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Blessed to Have You Epilogue Part B



1st of all a Very Happy Independence Day to all my Indian Frnds.



Extremely sorry for the delay, in my busy scedual its becoming hard to concentrate on one,


This part content raw sensual scene that if doesn’t go with ur age and mentally please leave the part, I don’t want any bashing on the thread.


Thanks to all my frnds who helped me to develop the rituals and those pix, can’t indicidually one name because there are lots of ppls who effort is in the part, tanu n preetu thanks for those rituals as I m very dull in this, and naji di, prachi, maaneet, vanshi, thank u sooooo much guys for all those lovely pix, if I forget to take anyone’s name pls forgive me, love u guys.


Epilogue part B



It was their wedding day, maan couldn’t see her once from the morning but remember her act of last night. Her smirking face showing whatever she said was right, she will definitely take her revenge on their SR, maan cutely cribbed thinking how she will torture him. it is excited and scary also, but excitement was far more greater than fear.


Maanvi was from maan side to go to temple for the rasam of ghari gharoli, in this sister from both side go to temple with a ghara(pot) to take water and with that water the bride and groom takes bath, and then get ready for the marriage. It was 1st time maanvi was attending some Indian marriage so she took the responsibility as maan doesn’t have any sister. Vicky thanked her numerous time because if she wasn’t there he was sure maan had sent him to take this making him wear girl’s dresses. With his remark everyone broke in to laughter. Maan heard the laughing sound of geet who was talking with Vicky as he told her he will be with her throughout the marriage, 1st maan was giving fake angry glare to vicky saying he is dal badlu but seeing geet and vicky’s frndship he only thanked his star because all he want is geet’s happiness and her smiling face.


Its priya, brij’s wife from geet’s side as geet doesn’t have any sister. So she is like a sister to her. Vicky was going with priya and virat was going with maanvi but the the family members also accompanied them, maanvi was dancing throughout the journey. Everyone was happy and contented to see maaneet together and that was showing in the rituals. That’s why only in 3 days with all hustle bustles they arranged everything. But it won’t be completed if Vicky and virat wasn’t there. they made sure every thing is fine.


After ghari gharoli rasam maan and geet takes their bath in their respective places and then its time for chura.  Where geet’s mama (maternal uncle) will make her wear bangles for the marriage. Geets uncle came and took out the bangles which was drown in milk and water mix.


geet’s bridal accessories




Geet was all the while smiling and blushing. Vicky was doing the video of her every ritual where virat was doing that for maan. priya helped geet to get ready in the bridal attire. Geet’s eyes popped out seeing the heavy red lahenga. She made baby faces but priya teases her saying its from maan’s side as he made sure whatever she wears is only of his choices. He took every details of her jewelry and dresses. Geet blushed when someone says thank god inners aren’t his choices that made geet turned in to deep shade of red.


On the other side maan was thinking when she will see all his choices things what must be going inside her, maybe she is blushing. The mere flashes of her flush face of last night made him hard instantly. He doesn’t know why he is feeling so teenager, its very exciting for him. like he will get some treasure tonight. he checked himself in teh mirror looks dashing in a red sherwani matching to her ,,  he get ready as the barat will start moving in 1 hour.


Maan’s sherwani



Geet’s dress




Geet got ready in maan’s desired dress and jewelry. But something naughty was already playing in her mind. She blushed thinking what will maan do when he found her revenge. Very soon a girl met her and gave her a packet, she took it very silently smiling and signaling a thanks with her eyes. Everyone question her what is it and she said surprise for maan. her bhabhi and her frnds teased her like hell, she took it all gladly. Well its every girl’s dream to get a marriage like this. her bhabhi tied kalire on her wrist where her chura was dangling.. geet’s frnds sat on their knees in front of her and she clasped her both hand. a small portion fell one of her frnd’s hair. Everyone clapped for her saying next turn is her.



Maanvi tied the sehra on maan and then they took the ghori(horse), though its few feet away from mansion to outhouse but they are doing all rituals, maanvi was infront of the barat dancing her heartout. Everyone was watching her amusingly. Virat saw his parents also happy to see her so jolly and lively, they still didn’t knew her as their love interest. But maanvi make an entry in their heart.


Geet heard the sounds of crackers and the giggles from her frnds saying maan is looking so handsome, she concludes finally barat had come. In the main entrances geet’s frnd kasak came forwards to ask the shagun for entrance as per as Indian wedding groom have to pay an handsome price to enter the hall to marry his would be wife, but here maan’s frnd and specially maanvi told they will not. Kasak was fighting with her saying its shagun and they have to give but maanvi wasn’t ready, everyone laughed as kasak cribbed cutely and then to her rescue come Vicky. Maan was looking at him with fake anger but he said geet is his best frnd and he will be with her only, and then came the ditcher as virat also came by his side. Everyone laughed where maanvi gave threatening glare. Maan saw the little eye lock between kasak and Vicky and he knew there is something cooking, he happily gave a bundle of notes to kasak which she gasp, she told they means shagun and its way too much. Maan and dadima was bowled by her sweetness and innocent. They just saw a mini structure of geet who is as simple as her. maan told her its her and her frnd’s right, she happily took it. she leads them to the marriage hall where geet’s mother did the arti and tilak and then brij took him to meet everyone formally.





Maan was sitting restlessly waiting for his bride when his eyes fall on the angel descending from stairs. His breath swallowed and he forget to blink seeing her in the bridal attire. She is looking an epitome of beauty and her small smile with red hue on cheeks added the serenity of the atmosphere. Everyone teased the pair who was lost in their eyes, geet saw her handsome would be husband who is lost in her. the color of her cheeks become more deeper. Finally they are standing in front of each other. their family member gave them garland to put each other’s neck.


whenever maan tried to put it Vicky and virat sprung her above making maan angry. He again tried and this time they held her above only, geet clutches Vicky and virat’s neck tightly. Maan smirks, and then looked at maanvi and then kasak who was by the time in his side. Next when they brought her down maanvi has winked virat who stood their rooted, and kasak looked at Vicky with most innocent and cute smile. he lost there and geet found herself pull by maan then he put the garland in seconds,





she was baffled and the hall broke in to laughter and applause, Vicky and virat broke out from dreamland looking annoyingly to girls but who can be angry with those cute looks. And they felt themselves head over heal falling in love with them. When it comes for maan’s turn everyone expected him to be tease geet but he bend his neck submitting himself forever for her. she skyly put the garland and the hall again applauses.





The mantras takes place, and maaneet took the oath to be stand beside each other in every hurdle and odd. They will fulfill each other with every needs, they will be belongs to each other and never think about any fear, they will be one with mind body and soul, they will think about each other happiness before their ownselves, they will lead a life of happiness no hindrance will be there, they will trust each other never misjudge each other, and they will love and summon themselves to each other when they leave the life.


Maaneet took the oaths taking 7 phera around the holy fire and then maan tied the black bead with gold chain call mangalsutra around her neck, she closed her eyes feeling his finger caressing her nape. She blushed as his heated gaze fell on her flushed face and then he took a pince of sindoor then filled her maang.




She closed her eyes as few portion fell on her nose, everyone said her husband means maan will love her forever and immensely, he saw a tears slipped from her corner of the eyes. He looked at her concern but she shook her face saying she is feeling blessed to have him. he assured her with his eyes, its him who should feel blessed to found her beside him.


They took the blessing from everyone and after that settle themselves on the dinning table with family members, as both are fasting for each other dadima said them to feed each other. with shy look and shaking hand geet brought a small morsel to his lips, he naughtily took it but not before kissing her fingers without noticing anyone, geet’s eyes went wide with it, she gave him pouting look which he smirks only. And then his turn, he brought a large portion in front of her mouth, it’s a sweet as it ritual to break the fast with sweet. She looked at him cribbing while other family member enjoyed their little romance. Vicky whistle and maanvi teased them, geet warned him with her eyes but he shrugged it off. he brought it more close and she took it biting his finger.


Maan: ouch. Geettt

Geet: main kya karti jitna hosaka utna liya, abb bich me aapki ungli agayi to mera kya dosh?


Everyone laughed their head off seeing the cute bride while maan gave her warning looks.


After the meal it was time for bidai. Though it few feet away still geet couldn’t hold her tears, she knew after a week her family will go back to their house. She is feeling the same sadness every girl feels when she left her house for her in laws house, maan’s mother came and promise to kept her as her own daughter which geet’s family very well knew they will be. maan took blessing from geet’s father and brij warned him to take care of his little gudia, he gladly accepted….




Geet entered the mansion where large plate with red water (kumkum mixed with water) kept, and beside it there was a small vessel contain rice in it, she have to push it to scatter the rice and the make the entry, it say Laxmi the goddess of wealth and prosperity come in homes. She pushed the Kalash and mover her feet in kumkum thaal. She left her foot print on the floor and then maan’s mom took her to the mandir in the mansion to do a small puja. Geet did that. after it they bring her to a wall where all khurana bahu printed their palm with haldi mixture. Geet did that. maan was observing all with great interest and loving eyes. Before today he had never loved this rituals but today he is really loving this. after it maan wanted to go for his room as now the desperation is going beyond. But again to his misery maanvi and Vicky had their own plan. They come with a large vessel contained milk and rose petal. The famous RING game Maan thought and sighed. But again though its same but the feeling are very knew to them.


Dadima hide the ring between the rose petal and maaneet started searching it. geet was playing with concentration but maan was having naughty idea. He held her finger locking it with him, the vessel was enough big to hide their hands. She gulp her saliva to come out the grip but he held it tight. She some how manages to come out from his grip but couldn’t find the ring, she felt dejected and everyone was astonished not to find it in the vessel, dadima put her hand in it but it was not there, they enquired from maan but it was not with him. and then he lifted geet’s hand and everyone gasp seeing the ring was in her ring finger. He had put it on her finger way long time. everyone clapped and dadima blessed their love. Maan wink at geet who was shying and turning red with his teasing gaze.



After giving a good amount to maanvi maan finally entered his room, he fell on the bed feeling tired but not to missed the crawl of his lovely wife, she was taking steps backward and his face expression changes as he saw a LONG veil covering her almost fully, it was almost on her toe. No body part was coming out. he thoughts it weird still shrugged off thinking its some custom. He touched her feet above the cloth when she took it more to her, her shrugging just made him mad.


Maan: geettt,, why u r crawling back? I know u r shy but u know I was waiting for this moment for a long time. he felt her tossing and putting her hand on her mouth, maybe to muffle her gasp. Ha janta hu its few days only but still I want to hug u, feel u close to my,,,, he again found it weird to see her ruffling and tossing, he completed, close to my HEART.


He felt something is really weird, and then saw the toe. its not his geet he conclude He just jerks out from the bed.




Just then they heard a musical laughing, his head turn to see geet coming out from the washroom with kasak and Vicky. His eyes widen in shock and then looked at the person on bed, he immediately pulls out the veil only get a short heart attack. He saw virat sitting with his hand tied close to his mouth and a white cloth on his mouth tightly. He looked at geet and then maan compliantly where geet was laughing her head off seeing the flushed face of maan, and then the cribbing face of virat. Vicky came and untied his both hand and mouth,, virat took a sigh relief.


Virat: kya khatarnak friend ho yaar tum log, god dushman ko bhi aise frnds na de. Main yaha apni izzat k fikar me baitha tha tum dono has rahe ho.



It made them more laugh, virat looked at maan apologetically. Maan fumes in anger but he knew its her revenge and he can’t be angry on his cute Barbie doll who is happy to make trouble for him, he looked at geet with murderous glare but she smirks.


Virat: ek min k liye to laga meri izzat ka faluda ban jayega.


Vicky: yaar agar tu pehle maan jata we would never tied u but


Virat: yaar Standing in front of MSK and that too in his SR, he would surely murdered me,


Vicky: what do u thought he won’t do now?


Both gulp hard seeing the angry glare, and decided to make a run. Vicky held kasak’s and ran away bidding gdni8 and best of luck, unwantedly a smile came on maan’s face, geet saw it and its make her smile broadly but soon it died as he grabs her waist pulling her close to him. her breath become heavy and maan smirks seeing his single touch can make her breath swallow.



warning 18+



He nuzzle close to her ear: bari hassi arahi thi na? he whispered huskily close to her ear and kissed the cheek softly.  Hmm now tell me why u did that ha? U know how hard it have been to control myself, the time I saw u on mandap I thought to steal u from the world and mark u as mine, I wanted to kiss ur supple lips endless till they become sour and mark ur body red with my passion.


His remarks were leaving goosebumps all over her body, she thought how can he make her crave for him with mere words. His hot palm held her smooth bare waist but then felt something poking his hand, he looked at her heavy ornaments and the way they are hurting her delicate body. He slipped his hand on her hair taking out all the clips one by one and kissing her,,  placing feathery kisses all around her neck. She held his shoulder with pleasure come rushing in her vein, he took out her veil.


Maan: practically u should have been on bed covering it and I would have been reveal it first, then do some sweet yet emotional talks. Geet looked at his desirable eyes which spoke more than words, its showing love passion. She lowered her lashes blushing hard. He whispered, but for that we have full life and tom morning, I don’t want to waste any moment of tonight. He freed her silky hair from the braid. He kissed her hair and took her on the bed. She sat comfortably on it, he lifted her lahenga from her toe and saw the heavy gold anklet there hurting her skin, he slowly took it off kissing one by one and then revealing her white skin coming up and pulling the lahenga up with his teeth. His stubble touched her skin making her gulp her saliva. He kissed her way up to knees and then heard her moan.

Geet: maan.


He heard her hoarse voice knowing he is affecting her very much, he came on her face and looked at it intently. Her eyes were close and he kissed her eyes one by one. she opens them only to find him staring at her intently, she moans as his hand slipped in her waist taking out the heavy waist chain while his lips kissed her earlobe taking out the earring and placing soft kisses around her ear and back of that. she felt shuddered.


Maan: u had teased me like hell geet, but u called trouble by urself. She was confuse but soon felt his sharp teeth nipping her skin as he took out the neck piece and kissed it way down.  He took out the next piece of earring and rubbed her lips to wiped the lipstick. But it was arousing her more. she smiled at him and a tint of naughtiness played on her face. he wanted to captured the rosy lips in his mouth, as he proceeded she put her finger on his lips stopping him further. He groans and looked at her eyes helplessly.


Geet: remember ur punishment? Maan looked at her confuse. Last night’s punishment for teasing me, his eyes widen as she bite her lips making a distance. Virat’s part was just starting, the real game start now.


Maan accepted his defeat, he badly wanted her now and after this teasing looks from her is making him more mad for her.


Maan: ok I m accepting my defeat, tell me fast what I have to do?


The naughty smirks saying he had made a big mistake saying that. he can’t back out now.


Geet: u can’t back out. he nodded desperately waiting for her real intension. Ok the punishment issss,,,,, U WILL NOT TOUCH ME till I wanted.


Maan looked at her for a brief min feeling blank, and then it draw upon him what she asked, is she want to play this on their SR?


Maan: common geet can’t u play some other day, its our SR.


Geet: don’t act like a desperate hubby jaan. U can’t touch me till I will say it


Maan smirks: u will repent ur wordx geet, tarsogi and u will beg me to touch u, she smiles at him.


Geet: lets see who will beg.


Maan: but what about our sr? he made a cute puppy look.


Geet: when I said to stop that, I said u aren’t allow to touch me not I,


Maan smirks: ok, lets see how will u carry the game by urself, u will need me jaan.


Geet: hmm lets see. Maan sat on the bed comfortably leaning on the pillow waiting for her to proceed. She smirks, I m coming in few mins, till them lock the door at least. She ran from there leaving a confuse maan. he sighed and went to lock the door, he mentally kicked himself 1st for not locking the door then agreeing her terms, but then it will be fun to see her struggling with him. he smiles slyly.


But all his smile washed away as he saw her coming from the washroom, wearing 1 piece nighty which is barely covering her body, the length was too short, her milky white skin and slender thighs was very much visible to his nake eyes to feast, and then his eyes went up to see those beautiful mount showing some portion making her utterly desirable.


geet’s nightdress



He felt hard in his groin just to see her like that. his whole body caught a warm sensation which only could be feel by her body. He made a fist and his nails dug in his palm, he cursed himself for giving her consent where he couldn’t control now only. He want to cherish her every soft skin with his rough palm making her moan his name but now what will he do? Her long hair was covered her arms but soon she placed them over one shoulder and moved to the bed, he saw her bare back, it was covering her hip only as the cut was really deep. He felt his throat went dry just with the scene, what will be the feeling of those forbidden places to touch. He had touched her every skin still the desire she woken just now only with the look is unbearable. He walked towards her in a trance, her face played a naughty smirk, he tried to touch her face but geet backed out.


Geet: u can’t touch me maan, she said coming closer to his earlobe whispering in a sexy voice, making him mad for her. she softly kissed his cheek, he closed his eyes to control the desire to take her right then. she kissed and licked his earlobe, he tried to touch her but she shoved his hand. U CAN’T. he groans as she kissed his cheek and the coming down on his neck.


Maan: just let me free from ur words geet, I will u rip u.


His hoarse voice was adding the fuel to her red cheeks. When she was wearing the red nighty the 1st thing came to her mind was maan’s reaction, and seeing him so dazed she knew he must be feeling hard to control himself. And now this open raw words were making her more nervous yet excited.


Geet held his shoulder dipping her head in his neck kissing his exposed skin.


Geet: I said not to touch never said u can’t kiss me or love me. she whispered against his lips and captured his M shape lips in an urgent liplock, he couldn’t hold himself and parted his lips, with the chance she entered his mouth, he was baffled with her boldness but knew it will be difficult to handle her. her lips latches on his making him groan in pleasure, he wanted to hold her petite waist to pull her more close to him but couldn’t. she traces her index finger on his chest snapping the button of his sherwani where her tongue was busy to explore his mouth. they were sharing open mouth deep kiss. Both eyes were closed feeling each other’s soft lips. He felt her lifting his sherwani.


Geet: I hate ur sherwani, its way to heavy. She said against his lips.


Maan: ur wishes my command. He took out his sherwani in a swift. Her eyes feasted his well toned body, those bulging muscle and abs reflecting above the black vest. She smirks and again came near his lips but gave a peck going down on his chest.


Maan moans: geettt,, she smiles and continue her sweet assault.


Geet: its just the starting maan. she bite his chest making it red and then licked it soothing the pain. She touched his back sliding down her arms between his waist and arms, he couldn’t handle her torture and sprung her twisting and pinned her to the wall with his body.


Geet: maannnn.. she shriek, but his heavy breath fell on her lips. She was breathing hard but the desperation was clearly visible in his uneven sighs.


Maan: u said I can’t touch u with my hands but I can love u with my lips. Her eyes went wide as he slammed his lips on her. his both palm was on wall of her either side pressing her full body with him. her bulging curves were touching his chest. He parted her legs with his knee and placed his throbbing manhood on her core perfectly over their cloth. She gasp seeing his hardness, her breath swallowed seeing the desire in his eyes. With the intense gaze he is claiming her shows how much he is craving to touch her. his teeth nipped her soft lips making her moan in the kiss. But he doesn’t showed any effect but increased his pressure on her lips. He pushed his tongue inside her tasting her full mouth making her breathless. He felt her short of breath and left her lips only to savor her neck. Geet hugged him closely, her hands were making fist in his hair stilling pulling him more close and he kissed her skin harshly. She was wet between her leg, she felt his manhood caressing her soft moist place above her panty. She bite his neck to control the urge to feel him inside her. he came on her cleavage and sucks the above portion that was showing above the thin nighty. He rolled down the thin strap with his mouth kissing her full shoulder nibbling it with his lips and tongue. Geet tried to gather herself but it was difficult still she want to show him who is on command. She pushed him with force and rolled above him .


Maan groans frustratingly and tried to hold her, geet smirks and pushed it, then ran to the bed. He watched her back, which was showing her hip slightly as the dress is too short. He made a fist to control himself from ripping her. she sat on her knees on the white satin bed covered with red and pink rose petals. The scents of candle and the shimmering moon light was illuminative the room with an extra sensual atmosphere.  He saw her eating something. His eyes widen as he saw the strawberry with white cream going in her mouth and she sound fully licking her fingers, his throat were burning to see the cream on her lips. The swollen red lips with eth juice of strawberry and white cream was making her extra hot and sexy. He went towards her and she offered him, he shook his head in no then indicate towards her lips. She licks it making him mad and then giving him a sly smile. she jerks him on the bed and came above him sitting on his lower point perfectly on his manhood. Both moans with the contact but she can’t let him go so easily. He touched her wiasts pulling perfect on his lower parts more deeply, she came on his chest kissing it and in fraction she took off his vest. He reciprocate with her but the next moment his eyes widen in horror as she effortlessly tying his hand with the bedpost.


Maan: geettt what r u doing?


Geet kissed his chest: revenge of last night.


Maan: u can’t do this? please.


Geet shook her head: I have just started. U should thank me that I m not blind folding u.


Maan: ohh really I m so glad of u, he said in sarcasm,


she smirks: yes ofcourse. She came on his lips. If I tied ur eyes how will u see me, she said while slipping her one string from her silky smooth shoulder.


His eyes popped out seeing her stripping her dress, if he was in nice condition, he would have crushed her under him and devour her skin endlessly. She sat comfortably but with slowly rubbing his sensitive spot making him insane. He held the rim as she came on his chest licking every portion with her pink tongue. She placed wet kisses around his chest and then coming on his torso, biting it a little. He closed his eyes feeling her lips on his every skin, but soon his eyes widen feeling something cold on his chest. He snapped his eyes to see ice cube on his chest and her tongue was guiding it up on his throat. He groans with it.


Maan: geetttt,,,


She was returning his torture adding her touch. Her hand was caressing his waist line feeling his sensitive spot near the underwear line. The ice cube slipped and she licked his nipple, she slipped out after kissing his upper chest enough, then she took another ice cube and placed it on his abs, but this time he felt her smooth skin above it, his breath almost stopped seeing her taking out her small nighty leaving her in bra and panty. She shied a little seeing his eyes on her only, she kept it active and came on his lips taking in her, her tummy touched the ice cube and so his abs, rubbing and dancing in their own land. She bite his lips and he felt something in her mouth, he felt something creamy and then he realized its chocolates, not only that its his favorite chocolate moose. He chewed her lips with that feeling her melting in his mouth,


Maan: u taste better than it.  geet smiles but her hands were doing something else, maan bite her lips, don’t do that geet, u will pay for it, it won’t be easy for u.


Geet: I want u raw. She smiles and came down on his pants, taking it out from her view, he saw her cleavage and felt his palm want to touch that smooth velvety skin. Soon his thought died as she stroked his manhood with her soft palm above his boxer.


Maan: geet its not fair, u r still covered, geet narrow her eyes brow,

Geet: do u really think so.

Maan: yeah

Geet: don’t u want to do that ? his tossing said it but she want him to feel the same that she went through. She took out his boxer and his hard manhood poked out, she gaped at it forgetting everything,


Maan: geet oh god. He growl as she rubbed the tip of it in a circuler motion, he felt something moist on it but not his spe** at least, he looked at it seeing geet still rubbing it and squeezing it. he cried out in pleasure. what r u doing geet please,


Geet: I m making it more tasty. he saw her applying honey jelly on it,   His eye brow switched still nothing entered his mind as its clouded with pleasure. he knew what she want to do.


Before he can say anything she took the whole length in her mouth pleasuring him like anything, she took it in out and in her mouth with speed rolling the tip of his p***** with her tongue, her fingers were caressing it with her lips. Maan only growls and whimper then felt he will release anytime, she caresses his b**** with her fingers. Before he can splashed the orgasm he freed his hands from the scarf and held her hair pulling her on him then rolled over her pressing her with his body weight. He dipped his head in her neck biting it harshly as he felt his orgasm. His groans and her breathing sound echoed the room. He relaxed on her as she scratches his back. her long nail were piercing his back making him arch for her more,


Maan: u have done whatever u wanted.


Geet smiles and took his lips in her kissing him madly. He hugged her closely still kissing her lips till the point it bleed. He came on her neck devouring it with his mouth and hot saliva. His urgency was showing in his action.


Maan: geet I love u so much, she closed her eyes feeling his love with a smile, her hands were on his nape, maan came down on her stomach kissing it and nibbling it. his rough stumble was making brushes on her soft skin. She moans his name and he took out the bra that was a long time barrier for him. her back arched to feel his touch. He kissed her lips and rubbed her breast with his palm, another one he took in his mouth sucking it hard. He felt him going hard again against her core. His fingers kneaded her hard bud. While her other breast was feeling the heaven under his saliva dipped mouth. he bite it harshly.


Geet: ohh jaan,, she moans louder. he felt her warmness under his finger slipping the thin panty, her breath caught in her throat as he rubbed her labia lips with his forefinger and thumb. He teased it pinching and rubbing where his lips took another breast devouring it making her squirm. He rubbed her lower lips more sensually and speedily then entered her va**** with his 2 finger. She cried in pleasure but he sealed her mouth in a soul serene kiss, his fingers were going in n out with a slow rhythm then took a speed. Maan please, I need u now. I can’t wait, I will die if u continue this teasing, please. He silence her lips, after few min he came down to take the warm juice making her mad. He licked her lower lips with his tongue, the warm juice were dripping like anything, he knew she couldn’t wait anymore, so he placed the tip of his manhood on her core. She held his hand and placed it on her breast. He squeezed it hard.


Maan: r u ready?


She nodded and he slowly pushed his manhood in her va****. She let out a scream as he tore her virginity. He kissed her breast softly teasing her, she couldn’t concentrate on the pain as he was giving  multiple pleasure. he pushed his manhood more in to her, few tears rolled down from her eyes, he licked it.


Maan: m I hurting u jaan? He asked in concern, she smiles and pulls him in a kiss saying him to go further.


He kissed her lips getting the permission and thrust deep in her, gradually the pain faded as pleasure took place, both moans together to reach the height of ecstasy. He lift her hip and she adjusted her pelvis bone to give him more access for a wild love. He kept trusting till both felt tired. He kissed her nipple taking them in his mouth and sucking them, she arched her back to reciprocate with his passion and entangle her leg with his hip to pulls him more in her. his whole length was inside her penetrating in a rhythm. Both was sweating but couldn’t stop at their track its over whelming. He hugged her and kissed her full mouth as she comes out with shivering body. She closed her eyes tightly feeling her orgasm and followed by her he too hit the orgasm few min later. He rolled over his side taking her on him. he kissed her forehead.


Maan: did I hurt u? is it paining?


Geet smiles and kissed his chest: u can never hurt me maan. thanks for loving me, thanks for fulfilling me with ur love, he saw her eyes moist.


He took her lips in a serene kiss: I m blessed to have u geet, I need this blessing all my life and beyond it.


Geet: I love u maan, she kissed his forehead and he again pinned her to the mattress.


Maan: when u r not so tired, I think we can take another round ha? Now it my turn to torture u,


Geet blushed profusely: Maannn, but he was nowhere to listen as he took her swollen lips again in his mouth.





So here completes a love story with happy ending, well what happened to Vicky and kasak is still mystery, their love is just blossoming, they need time to grow. One line or word wouldn’t complete their journey so we should leave them on time. about maanvi and virat, virat need a lot to make his parents agree for the marriage, but who can say no to out sweetheart maanvi? Maan will be her brother as she is an orphan, and will do her kanyadan. That will be sweet to see. But leave them on destiny. They should spend some more time to know each other. about Avanti, hope she will get her real love and life partner very soon, we can only pray for her.


About Maaneet’s baby/babies, ofcourse they will come  but 1st let them enjoy their wild passionate night and don’t forget HONEYMOON.. abb iss speed se gaye to HM k baad hi khush khabri leayenge.


So all is well that end is well.



Bye till then, we will be back with another os but not this long, will be short.


Tich sighing off from this story, thanks for reading it ….


Blessed to Have You Epilogue Part A




thanks a lot for your support through out the journey guys, and again this had stretched a lillte more, its already 6500 word and still not complete, yes its part A, and i will try to post part B tom or next day.






strictly for 18+





pyaar bhi kitna ajeeb sa ehsaas hai

Kab kisse ho jaye koi nahi janta hai…


Meri zindagi me wo aaya to dost banke

Sab ne kaha yahi hai teri zindagi ab se…


Wo mujhse dur chala gaya

Par is dil me wo bas gaya…


Pyaar ko janti nahi thi tab se usse pyaar kiya

Na jane kab wo meri zindagi jeene ki wajah ban gaya…


Har pal uske intazar me guzar leti thi

Ankhon me bas uske sapne sanjoti thi…


Jab pata chala mein to use yaad bhi nahi

Dil tuta aise jana jab use mujhse pyaar nahi…


Fir se dost ban gayi pyaar ko dil me dabakar

Pyaar se pyaar ko milane ki koshish ki haskar…


Sab ne kaha wo meri zindagi hai maan liya mene

aaj use kisi aur ka dekh kar sabko rote dekha mene…


Use to pata bhi na tha koi uska intazar kar raha hai

Bachpan se bas usi ke liye duaye maang raha hai…


Kaise usko ye sab kuch bata deti mein

Dur jane ka faisla kar chuki hu ab mein…


Uski khushiyo me shamil hone ki koshish ki

Par use kisi ka hote huye me na dekh saki…


Achanak se wo mere paas aaya

Waqt jaise tab tham sa gaya…


Mujhe to sab sapne jaise laga

Jab usne mujhse pyaar ka izhaar kiya…


Dilo jaan se fir usne mujhe apna maan liya yu

Dil fir dhadkne laga kaha jab usne ” I m blessed to have you”…!!!


A poem by Ritu, thank u deary,





Maan don’t u think its too early? Geet asked feeling lost in her thought, maan sighed. They had reached mansion yesterday but all her excitement somewhere lost when she found Avanti had gone shimla for her new hospital, not only that she will be staying there permanently. Geet felt guilty, though maan tried to lighten her mood but he knew nothing can make her feel better now, he himself somewhere feeling guilty for all this. no not that he is worried about Avanti because he know she is much mature and can take care of herself but he is feeling guilty because of geet’s sadness.


Geet looked at her palm which adorned his name with mahendi. Today was her mahendi and sangeet tom will be haldi and next day is marriage. But she is afraid. Some kind of fear was in her. till the moment she came here she was really happy but as she went inside the KM past memory flashed in where maan was going to marry Avanti. She must have cried when he broke the marriage. Till this point also she is feeling pain for others. But there was something else also, INSECURITIES. Which is normal for any girl in geet’s situation and maan very well knew about it. but he is helpless. He thought to cheer up her mood but all went in vein but he is adamant to make her lively again. He need to show his love that she had missed in this 17 yrs.


She was questioning her fate and the stars when his strong arms slipped in her waist pulling her close. She was stiff but he didn’t left her instead locked her in his embrace. He touched the back of her ear with his nose tip.


Maan: kyun gussa ho geet? Kyun itni gumsum ho? I thought this day will be the best day in our life, I will make ur this moment a memorable journey which we will cherish life time but u r blocking everything. Why? He sounded so low and helpless. Geet knew its never his fault or her also, but a fear is covering her what can she do.


Geet turn and saw his moist eyes and cursed herself for thinking all this. he loves her very much that shows in his eyes then what she need more?


Geet: I m sorry, wo I just,

Maan cupped her face in his pal: kya huya jaan? R u angry on me?

Geet shook her head in denial: bas dar lag raha hain maan, ye sab itni jaldi. I just can’t digest this. I m afraid if history repeat I won’t be able to collect myself again.

Maan: sshhhhhh, he put his finger on her rosy lips. Can’t u believe me geet? Can’t u give me one chance geet. A second chance?

Geet: maan pls. she pleaded him to stop. She can never take his guilty voce when he was never at fault. She placed her palm on his mouth but he kissed it and removed.

Maan: let me complete geet. Today I want to wash ur all insecurities. I know I haven’t done any single thing that can assure u about my love. She shook her head. He leaned on her and kissed her forehead. I know I make so many bundle in life, I never get to know my heart. But kya karu, aisa hi hu main. Till the point I felt I will lose u, I recognize my love for u. yes I felt attraction towards u but never realized that was Love at 1st sight. Geet looked at him astonished. He smiles a little and kissed her nose cutely. I never believed in love at 1st sight but the way my heart felt for u the 1st time I saw I can name it as love at 1st sight. I thought we were frnds but the way my heart felt whenever u were close, it was only love yet I didn’t realized. When Avanti came in our life I felt bad for her not cause I was in love with her. that love lost 6yrs ago when she left me, it was only the frndship, the strong bond between us that forced me to feel that way yet I was confused what my heart felt that time. I thought maybe my heart still remember Avanti and yes it does remember. Geet stiffen and lowered her lashes. He cupper her face, it does because of our friendship. I never wanted to hurt my frnd. Whenever u were around I felt lively but in her presence I felt burdened because I saw some kind of pain in her eyes and I felt guilty. I felt guilty as I was the reason for the hurt of my frnd. That’s it.

But whenever I saw tear in ur eyes I felt my heart lurching away. It breaks million time to see ur sad face. ur smile always made me happy because my all happiness laid with u still I couldn’t make out what was that. I was torn between my mind and heart. Mind said how can I forget my long lasted love whom I claimed not to forget and will wait for life. But this heart said it has already started breathing for someone else. It was breathing for u. when I heard ur marriage with someone else, I felt apart. The mere thought about losing u made me restless. I wanted to know the reason of my restlessness. I knew u deserves happiness but my heart knew ur happiness is only with me. but still I choose to keep mum. Yes that was my fault.

But the time I read ur later, Geet’s eyes widen as the mere thought of his reaction. He kissed her cheek near her lips, she closed her eyes. Something torn away that day in me knowing ur pain. Knowing u left me make me dead geet. Few tears spilled out from her lashes but he instantly licked it. the mere thought I can never reach u again make me feel I m on my death bed.

Geet : Maannnn.. she cried and hugged him. he too hugged her tight running his hand in her silky hair. Aisa kabhi mat kehna maan, I can’t live without u.

Maan: neither I geet. I don’t know how to make u believe but please trust me, my love is not a hollow this time, I really love u a lot.

Geet hugged him shrugging off her all insecurities she just held on him tightly, like her life laid on him only. She regrets her words, she knew maan well still some corner of her heart felt insecure. But his honest confession again took her heart. She can feel his restlessness and fear in his hold. She need to divert his mind. She kissed his chest above her heart softly. It perfectly worked as he groans with her soft touch on his shirt which is really thin.


Maan: geettttt, he groans. She giggles but soon her smiles stopped as he snakes his hands in her bare waist.




She was wearing a green color 2 piece lahenga that was exposing her shoulder and her stomach. She gulp hard as his fingers played on her back waist. She tried to make a little gap but he pulls her towards him again. It made her fall on his hard chest. His exposed skin of chest through his thin cotton shirt was making her vulnerable. Her breath fell on his neck making him shiver. He placed a wet kiss on her bare shoulder. She shudder with his touch.

Geet: maan.

Maan: u had awoken the demon now u have to bear this. he lifted her in his arm and went o the bed. They were in the outhouse alone. With the help of Vicky maan finally manage to sneak in geet’s room. Maaneet are not meant to meet in these days but maan manage yet again.

He sat on the bed taking her on his lap. She entangles her hand with his neck. He kissed her neck softly.

Geet moans: maan please.

Maan: please kya geet, he nipped her earlobe.

She smiles knowing his intension. Both were craving for each other, last night everyone said she have to stay here and maan wanted to spent some time with her. his all plan went to drain when virat and Vicky occupied his place with geet and they were chatting whole night. Maan had cursed Vicky and virat where they were teasing geet like hell and that was not it, in the morning virat’s girlfrnd maanvi met with them and geet’s all time she ate. He had only got few hours with his jaan when she was applying mahendi because there was a ritual bride and groom have to sit beside each other during the mahendi time. maan had gave her teasing smile when the lady ask her the name. and she proudly said MAAN. everyone whistle as she shied but lots of naughty idea was pouring in his head. But then geet receive avanti’s call saying all the best for her marriage life. Geet  became gloomy guiltily.


Maan settle himself half lying on pillow and bed rim where she was between his leg. She leaned her head on his shoulder and he enter locked his hand on her stomach. He brushes his lips on her shoulder. She closed her eyes in sheer pleasure.

Maan: because of me u have to bear so much na geet. I m really sorry. hearing his remorseful voice she instantly held his hand tightly.

Geet: no maan, it was our destiny. It played a cruel game with all of us. Sayad babaji ko yehi manjur tha. I know waiting for so many years god had taken all my life in this but see, he gave me u. u r mine for the rest of the life.

Maan whisper: and beyond that. not only this life but all my life I want only u.

Geet shivers under his husky voice. He kept brushing his lips on her smooth skin. He pulls out her dupatta. She tried to held that but he didn’t hear her voice.

Maan: be with me always geet. Don’t let ur insecurities come in our life. I need u in every path.

Geet: I love you. She slowly whisper. His tongue rolled on her skin making her moans his name.

Maan: love you too.


He touched her arm with his finger tip travelling down. Her breath was rising with his going down speed. She bite her lips to stop the moan. He held her palm and took it above and then slowly kissed it.

Maan: I love my name on ur palm. she smiles and lowered her lashes. He traces her red cheeks. Whenever u blush so much I feel like eating u alive. Her eyes widen and she tried to stood up fearing he will surely do something that make her lose her senses.

As she tried to stood on her knees on the bed but maan pulls her with a force and she fell on him, losing her balance and then both fell on the bed flat. Geet underneath of maan. his breath falls on her skin making her tremble in his passion.

Maan: don’t ever think to go away, ek baar Sydney se le aaya dobara kahi jaane hi nahi dunga.

He looked at her angelic face. he feel complete to see her so close and happy. geet was smiling closing her eyes. She was giggling but as she felt his heating gaze on her she opens her eyes and saw his intense eyes on her. she felt complete to see him happy. his one look is saying how much he need her every moment of his life. Maan leaned on her and she gave in surrending herself closing her eyes. He captured her lips in a smooch but soon it turn to be a hot passionate deep kiss. Both couldn’t have enough of each other. geet sneaked her arms inside his shirt making him groans. He left her swollen lips and came on her neck close to her earlobe.

Maan: don’t do that, u will regret geet. His tone was dangerous and deep. Geet ignored it. she is too busy enjoying his touch and his body. His masculine hard body that is burning under her palm was making her out of the world. He tried to pin her hand but she dig her nails in his skin making him groans in pain n pleasure. she caresses his taut back and he bite her collar bone in pleasure but a little harshly.

Geet scream: Maannnn.

Maan: that what u get messing with Maan. he said teasingly looking at her eyes and instantly rolling his eye balls on her lips.

She shied but soon it changes in to surprise as he captured her lips once again. His hands were roaming on her bare parts of body and slipped in her blouse, she moans in the kiss. He came on her neck placing some luscious kiss. She held his nape involuntary puling him more close to her. he came on her cleavage and sucks her upper cleavage hungrily. She bite her lips to suppress the scream but couldn’t so she bite his neck harshly leaving her mark. It made him more want her. he came on her belly bottom and kissed her naval sucking the skin more.

Geet: ahhh maan.

Maan: I need u now geet. He kissed her every inch, her eyes widen as she found his hand unclasping her blouse. It had on 2 string on back and a invisible bra strap. He threw the material away from his path then squeezed her breast above her bra. She moans in pleasure turning him wild. Her feet was massaging his feet or rather say more ingesting him. his hard manhood poked on her naval through their dress clearing his attention to her. her breath was already high.. this kind of sensation is really new to her. her desired man is touching her soul it’s a dream for her. and finding him so close to her, she felt over whelmed with emotion. He placed feather kisses on her neck. His hot lips and long tongue mixed with his honey nectar saliva is claiming her all senses. She couldn’t handle his tortured and rolled above him. he was astonished with her step but enjoyed her teasing glare.

Geet came on his face and slammed her lips on his. he was dumbfounded with the wildness,, he couldn’t help but smiling feeling content with her move. Her slender finger played with his shirt button where he groans in the kiss. He held her back and pulls her close to him. her cleavage was touching his chest close to his throat as she was slightly above on him.

She unbuttoned his shirt and broke the kiss coming on his throat and kissed his throat going down rolling her pink tongue on his skin. She came on his neck and kissed it hungrily where her nail was piercing in his back. he was half lying and she was above him. she kissed her way down, he comes out of the shirt and grabbed her slender waist. He wanted to take command but she was in her naughty self. She pushed his hand and bite his skin. He gave her threatening glare which didn’t work. she came on his nipples licking it slightly and making him mad. In fraction of second he took command by pulling her hard so she crashed on his hard chest. He kissed her lips strongly making the swollen lips redder. He was going to take her bra out but their intimate moment got disturb with the loud bang on her door. Maan left a frustrated groan in her mouth where she was breathing heavy. Both broke apart and geet closed her eyes. Maan again pulls her in his embrace and kissed her lips one last time. both tried to breath normal. But then they hear the loud bang.

Maan greeted his teeth knowing who it can be: MAANVI, geet smiles.

Oye love birds kab tak aise rahoge, come out soon. dadima is coming to see geet.

Geet’s eyes widen as panic covered her. maan tried to sooth her tension.

Maan whisper: go and freshen up, I will see Maanvi.




Maanvi: kya kar rahe the aap jo jitni der laga diya, Vicky se to kaha tha bas 1 hour see its more than 4 hour u came to meet her.

Maan: none of ur business he said sternly, but didn’t miss the teasing smile from maanvi.

Maanvi: oohhh none of my business ha? I see then it will dadima’s business I guess. She said smirking

Maan: Maanviiiiii

Maanvi: I know what is my name. ok chalo now go dadima aati hi hongi.

Maan: nope, I want to meet geet 1st then

Maanvi: oye mr romeo itna mil liya dil nahi bhara. Mujhe to laga abhi k liye itna kafi tha. She said winking at him. he seriously feel like killing her seeing her eyes on his neck on the love bite. But he can’t as maanvi is full filling the place of a sister. The sister maan never had but always wanted. So she had become his official sister. But in teasing she is a devil and always takes geet’s side.



Finally geet came in a different dress coving her shoulder and neck as it already turned red. Maan gave a intimate glare to her and her cheeks become red with that. finally giving a last peck on her lips in front of maanvi he finally bid bye. Maanvi shook her head in disbelieve.

Maanvi: I can’t believe he is so romantic, wish virat bhi aisa hota. She said pouting her lips just then virat came and slipped his hand on her stomach making her face widen in shock.

Virat: who said I can’t be romantic, chalo abhi dikhata hu.

Maanvi whined: virattt….. geet and Vicky broke in laughter seeing her red cheeks.

Dadima came there and gave a large plate of jewelry and dresses saying geet have to wear this on her haldi. And then on her marriage.






Maan is frustrated seeing his own family is going against him. he is banned in KM for few hours, as geet’s haldi ceremony is going there. He wanted to see her glowing face. captured this memory with his eyes but all went in vein. His haldi ceremony had done 1st so now he is free with this 2 devil Vicky and virat where geet is still in the middle of crowd.


Geet was all shy with the teasing and praising. All the women were praising about her beauty and innocent look. Geet was smiling and giggling with her family and frnds, some of her colleagues of sanjeevani. Just then she saw maanvi looking at her and all tensed. She signal her to come close and then she informed her that maan is hell angry and shouting on everyone. Geet knew why it is so. He wanted to apply haldi on her but it failed as dadima and maan’s mom was always with her. so she had to go with them and her 1st haldi applied by her mom only. Now geet is seriously worried because it gonna be tough to manofy her angry would be husband. She remember his threat last night where he said if he doesn’t get the 1st opportunity to apply haldi on her the aftermath gonna be difficult for her.


She silently prayed for her safety and entered the room. She sighed relief finding no one is there. She had returned to outhouse where she is staying with maanvi and her full family is staying at KM only. They wanted her to shift KM and maan in outhouse but maan was adamant he will not leave KM then geet said she wanted to stay with maanvi Vicky and virat as its her only few days of unmarried life so all agreed.


Geet: babaji aaj bachalo uss dust danav se.

Impossible, aaj to tumhare babaji bhi nahi bacha sakte tumhe iss DUSHT DANAV SE geet.

Geet’s eyes widen as the realization of his voice right behind her.

She turn and before she can anything he cornered her on a wall.

Geet gasp: maannnn. But he already dipped his face in her neck. The strong turmeric essence hit his nostril but still he held her tightly to him.

Maan: I told u u will have to bear my wrath if u let anyone touch u before I touch u.

Geet: maan listen to me please.

Maan bite her fresh skin turning it red: how could u ha?

Geet knew he hate turmeric smell. Infact he always puked if it hit his nose but here he is so lost in her that he forget her whole body had covered turmeric paste.

Geet: maan let me fresh 1st, u can’t take the smell. Maan was amused that how did she know about it. his look said it. He hates turmeric that’s why everyone played a little pinch of haldi on him and he washed it immediately. Wo Vicky ne bataya tha. She said softly lowering her lashes, knowing he will catch her lie. Well its not lie Vicky had told her but not today its years before and she caught it in her heart.

Maan lift her chin: kab bataya tha? Barso pehle? She nodded softly. Hmm now as its on u I love it. geet’s face turned red and she pushed him from her in a reflex. Before he can catch her she ran in the room.

Maan was fast he catch her exactly the time she tried to enter the washroom.  I m coming.

Geet’s eyes widen: noooo

Maan: punishment for not giving me 1st chance to apply this on u.

Geet: but

Maan pulls her close to him by holding her waist: its just the starting jaan, ur punishment just started.


Without saying anything he scooped her in his arms and entered the washroom. He placed her under the shower opening the tab. Cold water rushed down her body awakening the wild desire to touch her forbidden places, to be touch in his sinful lips.


Geet twirled and leaned on the glass wall. Her dress was already drenched and hugging her perfectly. The wet yellow suit with deep cut neck wasn’t helping him to control his desire to savor her right now. both of their heartbeat mingle with the sound of shower but still it was way too loud for them. His white shirt was giving a very clear view of his well toned muscular body through as it become wet when he stepped closer to her. her breath raged as he pressed his heating body against her back.

Geet: maan.

But her voice stuck in her throat as he touched her knuckle first. Slowly rubbing the haldi with his thumb. He traces his fingers through her hand going up to her arms rubbing it slowly, the water pour down on them washing the turmeric paste and leaving a new glow on them. She closed her eyes as his lips touched her nape. He was drinking her smoothness through his M shape lips which is wet due to continue pouring water. He kept aside her hair over one shoulder and kissed her earlobe.

Maan: u r looking beautiful. Her wet cheeks form a pink shade but next set of word raised her heartbeat.  But I need my right, to make u beautiful I want to touch ur forbidden places. She shudder with the intensity of his voice. I want to mark u as mine with my own color. She smiles knowing its impossible to deny him and go out from his magnetic pulls. He kissed her neck and came on her back kissing her spine and rolling his tongue on her zipper of kurti. Geettttt….. he groans leaning on her back.

Geet: I m all urs maan.

It brings a naughty smile on his handsome face. he unzipped her kurti in seconds. She gasps at his urgency. In matter of fact he tore her bra leaving her bare back to be feast with his nude desirable eyes. She left a heavy breath. His hand slipped in her stomach puling her close to his body then only she realized he is also bare. He had left his shirt long back. he undid the thread of her patiyala, and it falls on her toe like a ring. He took out it. she was already red with his heating gaze, she thought her heart beat can’t rose more than this. it proved wrong when his lips touched her back spine. He kissed her forbidden places where his hands were playing on her panty line, the slight barrier between them. He kissed her full back with hungry mouth till the point he felt satisfied. His palms were rubbing her thighs and hip. She moans in his magical touch.

Geet: ohh maan.

His hands went upto her breast cupping them harshly making her wild in passion. Till now he knew what she want. He turned her to face him and his eyes got the full view of her milky white body which is glowing with his single touch. Without wasting anytime he captured her mount in his mouth teething them. She cried in pleasure as he rubbed her lower part. Its totally new to her. his hands were doing multi tasking. His tongue tasted her hard bud. He can’t have enough of her sweetness. He left her one mount to attack her 2nd one.

She arched her back and held his hair in her tight fist. Her moans were going wild. But he was having more dangerous idea than only this. he took her lips in his kissing her hard. She tried to breath normal but his hand went on her panty and in swift moment he tore that also.

Geet shriek with the realization where they are heading. Its not that she is fearing or doesn’t trust him but she want it to on their special night. She tried to say it to maan but he was having his own plan. She felt something around her wrapping. She opens her eyes and saw maan smirking at her and she was in towel, not only she but he was wearing a towel around his waist.

Maan whispered leaning on her: don’t worry, I m not going to leave it here. U have loads to see jaan.

Geet gulp hard hearing his sensual voice. He lifted her in his arms and made their way to bedroom. She was worried for the door being lock, Don’t worry I had locked it the time u entered the room. He said with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Geet: but how did u came in my room.

Maan: my sweet sister helped me.

Geet: maanvi.


Its true when u said anyone brother u need to fulfill his dream also and here maan had emotionally blackmailed maanvi to bring geet there, glaring him maanvi finally manages to fulfill her promise.


Geet gulps seeing the tray with frozen fruit salad with chocolate syrup. She remember last night when he was asking fruit salad she had finished his desired food with showing her tongue and when he cribbed it in front of his mom she simply ignored him and said his everything firstly belongs to geet and she loved it so took it full. He had threatened her that she will repents this action. Looking at maan’s smirking face she can say yes she is repenting.


Geet: maan ye-ye-sab kya hain?

She said while gulping her saliva and stammering a little.

He whisper in her ear: Punishment for last night for teasing me and now not giving me the right to apply haldi on u.

She pouted her lips and he throw her on the bed a little harshly. She looked at him annoyed knowing his intension and pouting her lips cursing him under her breath.

Maan leaned on her: don’t do that, u look utterly delicious when ur lips pout like that, he said rubbing her lips with his thumb. She closed her eyes in sheer ecstasy with his warm breath falling on her lips. Maan was bowled with her innocent surrender. She felt his finger tips leaving her lips and going down tracing her throat and then on her chest. She tremble in his touch knowing where he is going. She tried to stop his hand but it was too late he already twisted the knot of her towel and it slipped out leaving her nude infront of her hungry predator.

Geet: maannnnn. She shouted and tried to cover her petite body with the pink satin bed sheet. Her breath was already on higher level and knowing his intention she can’t help but blush a deep shade of red.

Maan: geet. I said no hide n seek. He snatched the sheet and pinned her to the bed. If u don’t want it to be more hard and I won’t tie ur hand stay still sweetheart. She bite her lips as he played with her nipples. He kissed her lips softly. I’ll not cross the limit jaan, I know u r waiting for our SR. she instantly looked at his eyes in admiration and immense trust. All she can see mischief and love. Insane love for her. but that doesn’t mean I can’t touch u like the way I want now, it’s a little punishment u see.

Geet: maan what do want to do? She asked bluntly and the cursed herself.

Maan: geet now when u r asking let me tell u what I want to do. She closed her eyes as she felt him pushing her down on the bed fully and covering her body with something thick. She snapped opens her eyes as she saw white creams on her cleavage and he was looking at her curves hungrily. her eyes widen as she felt his tip of the tongue wiping the cream in his mouth but in a sensual way over her hard nipples. He draw a circling line over it.

Geet: maannn,, she moans his name giving him immense satisfaction. He splashed some more cream on her other breast cupping it in his hand and massaging it with cream. She gasp as his hard manhood pressed on above her womanly asset down. She felt the naked skin above her cell making her va**** warm. He was kissing her one breast full latching it hard and biting it till it feel sour. He came down still untouching the second one… he kissed her full stomach and then placed some fruit cubes above her naval and down on her abdomen, he poured some chocolate fudge on it making her lips quirk.he licks it full with his tongue. She pressed her lips firmly to suppress her moans. He bite her naval taking the cubes in his mouth and then coming above her. she felt his soft lips on her and she opens her mouth to invite him. he pushed the chewing fruits in her mouth but taking her tongue inside his mouth and playing with her lips. He did it quite a time making her wriggle to get an opportunity to take the command but he was merciless and pinned her hand on the mattress. He came on her neck and nibbled the fresh skin turning it red, then poured some strawberry sauce on her milky white skin. He licked all the sauce from her neck and throat making her arch her body and then took the 2nd curve in his mouth tasting the white cream deliciously.


Geet: maan please let me free, leave my hand please. She couldn’t talk much as he turned her with a force and pinned her both hand above her head. She felt him pouring something on her back. it was chocolate syrup with chocolate chips. She shivered as he starts tasting them with her skin above her hip only. Maannnn, please. I can’t take ur torture please lemme free, I want to hold u. but he ignored her plea and continue showering his assault.

Maan: u were enjoying ur food last day, now lemme enjoy mine geet. He whisper huskily. And kissed her whole back nibbling her skin and biting them in the process. She was trying to free her hand frantically. He finally turned her and pulls her hands aside then tied them with the bed rim.

Geet: Nooooo…. maan what r u doing? Let me go. please. Noo,, don’t do this, let my hand free na.

Maan: nope, now whatever I wanna do u will not let me do it.

Geet was scared with his smirk. Her eyes popped out as she felt something chill on her toe. She looked at maan who was smirking then her eyes went on the ice cube he was holding and tracing it on her slender long legs she twisted her toe feeling the chilling sensation on her leg but he was lost in his game. He placed his mouth on the cube tracing it above making geet moans louder.


His hot lips and her hot skin made the ice melt too early and he got her skin to feast. He cherished her each cell of her body nibbling it and biting it thoroughly.. she twisted her legs as a reflex and he pinned her legs apart seeing her forbidden part. She closed her eyes tightly in shyness. But soon her all shyness replaced by heavy moans as she found his rolling the ice on her inner thighs and finally on her core.

Geet: ohhhh maan, aahhhh.

The warm juice was making the ice slip and he touched her most secret place. She held the bed rim tightly as he tasted her warm juice with his tongue. He blew the area and entered her with his tongue making her quiver under his touch.

Geet: ohhh maan I, I need u, please maan. I,

Her throat went dry as he constantly touched her sensitive labia lips. He felt her warm juice coming and pushed his index finger in her va****

Geet moans his name wanted to feel his lips on her breast and he obliged that, he entered her inner world with his 2 finger with rapid movement when his moist mouth devour the most blissful place giving her pain n pleasure. he wanted her to see the height of insanity and he moved more deep making her cry n pain n pleasure. he kissed her lips and untied her rope. She hugged him instantly feeling her whole body shivering as she comes out with a jolt. She bite his lips harshly taking the blood in her mouth and panting heavily.

He hide his face in her neck kissing it softly making her relax. She felt exhausted.

Maan: I love u.

Geet smiles: love u more.

Maan: I m still hungry. She hit his chest and he bite her neck.

Geet: ouch…. Maan.

But he kissed her pain away….

Geet: just wait for tomorrow night maan, I will take my revenge from u. she said panting heavily.  Maan raises his eyes brow. I mean it, u have to pay for making me so wild and wanted, still leaving me like this.

Maan: but u only wanted it to be special at our SR so I was fulfilling that but aside it I wanted to eat u alive, seeing u there in those ceremony and couldn’t touch u it felt so hell.

Geet: I will definitely show u hell mr khurana, just wait for tom night,

Maan: I will be waiting for ur revenge mrs khurana.

She blushed profusely with the remark.

Maan kissed her forehead and she dozed off soon feeling tired where maan took her to bathroom for freshen up so that she can take a good sleep in clean self.

After like ages both comes out from the washroom. Geet was sleeping in his arms . maan settled with her min the bed and looked at the clock showing 12.30pm. they have ample time for rest. So both dozed off for some time….



Precap: rest of the ritual and mrs khurana’s revenge, now think what more wild can be out sweet seductress.

Blessed to Have You Part 7




Part 7 (Last Part)


As he entered the room with geet in his arm,, his eyes caught the decoration…. Black bed with black satin bed sheets and mattress,, white walls and red curtains.. Quite unique like her……  and then the wall which again had covered with only his pictures,, paper cuttings and again a new portrait…. He looked at geet who is now hiding her face in his neck….


He gently placed her on the bed and she crawled back looking other way but he came over her….

Geet gulped her saliva looking at his desiring eyes and that too from so near…. Unknowingly she laid down on the mattress and he came on top of her but not putting his whole body weight….

She looked away but he forced her to meet his eyes by holding her chin….

Maan; I m not married geet,, she looked at him shocked…. her throat went dry but he kissed her cheek very near to her lips…. How could I marry her when my heart belongs to someone else… she closed her eye as he kissed close to her eyes… and the moved to her forehead…..  someone who is waiting for me 17yrs… she held his wrist tightly….. but he continued showering his love on her,, making her blv he is her, only geet ka maan…. I know I m an idiot stupid jerk who couldn’t understand his own heart… a smile formed on geet’s face,, but u,,, he whisper coming on her lips,,, u said u can read ppl’s mind,, then why u couldn’t read my eyes geet,, u knew how confuse I was but couldn’t u realize my love for u…. her free hand went on his shoulder digging her nails… why couldn’t u recognize my love geet.. why u left me there. do u know how I suffered in this 24 hrs…. she cried twisted her lips,, she was looking utterly delicious for him…. then he bent down on lips… how can u love me so much geet,,, 17 yrs all the time u were waiting for me,, how can u love me this much geet….. do u know how restless I felt when I didn’t saw u there,, I was mad and then got ur letter…. U liar…. U said u love me and then ran away from there leaving me alone….

Geet: u had Avanti di na.. she cried but not much as he locked his lips with her…..

Maan: dare u say that again… she cutely pouted her lips….. I m sorry,, sorry for making u wait but it was ur fault…. Now geet was looking at him with her cute red nose that is because of her anger,,,

Geet: what do u mean?

Maan chuckle: it was ur fault that u didn’t come before…. My life would had been complete till now…. She lowered her lashes getting his point…  do u know that 45 days was hell but my most precious moment….  I met an angel who sometime turns to devil but,,,, she frown at him but she was desperate to hear his word… but I fell in love with the devil…. I want to spent my whole life with that devil cum angel,, I want some spice with sweetness with her only…. In those yrs I was alone,, and detach with everything but ur 45 days made me forget everything…. Force me to live the life the way I wanted… gave me every happiness,,, but the day u left me,, I got to know what place exactly u have in my life…. U know how annoying u r,, but then I was missing ur annoyance… ur cute antics and mature talks,, ur lovable way to deal with everything,, ur comforting voice.. ur angelic smile that made me forgot my every tension…. Ur absence taught me what u meant for me geet. God gave me the biggest Blessing, it was me who recognized it lately. I thought I m cursed but God again proved me that I AM BLEASSED TO HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE. I had never realized this for anyone in my life but u taught me what is real LOVE….. ur love made me love u,,

I Love You Geet….. And I M BLESSED TO HAVE YOU.



She closed her eyes letting the final tear slipped away….


Will u marry me geet,, I really love u and can’t live without u…. he said in a chocked voice letting her know how much he had missed and her and was feared with the thought he might lose her forever….

But the she jerks her eyes

Geet : but…

Maan: Avanti knew everything,, our families knew everything,, they are waiting for u geet….

Geet: maan u really,,,

He kissed her lips softly….

Maan: I really love u beyond anything….. I know my love is not so great or big like u but I,,, I love You please tum,,,


This time geet shut his mouth claiming it as her… he gave in her demand… they cried and laughed together but lost themselves in the heat of passion…..


He completely laid on her or rather say she had pulls him on her fully,,, her tongue plunged in his mouth capturing it like her life is depending on it,, maan sensed her insecurities and brought her more close to him holding her waist,, his fingers accidently brushes the edge of her waist line and geet moans in pleasure…. without any delay he came in controlled and harshly sucks her lips where his palm squeezes her soft…. He caresses her waist under the top and pulls it above so that her skin can be visible, his hot palm was roaming on every corner of her skin….. geet entangles her leg with his but it made him groans as his hardness pressed perfectly on her core…..

Geet gasp at the contact but he was lost in her sweet essence…. He rubbed her thighs with one hand that can make her lose all her self control but he was nowhere to stop,, it made her extremely wet and she dug her nails in his back…


Geet knew both are losing,, she tried to call him: Maan,, Suniya… maan…. but he came on her throat giving open mouth hot kisses making her eyes close in desire….. her hand slipped under his shirt and felt the toned muscle….


Her touch was like fire in his body,, he bite her neck and she dug her nails in his skin….. he came on her chest and placed feathery kisses…. His hands were busy in her back rubbing and squeezing the skin below it…..


Geet: ohh maan….

Maan place a wet kiss on her abdomen,,, and lifted her shirt more kissing her full bare tummy, licking the belly bottom and biting it… she harshly pulls his hair in her fist but it gave him more power and pleasure….. his hands were on her bra hook under the shirt,,, he bites her curves over her thin shirt and geet snapped her eyes….

Geet: maan we are going too far…. Maan looked at her eyes and came on her lips kissing it sensually…

Maan: u said u had wild thoughts seeing me then,, so I thought making it reality…. He winked at her but geet hide her face in her palm turning beet root… maan kissed her hand and separate them….

Geet: aap bohot bure ho, aap meri baate sun rahe the….

Maan: abb main kya karu tumne dekha hi nahi mujhe,, she bite her lips thinking him as her imaginary maan…. maan kissed her forehead… u loved me so much geet and I,,, geet sensed the choked voice and immediately placed her finger…. Maan looked deep in her eyes…. He kissed her finger and she smiles taking it back….

Geet: it was not ur fault that I didn’t came earlier,, sayad babaji ko ye hi manjur tha….

Maan: I m thankful to ur babaji atleast tumhe bheja to sahi….

Suddenly geet’s face turned pale….

Geet: lekin Avanti di,,,

Maan: geet she knows I m in love with u, infact she knew it way before but I wasn’t sure about it. when I said in front of everyone that I love u,, she broke off the marriage,, I was in dilemma that should I go back to u or not because I felt timid infront of ur love,, I thought I don’t deserve u,, u r too good for me, then Avanti said I should ask that to u only….

Geet kissed his lips: never compare ur love for me maan,, u r the only person for me maan….  maan came on her neck and placed feathery kisses there….

Do u know geet when u entered my life it just felt complete, I know I behaved like a confuse soul and a jerk who just needed to come close to u or drooling over u but then I never knew my feelings were so strong,,, I thought I was living in past the truth was I was living with u,, in my present….  U thought I had come the night to make u agree for the marriage with virat but the truth is, when I heard about ur and virat’s marriage something was breaking in me…. I felt insecure and wanted to talk to u but u left me baffle… maan kissed her ear,, u were looking like an angel geet,, that has descended for me only… I wanted to hold u,, (maan kissed the back of her earlobe feeling her shudder) wanted to kiss u endlessly (he came down on her neck kissing it sensually) but u broke my revere. I wanted to see u happy but not like that, I was not ready to accept my feeling but I just couldn’t help thinking about u,, whole night I was thinking about u only but couldn’t told anything,, the morning when marriage was taking place in an hour, I couldn’t sit there anymore and Avanti sensed my tension,, she told me that I m in love with u, I should have told u… I wanted to run to u and crush u in my arms, but then Vicky reached there and I knew something went wrong,, I read the letter and,,, geet felt a drop of tear on her cheek as maan rested his forehead on her…. then she realized its his tear, the man who had never cried had cried for her.. she held him tightly as her tear made its way… he kissed it away and leaned over her…. The day u left me I felt hollow in me,, I can’t say how I felt exactly but I was dying… geet I can’t live without u….

Geet couldn’t hear his torment anymore and sealed his mouth with her…. the kiss showed passion, longing, completeness and love…

Geet: I LOVE YOU MAAN…… she said in the kiss, it was like a whisper but he heard that and deepen the kiss immediately… he broke the kiss….


He kissed her lips numerous time…. he pecked her lips thousand time showering his all love…..

He felt her limping,, he knew she is tired.. tired of crying whole night, she didn’t slept all night… he kissed her forehead.. and then her eyes….

Maan: catch some sleep jaan….

He can see a tint of panic in her, like a fear, if she closes her eyes maybe he will be not present infront of her eyes…. He held her tight in his arm whispering huskily….


Maan: I m beside u, holding u in my arm to never let go,, now I can’t stay a single second without u geet, this fear should be mine, fear of losing u, I don’t want to lose u geet, I’ll be always with u in my entire life….

Geet: pakka na, aap firse gayab nahi hoge? Maan felt her pain,, 17yrs hallucinating him,, how great her love was, he knew maybe he doesn’t deserves her love but at least she deserves it,,, now this life is her,, she can do anything with it…. accept or refuse him its her decision only,, he will love her standing beside her….

Maan kissed her lips again n again assuring her he wil be with her always….

Maan: kahi nahi jaunga abb jaan, u sleep, I will hold u like this. she smiles and soon drifted to sleep snuggling close to him…..

Maan just admired her in her sleeping form, he himself doesn’t slept a second in those 24 hrs,, he also pulls her close to him and dozed off…..




Few hour later his eyes shot opens with the shriek sound of his mobile which was in the hall,, it slipped from his hand when geet came close to him….


He buttoned his shirt with a sweet smile remembering hi wild sherni who accidently opened few button and then rushes to take the phn….


Maan: ha mom main geet k sath hu…

Mom: sab thik hain na bête….

Maan 1st looks at the bedroom door then smiles: ha mom everything is fine,, wo maan gayi…

Mom smiles broadly: shukar hain rab ka….

Vicky snatches the phn: bhai geet kaha hain, phn do na, she is not picking my calls…. Maan’s eyes instantly went on geet’s phn that was lying on the sofa of  the hall…..  his eyes went bigger seeing 112 miscal,, means she haven’t taken her call form last day….

Maan: Vicky right now she is sleeping,, she was tired I guess jet lag,, I will tell her to call u…. and we are coming tom…. Tell mom to arrange the marriage after 3 days….

Vicky: wo bhai u r too fast,, atleast give us some time, wo kahi bhaagi nahi ja rahi hain….

Maan: I can’t take risk anymore Vicky….

Vicky: ohhoo MSK is jealous… he whistle where everyone in the home wacked him for teasing his brother….

Maan: think whatever u want….


Just then 2 soft hand slipped in his broad chest,,, his felt his back was pressing with a very soft thing like a fresh flower… the smell was intoxicating, instantly he knew it can be only his geet….

Maan: ok vicky I will call u later…. Bye…. Without hearing anything he cut the call and turned to see geet holding him tight and fear of losing him in her eyes, but there was some kind of relief also,, he knew it will like that, not finding him beside her she felt insecure…. He instantly crushed her soft body in him and she hide herself in his broad chest…

Geet: maan psychiatrist bante bante sayad main khud pagal hojayungi….

Maan chuckle at his cute adorable would be wife: ho bhi jaogi to I will love u like that u know u r too precious to me…. he kissed her forehead….

Geet: maan aap Vicky se baat kar rahe the?

Maan: hmm geet he called u numerous time but ur cell was on silent mode,, and I told them we are coming back tom, and our marriage will be after 3 days… geet’s eyes widen in shock and tehn surprise…

She broke the hug and looked at him: maan3 days only?

Maan smiles teasingly: u know we both can’t stay away and having wild dreams so it will be better to marry fast… and I can fulfill ur wild imagination…. She turn red and hide her face in her palm…


Then suddenly she felt maan removing himself from her,, she slowly opens her eyes and saw maan kneeling on his one knee in front of her…..

Geet: maan aap ye


Maan: sshhh geet lemme say the word I should told u long back when u were waiting for me but I never knew about ur existence…. Geet the day u entered my life unknowingly I started to live,, I have tried to denied the feelings as I thought that was mere attraction that every man feel seeing a  beautiful woman…. but I can say now that the 1st time I saw u I fell in love with u,, I never knew what is love but if that means having u beside me for my every birth then I m surely in love with u geet….

I had tried to detach myself from u because whenever u see me with ur hazel eyes that shows innocent and purity I felt not worth of u,, I thought u deserve way better person that me but now when I know what love is I can’t let u go everytime,, ur love know how to sacrifice but my love is selfish geet… yes I m really selfish and I can’t let u go for ever in my life, I just want to hold u every second of my life…

When past entered again in my life I thought maybe that is my present, I was confuse and portrait that  only. And u my angel just gave me whatever I thought that I had desired,, u just selflessly gave me what I thought I need but the biggest mistake was I always THOUGHT that the past was truth when the truth is I was in illusion,, I never wanted that desired to be mine but I desired u will be close to me to fulfill my every thoughts,, unknowingly I knew u will be beside me in my every need… I just wanted u always with me,, but when I felt u going away from me, I realized what I actually felt for u in those days…


Yeah its true sometime we take an eternity to know whom we truly loved,, and sometime it just few min we can recognize our real love…. Some say love doesn’t happen with first sight it just mere attraction we felt for each other but now I know love at first sight happen and that incredibly irresistibly happened with me,, I took a lot time to realize it… but I don’t want to take another eternity to know my love for u,, I don’t know what exactly u feel for me geet, but I just want to say,,


This life is incomplete without miss Geet Handa,, and I m insanely in love with u with my heart and soul,, please come back to my life as Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana… I won’t be able to survive with u,, but this time I will not let u slip away,, please Marry me Geet….


This Maan Singh Khurana insanely loves u, will u accept this stupid in ur life as ur beloved husband, Will you Marry Me Geet???



Maan looked at geet’s teary eyes with lots of hope,, but she was speechless to say anything, the dream she always had actually comes true,,, she sat on her knees to match his level and hugged him tight….


Geet: yes,, I will marry u, I love u maan….


She broke the hug and sealed her lips with him… he held her close to him and kissed her madly…..



‘Sapne bhi Sach Hote Hain’






Blessed to Have You Part 6





Sorry I know it should have been the last part, but it was so big that I had to cut it in 2 part,,, next part will be tom as I don’t have any stock for tom.



Part 6



Now I m sitting in the flight waiting for my it to land,,, I know I made a blunder by letting her go,, but she also didn’t once tried to stop this marriage, in fact its because of her I was stuck,, without saying anything she get me stuck in that place…. But now I know how selfless her love was. I know I can never match the height of her love but staying without her I can’t imagine my life…. Still I wonder,,,,

Why it should been like this? just a mistake and I lost her.. why couldn’t I understand my heart… why I did the blunder and lost her forever,, why??

I don’t have any answer it was my fault and I m regretting it… God and SHE is punishing me….  will I lose her forever?


No I really can’t survive without her,,, now I know how miserable those 17yrs for her… she was just loving me, waiting for me and I was so busy in my life that it slipped out,,, no one tried to get me remember her and being a child fading a memory is normal but I wonder how did she manage,, yes her family had always portrait me as her life but being a young girl she had never dreamt of anyone…. She just selflessly loved me without seeing me, without knowing me….. her love is so great sometime I feared will I be ever be able to match her passion….


She loved me and my love also,, to bring me back from my miseries she came here leaving everything behind her….  knowing it will ripped her heart she brought Avanti in my life…. How can she give herself in this love without any expectation…. Now also she gave me my happiness and left me without knowing my happiness is she herself….


I know maybe my love is not so great like her,, but I really love her,, I can’t see her tears,,, knowing somewhere she is still waiting for me I can’t let her slip away….yes it could be sounding like how can I fall in love in just 45 days claiming I was in love with someone else for past 6 yrs, but the truth is now I get to realize what is love,, she taught me what is real love…. Its not her physical appreciation or sacrifice it just the way of love she had for me,, that taught me….


Maybe everyone will call me mad that I m taking things so fast but I will say,, when Avanti was going from me 6yrs back I didn’t stopped her,, all I did was waited for her,, I said I love her but truth is if I ever loved her I would gone to any extent to get her back in my life,, I would have been gone behind her. I couldn’t do that simply because my love was not so stronger,, but now thinking of parting away from geet just ripping my soul,,, I will go to any extent to get her back in my life…. Now also I can’t sit and wait for her to come,, I just want to grab her and lock her to my heart saying never go from my life,,, now in few hours I will be at her place to take her back… if she want she can hit me, shout at me, be mad at me but I will beg her not to walk away from me…..


*fastening ur seatbelt we are about to land……………………*


The announcement brought me back from my revere…






My heart is beating so violently,,, never in my life I felt something like this…. standing over the entrance of her house I m feeling top of the world but very anxious,,, what will she say finding me here? I can’t wait to see her…..



(from now it will be my narration)


As he going to ring the door bell and elderly lady comes out from the small bungalow… she was looking really sad,, maan tried to ask her about geet but she interrupt him….


Lady: maan sir…..

Maan: do u know me?? he asked little reluctant….

Lady: sir I m kathey,, geet’s baby’s care taker u can say,, she smiles broadly….

Maan: care taker???????

Lady: brij saab had sent me here to take care of geet baby and this house,, u know she is so alone here at least finding me by her side she would have feel like homely so I came here,, and anyways I don’t have anyone except geet baby… thank u for coming sir,,, she had suffered a lot in these years,, I can’t see her so alone,,, and when she came back yesterday I had seen her gloomy face and last night she was so worn out, it shaken up me…. then brij saab told me u r coming but he informed me not to told that to geet baby, I had followed his order. Now as geet baby also wanted to stay alone for sometime and I m going to market for some hours….. look after her sir,, in these yrs I had seen her feel alone but she covered up…. I don’t know what happen in these days in india,, but she looks really worn out,, I m scared for her now….


Maan: aunty,, how do u know me, I mean how did u recognized me as maan?

Kathey smiles: go inside u will know everything,, there is nothing hidden in her life…..


Saying so kathey took a leave leaving maan astonished but torn by heart…..



As he entered the hall he was blown away seeing the decoration and the sweet home…. Its classy but according to HIS TASTE….. his heart filled up seeing his picture all around the house,, in the main hall a master wall full plaster with his pictures,,, paper cutting about him, pictures of his awards,,, anything and everything about him was there,, maybe he had forgotten but she took everything by her heart…. He saw the large painting of him,, and in the lower side a small sign of geet made him sure its her work…. He felt over whelmed but then infront of her love he felt timid…. His love felt timid….


Just then the bedroom door clicked open and the sight was enough to freeze him on the spot….. geet comes out from the room wearing a baby pink top with lower waist off white color shorts…..seems like she hadn’t noticed him yet,, she is going in the kitchen and took a box of ice cream…. the creamy white bare legs were utterly delicious for his eyes….  But then his eyes went up,,, and captured her red eyes,, messy hair…. His heart shudder thinking what had happen in those hours,, she had been crying all night….  He wanted to engulf her in his embrace forever but found himself froze on the spot….


She sat on the chair placing the ice cream box on the dinning table then took a spoon and started licking it….. she didn’t noticed him as he was leaning on the door side by and her side was on the door, more over she was so depressed to see anything.

And then started blabbering herself…..


Why it happened with me babaji,, I was ur fav child na, still u ditched me,,, she pouted her lips and again licked the chocolate ice cream,,, but i think because I m ur fav child u love put me in so many miseries…. Do u know how difficult it was seeing maan and controlling myself…. I was having so wildest dream seeing him….. she smiled sheepishly……


(maan’s eyes widen as she revealed her all secret)


The 1st time I saw him checking me out gosh my cheeks were burning,, do u know how difficult it was for me to hold back… in the room also his gaze was enough to burn me still I managed to control that with my smartness….. she smiles cheekily and maan also smiles a little,, he leaned on the door beside but still geet still didn’t saw him,, she was lost in her world….

Babaji do u know I was stammering,, can anyone blv the great  psychiatrist was stammering,, but he is a person anyone will lose themselves na….

But then when we met Avanti di, I saw pain in her eyes… I know our closeness effected her, but it was unknown and heavenly for me,, those small moment is enough for me to live my life… Alone tear came out from her left eye,, maan felt his heart is crushing but then she again jerks up and put full spoon of chocolate icecream with chocolate chip and syrup in her mouth licking her lips making maan lose his patience and those moan from her mouth was giving him a hard time….

Ufff last night session of crying is not enough kya? My head is throbbing enough now…. She again drifted to the moment of maan’s closeness….


U know babaji everytime when maan came close to me it was so hard to control my emotion,,, I saw something on his face, I know its hard to control over self seeing Geet Handa but he is MSK after all. Many time I saw something on his face, some time I felt its love but then everytime Avanti came and I saw guilt and pain on his face, I can’t bear it.  I think he was attracted to me….. a new glow was on geet’s face a sweet smile played but then it faded…. But he was attracted to my physical appearance….. maan makes a fist in his palm knowing what she thinks for him,, did he really behaved so desperate that she thinks something like this,, ok maybe sometime but still didn’t she ever realized his feeling for her,, but he blame her knowing she loved him still he thought she will forget him and he tried to search something on her and now he knew he always tried to search love in her eyes….

Then heard next set of words…..


But I knew it was not lust,, my maan can never lust over me,, maybe he was just attracted but I knew if I behaved desperate then I would definitely spilled the beans….. and he would have been regretting coming close to me,, and that’s why I controlled my desire to touch him once…. Her lost tears made way,,, but my dream to have him atleast for some mins never came,, but I m happy to see his love near him…. a whimper escaped from her lips… and that’s why I had to left him,, I can’t see him with her,, hell I can’t…. in these day I had concealed my emotion but seeing him becoming someone else’s I don’t have the strength anymore….


I just want him happy,,, unhe khush rakhna babaji…..


Do u think he will be happy without u geet…. She heard the same voice,, the manly voice that always comes in her dream for almost all her life…. But she couldn’t see him,, her eyes are misty with tears,, she immediately wiped them and then saw him leaning over the door with a smirk…. 1st few mins she blinked her lashed couple a time making his heart flatter and then she twisted her nose….


Ye kya babaji firse sapna,, I guess I will be mad till the end of my life,, everytime I hallucinate him but this time so prominent… she ignored the image and its talk thinking its another of her hallucinated image…. But maan was confuse that why she is looking at him like that….


Babaji firse wo dikhne lage,, jab unse nahi mili at least I can have dreams about him and mark him as mine because he was single,, abhi to unki shaadi bhi hogayi then how can I still imagine him….


Her revelation left maan baffled,, in those yrs she had only dreamt about him, infact her love had gone to an extent that she had made an imaginary maan for her so that he himself can’t snatch away that from her,, he felt his eyes became moist as the  realization of the depth of her love drawn in him….


She said looking lost somewhere,,, abhi to shaadi bhi hogayi hogi,, but I know Vicky will be so sad, not Vicky everyone,, mera letter mil gaya hoga na,,, I m missing everyone…


U r missing everyone or me geet…


Uff firse ye dikhne lage,,, she stood up and came close to him,,, maan I know u r an imaginary figure now pls don’t come to me. u know ur real soul now belongs to someone else….. she said in whispering tone where tears flicked….


He instantly wiped them making her realize that he is real maan with flesh and bones….


Geet whisper: maan

Maan came close to her: yes ur maan.. who belongs to u only, not the imaginary but a real one who only loves to u….

Geet: nahi ye nahi hosakta, apki to shaadi,, and u love ava,,,, before she can complete he smashed his lips on her preventing her to let out the word from her lips…..


She was dumbfounded and didn’t know what happen,, what to do…..


He claimed her lips urgently sucking her both lips and with his leg he shut the door behind locking it with his free hand where his other hand was cupping her back waist….. after few min geet realized what is happening,, this is not her imaginary maan but real maan who is claiming her lips…. Her eyes widen as the thought drown in her HE IS KISSING HER that too ever so passionately… she tried to wriggle but he held her hands and looked at her eyes straightly but didn’t removed his lips,,, which is tracing the lip line and sucking them with his tongue…


It was so magical that she felt drowsy,,, she looked at his eyes which is showing pain anguish, remorse, anger and LOVE….. she closed her eyes as tears trickle down her rosy cheeks,,, his heart tormented seeing her tears but he can’t let her go now, without releasing her he spoke in her mouth….


Maan: will u not love me geet? Will u not respond my kiss,,, my love…. She looked at his eyes surprise but nodded no by shaking her face, he can feel her pouting lips and chewed them making her moan his name,, and losing himself completely….  Please geet,,, respond me…. he groans in her mouth and slipped his hands under her top meeting the sensitive skin below his palm, it sent shiver to both their body and geet gasp in horror…. Grabbing the chance he entered her mouth tasting every corner of her hidden secret making her mad in pleasure…. she closed her eyes finally surrender herself and kissing him insistently …… she held his nape with her palm pulling him close…. He groans feeling her touch… he had never felt this in his entire life,, he never thought her one touch will make him insane… the sudden kiss was not planned but it just both needed that time…  he felt her sort of breath,, he opens his mouth still kissing her open mouth couldn’t let her free with the fear she may flew away again….  He actually forgot she was always there for him,, waiting for him, it was him who needed to step forward and he did that….


His senseless kisses brought her back,, she saw him lost in the kiss giving lip lock kisses again n again with mouth open, licking the lips and then again violently pushing his tongue inside her mouth… she couldn’t hold herself and cried in the kiss…. The bolted heart wanted to burst,, all these yrs she have been in a shell, she had never present her heart her fear, her cry to anyone… she knew no one can see her pain but today she couldn’t suppress them,, having the person whom she can only dreamt off and that too so near making her unbolt the emotion she had suppressed,, and he cried holding him,, she cried. A lot….


1st maan was shocked but then seeing her kissing him madly and crying in the kiss made him realize how much pain she had suppressed in her small heart,, unknown tears made his way to see her pain and love….

He hugged her petite body closely almost engulfing her in him,,, but didn’t break the kiss,, her hands roamed on his back and he touched her every curves of her back,, rubbing soothing her cry…. Almost after an hour they parted,,, her red eyes are puffy now,,, and lips swollen… he cupped her face and locked the curls  behind her ear…..


Maan: bas geet,,, aur nahi…. He kissed her forehead and spoke with kissing her all face,, I m sorry, sorry for everything, he kissed her tears away, sorry for coming so late…. Her cheeks…. Sorry for not seeing ur love… her eyes one by one sorry for hurting u…her nose….  sorry for not loving the angel who just made for me,, who is my destiny….. finally pecking her lips…..


Geet looked at him and then reality hit her,,, gosh this is maan,, but he is married now…. No she can’t do this….. she jerks him away from her….


Geet: I m sorry,, its not right,,, she sobbed miserably… u don’t belongs me but Avanti di, u r married to her… u don’t love me but her,, tears couldn’t stop but maan can’t handle her accusation anymore……


he pushed her on the wall and claimed her lips hungrily…. She pushed him away,, Tears made there way to make her weak on her knees and he scooped her in his arm making his way to the bedroom….. she wriggle in his arm, hitting him on his chest and kicking her legs in the air….


Geet: maan leave me,, I know u don’t love me,, *sob* I don’t *hiccups* need ur *sob* sympathy *hiccups*….. leave me now… go back, *sob* u don’t love me, *sob*


She felt so weak in his grip,, she didn’t eaten anything except ice cream in last 24 hour…. she had been only crying in her room…. And now she is really very weak…..

He had seen her walking out from her room so he went there only,, her protest died and she placed her head on his chest where her hand enter-locked with his neck…. She hide her face in his crook of  neck making him shiver as her lips touched the skin…. He entered the room and shut it with his leg….


Precap: socho socho


Blessed to Have You Part 5



Part 5




Whole night I couldn’t sleep,, don’t know what to do’ her each word,, her painful eyes,, only giving me shudder to think what was in her mind’. Today is my marriage but I m not happy,, the day I always dreamt off,, the girl always I desired off in front of my eyes but I m not happy’ my eyes are searching for only one person,, in the whole crowd she is missing’. She is nowhere to be seen,, why my heart is throbbing so violently? I can’t tell anyone why I m feeling  this restlessness but I m feeling lonely like she is leaving me,,, no MY GEET can’t leave me’ I can’t let her go from my life’. Till this moment I was in dilemma what I thought about her but not now’. I saw our relative going here and there,, as its just family function not much ppl is there but in this crowd geet is nowhere to be seen’ i felt someone’s hand on my knuckles and saw Avanti looking at me with a smile, but this smile is indicating something else’.


Avanti: u love her maan’


My heart felt sad to see the tear in avanti’s eyes but I can’t deny her yes I LOVE GEET’ I was a duffer who couldn’t understand his feeling till the point when in one hour my marriage ritual will start,,, just now sitting in the chair beside my bride I realized I love someone else,, I love my GEET’ my heart is chocking but nothing came out from my mouth’.


Maan: I m sorry’. Avanti didn’t said anything,, she looked away’. I know I have done wrong with her,, but my heart only beats for her and yes being a stupid I got to know now’.. I can’t live without her’

Avanti: and u got to know now

Maan: yes,,,

Avanti: keh do usse maan,,,

Maan:  will she accept me now? I felt my voice become hoarse’.

Avanti: she loves u madly’.

I saw Vicky coming towards me and with him virat was there’.


Maan: Vicky where is geet?The expression on his face was giving me only fear,,, why he is looking so vulnerable’. 

Vicky: why do u want to know now ha?

Maan: kaha hain wo Vicky’.

Virat: maan bhai please aap jaake mandap pe baitho’.

Its enraged virat: u out of it,, and tell me where is geet?

Vicky: u don’t deserve to know that bhai and dare u say anything to virat, he was the only person who had seen geet behind me,, when I was worried for her he was there’.. 

Maan: Tell me damit where is geet,, finally I raised my voice and everyone jumped with it,, my mom and dadma came running towards us’.

Vicky: she is gone bhai,, forever’ she left us bhai’.

Maan: what do u mean, I asked in a shaky voice’

Vicky showed me a letter that geet left for him’



Dear Vicky,,,


Pehle rona mat,,, tu rote huya bilkul clown lagta hain,,, I m going Vicky’. I can’t see all this anymore,, till this day I was pretending to be strong,, like its not bothering me,, I have overcome my grief being rejecting from a person whom I thought everything,, jab se pyar ko jaana maan ka naam dil me basa hain,, he is in my soul and I can’t take him out,, and knowing living here I can put him guilt and misery that I never wanted I can’t stay there’. He was never at fault but my fate was playing with me,,, please Vicky never think wrong about ur brother’ don’t forget ur geet is living for him only’.


The day I get to know about maan’s love for someone else I felt someone has snatched my soul,,, I knew his love is as pure as the blessing of God’. And Avanti di was the lucky person to get that’. I was mad,, but soon that replaced by respect,, he was never in those who is something outside and something inside’. He was crystal clear for everyone,, he didn’t remember me it was not his fault,, because my family never gave me the chance to forget him,,, my entire life I was only dreaming about him,, but I can’t thank him enough for making me this what I m’. when I was drown in my grief his one line came to my mind’.


‘never gave up on urself,, try to take everything as a lesson and lead a life of independence’


And I drowned myself in study,, and now I m an psychiatrist,, helping ppl’. I have everything to live a life,,, and then I found he is destroying his life because he can’t get his love back,,, I felt so helpless seeing those painful eyes,, everytime when I saw him on television and the recorded CD u sent me in all theses yrs’. Mom called me few months before. she wanted me to back in his life but I knew he would never except me,, because a person like him can give anything for the person he loved once’ and unfortunately that was not me but Avanti di’. Knowing about Avanti malhotra was not difficult specially when she is a well known cardiologist,, I have read her every article and books and then saw her interview’. as psychiatrist I tried to analyzed things,,, I met her in mumbai when she was in conference,, she doesn’t knew me’ I spent a day to know her and I knew she still loved maan,, I can read ppl’s mind’ and I decided to give a chance to my luck, to bring my love’s love back in his life’ and when I met maan here I knew he would say no to this alliance.. when he said he doesn’t remember me something broke in me,, but I saw regret in his eyes to know our grandfather’s alliance,,, yes that was not right and to see maan’s expression his respect rose 100 times than before in me’ I wanted to gell with him and I pretended to be working in sanjeevani when the truth was I OWN Sanjeevani as a copartner’. But I can’t disclose everything because I said him I had came here to do my practice’. Or otherwise he would have sense my real intention’ abb MSK ko dhoka dena itna asan thodi na hain’.


 Things were going great, I met Avanti di at hospital,, she was dumbfounded to know I held 60% share in Sanjeevani but I saw her respect for me when she get to know I m here to visit her plan about a hospital in shimla,, I needed to come india because sanjeevani wanted a special lecture from me so that the intern should be more serious about their patience’. It was good for me also and I joined hospital for sometime to see the work’. in all the time I get to know Avanti di better and yes she loves maan a lot’. Then we met her in the mall,, it was a coincident,, but I took it as babaji’s single to say me whatever I m doing is right’. But in all that I was tormenting inside,, seeing ur love in love with other woman only can cut my heart in to pieces,, but I had to do that’.  it was not anyone’s fault but my destiny wanted play and I went with that’. knowing he will be someone’s else I had to collect those shattered pieces of my soul and there was u and virat who helped me’.. I can’t forget the night when everyone fixed marriage date u both was there to hold me when I was breaking’.. u both were my true Friends I always needed’..


But then whatever happen last night,,, everyone thought virat loves me and we can be a great pair,,, I wanted laugh on that,, how can be that when my heart always belongs to one person’.

Marrying another person can I take the picture out of my heart that I have painted from when I never knew it exist’.. how can I let anyone touch my soul when it belongs to only maan’. I know he doesn’t love me but its not bad to love someone and taking him in the heart forever’.


‘Akhir meera ji bhi to kanha se pyar karti thi jante huye wo kabhi unhe paa nahi sakte’.Kyun Krishna ji to hamesha rukmini ke hi the,,, unke pati and meera ke devta”



 Vicky I have tried to act in these day but u know how weak I m,, I m afraid that maybe I will fall weak infront of maan’ I have agreed that he belongs to someone else but I can’t see him belonging the person in front of my eyes’. I m not so strong enough” I have to leave the place before my heart burst,,, because I don’t want to see maan guilty’. I know he will be mad at me for someday he will again shift in his guilt trip but then avanti di’s love will bring him back soon’. He will forget me in few day or maybe few month just the way he forgot out childhood’.


Do u know Vicky why I said all this to u? because I will never except ur rudeness or anger on maan,, knowing I have gone I know u will burst ur all frustration on maan but trust me I will feel the pain more than him, so please for my sake forget everything and don’t think wrong about maan, he loves u very much and Avanti di,,, please think her as ur elder sis’. She will be a great wife,, daughter in law and sister in law’ GOOD BYE’

And ha please say sorry to maan on my behalf,, say him I had a urgent case and had to go back,, never let him know my real reason for going otherwise he will never forgive himself for the sin he never commit’..


Your sweet sexy Geet Smile





I found the letter slipping my hand,, and the ground crashed under my kness,, I can’t control my body,, I hear all shouting my name and coming close to me but all I want to feel those soft hand pulling me close to her’ she left me’.. my life left me’.. I LOST HER’. only the whisper came from my lips’. Yes unknown to everyone and everything she became the most important part of my life,, that I took her for granted’ I thought she will wait for me but now I know I lost her,, she had gone and I m late.. I heard my family’s gasp reading the letter and Vicky,, Vicky clutching me like a 5yr old kid’.


Vicky: bhai,,, she had gone,, she left us bhai’.

Dadima: my child love u selflessly maan,, and u’. she cried holding her heart’.

Virat: its not his fault guys’.

Mom: it was my mistake,, knowing she is upset something I called her here’.

Virat: why u guys talked her about my and her marriage,,, when I m getting married in few weeks then how can u think of her and me’ all faces looked at him blankly,,, and virat continued,,,, 5yrs back when I wanted to marry her it was my childish act,, and it was geet who taught me it was infatuation and now I had found my true love maanvi’. We are getting married in few weeks and geet was helping me to talk with my parents as they still want her as their daughter in law,, but we are good Friends only’. The day I met her in maan’s room I thought they are getting married but then geet pulls me out and explained everything’. I knew she was in pain,, but I had to support my Friend and I did that’.


Vicky: the day when u all excepted Avanti di,, geet was happy for maan bhai but at the night she had cried her heart out,, only I was with her,, I knew how much she loved bhai but still I couldn’t do anything’. just watched her sacrificing her love’.


Mom: maan u always thought about avanti’s love for u but never consider geet’s heart break’. Do u even realize the girl who claimed to love u few yrs back left u to fulfill her mother’s dream and the girl who selflessly loved u left her dream her everything to bring ur love back in ur love,, she was living for u and today she left u so that u can live’..


I couldn’t said anything just her sweet smiling face with the painful eyes came in front of me,, everytime I thought those hazels were blank but now I know how much strength she had to put to show me it blank, how much pain was there in her eyes’. I cried’. 1st time after dad’s departure I cried holding the letter again close to my heart’. Now I know what feel losing someone,, the feel I never felt when Avanti left me’. now I know my true love had left me’..


Avanti: u should have told the truth then vicky,, we might have get her then’.

Everyone looked at her like she is an alien’ Avanti chuckle and wiped her eyes’..

Avanti: I know everyone would be astonished to hear what I m telling,, but I had sensed her love long back but maan was an idiot who couldn’t see that and I was a selfish person who didn’t tried to know his heart when my heart knew he was attracted of her’. I thought it was just attraction but then saw something which I always desired but never saw for me,,,, maan u loved me very much but ur heart loves geet insanely’. U r quite slow in this love meter but once someone caught ur heart u can’t leave that’. in the sangeet also I had watched him smiling dancing that was something he had never done with me also in the past’. But he did only because he wanted to see geet happy’. 


‘Love is not gaining but giving’


 U told me once and geet had proved that,, she left everything for u maan,, u r made for her only’. See na,, u had waited for me almost 5yrs and but u fell in love with her only in 45 days’. Where she had waited for u 17yrs’.. try to see the depth of her love maan’. don’t let her go maan’..


Everyone looked at maan who was in the ground’. They were shedding tears for him,,, but then brij came infront’.


Brij: I had seen enough now I want my sister’s happiness,, bohot dukh dekh liya usne,, and I know her happiness is only with maan’. u have to bring her back maan’ go’.

Vicky: her flight had left brij bhai, see the latter was 10 hours back,, she had left last night only’.

Avanti: so what,, if she can come all the way only for him, to return his love why can’t he go for her to return himself as her love???


Maan: I don’t deserves her’.


Finally I whimper,, knowing all the truth of her love only shattered me’. she was an angel and I broke her into many pieces’. How will I face her’..


Avanti sat in front him; maan,, don’t wait another 5 yrs for geet,,, go for her,, if u don’t deserve her at least she deserves her love,,, give her love maan’. please’..


Yes,, she deserves her love,,, I have to search her’ I have to get her’ I LOVE U GEET,, yes I m late,, I m duffer who is late to recognize his love but I can’t afford to lose my love again and this time its stronger than ever, I will get her’.


With the determination I was going to book a flight of London when brij informed me that she left her home of london 4yrs back because they were persisting her to get married.. and now she is living in Sydney all alone and a very famous psychaitrist’ I had never thought the child woman can be so sensible to be a psychiatrist’


And now I m sitting in the flight’.. being maan singh khurana its not difficult to arrange visa and tickets’ and in few hour I will be there with my love’..



Precap: he pushed her on the wall and claimed her lips hungrily’. She pushed him away,, Tears made there way to make her weak on her knees and he scooped her in his arm making his way to the bedroom’..


Will she accept him???



Ps: no one knew that geet didn’t told maanthat she is a famous psychiatrist and Own sanjeevani,, india’s best hospital’. Not even Avanti knew about it’. but Vicky knew it still couldn’t do anything as he was bound to be quite according to geet’.

Blessed to Have You Part 4


Part 4



What is going with my life…. All this going so fast,, I know I should be happy, finally I got my love then why my heart is not so happy…. the realization of geet’s selfless love wasn’t approving me to go further with my life, is it guilt? Maybe its guilt for breaking an innocent’s heart.. but I didn’t knew about it till now,, though she said she is ok but why my heart doesn’t want to blv that…. don’t know what to do,, 1st time in life Maan Singh Khurana is confused….


Just the door knob clicked and she entered the room,, ohh god she is looking heavenly beautiful, I can’t take my eyes off from her…. the red ghagra choli is cringing her perfectly,,, the bare tummy with the complexion of milky white skin gave me goose bumps…. I just want to feel that under my palm,, god her luscious pink lips, she didn’t applied much make up, she is naturally beautiful…. Her curls descending on her cheeks,, its hard to control to biting them….

I jerked my thought,, why this wild imagination is coming in my dirty mind and that too for geet…. I should stop thinking about her but I can’t…. this time I should think about Avanti my would be wife,, umm it doesn’t sound good,,, but why this double thoughts are coming,, maybe because no one had asked me what I want… just came to a conclusion that I want to marry Avanti,, but somewhere they are not wrong to think so,, I had never clarified anything….


Oye hello kaha kho gaye,,, decision badalne ka irada to nahi hain na? geet giggle where I thought something is breaking in me….

Maan: are u happy with this geet?

She sat beside me: yes of course,, and now please apna mood thik kariye, its ur sangeet and everyone is waiting for u,, Avanti di had also came down….

Maan: geet I m sorry…..

somewhere I was feeling guilty but I know one sorry is not enough for the heart I broke unknowingly….

Geet: maan please,, don’t say sorry it was our family’s fault not urs,, aap to jante tak nahi the is duniya me ek geet bhi hain jo apki raah dekh rahi thi….

1st time I even felt a pang hearing her words…. And it was making me more guilty….  Her voice her eyes,,, she was trying to hide her emotion,, did I hurt her very much, will she ever forget me…

Maan; I know I was at fault, I should have confront u….

Geet: ohhoo maan aap na bilkul devdas k mode pe chale gaye ho, difference is then devdas was shedding tear for parro and u r for chandramukhi…..


she laughed and I couldn’t help but smiling,, she knew how to cover my mood with her bubbly nature, I wonder will I ever repent my mistake of not remembering her in these yrs…. Seems like she noticed my dilemma….


Geet: maan,, I want to be ur frnd forever,, will u be my frnd?

Maan: I thought I m ur frnd…

Geet: then smile and enjoy for ur frnd,, this is ur marriage not neighbors,, and if ur devdas mode continue I m afraid Avanti di will again run away…

Maan: I don’t think so, because this time u will be there with me….


We were staring in each other’s eyes,, there is something hidden in those sparkling eyes,, how can she be so normal…. How can she conceal her every grief but just gave us happiness…. Our eye contact got disturb as someone entered the room shouting my name,, we broke the eye contact and saw the person….


Kushal as Virat



Virat,,  a smile came on my face…. Virat vicky’s best frnd though he is one yr senior of him still they are very good frnd and my another brother….

Virat: maan bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,,,, u r getting married I m so happy,, he hugged me so tight nearly I choked in my breath…. And then he pulls out… I wanted to introduce him to geet but seems like both are lost somewhere…

Virat: geet,, he whisper…

Geet smiles and in a meek voice: virat,, how r u?

Virat: geet is that u? I can’t blv this…

Geet; oye gadhe do u thing I m 7 in the world? I m the GEET HANDA ok……

Virat: ha ha janta hu the geet handa who had reject me…. goshh I so missed u…. he instantly hugged her tight…. 5yrs ha,, I was away from u…. u r so thin now,, I guess tu khana pina bhul gayi hain,, at least abb to khus reh, virat agaya hain….


My breath nearly caught in my lungs,, geet had rejected him, what does that mean? Ohh I forgot virat was studying in the same collage as Vicky just 1yr senior that means he knew geet from that time…. but what its means reject…  did they both share something, just the thought is making me angry,, I tried to be calm,, but my knuckles turn white as I clutches them in a fist….


Geet: ufff gende jaisa vari hain tu,, chod abb….

Virat: tabhi to main sochu tu yaha kaise maan bhai ki shaadi and u,,,

Geet: virat niche chal I will introduce u to Avanti di, maan’s fiancé….


I can see confusion on his face,, is that mean he knew doesn’t knew about Avanti then why he was congratulating me,, before I can ask anything geet dragged virat with her….




As I entered the hall everyone was gaping at me,,, yeah I had never wear sherwani but it was geet’s insistence that made me wear this now I m not regretting,, I know I m looking good…. But my eyes were searching for someone in the crowd….. I saw Avanti was looking at me with a smile and redness was on her cheek… probably she is blushing… she is looking really beautiful, smart elegant…. But I was searching for her And then I saw geet who was cracking jokes with Vicky and virat…. Vicky is not looking sad or unhappy but I know its all because he want to see geet happy….  but virat,, his hand are on geet’s shoulder… unknowingly my knuckle turn in a fist…. But soon my dadima came there to rescue me…. and the function start with applying mahendi on avanti’s hand….

And then I heard something,, virat and Vicky dancing in the middle and GEET coming in between…. Gosh she looking BREATHTAKING……


Tune song Jhak maar ke from Desi boyz



Ab naa tu

Rakhna tu

Mere dil ka yeh

Chota mota haq maar ke

Galati se

Galati ki

Kabhi pichhe pichhe aaya tere

Jhak maar ke


[narration is by author means me]

Vicky started the dance and then virat entered the zone with his dashing attitude…. Both are dancing on the same beat and with same step…. virat put his hand on his handdanced on the beat by moving her chest side way,, Vicky followed him on the same lines….


And then geet entered between them,,, signaling her index finger towards virat. she twisted her lips and then turned her back to him,, then danced on the beat showing her thumb and swinging her waist on it….



Tujhpe na aitbar mujhe

Fika lage tera pyar mujhe

Main na banaoon dildaar tujhe

Saare sapne te jhoote

Ab tak pyaar ke


She was swinging her bare waist where Vicky and virat was on their knees and shaking their head with her waist….



Dil jaane

Rab Jaane

Na khabar pe main tere

Ab dil haar ke

Galti se galti ki

Kabhi pichhe pichhe aaya tere

Jhak maar ke


Geet looks towards maan signaling him to dance but he 1st refused and then she made baby faces,, he couldn’t deny her…. her sweetness was driving him crazy and unknowingly he went towards her….



Jab jab yara dhoondo tujko

Paa loon main khud ko hi

Tu hi hai mera pata

Duniya varki kasme khakar

Karke vaade kehta hu

Aage se na hogi na khata



Everyone was astonished to see maan singing but was happy to see him opening towards everyone, where Avanti was really happy from her heart to see him smiling,, she wished to see him like that forever….

On the other hand geet can see the guilt in his eyes,,, she wanted to erase the pain from him,, whatever happened that was not his fault and he will be free from this guilt once he see her happy….

Then she sang the lines which just blew him…..



Ho..tujh se ab na mohabbat hai


Teri na mujhko zarurat hai


Meri toh aisi surat hai

Loot jayenge yahan dil haar ke


She pretend to be highly attitude and then showed her thumb,, he raise his eyes brow when she signaled him her face with her palm,,, yes true she is so beautiful that anyone will fall for her and he want to see her happiness only,, he never realized when her happiness became his everything….

She showed her waist with the beats and Virat joined her…..



Laakhon mein ek main hu

Koi aaye na aage ab iss yaar ke

Galati se galati ki

Kabhi pichhe pichhe aaya tere

Jhak maar ke


Geet pulls Avanti with her who was shying,, she couldn’t dance in front of everyone at least… but then just sang few lines looking at maan…


Teri ankho mein dubi main

Dekhu apni ankho ko

Beete yunhi saari umar

Teri baahon me lipti main

Meri bahon mein tu ho

Duniya ki ho na khabar




Maan smiled at her warmly but his attention was on geet’s teasing face,, she came between the two and gave avanti’s hand on maan,, she turn her back and rolled on maan’s back so that both of their back collide….


Ho na jarurat baton ki

Mile lakeere hatho ki

Saalo se umro ho raato ki

Isse dekh dono pal pyar ke


She was going from that place when maan held her wrist and danced with her,, logically he was in middle of Avanti and geet….


Pal waise pal aise

warna teri meri chahato ke iqraar ke


Galti se galti ki

Kabhi pichhe pichhe aaya tere

Jhak maar ke


Virat joined geet and dragged her few inches away from maan,,, who just looked at them where both were dancing freely…



Ho….Tujhpe na aitbar mujhe

Fika lage tera pyar mujhe

Main na banaoon dildaar tujhe

Saare sapne te jhoote

Ab tak pyaar ke


Dil jaane

Rab Jaane

Na khabar pe main tere

Ab dil haar ke

Galti se galti ki

Kabhi pichhe pichhe aaya tere

Jhak maar ke


He felt something odd but watched them with a uncomfortable smile,,, but there was one person who was observing him,, avanti who was looking at his face with great concentration…




I wonder what magic she had with her that erased everyone’s tension,, everyone is happy except her family still she manages them to drag in our happiness,, I know they are here only because she wanted so and I couldn’t say enough thanks for that,,, I talked to brij who himself said sorry because it was his fault,, he was blind in his sister’s love… but now when she is happy they are all happy…. is she happy because of virat? I heard my mom praising virat and how good he was looking with geet… it’s the evening before the marriage…. And after all work everyone is setting for the dinner…. Tomorrow is a big day but strangely something is missing in me… I saw geet doing all the work with mom and virat trying to irritate her and he was successful,, often she was throwing anything on him and everyone just laughed… Avanti was in outhouse with her few frnds,, geet will also accompany her in the night but now she is busy with work….  I know its wrong still my heart is only drifting towards one thing,, how she is managing all this? I know how bad it felt seeing someone who should be urs but going far away from u then why there is no sadness…. I know I m sounding creeping jerk who want to see sadness on her angelic face but why I want to see that I still don’t know….


Just then my eardrum got alerted and I heard my mom and dadima’s next sentence….


Dadima: geet I think now u should say yes to virat,, its high time for u two to settle ur life….

I heard a coughing from virat and geet was numb…. There is only blankness on her face….

Brij: main to thak gaya dadima please aap hi samjhaiye,, when virat’s parents came for her with marriage proposal she refused it and we could understand and now when she want to move on in her life why don’t she start from here,, virat’s parents are still ready for her…..


My whole world was going round and round,, don’t know why I hated it… why I just wanted to hear her no,, I never knew virat wanted to marry her,, ohh that’s why he said she had refused him once…. I turned to see virat who was only seeing geet,, there is some hidden talk between their eyes… and then I heard Her voice, that soothed my raising heart beat….


Geet: please,, I don’t want to marry now,, it just the starting of my life…. And I m doing good here u know my hospital needs me now….

Mohindar: but we want to see u happy,, we want u to lead a new life with ur life partner…

Geet: tell me dad are u seeing any sadness on my face?? Nahi na? I m really happy, please don’t discuss all this…


She just ran to her room,, I felt bad… yes she deserves all the happiness,, how can I be so selfish… she is doing everything for my happiness and what I m giving her…. she should get whatever she want, then I heard my mom’s worried voice….


Mom: it was my fault,, I shouldn’t have called her to come here, she was happy in her life and i…

Brij: it was not ur fault aunty ji,,,, its we, we forced her to be like this…. but don’t worry she will not destroy her life at least for her love one’s sake…

Dadima: still I want to see her married,,, my one wish is getting fulfill tomorrow I want to see her in bridal outfit before I can shut my eyes permanently….

Maan; daadiiiii,,, dare u say that again….

Dadima: maan ur dadima becoming old baccha she want to see her last wish becoming truth,, can u do that for me,, please maan make her ready for the marriage,, please…

Maan: dadima main kaise

Dadima: don’t u think she deserves happiness?


How can I refuse her, I know she is right… and I nodded my head half heartedly….







The sight was serene,, her angelic face slightly covered with the curtain of her hairs,, ohh for once I couldn’t remove my eyes from her… the moonlight complementing her white skin,, its glowing… my heart shudder just to see the sight… for a moment I forget everything,, just stood behind her,, I can hear her loud heartbeat…. I guess she had sensed my appearance…


Geet: maan…. she turned to see me and our eyes met,, I was so close that her hand touched my torse giving me a chill down….  I can feel her shudder and it felt so good… her innocent eyes captivate me with her for a long time…. my hands went on her waist… it was so genuine that I never felt odd or unethical…. She seems like in a trace,, didn’t even stopped me…  I had brought her close to my chest…. Just with the touch I felt alive…. Like my all tension just swiped off…. my palm went to hold her soft cheeks… it was so smooth like butter…. Her hazel eyes were glistering,,,, I rubbed my fingers on her cheek near the lips…. For a moment my eyes just glued on her lips,, how it will taste, that was the question filled my mind… unknowingly I gulped hard to control my freaking desire…. Her breath was uneasy…. Maybe she is affecting by my closeness and I can’t deny I m feeling the same…. Our body almost touched…. I wanted to close the distance but then felt her snapping and left her,, she was embarrassed and turn to the window where she was standing….


Geet: maan aap yaha?

I tried to control my rapid heartbeat and then it hit me why I was here,,,

Maan: dadima wanted to see u married geet,, she wants u to be happy and I know u r not happy because of me only….

Geet looked at me suddenly but the look I can’t explain… something was throbbing in my heart to see the look,, agony anguish?? Was that in her eyes?

Geet: so u want me to get married maan?

Maan: umm geet, I, it was my mistake that I,,

Geet: I m fed up of this mistake games u know maan…. I was happy the way I m,, it was better there, far from family… at least no one would force me to do something to wash their guilt…. Dadima is guilty because of her Grandson so is mom and my family is guilty because they had pursued the seed of dreams in me… and YOU,,, u r guilty that because u r getting married to ur desired girl and I can’t,, it is making u guilty and u want me to tie a knot to wash ur this emotion so that u can rest in peace knowing I will be happy with someone else… hain na maan?


Hell no,, I don’t want to wash my sin,, just want to see u happy but now I guess it was my mistake to think that way,, unknowingly I had pressed the soft nerves,, how can I forget once she loved me, or maybe now….. the only think gave me shiver….. I wanted to say her don’t marry him just stay with me, but nothing came on my lips just her pain was visble…..


Geet: maan u don’t have to worry anything,,, u will not see my sad face because wherever I will be,, i’ll be happy…. knowing u r happy with ur love I will be happiest person on earth…. But please don’t force me into this relation.. if anyday I will find it necessary to marry anyone I will surely do that….


Only the mention of her marrying someone gave me jolt and unknown pain….. I wanted to say her that I will be always beside her but couldn’t find my tongue and then saw her leaving the room but before that she came close to me…..


Geet: maan this is a small gift,, take this now but open only after marriage…. U were my best frnd, u will be my best frnd always….. be happy because ur happiness will give me the meaning of life…..


Saying that she left the room…..




Precap: she left me….. my life left me…..



Sorry for not giving brief because of my health… thank u for all the likes and comments,,, whoever taking time for this OS I m really grateful to u all….


karan as vicky

Blessed to Have you part 3


u guys are too good,,, u took ur time for this OS also, i m really feeling overwhelmed to see love for this os as well,, be with me please,, need u always beside me… love u…


Guys in the 1st part i gave u a small prologue,, the 1st 2 lines are the prologue and the story is going in flashback…


Some facts are yet to be clear,, extremely sorry guys I made a blunder and now I think I should clear maan and avanti’s love life a little….


Maan and Avanti met through a common frnd when maan was 19 and Avanti 18,, (geet was sweet 16)…… maan was pursuing his architecture and avanti in medical collage…. They were best frnd and fell in love in few month, the relation of lovers goes like 1 n half yr. After that avanti got a chance to fulfil her dream but she had to go to abroad for that, she knew from there they had to part away, but maan being an youth 1st time in love couldn’t let her go still he said he want to wait for her,, though he was 2 yrs older than Avanti she was much more mature than him… when Avanti left him and country she was 20 and maan was 21 already handling the business but more was in his study so he needed the concentration,,, he drowned himself in work and study after that…..

One more question is,, did he proposed her?

NO,,, they were in the relation and proposing for love is common,, but an official proposing or proposing for marriage never happened,,, in those 1 n half yr both never crossed their limits because that was a beginning and understanding phase for each other….. so u can say maan got a frnd whom he thought in love……

Ok after 5 yrs Avanti came back,, she was 25 and maan was 26,,, maan went to her to plead once again to come back in his life,, but Avanti was an well-known  cardiologist till then and she wanted her own hospital for poor ppl…. So she needed more time, but she knew maan will say he will wait,, but she wanted him to lead a good life with love,, so she refused coming back in his life and told him to move on in life…. After that encounter maan never met her and it went 1 yr,,, then geet entered his life mean now….


[maan was a busy personally in all his life,,, his father died when he was 18 so he had to work hard for study and business which was handling by dadi at that age,,, so he was an emotional person, never get the time to go to any girls so he thought he can wait for Avanti but u never no if any other girl or GEET herself had entered in that time maybe he had been in love with her,, because in true sense he never get to know the different shade of love,, that’s why he waited for Avanti for 5yrs]


So I guess its little clear now…..



Part 3



I don’t know why I said that but that time I was so enraged that I thought it was the only way to console my heart but now standing before geet I m feeling like I had committed some crime,, yes to just see the effect on Avanti I took geet’s name, how much she will be hurt knowing that…. Avanti just left the place leaving me all alone feeling guilty in front of geet….


Maan: ummm geet wo,,

Geet: great u have decided to marry me and didn’t have any decency to inform me first?

Maan: nahi iasa nahi hain actually

Geet: actually u were so much enraged to jealous ur ex girlrnd that u have taken my name in ur marriage list, right?

Maan gasp: geet….

Geet smiles broadly: common maan, great idea, abb dekhna she will definitely comes to u,, i never thought this idea will come in ur innocent mind,, u know a duffer like u can execute this I never thought so….

For a moment I was blank,, she heard everything,, still she is not angry and thinking I had told all that to make Avanti jealous which is absolutely wrong,, and now she is calling MSK a duffer, god she is one piece only…. Geet grabbed maan’s hand and jerks him…..

Geet: oye kaha kho gaye,,, u know u look good with her maan…

Maan: We were frnds geet…. I tried to end the discussion but…

Geet: I don’t need explanation maan, I can read ur face…. U still love her…. she said with a smile and I couldn’t help to think what is going in her mind…..

Maan: geet I was angry so it slipped from my tongue, I have never thought so and she is happy in her life…

Geet: r u happy maan?

Maan: yes very much….

Geet: but I can see sadness on her face….

I couldn’t help but looking at her sincere eyes,, she looks so innocent, act so immature but her serene face only depict maturity and sincerity….

Geet: maan apne dil ki baat jaldi keh deni chahiye, isse pehle ke bohot der hojaye….


I can see a new emotion on her face that I had never seen.. is their pain on her face? But soon she covered it with a smile like her real self in it….


Soon we heard everyone’s hooting and then I saw dadima and mom blessing us specially geet who was confuse… she looks at me with confused eyes but I shrugged it because I was the same… finally I asked

Maan: what happen, why u guys are over reacting…

Mom: maan,, u don’t know how much happy I m,, u guys finally ready for the marriage….

Dadima: I will ask mohinder to come 1st,, we will get u guys engage in next week…

Maaneet were still confuse and then saw Avanti standing a little far from them with a painful smile,,, she had told them to finalize everything as maaneet are ready… maan for the 1st time saw his mom thanking Avanti and caressing her face lovingly… I know she is missing her mom who is now in heaven…  







God I can’t believe this,, one week from the confrontation and now I m hooked in this engagement preparation… I can see geet’s deathly glare,, she wanted me to tell everyone that I don’t want to marry her… yes its right,, I love Avanti who loves me… so technically I should confront my family but I guess my devil mind is not reciprocating…. Don’t know why I m going with this stupid engagement….  When geet had said that jealousy can work on Avanti I took it seriously and now geet is helping to make Avanti confess her love… GOD 1 n half month back I was so sad because I can’t have the one whom I m loved dearly, but geet solved my all problem, just in 1 n half month she taught me love is not a name of letting go, but when we both love each other we can give a second chance and is should do everything to get her back….  but m I ready to give a second chance? Yeah I know love for Avanti had never reduced but why I m feeling so excited about this engagement knowing its just a fake alliance….. 


I wonder how we became so good frnds,, actually it was geet’s effort…. She had made me a open book which only she can read… but today I m seeing a sadness on her face,, guess mom is saying something that is making her sad,, till now what I have understood is she is a simple girl with simple morals,, she doesn’t like lying or cheating on anyone… and in all this her moral is breaking… I apologies her with my eyes and she smiles showing her cute dimple….


Vicky: so shopping hogayi bhai, god bhabhi ne to pura shopping mall hi utha liya….

Maaneet looked at Avanti who’s face was hard,, nothing can be conclude…

Maan: why won’t she, after all she is going to be MRS MAAN SINGH KHURANA….


I can see a stiffness in avanti’s face,, but then I have to act fast…


Maan: by the way thanks Avanti for coming with us,, u know mom and dadima couldn’t handle all and u know Mumbai too well so it was really helpful…

Avanti was replying just then geet clutches my hand,, I was dumbfounded.. I will not lie but a jolt passed through my body with her touch but soon my ear was going deaf with her constant nagging….

Geet: maaannn,,, do u have any hearing problem or the depictive piece is god’s special creation,, I know u r kharus karela but itne kanjus ye nahi pata tha…

Maan: what?? what did u call me kanjoos ha?? And whats for that ha?

Geet pointed a stall: see golgappe,,, London me golgappe kaha milte hain,, ye to india me hi milte hain, please lets go na, I want to eat it… I was calling u from past 10 mins,, but I guess u was lost…

Maan: geet its unhygienic and I think brij will never allow u to get sick..

Geet: bhai is not around now, he will come after 2 days and mind u its not unhygienic,,, it’s the real india and I want to cherish it…. atleast till the time I m here,,, the last set of word was whisper that only I could hear…


Abruptly we went to the stall where Vicky and geet settle with their golgappe… they were giving competition to each other.. geet had asked me and Avanti we both refused… avanti never liked junk food because its unhygienic… I wonder how much different Avanti and geet is….  Avanti was with me almost 2 yrs still she couldn’t make the bond with my family but geet, only one n half month she is behaving like she is a part of my family and Vicky,, he is much more attached with geet than me also.. I saw her eating like a kid,, couldn’t help but chuckle… unknowingly my hand touched the corner of her lips to wiped the scrums… it was sudden not planned but I felt standing froze on the place,, her lower lip touched my finger… for a moment her eyes looked at me and our gazed locked… just then we heard vicky’s coughing voice and we parted… my eyes met with a painful hurt eyes… Avanti who was looking here and there… I was stuck what to do, I don’t want to see her in so much pain… I need to talk to her 1st then only I can talk with my family….






Geet: maan u have to talk to her,,

Maan: I m trying geet…

Geet: ohh if u r planning to go with this snail speed then I m sorry mr khurana I don’t want snail ride… gir war gayi to kamar tut jayegi….

Maan; what?

Geet: ufff,,, niche engagement hain in only 1 hr and if I go with ur this speed then bhai will definitely kill u and then me,, u know na our family reputation blah blah,, u have to cancel everything in this hour only…. Warna bhai ko ek min nahi lagega talwar nikal me…

Maan: tumhara bhai businessman hain ya kasai?

Geet: dono….

Maan: what?

Geet: maan just shut the hell ur WHAT or I will shut ur mouth….

Maan: geettt….

Geet: stop now and go talk with Avanti….


Geet stomped our from the room…  just the Avanti entered the room….


Avanti: what happen to her maan?

Maan: wo, kuch nahi…

Avanti: u can share ur problem maan,, I m still ur frnd….

Maan: yeah frnd and u put me in this condition…

Avanti: bahana chodo tell me what is bothering u 2?

Maan: u?

Avanti looked at him shocked and then confuse…. Maan came close to her….

Maan; u made us face this situation,, what was the need to tell my family that I m ready to marry geet…

Avanti: but tum hi ne to kaha tha…

Maan took one more step: don’t try to act smart Avanti, u knew it very well I was saying all that in anger, I didn’t mean that… u know I can’t marry geet… and more over she deserves more good person in her life…

Avanti; exactly,, she deserves a good person in life and so do u… u need a companion which can be filled with geet only… tum mano ya na mano maan I had seen something in her eyes.. the sincerity the childishness will complete ur life… u will be happy with her…

Maan held her arms harshly: if u were so worried about my happiness u would have consider my love at least after 5 yrs when u came back here,, when I was there waiting for u….

Avanti: maan….


Just then the door flew open and an enraged brij comes in the room shouting on top of his lungs….


Brij: so u r cheating on my sister back ha.. I will u …. With that he tried to grab his neck but suddenly from nowhere geet came running…..

Geet: bhaiii….. what r u doing….

Brij: tu chup kar geet,, this maan is betraying u,, see behind ur back he is getting intimate with this girl… maan and Avanti saw their position which was really close to each other….  Till then whole family of maan and geet comes upstairs in maan’s room…. Geet’s dad and daarji was seeing the scene with anger… and geet was pouting her lips and cribbing to her babaji…

Geet: sambhal lena babaji… and then she turn to brij…. Bhai maan doesn’t love me and I knew it,, he loves Avanti di, I was helping him… please try to understand… they heard loud gasp and it was coming from maan’s mother and dadima… geet ran to them…. Mom please don’t take me wrong… but Avanti d is really very nice person.. she really  loves maan….

Mom; geet… ye nahi hosakta bte…

Geet: kyun nahi hosakta mom? Just think once,,, think Avanti di as ur own daughter,, if she had done it for u would u have been behaving like this.. aur unhone koi gunah nahi kiya tha,, she knew maan will sacrifice his life and love thats why she broke up with him and now also knowing she doesn’t have anyone she wanted to live alone because she think whatever she did was wrong and now she doesn’t deserves maan but the truth is she and maan both loves each other and they should be happy in their life,, they deserves this….

Mom has tears in her eyes: nahi geet, tu,,,

Geet: agar main unki jagah hoti tabh bhi aap yei kehte?

Mom shook her head and hugged geet tightly: tera kya hoga….

Geet smiles and wiped mom’s tears: wohi jo manjure khuda hoga… everyone chuckle at her bt brij was furious….

Brij: geet do u realize what u r doing?? U

Geet: bhai… please….

Vicky: nahi geet, its not right,, kab tak tu ye sacrifice karti rahegi abb bas kar….



What is going on,,, I saw my mom is shedding tears for her,, unknowing my heart also arching but why I don’t know…. Why everyone is so enraged, yes I know the reason but why I m feeling something is hidden… why Vicky is talking like that, its sounds he knew much more about geet… and geet what she is hiding…. God I will be mad at the end….


Geet’s dad; I don’t know when my gudiya will be happy in her life…

Geet: dad please….

Vicky: uncle is right geet, everytime because of bhai ur heart is breaking,, why u r doing this… when Avanti di didn’t think twice before leaving why u r thinking about her… not once but twice u have sacrificed ur love why?


My heart shudder with the the sentence…. What vicky want to say…..


Maan: what r u saying Vicky….

Vicky: please bhai iss bar meri princess ka dil tuta I wil never talk to u…

Geet; vickyyy….

Vicky: what vicky,,, from childhood u r loving him and he just forgot about u,, u haven’t complaint once… u were only 7 from when u took him as god… u were living for him and he forgot about u…. he was living a life of his own,, and u were just counting ur days that u can meet him,, and when the time came u got to know he loves someone else…. When maan bhai declared he loved Avanti di u were broken I saw ur defeated life,, u were just 17 geet when u get to know he was in love with someone else…..

I saw ur suffering then,, u were just 17 but seeing others u took urself from the state but I know from inside u were breaking…. From childhood everyone said maan will be ur husband one day and u believed it marking urself as maan ki geet but what u get instead of that heart break…. Not only bhai but both our families are equally responsible… putting something like this in a small brain lead u here where u can’t even take ur step back…. somehow then u had manages because I was there completing my study and staying with u,, but now again…. I know what u going through… living everyday with the person but knowing he love someone else… seeing everyday him but with someone else…. How much it can pain… I can’t even imagine that…. 17yrs geet,, u r living a life of hell…. Just one name on ur lips ur mind heart soul that is MAAN and what u get,, his name being associated with some AVANTI….. no I can’t take it….

Not this time I will give u the chance geet… I know what hell had gone through on u in these yrs and still u were quite just the sake of maan bhai and ur family…. Not anymore…. if this engagement will break I will break my relation with maan bhai…


Just then all heard a loud sound… SLAPPP


Vicky looked at his best frnd shocked…. Where 1st time tears rolled down from geet’s eyes…

Geet: bohot bol diya abb aur nahi,,, if u will break ur relation with maan I will break with u….. and what do u think, if maan had married me despite knowing he can’t love me, he still loves Avanti di,, would I have been happy?? no….  duniya me bohot log hain jo kisi na kisi se pyar karte hain but they can’t get them, wo kya zindegi jeena chod dete hain? nahi na? then why should I stop my life for anyone? Yes I loved him,, I loved him all my life,, par isme unki kya galti hain.. he didn’t even remember me because no one was there to continue nagging about me where my family had taught me maan is ur god, ur would be husband,,, now where is his fault in this?? 17yrs its not a small time vicky,, its natural… how can he love me when I was not in this life with him…. u know god had particularly made someone for us and for maan he made Avanti di so how can u accuse maan for that….

Vicky: but u

Geet: I m happy being like this,, and more over I m quite good looking charming ,, hot sexy,,anyone will fall for me… kyun thik kaha na???


Everyone was dumbfounded with the simple angel before them,, Vicky hugged her tight….

Vicky: yes anyone… I will searced for the best for u,, he whisper…

Geet: the best had already taken…. Gee whispered as a long tear made its way but Vicky embrace her taking her all pain in him knowing she will collapse any moment…. Geet broke the hug….

Geet: maan I m sorry about all this…

Maan just looked at her face,, trying to search something but all is blank for him….


What is going,,, my brother’s sudden ourburst had shaken me, but why? Why I m feeling a pang in my heart,, seeing those hazel eyes in concern worry and pain my heart is arching… did he said she loved me from childhood,, her family had taught her that I m her husband,, how could they, she was just 7yrs when we parted… maybe we were best frnd but it was wrong to teach a kid knowing its just the seed which will grown up one day…. Geet is concealing herself with a smile… did I read wrong in her eyes… if she loved me then how could she help me in these days to get Avanti back in my life…. Why she was so normal,, I had never get a glimpse of her pain why?? This girl is making me confuse….  Right now she is cracking jokes just to see happiness in other’s face but why she is concealing her pain? God I m feeling so guilty even unknowingly breaking her heart seems like the biggest sin in this world.. and I had committed that….  I guess like everytime this time also she had sensed my restlessness….


Geet: maan,, don’t think so much,, it was our destiny and believe me I don’t have any grudges towards u,, u were my best frnd and will be always… and I can’t punish u where the fault is entire my family’s… don’t held urself as guilty, it was not ur fault and love is not a fault…. Never ever think urself guilty because my happiness lies with ur smile…… she looked at Avanti and held her hand… Avanti di, u are a great sister a great mentor…. But please I m asking u for something… please don’t give more pain to my maan.. take him as urs only.. he is urs but please he deserves happiness…. Don’t say no to this marriage,, he had suffered a lot in ur absence…and I know u still loves him, for his life u went away from him but di he deserves happiness with u,, u can manage family and ur hospital,, I will help u in this,,, and maan will be a great husband he will help u in every phase of life…  please…. Marry him….

Avanti had tears in her eyes; geet tum itni acchi kyun ho?

Geet smile sadly: pata nahi kyun, god ki unique piece hu,, har kahi nahi dikhne wali.. u know he had made taking his own sweet time but with defective piece… thus no one want to believe me… I said I m ok still everyone is crying thinking I m so alone… I have  great family not 1 but 2,, got  very good frnds and one sister which I always prayed for.. mujhe aur kya chahiye…

Avanti: maan….

Geet smile : he is all urs… only urs…. Please take ur maan ,,, apnaogi na unhe? Avanti nodes her head couldn’t say no to this angel,, where geet was smiling everyone is crying… maan couldn’t handle all this and walked out from the room…

Brij and geet dad wanted to say something but geet silenced them and they knew somewhere they are responsible for all this….



After 2 days everyone comes to the conclusion that maan doesn’t want any engagement after the night,, he doesn’t even saying anything about marriage ,, he is just aloof from everyone…. But with geet’s insistence they came to conclusion of a small afire of marriage and marriage held after 5 days as geet wanted it to be soon… she had taken care of everything…. Everyone is busy taking care of geet but one person was there who was observing someone’s restlessness… maan was not happy with the environment… no one needed to ask him what he want,, but everyone wanted to do everything according to geet….. maan was restless but why? he himself wasn’t sure…..




Precap:  entry of VIRAT……



Here I go again,,,


Maan hadn’t said anything to this marriage but as everyone thought he is still love with Avanti he won’t say no atleast,, but his inner turmoil couldn’t even seen by anyone….

Though Avanti was not sure what to do she can’t refuse geet and she knew somewhere geet is right,, maan deserves happiness….

Geet angel always loved him,, when a person entered a new life and had seen lot of thing naturally can forget his past,,, so was with maan, he forget the frndship because he had seen a lot in this 17yrs and his family never mentioned about this alliance which was fixed by maan’s and geet’s grandfathers…. But geet’s family always nagged about maan to geet so she couldn’t forgot him….

So here no one is at fault….

And maan is thinking he is in love with Avanti my his heart knew he is NOT 😛

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