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Blessed To Have You Part 2



Part 2





Geet: hello doctor Avanti,, geet said breaking our trance,, 1st I looked at geet who was just standing beside me as I had steadied her on her feet and then my eyes met with Her eyes,, I can see pain was in those deep black eyes… then I followed her eyes which was on geet’s waist, I realized my hands are on her waist.. I instantly removed it….

Avanti smiles weekly: hello doc Geet….

Geet looked at her and then me but with a sweet smile… I was feeling awkward between the 2,, I wanted to clarify who is Avanti but seems like they both knew each other,, ohhh I forgot both doctors then geet said they are working in the same hospital… she asked Avanti to join us but Avanti refused it saying she need something and that’s why came here and then she have to go to hospital,, its urgent…. She didn’t even said a simple hii to me.. I was hurt but I know why she is doing this….


After Avanti left geet started her interrogation….

Geet: did u both know each other?

Maan: ummm I m getting late,, lets go… I avoided her question but seems like she is hell bent on turning me…. I started walking from there and she was just following me….

Geet: boliye na maan,, is there something in between u both? She asked teasingly but it was angering me to hell,, I turned and held her arms pulling it above…

Maan: there is nothing u can gossip about geet,,, leave me alone…

Geet: but

Maan: I don’t want to discuss my life with u,, something is good to keep personal and I don’t wish to share my personal life with a guest…. I was shocked with my behavior.. instantly I left her,, I know she will be hurt to hear all this…. again I wanted to say something when she interrupt….

Geet: ur personal life is so boring that it has nothing to gossip and I m not so interested either, u know my time is precious…. Lets go now.. dadima is waiting for us…. Saying that she turned from me… I was baffle with the girl’s audacity….


Whole drive was normal,, I thought she will be quite after my outburst but thing goes reverse…. She kept on blabbering about anything and everything… her work in her hospital, her new frnds and Vicky… how better he is than me etc etc…. for me she is an enigma…. I can’t think what she is…..



It was 3 day after the incident in mall,, but from her everything was same….  It was Sunday and that’s why dadima want me to stay at home but I couldn’t  stay away from my work.. so here I m with my laptop looking at my family which had converted in to ZOO because of this GEET…. Nautanki ban gayi meri puri family… Vicky was at home cracking jokes with dadima and mom was making pakora for her ladly geet who is not present anywhere… I wonder where is she… ok think of the devil and she is here.. here comes miss geet handa….


Geet: maan I need to talk to u…


Maan: u r doing that….


I can feel her pouting and twisting her lips and my family’s whole attention on us only…. 


Geet: I need to talk with a man not a robot who just heard anything and everything but couldn’t do anything without orderor HMMM…


I heard vicky’s laughing voice but soon with my one glare he shut his mouth…. I kept my laptop aside and looked at her angelic face…. Ohhh god maan focus,, just on her words….


Maan: yeah u can tell this robot but mind u this robot doesn’t follow anyone’s order…


Geet settle on the couch opposite him: hmm I know… now listen,, u know I m working in sanjeevani hospital which is the best hospital in whole india,, but they want to open their new branch on shimla,, u know shimla is a very beautiful place but small town which doesn’t have many facilities…. So the authorities wanted to open the hospital there….

Maan: hmm so how can I help u?

Geet: umm KC is No1 construction company in india known for the best… if u would take the contract of construction for the hospital….

Maan: look geet, I never mixed personal and professional things,,, because u are staying in my house and we know each other like our family said, it doesn’t mean I will do any favor on that sort…. It just…

Geet : look mr MSK,, 1st let the other one complete her sentence then only speak, I m not saying u to do any favor… it’s a purely business….. u r the best in these field and we want u because the investor and sponsor wants that,, Dean wanted to meet u but they couldn’t because to meet u they need appointment which ur secretary was giving after 5 months,,, so only I can talk about it with u and mind u it will be profitable for u… read the papers 1st, then talk….


Ok I know I made a blunder and I can see how pissed off she is,, hmmm I took the file and read it thoroughly, it was really good….  I can see lots of doctors had worked on it… and its really a good project not only profitable in market but the respect KC have it will be double at the end of the project…


Maan: its good, I will talk with my head architect, we can arrange something….

Geet sighed: thank u… she was walking from there…

Maan stopped her: Geet…. She turned to see a hesitant maan… she smiles…

Geet: u don’t need any invitation to talk maan….

Maan: I was rude…

Geet: bachpan ki adat hain,,, maybe something went wrong in ur head… forget it… I don’t mind ur words…. Without any word she went to mom and started helping her in preparing the dinner,, actually she was trying to learn cooking from mom….. I sighed and went back to my work ,, I can feel dadima and vicky’s eyes on me only….






M I regretting my decision of taking this project… hell I don’t know… now I m stuck with this lunatic and that too in her hospital… it being 5 days since our discussion… and today she finally dragged me in her hospital,, the thing I always dreaded off but what can I say when she had high jacked my family and that too with their consent….


Geet: maan why ur face is like I m kidnapping u and u r not interested in that…

Maan: geet 1st, u can’t kidnap me, look at urself and then me… and 2nd if u had kidnapped me why should I been happy or interested in that, who will feel happy being kidnap?

Geet: u are weird maan, 1st khud hi kehte ho I can’t kidnap u and then khudi bola if  I had kidnapped u how can u show ur interest, I mean its confusing….. if I can’t kidnap u then how can u say if I had kidnap u u won’t felt good,,,,


Maan: GEETTTTT chup bilkul chup…. Finally I had to open my mouth to shut this chatter box,,, I placed my palm on her mouth and all I m seeing her doe shape eyes… its so innocent, door of her heart I guess… where she is hiding the world in it…. for a moment I lost every counting, just staring at her beautiful face, how innocently she is blinking her eyes… I left her mouth but couldn’t help caressing her soft skin, her cheeks are so soft… my rough palm was feeling erotic with just the small touch…. Her eyes were looking at me only and I held her face in my palm looking straight in her eyes….


Someone coughed to get the attention and we broke our eye contact… hell what was I doing…. I forced to look at the voice in front of us and froze at my spot…. She is looking at us with a small smile or rather say trying to smile…. I can sense some hesitance in her eyes,, Avanti,, I can never imagine I would see something in her eyes,, is she jealous of my and geet’s proximity…. Shouldn’t be it good for me,, she can feel the pain now…. But my heart was breaking to see her in pain…. No matter whatever happens she was my love, my best friend and I can’t see her in pain…   sensing the awkward situation it was geet who broke the ice…


Geet: doc Avanti here is mr MSK,,, who will be handling the project…. Where is doc shashank?

Avanti smiles: lets go, I m going there only….

Geet was walking but then chuckle: doc Avanti u met maan 1st in the mall still u both didn’t talk… don’t even said hi or formal introduction.. u have to work together how can it will do then….


I was shocked and I can say Avanti was too shocked… her nervousness was showing on her face,, her slender hands were wiping the sweats from her forehead, I wonder still I have effect on her or it just she doesn’t want to be close to me? is she still in love with me?? ohh what I m thinking.. but I couldn’t remove my gaze from her face that is now nervous and tensed…. Its not the same I felt for geet but a tension a worry to see my frnd in misery…..





The meeting was good and doc shashank explained me the project, as Avanti was the main doc for this hospital they need to work on this together but it was shocking that doc shashank wants geet to be with us…. Other doctors and interns will helpus….






The work will start in 1 week,, its being 1 month geet is with us,, every day her new antics is catching my view but the old feelings are still fresh in my heart… and after the declaration  about Avanti and me working together its brought the old memories… but I can’t see her in pain, and I know seeing me and geet gave her pain only, I can read that in her eyes… but what can I do when the devil geet handa is hell bent on ruining my image… now also she had managed dadima mom and Vicky for a outing in shimla that too with her frnds of her hospital,, that’s means Avanti will be there… hell no… but I have to go there… don’t know when this heart will get its peace,, from the time the disaster had entered my life its going all mess….


Geet: oye mr I m dreaming in day light,, move a little see ur demon structure is blocking my view….


God I hate this girl,, she always insults me infront of everyone, I wonder where every girls goes gaga over my physic why she always taunt me on it…. she was hell annoying,, 1st sat beside me in the flight and now here also,,, I wanted a separate car for myself but again her taunt caught me in this bus…. now she want to see the scenario of shimla poking her head outside the bus,, it could be so dangerous so I gave her a stern look and then she made some baby faces which can melt anyone still I manages to ignore her…




Geet looked here and there: its beautiful… Avanti di u have great taste I must say…. The place is really beautiful….

Avanti: I had not chosen the place for beauty geet, the ppl over here needed it… u know the ppl over the village is very poor and here not a single hospital has so many advance technologies…


I saw avanti’s face,, it was glowing, now I know why she is so passionate for this profession,, I can’t deny but she is the most sensitive and humble girl I had met and maybe that’s why I fell in love with her… she is sober, beautiful, mature understanding…. Though geet is only 2 yrs younger than her but she is very immature… why the hell I m comparing the nutanki with Avanti, she doesn’t deserves to be compare with a sensitive lady like Avanti….


Geet: Avanti di,, u know that’s what I really adore of u,, I can bet,, u will be the best wife and daughter in law for any home,, who have so much love for other whom u didn’t know either,, how much u will love ur own ppl….


Her exclaimed left me shocked and surprised,, I had never thought geet can say something so sensible and deep… and I can see same thing on my families face,, though mom was angry about that but dadima was thinking somewhere, yes she knew about our circumstances but still she knew this world much more… whatever Avanti did was just for her mother’s sake….





We had visited the place and met those ppl in the village,, now I know I have made a good decision by taking this contract and I can see happiness on my mom’s face….. after 3 days we have to return we had decided that so one more night here, we had visited very beautiful places…. But the most anyone had enjoyed is geet, like she wanted to captured the whole life here,, I couldn’t help myself looking and smiling at her childish behavior….




My revere broke as I heard the same voice that once was the healing sensation to my heart…..


Avanti: how r u?

Maan: what do u think?

I tried to sound angry but it was not coming like that,, more it was in concern….

Avanti: what r u doing here in these hour?? no one is here…. (She avoided my question that means she knew how I m feeling right now….)   Everyone is enjoying the bonfire and geet,, (I can feel some kind of hesitation with the name she took),, geet was making everyone so lively,, why don’t u join everyone?

Maan: do u came here to call me for the fun?

Avanti: umm no…

Maan: after 5yrs u just came here to talk that Avanti?

Avanti sighed: Maan I m sorry,, I had always wished only happiness for u but never thought detaching myself only create distance in ur heart from everyone.. today I had achieved everything I desire but lost the most precious thing from my life…. Your Love….

I can see a pain is there in her eyes,,, her last words where creating a havoc in my heart but I can’t help myself being angry on her and I harshly pulls her towards me…

Maan; if u knew it then why u left me ha? U never thought about me?? for u it was ur dream that ur mother wanted and I was always with u,, I said I will wait but no u never wanted that…. didn’t u trust me Avanti that I could have wait for u my entire life,, I told u this 5yrs is nothing but u were no where to listen, u just walked away staying u will always love me but we can’t get together, why Avanti, why u did that, u make me a stone u know that? now I don’t feel any emotion?? U just shattered maan… why u did this?

Long tears came out from avanti’s eyes: because I loved u,, and I wanted u to lead a happy life.. I knew if u waits for me u can never get a good life…. Because I had surrendered my life for the ppls like my mother who had suffered heart disease her all life… I wanted to do something for the ppl who can’t afford treatment and staying with me would never gave u anything… I had to do that maan….

Maan: but when after 5 yrs I was waiting for u,, then why u didn’t came back?

Avanti: the same thing maan,, staying with me u can’t get anything…  I can’t give anything to u and ur family’s expectation, for me it was always those ppl 1st….

Maan left her smirks: yeah how can I forget that, I was nothing for u….

Avanti: please don’t stop here maan, go ahead with ur life, u have a bright life good family,, please maan don’t wait for me,, marry someone….

Maan instantly looked at her: don’t u know I m really happy in my life… and for ur peace of mind let me tell u I m not waiting for u anymore,, I m getting married very soon…

Avanti: what?? she was shocked but soon recovered… with whom?

Maan: geet……




Precap: engagement????????????




Few fact that I want to clear here, as its an OS I can’t add that in the update because of length…..

1st,,, Vicky knew geet from before because he was with her 5yrs back when he entered his collage in London,,, he was with geet and her family so they were best frnd…. And Vicky really think her as a sister…..


2nd think,, Avanti left maan because her dead mother wanted to brought a hospital and made her the best doctor for heart treatment,, she knew it if maan would have waited for her his life would not have anything then, because she can’t give priority to him or his family,, for her its those poor ppl who needs her…. if she had promised him to be back or continued the long term relationship things won’t be the same,, she needed concentration but being away from her love would only gave her the sensation to going back….. and after coming here after 5yrs also, she knew she can’t give the same love and attention maan and his family needed…..


But the question is why she had came back,,,,


She was in the same city and maan had met her quite a time BUT as she had refused to come back in his life,, they parted away….. maan knew geet is working in sanjeevani and Avanti too working there only,, so it was an coincident to meet in the mall…..


The final question I guess,, WHOM MAAN LOVE NOW?


That is unsolved,,, u can see here maan is really a confuse soul,, from past 5yrs he had waited for Avanti but when she refused he never looked after that…. he wanted to carry his life ahead as his family want…. In a year he didn’t even met Avanti but then geet entered…. He felt attraction towards her… he felt something unknown…. But then as through Geet Avanti also entered in his life,, so he is in dilemma why he still thinking of Avanti and if he still loves Avanti then why he felt attraction towards GEET??

Though he is carrying for Avanti but u can see he is just concern… she loved him once and he knew some corner of her heart still loves him,, so she might felt bad to see geet close to him….


One more think MAAN is thinking maybe still his heart loves Avanti but he is not sure… sometime things around us makes us confuse that we didn’t understand the real meaning of love….


Lets see will maan find his true love and who will be that……


If u still have any doubt please ask me….. I will answer in next update……


Blessed to Have You (MG OS) Part 1





1st of all I want say pleased don’t throw any jutties on me,, I was bored with same stories of mine so thought to try something different,, ok its quite long story so I have cut it in 6 chapters,, will post everyday,, I had typed all part….except epilogue(that will depend on ur comment and likes)

This full story will be from MAAN’s POV and hence it will be his monologue,, I m not so good in expressing inner expression so sorry if I go wrong anywhere….


This is the 2nd OS that will have 6 part,, 1st one was NAINA BARSE which u have showered ur all love and I m really greatful to u all for that….






Blessed to Have You





Why it should been like this? just a mistake and I lost her.. why couldn’t I understand my heart… why I did the blunder and lost her forever,, why??

I don’t have any answer it was my fault and I m regretting it… God and SHE is punishing me….  will I lose her forever?






I don’t know why dadima has to be in this marriage game so much, she has been emotionally black mailing me to get married, can u believe this Maan Singh Khurana and getting Blackmail by his own Dadima…. when I had clearly told her I m not interested… she had been saying numerous thing and my own mom is giving her company,, I hate it… but can’t go against these 2 ladies… they are my life… so I abruptly nodded my head finding no other option…  but I have made my mind,, at the 1st look only I will convince her to say no…. yes if she want anything I will give her but she will definitely say a no…


It’s the day I will meet her,, no I m not so eager but some corner of my heart is anxious, how will be she? I don’t even know her name,,, what will be her reaction.. uffff what I m thinking she will say no,, its not like rejecting MSK but saying NO for this alliance with my consent…. *sigh* it definitely a disaster phase of my life… I had never thought i will marry anyone after that incident,, leave it I should not bring this now….


Ohh there she is sitting with my mom and dadima… they seems like very happy… what will be their reaction when she will say No for this marriage, I know dadima will be disappoint but what can I do, I really don’t wanna get married, I guess they can get Vicky marry her…. ummm no, he is immature 23 yrs only, he should enjoy life 1st….


As my mom indicate me I went the hall where SHE is sitting,, I can feel her stiffening,,, wow I have an effect on her…. I know I know its wrong to think like that but can’t stop myself grinning inwardly thinking my effect on her… I m feeling good don’t know why?  Ohhh God her face…. God had taken his own sweet time to make her…. she is his most precious creation…. Yes she looks angelic… her soft cheeks so eatable… god I m already feeling something weird…  as she looks upto see me, I missed a beat… her hazel doe shape eyes are so captive… for a moment I really forget to blink my eyes…. Her rosy cheeks were turning deep shade of pink,, guess she is blushing with my intense stare…  instantly I removed my eyes from her… but her supple pink lips caught my attention… I was gulping hard just to see her…. her milky skin and dark brown n black hair,, some locks dancing on her forehead and some touching her lips,, her long fingers were tucking the hair strands behind her ear.. for a moment I really want to do that but controlled… what is happening to me….


Dadima: maan this is geet… yaad hain na??I looked at her confused…. How will I know her,, sensing my confusion my mom replied…


Mom: maan tum dono sayad bhul bhi gaye honge ek dusre ko,, u both were childhood frnds… remember mohindar uncle… 17yrs before we lived in same house in london…. And this is Geet Handa… u both were best friend… can’t u remember that? when u was 10 and geet was 7 when we left London and came here as ur father wanted to expand our business… u both was divasted with it… and that’s why we promised each other that we will marry u both once both are enough mature…


I looked at my mom blankly…. 17yrs before.. god I don’t remember just faint images of 2 children, maybe me and geet.. but we were just kids then, how can they think so…. I know she is attractive but only because our parents had promised each other we can’t get married… more over I m not ready atleast after that incident, I don’t want another relationship…. So I had decided to confront my family and geet… GEET,, its sounds so good,, I can see her looking at me intently…. Ohh is she ready for the alliance,, looking at her face I can’t guess anything….


Maan: mom, how can u think we will still open for the promise u made 17yrs before? We are grown up now and we both have different life….

Dadima: but maan….

Maan: dadima we both need time and I want to talk with her….


Mom smiles: yes beta,, when we are saying get marry tomorrow.. we want ur happiness only…. Geet just landed here yesterday.. and she is living with us from now so u have whole time to spend with her and u both can know each other…. And her family will be coming after a month because of their visa… till then take care of her…..


Another bomb,, she will be living with us…. God I m feeling something just to have her 10 feet away now she will roam in my house… great now… but she haven’t spoke anything till now…. Good I can talk with her now….


Dadima: maan can u show her the room beside urs?

Maan: what?

Dadima: it won’t look good to stay in guest room beta…  may be u don’t remember but she was ur best friend….


I saw geet looking other side,, I felt bad,, maybe she still remember our friendship.. I wonder what kind of person she was and she is now.. not like I have any feeling or attraction but just umm like that u know….





As we entered the room I saw her twinkle eyes… and 1st time in these hours I felt flatter in my heart seeing her smile.. her full dimple goshh I so wanted to pinch those cheeks… control MSK…. Its not the style of Maan Singh Khurana…..


Maan: umm geet,, I wanted to talk about


But geet interrupt: Marriage…..


Oh her voice is so musical…. Hmmm she seems like starting the topic now.. I m just praying to god please make her say no….


Maan: hmm I know u came here for this marriage.. but i

Geet: u r not ready for the marriage,,

Maan: sorry

Geet giggle: why sorry, infact I m thankful to u…. u know I m really not interested in this marriage… I want to pursue my career 1st…. I wanted to practice here in india… and india’s top hospital is ready to give me the opportunity but my bhai said I can get the opportunity if I m ready to marry u…. so I came here to meet u and please say NO this marriage….


Ohh so she came for her motive,, not to marry me… I felt bad but why?? I should feel happy,, now I m free… I can manage dadima and mom saying she doesn’t want to marry and I myself will help her… but still I m feeling something weird in me….


I shrugged it off,, then my eyes went of her back,, umm I mean she was giving her back and standing over the balcony….


Geet: its beautiful,, Mumbai beaches are best in the world…. Her dimple shown and again I missed a beat….

Maan: I thought u will say London is the best in every field….

She smiles: why should I say that,, mind u I m still an Indian and will be that only.. London me rehne se koi british nahi ban jata….

Maan: I can see that….


I said looking at the dress… she is wearing a sleeveless churidar… perfectly cringing to her slim body,, her white skin is glowing in the orange outfit… personally I hate orange color but seeing her in that outfit, I m loving this color… WEIRD…. She really looks like an Indian,,, I guess it’s the main thing attracting me….


Maan: by the way u are doing medical internship?

Geet stammered a little: ha, yeah yeah that’s right.. I m only an intern… but in few yr I guess I will be a psychologist,, she grins and I couldn’t help but chuckle….. she is a kid…. She frowns seeing my expression and I couldn’t help smiling….







Its being one week,, geet is really becoming fond of india and my family…. Vicky was always so attached with her,, I knew Vicky was with our relative during his college and now I got to know Vicky was living with her family only….  both are like same,, always in mischievous mood…. In this week I found geet is still a kid… but I wonder how much she is affecting me…. but one thing I m grateful, because of her vicky is becoming independent… he is coming with me to office… I had thanked Geet for that but she just smiled and said Vicky is her frnd….


Last night when I returned from office the sight enraged me but then I saw my mom’s smiling face,, it was the 1st time my mom was smiling on my father’s death anniversary… yes after my dad’s departure this day always gave her immense pain,, often I had seen her crying…. But last night I saw geet sitting in the middle scattered with my childhood photographs laughing on me…. arrgghhh laughing on MSK,,, but I couldn’t do anything seeing my mother’s happy smiling face…. Geet was reminding her of dad’s sweet moment,, but strangely she was not crying but smiling with her… I felt gratitude….. but then our eyes met…. She just winked at me,, I saw here and there to see anyone seen us but she started laughing her head off… for the 1st time a smile formed on my lips genuinely…


The door being knocked….


Who can come in this time, its nearly 11…

Maan: Ohh mom…. Aap yaha  iss waqt?

Mom: maan I want to talk about geet….

I made her sit on the bed and myself sat on the ground placing my head on her lap,,, she was gently massaging my hair, it felt so soothing….


Mom: maan I know u couldn’t forget HER,,, but beta Geet is a nice girl….

Maan; mom please u know I don’t want to marry anyone….

Mom: but maan I and ur dadi need accompany,, we are getting old… we need to settle u and Vicky so that after our,,,,

Maan: MOM,, dare u say that,, u know I won’t let u go anywhere….

Mom: pagal hum kahi nahi jarahe but we need to see u both happy….

Maan: I m happy and see Vicky has started taking things seriously in few yrs we can find a girl for him….

Mom: he will not marry without u being married…. He want to see u married first…

Maan: mom u know everything…

Mom: try to forget Avanti maan… she is ur past….. and how can u love someone who doesn’t respect ur feeling…

Maan: mom…

Mom: no maan,, if she had loved u ever she hadn’t gone for her career knowing u loved her so much,, and anyway u were  giving her freedom to pursue her medical but stil she doesn’t wanted to bind herself in any relationship and went to Newyork…  I still remember ur sad face, ur begging her to stay here or at least continue the relationship still she went on saying she will come one day…. And she came after 5yrs,, I know u had tried to see her but she refused saying she doesn’t love u anymore…. Now she is a successful heart specialist but never once tried to know ur heart….

Maan: she did all this because of her mother,, her mother wanted to see her becoming a doctor and she couldn’t concentrate knowing i m waiting for her that’s why she made herself a stone mom… she had promised her dead mother…..

Mom: pyar karti to dil patthar na banati,, If she cared for u, she would have been back to u now…. One tear drop fell on her feet and she wiped his eyes…. Now I want u happy and move on in ur life beta,, geet is a very good girl.. try to think once….


How can I deny my mom who gave her life to me because I needed her the most…. When Avanti ditched me 5yrs back only mom was there to hold me…. I know she is right and I should give my life a second chance….





I m feeling fresh with the determination to give the life a chance and now I m stuck with geet in the mall… she need to do shopping, ohh god how much she can shop… she can buy the whole shop, I guess Brij had given his whole collection of credit cards…..


Geet: maan can u help me with this?

Maan: u have been selecting this for past 2 hour, can u hurry up, I need to attend a meeting….

Geet was looking in some dress: u don’t have any meeting, I have called aadi, ur assistance and he told me u don’t have any meeting today, aunty had cancelled everything, so be quite and let me do my shopping….

Is she ordering maan singh khurana to let her follow when she is doing her so called shopping that never seems ending in past 2 hour….

Suddenly I felt like grabbing and her arms and giving her a piece of mind… and I did that….


I grabbed her one arm and made her meet my furious eyes… her hazel eyes were gaping at me only… her dressed dropped from her hand I pulls her more close to my body,, I can feel her shuddering under my body heat…. My breath fans on her supple lips…. Her palms were on my chest giving warmth to my body…. Our faces were mere inches away…..


‘Maan’ I heard her whisper,,, a jolt went through my spine hearing her words…. To break the trance I pushed her to a wall beside,, thankfully there was no one in that section… the small area was nearly deserted….


I wanted to break my reverie but fell badly in her trace and pressed my body on her…. my hands went on her slim waist pulling her close where my hard chest was pressing on her soft petite body….


My face is an inch away from her enough close to touch her soft lips….  I can hear her gasp…. Her eyes were shocked but in dazed….

I came on her ear whispering huskily: how dare u ordering MSK huh?  Do u know in this world no one can boss on MSK,, and u….

Geet: I m not anyone,, she said with a smirk…. U see I have come here with the great Maan Singh Khurana, kuch to baat hogi na mujhme…  and mind u that was not an order, just a statement, what can I do if u need excuse to come close to me….


Her simple answer left me baffled… instantly I released her feeling embarrassed but I can see she is not at all finding it awkward…..


Geet: I never knew u would look so cute in embarrassing mode,, she laughed and then I gave her a deathly glare to which she showed me her tongue and ran off from there….  I chuckled at her and then ran after her….


And I saw her bumping someone, I god she will fall any moment… I ran to save her….


Her petite body crushed with me,, and as she was falling on the ground I have entangled her slender waist in my arms…. we were in a compromising position I guess and all the ppl of the mall was gaping at us… she was shocked and petrified,, her palm was over my shoulder…. I could not help but watching her face, the serene beauty and innocence was oozing out from her face…. She opens her eyes and gave me a nervous smile…. just then we heard a voice…. And I froze in my track…..




A whisper came out from my throat ‘AVANTI’




Precap: I don’t want to discuss my life with u,, something is good to keep personal and I don’t wish to share my personal life with a guest…. I was shocked with my behavior.. instantly I left her,, I know she will be hurt to hear all this…. again I wanted to say something when she interrupt….


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