for a moment it stilled her and time stood still between them. In two long strides he was infront of her pulling her towards him with a little rough hand, all happened in only 5 second flat that she didn’t have time to react.

He was mere inches away from her and unknowingly her breath became heavy. Sexual frustation was so thick between them that might be easy to cut with a knife.

Geet gulped and Maan folowed her movement and suddenly the spell broke.

Maan left a ragged breath: Don’t talk without knowing the truth.

Geet: i know your truth, i know to get revenge from me you are destroying Rathode Enterprise, tell me i am wrong.

Maan: you are wrong.

Geet pushed him away, fire was so accurate in her eyes.

Geet: Don’t lie to me Maan, i know the truth. You are buying our investor, and they are pulling their money from our hotels. what more to know about your doing.

Maan: sometime looks can be decisive, who know more than you Geet.

Her jaw sat stubbornly and Maan felt the urge to turn her face kiss the rage away, but he knew her better.

Geet: Then tell me whatever i said was wrong, u aren’t bribing them to pull out their money.

Maan looked away and Geet smiled mockingly. She was leaving the place right then. One moment with him and she doesn’t know how much harm she could do to him.

When her investigator told about the situation she wasn’t ready to accept that Maan could do such a thing and then she cursed herself for being so stupid not to see his intention. Ofcourse he could do it to take revenge.

Again Maan pulled her closer to him, this time he forced her to sit on the chair and he trapped her in that. Forcing her to see his eyes.

Maan: listen to me first. Yes i told those investor to pull there money and yes you were right. I was angry and wanted to hurt u as much as u did to me.

Geet tried to say something but maan placed his fingers on her lips, both shuddered a little. taking breath Maan continued.

Maan: For you those songs, my dream could be stupid, but they were the only thread that held my life with a string. I was living for it, with it and suddenly you pulled the rug out of my feet, tell me how do u think i could react. The only wy i knew it will hurt you and may be i wanted this ice queen to break her ice shell.

Geet: i never thought,,,

Maan: i am not finished Geet. For a second he saw the old geet in her anger but she masked it instantly. Maan ignored it. Yes for a moment i did all that to hurt you but later i realized i can never destroy Kunal and Brij Rathode not only because you r their sister but also their father was my father’s best friend. I could never hurt my father like that.

And yes i was selfish because in all these i always thought maybe now you will come to me Geet, i always wanted you to lean on me but again u run to rudra. Again in my life i felt useless. I just wanted one chance to make u see i could be your pillar but you as usual strong minded, never really needed me.

There was silence for few minutes, both didn’t know what to say. Only then Geet pulled up herself.

Geet: your stunt could have hurt bade bhaisa, i could have lost him.

Maan: i know and i am sorry for that. I never intended to cause such trouble.

Geet: but u did. Now u tell me how could i trust u enough to lean on u? You were never there. I can never trust you after whatever happened between us.

Maan: it will be always Rudra between us. Because you have Rudra and It will be always him you will run. I was never enough nor will be Geet.

Geet: not again Maan. You know

Maan: Tell me Geet even when we were together didn’t you run to him for all your problem? Did you ever turn to me?

Geet swallowed hard: I I,,,

She couldn’t even muster a word. How could he say something like that. After all the years, all the hurt he had cause, again he is blaming her. But a small voice inside her head search event that she could point when she had turn to him for support not rudra.

Maan: even Rudra was the 1st person to know about your pregnancy, not me. He was the 1st person hold my babies, not me. He was the one to be beside you when you needed someone and the irony is i will be never enough for you to lean on me, not then, not now.

He turned away, emotion was such thick between them. He fought to control and then her words sliced him open.

Geet: i did, i did turn for you when i learned about pregnancy. I wasn’t even aware.i never told Rudra, he told me. I needed you when i waited for you in dehradun, i called you. I turned on every ray of light looking for you. I wasn’t the 1st person to hold our babies in my arms because i wanted it to be you. When my craving stuck i turned my other side of bed to see you, to tell you i wanted pineapple, i wanted it to be you but you.

Tears were running her face like a dam being finally broken, and she didn’t even knew about it. She had supress so much in her heart that once broken she couldn’t collect her shattered soul. Maan was looking in her eyes and she stared back.

Geet: I even called you when i was in labor. But some girl took it saying you are busy. Her voice grated my nerves. I was so hurt, so torn up. After everything i still wanted you to be there.

Maan was shocked beyond thinking, he held her closer to him.

Maan: i always regretted it. U were always right. My repentance was enough for the pain i gave you but it was always you. I,,,,


Both turned to see Rudra standing there fuming like volcano. And like that the past rushed back.

Geet closed her eyes and when she opened she was again the harden Geet. But again when she opened her mouth she showed the glimpse of His old Geet.

Geet: Not here Rudra, i hope my kids are fine or God forbid,

Rudra: how could you do this to her again Maan. Karan told me everything that happen here.

Maan: and you barged in to save your best friend.

Geet gave him a fire filled stare: i hope my babies aren’t here to see this.

2 little voice shouted: we are already here. Their eyes sparkle with mischief.

(C) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg-2016

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  1. Welcome back. ..after longtime got one of your updates…..superb update. …..Maan should confess about him being in coma during geet’s pregnancy period…..I think that only this truth can melt geet’s hardened heart……do continue soon.


  2. Wow Tich loved it great comeback was wondering where her 2 little devil’s were hope meanest start to understand each other now and there bond never breaks


  3. finally u came.Maan doing all things to back geet in his life.geet slowly becoming soft to her.but after knowing maan hiring shares of her bro company she again feeling betray.maan explaining her but she not want to hear anything.geet can’t blame maan fully.bcoz whenever any prob happed in her life,rudra alwz there for her b4 maan nd maan couldn’t accept it.still not.geet wanted her children stay away from all this.but they were already there.can’t wait to c twins with ll nt react after knowing it????


  4. Posted by mishty2 on January 19, 2016 at 6:16 pm

    Welcome back after a long time
    Need to read previous parts to recollect the story
    Anyways I don’t want maan to b forgiven


  5. Posted by sumasridha123 on February 18, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    r u stillwriting asi cantc ur updts of this from long


  6. hi tich,thnks for giving me access to ur blog..
    i randomly come ur across ur this ff nd when i read it i just loved this ff so much ..
    i joined if very late so i only read only few ff before this ff nd since then i read all ur other ffs nd loved them ..
    i m big fan of ur writing..
    the way u come out with a new twist n bring out the emotions of character is commendable ..
    ur writing skills r truely really really amazing ..
    i read all ur other stories too nd all the fabulous ..
    i hv commented on this prt on if bt from now onwards i will comment on blog .
    hope u resume ur stories soon..
    pls come soon nd surprise us with an update !!


  7. Posted by arshimani on June 13, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    Plz update don’t such an amazing story incomplete…


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