Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 43


Part 43

Next day was the wedding and everyone was busy in the preparation. Today is Haldi and Mehendi. From an outsider it looked liked every normal wedding house but inside it missed the happiness. Every person in Khurana mansion was sad to see Maaneet could not work out their differences. One side Heer somewhat happily took part in her haldi and mehendi but Maan told them he won’t entertain any thing like that. Shilpa was staying with Juneja family in a rented villa. So she doesn’t know about Geet. Heer saw her brother and first time pang of guilt entered her heart. He was miserable and he was still going with the wedding for her sake.

Maan knew what he is doing will ruin him but he had to go with this marriage for his sister sake. He remember the morning he found her lifeless body and slit wrist. His shirt was soaked with her blood. She asked sorry and told him she can’t live without Prem. Prem’s mother told him only if he agree to marry shilpa she will accept heer as her daughter in law. And Shilpa is not aware of anything so he can’t tell her.

He had shouted on her but later agreed seeing Heer’s face. Anyway Geet already left him, what is left in his life anymore. But after agreeing he regretted it. When Geet called him he wanted to talk to her so badly. But knowing he will break down he did not take her calls. The doctors looking after Geet’s father told him he is recovering well but that was 2 weeks before.

Wish he knew only after a month of his promise to marry Shilpa, Geet will return. One side his heart knew she will come back but his sister’s happiness was more important for him in that moment. He knew he had to break Geet’s heart. Least he knew he will break her along with himself.

At mehndi none expected geet to come down from her room. Preeti expected her to either leave the moment she heard about the wedding or do something to break it but she proved her wrong. Geet locked herself in her room for most of the times. Even maan was restless to see her.

Ved tried to talk to geet but she never answered his knock. No one knew why she is staying and punishing herself.

Even Heer was confused by Geet’s reaction. So when she come to attend the mehndi everyone stood there dumbfounded, geet looked beautiful in a yellow colour saree. Though her face showed a small smile but it never could hide the pain in her eyes.

She came close to Heer who stared at her with fear and some mix of guilt.

Geet: I don’t know if I will be here till tomorrow so I wanted to give you this.

Heer took it without any comment and inside it lays the most beautiful lehenga she had ever seen.

Geet: I heard once you wanted this on your wedding. You were talking about this to maa, sorry … Preeti aunty. She didn’t knew how to find it so I bought it now. Hope you don’t mind. you don’t have to wear it tomorrow, it is just a present wear it whenever you like.

Heer remembered seeing it in a magazine 3 years before. Heer never knew Geet was so close to Priti and whenever priti tried to tell about Geet’s good heart, she never believed it but now first time she is thinking what if she was wrong about it all along?

Heer: will you apply mehndi?

Geet: why not?

Heer made place for her, another girl asked Geet what she want to be done on her hand

Geet: kuch bhi. But small.

Mehandi girl: kehte hain Mehandi jitni gehri pati se pyar utna hi zyada milta hain. Unka naam kya hain? Kya likhu haat pe?

Geet without thinking : MAAN.

Suddenly she knew what she had done. Geet snapped her hand but by the time the mehndi was done by maan’s name. Humilation washed over her as she saw pity in everyone’s eyes and she ran away from there. Closing the door geet looked at her hands, then broke down completely.

Geet: Jab pyar nahi tha Wo hamesha saath tha aur abb jab pyar ho gaya, usehi kho diya. mere saath hi aisa kyun huya Babaji. pehle papa fir Maan.

Maan saw it from afar and regret like never before washed over him. he wanted to take her in his arms but his sister’s bloodless face played in front of him . he cursed himself and fate. why it has to be them? only if geet have not left him like that, his anger and ego now destroyed them both.

For geet this might be the toughest night in her life. She have seen determination and fear on Maan’s face which only indicates he is going to fulfill his duty towards his family. she wanted to feel anger or hate towards him but knowing the reason for his betrayal changed a lot of things in her.

The old geet might have slapped him and the person dared to take her maan away from her but the new geet couldn’t do it because in these 3 months she had learnt to deal with fate. You can’t always have what you want, at the end of the day only fate will win. And we have to accept it.

But what about her heart that is shredding into so many pieces that she is afraid could not be collected in a lifetime.

Geet heard a sound and saw Ved break through the door. She immediately hugged him and Ved hug her with soothing words, for the first time in 3 months she let go of her pain and cried her heart out. she cried for the loss of her father and now for Maan. Only 3 months
And she lost not only one but lost the most important 2 persons from her life. she can’t even share her pain with anyone so she cried harder in hope for some relief but her pain never subsided and she knew, it won’t ever lessen.

Maan’s blood boil seeing his geet having another man giving her all the solace she wanted , another man sharing her pain that was his right.

“you lost all your right the moment you agree to marry someone else”. A voice sneaked out from his inner self.

Pain slashed through him. Does he have to spend his whole life like this? Getting punishment from fate for breaking her heart. Some day someone will likely hold her and heal her from his burnt and he will stand there to see her love someone else, leaving him, forgetting him. The thought made him hurt and to feel more than the numb pain, he broke the mirror with his bare hand and crashed whatever comes in front of him.

Prem: look what have you done heer. You broke two people and their heart I hope taking 7 phera around the ash of Maan and Geet’s love won’t burnt our life because I have a feeling this will never let you rest in peace.

Heer look at her brother with guilt. Prem knew about his mother’s blackmailing. He is unhappy about it, in fact he even tried to break this marriage but her suicide attempt has stopped him doing anything in fear. Will their married life survive her doings? how could she become so selfish?


Maan was sitting on the edge of his bed. His whole room was decorated. His new room that he have to share it with Shilpa. He didn’t wanted his and Geet’s memory to be tainted with another woman’s presence so he asked for this room. But what about his heart? Will he ever be able to give Shilpa the right and love she deserves. Yes he won’t betray her trust and abandon her once she wears his mangalsutra. But can he forget Geet? And what will happen to her? He knew he have to live his whole life in guilt of destroying one girl or another’s dream. In every thing he will lose more. A knock broke his thoughts. Looking ahead he saw his baby sister entering his room. He tried to give a genuine smile but failed miserably.

Heer sat beside him. Both sat there for some time in silence. Both doesn’t know what to say. Finally Heer broke it.

Heer: you don’t deserve a mean sister like me. Mihika is more like you.

Maan: Heer

Heer: sshh let me complete. Yes I’m selfish. I don’t know how i have became so mean and i always cursed Geet for it. Atleast she never tried to seperate you from me or maa. I’m the worse. Love made me so blind.

Maan: stop talking so big words. You are still my baby sister and its my responsibility to take care of you

Heer: not at the cost of loosing everything. I won’t allow it.

Maan: you can’t do it. Its your wedding downstair.

Heer: It’s about your happiness bhai and if you love someone else Shilpa or any other girl won’t be happy. Don’t you remember what happen to maa?

Maan: Can I ever forget that? And that’s why i will be faithful to Shilpa.

Heer: you know today i understand dad’s situation. It have been so hard for him specially when he fell in love with both women.

Maan: it won’t happen to me.

Heer: so you are saying you have forgotten Geet or that you have stopped loving her?

Maan couldn’t reply that.

Heer: that’s what i thought. You can’t start or stop loving someone. I was stupid and selfish but i am not naive. And now i won’t be doing the mistake i was doing.

Maan: don’t do anything stupid Heer. It’s too late.

Before he couldn’t say something, she ran from there. “I hope it’s not too late.” She could only pray.

When Heer reached the mandap everyone was looking at her with confusion and worry. Heer’s eyes were only on Prem telling a silent sorry.

Heer: I’m sorry but i can’t marry you. Not at the price of the life of my bhai and his happiness. Forgive me Prem.

When everyone looked at Heer with confusion clear on their face Prem clarified everything.

Prem: I’m proud of you heer. you proved my love was not the selfish person she had become. You always had my support only you have to stand up against the person pushing you to be so mean. My mother was blackmailing maan to marry my sister shilpa.

Priti gasped: and you let her Heer? You didn’t thought what Maan must have gone through to secure your life. He always made you his priority,

Heer: today i am making him my priority maa. I am sorry for whatever i had done. Today i am apologizing for everything. Aunty if you want me as your son’s wife you have to accept me as i am,, not because my brother agreed to marry your niece.

Prem: even if she doesn’t agree i will marry you and leave the so called name fame and her mansion. She could happily stay in her dummy life without her son and daughter in law.

Heer: in all these i trully want to apologize to shilpa. I know you love my bhai and i only urged u to follow a hazy dream. Shilpa i am so sorry but my bhai’s hapiness lies with Geet.

Shilpa: who told you i love Maan?

Heer just gaped at her

Shilpa smiled: i was fascinated yes. C’mon who wouldn’t right? But i was never in love with him Heer. I just went with aunt and my mother because sometime i feel like a burden on them. Every time they want to fix me with someone. And i am sorry Maan. I trully was unaware about u n geet.

Maan sighed a relief in a long long time. His throat constructed with relief and emotion.

Dadima: before you brother and sister came here shilpa was telling us she doesn’t want to marry Maan. Yes it was a shock for us but Heer came just behind her.

Shilpa: i tried so hard to feel something else than just a mere crush but i couldn’t feel it. maybe because he was never meant to be mine. He was always Geet’s.

Priti: where is Geet? I haven’t seen her since last night.

Dev: might be in her room.

Maan: Let me call her.

He smiled in ages and it was of relief happiness and worry. Fear of Geet’s reaction. Before he could take a step ved reached for his arm.

Ved: She isn’t here bhai.

Maan: then where is she?

Ved angrily looked at him: she couldn’t tolerate anymore. Her break point came last night.

Maan: i am sorry ved. U don’t know how much sorry i am for what i have done. I promise i will make it up to her.

Ved tighten his hold, partly in fear: I’m afraid bhai, she wouldn’t let you. SHE LEFT. Maybe last night. Maybe early morning. I don’t know. I just got a letter in her room just few minutes before.

Maan stumble only on 2 words “She left”

Maan: she is angry with me. She can’t leave me.

Ved: you broke her in so many pieces bhai that she couldn’t stop to collect it. So she left everything for you.

He thrashed a paper in his hand. At first Maan just stared at the paper but then his eyes cleared on her name where she had cut the “YOURS” and signed only GEET.


I have lost the right to call you mine so taking your name only. I never thought i have to leave you like this 2nd time in only a little time span, the difference is 1st time i never meant to leave you for so long and this time I never meant to come back in your life again. Today you will marry someone else. Yes I wanted to see how you do it but truthfully I can’t see it. I want to hate you. I want to feel anger for you. Maybe then i could feel alive but something had died inside me maan. I have died with it. I feel like I am fighting a lost battle.I don’t feel anger or hate anymore. I don’t hold you responsible for my fate. You are the best and worse thing happened to me.

Best because you taught me how to love and show it to others. How to feel so fierce about something. How to feel alive with a mere touch. How to love unconditional. But you also taught me how you can destroy me. Maybe we never meant to be together but i want to thank each and every moment you gave me atleast a little of you. I will cherish it always.

I don’t want you to regret your decision to marry someone else. I don’t want you to be guilty or obliged to me. Always know i will want you to be happy with her. With anyone you choose to love. You are free to love her maan. And i only hope some day you will forgive yourself and accept her love.

I couldn’t stay there anymore. Staying there meant seeing you becoming someone else’s which would have been a slow death. I hope some day you will forgive me too.

My attorney will meet you. Please accept whatever he say. That was my papa and my last wish. Do it for me. Live your life without regret at least for me.


Maan looked at Ved with numbness when ved pushed another letter.

Ved: this i found under the bed. Must have slipped when she left for london. The date was 3 month back. The day she left for London.

Dear Maan

Sorry i have to go without informing u. Because i know you won’t leave me alone and right now your family needs you more than me. Maan Papa is not well. I can feel it but i cant express it. I just have to meet him. Forgive me please. I know you love me so much that u will understand. I am going to London. My frnd has arranged my visa last night. Once i reached there i will call you and please miss me all you can because when i come back i won’t leave you for anyone. Not even your family.

I love you Maan

Yours and only yours


Maan sank on his knees holding the letters, re reading every words and shedding tears of sorrow and self loath. Ved informed everyone that Geet had left and he narrated whatever was written on the letter.

A man in his fifties entered the mansion. Maan couldn’t care less but the man told himself as Handa’s lawyer. And he looked at the aged man he knew so well. he looked at him only in hope to know about his geet.

Lawyer: I am here to give these papers to mr Maan.

Abhinav: what is in the paper?

Lawyer: Mr Handa’s will. I was said to read it after his death. It is nearly a week now.

Maan collapsed hearing about the one person who came to be nearly a father figure in his life. His mentor and gaurdian is dead and he couldn’t got enough time to know about him. Self loath was a very strong emotion for him.

Lawyer: Mr Mohindar Handa left his entire empire to Maan Singh Khurana. He left the power of attorney to Maan and he made a clause if Geet agreed to marry him then only she is eligible to have her share in the business. Or else she will only have a secure monthly allowance under mr Khurana’s supervisory.

He also added a clause, If Maan refused to Marry Geet, Handa empire will still be under Maan for taking care and Geet would have access to it when she turned 30 that also under Maan’s guardianship. A few lands and other properties are on Geet’s name which is accessible to her when she turns 25yrs in age.

Heer sobbed: but Geet left.

Lawyer: i know, and that is why i came here.

Maan looked at him with numb confusion though his mind isn’t working much.

Lawyer looked at Maan with disappointment. He had known this young man for a long time and admired his dedication but today Maan had made him disappointed and he isn’t afraid to show it.

Lawyer: Mr Handa left this world waiting for you to call him or meet him at least for once. He was recovering but once he called me suddenly and made this will. I guess he knew he won’t be staying long. And he wanted to leave Geet in secure hand because he was afraid that maybe in childishness Geet might leave u. The best thing happened to her. That’s what he said. Anyway…

Day after his death Geet told me she wants everything on your name because she can’t manage it. I didn’t agreed. She didn’t argued but 2days back she called me and hand-over her all rights in the company and her shares to you. Because she thought only you can do justice to her father’s company. So she left with nothing but a few properties and a little load of money. Never thought i will say this but Mohindar was so wrong.

I heard the little pampered, spoiled girl and i can say you have killed her maan. She is destroyed. I just hope you will be able to forgive yourself for doing it because i know you have loved her for so long, even mohindar knew it. But he was so wrong. Wrong to think you will keep her safe. See we lost her and nobody knew where is she. She just disappeared.

He cried holding his face in his palm never thinking what others are feeling for him. He didn’t care about humiliation or image. He just cried for his Geet. Even he was marrying someone else thinking he could live seeing Geet’s face every day. Knowing she left him had broke everything in him. He felt some giant thing want to crawl out from his body. His throat constructed and he heard Ved vaguely telling him to breathe. His maa was holding him and he cried. Like a baby. 2nd time he felt he lost everything. And this time anger that he always hold dear to him never touched him. He felt sorrow and mind numbing pain in every vein of his.

Dread surrounded him as he realised he had trully lost his Geet forever. There will be no chance to ask for forgiveness because she chose to leave him with his guilt, his life will always feel hollow, empty, colorless. He fear from the loneliness and yet he knew this will be his whole life now. He will be empty without his Geet. Yet he will live this life for her.


Woh apne mohabbat me dhadkan de gayi
Yeh apne shiddat me fanaah hogaye
Do dil mile the kabhi na bicharne ke liye
Ishq ne imtihan liya aisa ke
Woh apni ashiqui sikha ke Kurbaan hogaye…..

A love story yet to be continued…..

Thanks all ur support guys.

© All Copyrights Reserved. Tich-Mg 2017


8 responses to this post.

  1. Everything is solved now.but khuranas lost their most precious person,geet me handa gave his company to maan.maan got the letter which geet wrote before going to london.heer feeling guilty for dis situation.prem felt relief after it.geet gave a nice dress to heer.nobody know where is geet now.how can maan live without geet.feeling bad for maaneet


  2. Posted by bushrabarudgaryahoocom on August 4, 2017 at 10:44 am

    Outstanding part love it can’t stop my tears love it n GEETTTTTT
    Woh apne mohabbat me dhadkan de gayi
    Yeh apne shiddat me fanaah hogaye
    Do dil mile the kabhi na bicharne ke liye
    Ishq ne imtihan liya aisa ke
    Woh apni ashiqui sikha ke Kurbaan hogaye…..
    Thus lines is best 👍😢😢😢 tich superb love it keep rocking n please please please please please please please please please update more of this ff n love for you wala also



  3. Poor geet now what nice update waiting for next update


  4. I cried as I read this update…the pain, heartbreak, loss…for Geet and now Maan…But I feel for Geet more…How much can she endure all thanks to Maan & Heer…One can be loyal to his family but not at the expense of pushing out his life, his soulmate. And that is exactly what he did to Geet for his sister. Thankful that finally Heer realised her wrongdoings and tried to set things right. Now everyone knows that Maan was blackmailed to marry Shilpa and the whole story. Even Prem is willing to leave everything behind & marry Heer. Now that all issues have been sorted…Geet has left…Leaving everything to Maan…Disappeared…She has lost her father…her mother figure in the form of Priti…and Maan too…She knows that she has nothing left to live for…Maan is broken…After he hears everything from Geet’s lawyer…He is breaking down in remorse & guilt…but where will he go searching for Geet…his princess…the one he loved since young…the girl who never left him even when doctors lost hope…I wonder what will Maan do now…


  5. Posted by mkd70 on August 4, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    Nice update feel Maan Geet pain how they gone through You are superb writer I like your all stories waiting for next update thank you



  6. my god this is so sad finally everything was going to be alright but sadly not in time for geet to get her love just hope maan gets of his knees and start doing what he does best find his geet quick time for his pity party to be over awesome story


  7. Rich u r at your best here …
    The bleeding last lines are marvellous


  8. Posted by cuteeagle65 on August 7, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    Amazing part so emotional loved it feeling so bad 4 maaneet


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