Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 47


Part 47

After so many yrs Maan found his heart beating again, Geet was holding him so close to her and her tears soaked cheeks were pressed against his chest. He felt complete. Maybe just maybe he will get his forever. But then with a small voice their trance broke and so did Geet. She pushed him away with a little force, wipping her face. And with that she broke his hope too.

Ayush: Maria, is mummy crying? And why she is hugging him? Who is he?

Geet: Ayush.

Ayush: why were u crying?

Geet smiles at her cute angry 4yr toddler son.

Ayush: Did you say something to my mummy? She never cries.

Geet sternly: Ayush.

Ayush: But mummy.

Geet: I am not crying see, and what I told u?

Ayush looked down: Never talk rudely to anyone.

Geet: good, say sorry.

Ayush was still suspicious but he can never say no to his mummy, so he agreed.

Ayush: Sorry. who is he?

Geet looked at Maan who was looking at Ayush with disbelief and awe. She felt the pang, wish she could do something.

Geet: He is a friend of mummy Ayush.

Geet could see the hurt in Maan’s eyes but she choose to ignore it as Ayush started bouncing.

Ayush: Really? He ran towards Maan. Finally she has a friend, she never had a friend you know, I am sorry, I was rude but don’t make my mummy cry ever. She never makes any friend. You are special. Then Ayush turned to Geet,, will he come tomorrow?

Geet: I think u should eat 1st then we will see.

Ayush made a grumpy face: Maria said u made pizza but i could not find it.

Geet totally forgot what she told Maria, and looking at Maria she just shrugged. She has only one way now.

Geet: sorry baby, I told Maria I’ll make it but I totally forgot, but we can go to ur fav pizza place, what say?

Ayush was laughing and bouncing in excitement but Geet was still worried for Maan as he had not uttered a single word till now and she is fearing what he has to say.

Geet turned to Maan who have so many questions in his eyes but Geet doesn’t have any answer for them. Atleast not now.

Geet: can we talk somewhere else?

Maan: I wont ask u anything Geet, I blv when u trust me enough, u’ll tell me. But,,, can I request u something?

Geet chewed her inner cheeks and nodded: Can I, can be a part of his life?

Geet closed her eyes to stop the flood and somehow she managed. When she opened them she can only see his pleading eyes.

Maan: I promise I won’t say or ask any stupid things. I will be as silent as u want, just let me in.

Ayush: Friend u also join us, Raman uncle have the best pizza in the world.

Geet smiled at her kid then looked at Maan who was looking at Ayush so wistfully. She doesn’t want to break this battered man’s hope anymore. So she nodded in agreement.

Maria gave a lopsided smile to Geet then winked at Maan. Geet’s face was red like a tomato where Maan found a little hope to smile. He is feeling so many things but can’t express any of them. For now it’s all about Ayush and Geet. His feeling can be analyse later. (Yes there will be a whole chapter for maan, but for nor tich is in a flow of Maaneet and Ayush, ohh and Maria)

Maria and Ayush headed for the exit where Geet stayed back to lock the doors and to see other things. She expected Maan to follow Ayush and Maria but when she turned he was right there in front of her. She can see appreciation in his eyes. Yes she knew he understands how much responsible she has become. His eyes reflects his admiration for that. She is pretty proud of herself too.

Geet: Ayush we need to take taxi,

Ayush made a face: Again in garage? Geet nodded smiling, knowing Ayush will sulk for sometime but will be back to his chripy self soon.

Suddenly Ayush came to Maan’s side and held his hand.

Ayush: You are new to this place. Aren’t u? Mummy says we should always help new ppl. Let’s go, I’ll show u the road. Maan just nodded, mesmerised to see the responsibility of a kid.

Maria nudged her to see the scene and Geet looked at it dumbfounded. She knew however she try to give all love and happiness to Ayush he still crave a man’s constant presence especially when he growing up.

On the other hand Maan listened to the kid silently. He just soaked all the little voice said. he was so small, Maan just wanted to hug him and carry him but he need to be patient for his family sake. The moment he found them they became his.

Geet’s heart was in mouth to see Ayush stumble so suddenly but before he could smash his face on the rough road 2 pair of strong arms held him. Maan was on his knees checking Ayush everywhere and hugging him. She knew the feeling. The fear. She wiped the lone tear from her eyes and placed her hand on his shoulder and like a breeze she settled his nervousness and fear, with only a warm smile.

Ayush: uff friend, tum to mummy jaisa karte ho. See I’m fine. Agar main gir bhi jau mummy will kiss my hurt away. She heals me just like that. He showed with a twist.

Yes Maan knew how Geet used to kiss his wounds and just like they talked with eyes. Lost in the past. Ayush tugged Maan breaking their eye contact.

They reached the garage but only to Ayush’s disappointment. Maan’s heart skip a beat seeing the old beaten up car but he did not showed it to Geet who was telling sorry to Ayush.

Maan: If u don’t mind my driver is around here with my car. We can take that.

Geet was hesitant for a moment which further deepen the knife in his heart. Seeing Ayush’s excitment Geet finally agreed.

Geet: But your car would not have a child seat in it.

Maan: you have it in your car?

Geet: yes.

Maan: we can shift it there.

And it was done. Ayush insisted he will sit at the front and with a lot of explanation he finally succeed, that doesn’t mean Geet is happy with it. She made a big face but Maan and Ayush high 5 each other. When everyone took their seat Geet was still worried. Maan sat on the driver seat. Through the rear mirror Maan assured her with his eyes that he will keep him safe. And she trust him with it.

Maria: no wonder you are puddle in both of their hands. At first it was ayush or so I thought but I think it was the other one.

Only if she knew how much control he always had on her. For Maria she was looking outside the window but for Maan she was observing him and Ayush interaction. Few times He caught her eyes but she looked away as soon as he stared back. He knew he had a long way to walk on it. And he is ready.

Finally they reached the pizza parlour. It was a very beautiful and homely place. It looks like the owner knew Geet and Ayush.

Geet: Hey Sonia can we have a table?

Sonia: Ofcourse darling. You always have a table here.

Geet: I am so thankful to have a friend like you.

Sonia: No matter how much busy we are dad won’t give your table. You know he loves the little guy. Suddenly her eyes fell on Maan,, Oh my, who is this hottie?

Sonia is same age as Geet and she helps her father Ramanlal Choudhary.They aren’t bengalis and like Geet they feel closer to find their keen. So Geet and Mr choudhary hit it off on day one. He and Sonia along with his wife became a part of Geet’s life like no other. Yes she did not have a friend becuse the little she has here is like family.

Sonia nudged her again to show Maan, Geet was stiff like a cardboard which earned a snort from Maria.

Maria: Good luck with it.

Sonia made a face: I don’t think I’ll like the answer, and He is soothing to the eyes. So for now I will keep hitting on him.

Geet shook her head in disbelief, knowing Sonia is just a romantically softie she doesn’t give any heap.

Maan saw the interaction between Geet and the old man. Trully she had left everything and made her own relation. She is not a dependable little brat anymore but more sophisticated lovable lady whom everyone loves. But for Maan, he loves his Geet for everything. Faults and all.

Ayush ordered his fav which is coincidently Maan’s fav too. Geet watched them bonding on little things. A new shine has entered in Maan’s eyes and her heart dip a little. She doesn’t want to held the truth from him but she doesn’t want to make any haste decision.

When the time came to pay the bill Geet wasn’t happy to let him pay but Maan was adament.

Geet: Maan you can’t.

Maan: Please don’t argue here.

Geet: but.

Maan gave a look to shut her up and she did.

Sonia: Wow you really are something if u can shut her up just like that. She would never let us take that on the house. she insist she pays her son’s every needs and here she did not put a fight.

Maria: every girl has a weakness, and I sense here 2.

Geet stood up: tomorrow sharp 5pm. Gotta lots of work, a little help would be good.

Sonia’s dad shouted his agreement: We will be there.

Geet smiled and bid a wave.

On reaching home Ayush was fast asleep. Looks like all the play and excitement wore him off. Maan wanted to pick him up and carry to the house but he is not pushing his luck anymore.

Maria: I’ll take him in the house.

Maan helped her by getting him out of the car and placing him on her arms. But before Maria can go Ayush held his hand.

Ayush: kal tum ayoge na friend? Mera birthday hain.

He was too sleepy to talk more but Maan nodded and he dozed off.

Geet: Good ni8 Maan.

She knew she can’t walk away like that but she was hoping against all hope.

Maan held her hand: Was he premature?

Geet closed her eyes hearing him, yet she could not say a word.

Maan: I know I told you I won’t ask you anything, but I want to know so much about him, about you. These questions won’t leave me in peace.

Geet: Leave it for now pls,

Maan: Will you stay?

This question can mean so much, she just couldn’t think what he meant by it.

Maan: For a few mins atleast.

Geet looked in his eyes: You know we can’t start where we left.

Maan nodded: I know. There are lots of ppl who doesn’t deserves punishment for my mistakes and yet they are facing it for past 4 yrs. Will you talk to them?

Geet regrets every moment she thinks about Priti maa. her friends Sid and Pari but whenever she wanted to talk to them circumstances held her up, and Ayush came 1st in her priorities.

Geet: I will.

Maan sighed and once again looked at the house, searching Ayush in it. Her heart pains for him. And going against all her inhibitions she asked him one question she never tought she will do.

Geet: will you come tomorrow?

And like that his face lit up, a little hope shining in his eyes: Can I come?

Geet nodded: Birthday boy invited you. You must come.

Maan: I would love to.

Geet: Great. See u then.

Maan: I never thought it will be so awkward between us but I guess we still need time.

Geet wanted to ask him, what he thought would have happened when they met. But that never happened.

Geet: Me too. So much has happened

Maan: But we are still who we were.

Geet looked lost: no we are not. You have changed, I have changed. We have grown,,

Maan: matured? My anger left me when My life left me.

Geet looked so deep in his eyes: I have changed Maan. I am not ur old Geet. That carefree, self centered Geet died the day I held Ayush in my hand, took his responsibility all alone. You may find Geet but you can’t see that Geet you loved once. This is a mother of a 4yr old kid, I have responsibilities, i have obligation. I do not want you to rush in anything just because you feel guilty.

Maan pulled her closer and for a moment her heart stopped. Then it started beating so frantically she feared he can hear it.

Maan: yes you have changed. Yes you have matured, yes you are a mother and your first priority is Ayush. But I love all of you. Everything of you. Kal pyar kiya tha, aaj karta hu. Hamesha karta rahunga. I love your everything. If I have to prove it, then I will.

Geet closed her eyes: kab tak? Kab tak koshish karoge?

Maan placed his forehead on her: till I get a place in your and Ayush’s life. Till I get back my family.

Geet: If there is no place left, then? What will you do?

Maan: I’ll still stay beside you, and make a new place. Or I’ll wait for you to give me a little.

Geet could not say any more words because words never express true feelings. Its one heart to tell without being loud or noisy and another to understand silently.

Precap: Maan’s life.

© All Copyrights Reserved. Tich-Mg 2017


7 responses to this post.

  1. love it maan has got his geet and he isn’t going to let her go again looks like they both need time hopefully they can rebuild their trust and relation especially now with auysh to love it awesome


  2. Feeling bad for maan.atleast geet has ayush but maan has none.he detouch him from everyone why geet said,they can’t stay like before.ayush is a lovely child.he instant mixed with maan.who is the father of him?me eagerly wan know


  3. No matter how the story is going u always manage to leave us with a smile in this ff ..
    Come back soon
    Loved this one ..waiting for more



  4. You always move me to tears with your beautiful emotional stories and updates my dear…once again as I read this update there are tears in my eyes…Because I feel the agony, anguish and despair felt by both Geet and Maan…Geet is Maan’s life and heartbeat…He died the day she left him due to his actions…now holding her he felt alive and breathing…but it was shortlived as Ayush came back and started off asking questions. I believe that Ayush is Maan’s baby. He can’t be anyone else’s…I feel a father’s pain…A parent’s pain…Never knowing the existence of his child and to find him standing in front of you…The emotional turmoil is overwhelming..Maan is overwhelmed by his emotions first by Geet and now by Ayush…his heart and mind is a fighting such a battle…He feels a loser…He already feels that Geet will never forgive him or accept him…he considers himself unworthy of Geet and now…Ayush?

    I don’t like anyone hitting on Maan yaar…And that Sonia is doing that yaar:(:(:( I am curious about Ayush’s birthday…What will happen? I can feel Maan’s pain of having to be an outsider for his son and his Geet…his soul…Maria can see & judge Maan for who he is…which is why she is able to tell Geet why she was always under Ayush’s affectionate control…Its because Maan is encompassed within Ayush…

    Why does Geet turn him away? Why she says that they can never start off from where their relationship ended? Yes whatever Maan did was so unforgivable…I am also super angry on him…But I want to know what is running in Geet’s mind. Why she says she don’t want to hide the truth but…? What is the truth? Is it about Ayush or is it about herself? Its about herself? Is that why Ayush was born premature? Is that why she does not want to accept Maan now? Because there is nothing left in her anymore? I am dying out of curiosity dear…Pls update soon if possible.


  5. Apologies for this late comments. I have been reading this update over & over again…because its very heart wrenching for me.


  6. Pl update ur stories we r waiting….


  7. Posted by sumasridhar123 on October 13, 2017 at 11:53 am

    Can I join ur blog


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