Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 45


Part 45

Parth was first to break the silence: Geet. What the hell. You scared the shit out of me. How are u feeling now?

Geet only stared at Maan who reluctantly left her side to give Parth place to comfort her but not before she saw the fury on his face as Parth touched her hand.

Geet: I am fine.

Parth: yeah a panick attack doesn’t sounds like fine to me.

Geet: I need some rest that’s all. It was a hectic week.

Doc: miss Geet do you still take the medicine we found in your drawer?

Geet gulp hard: No,I keep them as emergency but never had to take them for quiet some time now.

Doc: and how much time is that?

Geet: 4 yrs. I had an episode 3yrs back but then I had controlled the urges.

Maan sucked his breath. It was him that has cause the attack. He was the reason she faced all the pain every time yet he can’t leave her.

Doc: Mr Maan was right. You never changed the medicine then. I have prescribed some mild ones but see a doctor. Your dosage should determin by a consultant.

The room was silent for sometime and Mihika was the one to break it.

Mihika: I guess finally i got to say hello. It good to see you again Geet aftet so many yrs.

Geet smiled weakly: Same here

Maan: I doubt. Great way to show it.

Geet could not meet his eyes: I think I should go now Parth. I’ll meet you tomorrow.

Parth understanding and supporting his friend agreed silently, then he remembered something.

Parth: Geet wait. Let me take u home. Your car is in garage. And you are in no position to go by alone.

Maan: no need. I think we have some unfinished word Geet. I can take you wherever u want to go..

Geet: no, I mean i’ll take the company car. Don’t bother pls.

Parth: Mr Khurana if you don’t mind can we reschedule the meeting. I will take Geet home, we live at the same road.

With a little uncertainity Maan agreed finally, not because he respect their friendahip but the panick in Geet’s eyes stopped him to pursue her further. He accepts that he can’t start where they left 4yrs ago as soon as they met. He have to break the ice she had created around her heart first. He need to win her trust again.


Geet had dreaded every moment for the past 2 days. Yes she did not attended office in last 2 days. Having a friend as boss have it’s perk. Parth came numerous time to check on her. With every knock on the door her worry about Maan coming through that door increased. It isn’t like she has anything to hide from him or cower in front of him but something in him challenge her in ways she forgot exists.

She knew in everything Ayush is suffering most. They share a bond that whenever one of them isn’t feeling well the other one understand. She agree that Ayush is only 4yr old but he understands her like no one in this world. Maybe this is called mother and son bond.

When she was busy thinking about Maan and Ayush, Maria entered the room with juice and her medicine

Geet: Maria can you make me some Tiramisu.

Maria s miles delightfully: I knew soon you will need some sweet in your system. In this 4 years whenever you feel ill you always demanded some type of sweets this time though it’s another matter. Not that i am complaining but are you going to office anytime soon? U need to face whatever or whoever had kept a place in your head.

Maria knew her too well to be fool around so Geet did what she could. Stayed silent and Maria leave it there. This time Ayush was the one entering her room.

Ayush: Are you not going office mummy?

Geet cuddled him close to her lap: no baby.

Ayush: are u sick?

Geet: mummy is getting better.

Ayush: then will u play with me?

She can say Ayush was delighted and his happiness has no bound. At this moment Ayush’s happiness is everything she can ask for. They laughed and played with the wholeday, then eat their favourite dishes which was made by Maria and played some more in the tree house which was made by Parth.. later that evening parth came to meet geet which was expected by her.. All the play made Ayush so exhausted that soon he drifted to sleep. Parth was reading him a story and stroking his hair when Geet entered the room and saw them together.

Geet: he is fast asleep.

Parth smiles: Yeah I know. And I like to see him sleeping so peacefully. He must have enjoyed his day.

Geet: yes we played a lot, then ate icecream, Tiramisu, cheesecake….

Parth: in short you both went on a mad sweet drive.

Geet :pretty much

Suddenly Parth was serious, he looked at Geet with those serious eyes and she knew their happy time over just like that.

Parth: we need to talk geet

Geet: why happy time end so soon

Parth: yeah you got the perk to be Ayush’s mum today, don’t talk about happy time, I know you are always happy as long as you have him

He looked at Ayush wistfully

Geet:do you think I need to hire a lawyer and live in fear for losing my baby

Parth: no geet you are his mother and you will be always… none can love him more than you.

Geet: I am so worried Parth.

Parth: I will do anything it takes but I won’t disappoint you.. your friendship is more important for me than anything. You and Ayush is all I have now.

Geet looked at parth sincere eyes and smiles. his friendship is all she have other than Ayush and Maria.

Parth: by the way I came here to inform you that you need to come to office as soon as possible. I can’t take MSK from my back anymore.. a little warning would have been good but….

Geet: I am so sorry parth, I never knew he will ever come so close. I never thought….

Her mind went somewhere else or say to someone

Parth: I knew you are running but never knew it was him. that was huge.

Geet sucked her breath: did you sign the deal?

Parth:unfortunately or fortunately yes and you were the chief planner in the contract. I am sorry.

Geet smiled: I am sorry too.

Parth: I can try to cancel it.

Geet smiles but this time it was mysterious. how she wish he could.

Geet: he will sue you Parth.

Parth: I am sure he will understand my obligation.

Geet give a little laugh; I knew him my entire life when MSK want something he will not stop at anything till he gets it.

Parth: and what he wants?

this time geet had Tears in her eyes: his life…

Next day Maan was pacing like a lion, for 3 days he was unable to contact geet. His all effort did not paid him any height. Parth offered someone else to plan the wedding but seeing his fuming face he too kept to be numb.. Maan was aware of Geet and Parth’s friendship and why the offer was given to him that was also well known but MSK had waited 4 years for his Geet, how can a mere 3 day deter him from his intention.

He wanted to meet Geet so bad but he can’t risk her going away or another outburst like that. seeing her anxiety attack had frightened him. He can’t lose her again. It took nearly 4 and a half years to track her down. Finally he will meet her after so many years of waiting. Finally he will hold her in his arms, demand her why she left him, and ask her forgiveness.

Parth had informed him that Geet is coming to the office that day. And thats why Maan came to the office as early as possible. And now pacing in Parth’s cabin waiting for his Geet he was sweating like a teenage boy. He had so many things to ask her, to know about her.

Yes he had seen her the previous day but her attack was the near death for him. He could not notice beyond the fearful eyes but today he will meet her. She has changed in ways he can’t describe.

Suddenly Geet’s voice took his breath away.

Geet:Sorry. My car,,,

She stopped midway seeing him. Her eyes were looking at him yet it tried not to see the depth in it. In that moment her pain tried to escape but she held on to it. Not unleashing it, not giving herself to him again.

Because this time if he crush her,m she won’t be able to collect it.

Sorry for delay, had a bday week. Love ya, thanks for all the supports.

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  1. awsemm update loving parth geet friendship and geet ayush bond


  2. Fabulous update dearie๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘ŒThe hurt & pain both of them are going through…Maan wants to send her home he wants to talk to her but is scared that she may breakdown again…and blames himself for her state…even for the panic attack she had 3 years back…knowing how possessive Maan was over her, how hard it must have been for him to leave her side now that he has found her…he wants to break the wall she has built around herself…he wants to earn her trust…I wish Mihika would act as the link between Maan & Geet…filling her in on what happened with Maan after she left…and Maan to find out what had become of her in all these years…and about Ayush…Finally Parth knows who Maan is to Geet & Ayush. Can Parth help Maaneet too? Geet has to do this project of Mihika’s wedding. I am hoping that she will. Bringing along Ayush & Maria with her…Maan has to win her back & Ayush too…now that Geet is back to office…will Maan try to talk to her…visit her at home? Nobody has the right to separate Ayush from her…even Maan. So she should not be scared…just that she needs to know he never got married…why he didn’t, that he was blackmailed into that marriage & what happened after she left…can’t wait for the next update dear๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


  3. Still confused,who is the father of ayush?maan is eagerly waiting for geet to clear their misunderstanding.geet know she can’t ignore maan.she has an attack.nd maan knew abt dat attack.i think,now she should know,maan is still hers


  4. Posted by bushrabarudgaryahoocom on August 14, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    Superb update please please please please please please please do continue next part ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
    Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein ff is going to off ?? N please please please update love for you


  5. wow awesome lost for words had me gripped from the start to the end geet is avoiding maan but maan will not be avoided for long his patience is waning but he is holding on he doesn’t want to frighten her off again he wants to keep her for good this time really hope they talk soon love itwell done


  6. ps please upate soon


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