Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 40


Pls read previous parts to read further. The next 5 parts are written a few months back but never got the time to post it. Now starting it again. Next part will be done tonight too.

Part 40

Maan had hated this person for past 18 yrs but today seeing the big man on his knees somewhere he felt pity for him. The way Abhinav was looking right at the moment anyone will pity him. It was like someone had ripped his heart away.

Abhi: My daughter? Heer? I always wanted to name our daughter Heer. Here also She thought about me.

Maan: she only knows how to give u happiness. She wouldn’t want to see you like this, though you deserves this.

Tears were only talking for Abhinav as he leaned on the wall. Maan just sat with him and Geet left them together, just watching them from afar.

Ved: You love him too much, do you think he loves you same?

Geet was startle to find Ved talking to her standing just a few feet away.

Geet: Maan loves them who are his own, and he can give his life to them. So just think how much his love can do for anyone.

Ved nodded which just made Geet more doubtful. And as her nature she went for the kill.

Geet: Tell me Ved, do you have any romantic notion for me in your little head? Because if you have then brother of Maan or not i will chop your head off. Get the little thing in your little head. I am only Maan’s, so throw out any stupid infatuation you have for me. Get it?

Ved just looked at her in awe while Geet left the place, a small laughter from Dev brought him back.

Dev: She is feisty.

Ved: Maan bhai loves her.

Dev: You always loved what Maan bhai loved, dadima told me. But this is not a thing bro, she is a human.

Ved greeted his teeth: Don’t i know that? If it was not Maan bhai i would have gone for her but i won’t snatch my brother’s happiness. Though IF he let her slip away, i won’t back up for him. She deserves to be loved.

Ved left the place leaving a nag of fear in Dev’s heart.


Next morning Heer Prem and Shilpa reached Mumbai where they met Priti. Heer immidiately hugged her mother and started sobbing. Priti was quite, too quite for Heer who never left her mother side. Prem and Shilpa took her blessing. Priti was proud on her daughter’s choice but right at the moment her concern was something else.

She couldn’t be wrong hearing the voice. Her maa’s voice. Though Geet tried to change the subject then but it was too late. In a haste Priti agreed on Prem’s mention of coming to Mumbai with them. Too many coincidence for her.
She knew this day will come but still it is too soon. Yet she couldn’t do anything. She is worried for Maan, and this time her son comes first. She knew Maan needs her.

Her doubt cleared as her vission clouded. Its not the same house but still she can feel her heartbeat rising. So many yrs and still she felt her heart will come out from her chest. Prem understanding something is wrong immidiately stand by Priti’s side which she was grateful.


Maan saw Abhinav pacing restlessly. Everyone was watching him with either fascination or in concern. Maan tried not to show his concern but after their last day’s silent sitting together he still felt the compassion. Though he is angry but he is a concern son too. Abhinav had wanted to meet Heer and Priti, but Maan told it’s not the right time. He was too quite after that.

Gauri and Savitri devi too watched him in concern. It was like he can feel something is about to happen. They got to know from Maan about their another daughter, Heer. Gauri was ashamed of herself. She blamed herself for coming between Priti and Abhinav but for the first time Dadima was the one to tell her not to dwell on past. That didn’t make it easy.


It was tough for priti but she wanted to tell Heer before she encounter her father. Prem saw the concern on her face but before he or priti can say anything Heer just barged inside the mansion.

Heer was like a fresh air to the mansion. Entering the mansion she dashed wildly towards Maan who hugged her fiercely. Brother sister duo melted all the hearts there watching them. A glass left Abhinav’s hand as he watched his daughter who looked at him in confusion. At first he just stared at her but then Priti entered the mansion. Abhinav tried to say something do something but time just stood still for him…

He suddenly dropped to his knees trying to take the sharp glasses not finding anything else to do at the moment. It shook so badly. Before Gauri could do anything a hand reched towards Abhinash, steading his shaking hand and yet againg saving him from scratching his hand, again hurting herself.

Both stared at each other, Priti trying to smile remembering their old days while Abhinav only looked at her big brown eyes. Fate could play so cruel yet so life changing games. Abhi didn’t know how to react while Priti put away the glasses before it hurts him. Savitri devi was shedding silent tears with a tremendous smile.

Priti: You will hurt yourself, go and wash your hand.

Abhinav came out from his trance: You are here, finally here Priti?

Savitri: Aapko dard se bachate bachate najane kab tak apne aapko saza degi meri bacchi. ( to save you, God knows till when my daughter keep hurting herself)

Priti immidiately hugged Savitri devi: I am sorry Maa, i am really sorry.

Savitri: You should be, how could you leave your mother?

Priti: Nahi chahti thi Maa, lekin i had to do it.

Abhinav: why? Why did you left?

Maan: to save you, to save your present wife’s honour. She did everything for you.

Priti: Maan, mind your tone. I never taught you to behave like this to your elders.

Maan: he doesn’t deserves my respect.

Priti: Whatever happened its between me and your father, you have no right to talk to him like this.

Heer: Yet it effected our lives maa, it’s not only you that faced everything it destroyed our lives too. And i would like to know why it effected us so much, what happen to you that you left him.

Priti visibly shallowed: we were never meant to be together. I wanted to make it easy for everyone.

Heer: Did it make it easy maa? For you, for us or for him?

Heer was boiling in anger, craving for a father had made her bitter. She didn’t want to understand any reason that kept her away from her father. She is not angry on her mother only, she is angry with whole world. Abhinav only stared at his daughter. His both children Maan and Heer has taken their grandmother’s rage. He tried to touch Heer who shrugged his hand with a warning glare.

Geet: can we discuss it with minimum drama? Start with sitting and talking.

For the first time Geet opened her mouth to lessen the tension but 2 pair of eyes threw fire towards her. It was Heer and Maan, both with different reason.

Heer: Ohh so you are here too. Should have guessed. You finally finish sucking his blood?

Geet: yeah his blood is kind of sweet you know.

Maan: Heer Geet shut up u both.

Geet: if she throws sarcastic comments i can answer her with equally measure and beside when everyone can sit and talk why trying to make it more uneasy with the drilling and spitting fire. All are adults here. Excepts few. She eyed Heer meaningfully.

Dev and Mihika giggled but straighten getting the eye spitting from Heer.

Maan eyed Geet: Geet just keep quiet and let them decide what they want.

Heer: it’s our family matter, tell her not poke her face in it.

Geet waited for Maan to say something to Heer but Maan just sighed which only hurt Geet. She immidiately left the place which earn snorts from Heer. She is behaving childishly but she doesn’t care. Deal with it.


Geet was feeling lonely day by day and today’s fiasco only made her anxiety set on fire. Her hands were shaking so badly. The closeness of her throat, rising heartbeat only pushed her towards the pills. The small little yet strong pills can make her heartache numb. She knew its making her addictive but nowadays she is needing it more and more, that’s why she kept one small bottle of pills safely tucked in her bottom cupboard.

even after taking two pills the craving to listen to her father didn’t left. Feeling secure with their security she called Sid and got to know about het father’s conditions. They chatted for some time.

After chatting with Sid and seeing her lifeless father she get to understand Heer’s pov too. She is away from her father for only a few days and its making her anxiety worse, then what must be heer feeling after meeting her father for the first time.


In the hall Heer was sitting on the couch surrounded by everyone but her mind was numb, shocked. She doesn’t know how to react. Priti had told their story by now and she was blank. Honestly she is confuse whom to blame or how to behave, so she just cried. Cried for her mother, her brother, her lonely childhood, her craving for a father when other kid’s parents came to school or when their father would compete in school competition. She had often blamed herself that her father must hate her. So he left them but seeing how Abhinav cried holding her, hugging her close to him she couldn’t say that anymore.

Abhinav told her that he never hated them, he had always loved her, Maan and their mother. Priti had shed silent tears and Gauri cried hugging her. Such a mess of a situation.

After few hours when the crying and sobbing subsided everyone saw the sisterly bond Priti and Gauri still shares. It only amazed everyone.


Gauri: He still loves u di.

Priti: and he is your husband now.

Gauri: you are still connected to him, he never submitted those paper you know, infact burned them.

Priti: technically we were apart for 19yrs, it won’t value.

Gauri: it wasn’t enough to erase the love you both shared. I may have been married to him for 19yrs but you still know him more than me. You know deep down you will hold the bigget part of his heart always, as he has yours.

Priti: Gauri it’s pointless. It’s being so long. We will eventually leave mumbai at some point.

Gauri with a sweet smile: He won’t let you. Not this time.

Priti: he is your husband.

Gauri: his soul will be always yours. I am happy to be with you both because 19yrs of loneliness isn’t worth one married life.


Heer: I don’t know what to say about the weird conversation between them. For god sake they are like ummm soutan right? How did they became saheli? I thought they will atleast won’t talk to each other or try to avoid each other. Here they re talking like best friends and sacrificing their love.

Ved snorts: i won’t be sympathetic if both of them leave him for each other.

Savitri devi: Glad someone found it amusing.


Geet: what? You did not think i am attempting suicide, are you?

That exactly Abhinav thought when he saw Geet sitting on the rooftop dangling her legs from the edge and looking down intensely.

Abhinav: come down Geet, you will fall or else and i love my son enough to know he loves you to the bits.

The last thing he thought when he came on the terrace to find some alone time, was to find the love of his son’s life dangling her legs from the edge of the terrace.

Geet groaned: you see i would have come a long time before if i could move from here. I am afraid of heights and i fear if i move a muscle i will fall because my whole body feels like jello.

Abhinav sucked his breath: you are not on drugs are you?

Geet suddenly sobbed: they are anxiety pills but i think they are working like one you said.

Abhinav: how many of it you have taken?

Geet: 2, or 4, wait 7, i don’t remember.

She again sobbed and abhinav thought his heart will come out if she sway once again.

Abhinav: here, take my hand and come down. Will you sweet girl?

Geet sobbed: you make me arch for my father you know? But he is in coma. You resembles him too. Plump and soft. You both should join gym you know.

Despite the situation Abhi chuckled and couldn’t help himself from falling in love with this little girl.

Abhinav: I promise to join gym if you give your hand little girl.

Geet: will you promise to call me little girl always?

Abhinav: promise.

He left a sigh of relief when Geet landed safely on the ground away from the edge.

Geet: you know whatever bad decisions you made, you are the reason maan came in my life so i can’t stay mad at you. And remember one thing, no matter how bad a day is, it always passes and a new day come with new hope, new happiness. You have to recover from the bad one quickly to grab the best one.

Abhinav stood their mesmerized by the sweetness of the girl whom everyone think as smart and little selfish, and she taught him one lesson he couldn’t learn his whole life.

Life is full of mistakes, a wise man is who corrects his mistake by the sunset…

©All Copyright Reserved. 2017. Tich Mg.


Kagaz Ki Kashti Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 115


Part 115

Geet was silent after hearing Maan for the longest 10mins of his life.

Maan: Say something.

Geet: I don’t know what should i say.

Maan: I know he is at fault but he was messed up, he did not knew what he was doing. When Saanjh left us Shiv was the one most effected. I did not helped either. He said some pretty horrible things to me too.

“You should be fucking happy that u did not lose your love, then how will u know the pain of love? You are not even in love with Samaira. You pretend to be.”

“I hope you will rot in misery like me Maan.”

Maan: I know sometime he blamed me too. Because I could not save his love. His destruction was so high that he did not even knew he impregnated someone because he was so high in drugs.

Geet: These are excuses Maan. I know he is your best friend and you don’t want him to lose his love again. But trust me he need to worry about saanjh only because i can’t judge him. I won’t judge him. And you don’t need to clarify his image if you think I will blame him. U know me better.

Maan: I know jaan but will Saanjh understand it? She is still insecure in her love.

Geet: Give her time Maan. She was dead for past 5 yrs and suddenly when she got the reason to live again you tell me something like that, I hope shiv can make her understand the situation better.

Maan: I can only hope. He had suffered a lot. I don’t want him to regret anything.


Shiv held her in his arm like fearing of her leaving. Saanjh sat there on his lap at the same position she was before but he can feel her numbness. She was cold and as they were so close he could feel her raised heartbeats. She did not fight. She could not but a thousand things ran in her mind that she could not concentrate on one.

Shiv: Saanjh

Saanjh: I want to hear everything.

Her tone was so emotionless that feared him. Shiv closed his eyes thinking about last 5yrs.

Shiv: when you did that, I mean jump off the cliff something went away with you. I couldn’t finish my study, Maan and my friendship was ruined. And everyday I saw him with Samaira. She was giving him strength and he was coming back to his former self. But on my side there was no one. Dad never gave enough importance to me. But one heavy check always dropped in my bank account. I was lost in your thought, trying to punish myself for loosing you. I just rebel. And Went back to South Africa…..

Shiv was silent for sometime, maybe thinking about those days. Saanjh could feel the stiffness in him. Her hand went on his chest. And her heat went through him.

Shiv: I went into street fighting, car racings, underground clubs, doing illegal things. From stealing cars, to breaking someones’s bones to threating someone. I never did it for money though the money was pretty good. I did to prove to myself that I was not enough worthy for you. You did good to leave me like that. It was like I was trying to find a way to forget you. Sometime it helped. Sometime it did not. I was badly involved in drugs. Meth to coccain anything worked. And girls. I used them to forget you. But I regret everytime when in the morning I only saw your sad face.

A tear fell on her fingers which was rested on his chest. His tears. Unknown to him. And her eyes gave up the battle. Her own tears rolled down.

Shiv: 2yrs ago I got a reality check. I was framed with drugs trafficking and in SA the law is pretty tough. I did illegal things but never sold drugs. Took for myself yes, but never sold to anyone. Dad’s business was suffering, and he almost dissown me. I told him I was innocent but he did not believed me. But one person did. That was Maan.

I never knew he was the one keeping me out of trouble for 3yrs. But his tolerance gave up. He confronted me, we fought badly in the jail. I took out my frustation by beating him. He let me do it because he knew i needed it. Then he got all information when, and what i did and for whom. He fought with everyone, almost lost his business but clarified my name.

But then again I did some stupid thing. Maan told me some girl in my gang did it, framed me. I was so mad and Automatically i thought about the girl whom I, I was sleeping. She was the only girl i was with for 3 months. She never asked for commitment, never had any interest in my wealth and never asked what i do in my own time. It was just a conventional means for both of us to forget the world.

When Maan said some girl in my gang did it, I thought about her because she was the only person closer to me. I went to meet her which I shouldn’t. I was high on meth that day. Took her from her home and made her sit in my car and went to the racing.

Shiv stopped again, recollecting his strength to tell the further story and saanjh waited holding her heart. She knew what is coming but her mind is numb. She does not know how to feel anymore.

Shiv: I asked her if she did it. She was confused but I kept speeding the wheel. She told me she did not do it. I kept on telling her to accept it and she kept refusing. I did believed her but it was too late. She told me she loved me why would she do it. I was so angry on her. I told her some mean things. I told her how dare she love me when i already said nobody can love me. Then she said she is pregnant. I lost my control. I was processing the mere thought when something blowed.

It was our car. It just blowed. I Killed my own child.

Shiv: We survived, me unscathed but she lost everything. Her one side face was burnt. She lost the baby.I remember when I came to senses i ran to her room but seeing her lying there made me so guilty. I asked her forgiveness and you know what’s the worse? She forgave me.

Saanjh could see the bobbing of his adam apple. He was trying to consist his emotion. And there she could not do anything. Her thought was everywhere. He released his grip and Saanjh stood up on unsteady leg.

Shiv: saanjh please.

Saanjh: I need time Shiv. Just give me some time.

Her voice was soft but some uncertainity grip his heart: Can i hold you tonight.

There was pleading in his voice. A grown up man like him begging to never be left was something that torn her heart but she needed time alone.

Saanjh: Not toni8 pls. Give me time to process all this.

Shiv: you said you would not leave me.

Saanjh saw the desperation in his eyes: I am not leaving you. Just asking for toni8. Can you give me that.

Shiv: you are not leaving our suite?

Saanjh: No.

Shiv: Okay. Can i stay outside your door?

Saanjh: Shiv pls

Shiv: I won’t bother you promise.

Saanjh could not stand the uncertainity in his eyes and left the place without saying anything. She left Maahika with him because she knew he needed her.

Shiv sat outside her room door and one other side Saanjh sat there thinking about his every word.


Maan: Geet, what if it was me instead of Shiv?

Geet: on what contray you saying this Maan?

Maan: sleeping with girls.

Geet sucked her breath: Are you saying you slept with women when you were with Samaira?

Maan nodded not looking at her. He waited for her to reply but Geet did not look at him.

Geet : I don’t know what should I make of that.

Maan: I could not get physical with her but I wasn’t saint. Maybe subconsciously I knew I did not love her but she was my ‘Adat’. And habit die hard. She was my frnd and i did not wanted to lose her.

Geet: that should not give u the right to cheat.

Maan: She knew it.

Geet: what?

Maan: She told me a few days prior to our anniversary. She said she knew I never loved her, if I had, i wouldn’t have cheated.

Geet: Do you feel guilty about it?

Maan: what should i say? Morally Yes.

Geet: from your heart Maan

Maan: No, I did not. And now thinking about anyone other than you make me feel dirty.

Geet: because you love me?

Maan: Yes,

Geet cleared her throat: will you ever,,,,,

She could not even finish her words.

Maan: will i ever cheat on you? Geet smiled weakly. Maan cupped her face, i did not said it to make you insecure, i could have hide it because it was in my past.

Geet: Answer me Maan. Will you ever,

Maan: No never, tum meri dhadkan ho Geet. when you walk around me I lost every sense to see any other living thing. You make me alive. I have never felt something so strong for someone ever. Do you still need words?

Geet shook her head in No: then I am fine with your Past till your present and future belongs to me.


In the morning they left for Lara’s wedding in Maan’s chopper. Sanjh was silent in the whole trip. Geet knew Shiv had told Saanjh everything. Geet silently supported him which shook Shiv. He never knew he was so worried about Geet’s reaction as well as Saanjh. And Geet’s support effects him as well.

Saanjh was lost in her own battle when the helicopter reached Bangkok. Lara had called her 10 times already and she had assured her that they will reach the venue before the wedding take place. Maaneet went to their room to get ready along with Maahika.

Geet: I am really worried for them, should I talk to her?

Maan: let them handle this, she needs to fight her own demons. And he need to battle on his own for her love.


Shiv: Saanjh talk to me please.

Saanjh: not now Shiv please. Just give me some time.

Shiv held her hand and pulled her closer: time? How much time you need? Why you need it? I told you everything. You said you won’t leave me and now,

Saanjh shrugged his hold: I am not leaving damit. I am here. Aren’t I? If i wanted to run I would go back to India. But i am here with u. Am i not?

Shiv: but u r running. You r not not talking to me. U can’t even look at me. I told you you won’t forgive me still u insisted.

Saanjh could see the madness in his eyes. Its true that she had always dreamt to see such love for her but right now when she is messed up this madness of him is only making her weak and frustrated.

Saanjh: ok, let us attend this function then we will talk about it.

Shiv: Talk about what. God damn at least tell me what are you thinking? Do you hate me hearing I killed me own child?

Saanjh: No, no, just. She took a heavy sigh and really looked at him, he looked like a man in tears. It broke her heart. Shiv. You dumped something heavy last night. You not only told me about that tragedy but also told me how you spent your last 5 yrs. You not just said you carry a burden of loosing a child but also told me you first child belonged to someone else.

Shiv: I,,

Saanjh: You were so worried about your “sin” that you forgot whatever else you were telling me. You know how much of a burden you carried and it was my fault. I am quiet because I am messed up right now. I am going nuts thinking about how much my stupidity had cause you. I am silent because I fear for our future. Yes you love me but I fear your burden of killing a child is much bigger that your love for me. You will always regret for that child who might have not survived in another case also.

Shiv: you know that was my fault.

Saanjh held his collar: see. This guilt of your won’t let us live Shiv. Can’t you see that? She could have lose that child in any way. It was fate that the accident happened. It could have been you instead of that unborn child, it was just an accident.

Shiv: how i wish it would have been me.

Saanjh left his collar and Shiv knew what he had done.

Saanjh: leave please.

Shiv: Saanjh.

Saanjh: I can’t be your madness. And I can’t live with your guilt. Get out.

Shiv: listen to me

Saanjh shouted: LEAVE…..

Abruptly he left and she collapsed on the floor thinking of her fate. Saanjh cried and cried till her heart and throat felt soar.


When Shiv entered Maan’s room and explained that happened in there Geet knew she had to see her sister. Thankfully maahi was sleeping so she left both the men there and went to look after Saanjh.

Geet: If you break her this time, I won’t forgive you Shiv.

Maan saw the tears glistening in her eyes before she mask it with anger.

When Geet entered Saanjh’s room she was a mess. Saanjh hugged her and cried some more and then explained everything that happened from last night to this morning.

Geet: Shhh I know, i know. Maan told me last ni8.

Saanjh: I don’t know what to do. I love him so much Geet. I can’t see him in guilt like this. I don’t want to spent my life over a guilt that wasn’t his fault. It could happen anywhere to anyone. And okay even I accept it was his fault, will he ever forgive himself to start our own family? Will he accept the truth and go beyond it?

Geet: did you ask him all this Saanjh? Did you explained to him that to begin your new life he need to forgive himself?

Saanjh shook her head in negetive.

Geet: you said why you should not stay with him but did you explain why its important to forget the past to live your present with him? You told the worst but did u try make it better? He was already at his weakest and you left him that you swore not to do.

Saanjh: No, i never meant to sound like that Geet.

Geet believed her desperate attempt to convince her and a hope blossom in her heart that there is still something left to be join in their relation.

Saanjh: I should talk to him.

Geet: stop. Not like this mess. They are getting ready. You need to get ready too. Then meet him at the church.

With a slight hope Saanjh got up to get ready. On the other side Maan made Shiv dress up for the wedding. Though Shiv was adamant but he believed his friend will do the right.

Maan: this time I won’t repeat my mistake. I won’t let her go, I promise.

Geet to Saanjh: nobody will force you. I won’t let anyone force you into a relationship that break you again. If he is right he will stick around, and if he is not, we will wait for something great.

How Saanjh wish she could say the same. His love is intoxicating for her still she can’t live without it.

Precap: “I won’t let my sister be forced into something that she doesn’t want or that isn’t right for her.”

“suddenly you feel shiv isn’t right for Saanjh? What happen to your friendship with Shiv? Blood is thicker than friendship isn’t it Geet?”

Yes i am bored with luvy duvy Maaneet, time for some action? Lol evil me.

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Kagaz Ki Kashti-Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 114


Part 114

Next morning Maan and Shiv gave their respective partners a sweet surprise by bringing them at a helipad.

Geet: where are we going Maan?

Saanjh: What is it you both aren’t telling us?

Maan: Can you both just keep quiet for few mins.

Geet & Saanjh: No.

Shiv: You are asking women to shut their mouth Maan. It’s nearly impossible.

Soon they reached the helipad where a beautiful helicopter was waiting for them.

Geet: wow.

Saanjh: are we going somewhere in that?

Geet looked somewhere in between awe and horror which was comical.

Shiv: Geet you will scare Maahi with ur expression, let me hold her.

Geet: But it will be noisy.

Maan: we have everything we need and this noise cancelling headphones for maahi.

Saanjh: when did you manage all this.

Shiv: We preplaned it. Now hop in it before we decide to leave without you.

Saanjh gave a murderous glare then looked at Geet. Saanjh smiled sheepishly.

Saanjh: Good luck with her. and she got into the seat with a laugh.

Shiv: why do it look like an evil laugh?

Maan: Geet. Geet…. but Geet was taking a reverse.

Geet: Mujhe nahi jana, gir-wir gaye to. Haye babaji insan marne ke kitne raste dhundte hain.

Maan: Geet. None will die. Get in.

Geet: Nahi mujhe nahi jana. Aap sab bhi mat jao.

Maan looked at a laughing Saanjh: Don’t tell me she has some kind of phobia again.

Saanjh: she is Geet. She fears from everything yet never give up in the hardest situation.

Geet: Don’t try to patronise me Saanjh. I am not getting in that. Can’t we stay here. I love this plaace. We have many things here.

Maan: yeah half naked girls giving massage. Do u want me to have that? Geet pouted. Natak band karo andar chalo or i will carry u in that.

Shiv: Geet lets get in before he did that. Shiv went inside holding Maahika still laughing on Geet’s antiques.

Saanjh: why didn’t u tell me?

Shiv: I wanted to see this smile on your face.

Saanjh kissed on his cheek: I love it.

Shiv make a dreamy smile: I can make it home if i get this sweet gifts from u.

Saanjh: stop making cheesy lines.

But it made her smile, which made him smile. He got busy with maahi. They had brought extra pacifier, baby food and noise cancelling headphones for her. This little thing made Saanjh swoon in love for him.

Geet: how much it have cost u Maan? I have heard taking a helicopter ride is really expensive. Itna kharcha karne ki kya zarurat thi?

Maan looked like if she has gone mad and Shiv couldn’t stop himself laughing.

Shiv: I hope our pilot can’t hear us. He would die from laughing.

Maan: Geet are u seriously a gone case?

Geet made an angry pout: what do u mean?

Shiv: it’s his personal chopper Geet. We got this here for this ride only.

Geet’s eyes were huge and mouth slightly open which Maan kissed softly and it made her shut it.

Saanjh: exactly how much money do you have Maan?

Maan: same as your fiancee, hmm maybe a few million extra.

Shiv: huh….

Saanjh suddenly looked a little uneasy which did not go unnotice by Maan and Shiv either. Geet was unsure about all this, but in the past yr she had seen it so it isn’t as much as a shock for her. He had given her a company which worth million. But for Saanjh all is really new and it made her uncomfortable. She tried to cover it up but she did a poor job.

Shiv: don’t u dare do that.


Shiv: feeling unworthy an all. I am still your friend shiv before a lover. And your love make me the richest person in the world not the money.

Saanjh smiled and tried really hard to shove this insecurities aside. Which was successful in the next hour of the tour.

A few min in the sight seeing Geet was engrossed in the view. Maan had to provide the headphones to Geet as well. Geet was mesmerized with the view and that was showing in her excited tone. The sea-green crystal clear ocean surrounding the hill was a view to watch. Maahi came to Geet’s lap leaning on the glass. She was bouncing in happiness and blabbering in her childish language.

After 1 and half our of tour they reached Pattaya.

Geet: but our luggage and how can we leave so suddenly. U know our frnd’s marriage is after 4 days.

Maan: we will reach there in 4 days but next 4 days we will be here and in many more places.

Shiv: there are so many places to watch in Thailand why u want to stay in Bangkok only. Trust me Geet you will love it in Pattaya.

Geet: I hope so.

They check in a hotel. After a few hour nap they went straight to the Nooch tropical botanical garden. Maan knew that is the only place Geet and Maahi will feel relax. As a child Maahi is extremely nature friendly. She did not threw any trantrum after the ride which was a blessing.




They visit the park with ever so enthusiasm. Geet and Saanjh was ecstatic to find yellow and blue lotus. They were in awe to find that different colour lotus do exist. On the other hand Shiv was finiding difficult to hold Maahika who was fascinated with flower cactus.

Shiv: why she always has weird fascinations?

Maan: wait till we go the cartoon water park tom.

Shiv: I am almost afraid to see her reaction. Such a small kid but her enthusiasm is commendable.

They took a lot of selfies and photos of that place and themselves. The greenaway was soothing to watch. So when the day ended Geet wasn’t ready to leave but Maahika’s sleepy face pulled her away. They went to their hotel and the girls found their all luggage in the respective place.

Geet: Who unpacked them?

Maan: the staff?

Geet: Why would they go through my belongings. Let me handle them. How is the privacy policy?

It was hard for Maan to laugh and hold her in a grip: I told them Geet and whenever I went on a business trip i had my ppl for arranging my clothes so i did here too.

Geet: never ever do this. I can do my own work Maan.

Maan: okay baba you do the next time. But right now let me do it.

At first Geet was confused but seeing the mischievous light in his eyes she understood.

Geet: no maan. I can do it myself.

Maan: suno na, geet. Geet.

And he began to chase her as she was running in the whole suite laughing.


Next day they went for Cartoon network amazone theme water park. As expected Maahi was ecstatic. Though they could not take part with her most of the ride but still they enjoyed and the couple took turn to hold Maahi and take the ride seperately. That was the most fun day for Geet and Saanjh. Even Maahika was happy like never before. They took pictures and Maahika attracted quite a fan of her own with her happy bouncing and ear catching giggling. None kids of her age look as happy as her. Never once she cried for anything which said she really enjoyed it. But the men was exhausted keeping with the girls.

Next day the 4 along with Maahi went to on see the floating market where people sell veggie to fruits to anything on small boats. It was beautiful sight to see. Then there was Big Buddha Hill (Wat Phra Khao Yai). Being spiritual that was some best place Geet could visit. She loved it there.

At night Maan took Geet to see Pattaya view point which is situated at Pratumnak hill.



Geet: It’s beautiful Maan.

The beach was quite as at night the place is empty but the city was sparkling with lights. Maaneet sat there in silent for 15 min.

Geet: Are we leaving soon.

Maan: Hmm. Got a phone from our investers. Sorry jaan. We need to go back to India.

Geet: can we still visit Lara. It’s her wedding.

Maan: you seem to like this Lara a lot.

Geet smiled: Aisi baat nahi hain. Actually Saanjh wants to see a church wedding. She won’t say to anyone but she dreamt of a church wedding always but Shiv being punjabi i doubt that gonna happen. And Saanjh knew it.

Maan: You should have tell Shiv about it.

Geet: Maan it is not our place to say anything. Shiv and Saanjh need to talk about it. We can’t interfere in their life you know. They did already so much for us. Specially Shiv. From the moment he entered our life he had given me a support without words.

Maan: you know Geet I used to missed my best friend so much, ironically one sister part our ways and another brought us closer. Without you Shiv and me wouldn’t have been friends again.

Geet shook her head: You both can’t live without each other, you would have managed something somehow.

Maan smiled and kissed her forehead: thank you for coming in my life.

Geet: accha, tell me one thing. In these 5yrs you never met shiv?

Maan was silent for few mins: I met him 2yrs ago.

Maan saw Geet did not made any face, she was waiting for him to continue.

Maan: Shiv was in trouble, big trouble. His name was literally in gutter. But he manage to float.

Geet: You helped him.

She was not asking the obvious.

Maan: yes. I helped him but only clearing his name and to pull out him from the mess, later he managed on his own. I was too much angry to stay.

Geet: What happened?

Maan hesitated: when we thought that Saanjh was no more, shiv and me parted ways. He went on a destructive mode. He worked hard but partied harder. It was like he wanted to forget himself…..

Maan was lost in those days, yes he was never there but he always kept tab on him….


Saanjh was arranging the room, Maahi slept in the cot soundless. Though she was clearing the mess created by Maahi but eyes were on Shiv who was lost in his thought. She was worried for him. He tried to show his mischief self in the last 4 days but she knew it was just a front. he is hiding something or maybe something is making it’s way in his head. Right now he was sitting on the extended balcony staring at the beach.

Saanjh sat infront of him: I will miss this place.

Shiv looked a little disturb: do we need to visit this friend of your tomorrow?

Saanjh was silent for sometime studying him, he tried to smile but failed miserably.

Saanjh: you want to tell me something Shiv?

Shiv sighed and looked at the open sky. They sat there for 10 min without any words. Then Saanjh stood up to leave but Shiv held her wrist, pulling her on his lap.

Shiv: I want to hold u.

Saanjh: I am not leaving.

Shiv: What if you do?

Saanjh shook her head: try me.

Shiv: I did something horrendous Saanjh. You won’t forgive my this mistake.

Saanjh placed her head on his shoulder: let me decide that.

Saanjh knew he wants to reveal something big and she was preparing herself for it but she doesn’t think anything can make her leave him other than if he wants it. But his revelation stunned her.

Shiv: I have destroyed someone’s life. I have lived for 2 yrs with the guilt. I was on destructive spree for years now. It stopped when i saw Geet and Maahika.

Saanjh was silent, gave him space to continue.

Shiv: my carelessness cost me a child’s life. MY CHILD’S LIFE.

Saanjh’s hold him loosen as his words sank in.

Love for You Part 95


Part 95

Next morning was real bad for Geet…..

She was marching towards Maan’s room with anger visible on her face. None tried to stop her, even the butler fear for his life. She did not knocked on the door and just barged in to hear his words.

Maan: I need you to track her down as soon as possible Aadi. Put on the best team to find her.

Geet: Now who is in your hit list? You know what? Just forget it. I need to know where the hell are you sending dadima? How could you send her somewhere without informing me? I got to know from neha that you are sending her somewhere, and neha did not even know. Do you need to control everyone’s life Maan, What,,,,

Her words could not be complete as Maan grabbed her hand, forced her to the wall pinning with his body and placed his palm on her mouth.

Maan: Chup, bilkul chup.

Geet just stared at him. Her eyes went huge realizing his upper portion is bare of any cloth. His hard abs were pressing on her front and suddenly the roar in her ear was louder. It was familier sound, yes her heartbeat which was trying to errupt from her chest. But she could not help but to notice his eyes which was roaming on her face.

Maan’s senses were closed as he find her so close. Her scent, her expressive eyes, messy ponytail and yellow colour salwar suit. Looks like she just got out of bed. He so badly wanted to run his hand in her messy hair. Tuck the tendrils of hair that was touching cheeks. He can feel her raising heartbeat and it gave a immense plessure. But then reality crashed back. He want her back but not with seducing. He want to be worthy of her love.

So he left her and turn to take his shirt. Geet fidget with her dupatta feeling sudden miss.

Maan: why are you here at this hour Geet? You could have call me.

Geet: I needed to see dadima.

Maan: and yet you are here. In my room

Geet: I saw those nurses packing her things, where are you sending her? She is recovering. And now you want to send her somewhere without informing anyone.

Maan: If you have talked to dadima before barging here like that, you would have known whatever I am doing is for her own wish. Yes Geet dadima knew where she is going and why?

Geet: But dadima can’t talk.

Maan: Geet she can. Your arrival had brought back her own wish to live. She is talking. Yes not much but enough to tell me that she want to be good to enjoy her life with her great grand children. I am sending her to physiotherapist. It is like a rehab where patients can’t meet their family for certain amount of time. And it is ayurvedic. So she will be safe.

Geet: but you did not inform me?

Maan: I tried to call you but you were busy, maybe bitching about me with neha.

She can see the small smile playing on his lips but he turned away.

Maan: If only you will listen to dadima.

Now Geet remember when she crashed so suddenly in KM dadima was sitting on her bed and smiling. She tried to say something but Geet was so angry she did not listened to her.

Maan: And dadima herself told me this morning that she wants to go now. I wanted it to happen years back but she never accepted it. now when she herself told me, I could not take the risk of her sudden mood swing you know.

Geet: I thought you won’t tell me.

Maan: why not. Geet it’s you who brought her back, I would not come between you 2. I have damaged enough for a decade.

Geet: Ohh

Maan: I was going to take her to meet you and children but you are here.

Geet: sorry, now can you manage to make her meet them? I just came alone.

Maan: I will inform Rudra to take them and come here.

Geet was lost at words but she need to say something. Without knowing she had said so many things.

Geet: I am sorry. My tongue got me..

Maan smirks: seems like we both have same prblm. Now common meet dadima. You can’t meet her for 3 months depends on her health.

Geet stared at his back and silently followed him still trying to hold her raised heartbeat. It’s like knowing him well yet getting to know his 1st time.


The whole family bid their bye to dadima. Even the children were sad to say bye to their dadima.

Kunal: Mishti I was thinking about shifting delhi permanently.

Geet: that’s good bhaisa but why so suddenly?

Brij: Mainly because Bhaisa wants to take retirement.

Kunal: Waise bhi aap hi to sab sambhalte hain. Juhi aur Naman feels lonely in that big palace and you were never at home. I want to spend rest of my life with the kids and my sisters. Now when Naina accepted us i can’t stay away from her and yuvraaj.

Naina: that’s really good idea bhaisa, and i can transfer your main office here. Brij bhaisa anyway handles all the meetings.

Brij: but Naina you promised to help me. Bhaisa if uou don’t mind i have something in my mind.

Kunal: Brij aap kuch bhi keh sakte hain.

Brij: why don’t we sell few hotels and settle for delhi hotel, anyway Handa group of companies facing a lot of financial crisis.

Geet: bhaisa if you want i can help you.

Kunal: Mishti i think Brij is right.

Maan was listening from a long time but pretend to work on his laptop. Then he couldn’t stop himself.

Maan: why don’t you hire sufficient CEO for all your hotels and divide your work instead of handling everything by Brij bhaisa. You can manage good invester.

Geet: can you stay out of it Maan.

Maan: suit urself.

Kunal: Maan has point

Brij: but all our invester want to pull their hand who will invest in the unfinished projects.

Maan: if you want I can.

Naina: and how much you can Maan?

Maan looked straight in her eyes: any amount they needed.

Naina: exactly how much money you have Maan if u don’t mind me asking?

Maan smirks: as much as that can buy your sister’s company 100 times.

Geet sucked her breath and so did Naina.

Naina: how can be it possible? You left everything to dev and neha then how?

Geet looked at Maan with confused face: how many companies do you have?

Maan: none of anyone’s business Geet. If you want money you have to ask only.

Geet: but why will you give us without gaining anything and here this will be a big risk for you. What is the gain for you in all this. Why will u do this?

Maan looked her eyes intently: because of you. Because they are your brother and you want me to help them. Because whatever i have earned it’s because of you.

Geet sucked her breath, she did not expected any of that.

Maan: when you left, i had nothing to live for. So i did only thing i could waiting for you. And the only thing i was good at making money so I did everything to earn it. And fortunately my luck was good in any business I invest unlike my love life.

He laughed but she can tell it was fake as the smile on his face and the casual body language he tried to show. She did not know what to say to that.

Maan: whenver u want me to invest or help you know where to find me.

Maan left for his meetings but Geet stayed there. Her brothers were discussing business but she couldn’t concentrate. Kunal was adament not to take help from Maan but Naina had different things in mind. She called Geet aside.

Naina: They need the funding.

Geet: yeah i told them I could help.

Naina: they need a huge invester geet. a person who has networks. And you know none is better than Maan Veerji in the business. You should ask him.

Geet: yeh aap keh rahi hain?

Naina: He is ready to help with any amount and toochwood he can afford it. He has the mind then why not? This is purely professional.

Geet was thinking about her words not noticing Juhi winking at Naina who smiled in return.

Geet: Ok i will see.

After Geet went to her room Juhi came towrds Naina who was helping her in the kitchen to make dinner.

Juhi: I don’t understand Naina, you were so angry on Maan then why you want them together?

Naina: 7yrs is a long time bhabisa. I knew Maan did a horrible mistake but we can’t punish him for life when he is punishing himself. He had endured a lot in this yrs. I had seen it up closel. Geet did not have slightest idea about it. None did. I have seen him helping others when they least expected it. I know how much he has changed and now he deserves to be happy.

Juhi: then why do you not tell Geet everything?

Naina: Its not my place to tell. She need to know it from Maan. If she does not come closer to him she would not see the pain.

Juhi: I hope we are not pushing Geet by pressure.

Naina: trust me none can pressure her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. But she doesn’t know that.

At night when everyone was sleeping Geet was full awake thinking about what juhi said the previous night. She wished Naina was here and she could talk to her but Naina went to KM with Dev. The weight of those words were too heavy to be carried. She wanted to know what happened but could not ask anyone directing questions towards herself. If Juhi was right then Maan did not spent those years in happiness that she had thought.

She always detest him for abandoning her kids more than her. She wanted him to want their kids as much as she did. Now knowing he wanted them as much as she did opened some unanswered wound. If she try to talk about them it would mean she want to forget her past pain. Was his suffering enough for her?

She isn’t a vindictive person. Is she? The thought about him being in pain does not bring her happiness then why giving pain to him. Is she ready for his side of story? Is she ready to forget her pain?

With uncertain hand she dialed Naina’s num. With few rings Naina took it.

Naina: What happen Geet? Itne raat ko phone? Everything is ok? Tamanna and Mannat are ok na? Does something happened to Kunal bhaisa?

Geet: Shant hojao di. Everything is fine. I need to talk to u about something else.

Naina: can’t it wait till morning, u scared the shit out of me.

Geet: di i, i need to talk to u about Maan.

Naina was silent for sometime then she spoke: kya huya?

Geet: Di Mere jane ke baad kya huya tha? What happened to him?

Naina sucked her breath before answering: Its not my place to tell Geet. You have to ask him.

Geet: but.

Naina: now.

Geet: but

Naina: it’s already 7yrs late. Anyway it isn’t like he is sleeping, he is in his farm house either working or lost his lonely world.

Geet: He does not stay at KM?

Naina: in the last 7 yrs he made that house his home. Once he told me, its the only place he found you. I don’t know what that means. But maybe you know.

Geet knew what it means, they had so many memory there. Unknown tears made it’s way as she cried for their loss. Will time heal them ever?



Maan: Ok if u want me to ask for any gain then give me one night.

Geet: What? Are you out of your mind?

Maan smiled mockingly: you can’t think a little good about me huh. Think whatever u want.

Geet: why do u want to spend the night with me?

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Kagaz Ki Kashti-Luv that Sacrifices Life Part 113

Part 113

Shiv: I need to talk to you Saanjh

Saanjh: can it wait Shiv, you look like shit. You need rest.

Shiv: It can’t  wait.

Saanjh: I am not running away, and you will be here tomorrow. Please you need sleep. We will talk tom.

Shiv: what if you run away again?

Saanjh smiled looking at his eyes: you won’t  let me.

Shiv: damn right. Will you sleep with me toni8?

Saanjh raised her one eyebrow and shiv shook his head in panick: no, i mean literally. Sleep. Nothing else. I want to hold you close.

Saanjh could sense his restless and knew he has something big to tell her. She was herself unsure about it now. What if he says he doesn’t  love her but can’t lose her  as a friend. but right now looking at his unsure face she pushed her insecurities aside.

Saanjh: okay.

In a few min he was asleep. Looks like he was really exhausted from handling Maahika all alone for half of the night. Sleep was far from Saanjh as she traced his feature with her eyes. She loves this man a lot. She doesn’t think anything in this world can make her feel otherwise. But she can’t settle for less. After seeing Maan and Geet’s love or madness for each other she got a craving she did not knew exists in her. She want a love like them.

The first thing in the morning Maan saw Geet playing with Maahika. Automatically a smile played on his  face. This must be his most fav thing in the world. He popped up on his elbow to see the 2 fav person together playing and smiling.

Geet was sitting at their balcony and maahika was on her lap giggling as geet was blowing raspberry. Maahika was giggling on top of her lungs when Geet shushed her.

Geet: Shhhh, Dada uth jayenge, we don’t  want that ri8? Nowadays Maahi only spends time with dada or chachu. Maahika doesn’t miss mumma.

She kissed her chubby cheeks repeatedly knowing it annoys maahi, who shook her head still playing with Geet’s hair. Maahika’s baby scent always soothes her.

Maan’s eyes were tracing her smiling face, her face was so serene in the glowing morning. He had arranged a garden in their balcony and from there sea view was clear. Geet had instantly liked the room and it gave immense pleasure to him. And now her face showed how much happy she is which made all his efforts worthy.

He remembered seeing her with prem in the morning once and unknown want had taken growth in him. Now he knew what was that. Maahika was 1st to see Maan looking at them and she couldn’t content her delight as she started bouncing in Geet’s lap. Maan laughed and Geet pouted.

Geet: See she is such a Dadda’s girl. She doesn’t love mumma.

Maan walked towards them, Geet looked from the corner of her eyes. No matter how much she knew he is her Maan only but she couldn’t get enough him. Looking like her dream in a white vest and white pajama and messy hair he still managed to look irresistible.

Maan sat behind Geet supporting her back on his front and snuggling closer to her neck whispering ever so sensuous words.

Maan: If you don’t  stop looking at me like that I won’t be able to stop myself from devouring you.

He nipped her neck which made her gulp and lean back on him heavily.

Geet: I wasn’t.

Maan hummed placing soft butterfly kisses on her neck. He can feel her shiver which was making him hard but a sharp cry broke the spell. Maahika made an angry pout and Maan knew if he do not take her in his arms he will cry the full room down.

Geet made cute faces: aur lao beti ko sath honeymoon pe.

Maan chuckle: Are you jealous of your own daughter Geet.

Geet put her in his arms and entered the garden with mocking anger. But a smile played on her face. How can she tell him how much happy they both make her. The scene of the father daughter soothes her soul. Seeing them playing and maan making faces to make maahi smile makes Geet forget every pain she had endured in the last year.


Maan and Shiv was sitting in the beach cafe where Geet and Saanjh went to meet their new friend. Maan asked their security guard to accompany them to avoid any Mark situation. Maan knew Shiv was restless and wanted to ease his tension.

Maan: Did u talked to Saanjh?

Shiv: No, i couldn’t. I was so worried and tired and

Maan: looked like shit,

Shiv: Yeah she did not let me say anything and made me sleep.

Maan snorts: The Great Shiv Kapoor who ppl fear can’t say  few words to his fiancee.

Shiv: she is my life and I love my life.

Maan smiles: Seeing u so deep in love sometime feels like alien to me.

Shiv threw the napkin at him which he ducked laughing.

Shiv: I need to tell her everything.

Maan: You do but remember that was your past. You were young, stupid and lost the love of your life. You were bound to rebel. And she loves you. She will understand but tell her before someone else does.

Shiv: Do you think it’s Her?

Maan: Lara?

Shiv: hmm

Maan: I don’t  know man, i wanted to ask Geet about the slip of name but I forgot, then in the morning seeing her and Maahi so cuddling and bubbling I again forgot. Sorry.

Shiv sighed: Don’t  blame yourself for my messed up situation. I will talk to her.

Maan: or I will ask Geet about leaving early. We need to go South Africa for Saanjh’s therapy.

Shiv: no, i won’t ruin her moment. She loves it here.

Soon their talk got interrupted by a tall glamorous half naked girl with another 2 girls following her came near their table.

“Hi, new here?”

Shiv looked at Maan with an amused smirk then nodded. The 2 other girls were giggling and whispering something when the tall red head shushed them.

“My name is Margaret, if you want a tour of this place you can join us.”

Another voice came from behind: are you the touring guide here?

A laughing Shiv choked his coke hearing Geet. He was in a state of shock and laugh. Maan himself was smiling but a glare from Geet was enough to shut him up.

Margaret: now who are you?

Geet: I am his wife and you need to get the hell out of here. Now.

Margaret: but he isn’t,,

Maan showed his ring finger: you never asked darling.

Margaret looked at shiv then: well he isn’t.

Saanjh: Soon to be. And if you don’t  get out of here right now i will see you going screaming and without the handkerchief you are wearing now.

Maan could not help but laughed but Geet and Saanjh both glared him. How can he tell her he can’t  even look away from her to see anyone else and when she comes like that, maahika in baby carrier tied on her front, she looks super cute.

Saanjh looked at Shiv bare abs, he was wearing pants but did not put his shirt as they were on a beach and Maan’s shirt buttons were open.

Saanjh: Do you need to show off your abs to get every other girl’s attention?

Shiv: You did not stammer talking and looking at my six packs. See it’s perk?

Saanjh almost growls: i don’t  want to be here, let’s  go Geet. Geet shrugged and joined her sister.

Both the men looked at each other and followed them in hurry.

Maan: Geet, suno to meri baat.

Geet: I don’t  want to listen to anything, jisse kehna tha usse kuch nahi kaha. That girl was hitting on u and you were amusing her.

Maan: technically she was hitting on both of us, and i was the one amused.

Geet: go to her then.

Maan held her hand and pushed her in their room. Maahi was long asleep but he kept the tender yet firm grip around her so she was in the middle of them.

Maan: she was just a passer-by wanting an eye candy maybe to boost in front of her frnds. But you know me better than this.

He wasn’t  harsh at all, maybe because he knew Geet wasn’t angry just insecure. Just like him, when he saw a guy only looking at her he wants to kill them. Geet pulled his collar closer to her.

Geet: whenever I see someone trying to get close to u or touch you I feel the rage in my vein and then it burns like coal. She pointed her finger on her heart then again held him closer. I can’t share you with anyone. I am not that the jealous type but thinking you with someone makes me mad with rage. I always want to hurt that person. This feelings were never here but now, i don’t  know what happen to me.

He could see the torment in her eyes, he placed his palm on her face and kissed her forehead.

Maan: I am going to always love you and only you, no matter who see me or feels any kind of thing but know that this heart belongs to you. In my conscious or subconscious mind I will always be yours. Our love can conquer anything Geet…. she closed her eyes believing every words.




Shiv: why are u angry on me?
Saanjh: are you kidding me? You were flirting with her

Shiv: it was her flirting with me not the other way around u know.

Saanjh: but u were enjoying

Shiv: how in the world u got that impression?

Saanjh: you did not stopped her coming on u, what am I suppose to think?

Shiv: try believing me?
Shiv held her hand and pulled hher closer: where did I gave you any reason to doubt me? My life starts with u and ends with u. can’t you see that? can’t you trust me?

Saanjh stopped and really looked at his eyes: I am sssorry. Pata nahi mmmujhe Kya hojata hain. Whenver I see u with any girl I fffeel like something tttearing me apart.

Shiv held her waist pulling her closer: that’s call love. And I am the luckiest man to have your love.
Saanjh looked at his eyes: Sometime I fear this love. Wwhat if I can’t handle it? What if I messed it up? What if I can’t control my anger? Will you leave mmmee?
Shiv placed his lips on her first tenderly then feeling her response passionately.
Shiv: now do u think I can leave you ever? I can’t live without you even for a second then how can you think about leaving?

Saanjh: kabhi kabhi itne pyar se dar lagta hain.

Shiv: saanjh its not me you should fear about but what if u decide to leave me? Then what? Do u think I can survive that?

Saanjh looked at him: I can never do that.

Shiv: u tell me now but what if u find something repulsive in me? What if some past makes u hate me?

Saanjh: don’t try to scare me. I love u. all of u. faults and past included.







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Love for You Part 94


Part 94

Geet looked at her brothers and her other family members. With all courage she looked at Kunal.

Geet: Bhaisa, Di, this is Tamanna and Mannat. Your nieces.

Naina: huh? Come again.

Tamanna: I think she was quite clear Maasima.

Mann: Quiet tammy. Let mommy talk.

It took sometime for Naina to come to her senses: will you say something Geet? That means you never had any miscarriage. You told me, you said… ohh

Something drawn upon her as her face gone paler: you never said those words, you just said none needs to think about the baby as it is in a safe place now. I just assume you mean to say heaven. I totally mistook it. It was my fault. Oh my God. I thought you wanted to stay alone for sometime and do not want to come back to India. But then you never call me back. Never try to tell me that i have 2 wonderful nieces. I never tried to see myself that you were okay or not. I was not a good sister to you. a lousy sister who could not take care of her baby sister. So engrossed in my own life.

Naina was sobbing so hard that Geet had to hold her as tight as possible.

Geet: shhh, calm down. You are the best sister I could have ever asked for. It was my own fault di. I was so scared, so emotionally torn up that i did not wanted anyone to enter in my and the kid’s life.

Naina angrily pushed her away: you had no right to take them away from me Geet.

Geet: I am sorry. I was broken Di and the only way i could survive was to run. Forgive me please.

Brij: Itne din yaha reh kar bhi aapne kuch nahi kaha Geet. Kaise humse chupaya yeh sab.

Kunal sat on the sofa numbly staring at the kids. They so looked like Geet when she was at their age.

Neha shook Maan with tears in her eyes: Bhai yeh,,,

Her emotion never let her say a word further but Maan nodded with emotion clogged in his throat. Neha hugged them both and showered her kisses on them.

Tammy & Mann was tormented with the scene as their mother was crying so hard. They weren’t used to see Geet like that. Neha took them both outside and they agree only after taking permission from Maan.

Outside the villa….

Mann: aunty why they were all crying.

Neha: they were happy tears. We got you back after almost 7 yrs. You are tamanna?

Mann giggle: no Mannat but mommy calls me Mann. She stressed on the last ‘n’

Kunal sat on the couch with heavy sigh and holding his heart with his hand. Everyone feared for his health but he assured that he is okay.

Kunal: humne nahi socha tha aap hume itna paraya kar degi. Hum sochte rahe kya huya hoga ke aap 7 saal se bahar reh rahi hain lekin yeh, aap to humse chup(hide) rahi thi. Kyun kiya aise Geet? Itna bhi varosa nahi tha humpe?

Geet sat down on her knees and held Kunal’s hand: nahi bhaisa. I trust you more than anyone. Aap log hi to ho jo mujhe taqleef dene ke bare me soch bhi nahi sakte. So much had happened. I was very badly broken. I was scared, i let you both down. So I ran away.

Brij angrily: Rudra you should have tell us. Hum tumhari shaadi ke khilaaf thodi na hote vale hi papaji ka promise thodna padta. His promise to Maan’s dad to marry them both isn’t bigger than the love of our sister.

Rudra: Bhaisa

Maan: Tamanna and Mannat are my kids Bhaisa.

Brij: What?

Kunal: to Geet se shaadi kyun nahi kiya aapne? Was it the reason she left us maan? Chup mat rahiye. Tell us.

Brij: do you knew about the kids Maan?

Maan nodded with a sigh: only a few months ago.

Kunal: fir aapne kyun nahi bataya?

Brij: why u did not bring her back if You knew she en was pregnant with your child?

Anger was so evident in their voice, Geet tried to intervene but Maan stopped her.

Maan: It’s time to tell them the whole truth Geet. She visibly paled and so did naina.

Maan: I refused to accept them as mine and forced her to leave my life.

His words may be hard and direct but Geet couldn’t helped but notice how much control it took for him to say those words without breaking. His eyes said it all. His regret, pain, torture everything was there in those words. his eyes asked forgiveness as he stares at her. None notice the slap coming Maan’s way as Kunal hit him hard. Maan did not backed away. He took it with his eyes closed. Ashamed that he felt alive after so many years. Someone is punishing him that means that anger will come out, and he maybe ask for forgiveness from Kunal but Geet, how could he make her forgive him?

Kunal: I have never imagined you will do this.

He was raising his hand once again but Rudra stopped him.

Brij: I will kill him today. Rudra stopped him by coming infront of him.

Rudra: He maybe deserves all this but look at him. Do you see any happiness? He had suffered for 7yrs too. He maybe the person responsible for all of this but he is the only person who forced her to come back to you after all these years. God knows how many times I have told her to go back to India but she threatened me to leave with the kids but see now he is the one who forced her to come out of her shell. He was immature at the age of 24 but he had repented every damn second of these 7 yrs for his mistakes. You all had each other for solace, even Geet had me, who was there for him? His own family left him.

Geet looked at Maan who was staring at her(self thought): lekin main bhi to akeli thi, kaise kar diya mujhe paraya Maan. (But I was alone too, how could you leave me)

Maan (self thought): maine to meri kismat khud hi barbad kar di, kismat ne hi mujhe paraya kar diya Geet.

Brij: Whatever you did I will never forget it Maan but it is not me or bhaisa to forgive you in the 1st place. It’s only Geet’s right.

Kunal looked at Geet: kya aap dono kabhi shaadi nahi karna chahte?

Brij: Bhaisa,

Geet had gone one shade paler: I,, I can’t trust him.

Nanina snorted: Yet he is the one to bring you back. He is the one with whom you left your kids for days now, and you can’t trust him? I am sure telling us about them is his demand not your choice.

Geet: I agree all of this but the truth is 7yrs is not enough for healing the loneliness. It’s not enough for the damage he did to my heart that can’t trust anyone. His remorse is not enough.

She left the place. Maan looked away only asking how much more time he should give her. Rudra followed Geet.

Rudra: when will you stop punishing yourself Geet?

Geet: go away Rudra, I know suddenly you and him have bonded so well that all i can see in you is a brother of Maan. All you want to get rid of me. Did you get tired of your friend Rudra?

Rudra shook her: really? That is all you see? After 7yrs you tell me that? So tell me when was the last time WE had spent some time since Maan came in your life after all these yrs? What is left to US since he came back in your life. Is there any US left? Don’t you think i feel insecure whenever I see him with the kids. It is like after 7 yrs he came back to snatch all from me. Do u think i will like that?

Geet shed silent tears and looked at him wiyh pleading eyes.

Geet: you know you have every right on them. I am sorry to make you feel insecure Rudra. I am really sorry.

Rudra: leave it Geet.

He was leaving when Geet hugged him: I am so messed up right now Rudra. I need u pls don’t leave me. Nobody can take us away from you. You are part of us. I am sorry if I neglected you.

Rudra held her hand: You were never mine Geet. You were always HIS. and he came back to bring the best out of you. Give him a chance.

Geet was still unsure but just like a magnetic pull her face pulled towards the place Maan was standing with Neha. They stare at each other.

Neha: Bhai, do you still think,,

Maan: I know I don’t deserve her but I can’t help it. I can not live without her.

Neha: She still loves you.

Maan: how do you know?

Neha smiles: girl’s thing.

Maan: Do you still love him.

Neha looked at Karan who was playing with the kids: True love hard to die.

Maan: are you gonna do something.

Neha: I will. But we were talking about you and Geet. The real question is what are you gonna do?

Maan: Sometime I feel I shouldn’t have infere in her life. I should have let her go. She deserves better.

Neha looked at Rudra: You know bhai, HE deserves better that you both. She pointed towards Rudra.

Maan looked at Neha as she smiled sadly: in everything he is the one who lost the most. His love, his brothers, his friends, his,,, s,,,

Suddenly she sucked her tongue but it was too late, Maan gave her a stare that immobilised her.

Maan: Do you have something to tell me?

Neha: yeah, i found out a few weeks back but i couldn’t reach you as you were busy. Seems like Rudra won’t be happy to find it.

Maan: this better be good…


At night…

Geet was telling bed stories to Tamanna and Mannat but they were far from sleep.

Tammy: mommy we want to play with Naman.

Mann: yes mommy.

Geet: but you played the whole day, aren’t you tired?

Mann: no mommy. We had a great time.

Tammy: Mommy why u never told us about Naman and yuvi?

Mann: Yeah mommy, and we like India more. We want to stay here.

Geet’s gut twisted painfully hearing the pleading and yearning in their voice. Seeing so large family who showered their love on them only raised their yearing for a family. Geet knew she was falling in the trap ever so slowly but she can’t help it. She doesn’t want to leave her family either.

Geet: We will think about it baby.

She watched as the door clicked open and juhi stood there with Naman.

Juhi: your nephew doesn’t want to sleep without his sisters.

Geet smiled and all the 3 children laid together while Geet read them stories and they drifted to a deep sleep.

Juhi: Ruk jaiye Geet.

Geet looked so tormented.

Juhi: your brothers miss you. And I don’t want Naman to miss his sisters like that. His small heart would not take the pain like your bhaisa does. He miss you and naina so much.

Geet: I am so sorry bhabisa.

Juhi: Aapka dard samajhte hain hum lekin Maan ka dard bhi ek baar samajh ke dekhiye. He only have you and his kids. He won’t survive like last time.

Geet’s ears perked up: Last time?

Juhi: Naina told us about the accident he faced when you left. 6 month he was in coma right after you left us.

Geet vaguely remember Maan telling her about his accident in that bathroom but she chugged it then. So he was telling the truth. He did came after her.

Geet: he said truth, he came after me. Her words were mere whisper as she sat on the porch.

Juhi: i have heard everything from you, naina and neha. They were there. The accident was bad geet. And i can tell one thing if he hadn’t faced that accident he would have come behind you. Men tend to talk rubbish when they are in anger but they can’t remember it after. It’s like anger is a drug to them. Once high they do stupid things but you should not judge them by one moment. They have the nicest way to make up to u. And Maan is working hard, give him a chance he will work harder to have you back.


I want to thank Riddhima for pointing out something which i wanted really badly. Yes I need to work on the scenes transactions. And in last update i forgot that. Thank a lot dear. Your comment was valuable for me.

Some of you have noticed the story is going in a fast pace. Yes i was always en a slow pacer but now i think a little fast pace will do good for future story as i really badly want to take the story further. I need the characters and the story to grow.

Thank u everyone for waiting for me and for standing with me through my good and bad time. I missed writting and now i feel alive.

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Love For you Part 93


Part 93

Maan: how did u manage to bring them in India?

Geet cleared her throat: I gave him a letter of permission on emergency medical ground.

Rudra: even if she wouldn’t, i could have managed somehow.

Maan can feel Rudra’s anger through his greeted voice but he knew Rudra wouldn’t loss his cool infront of the kids. He hugged his girls as they rushed towards him and showered love on him with their kisses.

Geet called Aadi to the cabin and instructed him to take the kids to the cafe for some snacks.

Maan: so you collected the courage to tell everyone about them?

Geet visibly paled and looked at Rudra for support which earned her a mocking laugh from Maan.

Rudra: I hope all this isn’t your doing because Bhaisa is like a brother to me. If I get to know all is your doing God know what will I do.

Maan waited for Geet to tell that is exactly his doing but strangely she looked at him with alert. He felt happy inside, unknowingly Geet silently supported him.

Geet: it isn’t his fault totally.

Rudra: then why aren’t you looking at my eyes. I know you and Maan a little too well for you to lie. And you Maan, I never thought you will stoop so low.

Maan: it wasn’t my intention.

Rudra: it never has to be.

Maan: Look i am sorry, you atleast know it.

Rudra: Itold you, this time you hurt her, i will break your face.

Geet: From when you both strted talking so nicely? I think I am missing something. Anyway you wanna meet bhaisa Rudra?

Rudra: and the kids?

Geet gulped: I think Maan can handle them for a few hour. I am sure he wants to spend time with them.

Maan: Iam not sure till when you started showing so much trust on me with them.

Geet just shrugged. Because she doesn’t have any choice. She couldn’t let them to meet bhaisa and give him another shock.

Maan: You should take them to meet Kunal and Brij bhaisa.

Geet: Are you out of your mind Maan. Bade bhaisa doesn’t need another shock.

Rudra: I think Geet, Maan is right. One day you have to face your family and tell them about the kids. Tell them the truth Geet.

Geet: you both know a small stress can make bhaisa ill again and i don’t want to risk his health.

Maan: or you are afraid to face him.

Geet: think whatever you want.

Yes she is afraid but she doesn’t need to tell them that. Is she?

Tammy & Mann: but we want to meet him. Please mommy.

Geet: You will but not today. He need to recover first.

Rudra met other family members and they thanked him for taking care of Geet for 7 yrs. Somehow she managed that situation but Rudra and Maan both are not happy with her. Rudra never said the words but his every gesture told what he wanted her to say. For 2 weeks Geet prepared herself to tell everything but she couldn’t get the courage to face her brothers. Words never were her forte.

In the mean time Geet never forget to meet the kids every now and then. Living without them has become a struggle for her.On the other hand Maan took the kids to meet his Dadima. Who was recovering really well. Geet also met her and with tears dadima embraced her. And like that 7 years of seperation went away. Everyone was happy to see her recovering so well. On the other hand Geet was trying to get the courage to tell her brothers and family about Tamanna and Mannat. In next 3 week Kunal had recovered really well and Geet knew she had to tell them now.

Geet: bhaisa i need to tell you both something.

Brij: Geet bhaisa want to return home and we all want you and naina to come Jaiselmer.

Kunal: ha Geet, Naina ne hume itne saal baad accept kiya hain. I want her to come with all the family member to our haveli.

Juhi: 1st listen to Geet, she wanted to say something.

Geet: I will call Naina jiji here, I need everyone of you.

Brij: kya baat hain Geet.

Geet: i hope u will forgive me bhaisa.

Brij and Kunal smiled reassuring her.

Brij: you will never do something that will make us angry.

She fears disappointments. Geet only pray he is right. Or else she don’t know what would she would do. She can’t lose her family again yet she wants her kids to have this family as well.


Geet: I have called Naina to come to visit Bhaisa and i was thinking to tell them about the kids.

Maan: are you sure?

Geet: as sure as i can be. With some hesitation she said “Will you be there?”

Maan looked as surprised as she was feeling but he nodded without any sarcastic comment.

Geet changed the subject as soon as possible: where is Rudra?

Maan: In the record room.

Geet: I was thinking to ask him to come with the kids. What do you think?

Maan: as you like Geet, i wasn’t going to snatch his any right. He has his right on them as much as u and me, i believe.

Geet was realizing this man has really changed, he isn’t the same 24yr self centered guy. He has changed a lot. He has become mature and sensible, well if u do not anger him.

They were lost staring at each other and thinking about their past and the stupid decisions they both took in anger and hurt. He knew he was the reason for this hard Geet but in the few days he saw the glimpse of his Geet now and then.

Suddenly their eye contact broke due to a angry sound and they both looked at the door where Rudra came with a glare.

Maan: Now what happen? He was so nonchalant that made Rudra mad even more.

Rudra: your songs are urgghhh.

Maan: Inever knew that was a word.

Geet looked away to stop her smile which did not go unnotice by Maan.

Rudra: will you stop ogling her and see my problem.

Maan: my eyes my choice. But my ears are open, u can tell your problem.

Rudra: There are so many problems, mainly the tempo and my voice isn’t right for this.

Geet: Rudra I have checked them all and they are good.

Rudra: Geet you know my voice have high scale which isn’t suitable for those songs.

Maan: who said that.

Rudra: your music directer. He did not let me finish half song and started telling which pitch my voice needs to go and blah blah.

Maan immidiately called the music directer to make them stay there at the record room and took Rudra there. Geet only followed them feeling amused.

For the next 2 hour Maan monitered the songs and gave Rudra all room for improvisation and the free hand to change his voice as he like. Whenever he find any word difficult Maan was there to help him. And rudra too looked at Maan through the 2 way mirror for his approval and Maan nodded his head.

Maan to the music directors: You 2 are fired. And he walked out with a laughing Rudra.

Rudra: you know they were doing their job.

Maan: which was never done and they wasted my whole day.

Geet stopped to go behind them as they laughed and bickered about the director. She knew if she doesn’t do something she will again fall for this man. She can feel the ice around her heart melting ever so slowly.


Finally the day come when she have to face her family with the truth. She did not want any drama with anymore so she called Rudra Maan and the kids together at one time. She wanted to face her family and tell the truth once and for all that doesn’t mean she isn’t scared as shit. And now sitting here in between her family and collecting the courage was real hard for her.

On the other end Brij Kunal and Naina was chatting about their hotel and Naina told them she want to take responsibility in their business, that might help their hotel business which made the brothers very happy. Dev supported her too. At the other end Neha was looking after Naman and yuvraaj. A soft glow was shining on her face that was missingfor 7yrs that made Karan skip his heart. Maybe finally he will have his neha back.

Geet was sipping water throughout the hour but her heartbeat did not stopped trying to erupt from her chest. Another sign that the coldness around her heart has broken with the warmth of her family because in the last 6 7 yrs she had forgotten all these emotions. Her eyes fell on Rudra who came alone which earn a confuse face from Geet. He assured her everything is fine and the kids are coming. Geet coughed to get their attention.

Geet: I need to tell something to you all that i have hidden for 7 yrs now.

Brij: What is it Geet?

Nanina: Is it the reason Misti you were so nervous for past hour?

Geet: you knew Iwas nervous?

Neha snorts: what do u think of ur family Geet? Everyone knew, that something is making u nervous and for past hour you have taken 20 glass of water. I am amazed your bladder is intact.

Juhi tried to hide her laugh with a cough and nodded.

But Kunal sat beside her placing his hand on her head: Gudiya you can tell us anything and you don’t have to be so nervous.

Geet: what if i tell you I did something i shouldn’t have in the 1st place and then did another mistake to hide it? You won’t forgive me for it bhaisa.

Kunal wiped her tears: 1st tell me do you regret the 1st ‘mistake’?

Geet was silent for sometime and then nodded in negetive: Never. That was my fav mistake which gave me the strength to live 7yrs in an unknown country alone.

Kunal: If it was never a mistake then how can u commit another mistake for it. Yes you might have to go to some extend to save it because you were hurt. Your heart automatically tried to save it from the same hurt.

Geet looked at her brother with tears.

Kunal: do u think your brothers don’t know their little gudiya. We know something big happened 7yr before but we also know you have to come out of it on your own to tell us. If u want us to know. We are glad finally u are able to tell us. Yes we might be hurt and angry for sometime but let us process and we will overcome it. And this heart is stronger when i have my whole family with me.

Brij: abhi to bhaisa ko teri shaadi aur bacche bhi dekhne hain.

On the right cue they heard the kid’s voice.

Tammy & Mann: hum to pehle se hi yaha hain.

Geet’s eyes went on them as Maan was trying to hold them. Her eyes fell on him which did tell he had listened everything.

Tammy: Mamashree right?

Mann: yeah Mamashree.kinda long but we were practicing for last 2 days.

Tammy: can’t we call uncle. Mamashree sounds really old and historic.

Mann: yeah we saw some hindi movie too. From there we heard it.

Geet’s eyes were spitting fire and Maan shrugged like saying he had nothing with all this. Rudra looked everywhere other than Geet which explained who taught them.

Tammy: yeah mommy Buddy taught us.

Mann: quit staring at him like that.

Naina: What the hell is happening here? GEET?

And Geet knew she will have a hard time to make her di understand.

Yes I am finally back, ye this is written by me after 3 long years.

Ps: I missed you guys.

Pss: there will be some changes in my writting as i am starting after such a huge gap. If you do not like something pls let me know.

(C) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg-2017

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