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Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 75


Part 75

Alex: You know Geet When we were kids Maan used to protect me from Brad.

Geet’s eyes were huge: what do u mean kids?

Brad: Maan’s maternal uncle used to live here. If I m not wrong this apartment is his mother.

Geet nodded, suddenly she felt a warm arm engulfing her from behind. She snuggled close to Maan who sat there with Rihana.

Alex: we became friends when he visited London. And after few yrs he moved here for his schooling. Brad used to irritate me and Maan always protected me from his teasing as I was very sensitive.

Brad snorted: u always twisted me with ur fingers.

Alex slapped husband’s arm playfully. Yeah they have a bittersweet relation from childhood. But how Maan fits in it she had no idea. It excited her at same time makes her nervous.

Alex: Maan had a reputation Geet.

All amusement left Alex’s eyes as tenderness replaced it.

Alex: He was popular with Girls. Even though he treated them as dirt but not everyone came in that category. Everyone thought he was rude and Womaniser but never he took advantage of anyone. Those girl always came to him like a moth to fire. He was always clear, never sweet talker or manipulator to use them. But people never tried to understand him, they saw what he showed.

Geet was stiff like a cardboard. Didn’t she thought about him the worst. Punished him for a gimmick. Geet felt a lump becoming large, only then she felt his lips on her head. Her eyes locked with him, regret, pain surrounded her hazels. Maan just shook his head indicating not to shed one drop. Finally she took a long breath before Maan decide to end this. Alex and Brad seems to knowing the silent communication. They gave them time which they needed before Brad spoke.

Brad: well not with 2 girls. Sia and Sasha was under Maan’s protection. No guy had guts to look or bad mouthed about them. And they protected him like shadow. Not a word would go to principal even he did some huge thing. They were always mumma bear for him.

Geet remembered what Sasha did, that was unforgettable but now she know what must had gone through Maan knowing what his best frnd did to his another frnd. And Sia.. That was whole another story.

Alex: and that’s why they never liked me. Maan and I was neighbours cum friend. So when Brad bullied me he kind of spread his wings upon me, taking me under his protection.

Brad: he even broke my nose when I ask her on a date at 14.

Geet couldn’t help but giggle seeing brad rubbing his nose, Alex snuggled Rehan who sighed heavenly then dozed off again.

Alex: he used to trouble me, so when I rejected that absurd notion Brad took it at his ego and made my life hell which earned him a broken nose. But from then everyone speculated things. U know me and Maan.

Geet saw the flush on Alex’s face, she can say Alex is still embarrassed. Maan never interrupted their talk, he burp Rihana continuously.

Alex: But I never clarified it. It’s not like I felt anything for him except Friendship but guess we both never cared about rumours. But it effected his frndship towards Sia and Sasha. As we never clarified our relation to anyone they also thought we are dating. It all started at the age of fifteen. Just to protect me from boys Maan never said anything. So the boys never dared to ask me again and school was peaceful for me.

Brad: But it did strange things to me.. I had a reputation of my own. Kind of bad guy.

Brad looked at Alex with teasing smile which made her blush. It was cute to see their open love. It made Geet smile. She wasn’t alone, a genuine smile adorned Maan as well, like he was recalling His teen years. Happy years.

Alex: u must be thinking how we became a couple then? Geet nodded.

Brad: I was so jealous of Maan. Our friendship long forgotten and we were enemy, who can kill each other. And once we fought like never before, literally fighting with blood. We were 17, hot blood and stupid with hormones. I liked Alex, really liked her but like others I also thought they are an item but Maan didn’t stopped his one night stands.

Geet shifted a little but Maan’s hand tighten. His silent warn shifted on Brad who smiled apologetically.

Brad: I thought he was cheating on her, he used to be so disturb. I was angry and we fought.

Alex: my silence broke that day. My Friend and Love was fighting. What can be more painful for me. And I broke my silence. I told Maan that I love Brad, they stopped punching each another. There wasn’t another soul except 3 of us. Brad told me how much he loved me and I accepted my feelings, then cleared his misunderstanding about our relation.

Brad: I was so happy, I wanted to tell everyone that Alex loves me but we couldn’t. Everyone in school knew I was jealous of Maan. Telling them about our relation would mean making Alex laughing stock Cz none had the guts to say anything to us. Alex was soft target.

Alex: we continued the facad till high school. Maan used to take me to Brad so we can spent some together time in this flat where Maan used to stay. Life was easy, happy or so we thought. We were happy in our world that we never noticed the sadness in Maan. I don’t know what happen between Maan and Sia but Sia accused me a lot of things which half I didn’t understood. Maan and Sia had a huge fight and he left for India, never to retun. We met after that, had chat through internet but those days never came back. Its like we had lost our Maan until I met you…

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Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 74


Part 74

A soft giggle woke Geet, her first thought went on to Rihana, she opened her one eyes which made the chubby baby giggle louder but then a groan left Geet’s lips which instantly shut Rihana. She looked at Rehan innocently plucking her lips. Her mother was angry only that thought made her deep chocolate brown eyes wet. Rehan instantly hugged his sister with his chubby hands somewhere between choking and comforting. Rehan was fast learner, before his 6 month age completion he could sit and crawl but Rihana can hardly sits with sometime difficulties, forget about crawling.

Geet’s head was splitting in two with headache from last night drinking. She cursed herself then leah for leaving the kids here where she was asleep like a dead. What if anything had happened to her babies. What would have she done? Then she remembered she need to feed them but as she turn another groan left her lips.

Rehan: lull huuuuuuhhhhhhee

Rehan was trying to sooth Rihana in their own language which genuinely earned a smile from Geet. She tried to shield her eyes then with difficulties she popped herself on one elbow,, after kissing their forehead and assuring their mumma loves them she turned to leave the bed only to see herself in the front mirror. She was in Maan’s shirt, how did she ended up like this she had no idea. Her face showed what she is feeling. Haggard. She made a disgusting face, before she could leave the place her eyes fell on the juice and some pills lying on the bed side table. There was also a note with them which she took first.

‘Geet, take the pill with juice, it will help your headache. Don’t worry about kids. I have fed them. I have to run towards office. Some emergency came up. Bye love u.

PS: We need to talk about last night.’

Geet nearly cried in frustration. Not on Maan but herself. She tried to remember everything and the pill with juice helped her. She recalled the way she humiliated herself and then Maan. Why can’t she trust him? It’s not like he gave her any reason. Did he?

The past few months danced in front of her and she tried to shove it away. Knowing very well it will worse the matter. She need to trust Maan. He can never betray her. He will never do that to his love, his Geet.


London weather was giving different worries to Geet. It’s being 4 hour Geet had read the note of Maan’s and from then mild drizzle started outside. Geet was worried for Maan as he hadn’t called her, on the top Sia and Raghav’s phone was also not reachable. The temperature was dropping so the heater was on full. Geet tried playing with kids then called India where Armaan told her that she should postpone their arrival because weather cast showed turbulence that means it can be risky to fly.

Last night played again and again in her mind. She knew what she said wasn’t in right mind, yes Maan was angry with the guy groping her and he blasted on her but that’s because he was always possessive, he did it before in their trip to ladak, so what’s new? It must be the insecurities in her and the way his past lifestyle was thrown on her face. But could she hold Maan responsible for that? That was his past and in their 1 nd half yr marriage Maan proved his love again and again. Then why she is becoming an insecure jealous bitch. She swore to apologise Maan and give him chance to explain.

Just then the doorbell rang and Geet shot up like a bullet running towards it. Her eagerness met a smiling Maan who envelop her in a shivering hug then placed his cold lips on her. Geet eagerly took it and gave her everything. They nibble sucked bite each other’s lips then rubbed their body. A light chuckle and throat clearing broke the spell, confusion spread her eyes as she tried to shake the desire full mind.

A young man with fine built, fair complexion and sandy brown hair came up with his hand extended.

‘U must be Geet, I m Brad, Maan’s long time friend.’

Geet took his hand politely then her eyes fell on the beautiful girl. She had seen her somewhere. Tanned olive skin, blonde curls loosely hanging on her shoulder, smiling light blue eyes fell on Geet with delight.

‘Hey Geet remember Alex? Hope the night went well.’

She said winking at Maan who gave a tight smile then held Geet waist more like assuring himself she won’t runaway. Geet remember last night when Maan had kissed her Cheeks, Geet waited for the jealousy to erupt but it never came. Maybe for the fact that Brad and Alex looks like drowning in love. The way he was looking at her, showed love, affection adoration. But a bigger part of her ask was it the only fact? Or the Man standing beside u is the real reason.

Geet looked at Maan who was looking only at her, Fear, uncertainty, love, possessiveness so many emotions reflected from him. She leaned towards him and gave a smile to the pair infront of her.

Geet: come in pls.

Geet doesn’t know it is the fact that she didn’t create a scene or the warm welcome in her voice that let Maan heave a sigh of relief and his body relaxed on her. His hand never left her and when he saw his kids playing on the floor with scattered toys the hardness in his posture melted like ice in water. He lifted Rihana and tickle her tummy with his nose that earn a heartfelt giggle then loud laugh. He dare not touch Rehan as he was frowning on him, he must be the first 6 month kid who growl at his father but Rehan eyed Maan then Rihana like in a silent warning. Hurt her and I will hurt you.

Geet shook with silent laughter and so did Brad. A tenderness surrounded Alex as she approached Rehan. Geet didn’t felt anxiety like she thought she will feel. Guess last night she was so drunk to judge good vibes and bad but now she can see why Maan was so good to Alex. She can’t be one of his shack, she must ne his true friend and so did Brad.

Brad: We are trying for kids, its being 6 months and my wife is desperate.

He smiles with affection and Geet froze in her track. Her eyes went to alex’s ring and regret washed over. Her eyes found Maan and saw the worry. She was ashamed by it but Maan shook his head, then a little smile gave a thousand emotions. They heard a giggle. Geet looked towards Rehan who was giggling in Alex’s arm. Her face was so soft. But there was some sadness molded with wants.

Geet: He likes you.

Alex: I guess he is. Rehan again laughed when Alex tickle his stomach.

Maan: but he doesn’t like everyone. Leah their nanny took 3 days before coming close to him and he still threatens me.

Alex laughed at his expression: then he is ur son. Rehan Maan Singh Khurana.

Geet looked at her curiously: was Maan same?

Brad: You don’t have any idea do u?

Geet shook her head and Maan warned them but brad plopped on the sofa.

Brad: He is an interesting character Geet. A book. If u love a book u want to explode and if u hate then also it will imprinted on ur soul. In this He is the one to decide what he wants to be to whom.

Geet looked at Maan remembering the first time she met him, how concern he was for an unknown kid. Then how he became Ridz’s frnd, her guarded frnd’s best frnd. How Armaan described Maan and became his frnd. Then the moment when she crushed his love in her blind rage. How he begged for her love and then how he became the devil for her for betraying him.

So many shades and still to unfold, she still don’t know what guilt’s shadow he carries and she know only bcz of her he never said anything. He is a book. A very interesting book which once u like u want to read again and again and if u hate then it will pull u to finish it. In both way you have to read..

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Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 73


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Part 73

For recap pls read previous part for a hint for this part.

Warning: Mature Content.

Maan kissed her lips hungrily biting and licking the sweet nectar. He shallowed her moans in his mouth hastily unzipping her jeans. His fingers met the wet channel and groans of appreciation left his throat. His lips travelled a path from lips to jaw and settle between her neck and shoulder joint. He bite her naked flesh while rubbing the sensitive nub of her hidden treasure. Cry of pleasure left her lips settling in his arching heart. Her hand clutched his shirt ripping few button while his lips nibbled her skin. She hastily pulled out all the button but not tearing and sank her fingers in his hot flesh. A moan of pleasure ripped through his throat and he increased the pressure on her clit. Geet bite her lips preventing a scream that was building in her chest. And pulled his face for a lip kiss.

The kiss was strong and Geet was in a desparate need of release but he stopped that or rather forced himself to stop. She let out a whimper of protest but Maan tugged the hem of her top pulling it above her head. Drowsiness covered her eyes as he did what she wanted. She knew the surroundings wasn’t known and it wasn’t the safe place but the need overpowered everything. Beside the thing she had missed their carefree love making for a long time, she also knew she is safe with Maan and can believe him with their privacy. Well if was not new, she had missed that pool side hot love making for a long time and now get another thing to call sexy adventure.

Maan didn’t let her dwell on other things than him. His perfect male member stood in front of her and it always makes her breath hitch. She wetted her lips as it was too dry. Maan groaned seeing the pink dart wetting those red luscious lips. With one hand he did the bra hook releasing the perfect curves and then hastily took out her jeans from one leg along with her thong. He again dipped his finger in her wetness making her moan louder.

Geet: ohh god.

He always feels perfect. His large member filled her and he forced her bare leg around his waist while he drove inside her slamming hard and fast. She barely gasp for air but he placed his mouth in one nipple other hand was palming her other breast. She couldn’t move but then she doesn’t need. His each stroke was so powerful that the tip touched her sweet spot making her quiver for more every time he withdrew. Her nail pierced his skin but he least care. He bite and sucked her nipples pushing her on the edge then bringing her down. She whimpered begged but he didn’t give her.

It was making her frustrated angry and at the same want for more. She dug her nails to punish him maybe. All he did hold both wrist in his hand and placed it above her head. She groaned and greeted her teeth but he withdrew stopping her coming.

Geet: Maan please I wasn’t it.

Maan: u won’t leave me like that Geet. Ever. Promise me.

His own voice was hoarse and it took every ounce of him to stay in control. She closed her eyes resting her head on the wall and he kissed her throat soothing yet raising her heartbeat.

Geet: I won’t. I can’t leave u. Not for this but for my own heart. I m empty without Maan. It kills me thinking one day u will be fed up with me and.

He slammed her on the wall thrusting deep. His hand left her wrist and she hugged him whimpering. Her tears mixed their kiss as he devour her mouth.

Maan: I love you. I will fight for us every time u think to do anything stupid.

Geet: only u can push me away Maan not the world.

Maan: I promise to try not to do that. Tell me u will fight for us. Promise me u will be mine.

Geet: always promise. Forever Maan.

Her voice broke as familiar tension build up and next second he shallows her cry in his mouth. She came apart while he followed groaning her name. Their sweaty body stayed limply. Thank God Maan’s huge body was pressing her on the wall or she would have collapse on the floor.

They stayed for few more minutes and then helped each other to get dress, then came out. Geet’s face flushed from the little sneak out and hot love making while Maan’s possessive hand was placed on the small of her back. Geet saw everyone looking at them worriedly. It was more than 40 mins they left the place and she can feel julie’s angry glare on her back. She turned and gave a sweet mocking smile. Everyone sighed a breath of relief. Especially Sia.

Sia: I m so sorry Geet I shouldn’t have invited her.

Geet: its ok. I know my husband is hot and he is all mine so no need to hear bitch barking. Geet winked and Sia chuckled and the boys groaned. Geet whispered something in Sia’s ear which made her eyes and smile widden. She agreed and grabbed her hand before Maan can protest they were already on the dance floor. Sia signalled Geet to see Julie who was right beside her.

Sia: Geet what take u so much time to come here huh? Maan did make u understand very well that he is ur.

Geet: yup he did a good job. She winked and high five. And beside it my husband is demanding so I have to have stamina u know. It take a little time rather than a quicky. And ppl say he gets bore in 2 days only where he don’t leave me a for a second.

Geet looked at Julie from the corner from her eyes. She was fuming and not only her, few other were also staring at them as they were quite loud because of the music. Julie left the place in anger where as Geet Sia both laughed whole heartily.

Sia: ye sab to thik tha but don’t u think he deserves some torture.

Geet: I missed my bitcy self.

They laughed and high five. Next Sia signal the DJ to change the music and then both the girls started dancing in the seductive number. Everyone around them specially boys started to look at them and the sexy moves. Few even tried to touch Geet or Sia but bouncer immediately threw them out. Geet looked at Sia confused who shook her head and looked at Maan who was red in anger. Geet eyes went down and she bite her lips to see his pants and the visible hardness. She can feel Maan’s growl. She threw her head back and laughed.

Geet saw Sia dancing with a guy closely. Her head snapped towards Raghav who was sipping his drink not looking at them or Sia but rage was clear from the sight of his white knuckles clenching the glass too tight. Concern spread her heart but she didn’t got time to react as someone grabbed her ass. First she thought it was Maan but soon she felt different and creepy so she jerked only to see a drunk guy trying to touch her waist. Though he didn’t get much as 2 tight fist fell on him from either side of her. Geet looked at Raghav then Maan. Both were fuming. She gulp hard to see Raghav’s angry gaze on Sia who narrowed her eyes, then pushing the guy off from her she left for the bar. Raghav left behind her and now Geet stood in front of her fuming husband. Her head hung low and she mutter a sorry which was barely audible.

Maan brought her closer to him: next time u want to do a show or to teach me any lesson do it in private without drawing attention.

His voice was low close to her ear but it was dangerously furious. She knew her little tease had made Maan mad. She only wanted him to join her like before but the idea failed miserably as his rage was very visible in his hold.

Geet: Maan I was just,,,

Maan: playing…. But remember Geet not everything is playing material. He said looking at her back and towards the guy who was dragged by the bouncer. Maan left the place and Geet left a small frustrating scream which was muffled by the loud song. She half heartedly joined Sia in the bar.

Sia: what happen to u now?

Geet ordered her drinks and looked at Sia: he went bomblastic seeing that guy close to me though I didn’t invited him.

Sia cocked her head and then laughed: u didn’t but ur dance did.. didn’t u know u or rather say ur dance was sexy. She winked but Geet crunch her nose then took the whole drink in one gulp.

Sia: uhh look ahead. Give a break man. She muttered and Geet looked at her back only to see Maan talking with a girl and another 3 girl was standing beside him. If she didn’t miss they all are trying to grab his attention, some by touching her own neck or some by adjusting her bosom.

Geet: disgusting.

Sia chuckle: u haven’t seen all this before.

Geet again ordered another drink: I think we were so busy in other problem that we didn’t dwell on other things. I knew he was casanova and tell u the truth Sia I don’t doubt him and his royalty, hell he loves me a lot but its the other girl which I don’t trust. I don’t want to be those clingy bitchy wife. Still now I can’t help it but feel anger whenever any girl comes close to him.

Sia muttered: sounds like a wife.

Geet smiles: I trust him Sia.

Sia: not when u will see his life some 10yrs back. Geet looked skeptical. Sia shook her head. Forget what I said.

Geet: Sia u said u were teenager frnds and went to same collage or school whatever I don’t remember much.

Sia: we went our high school together and he was one yr senior. He and sasha. Geet became stiff hearing sasha’s name but soon she controlled. Sia didn’t even noticed the flinch and she carried on. Sasha was just a friend Geet. Maybe she was the only one whom Maan didn’t screw. Geet choked on her drink and Sia laughed. Sorry. But yeah he was casanova. Then something happened and everything got changed. He changed, our relationship changed and I. She sighed I choose to go for medical while he was doing engineering. That’s it. I went to France to practice medicine and Maan went to India I guess.

Geet: something missing.

Sia: yeah ur husband leaning on another woman. Geet snapped her head and fumed to see he was kissing another girl’s cheek whom she never met neither had seen before. Maan’s eyes met Geet and saw she can say his angry eyes were now begging. What a hypocrite Geet thought when there wasn’t her any fault, well ok a little fault was her but still he was so angry and took it out on her and now he is kissing another girl’s cheek and expect her to understand him. She looked at him again and followed his gaze on her drinks. She had actually had 5 drinks. But she wasn’t finish. She took the large vodka glass and chucked it.

Raghav: woahh easy. U have plans to get drunk.

Geet: nopppe we are noootttt.

She was fuzzy and maybe drunk. She saw Maan coming towards her but with that girl who has a large grin plastered on her face. She hated it and looked away. Maan frowns, as soon as Geet tried to take another sip Maan stopped her drink glaring her but she looked at the girl beside him glaring her up and down and her hold on his arm. The hold loosen instant. Geet chuckle but it was empty.

Maan: Geet she is

Sia: Alex. Geet saw Sia narrowing her eyes and saw Alex gave a tight smile. Geet felt her head will burst in frustration.

Maan: she is a friend.

He glared Sia who looked away not before giving a shrug and concentrate on her drinks.

Alex: hey Geet.

Geet: hii. She gave a small smile then looked at Maan.

Maan: we were close friends.

Sia: yeah very close.

Sarcasm oozed out from her words and Raghav held her hand maybe warning her.

Geet muttered: not another.

Maan heard it and give a look of anger and frustration. Just then Sia held her drink.

Sia: hey Geet. Why don’t we play a game. Anyway it has become a get together rather than disc. And of course ur hubby get jealous of every person who dances with you but when u see him with his very close frnd he again gives u glare. So it might be more interesting to play another game than glaring.

Geet laughed and shook her head: yup u r right but which game? She started to tap her chin like thinking and then came up with an idea.

Geet: what about a bet?

Sia: bet.

Geet shouted to gather a little crowd above the screaming voice of the song.

Geet: hey everyone. Oops girls I have a game to play. Who are up? Some laughed some looked really interested in her. Ok girls the bet is whoever get the drink down her throat faster and survive the last, she will get a kiss from him, hot and handsome MSK. In short my husband. Anyway everyone will lay her life for him and I only get to see a little so if I clear his path it will be little gift for my hubby.

Everyone cheered so did Sia and Geet looked at Maan with sweet smile. But Maan was fuming looking at her.

Maan: stop this Geet right now.

Geet: kyunnnn? U wanted to kiss her. She showed her hand towards Alex. Then those bimboos wanted the same I just cleared ur path.

She smiled looking at him but Maan was frustrated. He ran his hand in his hair and tried to hold Geet but till then Sia called her and to his horror few girls also joined them. Sia also held a drink which made Geet confuse but she shoved other thing and the little competition started.

It was 7th teqeulla and few girls were already passed out. He thought how can she have so much stamina to take all the drinks and then looked at Sia who were drunk fully still took the last shot and then puked instantly.

Geet: he he he I won.

Maan glared her but Geet came close to him

Geet: r u upset I won that or u r disappointed u have to kiss me?

Maan: Geet. His voice was so much painful. She looked at him with tear stricken face and then shoved him away.

Geet: I m sorryyy. She pouted her lips. Pata Nahi mujhe kya horaha hain. She looked at Alex Then Maan abd smiles,, ahh I know. I remember. Aise kyun hai when I danced with someone u blast and when I see u kissing other u blast. Dono side se main phasti hu aise kyun?

She looked genuinely confused but he know the pain inside her was much worse. He looked at Alex who looked confuse as well because she did understand only half. Then his eyes went to Raghav who was holding Sia and she was mumbling something. He wasn’t worried for her but only for his wife.

Maan: Geet.

Geet: mujhe gar jana hain. Her tone was pleading and childish.

Maan: limo is waiting Geet. Lets go. They started walking towards the exit.

Geet: u don’t understand. I want to go home not that apartment. I hate it. It feels so alone. I want to be with my friends, meera, dadima. I miss Amy so much. Wo hota to ye sab nahi hota. Wo mujhe samjhata like every time. He would have made me feel special and he would have kicked ur ass.

She giggle but Maan can’t even smile. He scooped her on his lap as they sat in the limo. He hold her tight the entire trip their apartment. He had again messed up things. He kissed her head mumbling a sorry but she was mumbling something. He tried to hear her by bringing her mouth close to his ear.

Geet: h-how co-could u think, think. I’ll l-let u kiss kisssss those bitchhhh. Nonooonoo.

He closed his eyes as misery took over. She was breathing soft. She was asleep he concluded. He again n again kissed her soft lips but there wasn’t any response. He remember the perfect day, her tear eyes and then their love making in the disc. It was like they came back to past where they didn’t have worry with other thought. Them and the love they should through their bodies but again he messed up and hurt her. He doesn’t blame her for being insecure, he never gave a place to believe him or her own love. What had he done again. He kissed her cheek mumbling his love.

When they reached their apartment Leah welcome them. She looked horrified to see a drunk Geet sleeping in Maan’s arm but she immediately gave space. After reaching the room Maan tugged Geet in the bed not before taking out her jeans and top, he made her wear his shirt that she love so much then kissed her forehead then switched the light off. He went to the corner where Rehan and Rihana was sleeping. He kissed both one by one then mumbled a sorry. He changed in his track then went to bed, spooning Geet who instantly snuggled to him. He kissed her shoulder blade then went to sleep after a few moment of remembrances and regret.

Precap: Geet knowing about the black car which used to leave him infront of their apartment.

Sorry for all the mistakes…

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Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 72


Part 72

They met in the disc with Raghav Sia and few of their friends. Maan was continuously on phn with Leah asking how’s the kids and what they are doing and Leah with patience explained when they are playing or messing themselves in various things. Lastly she said kids took their baby food and now soundly asleep. Maan heaved a sigh of relief. And then his eyes went to his nervous wife. He knew Geet was little conscious about her figure as after the birth of their kids she had put some weight in right places. Though she was in normal weight but the prominent curves were making her body looking delicious. Alas if he can make her believe that. In front of those skinny barely moving skeletons she felt so much conscious. Least she saw the looks on those bastard boys, from the moment they walked down the place every hungry eyes were on her. Her jeans which was hugging her perfect round hip draw attention immensely and the off shoulder black top was hugging her bosom like second skin. He wanted to smack everyone who were eyeing her with lust and his wife was oblivious to everything with so much self conscious. He hugged her waist closely and she gave him a little smile which was enough to make his heart leapt.

Geet: I m nervous.

Maan: why jaan? U r looking perfect infact more than perfect which is making my mouth water.

Maan whispered in her ear making her shudder and blush at the same time. She looked above looking at those bimboo standing beside Sia with an envy frown. Geet felt like laughing at their face but then there wasn’t a single woman who wasn’t looking at her perfect hubby who is only devoted to her ignoring her every fault and of coursethose beautiful bimbo’s body. He was bestowed for her only. She felt blessed to have him so close.

Sia: finally u guys make it. There is Raghav coming with some his doc frnds.

Maan: I thought doctor doesn’t get holiday.

Sia narrowed her eyes: so do we thought about business tycoon MSK.

Geet giggle seeing their climbing on each other with word. She felt a tap on her shoulder and meeting the person made her smile broader. Raghav gave a sweet smile to Geet and hugged her.

Raghav: so good to see u so happy Geet. U r looking beautiful and sexy.

Geet winked at him: so do u doc.

They laughed while Maan growled which made Raghav grin ear to ear.

Raghav: good to see u man.

Maan nodded and glared at Geet like he will eat her right now. She gave a sweet innocent smile. He gave a warning glare to which she just bite her lips drawing his attention there. His sharp intake wasn’t loud for others but despite of the loud music Geet hear his taking breath. She looked away to hide the blush only to met one of the party girl she hate the most. It seems like 3 month of her meeting with Julianna made the 2 hate each other.

Jullianna or rather say Julie’s hatred for Geet was understandable as she thought she can take Maan for a night or more, his being married was a mere challenge she thought she will win and when Maan straight ignored her it busted her ego. When Geet got to know about it from a few whispered she went out from the party with Maan. It was Maan’s client’s party he seems much bored there so he didn’t ask anything to her. Now seeing her in this party only made geet’s blood boil. She felt a light tug on her waist and looking at the chocolate brown eyes of her husband Geet forgot the unwanted wannabee for a moment. Till then creepy voice called her.

Julie: hey Geek, u come to the party?

Geet snapped her attention towards her: and I forgot your memory was so low that u trend to forget names and other thing as well.

Geet leaned Maan’s lap who chuckle and dipped his face in her neck and earlobe.

Maan whispers: jaan calm down. If u want we can leave. He kissed her neck and Geet took a deep breath. Julianna was fuming and Geet gave smile of triumph.

Geet: this party is on our honour so we won’t leave it till we enjoy this.

Sia: good… Julianna behave yourself before I throw u out.

Julie whine for some moment while Geet smirked. Maan took her hand and kissed the knuckle.

Maan: dance with me. Geet nodded smiling.

He took her on the dance floor but didn’t leave her instead smack her to his chest holding her tightly against him. They started moving on the music rhythmically.. The song was slow and there wasn’t any space between their bodies. Maan’s hands were all over Geet. She held him from shoulder to slipping her fingers in his hair then neck. He dipped his face in her neck and they moved on the floor. His hand went to the small of her back to her butt squeezing and pulling towards his hardness. They were making out on the dancefloor between so many ppl but that fact doesn’t affect as much as they need each other right now.

Song changed in a fast num and they danced on that feeling carefree and young. Geet smiled and Maan laughed like their teenage years. They had never spent their days like this. It was always fate plotting something for them that didn’t give any time to enjoy the carefree life together. The song ended but Geet wasn’t in a mood to leave the dance floor, just then Raghav walked towards them.

Raghav extended his hand: do u mind if I cut the dance here and claim my chance?

He sounded like flirting with her but Geet only laughed at him. Maan growled in frustration and pushed his hand.

Maan: yes I mind to give my wife away like that.

Geet whined: Maan.

Raghav: well too bad but I m claiming my dance. Go and get yourself a drink Mr Growling Man. Geet slapped raghav’s arm playfully. Then she saw Maan trully need something to drink so she also held Raghav’s hand making Maan’s brow twitch.

Geet: I m thirsty as well but I accept this dance. Geet kissed Maan’s lips softly and Raghav made a gagging noise earning glare from Geet. Maan smiles at her.

Maan: I will wait for u with a drink. He again kissed her lips but this time roughly indicating to show his claim on her to everyone present in the dancefloor. Take care of her. His warning was directed towards Raghav who nodded. Geet smiles at raghav and accepted his offer on dance.

Maan stayed at the bar with his drink watching Geet over his shoulder. He scanned the room for a sec then nodded his head towards his security chief who always follow them like a shadow. This nodding means he has his eyes over Geet. Maan relaxed a bit then took a sip from his glass.

He felt a gaze on his shoulder, turning the wheel of his bar stool he found Sia standing there with a smile. She sat down beside him.

Sia: enjoying youself without wife?

Maan: I m not alone. She is always with me. He said with a warm smile still eyes on Geet who was laughing with Raghav. Maan frown looking at a blushing Raghav but then shook his head like erasing some image specially like Raghav’s smashed face. Sia saw the way he was looking. She looked at Raghav and Geet then Maan.

Sia: Raghav said so much about Geet. He loved her for so long.

Maan: and u? You love him.

Sia looked away not meeting his gaze and ordered a hard drink for her. Maan didn’t question her, he just stated the fact.

Maan: tell me Sia are you jealous of Geet.

Sia laughed loudly but the harsh laugh didn’t suppress the pain from her eyes.

Sia: why will I be jealous. I have a good life, a steady and committed boyfriend. A wedding to look forward. Why will I be jealous? Yeah though my life has nothing in it to be call good and my boyfriend I think still loves his crush. Oops correction his 1st love. And the only person I love and gave everything never returned it or give the same and gave much more to Geet who is his life and wife now. She has 2 wonderful kids which was my dream and which I,,,,,,

Maan: Sia.

Sia abruptly stopped and looked down to see 3 large glass of vodka was finished till she get down the words she was holding for so long. She looked away and her eyes met a concern Raghav. She shrugged and gulped her 4th drink.

Geet walked towards them with Raghav closely. Maan changed his grave expression for her and offered a smile. Geet leaned on him and took his smell. He kissed the top of her head.

Maan: need a break?

Geet: no, a drink. Maan laughed and asked for Geet which drink she wanted. Taking the cool drink and feeling burn in her throat gave her warmth. Geet naturaly doesn’t take alcohol much but today was special. And maybe for a while she take it to celebrate. Ahead in life she want to devote her all life to her kids and husband. So she take all she can.

Geet doesn’t need much drink to get drunk and his seductive husband was no less than alcohol. Once u get a habit of him u can’t leave him. Geet placed her head on maan’s chest who was threading her messy hair, removing the messy curl from her sweaty temple.

Geet: I m enjoying it so much Maan.

Maan: I m glad jaan. He slipped his hand on her waist supporting her full weight on him. She was sitting on his lap enjoying his soft kisses on her neck, some time head and few time on her knuckles like he can’t get enough of touching her. She giggle and laughed on occasional jokes of raghav’s friends.

Raghav: by the way what u guys were talking about. I saw Sia was upset on something. Are u ok darling?

He asked Maan first and last line with so much love towards Sia who shrugged her shoulder. Geet looked at Maan with raised eyebrow. Maan pulled her closer.

Maan: nothing important. Just about past years and I told Sia I don’t dwell on past anymore. Whatever I have its my earning and I m gratefull to fate for giving me another chance with my love. Geet is my life and that because she fought a lot for it.

The love in Maan’s eyes and confident in his voice was enough to dismiss any kind if doubt which Geet can feel any day.

Sia: anyone can fight for this love if chances were given.

Raghav looked at Sia but didn’t comment while Geet frown hearing Maan.

Maan: sonething are not meant for everyone. It’s for someone special. Today I know who is she and she had fought for it. If it was in my hand I had once ruined her, again her love brought happiness for me. I guess love is all about that. One person’s devotional love can make a monster human again. But for that she needs to sacrifice a lot. Geet did that for me. And this life is her only.

There was silence for some moment. Geet and ia both were tipsy. Just then they heard a voice. Geet groaned hearing the person. The accent is clear like crystal for Geet to forget.

Julie: uh-huh telling about love loverboy. U are seriously changed Maan. 1st denied me your best girlfriend and now writing poetry.

Geet snapped her head on the word.

Sia: oops my mistake I didn’t warn u. This bitch practically begged me to come here and doing this.

Geet glared Maan but talked with Sia: u should have think once a bitch stays a bitch. Or rather say once a slut stays a slut.

Julie: shut up u bitch. I was Maan’s fav gf.

Raghav muttered: or fav toy.

Maan groaned in frustration: you were nothing to me Julie.

Julie: what was that then Maan. U were with me 2 nights.

Maan instantly glared Sia who looked apologetic towards Geet. On the other hand Geet was shaking with anger and hurt. She looked at Maan with pure rage.

Maan: I can explain, it was in high school Geet. We were 17.

But Geet didn’t stopped to hear. She swing on her heel and starting walking away. Maan looked at Julie who was smiling.

Maan: I will kill u if I ever see u near me or my wife and that 2 night was nothing as u were nothing more than a slut.

Geet hastily wiped her cheek which wet due to the tear she doesn’t know from when it’s floating. She was pushing away the crowd to go towards the exit but a strong hand clasped her wrist and force her to come in a dark alone corner. Geet let out a shriek of pure horror and fear but then the similar scent hit her nostril as the person slammed her on a wall then trapped her between the cold wall and his hot chest. Geet shouted but weirdly it  doesn’t get any attention.

Geet: let me go Maan. I don’t want to see ur face right now,, neither ur touch.

Maan lowered himself on her ear: too bad u don’t have choice jaan.

Geet: don’t call me that. I hate it and u.

Geet knew she is overreacting but she was tipsy,drunk a little insecure already and knowing her husband’s f*** buddy was here glorifying this moments was enough to push her limits. She was struggling to get free from the hold but he only increased it. Her struggle grew but he didn’t leave her. Eventually her body gave up and she give up in crying. 

Maan whispered: I m sorry jaan.

Geet: I hate to see those girls who were close to u once.

Maan: they were not. I don’t love them or anyone apart from u. Trust me only u are the person who awakened feeling in me. Before u I didn’t even felt remorse for anything but u give me everything. Those time were nothing but a fascinating time. I was 17 and thought I can win the world, though the attitude worked for rest but not love. U taught me what is love and feelings. Whatever I did in past was sex but whatever  we have is making love. Don’t doubt that Geet.

Geet stare at him for a moment then a sob broke through her: I didn’t but this insecurity and everything happened between us made me feel unworthy and what if u get bored of me.

Maan sighed and rest his forehead on her: I know I have let this happen, this self doubt seed is imprinted because of me but u have to trust me. U can never be unworthy for me. U r everything I have or wanted. U r so beautiful that I don’t like to leave u for a sec in fear other will see it and I can’t stop touching u like its my breath that I need to live the life.

By the time Geet realized his intention his hand was already in her flesh under her top and lips was touching her bare shoulder. His words already left her warm and this sensation made her quiver. She opened her eyes in daze. Looking at the surrounding she tried to stop him but Maan silenced her with a kiss.

Maan: we are safe. None will come here jaan. And he unzipped her jeans.

The place was a cubicle in an alone corner which was sound proof and other doesn’t have permission to come here. Apart from that Maan’s  security men were outside of the place guarding it from others.

Precap: trouble and drunk gals.

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Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 71


Part 71

Following 2 days were bliss for geet, maan took geet to roam London Street, and they did visit quite beautiful places which geet only gaped in awe. Maan took her to see London Eye, Tower of London, and few Museums but the most beautiful thing caught her eyes were Buckingham Palace which maan took her yesterday. She was amazed to find it empty. She thought many ppl are dying to see it frm so close but later she found out Maan had pulled some strings to make the visit exclusive just for them. Geet knew he is powerful but day by day his power seems like growing with time. She was in awe seeing the interior and Garden. They spent a lot amount of time but not alone, Rehan and Rihana was with them. Geet had laughed the way rehan had made maan’s life hell. He wouldn’t stop spilling his saliva on maan’s shirt but sometime he would cry to go in maan’s arm and later wet his shirt.

Geet had never thought she will see so much happiness after what they had seen in the relation but again maan gave his everything to make her happy. She is truly happy in her life, with her husband, her kids and her friends. Everything seems like a dream that she sometime feels afraid that maybe somewhere there will be conspiracy and soon her happiness will snatch away frm her. But there was her husband blocking every ounce of sadness from her.

In this Morning ray Geet lay beside her husband feeling his warmth through their naked self. She recalled the last night wild love making. Maan didn’t leave her for a sec. they had put the babies in their room next door and kept on the monitor which was really rare but as the day pass their passion seems to grow each min. maybe the lost passion came back. So maan thought it’s better to put them in the adjoining room and put a monitor over them so that their every moment can be monitored. Geet gazed at her sleeping babies and then her wild husband. She couldn’t suppress the smile frm her face looking at a sleepy maan. His messy hair and slight open mouth made him adorable. Though she got only a little sleep but still she can be awake eternity seeing her beautiful husband sleeping like a baby. She touched his chin and closed the mouth and then again maan did the same. Geet giggle softly but her giggle turned gasp when she found herself pressing on a hard manhood of maan. Her eyes widen feeling his hand on her bare back and next she found herself pinned on the bed while maan came above her and now the hardness was pressing her core. She gulp and let out a small moan but it was enough to jerk maan and he nearly groaned.

Geet: Maannnn

Maan dipped his face in her neck and started sucking her throat and shoulder. Unknowingly geet started moaning. Maan took her both wrist in one hand and pinned above her head then started kissing her chest.

Geet: Maan leave me, I want to touch u.

Maan: Nope. U got ur chance last night now my turn.. Geet giggles when he nuzzle her breast and punished her by nipping her hard bud. She let out a yelp but soon his smile made her forget everything. Maan captured her lips in a soul serene kiss but before he can deepen the kiss a wail broke the spell. Geet’s eyes snap towards the monitor where Rehan started crying on top of his lungs. Maan dropped his forehead on her chest.

Maan: he has a perfect timing and I m telling u he always does so that u will run to him and give him more importance than me..

Geet slapped his arm: shut up maan. Both pulled some dress and ran towards the room where an confuse rihana was sitting and looking at rehan. Geet immediately understood she is hungry. And of course Rehan is hungry for attention. Geet giggled seeing rehan cringing to maan’s messy hair. Maan let him do it because it made his cry stop and he started tickling Rehan’s stomach. He giggled and trying to held maan’s face but he again nuzzled Rehan’s tummy with his nose which made rehan giggle more, rihana made crying face as she can’t get her father.

Geet: ello, isse bhi papa chahiye. Maan tried to take her but it made rehan angry and he held him in a death grip by neck nearly making him choke. Geet again laughed seeing it and rihana made funny face like she is getting angry on rehan. But then her tummy was more fascinated with her feed so her hand started tugging geet’s chest. Maan’s gaze followed rihana’s hand then met geet’s shocked eyes. He couldn’t help but grin ear to ear which made Geet glare him. Geet shoved rihana’s hand which made her lips tremble n before Geet do something she broke into loud wail.Maan glared Geet n she made baby faces looking at him..

Geet: de rahi hu baba. 

Maan helped Geet to settle on the comfy couch beside the window. Rihana started sucking her feed. Geet flinch at first then relaxed and looked at rihana in admiration. Maan looked at her worried but Geet dismissed his concern with a smile. Rehan was sucking his thumb too, Maan tried to take out the hand but Rehan again put it in his little mouth. Maan made baby face looking at Geet who just laughed at him. Rehan then got his feed while Maan tucked rihana in her crib. He was looking at his sleeping angels when Geet hugged him from back  she had noticed the admiration and love in his eyes for their babies and every time it made her heart feel warm but today there is something else too. Maan wasn’t himself today. Though he tried but there is some invisible barrier between them. Maan was not himself today. He was on edge restless.

Geet:  day after tom we will leave for India. I will miss this place but I can’t say I m sad for that reason. But what happen to u Maan. U were more excited than me a few days back. What happen now?

Maan: Geet why u didn’t ask me about those months? Why I was so away from u n babies. Don’t u feel anger thinking how I treated u n angels.

Geet sighed  and hugged him: I won’t say I don’t want to know because every waking minute I have thought to ask u or rather torment myself thinking worse.

Maan’s grip tightening around her.while they made their way to the bathroom so that they can get the shower. He kissed her jaw and undress her slowly while Geet took his dress. Maan started the warm water and it relax their arching muscle.

Maan: tell me Geet. Were u angry?

Geet: I was sad, I was hurt, bitter, disappointed. I m ashamed but I thought worst.

Maan became stiff for a moment but Geet nipped his chest drinking the water and running her tongue on him. Maan grabed her ass and squeezed it towards him. His mouth found her kissing the soft lips hungrily. He left her mouth coming on her neck then chest and then took one peaked nipple. Geet moaned holding him so tight.

Geet: I was jealous. Because something or what my mind said someone was holding ur attention. I was scared, insecured.

Geet’s voice tremble with emotion but Maan caught her lips in his then in one swift entered her. It was hard and urgent but not harsh.

Geet whimpered: I m sorry.

Maan kissed her so passionately she forgot everything for a moment. Her heel dug on his hip and felt tremor ripping her. She shuddered and he pump harder. They came together and held each other calling each other’s name so passionately for a moment they forgot all the problem, insecurity, heartache. Maan dried them with a towel and carried Geet in their room. She stayed their like a doll but lost in thought. Eyes moist with pain. Maan placed her on the bed.

Maan: I m sorry jaan. I know all the insecurity was for my stupidity. I should have confront u, should have tell u the reason for my fear. But all I did was running away to make u safe so that I don’t hurt u. I just forgot my indifference will only hurt u. It was that day when I saw u looking from the balcony. My soul shivered thinking of the day I saw those numb eyes. I thought I was late when u walked away like that and first time in those month I was so scared Geet.

Maan buried his face in her chest while both laid side by side. Geet threaded his hair and listen everything with moist eyes.

Geet: I can’t walk away till u push me out Maan. Only u can make me leave and till then I will fight.

Maan: I only love u.

Geet: and I you.

Maan: I want to tell u something.

Geet held his face and kissed him on his temple giving him her silent permission to say what he wanted.

Maan sighed: Geet once I did a sin and I m repenting for that. I didn’t wanted to hide this but circumstances made me keep numb. So many things happened between us that I fear about any small thing. Like anything will apart us.

Geet tighten her hold and Maan rest his head between her bosom.

Maan: that day,,,,,,

Before he could complete his sentence the room telephone ring with a shriek breaking the soothing atmosphere. Maan sighed defeatedly and took the phn. Geet saw his face going pale. It made her concern but again Maan put a mask of steel.

Maan: get ready. We have guest.

Geet: but.

Maan: pls Geet.

Geet was taken aback seeing the expression n Maan. It again become a cold mask but somewhere those eyes held silent pain in it. But then she couldn’t take much of his expression as the doorbell begun to ring. Maan walked out the room after putting his pants a black shirt. Geet half heartedly got ready in a pair of jeans and tee shirt. Her mind was on Maan’s words. What can make him think so worst about himself?

When Geet walked down the living room her eyes met the sight. For a moment she was blank but then the burning sensation took place when she saw her husband in another woman’s embrace. Geet looked at Maan who was standing as stony as she is now. But then she saw the face. She relaxed for a few second seeing it’s Sia. Geet smiles at her but her eyes stuck on Maan who’s face was motionless. Or rather say something was there which she failed to read. Anxious ripped through her but Sia didn’t give time to ponder on it. She hugged Geet and squeal in delight.

Sia: how’s your London view?

Geet smiles meekly: it was good. I had some good places in my memory now.

Sia: but u went with Maan. Humne kya galti Ki thi? Why didn’t u let us go with u huh? Dar tha kya pati ko chura lenge tumse? Ya akele time spent karna tha so that hubby give all attention to u.

For the first time Geet didn’t like the interference of Sia in their life. She doesn’t want to be a bitchy wife but can’t help to feel a little insecurity on sia’s words. Does she behave like this? She knew Sia said it in joking manner but then why there is sarcasm in the tone? She shrugged the thought and went close to Maan.

Maan: it’s reverse Sia. I can’t stay away from my wife and needed quality time as much as I can take and of course I wanted her attention solely for me.

Though Geet knew he said it lightly but there was a steel point in his voice and the way Sia narrowed her eyes said a little to her imagination.

Sia: ok I get that. But here I came for an invitation. U both are leaving so soon so I and Raghav thought to give u a grand farewell party please don’t say no pls pls. Tonight we are throwing a party at ***** disc. U have to come.

Geet: but kids.

Sia: please Geet. U can leave them with their many Leah. Its just a few hour.

Geet: ok ok we will come. Geet felt Maan’s instance gaze on her anxiousness rippled through her as the expression on his face was not all happy or warm. Sia took her leave but at the door she turned around gave a small smile to Geet and she felt Maan’s possessive hold on her waist pulling her closer. It only made her confuse but Sia left with a smile.

Precap: Drunk Geet and Sia

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Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 70

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Part 70



The dinner was as usual a little silent from Maan and Raghav but geet and sia talked anything and everything. Maan often caught Raghav looking at Geet unblinkingly. His grip on the glass increased when raghav helped her to serve him some dish with smile. Geet as usual nave, smiled at him then his eyes went on Sia who was looking at him and had noticed everything. He can say a smirk was plaster on her face and he tore his gaze from her when he felt geet squeezing his thigh. She questioned him through eyes but he shook his head giving a small smile.


Geet: Maan why aren’t you eating? Khana accha nahi hain kya?


Ragav: if he say it’s bad I m gonna kill him. Geet the food is amazing as usual. Raghav dipped his head in food almost and then looked at maan with a cold look, but I guess he might have forgotten the taste living in his work forgetting about a wife who always makes food and waits for him then bin it in the next morning.


The dining table was silent for few moments, geet looked at raghav with pleading eyes while maan greeted his teeth. Sia shook her head knowing how much protective raghav is for geet. He hated maan staying away from geet when she needed him.


Maan: well I know the taste of my Wife’s hand made food raghav. And I don’t need reminder how it taste because it had craved in my heart which is hard to forget, don’t you agree no one can forget her food.


Raghav gave a meaning look then smiles at geet noting. Geet sighed a relief breath, and then sia broke the silence.


Sia: guys tomorrow we are placing a get together, some sort of picnic so it will be great if maan and you can come, but knowing his busy schedule I m inviting geet at least and you have to come. Raghav’s mom is coming and you know she somewhere doesn’t like my life style much so I need geet’s help.


Geet smiles while raghav groans holding her close to him: it’s nothing like that; she only liked you for me.


Sia: yeah but that was years before she saw the real me, and 3 month back her surprise visit gave her a shock and same with me I guess when she caught me dancing in a bikini top with a tiny shorts. Maan coughed and geet immediately passed the glass rubbing his back. Sia laughed looking at his face while he glared her.


Raghav: you better wear something good sia.


Sia: yeah…


Maan: sorry but geet can’t help u.


Sia: what?


Maan gave a cold look to sia then raghav: she is coming with me to visit some place in London. We didn’t spend much time together and I wanted to give her time before going back to India.


Geet looked puzzled but she was happy, truly happy after so many months.


There was a little silence again when raghav broke it.


Raghav: finally MSK got some time from his busy schedule to visit some beautiful place with his beautiful wife to give her life time memory. We should toast for that.


Geet: Raghav enough.


Raghav: what?


Geet: we are trying to be happy and if you are concern for me then be happy with it. Raghav sighed and nodded.


Raghav: I m happy for u. if you are happy believe me none will be more happy than me. I just hope not to see you like that, not to fear to see your tumor come back with worse force.


There was some knocking and disaster on the table when maan stared at raghav with wide eyes.


Maan: what do you mean? Tumor back?


Raghav: don’t pretend like you didn’t know maan, I have written it on her report that if she takes stress her tumor can come back, if she is fortunate then we can sigh a relief breath to see her healthy again but the way she was stressing and living in depress I was afraid of that.


Maan closed his eyes feeling the fear again, when geet held his hand under the table. He looked at her immediately with so much pain and apologizing. She shook her head but he just whispered ‘I m sorry.’


Geet hugged him feeling the pain: shhh it’s fine, I m fine we are ok.


Sia: jeezzz get a room.


Geet smiles and raghav chuckled but maan was still frightening and hugged her fiercely. Raghav saw the fear in him, he left the grudge he was holding against him.


Raghav: she is fine maan, I had checked her case and that’s why I was always with her to monitor her, she is doing exceptionally good especially in these weeks. She needs your love care and affection. Don’t deprive her that.  Maan nodded guiltily.


Sia: So you guys are going back to India. Hume bataya tak nahi.


She tried to sound casual but maan didn’t miss the sad tone in her voice, he closed his eyes feeling guilty again. She gave a smile to him to make him realized but it did little. Just then rehan cried in a sharp tone. Geet tried to rose but maan stopped her then went towards the crib.


Geet: actually sia, it’s because of me. I was so depressed staying away from everyone so maan is wrapping up his all work for me and we will head back home at the end of this week. Raghav gave a smile while sia looked at maan who was burping rehan, her eyes stayed on them with longing and something that geet didn’t catch but raghav shook her from the dreamland. She shrugged and concentrated on her dessert.






Sia followed maan to the open patio which leads them to the terrace garden. She was carrying her wine in one hand and other had a large chocolate pastry. Maan was holding rehan who was draped in a fluffy blanket. He learnt from geet that rehan love the mild breeze while sleeping so he carried him to him there. Hearing noise maan turned and immediately become stiff, while sia muttered a sorry for kicking the pot.


Sia: Sorry.


Maan: you shouldn’t have come here sia. It’s cold here.


Sia: not much cold, or else you would have never brought rehan. Naughty boy is sleeping. you know he doesn’t like me at all.


Maan: no, it’s not like that.


Sia: c’mon you don’t know that, do u? Once I hold him when he was crying and you know what he did? He peed on me, my dress was wet but still he didn’t stopped, he pulled my hair till I cried and raghav and geet helped me. Maan couldn’t helped but smiling.. sia smiled, that’s what like about u, your smile. Tere smile pe collage ke sab ladkiya fida thi but you never smiled this much when you were with me.


Maan noticed her tone had taken a sad twitch. He saw her eating the pastry in a large bite, she ate like a kid but didn’t offered him, actually she hide it and gave him murderous glare if he look at her chocolate.


Maan chuckled: you never liked sharing ur cake and chocolate.


Sia smiles: yeah maybe that’s why I couldn’t save you for myself.


Maan shook his head: you are drunk sia, go home.


Sia: tujhe kya, main jitna chahun drunk hojayu, mera BF hain mere pass mujhe dekhne ke liye. She was tipsy and swirl with a childish grin.


Maan sighed: I m glad he is there for u.


Sia shook her head as she came close to him. Then she smiles…


Sia: you are glad because you couldn’t feel guilty more over me. You are happy with her and want to forget me, as I have raghav, ur responsibility towards me finish on the end of this weekend when you will return India. And then I will never see you or Rehan, Rihana. you know how much I love them?


Maan whispered: I know.


Sia: you don’t know. You don’t know how much I love them. I love them because they are your children. I loved you maan, and I hate geet.


Maan eyes become horrified: sia.


Sia giggled: don’t worry not that hate; actually I feel jealous, she has you, your children. Why couldn’t I have you maan? Why couldn’t I become mother of your child? Why couldn’t I,,,


Maan: you are drunk sia, and it’s over between us.


Sia looked at him with hazy eyes; she is clearly drunk but didn’t want to lose her focus. Her eyes were moist and kohlk were smudge with liner.


Sia: It’s over, you are over with me. Your guilt is over. That’s why you taking her to see London. But you never took so care of me, why? Why you did that to me maan?


Maan dipped his head: I m sorry sia, I m really sorry. But forget that please. Raghav loves u.


Sia shook her head: nah, he also loves geet, everyone loves geet, his family loves geet. you love geet, your family loves geet. why no one loves me maan?


Maan didn’t know what to say her, how to make her feel good and not so much low. Where is raghav he wonder, is he with geet? He cursed himself for leaving geet alone with him. But he can’t leave sia alone here; she is out of her mind right now.


Just then like God heard his prayer and raghav geet both rushed towards them, raghav took sia’s fumbling body in his embrace.


Geet: she is drunken raghav, can you drive with her to your apartment or you want to stay here?


Raghav: no geet we need to leave, I will take care of her. Our apartment is closer to hospital and we have shifts in morning. (They are in living relationship)


They bid their goodnight, raghav lifted a laughing and singing sia in his arms then exited the pent house.






Geet: do you think sia was upset? Maan didn’t say anything but dipped his face in his file. But geet couldn’t stop herself feeling worried which was irritating maan a lot. Sia never had so much drink, she is a sensible girl. Don’t know why she took so many shots. I think she was upset about something.


Maan: Maybe Raghav will handle the problem geet, he is her fiancé.


Geet: ha maan, but mujhe lagta hain she needs her friends now. We are her friend, hum nahi madad karenge to aur kon karega. We should help her to cope up the situation.


Maan: but how? He said disinterested. Geet hesitated a moment before speaking and then maan met her gaze.


Geet; I think we should go to meet raghav’s family tomorrow, London to hum baad me bhi ghum sakte hain.


In that that maan couldn’t suppress the anger in him, he is trying to save her, trying to spend his moment with her so that they will cherish it life time but she is worried for a person who hates her.


Maan: you can’t do anything when it’s her who needs to help herself. If raghav’s mother didn’t like her dress then it’s her problem not yours.  


Geet: maan why are you talking like this? She was your good friend then,,


Maan: because this time I don’t want to lose our time geet, I don’t want to waste any more sec on other than u. I had wasted a lot time but I don’t want more. I know they had helped you a lot when I was not with you and trust me I am grateful to them but now I just want to be with you and our children before we go India. But I guess your frnds are more important to you than me. And I deserved that. After whatever I did maybe that what I deserve right?


Geet looked at him with teary gaze: I m sorry.  Maan closed his eyes to hold his temper, he again lost it. But it’s not her fault. Why he has to make her cry again n again.


Maan: ohh, no no, geet please I m sorry. I shouldn’t have said all that. It’s just. I m frustrated over everything. I am sorry jaan, please. I want to spent the left over time with u, but if you want.


Geet: no, I want to be with u, jaha bhi bologe I will go with u.


Maan whispered against her mouth: thank u. and he sealed her lips in a hungry urgent kiss. Geet felt the urgency in his kiss, the way he held her neck firmly in place to devour her mouth gave her the impression of his insecurity. But why? Why he will be insecure with her? It’s her who felt he is slipping away from her. Today his every gesture shows his waiting for her.


Maan slipped on the mattress taking her on top and kissing her wildly. Soon she forgot everything in his passion. Their hand roamed all over on other. Tongue twisted, played showed the lead with each other. He urgently undressed her and himself, she felt suddenly shy in his heated gaze. She tried to urge him to come on top but he firmly said he wanted her in control. They made love more carnally; it was the first time in month geet saw helplessness and insecurity in maan. He didn’t leave her for a moment, always snuggled close to her. They spent the night making love and finally slept in early morning.


It’s like a dream for maan to see geet blushing in her sleep at morning; maybe she knew he is watching her. Sleep was far from his eyes as he takes the serene beauty of her petite body. He had marked her as his last night over and over and she gave in happily. He wanted their life to be like this. Away from all tension and sadness and for that he needs to take her away from London. They need to be back to the place where their loved bloomed. She curled and snuggled close to him and he took her almost above his strong body then sighed before drifting to a peaceful sleep again.





Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 69

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Part 69




Warning: some part are only for 18+




Geet: will you love me today? She ask in a hoarse voice, still shaking with the coldness, He instantly took her lips in his mouth. His one hand went to close the water tab.


Maan; yes, I want to love u. he said before deepen the kiss.


He dropped his hand on her waist bringing her close to him; his mouth claimed her awaiting moist mouth. He nibbled her lower lips while she took charge of his upper lips biting and chewing it. He groans in the kiss and deepen again, it was almost a tongue fight, a fight to show who more desperate to have the other in the arms which none won yet both needed more. His hand struggled with her top as he wanted to have the direct contact of her skin. She almost smiled in the kiss seeing his fumbling, he groaned in a warning but she couldn’t stop the small giggle left her lips. He bites her lips, sucking hard and making it red plump. She moans in that kiss clutching his shoulder blades expressing her need to have him more, his hand traveled under her top. He almost gasp feeling her bare back, she wasn’t wearing anything under the thin top.


He broke the kiss, just for a fraction of second, she tried to see what he is doing but she didn’t have much time as he peeled off the thin top above her head and she was as bare as he, both their shorts were on. He again claimed her mouth almost urgently while his rough palm was squeezing her bare flesh. She was short of air and as she tore her mouth from him to gulp the air he went on her bare neck kissing her hungrily. Her back touched the tinted glass wall as he slammed on her. His mouth didn’t leave an inch to worship her body and then captured her taut nipples. Her mounds were curvier than before and it was attracting him more to it. He sucked hard to push her on the edge and she cried in pleasure when his hand went under her shorts, tearing it from her body.


Geet gasp: maan. He kissed her lips and pinched her nipples which made her mad in need. Her nails were digging in his biceps but he least care. He took other breast in his mouth giving the same treatment, then coming down her belly bottom. He kissed, licked, smooched her skin, before going on her thighs he looked at her eyes, it was clouded with desire. He held her ankle and placed it on his shoulder, she cried in pleasure as he dipped his face in her inner thighs. He trailed kissed along from her calf to her mid thigh and then inner thighs to her folds.


He breathed in her moist core blowing a little. Her hand clutched in his hair showing her desperation, he again kissed her fold, the touched her c*** in a circle with his tongue, it was enough to push her to edge, she was calling his name madly and it was making him hard. He pushed his tongue inside her, then again in a deep thrust; his finger found the playing spot of her nub and flicker it to torture her.


Geet: urrggh, I need u, now


Maan ignored her plea then dipped his finger inside her core making her cry hoarse.. His tongue still lapped on her c*** and she was moaning high. He joined his middle finger with the index and pushed hard again n again till she cried her release hard again n again. Her knees were jelly and she was going to be shattered on the tiled floor if he wasn’t supporting her with his weight. He left his short with her panties and his proud member stood firmly, large, hot, throbbing in need of her. He looked at her eyes as a need of permission, her chest swelled in love and admiration. She stroked him with her finger but he held her wrist bringing it above her head, she tried to release it but he held it firmly. She parted her legs and wrapped around his waist. In one push he was deep inside her. Both were groaning in the warmth, she needed to hold him, to have him close but he wasn’t going to let her. She tried to protest but he kissed her thoroughly swallowing all her cry in his throat.


He repeated his movement in fast pace, some slow till she cried and begged for more. Atleast he left her hand so that she can held him tight against her, his lips and tongue found her and kissed her mouth carnally while thrusting hard and fast. She squeezed her eyes, and dug her nails finding her release and he came with her so hard that both nearly felt they are in heaven.


Both gulp the huge amount of oxygen to somber the heartbeat, she was panting hard resting her head back on the wall when he held her waist and looked at her eyes, his forehead was on her.


Maan: I love you, only you. Never leave me geet. I really love you a lot.


Geet hugged him placing her cheeks on his shoulder: Love you more. Her breath came in a heavy sigh, after so long she felt this content. His strong arms were placed on her waist and her breast pressing on his chest giving a support to stand steady close to him. He kissed her head mumbling sweet words.


They cleaned up again and maan affectionately wrapped her in a fluffy bathrobe then himself in a towel before going towards their room, Geet only watched him in pure contentment and happiness. This thing she had missed the most, their kashish which bound them in the pure ecstasy of love. She let him do whatever he wanted and he took her to their room where they watched their kids sleeping happily.





It’s being a week since their confrontation and geet now felt his relaxation around her that she missed in 5 month, he is behaving like their early marriage now. They made love every often but an emotional detach was still between them or so geet think. She is waiting for him to say what is the big mater bothering him, what is so big that had detached him from his family but she had promised him his time, till then she let him pampering her and children. He had showed his desire to wrap up his pending business as soon as possible then both will head to India to their family together which geet accepted gladly. Arman, ridz abhay called her very often now and implied their unhappiness of her and kids staying so far. They couldn’t come London much because of work and they knew geet is feeling bored so it made them angrier. Geet was happy to know ridz is now helping abhay in work and as soon as she and maan came back to India Abhay will announce his marriage. She felt her life finally is going on right track.


She was so busy in her own world that couldn’t realized her husband was standing behind her from some moment observing her. She was too lost in her thoughts.


Maan: what attracted my beautiful wife towards it that she couldn’t realize her hubby’s presence hmm? He asked in a husky voice, his hand was on her abdomen and face nuzzles in her neck tracing her earlobe with his soft lips.


A moan escaped geet’s lips: Maan….


Maan kissed her neck: umm I missed this. But you were too lost in thoughts. Kya huya?


Geet: I was thinking about our time, just in time span of 2 yrs everything is changed.


Maan: changed for good.


Geet: maan, do you regret marrying me? Her question startled him, and in swift sec he turned her, there wasn’t hurt or pain but some curiousness steadied on her face.


Maan: no geet, I can never regret marrying u, in fact I felt bless to have you in my life. What happen jaan? Aisi baat ekyun kar rahi ho?


Geet shook her head: maan I was just thinking, it’s not I deliberately said it to hurt you please. It’s just my consciousness that maybe you could have deserved more.


Maan let out a sigh: nothing is better than you geet. You r the best thing happened to me. You don’t even know the worst could have happened to me if you were not there.


Geet looked confuse but Maan startled her with an urgent kiss & words: never say something likes that, I love you got that.


Geet smiles in the kiss and pulled him close to her by holding his nape, she kissed him back with love and pure need. He growl in the kiss and started throwing her dupatta to kiss her neck. She giggles seeing him so impatient but before he can tear her dress away they heard the bell. Maan groaned in her neck.


Maan: that better be good reason to disturb.


Geet: I forgot to tell you Raghav and Sia are coming toni8 for dinner.


In excitement geet didn’t bother to look at maan’s white face. He withdrew himself from her. geet saw the indifference, before she can ask anything maan smiles tightly.


Maan: I will be coming after getting freshens up, ok? Geet nodded and he kissed her forehead softly. His lips glued to the place a bit more time than she can think. Then he hurried away from the place.


Geet opened the door only to find Sia standing at door with an incapable smile on her face. Sia Rajput Raghav’s fiancé, well he is still not present but geet welcomed sia with a sweet smile. She was holding a big bouquet of white lily and a box of chocolate which geet found can’t be ignorable. It had become her fav the moment she met sia in hospital. Throughout her treatment and later pregnancy sia had helped her, She was first amazed that Maan and sia didn’t met earlier, It was after Rehan and Rihana’s birth the two met. And later found they knew each other from collage, Geet didn’t knew anything about maan’s collage life so didn’t fuzzed as it was personal to him, the years he cherished. She still remembers the way Sia had hugged maan and it burnt her alive, but then she got to know how inseparable they were in collage. She was his junior still both were best buddy but some reason break their relation and both moved away. Well geet didn’t feel great about it because if they were so close then what might have stopped her coming to his wedding. But still leaving everything aside she had welcomed sia as her friend and truly she met her expectation. When maan couldn’t give her time much in these months only raghav and sia had took care of the 3 so she is very thankful to them.




Sia: andar nahi bulayogi?


Geet smiled: zarurat hain kya?


Sia: nope, ye to mera hi ghar hain.


Geet: to puch kyun rahi ho? Come on in.


Sia gave her the gift and both hugged thoroughly. No one can say they are friend of few month, well then maan and ridz became friend in one month why can’t they.


Sia: so again we 2 for dinner? Raghav will come as the dessert time I guess and maan won’t be available.


Geet: well not in maan’s case then.


Sia turned to see maan standing on the door way, he had changed in to his white shirt and black trouser, looking casual and extremely hot.  Sia was a little surprised seeing him at this hour, it’s too soon. He didn’t come much on time for dinner. She gave him a smile of appreciation which he just nodded. Geet had seen their phrase of silent talk and sometime it make her uncomfortable but this time she is too happy so shrugged it off. While maan take a look in rehan and rihana’s sleeping form sia helped geet with serving and they emerged in gossip just then raghav arrived.


Sia: wah geet aaj to lucky day nikla hamara. Raghav came and hugged sia kissing her head murmuring a sorry. Geet smiles at their love then all took place for the dinner and discussion.




Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg.

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