Love For you Part 93


Part 93

Maan: how did u manage to bring them in India?

Geet cleared her throat: I gave him a letter of permission on emergency medical ground.

Rudra: even if she wouldn’t, i could have managed somehow.

Maan can feel Rudra’s anger through his greeted voice but he knew Rudra wouldn’t loss his cool infront of the kids. He hugged his girls as they rushed towards him and showered love on him with their kisses.

Geet called Aadi to the cabin and instructed him to take the kids to the cafe for some snacks.

Maan: so you collected the courage to tell everyone about them?

Geet visibly paled and looked at Rudra for support which earned her a mocking laugh from Maan.

Rudra: I hope all this isn’t your doing because Bhaisa is like a brother to me. If I get to know all is your doing God know what will I do.

Maan waited for Geet to tell that is exactly his doing but strangely she looked at him with alert. He felt happy inside, unknowingly Geet silently supported him.

Geet: it isn’t his fault totally.

Rudra: then why aren’t you looking at my eyes. I know you and Maan a little too well for you to lie. And you Maan, I never thought you will stoop so low.

Maan: it wasn’t my intention.

Rudra: it never has to be.

Maan: Look i am sorry, you atleast know it.

Rudra: Itold you, this time you hurt her, i will break your face.

Geet: From when you both strted talking so nicely? I think I am missing something. Anyway you wanna meet bhaisa Rudra?

Rudra: and the kids?

Geet gulped: I think Maan can handle them for a few hour. I am sure he wants to spend time with them.

Maan: Iam not sure till when you started showing so much trust on me with them.

Geet just shrugged. Because she doesn’t have any choice. She couldn’t let them to meet bhaisa and give him another shock.

Maan: You should take them to meet Kunal and Brij bhaisa.

Geet: Are you out of your mind Maan. Bade bhaisa doesn’t need another shock.

Rudra: I think Geet, Maan is right. One day you have to face your family and tell them about the kids. Tell them the truth Geet.

Geet: you both know a small stress can make bhaisa ill again and i don’t want to risk his health.

Maan: or you are afraid to face him.

Geet: think whatever you want.

Yes she is afraid but she doesn’t need to tell them that. Is she?

Tammy & Mann: but we want to meet him. Please mommy.

Geet: You will but not today. He need to recover first.

Rudra met other family members and they thanked him for taking care of Geet for 7 yrs. Somehow she managed that situation but Rudra and Maan both are not happy with her. Rudra never said the words but his every gesture told what he wanted her to say. For 2 weeks Geet prepared herself to tell everything but she couldn’t get the courage to face her brothers. Words never were her forte.

In the mean time Geet never forget to meet the kids every now and then. Living without them has become a struggle for her.On the other hand Maan took the kids to meet his Dadima. Who was recovering really well. Geet also met her and with tears dadima embraced her. And like that 7 years of seperation went away. Everyone was happy to see her recovering so well. On the other hand Geet was trying to get the courage to tell her brothers and family about Tamanna and Mannat. In next 3 week Kunal had recovered really well and Geet knew she had to tell them now.

Geet: bhaisa i need to tell you both something.

Brij: Geet bhaisa want to return home and we all want you and naina to come Jaiselmer.

Kunal: ha Geet, Naina ne hume itne saal baad accept kiya hain. I want her to come with all the family member to our haveli.

Juhi: 1st listen to Geet, she wanted to say something.

Geet: I will call Naina jiji here, I need everyone of you.

Brij: kya baat hain Geet.

Geet: i hope u will forgive me bhaisa.

Brij and Kunal smiled reassuring her.

Brij: you will never do something that will make us angry.

She fears disappointments. Geet only pray he is right. Or else she don’t know what would she would do. She can’t lose her family again yet she wants her kids to have this family as well.


Geet: I have called Naina to come to visit Bhaisa and i was thinking to tell them about the kids.

Maan: are you sure?

Geet: as sure as i can be. With some hesitation she said “Will you be there?”

Maan looked as surprised as she was feeling but he nodded without any sarcastic comment.

Geet changed the subject as soon as possible: where is Rudra?

Maan: In the record room.

Geet: I was thinking to ask him to come with the kids. What do you think?

Maan: as you like Geet, i wasn’t going to snatch his any right. He has his right on them as much as u and me, i believe.

Geet was realizing this man has really changed, he isn’t the same 24yr self centered guy. He has changed a lot. He has become mature and sensible, well if u do not anger him.

They were lost staring at each other and thinking about their past and the stupid decisions they both took in anger and hurt. He knew he was the reason for this hard Geet but in the few days he saw the glimpse of his Geet now and then.

Suddenly their eye contact broke due to a angry sound and they both looked at the door where Rudra came with a glare.

Maan: Now what happen? He was so nonchalant that made Rudra mad even more.

Rudra: your songs are urgghhh.

Maan: Inever knew that was a word.

Geet looked away to stop her smile which did not go unnotice by Maan.

Rudra: will you stop ogling her and see my problem.

Maan: my eyes my choice. But my ears are open, u can tell your problem.

Rudra: There are so many problems, mainly the tempo and my voice isn’t right for this.

Geet: Rudra I have checked them all and they are good.

Rudra: Geet you know my voice have high scale which isn’t suitable for those songs.

Maan: who said that.

Rudra: your music directer. He did not let me finish half song and started telling which pitch my voice needs to go and blah blah.

Maan immidiately called the music directer to make them stay there at the record room and took Rudra there. Geet only followed them feeling amused.

For the next 2 hour Maan monitered the songs and gave Rudra all room for improvisation and the free hand to change his voice as he like. Whenever he find any word difficult Maan was there to help him. And rudra too looked at Maan through the 2 way mirror for his approval and Maan nodded his head.

Maan to the music directors: You 2 are fired. And he walked out with a laughing Rudra.

Rudra: you know they were doing their job.

Maan: which was never done and they wasted my whole day.

Geet stopped to go behind them as they laughed and bickered about the director. She knew if she doesn’t do something she will again fall for this man. She can feel the ice around her heart melting ever so slowly.


Finally the day come when she have to face her family with the truth. She did not want any drama with anymore so she called Rudra Maan and the kids together at one time. She wanted to face her family and tell the truth once and for all that doesn’t mean she isn’t scared as shit. And now sitting here in between her family and collecting the courage was real hard for her.

On the other end Brij Kunal and Naina was chatting about their hotel and Naina told them she want to take responsibility in their business, that might help their hotel business which made the brothers very happy. Dev supported her too. At the other end Neha was looking after Naman and yuvraaj. A soft glow was shining on her face that was missingfor 7yrs that made Karan skip his heart. Maybe finally he will have his neha back.

Geet was sipping water throughout the hour but her heartbeat did not stopped trying to erupt from her chest. Another sign that the coldness around her heart has broken with the warmth of her family because in the last 6 7 yrs she had forgotten all these emotions. Her eyes fell on Rudra who came alone which earn a confuse face from Geet. He assured her everything is fine and the kids are coming. Geet coughed to get their attention.

Geet: I need to tell something to you all that i have hidden for 7 yrs now.

Brij: What is it Geet?

Nanina: Is it the reason Misti you were so nervous for past hour?

Geet: you knew Iwas nervous?

Neha snorts: what do u think of ur family Geet? Everyone knew, that something is making u nervous and for past hour you have taken 20 glass of water. I am amazed your bladder is intact.

Juhi tried to hide her laugh with a cough and nodded.

But Kunal sat beside her placing his hand on her head: Gudiya you can tell us anything and you don’t have to be so nervous.

Geet: what if i tell you I did something i shouldn’t have in the 1st place and then did another mistake to hide it? You won’t forgive me for it bhaisa.

Kunal wiped her tears: 1st tell me do you regret the 1st ‘mistake’?

Geet was silent for sometime and then nodded in negetive: Never. That was my fav mistake which gave me the strength to live 7yrs in an unknown country alone.

Kunal: If it was never a mistake then how can u commit another mistake for it. Yes you might have to go to some extend to save it because you were hurt. Your heart automatically tried to save it from the same hurt.

Geet looked at her brother with tears.

Kunal: do u think your brothers don’t know their little gudiya. We know something big happened 7yr before but we also know you have to come out of it on your own to tell us. If u want us to know. We are glad finally u are able to tell us. Yes we might be hurt and angry for sometime but let us process and we will overcome it. And this heart is stronger when i have my whole family with me.

Brij: abhi to bhaisa ko teri shaadi aur bacche bhi dekhne hain.

On the right cue they heard the kid’s voice.

Tammy & Mann: hum to pehle se hi yaha hain.

Geet’s eyes went on them as Maan was trying to hold them. Her eyes fell on him which did tell he had listened everything.

Tammy: Mamashree right?

Mann: yeah Mamashree.kinda long but we were practicing for last 2 days.

Tammy: can’t we call uncle. Mamashree sounds really old and historic.

Mann: yeah we saw some hindi movie too. From there we heard it.

Geet’s eyes were spitting fire and Maan shrugged like saying he had nothing with all this. Rudra looked everywhere other than Geet which explained who taught them.

Tammy: yeah mommy Buddy taught us.

Mann: quit staring at him like that.

Naina: What the hell is happening here? GEET?

And Geet knew she will have a hard time to make her di understand.

Yes I am finally back, ye this is written by me after 3 long years.

Ps: I missed you guys.

Pss: there will be some changes in my writting as i am starting after such a huge gap. If you do not like something pls let me know.

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Love For You Part 92

Part 92

Maan took geet to Jaiselmer in his private jet where everyone was waiting for them. Geet rushed to the hospital to meet Kunal who was going under surgery.She met brij, who was distraught. Juhi cried hugging Geet, and Geet herself was a mess. In all this maan was her rock. She never thought this day will ever come in her life when she will lean on him again but fate played upper hand. Truthfully she was glad to have him here or else she doesn’t know what she had done.

Maan without a word gave his support, she didn’t have any strength to deny him and he took it as a scrap of hope. He knew she was hurting, fear was so visible in her expressive eyes and that made the guilt worse.

After 8 days of continuous hospital trips and with doctor’s word Geet agreed to take kunal to their home. They took Maan’s jet to fly Delhi as per Maan’s request. He believed that wiith the medical facility Kunal would get better than their own palace.

Again Maan surprised her and she felt a small part of her vault that was holding her anger so intact melt in his warmth.

On reaching delhi Geet saw a anxious Naina with dev and little yuvraj. Maan left the airport as soon as it touch the ground. With a little push from dev she met Kunal and awkwardly hugged him for the first time in life. Geet could see Naina was scared. But one look of yuvraj shread thousand worry from Kunal. The strong man was nearly on his knees to hold yuvraj. With miraculous warmth Kunal showed sign of recovery. Guilty concious made Geet uneasy. Till now she didn’t said a word about her kids, how will Kunal and Brij will react she had no idea but Naina will be really hurt.

Dev informed geet: it was Maan bhai who forced Naina to see him, he was the one who melted her inner ice for the Rathodes.

Naina was a stubborn girl like Geet but she could be sensible if right pressure uses. Maan knew it too well. On the other hand Kunal and Brij gave a warm response to naina which further melted her anger and she showed sign of craving a family for so long.

Her bubble of happiness brust when her cell rang and she left the airport fuming.


Maan was leaning on his chair hearing Tiasha his assistant briefing him about his schedule.

Maan: cancel my next 2 meeting or shift them and call aadi in my cabin.

Tiasha: ok sir.

When Aadi came to his cabin Maan was going through some file.

Aadi: sir the investors of Rathode group,,

Maan: cancel those deals aadi and tell them no need to take out money from the industry, I am investing in them. I hope that’s enough for them to trust on Rathode Group. If necessary then buy the shares also.

Aadi: but sir all your strategy will be

Maan: useless. I know Aadi, but sometime we should hear our heart not the business mind.

Just then they heard a mocking voice.

Geet: you have a heart. News of the century.

On turning towards the door Maan cursed under his breath.

Maan’s face was granite: listen to me first.

Aadi sensing the atmosphere left the duo to their own.

Geet: why should i listen to u or precisely what should i know more than this. You are incredible Maan. One side you played the hero who was holding us safe in the worst nightmare a person can see and then i got to see the real face of yours. All the time i was thinking you are helping me, being my rock and behind my back you were plotting to destroy our family business. How could you stoop so low to backstab my family just because i sold your stupid dream.

Maan: Enough.

His voice was thunderous, for a moment it stilled her and time stood still between them. In two long strides he was infront of her pulling her towards him with a little rough hand, all happened in only 5 second flat that she didn’t have time to react.

He was mere inches away from her and unknowingly her breath became heavy. Sexual frustation was so thick between them that might be easy to cut with a knife.

Geet gulped and Maan folowed her movement and suddenly the spell broke.

Maan left a ragged breath: Don’t talk without knowing the truth.

Geet: i know your truth, i know to get revenge from me you are destroying Rathode Enterprise, tell me i am wrong.

Maan: you are wrong.

Geet pushed him away, fire was so accurate in her eyes.

Geet: Don’t lie to me Maan, i know the truth. You are buying our investor, and they are pulling their money from our hotels. what more to know about your doing.

Maan: sometime looks can be decisive, who know more than you Geet.

Her jaw sat stubbornly and Maan felt the urge to turn her face kiss the rage away, but he knew her better.

Geet: Then tell me whatever i said was wrong, u aren’t bribing them to pull out their money.

Maan looked away and Geet smiled mockingly. She was leaving the place right then. One moment with him and she doesn’t know how much harm she could do to him.

When her investigator told about the situation she wasn’t ready to accept that Maan could do such a thing and then she cursed herself for being so stupid not to see his intention. Ofcourse he could do it to take revenge.

Again Maan pulled her closer to him, this time he forced her to sit on the chair and he trapped her in that. Forcing her to see his eyes.

Maan: listen to me first. Yes i told those investor to pull there money and yes you were right. I was angry and wanted to hurt u as much as u did to me.

Geet tried to say something but maan placed his fingers on her lips, both shuddered a little. taking breath Maan continued.

Maan: For you those songs, my dream could be stupid, but they were the only thread that held my life with a string. I was living for it, with it and suddenly you pulled the rug out of my feet, tell me how do u think i could react. The only wy i knew it will hurt you and may be i wanted this ice queen to break her ice shell.

Geet: i never thought,,,

Maan: i am not finished Geet. For a second he saw the old geet in her anger but she masked it instantly. Maan ignored it. Yes for a moment i did all that to hurt you but later i realized i can never destroy Kunal and Brij Rathode not only because you r their sister but also their father was my father’s best friend. I could never hurt my father like that.

And yes i was selfish because in all these i always thought maybe now you will come to me Geet, i always wanted you to lean on me but again u run to rudra. Again in my life i felt useless. I just wanted one chance to make u see i could be your pillar but you as usual strong minded, never really needed me.

There was silence for few minutes, both didn’t know what to say. Only then Geet pulled up herself.

Geet: your stunt could have hurt bade bhaisa, i could have lost him.

Maan: i know and i am sorry for that. I never intended to cause such trouble.

Geet: but u did. Now u tell me how could i trust u enough to lean on u? You were never there. I can never trust you after whatever happened between us.

Maan: it will be always Rudra between us. Because you have Rudra and It will be always him you will run. I was never enough nor will be Geet.

Geet: not again Maan. You know

Maan: Tell me Geet even when we were together didn’t you run to him for all your problem? Did you ever turn to me?

Geet swallowed hard: I I,,,

She couldn’t even muster a word. How could he say something like that. After all the years, all the hurt he had cause, again he is blaming her. But a small voice inside her head search event that she could point when she had turn to him for support not rudra.

Maan: even Rudra was the 1st person to know about your pregnancy, not me. He was the 1st person hold my babies, not me. He was the one to be beside you when you needed someone and the irony is i will be never enough for you to lean on me, not then, not now.

He turned away, emotion was such thick between them. He fought to control and then her words sliced him open.

Geet: i did, i did turn for you when i learned about pregnancy. I wasn’t even aware.i never told Rudra, he told me. I needed you when i waited for you in dehradun, i called you. I turned on every ray of light looking for you. I wasn’t the 1st person to hold our babies in my arms because i wanted it to be you. When my craving stuck i turned my other side of bed to see you, to tell you i wanted pineapple, i wanted it to be you but you.

Tears were running her face like a dam being finally broken, and she didn’t even knew about it. She had supress so much in her heart that once broken she couldn’t collect her shattered soul. Maan was looking in her eyes and she stared back.

Geet: I even called you when i was in labor. But some girl took it saying you are busy. Her voice grated my nerves. I was so hurt, so torn up. After everything i still wanted you to be there.

Maan was shocked beyond thinking, he held her closer to him.

Maan: i always regretted it. U were always right. My repentance was enough for the pain i gave you but it was always you. I,,,,


Both turned to see Rudra standing there fuming like volcano. And like that the past rushed back.

Geet closed her eyes and when she opened she was again the harden Geet. But again when she opened her mouth she showed the glimpse of His old Geet.

Geet: Not here Rudra, i hope my kids are fine or God forbid,

Rudra: how could you do this to her again Maan. Karan told me everything that happen here.

Maan: and you barged in to save your best friend.

Geet gave him a fire filled stare: i hope my babies aren’t here to see this.

2 little voice shouted: we are already here. Their eyes sparkle with mischief.

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Love For You Part 91


Part 91

Geet closed her eyes leaning on the wall as Maan leaned forward. His breath was touching her lips which still has it’s effect on her. Her breath was heavier with his each step, he was plastered on her. She could feel every hard inch of his abs and she can’t deny, it still effects her.

Geet: Don’t pls. Her reply was breathy, she was vulnerable, just the way he wanted but still it pained him. His lips brushed her cheeks as she turn away from him.

Maan: You still cares for me Geet.

Geet: I don’t.

Maan: yes you do. You do have feelings for me Geet.

Geet: I told you its just hatred.

Maan: chalo atlst kuch to hain, for now I’m loving your hatred.

He smiled looking at her flush face, she closed her eyes tightly before gathering her strength to push him. Maybe he sensed that move because before she could do anything he crossed her legs with his tightly pinning on the wall. She left a frustated huff.

Geet: What do you want Maan? I am really sick of your mind games.

Maan: I just want a chance? For us, for our kids.

Geet: Don’t. They are my kids and you lost ur all chances when u called them b******.

Her pain, her anger all came back as she stared at him with all memory of 7 yrs. The hurt that cause her relations. Maan shut his eyes for a moment, gathering himself and when he opened it she saw it, she saw the remorse that shook her. She had imagined this day, when she could only see his remorse in his eyes. As always she never expected words just the real emotion. And when the day came the thought of delight victory never reached her heart. She is as empty as him. Human feelings that she burried with their love is trying to surface. She blinked her eyes and gulped hard trying to sooth the knot.

Geet: why now? Why after 7 yrs? You never remembered them in those yrs, you called them,,

Maan: I was insecure, I was selfish. I know I messed up and u can’t forgive me, but still you kept them.

Geet: They are my babies.

Maan: they are a part of me too. You still love them, you still never told them what happened between us, not because you never thought I would reach u ever but u knew I would regret all those words. You knew me too well.

Geet sighed: I can’t believe I am having this discussion in a locked washroom.

Maan chuckled lightly: only you could walk and sit in a room with me. You trend to runaway the place I walk in, you wouldn’t trust me.

Geet: you didn’t earned it either. You just barged into my life and destroyed everything that I have joined in these years. You want to rip me apart by ripping by babies away.

Maan: you know I can’t do that. If I wanted I would have taken them with me. But I waited for you in Boston, but your fear set u on running.

Geet: I can’t trust you. Not with my heart and my kids.

For a moment he was still, she didn’t said anything that he didn’t know but it still hurts. Her insecurity cut him deep but he doesn’t have a choice.

Maan: I know. I won’t expect much just a chance.

Geet: is it because you know they are your children?

Maan shook: I believe that 7 yrs back when I run behind u after hearing Naina.

Geet closed her eyes, so he came because Naina told him the truth. And he believed her. Does that mean if she had stayed, only if she had tried harder, maybe they would have been togther, her strubbon heart waited for him, and for what? To seek forgiveness. Does she even wanted those heavy remorses? She had always wanted her Maan to love her, nothing more but those scars were too deep. Only if she could block those memories. He had hurt the only way he could rip her soul and it took several years to be whole and this time he has every power to destroy her in every sense.

Geet isn’t dumb, stubborn yes. She knew she still has feeling for this gorgeous bastard. She could deny all she want, she even tried but one look at her babies with him once via webcam and all the hidden dreams had surfaced. She had wanted it so bad. But what if he rip her again? What if he is playing another game? Cruel game, for his kids? She wouldn’t survive it. She can’t risk her heart.

And there is another confession, he did came after her then why couldn’t he reach her in those years? Did he really came for her to apologise? Did he really wanted to recolonisation.?

Maan touched her cheek with his finger, delicate and soft caresses woken her sleeping desire.

Maan: If they weren’t my children then also I would have come for you Geet. I am too selfish to be you worthy but I’m yours only. And you r mine to keep, to love and cherish. We are destined to be together.

Geet shook her head: Too much time have past, too much things have happened. I have destroyed your dream,

Maan: You, Tammy and Mann are my dream, always were.

Geet: you said you wll destroy me, is it your plan to destroy me Maan?

Maan: I can’t, you are a part of my soul. For years it was ripped apart, I can’t do more damage to it.

Geet: I don’t know what to believe, so many years has passed.

Maan: and you still couldn’t hurt me.

Geet looked at his eyes, does he know she retrieve those files that she leaked? Did he got to know how she mananged to bribe the maid to borrow the file and her computer geek friend to hack his rival’s system to delete those songs? But it isn’t possible cz she did it only hours before.

Before they could say further a loud ring broke the atmosphere, Geet pulled out her phone and the id made her take the call immidiately. Worry was all that written on her face and it brought shadow of guilt on him which Geet unknowingly missed.

Geet: hello Bhaisa.

Whatever she heard momentarily shook her and Geet fell back on the wall. If it wasn’t Maan who held her weak body she would have crashed down with her all dignity.

Maan took the phone but it was already disconnected, it worried Maan to see Geet like this.

Maan: Geet.

Geet: Badhee Bhaisa..

Maan: Bhaisa kya Geet? What he was talking?

Geet shook her head then looked at Maan, first time in all these month he had seen her frighten. Trully fearful.

Geet: He is in hospital, heartattack.

Her voice chocked and for the first time in years she trully broken down. It’s fate that the person once broke her today held the power to gather the broken pieces now. Maan engulfed Geet in his embrace as she sobbed, so much volted inside her shield today had broken it’s restrictions. She couldn’t hold the cry that escaped but Maan hugged her tighter. Forgetting her trust issues and heartache she leaned on the comfort that his embrace gave her. Kunal was her weakness that today brought her closer to her one enemy she swore never to be engage.

Ps: missed u so much gals.

Precap: the truth. (not the awaited lol)

Love for You Part 90


Part 90

This party was plopping her nerves. Geet was frustated beyond limits to hear the cribing of that client, first he changed the flowers, then curtain, then lightings and last but not the least he wanted to change the decoration of champagne fountain. That is the last thing on her agenda right now and she did told him. Maybe this is a lot important than she is letting on but none can tolerate this kind of tantrum.

Finally she snapped on the poor man and told him to let it on her to impress the honourable man for whom the party was thrown, and only then the client left a sigh of relief. He apologised to her for being so cross but then he told her this man is very important for them, and if he likes this arrangement maybe she will get more business from that person than him.

Curiosity won the better of her and Geet ask the man about this person. Mr Chadda looked baffled because she is arranging a party and still didn’t know the client’s name. Geet sensed that and came in a business mood.

Geet: I am sorry Mr Chadda but as you know I am surrounded by other projects too and this party was handled by our event management company, but only u wanted someone personally supervising, so that’s why I came and didn’t get the time to know more about this person.

Mr Chadda smiled genuinely: I appreciate miss Geet. Well this is our most important client, we are the main supplier for his construction and recently we signed a new deal. Then he won entrepreneur of the year award. So we thought,,,,

His words faded away as Geet’s hearts pounded, only one person won the Entrepreneur award recently and this person only brings bad news for her, he must know the party being held in her hotel, she wanted to groan and cursed but only smiled weakly… Before she can excuse herself from the list of MSK’s achievements that Mr Chadda was piling, a stare heated her back, and she felt herself being stiffen.

It’s weird how can she still feels his presence, without even seeing him. After all the years, all the heartache she can still feel his intense eyes and what lurked behind it. So she turned plastering a determined smile on her face which was as fake as his. It’s like he can read her like a book, because when her eyes met his smirk played trigger.

Mr Chadda rushed towards Maan with Geet behind, her jaw was clenched, her eyes were making holes in him but he stood there unfazed, looking at the decoration.

Maan: quite impressive miss Geet.

Mr Chadda was escalated, he almost begged Geet to be with Maan for his every need because Maan was showing extra interest. Geet wanted to say no but remembering Kunal’s word she accepted….

Geet: it was your plan, isn’t it? Her eyes were on Mr Chadda who was giving a speech at Maan’s honour,, but her mind was on Maan who was smirking full fledge.

Maan: I always knew you are smart.

Geet: how did you pulled it?

Maan: uhuh that’s my talent. His eyes were smiling and Geet gave a bored look. Saying ‘seriously’?

Maan chuckled: all right, I happen to , mention about this hotel and how much I liked staying here once.

Geet: you stayed here? Why?

Maan looked at her meaningfully: yes Geet I did, because it made me feel closer to you.

She sucked in a breath while he left her in the misery. Why he is doing this again? What is his game now? Before she can start her cursing he was already coming on center stage as Mr Chadda made a toast on his name.

Geet wanted to shout on someone, she was frustated, only if she get her hands on her P.A. He must have known everything but only to keep the contract he kept his mouth shut. She glared the poor P.A who just gave a nervous smile.

Maan was ending his small speech when his eyes went on Geet who looked like pissed off, she was talking on phone. Undoubtedly it is Rudra and strange he feel sorry for the poor man. But whatever it is that made Geet mad he want to thank the person because in anger she always shreds her gaurd, and right in this moment he want to kiss her thoroughly. A wistful sigh left his lips and then devil smirk appeared his eyes twinkled with mischief.

Geet was frustated on Rudra because yet again he made news for his cassanovic way,, no its not true she know but not the world. Once again some girl he had hooked once sold the juicy details to the tabloid and with it there was glorious details how he abandoned her the night. Now she isn’t there to press control but her PR team is working on it. Geet was furious not because of the negetive publicity but the way Rudra reacted or the lack of reaction from him set her mood on fire. It is like he is trying to prove something or someone.

Geet was so frustated and lost in her thought that when she turned she couldn’t see the person standing right behind her. Her collision not only cause the person to bump but a waiter coming from her left with wine in his hand also got pushed front… Geet was lucky to push the guy or the wine would have ruined her saree but alas the person wasn’t so lucky. when her eyes met the furious pair she only cursed her fate.

Geet greeted her teeth looking at the waiter: where were your eyes damit? Look what you did. Now go inside and don’t come out till you learn your manners.. she eyed him to go inside which he nodded murmuring sorry.

Maan gave an amused smile as he got what she was trying, saving the poor boy from his wrath. Something can never change though we try our hardest to hide our true self but once in a while it ought to come out.

Maan: Miss Geet you shouldn’t have been so harsh on that poor boy when the fault was yours.

Geet stared him blankly: sorry what?

Maan: you bumped to me then your hand hit those glasses, fault was yours not him. Punishment should be yours not him.

Geet crossed her hand just below her breast which caught Maan’s eyes, but then she cleared her thought which earned a sheepish smile from him.

Geet: ohh that mean I should go inside and tell that boy to come here and escort you. Her sarcastic remark didn’t faze his chuckle.

Maan: No that mean you should take me to the washroom to clean this mess you created.

Geet was thin in patience and he was goading her: You said u came here so sure you know the way of the washroom.

Maan: I said I stayed here once long years before but how could I know where is the washroom in this floor, I haven’t got a tour then.

Mr chadda was restless and nearly begged Geet to accompany Maan and clear the air as he is very important to him,, Geet just rolled her eyes. Knowing Maan, asking for someone to go with him is pointless. He will make a fuss again amd force her to go and on top of that she doesn’t want another drama. Their banter had already caught a lot of eyes. Least she want a press publishing her rude manner to their precious Entrepreneur of the year.

Geet showed him the washroom and he turned to see her, the look was mischievous Geet read that.

Geet: Don’t tell me u can’t walk alone because you are scared. I promise there isn’t anyone to kidnap you.

Maan snorted and laughed: and i wonder where was the witty Geet. I don’t doubt about your security but I wish you will help me clean it because I don’t know how to do it.

Geet huffed a frustated breath: Don’t play game with me anymore Maan, I had have enough of your games.

Suddenly he grabbed her hand and pushed her inside the washroom then locked it.

Geet: What the hell are you doing? Don’t try to be over smart Maan there is cctv and I can sue you for harassing me.

But she visibly gulped her tongue as he trapped her between his both hand, spitting fire from his eyes. Though nothing in these years had ever frighten Geet but for an instance she is afraid. There is some kind of darkness in his eyes which tells Geet to be cautious.

Maan: you forgot u stayed days in my farm house with me alone, did I ever disrespected you Geet? Knowing he was right Geet turned her face.

Geet: but You play games Maan, like this. She struggled but he only grasp her more, pressing her body with his hard abs.

Maan: I don’t play games.

A laugh tried to leave: Don’t you? Ohhh u like to bet on people’s emotion, that is the correct game. you like to lie, play with emotion and when your interest fades you leave them, you,,

She stopped as emotion clogged her throat, not again. She left her emotion to flow again. This man always brings the best and worst in her. She couldn’t even look at him now, her emotion got her mouth.

His face was mere inches away: I lied only once, when I said I don’t love you. That one time when I said that everything was a part of bet, it was the lie of my life. I never stopped loving you Geet, and loving you was never a bet for me. There wasn’t any bet. The moment I realized how much I love you, I called off every game that once I wanted so desperately. You were and are the only thing I ever wanted.

(C) All Copyrights Reserved. Tich Mg. 2014

Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 46


Part 46

Geet gulped hard when his finger brused her inner thigh then the thin material, she sucked in a breath then looked at him, whatever she saw only made her squirm, the dark intense need in his eyes made her thighs clenched. Her core suddenly wet and shivers trickled down her back. Her breath was heavy but he didn’t budge from his sweet assault, if it wasn’t his dark lust filled eyes Geet would have thought it wasn’t effecting him as much as it to her.

Maan thumb caresses her creamy skin, then felt the wet spot, he was hard like a rock and cursed himself for teasing her. He so much wanted to grab her and take a turn to the washroom for a quick hard ride. But this is Geet, she deserves better, she is his wife and she trusts him, that what her eyes says.

“Maan” the small moan was filled with lust and it made him cursed more. He held her nape and kissed her so hardly while his finger plunged in her wetness, her inner walls squeezed his fingers. Thankfully they were in a corner which was hidden from most of the people but the thought of having him so close, and the pending orgasm only thrilled Geet further.

He removed his hand and she let out a whimper, his tongue nibble on her neck “we have to stop.”

His ragged breath told her he was effected as much as she was but the frustation made her angry and slapped his hand away from her, he chuckled and brought her closer.

“I’ll make it good.” Then again he started teasing her senses by his tongue.

“You better be” geet mumble only made him shake with laughter. It was so foriegn to see him laugh that Geet’s belly clenched further.

Someone cleared his throat and Maaneet turned to see a younger handsome waiter serving them, she was so wide eyed seeing the variety of food that she never notice the fella giving her suggestive looks, but suddenly his eyes fell on Maan who was observing everything, the rage in his eyes said only one thing he can murder anyone without a flinch.

“Keep your eyes to yourself before I dab it with a fork.”

Maan’s calm voice didn’t hide the deathly threat and the waiter nodded urgently. Then mumble “Sorry”

“What happen?”

Maan looked at his innocent Oblivious wife, if it was a few days back he would have blame her for being a slut maybe, his rage never need proof but knowing her and her desire for him had helped him being sane and not insecure. He brought her on his lap which she didn’t protest. He shook his head and geet just shrugged again looking at the food.

“Maan what we will do with so much food, it’s gonna be wasted, I know You don’t eat so much. Are you?”

Before he can say anything Bella chimed “Not for him but he always gets company when he comes here, see that.”

Not before Bella finished her words that 2 barking Great Dane ran towards them, for a moment Geet held Maan tighter but she felt the rumble of laughter when the 2 dog came and started shoving Geet, Maan’s one glare made them stop, then again they started shoving Geet away but gently. By then everyone was looking at their table. Bella was laughing and the 2 dog were licking or trying to lick Maan.

“Ok you will get ur share first say hello to Geet.”

Both their head turned to Geet who inched away seeing so very large dog, they tower seating Geet in height. They nudge her hand but Geet was so afraid that she made a ball of her fist. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. Bella’s kind face looked down at her.

“They loves him, so they know you are Maan’s whom they can’t hurt.”

Geet felt her palm being taken and turn to see Maan holding her hand, she reluctantly let him loose her palm and placed infornt of those dog. At first she was shivering but then she felt the cold nose touching softly on her palm, they both sniffed her, then licked her hand before settling beside her either side. Geet couldn’t help but giggle.

“Heyyy she is my woman.” His frustating voice didn’t budge them and it made her giggle more. Maan mock huffed, rest of the lunch went Maan feeding the dogs and Geet admiring him. She wanted to take the dog with them thinking they doesn’t have owner but later Maan told her they are Bella’s and whenver he visit Italy they stays with him.

Geet watched Maan helping them with food, then playing with them for some time and when time came to say good bye Geet couldn’t help but feel sad, so she offered him to take the dogs till they are here but Maan didn’t agree which only made Bella smile so wide that it confused Geet.

“I have never seen him like this, he wants to spent his every moment with you tesoro. You are one lucky girl. He adores you.”

Geet smiles biting her lips, she was feeling shy, nervous yet excited.

“How do u know?”

Bella laughed “Don’t you see that Man is crazy for you, he can’t pull his hands away from you, that shows how much he wants you.”
Geet looked at Maan wistfully, she adores him too but the problem is she is falling in love with him so hard that she fears, he will destroy her. Bella puts her hands on her.

“Take a chance with him Bambina, he deserves it after he faced everything.”

Geet’s face visibly paled “what do u mean?”

Bella’s face closed down, and she looked at Maan with sad eyes “I think it should be him who decides when and what to say Bambina, but mark my one word, if his rage is soul shivering, his hatred is madness then His love is fierce, intense. Once he loves someone he won’t let them go from him, he can destroy anyone who hurt him but he can destroy himself for them whom he loves which is really a very few but you,, I can see you are his soul. His love is madness for you.

he can’t express himself but he opening to you, so don’t let him go ever Geet. He deserves you because I have never seen anyone so fierce like you, so passionate like you. I have seen the jealously when he hugged me and then it converted to wistful when he was with myra and panther. Only you can give him the love and make his life the way he dreamed once. He deserves it.”

Bella left Geet with a baffled face and thought. She kept watching how Myra was licking Maan and he was so happy. Now she got to know why he tolerated Gulgule everytime though he was so naughty. It wasn’t for her only he genuinely loves animals. Maybe beneath of this Devil there stays a soft person who deserves every happiness a person can think.

Maan turn to see her and she beamed then took out a phone clicking some snap, rest of the day they spent with the dogs and Bella laughing, loving and taking memories.

Ps: trust me you should enjoy the soft devil before the dark story began…

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Love For You Part 89


Part 89

Geet was frustated, every investor she tried to talk in to coming in their projects but none was satisfied, it’s like years of loyalty and good name of Rathode isn’t enough for them now. Her accountant also couldn’t arrange the amount in so less time but for that she wasn’t still holding her breath, she had told Rudra about the need and cause. At first he was angry that she didn’t informed him right away but eventually he told her to give 2 days so she is waiting.

The one thing that is worrying her the most was the hotel in Jaiselmer. The worker and union is making a fuss for a raise and bonus,, she understands their problem but couldn’t do anything as the hotel wasn’t in a good condition. Kunal and Brij is doing their best but some problem or another are raising every day.

The ringing of her phone brought her to reality. Nowadays every ring made her cringe, she fear the bad news its bringing but this time it was rudra.

Geet grumble: only the good news Rudra or I am cutting the phone.

Rudra chuckle: Mishty everything is arranged.

Geet gasp: u mean

Rudra: yeah yeah every peny. I am transfering it to ur acc, then u can do whatever it needs to do.

For a moment Geet closed her eyes Sighing a breath of relief. It almost made her cry but she remembered soon enough emotion isn’t good in business.

Geet: Thank you.

Rudra was silent for a moment then he replied softly: you know they are my family too Geet, because you r the connection between us. Aur kisine kaha tha dosti me no sorry no thank u.

Suddenly Geet giggled and Rudra smiles in the phone hearing the giggle, next 2 hour went on Geet and the kids chatting through video call.


Brij: how did you manage it?

Geet: bhaisa, jab mujhe jarurat thi, mere pass time nahi tha, as I have to arrange it in one day but abhi to I got enough time to arrange it but please give this money and bring the palace paper.

Brij patted her head, and kunal placed a file on the table which Geet took.

Geet: what’s this bhaisa?

Kunal: it’s a party project, some client of ours is throwing a lavish party in our hotel for his client. I don’t know for whom honour the party has been arranged but one thing is clear he is very important. And that’s why this client of ours is getting on my nerves.

Geet: when is the party?

Brij: tomorrow.

Geet: ok I will see to it, aap Jaiselmer k hotel pe dhyan dijiye.

Kunal: if u r looking into this party then we can head towards Jaiselmer tonight.

Geet: ok bhaisa, don’t worry.

Brij: but Geet this client is important.

Geet nodes and started looking at the blue prints then headed to meet the event manager…..

Ps: I know its very short, but I wll updt tom as well

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Kagaz Ki Kashti Luv that Sacrifices Life Part 112


Part 112

That night Maan took Geet to a date night. He spent the afternoon giving instruction how to do the things he wanted, he even did some arrangements himself. The rooftop was blowing in shimmering lights and the moon gave a glow to it. Maan ordered white roses and orchids to decorate the place, even the people on the work were amazed to see the love of a husband.

On seeing Geet’s glowing face his hard work paid off and seeing the mesmerized beauty of Geet every worker smiled on Maan’s madness for her. Few girls in the restaurant were swooning seeing so much love and few got jealous seeing Geet getting everything a girl can desire ever.

Oblivious from all of it Maaneet were lost in each other. Maan’s face was in awe seeing Geet in a red dress that maybe saanjh had helped her for this date. On hearing about the date thing both girls were so excited and Saanjh had pulled Geet seperately for a small shopping trip. And right now that one hour of wandering the malls with the girls finally paid off.

She is looking ravishing in her red off shoulder cocktail dress, the satin and the color did wonder to her creamy complexion. Her full bossom, and hip did justice to the dress. But the apprehensive look on her face torned him, he knew she is concious of her figure, so he did what he did. Large hands closed on her waist pulling her close.

Maan whispered in her ear: you are looking like walking death for me Geet, I think i won’t be happy until I take off this beautiful dress from your lucious body and devour you from night to morning.

Geet gasp in sudden heat: Maan..

She didn’t planned the moan escaped her lips when Maan nipped her neck teasing her senses with his unique cologne that says only him.

Maan: stop beaing concious. You are beautiful and I am thankful toni8 this view is only for me.

Geet: huh? You,, booked this entire top?

Her exasperated look only made her adorable, he licked her lips,

Maan: I wanted a place just for us and I have few ideas, this one is for starter.

Geet gave him a smile: This is beautiful Maan.

A look crossed on her face twisted something deep inside of him. She looks,, dreamy…

Maan: What is it?

Geet shook her head: nothing, u wll laugh only.

Maan made her sit across him and order juice for her and wine for him.

Maan: try telling me first, then see.

Geet: ok, but if you laugh, I wll stop there. Maan nodded his head in agreement. When I was a teenager, 16 actually, I used to think my prince will bring the world to my feet, I used to dream about kissing him standing on the higest place where the world can see us and wish to be in love like us. I wanted something I will always remember when I grow old and the memories will be with me. But then Me and Sujal,,, and it never happen. It was a dream and I was happy to place it in the sweetest corner of my memory, my teenage year. But tonight,, you made me feel that dream do comes true.

Geet turned to see Maan with a smile: everyone thinks I am a simple girl with simple dream and need, and I never told anyone about any fascination of mine, maybe they would have thought I am a materialistic person but tonight without saying anything you fulfilled my one dream. A date of my teenage fascination, a night that my prince will make me feel like a princess. You did all these for me when u didn’t need it.

When maan touched her face with tender finger only then she realized tear was trickling down her face. But she wasn’t feeling hurt, only warmth spread her heart.

Maan: I love you and I promise rest of our live I will try to be your prince fulfilling your every dream.

Geet: thank you.

Maan kissed her knuckle and rest of the night went in few talks, lots of laugh and dancing with passion, when they returned to their room Maan was carrying Geet and kissing her thoroughly. They never looked at another soul while entering their place, then He showes how much he loves her and adores her in every way possible for a man.


Shiv was exhausted but Maahika wasn’t anywhere stopping her tantrums. Tonight she is in a bad mood and her target is as always him. At first she threw her bottle away, okay, he was shoving in to her mouth thinking she must be hungry and that’s why crying but Maahi threw the bottle so the milk spilled on his shirt. Then when he tried to make her sleep she peed on him which was still making him frown, why him? Why can’t it be Abir?

But he was stuck and Saanjh was only laughing at him, why? Because he stupidly challenged her that he can manage maahi all alone. Now he is paying, and its huge. He had to shower 2 times and still maahi is nowhere to sleep. Its 2 hr that Maan and Geet went on their date and Maan had called atleast 30 times to know how his baby doing. Only that time Maahi stopped her cry and behaved like world’s best kid.

And now after bath whenver he tried to put cloth on her she starts screaming then kick her leg, he tried to glare her which made him more frustated as Maahika stopped her tantrum for a min before pouting her lips and he could see the trembling lips, she is ready to burst.

Shiv: ohhhh hold on hold, maahi, don’t you dare cry, I will tell ur dad I am never going to baby sit you again.

First wail comes and shiv fumbled more: oh stop it,, maahi, maahi, you are chachu’s angel.

But till then Maahi was wailing on top of her lungs, Shiv looked here and then, pulling his hair and looking adorably frustated and on the verge of cying himself but then Saanjh came and scooped maahika in her arms. She took out her diaper looking her baby bump that has rashes and she was trying to tell shiv by her baby natural way. After taking it away Saanjh slides a soft cotton dress on Maahi leaving her bottom open.

Shiv crouches on Maahi kissing her red fluffy nose: I am sorry baby. I know chachu wasn’t the best person, but he loves you.

It’s like Maahi understands his apology, she showed her gummy smile and kissed his nose, though it wasn’t a kiss as she put her saliva full mouth on his nose sucking it, maybe trying to mimick his kiss. Shiv laughed, then only he realized someone was watching them, he turned to see Saanjh leaning on a wall looking at them with a tender smile.

She applied some rash cream before putting the diaper then turn to see Shiv who was looking at Maahi.

Saanjh: She loves you and she knows u love her too.

Shiv look down with a small smile when she inches closer: and one day you will be a perfect father, one of the best.

Her voice was so soft that Shiv forgot every thing he planned to say to her, just the love in her eyes was everything he wanted to see. The thought of her round with his child swell his heart with warmth and love.

Shiv whisper: I want that too. He brought Saanjh closer to him and she placed her head on his chest while Maahi closer between them.

It wasn’t long that a thud came on their room and half bare Maan marched in the room looking for Maahi.

Shiv said tiredly: You know we can take care of her.

Maan: Geet was restless and you both need rest and a break from her. Maahi just snuggle closer to Maan like in her sleep she can feel her dada. Shiv noded and appriciated Maan’s concern and he diverted his eyes on Saanjh who was tidying the room.

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