Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 42


Part 42

It wasn’t difficult for Maan to know where is Geet when she booked tickets for London right under his nose, in his house. Yes he had accepted his house, his family and his family business. Maan is a complete changed person in these 3 months. For some of his family members the change was good. Mostly for Heer and some for Abhinash, because when Maan showed interest in business he was over the moon.

Father and son finally bonded somewhere and abhinash gave everything in these months to his children. He knew it won’t sum up the missed years but he wanted to give all time he had left of his life to them. Where Heer got more pampering she became a brat but never to the point of miss behaving not even to her step siblings. Interestingly mihika and heer became closer while her other 2 brother fulfilled her every wish.

But everyone was worried for Maan, he had changed drastically. They fear to talk to him except Priti. Dadima who showed her displeasure but could not do beyond it.

Dadima: he should talk to Geet if he know where is she. And she should have never gone without informing him.

Ved: Geet isn’t in hiding Dadi, she never left him it’s bro that thinks like that. She even tried calling him but he never answered her call. Even if he take her call by mistake he would rudely cut the call not even listening to her and we all know Geet had a temper too.

Dadima: what should i do with these two?

Dev: we don’t have much time dadima. The wedding is in 3 days.

Ved : i am trying to reach Geet for last week but she is never available not even pari and sidhant. I don’t know what they are doing in london till now.

For 3 months Ved and Geet talked almost everyday and finally he grasped how much she loves his brother. His own feelings for geet had turned as admiration. And they bonded as such good friends that he feel blessed to have her in his life. But things isn’t going well for Maan. He is distancing himself from everyone with every passing time.

Finally Maan was ready to take over from Abhinash which was the ever joy abhinash could ever ask but he missed his little girl. Geet had taken a permanent place in his heart and he is worried for his children. He tried to talk to Maan for months now but Maan never talked about Geet to anyone. And with the upcoming wedding everyone is worried that the only way to talk him out of it was Geet.

Shilpa have been the permanent fixation for Heer, the only person who is happy amidst of everything because finally she is successful to take out the throne name Geet from her brother’s life. Yes she knew he is angry and hurt but with time and Shilpa’s love Maan will be healed and the perfect fairy tale will be complete. She knew Shilpa has a fascination for Maan which she is expanding by showing how great it will be to marry him.

Yes Shilpa had crush for Maan but she never admitted to love him, her confidence was so crushed that when Prem’s mother came to tell her that Maan agreed to marry her and heer prem getting married on the same day shilpa wasn’t ready to believe anything. She knew Maan had feelings for Geet but why Geet left she had no clue. On top of that Heer always says Geet isn’t good for her brother, then is she good enough with her criple leg? Yes Geet once called her that.

She was hurt that day but never once she cursed Geet or Maan because that was her own misfortune. She is fascinated with Maan, yes, but that never went on the verge of love. She is in mumbai to treat her leg and eventually she would have forgotten everything but after Geet left for the first time she thought about Heer’s thought about Geet. Was it really true.

When she was informed about her marriage with Maan she was more confuse than happy because Maan never showed an ounce of interest in her and least she want to be a hanging tail for anyone. Once bite twice shy. She isn’t the immature girl anymore.

Once she felt this love and where it left her, bruised and empty. Her love used her as a bait to gain his love and she stupidly thought he loved her while he was only trying to gain someone else’s love. At the end she left him in frantic after learning the truth and met with an accident. Now it left the scars for lifetime.

She isn’t doing the same mistake. Love isn’t for her and she accepts that but Heer doesn’t. She wants her for Maan but does he want her for her? She can’t be a poor substitute for Geet.


Between the closed door of his office Maan tried not to think of Geet but she always crept in it. He always envision the day she left, and always thought if things would have happened differently. Then always ended up hating her guts. How could she leave him. Partly he agreed to marry shilpa because he wanted to punish her, wanted her to see what she missed but the bigger part has the fear for his sister.

With his take over of Khurana empire his engagement news on all over media, even in London. So if this isn’t enough for Geet to rush back to him then they doesn’t have a future. Yes he is frustrated and angry but if she can’t make him her first priority he wouldn’t be her rebound. She still have 2 days to come, on 3rd is the wedding.


3 torturous months and never once he called her, not even took her call. Is he so angry that he can’t even ask how is she doing. Doesn’t he even want to know if she is alive. Well ironically she isn’t feeling alive. Something is dying inside her slowly, steadily.

Sid: Geet. Geet.

He knew she won’t answer with one small calling. Nowadays she became lost in every few time.

Geet looked at her best friend with lifeless eyes: yes

Sid: it’s time. How much will u wait for him. Pari tried calling him but he won’t answer.

Pari: i think you should let the press flash the news. He will come running here.

Sid: and that will take time and Geet will be in serious mess after the indian press get the news.

Geet: i don’t want my papa to bid his final farewell between paparazzi. They will sold his death too. He should rest in peace, so what if his fav son is busy with his new life. I know papa still loves him and he will watch over him.

Sid: we need to arrange the funeral.

Geet: i don’t know what to do?

Pari closed a hand over her best friend: we will do everything.

Geet: I just wished he was here for his “mukhagni” but i guess he have to do it with his daughter.

Pari: uncle would have want that.

Geet is tired of shedding tears but they isn’t leaving her so soon. Its being 2days Mohindar Handa died and she was trying to reach Maan for almost 1 week but he wasn’t available. Mohindar Handa was proud of Maan that he finally accepted his father’s business. Yes he had kept close eye on news from the point everything came in news. Even in death bed he wanted to talk to his son and he died with the wish in his heart.

For 3 months Geet was busy with her father, he was improving and they bonded so well. She told him about her and Maan, he was happy that he can leave her in secure hand least he knew the turbulence and geet never told him about it.

Geet saw Maan most of the time on news. He is a private person who doesn’t like camera. But still she knew all about his growing share stocks. He is hot talk in India now, and there are rumours about his marriage. Geet was angry at first when Maan never tried to contact her but her anger turned to fear as soon she heard the news. Still she couldn’t left her father. On hearing Maan’s marriage his health fell drastically after it. But Geet told him it was some misunderstanding. she tried to call him and for 2 week she tried consistently but he never called her back. It snapped the last thread of hope when her father died. Now she has become a shell not even sure she should return to maan or not.

She wanted to hate maan, for making her so vulnerable but her love was way stronger that she can’t even wish him ill. Even if he marrying someone else but he need to say that to her face. He need to tell her that he doesn’t want her anymore, maybe then her final coffin will be nailed.


Heer: it’s not fare that i am working on my own wedding. Just because it is Maan bhai and Shilpa’s wedding, that i am working or else i wouldn’t have done anything.

Priti: nobody told you to do anything Heer.

Heer: i am doing it because i don’t want shilpa to see you all sulking. Stop mourning for that Geet. She left and it is her bad luck that bhai found someone better.

Priti: it seems like you are more happy about your brother than your own wedding.

Heer: maa don’t shoot me because your precious Geet backed up and ran away tucking her tail.

Maan: That’s Enough. Do not talk to Maa like that. Am i clear?

Maan’s sudden appearance stopped Heer’s blabbering and his anger was enough to shut her up. Others sighed in relief but priti looked at him with disappointment.

Geet: good to see you respecting someone enough to stood beside them when someone talk to her like that.

Priti: GEET. Kaha thi aap?

Geet gave her sad smile: Something held me Maa.

Heer: Finally you came to suck my brother’s blood. Why? Why u have to return. Lo abb meri shadi kabhi nahi hogi.

Prem: Heer, tumhe ho kya gaya hain? Tum aisi kabhi nahi thi. How can you be so selfish?

Heer: prem.

Prem: I know Maa wanted Maan to marry Shilpa. And you unknowingly helped her. And you tried to commit suicide. In your stupidity Maan agreed to marry her. To save your life. But don’t u trust me?

Geet: You know prem it doesn’t matter. Atleast she loves you enough to do anything for your love

For the first time Heer looked ashamed. Knowing and hearing so upfront made her realize what she is doing. Everyone looked at her in dissapointment.

Maan: yes it doesn’t matter. Nobody can force me to do anything i don’t want to do. The girl I choose to Marry atleast won’t runaway as tomorrow is the marriage and i am not breaking her dream, even if someone finally got time to come back to see what is happening.

Geet: Yeah like you who couldn’t even manage some time from your busy schedule to see what is happening with me?

Maan: you left after I begged you. I loved you. But my love wasn’t enough for you.

Geet just stared at him for the longest time.

Geet: your love comes with expiry date Maan. Kya pata yeh shaadi bhi 3 months me expire hojaye.

Maan: atleast i never run from my love.

Geet: I didn’t run, I asked time. I needed it,,

Maan: you left because used toys doesn’t suit you much. You never played with one toy for much longer.

Geet: and here you went from one toy to another in only 3months. Good luck with your marriage. And Heer. You believe it or not but I am trully happy for you. Yeah you are a brat sometime but if after being elder than you i can be one then you should be forgiven for being one as well. Best of luck and I did not came back to snatch your happiness. I came here to see how someone go from announcing his love only 3 month ago to getting married to someone else.

She looked at Maan: If you u are gonna marry someone else, you gonna do it infront of my eyes. Lets see who break first.

Maan: Be my guest.

Precap: Kuch dard abb bhi hain baki,,,, kuch kahani abb bhi hain baki,,,

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7 responses to this post.

  1. like how heer regretted and felt guilty for making maan agree to marriage like how geet has returned togher stronger and ready to face maan hope wedding doesn’t happen waiting brillian story tich


  2. Superb update yar
    Superb excited for next…
    Who will win ?



  3. Can I kill that Heer, Shilpa & that Maa? Why did that Maa want Maan to marry Shilpa? That spoiled brat Heer! So conniving and sneaky that she emotionally blackmailed Maan? After all what has she got against Geet? What did Geet ever do to her that she hates Geet so much to wish such a heart break for her own brother? What kind of a sister is she? Such a selfish conniving &%#@!&!

    That Shilpa! She knows everything and yet so happily getting married. Doesn’t anyone ever have the feeling of guilt after all that Geet has gone through…Seriously…I am so disappointed in Maan. His anger always blinds him. Geet asked him for time. And he misunderstood her. And he feels that he is justified? He will never be able to forgive himself when the truth stares at him in his face…How much she tried to talk to him. But he never did…So much ego & anger?

    By the way why can’t his mum & dad & even Dadima force him to sit & talk? Couldn’t they have spoken to Geet? It was only Ved who spoke to her…who understood her…Who the hell does Maan think he is? She brought him back to life all by herself…when there was no hope. She hadn’t cared for her own life…never leaving him a single moment…with such love & faith she brought him back. And this is that he does…Break her…Render her lifeless…Now with her dad passing away…she has nothing more left…Geet is not wrong. There is truth in what she says. And its all thanks to his selfish sister…So why can’t he tell his sister to go to hell? Set her straight? But he is taking it out on Geet…super sad me:(:(:(:( its very painful yaar:(:(:(


  4. Can’t tolerate maaneet separation any more.every khuranas want geet back except her.shilpa also confused about dis wedding.maan become rude after geet.geet s father died.maan not know??? Strange!veer now adore maaneet relation.prem made her understood what she did,is wrong.maan can’t accept still,geet left her after knowing how much maan love her.cant wait for next


  5. Nice waiting for next update


  6. Nice waiting for next update plz don’t sapret them


  7. bi…. heer hope she faces hell for doing this totally idiot maan


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