Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 40


Pls read previous parts to read further. The next 5 parts are written a few months back but never got the time to post it. Now starting it again. Next part will be done tonight too.

Part 40

Maan had hated this person for past 18 yrs but today seeing the big man on his knees somewhere he felt pity for him. The way Abhinav was looking right at the moment anyone will pity him. It was like someone had ripped his heart away.

Abhi: My daughter? Heer? I always wanted to name our daughter Heer. Here also She thought about me.

Maan: she only knows how to give u happiness. She wouldn’t want to see you like this, though you deserves this.

Tears were only talking for Abhinav as he leaned on the wall. Maan just sat with him and Geet left them together, just watching them from afar.

Ved: You love him too much, do you think he loves you same?

Geet was startle to find Ved talking to her standing just a few feet away.

Geet: Maan loves them who are his own, and he can give his life to them. So just think how much his love can do for anyone.

Ved nodded which just made Geet more doubtful. And as her nature she went for the kill.

Geet: Tell me Ved, do you have any romantic notion for me in your little head? Because if you have then brother of Maan or not i will chop your head off. Get the little thing in your little head. I am only Maan’s, so throw out any stupid infatuation you have for me. Get it?

Ved just looked at her in awe while Geet left the place, a small laughter from Dev brought him back.

Dev: She is feisty.

Ved: Maan bhai loves her.

Dev: You always loved what Maan bhai loved, dadima told me. But this is not a thing bro, she is a human.

Ved greeted his teeth: Don’t i know that? If it was not Maan bhai i would have gone for her but i won’t snatch my brother’s happiness. Though IF he let her slip away, i won’t back up for him. She deserves to be loved.

Ved left the place leaving a nag of fear in Dev’s heart.


Next morning Heer Prem and Shilpa reached Mumbai where they met Priti. Heer immidiately hugged her mother and started sobbing. Priti was quite, too quite for Heer who never left her mother side. Prem and Shilpa took her blessing. Priti was proud on her daughter’s choice but right at the moment her concern was something else.

She couldn’t be wrong hearing the voice. Her maa’s voice. Though Geet tried to change the subject then but it was too late. In a haste Priti agreed on Prem’s mention of coming to Mumbai with them. Too many coincidence for her.
She knew this day will come but still it is too soon. Yet she couldn’t do anything. She is worried for Maan, and this time her son comes first. She knew Maan needs her.

Her doubt cleared as her vission clouded. Its not the same house but still she can feel her heartbeat rising. So many yrs and still she felt her heart will come out from her chest. Prem understanding something is wrong immidiately stand by Priti’s side which she was grateful.


Maan saw Abhinav pacing restlessly. Everyone was watching him with either fascination or in concern. Maan tried not to show his concern but after their last day’s silent sitting together he still felt the compassion. Though he is angry but he is a concern son too. Abhinav had wanted to meet Heer and Priti, but Maan told it’s not the right time. He was too quite after that.

Gauri and Savitri devi too watched him in concern. It was like he can feel something is about to happen. They got to know from Maan about their another daughter, Heer. Gauri was ashamed of herself. She blamed herself for coming between Priti and Abhinav but for the first time Dadima was the one to tell her not to dwell on past. That didn’t make it easy.


It was tough for priti but she wanted to tell Heer before she encounter her father. Prem saw the concern on her face but before he or priti can say anything Heer just barged inside the mansion.

Heer was like a fresh air to the mansion. Entering the mansion she dashed wildly towards Maan who hugged her fiercely. Brother sister duo melted all the hearts there watching them. A glass left Abhinav’s hand as he watched his daughter who looked at him in confusion. At first he just stared at her but then Priti entered the mansion. Abhinav tried to say something do something but time just stood still for him…

He suddenly dropped to his knees trying to take the sharp glasses not finding anything else to do at the moment. It shook so badly. Before Gauri could do anything a hand reched towards Abhinash, steading his shaking hand and yet againg saving him from scratching his hand, again hurting herself.

Both stared at each other, Priti trying to smile remembering their old days while Abhinav only looked at her big brown eyes. Fate could play so cruel yet so life changing games. Abhi didn’t know how to react while Priti put away the glasses before it hurts him. Savitri devi was shedding silent tears with a tremendous smile.

Priti: You will hurt yourself, go and wash your hand.

Abhinav came out from his trance: You are here, finally here Priti?

Savitri: Aapko dard se bachate bachate najane kab tak apne aapko saza degi meri bacchi. ( to save you, God knows till when my daughter keep hurting herself)

Priti immidiately hugged Savitri devi: I am sorry Maa, i am really sorry.

Savitri: You should be, how could you leave your mother?

Priti: Nahi chahti thi Maa, lekin i had to do it.

Abhinav: why? Why did you left?

Maan: to save you, to save your present wife’s honour. She did everything for you.

Priti: Maan, mind your tone. I never taught you to behave like this to your elders.

Maan: he doesn’t deserves my respect.

Priti: Whatever happened its between me and your father, you have no right to talk to him like this.

Heer: Yet it effected our lives maa, it’s not only you that faced everything it destroyed our lives too. And i would like to know why it effected us so much, what happen to you that you left him.

Priti visibly shallowed: we were never meant to be together. I wanted to make it easy for everyone.

Heer: Did it make it easy maa? For you, for us or for him?

Heer was boiling in anger, craving for a father had made her bitter. She didn’t want to understand any reason that kept her away from her father. She is not angry on her mother only, she is angry with whole world. Abhinav only stared at his daughter. His both children Maan and Heer has taken their grandmother’s rage. He tried to touch Heer who shrugged his hand with a warning glare.

Geet: can we discuss it with minimum drama? Start with sitting and talking.

For the first time Geet opened her mouth to lessen the tension but 2 pair of eyes threw fire towards her. It was Heer and Maan, both with different reason.

Heer: Ohh so you are here too. Should have guessed. You finally finish sucking his blood?

Geet: yeah his blood is kind of sweet you know.

Maan: Heer Geet shut up u both.

Geet: if she throws sarcastic comments i can answer her with equally measure and beside when everyone can sit and talk why trying to make it more uneasy with the drilling and spitting fire. All are adults here. Excepts few. She eyed Heer meaningfully.

Dev and Mihika giggled but straighten getting the eye spitting from Heer.

Maan eyed Geet: Geet just keep quiet and let them decide what they want.

Heer: it’s our family matter, tell her not poke her face in it.

Geet waited for Maan to say something to Heer but Maan just sighed which only hurt Geet. She immidiately left the place which earn snorts from Heer. She is behaving childishly but she doesn’t care. Deal with it.


Geet was feeling lonely day by day and today’s fiasco only made her anxiety set on fire. Her hands were shaking so badly. The closeness of her throat, rising heartbeat only pushed her towards the pills. The small little yet strong pills can make her heartache numb. She knew its making her addictive but nowadays she is needing it more and more, that’s why she kept one small bottle of pills safely tucked in her bottom cupboard.

even after taking two pills the craving to listen to her father didn’t left. Feeling secure with their security she called Sid and got to know about het father’s conditions. They chatted for some time.

After chatting with Sid and seeing her lifeless father she get to understand Heer’s pov too. She is away from her father for only a few days and its making her anxiety worse, then what must be heer feeling after meeting her father for the first time.


In the hall Heer was sitting on the couch surrounded by everyone but her mind was numb, shocked. She doesn’t know how to react. Priti had told their story by now and she was blank. Honestly she is confuse whom to blame or how to behave, so she just cried. Cried for her mother, her brother, her lonely childhood, her craving for a father when other kid’s parents came to school or when their father would compete in school competition. She had often blamed herself that her father must hate her. So he left them but seeing how Abhinav cried holding her, hugging her close to him she couldn’t say that anymore.

Abhinav told her that he never hated them, he had always loved her, Maan and their mother. Priti had shed silent tears and Gauri cried hugging her. Such a mess of a situation.

After few hours when the crying and sobbing subsided everyone saw the sisterly bond Priti and Gauri still shares. It only amazed everyone.


Gauri: He still loves u di.

Priti: and he is your husband now.

Gauri: you are still connected to him, he never submitted those paper you know, infact burned them.

Priti: technically we were apart for 19yrs, it won’t value.

Gauri: it wasn’t enough to erase the love you both shared. I may have been married to him for 19yrs but you still know him more than me. You know deep down you will hold the bigget part of his heart always, as he has yours.

Priti: Gauri it’s pointless. It’s being so long. We will eventually leave mumbai at some point.

Gauri with a sweet smile: He won’t let you. Not this time.

Priti: he is your husband.

Gauri: his soul will be always yours. I am happy to be with you both because 19yrs of loneliness isn’t worth one married life.


Heer: I don’t know what to say about the weird conversation between them. For god sake they are like ummm soutan right? How did they became saheli? I thought they will atleast won’t talk to each other or try to avoid each other. Here they re talking like best friends and sacrificing their love.

Ved snorts: i won’t be sympathetic if both of them leave him for each other.

Savitri devi: Glad someone found it amusing.


Geet: what? You did not think i am attempting suicide, are you?

That exactly Abhinav thought when he saw Geet sitting on the rooftop dangling her legs from the edge and looking down intensely.

Abhinav: come down Geet, you will fall or else and i love my son enough to know he loves you to the bits.

The last thing he thought when he came on the terrace to find some alone time, was to find the love of his son’s life dangling her legs from the edge of the terrace.

Geet groaned: you see i would have come a long time before if i could move from here. I am afraid of heights and i fear if i move a muscle i will fall because my whole body feels like jello.

Abhinav sucked his breath: you are not on drugs are you?

Geet suddenly sobbed: they are anxiety pills but i think they are working like one you said.

Abhinav: how many of it you have taken?

Geet: 2, or 4, wait 7, i don’t remember.

She again sobbed and abhinav thought his heart will come out if she sway once again.

Abhinav: here, take my hand and come down. Will you sweet girl?

Geet sobbed: you make me arch for my father you know? But he is in coma. You resembles him too. Plump and soft. You both should join gym you know.

Despite the situation Abhi chuckled and couldn’t help himself from falling in love with this little girl.

Abhinav: I promise to join gym if you give your hand little girl.

Geet: will you promise to call me little girl always?

Abhinav: promise.

He left a sigh of relief when Geet landed safely on the ground away from the edge.

Geet: you know whatever bad decisions you made, you are the reason maan came in my life so i can’t stay mad at you. And remember one thing, no matter how bad a day is, it always passes and a new day come with new hope, new happiness. You have to recover from the bad one quickly to grab the best one.

Abhinav stood their mesmerized by the sweetness of the girl whom everyone think as smart and little selfish, and she taught him one lesson he couldn’t learn his whole life.

Life is full of mistakes, a wise man is who corrects his mistake by the sunset…

©All Copyright Reserved. 2017. Tich Mg.


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  1. idiot maan i am so angry Angry poor geet sad finally left


  2. I am so angry with Maan, Heer & that Ved!!! Super mad! How dare that Heer speak like that to Geet! And Maan didn’t say a single thing…which only worsened her feeling of being alone with no one to call her own. In just an instant that idiot made Geet such an outsider…That she downed so many pills! OMG! Thank god Abhinav came at that point in time. If anything had happened to Geet? So angry with Maan that I feel like stangling him…That Ved! What a jerk he is! Gosh! I just hope that nothing bad happens yaar…


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