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Kagaz Ki Kashti-Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 114


Part 114

Next morning Maan and Shiv gave their respective partners a sweet surprise by bringing them at a helipad.

Geet: where are we going Maan?

Saanjh: What is it you both aren’t telling us?

Maan: Can you both just keep quiet for few mins.

Geet & Saanjh: No.

Shiv: You are asking women to shut their mouth Maan. It’s nearly impossible.

Soon they reached the helipad where a beautiful helicopter was waiting for them.

Geet: wow.

Saanjh: are we going somewhere in that?

Geet looked somewhere in between awe and horror which was comical.

Shiv: Geet you will scare Maahi with ur expression, let me hold her.

Geet: But it will be noisy.

Maan: we have everything we need and this noise cancelling headphones for maahi.

Saanjh: when did you manage all this.

Shiv: We preplaned it. Now hop in it before we decide to leave without you.

Saanjh gave a murderous glare then looked at Geet. Saanjh smiled sheepishly.

Saanjh: Good luck with her. and she got into the seat with a laugh.

Shiv: why do it look like an evil laugh?

Maan: Geet. Geet…. but Geet was taking a reverse.

Geet: Mujhe nahi jana, gir-wir gaye to. Haye babaji insan marne ke kitne raste dhundte hain.

Maan: Geet. None will die. Get in.

Geet: Nahi mujhe nahi jana. Aap sab bhi mat jao.

Maan looked at a laughing Saanjh: Don’t tell me she has some kind of phobia again.

Saanjh: she is Geet. She fears from everything yet never give up in the hardest situation.

Geet: Don’t try to patronise me Saanjh. I am not getting in that. Can’t we stay here. I love this plaace. We have many things here.

Maan: yeah half naked girls giving massage. Do u want me to have that? Geet pouted. Natak band karo andar chalo or i will carry u in that.

Shiv: Geet lets get in before he did that. Shiv went inside holding Maahika still laughing on Geet’s antiques.

Saanjh: why didn’t u tell me?

Shiv: I wanted to see this smile on your face.

Saanjh kissed on his cheek: I love it.

Shiv make a dreamy smile: I can make it home if i get this sweet gifts from u.

Saanjh: stop making cheesy lines.

But it made her smile, which made him smile. He got busy with maahi. They had brought extra pacifier, baby food and noise cancelling headphones for her. This little thing made Saanjh swoon in love for him.

Geet: how much it have cost u Maan? I have heard taking a helicopter ride is really expensive. Itna kharcha karne ki kya zarurat thi?

Maan looked like if she has gone mad and Shiv couldn’t stop himself laughing.

Shiv: I hope our pilot can’t hear us. He would die from laughing.

Maan: Geet are u seriously a gone case?

Geet made an angry pout: what do u mean?

Shiv: it’s his personal chopper Geet. We got this here for this ride only.

Geet’s eyes were huge and mouth slightly open which Maan kissed softly and it made her shut it.

Saanjh: exactly how much money do you have Maan?

Maan: same as your fiancee, hmm maybe a few million extra.

Shiv: huh….

Saanjh suddenly looked a little uneasy which did not go unnotice by Maan and Shiv either. Geet was unsure about all this, but in the past yr she had seen it so it isn’t as much as a shock for her. He had given her a company which worth million. But for Saanjh all is really new and it made her uncomfortable. She tried to cover it up but she did a poor job.

Shiv: don’t u dare do that.


Shiv: feeling unworthy an all. I am still your friend shiv before a lover. And your love make me the richest person in the world not the money.

Saanjh smiled and tried really hard to shove this insecurities aside. Which was successful in the next hour of the tour.

A few min in the sight seeing Geet was engrossed in the view. Maan had to provide the headphones to Geet as well. Geet was mesmerized with the view and that was showing in her excited tone. The sea-green crystal clear ocean surrounding the hill was a view to watch. Maahi came to Geet’s lap leaning on the glass. She was bouncing in happiness and blabbering in her childish language.

After 1 and half our of tour they reached Pattaya.

Geet: but our luggage and how can we leave so suddenly. U know our frnd’s marriage is after 4 days.

Maan: we will reach there in 4 days but next 4 days we will be here and in many more places.

Shiv: there are so many places to watch in Thailand why u want to stay in Bangkok only. Trust me Geet you will love it in Pattaya.

Geet: I hope so.

They check in a hotel. After a few hour nap they went straight to the Nooch tropical botanical garden. Maan knew that is the only place Geet and Maahi will feel relax. As a child Maahi is extremely nature friendly. She did not threw any trantrum after the ride which was a blessing.




They visit the park with ever so enthusiasm. Geet and Saanjh was ecstatic to find yellow and blue lotus. They were in awe to find that different colour lotus do exist. On the other hand Shiv was finiding difficult to hold Maahika who was fascinated with flower cactus.

Shiv: why she always has weird fascinations?

Maan: wait till we go the cartoon water park tom.

Shiv: I am almost afraid to see her reaction. Such a small kid but her enthusiasm is commendable.

They took a lot of selfies and photos of that place and themselves. The greenaway was soothing to watch. So when the day ended Geet wasn’t ready to leave but Maahika’s sleepy face pulled her away. They went to their hotel and the girls found their all luggage in the respective place.

Geet: Who unpacked them?

Maan: the staff?

Geet: Why would they go through my belongings. Let me handle them. How is the privacy policy?

It was hard for Maan to laugh and hold her in a grip: I told them Geet and whenever I went on a business trip i had my ppl for arranging my clothes so i did here too.

Geet: never ever do this. I can do my own work Maan.

Maan: okay baba you do the next time. But right now let me do it.

At first Geet was confused but seeing the mischievous light in his eyes she understood.

Geet: no maan. I can do it myself.

Maan: suno na, geet. Geet.

And he began to chase her as she was running in the whole suite laughing.


Next day they went for Cartoon network amazone theme water park. As expected Maahi was ecstatic. Though they could not take part with her most of the ride but still they enjoyed and the couple took turn to hold Maahi and take the ride seperately. That was the most fun day for Geet and Saanjh. Even Maahika was happy like never before. They took pictures and Maahika attracted quite a fan of her own with her happy bouncing and ear catching giggling. None kids of her age look as happy as her. Never once she cried for anything which said she really enjoyed it. But the men was exhausted keeping with the girls.

Next day the 4 along with Maahi went to on see the floating market where people sell veggie to fruits to anything on small boats. It was beautiful sight to see. Then there was Big Buddha Hill (Wat Phra Khao Yai). Being spiritual that was some best place Geet could visit. She loved it there.

At night Maan took Geet to see Pattaya view point which is situated at Pratumnak hill.



Geet: It’s beautiful Maan.

The beach was quite as at night the place is empty but the city was sparkling with lights. Maaneet sat there in silent for 15 min.

Geet: Are we leaving soon.

Maan: Hmm. Got a phone from our investers. Sorry jaan. We need to go back to India.

Geet: can we still visit Lara. It’s her wedding.

Maan: you seem to like this Lara a lot.

Geet smiled: Aisi baat nahi hain. Actually Saanjh wants to see a church wedding. She won’t say to anyone but she dreamt of a church wedding always but Shiv being punjabi i doubt that gonna happen. And Saanjh knew it.

Maan: You should have tell Shiv about it.

Geet: Maan it is not our place to say anything. Shiv and Saanjh need to talk about it. We can’t interfere in their life you know. They did already so much for us. Specially Shiv. From the moment he entered our life he had given me a support without words.

Maan: you know Geet I used to missed my best friend so much, ironically one sister part our ways and another brought us closer. Without you Shiv and me wouldn’t have been friends again.

Geet shook her head: You both can’t live without each other, you would have managed something somehow.

Maan smiled and kissed her forehead: thank you for coming in my life.

Geet: accha, tell me one thing. In these 5yrs you never met shiv?

Maan was silent for few mins: I met him 2yrs ago.

Maan saw Geet did not made any face, she was waiting for him to continue.

Maan: Shiv was in trouble, big trouble. His name was literally in gutter. But he manage to float.

Geet: You helped him.

She was not asking the obvious.

Maan: yes. I helped him but only clearing his name and to pull out him from the mess, later he managed on his own. I was too much angry to stay.

Geet: What happened?

Maan hesitated: when we thought that Saanjh was no more, shiv and me parted ways. He went on a destructive mode. He worked hard but partied harder. It was like he wanted to forget himself…..

Maan was lost in those days, yes he was never there but he always kept tab on him….


Saanjh was arranging the room, Maahi slept in the cot soundless. Though she was clearing the mess created by Maahi but eyes were on Shiv who was lost in his thought. She was worried for him. He tried to show his mischief self in the last 4 days but she knew it was just a front. he is hiding something or maybe something is making it’s way in his head. Right now he was sitting on the extended balcony staring at the beach.

Saanjh sat infront of him: I will miss this place.

Shiv looked a little disturb: do we need to visit this friend of your tomorrow?

Saanjh was silent for sometime studying him, he tried to smile but failed miserably.

Saanjh: you want to tell me something Shiv?

Shiv sighed and looked at the open sky. They sat there for 10 min without any words. Then Saanjh stood up to leave but Shiv held her wrist, pulling her on his lap.

Shiv: I want to hold u.

Saanjh: I am not leaving.

Shiv: What if you do?

Saanjh shook her head: try me.

Shiv: I did something horrendous Saanjh. You won’t forgive my this mistake.

Saanjh placed her head on his shoulder: let me decide that.

Saanjh knew he wants to reveal something big and she was preparing herself for it but she doesn’t think anything can make her leave him other than if he wants it. But his revelation stunned her.

Shiv: I have destroyed someone’s life. I have lived for 2 yrs with the guilt. I was on destructive spree for years now. It stopped when i saw Geet and Maahika.

Saanjh was silent, gave him space to continue.

Shiv: my carelessness cost me a child’s life. MY CHILD’S LIFE.

Saanjh’s hold him loosen as his words sank in.


Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 46


Part 46

Geet gulped hard when his finger brused her inner thigh then the thin material, she sucked in a breath then looked at him, whatever she saw only made her squirm, the dark intense need in his eyes made her thighs clenched. Her core suddenly wet and shivers trickled down her back. Her breath was heavy but he didn’t budge from his sweet assault, if it wasn’t his dark lust filled eyes Geet would have thought it wasn’t effecting him as much as it to her.

Maan thumb caresses her creamy skin, then felt the wet spot, he was hard like a rock and cursed himself for teasing her. He so much wanted to grab her and take a turn to the washroom for a quick hard ride. But this is Geet, she deserves better, she is his wife and she trusts him, that what her eyes says.

“Maan” the small moan was filled with lust and it made him cursed more. He held her nape and kissed her so hardly while his finger plunged in her wetness, her inner walls squeezed his fingers. Thankfully they were in a corner which was hidden from most of the people but the thought of having him so close, and the pending orgasm only thrilled Geet further.

He removed his hand and she let out a whimper, his tongue nibble on her neck “we have to stop.”

His ragged breath told her he was effected as much as she was but the frustation made her angry and slapped his hand away from her, he chuckled and brought her closer.

“I’ll make it good.” Then again he started teasing her senses by his tongue.

“You better be” geet mumble only made him shake with laughter. It was so foriegn to see him laugh that Geet’s belly clenched further.

Someone cleared his throat and Maaneet turned to see a younger handsome waiter serving them, she was so wide eyed seeing the variety of food that she never notice the fella giving her suggestive looks, but suddenly his eyes fell on Maan who was observing everything, the rage in his eyes said only one thing he can murder anyone without a flinch.

“Keep your eyes to yourself before I dab it with a fork.”

Maan’s calm voice didn’t hide the deathly threat and the waiter nodded urgently. Then mumble “Sorry”

“What happen?”

Maan looked at his innocent Oblivious wife, if it was a few days back he would have blame her for being a slut maybe, his rage never need proof but knowing her and her desire for him had helped him being sane and not insecure. He brought her on his lap which she didn’t protest. He shook his head and geet just shrugged again looking at the food.

“Maan what we will do with so much food, it’s gonna be wasted, I know You don’t eat so much. Are you?”

Before he can say anything Bella chimed “Not for him but he always gets company when he comes here, see that.”

Not before Bella finished her words that 2 barking Great Dane ran towards them, for a moment Geet held Maan tighter but she felt the rumble of laughter when the 2 dog came and started shoving Geet, Maan’s one glare made them stop, then again they started shoving Geet away but gently. By then everyone was looking at their table. Bella was laughing and the 2 dog were licking or trying to lick Maan.

“Ok you will get ur share first say hello to Geet.”

Both their head turned to Geet who inched away seeing so very large dog, they tower seating Geet in height. They nudge her hand but Geet was so afraid that she made a ball of her fist. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. Bella’s kind face looked down at her.

“They loves him, so they know you are Maan’s whom they can’t hurt.”

Geet felt her palm being taken and turn to see Maan holding her hand, she reluctantly let him loose her palm and placed infornt of those dog. At first she was shivering but then she felt the cold nose touching softly on her palm, they both sniffed her, then licked her hand before settling beside her either side. Geet couldn’t help but giggle.

“Heyyy she is my woman.” His frustating voice didn’t budge them and it made her giggle more. Maan mock huffed, rest of the lunch went Maan feeding the dogs and Geet admiring him. She wanted to take the dog with them thinking they doesn’t have owner but later Maan told her they are Bella’s and whenver he visit Italy they stays with him.

Geet watched Maan helping them with food, then playing with them for some time and when time came to say good bye Geet couldn’t help but feel sad, so she offered him to take the dogs till they are here but Maan didn’t agree which only made Bella smile so wide that it confused Geet.

“I have never seen him like this, he wants to spent his every moment with you tesoro. You are one lucky girl. He adores you.”

Geet smiles biting her lips, she was feeling shy, nervous yet excited.

“How do u know?”

Bella laughed “Don’t you see that Man is crazy for you, he can’t pull his hands away from you, that shows how much he wants you.”
Geet looked at Maan wistfully, she adores him too but the problem is she is falling in love with him so hard that she fears, he will destroy her. Bella puts her hands on her.

“Take a chance with him Bambina, he deserves it after he faced everything.”

Geet’s face visibly paled “what do u mean?”

Bella’s face closed down, and she looked at Maan with sad eyes “I think it should be him who decides when and what to say Bambina, but mark my one word, if his rage is soul shivering, his hatred is madness then His love is fierce, intense. Once he loves someone he won’t let them go from him, he can destroy anyone who hurt him but he can destroy himself for them whom he loves which is really a very few but you,, I can see you are his soul. His love is madness for you.

he can’t express himself but he opening to you, so don’t let him go ever Geet. He deserves you because I have never seen anyone so fierce like you, so passionate like you. I have seen the jealously when he hugged me and then it converted to wistful when he was with myra and panther. Only you can give him the love and make his life the way he dreamed once. He deserves it.”

Bella left Geet with a baffled face and thought. She kept watching how Myra was licking Maan and he was so happy. Now she got to know why he tolerated Gulgule everytime though he was so naughty. It wasn’t for her only he genuinely loves animals. Maybe beneath of this Devil there stays a soft person who deserves every happiness a person can think.

Maan turn to see her and she beamed then took out a phone clicking some snap, rest of the day they spent with the dogs and Bella laughing, loving and taking memories.

Ps: trust me you should enjoy the soft devil before the dark story began…

(C ) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg. 2014

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Loving You Forever Prologue



I met you the day of downfall
Sweet & Shy and so natural.
I saw the fear, anticipation
The way you peeked from the veil of your eyelashes
I saw the nervousness in your gesture
I saw the pain when they laughed on your stammering
My heart squeezed and rage took place
That was never the intention
Marrying you was never the equation.

I was ashamed I was using you
I never wanted to be tied
But once a look of your tears
Jerked the emotion I never felt
I was angry on them, I was angry on myself
And you took it on your heart.

You were so beautiful Sweet & Shy
I don’t know who said you aren’t,
I was baffled to see
The confidence
But heart broken to see that wasn’t for yourself,
You stood up for your father’s reputation
But not once accepted you are the worth
Of every proud nerves,
You aren’t scared little kitten,
Brave, confident, protecting your family
I guess I fell in love little more of your solidity.

You were ready for the rejection,
I know you expected me to say anything,
But how could I?
I was so mesmerised of your bravery
How could anyone reject an angel?
Sweet & shy and so natural?

Marrying you was never the equation
But one look of you and I knew
Loving you Forever will be a wild turn of events
Loving you forever the destiny I never intented
But the want I felt will quence
Once I have you in my arms
Looking in to your hazel
And I can say
Loving You Forever isn’t a mistake
You are worth every smile and shine
My Life will complete only after
“Loving you Forever.”

This will be a very short SS because my close frnd Tanvi wanted a dream story on the theme of Arrange marriage, so here it is as her birthday gift… my other story will go on, I have exam on 27th so will be absent but before that I will complete this story. It will be short and sweet with tich tadka.

A little msg for Tanu (b’day girl happy bday)

Hey Tanu,, very happy birthday jaan, you know when u said about this story for the 2nd time, I felt so much pleasure hearing my bestie wanted a dream story from me and I started typing this story. I know we had a missunderstanding, I was just pulling your leg saying all the stupid thing, I can never say those things in right mind. But it was worth it to imagine your face hearing my word “itne sweet sweet bhayanak ideas tereko ate kaise hain?”

But seriously I thought I can see your vission, so I started typing what came in my mind as your dream story is “Arranged Marriage”, then knowing u asked others for the same story as u were uncertain if I will write it or not as I said its not my fortey and other can write family stuff, then only I saw how much serious u are with this story, but I was already preparing your birthday gift, but I just wanted it to be surprise.

Aur ha agar tune apne pasand ka banner ready kar liya to de dena, I couldn’t have asked, it would have ruined your aurprise. So sam helped me a lot and made this as I liked.

So hope you will like this story and seriously I love you sooooooo muchhhhh… Many Happy returns of the day sweetheart… May God always bless you….

Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 45


Part 45

Geet noticed the admiration in Maan’s eyes and for a moment she lost her heartbeat. A sudden heat rushesd through her stomach, settling between her legs finally. No man has the right to look so deliciously handsome, it was not the appearance that made her eyes glued to him, it was the aura he carried. He isn’t in a business suit but that doesn’t stop people to follow his every word with devotion.

In that moment he exactly looked the MSK she met that night. Arrogant Ruthless. But in that exterior their is a person who guarded his emotion, maybe trying to protect himself, there is an era of stories in him. He has history which had hurt him badly and made him the ruthless devil but that doesn’t stop him to show affection towards her in his own style. And what said that about him? He care. He care a big time for her.

The moment her feet hit the ground maan placed his hand on her waist claiming her as his. Geet looked at him ashtonished, he just gave a nod to his bodygaurd and other disappeared, Geet tried to see whom he was talking to but only met with some glare from girls, clearly interested in her devil husband.

“Where are we going?”

“You want to go local place for lunch?”

Geet gave a look tht only indicate does he even know what local places are call cz he only represents 5 star hotel. Maan’s look said he read her mind which earned a scowl from him, that bursts Geet in to a fit of laughter. Finally her hubby can give expression other than glare or smirk.

“Let’s go, I m so hungry.” Geet chided

“It’s good that we are in public.”

“So u can’t touch me or kiss me to shut the hell up?”

Her teasing and twinkling eyes undone him unashamedly. He grabbed her in the middle of everyone and kissed her hard. Geet was baffle, immobile, for a moment she tried to think what he was doing, but it was Maan, he do the unthinking. His lips teased her and tongue moistened her petals, teeth nipped her skin as he groan in her mouth.

“I care a damn about ppl, I wasn’t talking about kissing. I was saying it’s good for u that we are in public or else I would have spank you till u scream with your orgasm.”

Her core clenched with his raw words and body shuddered feeling his hardness pressing her lower abdomen.


The moan worked all the way from her heart then again settle in the pit of stomach, he kissed her again, but it was soft and sensual. Geet can feel she was drowing in him, his desire and possession, it scared her at the same time shivered her with excitement.


When they entered Bella’s Castello rolled up in front of her the fresh aroma of Italian food watered her mouth, but then the line of ppl came in to view. Her mouth literally hanging on ground, never in her wildest dream Geet imagined Maan would bring her here. Truthfully she expected some posh boring 5 star resturant but this place amazed her.

It was beautiful, not small not so large, but what attracted her was the atmosphere. Happiness was oozing out, the music was in Italian and laughter with mouth watering food aroma was drifting. Maan tapped her shoulder.

“Aur muh mat kholo Geet, zameen pe gir jayegi.”

Her mouth gaped while he smirked briskly walking before grabbing her hand.

“Maan if u can’t see let me describe you the scene before,, there at least 50 ppl standing in the line, mujhe aaj bhook lagi hain, kal nahi complete karna mujhe.”

Maan rolled his eyes and entered the place, ppl shouted but he didn’t even looked at them. Strange thing was his bodygaurds weren’t around them anymore. She looked at him in confusion while he was looking for someone.

Suddenly she heard a shriek then something came in a tornado speed and hugged her husband. Her husband. What the hell. Geet was ready to punch the woman who was hugging Maan like her life depends on him, but then she stopped, Maan was smiling, a genuine smile that she had never witnessed.

She can’t see the lady because Maan was hugging her so passionately that her small frame was plastered to him. Geet never knew this kind of jealousy she is feeling right now had ever existed in her but a murderous rage and heart breaking cry was about to tore from her throat. Just then the lady broke the hug and turned her full attention to Geet, she froze.

Geet couldn’t believe what she was seeing, that wasn’t what she thought, she was definitely small but way older than 2 of them, and then she saw the motherly love that lady was holding in her eyes, yep definitely. Her age didn’t hide the glow on her face at 55 she still looks so radiant and partly geet knew because of the love she holds for Maan.

” Bambino è questa la ragazza di cui parlavi? La tua amata moglie? Lei è davvero una bellezza, un pezzo di bella opera di Dio. Sei fortunato” (Child is this the girl you were talking about? Your beloved wife? She is really a beauty, a piece of God’s finest work, you are lucky.)

“Sì, lei è quella. Mi ci è voluto molto tempo per trovare il suo, ma ora quando ho l’ho non lasciarla andare dalla mia vita ” (yes she is the one, It took me a very long time to find her, but now when I have her I won’t let her go from my life)

Bella looked at him surprised ” Tu la ami” (you love her)

Maan didn’t said a word after that, Bella knew him too well so she changed the subject and took them to a booth that she always kept reserved for Maan, and last night he had informed her about his honeymoon.

They were oblibious to the person looking back and fro toward them, she felt intruder hearing their words, she was so curious to see and hear their words that she never told them she can understand Italian, of course she latched on his every word greedily and the fact Maan was sharing his feelings to this woman didn’t hurt Geet though the way he stopped the conversation sting a little. She knew he doesn’t love her but he didn’t rejected the words also, what does that say about him? Maybe his care can turn to love one day? Maybe.

After some more chitchat with maan in Italian and geet in english Bella told them it was time to have lunch.

Bella looked at Maan with a smile “as usual Fettuccine alfredo, Chicken Saltimbocca, Pasta Salad, Shrimp fra diavolo, with white wine and Tiramisu?” Maan smiled at her before nodding.

Bella huffed “you like those stuff too much Maan.”

Maan gave a lazy smile then turnec to Geet who was looking,,, confuse.

“And this beautiful lady? What should I bring for you dear?”


“Should I order for you?” Maan intervene seeing her so confuse.

Geet just glared at him which made Bella chuckle,, Geet made a face and looked at Bella with apologetic smile “I m so confuse.”

Bella smiles softly at her honest confession “what about chicken parmigiana, Fettuccine with lemon tuna and capers, and in dessert?”

Geet gave her full smile “zabaglione. ”

Bella’s face lit up with a name and a sting of italian words came up from her, Maan chuckled at Geet’s bemused expression.

“It’s Bella’s fav, so she is happy u selected it.”

“Well your order will be here is a few mins, till then have this wine and I will send fresh bread for you 2.”

“Grazie Bella.” Geet’s word baffled Maan and Bella at the same time.

“Sai Italiana?” (You know Italian?) Bella claped her hand in childish happiness which made geet blush.

“Un po”(a little bit)

“Entrambi sembrano così carini insieme, Dicevo che è fortunato ad averti come sua sposa.” (you both look so cute together, I was saying he is lucky to have you as his bride.)

Someone called bella and she excused herself. Geet sat there staring at Maan who was looking at her so intently, she knew her face was warming.

“You never said a word when Bella was talking about you, u never told me u know the language.”

“That because I don’t, not perfectly. And definitely not like u and Bella,, and thinking about it, your investigators were lousy if they hadn’t informed about this little bit hobby of mine.”

Maan would have become angry at the mention of investigator but the teasing smile on Geet’s face did only thing, it turned him on. Her smile sudeenly turned to gasp when his fingers touched her knee sliding towards her inner thighs.

Geet looked everywhere to see anyone was watching them but the place was so packed up that none gave a damn about anyone. He continued his journey towards her thong and slightly touched it, her body was on fire and the glare that she was throwing towards Maan wasn’t working tad bit. It was making his assult all the more sensual and she found herself melting in his magical touch.

Ps: all Italian language from Google baba. I don’t know I about Italian.

(C) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg. 2014

Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 37


Thanks a lot to everyone who commented and pressed the like buttons. I know u all are very much confuse. Next 2 part have a lot of things which will clarify all confusion..

Part 37

(Maan’s narration to Geet about the situation 19 yrs before)

Geet we were a very happy family or so I used to think, but now sometime I remember maybe the facade was there only bcz of maa. Maa never wanted me to disrespect my father, I still remember her words that he is my father and whatever happens I should always love him and respect him because he loves me the most in this world.. I was so wrong….

It was rare that he wanted to spend any time with us. We had our share of happiness, whatever the family does, picnic, outing, we did all those but I had never seen my father showing affection towards my mother. It was like he was doing a duty, towards me and her, and in that age I was happy getting all attention from everyone. A 6 and half yr old boy couldn’t ask for more.. Then all hell broke apart. Maa was crying hysterically and I saw my Father was holding my nanny’s hand. Do u know what is the irony? My maa brought that nanny because she needed a job which apparently was a setup from my Father to stay close to her.’

I can hear Geet’s gasp. I know she is in shock but it’s a huge part of my life that she should know, she has the right.

‘I remember Ved running behind me like a devoted toddler, I loved him like a brother. When Gauri aunty came to live with us as my nanny maa accepted her children Dev nd Ved to stay with us but Dev was with his grandmother. Gauri aunty needed a job to support her family and my mother gave it cz she wasn’t in a good health and my Father’s business association needed parties and all. But she never once neglected me. and,,, somewhere Gauri aunty also loved me or maybe that was an illusion.’

I know I m getting lost in thoughts and only Geet’s touch could hold me and so she did. I can feel her silent cry. it’s good that my tears had long forgotten or I can be complete mess over the things that happened 19yrs before.

Geet: ‘She loves u, I can feel that in her gesture.’

A snort came out from me before I can stop it. Love? Huh if she had any love for me how could she destroy my family.

‘She got pregnant, They had relation all the yrs she worked for my mother. 3 yrs under her nose they had betrayed her and u r saying she loved me.’

Geet’s horrified gasp echoed the silent room. Tears burned and fell from her lashes and I watched it. Cruelly crushing her innocence. I know how much she loves my maa.

‘I was very small to know all this but I was smart enough. I heard my parents argue over things. And he admitted of being in love with the other woman. He said he wished my mother never came to his life. Maa was a nurse before she married him, she used to take care of my dadima who was a widower. Maa was an orphan and loved dadima like her own mother. That’s why when dadima asked her to marry her only son, she couldn’t refuse, maybe she also loved him.’

Again the picture of maa’s crying came haunting me. I had seen her crying for so many years. After leaving him I thought maa will eventually forget him but till date she cries at night, alone and broken. How many times I had witnessed that and hated my father for doing this to her.

‘She left him Geet, She left him for his happiness, she wanted him to be happy. For all his doing she gifted him divorce papers and then left with me. But u know the funny thing, till day she put her sindoor on her forehead on karwachauth. She still believe in that occasion and did everything in her power to save him. She loved him so much Geet, why he has to cut her in so many pieces that her broken heart never mended in one piece… I tried God knows I tried but failed miserably and that made me protective. I was possessive of her happiness and hated everyone that made her cry for years. But somehow still her love made me a human. In all this she never forget to make me remember who I m and what goodness the Khurana family gave her, that’s why she never changed my surname. She said she had no right to snatch a child’s surname, the only virasat I have from my dadima. She felt remorse taking me away from my father. Isn’t it funny she still felt at fault because she took a child that was her only life.

I know she took me because of me and my father. She was afraid when my father marry his love, he will forget about me and what if I wasn’t treated good. I would have cursed her for doing that. She saved all of us the trouble. My father’s guilt, his 2nd wife’s misery and a future I would have detest. But she was remorseful taking me away from my dadima. She had no option. And she did all she could for me. She made me what I m today. I know she fears one day I will hold her responsible for parting me from my father. But u know Geet I feel bless. She only did good for me be that cutting herself to half but never once let my head lower. She can never make me detest of that fact that my maa loved me before anything and did whatever she could to make my life good. Whatever I m today because of her, only her.’


Geet’s own eyes were moist but she held her ground firmly partly because Maan was in her arm silently shaking with tears that he had bolted for so many years and partly because she knew Priti’s sacrifice doesn’t deserves tears of sadness. She deserves much more. Respect, love, devotion.

Just then a small old figure tugged her self inside.

Dadima: Your mother was wrong in one thing Maan. She stopped till she get his attention. She smiles sadly. She was wrong about one thing. My son did loved her,and still love her but never got to know his feeling till it was too late. He was scared that he has fallen in love with Priti and that pushed him on the edge.

Maan looked away in disgust.. Dadima took a seat feeling suddenly so weak.

Dadima: It was al my fault. Everything. My son was in love with Gauri but I thought she wasn’t a good person like he mr father who was a fraud so I loathed the alliance. He gave in bcz of my persuasion or so I thought. When I met Priti I fell in love with her honesty and devotion. She was like a daughter I never had. And I told Abhi to marry her or leave the family business. He married Priti not in fear of losing the business but my health made him afraid. I had lost his father a few yrs back and he knew only he is the source I am relied on. He never wanted to take out my support. He loved me too much to leave me and did whatever I asked.

I thought I could never see him so much happy in this life time, I was right he was happy. After a few month of their marriage I saw changes, good changes in him. He was careful around Priti, her soft heart eventually melted him. Their 1st 2 yrs of marriage was beautiful. He smiled more than I had ever seen. He said he had stopped thinking about Gauri the moment he married your mother and he was right. He was a bad lair like u Maan. His eyes expressed everything but once he gaurded it none has the ability to know what’s going on his heart. That happened to ur mother…. She saw what Abhi showed and once he realized his mistake it was too late. Priti left the house with u…

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Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 44


Part 44

Opening the bathroom door what welcome her was Maan’s sexy as hell back facing her, her mouth watered seeing the water descending on his taut shoulder to his narrow hip. His shoulder was broad and muscle after muscle rippled through it, bronze skin made him dark and intense and the narrow waist, she licked her lips seeing him leaning on the wall with his hands either side placing on the wall, water dripped from his hair going down his spine in a line. Arrey of water surrounded the cubical, hot water made the glass wall fogged.

A blush crept on her body as she advanced towards him, her lips wanted to taste those water that touched his skin and her hand betrayed to stay on her body.

Maan’s body stiffen for a second before relaxing. Her soft body pressed tightly on his back made him unbelievably hard in record time, he felt her scent at same moment when she set her feet in the bathroom but never in his wild imagination he thought he will get such a precious gift. The way her body moved and rubbed against his back made his gut twist. The heat from her body was hotter than her gaze on him. Yes he felt her gaze when she entered the space, and he can’t deny it made him hard as rock knowing she was feeling same desire for him that he always felt looking at her.

Geet’s lips met the skin between his shoulder blade, hands slides down on his front touching the hard muscle. She knew it was effecting Maan as much as it was doing her. Her tongue darted and tasted his skin with fervor. Geet was so lost in his taste that she couldn’t stop herself nipping his skin lightly and then a full blown bite leaving her mark on him which was his undoing.

Maan turned and pinned Geet on the tiled walled so fast that her breath left and returned with a ‘whoosh’.


A moan worked from her lips as he slammed his hard body on her.

‘Do u know how thin was my control when u walked in the room and then pressed that sweet naked body against mine. I wanted to crush u Geet and f*** u so hard.’

His words were making her heat more slick. Geet wriggle and tried to be free but Maan’s hand pinned her both hand above her head.

‘I was so close to pin u but I waited. Do u know why? Cz I wanted to see ur desire for me.’

Geet blinked few times then realized what he wanted to hear. From the beginning Maan did everything to show his desire for her but she always took it wrong way, today her own desire gave him a reason to show the darkness of his desire and strangely she doesn’t fear it.

‘I do have desire for u Maan.’

Her words pushed him on the edge, all it happened so fast Geet only gasp as Maan held her hip lifting by her buttock and slammed his erection inside her in one sudden thrust. Geet cried out so loud she swear people outside this cottage can hear. Maan stopped to look at her, and in that moment she knew he won’t hurt her. Ever?

He thrust again and Geet grabbed his shoulder for support. She arched her back and with every thrust quiver for the pending release. Maan closed his lips around her bud sucking hard and slamming inside stimulately. Geet gasp for air as he twitch the nub down then like a thunder she explode screaming her lungs out, Maan’s groan followed as he emptied himself inside her. Thank god she took shot for pregnancy protection. Or they would never stop for condom.

Geet was spent but satisfied, smile never left her lips as Maan cleaned her body then hair and rubbed her with a soft fluffy towel. He scooped her in his arms, then walked in the room. Nowadays she felt she weight feather, the way he lifted her so effortlessly made her swoon. He placed her on the bed and Geet greedily looked at him getting dress, first in his jeans and she licked her lips looking at the abs which earned a scowl from Maan.

‘If u continue ur eating-me-with-eyes session like this we won’t be able to go outside or have lunch in the lounge Geet. As tasty as lunch sounds I would much prefer ordering the food and before that I will have u again.’

Her grin was so warm and naughty.

‘Who is stopping u Maan, I think I have quite established I like the bathroom f*** as well as the bed,it’s comfy.’

With a groan Maan advanced towards Geet but she ran away laughing.

‘Geet u can’t run after talking like that.’

‘on the second thought I need my energy so lets have lunch first and I want to go out not the lounge bar.’

Maan held her hand bringing her closer then smashed his lips on her kissing and eating her lips hungrily. Geet moaned in his mouth which made his hardness twitch.

‘Yeah u need strength. U r too thin and lightweight to cope up with me.’

Her mouth fell open and she looked at her self which earned a chuckle from Maan. He ran his tongue on her lips.

‘Get ready I will tell the driver and I have some work so I will be waiting for u in the lounge.’

Maan took his shirt from the cupboard then slipped in it. Just then Geet remember her luggage wasn’t in the view. She looked at Maan who was combing and looking at her through the huge mirror.

‘Maan my bag?’

‘they are in the cupboard but I think u should look at ur side first.’

Geet was confuse; and Maan left the room knowing she was confuse. Geet had noticed the smirk on his face and hurriedly went to the cupboard. Her eyes widen seeing the huge collection of dresses, from jeans to skirt and mini skirt, cocktail dresses to gown. Decent lengthy dress to casual cutoff jeans shorts in various color adorned the space, she frantically went to the shoe rack side. There was sitting numerous pair of sandals to flipflop and high heels SHOES At first Geet was so angry, who kept ladies wears in his room? Her mind wheeled thinking what if it’s his mistress. Does he really think she will wear other woman’s stuff. She can feel the stream coming from the ears and it took everything of her not to rip all the things with her bare hand..

Something caught her eyes and her hand went to the floral dress, pink floral mid thigh lengthy dress which automatically draw her attention so much so that she fell in love with it. But what caught her eyes was the price tag. Suddenly her eyes went to other dresses. All had the price tags which indicate one thing.

‘They aren’t worn but new.’

A new sensation warmed in her, was is it for. Was it the reason Maan asked her not to pack much in fact she just changed in that churidar and took a change of cloth in a duffel bag. But how did he manage all this? He was with her all the time then how,,, her thought halted when her eyes went on a page shuffling from the wind. She took the paper from the coffee table near the balcony.

‘Don’t torment yourself with the thought who’s dresses are in that cupboard. My personal stylist did all the shopping with the help of ur mother and pari. They told her your size and taste in clothing just like India. And sweetheart MK doesn’t do all this for everyone. You are special.’

The magnificent handwriting was Maan’s no doubt and it smelled like him only. Geet kissed the note numerous time then ran towards the dress she so liked. Geet kept her makeup subtle just a hint of kohl and liner, and her eyelashes were enough long not to dip it with mascara so she left it like that, peace colour lipgloss touched her plump lips, Geet smacked it together soundly. Her hair was down, shiny and wavy and she completed the look with flat shoe. Both Maan and Geet doesn’t go deep in ritual so Geet took out her chuda and she wore the watch which she found with other jewelry. Her face heated remembering the lingeries she got to see when she was searching for other things. She was embarrassed thinking what if Maan had seen them but she turned deep red when found a note with his handwriting just on top of a white bikini.

‘Your personal things are mine then how can I let others see this. I have brought this for u and hope u will like it.’

She loved it actually and taken out the matching lace bra and panties half thinking when he will see her in these what thought will run in his devil mind.

When Geet came down the lounge bar every eyes were on her, the glow, happiness was shining like bright star. His eyes met her and noticed the single line of black beads that she couldn’t take out. It somewhere satisfied Maan and he gave a genuine warm smile which made others gaped at him in shock.

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Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 43

Part 43

They journey to the hotel was full of passion and needs. Somewhere insecurity brought them closer as passion bloomed more powerful. If Geet was successful to avoid him in the flight then Maan showed his desperation for her in the small drive. At first she was conscious with the presence of the driver but soon Maan’s passion made her forget everything.

Geet cringed to him like her life depends on him as he kissed her neck with fervor. His hand roamed in her flesh under the dress. Her soft moans filled his senses as he assaulted her skin with sweet torture. Her fingers threaded and tugged his hair making it messy and sexy. Maan looked at her desire filled droopy eyes, his hardness was easy to feel through her flimsy material and she bite her lips. With a groan he attacked her lips, other side his hands were pulling her closer if that is possible.

They ignored the 2 puppies eying them curiously, then like a shying rocket Monalisa ran under the car seat, Gulgule looked at his owners who are so busy to even look at him. Then maybe he should look for his sweetheart and get busy. (stop those devil dirty thoughts girls)

When the limo stopped Geet caught a look of the place. Her breath hitch seeing the beautiful resort. Her eyes glued to the window, mouth open in awe and fingers touched the glass like trying to catch the scene. She felt her body being vibrating, her eyes narrowed on Maan hearing his deep chuckle. Her lips pouted and she tried to slide from his lap only for him to tighten the grip.

‘You look adorable with those fascinating hazel.’

‘I thought U can’t sweet talk.’

Her eyes were dancing with laughter but soon it evaporate replacing a deep need in her lower part. Maan’s scorching eyes looked at her hungrily.

‘I still can’t, but I can do a lot of think that will show what I feel. I wonder if Leo could hear us or not.’


‘So we need to move Geet.’

Shaking her head Geet came down only to be mesmerized by the beauty of nature.

‘Why Italy Maan?’

Maan looked at her first then the beautiful scenario ‘because u worth it.’

He didn’t gave her time to dwell on the thought, he just scooped her then headed towards the resort.

‘Maan Gulgule Monalisa.’

‘They have their caretaker Geet.’

Her mouth fell open ‘u brought their caretaker here because?’

‘you would not get the time to see them but as stubborn as u are you won’t come happily leaving them, so Aadi arranged it.’

He went inside without stopping on the reception.

‘Don’t u need to check in?’

Maan smirked and walked straight towards the corridor. Geet noticed none objected their little show rundown. But what amazed her the way ppl cleared their path and the way they stood like bowing in front of him. At first she thought it maybe Maan’s persona but then she noticed some ppl in suits stood there with awe expression, when Maan reached them still holding Geet in his arms, they tried to clear their expression but she caught their eyes on her. It was somewhat of admiration and awe.

‘Sir your cottage is ready. Harry will bring your luggage.’

Maan barely nodded, his face was stoic and for a moment Geet thought he will bring her on her feet but he didn’t. As soon they neared the cottage Geet’s mouth fell open. Maan smirked and brought her inside still lifting her effortlessly.

‘Maan…. It’s,,, It’s beautiful…. I,,’

‘Do u like it?’

Geet was on her feet without realizing. Her face was soft almost dreamy. A real smile played for the first time in the day. Her eyes were glued on the cottage infront of her,, Maan’s breath fell on her neck bringing her attention. She looked at his eyes, it was so hopeful she realized.

‘I love it,,, it’s just like a dream, a realistic beautiful dream.’

‘It’s yours.’

Geet for a few minutes didn’t catch him. She just stared at him, Maan made her face him, only then Geet realized he wasn’t joking. He was utterly serious.

‘What? How,, I mean.’

Geet took few deep breath, then looked at him with confuse eyes. Maan came close to her lips.

‘The resort is mine but now this cottage is on your name. It’s a private cottage and your wedding gift from me.’

His last word were so husky that gave goosebumps to her. Geet stayed there dumbfounded and Maan left her but not before kissing her lips hungrily.

‘Are you hungry? We can order or if u want can go to the resort’s restaurant.’

He was saying like nothing happen like he hadn’t gifted a million dollar worth cottage as a wedding gift. Geet shook her head trying to clear her thought.

‘I didn’t,, I couldn’t give u any gift, I mean it’s so much expensive, why u will give me this when I don’t have anything to give you.’

Maan tipped her chin looking straight in her eyes.

‘I got bid the bargain and I am a selfish businessman. My investment doesn’t backfire me Geet. Enjoy your gift and get freshen up.’

Again he closed her lips in a soundly smooch that made her toes curl and butterflies to dance in her stomach. Geet saw Maan leaving for the washroom but she couldn’t move an inch. Her eyes roamed on the interior. It was a huge log cabin type. The interior was made with expensive wooden marble and stones. The space must be 3000 sq ft. Her eyes went to the fire place then the wall full of paintings. It was a home, she concluded. Her dream home. How could always this Devil manages to make her question herself. One moment she was loathing herself for spending her time with him in the jet and now again he made her love this trip like never before.

Geet put her hand on her heart which was beating so hard. She wanted to cry, a sob broke on her lips, she wanted to smile, she wanted to hug Maan, to kiss him senseless, she is falling for Maan all over again and she don’t want to stop herself. It scared her but at the same she wanted more. Her eyes went on the washroom and her hand went to her cloths. Leaving every scrap of cloth on the floor Geet opened the bathroom that lead her to her Maan.

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