Kagaz Ki Kashti-Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 114


Part 114

Next morning Maan and Shiv gave their respective partners a sweet surprise by bringing them at a helipad.

Geet: where are we going Maan?

Saanjh: What is it you both aren’t telling us?

Maan: Can you both just keep quiet for few mins.

Geet & Saanjh: No.

Shiv: You are asking women to shut their mouth Maan. It’s nearly impossible.

Soon they reached the helipad where a beautiful helicopter was waiting for them.

Geet: wow.

Saanjh: are we going somewhere in that?

Geet looked somewhere in between awe and horror which was comical.

Shiv: Geet you will scare Maahi with ur expression, let me hold her.

Geet: But it will be noisy.

Maan: we have everything we need and this noise cancelling headphones for maahi.

Saanjh: when did you manage all this.

Shiv: We preplaned it. Now hop in it before we decide to leave without you.

Saanjh gave a murderous glare then looked at Geet. Saanjh smiled sheepishly.

Saanjh: Good luck with her. and she got into the seat with a laugh.

Shiv: why do it look like an evil laugh?

Maan: Geet. Geet…. but Geet was taking a reverse.

Geet: Mujhe nahi jana, gir-wir gaye to. Haye babaji insan marne ke kitne raste dhundte hain.

Maan: Geet. None will die. Get in.

Geet: Nahi mujhe nahi jana. Aap sab bhi mat jao.

Maan looked at a laughing Saanjh: Don’t tell me she has some kind of phobia again.

Saanjh: she is Geet. She fears from everything yet never give up in the hardest situation.

Geet: Don’t try to patronise me Saanjh. I am not getting in that. Can’t we stay here. I love this plaace. We have many things here.

Maan: yeah half naked girls giving massage. Do u want me to have that? Geet pouted. Natak band karo andar chalo or i will carry u in that.

Shiv: Geet lets get in before he did that. Shiv went inside holding Maahika still laughing on Geet’s antiques.

Saanjh: why didn’t u tell me?

Shiv: I wanted to see this smile on your face.

Saanjh kissed on his cheek: I love it.

Shiv make a dreamy smile: I can make it home if i get this sweet gifts from u.

Saanjh: stop making cheesy lines.

But it made her smile, which made him smile. He got busy with maahi. They had brought extra pacifier, baby food and noise cancelling headphones for her. This little thing made Saanjh swoon in love for him.

Geet: how much it have cost u Maan? I have heard taking a helicopter ride is really expensive. Itna kharcha karne ki kya zarurat thi?

Maan looked like if she has gone mad and Shiv couldn’t stop himself laughing.

Shiv: I hope our pilot can’t hear us. He would die from laughing.

Maan: Geet are u seriously a gone case?

Geet made an angry pout: what do u mean?

Shiv: it’s his personal chopper Geet. We got this here for this ride only.

Geet’s eyes were huge and mouth slightly open which Maan kissed softly and it made her shut it.

Saanjh: exactly how much money do you have Maan?

Maan: same as your fiancee, hmm maybe a few million extra.

Shiv: huh….

Saanjh suddenly looked a little uneasy which did not go unnotice by Maan and Shiv either. Geet was unsure about all this, but in the past yr she had seen it so it isn’t as much as a shock for her. He had given her a company which worth million. But for Saanjh all is really new and it made her uncomfortable. She tried to cover it up but she did a poor job.

Shiv: don’t u dare do that.


Shiv: feeling unworthy an all. I am still your friend shiv before a lover. And your love make me the richest person in the world not the money.

Saanjh smiled and tried really hard to shove this insecurities aside. Which was successful in the next hour of the tour.

A few min in the sight seeing Geet was engrossed in the view. Maan had to provide the headphones to Geet as well. Geet was mesmerized with the view and that was showing in her excited tone. The sea-green crystal clear ocean surrounding the hill was a view to watch. Maahi came to Geet’s lap leaning on the glass. She was bouncing in happiness and blabbering in her childish language.

After 1 and half our of tour they reached Pattaya.

Geet: but our luggage and how can we leave so suddenly. U know our frnd’s marriage is after 4 days.

Maan: we will reach there in 4 days but next 4 days we will be here and in many more places.

Shiv: there are so many places to watch in Thailand why u want to stay in Bangkok only. Trust me Geet you will love it in Pattaya.

Geet: I hope so.

They check in a hotel. After a few hour nap they went straight to the Nooch tropical botanical garden. Maan knew that is the only place Geet and Maahi will feel relax. As a child Maahi is extremely nature friendly. She did not threw any trantrum after the ride which was a blessing.




They visit the park with ever so enthusiasm. Geet and Saanjh was ecstatic to find yellow and blue lotus. They were in awe to find that different colour lotus do exist. On the other hand Shiv was finiding difficult to hold Maahika who was fascinated with flower cactus.

Shiv: why she always has weird fascinations?

Maan: wait till we go the cartoon water park tom.

Shiv: I am almost afraid to see her reaction. Such a small kid but her enthusiasm is commendable.

They took a lot of selfies and photos of that place and themselves. The greenaway was soothing to watch. So when the day ended Geet wasn’t ready to leave but Maahika’s sleepy face pulled her away. They went to their hotel and the girls found their all luggage in the respective place.

Geet: Who unpacked them?

Maan: the staff?

Geet: Why would they go through my belongings. Let me handle them. How is the privacy policy?

It was hard for Maan to laugh and hold her in a grip: I told them Geet and whenever I went on a business trip i had my ppl for arranging my clothes so i did here too.

Geet: never ever do this. I can do my own work Maan.

Maan: okay baba you do the next time. But right now let me do it.

At first Geet was confused but seeing the mischievous light in his eyes she understood.

Geet: no maan. I can do it myself.

Maan: suno na, geet. Geet.

And he began to chase her as she was running in the whole suite laughing.


Next day they went for Cartoon network amazone theme water park. As expected Maahi was ecstatic. Though they could not take part with her most of the ride but still they enjoyed and the couple took turn to hold Maahi and take the ride seperately. That was the most fun day for Geet and Saanjh. Even Maahika was happy like never before. They took pictures and Maahika attracted quite a fan of her own with her happy bouncing and ear catching giggling. None kids of her age look as happy as her. Never once she cried for anything which said she really enjoyed it. But the men was exhausted keeping with the girls.

Next day the 4 along with Maahi went to on see the floating market where people sell veggie to fruits to anything on small boats. It was beautiful sight to see. Then there was Big Buddha Hill (Wat Phra Khao Yai). Being spiritual that was some best place Geet could visit. She loved it there.

At night Maan took Geet to see Pattaya view point which is situated at Pratumnak hill.



Geet: It’s beautiful Maan.

The beach was quite as at night the place is empty but the city was sparkling with lights. Maaneet sat there in silent for 15 min.

Geet: Are we leaving soon.

Maan: Hmm. Got a phone from our investers. Sorry jaan. We need to go back to India.

Geet: can we still visit Lara. It’s her wedding.

Maan: you seem to like this Lara a lot.

Geet smiled: Aisi baat nahi hain. Actually Saanjh wants to see a church wedding. She won’t say to anyone but she dreamt of a church wedding always but Shiv being punjabi i doubt that gonna happen. And Saanjh knew it.

Maan: You should have tell Shiv about it.

Geet: Maan it is not our place to say anything. Shiv and Saanjh need to talk about it. We can’t interfere in their life you know. They did already so much for us. Specially Shiv. From the moment he entered our life he had given me a support without words.

Maan: you know Geet I used to missed my best friend so much, ironically one sister part our ways and another brought us closer. Without you Shiv and me wouldn’t have been friends again.

Geet shook her head: You both can’t live without each other, you would have managed something somehow.

Maan smiled and kissed her forehead: thank you for coming in my life.

Geet: accha, tell me one thing. In these 5yrs you never met shiv?

Maan was silent for few mins: I met him 2yrs ago.

Maan saw Geet did not made any face, she was waiting for him to continue.

Maan: Shiv was in trouble, big trouble. His name was literally in gutter. But he manage to float.

Geet: You helped him.

She was not asking the obvious.

Maan: yes. I helped him but only clearing his name and to pull out him from the mess, later he managed on his own. I was too much angry to stay.

Geet: What happened?

Maan hesitated: when we thought that Saanjh was no more, shiv and me parted ways. He went on a destructive mode. He worked hard but partied harder. It was like he wanted to forget himself…..

Maan was lost in those days, yes he was never there but he always kept tab on him….


Saanjh was arranging the room, Maahi slept in the cot soundless. Though she was clearing the mess created by Maahi but eyes were on Shiv who was lost in his thought. She was worried for him. He tried to show his mischief self in the last 4 days but she knew it was just a front. he is hiding something or maybe something is making it’s way in his head. Right now he was sitting on the extended balcony staring at the beach.

Saanjh sat infront of him: I will miss this place.

Shiv looked a little disturb: do we need to visit this friend of your tomorrow?

Saanjh was silent for sometime studying him, he tried to smile but failed miserably.

Saanjh: you want to tell me something Shiv?

Shiv sighed and looked at the open sky. They sat there for 10 min without any words. Then Saanjh stood up to leave but Shiv held her wrist, pulling her on his lap.

Shiv: I want to hold u.

Saanjh: I am not leaving.

Shiv: What if you do?

Saanjh shook her head: try me.

Shiv: I did something horrendous Saanjh. You won’t forgive my this mistake.

Saanjh placed her head on his shoulder: let me decide that.

Saanjh knew he wants to reveal something big and she was preparing herself for it but she doesn’t think anything can make her leave him other than if he wants it. But his revelation stunned her.

Shiv: I have destroyed someone’s life. I have lived for 2 yrs with the guilt. I was on destructive spree for years now. It stopped when i saw Geet and Maahika.

Saanjh was silent, gave him space to continue.

Shiv: my carelessness cost me a child’s life. MY CHILD’S LIFE.

Saanjh’s hold him loosen as his words sank in.


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  1. Awesome update dearie😁👌👌👌 how much Maan & Shiv had planned for the love of their lives & little princess🤗🤗hayeeeeee😍😍Geet is super cute yaar🤣🤣poor Geet she is scared of heights🙈🙈yet all laughing at her & Maan threatened to carry her in😝😝😝but I loved the the Maan & Shiv took care of every need of Geet & Maahi😘😘Geet, Sanjh & Maahi were having a gala time🤗🤗Shiv so cute asking why Akashi is fascinated by weird things like the cactus🤣🤣🤣and how much they enjoyed at the cartoon theme park😜😝Just love them so much🤗🤗With Maan opening up to Geet about Shiv’s bad past, here Sanjh also asks Shiv about it as she can see its eating him up. But she couldn’t be more stunned by what she heard. And I am assuming it’s the same Lara whose wedding that Sanjay & Geet are planning to attend…Maan’s view of the traumatic incident would be more objective compared to Shiv…but exactly what happened? If Maan had cleared Shiv’s name it would mean that he could have been framed. So so curious dear to read on🙈🙈😜😝


  2. love how maan and shiv shower their love and care on geet and sanj but shiv had to tell his darkest secret don’t believe he is to blame so hoping that sanj will hear him out and he already has maan and geet to support him geet is afraid of flying but maan is there with her every step of the way love it


  3. Apologies for the typo error in my comment above…it should be Maahi liking the cactus not Akashi🤣🤣🤣


  4. Maan ND shiv gave everything to the girls.geet is shocked to hear,hw much rich her husband is.mahi is so happy.shiv is right,mahi is unique child.geet told maan what is shiv for dem.otherside shiv confessed to sanj about a child?omg?want mahi maaneet scene.


  5. nice update so maan shiv showering their love on geet sanjh so secreat is out but waiting for more truth to come out


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