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Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 40


Happy New Year friends…

Part 40

The moment Geet sat down beside him in front of the holy fire suddenly both recalled the day they met for the first time in HP in the rain. Maan remember the way she was dancing, twirling in the heavy rain. How her beauty and the innocent spark caught a moth to the fire. Their first kiss and Geet’s angry snarl. A ghost of smile appeared on maan’s lips as he looked at Geet. There was only a hint of her eyes from the veil which dance on the same emotion.

Geet recalled the first time Maan had walked towards her and scared the hell out of her but she kept her cool. The way he declared she will be his and the kiss. Her first kiss. She never said what was that because she couldn’t suppressed the fireworks and anger which worked together. It was bone melting and heart thundering but she kept that to herself and molded it to her anger because she didn’t wanted to feel anything for this devil but still their destiny met and made her his possession.

Geet saw the smirk playing on his face and unknowingly her stomach knotted and a little hint of blush spread on her neck. Maan lowered towards her.

‘wait a little more Jaan then I will watch how much more u can blush.’

Her heart shuddered and her teeth sunk on the rosy lips making Maan groan. Geet couldn’t help but smile. She looked at him again thinking is he really happy or it just for her but seeing his eyes plastered on her she felt somewhat relief. Maybe for her but he is happy. Be that the thought of her ownership or possessing her but he is the captor of her soul. She can just wish his arrogance and dark side wouldn’t demolish it.

When Maaneet took the 7 phera and took their vow Gulgule and Monalisa added themselves to Geet by holding her duppatta’s both end and started running round round. Some chuckle and some laughed seeing the cute antics but Geet held her breath to hear maan’s shouting or glaring at them. When nothing came she looked at Maan who was looking clearly amusing. He shook his head then started taking the phera. After 4th round when Geet came forward again Gulgule and Monalisa came between Maan and Geet which earn more laughter. Rano tried to take them but they wouldn’t budge their place.

When it came to put sindoor on her forehead pari came forward and helped maan holding Geet’s veil. Geet looked at pari and jay her 2 best friend who were always there for her and today also they couldn’t miss their Geet’s big day. Somewhere both understood geet’s feeling for Maan but that doesn’t mean they have to like him. Well feeling was mutual to Maan cz he couldn’t care about them. Geet looked at her parents shredding tears for her. Her father looked happy and relieved. Maybe like her he also had doubt. When pandit asked for kanyadan she looked at her father who was clearly surprised and emotional. He had kissed her forehead and in that moment she knew her father loved her always. Tears sprinkled her eyes but Maan held her hand stopping them. She never believe in marriages but when it came she couldn’t say the same. Maybe she tried but like every girl she also loved these ritual and the thought about becoming her love’s better half.

When the time came for Bidai Geet cried a lot. She never thought she will cry so much but when the thought finally entered her that she is leaving her 22yrs life back here some tears spilled out. She cried holding her father, her friends, her mumma and then specially her 2 cute pie. Geet was turning red for crying so long but not only Geet but the 2 cute started bowling when Rano tried to take them.

Maan scratched his nape in frustration. Then took both puppies in both hand. For a moment Geet was terrified seeing that and Monalisa Gulgule started making small sounds. Maan saw the look of fear, his eyes turned blank and he shoved the 2 puppies in his car. Geet’s eyes were wide.

‘They are coming with us??’

Maan simply shrugged in response and others only stared at him dumbfounded.

‘Can we leave now or u want to water plant more.’

Geet’s mouth fell to the ground and tears converted in anger.

‘You are insensitive.’

She greeted her teeth but Maan only shrugged away. Others smiled looking at them and Rano’s worry evaporate like that. For the last time Geet hugged her mother and wiped her tears then sat down in the car. Maan took his seat beside her and the driver took out the car in the drive way.

As soon Geet took her seat the 2 cuties came on her lap tackling each other to have a better place. Geet smiles at them then rubbed their ears. A smile adorned her lips. Her eyes travel towards Maan and her smile instantly vanished seeing the anger in his eyes. She recalled the few min and remembered the way she reacted when Maan had a hold on Monalisa and Gulgule. She placed the dogs on the backseat and leaned on Maan.

‘Maan I m sorry, I didn’t mean to,,,,’

Before she can say anything Maan held her waist and brought her on his lap. Geet’s hand gripped his shoulder as it was so sudden. Their face were inches apart, Geet looked at the driver cautiously but he wasn’t even hearing anything. She looked at Maan who’s eyes were on her only.


He brought her face closer so that his breath can fall on her lips. She tremble with the affect. Maan’s intense eyes caresses her every feature. He looked so hungry that Geet felt the warm sensation spreading in her body. His thumb rubbed her cheek slowly then it went on her full lips. She shivered with the touch. Her parted lips spread some fire through his vein. He wanted to taste those plump lips but he knew one simple touch can never satisfy his need not now.

Not finding maan’s lips on her she opened her eyes only to find him smirking on her. Geet cutely pouted seeing he is teasing her. She pushed him a little but he didn’t budge an inch.

‘I thought u were angry for my behavior but u were teasing me. Didn’t u?’

Maan’s eyes suddenly turned serious ‘Geet I want u to understand one thing, I won’t hurt u by hurting them. I know I have hurt u a lot in the past month but from now I don’t want to see u hurt or scared or unhappy. I want my jungli billi, my wild cat who can fight me anytime without thinking the consequence. U get that right?’

Geet only stared at him then nodded silently. Just then they heard a sound.

‘bow bow’

Maan groaned and Geet giggled. Gulgule looked at Geet with innocent puppy eyes.

‘awe mera baccha, hum jaldi pouch jayenge.’

Maan looked at Gulgule feeling irritated but looking like Gulgule liked being Geet’s first priority. He snuggled close to Geet, Maan shook his head in disbelieve.

‘wait till I kick u out of my SR room.’

Maan mumble enough audible for Geet who blushed furiously and Maan groan in dismay. Finally they arrived the Haveli. Geet looked a little nervous. First its her Grihaprabesh and it seems none is here as the place isn’t even decorated. Her face fell a little seeing none was waiting for them. Soon her eyes widen feeling Maan bending on her on the other side of the car and then scoops her in his arm. Her all worry just jumped out of the window and a sudden rush of heat spread on her neck and face. She heard maan’s groan.

‘Don’t tempt me sweetheart or else I have to take u right now.’

Geet hide her face in his neck and the 2cuties followed them in the huge palace. Maan carried her eternity effortlessly. Geet saw the room and instantly stiffen. It was’t even decorated for their first night. Still she didn’t said anything. As Maan placed her on the bed she gave him a weak smile then looked at Gulgule and Monalisa. She was little apprehensive to ask about what will he do with him. Will he really kick out them?

Maan had seen her glowing face falling and for a moment he panicked. He followed her eyes and then saw so many emotion flicking but she didn’t even ask any. He had noticed she didn’t asked anything about his family or those ridiculous post marriage ritual which should have been done by his family. Family!!! He smiles ironically. Then his gaze shifted on Geet who’s eyes were on her puppies.

‘I haven’t kick them cz,’

Geet looked at Maan with question and confusion.

‘cz I have something else to do.’

Instantly he saw her eyes falling in dismay. Her face showed hurt but she only nodded her head. She stood up and stared at the bathroom.

‘what u r doing Geet?’

Without thinking Geet blurted ‘I need to change from this heavy thing but I can’t see my suitcase.’

‘You can’t see them because they aren’t here. But you have something else to wear.’

He walked towards the closet then opened it. There was huge selection of Indian and Western outfit. Her eyes widen seeing the huge collection but then her eyes met him with confusion. Where is her own dresses and why he had done her closet like this. And course why he isn’t pounding on her. Geet gulp her seemingly to disappear the blush but Maan saw that. Now a days he can read her like open book.

He took slow measured steps like a predator. Geet’s heartbeat rose incredibly. He touched her blushing cheek with his finger then leaned on her lips.

‘I m trying damn hard to control but u aren’t helping any Geet.’

His voice was low, it gave her shiver. Without warning he captured her juicy lips in his and a groan left his throat. It was wild, as well as warming. His lips and tongue devour her, she can do only whimper in ecstasy. His hand found her soft back. Pulling rubbing squeezing he brought her closer while his lips nipped her lips. Her hands were shuffling his hair. he could care less. He kiss became furiously sensual. When Geet thought she couldn’t take anymore Maan suddenly pulled away. Coldness swept over her and she looked at him in frustration. Maan only smirked at her which was enough to make her angry. She tried to push him but he was way too heavy. After few futile attempt she stopped it and looked away. Maan kissed her neck then bite it.

‘I can never have enough of u but we have to stop. Or we will destroy my plans.’

Geet looked at him with confusion and Maan can only tugged her closer.

‘Your all cloths are in my jet. At least those which u need there. And few were purchased by personal shopper. Rest of ur cloths are in Delhi. your mom helped with the arrangements and your likes and dislikes.’

Geet’s mouth fell to the ground and Maan ran his tongue on her uper lips.

‘Stop doing that or we won’t make to the destinations for the first night or day or whatever.’

Geet giggled seeing his desperation.
‘Means you don’t have work.’

Maan looked at her in amusement.

‘who said I will work when I can be entertain with other things.’

He bite her neck while Geet laughed but then her eyes went on her puppies. Worry cross over her as she asked weakly.

‘what about them? What will Gulgule and Monalisa do without me?’

‘If u hurry up we can still take them with us.’

Geet looked at him shocked, Maan shrugged his shoulder as if it’s natural. Geet suddenly grinned and smacked her lips on him. Her teeth took the lower lips of his then sucked his upper lips. Maan groaned and tighten his grip on her.

Precap: can they make to the jet before doing something???? Tich wondering.

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Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 39


Part 39

Geet opened her eyes only to find her mother sitting beside her smiling and adoring her daughter. Geet smiles and hugged her mother then again tried to sleep on her shoulder.

Rano smiles seeing her daughter’ get up gudiya rani. Aaj teri shadi hain aur tu itni der tak so rahi hain.’

Geet opened her one eye and saw the time is 7, then again closed it, but soon a giggle erupt her lips as 2 little tongue started licking her feet. Geet tried to jerk but then the 2 cutei came on her side and started licking her cheek. Geet rolled with laughter. Some time later Rano also join them.

‘mumma please aap nahi.’

She laughed so heard that tears rolled down her cheeks. She is not very much ticklish but she can never stand gulgule’s licking her feet or anywhere and gulgule knew it because its his trick every time he need something. Seeing gulgule monalisa also started mimicking him. Atlast they stopped and Geet’s eyes landed on Rano’ s teary face. Concern spreads through Geet as she leapt for her mother.

‘why are u crying mumma. I had never seen u crying for so long.’

Rano smiles and caresses her face
‘it’s my happiness Geet. I had never seen u so much happy since your childhood when,,’

‘papa loved us.’

Rano sighed ‘you know he still loves u Geet and that’s why he is so happy. Whatever happened between us always affected you to some extent but remember No Father can Hate his Child Geet. Your father loves u and u have to let go of the past as u r forwarding towards your future. I m so happy beta that Maan makes u happy. Whatever happiness snatched away from u in ur childhood has return with Maan. I can see the happiness. Now u have to walk ahead. Don’t look back into the bitterness. Look forward.’

Geet looked at her mother. So many years she had endures everything for her. So many years she stayed in a loveless marriage just for her daughter. And still she doesn’t want to see her daughter’s hatred for the man who is her husband only namesake. But maybe just maybe her mother still loves the father of her child.

Rano kissed Geet’s forehead, ‘tu bhi soch rahi hogi sirf Aaj ki din tu hain yaha aur main kitna sare baate leke baith gayi lekin beta meri yeh sab baate yaad rakhna. Maan seems to care for you a lot and though he said you both were in a relationship for long but u know I don’t believe it much. I know when u r in love and when not… And I absulately believe you r now in love..’

Geet’s jaw dropped down seeing the smirk on her mother’s lips.

‘ok now get ready. Everyone is waiting for your haldi.’

Rano went away while Geet only stare at the door. All the while her mother knew and waited for her to fall for a devil. But she doesn’t know Maan so well so Geet can’t or won’t blame her.

Few purring and soft pushing made her attention shift on the cute cuddle puppies. She looked at their baby faces and then cuddle them closely. Gulgule squealed as Geet started kissing is cheek or rather say fur. Its weird the dogs likes her kisses while the method of pleasing a dog is rubbing tummy or scratching behind their ear. But here Geet kissed and cuddle both the puppy and they liked it very much.

Haldi and then Chuda rasam went well. Geet was little disappointed for not hearing from Maan in the whole day. She was even heartbroken when dadi came to give her shagun and told her Maan hadn’t performed any ritual as he doesn’t like or agreed to all this ‘rasam’. He said he will join them at the marriage time which disturbed Geet a lot though she tried to hide the fact but dadima saw the sadness and apologised behalf of Maan. Geet only requested not to say all that to Rano. She actually enjoyed and became emotional when Mohindar offered to make her wear the Chuda as Geet doesn’t have any mama(maternal uncle).

As the time passed Geet’s insecurity increased and the fear Maan won’t come for the marriage leapt in her heart. She recalled every moment with Maan as the tears started leaking out. She looked at her dark mahendi. Everyone said her hubby will love her immensely but now every kind of insecurity blind her any hope for his love. Barat is late by 30 min someone had told her but all her concentration was on the mobile. She debated calling him and then cut the call before it connected. 30 mins turned 1 hour and the tears started flowing. Thank god none was in her room except the 2 jewel of her heart. Monalisa sat on her lap while Gulgule sat beside her feet.

Suddenly someone shouted Barat has arrived and Maan was in a lavish car breaking the ritual which Geet only chuckle. She was so happy and relieve that Maan had finally came for the marriage. Geet left a sigh of relief but she wanted to see him with her own eyes. She went on the single balcony from where front view was clear but not much ppl can see her because of the huge flower plants. Geet bent a little to see Maan coming out from the car. He was wearing a red sherwani. His broad shoulder hugged the material perfectly molding his huge muscle filled body. He looked mouth watering.


Geet blushed, a cute smile played on her lips but then her eyes met his. It was empty. He looked blank. No happiness or victory, only a blank look somewhere between bored and irritated. Her heart sank and the smile vanished. A sickening insecure beat came out but then she saw the concern in his eyes which was following her eyes then cheeks. Geet was amazed seeing Maan observing her face. Then realization drawn on her and she immediately shook her head then wiped the tears away.

‘Shadi se pehle barat aur dulhe ko dekhna apshagun hota hain. Hey bhagwan ye ladki to hamare naak katane pe tuli hai hain.’

Geet heard her aunt shouting on top of her lungs and immediately ducked her face in the Dupatta as a ritual. She came in to the room after glancing at Maan for the last time. Maan saw the worry in them, pain insecurity all were there like a open book. She looked so vulnerable yet he can’t do anything not when he doesn’t believe in this farce. It’s just for Geet n her family specially for her mother. If it was on him he would have never did this farce. But seeing Rano so affectionately doing all ritual something twisted in him.

Maan followed Rano’s every instructions on every rasam and seeing the happiness on her face Maan felt happy maybe for the first time. He had never felt these emotion. He never got affection n he hated fakeness. He knew not one person other than Rano is trully happy. But Rano’s happiness matter to him which is weird to him also. He didn’t believe in family and love.

Till the moment he was so bored. From morng dadima was hell bent on doing all kind of irritating things. And those giggling of the girls made him annoyed. Their advanced made him snap then he lose his control and blasted on them. He didn’t regret actually, all those ritual was nothing for him. So he did what made him feel numb. He did excise for 3 hour non stop. It was only Aadi who stopped him and informed about a important meeting. He actually worked on his wedding day till the last min. Then Aadi brought a sherwani which earn a groan from Maan but instantly Geet’s red lahenga and her flushed face flashed in front of him making him hard instantly. He joined them after few mins so they were late an hour but never in his wildest dream he thought Geet will be so upset with him.

Yes he saw the happiness on her face seeing him but that doesn’t explain the tears in her eyes and her cheek. Then it drawn upon him he was the reason. No she wasn’t unhappy with the marriage but the thing he was late and utterly bored didn’t help her insecurity. Geet was behaving weird for some day and emotional too but it wasn’t her fault. He never gave her anything to feel secure in his life. She may always wait for lose end for the fall but he won’t give her the chance.

Last few days weren’t good at all. For the first time Maan had remembered his father. For the first time he felt insecure. For the first time he wanted to please some one. He had never did all those thing ever in eternity. So many first thing and all those for Geet.

After Geet’s running away from Delhi actually made him furious and insecure as same amount. He want her with him every moment of life but he couldn’t say about his trust issue and his fucked up life. What if she run away after knowing it. He had never believed a single female in his life well one exception but that was another thing. Geet was diferent, though he had said all horrible things but with trust issue he can’t help but imagine only worst. Then again here she tried to break their marriage, not that he believed in that farce but he knew Atleast Geet believe it. She should get the marriage which maybe her mother dreamed. He had seen the wish in Rano’s eyes and as ridiculous it is he liked Rano and don’t want to hurt her which is another exception. He never respected his own grandmother like the way he did for Rano.

‘Hamare shagun dijiye or else u won’t coming to marry Geet’

Maan heard some girl’s seductive voice. Apparently it was some of her cousin but she only disgust him. Just to avoid another sultry voice coming anywhere near him he placed a bundle of cash and ignored the shock expression of ppl. Rano performed some ritual and when it came to cleaning his feet Maan jumped like he was on fire. Everyone lughed and he glared them.

‘ye sirf rasam hain beta’

Rano’s amusing voice warmed Maan but he still held her hand from touching his feet.

‘I don’t like all this. It’s old fashioned.’

Some didn’t like his tone, his arrogant behavior but Rano looked at his eyes which didn’t met her at all. Dadi looked at Maan surprised and Aadi was double shocked seeing his rude boss actually caring for someone. Not only dadima and Aadi understood this devil but someone else also got to know him a little more. Maan’s eyes went on the staircase as the silence spread and Geet descend from it with a mild smile. Maan can only see the luscious smile as her half face was covered with a veil. But he knew Geet had witnessed everything the smile said everything. And again for the first time MSK was speechless seeing a angelic beauty of his Geet. Yeah ‘His Geet’ who possess the power to destroy him.


Love u Tanu for the pic….

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Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 38


Part 38

Geet cursed her fate the time she agreed to meet maan at this hour. She knew she made a mistake and if she thought going to haveli was her worse mistake then coming to the private party was worst. When she reached haveli one guard informed her maan wasn’t in haveli so she did the best she can. She called him. But that was not reachable so she tried the one person she knew. Aditya aka Aadi. She had met him for few times and he seems to care for her but she knew she can’t fool herself saying that. In MSK’s world only he is the king and his men can die or kill for him. Aadi was in the list on top.

While talking to aadi geet get to know he was hiding something so she didn’t said she went to the haveli instead she asked where is Maan she need to talk to him urgently. And she has surprise for him. Aadi was sandwiched between them as he can’t say about Maan yet it’s Geet. That mean maybe just maybe his boss will like geet’s surprise. Anyway he was on edge for last some days.

Now Geet is cursing her fate and the moment she decided to come at the place Aadi’s given. Its already 9pm which means she should go her home and take rest if she want to look good on her big day. But right now who cares for look if her heart is in tornado. She has a sick feeling about all this like her heart was shuddering with every step she was taking. Why this fear was taking place she doesn’t know but she don’t like this  vulnerability. She looked at the surroundings. It was the ground floor of a lavish hotel. Interestingly none asked or stopped her in any way like she doesn’t exist infront of them at all. So taking a deep breath she pushed the door open and a nausea hit her. Looking at the dark hall illuminating with soft dim light did nothing to hide the disgusting feeling from her. Aadi said he came for a personal party, if this kind of party he meant to be personal then she was good being in dark.

The place was screaming loyalty and expensive alcohol. Her eyes went on the champion fountain. It was beautiful but the smell did nothing to make her feel better. She looked at the girls barely clad in a dress. It disgusted to see few were sitting & making out in the middle of a crowded ppl, just at the moment her heart shattered. Her eyes fell on the dancefloor where maybe some strippers were dancing but her gazed on the central of the place. She felt numb seeing the one person who possessed her dancing in the middle with a girl slipping her hand in his neck and his hands were practically on her barely cover waist.

But that was not what shattered her, it was the ugly or rather say devilish smirk that was playing on his lips. That lips which devoured and worshipped her few hours before. But it was so many hours before. Geet wanted to tore her eyes from him but he held it, he knew what he was doing. He knew it makes her disgusted and he is doing that purposely. But she couldn’t tear her gaze away from him, it was like he hypnotized her. Their gaze was locked on together and other world vanished yet it was so far to reach each other.

Finally a tear drop slid on her creamy cheek but she was oblivious as nothing else can be feel with a numb heart, right? Still she felt shattered looking at the scene where another girl was kissing his jaw. Geet instantly turned on her heel to leave the place and missed the one scene she should have known. Maan jerked the girl so hard that she fell on the floor on her face and not for a second Maan acknowledg the girl’s pain. Geet felt the silence like needle. Shame and humiliation crippled her feeling everyone’s gaze on her back. And then she heard someone.

‘seeing the love of your life in another girl’s arm must be hurting miss geet handa?’ She turned to see a girl standing beside her barely clad in a material that showed her cleavage so much that nothing left to imagine for anyone. Geet tried to leave again but that girl held her hand while smirking. She came close to her ear to whisper

‘Darling when u r upto sign the marriage certificate with MSK then u should know Girl like u can never bind him nor u can satisfy him and I assure u it’s nothing infront of the fact Its MSK and girls are just toys for him. You r new flavour, he will be bored of this marriage game and then it will be as normal as the moon in dark sky. So be prepare for what u r signing off.’

‘Seems like you have experience but sorry not interested in your free advice.’

Geet snapped her hand from the clutch of that woman and left the place. She heard his angry growl and shouts but nothing concluded in her numb brain. She even doesn’t feel the cold raindrops hugging her and soaking her pain in them. But why she is feeling betrayed? Why this pain? Does she really expected him to be one woman man? Did she think she was enough for him? How could she? She knew it’s impossible to bind him. Doesn’t she? Then why his betrayal had effected her so much.

She looked around for a seat oddly feeling tired. Her gaze fell on the park and the gate wasn’t locked. Unknowingly her legs carried her in that place. And all she did was hiding in the dark from the world. She was remembering every day she spent with Maan, few of her fearful days, few her anger filled days and those 3beautiful days with him in Delhi. How could she forget those days and now all she remember his cruel smirk seeing her. Is she only a toy for him? Can’t he feel a little more for her. But whom she is Kidding. She always knew he is a devil still it’s her fault she fell for a devil.

She doesn’t know for how many hours she was sitting like a statue but a steely grip on her arms and a jerk on her feet brought her sense and she felt the cold air hitting her skin through the thin dress. She shivered and moan in pain  but the grip didn’t loosen instead her eyes met the pair of excessive furious eyes. Those chocolate brown deep eyes that always melt her inside. For a moment she just stared at him.. Soon her illusion broke when his rough lips landed on her. She stood there numb not realizing what is happening. The only thing registered her mind was he is angry. But why he? It’s she who should be angry on him and here again he is taking his anger on her.

Geet felt her numb lips coming to it’s life and his harsh sucking made it swollen. She winch in pain feeling him biting her lips in a punishment she doesn’t know. Her fingers curled on his shirt collar to push him but he held her waist bringing her closer to him. She protested in the kiss and his touch. She felt disgusted and only memory of that girl touching him, those words of the other girl rang continuously. She cried in pain and anguish but he didn’t left her instead he increased the pressure on the kiss forcing his tongue in her mouth. She tried to close her mouth but his hand started roaming on every inch of her. She tried nor to feel but the desperation with something else was in that kiss and the way he was kissing her. Soft groans left his throat and slowly the kiss changed into something else. His tongue strokes hers softly and his fingers latched in her mane. He angled her face to access her mouth closer if that possible. Impossible as much as she thought but still a moan escaped her lips and she doesn’t know anymore if she was pushing or clutching him close.

The moment they broke the kiss her eyes went on the smirking face. Her anger frustration came back with force. And she did what she had never imagined she will ever do and her palm connected to his face. Instant horror shivered through her and she put her palm over her mouth. He looked furious, and it put her on defense. And she blurted out.

‘I hate you’

It made him mad with anger. He took step forward while she took back. Maan didn’t stopped instead he threw her over his shoulder like a sack. She threw her legs and hands in the air in faint effort to hit him but he only tighten his grip. He threw her in the passenger seat while himself took the driving wheel. She screamed cursed slapped the window to grab any attention but all she got was tiredness.

Geet doesn’t knew when she fell asleep and when Maan brought her there in the haveli. The moment she took the surroundings only one think came to her mind how did he get her in the bed without her knowing.

‘ you were wrenched out Jaan.’

‘don’t call me that’ Geet was literally shouting.

Maan chuckled and placed the soup bowl beside her bed.

‘ it’s amazing to hear your moan rather than this shouting.’

Geet felt her cheeks were burning hot with his intense gaze and then his words. For a moment she forgot why she is so mad at him. Why she was in his house and how did he get her and then in flashback everything cleared in front of her eyes. Tears threaten remembering the view of Maan in another girl’s arm. She knew all the way he can’t be an one woman person then why she felt so heart broken. She harshly wiped the tears and got out from the bed hastily only to feel embarrassed standing there only in a white shirt no inner or anything other than the see through shirt which fell barely on her upper thigh. She looked at Maan with dangerous angry eyes.

Maan smirked ‘you were moaning my name when I changed your dress’

Geet gulped her anger and looked at him aghast ‘you’

‘hmm me. You are behaving like I haven’t seen you naked. Knock knock I have done much more than that remember.’

‘you are a jerk Maan.’

‘Oops you weren’t saying that when I touched your wet skin’

It’s such a cliche she knew but still the red hue cover her cheeks that she desperately wanted to banish. Maan cleared his throat.

‘I mean you were wet from the downpour. And tom is our wedding, I don’t want you to be sick on your own wedding.’

The mere mention brought out all memory. The pain anguish and loneliness she felt in those hours. She left her house at this hour to talk to him and clear all their misunderstanding but what she got to see. Her love being swaying in another girl’s arm. Geet looked at Maan with all venom she could mutter at the moment. Maan seemed to know why she was mad. But she did hoped more than she should have.

‘Geet you shouldn’t have gate crashed my Bachelor Party’

She looked at him in disgust but it only made him smirk in delight.

‘you are jealouse Geet? I thought u loath me but right now at this hour you came for what? To spy or u missed me?’

His arrogance and ignorance only made her doubt strong.

‘You know what u r a manwhore and yes I don’t wanna marry a person like u. Don’t worry, u don’t need to come tomorrow to marry me. I m breaking this marriage right now.’

Before she can take a step back she felt herself slammed on the wall and his hard body against her back. He lowered his mouth to her ear and whispered dangerously.

‘do u remember what I said once. U try to run and I will forget how to be soft anymore and trust me darling u will regret the wedding night if I came to my real self.’

‘what will you do huh? Hit me? Kill me? Or Rape me?’

She felt herself being turned and again harshly banged on the wall. The angry grip of Maan was clearly leaving a red patch on her white velvety skin. But for now she couldn’t concentrate on them as his anger filled red eyes bored into her.

‘You don’t know what can I do Geet and trust me you don’t want to know about it.’

‘Whatever I didn’t want to see I have seen them a few hours ago with my own eyes. What can be more pathetic than than Maan?’

Maan didn’t miss the angry twitch in those hazel but with that something more bothered him. Did he saw pain in them. Whatever was it, he definitely felt calm and his face showed that. Feeling his grip loosening Geet tried to shove him only to collide his hard chest. She looked away while Maan tugged the lose strands gently.

‘You see what I want you to see.’

His voice was soft but firm. His lips touched her cheek and she shuddered. Still so responsive to him n his touch.

‘Wh-what do u m-mean?’

‘Did you ever felt the security when entering the pub Geet? How did u entered a private party, apparently MSK’s party?’

‘I thought’

‘what did u thought?’

He asked while dipping his face in her neck kissing the soft flesh. She felt weak on her knees but he didn’t let her fall. Her fingers curved on his open shirt and touched the hard skin. He bite her neck harshly and it brought her back to reality. She pushed him from her but he only increased his pressure on kissing her. She hated herself for feeling so strong for him.
‘I knew you would come but not in that place. I didn’t get the point why u went there and that’s why thought to make u jealouse.’

‘ I was not.’

Maan chuckled ‘No?’

Geet narrowed her gaze ‘what if I did that? What if I was dancing like that with another man? What if’

‘I would have killed that bastard and then you.’

It wasn’t empty threat. If another person would have said it Geet would have felt flattered but not with Maan as she knew he is dead serious. She looked at his red angry eyes. He always confused her. One moment soft and sober another moment anger flared through every inch. He is an enigma which makes her confuse like hell.

‘I don’t understand you’

She felt tired saying those words and defeated looking at him.. Tears of shame flew out. She looked away but he forced to meet her gaze. Geet turned away from him finally giving to the exhaustion. Then suddenly felt herself lifted. Knowing her devil won’t let her fall she just curled in his arm like a little kitten.

‘ I don’t know you, nothing about you. The more I come close to you the more I feel the barrier between us. I feel like you hide the big portion under the layer and I stand there with naked emotion. Why is it like this? You don’t trust me, you don’t love me still you want to keep me captivated with you, to trust you. Why is it so difficult to trust me with your secret Maan? I m so tired of this game. I don’t want to be shut down like this. I can’t live in this darkness. In your dark world where u will never trust me and become mad every moment and then behave like nothing happened. In Delhi also you accused me for being a b-bitch. Then why don’t you leave me? Clearly you can’t trust a.’

Maan didn’t let her complete as Geet placed her on the mattress and locked his mouth over her. She refuse to kiss him, refuse to let him shut away again. He kissed her with a passionate need.

‘I m a complicated full of complex man Geet. To know my different mood you have to know me. Its true I can’t trust ppl but to know me you have stay with me. Here in every sec u find a way to runaway from me. I can’t tell you my secret. What if after knowing you leave me like everyone.’

Geet looked at his eyes ‘you do feel I can’t leave you, right? You r too powerful to ditch..’

Maan smiles a little so did Geet. He brought her above him while they lay on the bed.

‘Maan you have to trust me. Locking me in a house won’t make me loyal to you but I feel suffocated in this life. You have to let me in Maan. Open to me and trust me. Mixing with ppl won’t make me disloyal to u but you will learn to trust ppl.’

Maan closed his eyes. For a moment he looked vulnerable. She strokes his chin. He opened his eyes and gone the vulnerability replacing a hunger. A passion for her.

‘You will not betray me Geet.’

It wasn’t request or question. It was his demand but strangely she found a loop hole which shows his insecurity. And like a moth to a fire she sealed the promise with her lips. It only ingested the fire within him that engulf her as he pinned her to the mattress taking charge of that small innocent kiss turning it into passionate hunger. She moaned as his hand tear apart the only barrier between them. Her thin shirt lay in threads as he tasted her milky skin. Her eyes were droopy in passion and he waken every desire she doesn’t wanted to feel a few hour before.

She moaned louder as he sucked her curves one by one and hand down on her private part rubbing her c*** stimulate. Her fingers curled in his hair holding him possessive.

‘I hate it when you see or dance with any other girl.’

He kissed her lips ‘Why?’

For a moment Geet considers telling him the truth about her love but then It will give him the power to destroy her forever bcz she knew he can’t love her. Tears of helplessness flew her cheeks but Maan didn’t let her dwell on much and she gasp feeling him inside her with a hard thrust. She felt him so deep inside her and eyes locked on her.

‘You are mine’ she said surprising him and herself. But it gave a natural power to his ego and he thrust harder and faster. She felt herself quivering and the familiar tension break through her. He swallowed her scream and let out a groan as he followed and emptied himself in her.

Geet felt her bone had been melted as he lifted her on his body.

‘why did u come to meet me Geet?’

Geet suddenly remember those gifts he had sent earlier. But now wasn’t sure to talk about that still she pushed it.

‘I wanted to talk to you about those gifts.’

‘did u like it?’

‘It was all so pretty Maan.’ her words only made him smile urgently but then it vanished.. ‘But I don’t want them. I can’t accept them.’

He was momentarily still. She doubt she had seen panic for a tiny second and then its gone replaced with a hard face.

‘If u didn’t like that I can replace it.’

She got the defensive tone in his voice. And the distance between them that he put right away actually gave a slight hint of his effort. He definitely wanted to please her not offend. And so did she.

Geet pushed Maan and sat on his stomach. For a moment he was stunned and blank. Geet chuckled seeing that so she bend over him and nipped his lips.

‘I didn’t said I don’t like them but I don’t need them Maan. If u want to show affection and the fact u care my choice then ask me what I like.’

‘I wasn’t pleasing u.’ he said arrogantly. She sighed and tried to climb down from him but he held her in position. ‘What happen? Why didn’t you like them.’

‘It’s not like that Maan. I m not marrying you for your wealth.’

She looked away and maybe for the first time he understood her unsaid word. Till now he only thought and implied that he think her as a gold digger but never cared how much this thought can effect her. She had never showed any interest in his money but he had accused her so many thing that now made her doubt their relation and his any effort to make the relation normal.

She laid beside him not finding any answer from him only made her think he meant every word he said. But suddenly she felt herself being spooned. His breath fell on her ear.

‘My everything will be your after marriage.’

‘I need your trust, a normal life and…’ she couldn’t complete ‘love’ the word but maybe he understand because it made him stiff.

‘I once said,’

‘not to hope for your love, you don’t believe in it and can never love anyone. I m not asking you but I don’t need your wealth either. I don’t want to feel like a g-golddigger b-bitch.’
Her voice shook with those words and tears that she tried to shove away fell a few. He sighed and kissed her shoulder.

‘I will not say that again. I-i was harsh on you I know. I m sorry.’

Maybe this is the first time he is saying it but Geet had felt same emotion after the night he tried to force himself. In his confession then she had felt those feeling though he never said those words. And she didn’t doubt he haven’t said that word to anyone in this world. He turned her and wiped the tears away. She looked at his eyes with her moist hazel. Then placed her head in his chest. Maan rubbed her back and kissed her head.

‘all is so new for me Geet. You have to have patients with me.’

‘You said u can’t love me then why u are doing this? Why this marriage when u don’t trust this? Why you want to please me with present when u thought that I m,’

‘Because I want to keep you to myself. I had never felt like this in a long time. You made me remember someone.’

Geet stiffen in his arms. Is he going to tell her she resemblance some lover or gf of his early childhood? She wasn’t sure she can take it. She can’t live like a dummy or replacement somewhat. Maan felt the difference and cursed himself.

‘It’s not a girl.’ Geet looked at him with confuse eyes. Maan closed his eyes and his hand tighten on her. ‘it’s my father.’ the words were just whisper but Geet didn’t miss the pain but like that he shut her out. Not saying anymore words. Geet didn’t pushed it either. Knowing he need time to trust her she is ready to take the chance.

Today’s incident wasn’t at all acceptable but knowing he did all this to know her feelings for him did give an assurance that he feels the same. He wanted to know weather she love him or not. Though he won’t accept but knowing she was there and still dancing only to make sure of her feelings showed what he wanted to see. That smirk wasn’t to hurt her but to boost his ego bcz knowing her feelings for him runs deep gave him confident. And he need this confident in their relation not to hurt her but to love her and say it in words. For that she is ready to wait and fight for her love. Today he just gave the tiniest part of his life to her but Atleast something is better than nothing.

For now she will be happy with the fact that the differences is erasing from their life and she is hopeful for a good future that she had never in wildest dream have ever thought.

Precap: finally marriage n HM

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Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 37


Part 37



Geet couldn’t believe it’s only 1 day left for her marriage. She looked around her, everyone is so happy, specially her mother. Geet couldn’t talk to her mother properly in these 7 days, probably that what maan wanted, distracting her mother’s sharp eyes from her. He knew if Rano Handa got a chance to sit and talk to geet she would guess geet isn’t happy with all these. And geet can’t complain because she is thankful about the matter. It’s already hard to lie to her mother, her loving mother who had supported throughout her life, and she had only dreamt of this day where geet will marry the guy of her dream. Knowing it’s a love marriage was bliss for rano which geet didn’t wanted to break. Geet had seen the dreamy eyes and happiness in her mother knowing she loves maan and maan didn’t left a loop hole to show he loves her dearly. Well Geet can’t say she doesn’t, well she realized hard and fast that her feeling for maan is huge and she also knew if he got the chance to know her love he will fully use it on his benefit. She wanted to hate the devil but can’t, not anymore. Her body, soul mind all belongs to him. Someone said right when you fall in love you can hold yourself. Now she can’t even hate him, all he did was giving her everything girl can ask but she didn’t want it. She wants freedom but she knew once she felt something for maan she is forever in his prison.


Here she is sitting in front of everyone who were teasing her and applying the turmeric paste, Haldi… That what the ritual it is but all she can remember is maan’s touch, his smell all over her body and his mouth touching her wickedly. She shudder thinking about last night. He was exceptionally gentle; loving caring maybe because he didn’t wanted anyone to see the marks and questioning her about it. He also left in the early morning but made sure no one had seen him. She was asleep and when she woke up, he was gone. He didn’t even left a note which irritated her. Is she expecting too much? Too fast? She knew Maan isn’t a man of answering everything or going anywhere before telling or informing her. He is the owner of everything and everyone. But what she is too him? Will he behave with her like he owned her? would she ever feel loved with him being a relationship. Will he ever care for her feeling, will he trust her ever?


She was too lost to even concentrate on her Chura ceremony. She doesn’t have a uncle(Mama) so geet’s father came forward. He was wearing a soft smile that touched geet’s heart. They have differences but geet knew her father loves her dearly. Well he is different and thinks all sort of negative about her and her mother but she can’t deny he care for her and today seeing him genuinely happy made her heart twist. She never thought the sham of a marriage can bring them close… She always craved for a happy family and when her friends got their happy family close to them she always felt a surge of jealousy deep inside her. she tried to say she doesn’t care where her father loved her or not but she always wished to have a father like a friend and a loving happy family who will go picnic or vacation, a family that share happiness and sadness together but she got only arguments and disappointment, as result she never believed in love and family, relationship all are just left hole in her heart. And on top of that her experience about love, the incident which changed her full conception about love, the person who made her hate love, correction, the person’s condition.


Geet was so lost in her thought that someone shook her from her revere.


‘Kaha khoyi hain, sayad apne hone wale pati ke bare me soch rahi hain’


‘sacchi geet abhi se ye haal.’


‘issi liye to hamari awaz sunai nahi de rahi isse, not even that phn ring. See someone want to talk to u.’


‘Is it maan jiju leela?’


‘nope, some MEERA’


Geet literally snatched the phn and went away from them, she didn’t thought THE PERSON will call herself, whom she is kidding meera would have called earlier if she knew it, much be Pari who told her. geet cursed pari.


‘hello Meera Didu.’


Meera is Pari’s elder sister, 26 yrs old now living in NY. Meera is everything a sister that geet always wished to have in Nandini but never got, but then Meera loved her like a true sister, pampered her and they were inseparable. Meera often said she love Geet more than Pari and pari never felt offended because she also loves her as a sister. Meera studied in Pune when geet was doing her school, and they were a very happy family, Geet stayed with them in their house in Pune and got a new family that she loved the most but then the incident happen. It changed everyone’s life, mostly geet and meera’s. Meera who was lively, bubbly, happy, sweet in nature suddenly become numb, sad, and living dead person and it changed geet overnight. She got to see new phase of life and it changed her thinking about love. She started hating love because her meera didu lost herself in that love. Later geet moved to hostel again because meera and pari’s family were shifting NY but pari didn’t left geet and meera took promise from her never to leave geet alone. From then they only met through video chat, meera refused to come India and now she is working in a reputed company as CEO. She completed her degree as she was very bright student, it took her a yr to back to normal life from that isolated place of her consciousness but she eventually did for her family. Whatever happen in past everyone tried to forgot but none could do as meera was always in front of them a living reminder and meera just tried to live not necessarily to be happy.


‘kaisi hain kiddo? You didn’t tell me about your marriage. Finally you proved I m not your family huh?’


Geet couldn’t suppress the tear she had hide till day and it worried meera.


‘Didu?’ She sobbed hard.


‘what happen to you geet? roh kyun rahi hain? Bata mujhe?’


Geet suddenly realized what she was doing, she always becomes an emotional mess in front of meera and today also she needs someone to pour her insecurity.


‘didu I missed u.’


Meera sighed in relief ‘Ufff dara diya tha mujhe pagal, I missed you too kiddo. But why didn’t you tell me about your marriage?’


‘If I did, would you have come here didu?’


There was a long silence before meera sighed ‘I m sorry geet, I know why you did that, and no I couldn’t come there, not after whatever happen. But geet tell me you are happy with all this.’


Geet slipped in her room quietly and pondered over meera’s word, is she happy? Can she live like this? But the thought her life without maan and it creep inside her. Its sure life without maan will be freedom but strangely she didn’t like the freedom without him, his possessiveness. Yes she love him and hate his possessiveness but still she can’t think life without maan, suddenly image of his passion stirred inside her and she blushed furiously.


‘I guess my geet again got lost in her would be hubby.’


‘n-nahi di, i-it’s n-not like that.’


‘tujhe bachpan se janti hu, I can see your dreamy face staying so apart darling. I m happy for you geet, you should be happy.’


Suddenly geet remembered something and it bothered her, that meera could also understand so well.


‘didu, I still don’t know what to expect, I don’t know him much. Sometime it scared me; I just can’t believe it’s happening with me.’ She doesn’t know how to express but then meera never needed any explanation.  


‘whatever happened with me, it will not happen with you geet? I don’t know who is the man you are going to marry but I know you love him or else you wouldn’t have agreed for the marriage.’ Geet didn’t say anything too lost in the past. How maan forced her to agree for the marriage. Is that mean she always felt something for the devil? She shrugged thinking it. ‘Geet I know you are scared, not because of him but because of my past, but I want to tell you one thing today. Not every man is like HIM, Whatever he did to me you will not face the same. Your husband will cherish you and love you not like that leech who suck the blood.’


‘didu can you move on in life? It’s being 4 yrs now.’


‘I hope geet, I hope I will, not only for myself but for you. I know seeing me that day made you like this, you started hating love and relations. I know I had showed you so many dreams because I felt myself living in that and when it crumpled it was you who suffered much. That bastard snatched my dreams, life and everything and It snatched your believe also. I wish I had never said anything to you about him. It’s the luck you didn’t met him or else I don’t know what would have happened. But yes I left everything in past and I m trying to move on.’


‘I will be happy if you find someone didu.’


‘geet,, I met someone, I don’t know where things will go but he is good, he accepted everything, my past, my wounds and helped me to overcome them, I m sure your husband will love you and help you to overcome them.’


‘it’s wonderful, I will meet you soon. I am so happy for you meera didu.’


‘me too kiddo.’




After taking to meera geet felt fresh, happy and vibrant. Her didu met someone, now she wish only happiness for them and she know meera will want to see her happy. If she get to know she still is unhappy in life then she will curse herself for whatever happen. that wasn’t her fault that some as***** molested her, her own boyfriend abused her, and geet though didn’t witnessed anything neither met her boyfriend but had seen meera’s state after she came home with the brushes and haunted eyes. It made geet hate the word Love because it snatched her didu from her.


Just then someone shrieked, and called her on top of her lungs. Geet hurriedly went downstairs to meet her over excited cousins and then got to see a wrapped box with a card.


‘Geet di someone sent a present for u.’


‘arre someone nahi, yeh to Jiju hain.’


Geet’s eyes went wide hearing its maan, but she looked at her cousin questioningly, she fumbles and hesitated.


‘we didn’t read the card but the name, sacchi.’


Get narrowed her eyes knowing their drama, and she is least bother for them now, she is excited to see what maan had sent for her, she snatched the card giving a deathly glare to her naughty cousins who giggles. But then no one let her go with the gift wrapped, so she sat there tearing the gift wrapper and praying he didn’t send anything that will make her embarrass. Her eyes went wide and breath caught in her throat seeing the shining shoes, she adores shoes and this particular piece is spectacular she conclude. How did maan know her obsession with shoes? Did his bag ground check also follow the taste and obsession? But on this occasion she can’t even be angry on him. She loves shoes, especially high heel sparkly elegant shoes which this piece absolutely carry an aura. She heard ohhhs and aahhhs from her cousins, they teased about how generous Maan is, and how much in love he is that he want to please her by her favorite shoes.



Geet silently slipped in her room holding the pair of shoe and the note. Suddenly she felt like a teenager first time receiving a love letter. She slapped her head then set the shoes carefully in her closet. Then turned her attention on the piece of paper, she never thought only few words for him can excited her so much.


‘Obsession is a passion dwell deeply in heart. Some makes it’s a dark pleasure and some think it’s as Dark Possession.’


I Hope this small present will bring a smile on my Possession…




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There weren’t much words to feel the warmth still geet felt happy, she got to see maan’s another nature. He doesn’t love her true but at least he cares for her, her happiness and choices. For rest of the day geet got many surprises. Mostly what surprised was how well maan know her choices, he had sent some more different shoes, then a Gucci Purse which made other girls faints some time, geet had laughed seeing the reaction. And lastly she received a dress. It was short yet elegant. Geet always believed herself immune to presents, but guess none actually cared for her any day to send her present. She had never received many gifts so now she knows she isn’t immune to Girl dream possessions. Like other girl she also likes to be pampered and maan knew exactly the way. But then she never craved for expensive gift. Though today she was on moon but still somewhere deep in corner she didn’t wanted these expensive gift. She always loved pinks roses or white lilies, a box of Chocolate is enough to show her enough love. She didn’t fell the warmth in those expensive gifts. And then on impulse she decided to return the gifts. She had seen the love and warmth in her mother’s eyes seeing the gifts but she also saw the worry at the last when all the gifts were expensive and materialistic, Rano knew if anyone want to make geet happy it would be always a bouquet, chocolate or maximum Soft teddy. The display of affection only made her worried. And when she explained geet not to make their relation only base on money, geet knew what her mother was worried.


Rano thinks money as a barrier between two ppl, and with so much money from maan he would have given anything to geet but will that make her happy? Or she will be only a wife at home with expensive gift while her husband’s heart sways anywhere else. Geet was frighten with the image she played, she doesn’t need those gifts and whatever she want she knew she wouldn’t get in any life time. Maan had already said he doesn’t believe in Love and doesn’t expect her to be in love with him. He want to be free from foundation which in one time geet mocked saying she too doesn’t like him around her, but now she knew what is foundation means, foundation of love which she is craving now. It only pushed her in dilemma about her future. What future holds for her? Will maan be like this, hurt her and then send expensive gifts but not a word of warmth from the person? It suffocated her to think he think her a money accepting doll. She is not a gold digger who wants only expensive gift. Agreed seeing those beautiful things made her crave for girly things, things that she never got. She was too independent all her life and couldn’t afford all fancy materials and seeing maan had send them made her happy but the other side it made herself conscious. She want him to know her, understand her need and for that she should face him, tell him what she want or she will always face this dilemma and pain. And least she doesn’t want to be sad on her wedding day, a day that till now didn’t hold any fantasies but today after knowing meera is happy in her life she also crave to be happy in her life with a  person she unknowingly fell in love. Just then Geet made the decision to meet maan, that too right now. And that could be happen if she went to his haveli which will be risky knowing there is so many guest but she needed to go and sort out things with maan.


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Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 36


Part 36


Time doesn’t stop for anyone, neither for Geet. She couldn’t even remember how the days went in a haze; all she remembered was Maan’s passion and the unknown fear in her heart. Only 2 days left for her marriage with him and the uncertainty still lingered in her soul. She couldn’t believe it’s her marriage, and in 2 days her life will change 360 degree. She knew once she becomes Maan’s wife she will force to be in a gold prison which will tarnish her life and dreams. She hadn’t dream of her life like this. She doesn’t want a life like this, loveless marriage will only make her die in installment. She closed her eyes and shallows the girl’s teasing and the sangeet going on around her but nothing can erase the uneasiness from her and the thought that maan is watching all added to her misery, he will again blast on her for being gloomy. Yes in the 4 days he had blasted on her for many occasions. He want her to show how happy she is while all she want to runaway. Yes it’s true she had accepted the fact that she Love him, love his possessiveness, love his wildness and love his tender love making but above all she isn’t happy with the convenient marriage. She doesn’t want only his surname, but the person to love her. When she never believed in love, she was happy to be like this, convenient marriage which she can turn upside down any moment but now when she realized her feeling this marriage has become a nightmare. On top of that maan’s aggressive nature had threatened her for a prison life. He doesn’t like her talking to any male, doing any work, he even said she doesn’t need to study more if she want as he has all money that she can spend her lifelong. He is a billionaire and he can afford all her tantrums that what he had said and she knew he can make sure she will glorify only in his bed not in any office or business which she is hating and panic is a natural thing to come in that situation.

Pari and Yash had come to see her and express their sadness on this marriage, while jay wanted to help her, there pari had doubted her feelings for maan and strictly warned she shouldn’t feel that way for a monster devil. He will ruin her life and heart. Well love concur heart without realizing and she can feel that burn where she want to be happy with him but knew very well if she marry him her world will only surround around him and soon she will leave her will to live. But she can’t face maan with it, she tried once. 4 days back when he came to express his distaste in her sadness she had pointed her disapproval in the marriage like this. But all he did was making love in aggressiveness. She still feels the day as fresh as today.

‘What is it geet? Why you are so distraught? What is that matter?’ He had asked her while moving her to make her face him, she tried not to speak but he forced her. she cuddle in his lap while dipping his face in her neck. Unknowing to her doing, she wrapped her legs eight side of him and her hand went to his neck to pull him closer. He sighed in her scent and kissed her chest above the heart. ‘tell me’ he whispered.

‘I, I don’t want the marriage like this.’

She blurted out her grief but couldn’t hide the sadness from the voice. She felt his grip going tighter.

‘you don’t want to marry me?’ his tone was flat. But she felt the shiver in her body. It was full of blank emotions she didn’t know what he was feeling but at least he is listening.

‘maan, whatever happened, I, I don’t know. I am not ready for this marriage. We don’t know each other, I kind of feel u don’t trust me, and neither I.’

There was a moment of silence; she didn’t dare to say a word more while he didn’t showed any show of emotion. After a very long silence maan finally spoke.

‘you don’t know me, or u got to know more men?’

‘maan?’ she sounded pained but he didn’t gave in to her pain. He held her hair in a fist and pulled her back.

‘Tell me geet do u want another man? U don’t like me? But at least tell me what do u not like in me? I am successful billionaire and I can afford your all desire, just tell me what do u want.’ 

She couldn’t suppress the pain but didn’t know which pain is more, physical or emotional, his words are like slashing her heart in 2.

Lastly she cried in pain because of his force on her hair ‘Leave me maan. You are hurting me’


‘And you are hurting me geet, with your sadness, with your indifference. I just want u and u want to push me.. I won’t let that happen. I will do anything to make u stay with me, Every second of your life.’

He left her hair and pulled her a aggressive kiss, she was shaking in unknown fear. Once he ended the kiss she couldn’t suppress the words to escape. ‘I want to complete my study, do work in office, I want to be successful. It’s my dream.’ She sobbed in his chest but nothing changed him from claiming her again.


‘your dream should start and end with me geet. you are destined to be with me. You are just mine. If u want u can stop your study, I will take care of you.’

She tried to push him, all she need is alone corner to cry bucket. She is tired of pretending to be strong when all his words are making her weep. She didn’t know when she had started fearing him so much, maybe it’s his possessiveness. Dark Possessiveness. Her weeping made him agitated, and then he pinned her to the mattress kissing her mouth with aggressiveness. Next was fuzzy, she just remember how he claimed her with fierce kisses and the hard slamming inside her. She had come with that wildness also, he had made sure she reached the peak before him and come together but she was so exhausted with his love making that she fell asleep soon. Next morning carried his smell on her body and the marks that he left her to hide with difficulty. No one knew his visit in her room and when he left. Some time she think that night as a dream maybe but those marks proved otherwise. From then he had only seen her gloominess and sometime had blasted on her for that. Thankfully he didn’t made love from that day or his marks would have stirred so many question that she is afraid to answer. But never in a light he had asked a sorry, in fact she didn’t saw him much, he was busy preparing his meetings. They will leave India after the day or their marriage, just to think the day she shuddered.


The event was tiring, all she wanted a bed and sleep for hours, next will be hectic as well. But before she can crash her bed one strong hand came on her waist and pulled her in the hard frame. She knew the smell too well to know who was it, her Devil. Meeting his heated gaze did funny things to her body. Though her mind wanted to jerk him but her body has its own dance, it molded against him like second skin. Yes her body missed him. Yes after all his assault it still missed it, maybe love and lust is strong enough to hide any other concern but not for life time, her mind concluded.

She stared at his eyes which was following her for so long, but didn’t say a word. She protested weekly which he didn’t even notice. And when he said the words, all her guard dropped to her knees.

‘I missed u. I craved to be with u every moment I saw u from far.’

She closed her eyes absorbing his feeling against her skin. How much dilemma her heart contain she knew from deep inside it need him. But the question is, will it be satisfied to have him as his body only, will be be satisfied not touching his heart and soul ever? How can she survive knowing she will have his body but faith will be far away? Could she believe him not to hurt her any way? And then she becomes stiff in his arm. Maan felt the change and looked down to see her. Her face was full of pain and discomfort. He sighed and pulled her closer holding her waist.

‘I know I hurt you but, you shouldn’t have said those. I can’t go away from u anymore. I just want you to be close to me. And u can know as much as u want while staying close to me.’

As simple as that he said. Is it so simple? Then why heart feels it so complicated? Should she gave up her guard and accept what is happening, maybe then she can hope for the best.

‘Do u trust me maan?’ she heard herself speaking what her mind was bothering so much, but then she felt his stiffen instantly and don’t know why it pained her.

‘I am trying, but I need time’

She wanted to ask him why? Why is it so hard for him to trust her, till now she knew he has reason for his mistrust but why he couldn’t share that? But for now she needed to be calm and accepting. If he is ready to trust her then maybe she can change him. Love and Life is full of amazedness. One month before she was thinking how she will maintain her scholarship missing her collage for days and what will come in her exam but now all she want to be trusted by the devil she hated most and who can bend her like none had the strength in the life.  But that is love, full of unexpectedness.

‘you should go home, we shouldn’t meet before marriage.’ She said softly and trying to break his iron grip but he pulled her closer again.

‘I don’t want to parted from you geet.’

His tone was strong but not aggressive and she felt melting in his arms, love is name of giving, and forgiving that geet learnt in that split second. She recognized the pain in his voice so much that she forgets all his deed and words. She can give anything to know this man and his heart. What had happened to him that made him like this? No man can be so bitter and distraught then how he had become like this? Is that his childhood? Is anyone betrayed him in his youth? Or anyone snatched the loving thing from him? Whatever it is, she knows she have to learn to earn his trust fast if she want her life with him peacefully.

Next thing she knew he had carried her to her bed and spend the night beside her with tender love but they didn’t had sex. She was amazed again by his softness but how can she deny the thing she crave most, soon she was asleep in his arms dreaming again like a teenager, like she had dreamt at her age of 14, Happily ever after.

Precap: ‘seeing the love of your life in another girl’s arm must be hurting miss geet handa?’ She turned to see a girl standing beside her barely clad in a material that showed her cleavage so much that nothing left to imagine for anyone.

I know it’s short but i will update soon. and thank u sooooo much for al the comment though it has descended in response but i have left hope for much.

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

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Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 35



Part 35

Next day Geet came out of her room only to witness her mother hurrying here to there. Clearly showing something is amiss. She looked at her other aunts who were clearly grumpy and not happy at all, but what made her amazed that her father is helping her mother in all work and seems like he is happy too. She had never seen him happy in any work associated with rano but then it must be very big accession.

‘mumma, what r u doing? And why u r in so much hurry?’

Rano smiles ‘Geet tu vul gayi kya, aaj tera chudni chadhane ka rasam hain, savitri jee is coming and maan beta said he will also come with her.’

Earth shattered for geet remembering the date. She thought Maan will decline the marriage, what big fool she is. He had clearly said he will never let her go from him and he will definitely do everything to reach her. But why he is so stubborn to marry her when she had clearly said she won’t sell the land, and he had already her body but maybe that’s not enough. Maybe he wants something else. Something to make her regret whole life. She shivered thinking what will maan do, she was so lost that she forgot she was standing there for quite a time and now someone was breathing on her neck. Gulgule and Monalisa ran long back, she couldn’t help but hold the pillar beside her, as the intensity increased by his touch on her waist.

She turned immediately only to witnessed the dark mischievous eyes looking at her with amusement. Immediately her heart shuddered feeling his face mere an inch away from her, her lips tremble feeling his breath on her supple lips. She forgot what she wanted to say and maan chuckle seeing her condition. He lowered his lips towards her ears.

‘you were so lost about me that u forget the ceremony and to change according to it. Don’t worry I can help u with cloths geet.’

She somewhat shivered before composing herself then pushed him looking for others in conscious. She saw her whole family was busy greeting savitri devi and her few relative. Geet gave a menacing glance to him.

‘why the hell they are here, I told u to decline the marriage maan, I won’t maary u, I can’t.’

Just then she felt a painful grip on her elbow, she tried to shove his hand but he tighten almost to give her pain. She looked at his eyes. Playfulness gone and replacement by a cold dangerous angry look. He tugged her closer then looked beside to confirm that no one was looking a them, he tugged her along with him when he took the stairs to go to her room.

Once they entered the room maan pushed her on the door before coming on her. She was frightened. For the first time in these days he looked so angry and dangerous. It’s like she had almost forgot the rage he carry, it’s more than the day before she left him in delhi. Today he is looking like lave ready to burst.

He pinned her small body with his huge structure which was hard but oddly she became jelly in his arm. He greeted his teeth before forcing her look at him holding her neck cupping her one side.

‘Didn’t I make it clear that I won’t let u go geet? Then why the heck doo you talk like that? Huh?’

‘maan, I, I,’ she fumble with words seeing his eyes boring into her soul. He couldn’t let her talk and snatched her lips in an angry passionate kiss. She groans reliving his punishment, the more she tried to push him the more he held her close and some to a point she gave up fighting. The firework was too pleasurable to protest. He nibbled her bottom lips and thrust his tongue in her mouth taking her tongue for a rollercoaster ride. She didn’t know was she pushing him or clenching his shoulder close to her, seems like second option because every time she dug her nail in his flesh he increased the pressure. She felt dizzy but was that because of the kiss made her light headed or the passion left her breathless. But still she couldn’t help to have more.

He left her lips but came on her neck with fierce kisses. His hands cupped her breast and squeezed lightly. His lips were on her shoulder giving sweet torture with passion. Warmth spreads between her thighs. She felt her dress zipper going down, he almost tore her zipper. There she stood half naked in her black lacy bra and salwar pant. But not long as he snapped the thread it open.  The pressure of his kiss become more forceful, she cried feeling him squeezing her thighs. She couldn’t help but whimper for him.


‘Did u know how I felt when I couldn’t find u in that house, I searched like a mad man in the entire house for u and u just left me. How could u geet?’

His voice was filled with agony and anger. She can feel he is angry but still his treat to her body wasn’t forceful or painful. He nibbles her neck, her earlobe ‘I was scared. MSK was scared for the first time in his life when I couldn’t found u. I thought I lost u. how could u leave me geet, how dare u.’

‘I, I, le-ft n-note.’ She stammered mercilessly as his teeth teased her skin, he licked the swell of her cleavage; she gripped his hair pulling him close. He kissed her lips again before releasing her. She stared at him in confusion but he didn’t touch her more. Instead he took the packet from the floor and tore the paper; he took the blouse and slipped through her hand. Her eyes widen as realization struck her, He is leaving her high and dry as a punishment for leaving him in delhi. She looked at him with dangerous eyes but he simply smirked at her.


‘That what I felt when I couldn’t find u in that whole house.’


‘I left a note’ she couldn’t recognize her voice as it came a cry.

‘but note wasn’t enough’ he snapped equally angry. ‘u came here without telling me, u took all ur luggage didn’t left any single thing, I thought I lost u.’


‘I was never yours’ she said bitterly. He completed the dressing.

He held her hand squeezing harshly ‘The hell u r not. Take one thing straight Miss Geet Handa. You have to be mine forever, by marrying me or by staying as a mistress but u will be with me.’

She opened her mouth to say something but he stopped her by kissing her forcefully. She bite his lips harshly but he rejoiced it by stroking her teeth with his tongue. She snapped shut her mouth and he glowered.

‘come down like a good girl, fix ur hair and dress and come fast. Or else I have to drag u out from this room in front of everyone, which I think will be embarrassing for your family.’

She hated how he could blackmail her smoothly. She has to go there or else he wouldn’t take a sec to follow his instruction. So she went down and the ceremony started. Dadima was widow she said her one family member to do everything but maan interfered and said only she has the right to do the ceremony, dadima helplessly looked at geet who shrugged saying she has no objection. Well she never believed in this rituals and she least care about pathetic custom. Though the gesture touched dadima’s heart and she looked at geet with hopeful eyes. After years she has the heart to dream again for her grandson. Only Geet can make him a human again. She had seen the affection in his eyes, he cares for her like the way he had never cared for anyone, not even his own grandmother.

After chudni chadana it was groom’s Tika ceremony where bride’s father has to perform. Geet looked at her father’s happy face, he was little apprehensive still did all the things with a smile; she doesn’t know what to feel about it. She was never so close to her father and spent all her time to see her weeping mother. But today he was happy that made her relax and happy somewhere.

Maan was looking at geet throughout the ceremony performed; she was uncomfortable and giving fake smiles. On the other hand she didn’t miss to give dagger on his way. He smiles looking at her cute anger and found its very turn on for him. After the ceremony Dadima sat beside geet, geet gave a small smile to her and dadima kissed her forehead.

‘finally this old woman will be at peace after her death.’


‘dadima..’ geet squeaked and dadima smiled at her.


‘Geet bête I always thought after I am gone what will my grandson will do alone in this world. Today he is here because I came to that wedding; he wasn’t ready to leave me here alone. Some time I thought he doesn’t care for me after what I have done but then he proves he still has a heart that cares for his old woman.’

Geet looked at her curiously ‘what do u mean he didn’t wanted to come here?’

Dadima looked at her with somewhat pained expression ‘His father died in this place geet, he doesn’t like to come here, I was amazed when he said he like u and want to marry u, because I never thought he will do the same his father had done, maan hated this place and,, leave it. He said u were studying at Pune, do u both met at pune?’

Geet looked here and there for maan, she want to ask so many questions but knew he won’t give her any answer. Anyway he was busy with his phn to do some mails. She looked away for some sec then fumbles with the answer.

‘ha wo, hum, actually.’

‘we met at her collage dadi, I was chief guest and she was representing her team in inter collage fest.’

Geet looked at the blank eyes, did he heard their talking. Geet can feel dadima was also feeling same, she wasn’t at ease. She gave weak smile before leaving from the place, geet looked at maan confuse but he ignored her confuse gaze. Just then rano came towards them.

‘maan beta, why u want to pre-pone the marriage, we are going for after 15 days then why do u want the marriage in a week. How can the arrangements be possible in this short time?’

Geet looked at maan horrified, here she wants an way out from this sham and he is hell bent on marrying her as fast as she can.

‘but mumma’ geet tried to say something when maan interment.

‘I need to leave India soon, and I m afraid the work is important and want me after 10 days from now, so I thought to pre-pone rather than post pone the marriage.’

Geet looked at him confuse, but maan avoided her gaze. Geet father came forward saying it will be better not to post pone the wedding and her mother also agreed. Maan promised to take care of arrangements and guest. Geet couldn’t say a word after the buzz, all she wanted to cuddle up in her bed and take a long nap again. Her brain was becoming fuzzy with all these and specially maan who is driving her crazy. His mood swing is worst than a pregnant lady and she is hating the fact that he has so many secrets. Like why he want the wine vineyard so much, why he want a girl to marry him who doesn’t want to, why he hates dev so much that he didn’t feel sorry for saying all that to her. Why will he hate the place like HP, and specially what his dadima had done to make him angry and hate her?

She sighed as she looked at the open sky in her room, she hated to admit but she missed maan’s arms to fill her. Only 3 days in his arms she had spent and she is craving that again. What had gotten in to her, maybe hormones?  Something touched her neck making her shiver and smile both, she thought she is dreaming those days again. She loved the tender Maan. She froze in her track. She felt him kissing her neck and weirdly she couldn’t move. Then the realization struck her hard, how can she love a person who taught her to hate things. She hated him once, hated his every sight, his touch but now she craved for him. She felt a lump forming in her throat thinking where she came; she is loving a person who doesn’t even know the meaning. How can she? she shook her head and tried walk then when she realized she wasn’t dreaming but maan was there. He was really there holding her close to him and kissing her neck.

‘maan.’ She whispered.

He groaned in her neck ‘I hate to see u sad.’


She smiles mockingly, ironically only he is the person who made her like this. He kissed her tenderly behind the earlobe; she closed her eyes but stood limping there. But then she recalled his every word, today it struck her that why that time it had pierced her so much, why she was so mad and hurt. And today the hurt was much stronger. Realizing he thinks so low about her made her weep and she wants to cuddle in a corner and cry her heart out. Suddenly she feels so vulnerable. Was love supposed to make a person weak so much? Or its the fact that her love can never be reciprocated by her love. It’s only the infatuation and challenge that tied him with her. The moment she gave up her fight he will no longer be with her. Her only memory flashed back and she surrenders herself to the misery.

Precap: none.

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.

Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 34



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Part 34




Staring out from the Cab Geet saw her mother land. The place she was born and brought up. Few days before she was thinking how will she rejoice a new life leaving this place and now she is thinking she will never leave this land at least for a person who barely cares for her but only plot against her. The month was playing in front of her eyes like yesterday’s play. It was few days that changed her life. What if she had never return to her land, what if she stayed at pune, would he been there also? Of course, he would have. If he wants to marry her for the vineyard then he would have followed her there and tried pursue her or her family. But what about now? He had gotten at least one thing he wanted, her body and she had told him she will never give her vineyard. It is already transferred to her niece, what will her devil do with her now? Correction, he is not her, was never and can never be. Again the question rouses in her like a needle piercing her skin, what if he decided to take revenge, or forcefully want to take that land. What will she do? Another bigger question is what she will tell her mother why she can’t marry him. What will ppl say to her mother knowing about the broken alliance? Too many question and she is exhausted to search the answer. She was awaken whole night and now her lids were giving up but knowing she is so close to her house she can’t even take a nap. It’s being 8 hour long journey. She could have taken a flight to come home at HP but with 2 puppy she can’t travel through air and don’t wanted maan to know about it. Yes she couldn’t tell maan that she is going to her home. Not that she is afraid he won’t let her go but she couldn’t face him again, those words are still fresh in her mind and she couldn’t face him knowing it can melt her. It’s weird she know but he affects her a great time.


But that doesn’t mean she left him without saying anything she left a note for him in his bedroom and another in kitchen counter, and then left a voicemail in the intercom. Then hired a cab and came home with gulgule and monalisa, both were sleeping on her lap. She smiles a little seeing them but inside she is worried what will maan say about it. In morning she didn’t came down to meet him, he left her breakfast with a note ‘We need to talk, I won’t come late toni8. Give me one chance Geet Please.’


It’s weird how he said Please. It made her feel piece and disturb at the same time. she haven’t heard him saying please till now, neither the begging tone in his voice but she won’t argue that she wanted to hear SORRY which he can never say. But what will she do hearing his sorry. It’s not like she can forgive him for his entire mistake, she is in too much pain and why so, she is still oblivious. She doesn’t love maan, so that his word could hurt her. No she doesn’t but then why his every word affects her. She had vowed she will never love in her life; she wouldn’t, she couldn’t, but then why he stirs so many emotions in her when he himself doesn’t believe in love. He just lust her. That what he said; never to mention the word LOVE again.


Geet tore her thought from Maan and came out of the cab after paying the driver. Till now she thought about rest of world happening except maan’s reaction about her disappearing. She remember once him saying he don’t know what he will do if she leave him, but today she all know that she couldn’t be with him, couldn’t face him knowing he think about her so ill and all he did was plotting against her to grab a piece of land. This betrayal was over powering the fear she had about him doing anything after knowing she is gone. Will he come after her, will he decide to take revenge not having the land or he will simply leave her to live her life as she had given the only treasure she had, her body. Shrugging everything aside she went in the house which is illuminating with decoration and laughing with happiness. She dreaded the moment she will snatch the happiness from this house. She dreaded her mother’s hurtful reaction but she stayed firm in her decision. She can’t marry the person just for the sake of other’s happiness. She can’t live her life like that.


Once she thought she will refuse to marry him on the mandap without thinking what will ppl say about her family because she know her mother will be always with her, but Now? Why she fears now? An unknown shivering was settling over her. She met her cousins who cheerfully welcomed her and took her bag, she only carried her puppies.


The moment she steps in her house her moment froze. Guglgule and Monalisa ran out of her hold and she had to clutch the pillar beside to steady her step. Thinking the person made her frightened once and now seeing the person with all fierce in his eyes made her dizzy, she doesn’t know when her world became blank and she passed out but never touched the ground as someone swift off her feet. She felt being floating but not on feather at least, it was hard and angry. Anger which was oozing out in the grip but the mental and physical exhaustion had tired her enough to make her pass out immediately.






Geet opened her eyes with the light coming on her face, it was mild sunray she can guess, and she felt her throbbing arch was gone. She was sleeping for a long hour so she must have her rest done. Maybe with the arch her all worry was gone that’s why she couldn’t see the darkness around her life. She twisted her arms then rubbed her eyes to clear the sleepy fuzz. Forgotten the world’s worry, forgotten the storm around her, forgotten the bitterness of few past days she smiles like new breeze, and then turned to face the darkest world. Her smile froze smelling the masculine scent mix with raw maleness and mind blowing cologne. It was too hard to forget the smell; she opened her lids fully only to witness a pair of dark eyes looking at her from mere an inch with such a passion that shivered her inside out. Her heart thumped so wildly, and a fear griped her existence like never before.


She tried to push the rock hard chest and sat up on the bed but the force on her elbow was strong and she landed on the masculine chest.


‘Good Morning Sunshine’ his voice was husky, mold with passion but she didn’t missed the edge of anger in it.




She stuttered and fear she was holding in deep corner of her heart came fluidly. She tried sitting up but in a sec she was pinned between the mattress and a rock solid body of maan who pressed his minimum body upon her. A ghost of smile was playing on his M shape lips; chiseled chest was peeking from the navy blue casual shirt. One drop of water rolled down from his hair on her temple, his hair was wet and floating a little on his forehead which was saying he wasn’t up for work at least, his entire presence was casual but she knew what the storm inside building.


Maan came close to her soft lips, dangerous close which flutter her heart. ‘You know I was waiting for hours, apparently 24 hour to hear my name from your lips.’


She looked confused, how can it be 24 hr, then her eyes went on the wall clock, its ten in morning, many hrs that she left Delhi.


‘And 24 hour living without u, as u runaway from me.’ Her eyes widen as she registered the fierce in his voice, but before she can say anything he nuzzled in her neck lying almost above her. She frantically looked at the door, what if anyone sees them like this? And then another idea struck, what had he said to her mother and how did she allowed him to stay with her and from when he is here? Did he come a few moments before or last night? She was sleeping from so many hours, more than 15 hour straightly. How can she sleep so much, but well she can, she know. Sleep is her best friend and best therapy from any tension or problem. But now she cursed her sleeping habit which didn’t give any clue when he landed here.


She froze realizing Maan was kissing her neck, and his cold hand was travelling inside her kurti. Who changed her night dress, she clearly remembers she didn’t wear this loose fitted polka kurti when she came. Soon her attention went towards maan’s hand and lips stimulatory. Involuntary she arched her back and a moan came from her lips. He took a sharp breath like inhaling her scent. His teeth nipped her skin making her cry a little.


‘u don’t know how much worried I was not finding u in that mansion.’


She tried to make a gap but he sucked her throat going another side of her neck. His hand was rubbing her back and waist. Without realizing she tugged herself more in him. She felt the arching throbbing in her core and it shocked her how much desire she has for him. He parts her knees apart and placed himself between it. She felt his hard manhood pressing her core; the barrier of cloth seems invisible in the heat of passion.


‘maan’ she called him breathlessly.


‘geet, why u left me? I just wanted a chance to clarify everything, and u just, left. Without saying anything.’


She realized the anger in those words and he proved it in his not so gentle kissing and brushing her soft skin with his stubble and teeth. But still that pleasure her. Soon she cut out the fog of desire knowing she needs to tell him before he become mad.


‘maan I,’ she couldn’t even complete when he stared at her face with so much emotion that fear her, almost making her shiver.


‘why geet? Why u did that? Why u lied to me, how can u fake those moments? I thought, I thought u were with me when we were making love but now I get to know u were preparing me to have the shock that u did to get ur revenge.’


‘That was sex, purely SEX that what u had called’ she snapped in anger.


His jaw tighten ‘yes, that what I had called. Still u can’t fake the responses.’


‘I didn’t. And anyway it’s not something u need. Wasn’t it about your pleasure? Be that my body or the yard, it was always you.’ She didn’t know her emotions were spilling from her eyes till he kissed it away. She tried to push him but he held her wrist pinning her both hand above her head.


‘Why u ran away?’


‘Apparently I didn’t. I had informed by that note and voice mail.’  Her voice was clipped showing how angry she is. Her all fear replaced by anger the moment he showed his concerns.


‘Yes u did, leaving me was running away from me geet.’


‘And whatever u did?’


‘It was You.’ He whispered and she looked at him confuse. ‘It was You that I have ever wanted not that yard, but I need that land, it has reason which I can’t share with u, but I need that god damn land geet. When I got to know who are u it was in least priority what u had, but then aadi said about that land, and yes I thought to marry u. because it’s the only way I can get both. You and that land.


‘you knew I won’t sell that land, and I would have never sleep with you.’ She said bitterly.


‘Yes, I knew it, but coming closer to u became a habit for me. I needed u more than a man need breath. And then thinking about marrying u can give me surety that u will be mine, only mine. This made me calm. If I wanted I could have taken that yard anyhow geet. Anyhow I would have forced u to sell that land but I thought then I couldn’t get u, which was more important for me.’


She looked at him for a brief moment, and then couldn’t suppress herself whispering ‘Why?’


‘I, I don’t know.’ He sat up leaving her eyes, and geet felt the loss. She hugged herself. She is fed up of his excuses. And mostly on her own self. How can she trust this man? How can she feel desire for this man who partially betrayed her trust?


‘I can’t do this maan. I can’t marry u. not because of that land issue, not because what do u want but for myself. It’s not right. Marrying u is not right. Both of us don’t believe in marriage but still I can’t play with this. One day we have to part away and then I won’t be able to see the pain in my mother’s eyes. I can’t play and behave I don’t care anymore.’


He just stares at her, and she can say he is angry. But she can’t take risk anymore. Not because the ridiculous thought about marriage only, but she can’t trust herself anymore. Seeing him angry and still desiring him gave her a image how much her body crave for him and she knew one day her heart will be possessed by this devil and he won’t take a fraction to break it in snap. She had seen his ruthless persona and she can’t risk her heart with him anymore. Till now she thought she can’t feel for him, but he had proved her wrong, so wrong. She knows her heart feel something, not love but lust and it will not take much time to replace the unbound feelings in her, so better to cut the source right now. But she was oblivious to her heart which had started feeling for him, which is the reason for her pain now.



Precap: Take one thing straight Miss Geet Handa. You have to be mine forever, by marrying me or by staying as a mistress but u will be with me.  



Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


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