Kagaz Ki Kashti-Luv that Sacrifices Life Part 113

Part 113

Shiv: I need to talk to you Saanjh

Saanjh: can it wait Shiv, you look like shit. You need rest.

Shiv: It can’t  wait.

Saanjh: I am not running away, and you will be here tomorrow. Please you need sleep. We will talk tom.

Shiv: what if you run away again?

Saanjh smiled looking at his eyes: you won’t  let me.

Shiv: damn right. Will you sleep with me toni8?

Saanjh raised her one eyebrow and shiv shook his head in panick: no, i mean literally. Sleep. Nothing else. I want to hold you close.

Saanjh could sense his restless and knew he has something big to tell her. She was herself unsure about it now. What if he says he doesn’t  love her but can’t lose her  as a friend. but right now looking at his unsure face she pushed her insecurities aside.

Saanjh: okay.

In a few min he was asleep. Looks like he was really exhausted from handling Maahika all alone for half of the night. Sleep was far from Saanjh as she traced his feature with her eyes. She loves this man a lot. She doesn’t think anything in this world can make her feel otherwise. But she can’t settle for less. After seeing Maan and Geet’s love or madness for each other she got a craving she did not knew exists in her. She want a love like them.

The first thing in the morning Maan saw Geet playing with Maahika. Automatically a smile played on his  face. This must be his most fav thing in the world. He popped up on his elbow to see the 2 fav person together playing and smiling.

Geet was sitting at their balcony and maahika was on her lap giggling as geet was blowing raspberry. Maahika was giggling on top of her lungs when Geet shushed her.

Geet: Shhhh, Dada uth jayenge, we don’t  want that ri8? Nowadays Maahi only spends time with dada or chachu. Maahika doesn’t miss mumma.

She kissed her chubby cheeks repeatedly knowing it annoys maahi, who shook her head still playing with Geet’s hair. Maahika’s baby scent always soothes her.

Maan’s eyes were tracing her smiling face, her face was so serene in the glowing morning. He had arranged a garden in their balcony and from there sea view was clear. Geet had instantly liked the room and it gave immense pleasure to him. And now her face showed how much happy she is which made all his efforts worthy.

He remembered seeing her with prem in the morning once and unknown want had taken growth in him. Now he knew what was that. Maahika was 1st to see Maan looking at them and she couldn’t content her delight as she started bouncing in Geet’s lap. Maan laughed and Geet pouted.

Geet: See she is such a Dadda’s girl. She doesn’t love mumma.

Maan walked towards them, Geet looked from the corner of her eyes. No matter how much she knew he is her Maan only but she couldn’t get enough him. Looking like her dream in a white vest and white pajama and messy hair he still managed to look irresistible.

Maan sat behind Geet supporting her back on his front and snuggling closer to her neck whispering ever so sensuous words.

Maan: If you don’t  stop looking at me like that I won’t be able to stop myself from devouring you.

He nipped her neck which made her gulp and lean back on him heavily.

Geet: I wasn’t.

Maan hummed placing soft butterfly kisses on her neck. He can feel her shiver which was making him hard but a sharp cry broke the spell. Maahika made an angry pout and Maan knew if he do not take her in his arms he will cry the full room down.

Geet made cute faces: aur lao beti ko sath honeymoon pe.

Maan chuckle: Are you jealous of your own daughter Geet.

Geet put her in his arms and entered the garden with mocking anger. But a smile played on her face. How can she tell him how much happy they both make her. The scene of the father daughter soothes her soul. Seeing them playing and maan making faces to make maahi smile makes Geet forget every pain she had endured in the last year.


Maan and Shiv was sitting in the beach cafe where Geet and Saanjh went to meet their new friend. Maan asked their security guard to accompany them to avoid any Mark situation. Maan knew Shiv was restless and wanted to ease his tension.

Maan: Did u talked to Saanjh?

Shiv: No, i couldn’t. I was so worried and tired and

Maan: looked like shit,

Shiv: Yeah she did not let me say anything and made me sleep.

Maan snorts: The Great Shiv Kapoor who ppl fear can’t say  few words to his fiancee.

Shiv: she is my life and I love my life.

Maan smiles: Seeing u so deep in love sometime feels like alien to me.

Shiv threw the napkin at him which he ducked laughing.

Shiv: I need to tell her everything.

Maan: You do but remember that was your past. You were young, stupid and lost the love of your life. You were bound to rebel. And she loves you. She will understand but tell her before someone else does.

Shiv: Do you think it’s Her?

Maan: Lara?

Shiv: hmm

Maan: I don’t  know man, i wanted to ask Geet about the slip of name but I forgot, then in the morning seeing her and Maahi so cuddling and bubbling I again forgot. Sorry.

Shiv sighed: Don’t  blame yourself for my messed up situation. I will talk to her.

Maan: or I will ask Geet about leaving early. We need to go South Africa for Saanjh’s therapy.

Shiv: no, i won’t ruin her moment. She loves it here.

Soon their talk got interrupted by a tall glamorous half naked girl with another 2 girls following her came near their table.

“Hi, new here?”

Shiv looked at Maan with an amused smirk then nodded. The 2 other girls were giggling and whispering something when the tall red head shushed them.

“My name is Margaret, if you want a tour of this place you can join us.”

Another voice came from behind: are you the touring guide here?

A laughing Shiv choked his coke hearing Geet. He was in a state of shock and laugh. Maan himself was smiling but a glare from Geet was enough to shut him up.

Margaret: now who are you?

Geet: I am his wife and you need to get the hell out of here. Now.

Margaret: but he isn’t,,

Maan showed his ring finger: you never asked darling.

Margaret looked at shiv then: well he isn’t.

Saanjh: Soon to be. And if you don’t  get out of here right now i will see you going screaming and without the handkerchief you are wearing now.

Maan could not help but laughed but Geet and Saanjh both glared him. How can he tell her he can’t  even look away from her to see anyone else and when she comes like that, maahika in baby carrier tied on her front, she looks super cute.

Saanjh looked at Shiv bare abs, he was wearing pants but did not put his shirt as they were on a beach and Maan’s shirt buttons were open.

Saanjh: Do you need to show off your abs to get every other girl’s attention?

Shiv: You did not stammer talking and looking at my six packs. See it’s perk?

Saanjh almost growls: i don’t  want to be here, let’s  go Geet. Geet shrugged and joined her sister.

Both the men looked at each other and followed them in hurry.

Maan: Geet, suno to meri baat.

Geet: I don’t  want to listen to anything, jisse kehna tha usse kuch nahi kaha. That girl was hitting on u and you were amusing her.

Maan: technically she was hitting on both of us, and i was the one amused.

Geet: go to her then.

Maan held her hand and pushed her in their room. Maahi was long asleep but he kept the tender yet firm grip around her so she was in the middle of them.

Maan: she was just a passer-by wanting an eye candy maybe to boost in front of her frnds. But you know me better than this.

He wasn’t  harsh at all, maybe because he knew Geet wasn’t angry just insecure. Just like him, when he saw a guy only looking at her he wants to kill them. Geet pulled his collar closer to her.

Geet: whenever I see someone trying to get close to u or touch you I feel the rage in my vein and then it burns like coal. She pointed her finger on her heart then again held him closer. I can’t share you with anyone. I am not that the jealous type but thinking you with someone makes me mad with rage. I always want to hurt that person. This feelings were never here but now, i don’t  know what happen to me.

He could see the torment in her eyes, he placed his palm on her face and kissed her forehead.

Maan: I am going to always love you and only you, no matter who see me or feels any kind of thing but know that this heart belongs to you. In my conscious or subconscious mind I will always be yours. Our love can conquer anything Geet…. she closed her eyes believing every words.




Shiv: why are u angry on me?
Saanjh: are you kidding me? You were flirting with her

Shiv: it was her flirting with me not the other way around u know.

Saanjh: but u were enjoying

Shiv: how in the world u got that impression?

Saanjh: you did not stopped her coming on u, what am I suppose to think?

Shiv: try believing me?
Shiv held her hand and pulled hher closer: where did I gave you any reason to doubt me? My life starts with u and ends with u. can’t you see that? can’t you trust me?

Saanjh stopped and really looked at his eyes: I am sssorry. Pata nahi mmmujhe Kya hojata hain. Whenver I see u with any girl I fffeel like something tttearing me apart.

Shiv held her waist pulling her closer: that’s call love. And I am the luckiest man to have your love.
Saanjh looked at his eyes: Sometime I fear this love. Wwhat if I can’t handle it? What if I messed it up? What if I can’t control my anger? Will you leave mmmee?
Shiv placed his lips on her first tenderly then feeling her response passionately.
Shiv: now do u think I can leave you ever? I can’t live without you even for a second then how can you think about leaving?

Saanjh: kabhi kabhi itne pyar se dar lagta hain.

Shiv: saanjh its not me you should fear about but what if u decide to leave me? Then what? Do u think I can survive that?

Saanjh looked at him: I can never do that.

Shiv: u tell me now but what if u find something repulsive in me? What if some past makes u hate me?

Saanjh: don’t try to scare me. I love u. all of u. faults and past included.







Happy birthday Tanu meri jaan. Here is your gift and I am not gonna stop writing. Yes its difficult but I have everyone to help me. Hope you liked it. God bless you and may all your wishes comes true..


it’s good to write it back but gals I am finding K3 a lot more difficult than LFU. So the flow might take time to come. Pardon me if u don’t like it and try to help me with suggestion that u want to see.
And I want to cut the HM cut soon so I can concentrate on the next track that I had in my mind 3yrs back

© All Copyrights Reserved. Tich-Mg 2017


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  1. Yipppppeeeeee:):):) Its so wonderful that you are back dearie:):):) My long awaited dream came true. Its okie dear its always hard to restart something after a long break. But do not be harsh on yourself. After some time you will feel your creativity flowing & flowing just like your beautiful writing.

    I absolutely loved the update:):):) Shiv wants to explain all about his past to Sanjh & is constantly feeling restless as he is scared that she might leave him after knowing his past. But the last line from Sanjh gives me hope that she maybe able to deal with whatever horrid past that Shiv is going to share…And that is a good note to begin their long awaited discussion, maybe in he next update…

    What a wonderful scene to wake up to for Maan…Geet & Maahi playing in the balcony. The way he held Geet supporting her back is very symbolic for me…holding his little world close to his heart – Geet & Maahi. Just admiring the divine love between Maaneet & their little cutie Maahi. Maahi is such an adorable daddy’s princess:):):) I love their moments as a family and also Maaneet’s moments of love & bliss. So so beautiful and dreamy dear. Loved it so much:):):)


  2. Wow,it’s awesome part.maan again ND again falling love with geet.shiva want to tell sanj about his feelings.all r insecure for their love.maahi is so possessive for her dad.want mahi maan scene more


  3. awsemm update maaneet romance shiv scared past lingering in air sanjh scared too


  4. Saanjh and shiv r getting along with each other and geet and maan r enjoying their honeymoon! continue soon dear!😃


  5. Yipeee finally ur back with updates
    loved it geet and saanjh J superb
    wats in shiv past
    please update soon


  6. wow loved it funny how all are possessive of their loves to the point of losing them but still need to talk clearly bring the past out of the darkness especially shiv great update loving little mahika to


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