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Kaise Kahen Ssn 2 (Part 6)



Part 6

At the end of the week veer’s father finally was well and permitted geet’s departure though not before expressing his will to see his son’s marriage soon. Geet was not prepared for the conversation and veer knew it, he had seen the solemn look on her face every time the marriage talk take place. Though geet had agreed for the marriage but veer knew she isn’t well prepared. She just thinks she can handle the new relation though he had clearly said he doesn’t expect her to fulfill all wifely duties, he is always ready to give their marriage time which it needed but still geet isn’t ready. And maan’s arrival has a vital point although she denied it.

Veer: geet now we can head off Jaiselmer, Dadisa will be so happy to see u there.

Geet was lost in her own world, she didn’t thought time will come so soon to face maan, she isn’t well prepared. After the holi she just vanished as soon as she heard babasa wanted to meet her. Apart frm that she wasn’t ready to meet maan and one more reason, she didn’t wanted to involve him in her problems. She didn’t want to risk his life and the more he stayed in Jaiselmer, that much the risk of his life in danger proved to be strong. Again veer understood her unsaid words.

Veer: He will be fine geet, I heard he is doing well.

Geet: but why isn’t he leaving Jaiselmer? Her frustration was showing on her face and the words. Veer shook his head in amusement.

Veer: u know why?

Geet: bullshit.

Veer groaned: Language Princess.

Geet: why this language problem comes with Princesses why not prince? Huh I had heard u cursing a lot lately but why didn’t u stopped.

Veer: ummm,, because, um

Geet: don’t tell me about boys and girls differences, I m not in a good mood and I can’t guarantee about the safety of your any body part. Veer gulped hard, he knew how much she hated the differences and anyone pointing it and her anger too very well known. So he chooses to keep mum.

At last geet took blessing from veer’s parents and unnati tagged her to Jaiselmer Palace. Once they reached the palace geet’s heartbeat started beating wildly like the day it had beat on Holi when maan had entered the place. She had seen him on his first step and silently accepted the arrival through Krishna. She had wiped all her emotions form her face, the arching palm was tightly gripped the puja thal so that she didn’t do any stupid thing and finally she had succeeded but not quite in the room.

But what now? She accepted the tika from dadisa who was beaming in happiness. Dadisa took arti of all three and just then they heard a loud voice of something crashing down, looking up everyone saw Sonam biting her nails and making a crying face and huge flower vase had smashed on the floor.

Aadi: this is the 4th vase sonam. There was a silent before geet burst out laughing. It was sonam’s habit to bump into anything and everything. She used to break every signal show pieces in collage even in dean’s office. The musical laughter was key of the palace’s happiness. And everyone felt the happiness in her laughter. Sonam made baby faces but she was happy, extremely happy to see her friend happy. Just then geet’s laughter died in her throat looking at the magnificent persona standing right in front of her only ten feet away leaning on the wall. Her eyes popped out and heart did a summersault seeing maan in tight fitted shirt and waist coat and black pant, He is the King and it showed in his every attitude. Their gaze was locked for a brief time but geet didn’t ignore the look in his eyes. A very small smile was playing on his perfect lips, her cheeks warmed up thinking about those lips. Damn what the hell she is thinking, how can she still feel the heat between them? She gulped her saliva seeing maan coming towards her in small strides. Before she can take a step back he held veer’s hand in a handshake, who was standing beside her and greeted him. He didn’t look at her which made her irritated but why? Well she is confused, with his behavior and her feelings.

After talking for some time with veer about those attacks and further investigation maan declare he was going Delhi for a surgery. Geet knotted her eyebrows together and suddenly her lips open to blurt out her thinking.

Geet: It’s quite a long journey to Jaiselemer to Delhi and Delhi to Jaiselmer, till when u will arrange tickets for that, I think u should stay at Delhi and work from there.

There was silence for some time. Then maan broke the silence.

Maan: there is a thing called Helicopter and I have one personal chopper so I will take that and come back, no need for waiting and of course tickets. His tone was full of sarcasm and it irritated geet to the core. She didn’t think he will answer her back, well whom she is kidding; she knew the silence wasn’t permanent. It’s not like he regretted leaving them behind. He is happy in his life, with his career right?  Then why he doesn’t look like that? Just then maan looked at her straight. And I had decided to move here. My men had arranged everything to build the hospital I had aimed for so I need to do the supervision.

It made veer stiff. Geet saw that stiffness but didn’t said anything, her rage was boiling like hot lava, any moment can jerk on anyone.

Geet: aapne kaha tha, you will never come back to this place.

Maan kept silent for few moments before he look ahead: I have changed my mind.


Well that broke the damn of her patience. Geet looked like an angry pit which was a amusement for maan. He knew she has temper but it has increased ten folds in these years where he was thinking as a Princess she might have controlled the habit of her. Geet looked at Veer who didn’t said a word but worry was written all over his face, Sonam looked like she won a lottery after 100yrs and Aadi, well aadi is just happy. Geet saw maan looking unaffected by all this. His glance was kind of challenging.

Geet: Kabhi to apna koi wadah rakh lijiye maan, at least fulfilled the promised u made someone which includes you will not come in our live. U only said you didn’t have interest in the state well fair then why u came back? Just to show how good king u would have been so that ppl again start falling for foul hopes and u can trash their hopes under your ambitious feet? Why u r doing this?

Maan saw the desperation in her eyes, though she masked her pain in anger but how can he miss the pain in those hazels, she said her heart in those words. Not the ppl but she is worried for her heart. Does that mean she still feels for him? How can that be? After whatever he did, he said she should have been forgotten him long back and started loving veer but does that mean he still wants her back in his life or the concern is just for her? Maan knew he won’t find those answer, but deep inside he knew his heart started having the feeling that he can have geet again in his life which is not good for her as well as him and others.

Maan: what if I say, I Have interest now, in Jaiselmer and in the ppl here.

There was a irk silence, geet felt she missed several beats looking at maan’s eyes. Unknown to all she was looking at maan without blinking and maan reciprocate her. She heard a thud sound and looking at sonam who left her spoon on the floor with a TING sound, Geet instantly looked at veer whose face was blank, She looked at dadima’s hopeful smiling and teary eyes, and back to maan and left the place making everyone look at her direction .


Maan: I don’t see the reason why anyone will attack her Instead of me. Everyone knows she will marry off to other state one day then.

Veer: no one knew you will return, its more than 4 yrs u came here and u had clearly said u have no interest in the state so that mean after marriage also geet has to look after the place. Whoever this is, either want this state or some family rivalry.

Maan: you said my life is in danger,

Veer: we have received some letter which says whoever will try to take the kingdom will face danger that means including you who is the true heir of this state.

Maan: Geet was with you when all that happen, how could u not see that coming veer. She was your responsibility, u clearly showed it in your gesture then how could u fail in it. Is that mean u aren’t sufficient to take care of her, her security veer?

Veer saw the anger in those words, But with that he saw something else, similar to his feeling and that’s why he know it. He smirks looking at maan who was literally fuming now.

Veer: Are you worried that she was not safe with me or u think it’s your opportunity to take her back in your life maan? Was that lame excuse for a way to find a place in her life? Isn’t your Girlfriend satisfying you or u left her because u think u can have geet to yourself now? And that’s when maan held his collar nearly choking him. Veer held his wrist tightly without wiping the smirk frm his face. You know maan she is happy with me, and she doesn’t change her decision. And I will make sure she will be satisfied with me so that she doesn’t need you. And a punch straightly landed on veer right cheek. Maan was fuming with so much anger that he can burn alive veer. Veer wiped the blood from his face and smiles. You still love her aren’t you?

Maan suddenly lost his color and looked away, he isn’t suppose to show his feeling to veer, not anyone then why it pinched him to hear geet being with someone else? Suddenly he heard veer’s serious voice, gone the sarcasm and smile.

Veer: sochna bhi mat maan, u had hurt her a lot, only I know how many years I had to take to bring her back. Some time I thought I will lose her forever, I had seen her dying every moment, I had seen her crying to sleep, hell I was there with her watching her suffering but I couldn’t do anything. I loved her always, more than you but she was so lost in maan that never had seen anything beyond it, and then also, I was there beside her but she only looked for you in every corner. 8 month tak wo sirf aapki raah dekhti rahi, sabko kehti rahi Maan will come back. Saal beet gaye aur aap nahi aaye, humne hamari geet ko hi kho diya, she is not herself anymore maan. She has changed so much. Hum usse dobara nahi khona chahte, stay away from her maan. If u hurt her this time hum aapko maar dalenge.

Maan knew veer loved her from very beginning and that’s why he hated Veer. Somehow he knew the extent veer can go for geet but never let her know that. He was selfish, he knows that and that’s why he always made sure geet stays near him only. He had made her feel only he is her world and then left her feeling empty and alone. Veer’s love although wasn’t new to know but the intensity he has now in his eyes maan knew not to mess with him. Maybe he can kill for her and he wouldn’t let her go. But who console the heart which only takes those painful words about her life, he felt like running to her and pouring his heart out, loving her till the end of the world. Whom he is kidding, now if he try to say a word to her geet will not take a moment to burst out, but he need to bring his misthy back. Though veer had clearly said he won’t let him go close to her but heart doesn’t stop by boundaries right?

And once maan feel the need to be with mishty maybe then he will do anything to bring her back in his life, we can wait for that day of course. 😉

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

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Kaise Kahen Ssn 2 (Part 5)




Part 5




I n Next few days Maan couldn’t see geet in the palace, He was pondering on the thought who might have attacked geet, he still didn’t knew in what way the attacked came and how serious geet was. He wanted to talk to geet but she was nowhere and the worse thing is he didn’t know where she is. The girl whose world seemed to started on him and who couldn’t do a thing without asking him today is so far that he couldn’t even see her place now. Though his empty heart arched every moment seeing her so detached but he knew he deserves it. But apart from that he still has the right to know about the problem she is facing alone and if her life is in danger along with him then why she went away alone without telling him, now as he is there time to take some responsibility. He left everything because he knew she is capable of handling everything but now when he got to know some family enemy or this power is becoming dangerous for her life, he couldn’t sit idle.


Maan: Dadisa what happen last yr on holi? Dadisa chocked her food and looked at him with fear stricken face. Maan stood in front of her without a flick of emotion. Dadisa had tried to avoid the topic for a few days but now she knew she can’t avoid MSK. Maan took the head seat right in front of dadisa who was on the other end. I want to know the truth dadisa.


Dadisa dipped her head for a while then look straight in his eyes: why now maan? Why after all this?


Maan was silent for a moment but then he also look straight in her eyes: I left everything because I knew she will be fine with u and veer but when I see whatever happening, I think I should take the leftover responsibility, it’s not about the feelings dadima. I had promised her parents I will look after her.


Dadisa: Itne saal kyun nahi aaye maan.


Maan can understand the pain in those words but he wasn’t sure what to tell her, how to tell her.


Maan: It was for her dadisa. She needed the gap.


Dadisa: Are u kidding maan. She was mad for you and u r saying she needed differences from u. for god sake she loved u.


Maan felt something pricking in his chest, later he understood it is the crack in his heart in his chest. He didn’t meet her gaze just finished his dinner.


Maan: Can we leave the past dadisa?


Dadisa: u can but not geet.


Maan: she already left by engaging with veer.


Dadisa raised her one eye brow: Are you accusing her for not waiting for you?


Maan sighed loudly: No dadisa. I, I just want to say, for now leave the past and who did what, just tell me what happened? Veer said her life is in danger but for what and by whom?


Dadisa: hume pata hota tab bataye na maan. I m also worried for her, From last year this is the 10th attack she had endured, I m so worried for her. Maan rubbed his temple feeling the worst headache and nothing is there to cure it. He desperately wanted to talk to geet but she wasn’t there.


Maan: where is geet now?


Dadima chuckled humorlessly: Kamal hain na maan, kabhi ye sawal hum aapse puchte the kyun ki wo kabhi aapko bina bataye nahi jaati thi abhi to lagta hain aap dono ajnabee hogaye hain. Khair jaane dijiye, wo Veer ke saath Jodhpur gayi hain unke babasa se milne.


Dadisa left the place but maan stayed there lost in his thought. The thought geet with veer still prick him like a throne. A huge throne. But what can he do now, he himself asked her this. But why now the mere thought of her with someone cut him to pieces. She is veer’s fiancé now and after few month she will bid bye to this state, he wanted this only then why now he felt the burning sensation in his eyes? Why? Deep in his heart he knew the answer but he also knew, he is late, late to recognize his mistake, late to call her to be back to him.




‘maan aap ja rahe ho? Abb to aap hume bhul jayenge na?’


‘mishty please stop crying, I m just going for few years, and u will also join me there after few years.’


‘Mujhe doctor nahi banna’


‘thik hain fir to tum yaha rahogi aur hum waha.’


A 14yr geet started whimpering, mercilessly slitting the heart of a young handsome 18yrs Maan who was preparing to leave Jaiselmer.  He is going Delhi for his MBBS. How can he leave his crying mishty like this knowing she only has him as hers.


He cupped her face ‘Mishty look at me’ she refused but he forced to do so. Once she looked at him she was so lost. It was some new feeling that every time she looked at his eyes, she felt jitter in her belly. Maan also felt the change in her. Does she understand what he is feeling since so long? He is an adult; he can understand his feeling and hormones. Mostly because of which he is distancing himself fearing he might snatch her innocence in his growing feelings for her. But she is still a kid who is innocence like a new born. She is still away from all harshness of this world and he knew his feeling will ruin her. Only her looking at him made him crush her soft body to him, snatch the lips that he cherish so easily and without a word he slammed his lips.


Geet was new to this sensation but for a quite few days she is feeling this butterflies dancing in her tummy whenever maan touch her. Even a sight touch was enough to set her on fire. She clutched his waist digging her nails in his hard muscle and moans in his mouth. Till now maan was lost in the sweetness of her mouth, relishing the soft lips and sucking all honey from it but the moan brought him back and he again cursed himself for doing that. She looked so confuse the moment he broke the kiss. He almost chuckled seeing the angry cute nose. He peak her lips softly.


 ‘humne babasa se promise kiya hain geet, hum dadasa ka sapna pura karenge, I will built the best hospital in this state and for that I want to be the best. Please don’t stop me with your tears.’


That was enough for his mishty to stop her crying and give a sweet smile. Maan kissed her forehead.


‘wadah karo geet u will take care of yourself and this state. U have to fulfill babasa’s ‘ dream to make this state a beautiful place.’


‘I promise maan, but u will come na?’


‘I promise mishty I will come back to get you.’


At last when he return one last time on the gate of the palace he saw the smiling face of his mishty bidding bye as he turned the lone tear escaped. It’s not like that mishty’s maan didn’t knew this. One tear slits his heart and it did. Geet wiped her cheek vigorously but nothings stopped the precious pearly to reflect knowing maybe she will not see him again, it was a sudden fear but she never knew that fear will come true.




Panting geet woke up from her bed. The Past she tried to forget every night comes taunting her. She knew it’s not a nightmare at least but it isn’t a dream also..  She wanted to forget the dream she once lived but no amount of trying erase those beautiful days. She knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep again, so she took her robe and went out. She was successful to push those thoughts from her mind for a long time but as maan has returned in the haveli she knew it’s impossible for her not to react. It’s being 3 nights and she can’t sleep properly. She didn’t wanted to disturb anyone, veer’s father isn’t keeping well with his health, and veer is worried for him, he couldn’t sleep himself much then why to make him worry about her.


She was walking in the garden thinking of some past wound when someone tapped her shoulder. Looking back she only met a pair of concern eyes. She gave a weak smile which didn’t folled him and she knew it. She sighed and sat on the swing. Veer took the next seat.


Veer: neend nahi arahi?


Geet: hmm, bas kuch yaad agaya tha.


Veer: kuch ya koi yaad agaya tha? Geet looked down at her lap then at veer who was looking at her only. A small smile was playing on his handsome face which always soothed her. she isn’t unknown with the fact veer knows her too well. Maybe after maan only veer had seen her trully. He can read her like a open book, though she can seal herself for some time which time to time annoyed veer. But today she didn’t felt the need to pretend. She need him, his friendship and silent support.


Veer: u shouldn’t have come here alone, kisiko bula liya hota.


Geet: hume pata hain aap hume akela nahi chodenge veer. That’s why u had those hidden camera in every corner.


Veer’s eyes popped out and then looked at the pillar geet was looking.


Veer: aapko kaise pata chala?


Geet: 1st because I know u won’t risk my life and nowadays u r extra careful because of the attack and 2nd. Mr Udayveer Singh Rathode I am Yuvrani Geetanjali, aur ek Yuvrani(Princess) knows this security problem very well.


Veer: well than I don’t have to justified my spying. But r u sure I m not worried about someone coming here and snatching u from me, maybe that’s why I put them to know and come on right time to have my princess to me. Geet didn’t missed the mischievousness but sudden seriousness engulfed her, and veer saw that. Relax geet hum to bas mazak kar rahe the.


Geet: Veer I know that but ek baat kahen?


Veer: hmm?


Geet: Hume kabhi unke pass mat jaane dena. Veer looked at her astonished. Geet looked away frm his eyes to continue. I don’t know till when I will be able to survive this but I don’t want to go to him again, for any reason. Ek baar unhone hume thukraya tha sayad kuch vale ke liye, lekin hum wo waqt aane hi nahi dena chahte jab hum kisika dil tode, kuch aise ke wo kabhi judh hi na paaye. Hume pata hain dil tootne ka dard kaisa hota. And least I want to hurt u.


Veer: u know my happiness lays with you geet, wherever u will be,,,


Geet stood up suddenly: ohh please veer, don’t talk about this sacrifices and all, ye sirf dard deta hain. Dusro ke liye aap sacrifice kar denge lekin apne dil ke samne chote padh jayenge and I don’t want to hurt my heart for hurting my friend who always supported me. Hume bas apne pass rakhna, don’t let me go to him again. Agar iss baar unhone kuch kiya to sayad jee nahi payenge hum.


Veer: Princess…. Geet didn’t turned to look at him, he held her shoulder and forced her to turn. He cupped her face.  Hum wadah karte hain, Iss baar aapko hume kisika aur ka nahi hone denge. This time U will be mine.


Veer kissed her forehead and geet let him do, at first it was so awkward whenever veer tried to touch her or kiss her cheek or forehead but as time went she accepted him. And after THAT DAY she just let herself drown in veer because he was the person he had engulfed her all sorrow and converted it in smile. She had left the reason to live but it was veer who joint her all broken pieces and taught her how to live. Maybe his selfless love will taught her to love him once. Just once. She want to live for him now.





Maan sat up on his bed all sweating and panting, again the same nightmare. Losing geet in the darkness and her shouting his name, but he was nowhere, nowhere to rescue her. Her shriek died in the darkness and he saw only blood. What kind of nightmare is this? Something he feared maybe had taken a permanent place that is showing his fear in his dream, that what the psychologist had said. But coming here had proved that his nightmares are joint with geet’s safety. He need to find the person who want to hurt geet or else he couldn’t live in peace. Maybe geet will be never his but he can assure she is alive and her happiness. It will come eventually. Though he misjudged the power of her love but he just pray she live a life of happiness. But what if she isn’t happy? What if she couldn’t be happy? What will he do then? Will he let her be like that or…. Or fight for her happiness?


Some time we should leave our destiny on time, it will show what is destined to be but some time we need to fight to change the bad destiny, at least we can try!!!!





Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


Kaise Kahen Ssn 2 (Part 4)

Part 4

The Moment Maan entered the palace a wave of nostalgia hit him with force. He looked around the full packed haveli which is because of the festival. But the thing catch his eyes was the person standing in center of everyone with her head bowed in front her lord Krishna. Everyone was happy playing color on each other but he couldn’t miss the sadness in her close eyes, seems like she is fighting something inside her, of course she should repulse this day when he had torn her heart. How would she react knowing he is somewhere close to her in this day? Maybe she should have curl in to her shell and be miles away from his presence.

He took a hesitant step towards the haveli, Sonam and Aadi was either side of Maan gaping at the house with open mouth. They knew Maan is rich but this much that they get to know now. The maan they knew was soft sober yet angry young man who loves perfection and his job but hates to show his power. He had never showed or said or flaunt his wealth in front anyone, never mentioned about it in front of lousy senior who had always showed off their father’s money. But one thing was great about maan is his good looks. When he was young 18 yr boy then also he was striking beautiful. Senior girls were flat on his looks and senior guys were intimidated by his strong physic. He was powerful not only in strength of physical but in academic as his brilliancy had won every professor.

And everyone get to know about his true identity that he is the prince of Jaiselmer on the day of Geet’s arrival in Delhi and their med collage. Her striking beauty and the 10 bodyguard had made a quite large view. Some of students had made fun of her princess type dress least they knew from where she was. She was true princess and one look of her gorgeous face had shut everyone’s mouth. Her graceful posture and large smile had won everyone. She could be spoil princess with the recommendation of maan’s pampering but she was so lively and down to earth. She was happy in small small things which made her apple of everyone’s eyes and then how could anyone forget the day maan had scold her in front of everyone as she had slapped his GIRL FRIEND. The way geet had run away was a scene which tore everyone’s heart.

(this is a small demonstration of how sonam and aadi knew geet,,, will give brief scenario later as the story will process)

As Maan took few step towards the place where maha arti was going through, his eyes wondered on everyone. He saw few of the trust worthy guards had recognized him and bowed their head. Maan persona was such strong that other felt the urge to surrender them against him. He has the potential to be a great king but he had turned down everything in front of his career as a doc. A successful doctor which world praise.

Dadisa felt some tug at her heart and she turned without warning only to come face to face with Maan. Her eyes were blank, and then unblinkingly she drank her grandson’s demeanor. Strong personality, deep graceful eyes which shows possession and strong myth, anyone will feel secure to see in those deep dark eyes. Square cut face with light stubble giving a hint of his rough yet sensible thinking. Muscular body clad in simple white kurta giving the strength of a future potential King. Only he can make a simple not so richy material look expensive and standard to be worn by a Prince. Yes he is Yuvraaj/Prince Maan Singh Khurana.

Dadisa felt her tears against her wrinkled cheeks. No matter how much she is angry with him but still the heart is soft to her grandson. How can she tell how much she had missed him, how much she dreaded thinking one day she will die without seeing him. Maan looked at her with a small smile but his eyes were blank, like it had lost the dream and life from it. He touched her feet before she withdraws herself but how can she missed the 2 drop that fell on her feet.



She blessed him and he rise up with a smile that never reached his eyes still she can notice the pain to be loved by his last family member. How can she refuse to embrace the little life she had taken in her arm so proudly on his birth?

‘maan aap agaye. Itni der kyun kar diya bête. Hum to intezar hi karte reh gaye. Socha marne se pehle ek baar bhi aapko,’


‘dadisa’ he stopped her word hugging her tight and dadisa cried whole heartedly.

Their interaction didn’t stop the one person from her prayer. Geet was too lost in her prayer but still Maan can see her stiff position. He know that she knows he is here but she refuse to acknowledging and letting that affect her. She only stopped when the arti was complete and she spread the warmth from the ‘diya’ to her family and gave that to pandit ji. She took the color and sprinkled on the feet of the huge idol of Krishna then turned slowly with the plate. She just stopped in front of dadisa who was smiling so broadly. Geet’s eyes never left maan’s. Maan tried to tear the gaze but couldn’t. once the eyes were so full of life, mischievous, bubbly and had the color of world in it but today it’s empty. She is living because she has to, she is smiling because she has to, she is breathing because she has to and maybe she will move because she has to. He couldn’t believe he did this to her, yes he made this thinking once in life she will forgive him but he forgot he took the heart from the fragile body and now she forget what it’s feel to have a heart with forgiveness.

Geet touched dadisa’s feet with color, and dadisa blessed her and then blessed her with touching a little amount of yellow color on her face. Maan flinched seeing her unaffected, she never liked yellow color, why? maybe because he didn’t liked it. But now she has no reason to be upset with any color. She gracefully accepted everything like the way she accepted his decision over her life every time without saying without protesting, just with a smile like right now.

Dadisa showed her maan with so much enthusiasm, geet suppress the arched in her chest which was taking painful twist and gave a warm smile to maan.

‘how r u maan?’

How could he answer her question? How could he say he is barely living because he has to, how could he say to her to look at his eyes and search her answer.

‘Fine. I hope u too geet.’

Geet smiles but that never reached her eyes, it was painful which could be only seen by him but he was surprised of her measure words which coated with grace and warmth less sarcastic but still it is.

‘you can never leave your assumption maan, you always did. Anyway glad u made it to here. Finally Dadisa is able to see her only grandson and she is happy.’


‘u r her granddaughter, she was happy with u.’

‘once again I will say don’t assume anything because u want to. She is a mother and grandmother, maybe u couldn’t see but she still craves for her last family member which is u. she loves her grand child and wish to have him with her on this special occasion, and I m happy to see my dadisa happy and I mean truly happy Maan. Thank u for it.’

Her last words were a whisper, suddenly dadisa realized what she was doing and what she was thinking. No matter how much she get to see the coldness in their relation now but she can never leave the hope of getting them together and her guilt went double when her eyes went to geet’s ring finger. What she was thinking. How can she be so selfish? Once again she remembers the moment geet returned to Jaiselmer with a blank eyes and white face defeated and crying.  And the pain in her heart went fresh; she gave an accusing painful look to maan before looking at geet.


‘Happy Holi maan.’ He had expected her to apply her color but she didn’t, it was always her to apply color on him first and unconsciously he hoped that today also but how could he ask that and his heart felt numb when someone else touched his geet in front of his eyes and he could do anything.

A cold finger touched her cheek whispering the words close to her ‘Happy Holi Princess’


Geet turned to see a smiling veer holding a plate and behind him his family was standing. She gave him an annoyed look. She is still angry as he had scolded her; he looked at dadi then maan hesitantly before sighing and holding his ear in front of geet who looked here and there consciously. She heard a giggle which undoubtedly came from his behind and she glared but it broke in to laughter. Veer pouted but still kneeled down and geet couldn’t suppress her laugh. She touched his cheek with handful color wishing ‘Happy Holi Veer.’


Maan became stiff seeing the exchange, though he didn’t see the cheerful geet anymore but warmth her eyes carried for veer was a punch on his face. She had still not applied color and maybe will never apply again. He had lost the right years ago.

Geet met the laughing person Unnati, Udayveer’s sister and his family whom she fondly call Maa and Baba. Maan felt out of place in that warmth and retreated to his room in the huge palace. Behind him Aadi and Sonam stood like statue feeling pain for him but still couldn’t deny the happiness that geet deserved. Geet noticed sonam after hugging the family. She smiled at her broadly while geet returned the same. Both became good frnd in spite of geet’s short visit to delhi. Aadi patted geet’s shoulder while she was hugging sonam. Her eyes widen to find her fav brother that what she call him.

‘aadi bhai’ she hugged him effortlessly and aadi too embraced her in a brotherly hug then peeked her forehead.

‘how r u?’

Geet sighed ‘Jaise thi’

None understand the meaning of 2 words but aadi knew it too well, he had noticed the madness in her eyes for Maan.

Geet introduced them to Dadisa and Udayveer’s family who welcomed them warmly. Geet noticed Veer’s stiff position but he shrugged it. Geet felt a tug in her arm, looking her right side she saw sonam looking at her intently. She knew she must want to talk to her. geet excused from the family in a pretence of showing sonam and aadi to their room. None asked question on that and it amazed sonam and aadi the grace geet carried. She is only 22 but only 4 yrs back she was so lively. It’s like in 4 yr of time span she had grow 40 yrs older. Mature, sensible and not to forget the persona she carried that force anyone to bow their head in front of her but in humbleness.


‘Geet don’t get me wrong but none had asked question about our arrival, not even why we are with maan, and now we are staying in this palace. Actually I m feeling awkward.’ Aadi’s nervousness was reflecting in his face, sonam chuckled and geet smiles at him warmly.

‘aadi bhai u r not only guest of maan but Yuvraj Maan Singh Khurana. None has the right to ask anything from him or his guest. Yes he had refused to take his responsibility but still he is the prince of this state and then u r my guest too. Of course no one has object when their princess has accepted u.’ Geet smiles at him mischievously but he couldn’t miss the smile never reached geet’s eyes. Geet understood that too but she simply ignored the fact. She showed aadi his room and he went inside saying he want to take a nap. Both girl giggles knowing how much aadi love sleep which he count very little because of his busy schedule.

Once sonam settled in her room she turned her whole concentration on geet, and then the way she is dressed up. No wonder royalty oozed out from her every posture. But she wasn’t flattered with the wealth. She miss the bubbly geet, she had met when she had joined the same collage maan was studying. Sonam was newly arrival. She wasn’t best of frnds with maan but instead she become geet’s frnd first. In fact only geet is the reason sonam tried to know maan, or she would have killed him for breaking an innocent’s heart. They were frnds for only a month and still became so close.


‘Why didn’t u applied color on maan geet?’ sonam couldn’t stop herself from asking the question and saw the change of expression on her face.

Geet sighed ‘Aap kuch nahi vulti na sonam’

‘cut this aap wap, remember I taught u to call me by name and not this heavy words. Seems like u have changed from then. So Much.’

‘we need to change in order to walk with the surroundings sonam.’


‘tumne mere question ka jawab hi nahi diya geet? why didn’t u applied color on maan. I heard only u has the right to apply color on him first. Maybe this is the reason he doesn’t play holi now.’

Geet become stiff, her eyes were blank ‘Kuch sawal ke jawab nahi hote sonam. Wo adhure rahe to hi accha hain. Jaise hume hamare sawal ke jawab kabhi nahi mile.’


‘lekin kya tum khush ho geet, unn adhoore jawabo se.’

Geet smiles sadly ‘Ek rajkumari ko khush hone adhikar nahi hain, sonam. I never had the right, I just get that a little late. Maybe then I would have accepted it. But I m not sad at least. I have a life and many lives to lead.’


‘mujhe nahi pata galat kya huya, kyun huya bas itna pata hain, U both are made for each other. Aur’

Geet looked at sonam with cold eyes ‘Aaj aapne keh diya, dobara mat kahiyega. It’s a request sonam don’t repeat it. My destiny is with veer, least I want to hurt him. Kuch chahiye hoga to bata dijiyega.’

With that geet strolled out. Sonam only stared at her unblinkingly. ‘what the hell he had done to her!’ she muttered under her breath cursing maan loudly. She can’t believe it’s the same girl who was full of life. Now she is a glass doll who knows what to do for others but she is barely living.


Geet entered her room, the first thing her eyes caught the painting of maan’s that she had made. Her finger traces the texture of his lower cheek where she had applied the red color, his favorite. Red was his fav and white was her. she felt a smile remembering the childhood she had made a scene for white color. She was angry why can’t anyone give her white color and everyone just felt miserable for it. At last it was maan who came with white color.

‘hume safed color chahiye Maan.’


‘mishty agar white color lagana hain to holi kyun khelenge. Holi is a festival of colors, we should apply every color which spreads happiness and color in life.’

She puffed her lips ‘Hume white color chhaiye,’ she sniffed loudly ‘aap hamare liye itna nahi karenge maan?’

Maan shook his head looking at 7 yr old geet giving cute puppy look and large fat tear in the corner of her eyes.

‘rukiye, hum abhi aate hain.’

He only took 10 min and came with white color, which made everyone’s head spin but geet was jumping in joy. soon Maan took a pinch of it then touched her soft cheek, some on her nose then kissed her forehead. Geet sniffed the scent then took the color from her nose then again sniff. Her hazel eyes went big then looked at maan accusingly.

‘This is powder. It’s not color.’ And she started crying loudly. Maan slapped his forehead with his hand. Then tugged geet’s chin with his hand.


‘Mishty if those harmful color will touch ur face, it can spoil ur soft skin. And then ur cheeks would have been red with rashes. And u know they made white color with harmful chemical that’s why dadisa said not to bring white color.’

Geet looked at him innocently ‘powder doesn’t make rash?’ maan shook his head vigorously in denial. Then he was awarded with a large grin of geet’s face.

‘but I can apply your fav color on u na?’

‘yeah u can’

She took a full plate of red color and then throws on him, she giggled and ran from there while he groaned and ran behind her.

Geet felt a giggled crept out from her throat, then she laughed remembering how he landed on the water tub full of mix color and she laughed at him. Soon her laughter echoed the room and then mixed with the sob. She sobbed hard until she felt herself collapsing in the ground. None heard her cry and she cried after 4 yrs, cried bitterly. Thank god her room was soundproof which she made by renovating it or else he would have known he still effects her so much. So much that she had made the painting just to touch him with her color and then touched her cheek with his in that painting.

She didn’t came out from the room and informed not to disturb her, her order was strict and dadisa, veer both knew she need time. Only they are the person know her heart too well. But she was oblivious to the face someone was hearing her cry standing just outside from their join balcony, Maan touched the wall and sat in the chilly night just to hear her voice but each sob tore his heart and he sat there to torture his soul with the heart wrenching cry. He doesn’t know should he thank her for not making the glass wall soundproof or making the other wall so that he couldn’t hear her voice and feel the urge to swift her feet then hug her fiercely and ask forgiveness. He couldn’t afford that. So instead of confronting he just sat there to feel her.

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.

Kaise Kahen Ssn 2 (Part 3)



Part 3


Geet only looked back to the beggar not fighting or stopping the goons who were mercilessly dragging her out, they had hit the pandit who tried to stop them but she not once tore her gaze from him. Maan stayed there statured, and then left the place to meet sonam and aadi who was baffled to see him like that. Aadi fumble to see him, but he didn’t showed his reaction. Aadi was confused to see him so unconcern, it was so unlikely to maan. Last year when geet failed to come here it was Maan who waited for her the whole day and night without uttering a word or showing any discomfort but at least before going he had taken the information about geet and he got to know it was Udayveer who stopped her going out and strictly ordered everyone not to say a word about geet outside. He felt shattered, thinking she finally stopped coming here for him but again his heart didn’t agree and he came here this yr with a false hope to see her, he just wanted to confirm she is fine and after seeing her, his heart felt at peace. But now when his beloved geet is in problem he isn’t caring for her, why?


Aadi: maan wo geet.


Maan removed his shawl dropping it on the ground and took the car keys, they are in the backward so no one can see them but they can watch the front ground.


Maan narrowed his eyes: I heard sonam’s plan in this morning, so sonam stop this drama, we are going back delhi right now.


Sonam looked at him with fearful eyes; in fraction maan understood her dilemma.


Sonam sobbed: I m sorry, wo, yeh, I don’t know who are they.


Maan couldn’t hear her words more as his conscious went on geet whose large sob break through his heart. He turned to see her and watched how mercilessly they dragged her and in next sec she tripped on a large rock.



Geet didn’t tried to release her hand, but when the beggar vanished from her eyes she came to her senses. She tried to stop her step only to be mercilessly dragged by the goons whose face was covered half. And next she tripped over a large rock, if she fell on it the sharp edge it can damage her body or head but what can she do now. She accepted her fate, if her Krishna ji want her to come to him she is ready. But she wanted to see HIM at least for the last time, at least now he will see her with the love she dreamt her life. But it’s only an illusion; this is her reality, dying in front of some rented goons. She better choose dying than humiliating her soul, she closed her eyes expecting the sharp edge cut through the flesh and pierces her heart but that never came. She fell on something hard but not rock, it was rather a bed of feather that she recognized, and she had slept her 14 yr there, in HIS ARMS. Her eyes shot open feeling the same scent and met the most desirable pair of eyes which was staring at her with utmost pain, worry, anger and? And Love? Concern? Hurt?  For a moment she felt she is finally in heaven watching her fav dream but it was as real as the anger in his eyes. She was confuse, what she had done that made him angry, unknowingly a pout came to her lips like the childhood when she did all mischievousness and when he would scold her she will pout which vanish his anger in the thin air.



Geet whispered: Maan.


Maan immediately made her stand closely to him, his hand was rubbing her back and other hand was on her stomach which he removed reluctantly, she tried to stand steady but her feet was too much hurt so she stumble again, but held his hand.


Maan: Are u ok mishty? Gone his anger and replaced it with heart full of concern and something else which she can’t recognize, maybe worry or……….


Tears of happiness ran through her hazel finally having him so close, forgotten all pain, and all resolution she just hugged him tight. Her sob break through the barrier of her heart contended so many years and he hugged her passionately, plastering her on him like second skin, his eyes were red with fury looking at those goons.


1st goon: isse hume dedo aur nikal ja iss jagah se agar jaan pyari hain to (give her to us, and leave the place if u want to live the life.)


2nd: ek min, sun, agar tujhe ye chahiye to hamare sath chal, wo log apna kaam hojane ke baad isse chodh denge, tab tu isse le sakta hain lekin hamare baad thik hain?

(one min, listen if u want to have her, just come with us and after their work they will leave her to us, u can have her then but after us, ok?)


Maan made her stand behind him and landed a straight punched to the 2nd person.


3rd: tu hain kon? Aur iske liye marne kyun aaya hain? (who are u? and why u came to die for her?)


Well as maan was away from the place now more than 8 yrs so no one had seen maan, but they had heard about his anger. But the news he left Geetanajli wasn’t hidden from anyone, some ppls fear Maan Singh Khurana, some feel disgust thinking how can he leave geet but no one know him, geet tried to stop but maan was fuming lion now.


They were seven in num and he was alone with nothing in hand. Though he was great fighter but who can fight against seven trained goons with sword. Maan still didn’t let anyone come near geet, he punched and kicked them on stomach and mouth to make him bleed, geet was statue with horror, she stood there numb but at least couldn’t when someone came from back and hold the long sword to punch maan’s back.


Geet screamed on top of her lungs: MAANNNN….


Before maan can do anything the person launched the sword towards his stomach at the same time he turned his face on geet’s shrieking voice. Geet’s eyes were widen and the blood strained out from the face seeing them. Her head swung frantically but she kept her eyes on them.


Maan saw someone holding the sword with another sword just an inch away from his stomach, his eyes met with his frnd cum enemy Udayveer Singh Rathode. Corner of veer’s lips switched up in a mocking smile but he didn’t let it influence the fight as he punched the goon straight on his stomach. Maan nodded his head slightly showing his gratitude, it was silent communication between veer and maan like this. Rest of the fight took by veer’s men. Maan and Veer turned to see geet whose face was pale, veer marched towards geet avoiding maan and held her shoulder in tight grip.


Veer: kaha tha na aap haveli ke bahar nahi jayengi, fir kyun nahi suna hamari baat? (I told u not to go outside of the haveli then why didn’t u listen to my word?)


He barked on her face making her winched and maan clenched his fist, he wanted to break his mouth for shouting on her but seeing geet looking at him with tears it just tore his heart but his concentration went on the words said by veer.


Veer: aaj aapne sirf apna hi nahi maan ki zindegi bhi khatre me daal hi diya geet, till when I have to make u realize u r NOT SAFE outside of the haveli, not even there, why don’t u understand princess u r precious for us, for me then why u don’t care for your life? Kyun karti hain aap aisa? Humse nafter karti hain ya iss zindegi se? tell me, are u upset because of our alliance, then I will break this right now,


Geet whispered: VEER. Aap aisa, hum, wo, aaj holi. Aap bhi humse ruth gaye veer? U also wants to leave me?


Her words were enough to tear both men’s heart, Maan looked away realizing her words that mean somewhere for him and veer closed his eyes hurting his princess. Geet turned her back to them and started walking towards the car, she didn’t said anything just closed the car but her eyes went on maan, tear fell from her eyes but she knew her limit in which he doesn’t have the place.


Geet: ghar chaliye kaka.


Driver was waiting for her order, and he zoomed pass them leaving a shattered veer and crumbled maan.


Veer sighed then looked at maan: apne der kar diya maan, Geet is my fiancé now, I won’t let her go to u, I can’t let u hurt her again.


Maan was least bother about his words, he was joining some clue to clue he remember those goons saying they will give her to some other persons, and pandit also said she shouldn’t come risking her life, what is happening? Here veer was so worried and scold her so much. He knew veer, he isn’t a person who will lose his patience especially with geet, something is happening here.


Maan looked at veer: Yaha kya huya tha veer? What happened with geet? and who were they? Those goons were saying they will take her for some other person but whom? Ho kya raha hain yaha?


Veer sighed a long one: u came here so late maan, it’s none of ur concern now.


Maan; damn, it is my concern. This is my state and she,


Veer: yeah right, that state u abandon years ago for ur dreams and career. Abandon her knowing she will shatter after that. Humiliating her love and


Maan: I don’t need to know those facts, just tell me what is happening here veer. His demanding voice was reaching a level of explosion. Veer was silent for a moment then he looked straight in his eyes.


Veer: someone want to kill geet, someone close.


The ground slipped behind his feet as he came to know the reason of his heart shattering. He looked at veer with unbelievable stare. Veer nodded his head in yes and looked away.


Veer: Someone wants to kill you and geet. u shouldn’t come here maan.


Maan; and leave her to die alone?


Veer: she is dying alone for past 8 yrs, and u were nowhere so it’s none of ur concern now. Maan closed his eyes to control his rage, and when he opened it it was unusually cold.


Maan: I m coming to haveli, inform dadisa.


With that he left the place leaving a frustrated veer and beaming sonam and aadi.






Now if maan and geet won’t be under same roof how will the story begin? And pls don’t hate veer, he has a lot role here, story will be emotional once the plot step round 3 which will be after 1 part.



Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.



Kaise Kahen Ssn 2 (Part 2)




Here is Season 1 for them who didn’t read yet

Part 2


Zindagi me bahaut kuch dekha… bahaut kuch dekhna hai….

Har pal imtihaan liya… aur imtihaan dene hai…

Har pal maayusi mili… aur dard sehna hai…

Khud ko dur le gayi… aur dur jaana hai…

Galat hai ye sochna… fir bhi kuch aur nahi sochna…

Umide kabhi puri nahi huyi… fir bhi umid aaj bhi hai…

Itni sehem si gayi hu… fir bhi muskurana nahi bhuli hu…

Jane kya baandhe rakhta hai mujhe… do pal ke baad fir naya sawera dikhta hai mujhe…

Nikalna to chahti hu in sawalo ke gehre se… Fir koi mujhe dhakel deta hai un sawalo ke beech me…

Hasna khilkhilana to mein bhi chahti hu… Na jaane fir kyu mein khud ko dur usi jagah khadaa paati hu…

Wonderful poem by Rituja(@mishtiritu)




It was the Day of Holi and like every year Geet wanted to go to temple to do the puja but it wasn’t as easy as it seems like other yrs. From Last night she was feeling a bit weird. Her heart wasn’t at piece and she was restless. She tried to think other things but only maan’s thought was coming back. His pain filled eyes, how can she mistake in those deep dark eyes. She knew he is here and he is in pain but why didn’t he come to meet her then. She smiles painfully, because he doesn’t wanted to waste his time maybe.


She looked at the morning sky, its only 6.30 in the morning and she is all ready to leave the haveli to meet her Krishna ji. She knew everyone will be awake in one n half hour later so she has to come back before that as maha-arti will start from 8am. Last yr she couldn’t attend the temple because of veer and dadisa, they can’t allow her this yr also but She have to go, she always prefer to pray to that temple from her younger age. Though then it was Someone who was with her in every step but for years she is going alone. And this year also she will go there, anyone like it or not.


She draped her head with her dupatta, and then tiptoed from her room; she was going to take the stairs when the guard hovered the place. She looked at them bewilder but they just dipped their head to bow her.


Guard: Maaf kariye rajkumari, aap yeh jagah chodke nahi jasakti. (Sorry princess, U r not allowed to leave the place)


Geet: What?? R u out of ur mind, u can’t stop me from going anywhere. Hume kahi jaane k liye aapki izazat nahi chahiye. (I don’t need ur permission to go anywhere)


Guard: hume ranisa aur udayveer rajkumar ne hukum diya hain aur hum inke khilaf nahi jasakte. (Queen and prince Udayveer has ordered us, we can’t go against them.)


Geet: damn veer, I will kill u once I see u. this is ridiculous. She tried once more time to pressurize them but in vein.


Geet came back to the room fuming frantically; she took the cell to call veer but then dropped it. He is doing what is safe for her which he thinks. If she tell him or dadisa about going out now, they will throw a fit so it’s better to choose numb but she need to go and she has really less time. This temple is her 2nd home from childhood, she adored the place and every year somehow manages to go just not last year, because the reason veer is now overprotective.


Shrugging every thought she changed her dress into much sober and less princess style. It was a creamy off-white anarkali suit with some and zari work suited her personality yet very elegant and not very heavy.




Geet looked down from her balcony and gulp hard, she is staying at 2nd floor of the magnificent haveli and jump or crawling from here is nearly impossible. And then she took a deep breath before turning her gaze to the place which is forbidden for her still she need to go towards it. Her balcony was adjoined with Maan’s which is haveli’s Master bedroom. She has locked her room from inside so everyone will think she is inside and as no one dare to enter maan’s room so it’s will be good for her. She jumped in the adjoining balcony then in a flick turned the lock open of his room, She always had the keys of his room which is oblivious to everyone. Fhe familiar scent of him hit her nostril making her frozen in the place. It’s the same she had seen last time. She never gathered her wit to see this room after that incident, after his violently insulting her which had shook her mere existence. The room is same except the presence of him. Her eyes filled looking around the room, till now she had never crossed this room fearing herself only but today she has to break her own promise for him only.


Her eyes absorb every corner of the room which is surrounded with her and his memory. They together arranged everything for this room, how easily he had abandoned everything. How easily he had refused to acknowledge her in his room and his life. Taking a deep breath she ran towards a dark corner, it has a closed door which only she and he knew. She frantically opened it with her keys and took the stairs which took her straight towards the exit of this haveli from back. She draped her face and her long hair with the net dupatta. She looked back for a last glance and ran towards the alone path.



It took her 20 min of running to reach the temple, she pant frantically still went the 200 stairs as fast as she could, her bare feet was bleeding but she didn’t care, she always visit this place bare feet so it was natural for her not to wear her shoes when she left the haveli and she seems like least bother about the cut. A beautiful smile spreads her face as she saw the idol of Krishna ji. One small boy came towards her with the thali for her puja and she took after kissing his cheek. He gave her a toothy grin before leaving the place. It’s also natural like every year, she never manages to carry a plate for puja ingredient and the small boy always help her, in return she always help him with study and some chocolate whole year. It’s not natural for a princess of course still she manages to do it whole year.


Pandit ji: aap agayi GEETANJALI.


Geet: kaise nahi aati, mannat hain hamara.


Pandit ji: kitne saal tak ye wadah nibhayengi aap geet? aur phichle saal ke baad (how many years u will keep ur promise geet, and after last year,,)


Geet didn’t let him complete before giving her best smile.


Geet: jab tak sanse hain tab tak nibhayenge apna wadah pandit ji, Kanha ji ne itna sath diya aage bhi wohi dnege. (till I have last breath in me I will keep the promise, Krishna ji will help me)


Pandit couldn’t say anymore as it is routine like every years. She had never listen to anyone, going against every odds she had kept her promise every year to visit this place first. Pandit(preist) helped her in everything she need. She cleaned the place first abandoning his help. Then she took the small gold idol of Krishna ji to bath him, and changing his dress which she herself made with her hand. She never felt so peace in the whole year like she felt in this moment. Every year she waits for this time and this is the only reason she like holi so much. not only holi but Janmashtami which that happens in haveli too with larger event.


She took only half an hour to complete her work then did her arti.


Pandit: Aaj bhi usike naam ki puja karengi?


Geet blinked her lashes, then looked at the big idol: aur kiske naam ki karungi pandit ji. Jab se inki puja ki hain bas unke naam se ki hain, unke liye kiya hain. Vale hi wo dur hain lekin unke liye hi to puja hain. Maharaj se wadah kiya tha humne, hum Unke liye ye zaroor karenge.

(for whom I will do this pandit ji. From when I stated praying to him, I did for Him only. Maybe he is away from me but all this for him only, I have promised the King and I will keep this for Him.)


Pandit: Geetanjali. He said painfully but geet only looked at the idol painfully. Pata nahi kyun maharaj ne aapse hi ye wadah liya, sayad iss liye kyun unke bête ke liye aapka pyar sabse shuddh hain. Lekin wo kabhi samajh hi nahi paaye. Har saal aap MAAN ke naam ki puja karti hain Unki salamati ke liye, apni zindegi khatreme daal ke, lekin wo kabhi samajh hi nahi paaye.


(Don’t know why King has taken ur promise, maybe because he knew Ur love for his son was pure. But He never understood this. Every year u prayed for MAAN, for his Safety without fearing for your life and he never understood this’


Geet smiles painfully: I never did this to make him understand my love; I did this because it’s my duty. My love for him can never fade away and I will live my life through this duty that what he calls my love A duty.


She sat in front of the idol remembering the fateful day when she was 7 and he was 11, he had fallen from the 3rd floor of the haveli and broken his ribs, he had lost so much blood that it was nearly impossible to save him. She has taken an oath then, She will built a Krishna mandir and do the work on every janmastamhi and holi if maan came back to her in good health. It took maan 3 days to come back to conscious and nearly a month to recover. Once geet was crying not getting enough money to built a temple after breaking her all saving, when maan’s father saw her like that. His fav doll was crying and he couldn’t take it, he immediately made arrangement to built the Krishna mandir but he has taken promise from geet to help pandit ji in the work and to fulfill her oath which she take on her happily. From then she never missed a yr to come here except last yr.


She almost smiles remembering the time maan throw so much fit on her promise. He never liked her doing all work but she kept her promise, she was so small but still she never took anyone’s help and if by chance any one helped her without showing then she would turned her angry gaze on them and will never talk to them which was the ultimate punishment for not taking Princess Geetanjali’s order. Eventually everyone left it on her but observing from far, no one afford to make her angry but maan, he always showed his anger on her which she took smilingly. But however maan might get angry he never left her to her own, he always accompanied her to the temple on the special occasion. Some time she didn’t liked being watched all the time so he wouldn’t even inform her that he will be with her, he would observe her from far and took her home directly after her puja. He never liked her coming here so far from haveli without any protection which she had abandon saying she doesn’t need it. But he would come for her every year, well not few years she thought painfully.


She was oblivious to the fact today also she was not alone; her shadow like every year had reached her to cocoon every danger yet not revealing himself to her like few year. In worse situation also he never failed to come for this day. This year also he came for her and next day he will leave her to live her own, with her fiancé, with her true savior. He will again leave her without making her know, because he bound to to do that only so it doesn’t need to be known by her.


Dark chocolate brown eyes watched her serene face, the smile which adorned seeing the Krishna idol and her eyes which looked satisfied and then his eyes went on her feet, red blooded. He winched slightly causing the dirty shawl over him to slip a little drawing geet attention. He immediately straightens it on him to cover himself but her eyes went on his every movement. He needed a close watch on her and that’s why he took this getup to show himself a beggar, so no one will doubt him but it’s his mishty, he couldn’t help but to have a closer look which forced him to shift his place and now he regret it. Though she can’t see him as the large shawl was covering him full head to toe but she went towards him like a moth towards fire. Her face shows her vulnerability like she can sense him, like she knew it’s him. Her eyes pained him to the core. He curses himself under his breath but nothing stopped her.


Before she can touch his shoulder some men barged inside the temple causing geet to flinch away in fear.


From somewhere aadi and sonam dip out their face giving high five to each other. Aadi slightly flinched seeing the people holding geet’s hand dragging her out and she looking towards maan who was still in that position. they accompanied him for 3 yrs on this day and its usual to see maan watching her in different getup but from far, for the first time he went so close to her.


Aadi: I hope ur plan work out sonam or maan will kill us bare hand, but I see why they are dragging geet away? u said ur men will just tease her a little and maan being maan will show his face and possessive self on geet but here, Aadi turned to look at sonam who was pale insanely. Sonam kya huya, why u r so pale?


Sonam: aa—aadi bh-bhai, it-it’s not my men.


Aadi: what??????????


Sonam; I mean they just called me, knowing it princess geetanjali they took a u turn on the spot grrr, they back out from the plan but who are they now?


Aadi: god knows. He said fearfully.


They turned their attention towards the front scene and only saw geet being dragged the goons.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.







Kaise Kahen Ssn2 (Part 1)


Extremely Sorry for the delay, I wasn’t in a flow to write this story bt for Ritu I had to write it cause I know how much she had waited for this ss. Thanks sweetheart for accepting and love K2 and now I hope u will like this season as well.

From now I will update it like other of my works, I m a bit slow cause of my study, assignment and not to forget my disaster health. So pls bear me for this.

PS: This is an entire new and fresh story with last season characters. A little change in few relations..


Part 1

‘I m sorry Mishty, I couldn’t made up my promise. Hume Maaf kar do Geet. Please come back’


He broke down completely sliding on the broken glass pieces hurting himself for hurting his mishty….


Kasien Kahen hume kitni mohabbat hai

Ruh me utar gaye ho itni chahat hai…

Dard me bhi bas tera dedar karti hu

Mushkil me bhi bas tujhe saamne paati hu…

Teri ek muskurahat dil ko chain de jati hai

Tu nahi hai fir bhi tu yahi mere dil me hai…

Tujhe bhulana to sadio tak namumkin hai

Teri yaadein jeene ke liye bahaut hai…

Hone ja rahi hu mein ab apne hi dost ki

Fir bhi uski na ban paungi jaise rukmini krishna ki…

Wo akhri saans tak mera saath dega

tumhari kami ka ehsaas fir bhi tadpaayega…

Kasien kahe ki ab ye dil kabhi kisi ke liye nahi dhadkega

Phir mohabbat ka naam shayad hi juba pe aayega…

Kaise kahe ki ye dard-e-dil usko bhi tadpata hai

Mujhe tadapta dekh wo bhi tut jaata hai…

Jaane kya hai mujhme jo mera dost saath hai

Kaise kahe bas wahi ab is dil ko samajhta hai…

Na kuch bole na kuch maange usne apna banaya

Kaise kahen Zindagi ko uski wo mere dard ke naam kar gaya…

By my sweet friend Rituja(mishtiritu)


Geet was restless from the moment the engagement took place. She had felt something is wrong, her heart is saying HE is in pain. She can’t hallucinate with those eyes. She had seen pain in them and it’s making her tremble to the core. She was searching him for the past 10 min but he is nowhere to be seen. Only she knew how difficult it was to leave the function like that, but thankfully Veer made an excuse and told her to go. He didn’t ask any question, neither try to know why she wants to go from there just supported her in every action.

At last she stood before the terrace door, their fav place. She can never forget each n every details of the place where she had spend the most beautiful 14yrs of life with HIM. She pushed the door open.


He looked up to see the person and instantly wiped his eyes and put a smile on his moist face. He had been crying for god knows how many hours. He smiles to see her ‘Hey SONAM’

Sonam: what the hell r u doing this maan, why u r doing this with u and her? don’t u understand dammit U needs her.

Maan smiles painfully ‘So did she but I neglected her in my anger,’

Sonam: that was past maan, come out from it and see her, hold her, tell her how much he love her.

Maan: she is not mine anymore sonam, she is someone else’s sonam and  I know my mishty. For her responsibility and promise is way ahead of love, Now she is not only my mishty but to be queen of Udaipur, Fiance of Prince Udayveer Singh Rathode.

She gasp: It can’t be true, she loves u.

Maan: I had seen it with my eyes, maybe she loves me maybe not but she is gone from maan.

He smiles at her, sonam helped him to stand up and take in the hall at His private house in Jaiselmer. They can’t stay in any hotel knowing maan’s reputation here.


One drop of tear makes it way from her thick lashes as she closed her eyes to soak the surrounding; she was searching him from hours now still he is nowhere. Standing right in front of the place they spent most of their childhood she is just praying for his safety now. She needs to see him right now. As she pushed the door ajar she came to face with the cold wind of memory. She doesn’t come to this place from so many hours, from the moment he walked out from her life to make his own. She felt suffocated standing here and remembering each and every corner reminding him. A small smile tugged her lips reminding the memory of their childhood.

‘Maan hum apko dhund lenge dekhna.’


‘kaha hain maan aap, its being hours and u r still hiding, dekho apki mishty thak gayi.’

A cute chubby 7 yr toddler sat on the swing which was in the right side of the terrace surrounded with flower plants. She pulled a long face not seeing maan there. A fear ran through and almost tears started threatening.

She whimper not finding him ‘Where r u maan, hume dar lag raha hain.’

Before she can burst out crying a pair of beautiful hand wiped her hand. A 11 yr old Maan stood before her with a scowl.

‘I told u not to cry mishty, then why u were crying?’


‘hume dar lag raha tha, ke aap bhi hume chodh ke chale gaye.’

He sat beside her and she hugged him hiding her face in his neck, he patted her head like a father and pulled her closer to him. They sat there comfortably for hours and when her sob subsided he cupped her face ‘Mishty ur maan can never leave u, and I will not let u cry anymore, samjhi?’ she nodded childishly and wiped the tear with back of her palm.. ‘Ok now give me a smile mishty, see ur maan will be sad if u wont smile’

She immediately flashed her toothy grin, well one teeth were missing and he broke in to laughter, she made a baby face ‘Jao hume aapse baat nahi karni. Aap hamesha aise karte ho.’ She marched towards the edge of railing.

‘nahi nahi mishty, hum to bas, see u also laughed when I lost my tooth na.’


‘so what, u can’t laugh at me, I m ur mishty na.’


‘ok baba, hum aur nahi hasenege, thik hain?’

Geet gave her cutest smile which made him smile. ‘maan aap kabhi hume chodh ke nahi jayenge na, not even u get more beautiful friends. Promise me.’

‘no one can be more beautiful than my Geet in the whole world, and I can never leave my mishty for anyone.’ She hugged him feeling content and he held her tight in his embrace.

Well that was childhood, maybe childhood promise meant to be broken. She sighed, this place has so many memories of them and that’s why she doesn’t come here. Don’t know why today she felt like coming here. She smiles painfully on the words from past.

Geet: Aapne hume bhula diya Maan.


Geet glanced for the last time to the empty terrace then turned to leave only to collide with Veer who was standing right behind her. She stumble but he helped her to stand properly.

Veer: Careful princess. She gave a small smile wiping the sadness from her face or so she thought.

Geet: what r u doing here veer?

Veer: how can u think I will let u go alone, apka chehra sab bata deta hain Geet.

Geet smiles sadly: sirf aapko batata hain yeh.

Veer: I don’t think so, Your face is like mirror to me but your Eyes are exact mirror of ur soul that can be seen by someone.

Geet looked at him guiltily knowing he knows how her heart feels for maan still he doesn’t care. He is happy to support her in all ways.

Geet: Veer wo,

Veer: no need to say anything geet, remember we are friends 1st and then this relation. I want u like this only. No hesitation or awkwardness has place in our relation. Geet smiles and he held her shoulder then make her exit the place. She glanced at it for the last time and walked out with him.

Veer made excuse that she isn’t feeling well so couldn’t come up so greet anyone but they are invited Holi that was next day and Jaiselmer celebrate the occasion whole heartily. Dadisa knew something must be wrong and veer is covering up Geet’s absence but she couldn’t leave the guest. She asked him what happen but he shrugged off saying he will take care of it. On the way of Geet’s room Veer called someone.

Veer: I want tight security for tom function and do one thing,, He took a great pause and then sighed. Search If Maan Singh Khurana had enter Jaiselmer, I need to know where His whereabouts and u have only time till today midnight that mean 4 hour. He hung the phn and entered the room only to see geet staring out her balcony. Staying at a lavish great haveli she opt out a simple yet elegant bedroom with modern and tradition mix. The whole room is her deign and she love her cozy room which gave a great view with the small attach balcony.



She is watching this and please assumes it to be night.

Her long silky strands were disturbing her eyes touching her cheeks. She didn’t care for it. She hadn’t change her dress yet, the same lahenga that she wore for the engagement but she took out all jewelry as it was making her suffocated.


her creamy skin was glowing with moon light. But the face which is lost somewhere can catch anyone’s attention. She is a beauty of epitome but her life is as colorless as the water,  She soaked any color that anyone gives her but in true sense she doesn’t have anything on her own will.

Veer knocked the door catching her attention. She tiled her head and smiles at veer.


Geet: From when u started having permission for entering my room veer.

Veer smiles back: Your highness u r still not my lawfully wedded wife so technically I need permission to enter Princess Geetanjali Handa’s room.

Geet: u never took permission in childhood, Though I felt annoyed still purposely u made my life hell, u never treated me as girl. She pouted childishly making veer laugh a loud. Geet also smiles but then made a straight face.

Veer: ok sorry for that, but u r still child. I loved to irritate u cause only that way I can pacify u with chocolate and ice cream that too in his absence, nahi to aap hume ghaas hi nahi daalti thi. Hamesha Maan maan and maan.

Geet felt guilty knowing how she never liked veer much neither took his effort to be frnds as good sense. She was always under maan’s charisma. Mano uski subah bhi maan se shuru hoti thi shaam bhi maan pe khatam. Veer saw the sadness on her face and cursed himself for it. He bends down to her level.

Veer: I m sorry princess I didn’t meant to hurt u.

Geet smiles sadly: but I did hurt u and never said sorry, can u ever forgive me veer.

Veer smiles: we were kids geet, and kids do thing unintentionally and it was not ur fault that ur heart only excepted him to ur frnd.

Geet: but u made place unknowingly.

Veer: maybe because he was not here.

Geet shook her head: Still. It was only effort to make me friend and always protected me from everything without letting me know. Veer can u live with a person who loved someone else maybe love still. Knowing she can never reciprocate ur same love will u still love her like always.

Veer: I do love u and will love u always but that doesn’t mean I need ur love back geet. I m happy with what I have. I m happy to be ur frnd and to have u as my best friend. I just want to protect u and u can’t stop me from that.

Geet sighed: I m fine and will be always with u.

Veer: not really. Geet looked away knowing he can read her eyes. U should take rest kal Maha arti hain and like very year u will do that. Geet nodded and veer stood up to leave just then she called him to stop.

Geet: Veer. Thanks for everything, for being with me and this state when we needed u the most.

Veer: I was with my frnd and family, I don’t think this thank u will count to protect my family right? Geet nodded and he left her room. She went to her cupboard and took her gown then headed towards the washroom thinking how life had changed in these yrs and how Veer had made his place in everyone’s life.


Sonam was cleaning his leg and taking out the glass pieces glaring him to umpteenth time.

Aadi chuckle: Stop giving those glare sonam. It will scare him. Maan gave a small smile to aadi who assured him with eyes he will take care. Sonam saw that exchange and scowl making them jump.

Sonam: What the heck u think u r Mr MSK. Honge kahike maharaja lekin how could u be so careless to step on the glass piece.

Maan: Sonam.

Sonam: u r not my senior here so don’t dare to glare at me maan.

Maan chuckle: u know u will be first person who glare MSK. Remember u r a trainee Miss Sonam Khanna.

Sonam: bullshit to ur training right now I m ur frnd. Ur one n only best frnd not ur junior.

It’s weird that Sonam being his 4 yr junior treat him as her age, she can call him by tu, tum whatever she like. She is his trainee but no one knows him better than her. she admires his dedication to his work. Adores him as her big brother and give lectures like a true frnd.

Though she behaves like a strong person but inside she is still a cat who fear anyone can snatch her milk. Maan noticed the tear threatening in the corner of her eyes.

Maan whispered: Sonam.

Sonam: why don’t u get her maan. I can’t see u like this.

Maan; I can’t. I deserved to be like this all my life.

Sonam wiped her eyes: I can’t blv this. World biggest Cardiologist cannot get his heart, his love on the terms. How ridiculous is this?

Maan cupped her face, she tried to shove wildly but he forced her to look at his eyes.

Maan: Hum uske kabil nahi hain sonam, aap samajhti kyun nahi? Aap to janti hain na. jo kuch bhi humne kiya uske baad wo sirf aur sirf apne state ke bare me sochegi. Uska pyar humne dafan kar diya, abb hum usse Kaise Kahen wo pyar firse loutane ke liye. Bohot der ho chuki han sonam. Geet abb kisi aur ki hogayi hain aur ye zindegi abb sirf uski khusiya ki duyaye mangti hain. Aur kuch nahi chhaiye hume.

(I m not adequate to her sonam, why don’t u understand this?U know it well. Whatever I had done with her after that she will only take care of her state. I killed her love , now how can I ask the love to return? It’s too late sonam. Geet is someone’s else fiancé now. Now this life only ask happiness for her. I will pray only that, nothing more than that I need. )

He walked out the room leaving a teary sonam to aadi who patted her head in return she hugged him.

Sonam: mujhse ye sab nahi dekha jata aadi bhai, kab tak wo aise rahenge. Ghut ghut ke mar jayenge.

Aadi: Maan is also right sonam, whatever he did with her was not easy to forget.

Sonam only looks at his retreating figure: nothing is impossible. Nothing is right and wrong in love and if u both are bound to be together I will alive the love between u two. Geet bohot hochuka. U have shed enough tears, enough sorrow for this adamant person not more. I know u still love him. I can’t forget the 18 yr geet who’s eyes said her love, but the idiot MSK couldn’t understand. Now He will and I promise u that. Sonam wiped her eyes with determination.

Sonam: Aadi bhai I need your help.

Aadi: for what?

Sonam: Maan and Geet ko milane me.


Aadi fumble: wh-wh-whatttt? R u out of ur mind. Jwalamukhi ko cherne ko keh rahi ho.

Sonam: soch lo bhai or else I m not gonna help u to unite with pinky di, she will marry another guy and u will only stare at her.

Adi: he-he-he-he

Sonam: r u smiling or crying? She asked seeing his crying face yet idiotic laugh. She knew Pinky is his weakness. He works in Khurana Hospital as cardiologist with maan. Pinky take cares of Children ward specialist of Cancer. Now when aadi loves pinky so much he is bound to help sonam or she will make his life hell.

Aadi: but what I have to do tell me first.


Sonam whispered in his ear that made aadi’s eyes widen in horror.

Aadi: That Udayveer Singh Rathode will kill me if he ever get to know this. He fumble hard making sonam smile wickedly.

Sonam: pata chalega so marega na, hum pata chalne hi nahi denge bhai.

Aadi: ek taraf kuya dusri taraf khai.

Sonam: Bich me Phase mere AADI BHAI. He sighed.

Precap: entering in to her life again.

© All Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg

Kaise Kahen Season 2 Prologue





Kaise Kahen kab huya yeh Ishq Mohe

Ek Deewangi si chayi aur Rooh se nikli Jaan Meri

Ye bedardi ka alam sikhaya kisse kehte hain deewanapan

Mohe bas teri yaad ne sikhayi ye mohabbat-e-junoon

Jo tere ruswayi ne dilaya ajeeb si ek sukhun.

Marne ka dard bhi na huya

Kab najane ye Dil tujhpe Kurbaan Huya.

Kaise Kehte kitni shiddat se Mohabbat ki thi is dil ne,

Thukraya to apne meri Dil ko aise

Ke abb Mohabbat ke naam se Toot jata hain

Jaise shakho se Patte Patjhar ke narm hawayo me

Behke reh jaati hain bas Yaddein.

Kaise kahen is patchar ke mousam me kitni yaad aati hain

Wo bachpan ka palna

Wo bachpan ki mithas vari hasi,

Kaise lipte the hum aapke baho me

Dar ka saya kabhi na para tha.

Aapne wadah kiya tha kabhi na chodenge sath

Bachpan chut gaya apna sathi humse rooth gaya.

Kaise Kahen kitna dard leke jee rahe hain hum

Marne ka Intezar bhi na kar sake

Aise mar rahe hain hum.

Chah kar bhi abb ye Zindegi apko na de sakenge

Kaise Kahen Hum abb ye zindegi na jee sakenge

Firbhi Jeena hain un yaadon ke basere me

Sayad yehi qubool hain taqdeer mein humare….


(By Me)


Closing the diary she looked at it for the last time, one drop of tear fell on the last line, she immediately wiped her cheek not wanted to drag unwanted attention towards her red swollen eyes… not like she mind other’s thinking but she care for the one person who throughout his life had supported her, who without question accepted her. Knowing she can never love him still accepted the way she is. In these 8 yrs he had never tried to change her. Let leave alone changing He always stayed far and conveyed his best regards in the form of friendship from their childhood.. but she was blind, she was blind in HIS friendship, his LOVE that no one has the slightest chance to take a part in her life… and when HE left her she couldn’t give HIS place to anyone still someone made its way in the form of best friend.. now he is her best frnd and her going to be fiancé VEER…. for world he is Udayveer Singh Rathode but for her he is her veer who for past 22 yrs were always beside her,, though 1st 14 yrs she never need another person’s solace cz HE was there.. the person who was her Prince Charming, her Knight in shining armor…. Actually she have think so… when the person was there in her life she never needed another person’s protective arms around her… the mere thought of HIS possessiveness brought a smile on her face… the smile she lost for last few years… She wonder how can a person’s mere thought can make her smile when he had given her the scare she can never forget…


Yes the only person who can make her smile yet he is the person who can snatch her smile, Her BEST FRIEND, her LOVE, her MAAN… the only person who make her realize she is in this world because of him, God had sent her for HIM then why today God is making her someone else’s? Actually she can’t accuse her Krishna ji when the only person who had control over her life had forced her to go away from him, cz he doesn’t needed her now…


The mere thought bring a sob from her lips. But before she can broke down Dadisa came there…


Dadisa: GEET, chaliye Udayveer intezar kar rahe hain, muharat nikal raha hain… unko abb aur intezar mat karwaiye…  Geet gave a small smile hearing dadisa’s teasing voice but no smile can stop dadisa to know what is going inside her… she closed her eyes in regret and held geet’s mahendi adorned hand… Hume Maaf kar dijiye,, this is all happening because me.. na hum apko sapne dikhate unke na apka dil aisa toot ta…


Geet: Dadisa… she whispered and hugged her tight…  Please don’t say like this dadisa.. aapne hume mata-pita ka pyar diya… because of u I never felt an orphan… after my parent’s death u only took care of me as parents,, u gave me love of mother, father. Teased me like sister brother, helped me like frnd and taught me discipline like a true mentor. U were MAAN’s Grandmother but more like a mother to me… if u and maan were not there I could have ended in orphanage..


Dadisa: bas kijiye Geetanjali..


Geet: wohi to hum keh rahe hain, bas kijiye, ye ansu aaj ke din nahi hamare bidayi ke liye sambhal ke rakkhiye.. u have to shed a lot tears that day… she said with a smile…


Dadisa only admired the innocent child who is only 22 but matured than her age.. in the tender age she had witnessed so much, how could she still be so strong.. maybe she can pretend in front of the world that she is happy but dadisa knew how much breaking she is inside and that’s why she can never forgive maan…


Geet: not today dadisa. U will not curse him not even for a sec… He had done nothing dadisa..


Dadisa: yes leaving u because of his career, leaving this state to ur shoulder all alone and he did nothing. He had shrugged off all his responsibility and u took all that in the tender age of 16.. and when he should have fulfilled his promised he broke that… he doesn’t even remember it’s ur ENGAGEMENT.. maybe too much busy with his new found frnds..


Geet: wo gaye bhi the to issi state ke liye dadisa… its dadasa’s dream to see him as world’s greatest Doctor… and now he is fulfilling his dream..


Dadisa: lekin apke sapne?


Geet smiles sadly: my all dreams laid with maan, if he is happy I m happy…


Dadima: he doesn’t know what he has lost, a gem like u only a good person with good heart deserve…


Geet: But a person like Him only Fairies or Princesses deserve which I can never be.. He was and will be my Best friend dadisa… she saw dadisa shedding silent tears which pricked her heart… she changed her mood or rather say pretend to change… chaliye abb rona band kijiye warna apke BF hume dantenge.. Deewan dadu will go latto on u today, u r looking ravishing.


Dadisa: dhatt pagal..  it’s her way to tease dadisa, the moment she get to know about Mahendra Deewan and Dadisa studied from same collage and he had a soft corner for her but dadisa loved Dadaji so he backed off now both are alone after mahendra’s wife’s decease… so geet found the string to make dadima blush…


Dadisa hugged her with smile, trying to hide the pain from her for not getting her as her grand-daughter in law and geet only tried to hide her miserable state, cz only this place can give her solace now. just then her eyes met with the most sincere and respectful eyes… Veer was standing right on the door step.. He gave a small smile with assurance from eyes which she return with a small smile.. it was always like this, she knew Veer will be always beside her whatever she do. He knew about her everything but never regretted on his decision to marry her knowing she can never love him back. for him it’s enough to be with her rather getting her love… he is happy to be close with her to support her in every hurdle.. He just want to share her pain, and give her happiness… and that’s why he got the most respectful place in geet’s life.. but with that they got a magical bond with immense respect for each other.


Veer: arre aap dono to hume bul ke akele akele gale mil rahe hain, hum begane hain jo apne hume bulaya bhi.. is bandariya ke bare me chodo dadisa u also didn’t ask me to hug, that’s not fare…


1st geet couldn’t understand what he said but then only one word register her mind ‘bandariya’


Geet whined: Dadisa is chuhe ko bolo hume bandariya na bulaye…


Dadisa: yakeen nahi hota today is ur engagement day and u both are fighting like kids.


Veer: sukhar maniye Bhagwan ji ne is chudail ke liye hume bhej diya warna na jane kiske gale padhti… and that’s it. how dare he call her with so many names and next he started running the whole room while geet stopped after few min of chasing because of the heavy lahenga…


Geet: I hate this heavy attire… Veer came close to her surrendering himself with a smile and geet wacked his arm playfully… Dadisa admire their frndship with a smile, she knew Veer loves her but somewhere she wanted her as DIL of this haveli..


Veer: don’t know what will happen to my state and me after marriage, she is so clumsy herself how she will manage the whole state.


Geet: the way I m managing Jodhpur. She said with attitude.


Veer: aaye haye.. veer hugged her sideway which she gave in with a smile and next he called dadisa and hugged her with other arms… 2 beautiful woman in my arm, I m the king of world… geet laughed loud at his antics and veer admired her smile…


Veer (st): I know u can never love me princess but this veer will always love u like this.. pyar to aapse humne hamesha se kiya lekin kaise kehte ye jaanke apka pyar bas Maan ke liye hain, hum khush hain bas apko aise dekh ke aur apke khusi ke liye kuch bhi karenge…




Both descended from the stairs looking perfect together,, whole crowd cheered for them, geet gave a small but warm smile.. The whole state had came to see their princess belonging to someone’s else. They were sad but happy as well.. They want to see her happy and that matters the most.


But here Geet’s nervousness was increasing by second. Some kind of uneasiness was creeping inside… she held veer’s hand tight fearing something, veer too held her tight assuring everything is fine… she gave a nervous smile trying to hide the racing heartbeat but the essence was giving her unknown sensation.. She closed her eyes remembering something… the face which always vanish her every worry and fear. The mere thought of him brought a confidence in her,, a smile which anyone can die for. Which is calm serene yet confident. But suddenly she missed a bit. As she slipped the ring in veer’s finger all she can see those chocolate brown eyes with deep lashes looking at her with utmost love and Pain. She looked here and there but couldn’t find anything. And then Veer held her hand… she gave a smile which never reached her eyes then suddenly she closed the eyes and again opened it as he slipped the ring. Whole crowd cheered happily but all she can see Pain… and the tear rolled down from HIS eyes which shattered her heart….



‘Geet when I will be enough grown up to take ur responsibility then I will marry u and keep u safe in my arms.’  said 10 yr old Maan

‘sacchi?’ asked excitedly a six year old Geet.. ‘Tab to hume aapse kabhi dur nahi jana parega na?’


‘Nope, Never, I will never let u go to anyone.. Whoever try to snatch u from me I will burn him alive. U will be mine’


‘promise me, u will never let anyone to take me away from u.’


‘Promise baba’


‘And what if u forgets ur promise?’


‘I will end this life Mishty, which doesn’t have u its means, nothing’





‘I m sorry Mishty, I couldn’t made up my promise. Hume Maaf kar do Geet. Please come back’


He broke down completely sliding on the broken glass pieces hurting himself for hurting his mishty….




This is the prologue, like 1st season it will go as past present together… I m slow pacer so u have to be patience with me… and one things it will be different from season 1.


Ufff finish the prologue.. so long prologue… how’s it? Hell nervous with this…. 1st and 2nd season will be little similar yet very different from each other… U had seen geet and veer’s friendship in last season but u will see MAANEET’s childhood frndship and love in this season. But mind u, Veer will be the same important for this season too… Please don’t ask the end as will it be a sad ending or happy? I seriously can’t tell u cz I think that will erase the essence of this fic.. Reader who have faith on me please be patience…


I can’t guarantee about lovey dovey moment in this ff cause this was and will the best emotional story for me which made me cry while writing it and I can say I m happy with the outcome on 1st prologue of this….


Now waiting for ur precious comment…. Poems or any kind of pic for characters are appreciable.


For PM add tichPM. If u can manage through FB my Group or any other source then pls don’t add me, it will less my work. if u don’t know how to add id then pls pm me in this id for pm I will add u there…


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