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Kagaz Ki Kashti Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 115


Part 115

Geet was silent after hearing Maan for the longest 10mins of his life.

Maan: Say something.

Geet: I don’t know what should i say.

Maan: I know he is at fault but he was messed up, he did not knew what he was doing. When Saanjh left us Shiv was the one most effected. I did not helped either. He said some pretty horrible things to me too.

“You should be fucking happy that u did not lose your love, then how will u know the pain of love? You are not even in love with Samaira. You pretend to be.”

“I hope you will rot in misery like me Maan.”

Maan: I know sometime he blamed me too. Because I could not save his love. His destruction was so high that he did not even knew he impregnated someone because he was so high in drugs.

Geet: These are excuses Maan. I know he is your best friend and you don’t want him to lose his love again. But trust me he need to worry about saanjh only because i can’t judge him. I won’t judge him. And you don’t need to clarify his image if you think I will blame him. U know me better.

Maan: I know jaan but will Saanjh understand it? She is still insecure in her love.

Geet: Give her time Maan. She was dead for past 5 yrs and suddenly when she got the reason to live again you tell me something like that, I hope shiv can make her understand the situation better.

Maan: I can only hope. He had suffered a lot. I don’t want him to regret anything.


Shiv held her in his arm like fearing of her leaving. Saanjh sat there on his lap at the same position she was before but he can feel her numbness. She was cold and as they were so close he could feel her raised heartbeats. She did not fight. She could not but a thousand things ran in her mind that she could not concentrate on one.

Shiv: Saanjh

Saanjh: I want to hear everything.

Her tone was so emotionless that feared him. Shiv closed his eyes thinking about last 5yrs.

Shiv: when you did that, I mean jump off the cliff something went away with you. I couldn’t finish my study, Maan and my friendship was ruined. And everyday I saw him with Samaira. She was giving him strength and he was coming back to his former self. But on my side there was no one. Dad never gave enough importance to me. But one heavy check always dropped in my bank account. I was lost in your thought, trying to punish myself for loosing you. I just rebel. And Went back to South Africa…..

Shiv was silent for sometime, maybe thinking about those days. Saanjh could feel the stiffness in him. Her hand went on his chest. And her heat went through him.

Shiv: I went into street fighting, car racings, underground clubs, doing illegal things. From stealing cars, to breaking someones’s bones to threating someone. I never did it for money though the money was pretty good. I did to prove to myself that I was not enough worthy for you. You did good to leave me like that. It was like I was trying to find a way to forget you. Sometime it helped. Sometime it did not. I was badly involved in drugs. Meth to coccain anything worked. And girls. I used them to forget you. But I regret everytime when in the morning I only saw your sad face.

A tear fell on her fingers which was rested on his chest. His tears. Unknown to him. And her eyes gave up the battle. Her own tears rolled down.

Shiv: 2yrs ago I got a reality check. I was framed with drugs trafficking and in SA the law is pretty tough. I did illegal things but never sold drugs. Took for myself yes, but never sold to anyone. Dad’s business was suffering, and he almost dissown me. I told him I was innocent but he did not believed me. But one person did. That was Maan.

I never knew he was the one keeping me out of trouble for 3yrs. But his tolerance gave up. He confronted me, we fought badly in the jail. I took out my frustation by beating him. He let me do it because he knew i needed it. Then he got all information when, and what i did and for whom. He fought with everyone, almost lost his business but clarified my name.

But then again I did some stupid thing. Maan told me some girl in my gang did it, framed me. I was so mad and Automatically i thought about the girl whom I, I was sleeping. She was the only girl i was with for 3 months. She never asked for commitment, never had any interest in my wealth and never asked what i do in my own time. It was just a conventional means for both of us to forget the world.

When Maan said some girl in my gang did it, I thought about her because she was the only person closer to me. I went to meet her which I shouldn’t. I was high on meth that day. Took her from her home and made her sit in my car and went to the racing.

Shiv stopped again, recollecting his strength to tell the further story and saanjh waited holding her heart. She knew what is coming but her mind is numb. She does not know how to feel anymore.

Shiv: I asked her if she did it. She was confused but I kept speeding the wheel. She told me she did not do it. I kept on telling her to accept it and she kept refusing. I did believed her but it was too late. She told me she loved me why would she do it. I was so angry on her. I told her some mean things. I told her how dare she love me when i already said nobody can love me. Then she said she is pregnant. I lost my control. I was processing the mere thought when something blowed.

It was our car. It just blowed. I Killed my own child.

Shiv: We survived, me unscathed but she lost everything. Her one side face was burnt. She lost the baby.I remember when I came to senses i ran to her room but seeing her lying there made me so guilty. I asked her forgiveness and you know what’s the worse? She forgave me.

Saanjh could see the bobbing of his adam apple. He was trying to consist his emotion. And there she could not do anything. Her thought was everywhere. He released his grip and Saanjh stood up on unsteady leg.

Shiv: saanjh please.

Saanjh: I need time Shiv. Just give me some time.

Her voice was soft but some uncertainity grip his heart: Can i hold you tonight.

There was pleading in his voice. A grown up man like him begging to never be left was something that torn her heart but she needed time alone.

Saanjh: Not toni8 pls. Give me time to process all this.

Shiv: you said you would not leave me.

Saanjh saw the desperation in his eyes: I am not leaving you. Just asking for toni8. Can you give me that.

Shiv: you are not leaving our suite?

Saanjh: No.

Shiv: Okay. Can i stay outside your door?

Saanjh: Shiv pls

Shiv: I won’t bother you promise.

Saanjh could not stand the uncertainity in his eyes and left the place without saying anything. She left Maahika with him because she knew he needed her.

Shiv sat outside her room door and one other side Saanjh sat there thinking about his every word.


Maan: Geet, what if it was me instead of Shiv?

Geet: on what contray you saying this Maan?

Maan: sleeping with girls.

Geet sucked her breath: Are you saying you slept with women when you were with Samaira?

Maan nodded not looking at her. He waited for her to reply but Geet did not look at him.

Geet : I don’t know what should I make of that.

Maan: I could not get physical with her but I wasn’t saint. Maybe subconsciously I knew I did not love her but she was my ‘Adat’. And habit die hard. She was my frnd and i did not wanted to lose her.

Geet: that should not give u the right to cheat.

Maan: She knew it.

Geet: what?

Maan: She told me a few days prior to our anniversary. She said she knew I never loved her, if I had, i wouldn’t have cheated.

Geet: Do you feel guilty about it?

Maan: what should i say? Morally Yes.

Geet: from your heart Maan

Maan: No, I did not. And now thinking about anyone other than you make me feel dirty.

Geet: because you love me?

Maan: Yes,

Geet cleared her throat: will you ever,,,,,

She could not even finish her words.

Maan: will i ever cheat on you? Geet smiled weakly. Maan cupped her face, i did not said it to make you insecure, i could have hide it because it was in my past.

Geet: Answer me Maan. Will you ever,

Maan: No never, tum meri dhadkan ho Geet. when you walk around me I lost every sense to see any other living thing. You make me alive. I have never felt something so strong for someone ever. Do you still need words?

Geet shook her head in No: then I am fine with your Past till your present and future belongs to me.


In the morning they left for Lara’s wedding in Maan’s chopper. Sanjh was silent in the whole trip. Geet knew Shiv had told Saanjh everything. Geet silently supported him which shook Shiv. He never knew he was so worried about Geet’s reaction as well as Saanjh. And Geet’s support effects him as well.

Saanjh was lost in her own battle when the helicopter reached Bangkok. Lara had called her 10 times already and she had assured her that they will reach the venue before the wedding take place. Maaneet went to their room to get ready along with Maahika.

Geet: I am really worried for them, should I talk to her?

Maan: let them handle this, she needs to fight her own demons. And he need to battle on his own for her love.


Shiv: Saanjh talk to me please.

Saanjh: not now Shiv please. Just give me some time.

Shiv held her hand and pulled her closer: time? How much time you need? Why you need it? I told you everything. You said you won’t leave me and now,

Saanjh shrugged his hold: I am not leaving damit. I am here. Aren’t I? If i wanted to run I would go back to India. But i am here with u. Am i not?

Shiv: but u r running. You r not not talking to me. U can’t even look at me. I told you you won’t forgive me still u insisted.

Saanjh could see the madness in his eyes. Its true that she had always dreamt to see such love for her but right now when she is messed up this madness of him is only making her weak and frustrated.

Saanjh: ok, let us attend this function then we will talk about it.

Shiv: Talk about what. God damn at least tell me what are you thinking? Do you hate me hearing I killed me own child?

Saanjh: No, no, just. She took a heavy sigh and really looked at him, he looked like a man in tears. It broke her heart. Shiv. You dumped something heavy last night. You not only told me about that tragedy but also told me how you spent your last 5 yrs. You not just said you carry a burden of loosing a child but also told me you first child belonged to someone else.

Shiv: I,,

Saanjh: You were so worried about your “sin” that you forgot whatever else you were telling me. You know how much of a burden you carried and it was my fault. I am quiet because I am messed up right now. I am going nuts thinking about how much my stupidity had cause you. I am silent because I fear for our future. Yes you love me but I fear your burden of killing a child is much bigger that your love for me. You will always regret for that child who might have not survived in another case also.

Shiv: you know that was my fault.

Saanjh held his collar: see. This guilt of your won’t let us live Shiv. Can’t you see that? She could have lose that child in any way. It was fate that the accident happened. It could have been you instead of that unborn child, it was just an accident.

Shiv: how i wish it would have been me.

Saanjh left his collar and Shiv knew what he had done.

Saanjh: leave please.

Shiv: Saanjh.

Saanjh: I can’t be your madness. And I can’t live with your guilt. Get out.

Shiv: listen to me

Saanjh shouted: LEAVE…..

Abruptly he left and she collapsed on the floor thinking of her fate. Saanjh cried and cried till her heart and throat felt soar.


When Shiv entered Maan’s room and explained that happened in there Geet knew she had to see her sister. Thankfully maahi was sleeping so she left both the men there and went to look after Saanjh.

Geet: If you break her this time, I won’t forgive you Shiv.

Maan saw the tears glistening in her eyes before she mask it with anger.

When Geet entered Saanjh’s room she was a mess. Saanjh hugged her and cried some more and then explained everything that happened from last night to this morning.

Geet: Shhh I know, i know. Maan told me last ni8.

Saanjh: I don’t know what to do. I love him so much Geet. I can’t see him in guilt like this. I don’t want to spent my life over a guilt that wasn’t his fault. It could happen anywhere to anyone. And okay even I accept it was his fault, will he ever forgive himself to start our own family? Will he accept the truth and go beyond it?

Geet: did you ask him all this Saanjh? Did you explained to him that to begin your new life he need to forgive himself?

Saanjh shook her head in negetive.

Geet: you said why you should not stay with him but did you explain why its important to forget the past to live your present with him? You told the worst but did u try make it better? He was already at his weakest and you left him that you swore not to do.

Saanjh: No, i never meant to sound like that Geet.

Geet believed her desperate attempt to convince her and a hope blossom in her heart that there is still something left to be join in their relation.

Saanjh: I should talk to him.

Geet: stop. Not like this mess. They are getting ready. You need to get ready too. Then meet him at the church.

With a slight hope Saanjh got up to get ready. On the other side Maan made Shiv dress up for the wedding. Though Shiv was adamant but he believed his friend will do the right.

Maan: this time I won’t repeat my mistake. I won’t let her go, I promise.

Geet to Saanjh: nobody will force you. I won’t let anyone force you into a relationship that break you again. If he is right he will stick around, and if he is not, we will wait for something great.

How Saanjh wish she could say the same. His love is intoxicating for her still she can’t live without it.

Precap: “I won’t let my sister be forced into something that she doesn’t want or that isn’t right for her.”

“suddenly you feel shiv isn’t right for Saanjh? What happen to your friendship with Shiv? Blood is thicker than friendship isn’t it Geet?”

Yes i am bored with luvy duvy Maaneet, time for some action? Lol evil me.

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Kagaz Ki Kashti-Luv that Sacrifices Life Part 113

Part 113

Shiv: I need to talk to you Saanjh

Saanjh: can it wait Shiv, you look like shit. You need rest.

Shiv: It can’t  wait.

Saanjh: I am not running away, and you will be here tomorrow. Please you need sleep. We will talk tom.

Shiv: what if you run away again?

Saanjh smiled looking at his eyes: you won’t  let me.

Shiv: damn right. Will you sleep with me toni8?

Saanjh raised her one eyebrow and shiv shook his head in panick: no, i mean literally. Sleep. Nothing else. I want to hold you close.

Saanjh could sense his restless and knew he has something big to tell her. She was herself unsure about it now. What if he says he doesn’t  love her but can’t lose her  as a friend. but right now looking at his unsure face she pushed her insecurities aside.

Saanjh: okay.

In a few min he was asleep. Looks like he was really exhausted from handling Maahika all alone for half of the night. Sleep was far from Saanjh as she traced his feature with her eyes. She loves this man a lot. She doesn’t think anything in this world can make her feel otherwise. But she can’t settle for less. After seeing Maan and Geet’s love or madness for each other she got a craving she did not knew exists in her. She want a love like them.

The first thing in the morning Maan saw Geet playing with Maahika. Automatically a smile played on his  face. This must be his most fav thing in the world. He popped up on his elbow to see the 2 fav person together playing and smiling.

Geet was sitting at their balcony and maahika was on her lap giggling as geet was blowing raspberry. Maahika was giggling on top of her lungs when Geet shushed her.

Geet: Shhhh, Dada uth jayenge, we don’t  want that ri8? Nowadays Maahi only spends time with dada or chachu. Maahika doesn’t miss mumma.

She kissed her chubby cheeks repeatedly knowing it annoys maahi, who shook her head still playing with Geet’s hair. Maahika’s baby scent always soothes her.

Maan’s eyes were tracing her smiling face, her face was so serene in the glowing morning. He had arranged a garden in their balcony and from there sea view was clear. Geet had instantly liked the room and it gave immense pleasure to him. And now her face showed how much happy she is which made all his efforts worthy.

He remembered seeing her with prem in the morning once and unknown want had taken growth in him. Now he knew what was that. Maahika was 1st to see Maan looking at them and she couldn’t content her delight as she started bouncing in Geet’s lap. Maan laughed and Geet pouted.

Geet: See she is such a Dadda’s girl. She doesn’t love mumma.

Maan walked towards them, Geet looked from the corner of her eyes. No matter how much she knew he is her Maan only but she couldn’t get enough him. Looking like her dream in a white vest and white pajama and messy hair he still managed to look irresistible.

Maan sat behind Geet supporting her back on his front and snuggling closer to her neck whispering ever so sensuous words.

Maan: If you don’t  stop looking at me like that I won’t be able to stop myself from devouring you.

He nipped her neck which made her gulp and lean back on him heavily.

Geet: I wasn’t.

Maan hummed placing soft butterfly kisses on her neck. He can feel her shiver which was making him hard but a sharp cry broke the spell. Maahika made an angry pout and Maan knew if he do not take her in his arms he will cry the full room down.

Geet made cute faces: aur lao beti ko sath honeymoon pe.

Maan chuckle: Are you jealous of your own daughter Geet.

Geet put her in his arms and entered the garden with mocking anger. But a smile played on her face. How can she tell him how much happy they both make her. The scene of the father daughter soothes her soul. Seeing them playing and maan making faces to make maahi smile makes Geet forget every pain she had endured in the last year.


Maan and Shiv was sitting in the beach cafe where Geet and Saanjh went to meet their new friend. Maan asked their security guard to accompany them to avoid any Mark situation. Maan knew Shiv was restless and wanted to ease his tension.

Maan: Did u talked to Saanjh?

Shiv: No, i couldn’t. I was so worried and tired and

Maan: looked like shit,

Shiv: Yeah she did not let me say anything and made me sleep.

Maan snorts: The Great Shiv Kapoor who ppl fear can’t say  few words to his fiancee.

Shiv: she is my life and I love my life.

Maan smiles: Seeing u so deep in love sometime feels like alien to me.

Shiv threw the napkin at him which he ducked laughing.

Shiv: I need to tell her everything.

Maan: You do but remember that was your past. You were young, stupid and lost the love of your life. You were bound to rebel. And she loves you. She will understand but tell her before someone else does.

Shiv: Do you think it’s Her?

Maan: Lara?

Shiv: hmm

Maan: I don’t  know man, i wanted to ask Geet about the slip of name but I forgot, then in the morning seeing her and Maahi so cuddling and bubbling I again forgot. Sorry.

Shiv sighed: Don’t  blame yourself for my messed up situation. I will talk to her.

Maan: or I will ask Geet about leaving early. We need to go South Africa for Saanjh’s therapy.

Shiv: no, i won’t ruin her moment. She loves it here.

Soon their talk got interrupted by a tall glamorous half naked girl with another 2 girls following her came near their table.

“Hi, new here?”

Shiv looked at Maan with an amused smirk then nodded. The 2 other girls were giggling and whispering something when the tall red head shushed them.

“My name is Margaret, if you want a tour of this place you can join us.”

Another voice came from behind: are you the touring guide here?

A laughing Shiv choked his coke hearing Geet. He was in a state of shock and laugh. Maan himself was smiling but a glare from Geet was enough to shut him up.

Margaret: now who are you?

Geet: I am his wife and you need to get the hell out of here. Now.

Margaret: but he isn’t,,

Maan showed his ring finger: you never asked darling.

Margaret looked at shiv then: well he isn’t.

Saanjh: Soon to be. And if you don’t  get out of here right now i will see you going screaming and without the handkerchief you are wearing now.

Maan could not help but laughed but Geet and Saanjh both glared him. How can he tell her he can’t  even look away from her to see anyone else and when she comes like that, maahika in baby carrier tied on her front, she looks super cute.

Saanjh looked at Shiv bare abs, he was wearing pants but did not put his shirt as they were on a beach and Maan’s shirt buttons were open.

Saanjh: Do you need to show off your abs to get every other girl’s attention?

Shiv: You did not stammer talking and looking at my six packs. See it’s perk?

Saanjh almost growls: i don’t  want to be here, let’s  go Geet. Geet shrugged and joined her sister.

Both the men looked at each other and followed them in hurry.

Maan: Geet, suno to meri baat.

Geet: I don’t  want to listen to anything, jisse kehna tha usse kuch nahi kaha. That girl was hitting on u and you were amusing her.

Maan: technically she was hitting on both of us, and i was the one amused.

Geet: go to her then.

Maan held her hand and pushed her in their room. Maahi was long asleep but he kept the tender yet firm grip around her so she was in the middle of them.

Maan: she was just a passer-by wanting an eye candy maybe to boost in front of her frnds. But you know me better than this.

He wasn’t  harsh at all, maybe because he knew Geet wasn’t angry just insecure. Just like him, when he saw a guy only looking at her he wants to kill them. Geet pulled his collar closer to her.

Geet: whenever I see someone trying to get close to u or touch you I feel the rage in my vein and then it burns like coal. She pointed her finger on her heart then again held him closer. I can’t share you with anyone. I am not that the jealous type but thinking you with someone makes me mad with rage. I always want to hurt that person. This feelings were never here but now, i don’t  know what happen to me.

He could see the torment in her eyes, he placed his palm on her face and kissed her forehead.

Maan: I am going to always love you and only you, no matter who see me or feels any kind of thing but know that this heart belongs to you. In my conscious or subconscious mind I will always be yours. Our love can conquer anything Geet…. she closed her eyes believing every words.




Shiv: why are u angry on me?
Saanjh: are you kidding me? You were flirting with her

Shiv: it was her flirting with me not the other way around u know.

Saanjh: but u were enjoying

Shiv: how in the world u got that impression?

Saanjh: you did not stopped her coming on u, what am I suppose to think?

Shiv: try believing me?
Shiv held her hand and pulled hher closer: where did I gave you any reason to doubt me? My life starts with u and ends with u. can’t you see that? can’t you trust me?

Saanjh stopped and really looked at his eyes: I am sssorry. Pata nahi mmmujhe Kya hojata hain. Whenver I see u with any girl I fffeel like something tttearing me apart.

Shiv held her waist pulling her closer: that’s call love. And I am the luckiest man to have your love.
Saanjh looked at his eyes: Sometime I fear this love. Wwhat if I can’t handle it? What if I messed it up? What if I can’t control my anger? Will you leave mmmee?
Shiv placed his lips on her first tenderly then feeling her response passionately.
Shiv: now do u think I can leave you ever? I can’t live without you even for a second then how can you think about leaving?

Saanjh: kabhi kabhi itne pyar se dar lagta hain.

Shiv: saanjh its not me you should fear about but what if u decide to leave me? Then what? Do u think I can survive that?

Saanjh looked at him: I can never do that.

Shiv: u tell me now but what if u find something repulsive in me? What if some past makes u hate me?

Saanjh: don’t try to scare me. I love u. all of u. faults and past included.







Happy birthday Tanu meri jaan. Here is your gift and I am not gonna stop writing. Yes its difficult but I have everyone to help me. Hope you liked it. God bless you and may all your wishes comes true..


it’s good to write it back but gals I am finding K3 a lot more difficult than LFU. So the flow might take time to come. Pardon me if u don’t like it and try to help me with suggestion that u want to see.
And I want to cut the HM cut soon so I can concentrate on the next track that I had in my mind 3yrs back

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Kagaz Ki Kashti Luv that Sacrifices Life Part 112


Part 112

That night Maan took Geet to a date night. He spent the afternoon giving instruction how to do the things he wanted, he even did some arrangements himself. The rooftop was blowing in shimmering lights and the moon gave a glow to it. Maan ordered white roses and orchids to decorate the place, even the people on the work were amazed to see the love of a husband.

On seeing Geet’s glowing face his hard work paid off and seeing the mesmerized beauty of Geet every worker smiled on Maan’s madness for her. Few girls in the restaurant were swooning seeing so much love and few got jealous seeing Geet getting everything a girl can desire ever.

Oblivious from all of it Maaneet were lost in each other. Maan’s face was in awe seeing Geet in a red dress that maybe saanjh had helped her for this date. On hearing about the date thing both girls were so excited and Saanjh had pulled Geet seperately for a small shopping trip. And right now that one hour of wandering the malls with the girls finally paid off.

She is looking ravishing in her red off shoulder cocktail dress, the satin and the color did wonder to her creamy complexion. Her full bossom, and hip did justice to the dress. But the apprehensive look on her face torned him, he knew she is concious of her figure, so he did what he did. Large hands closed on her waist pulling her close.

Maan whispered in her ear: you are looking like walking death for me Geet, I think i won’t be happy until I take off this beautiful dress from your lucious body and devour you from night to morning.

Geet gasp in sudden heat: Maan..

She didn’t planned the moan escaped her lips when Maan nipped her neck teasing her senses with his unique cologne that says only him.

Maan: stop beaing concious. You are beautiful and I am thankful toni8 this view is only for me.

Geet: huh? You,, booked this entire top?

Her exasperated look only made her adorable, he licked her lips,

Maan: I wanted a place just for us and I have few ideas, this one is for starter.

Geet gave him a smile: This is beautiful Maan.

A look crossed on her face twisted something deep inside of him. She looks,, dreamy…

Maan: What is it?

Geet shook her head: nothing, u wll laugh only.

Maan made her sit across him and order juice for her and wine for him.

Maan: try telling me first, then see.

Geet: ok, but if you laugh, I wll stop there. Maan nodded his head in agreement. When I was a teenager, 16 actually, I used to think my prince will bring the world to my feet, I used to dream about kissing him standing on the higest place where the world can see us and wish to be in love like us. I wanted something I will always remember when I grow old and the memories will be with me. But then Me and Sujal,,, and it never happen. It was a dream and I was happy to place it in the sweetest corner of my memory, my teenage year. But tonight,, you made me feel that dream do comes true.

Geet turned to see Maan with a smile: everyone thinks I am a simple girl with simple dream and need, and I never told anyone about any fascination of mine, maybe they would have thought I am a materialistic person but tonight without saying anything you fulfilled my one dream. A date of my teenage fascination, a night that my prince will make me feel like a princess. You did all these for me when u didn’t need it.

When maan touched her face with tender finger only then she realized tear was trickling down her face. But she wasn’t feeling hurt, only warmth spread her heart.

Maan: I love you and I promise rest of our live I will try to be your prince fulfilling your every dream.

Geet: thank you.

Maan kissed her knuckle and rest of the night went in few talks, lots of laugh and dancing with passion, when they returned to their room Maan was carrying Geet and kissing her thoroughly. They never looked at another soul while entering their place, then He showes how much he loves her and adores her in every way possible for a man.


Shiv was exhausted but Maahika wasn’t anywhere stopping her tantrums. Tonight she is in a bad mood and her target is as always him. At first she threw her bottle away, okay, he was shoving in to her mouth thinking she must be hungry and that’s why crying but Maahi threw the bottle so the milk spilled on his shirt. Then when he tried to make her sleep she peed on him which was still making him frown, why him? Why can’t it be Abir?

But he was stuck and Saanjh was only laughing at him, why? Because he stupidly challenged her that he can manage maahi all alone. Now he is paying, and its huge. He had to shower 2 times and still maahi is nowhere to sleep. Its 2 hr that Maan and Geet went on their date and Maan had called atleast 30 times to know how his baby doing. Only that time Maahi stopped her cry and behaved like world’s best kid.

And now after bath whenver he tried to put cloth on her she starts screaming then kick her leg, he tried to glare her which made him more frustated as Maahika stopped her tantrum for a min before pouting her lips and he could see the trembling lips, she is ready to burst.

Shiv: ohhhh hold on hold, maahi, don’t you dare cry, I will tell ur dad I am never going to baby sit you again.

First wail comes and shiv fumbled more: oh stop it,, maahi, maahi, you are chachu’s angel.

But till then Maahi was wailing on top of her lungs, Shiv looked here and then, pulling his hair and looking adorably frustated and on the verge of cying himself but then Saanjh came and scooped maahika in her arms. She took out her diaper looking her baby bump that has rashes and she was trying to tell shiv by her baby natural way. After taking it away Saanjh slides a soft cotton dress on Maahi leaving her bottom open.

Shiv crouches on Maahi kissing her red fluffy nose: I am sorry baby. I know chachu wasn’t the best person, but he loves you.

It’s like Maahi understands his apology, she showed her gummy smile and kissed his nose, though it wasn’t a kiss as she put her saliva full mouth on his nose sucking it, maybe trying to mimick his kiss. Shiv laughed, then only he realized someone was watching them, he turned to see Saanjh leaning on a wall looking at them with a tender smile.

She applied some rash cream before putting the diaper then turn to see Shiv who was looking at Maahi.

Saanjh: She loves you and she knows u love her too.

Shiv look down with a small smile when she inches closer: and one day you will be a perfect father, one of the best.

Her voice was so soft that Shiv forgot every thing he planned to say to her, just the love in her eyes was everything he wanted to see. The thought of her round with his child swell his heart with warmth and love.

Shiv whisper: I want that too. He brought Saanjh closer to him and she placed her head on his chest while Maahi closer between them.

It wasn’t long that a thud came on their room and half bare Maan marched in the room looking for Maahi.

Shiv said tiredly: You know we can take care of her.

Maan: Geet was restless and you both need rest and a break from her. Maahi just snuggle closer to Maan like in her sleep she can feel her dada. Shiv noded and appriciated Maan’s concern and he diverted his eyes on Saanjh who was tidying the room.

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Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 111


Part 111

Next day in Thailand was somewhat sweet and tolerable for Maan and Shiv as Ian was nowhere in sight, he had few meetings which was blessing for shiv as saanjh seems to become really fond of Ian which irritate the hell out of him and he made maan’s life hell with his scribing.

4 of them went to have breakfast along with Maahi, and then shopping. It was looking like Shiv and Maan brought the whole market for their princess which pleased Maahi. And suprisingly seeing her look or touch anything the men brought everything, it was weird when geet saw there was some scarf and hat which can drown Maahika’s whole body, it was so big. Geet glaed Maan asking what he was thinking when he brought all those, he would just shrugged and maahi will smile sheepishly. She sometime doubt is she only 3 months old.

Saanjh informed they will go to a local place for lunch which their friend showed last day while they were shopping, seeing the place Shiv immidiately stiffened.

Shiv: u both came here yesterday?

Saanjh: yeah, its so cool shiv, we loved it.

Maan glared the place and then Geet who bite her lips,, it was really a beautiful place closer to beach, but they didn’t informed that the place has half naked men serving and flirting. In fact the place has no female staff. Weird that most of the customer were girls who are shamelessly groping those hunk like half naked men with their eyes. saanjh rolled her eyes at shiv and pulled geet closer to a corner table directly in front of the beach.

Instantly a good looking man wearing shorts and an open shirt which was showing his perfect abs approached their table.

Saanjh: Hey how are u Mark?

Mark gave her a smile: hey saanjh, hey Geet, how have u being girls? Liking Thailand.

Geet: absolutely in love with this place.

Mark: hey who is this cute angel?

He tried to touch maahi which earned growls from the men and a somewhere scowling or pouting Maahika. Saanjh chuckled..

Saanjh: Don’t Mark, maahi Geet’s daughter is in a bad mood and I guess her dada is also, as for Shiv,

Geet: he become mumma bear at the thought of anyone touching his precious God daughter.

Shiv’s scowling stopped at the mention of daughter, he looked at geet with such tenderness. Saanjh cleared her throat and mark stretched himself.

Mark: you never said u r married and have a daughter geet.

He look somewhere sad and accusing which confused geet,, saanjh tried to hide her smile. Her twin was so stupid when men are concern. She is so concern about her size that she never got to see how beautiful and attracting she is to the other men. No exception for Mark. Maan’s glare switched being annoying to murderous. Then Shiv coughed hearing Geet.

Geet: Well I don’t see any need of hanging a banner of ‘I m married’ in my neck when I already have a chain of wedding and a ring in my finger, I don’t know why couldn’t u see tht.

Saanjh: Because all the time his eyes were on ur tits, oops.

Geet gasped and maan growled ready to murder someone be tht Maark.

Shiv: What the hell,, calm down Maan. And u saanjh,, couldn’t find a decent place than this.

Maan was already on Mark’s face: listen you as***** stay the f*** away from my wife and take your eyes with u or God knows what will I do with it.

The owner herself came to rescue and seeing the murderous glare from Maan she immediately asked forgiveness. Later it cracked as a joke and Saanjh laughed so hard. Geet was cutely pouting and Shiv joined the laughter. Maahika happily clapped her hands seeing so much happiness she nearly bounced from Maan’s hand.

Maan: seriously who introduced u to that idiot and this place.

Saanjh: it was a good place with good view except Mark. Geet was too innocent to notice his advancement so I wanted to give a lesson tht every naive girl won’t swoon with his good looks.

Geet: u should have said tht to me.

Shiv: how did u manage to land up here.

Saanjh smiled at him sweetly: Lara brought us here yesterday, I told u we made good friends in tht trip well Lara was really sweet and so bold u know.

Geet: yeah and we clicked so easily.

The world stopped and so did Shiv, it can’t be her, in whole Thailand there could be a lot ppl name Lara, it doesn’t mean it has to be her, last he knew she ws in Chicago but can’t she come when her brother Ian is here. He should talk to Saanjh before his nightmare touch her.

Rest of the day was ruined for shiv as fear gripped his heart, he asked Maan to leave with Geet and spend some time with her, He and Saanjh can babysit Maahi. Abruptly Maan agreed knowing he need some alone time with Saanjh and He want to spend some his quality time with geet.

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Kagaz Ki Kashti Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 110


Part 110

Geet saw the look Shiv possessed just seeing Saanjh with another man. It was same like Maan gave all the time whenever he find any man looking or talking to her. She tried her best not to laugh seeing the caveman style Shiv was approaching towards them but a light snort came out. Maan and Maahika instantly looked towards her, Geet’s hand was already on her mouth to stop the giggle. Seeing her mumma smiling Maahika broke into a large grin then giggle. She was literally jumping on his arms which drew Ian’s attention. His look only gave adoration for maahi. Geet couldn’t help but chuckle seeing the murderous hole Shiv was sending towards Ian’s head. Saanjh looked at her weird twin, she was till now enjoying Ian’s company. She loved the look on Ian’s confuse face, she cleared his confusion about them being twin in positive and only then she felt a gaze on her back. She saw the look Geet gave that means pure evil, then she turned only to find Shiv standing right behind them and his eyes were blazing with murderous fury. Now got to know why Geet was laughing. She shook her head feeling all of this alpha-male amusing.

Then it went beyond when Ian extended his hand to take Maahi and she willingly went to him. Saanjh held her breath and looked towards Shiv only to see the trickle in his jaw. Her eyes instantly went on Maan who was having the same expression and a fist on Geet’s waist just to stop himself. If Maahika wasn’t so important to her own, Saanjh would have laughed on these two jealouse alpha-male personalities. But she knew these two men love her more than life.

Ian’s face held the soft tendency that Geet had seen on Shiv many time. He generally like Maahika and feeling was mutual bcz apart from Shiv Maahika look so much happy only with her dada but here looks like Ian is making his own place. Here Maahi was holding Ian’s shirt wetting it with her saliva, she looked at him concerned but Ian laughed at it. He gave her his expensive mobile Phn which Maahika started chewing with her gum. Now a days she started putting everything in her mouth whatever come across to her hand. Not finding the Phn tasty maahi tried to smash it on the floor only to Geet snatch it. She looked at Maan who was having a smug smile all over his face. Geet gave a stern look to Maan then maahi which made maahi puff her lips, and looks like anytime she will burst in tears.

Geet: sorry Ian.

Ian: no need Geet, she is such a cute child, Maan is lucky to have both the beauties in his life, thank god Saanjh wasn’t in it. He winked at Saanjh who tried to stiffle her laugh seeing shiv’s anger reaching it’s peak.

Shiv: She isn’t Maan’s but that doesn’t mean she is single. Ian’s head turn to meet Shiv, his brows frowned then narrowed.

Ian: 2 Stud got the twins huh.

Geet didn’t missed the distaste and bickering vibes between them. If Ian was anything to Maan that was business and personal friendship on some level but Shiv and Ian couldn’t stand each other that was so clear. Saanjh and Geet looked at each other with worried eyes, Maan smirked seeing the quarrel then settled on a chair shoving some food in his mouth. Geet’s mouth fell open seeing it and Saanjh looked confuse. Maahika went on her dada’s arm feeling tired and hungry.

Maan: don’t worry they won’t kill each other but won’t kiss also. He laughed and Geet slapped him playfully.

Shiv put his face closer to Ian so that the girls couldn’t hear them.

Shiv: listen you as***** don’t come f****** near my girls ever be that Saanjh or Maahika.

Ian: they aren’t your f****** property b****** they can decide what they like.

Saanjh cleared her voice and the 2 men stepped out.

Saanjh: I think you boys spend the day here we are going to have some fun and take care of maahi and I mean care not quarrel.

Maan: yes mam.

Geet: umm Saanjh first let me feed Maahi, she must be hungry.

Geet was feeling her breast heavy and knew maahi also felt hungry but she won’t say it because she found more amusing things to busy herself.

Shiv: Geet we fed her just an hour before.

Geet: Shiv I told you I don’t like her taking baby food, she need only breast feeding for 6 month Atleast.

Shiv and Maan groaned hearing it and Ian looked at her in awe, Geet was confuse and Saanjh was shaking with silent laugh.

Geet: what?

Shiv: I don’t need to know that.

Ian: you breast feed her.

Maan: shut up a****** take away your eyes before I smash it.

Ian: can’t help it when she has amazing body.

Maan groans so loud that Geet jumped on the sound. Maan held her closer to him to mark her as his.

Ian held his hand in surrender: hey not every girl like to breast feed a baby in fearing of ruining her body but she is amazing.

That earned a sincere look from Shiv and loving gaze from Maan for Geet who was smiling looking at Maahika.

Geet: you are wrong Ian. Every mother place her child need above everything, maybe those girl weren’t ready for the news becoming a mother but eventually they did and loved being a mumma.

Maahika’s impatient hand started reaching Geet’s dress which earned chuckle from Ian and Shiv,, then groan from Maan.

Geet: I will be back. Saanjh come with me please.

Both the girls went in room with Maahika leaving 3 men looking at them in admiration.

Ian: You both are lucky b******, they deserves only best.

Maan: yeah they deserves the best.

Ian: I haven’t seen you this happy ever. she made you happy Maan.

Maan: yes she did and love happen to be a wonderful thing.

Ian: I had never thought I have to see you like this, love sick puppy.

Maan: if I get Geet I m ready to be anything till she has her eyes for me only.

Ian: she has heart for you only.

Shiv: how is Lara?

instantly Ian’s face turned hard. the one reason Ian can’t stand Shiv was Lara, his dear sister.

Ian: do not take her name with your filthy mouth, she doesn’t deserves this sh**.

Ian’s hand was pointed towards the way Saanjh went and Shiv knew he was talking about her not Lara. he regretted his life the moment Saanjh walked back in his life but not more than now. Though it wasn’t his fault that he had lived a life of being manwhore after the news of Saanjh’s death but it was only breathing and taking out his frustration, never he felt anything for anyone but now coming close to Saanjh and having her made him feel fear. what if Saanjh hate him after founding what he was doing all his life in capetown and all over world.

The tension in the air not only caught Shiv but Maan also. it was right he didn’t have history like Shiv because he was in committed relationship before Geet happened and that relationship doesn’t hold much as he never spent night with Sam but that doesn’t mean he was a virgin with Geet. nope he has his own share with women,, women that Sam didn’t knew. It was nothing that mattered to him then, he didn’t felt for them it was one night stand every now and then. yes he was committed to Sam emotionally but not physically. He could have gotten those thing from Sam but never felt it right, partly because she was his Frnd first and they grew up together. It was some kind of protecting instinct but never he felt guilty. He was a grown up man and in teenage also s** was a need for him and Shiv which they hooked and never thought much,, loneliness in their life got better of them.. But ironically he felt all those emotion now that he should have felt with Sam. That shows how less he thought about her in a love way. But everything was in past and this is his present with only one woman that he loves more than his life.


When Geet and Saanjh met the girls who promised to accompanied them on the trip, they were waiting at the beach. Saanjh went ahead as Geet went to Maan to hand him Maahika. Maan gave some cash to Geet which made her eyes widen. The bundle was enough for her and Saanjh to shop whole week but that wasn’t enough. Shiv also gave a bundle and sternly said to give it to Saanjh. Geet tried to say it was enough for both of them Shiv dismissed that with a wave of his hand. Then he said Saanjh won’t take anything from him directly so she needed to do something and give it to her, Geet only smiled sweetly and waved goodbye not before kissing Maahika’s forehead and on Maan’s persistence on his lips. He gave a heart warming smile to her that made everything flip in her stomach.

It was fun for the girls to have the day to themselves. Geet phoned Maan every now and then to ask about Maahika and Maan informed every little thing patiently.

When they came back from shopping and spa Geet was glowing. She showered her love on both father daughter. It was like she got some energy drink that was making her glow like never before. She happily chatted about things she had witnessed during the day and then about her New friend who’s wedding was coming near, only a weak. They met in the spa and hit it off instantly. Then suddenly Geet looked so guilty, it made Maan interested in her chatter patter.

Geet: woh Maan.

Maan held her waist and made her sit on his lap. Maahika was with Saanjh for the night only on her own persistence.

Maan: kya huya Jaan? What are you worrying for?

Geet: Maan I spent a lot of money today on the dress and all, I m sorry. Apne Itna trust kar ke diya aur maine ek din me,,,

She was nearly on the verge of crying, Maan instantly felt alert.

Maan: Do u need more money Jaan? Did anything happen to you? Did anyone,,,

He couldn’t complete the sentence as the burning rage stirred inside him, something made his Geet upset and he didn’t knew it.

Geet: Maan mujhse bohot paise spend hogaya.

Maan looked at her confuse: huh?

She gave the bundle of cash. It still have more than half of it, he felt like smacking his head. He gave all the money to spend in that hour not a life time. If any other girl was on her place would have spent everything happily then called him for more but here his sweet wife feeling sad because she spent a ‘large amount’ according to her. He couldn’t help but chuckle. A deep chuckle vibrated through his chest making her shiver.

Maan tucked her loose strand of her hair behind the ear then kissed her pouted lips.

Maan: Geet,,, kya karu main tumhara. Jaan I earned that whole bundle money in mins. You can spend anything you want and still it won’t be shortage,, I told you I earn for you and maahi then who will spent them? my neighbor? I would have been happy if u had spent them all and called me asking more.

Geet: how could I spend them all in one day? It will take one week at least.

Maan chuckle hearing his innocent wife: I had seen many girl spending that amount in hours only.

Geet: but Maan.

Maan: ok next time whenever you spend that much amount I will take back the interest.

Geet gazed at him with confuse eyes but then the burning desire in his eyes made her blush.

Maan: some time seeing your innocence and then this blush I feel like eating you whole day and night Geet.

His husky voice made her hold him tighter and the shudder didn’t fail to make him hard and soon she was lost in his passion, his love…


what are u wearing Geet?
Don’t u like it Maan?

Nice? He thought he have to kill someone today if he found anyone hovering on her legs. He growl and frowns.

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Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 109



Part 109

Next day first thing Geet wanted was talking to Saanjh which Maan gladly obliged. He took Maahika with him and informed Shiv to come with him. Geet didn’t asked details about their boys-going-out-to-plan-something-mission. So when Saanjh peeked in her room she pounded on her happily.

Geet: what r u peeking for?

Saanjh entered the room with sheepish smile: I was afraid in what state I have to found u,, Ohh this is your honeymoon na.

Geet threw a cushion at her twin which Saanjh dodged laughing. Geet again n again threw cushion and soon it turned to be a cushion fight. Laughing they fell on the bed. It’s being more than 6yrs they laughed like this or behaved like teenager.

Saanjh: Are you happy Geet.

Geet: Happiest in my life Saanjh. Are you?

Saanjh: of course I m for u.

Geet: u know what I meant Saanjh.

Saanjh face her twin who was popping on one elbow. She smiles and nodded.

Saanjh: I think I love him more than ever and he loves me too.

Geet: Good. Or else he would be murdered from my hand.

Saanjh cracked hearing that: u can’t even kill a fly Geet.

Geet: Shiv is easier than fly.

Both laughed, then they did some gossip about their fav hero just like their teenage time. Maan not only gave her a time to know him and cherish their beautiful time in future but he had returned her childhood with her sister which she missed like hell.

Later they planned a girl’s day out which they had decided to spent in a spa pampering themselves then shopping as Bangkok is famous for being one of the best shopping place. Now they are just waiting for the boys to return. Saanjh told her Shiv didn’t said a word about the planning they seems to do frequently without telling them. Geet was ingested but also knew Maan wanted to surprise her so she didn’t pry much.

When Maan and Shiv didn’t returned for 3hours Geet had called Maan and he told her that they are returning in few mins. So Geet and Saanjh decided to wait for them in the restau-bar. Saanjh went to order their drinks when a guy approached Geet. Saanjh wasn’t there with her which made Geet nervous a little but the guy looked nice so she tried to compose her uneasiness.

Guy: do u mind if I join you. He gave a sweet seductive smile that maybe girl will die for but this is Geet.

Geet: umm actually that’s my sister’s seat. She smile apologetically. But that doesn’t offend the guy, in fact his smile broaden.

Guy: you are a nice girl my guess. you can’t even give a good excuse to refuse my offer.

Geet raised her eyebrow: was it an offer?

He grinned like she cracked a joke: nope. A request. Can I join u. I promise I won’t snatch ur sister’s seat.

Geet finally laughed looking at his childish grin. The guy took a seat infront of Geet and extended his hand.

Guy: hi I m Ian. Ian Ronald.

Hesitantly Geet took his hand: I m Geet Khurana.

Ian: Indian beauty. I got that. Geet smiles at his little but harmless flirting. So can I get any drink for you?

Geet: you didn’t look like a waiter here or the bartender.

Ian smiles at her insult as it was too cute for her to insult anyone so he carried it seriously.

Ian: no but I was thinking of doing a course on that u know career option seems like good. Tips n all. He winked at her and both cracked laughing.

Geet: so Ian what u do? I mean in seriously other than flirting with women.

Ian: beautiful woman u mean. Yup other than that I own this resort along with other hotels in Bangkok and few other country. Right now I m expanding business in India.

Geet’s mouth fell a little: wow that’s wonderful.

Ian smiles at her with triumph: you seriously thought I m a bartender.

Geet shook her head: no but didn’t realize u r the owner of this place I mean.

Ian: yeah yeah I understand and it’s also true u r not as impress as I thought u will.

Geet again smiles and shook her head: not as u think. Seriously u look like some seriously good in work and u know that. U r handsome rich has a charm to impress any girl.

Ian: ‘But’… I guess there is a but

Geet: but I m little diferent and I can’t offer what u want.

Ian looked at her in awe. Geet was smiling at him and for the first Ian thought a girl trully beautiful in her simplicity but Geet not only outer but inside is soft and beautiful.

Geet: I m not as nave as I look Ian. I know when a guy like u approaches a girl to sit beside or buy a drink. Look I m

Ian held his hand in surrendering grinning like a young boy not like his 28 or 30 age.

Ian: I m sorry Geet. I know my approaching wasn’t good. Now a days girls like u are hard to find. Sophistication and humidity with nave softness are hard to find. Any guy will fall for that.

Geet: Ian I m no special and u r a good guy. I don’t get comfortable talking to a stranger but I talked with u as u seems like a good guy. U can find a good girl but don’t follow any girl,, wait for the special one that’s all I can say.

Ian: first time I m so flatter hearing my praise but I also know it’s genuine as it is coming from u. Not to impress me but to making me realize I was right u are a great person and any guy who will have u will be one lucky bastard.

Maan: that I am.

Suddenly Geet felt a gaze on her with that she heard the voice. She looked above Ian’s head only to met a furious pair of eyes. Maan walked towards her with a sleeping maahi on his shoulder.

Geet stood up so did Ian. Maan walked towards her and slipped his hand on her waist pulling her closer to him and kissing her lips hungrily. Geet was flushed with the display of affection. Maan never did something like that not like she doesn’t like it. She love it when he claim her in front of the world but till now it was always a peak this time his jealousy side took it further and her face flushed with desire. Maan smiles at her warmly and Geet pouted cutely. Maan looked at her lips hungrily which made Geet pink.

Ian cleared his throat: Maan.

Maan: hello Ian.

Ian smiles meekly: hey heard u came last night with your wife.

Maan frowns at him: yeah but I think u met her. Maan looked at Geet who smiles apologetically. Then Ian understood everything. Her uncomfortableness and looking at him with apologetic smile. Now he know why not his charm worked on her. She is Mrs Geet Khurana which she tried saying once. Ian cursed himself for this situation.

Ian: I m really sorry Geet. I

Geet: It’s alright Ian not that it was anyway ur fault. U didn’t knew I m married and I didn’t help much. Did I.

Maan: what’s going on?

She heard maan’s hard voice. She smile at Ian before turning towards her hot and sexy yet angry husband.

Geet: we met here and did some friendly chat. He offered me some good drinks which I told him some awful thing.

Maan raise his one eyebrow: did u?

Ian laughed at that: not a chance.

Maan: Geet I know Ian for more than 5 yrs so I know what must have gone. And Ian,,, back off from my wife.

Though Maan didn’t sounded much angry but Ian knew Maan is serious. His hard eyes said it all and he trully respects Maan but right now he is a little jealouse of him. Then his eyes went on the baby Maan was carrying. His eyes widen seeing the cute angel opening her eyes slowly. She looked here and there unsteadily then fall on Ian. Ian held his breath for her cry as every baby cry their lungs out after waking up but maahi only smiled at him. Her toothless gummy smile.

Ian looked at her in awe: hey baby.

Geet: she is Maahika Singh Khurana. Our daughter.

Ian smiles in delight then extended his hand towards her. Maahi grabbed his one finger and then smiles. Ian smiled at her warmly but Maahika hide her face in her dadr’s neck shying away. Ian chuckled and Maan laughed at her antics.

Just then Saanjh walked towards them with 2tall glass of a orange and strawberry color drink.

Geet: there she is. What made u so late.

Saanjh:Ohh met with few girls and they promised to take us in the best spa and they said it will be best to get a Brazilian wax for u and,,,

Geet greeted her teeth as her sister can’t see the 2 man standing beside her.

Geet: Saanjh….

Saanjh: what??? Maan is your husband and u r doing it for him. She winked at Geet but her eyes signal something.g else. Saanjh’s eyes widen seeing the handsome man standing beside her.

Saanjh looked at Geet: oops sorry.

Ian was smiling smugly till he looked at her face. Geet heard a chuckle that came from her side means Maan. She shook her head and soon met with an another pair of angry eyes.

Precap: what are u wearing Geet?
Don’t u like it Maan?

Nice? He thought he have to kill someone today if he found anyone hovering on her legs. He growl and frowns.

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Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 108


Wish u and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year Friends…


Part 108

Geet woke up with a sharp cry of Maahika. Startled with the voice she sat up on the bed holding the sheet merely covering her breast. Her eyes turn to search Maan but he wasn’t in bed. Then her eyes went to Maahika’s crib and there standing Maan only in his track no shirt, arms holding maahi and trying to compose her cry. Geet looked at the clock and immediately gasp seeing its been 4 hour she was asleep. Of course maahi is hungry, she need to dress up fast before her darling daughter woke up the whole floor by her shriek. Geet search for her dress but that laid on the floor in tiny pieces. She glared at Maan but she can’t even stay angry seeing the worried look on his face. He is torn between his princessess. She shook her head then wrapped the sheet around her bosom.

She walked around and tapped his shoulder, when his eyes fell on Geet his eyes visibly relaxed. She extended her hand, only then he noticed her half nude body covered only in a white satin sheet. Her peace cream complexion was more visible and enchanted with the color of the sheet. His eyes roamed on her shoulder where he had left his mark on her, their passion. He felt himself hard instantly but then a whimper brought him back to the reality.

He looked at his daughter who look like hell angry. She is trying to go towards Geet but as his grip was firm she couldn’t break it. So as a result she was angry on Maan. He gave a sweet kiss on her forehead and passed her to Geet who just shook her head. Maan pouted seeing the look on her face. Geet smiles at maahi then settled on the bed. She untied her sheet and Maahika grabbed her nipple.

The way maahi was sucking her breast it looks like she was hungry for ages. Funny, Maahi always seems to be hungry like this. Maan looked at them in awe. Every time he saw maahi with Geet like this he find it amusing and heart warming. Geet raised her eye brows but Maan shook his head in no then again started drooling over the scene. Geet wanted to laugh but seeing the sincere admiration about God’s biggest creation, a baby,, she couldn’t make fun of his admiration.

Geet: I was sleeping for hours Maan.

Maan: u were tired. I worn you out.

He smiles teasingly and geet’s face flushed with his word. She tried to sober up but nothing help as Maan still looked at her with the intense passion that makes her warm and body tingle. The places Maan touched with his wild love makings are still sensitive and his desire filled eyes wouldn’t help. Maahika was full but far from sleep. Till now she was only sleeping so she kicked her hands and leg showing her wish to play. Maan groaned and Geet giggled.

Geet: Maan mere kapre?

Maan settle on the bed then took the receiver to order some food.

Maan: they are in our closet.

Geet looked at him shocked: but how? I didn’t do it.

Maan looked at her with guilty grin: our maid did.

Now Geet looked at him incredulously. She never saw maid doing her personal things. Its too much personal and Geet had never seen this side of maan’s wealth. Its flattering at the same time flushing. Maan understood her apprehensive and somewhere he is guilty for showing so much power and wealth together. In KM she was surrounded with family member and few servant whom she thinks as family. Suddenly she came to the ocean of MSK’s power which made her timid. Geet took her night dress and went to change without saying anything.. Maan completed his order for their dinner then cradle maahi on his chest. She kept giggling and slapping over his chest like she get excited with it. Maan’s gaze followed Geet as she came out from the bathroom.

Maan: are you angry with me?

Geet sighed and looked at him shaking her head negatively. Maan placed Maahika on bed with some stuffed toys which was bigger than her size.

Maan: tell me what is bothering you?

Geet: Maan nothing seriously.

Maan held her shoulder and brought her in his arm. Geet placed her head on his bare chest. Maan kissed her head.

Maan: I know it’s new for you Geet. But trust me I m the Maan u always knew and will be that only. It’s a little part of my life but the real one will be always who stayed in KM with his family. We never got the opportunity to know each other’s small things. Now when we get this time we can utilize it to know each other more well. Geet smiles and kissed the skin above his heart. Instantly groan left him.

Maan: yeah keep doing it and we will know each other in different ways. Geet laughed and tried to shove him but Maan grabbed her waist bringing her back in his arm. They started untying her robe.

Geet: Maan… She slapped his hand laughing but then Maahika’s voice caught them off Gauri. She giggle seeing her parents laughing.

Maan settle beside his angel then took her in his arm.

Maan: aaha angel is enjoying herself huh.

Geet: yeh ab sone wali nahi hain. She slept way too much. Abb sari raat apni beti ke sathe khelte rehna Mr MSK. I m too much tired and sleepy.

Maan glared her: try doing that and tom u won’t be walking around.

Geet’s eyes widen with the double meaning treat.

Maahika again giggle seeing Geet glaring Maan then her gaze shifted on maahi who hide her face in her dada’s neck. She peeked through one eye and seeing Geet pouting unhappily she again ducked her head giggling.

Geet tried hard not to smile. But then her tummy growl making Maan and maahi laughed louder.

Geet: jao mujhe aap dono se baat nahi karni. Ek to I m hungry and u both are making fun of me.

Maahika’s smile vanished seeing her mumma’s sad face. She looked at her with innocent eyes like she can understand her mother’s sadness. Then maahi looked at Maan with the same innocent sadneed, immediately Maahika started struggling to go to her mother. Geet smile was victorious as she took maahi who happily went to her. Maan was amazed seeing that. He shook his head muttering under his breath.

Maan: Nautanki hain dono Maa beti.

Geet: Kuch kaha apne?

Maan shook negatively: meri mazal main kuch bolu.

Their was a knock on the door so Maan took a shirt and went to grab the dinner.

Geet: Maan what about Shiv and Saanjh? We should have called them here.

Maan looked at her with something Geet can say mischivousness. Geet doubted it to be a plan of Shiv and him so she left it. Her sister is grown up so she can take care of Shiv.

In another room.

Saanjh: I can’t believe u actually booked only one suit for both of us. What the hell were u thinking Shiv. I told you I won’t share the room with you. You didn’t even said anything when I fell into sleep in the room. It was a shock to find u roaming in the lounge room half naked.

Shiv smirked: was it really a shock? Saanjh glared him her best and it made him laugh. Feeling irritated she tried to leave the place but he held her wrist stopping her then pulling her closer to his body. Saanjh’s eyes widen but his proximity didn’t helped either.

Shiv: you were so tired that when I tried to say something you were already fast asleep.

Saanjh knew he is right. She was little tired after the day’s hectic schedule and all Geet’s arrangement worn her without knowing. So when he took her to the suit which is exactly opposite of Maaneet’s, Saanjh just crashed the first bedroom she found. Later when she woke up it surprised her seeing the beauty and lavish of the suit till she found out she is sharing it with Shiv.

Saanjh: but u are enough rich to afford 2. Why u booked only one for us. I need my separate room.

Shiv: not happening. Other rooms are booked and u won’t find any other room or suit now.

Seeing the confident she knew he is right. Saanjh groaned in frustration. She looked at Shiv from the corner of her eyes. He placed the food infront of her. Though she is hungry but she is angry with him be that a little childish but she can’t trust herself with Shiv around. What if they!!! Saanjh tried to think anything else knowing her face is hot and flushed.

Shiv: what dirty thought is making you flush Saanjh. You know I can make it reality.

Saanjh: arrgghh Shiv.

Shiv: what?? Look Saanjh anyway I wasn’t going to leave u alone on your own. What is the problem with this arrangements. You and I both have separate room and this is enough big for both of us. We can stay with maahi together so Maan n Geet get alone time and I can spent time with you. I got this time to show you my love for you. I m not going to leave the chance.

His words were sincere she knew and frankly she doesn’t doubt his intention but the feeling, the need he develop in her scares the shit out of her. She loves him but at the same time she is afraid to give her 100% what if again she found herself lost.

Shiv saw those entire emotions on her face and somewhere he knew her insecurity is binding her but he wants to make her free from every inhibition. Shiv placed the food on the table and sat in front of her kneeling. He cupped her face.

Shiv: we need this time together Saanjh to get all the lost years. Please give that to me. I love u a lot and I want to show u that.

Saanjh held his hand which was on her cheek then nodded: ok.

They sat there silently finishing their food. Saanjh couldn’t stopped herself asking about Maaneet.

Saanjh: Did they knew it.

Shiv: not Geet.

Saanjh sighed: Maan helped you.

Shiv nodded: are you angry with us?

Saanjh smiles: no. I was too afraid with everything going so fast with us. But I want to spend the time with u.

Shiv smiles like childlike: so do I.

Precap: Many more Maaneet and Maahika moment.

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