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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 47


Part 47

After so many yrs Maan found his heart beating again, Geet was holding him so close to her and her tears soaked cheeks were pressed against his chest. He felt complete. Maybe just maybe he will get his forever. But then with a small voice their trance broke and so did Geet. She pushed him away with a little force, wipping her face. And with that she broke his hope too.

Ayush: Maria, is mummy crying? And why she is hugging him? Who is he?

Geet: Ayush.

Ayush: why were u crying?

Geet smiles at her cute angry 4yr toddler son.

Ayush: Did you say something to my mummy? She never cries.

Geet sternly: Ayush.

Ayush: But mummy.

Geet: I am not crying see, and what I told u?

Ayush looked down: Never talk rudely to anyone.

Geet: good, say sorry.

Ayush was still suspicious but he can never say no to his mummy, so he agreed.

Ayush: Sorry. who is he?

Geet looked at Maan who was looking at Ayush with disbelief and awe. She felt the pang, wish she could do something.

Geet: He is a friend of mummy Ayush.

Geet could see the hurt in Maan’s eyes but she choose to ignore it as Ayush started bouncing.

Ayush: Really? He ran towards Maan. Finally she has a friend, she never had a friend you know, I am sorry, I was rude but don’t make my mummy cry ever. She never makes any friend. You are special. Then Ayush turned to Geet,, will he come tomorrow?

Geet: I think u should eat 1st then we will see.

Ayush made a grumpy face: Maria said u made pizza but i could not find it.

Geet totally forgot what she told Maria, and looking at Maria she just shrugged. She has only one way now.

Geet: sorry baby, I told Maria I’ll make it but I totally forgot, but we can go to ur fav pizza place, what say?

Ayush was laughing and bouncing in excitement but Geet was still worried for Maan as he had not uttered a single word till now and she is fearing what he has to say.

Geet turned to Maan who have so many questions in his eyes but Geet doesn’t have any answer for them. Atleast not now.

Geet: can we talk somewhere else?

Maan: I wont ask u anything Geet, I blv when u trust me enough, u’ll tell me. But,,, can I request u something?

Geet chewed her inner cheeks and nodded: Can I, can be a part of his life?

Geet closed her eyes to stop the flood and somehow she managed. When she opened them she can only see his pleading eyes.

Maan: I promise I won’t say or ask any stupid things. I will be as silent as u want, just let me in.

Ayush: Friend u also join us, Raman uncle have the best pizza in the world.

Geet smiled at her kid then looked at Maan who was looking at Ayush so wistfully. She doesn’t want to break this battered man’s hope anymore. So she nodded in agreement.

Maria gave a lopsided smile to Geet then winked at Maan. Geet’s face was red like a tomato where Maan found a little hope to smile. He is feeling so many things but can’t express any of them. For now it’s all about Ayush and Geet. His feeling can be analyse later. (Yes there will be a whole chapter for maan, but for nor tich is in a flow of Maaneet and Ayush, ohh and Maria)

Maria and Ayush headed for the exit where Geet stayed back to lock the doors and to see other things. She expected Maan to follow Ayush and Maria but when she turned he was right there in front of her. She can see appreciation in his eyes. Yes she knew he understands how much responsible she has become. His eyes reflects his admiration for that. She is pretty proud of herself too.

Geet: Ayush we need to take taxi,

Ayush made a face: Again in garage? Geet nodded smiling, knowing Ayush will sulk for sometime but will be back to his chripy self soon.

Suddenly Ayush came to Maan’s side and held his hand.

Ayush: You are new to this place. Aren’t u? Mummy says we should always help new ppl. Let’s go, I’ll show u the road. Maan just nodded, mesmerised to see the responsibility of a kid.

Maria nudged her to see the scene and Geet looked at it dumbfounded. She knew however she try to give all love and happiness to Ayush he still crave a man’s constant presence especially when he growing up.

On the other hand Maan listened to the kid silently. He just soaked all the little voice said. he was so small, Maan just wanted to hug him and carry him but he need to be patient for his family sake. The moment he found them they became his.

Geet’s heart was in mouth to see Ayush stumble so suddenly but before he could smash his face on the rough road 2 pair of strong arms held him. Maan was on his knees checking Ayush everywhere and hugging him. She knew the feeling. The fear. She wiped the lone tear from her eyes and placed her hand on his shoulder and like a breeze she settled his nervousness and fear, with only a warm smile.

Ayush: uff friend, tum to mummy jaisa karte ho. See I’m fine. Agar main gir bhi jau mummy will kiss my hurt away. She heals me just like that. He showed with a twist.

Yes Maan knew how Geet used to kiss his wounds and just like they talked with eyes. Lost in the past. Ayush tugged Maan breaking their eye contact.

They reached the garage but only to Ayush’s disappointment. Maan’s heart skip a beat seeing the old beaten up car but he did not showed it to Geet who was telling sorry to Ayush.

Maan: If u don’t mind my driver is around here with my car. We can take that.

Geet was hesitant for a moment which further deepen the knife in his heart. Seeing Ayush’s excitment Geet finally agreed.

Geet: But your car would not have a child seat in it.

Maan: you have it in your car?

Geet: yes.

Maan: we can shift it there.

And it was done. Ayush insisted he will sit at the front and with a lot of explanation he finally succeed, that doesn’t mean Geet is happy with it. She made a big face but Maan and Ayush high 5 each other. When everyone took their seat Geet was still worried. Maan sat on the driver seat. Through the rear mirror Maan assured her with his eyes that he will keep him safe. And she trust him with it.

Maria: no wonder you are puddle in both of their hands. At first it was ayush or so I thought but I think it was the other one.

Only if she knew how much control he always had on her. For Maria she was looking outside the window but for Maan she was observing him and Ayush interaction. Few times He caught her eyes but she looked away as soon as he stared back. He knew he had a long way to walk on it. And he is ready.

Finally they reached the pizza parlour. It was a very beautiful and homely place. It looks like the owner knew Geet and Ayush.

Geet: Hey Sonia can we have a table?

Sonia: Ofcourse darling. You always have a table here.

Geet: I am so thankful to have a friend like you.

Sonia: No matter how much busy we are dad won’t give your table. You know he loves the little guy. Suddenly her eyes fell on Maan,, Oh my, who is this hottie?

Sonia is same age as Geet and she helps her father Ramanlal Choudhary.They aren’t bengalis and like Geet they feel closer to find their keen. So Geet and Mr choudhary hit it off on day one. He and Sonia along with his wife became a part of Geet’s life like no other. Yes she did not have a friend becuse the little she has here is like family.

Sonia nudged her again to show Maan, Geet was stiff like a cardboard which earned a snort from Maria.

Maria: Good luck with it.

Sonia made a face: I don’t think I’ll like the answer, and He is soothing to the eyes. So for now I will keep hitting on him.

Geet shook her head in disbelief, knowing Sonia is just a romantically softie she doesn’t give any heap.

Maan saw the interaction between Geet and the old man. Trully she had left everything and made her own relation. She is not a dependable little brat anymore but more sophisticated lovable lady whom everyone loves. But for Maan, he loves his Geet for everything. Faults and all.

Ayush ordered his fav which is coincidently Maan’s fav too. Geet watched them bonding on little things. A new shine has entered in Maan’s eyes and her heart dip a little. She doesn’t want to held the truth from him but she doesn’t want to make any haste decision.

When the time came to pay the bill Geet wasn’t happy to let him pay but Maan was adament.

Geet: Maan you can’t.

Maan: Please don’t argue here.

Geet: but.

Maan gave a look to shut her up and she did.

Sonia: Wow you really are something if u can shut her up just like that. She would never let us take that on the house. she insist she pays her son’s every needs and here she did not put a fight.

Maria: every girl has a weakness, and I sense here 2.

Geet stood up: tomorrow sharp 5pm. Gotta lots of work, a little help would be good.

Sonia’s dad shouted his agreement: We will be there.

Geet smiled and bid a wave.

On reaching home Ayush was fast asleep. Looks like all the play and excitement wore him off. Maan wanted to pick him up and carry to the house but he is not pushing his luck anymore.

Maria: I’ll take him in the house.

Maan helped her by getting him out of the car and placing him on her arms. But before Maria can go Ayush held his hand.

Ayush: kal tum ayoge na friend? Mera birthday hain.

He was too sleepy to talk more but Maan nodded and he dozed off.

Geet: Good ni8 Maan.

She knew she can’t walk away like that but she was hoping against all hope.

Maan held her hand: Was he premature?

Geet closed her eyes hearing him, yet she could not say a word.

Maan: I know I told you I won’t ask you anything, but I want to know so much about him, about you. These questions won’t leave me in peace.

Geet: Leave it for now pls,

Maan: Will you stay?

This question can mean so much, she just couldn’t think what he meant by it.

Maan: For a few mins atleast.

Geet looked in his eyes: You know we can’t start where we left.

Maan nodded: I know. There are lots of ppl who doesn’t deserves punishment for my mistakes and yet they are facing it for past 4 yrs. Will you talk to them?

Geet regrets every moment she thinks about Priti maa. her friends Sid and Pari but whenever she wanted to talk to them circumstances held her up, and Ayush came 1st in her priorities.

Geet: I will.

Maan sighed and once again looked at the house, searching Ayush in it. Her heart pains for him. And going against all her inhibitions she asked him one question she never tought she will do.

Geet: will you come tomorrow?

And like that his face lit up, a little hope shining in his eyes: Can I come?

Geet nodded: Birthday boy invited you. You must come.

Maan: I would love to.

Geet: Great. See u then.

Maan: I never thought it will be so awkward between us but I guess we still need time.

Geet wanted to ask him, what he thought would have happened when they met. But that never happened.

Geet: Me too. So much has happened

Maan: But we are still who we were.

Geet looked lost: no we are not. You have changed, I have changed. We have grown,,

Maan: matured? My anger left me when My life left me.

Geet looked so deep in his eyes: I have changed Maan. I am not ur old Geet. That carefree, self centered Geet died the day I held Ayush in my hand, took his responsibility all alone. You may find Geet but you can’t see that Geet you loved once. This is a mother of a 4yr old kid, I have responsibilities, i have obligation. I do not want you to rush in anything just because you feel guilty.

Maan pulled her closer and for a moment her heart stopped. Then it started beating so frantically she feared he can hear it.

Maan: yes you have changed. Yes you have matured, yes you are a mother and your first priority is Ayush. But I love all of you. Everything of you. Kal pyar kiya tha, aaj karta hu. Hamesha karta rahunga. I love your everything. If I have to prove it, then I will.

Geet closed her eyes: kab tak? Kab tak koshish karoge?

Maan placed his forehead on her: till I get a place in your and Ayush’s life. Till I get back my family.

Geet: If there is no place left, then? What will you do?

Maan: I’ll still stay beside you, and make a new place. Or I’ll wait for you to give me a little.

Geet could not say any more words because words never express true feelings. Its one heart to tell without being loud or noisy and another to understand silently.

Precap: Maan’s life.

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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 46 




Part 46

Her emotions were all over the place and it was an effort from her to control herself, on the other hand Maan’s eyes never left her face. she expected him to be angry but all his face reflected was pain and tenderness. Se tighten her palm so tight that it started to tingle.

Geet turned to Parth: I am ready to take this project but I will work with the bride only and none will interfere in my work. The bride can contact me through office.

Parth 1st looked at Maan who was still looking at her only,then nodded towards Geet in affirmative. In all this Geet did not looked once at Maan. She walked out from the cabin. It was like a huge rock settled permanently on her chest. Can she work so closely with his family and knowing Maan, he won’t  give a shit to her lecture. It doesn’t seem to like he had hear a single thing she had utter.

She was lost in those deep eyes as she entered her own cabin. little throbbing on her forehead is indicating towards the coming migrane. Panic rose against everything and her hand went on the drawer, it sat on top of the knob but she couldn’t  go further as one strong palm held on her hand.

His another arm went on her stomach and her back plastered on his hard abs. His scent is still the same and she remembered what she lost. How can a person love someone so much that his smell lingered on her soul for more than 4 yrs.

Geet: Kyun aaye ho meri zindegi me wapis.

Maan: Apni zindegi ko wapis lene.

She smiled through the mist in her eyes, that’s exactly she told to Parth, but hearing it from him sounds something else, something better. Something that can never happen, he can’t  mean the way she want it.

Geet: Maafi chahiye to wo maine bohot pehle de diya hain Maan. Let yourself be free now.

Maan: wo naam ki zindagi mujhe nahi chahiye.

His voice was so tender, so soothing to her soul that for a moment she forgot everything. Their past, her responsibility, his obligation. All she know she got a little time to live her life in his arm. Kya pata ye pal dobara naseeb hona ho.

She had dreamt of this so many times. To be free once again. To hear him say her name. But never imagined their confrontation will be like this. Yes they have matured enough to be civil but she miss her Maan ka gussa, his manana. Everything has lost and the agony of seperation returned in vengeance.

The thought of him being married tore something in her, instantly she was stiff. Maan knew it because he held her strongly.

Maan: don’t. Pls.

He is nearly begging her to stop, to listen to him. How could she tell him, she fears her ownself. What if his one word undone her? Because somewhere she knew him being married can’t  stop her from loving him and she can’t  do that to any girl knowing how it hurts.

Suddenly they heard someone’s excited voice. SHILPA. Geet can never forget her. Funny thing is that whenever she had imagined Maan,, never once Shilpa came infront of her but today hearing her, she knew past can never take rest in past. They always comes in present to haunt.

Shilpa: Mihika told me you are here Maan. Where is she, i can’t wait to see her.

Maan watched Geet as her face becomes pale. He followed her gaze which was on the little girl in Shilpa’s hand. He knew he need to stop her but the little girl held on to his finger.

Maan: Zia,,,

Zia: pa…pa…

Zia’s arms were stretched and her lips were trembling as he was not holding her. Geet took steps backward muffling a sob.

Geet: She is beautiful Shilpa.

She looked at both of them with watery smile and ran from there. None stopped her and Maan watched her in helplessness.

Shilpa: I’m sorry, again I came between you 2

Maan: None came between us. My mistakes torn us apart.

Shilpa: but You got her now. Don’t let her leave Maan. Go after her.

Maan: but Zia.

Shilpa: I’m here, her dad is here. You need Geet now. Live your life now. Don’t worry about us, any of us. Just her.

Maan gave a smile and ran after Geet. She was like a breeze. She was nowhere to be found but enquiring from the gateman, he told him from where Geet takes her bus so he followed her in his car.

What she was thinking. How can she think she can have her chance of a forever. How could she forget everything? Her Ayush? But Zia. She is trully beutiful. Her eyes are exactly like Maan but other features are completely on Shilpa. Sweet and beautiful. How can she think of breaking her parent’s house? She so wanted to hate Shilpa and Zia for having Maan in their life but,,,,

She fell in love with the little girl then and there. She has an angelic face, must be 2 yr of age, half of Ayush. She can’t stop imagining them together but it is not possible. She won’t wreck Zia’s home.

When Maan reached the main road Geet had already taken the bus. Maan told his driver to go after the bus. He couldn’t imagine his Geet travelling by bus. Once she was a princess of her father and today she is struggling to make ends meet. He recalled her saying about her car being broken down and remembering Parth’s reaction this is not the first time. He can’t imagine how much of a struggle she had endured in all these years.


The distance of her house from bus stand was only 5mins. And Ayush’s school is in between the distance. How she wish she could meet her son then and there, hug him to sooth her inner ache. But she can’t  show him her distress. Ayush will pick on it and she doesn’t want to scare her kid. She went to her house knowing Maria will be there. And there she stood with worry like a mother. Maria never questions Geet, maybe because she knew once she feels good she will tell her.

Maan silently watch her walking alone then entering a small yet beautiful house. Its a one story house with wodden fence and little yard with flowers everywhere. He can’t believe once who lived in a palace now spents her life in a tiny house. But then he was proud of his Geet. She had learnt life in a hard way but never gave up. She struggles but knew the meaning of life. He is so proud of his Geet.

He watched as his jaan entered the house and an old lady was welcoming her. Good to know someone is there for her.


After changing in her pj’s Geet sat on the sofa with her laptop to do some work but it was far from being done, her mind was drifting somewhere else.

Geet: Maria can you pick up Ayush from his school? I’ll see the kitchen. I want to make favourite pizza today.

She wants a distraction today and cooking will give plenty opportunity for that.

Maria: Just don’t burn it today.

Geet tried to smile but failed miserably. Maria will take another 15min to get ready and finish the food she was working on it so she can draw some design for the mandap of her project.

Again work never comes out when her mind is jumbled up with the thought of Zia and Maan together. Just then she heard the door bell. First thought was what if something happen to Ayush but knowing the school will call her first if anything happens like that she relaxed. Then maybe Parth, but he had some meeting today.

With little disturb mind she opened the door only to come face to face with Maan. Immidiately Geet looked at the kitchen door knowing Maria will come through anytime. Maan leaned on the door frame enough close to her that she took a back step.

Geet: What are u doing here?

She kept her tone down but the greeted teeth said she is worried.

Maan smirks: Don’t you know why I am here?

Geet stared at him blankly: No, I don’t.

Maan touched her cheek with so much tenderness that Geet leaned towards for a few seconds before drawing her face away.

Geet: I don’t do business from home, and I already said, I’ll work with the bride only.

Maan: I don’t play games Geet. You know very well why I’m here. It took me 4 and half year to search you. And in these times I lived like a dead person and now when I see you, you run the opposite way. Just give me one chance, talk to me without running.

With every word Maan’s voice rose forcing Maria to come in theliving room wearing a stiff and hard expression.

Maria: I do believe you know him that’s why he is talking to you standing so close and you haven’t screamed. And I think i should ask you before calling the police.

Geet sucked her breath knowing Maria will do it just like that. Her eyes were trained on Maan who isn’t giving her any heap. His eyes were on his Geet, his jaan. Without fearing anything.

Geet: No need to do that Maria, can you give us some privacy and do your other work.

Maria knew she is indicating towards Ayush and she nodded briefly. But before going she again turned towards them.

Maria: If this is the same person I’m thinking him to be, then girl, I know why you never looked at another man in your life. He owns you.

Geet: Maria,

Maria: And his eyes reflects same pain I seein your eyes everyday for these 4yrs. I can say, he isn’t  as happy as u wanted him to be.

With the last word she left only to make Maan look bewilder.  He looked at her in disbelief.

Maan: how could you think by loosing u i would ever be happy?


They sat there in silence for a long time, facing each other and seating just opposite each other. Him looking at her unabashedly and her looking everywhere but him. Finally Geet sighed.

Geet: Why are u here Maan?

Maan: will u listen or again start running.

Geet stared at the clock: Can we talk some other day, you can come to myoffice and,

Maan: I don’t think so. I have wasted enough time. So I want to start now.

Geet:Maan it’s too little too late.

Maan did not paid any attention to her dismissals.

Maan: Ziais not my child. Ved married her and only after 1 yr of dating. It was a love marriage.. when I agreed to Marry Shilpa,

He stopped to look at Geet who was looking in his withher own pained eyes. This topic is still so hurtful for her but knowing Maan won’t stop till he gets out with everything she kept to be silent.

Maan: I agreed because Heer tried to commit suicide. I was so frightened that I never stop to think what I was doing.

Geet looked downward. Atleast now she knew why he did what he did. And why Zia’s eyes were so similar to Maan.

Maan: I was wrong. I was so wrong. I should have slapped her on her childish behaviour. I was so worried for her i never thought how many lives I was destroying.

Irony is that I knew I will suffer in this the most because I thought someday someone will love u more than me. He will erase every pain I gave u. But. When You left, I knew I had destroyed my life with my own hand. And your happiness too. From that moment nothing really mattered to me. I just wanted you because from that moment my heartbeat left me. I was living just to search you. To tell you I won’t be able to survive without you.

I am so sorry Geet. I want you for me, call me selfish but I am living every second for you, in a hope some day you will forgive me and come back to me.

Geet’s eyes were closed tightly trying to muffle the sob but she knew Maan was right in front of her, on his knees. He wanted to hold her but did not knew if he have the right. When she composed herself, she opened her eyes. With a broken whisper.

Geet: It’s too late Maan.

Just then they both heard the sound: Mummyyyyy I’m home. See I left Maria. She is becoming old mummy.

Geet stared at Maan as realization drawn upon him and he turned to see Ayush in his uniform with a cute smile standing on the door. Just behind is Maria, saying a silent sorry to Geet.

Geet closed her eyes and wiped out all pain from her face plastering a happy smile.

Geet: Jaldi se change karlo. Maria will help you. Jyada tang mat karna.

Maria left with Ayush and Geet felt the room was closing on her.

Geet: I think you should leave now.

But Maan was only looking at Ayush’s retreat back, then he looked at Geet with a pain that slayed her.

Maan: How could you? How could you punish me like that? Why did you not tell me? Yes I made a mistake but why would not correct me Geet? Kyun nahi bataya? Kyun?

He left her and forcefully ran his hand in his hair: It was all my mistake. It was all my fault. What have I done? How could I missed it. How many mistakes I would do in this life. I let you go, I let you endure all these alone? Aur kitni galti karunga main?

Geet could see the pain and torment in his eyes. His face showed his regret. He was crying and all she could do is just to see it.

Maan: You should have told me. I may not deserve him or you but I deserved to know my child. To know you were safe in all those yrs. How will I ever repent it?

Geet: kya batana chahiye tha mujhe?

Maan: God damn, you should have told me I have a son. A beautiful son.

Geet: what makes you believe he is yours?

Maan just stares at her bewildered. He tried to search something on her face but she never gave up. His Geet trully has changed. She could conceal her emotion so beautifully.

Maan whispered: he is mine. He is mine.

Geet: how can u tell that? How can you say he is yours. I could have moved on.

Maan: are u telling me he is not? Are you telling me u love someone else? You h,have s,someone else?

This beautiful man stuttering with so much emotions break her heart. But she have to do it.

Geet: I asked you. Ans me.

Maan looked at her eyes, there was pain, secrecy.

Maan: If u tell me he is not mine, still I love him. You know why? Because he is yours. I still love you. And I fell in love with him when he called u mummy. I just love him. And it makes him mine.

With that he undone her. She closed her eyes shedding the tears she tried so hard. They both did not know when they came closer and she find her solace in his arms. He hides her in him, soaked all her pain in his heart and let her cry all she wanted.

Unknown to both of them Maria smiled, finally, maybe just maybe this sweet tattered girl can find her truely ever after. But then Maria fears too. Will their relation withstand the truth? If their love is enough strong after 4 and half yr maybe it will go beyond that too. Who knows?

Precap: secret and secrets……

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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 45


Part 45

Parth was first to break the silence: Geet. What the hell. You scared the shit out of me. How are u feeling now?

Geet only stared at Maan who reluctantly left her side to give Parth place to comfort her but not before she saw the fury on his face as Parth touched her hand.

Geet: I am fine.

Parth: yeah a panick attack doesn’t sounds like fine to me.

Geet: I need some rest that’s all. It was a hectic week.

Doc: miss Geet do you still take the medicine we found in your drawer?

Geet gulp hard: No,I keep them as emergency but never had to take them for quiet some time now.

Doc: and how much time is that?

Geet: 4 yrs. I had an episode 3yrs back but then I had controlled the urges.

Maan sucked his breath. It was him that has cause the attack. He was the reason she faced all the pain every time yet he can’t leave her.

Doc: Mr Maan was right. You never changed the medicine then. I have prescribed some mild ones but see a doctor. Your dosage should determin by a consultant.

The room was silent for sometime and Mihika was the one to break it.

Mihika: I guess finally i got to say hello. It good to see you again Geet aftet so many yrs.

Geet smiled weakly: Same here

Maan: I doubt. Great way to show it.

Geet could not meet his eyes: I think I should go now Parth. I’ll meet you tomorrow.

Parth understanding and supporting his friend agreed silently, then he remembered something.

Parth: Geet wait. Let me take u home. Your car is in garage. And you are in no position to go by alone.

Maan: no need. I think we have some unfinished word Geet. I can take you wherever u want to go..

Geet: no, I mean i’ll take the company car. Don’t bother pls.

Parth: Mr Khurana if you don’t mind can we reschedule the meeting. I will take Geet home, we live at the same road.

With a little uncertainity Maan agreed finally, not because he respect their friendahip but the panick in Geet’s eyes stopped him to pursue her further. He accepts that he can’t start where they left 4yrs ago as soon as they met. He have to break the ice she had created around her heart first. He need to win her trust again.


Geet had dreaded every moment for the past 2 days. Yes she did not attended office in last 2 days. Having a friend as boss have it’s perk. Parth came numerous time to check on her. With every knock on the door her worry about Maan coming through that door increased. It isn’t like she has anything to hide from him or cower in front of him but something in him challenge her in ways she forgot exists.

She knew in everything Ayush is suffering most. They share a bond that whenever one of them isn’t feeling well the other one understand. She agree that Ayush is only 4yr old but he understands her like no one in this world. Maybe this is called mother and son bond.

When she was busy thinking about Maan and Ayush, Maria entered the room with juice and her medicine

Geet: Maria can you make me some Tiramisu.

Maria s miles delightfully: I knew soon you will need some sweet in your system. In this 4 years whenever you feel ill you always demanded some type of sweets this time though it’s another matter. Not that i am complaining but are you going to office anytime soon? U need to face whatever or whoever had kept a place in your head.

Maria knew her too well to be fool around so Geet did what she could. Stayed silent and Maria leave it there. This time Ayush was the one entering her room.

Ayush: Are you not going office mummy?

Geet cuddled him close to her lap: no baby.

Ayush: are u sick?

Geet: mummy is getting better.

Ayush: then will u play with me?

She can say Ayush was delighted and his happiness has no bound. At this moment Ayush’s happiness is everything she can ask for. They laughed and played with the wholeday, then eat their favourite dishes which was made by Maria and played some more in the tree house which was made by Parth.. later that evening parth came to meet geet which was expected by her.. All the play made Ayush so exhausted that soon he drifted to sleep. Parth was reading him a story and stroking his hair when Geet entered the room and saw them together.

Geet: he is fast asleep.

Parth smiles: Yeah I know. And I like to see him sleeping so peacefully. He must have enjoyed his day.

Geet: yes we played a lot, then ate icecream, Tiramisu, cheesecake….

Parth: in short you both went on a mad sweet drive.

Geet :pretty much

Suddenly Parth was serious, he looked at Geet with those serious eyes and she knew their happy time over just like that.

Parth: we need to talk geet

Geet: why happy time end so soon

Parth: yeah you got the perk to be Ayush’s mum today, don’t talk about happy time, I know you are always happy as long as you have him

He looked at Ayush wistfully

Geet:do you think I need to hire a lawyer and live in fear for losing my baby

Parth: no geet you are his mother and you will be always… none can love him more than you.

Geet: I am so worried Parth.

Parth: I will do anything it takes but I won’t disappoint you.. your friendship is more important for me than anything. You and Ayush is all I have now.

Geet looked at parth sincere eyes and smiles. his friendship is all she have other than Ayush and Maria.

Parth: by the way I came here to inform you that you need to come to office as soon as possible. I can’t take MSK from my back anymore.. a little warning would have been good but….

Geet: I am so sorry parth, I never knew he will ever come so close. I never thought….

Her mind went somewhere else or say to someone

Parth: I knew you are running but never knew it was him. that was huge.

Geet sucked her breath: did you sign the deal?

Parth:unfortunately or fortunately yes and you were the chief planner in the contract. I am sorry.

Geet smiled: I am sorry too.

Parth: I can try to cancel it.

Geet smiles but this time it was mysterious. how she wish he could.

Geet: he will sue you Parth.

Parth: I am sure he will understand my obligation.

Geet give a little laugh; I knew him my entire life when MSK want something he will not stop at anything till he gets it.

Parth: and what he wants?

this time geet had Tears in her eyes: his life…

Next day Maan was pacing like a lion, for 3 days he was unable to contact geet. His all effort did not paid him any height. Parth offered someone else to plan the wedding but seeing his fuming face he too kept to be numb.. Maan was aware of Geet and Parth’s friendship and why the offer was given to him that was also well known but MSK had waited 4 years for his Geet, how can a mere 3 day deter him from his intention.

He wanted to meet Geet so bad but he can’t risk her going away or another outburst like that. seeing her anxiety attack had frightened him. He can’t lose her again. It took nearly 4 and a half years to track her down. Finally he will meet her after so many years of waiting. Finally he will hold her in his arms, demand her why she left him, and ask her forgiveness.

Parth had informed him that Geet is coming to the office that day. And thats why Maan came to the office as early as possible. And now pacing in Parth’s cabin waiting for his Geet he was sweating like a teenage boy. He had so many things to ask her, to know about her.

Yes he had seen her the previous day but her attack was the near death for him. He could not notice beyond the fearful eyes but today he will meet her. She has changed in ways he can’t describe.

Suddenly Geet’s voice took his breath away.

Geet:Sorry. My car,,,

She stopped midway seeing him. Her eyes were looking at him yet it tried not to see the depth in it. In that moment her pain tried to escape but she held on to it. Not unleashing it, not giving herself to him again.

Because this time if he crush her,m she won’t be able to collect it.

Sorry for delay, had a bday week. Love ya, thanks for all the supports.

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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 44


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Part 44

They were all wrong who said losing love stops life. If u have reason you can still be alive and God always gives reasons to his children to live. She also got another chance to live when she met her son. Her son, only her. Ayush is a lovely kid who is mixture of sweet and naughty. He loves to trouble his nanny but never go overboard. He loves his mummy and nanny Maria a woman who is sweet at 60 yrs. She lives with Geet and Ayush as a full time maid and nanny to ayush. Her own daughter is married. She works at this age not for money but love for Geet and Ayush keep her with them. She is a mother figure for Geet and she respects as one.

“Ayush mummy ko tang mat karo, you need to have this milk”

“I hate milk mama you know it”

“This is good for your health baby”

“no Mummy I won’t take it”

” Ayush mummy ko office jaana hai please Tang mat karo”

Reluctantly the young boys drank the milk in the meantime an older lady comes out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee and offered to her.

Maria: geet you always do everything then why you give me salary I am the Nanny and I can take care of Ayush and you know it.

Geet: you are not only a nanny but you are our Guardian Angel. I know you can do everything but whatever little time I got with Ayush I want him to know that i love our moments.

Maria: he knew you love him. you are the only one he got as family.

Geet: he has u too. If it wasn’t you we wouldn’t have survived.

Maria: nonsense.. Now stop these melodramatic dialogues and go to work I am sure your friend or Boss as you say would get an heart attack if you don’t arrive on time to save his butt.

Geet: ok I will take Ayush to his nursery on the way of my work.

Maria: what should I make for dinner?

Geet: anything Maria you know me and Ayush love your food more than anything.

Maria: umm hmmm,

Geet looked at her beated up car, again it won’t start today. she knew Maria is giving her the look that she always give whenever the shitty car broke down

Maria: why don’t you buy a new car? by god grace you can afford it with the healthy paycheck your boss pays you.

For some time geet was lost in her thoughts. Her old days when she liked to change her cars like clothes. A small smile played on her lips,, now her old memories doesn’t hurt as much as it used to do. Her father’s smiling face encourages her.

“Geet beta one day you will realise the real value of life and that day these materialistic happiness won’t bother you.”

Geet: if you have said those words to the young geet, she would have grabbed your words but today my baby’s need and his future holds more importance than my luxury.

Maria: you are a true mother geet

Geet smiles sadly: don’t wait for me at dinner and pick up Ayush on time..

The nursery was a few mins road so she took ayush by walking there, after that she took a bus to her office. Her boss or rather say her friend Parth opened “the wedding bell” a wedding planner company a few yrs back. She was jobless and badly needed to do something new, so He offered her to manage the office. Though she could stay far away from wedding but Ayush came first on the priorities so she kept aside her pain and took the job. Now the company is floating and she is the manager of her beautiful company.

In this 4.5 years geet had made a life of her own in the beautiful city Kolkata. A life dedicated to her son, a life without her Maan. she has struggled from scratches and made a name without the influence of Handa or Khurana. The struggle taught her a lot of things, smiling through everything is one of them. she has fallen a lot of times but every time she stood up with dedication to reach a point where she can give every happiness to her son. Ayush. Her world.

Yes now Maan is a word snuggled deep in her heart never to voice loudly but still loving and placing him in a secure place of her heart hoping his happiness with every ounce of her blood. A name that still has the power tear her heart.

Geet was running late for her office. she knew buying a car would have made her life easier but her son’s future held more important to her then a mere luxury. May be another year and she could save enough money to buy a car without touching the money she had saved for her son. Nowadays education is so expensive specialy with Ayush’s condition she should save money all she could. Growing up Ayush will need all. And for her Ayush is the priority, a dream or a future isn’t the plan anymore.

Geet burst in the office of her boss without knocking or waiting for a reply.

Geet: Sorry sorry my car broke down once again

Parth: Kya yaar Geet, this is the 5th time in 1 month, why don’t you change the shitty car.

Geet: I can’t and you know it.

Parth: why do I pay you so handsome amount if you can’t buy a car?

Geet: You know very well why u pay me, because I am the only one who could save your sinking boat.

Parth: Sometime I hate you so much

Geet: try Always?

Parth: can we discuss some work now?

Geet: I have already done the blueprints of the Mehta project. Decoration, curtains, flowers, menu all according to his Gujrati preferences. We will creat a mini Gujrat in Kolkata. How is that?

Parth: wonderful. I trust you fully, But…. here is another project for you, have a look.

Geet: Parth you know I take one project at a time and I hate to leave my work in midway.

Parth: I agree Geet, but this is a huge contract. One of the most influential person wants our company to manage his sister’s wedding. Can you believe it? If we get to do this The Wedding bell will be famous not only in India but worldwise.

Geet: how did u score the project?

Parth: that is the fun, this client came himself. His sister saw our arrangements once and he wants best for his sister.

Geet was silent, her heart was raising a little fastet, she got the glass of water and sat down.

Geet: who is the person?

Parth didn’t heard the small voice and continued his own: and they want a destination wedding. You know where? Geet shook her head, a little disturb to see her friend’s enthusiasm. Maldives.

Geet took a steady breath. A slight pain entered her heart, once it was her dream to take her wedding vow on the Maldives beach. She remember how excited she was to tell her father she found her dream destination for her wedding. She was only 13 maybe. Her father was looking at her with a smile and gave his promise to let her marry there when she is grown up.

But it never happened and the dream took place in the deep drawer of her closet. She had every thing about Maldives collected in a file. Maybe this girl could use it.

Geet: Good. I will draft everything to ruby and she will manage there. I am sure you will be there to help her, so

Parth: hey, hold on a min. Geet Ruby can’t handle this big of a project and beside that the client asked for you. His sister saw you there and they had specifically asked you to handle this.

Geet gulped the water again: But what about Ayush and Maria, you know i don’t leave them for anything and this will take a month maybe more. Did this client know about Ayush?

Parth: No, but he is ready to take all our employees expenses whoever go there. Beside when he will know you have a kid so small he will surely agree.

Geet: hang on Parth. You can’t disclose your employees personal life to a stranger.

Parth smiled a little too sweetly: If this project take place babe you won’t be a employee anymore, you will be a partner as I had promised.

Geet: 1st don’t call me that ever if you want to keep your nuts, and your father won’t allow it.

Parth held one finger: to hell with him, I have taken over as sole owner last month and if he as much as raise finger on you or Ayush I will kick his house and leave.

Geet smiles fondly at him, a partner in the firm will surely be a bonus in her check. If the client is as huge as Parth is telling not only Wedding bell will nourish but her son will get a better future.

But her heart still was beating heavily. Strange, this never happens to her. Whenver she gets any project she takes it with great enthusiasm then what is wrong with this project. It’s not like first time someone had asked for her or she had faced any destination wedding. Its normal but why today it does not seems to be normal.

Geet forgot to ask the client name but Parth told her she can meet him in 2 days, but it never came as Ayush got flu and she nursed him back to good health. For a whole week she looked after Ayush and Parth never insist her to do otherwise as he knew how much precious he is for Geet. In this 4.5 yr he got to know Geet from a very personal level, even his house is only 5 min walk distance from Geet’s house. Ayush and Geet is the only reason he stays in that house and with his overbearing parents.

Nursing a 4 yr toddler isn’t as easy as it looks. Geet was exhausted. For a week she had not slept much, Ayush is cranky and always in a need of Geet. He is purely a mumma boy and when he is down with any disease he turns to Geet only. She is not complaining. Ayush is a very sweet and jovial kid she could ever asked for but only when his health isn’t good he cries for her till he gets her. Maria stays as a helper only for cooking and cleaning.

After 1 week when Ayush fully recovered she decided to start her work. Next day she will see the client. So she started some work. Thankfully she went to Maldives once, so she knew few beaches there. But without meeting the bride she can’t make the arrangements. Its good that the bride is coming with her brother and will meet her in the office if she can reach on time.

Next morning Geet was again late for her office, no one stops her as she rushed in Parth’s cabin.

Geet: sorry Parth, again the traffic jam caught me. And the bus driver was slower than a snail.

Parth: and your car.

Geet sheepishly: again in the garage.

Parth: how many time I have told you to sell that garbage and buy a new one, but you won’t listen to me.

Geet: You know why,,,,,,

Till now she hadn’t knew someone was in that cabin. Her heart got stuck as she looked at the girl sitting with an amusing smile plastered on her face.

Parth: ohh i totally forgot, by the way this is Mihika Khurana, i told you about a week ago. Mr Khurana is coming. Ohh here he is..

Her eyes met him, he was still the same yet something has changed. A little more define jawline with more stubble than she saw years before. But those eyes still held the same intensity. Though it lacks the mischievous smile he owned a few years before.

The world was dizy for Geet and for a moment she lost her foot. Everything was hazy, her throat was burning, she felt the numbness around her heart. Someone was shouting, someone was holding her. No, HE is holding her. Though she could not keep her eyes open but her heart could say its him.

“BREATH” He whispered in her ear.

Geet took the breath with difficulties and pushed him away as Parth held her, supported her. Her eyes were misty and breathing was difficult. But she did not missed the fiery look he possed in that moment. He is angry, very very angry as he snatched her in his arm then lifted her.

“MAAN” She whispered before going blank


4 yrs he had to wait for this day, to meet his Geet again. When she left him he had searched for her like a madman. He went to London and all other places she had friends but none knew where is she. Pari and Siddhant cursed him all they can but Geet never went to meet them. He knew it because with all grudges Sid still talked to him with only one hope he might find Geet. Pari seldom talking to him. After 1 yr his search got slow and slower after that. He accepted his fate that he had lost Geet forever. Never in his imagination he thought he will finally find his Geet.

It was pure coincidence that Heer saw Geet in kolkata in one of her friend’s wedding. Upon questioning her friend told that she is a wedding planner and they got all info about the company she work for. He is proud on her upon learning how she made a name of her own in Kolkata as a wedding planner. But again guilt was so swift. He remembered she wanted to be a interior design and join her father company. Yet again she left her dream for him.

On reaching Kolkata when he inquired about The Wedding Bell and Geet, all he got to know about her work, nothing personal ever came up. Everyone told him that Geet is a very quiet and closed person. She is very polite and does not have any friends or enemy or a social life.

To hear his Geet spends her life like this is a knife twisting in his gut. She has changed so much yet did not changed physically. Her face is the same but the sparkling eyes, they maybe died 4yrs back. She has a polite smile that never reach her eyes. Her arguement with Parth Sengupta was just a force lightness for the sake of friendship.

He knew her too well to be fooled with her outer appearances. She is his Geet yet he doesn’t know this Geet anymore. She is someone new with the same face. She is hard yet polite. And yet again he saw a glimpse of his old Geet when the realization of him being so close to her had drawn in. For only a few second she was his old Geet.

Now lying unconscious she looks so troubled. Parth looked worried as well. Friend or something more, yet to be find.

Parth: it never happened from the time I know her doctor. 1st time i have ever seen her like this.

Maan: how much time you know her?

Parth: more than 4yrs.

Doc: do you know her medical history?

Parth hesitated: not something like this. What happened to her?

Doc: looks like panic attack.

Maan: F***. In past she used to have the medicine i show you.

Doc: for how many yrs she had taken them?

Maan: I don’t know about the last 4 yrs but she used to take them from the age of 15 and that if extremely necessary.

Parth: I have never seen her take them in these yrs doc. If something like this ever happened in her home, Maria would have told me.

Maan wanted to know who is Maria and how much he knew about her life, he wants to know every small thing that happened in her life. But his concern for Geet never let him take his eyes away from her.

She was juggling between wakefulness and unconscious state. She wanted to stop Parth from saying anything about her life to Him. Maan will flip out, or maybe not. If he is a happily married man then why will he want to know about her?

She wanted to clear the fog of sleep but darkness never want to leave her. Maybe her mind does not want to face the fact that maybe its purely coincidence he is standing there, concerned for her. If he is happily married then why will he come for her. Or its his guilt for abandoning her that pulled him to her.

With lots of difficulties she opened her eyes only to come face to face with her dream. Her Maan. She thought she is ready to face her fate but looking at him so closely only breaks her heart even more. This man isn’t her anymore but still this heart beats for him.

Maan was watching every frown on her face and knew what demon she was trying to win. She knew he knows her too well to read her demons. That she tries to suppress infront of everyone but not him.

Ps: sorry for not making twins here, i have my reason you all will know in a few parts. This story was preplanned yrs ago and i am not changing anything…..

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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 43


Part 43

Next day was the wedding and everyone was busy in the preparation. Today is Haldi and Mehendi. From an outsider it looked liked every normal wedding house but inside it missed the happiness. Every person in Khurana mansion was sad to see Maaneet could not work out their differences. One side Heer somewhat happily took part in her haldi and mehendi but Maan told them he won’t entertain any thing like that. Shilpa was staying with Juneja family in a rented villa. So she doesn’t know about Geet. Heer saw her brother and first time pang of guilt entered her heart. He was miserable and he was still going with the wedding for her sake.

Maan knew what he is doing will ruin him but he had to go with this marriage for his sister sake. He remember the morning he found her lifeless body and slit wrist. His shirt was soaked with her blood. She asked sorry and told him she can’t live without Prem. Prem’s mother told him only if he agree to marry shilpa she will accept heer as her daughter in law. And Shilpa is not aware of anything so he can’t tell her.

He had shouted on her but later agreed seeing Heer’s face. Anyway Geet already left him, what is left in his life anymore. But after agreeing he regretted it. When Geet called him he wanted to talk to her so badly. But knowing he will break down he did not take her calls. The doctors looking after Geet’s father told him he is recovering well but that was 2 weeks before.

Wish he knew only after a month of his promise to marry Shilpa, Geet will return. One side his heart knew she will come back but his sister’s happiness was more important for him in that moment. He knew he had to break Geet’s heart. Least he knew he will break her along with himself.

At mehndi none expected geet to come down from her room. Preeti expected her to either leave the moment she heard about the wedding or do something to break it but she proved her wrong. Geet locked herself in her room for most of the times. Even maan was restless to see her.

Ved tried to talk to geet but she never answered his knock. No one knew why she is staying and punishing herself.

Even Heer was confused by Geet’s reaction. So when she come to attend the mehndi everyone stood there dumbfounded, geet looked beautiful in a yellow colour saree. Though her face showed a small smile but it never could hide the pain in her eyes.

She came close to Heer who stared at her with fear and some mix of guilt.

Geet: I don’t know if I will be here till tomorrow so I wanted to give you this.

Heer took it without any comment and inside it lays the most beautiful lehenga she had ever seen.

Geet: I heard once you wanted this on your wedding. You were talking about this to maa, sorry … Preeti aunty. She didn’t knew how to find it so I bought it now. Hope you don’t mind. you don’t have to wear it tomorrow, it is just a present wear it whenever you like.

Heer remembered seeing it in a magazine 3 years before. Heer never knew Geet was so close to Priti and whenever priti tried to tell about Geet’s good heart, she never believed it but now first time she is thinking what if she was wrong about it all along?

Heer: will you apply mehndi?

Geet: why not?

Heer made place for her, another girl asked Geet what she want to be done on her hand

Geet: kuch bhi. But small.

Mehandi girl: kehte hain Mehandi jitni gehri pati se pyar utna hi zyada milta hain. Unka naam kya hain? Kya likhu haat pe?

Geet without thinking : MAAN.

Suddenly she knew what she had done. Geet snapped her hand but by the time the mehndi was done by maan’s name. Humilation washed over her as she saw pity in everyone’s eyes and she ran away from there. Closing the door geet looked at her hands, then broke down completely.

Geet: Jab pyar nahi tha Wo hamesha saath tha aur abb jab pyar ho gaya, usehi kho diya. mere saath hi aisa kyun huya Babaji. pehle papa fir Maan.

Maan saw it from afar and regret like never before washed over him. he wanted to take her in his arms but his sister’s bloodless face played in front of him . he cursed himself and fate. why it has to be them? only if geet have not left him like that, his anger and ego now destroyed them both.

For geet this might be the toughest night in her life. She have seen determination and fear on Maan’s face which only indicates he is going to fulfill his duty towards his family. she wanted to feel anger or hate towards him but knowing the reason for his betrayal changed a lot of things in her.

The old geet might have slapped him and the person dared to take her maan away from her but the new geet couldn’t do it because in these 3 months she had learnt to deal with fate. You can’t always have what you want, at the end of the day only fate will win. And we have to accept it.

But what about her heart that is shredding into so many pieces that she is afraid could not be collected in a lifetime.

Geet heard a sound and saw Ved break through the door. She immediately hugged him and Ved hug her with soothing words, for the first time in 3 months she let go of her pain and cried her heart out. she cried for the loss of her father and now for Maan. Only 3 months
And she lost not only one but lost the most important 2 persons from her life. she can’t even share her pain with anyone so she cried harder in hope for some relief but her pain never subsided and she knew, it won’t ever lessen.

Maan’s blood boil seeing his geet having another man giving her all the solace she wanted , another man sharing her pain that was his right.

“you lost all your right the moment you agree to marry someone else”. A voice sneaked out from his inner self.

Pain slashed through him. Does he have to spend his whole life like this? Getting punishment from fate for breaking her heart. Some day someone will likely hold her and heal her from his burnt and he will stand there to see her love someone else, leaving him, forgetting him. The thought made him hurt and to feel more than the numb pain, he broke the mirror with his bare hand and crashed whatever comes in front of him.

Prem: look what have you done heer. You broke two people and their heart I hope taking 7 phera around the ash of Maan and Geet’s love won’t burnt our life because I have a feeling this will never let you rest in peace.

Heer look at her brother with guilt. Prem knew about his mother’s blackmailing. He is unhappy about it, in fact he even tried to break this marriage but her suicide attempt has stopped him doing anything in fear. Will their married life survive her doings? how could she become so selfish?


Maan was sitting on the edge of his bed. His whole room was decorated. His new room that he have to share it with Shilpa. He didn’t wanted his and Geet’s memory to be tainted with another woman’s presence so he asked for this room. But what about his heart? Will he ever be able to give Shilpa the right and love she deserves. Yes he won’t betray her trust and abandon her once she wears his mangalsutra. But can he forget Geet? And what will happen to her? He knew he have to live his whole life in guilt of destroying one girl or another’s dream. In every thing he will lose more. A knock broke his thoughts. Looking ahead he saw his baby sister entering his room. He tried to give a genuine smile but failed miserably.

Heer sat beside him. Both sat there for some time in silence. Both doesn’t know what to say. Finally Heer broke it.

Heer: you don’t deserve a mean sister like me. Mihika is more like you.

Maan: Heer

Heer: sshh let me complete. Yes I’m selfish. I don’t know how i have became so mean and i always cursed Geet for it. Atleast she never tried to seperate you from me or maa. I’m the worse. Love made me so blind.

Maan: stop talking so big words. You are still my baby sister and its my responsibility to take care of you

Heer: not at the cost of loosing everything. I won’t allow it.

Maan: you can’t do it. Its your wedding downstair.

Heer: It’s about your happiness bhai and if you love someone else Shilpa or any other girl won’t be happy. Don’t you remember what happen to maa?

Maan: Can I ever forget that? And that’s why i will be faithful to Shilpa.

Heer: you know today i understand dad’s situation. It have been so hard for him specially when he fell in love with both women.

Maan: it won’t happen to me.

Heer: so you are saying you have forgotten Geet or that you have stopped loving her?

Maan couldn’t reply that.

Heer: that’s what i thought. You can’t start or stop loving someone. I was stupid and selfish but i am not naive. And now i won’t be doing the mistake i was doing.

Maan: don’t do anything stupid Heer. It’s too late.

Before he couldn’t say something, she ran from there. “I hope it’s not too late.” She could only pray.

When Heer reached the mandap everyone was looking at her with confusion and worry. Heer’s eyes were only on Prem telling a silent sorry.

Heer: I’m sorry but i can’t marry you. Not at the price of the life of my bhai and his happiness. Forgive me Prem.

When everyone looked at Heer with confusion clear on their face Prem clarified everything.

Prem: I’m proud of you heer. you proved my love was not the selfish person she had become. You always had my support only you have to stand up against the person pushing you to be so mean. My mother was blackmailing maan to marry my sister shilpa.

Priti gasped: and you let her Heer? You didn’t thought what Maan must have gone through to secure your life. He always made you his priority,

Heer: today i am making him my priority maa. I am sorry for whatever i had done. Today i am apologizing for everything. Aunty if you want me as your son’s wife you have to accept me as i am,, not because my brother agreed to marry your niece.

Prem: even if she doesn’t agree i will marry you and leave the so called name fame and her mansion. She could happily stay in her dummy life without her son and daughter in law.

Heer: in all these i trully want to apologize to shilpa. I know you love my bhai and i only urged u to follow a hazy dream. Shilpa i am so sorry but my bhai’s hapiness lies with Geet.

Shilpa: who told you i love Maan?

Heer just gaped at her

Shilpa smiled: i was fascinated yes. C’mon who wouldn’t right? But i was never in love with him Heer. I just went with aunt and my mother because sometime i feel like a burden on them. Every time they want to fix me with someone. And i am sorry Maan. I trully was unaware about u n geet.

Maan sighed a relief in a long long time. His throat constructed with relief and emotion.

Dadima: before you brother and sister came here shilpa was telling us she doesn’t want to marry Maan. Yes it was a shock for us but Heer came just behind her.

Shilpa: i tried so hard to feel something else than just a mere crush but i couldn’t feel it. maybe because he was never meant to be mine. He was always Geet’s.

Priti: where is Geet? I haven’t seen her since last night.

Dev: might be in her room.

Maan: Let me call her.

He smiled in ages and it was of relief happiness and worry. Fear of Geet’s reaction. Before he could take a step ved reached for his arm.

Ved: She isn’t here bhai.

Maan: then where is she?

Ved angrily looked at him: she couldn’t tolerate anymore. Her break point came last night.

Maan: i am sorry ved. U don’t know how much sorry i am for what i have done. I promise i will make it up to her.

Ved tighten his hold, partly in fear: I’m afraid bhai, she wouldn’t let you. SHE LEFT. Maybe last night. Maybe early morning. I don’t know. I just got a letter in her room just few minutes before.

Maan stumble only on 2 words “She left”

Maan: she is angry with me. She can’t leave me.

Ved: you broke her in so many pieces bhai that she couldn’t stop to collect it. So she left everything for you.

He thrashed a paper in his hand. At first Maan just stared at the paper but then his eyes cleared on her name where she had cut the “YOURS” and signed only GEET.


I have lost the right to call you mine so taking your name only. I never thought i have to leave you like this 2nd time in only a little time span, the difference is 1st time i never meant to leave you for so long and this time I never meant to come back in your life again. Today you will marry someone else. Yes I wanted to see how you do it but truthfully I can’t see it. I want to hate you. I want to feel anger for you. Maybe then i could feel alive but something had died inside me maan. I have died with it. I feel like I am fighting a lost battle.I don’t feel anger or hate anymore. I don’t hold you responsible for my fate. You are the best and worse thing happened to me.

Best because you taught me how to love and show it to others. How to feel so fierce about something. How to feel alive with a mere touch. How to love unconditional. But you also taught me how you can destroy me. Maybe we never meant to be together but i want to thank each and every moment you gave me atleast a little of you. I will cherish it always.

I don’t want you to regret your decision to marry someone else. I don’t want you to be guilty or obliged to me. Always know i will want you to be happy with her. With anyone you choose to love. You are free to love her maan. And i only hope some day you will forgive yourself and accept her love.

I couldn’t stay there anymore. Staying there meant seeing you becoming someone else’s which would have been a slow death. I hope some day you will forgive me too.

My attorney will meet you. Please accept whatever he say. That was my papa and my last wish. Do it for me. Live your life without regret at least for me.


Maan looked at Ved with numbness when ved pushed another letter.

Ved: this i found under the bed. Must have slipped when she left for london. The date was 3 month back. The day she left for London.

Dear Maan

Sorry i have to go without informing u. Because i know you won’t leave me alone and right now your family needs you more than me. Maan Papa is not well. I can feel it but i cant express it. I just have to meet him. Forgive me please. I know you love me so much that u will understand. I am going to London. My frnd has arranged my visa last night. Once i reached there i will call you and please miss me all you can because when i come back i won’t leave you for anyone. Not even your family.

I love you Maan

Yours and only yours


Maan sank on his knees holding the letters, re reading every words and shedding tears of sorrow and self loath. Ved informed everyone that Geet had left and he narrated whatever was written on the letter.

A man in his fifties entered the mansion. Maan couldn’t care less but the man told himself as Handa’s lawyer. And he looked at the aged man he knew so well. he looked at him only in hope to know about his geet.

Lawyer: I am here to give these papers to mr Maan.

Abhinav: what is in the paper?

Lawyer: Mr Handa’s will. I was said to read it after his death. It is nearly a week now.

Maan collapsed hearing about the one person who came to be nearly a father figure in his life. His mentor and gaurdian is dead and he couldn’t got enough time to know about him. Self loath was a very strong emotion for him.

Lawyer: Mr Mohindar Handa left his entire empire to Maan Singh Khurana. He left the power of attorney to Maan and he made a clause if Geet agreed to marry him then only she is eligible to have her share in the business. Or else she will only have a secure monthly allowance under mr Khurana’s supervisory.

He also added a clause, If Maan refused to Marry Geet, Handa empire will still be under Maan for taking care and Geet would have access to it when she turned 30 that also under Maan’s guardianship. A few lands and other properties are on Geet’s name which is accessible to her when she turns 25yrs in age.

Heer sobbed: but Geet left.

Lawyer: i know, and that is why i came here.

Maan looked at him with numb confusion though his mind isn’t working much.

Lawyer looked at Maan with disappointment. He had known this young man for a long time and admired his dedication but today Maan had made him disappointed and he isn’t afraid to show it.

Lawyer: Mr Handa left this world waiting for you to call him or meet him at least for once. He was recovering but once he called me suddenly and made this will. I guess he knew he won’t be staying long. And he wanted to leave Geet in secure hand because he was afraid that maybe in childishness Geet might leave u. The best thing happened to her. That’s what he said. Anyway…

Day after his death Geet told me she wants everything on your name because she can’t manage it. I didn’t agreed. She didn’t argued but 2days back she called me and hand-over her all rights in the company and her shares to you. Because she thought only you can do justice to her father’s company. So she left with nothing but a few properties and a little load of money. Never thought i will say this but Mohindar was so wrong.

I heard the little pampered, spoiled girl and i can say you have killed her maan. She is destroyed. I just hope you will be able to forgive yourself for doing it because i know you have loved her for so long, even mohindar knew it. But he was so wrong. Wrong to think you will keep her safe. See we lost her and nobody knew where is she. She just disappeared.

He cried holding his face in his palm never thinking what others are feeling for him. He didn’t care about humiliation or image. He just cried for his Geet. Even he was marrying someone else thinking he could live seeing Geet’s face every day. Knowing she left him had broke everything in him. He felt some giant thing want to crawl out from his body. His throat constructed and he heard Ved vaguely telling him to breathe. His maa was holding him and he cried. Like a baby. 2nd time he felt he lost everything. And this time anger that he always hold dear to him never touched him. He felt sorrow and mind numbing pain in every vein of his.

Dread surrounded him as he realised he had trully lost his Geet forever. There will be no chance to ask for forgiveness because she chose to leave him with his guilt, his life will always feel hollow, empty, colorless. He fear from the loneliness and yet he knew this will be his whole life now. He will be empty without his Geet. Yet he will live this life for her.


Woh apne mohabbat me dhadkan de gayi
Yeh apne shiddat me fanaah hogaye
Do dil mile the kabhi na bicharne ke liye
Ishq ne imtihan liya aisa ke
Woh apni ashiqui sikha ke Kurbaan hogaye…..

A love story yet to be continued…..

Thanks all ur support guys.

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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 42


Part 42

It wasn’t difficult for Maan to know where is Geet when she booked tickets for London right under his nose, in his house. Yes he had accepted his house, his family and his family business. Maan is a complete changed person in these 3 months. For some of his family members the change was good. Mostly for Heer and some for Abhinash, because when Maan showed interest in business he was over the moon.

Father and son finally bonded somewhere and abhinash gave everything in these months to his children. He knew it won’t sum up the missed years but he wanted to give all time he had left of his life to them. Where Heer got more pampering she became a brat but never to the point of miss behaving not even to her step siblings. Interestingly mihika and heer became closer while her other 2 brother fulfilled her every wish.

But everyone was worried for Maan, he had changed drastically. They fear to talk to him except Priti. Dadima who showed her displeasure but could not do beyond it.

Dadima: he should talk to Geet if he know where is she. And she should have never gone without informing him.

Ved: Geet isn’t in hiding Dadi, she never left him it’s bro that thinks like that. She even tried calling him but he never answered her call. Even if he take her call by mistake he would rudely cut the call not even listening to her and we all know Geet had a temper too.

Dadima: what should i do with these two?

Dev: we don’t have much time dadima. The wedding is in 3 days.

Ved : i am trying to reach Geet for last week but she is never available not even pari and sidhant. I don’t know what they are doing in london till now.

For 3 months Ved and Geet talked almost everyday and finally he grasped how much she loves his brother. His own feelings for geet had turned as admiration. And they bonded as such good friends that he feel blessed to have her in his life. But things isn’t going well for Maan. He is distancing himself from everyone with every passing time.

Finally Maan was ready to take over from Abhinash which was the ever joy abhinash could ever ask but he missed his little girl. Geet had taken a permanent place in his heart and he is worried for his children. He tried to talk to Maan for months now but Maan never talked about Geet to anyone. And with the upcoming wedding everyone is worried that the only way to talk him out of it was Geet.

Shilpa have been the permanent fixation for Heer, the only person who is happy amidst of everything because finally she is successful to take out the throne name Geet from her brother’s life. Yes she knew he is angry and hurt but with time and Shilpa’s love Maan will be healed and the perfect fairy tale will be complete. She knew Shilpa has a fascination for Maan which she is expanding by showing how great it will be to marry him.

Yes Shilpa had crush for Maan but she never admitted to love him, her confidence was so crushed that when Prem’s mother came to tell her that Maan agreed to marry her and heer prem getting married on the same day shilpa wasn’t ready to believe anything. She knew Maan had feelings for Geet but why Geet left she had no clue. On top of that Heer always says Geet isn’t good for her brother, then is she good enough with her criple leg? Yes Geet once called her that.

She was hurt that day but never once she cursed Geet or Maan because that was her own misfortune. She is fascinated with Maan, yes, but that never went on the verge of love. She is in mumbai to treat her leg and eventually she would have forgotten everything but after Geet left for the first time she thought about Heer’s thought about Geet. Was it really true.

When she was informed about her marriage with Maan she was more confuse than happy because Maan never showed an ounce of interest in her and least she want to be a hanging tail for anyone. Once bite twice shy. She isn’t the immature girl anymore.

Once she felt this love and where it left her, bruised and empty. Her love used her as a bait to gain his love and she stupidly thought he loved her while he was only trying to gain someone else’s love. At the end she left him in frantic after learning the truth and met with an accident. Now it left the scars for lifetime.

She isn’t doing the same mistake. Love isn’t for her and she accepts that but Heer doesn’t. She wants her for Maan but does he want her for her? She can’t be a poor substitute for Geet.


Between the closed door of his office Maan tried not to think of Geet but she always crept in it. He always envision the day she left, and always thought if things would have happened differently. Then always ended up hating her guts. How could she leave him. Partly he agreed to marry shilpa because he wanted to punish her, wanted her to see what she missed but the bigger part has the fear for his sister.

With his take over of Khurana empire his engagement news on all over media, even in London. So if this isn’t enough for Geet to rush back to him then they doesn’t have a future. Yes he is frustrated and angry but if she can’t make him her first priority he wouldn’t be her rebound. She still have 2 days to come, on 3rd is the wedding.


3 torturous months and never once he called her, not even took her call. Is he so angry that he can’t even ask how is she doing. Doesn’t he even want to know if she is alive. Well ironically she isn’t feeling alive. Something is dying inside her slowly, steadily.

Sid: Geet. Geet.

He knew she won’t answer with one small calling. Nowadays she became lost in every few time.

Geet looked at her best friend with lifeless eyes: yes

Sid: it’s time. How much will u wait for him. Pari tried calling him but he won’t answer.

Pari: i think you should let the press flash the news. He will come running here.

Sid: and that will take time and Geet will be in serious mess after the indian press get the news.

Geet: i don’t want my papa to bid his final farewell between paparazzi. They will sold his death too. He should rest in peace, so what if his fav son is busy with his new life. I know papa still loves him and he will watch over him.

Sid: we need to arrange the funeral.

Geet: i don’t know what to do?

Pari closed a hand over her best friend: we will do everything.

Geet: I just wished he was here for his “mukhagni” but i guess he have to do it with his daughter.

Pari: uncle would have want that.

Geet is tired of shedding tears but they isn’t leaving her so soon. Its being 2days Mohindar Handa died and she was trying to reach Maan for almost 1 week but he wasn’t available. Mohindar Handa was proud of Maan that he finally accepted his father’s business. Yes he had kept close eye on news from the point everything came in news. Even in death bed he wanted to talk to his son and he died with the wish in his heart.

For 3 months Geet was busy with her father, he was improving and they bonded so well. She told him about her and Maan, he was happy that he can leave her in secure hand least he knew the turbulence and geet never told him about it.

Geet saw Maan most of the time on news. He is a private person who doesn’t like camera. But still she knew all about his growing share stocks. He is hot talk in India now, and there are rumours about his marriage. Geet was angry at first when Maan never tried to contact her but her anger turned to fear as soon she heard the news. Still she couldn’t left her father. On hearing Maan’s marriage his health fell drastically after it. But Geet told him it was some misunderstanding. she tried to call him and for 2 week she tried consistently but he never called her back. It snapped the last thread of hope when her father died. Now she has become a shell not even sure she should return to maan or not.

She wanted to hate maan, for making her so vulnerable but her love was way stronger that she can’t even wish him ill. Even if he marrying someone else but he need to say that to her face. He need to tell her that he doesn’t want her anymore, maybe then her final coffin will be nailed.


Heer: it’s not fare that i am working on my own wedding. Just because it is Maan bhai and Shilpa’s wedding, that i am working or else i wouldn’t have done anything.

Priti: nobody told you to do anything Heer.

Heer: i am doing it because i don’t want shilpa to see you all sulking. Stop mourning for that Geet. She left and it is her bad luck that bhai found someone better.

Priti: it seems like you are more happy about your brother than your own wedding.

Heer: maa don’t shoot me because your precious Geet backed up and ran away tucking her tail.

Maan: That’s Enough. Do not talk to Maa like that. Am i clear?

Maan’s sudden appearance stopped Heer’s blabbering and his anger was enough to shut her up. Others sighed in relief but priti looked at him with disappointment.

Geet: good to see you respecting someone enough to stood beside them when someone talk to her like that.

Priti: GEET. Kaha thi aap?

Geet gave her sad smile: Something held me Maa.

Heer: Finally you came to suck my brother’s blood. Why? Why u have to return. Lo abb meri shadi kabhi nahi hogi.

Prem: Heer, tumhe ho kya gaya hain? Tum aisi kabhi nahi thi. How can you be so selfish?

Heer: prem.

Prem: I know Maa wanted Maan to marry Shilpa. And you unknowingly helped her. And you tried to commit suicide. In your stupidity Maan agreed to marry her. To save your life. But don’t u trust me?

Geet: You know prem it doesn’t matter. Atleast she loves you enough to do anything for your love

For the first time Heer looked ashamed. Knowing and hearing so upfront made her realize what she is doing. Everyone looked at her in dissapointment.

Maan: yes it doesn’t matter. Nobody can force me to do anything i don’t want to do. The girl I choose to Marry atleast won’t runaway as tomorrow is the marriage and i am not breaking her dream, even if someone finally got time to come back to see what is happening.

Geet: Yeah like you who couldn’t even manage some time from your busy schedule to see what is happening with me?

Maan: you left after I begged you. I loved you. But my love wasn’t enough for you.

Geet just stared at him for the longest time.

Geet: your love comes with expiry date Maan. Kya pata yeh shaadi bhi 3 months me expire hojaye.

Maan: atleast i never run from my love.

Geet: I didn’t run, I asked time. I needed it,,

Maan: you left because used toys doesn’t suit you much. You never played with one toy for much longer.

Geet: and here you went from one toy to another in only 3months. Good luck with your marriage. And Heer. You believe it or not but I am trully happy for you. Yeah you are a brat sometime but if after being elder than you i can be one then you should be forgiven for being one as well. Best of luck and I did not came back to snatch your happiness. I came here to see how someone go from announcing his love only 3 month ago to getting married to someone else.

She looked at Maan: If you u are gonna marry someone else, you gonna do it infront of my eyes. Lets see who break first.

Maan: Be my guest.

Precap: Kuch dard abb bhi hain baki,,,, kuch kahani abb bhi hain baki,,,

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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 41


Part 41

Its being one week and the tension isn’t leaving Khurana Mansion. Geet had her own share of problems. Maan is busy with family and Heer who isn’t coping well. On top of that Heer’s friend shilpa had come to live with them. Apparently she came Mumbai for her defected leg, when Heer and Prem came to KM with Priti she left for hospital. She came by evening and Heer visibly relaxed which earned browny points from Maan.

Shilpa is a naive girl with naive fascination. Geet being Geet hadn’t being open with friendly gesture to her which again set Heer on fire, and Geet care a damn about it. The only thing concern her is Maan and Shilpa becoming friends. She had seen them talking and laughing. Everyone is happy to find Maan cooling down. And Geet’s insecurities were spiking up.

Ved: jealous girlfriend looks hot always.

Geet: I am not jealous.

Ved: I never took your name.

His laughter was catching other’s eyes too. Geet couldn’t help but smile a little which Maan saw when he found them sitting with legs dangling in the swimming pool and Geet smiling at ved. He knew he should be happy to see her smile after so many days but seeing the reason for her happiness only made his insecurity worse.

No doubt he loves Ved but he also knew that Ved is fascinated with Geet and given time Geet would have been interested in Ved if she wad not being in love with him. The thought made him sick immidiately. He was so busy juggling between Heer and his other family problems that he hadn’t given much thought to Geet. He is ashamed to agree he has taken granted her love, her affection.

Ved: so may i know the reason for the sad face?

Geet looked at the water: nothing.

Ved: i thought i was improving,

Geet smiled genuinely: i might be younger than you but i am not so naive you know. I know that you like me, and you are as confuse about it as any other good guy would be.

Ved looked away: I really want to solve your problem Geet. I might have feelings that any guy can have for you but i know u love my brother who for some reason is taking you for granted.

Geet sighed: i never thought i will talk so heavy stuff ever in my life. If Sid had heard us, he would have gotten heartattack.

Suddenly her face got dimmed as sadness crept in.

Ved: your father, is he okay?

Geet: Sid said he is recovering.

Ved: Siddhant your friend right?

Geet: and Pari, my best friends.

Ved: why don’t you go and meet your father? Now that those goons are arrested and your relatives too are behind the bar you must be relieved.

Geet: what are you talking about, when did the police arrested them?

Ved: Bhai didn’t told u?

Geet just shook her head and Ved cursed himself.

Ved: I am sorry, he must have wanted to tell you himself, but.

Geet: lately he is too much busy to tell me anything. His priorities have changed.

Ved: Geet.

Vef couldn’t get her attention back because her eyes were locked with his brother. His very stupid brother.


Geet: we need to talk maan.

Maan: Geet

Geet: alone.

Heer: why can’t u talk here? Can’t u see finally bhai is relaxing without being drawn toward any drama. Why can’t u leave him alone for sometime. Always treats him like a puppet.

Geet waited her banter to stop before eyeing maan. Yes she expected him to defend her, but she also knew maan wouldn’t say a word against his precious sister. Yes heer is behaving childish and biting her head off from the day she had entered KM and yes maan had defended her honor every time but she can see it is wearing him off. It will soon tick off the bomb either on heer or on her but still she wanted him to defend her once against at least in front of shilpa. No chance there it seems.

Geet: I am not here for any argument. Just come with me and,,

Heer: and start your seduction?

Geet: what’s ur problem huh? If u can’t regard me atleast show some respect to ur brother in front of a guest.

Heer : she is not a guest. She is much more important than u to me and to my brother because he finally sees what a shallow bitch you are.

And that set her off instantly.

Geet: ofcourse your brother doesn’t find this criple any stranger and was so busy with her for days that he couldn’t formulate an incoherent sentence to say to me for days now. This defected and battered soul and your bruised ego needs him so much that he forgot i even exist in this house too.

Shilpa’s eyes were huge and shocked while Heer was gaping at her, then flicked his eyes on shilpa who dashed mumbling silent ‘excuse me’ but none missed the motion where she wiped the tear with her hand. Geet didn’t felt good saying the nasty things but she is beyond any feeling right now, she is furious.

But then Maan’s glare were murderous, well anger is better than distance, she can handle his anger, harshness but not his distance.

Maan: what the hell was that?

Heer excused herself and ran behind shilpa.

Geet: what? Your sister can insult me whenever she want and i can’t say the truth about her precious friend. Oops your frnd right?

Maan: this is your jealousy, right Geet?

Geet: even it is jealousy so what? You don’t have time to say about the most important thing that matter in my life right now and here you were relaxing and talking, making friendship with her? Her, a cripple? You could do better than that maan.

Maan: like making you the hanging wire in my neck? At least she has defect in her leg not in her heart.

He abruptly stopped, Geet has a habit of blabbering whatever comes to mind that she don’t even mean it but he is mature and knew how to handle himself and HER, then what have gotten in to him?

Geet: Like me?

Her demeanour has changed since he uttered those words, he wanted to apologise or shake her to make some sense but she was way past it.

Geet: you know what maan, you are absolutely right, i have become a nuisance for you.

Maan: i never said that.

Geet: you don’t have to. Your words implied it.

Maan feared the calm Geet more the spitting venom she utters when she went on defensive. Right now she is utterly calm which horrifying him right then.

Geet: So why not we take a break from it Maan? You stay here resolving your family problem and I visit my father to see how is he doing.

A chill ran his spine hearing her words. Panic gripped his heart as she stepped back. His hand went to reach her and gripped her wrist as tight as he could to hold her in his life. Because he have a sense, if he let her go now he might loose her forever.

Maan: you want to break up Geet?

Geet: i didn’t said that, i said we need time apart. To solve our own problems.

Maan: i thought we were doing that together.

Geet smiled sadly: you are too busy to even notice me maan, leave my problems. You don’t even let me in yours. We don’t spend any time anymore. Nor even you discuss your problems with me. Atleast when we stay apart and bring our life back together we could move on from here.

Maan: it seems to me you want to move on from me. Probably a better suiter u have found. His eyes went on Ved who were looking at them with concern.

Geet: Don’t disgarce your brother like that.

Maan left her hand and she rubbed ir unconsciously trying to flow the blood that stopped with his harsh hold.

Maan sneered: concerned for him?

Geet: what about your concern for the girl Maan? I didn’t even brought that here because deep down i know the problem is with us, we need time to understand each other better to take this further and you damn well know it. Your brother or that girl isn’t the problem. It’s you who need to understand how to balance this life.

She left him there, but she couldn’t forget those haunted eyes. Yes he loves her but can it withstand time’s wrath. They both aren’t mature enough to handle this situation on top of everything going on. She isn’t leaving him forever but she need time apart from him to know that she can breathe without him. Or else suffocation will kill her and him too.

But will she survive to take the breath after leaving him here? Even for a few days? She doubt it.

Her little stuff was almost packed when she heard the door violently opening the shutting and a furious Maan striding towards her.

Maan: do you think I will let you go so easily, i told you once u entered in my life i am not letting u go ever.

Geet: i am not leaving you Maan or breaking US,

Maan: then what are you doing damit? Leaving like this, leaving me.

His voice was so thick with emotion that she felt weak on her knees. She didn’t knew who came first but next she knew she was plastered between a wall and his chest. Their lips clashing together and she can taste blood but it was sweet at the moment. His lips and teeth weren’t showing mercy on her flesh as it trail down a path from her neck to throat then her lips again.

Maan was frantic. The fear of loosing her was so palpable that he was doing everything to bind her with him.

Geet’s sense had left since the moment his lips touched her. All rational thought of leaving left her as he possessed her body, heart and soul.

Maan: Don’t leave me.

Geet wanted to say she isn’t leaving him; she is going see her father only. He didn’t left much time for her to remember anything other than him.

Warning 18+ content…..

His tongue sucked the base of her throat while she couldn’t stop her moaning. Her body was set ablaze with his passion. He returned sucking her lips and tongue making her legs weak. His hand was pinning her hand above her head as his lips continues its torture till she surrender completely to him. In one swipe he held her in his arm not breaking the kiss and placing her on the bed.

Geet tried to remind herself why it is bad idea to let him touch her now, but all rational thought evaporate as his hands and lips, and tongue touched her. Her lips tried to coherent his name but only a moan came out and it was enough to push the wild beast on the edge. He was shaking. His need and fear mixed was making him wild. But still he never hurt his geet. his lips were passionate yet soft, demanding yet considerable.

He traced her throat then collarbone with his lips, sucking the neck and leaving marks while his hand was busy on her shorts undoing the buttons. She can only arch her hip to help him. Her nails were piercing his shoulder as he wasn’t wearing any shirt, only a white vest and pants. His lips trailed from her throat to her bosom and gave a light bite on her covered breasts. Her breath was hitched and she pulled his hair to stop him there for a moment and that was enough for him to pull her shirt through her head.

She was sitting on his lap when their eyes met. The haze of confusion and lust cleared from their vision and both stared at each other for longer. Maan waited for Geet to push him but she tighten her hold on his vest.

Geet: give me this night Maan, just me. Nothing on your mind but us, give me this moment Maan.

His heart felt heavy with her pleading. When his hold tightens he saw the relief in her eyes. He understood how much he had neglected her in his duty towards his family. Her lips came first but he replied her urgency with passion. One tear fell from her eyes but Maan sucked it. Soon their cloths apart from under garments scattered on the rooms and none paid attention where it was going. They were busy in the love. Both knew tonight they won’t stop at any boundary and both needs it.

His lips found the valley between her cleavage and his hands were kneading every flesh he could find. Her hips met it and in one squeeze he brought her above him and gave her all control that she desire. Their lips never left each other while hands explored each other. She broke the kiss on to suck his collar bone then his chest. Her lips trailed his skin and licks his abs. he couldn’t contained his groan and brought her closer to him holding her nape in a tight grip. It only heighten her lust filled eyes which spiked his passion.

He tore up her bra and sucked the gloves hungrily. She wanted to shout, to cry of joy, to express everything her body was feeling but he didn’t left any room. His tongue trailed from her bosom to the apex of the thighs. Her automatic response was to close it but he didn’t let her shy away. When his tongue met the most sensual and private part she felt the light. It was too soon and she wanted the final act but he wasn’t letting his torture stop. She cried his name and he pushed her on the brink but then again pulling her away. She felt the loss and looked at him. Her flushed face was so desirable that he felt undone. He came closer to her face.

Maan: condom.

One word usually was enough to break the spell but geet wasn’t letting it to break the serenity.

Geet : I don’t want any barrier between us, not today. Your every open part is mine maan.

Maan: but jaan

Geet: its ok. I am good. Please don’t stop

Geet knew Maan thought she was on the pill but fraction of doubt still hovers his lovely feature and she kissed his lips, sucking it and entering her tongue in it. He lost every will power next.

She knew what she did was wrong, letting him assume she was on the pill was thoroughly wrong on her part when she wasn’t on it but at the moment she could do any thing to keep him closer to her, because she felt him closer to him in a way she never felt and nobody will ever be that closer to him. Not physically but emotionally, and mentally.

Maan kissed and sucked her lips hard and felt her wetness pooling more and more, it was easy to loose himself and filled her till the hilt but he doesn’t want to hurt his geet. he want to cherish her and give her no doubt on his love. So when he entered her and felt the slight flicker of pain in her eyes, he hesitated which made her tighten her hold on him instantly. She kissed his lips as the pain subsided and he took a steady rythm. Her heartbeat raise as each stroke met the point her pleasure lied. Her moan got louder as she went through the brink of ecstasy, lights burst through the haze and she felt herself floating. He wasn’t behind, he came with her shouting and then biting her neck softly.

Both lied on the bed looking at each other with love and completeness. He wanted to tell her, how much he love her, how much he is sorry for not looking after her but Geet didn’t let himnas she grabbed him again. They spent the night in each othe arms, loving and making love. Because somewhere both weren’t sure of tomorrow.

Next morning Maan opened his eyes with a empty room and empty feeling.

Maan: Geet,,,, geet. He called her some more, then checked her bathroom and eventually the whole mansion but Geet wasn’t there. Panic slowly seeped through his vein as he frantically searched for her. With his voice rising everyone in the mansion woke up and upon enquiry got to know Geet left at the dawn. She called a cab from an agency and investigating the driver Maan got to know Geet was dropped at the airport.

Slowly everything sinked in and rage like never before settle inside his heart crushing the love. She had left him. Only one thing surrounded his mind. She had left him after he showed her how much he love her. She never loved him the way he love her. It was her conquest, her ‘zid’ to get him and now she left him like a used toy.

Ved tried to reach him but Priti beat him. She placed a tentative hand on her son’s shoulder.

Priti: what happened Maan? Where is Geet?

Maan: She left me Maa, she left me.

And he cried for the first time in his life hugging his mother

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