Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 41


Part 41

Its being one week and the tension isn’t leaving Khurana Mansion. Geet had her own share of problems. Maan is busy with family and Heer who isn’t coping well. On top of that Heer’s friend shilpa had come to live with them. Apparently she came Mumbai for her defected leg, when Heer and Prem came to KM with Priti she left for hospital. She came by evening and Heer visibly relaxed which earned browny points from Maan.

Shilpa is a naive girl with naive fascination. Geet being Geet hadn’t being open with friendly gesture to her which again set Heer on fire, and Geet care a damn about it. The only thing concern her is Maan and Shilpa becoming friends. She had seen them talking and laughing. Everyone is happy to find Maan cooling down. And Geet’s insecurities were spiking up.

Ved: jealous girlfriend looks hot always.

Geet: I am not jealous.

Ved: I never took your name.

His laughter was catching other’s eyes too. Geet couldn’t help but smile a little which Maan saw when he found them sitting with legs dangling in the swimming pool and Geet smiling at ved. He knew he should be happy to see her smile after so many days but seeing the reason for her happiness only made his insecurity worse.

No doubt he loves Ved but he also knew that Ved is fascinated with Geet and given time Geet would have been interested in Ved if she wad not being in love with him. The thought made him sick immidiately. He was so busy juggling between Heer and his other family problems that he hadn’t given much thought to Geet. He is ashamed to agree he has taken granted her love, her affection.

Ved: so may i know the reason for the sad face?

Geet looked at the water: nothing.

Ved: i thought i was improving,

Geet smiled genuinely: i might be younger than you but i am not so naive you know. I know that you like me, and you are as confuse about it as any other good guy would be.

Ved looked away: I really want to solve your problem Geet. I might have feelings that any guy can have for you but i know u love my brother who for some reason is taking you for granted.

Geet sighed: i never thought i will talk so heavy stuff ever in my life. If Sid had heard us, he would have gotten heartattack.

Suddenly her face got dimmed as sadness crept in.

Ved: your father, is he okay?

Geet: Sid said he is recovering.

Ved: Siddhant your friend right?

Geet: and Pari, my best friends.

Ved: why don’t you go and meet your father? Now that those goons are arrested and your relatives too are behind the bar you must be relieved.

Geet: what are you talking about, when did the police arrested them?

Ved: Bhai didn’t told u?

Geet just shook her head and Ved cursed himself.

Ved: I am sorry, he must have wanted to tell you himself, but.

Geet: lately he is too much busy to tell me anything. His priorities have changed.

Ved: Geet.

Vef couldn’t get her attention back because her eyes were locked with his brother. His very stupid brother.


Geet: we need to talk maan.

Maan: Geet

Geet: alone.

Heer: why can’t u talk here? Can’t u see finally bhai is relaxing without being drawn toward any drama. Why can’t u leave him alone for sometime. Always treats him like a puppet.

Geet waited her banter to stop before eyeing maan. Yes she expected him to defend her, but she also knew maan wouldn’t say a word against his precious sister. Yes heer is behaving childish and biting her head off from the day she had entered KM and yes maan had defended her honor every time but she can see it is wearing him off. It will soon tick off the bomb either on heer or on her but still she wanted him to defend her once against at least in front of shilpa. No chance there it seems.

Geet: I am not here for any argument. Just come with me and,,

Heer: and start your seduction?

Geet: what’s ur problem huh? If u can’t regard me atleast show some respect to ur brother in front of a guest.

Heer : she is not a guest. She is much more important than u to me and to my brother because he finally sees what a shallow bitch you are.

And that set her off instantly.

Geet: ofcourse your brother doesn’t find this criple any stranger and was so busy with her for days that he couldn’t formulate an incoherent sentence to say to me for days now. This defected and battered soul and your bruised ego needs him so much that he forgot i even exist in this house too.

Shilpa’s eyes were huge and shocked while Heer was gaping at her, then flicked his eyes on shilpa who dashed mumbling silent ‘excuse me’ but none missed the motion where she wiped the tear with her hand. Geet didn’t felt good saying the nasty things but she is beyond any feeling right now, she is furious.

But then Maan’s glare were murderous, well anger is better than distance, she can handle his anger, harshness but not his distance.

Maan: what the hell was that?

Heer excused herself and ran behind shilpa.

Geet: what? Your sister can insult me whenever she want and i can’t say the truth about her precious friend. Oops your frnd right?

Maan: this is your jealousy, right Geet?

Geet: even it is jealousy so what? You don’t have time to say about the most important thing that matter in my life right now and here you were relaxing and talking, making friendship with her? Her, a cripple? You could do better than that maan.

Maan: like making you the hanging wire in my neck? At least she has defect in her leg not in her heart.

He abruptly stopped, Geet has a habit of blabbering whatever comes to mind that she don’t even mean it but he is mature and knew how to handle himself and HER, then what have gotten in to him?

Geet: Like me?

Her demeanour has changed since he uttered those words, he wanted to apologise or shake her to make some sense but she was way past it.

Geet: you know what maan, you are absolutely right, i have become a nuisance for you.

Maan: i never said that.

Geet: you don’t have to. Your words implied it.

Maan feared the calm Geet more the spitting venom she utters when she went on defensive. Right now she is utterly calm which horrifying him right then.

Geet: So why not we take a break from it Maan? You stay here resolving your family problem and I visit my father to see how is he doing.

A chill ran his spine hearing her words. Panic gripped his heart as she stepped back. His hand went to reach her and gripped her wrist as tight as he could to hold her in his life. Because he have a sense, if he let her go now he might loose her forever.

Maan: you want to break up Geet?

Geet: i didn’t said that, i said we need time apart. To solve our own problems.

Maan: i thought we were doing that together.

Geet smiled sadly: you are too busy to even notice me maan, leave my problems. You don’t even let me in yours. We don’t spend any time anymore. Nor even you discuss your problems with me. Atleast when we stay apart and bring our life back together we could move on from here.

Maan: it seems to me you want to move on from me. Probably a better suiter u have found. His eyes went on Ved who were looking at them with concern.

Geet: Don’t disgarce your brother like that.

Maan left her hand and she rubbed ir unconsciously trying to flow the blood that stopped with his harsh hold.

Maan sneered: concerned for him?

Geet: what about your concern for the girl Maan? I didn’t even brought that here because deep down i know the problem is with us, we need time to understand each other better to take this further and you damn well know it. Your brother or that girl isn’t the problem. It’s you who need to understand how to balance this life.

She left him there, but she couldn’t forget those haunted eyes. Yes he loves her but can it withstand time’s wrath. They both aren’t mature enough to handle this situation on top of everything going on. She isn’t leaving him forever but she need time apart from him to know that she can breathe without him. Or else suffocation will kill her and him too.

But will she survive to take the breath after leaving him here? Even for a few days? She doubt it.

Her little stuff was almost packed when she heard the door violently opening the shutting and a furious Maan striding towards her.

Maan: do you think I will let you go so easily, i told you once u entered in my life i am not letting u go ever.

Geet: i am not leaving you Maan or breaking US,

Maan: then what are you doing damit? Leaving like this, leaving me.

His voice was so thick with emotion that she felt weak on her knees. She didn’t knew who came first but next she knew she was plastered between a wall and his chest. Their lips clashing together and she can taste blood but it was sweet at the moment. His lips and teeth weren’t showing mercy on her flesh as it trail down a path from her neck to throat then her lips again.

Maan was frantic. The fear of loosing her was so palpable that he was doing everything to bind her with him.

Geet’s sense had left since the moment his lips touched her. All rational thought of leaving left her as he possessed her body, heart and soul.

Maan: Don’t leave me.

Geet wanted to say she isn’t leaving him; she is going see her father only. He didn’t left much time for her to remember anything other than him.

Warning 18+ content…..

His tongue sucked the base of her throat while she couldn’t stop her moaning. Her body was set ablaze with his passion. He returned sucking her lips and tongue making her legs weak. His hand was pinning her hand above her head as his lips continues its torture till she surrender completely to him. In one swipe he held her in his arm not breaking the kiss and placing her on the bed.

Geet tried to remind herself why it is bad idea to let him touch her now, but all rational thought evaporate as his hands and lips, and tongue touched her. Her lips tried to coherent his name but only a moan came out and it was enough to push the wild beast on the edge. He was shaking. His need and fear mixed was making him wild. But still he never hurt his geet. his lips were passionate yet soft, demanding yet considerable.

He traced her throat then collarbone with his lips, sucking the neck and leaving marks while his hand was busy on her shorts undoing the buttons. She can only arch her hip to help him. Her nails were piercing his shoulder as he wasn’t wearing any shirt, only a white vest and pants. His lips trailed from her throat to her bosom and gave a light bite on her covered breasts. Her breath was hitched and she pulled his hair to stop him there for a moment and that was enough for him to pull her shirt through her head.

She was sitting on his lap when their eyes met. The haze of confusion and lust cleared from their vision and both stared at each other for longer. Maan waited for Geet to push him but she tighten her hold on his vest.

Geet: give me this night Maan, just me. Nothing on your mind but us, give me this moment Maan.

His heart felt heavy with her pleading. When his hold tightens he saw the relief in her eyes. He understood how much he had neglected her in his duty towards his family. Her lips came first but he replied her urgency with passion. One tear fell from her eyes but Maan sucked it. Soon their cloths apart from under garments scattered on the rooms and none paid attention where it was going. They were busy in the love. Both knew tonight they won’t stop at any boundary and both needs it.

His lips found the valley between her cleavage and his hands were kneading every flesh he could find. Her hips met it and in one squeeze he brought her above him and gave her all control that she desire. Their lips never left each other while hands explored each other. She broke the kiss on to suck his collar bone then his chest. Her lips trailed his skin and licks his abs. he couldn’t contained his groan and brought her closer to him holding her nape in a tight grip. It only heighten her lust filled eyes which spiked his passion.

He tore up her bra and sucked the gloves hungrily. She wanted to shout, to cry of joy, to express everything her body was feeling but he didn’t left any room. His tongue trailed from her bosom to the apex of the thighs. Her automatic response was to close it but he didn’t let her shy away. When his tongue met the most sensual and private part she felt the light. It was too soon and she wanted the final act but he wasn’t letting his torture stop. She cried his name and he pushed her on the brink but then again pulling her away. She felt the loss and looked at him. Her flushed face was so desirable that he felt undone. He came closer to her face.

Maan: condom.

One word usually was enough to break the spell but geet wasn’t letting it to break the serenity.

Geet : I don’t want any barrier between us, not today. Your every open part is mine maan.

Maan: but jaan

Geet: its ok. I am good. Please don’t stop

Geet knew Maan thought she was on the pill but fraction of doubt still hovers his lovely feature and she kissed his lips, sucking it and entering her tongue in it. He lost every will power next.

She knew what she did was wrong, letting him assume she was on the pill was thoroughly wrong on her part when she wasn’t on it but at the moment she could do any thing to keep him closer to her, because she felt him closer to him in a way she never felt and nobody will ever be that closer to him. Not physically but emotionally, and mentally.

Maan kissed and sucked her lips hard and felt her wetness pooling more and more, it was easy to loose himself and filled her till the hilt but he doesn’t want to hurt his geet. he want to cherish her and give her no doubt on his love. So when he entered her and felt the slight flicker of pain in her eyes, he hesitated which made her tighten her hold on him instantly. She kissed his lips as the pain subsided and he took a steady rythm. Her heartbeat raise as each stroke met the point her pleasure lied. Her moan got louder as she went through the brink of ecstasy, lights burst through the haze and she felt herself floating. He wasn’t behind, he came with her shouting and then biting her neck softly.

Both lied on the bed looking at each other with love and completeness. He wanted to tell her, how much he love her, how much he is sorry for not looking after her but Geet didn’t let himnas she grabbed him again. They spent the night in each othe arms, loving and making love. Because somewhere both weren’t sure of tomorrow.

Next morning Maan opened his eyes with a empty room and empty feeling.

Maan: Geet,,,, geet. He called her some more, then checked her bathroom and eventually the whole mansion but Geet wasn’t there. Panic slowly seeped through his vein as he frantically searched for her. With his voice rising everyone in the mansion woke up and upon enquiry got to know Geet left at the dawn. She called a cab from an agency and investigating the driver Maan got to know Geet was dropped at the airport.

Slowly everything sinked in and rage like never before settle inside his heart crushing the love. She had left him. Only one thing surrounded his mind. She had left him after he showed her how much he love her. She never loved him the way he love her. It was her conquest, her ‘zid’ to get him and now she left him like a used toy.

Ved tried to reach him but Priti beat him. She placed a tentative hand on her son’s shoulder.

Priti: what happened Maan? Where is Geet?

Maan: She left me Maa, she left me.

And he cried for the first time in his life hugging his mother

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4 responses to this post.

  1. oh no hot confrontation geet being a little to rude to the girl but the hot consumation was great maan is broken now but he was not willing to listen when geet tried to tell him why she was going hope its not going to be a long nreak


  2. idiot maan i am so angry Angrypoor geet sad finally left


  3. Why a separation dear? And why Maan misunderstood Geet? He never listen to her fully and just uttered wrods in his anger…which hurt Geet. Why can’t he realize that she is made to feel alone & an outsider by that horrible sis of his? And neither is he defending Geet? And Maan’s mum…is she aware of what is happening between Heer & Geet? Why doesn’t anyone stop Heer? And Maan still misunderstood Geet…That she left him because it was all a game for her. Is that all that he understood of her? The way she risked her life and saved his…her love for him…hoe can he doubt it? Geet wanted to fill herself with his love & memories to last her lifetime. Because Maan unconsciously has left her out…yet again she finds herself alone…I am hating this side of Maan seriously…And I can’t take Maaneet separation…Can Priti knock some sense into Maan…And slap Heer to her senses? Heer ought to look at herself first before pointing her fingers on Geet. Because she is worse…Seriously…I am heartbroken with Maan’s wrong judgement and treatment of Geet…and very hurt & heartbroken for Geet…how she must be feeling…


  4. Feeling bad for maaneet.maan know geet s nature.how could he ignore her? but maan he can’t live without her.geet wan break for some time but maan dis break will make their life hell.so maan made her assure to make her love.but at morning geet left the mansion.first time maan crying to hug her mother.cant wait for next


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