Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 46 




Part 46

Her emotions were all over the place and it was an effort from her to control herself, on the other hand Maan’s eyes never left her face. she expected him to be angry but all his face reflected was pain and tenderness. Se tighten her palm so tight that it started to tingle.

Geet turned to Parth: I am ready to take this project but I will work with the bride only and none will interfere in my work. The bride can contact me through office.

Parth 1st looked at Maan who was still looking at her only,then nodded towards Geet in affirmative. In all this Geet did not looked once at Maan. She walked out from the cabin. It was like a huge rock settled permanently on her chest. Can she work so closely with his family and knowing Maan, he won’t  give a shit to her lecture. It doesn’t seem to like he had hear a single thing she had utter.

She was lost in those deep eyes as she entered her own cabin. little throbbing on her forehead is indicating towards the coming migrane. Panic rose against everything and her hand went on the drawer, it sat on top of the knob but she couldn’t  go further as one strong palm held on her hand.

His another arm went on her stomach and her back plastered on his hard abs. His scent is still the same and she remembered what she lost. How can a person love someone so much that his smell lingered on her soul for more than 4 yrs.

Geet: Kyun aaye ho meri zindegi me wapis.

Maan: Apni zindegi ko wapis lene.

She smiled through the mist in her eyes, that’s exactly she told to Parth, but hearing it from him sounds something else, something better. Something that can never happen, he can’t  mean the way she want it.

Geet: Maafi chahiye to wo maine bohot pehle de diya hain Maan. Let yourself be free now.

Maan: wo naam ki zindagi mujhe nahi chahiye.

His voice was so tender, so soothing to her soul that for a moment she forgot everything. Their past, her responsibility, his obligation. All she know she got a little time to live her life in his arm. Kya pata ye pal dobara naseeb hona ho.

She had dreamt of this so many times. To be free once again. To hear him say her name. But never imagined their confrontation will be like this. Yes they have matured enough to be civil but she miss her Maan ka gussa, his manana. Everything has lost and the agony of seperation returned in vengeance.

The thought of him being married tore something in her, instantly she was stiff. Maan knew it because he held her strongly.

Maan: don’t. Pls.

He is nearly begging her to stop, to listen to him. How could she tell him, she fears her ownself. What if his one word undone her? Because somewhere she knew him being married can’t  stop her from loving him and she can’t  do that to any girl knowing how it hurts.

Suddenly they heard someone’s excited voice. SHILPA. Geet can never forget her. Funny thing is that whenever she had imagined Maan,, never once Shilpa came infront of her but today hearing her, she knew past can never take rest in past. They always comes in present to haunt.

Shilpa: Mihika told me you are here Maan. Where is she, i can’t wait to see her.

Maan watched Geet as her face becomes pale. He followed her gaze which was on the little girl in Shilpa’s hand. He knew he need to stop her but the little girl held on to his finger.

Maan: Zia,,,

Zia: pa…pa…

Zia’s arms were stretched and her lips were trembling as he was not holding her. Geet took steps backward muffling a sob.

Geet: She is beautiful Shilpa.

She looked at both of them with watery smile and ran from there. None stopped her and Maan watched her in helplessness.

Shilpa: I’m sorry, again I came between you 2

Maan: None came between us. My mistakes torn us apart.

Shilpa: but You got her now. Don’t let her leave Maan. Go after her.

Maan: but Zia.

Shilpa: I’m here, her dad is here. You need Geet now. Live your life now. Don’t worry about us, any of us. Just her.

Maan gave a smile and ran after Geet. She was like a breeze. She was nowhere to be found but enquiring from the gateman, he told him from where Geet takes her bus so he followed her in his car.

What she was thinking. How can she think she can have her chance of a forever. How could she forget everything? Her Ayush? But Zia. She is trully beutiful. Her eyes are exactly like Maan but other features are completely on Shilpa. Sweet and beautiful. How can she think of breaking her parent’s house? She so wanted to hate Shilpa and Zia for having Maan in their life but,,,,

She fell in love with the little girl then and there. She has an angelic face, must be 2 yr of age, half of Ayush. She can’t stop imagining them together but it is not possible. She won’t wreck Zia’s home.

When Maan reached the main road Geet had already taken the bus. Maan told his driver to go after the bus. He couldn’t imagine his Geet travelling by bus. Once she was a princess of her father and today she is struggling to make ends meet. He recalled her saying about her car being broken down and remembering Parth’s reaction this is not the first time. He can’t imagine how much of a struggle she had endured in all these years.


The distance of her house from bus stand was only 5mins. And Ayush’s school is in between the distance. How she wish she could meet her son then and there, hug him to sooth her inner ache. But she can’t  show him her distress. Ayush will pick on it and she doesn’t want to scare her kid. She went to her house knowing Maria will be there. And there she stood with worry like a mother. Maria never questions Geet, maybe because she knew once she feels good she will tell her.

Maan silently watch her walking alone then entering a small yet beautiful house. Its a one story house with wodden fence and little yard with flowers everywhere. He can’t believe once who lived in a palace now spents her life in a tiny house. But then he was proud of his Geet. She had learnt life in a hard way but never gave up. She struggles but knew the meaning of life. He is so proud of his Geet.

He watched as his jaan entered the house and an old lady was welcoming her. Good to know someone is there for her.


After changing in her pj’s Geet sat on the sofa with her laptop to do some work but it was far from being done, her mind was drifting somewhere else.

Geet: Maria can you pick up Ayush from his school? I’ll see the kitchen. I want to make favourite pizza today.

She wants a distraction today and cooking will give plenty opportunity for that.

Maria: Just don’t burn it today.

Geet tried to smile but failed miserably. Maria will take another 15min to get ready and finish the food she was working on it so she can draw some design for the mandap of her project.

Again work never comes out when her mind is jumbled up with the thought of Zia and Maan together. Just then she heard the door bell. First thought was what if something happen to Ayush but knowing the school will call her first if anything happens like that she relaxed. Then maybe Parth, but he had some meeting today.

With little disturb mind she opened the door only to come face to face with Maan. Immidiately Geet looked at the kitchen door knowing Maria will come through anytime. Maan leaned on the door frame enough close to her that she took a back step.

Geet: What are u doing here?

She kept her tone down but the greeted teeth said she is worried.

Maan smirks: Don’t you know why I am here?

Geet stared at him blankly: No, I don’t.

Maan touched her cheek with so much tenderness that Geet leaned towards for a few seconds before drawing her face away.

Geet: I don’t do business from home, and I already said, I’ll work with the bride only.

Maan: I don’t play games Geet. You know very well why I’m here. It took me 4 and half year to search you. And in these times I lived like a dead person and now when I see you, you run the opposite way. Just give me one chance, talk to me without running.

With every word Maan’s voice rose forcing Maria to come in theliving room wearing a stiff and hard expression.

Maria: I do believe you know him that’s why he is talking to you standing so close and you haven’t screamed. And I think i should ask you before calling the police.

Geet sucked her breath knowing Maria will do it just like that. Her eyes were trained on Maan who isn’t giving her any heap. His eyes were on his Geet, his jaan. Without fearing anything.

Geet: No need to do that Maria, can you give us some privacy and do your other work.

Maria knew she is indicating towards Ayush and she nodded briefly. But before going she again turned towards them.

Maria: If this is the same person I’m thinking him to be, then girl, I know why you never looked at another man in your life. He owns you.

Geet: Maria,

Maria: And his eyes reflects same pain I seein your eyes everyday for these 4yrs. I can say, he isn’t  as happy as u wanted him to be.

With the last word she left only to make Maan look bewilder.  He looked at her in disbelief.

Maan: how could you think by loosing u i would ever be happy?


They sat there in silence for a long time, facing each other and seating just opposite each other. Him looking at her unabashedly and her looking everywhere but him. Finally Geet sighed.

Geet: Why are u here Maan?

Maan: will u listen or again start running.

Geet stared at the clock: Can we talk some other day, you can come to myoffice and,

Maan: I don’t think so. I have wasted enough time. So I want to start now.

Geet:Maan it’s too little too late.

Maan did not paid any attention to her dismissals.

Maan: Ziais not my child. Ved married her and only after 1 yr of dating. It was a love marriage.. when I agreed to Marry Shilpa,

He stopped to look at Geet who was looking in his withher own pained eyes. This topic is still so hurtful for her but knowing Maan won’t stop till he gets out with everything she kept to be silent.

Maan: I agreed because Heer tried to commit suicide. I was so frightened that I never stop to think what I was doing.

Geet looked downward. Atleast now she knew why he did what he did. And why Zia’s eyes were so similar to Maan.

Maan: I was wrong. I was so wrong. I should have slapped her on her childish behaviour. I was so worried for her i never thought how many lives I was destroying.

Irony is that I knew I will suffer in this the most because I thought someday someone will love u more than me. He will erase every pain I gave u. But. When You left, I knew I had destroyed my life with my own hand. And your happiness too. From that moment nothing really mattered to me. I just wanted you because from that moment my heartbeat left me. I was living just to search you. To tell you I won’t be able to survive without you.

I am so sorry Geet. I want you for me, call me selfish but I am living every second for you, in a hope some day you will forgive me and come back to me.

Geet’s eyes were closed tightly trying to muffle the sob but she knew Maan was right in front of her, on his knees. He wanted to hold her but did not knew if he have the right. When she composed herself, she opened her eyes. With a broken whisper.

Geet: It’s too late Maan.

Just then they both heard the sound: Mummyyyyy I’m home. See I left Maria. She is becoming old mummy.

Geet stared at Maan as realization drawn upon him and he turned to see Ayush in his uniform with a cute smile standing on the door. Just behind is Maria, saying a silent sorry to Geet.

Geet closed her eyes and wiped out all pain from her face plastering a happy smile.

Geet: Jaldi se change karlo. Maria will help you. Jyada tang mat karna.

Maria left with Ayush and Geet felt the room was closing on her.

Geet: I think you should leave now.

But Maan was only looking at Ayush’s retreat back, then he looked at Geet with a pain that slayed her.

Maan: How could you? How could you punish me like that? Why did you not tell me? Yes I made a mistake but why would not correct me Geet? Kyun nahi bataya? Kyun?

He left her and forcefully ran his hand in his hair: It was all my mistake. It was all my fault. What have I done? How could I missed it. How many mistakes I would do in this life. I let you go, I let you endure all these alone? Aur kitni galti karunga main?

Geet could see the pain and torment in his eyes. His face showed his regret. He was crying and all she could do is just to see it.

Maan: You should have told me. I may not deserve him or you but I deserved to know my child. To know you were safe in all those yrs. How will I ever repent it?

Geet: kya batana chahiye tha mujhe?

Maan: God damn, you should have told me I have a son. A beautiful son.

Geet: what makes you believe he is yours?

Maan just stares at her bewildered. He tried to search something on her face but she never gave up. His Geet trully has changed. She could conceal her emotion so beautifully.

Maan whispered: he is mine. He is mine.

Geet: how can u tell that? How can you say he is yours. I could have moved on.

Maan: are u telling me he is not? Are you telling me u love someone else? You h,have s,someone else?

This beautiful man stuttering with so much emotions break her heart. But she have to do it.

Geet: I asked you. Ans me.

Maan looked at her eyes, there was pain, secrecy.

Maan: If u tell me he is not mine, still I love him. You know why? Because he is yours. I still love you. And I fell in love with him when he called u mummy. I just love him. And it makes him mine.

With that he undone her. She closed her eyes shedding the tears she tried so hard. They both did not know when they came closer and she find her solace in his arms. He hides her in him, soaked all her pain in his heart and let her cry all she wanted.

Unknown to both of them Maria smiled, finally, maybe just maybe this sweet tattered girl can find her truely ever after. But then Maria fears too. Will their relation withstand the truth? If their love is enough strong after 4 and half yr maybe it will go beyond that too. Who knows?

Precap: secret and secrets……

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5 responses to this post.

  1. Finally maaneet conversation made my mind relief.so ved married shilpa.geet knew,she is life of maan.how could she thought zia is maan shilpa s daughter????shilpa understood it nd sent maan to geet.maria now know,why geet love maan so much.maan want to accept ayush with geet when geet told him,ayush is not his child.uffff cant wait for next.want lots of scene of maaneet in khurana family


  2. It was such an emotional update
    Loved the line Kyo aaye ho Meri zindagi mein wapis”Apni zindagi ko wapis le jane. Geet again ran away and Maria she just by seeing could recognise how much pain maan is enduring. Finally maan told her he hasn’t married shilpa but why did geet said that it’s too late. And maan he trust geet alot and he was so guilty by leaving geet alone.
    I didn’t understand why is geet backing herald when she knows maan is just her.
    Why was Maria saying would their relation take all the secrets what had happened to geet in past
    Waiting to read all the secrets.


  3. Love it live how maan is willing to accept geet in any circumstances weather she has moved k or not weather ayush is his or not weather she has moved on or not any punishment she wants to give him he will take live how they ended up comforting each other without even realising it only bad bit update ended to soon awesome live it sorry late read my dad’s birthday


  4. Awesome update.


  5. Feeling downright emotional & in tears…how Geet yearned for her Maan all these years…just can’t imagine how torn Geet must have felt seeing Shilpa with Zia at that very moment…it jolted her back to the truth as she believed that Maan & Shilpa were married & Zia was his child. Thankfully Shilpa encouraged him to go after Geet…he keeps feeling that he has no more rights on her…

    What Maan must have felt to see the way his soul lived…alone…in a tiny house…comparing it to the way she used to live like a true princess in her younger days…he could not stop himself from feeling so proud of his Geet…although he was broken to know how that she travels in a bus…struggles to make her ends meet…how it must have torn him apart…

    Finally the moment I have been waiting for…Maaneet face off & Maan learning about Ayush…Maria is so sharp & correctly judged Maan so well after what she witnessed…Maan was shocked to hear that Geet felt he would have been happy all these years…although Geet tried to stop the confrontation because Ayush could come any moment…luckily Maan didn’t give in… he came straight to the point about Shilpa & Zia…and why he was forced to marry Shilpa…why does Geet say it’s too late? Doesn’t she want to give herself & Maan that chance? How pained Maan was hearing that…

    And then came Ayush…Maan’s reaction, pain & regret just broke me down…Ayush is Maan’s baby…no matter who says anything otherwise…because Ayush is a part of Geet and can anyone stop Maan from loving her…finally Geet let’s herself go and breaks down in Maan’s arms…ultimate yaar…absolutely loved it…but what is the secrets & truth that Maria was thinking about? I am too eager & curious to know dearie. Do update soon pls…


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