Sirf Mere liye

MY 1st ss ON MAANEET…………………


A handsome cute looking man in his early tweenty standing infront of a beautiful potrait of a woman,,, her angelic face, cute smile with dimple,, hazal eyes which is full of mischieve,, just like an angel of heaven… beauty of epitome………

there came a elegent lady and place her hand over the man’s shoulder…..

What r u thinking Geetansh? i have notice u often,, whenever u came to this mansion u always stand here like this, like u were trying find out something… what is the matter? u never told me any think………..plss tell me,, main apki patni hu,,, i know she is ur mom… but aap hamesha inhe is tarha kyun dekhte hain aur itne mayus kyun hojate hain?

Geetansh; mannayata,, she is my mom but before that she is the wife of my father… she had  leaved  him because of me……….

mannayata was shocked to here it………Geetansh continue

Geetansh; don’t think wrong about her,, she loved me and dad thats why she leaved us………its a long story mannayata……..

mannayata; but i want to here it.. pls tell me….

geetansh continue,,,,


A beautifull girl scared hides behind a tree,her face is cover with a dupatta,,, her beautifull hazal eyes, hair is in a mess…. a gang full of boys circle her,,,

oye  jaldi chal ghar,, waha sab shaadi k liye intezar kar rahe hain aur tu waha se bhaag aayi… mere khandan ki izzat agar dao par na hoti tujhe main abhi yaha maar dalta…. magar sirf daarji k liye main tujhe baksh raha hu,,, chal abb….



hamare yaha shadi ladkio se puch ke nahi hoti,, sirf bataya jata hain ja humne tujhe pehle hi bol diya tha………

geet; plss veer ji mujhe mat lejao, mujhe shadi nahi karni mujhe jaane do… mujhe aur padhna hain..

brij; jitna padhna tha padh liya, itna padhane ka anjam abb main dekh raha hu,, meri khandan ki izzat ko tu uchal ne me tuli hain…. abb chal yaha se….

he started dragging her but there was a man holding his hand



brij; oye tu hota kon hain? aur tera naam kya hain

MAAN SINGH KHURANA…….the name is maan singh khurana….

brij; to main kya karu,, tu hoga shehzada apne ghar ka yaha mera raaj chalta hain……..

maan; main apne ghar ka aur yaha, dono ka hi shehzada hu,, aur tumme itni himmat nahi k tum mere samne tik pao,,,chodo isse,, ye tumhare sath nahi jana chahti,,, and i think she is an adult,, to wo apna decision khud le sakti hain,,

to hear all this brij started laughing historically………but his one man stopped him and said HE IS THE NEW ACP OF DELLHI…………. maan just gives his famous smirk………..

maan; i think abb aap sabko apne sawalo ka jabab mil gaya,, i have the power to stop u for doing whatever u want without her will……

they leave from there but brij was fuming due to anger that he couldn’t do anything……….

now maan faced geet

maan; i think tumhara naam geet hain, m i right?

geet looked at him puzzled don’t know how he knows her name and now what to say, where to go….

maan; maine tumhari aur uss admi jo ki tumhara so called bhai hain wo tum dono ki  sare baate maine sunli thi,,, i guess abb tumhare pass jane k liye koi aur jagah nahi hain,,,,,

geet just looked at him blank,, for some reason maan too lost himself in her hazal eyes and innocent face which has so many emmotion, pain, sorrow, helplessness everything,,, so he decided to help her,, basically he is a rude arrogant guy for the world who loved to rule everyone but inside he has been craving for love, to love to be loved…

maan; if u want u can come with me, but to see the expression of geet’s face he changed his words no no i m saying IF U WANT. aur tumhare bhai k gunde tumhare firak me hain kab tumhe pakde,, so main kehna chahta tha u’ll be safe with me and i m not a bad guy u see,, gives a heartly smile which melt geet instantly…..geet agree to this but somewhere she has a feeling from now her life will changed but whether its bad or good she can’t figour it out… ( me thinking maan k sath hain aur bura kaise ho sakta hain :/ but never knew what is store is in future 🙂 hain na?)

maan; come geet here is my appartment,, ghar nahi keh sakta q k ghar k liye jo hona chahiye wo to mere naseeb me kabhi tha hi nahi,,,



geet saw the pain to be alone in maan’s eyes,,,

maan; geet hum aaj yaha rahenge fir 1 week me delhi niklenge,,

to here this geet looked at him suspiciously to that maan oly smile widely and said geet maine jitna tumhe sidhi sadhi samjha tum utni nahi ho,, u r quite intelligent an brave.. then maan comes closer to geet and huskly whisper kya huya geet dar gayi,, mujh pe bharosa nahi hain? then he smiles sheepishly and continue geet yaha tumhare jaan ko khatra hain,, issi liye main tumhe delhi le jana chahta hu waha jake tum apna study continue kar sakti ho, and u can believe me,, i m ACP dammit…

to this geet only stares at him and thinkink in mind ye insan hain kya cheese………………..

part 2

maan; geet mere baare me baad me sochna, pehle jao fresh ho jao, right me tumhara room aur left wala mera, kuch chahiye to puch lena,,,

geet; jee

maan thought yeh ladki haan ji bolna aur darne k alawa aur kuch janti v ya nahi,,, chod maan tujhe kya karna hain jaake rest karlu neend arahi hain…

 geet goes to her room but her mind thinking all the happenings throught the day, what mess she is in,, she is staying with a complete stranger jo kab kya kare,, kya kahe, kisiko pata nahi….. but she washed all the thoughts from her mind with a warm shower that help her to calm down to some extent…..after a relaxing full 45mins shower she went to maan’s room to see a half naked maan umm no shirt just track (tich thinking kya hot lag raha hoga yaar,, hayee but ye geet to sab kachra karegii uff)

geet; hayyee babajii ye kya dikha diya.. inko sharam haaya hain ya nahi aise nange pange kaise ghum sakte hain,,,

on the other hand maan was just lying on his bed with no shirt to relax for some time,, it was a tiring day for him,,,but when he heard geet blabbering he was just amzed by behavour… girls r ready to died for his one look and to be looked but here this girl cursing him for his hotness oopsssss.. i mean yaar ye uska ghar uska room wo jo chahe wo kare………

maan; kya huya geet tum is tarha yaha aur kya bak bak kar rahi ho apne sath……

geet; pehle to aap apna shirt pehniye,, ek to aise ghum rahe hain aur fir…..

maan; ek min ek min ye mera ghar, mera room, main jaise chahe rahu.. aur tumme itne manners nahi k kisike rom me aane se pehle knock karo,to hear this geet couldn’t help to hold her temper….she walked to him

geet; maine knock to kiya tha aapne hi suna nahi hoga aur jab aap jante ho ghar me ek ladki v hain to ye sab now maan fill the gap by walked more close to her

maan; ye sab?? kya geet bolo geet lost her word,, and maan continue to walked to her and finally blocked her with the wall behind her and himself…..geet was lost in his breath but suddenly maan huskily wishper to her ears bhook nahi lagi geet?? geet snapped open her eyes, chalo khana kha lo……. now geet comes to reality and she is hell embaressed………

geet; hmm yeah ,,main wohi kehne aayi thi,, i m hungry so lets eat something………..

maan; geet tum baitho bahar main abhi aata hu aur kuch khana laata hu…


maan; here it is geet,, tum v kya yaad rakkhogi maan singh khurana k hath ka bana huya khana kabhi koi nahi vulta he said prouudly but

geet; pastaaaaaaaaaaaa,, i hate it.. hatao isse.. tumne ye laane se pehle mujhse ek baar v pucha?? mujhe ye bilkul pasand nahi..

now its turn to maan to be shocked by her response cz he never thought geet the innosence girl can behave like this….

maan; geet tumne kabhi pasta khaya v hain,, ek baar try karo fir batana accha hain ya bura………..

geet maine kaha na main nahi khaungi,, mujhe pasand nahi ye fika khana,,

maan; to fir jao kicthen waha hain aur fridge v,, lelo jo khana hain………

geet goes to kitchen but to her luck there was just some food packet and full of continental food………now she id fed up…

geet; wo waha to kuch nahi hain khane ko,,,bas kuch packets hain… there was a knockon the door and before

maan could open it a cute but smart looking guy enters the apartment…..

abbe saale maan,, main kab se tujhe phn kar raha hu aur tu yaha khana kha raha hain,, fikar k maare meri jaan ja rahi hain tu,,,,, but maan interupts

maan; aadi come down yaar,, ACP maan singh khurana ko kuch nahi hosakta ye tu v janta hain…..

aadi; ACP k bacche pata tha yehi bolega but wo thakur k admi tujhe kutte ki tarha picha kar rahe hain aur wo log tujhe maarna chahte hain aur tu keh raha hain fikar na karu,, aur ha mr acp tu hoga p. station me mera to chuddy buddy hain na…………. till now geet was a silent spectator and aadi didn’t notice her as well… but by look at her maan stop aadi and intruduce her with him…

maan; geet ye hain aadi, adhiraj srivastav.. senior inspector of crime branch delhi………

geet; who was shocked to hear the convo break out from her thought and said hello but on the other hand aadi to was shocked like hell… there was lots of thing he wants to ask,,,, but all he manage to say a meekly hii 

maan; geet tum andar jao main kuch lata hu aur tumhare pasand ka……….

aadi; ahem ahem we need to talk ri8 NOW………….

maan; hmm, 

aadi; ye sab kya horaha hain acp saab? ye ladki aur aa iske liye khana le jaoge oye hoye chal kya raha hain?

maan; aadiiiiiii,, aisa kuch nahi jo tum soch rahe ho,,he said while his face betrayed him,, he was continuously thinking about his encounter with geet,, and the moment in the room,, they were so close,, just the mere sight of that he feels something in his  stomac,, maan singh khurana and this feelings rubbish he thought,,, he just met her in the morning and now he he is thinking about her only….

aadi; kaha kjo gaye acp sahab? kuch bataoge ye sab kya horaha hain?

maan; tumhe subha ki baat yaad to hogi na,, main dhandiwal se bahar hi ja raha tha k mujhe geet nazar aayi,, dari huyi jaise kisise chup rahi thi, isse pehle main jata usse kuch admio ne gher liya,,,and tells him everything happens there…..

aadi was hell shocked,, ek bhai aisa kaise kar sakta hain,, but yaha kuch v ho sakta hain….

aadi; accha kiya man usse yaha le aya,, bohot pyari ladki hain (abb to aadi ki kismat futi)

maan looks at him like a lion, don’ know why he feels JEALOUS,, hmm J ans MAAN SINGH KHURANA cut the crap maan thought but the look on his face tells everything,, an aadi being his childhod frnd knows him very well,

aadi; maan kya soch raha hain, kis duniya me kho gaya?

maan; kuch nahi yaar,,, chod ye sab tu bata jis kaam k liye gaya wo huya? bindiya ka pata chala?

aadi; yaar pata to chal gaya lekin wo thakur k kabze me hain…. wo gabahi nahi de sakegi lagta hain,,, tu to janta hain wo kamina kisi v haal me ye case jit k rahega,, ye uske bete k zindegi ka sawal hain…. aur issi liye wo tere piche v padha hain, tujhe maarne k liye gunde bicha k rakhe hain q k uske bete ko ko jail poucha sakta ahain to wo tu hain,,, aur waise v ye delhi nahi dandhiwal hain jaha kisiko koi maar v daale to koi nahi puchega… jo karna soch samajh k…..

maan;who was listening all this finally speaks aadi mujhe pata hain ye jagah kaisi hain,, aur mera yakeen maan mujhe kuch nahi hoga,, jab tak main us kamine ranjeet ko fansi na dila du tab tak shanti se nahi baithunga,, jo v hojaye… aur MAAN SINGH KHURANA ko marna ya marwana itna asan nahi,, hawa v mere se izazat liye bagaid mujhe nahi chu sakti……..

aadi; ha but ek ladki tere dil pe jarur raaj kar sakti hain….

suddenly maan n aadi remember geet is in the room and waiting for food,,, now what will happen to them………

part 3

geet was fuming in anger, and she was so much hungry that she could eat maan alive,,and that time maan enters her room with empty hand….(oops abb kya hog maan ka)

maan; geet tumhe kya khana hain batado main order kar deta hu,, mujhe tumhari pasand na pasand pata nahi..

geet; iska matlab itne der se aapne mere liye kuch nahi banaya,, to itne time tak kya kar rahe the? dandiya khel rahe the kya she ask sarcatiestly…..

maan; ek to main tumhare liye khana order kar raha hu upar se tum mujhe anab sanab bol rahi ho, attitude dikha rahi ho,, aur ye kya aap aap, kuch der pehle tak to tum pe agayi fir aap pe,, uff tum ladkiya na, kab kya bolti ho khud tumhe nahi pata……god v soch rahe honge kya piece banaya…….a small smile crept on maan’s face but he quickly hide it, but there was someone else who has noticed it….or ha main dandiya nahi khelta… abb batao kya khana hain warna bhooki marogi main kuch nahi order karne wala…..

geet; huh to mat kariye… aur ha maine wo ‘tum’ gusse me bola tha.. aapne meri itni madad ki,, aur main aise,,,,,,,,,,,,, ok lets forget everything and can u brought me some grocery,, wo aap k ghar me to kuch v nahi,,,,, but to see the angry look n maan’s face she has quickly changed her word matlab mujhe kuch pakana hain,, main bahar ka khana nahi khati…….

maan just noded her head and walked out of the room….. but he was thinking yeh ladki hain kya cheese? ek pal me ghabrati hain, ek pal me gussa hoti hain fir dusre pal me galti manti v hain aur respect v dikhati hain…… uff yeh ladki mujhe pagal kar degi……

but there was someone who was watching the whole scenariyo and observing both of them,, he was aadi……

aadi; (self thought) maan singh khurana aur has raha hain,, wah geet tumne to ek hi din me jadu kar diya,,, beta maan tu jitna v chahe, apne dil ko aur mujhe dhoka nahi de sakta,,, jo insan kisike liye ek glass pani tak nahi uthata wo ek mamuli ladki k liye itna kar raha hain,, itni parwa kar raha hain,, grocery lane ko taiyar hogaya wahh wahh…… but aadi’s happiness did not last…. maan was calling him….

maan; aadi geet se punch le usse kya chahiye aur paise and car leja aur jaldi sab saman k aaja….. aadi’s face become dull………..

aadi; mai mai main?  (typicle aadi style) mujhe laga tu jayega and bite his tounge,,,

maan; main jaunga? maan singh khurana saman lene jayega? ye tune  socha v kaise (tich wonder aadi tujhe ho kya gaya hain? MSK and work for home shopping :p) and by the way tujhe kaise pata hamari kya baat huyi? tu waha tha saale?

aadi; nahi nahi to main nahi tha,, tu kya baat kar raha hain,, main jata hu, geet ko jo chahiye main le aayunga, tu gussa mat ho mere bhai…… aadi rushed out from there…………

aadi enters geet room and said; hii geet, to kya chahiye tumhe, batado main le ayunga….

geet; jii aadi bhai, ye lo maine list bana di…. aadi was dumbfounded by her exclaimed ‘BHAI’ he was over whelmed,, he never had a  sister…

aadi; kya kaha tumne geet? ‘BHAI’?

Geet; oh sorry maine aapko bhai keh diya,, wo mujhe aisa laga k main apko bhai bula sakti hu,, sorry… main dubara nahi kahungi….

aadi was emotional nahi geet tum mujhe bhai bula sakti ho wo meri koi bahen nahi hain na so i……… chalo chodo ye sab and tell tumhe kya chahiye,,

geet gave the list to aadi…………..and aadi happily went out for it…. maan notice it that aadi was very happy and think ye sayad geet ki wajah se hi huya hoga……….


ye maan singh khurana apne aapko samajh ta kya hain, jaha chahta hain ghuss jata hain,, ek din mere hath lag jaye akele main,,,,,,,,,,,,,but he was cut middway by someone….

kuch nahi bigad sakte tum uska brij, humne dekha tha tum apni bahen ko v usse nahi la sake, bacha liya na usse uss kamine ne,, he is one man army………. usse takat se nahi dimaag se harana hoga…..

another person came,,

aabe saalo tum logo se kuch nahi hoga, abb hume hi kuch karna padega,, is umar me v hum ko hi sab dekhna padhta hain,,, wo bindiya kaha hain re ranjeet??

ranneet; pitaji wo upar wale kamre me hi hain jaha aapne usse rakhne ko kaha tha aur bahar do admi khare hain… jab tak case thanda na ho usse waha rakhna to padega,,,

thakur; abbe saale hamri hi baate humko hi samjha raha hain,, baap tu hain k hum?

ranjeet; ha ha janta hu, lekin kya hum usse maar nahi sakte, na rahega bans na bajegi bansuri………ek jhatke me khatam…

thakur; tumrhi pass sakal to acchi hain nahi kam se kam akkal ki baat to kar liya kar thodi……agar abhi bindiya maregi to firse bawal hoga… aur ye acp bohot khatarnaak hain,, iske admi v yaha faila huya hain, tujhe kya lagta hain bindiya ko kuch hoga to usse pata nahi chalega? uss sasure ko sab pata haoin aur firak me ghum raha hain kab hume daboje….. to apna dimag mat chala, jo hum kehte hain bas wohi kar…….

brij; tauji kya hum is acp ko hi nahi marwa sakte?

thakur give a slap to brij on his face……….

thakur; bola, aur ek saala bola…. tu to chup hi rahe to accha hain….. ek loundiya ko to tu sambhal nahi sakta aur chala sher ka shikar karne……. wo acp akela hi khafi hain tum logo ko maarne k liye,,, aur agar usse kuch hogaya to pura delli  hil jayega…… aur tum logoki raam raam sattya………..

abb isko harane k liye kuch na kuch to soch na padega………..

(nt; sorry for the language, but their was some vllage as well as some town where they use more bad language, but i m not so comfatable with that so use these but if u found it bad plss sorry)


aadi; kya yummyy biriyani banayi hain geet tumne ufff maja hi agaya… itne din tak wo past aur packet food khate khate meri muh ki suyaad hi bigad gayi thi,,, 

get giggle but maan was fuming and the look on his face can blow aadi…….

aadi; wo maan main to bas wo,, ha mera dinner hogaya main chalta hu…. geet tumhe kuch v chahiye mujhe phn karna,, tumhare pass number hain na…

geet; jee aadi bhai….. but aap rehte kaha ho..

aadi; bas pass hi me to cottage chod k…..

maan who was listening all tha convo was happy to hear BHAI (uff possissive) but he was generally happy cz he knew everything about aadi and his craving for a sister…………….

aadi goes to his cottage and maaneet goes their respective rooms………


aadi came to maan…..maan was in his study doing something in his laptop…….

aadi; maan bindiya thakur k ghar me hain, upar k right saide me 2nd room.. aur bahar 2admi gaurd kar rahe hain..

maan; very good aadi, aaj raat ko hum waha jayenge….

aadi just noded his head in acceptence,,,, aadi indeed sometime fears maan, but that is his love,,, he is a very brave person,, and when come to duty he can do anything for his country but when come to maan he can go ant extent to anything, he can sacrifies his life over him……..

maan; aadi tu abb ja, mujhse hamari place pe milna in at 6pm……..

aadi leaves from there and geet comes there……

geet; wo mere pass kuch pahenne ko nahi hain,

maan; pehni to ho, to ye kya hain..

geet was pissed of now, ye kal se maine pehna hain, mujhe change k liye kapre chahiye,,

maan; dekho mere pass abhi time nahi hain k main tumhe kuch khareed ne lejayu aur ye place khatarnak hain to tum akele nahi jaogi……

geet; but main pehnungi kya?

maan; tum apne kamre me jao main kuch lata hu, mere pass kuch expire trouser and kurta hain tumhe fit ajayegi….

geet made a cute face and leave from there mumbling something….

geet; khota, ullu da pattha, das sar wala ravan,,,, dusat danav…….. samajhta kya hain apne aapko…. uska expire kurta pahenna padega,, babjiiiii madada karo,, but geet tere pass aur koi option v to nahi hain…. chal dekhte hain kya lata hain……..

finaly i m back with my ss….. and here is the update…….hope u like it…


maan gets busy in his laptop and forgot about the arangements of geet’s cloths,,

Maan:are main to vul hi gaya, geet ko kapre dene the,, chalo abb de deta hu…..

at the other hand geet continue her blabbering and cursing session….

Geet:khota mujhe room me vej k abhi tak khud nahi aaya… aab main kya pehnu,, plss babji madad karo…. chal geet jab tak wo dust danav nahi aata tab tak ek showe le lete hain…. maan ayenge to knock to karenge, fir main unhe dress bahar chodne ko keh dungi aur unke jaane k baad bahar aake lelungi….. wahh kya idea hain, sabash puttar….

geet patted her shoulder in appreciation……and goes to bathroom but before that she switched on the radio in full volume….. (akhir bathroom tak song ana chahiye na)

aap sun rahe hain 98.3fm, aur main apna fav RJ rohit,, to aaj k haseen din ki haseen suruyat iss gane so ho to kaisa rahe,, main manta hu old id goild,, to aap me se kon kon mere baat se sehmat hain? give me ur view though ur calls but abhi kliye pehle suniye ye gana,,,,,,

Hmm hm hm hmm hmm hmm

haan, kya kaha?

Gum hain kisi k pyar me dil subah shaam

par tumhe likh nahi paayu main uska naam,,

haaye raam, haaye raam…

kuch likhaa?

Gum hain kisi k pyar me dil subah shaam

par tumhe likh nahi paayu main uska naam..

haaye raam, haaye raam..


maan goes to his cupboard and search for something that fit geet easily but all he can found a faded jeans and long white kurta,, so he went to geet’s room along with the cloths… at first maan knock the door but nobody open it,, for sometime he called her name and then bang on the door but getting no response he decided to break the door, he was scared for some reason, like something might happen to geet….but to his luck door was not fully locked and his one bang was enough for the broken door… at 1st point all he can only concentrate on the volume of the radio,, he enter geet’s room and at same time geet comes out from the bathroom in the bathrob…

geet was shocked to see maan infront of her in that state,, she is just in a bathrob and a man seeing her like that, is not her culture at all….maan was hell shocked to see geet like this but beside that he was surprise to see how beautifull she is….the innocence of her face attract maan, and he unknowingly started walking at her…. and geet automatically started walking backward till then she hit the wall… now she is trapped between the wall behind and maan’s rock solid chest…..

socha hain ek din mainuse milke

keh daloon apne sab haal dil ke

aur kardoon jeevan uske hawale

phir chod de chaha apna banale

main to uska re hua deewana

aab to jaise bhi mera ho anjam

Ho gum hain kisi k pyar me dil subah shaam

Par tumhe keh nahin paaon main uska naam

Haaye raam haaye raam……


geet’s breath became heavy and maan lost his breath in her sweet essence… her flowery scent and fruity shampoo made the room’s atmosphere intoxicating…… he became too close to geet that he can listen rapid heartbeat…. maan was just in vest and track pant,,, his well built body and muscles was making geet weak on her knees… all she can want just feel him in her…. the musculing scent, the aftershave was making the atmosphere more vunarable for geet…. this kind of sensation was new for her,, she is educated but never in her life she came close to any man…

maan’s finger goes its own way to her wet locks,, and his eyes travel from her nervous eyes to trembling lips,,he just want to captured the juicy lips into hips in a eternal kiss……

Chaya hain tumne jis bawri ko

woh bhi sajanwa chaahe tumhi ko,,

naina uthaae to pyaar samjho

palke jhukaa de to ikraar samjho

rakhti hain kab se chupa chupa ke


apne hotho pe piya tera naam

hao gum hain kisi ke pyar me dil subha shaam

par tumhe likh nahi paaon main uska naam

ho gum hain kisi ke pyar me dil subha shaam

par tumhe likh nahi paaon main uska naam

haaye raam haaye raam


the song has finished and geet come out from the trance and saw the proxcimity,, she want to come out from the room and she want to go somewhere that no one can find her at this moment,, she hit herself mentally for being so close to a man…..especially to Maan…..

Geet: umm hmm wo main,,

she was having difficulty with words… and top of that maan’s eyes that was ovserving her every move was just making geet more nervous…….

Maan: hmm,

Geet: maan

both came back to reality…Maan doesn’t want to embaressed her…

Maan : geet wo main tumhare liye kapre laya tha,, ye lo…

and gave her the kurta and jeans…. and geet took it hurriedly and went to bathroom to change……. but when she saw the dress she fumed in ager…..

she comes out from the bath room in that state only to amused maan…..

Geet: ye kya hain,,, itna loose, faded main kaise pehnungi… mujhe abhi suits chahiye……

Maan: geet abhi ye pahen lo maine kaha na baad la dunga……

but geet to geet hain,,,, she just come close to him without thinking anythimg,,

geet: mujhe abhi chahiye,, aur aap mere kamre kaise aaye,, hawwww aapne mera room k door tod diya…. aapko pata nahi ek ladki k room me aane se pehle knock karna chahiye…. nahi aapka irada to kuch aur hi tha….. hain na….. ek ladki kamre kaise v reh sakti thi, aapko sharam naam ki koi chese nahi hain na? aap sare mard aise hi hote ho……

she continue her cursing sesssion without knowing the effect on maan and what will be the consequence…..and hearing geet’s assult maan became furious….. because he can tollerate anything but not this kisnd of rubbish talk…..

Maan: GEETTTT……. tumhe kuch samaj v araha hain tum kya bake ja rahi ho….tum mujh pe shaq kar rahi ho.. mere niyat pe…. agar mujhe karna tha main bohot pehle kar chuka hota aur tum kuch nahi kar paati…aur jaha tak knock karne ki baat hain maine kiya tha,, tumhara naam v pukara lekin tum bahar nahi aayi aur aati kaise suna hota to na…. jabke tumne volume itna kar rakkha tha…. aur ha geet main to ek ladka hu lekin tum to ladki ho tum to ruk sakti thi,, aur jab tumne mujhe dekha tab chilla sakti thi,, lekin tumne aise nahi kiya…. ek ladki ki izzat kya hoti hain, sayad tumse behtar main samajh sakta hu lekin wo tum nahi samjhogi, bolne se pehle thoda soch liya karo geet……

somewhere geet can feel that maan’s words were not just words,, he was in great pain when he said all this,, and now she is feeling ashamed of her words,, she was so embaressed that she blabbered all these………

maan goes to his gym to practise thai chi,,,, actually apna varas nikalne,, uff gussel maan kitna hot lagta hain……..



geet comes to the gym and begin to say something but maan didn’t let her complete……


Maan goes to aadi’s place……. he was so much frustated but doesn’t know why he is feeling like this……he knows it that geet is a girl who doesn’t think before saying something,, so why he is feeling like this…….

Aadi: maan tu yaha, is waqt, hum to shaam ko milne wale the…..accha andar aaja…..

Maan: haa aadi, kuch aur v discuss karna tha usi baare me,, so jaldi agaya……

aadi: accha thik hain,, tune kuch khaya kya? abhi 3 baj rahe hain…..

Maan:  hmm nahi, socha tere sath karlu….

Aadi: chal aaja…………..

aadi is maan’s best frnd, he knew him too well… he knew something must went wrong but choose to kept mum….. after their late lunch which was usual for them they went to thier converstion of fulfilling the plan………..

Maan:aadi main 7 baje haweli jayunga,, ofcourse piche se,, upar k kamre k bahar jyada guards nahi hain,,

Aadi:lekin haweli me enter hona muskil hoga…. andar ki wajah bahar gaurds jayda hain… ye thakur itna v bewakoof nahi hain…..

Maan: ha aadi mujhe pata hain lekin jaise v ho jana to padega…. accha piche ek badha per hain na… usse right wale room me window se entry mil sakti hain,, kya bolta hain?

aadi looked at him amused but he knows him too well,, he knew it,, maan can go any extent to save bindiya and for his duty ofcourse…….

Aadi: hmm,, ok then i’ll handle other gaurds….. niche wale sarab thoda jayda pasandkarte hain,, sooooo….

he said with a smirk, to which maan too smirk…..

Maan: aadi sambhal k,, ye thakur thoda jayda shiyana ban raha hain… so take care of it……

6.30 pm……..

maan n aadi comes to their destination,,, thakur haweli……..guards r all over……..

Aadi: he he he he typical aadi style,, ye saala itna darpok hain,, itne saare pille paal k rakkhe hain….. its gona be tough but mera sher tu hain na….. ye thakur jitna gsurd lagale hume nahi rok sakta…. chal main in namoono ko sambhalta hu….. aadi is in a villagers costume…….and maan goes backward……..

Aadi: aare aap sab yaha ho,, thakur saab ne aap sabke liye khas intezar karwaya hain…. chaliye……..

1 of the gaurd: tum kon ho? tumhe to yaha pehli baar dekha… he looks at aadi with suspicious eyes….

Aadi:  wo main to mamuli gaowala hu saab… kal hi bahar se matlab mere gaon se yaha aaya hu,, thakur saab itne vale insan hain, unhone mujhe yaha kaam dediya….. accha aap sab sayad bohot thak gaye hain,, main sara intezam yaha v kar sakta hu, apki izazat ho to…….

actually aadi was earning their faith on him……aadi let them involve with him and earn their attention that could give maan enough space and time to reach bindiya….. and maan was clever enough of using the time….

Aadi: ye lijiye,, thakur saab ne sabse acchi sharab mangawaya hain aap sabke liye wo v bilayti wali… bohot acchi hai……..

1 of the gaurd takes it and gulp the full bottle,,,

Aadi: ye to gaya,, pata nahi kab uthega..1 glass khafi hain ek din sone k liye abb isne bottle pee liya,,abb bhukto……

maan found a tree where he can climb and go straight to bindiya’s room………maan jump from the window and land in dark room…..

bindiya: kon hain? plss mujhe maarna mat… main kisise kuch nahi  kahungi,, pls mujhe is andhere se nikalo… mujhe andhere se dar lagne laga hain,,, plss mujhe bahar nikalo… mujhe dar lagta hain… plss mujhe mat maaro…. she was crying and that is heart wretchning for maan…… he come forward but bindiya didn’t let him touch her.. she continuously walked backward to the farthest corner of the room,, dark room…..

Maan: bindiya main hu,, maan… dekho mujhe….. ye lo mera hath pakro,, feel me bindiya,, main maan hu… tumhara maan…….

bindiya at 1st didn’t want to trust but maan’s voice that is one thing she can never forget in her worst situation of life…….she ran to him hug him with her life……

bindiya: maan, tum agaye, main janti thi….. maine insab se kaha v jab mera maan ayega tab sabki jaan lelega… ye sab mujh pe bohot torture karte hain….. fir v maine apna complain wapis nahi liya…. main janti thi jab tak tum ho mujhe kuch nahi hoga,, maan…. she bitterly cried and cling to maan,,, maan too can’t stop his silent tears…….

Maan: ha bindiya jab tak main hu tab tak tumhe kuch nahi hone dunga main…. abb chalo yaha se… main tumhe lene aaya hu…. reality hit her…… and looks at him unbelievingly….

bindiya: maan tum yaha aaye ho kisine tumhe dekha to nahi? q aaye itna risk leke,, kuch ho jata to…. to mera kya hota maan…. tum jante ho na……

maan: to tumhe yaha sadne deta…. in rakshosho k bich…. nahi bindiya, tum meri jimmedari ho…. abb baate band karo chalo yaha se… aur maan singh khurana ko risk thoda jayda pasand hain….. bindiya smiled at his statement… its the one line he used to say in their childhood…..

they make their way to balcony of the room…. but one of the gaurd saw them and before he can shout or move maan was beside of him… his one palm stop the gaurd to speak and ond hand smoothly hold his neck that could bend now and now he is dead now…… but 2nd gaurd came and hold from back.. maan punch him on his stomac with his elbow and then a punch on his face… before he can do anything he was gone to death with maan’s gun which was with silencer…… maan hold bindiyas hand and jump from the balcony with the harnest he  manage to carry.. thanks to his trecking and trainings……. they reach to the ground and make a call to aadi….

aadi makes his way to maan and bindiya,,, bindiya hug him and he too got emotional to see the state in bindiya…..


all three goes to maan’s cottage where geet is waiting to apologise to maan, but worried about him as well,coz its 10pm and maan went 3 in the afternoon….. maan knock at the door which is new to bindiya,, its his house, he has a key of his cottage so why knocking the door?

bindiya: maan tum knock q kar rahe ho,, ye to tumhara cottage hain aur tum to koi maid nahi rakhte,, to before maan can answer geet open the door….

geet: maan aap agaye, main kitn fikar kar rahi thi apko pata v hain? aise gusse me v koi jata hain kya…. she continue her blabbering but soon stop to see aadi and LADY (bindiya)….. umm ye kon hain?

bindiya want to answer her but stopped by maan….

maan: geet pehle andar to aane do,, 10 mins se tumhari nautanki dekh raha hu, aur guest aaye to unhe andar bulake chai paani punchte hain, itna to janti ho na, ya ye v kisine nahi sikhaya…..

geet was hurt by maan’s statesments,, she was worried but all she got taunt and insult infront of a stranger….. bindiya and aadi was a silent spectator of the whole picture….. both can see the hurt geet, her face was concerned before and now its showng hurt…..

geet welcome bindiya and aadi to the small living room… and she goes to prepare some food for them, she was hungry too cause she didn’t had her lunch, was waiting for maan to back and she can apologise for her behavour…….

maan came to his room, some where he was feeling bad for talking like this to her but the graet EGO is big…….. maan comes to the living area some time later to join bindiya and to watch geet ofcourse…….

bindiya: maan aage kya karna hain,, main aise tumhare ghar me nahi reh sakti ye sirf tumhari musibat badhayega…….

maan: bindiya maine tumse pehle v kaha hain tum ameri zimmedari ho, aur tum yehi rahogi…. main jaldi ye sab nipta dunga aur hum delhi wapas chale jayenge….

geet was silently listening their conversation and wondering who is she…. and relation she have with maan… they are quite comfatable with each other…….geet’s mind was clouded by confusion….

geet brings the food on the dinning table,,, all 3 comes there and seated,, geet serve them food but she herself didn’t have that was seen by the 3…

aadi: ye kya geet tumkhana nahi khayogi? ajao hamare sath tum v baith jao….

geet: nahi aadi bhai, main nahi kahungi…. mera matlab maine pehle hi khana kha liya tha… aap sab dinner karlo main apne room me ja rahi hu… mujhe neend arahi hain….

she goes from there,,, but her face was dull clearly indicating she didn’t eat anything…. now maan was feeling guilty by behaving like this…. so he decided to talk to her and resolve all the thing becoz if she didn’t eat how can he enjoy the food…….

maan knock the door of geet;s room that was unlocked…..

maan: geet,  geet,, main janta hu tum abhi tak soyi nahi…. kya main andar asakta hu……

geet: maan aap yaha q aaye,, aap thak gaye honge aur apke guest v aaye hain, wo kya kya sochenge aap aise chale aaye, aur mujhe neend arahi hain so plsss kal baat kare……..

maan came forward and rest his finger on geet lips…..

maan: bas karo geet, tumhe jhoot bolna nahi aata tumhari ankhe sarii sacchai bol deti hain, to jhoot bolne ki kosish v mat karna,,, tumhe neend kaise asakti hain jab k bhuke pet tumse kuch nahi hota… tumne kuch nahi khaya na…. to waha se q chali aayi? hmm bolo….

geet was listening his words but couldn’t saw in his eyes……

geet: maan plss aap jayiye yaha se, mujhe bhook nahi hain so maine nahi khaya isme konsi badi baat hain,, aur wo aadi bhai n bindiya aapka intezarkar rahe hain aur guest ko intezar nahi karwana chahiye yehi sikhaya gaya hain mujhe…

maan can feel how much hurt she is with his words…

maan: geet,,,,,, i m sorry…..

MAAN SINGH KHURANA never said sorry to anyone in his life…… but geet, hmm she is special…..

maan: i know main kuch jayda hi bol gaya,, subha v mujhe utna gussa nahi karna chahiye tha but geet i m really sorry…… tab mujhe bindiya ki yaad agayi thi aur abhi v uski halat acchi nahi thi aut tum sawal pe sawal kar rahi thi to mujhe gussa agaya……

now its geet’s anger boiled, she was worried for  for.. thats why she didn’t have anything and what she get an angry maan and his taunt and now to make the scene more disaster he mention about bindiya…….

geet: ohhh to main sawal pe sawal kar arhi thi,,, dopaher se aapki tension me bhuki pyasi baithi rahi k kab aap ayoge aur kab main apse maafi mangu, lekin nahi galti to meri hain…. mujhe aapki fikar karni hi nahi chahiye na, aapke liye to itne saare log hain aur aapko meri fikar q hogi main thodi na kuch lagti hu aapki….. main to ek bojh hu na jo aapke sar se utre to aapko shaanti mile….. main chatter box hu… laparbah, jisse tameej nahi, hain na? aur pura din aapki fikar k liye mujhe kya mila firse aapki taane,, main kaisi hu meri parbarish kaise huyi hogi,,, she held his collar and said subha kya kaha tha aapne main kaisi ladki hu… huh aap kya jaane main kaisi hu, kabhi aapne jaane ki kosis v ki? kya huya mere sath, nahii aapko to charity karni thi to bacha liya mujhe us gundo se, mere ravan jaise bhai se aur ban gaye mahatma…..

geet was crying but didn’t stop her tears and on the other hand maan was having tears his eyes… how much she is hurt that he can see in her face….

geet: aapko mere character pe shaq hain na, socha jo ladki ek ladke ko kamre m aane de wo to jarur,,,,,,,,, chiii,, maine to aap pe sirf varosa kiya, aapnemeri jaan bachai thi aur mujhe ye sab samajh nahi aata…. main kabhi kisi ladke k kareeb gayi hi nahi…. lekin aapko to laga,,,, isse to accha hota aap mujhe milte hi na us din.. na hi aap mujhe bachate na main yaha aati. isse accha hota us din veerjii mujhe jaan se hi maar dete……..

maan: GEETTTTTTT…………

that is enough for maan…he can accept a murder charge but geet’s death he can’t hear anymore,, he was here coz he want to see the old bubbly geet but this hurt geet he couldn’t tolerate………..


Maan: GEETTTTTT………….

geet looked at him blanky…. why he is reacting so, she is nothing to him today or tommorow she have to go,, least she know what place she has to him…… and who care about tommorow…..

Maan in his angry tone: geet tum kuch v kehne se pehle nahi sochti na,, tumhe nahi pata tum kya ho mere liye? subha v tumne socha nahi tha bolne se pehle aur abh bhi nahi…. ek baar v nahi sochti tumhare accusations mujhpe kya effect padhti hain… huh bolo……

she looked at him still blankly, what place she have in his life how can she know… he never told her, more over their relation is 3days old… how can someone say like this…… maan became softer and continue……..

Maan: geet mujhe nahi pata tum mere baare kya sochti ho aur ye v janta hu k humara relation sirf 3 din ka hain, lekin trust me geet tum kaisi ho kya ho ye mujhe pehle din tumhari ankho me pata chal gaya tha….. duniya maine dekhi hain lekin jo sacchai tum apne ankho me leke chalti ho wo kisike pass nahi dekha, sach kahu to kabhi kabhi apne aap se hi dar lagta hain kahi tumhe mujhse dur rakhne k chahat me apne aur kareed na leaayu aur tumhe v taqleef du….

maan came more close to her and slowly raise his fingers to her face and remove the tears with his thumb…….

Maan: geet tum bohot khubsurat ho, aur jab tumhe pehli baar dekha tabhi najane kaise tumhari aur khichta chala gaya, sayad tumhari jagah koi aur hoti to usse v main bachata lekin apne ghar sayad hi lata, lekin tumse milke laga jaise we need each other…. family se bicharne ka gam kya hota hain mujhe pata hain hala k ye baat alag hain k hamari judai apni family se thodi alag hain….. subha jab tumne wo sab kaha mujhse wo saha nahi gaya so maine v overeact kar diya but yakeen mano geet main kabhi us iarade se tumhare kamre me nahi gaya tha,,,

this time  geet rest her palm on maan’s mouth,,, she want to hear maan’s heart out but now he is pouring his gilt, her words that is not neccessary now….

Geet: maan mujhe aap pe varosa hain……. wo ye sab maine apne frustations me keh diya….. plss i m sorry about the morning…

maan slightly noded his head….and hold her hand….

Maan: i m sorry too geet……. mujhe waise baat nahi karni chahiye thi….

geet too noded her head…

Maan: umm dinner karle, tumne kuch nahi khaya aur mujhe bhook lagi hain…..

geet was thinking about maan’s words, each n every word was ringing like a bell in her mind and unknowingly she is smiling….aadi n bindiya saw this,, and he gave a sweet smirk to maan to which he passess a angry killing look….. all 4 settle in the table and began with the food…. now its turn to introduce the two lady….. maan become a  lil tensed which is unlike him and geet noticed it and thought may be he doesn’t want to introduce them……..

Maan: geet ye bindiya hain aur bindiya ye geet……

bindiya: maan naam to pehle hi pata chal gaya kuch aur batao iske bare me, kaha se aayi kya karti hain and more important yaha tumhare sath kya kar rahi hain? maid to nahi lagti……

that was BLOW

geet looks at him and said: hii bindiya…. main sociology me masters kar rahi hu delhi university se….ye rahi qualification ki baat aur yaha maan k sath hu wo inho ne meri jaan bachayi thi aur yaha lee aaye…… unhe kuch kaam hain to main v yaha unke sath ruki hu, baad me ek sath delhi chale jayenge aur main apni study puri kar sakungi….

bindiya  aadi and maan looks at her in aww…. she is well educated and lived in delhi how come he never saw her…. (puri delhi dekhi hogi ye jaruri to nahi, thodi na 10 eyes leke ghumta hoga)…

Geet; aur tum? maan ne naam k alawa kuch nahi kaha….

bindiya smiled at her politely and hold maan’s hand: hum bachpan k dost hain geet, ek sath badhe huye….. aur delhi me rehte the…..

Geet look at the hold: THE? matlab ab nahi rehte aur yaha tum kya kar rahi ho? maan to kaam se aaye honge but tum?

bindiya: nahi geet maan kaam k liye nahi mere liye yaha aaya hain……….


“nahi geet maan kaam k liye nahi mere liye yaha aaya hain”  this line continuously ringing in geet’s mind…..

geet doesn’t want to think negetive but her mind was playing its own game where her heart doesn’t  want to believe all this,,, those affection care guilt she saw in maan’s eyes can’t be false or her illiussions…. what she saw sometime before was love or just care for her? geet is confused now… but in only 3 days its impossible to have such kind of LOVE,,, she thought its only an attraction… bcz in her whole life she never came close to anyone…….and maan? did he really confess his love or its just his apologies…. but can’t be…… but who is this bindiya…….. and what relation she have with him… if maan’s word was his silent confession of his love…. she is hell in confusion……. and on the top this bindiya is making  no sense… she didn’t tell her who is she just said maan is here for her…. but why?and why no one was clearing th stuffs?

flashback of some time before when all were there at dining table…..

bindiya: geet maan kaam k liye nahi mere liye yaha aaya hain….

geet: tumhare liye? but kyun??

maan: hmm bindiya raat bohot hogayi hain tum jaake aram karo.. u need some rest… apne pe thoda dhyan do…. jao…

bindiya: hmm…. gdnight everyone….

maan & aadi: gdni8…..

geet: umm gdni8 bindiya…….

aadi: main v chalta hu kal ayunga…… maan aage kya karna hain ye hmm kal decide karenge………

maan: hmm….

all goes to their respected room…….

flashback end

geet doesn’t know what to do what to think in just 3 days how can be a total stranger became so important to her……. all the thought negetive positive ust clouded her mind….. and  she dosses off………

next morning

geet wake up only to see bindiya over there holding a traywith tea and biscuits….

geet: ohh tum kyun aayi main breakfast banane ja hi rahi thi….

bindiya: abb iski jarurat nahi maan aur aadi to kab ka nikal gaye…..

geet: kyaaaa??? bina nasta kiye?

she made a cute complaining face and cursed herself being so careless….

geet: buddhu itne der koi sota hain kya, dekha na wo chale v gaye bina breakfast kiye wo v sirf teri wajah se……….

bindiya smiled and said: geet don’t worry maan ne breakfast kar liya tha, maine uske liye pasta banaya tha usse bohot pasanad hain na….. aur itne din baad uske liye kuch karne ka mouka mila warna,,,,,,,,,,,  there was a sorrow in her voice and geet noticed that….. though she is angry with her 1st maan is here only for her and now this pasta and breakfast making her crazy……….

geet: umm bindiya tum agar delhi me rehti thi to yaha kya kar rahi ho….. aur maan kyun aaye hain yaha…

bindiya: ye bohot lambi kahani hain geet kisi aur din bataungi…..

geet: nahi mujhe aaj hi sunni hain.. aur hamare pass karne ko kya  hain… why don’t tell me from the begining…

but before bindiya could uttar a word aadi was there,, sorry girls for disturbing u… but bindiya tumhe maan bbula raha hain plss come right now…….

bindiya knew its realy serious so she stands up…… and goes with aadi……

aadi take her to thier secret place…… where maan is waiting for her….

bindiya: hii maan…. kya huya achanak yaha bula liya? sab thik hain na?

maan: bindiya tum geet ko abhi kuch nahi bologi.. waqt aane par main khud bataunga…..

bindiya: but maan she need to known na… i m sure she is not just a FRND?

maan; pls bindiya ek baar meri baat sun lo abhi k liye tum aur ye baby mere liye important rakhte ho….

bindiya; lekin kab tak maan? kyun apni zindegi mere liye barbaad kar rahe ho….. aur kitna kuch karoge mere aur id bacche k liye…

maan: sab kuch… jab tak main zinda hu sab kuch karunga… tum chaho ya na chaho is baby se mera ghehra rishta hain……. ye tumhara aur,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

before he could complete his sentence a noise came from the door like some floower pot broke and to his misery there was standing GEET…………….

geet was shatter to listen the convo but can’t do anything…….. she went maan’s cottage with her shattered heart,, like million pieces around her haunting her thw words but she couldn’t react to them………

 my heart is shattered

    like a broken mirror n the sun

    u can see the thousand sun

    can’t see them united

    there will be shine more

    but there is darkness behind

    my heart is shattered

    its have hollowness in the midnight

    that couldn’t reach light……..

poem by me 🙂

part 9

geet went to her room….. she was staring the sky blankly….. all the word was making no link to her,, so she just blocked her mind to think anything….

aadi want to stop her so he called her but didn’t get any attention…..

aadi: maan geet to ruki nahi, maine kitni awaj lagayi but wo taxi leke chali gayi….. sayad usne tumhari baat sunli….

maan: baat nahi aadi sirf adhi baat suni…..

he was tensed and anyone can guess that,, his face becoming dark……. its aadi and bindiya who can guess what is playing in his mind but can’t give garantee that will be his last consent……

bindiya: abb kya hoga maan…. geet ne adhi baat suni,, wo kya soch rahi hogi mere baare me,, more over tumhare baare me kya soch rahi hogi…..

maan: tum logo ko is baat ki fikar karne ki jarurat nahi….. ye main sambhal lunga…. aadi tum comissnor sir ko phone karke bolo hum ready hain…

bindiya ko jayda der aise rakhna thik nahi hoga,, wo log kabhi v hum tak pouch sakte hain…… thakur ko abb tak pata chal gaya hoga bindiya mere sath hain so wo apni gandi chal chalna suru kar diya hoga….. aur ha pata lagao ranjeet kaha hain…. wo yaha se bhaag na nahi chahiye,, abb uske din kareeb arahe hain……

he looked at bindiya who has tears in her eyes….. somewhere she knew its going to be hard, realy hard……. but she can’t forgot the hell she had lived once…….her life is messed,, her baby is in danger… but the precious thing,,, her maan is in danger….. this battle could be more dangerous for him…. she can’t afford to loose him… he is the only relation she have in this cruel world……….

aadi knew it will be a difficult for maan as well as bindiya and himself… but in this mess there is another life involve,, who is innocent, pure at heart,,, and he loves her… his new found sister Geet, whom he doesn’t want to get hurt in any chance not even in accident… but there is destiny, who always plays his own,, fate always has other plan….

aadi was thinking its his fault that geet was following them,, he is a cop and it was his duty to make all the plans and arrangements in secret,, that no one can unfold but geet, why its happening with her, what is her fault, she beleived maan and him, just blindly….. but now she is hurt…..

aadi: maan kya main ghat jaake geet se baat karu? wo thoda upset lag rahi thi so main soch raha tha,,,,,,,,

maan knew aadi really loved her as a sister and this time it will be good if he let him handle her…….

maan: thik hain aadi tum jao, geet se baat karo main baaki ka matlab ranjeet ka intezam karta hu…. aur ha bindiya ko v sath le jao ghar but dhyan se…..

they reach home but without maan…. maan was still in their secret cottage….. which was in the middle of the forest……

aadi straightly goes to geet’s room….. geet was still standing in the balcony…. and looking at the sky with a blank face….. aadi coughed to get her attention but geet didn’t budge…..

aadi: geet, kya huya? tum kya dekh rahi ho?

geet: dekh rahi hu meri zindegi mujhe aur kaha lejayegi….. najane kabse chali ja rahi hu manzil ka kuch pata hi nahi chal raha……. kabhi lagta hain sab kuch mil gaya mujhe, aur kabhi lagta hain reth ki jaise sab phichal (sliping) raha hain hatho se……. pata nahi nahi bhai taqdeer mujhe aur kaha kaha lejayegi aur kya kya dikhayegi….maine chaha tha koi sirf mere liye bana ho, jo sirf mere liye soche mujhe apni zindegi banaye, lekin isme vul gayi thi k ye to sambhab hi nahi,, kyun k mere taqdeer me to mere liye kabhi kuch tha hi nahi…. aur sayad kabi hoga v nahi……

aadi: geet kabhi kabhi hum jo sochte hain jo dekhte hain wo sach nahi hota…. taqdeer v hume wohi dikhati hain jo hume lagta hain ye humara hain….. agar tum apne zindegi me negetive sochogi to negetive hi hoga……. kabhi kabhi ankho k samne sacchai hote huye v hum nahi dekhte aur kabhi samne jo dikhta hain usse hi sach samajh lete hain aur apne taqdeer ko koshte hain,,,, lekin jab hume sacchai pata chalta hain bohot der hojati hain…. apne hatho se hum sab barbaad kar dete hain… to kuch v karne ya sochne se pehle sikke k dusre pehlu ko v dekh lena……

geet was in deep thought after hearing aadi’s words……and on the other hand bindiya who was listening to all this from far was in dilema…. in one hand maan who is only life she have and other hand geet who has slowly becoming the life of maan…… she want to talk to geet told her everything but she couldn’t do anything….. maan will not allow to do so and it will be not good to intefare between them…….

part 10

bindiya doesn’t want to interfare between them and aadi also….. maan came back at the midnight…….

maan: abhi tak to sab soo chuke honge,, pata nahi aadi ne geet se baat kiya v hoga ya nahi……

maan doesn’t want to disturb anyone….. so he enetr the house tiptoed…. but there was someone waiting for him in the midnight on the dinning area….. and maan too notice that…..

maan: kon hain? bindiya? tum abhi tak soyi nahi? tum janti ho na iss halat me itne der jhagna thik nahi…..

Main janti hu issi liye bindiya ko pehle hi sone ko keh diya……

maan: GEET???

tum abhi tak soyi nahi… mujhe laga tum sab so gaye honge….. raat k 1 baj rahe hain… tumhara yun akele jagi rehna thik nahi…….

geet: aap bahar the…… aur bindiya ko iss halat me stress dena thik nahi aur aadi bhai so gaye yehi guest house me… main aapke liye khana garam karke laati hu….

but maan held her hand…

maan: geet tumhe ye sab karne ki jarurat nahi,, mujhe bhook nahi lagi…

geet didn’t even try to snapped her hand….. main khana garam karke table pe rakh rahi hu, man kare to khalena,,, na kare to mat khana….. her voice was cold,, no emotion was there…….

maan: geet main wo……

geet: mujhe sone v jana hain so baad me baat kare…

geet serve the food on the dinning table and maan too came after getting freshen up……..

maan: geet tumne dinner kiya?

geet: hmm….

maan: wo tab tumne, mera matlab tum waha kaise aayi? jungle ka rasta khatarnak hota hain aur tum…. but geet didn’t answer any of his question…….

maan: geet tumne jo kuch v suna wo,,, but geet didn’t let him complete….

geet: maan raat bohot hogayi hain aur mujhe neend arahi hain… aapne v sara din rest nahi kiya hoga to aap v dinner karke so jaiye….

maan: geet tumne mujhse kuch nahi pucha… itna sab sunne k baad tumne mujhse koi clarification nahi manga,,,,,

geet: maan kuch puchne k liye koi rishta to hona chahiye, aur hamara rishta hi kya hain….. jo main aapse sawal karu… aur ye aapka personal life hain mujhe waha aise nahi jana chahiye tha…. gooddnight maan…

maan just stare at her,, till her feature faded away…….

next morning

bindiya comes to geet’s room….

bindiya: geet ye kuch kapre hain,, aadi ne kal tumhare aur mere liye laaye hain……

geet took that and went to bathroom…..

when she came to the hall there was no sign of maan or aadi….

bindiya: hey geet, come, breakfast karlo…

geet smiled at her and came tp have her seat…..

bindiya: geet tumne kal hamari aadhi baat suni thi, puri nahi sunna chahogi…..

geet: nahi bindiya, mujhe kuch nahi janna….. tum dono ka rista kya hain mujhe nahi pata lekin tum dono ek dusre se bohot pyar karte ho like a family…. aur family kya hota hain wo main v janti hu, khash karke agar family aapse door rahe to aapki halat kya hoti hain wo v janti hu….. aur waise v main yaha aur kitne din rukungi,, kabhi na kabhi to jana padega…….

bindiya was taken a back,, geet didn’t want to know anything but she want to go from here,,, her eyes is speaking one thing but face is different…….

days passes and slowly geet is came back to herself,, but for others, inside she is breaking…… one side her mind which is saying she doesn’t belong here and it will be right to move away from here but another side which is her heart who is not ready to believe anything…..some where when maan takes extra care of bindiya she gets jealous but she knew it very well bindiya is more important to maan than any other thing in the world and in this state of bindiya she needs good care and love………….

its being two weeks now they live together in a cottage,, sharing same place with normal life but inside some thin is missing…. maan has noticed that geet is not in herself… the innocent eyes and and cute bubbly face became dull day by day…….

maan: main bindiya ko leke pass k doc k pass ja raha hu check up k liye…. aadi paas k cottage me hain, kuch chahiye to bata dena……

geet: maan,,

maan: hmm…….

geet: wo apne kaha tha hum ek ya do week me delhi jayenge, to kab jane ka faisla kiya aapne? abhi to bindiya v hamare sath hain… to fir,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

maan: geet aur kuch din lag jayenge, yaha ka kaam pura nahi huya abhi tak to aur time lagega……. but ek baar ye kaam hojaye fir hum wapis delhi chale jayenge…..

geet: maan main soch rahi thi main akele hi delhi chali jayu… wo mera semester suru hogaya hoga……. mujhe bohot kuch pick up karna hain to mera yaha se jana accha hoga…. delhi me main hostel me rehti thi to rehne ka intezam k baare me aapko fikar karne ki jarurat nahi hogi…..

now maan’s temper is in high boltage (aap sab jante ho maan ka gussa :p)

maan self thought: ohh to geet yaha se jaana chahti hai,,, abb meri sakal se v usse problem horahi hogi,, itne din se itna indifference hain uske behavour me, thik hain agar wo jaana chahati hain to mujhe kya…..

maan: thik hain geet, main aadi se kahunga tumhare jaane ka aur safely delhi pouchne ka intezam kare…………. abb main chalu? bindiya is waiting for me…………

geet eyes got tears in its… but she don’t know why she is feeling so hurt.. is that maan’s behavour or his words,, he seems like he have no interest whether she live here or not……..

maan came back with bindiya at 2pm and the sight is unbearable for him…….. she was laughing with a guy,, like she knew him and is very comfatable with him… he was touching her hand and she resiprocate that…. finally the boy stand up and gave a hug no no side hug to geet………..

maan coughed to get the attention of the two………… and geet noticed him too,, in all this drama bindiya was a silent spectator,, and was smirking…..

part 11


maan was fuming in anger,,, where as geet was laughing with that guy…..

maan self thought: ye ladka kon ho sakta hain??? aur geet iske sath itna q has rahi hain…. but ye yaha aaya kaise, aur geet ko kaise janta hain…. uffff iski himmat kaise huyi meri geet ko hug karne ki…. (tich wonder MERI GEET???? ye kab huya? uffff ye possessive maan)………….

maan coughed to get her attention and to his misery geet was so busy with that guys she didn’t saw him……… but that guy noticed him and gave friendly smile,, but maan was maan gave his famous angry look………..

Hey dude said the guy….. and geet turn over to see a fuming maan standing at the door with bindiya…..geet gulped hard….

geet: wo maan ye mera dost hain Rahul……… aaj hi delhi se aaya hain,, bahar mujhe mil gaya to hum ghar agaye baat karne k liye…..

bindiya doc ne kya kaha? sab thik hain na?

bindiya: geet doc ne kaha sab thik hain,, baby aur main bilkul thik hu bas thodi weakness hain……

geet: u must go inside,, just take some rest……….

bindiya went to take some rest as she was feeling sick… ( pregnency type sickness)… and maan still staring at rahul with intense eyes……

maan: so rahul tum yaha?

rahul flirtiously look at geet: ha geet ko dhundte dhundte yaha agaya…..

geet walked over them and waked rahul on his arm……. are sach me main tujhe dhundte huye hi to yaha aaya….. dekh tere bina mera kya haal hogaya…… devdas ban gaya main…. tu nahi tanhai sahi he said all this in dramatic manner to which geet laughed her heart out…. some where maan was happy, after so many days geet was laughing…. and somewhere he was jealous to see the closeness and comfatableness between the two…….

rahul: actually main yaha apne frnd k sath kuch din yaha time spent karne aaya hu… picnic type….. but i never knew i could reach my life my geet here……

geet: uff rahul tum v na,, sudhar jao aur flirt karna chodo….. rahul tum yaha kab tak ho? aur study ka kya haal hain….

rahul: hmm may be 3days… aur common geet tum janti ho jab tak tum ho mujhe fikar karne ki kya jarurat study ki…. pass to tumhari wajah se hi hounga…..

geet; but isbaar main khud itne piche hu, semester suru hogaya i have to buck up fast….

rahul: don’t worry main hu na…… and both laughed…. seriously geet i’ll help u with the notes,, aut prf se maine baat v karli hain k tum apne ghar gayi ho kuch serious matter hain…… but tum yaha kar kya rahi ho? tum tp hosiyarpur jaane wali thi na?

till now maan was silent but to know that she is from another town he is getting curious about her……

maan: tumne kabhi bataya nahi geet tum hp se ho….

geet: aapne kabhi pucha hi nahi…

there was some sadness in her voice which is noticed by rahul by he kept iy himself and try to lighten up the mood….

rahul: ye kabhi kuch nahi bolti maan, issi liye to mujhe baad me pata chala k iske gharwalo ne iski shaadi taiy kardi thi, iss liye wo hp bhaag gayii…..

maan was slowly reminding all the events, her scared eyes and her brother wanted to kill her… oh god there is so much to know about her……

rahul: so geet atlast tumne shaadi ki hi nahi bhaag gayi waha se, q mera intezar tha kya and laughe….

maan gets lil disturb: ahh mujhe kuch kaam hain u guys carry on i’ll take a leave……

geet: kuch khaane ko laayu?

maan turn to answer nahi maine bindiya k sath bahar lunch kar liye and at same time rahul spoke tum itna pyar se puchogi to main kaise manakar payunga…..

the three look at each other, maan just went to his his with out a sec look…… rahul gave sheepish smile… and geet goes to kitchen….

geet selh thought: khana agar khake aana tha ek baar mujhe bata dete… phn to kar sakte the… main v lunch kar leti,, lekin nahi bindiya jo thi usse kaise bhooka rakh sakte vale main bhook se mar jayu……

she came with the food and their chit chat continued…. its now 5 o’clock, still their non-stop bak bak….

maan wonder how much they can talk……………… but he was getting impatient…..

finaly the chatter program came to an end… and rahul gets up to go…..

rahul: so bye then see u tom…..

maan just come at the right time… tommorow????

geet: ok its a deal… i’ll meet u…..



its being 2hrs rahul has left but still maan n geet none has spoken a lil…… aadi came to join them….. bindiya was doing all the small small house hold work…..

maan: bindiya tumhe ye sab karne ki kya jarurat hain…. ye sab choro… aram karo…

bindiya: maan ye sab chote mote kaam main kar sakti hu don’t worry i m allri…..

geet: bindiya kal main bahar ja rahi hu.. wo mera frnd mujhe lene araha hain….. pura din unke sath hi rahungi,,, u’ll be fine na?

bindiya assured her that she’ll take care of her self… but what about maan tich wondering 🙂

maan: geet tumhe pata hain na ye jagah tumhare aur bindiya k liye thik nahi… how can u let anyone come inside the house aur abb uske sath bahar ja rahi ho…. did u think about the consequence? agar kisine tumhe dekh liya to kya hoga? apna nahi kamse kam bindiya ka hi soch liya hota…….

geet: that anyone is my friend maan………..

and she went to her room with out giving a second chanch to talk….. now maan can’t tolerate such behaviour……… so he too follow her to talk to her…….

geet’s room…………

maan: i m asking something geet…. wo ladka andar q aaya tha aur tum bahar kaise mili usse.. u know how dangerous it could be…..

he hold her hand answer me dammit….

geet to got angry on his behavour and more over he is concern about bindiya but not her……

geet: leave my hand maan.. but maan tighten his grip..

maan: i want an answer geet…. tum mere sath baat v nahi kar sakti aur us ladke k sath itne der tak baat kar rahi thi yaha tak ghar v leaayi mujhse puche bagair…..

geet: aapne mujhse pucha tha bindiya ko laane se pehle? main kisise v baat karu chahe wo mera frnd hi kyun na ho, aapko problem hoti hain.. kyun? maine aapse kabhi pucha aap bindiya k kya lagte hain, kyun aap uska itna kheyal rakhte hain, aaj bhi rahul aaya aapko usse ya mujhse koi matlab nahi tha aapko problem hain q k bindiya ko isse khatra ho sakta hain……….. jab aap raat k 1 baje aate hain maine aapse koi v sawal kiya? to aaj mujhse ye sab sawal kyun maan?

maan: dangerously comes close to her,,, there was some inces diffirence between them…. kyun k ye mera ghar hain geet,, tumne mujhse kuch nahi pucha ye tumhari problem hain meri nahi lekin mere ghar me mujhse puche baiger kuch nahi hosakta…

geet: lekin main aapki koi puppet nahi nahi hu… jo aap kahe mujhe wohi karna padhe….. main rahul k sath delhi wapis ja rahi hu,, aapko aur taqleef karne ki jarurat nahi,,, and thanks for saving my life….

geet wanted to leave from there but maan hold her by her hair…

maan: thanks huh? tumhari jaan bachane k liye thanks….. hmm but tumne socha v kaise main tumhe us rahul k sath delhi jaane dunga…..

geet was having difficult to hold back her tears,, his grip is geeting hard on her hair…….

geet: maan leave me, u r hurting me……

maan can see the pain so he instantly back off……

maan: jo taqleef tum mujhe de rahi ho uska hisab hain?

geet: maine kabhi aapko taqleef deni nahi chaha maan, lekin kismat ko to kuch aur manjoor hain….

maan: tum mujhe aise chod ke nahi ja sakti geet……….

geet looked at him shocked,, she is shocked by his claiming…. he has no right to say some thing like this….

geet: mujhe jaana hain maan… aur waise v kitne din main yaha rukungi aur kiske liye rukungi,, abb to bindiya agayi aapka kheyal rakhne k liye….. waise v ye ghar to aapka hain…. yaha mera kya kaam….

maan: geet,,, mere liye na sahi aadi aur bindiya k liye ruk jao…. bindiya needs you…..

geet: bindiya bindiya bindiya, tab se sirf bindiya…. bindiya k liye ye karna hain…. bindiya k wo karna hain…….. jaise meri koi wajood hi nahi hain, kya main apne liye nahi soch sakti…. jabse ye bindiya aayi hain aapke muh pe sirf yehi naam BINDIYA….. bindiya ko rest chahiye kaaam k liye geet hain na….. mujhe to lagta hain aap mujhe yaha iss liye rakhna chahte ho kyun bindiya ko ek noukrani chahiye sare kaam karne k liye……

maan; GEETTTT….. tum ye sab kya keh rahi ho….


geet: kyun maan, galat keh rahi hu? apko sirf bindiya ki fikar hain to aapko meri kya jarurat,,, uki baby uski zindegi lekin meri kya maan? meri kya jagah hain aapki zindegi me…… ek taraf aap aise behave karte ho jaise main sach me aapke liye khas hu aur dusre hi pal aapko bindiya ki yaad aajati hain… main kya hu maan? koi gudiya jo jab chahe khel k chala jaye…. aur main kuch kahu, kuch karu to wo galat hojaye….. main kya hu aapke zindegi me maan? ya fir aap sirf mere jazbaato k sath khelna chahte hain? kya chahiye aapko mera jism? isse v issemaal k baad faik denge na? boliye na maan…… ye chahiye to lelijiye lekin meri aukad to dikha dijiye…………..

maan is hell angry now, he smacked the vase nearby and punch the mirror with his bare hand… that is bleeding now………..

maan: tumhari soch itni gir sakti hain geet,,, maine kabhi nabhi socha tha…..

he hold her arm with the bleeding hand and shake her: kya sunna chahti ho tum.. kon hain bindiya kya huya uske sath? seh nahi payogi geet, nahi seh payogi…. aur kya kaha tumne jism hus….. wo mere ek ishare pe lakho ladkiya bichane ko taiyar hain, uske liye mujhe tumhari jarurat nahi….. lekin agar tumhari soch bindiya ki sacchai pe rukti hain to sorry u can go… mujhe tumhari jarurat nahi….. aise rishtey ki jarurat nahi jispe kisi ki izzat ko uchalna padhe…………

he goes from there leaving geet in tears……………..


Maan went to his gym where geet was still in her room, crying sobbing……both their mind was echoed by their accusation…. both are angry but didn’t want to resolve their problem,,,, their heart bleed to accuse each other but both their ego were bigger………….. they couldn’t see the love between the accusation, the anger was so heavy that they drown in that to be lost and to lost their unknown love…………

on the other hand bindiya and aadi was concern for both of them…… bindiya can guess what is going on between them as she can understand geet as a girl……. and maan being the only family she knew him very well…. so was aadi….. as he loved her sister geet and as a chaddy buddy he knew maan too well….. but what can they do, as maaneet werenot so eager to solve the problem…..

aadi have decided to help them….. but the question is,, HOW???so he goes to bindiya,, that she might get some solution…..

aadi: bindiya, tumhe nahi lagta hame kuch karna chahiye,

bindiya: aadi is mamle me hum kuch nahi kar sakte,,, sivaye ek chees k.. hume geet ko sab sach sach batana hoga………

aadi: no way bindiya, maan kabhi mujhe maaf nahi karega….

bindiya: agar geet ko sach ka pata nahi hoga to wo maan ki problem nahi samjhegi aadi,, situation aur v criticle ban jayegi……

in the mean time geet was passing by heard all their convo…..

geet: kya pata hona chahiye mujhe?

bindiya: geet? tum yaha? kuch chahiye tha?

geet: bindiya aadi bhai aap log kya baat kar rahe the?

aadi: geet hum tumhe sab sach se wakeeb karna chahte the…….

geet: konsa sach aadi bhai? bindiya aur maan ki? ya fir bindiya maan k liye imortence kyun rakhti hain? ya unka rishta kya hain? ye fir main in dono k bich me kyun arahi hu jab k maan to bindiya se pyar karta hain….

her each word was harsh, telling them how much hurt she is and and wanter to return the same flavor……

geet: bolo na aadi bhai?? kya sach yehi k bindiya ka baccha aur koi nahi m…………………

before she can continue bindiya slapped her…. aadi and geet looked at shocked,, aadi knew bindiya is not a voilence lover but this accusation she wouldn’t tolerate…… she can’t stands a word against maan………

bindiya scream and said: tumhe sach janna hain na, kya rishta hain mera aur maan ka… main q hu yaha pe,, sach sun payogi tum? to suno…………

bindiya begins…………

ye kuch saal pehle ki baad hain… 5 saal me mera maan ka aur koi zindegiya badal gayi….. kitne khus the hum lekin sab badal gaya…. jab ranjeet hamari zindegi me aaya…… main, maan aur sapna hum 3 ek dusre ki jaan the……. sapna maan ki choti bahen usse 10 saal choti thi…… aur mujhse 9 saal….. sapna hum dono ka sapna thi,, ankho ka tara……..

mere baba maan k ghar me naukar the lekin maan k ghar walo ne kabhi hume naukaro sa nahi samjha, mere padhai ki puri zimmedari maan k parents ne uthai…. meri maa yaha ki thi dhandiwaal ki….. lekin hum maan k family k sath delhi rehte the…… jab main 10 saal ki thi tab maan se mili aur sapna se jo k sirf 2 saal ki thi…. mere koi siblings nahi the so sapna mere liye meri choti bahen aur maan mera best buddy….. lekin mujhe nahi pata tha k maan v mujhe apni choti bahen manta tha….samay beet ne laga aur hum bade huye ek sath…….. maan IPS ki taiyari karne laga aur main mere journalism me hi khus rehne lagi,,, life kitna asan lagne lagi jab tak ranjeet nahi aaya tha………..

main ek upcoming journalist thi aur wo political party se belong karta tha…. hamari mulakat 5 saal pehle huyi,, ek open

interview session k douran…. he was upcoming political leader…… election sar pe tha……. he was nice at first sight…….. maine unse sawal pucha aur wo acche se impressive jabab dete raha….. kaise na deta elction jo jitni thi……..

maan ne IPS me accha kiya soon he got selected aur training k liye usse delhi chodna padha……. main us din bohot royi sapna v……….


sapna: bhai aap ja rahe ho,,, mat jao na…. main kisse blackmail karungi aur chocolate lungi……….

maan: oh ho to meri sapna mujhe nahi apni chocolate machine ko miss karegi….

sapna: aisa nahi hain bhai, main to bas wo..

bindiya: sapna maan abhi ja raha hain tumhe chocolate ki padhi hain… dekh na maan to waha jaake hume vul hi jayega………

maan: accha ji main vul jayunga ya tum jab shaadi karke humse dur chali jayogi… hmm?

bindiya got tears in her eyes… she pretends to be strong but in that shaadi matter she really get scared and emotinal……

maan: abb to ganga jamuna behne lagega…. ufff journalist bindiya aap to sab ko rulati hain khud hi roh diya wo v shaadi ki baat sunke……

maan knew well bindiya will get ofended and forget her tears which is though for his leaving but she didn’t want to admit that……..

bindiya: maan apna kheyal rakhna aur thik time se khana pina karna aur training bohot tough hoga to dhyan se rehna……

maan: ok meri maa,, apna aur sapna ka dhyan rakhna……….


part 13

this part conduct some voilence, so jinhe voilence tolerate nahi hota stay away from this part…..

maan: apna aur bindiya ka kheyal rakhna aur ha thoda khana kam khana moti hogayi to dulha milna muskil hojayega…

bindiya: haawww main moti hu,,, she slapped him on the shoulder…..

maan: arre nahi maine waisa thodi na kaha….. main to bas ye keh raha tha isse jayda wait badha liya to tera dulha bhaag jayega kahi uske ghar ka khana kam na padh jaye……

bindiya: tum,,,,,,,,, before she could complete maan run to save his life and bindiya follow him to take that……

they run around the whole house, the stairs, the hall around the soffa and sapna was supporting bindiya with cusion, she through the cusion to bindiya that she can beat maan and hold a n another with that she could beat him…..their parent were enjoying it too, they knew how much the three kid love each other…. the 2 girls pounch at maan like a teddybear and enjoyed their last fight fully…….. least they know it has to be their last fight, last moment to cherish last memory they will save for the entire life………….

maan was leaving in the evening so 3 of them spent their day together in the backward…. playing……. while sapna became sad at his departure…….

sapna: maan bhai, apka jaana jaruri hain…

in this moment this kind of QUESTION pirced maan’s heart…. only he know how much he love his 2 sister…. bindiya too got emotional…..

bindiya: kya huya gudiya tu aisi baate kyun kar rahi hain? janti hain na sab finalize hogaya hain……

sapna: ha janti hu lekin main bhai k bina kaise rahungi…. school me kisine bully kiya to kisse kahungi…….

maan: aare meri gudiya agar bully kiya na to kehna mera maan bhai police me hain sab ki dhulayi karega wapis aake…..

sapna: lekin aap to 5 saal k liye ja rahe ho…….. training itne din ki hain kya……

maan: nahi gudiya, training 1 saal ki hain lekin fir posting v mujhe kahi aur milegi aur tu chahti thi na tera bhai police me

babha  post pe ho so mujhe uske liye mehnat karni padegi na……aur mere baare me soch yaha kam se kam tum dono ek dusre k sath rahoge main to akela rahunga na…….

bindiya: lekin hum tumhe bohot miss karenge….. her eyes were moist…..

maan: main bich bich me aata rahunga bindiya…. tum sapna ka kheyal rakhna…….

now the time has come, maan’s departure……….


main sapna ka kheyal nahi rakh paayi…. kash maan us din gaya hi nahi hota…. to ye sab hota hi nahi….. maine maan se vadha kiya tha geet main sab kuch dekh lungi aur sapna ko apne jaan se jayda sambhal k rakkhungi lekin main wo vadha pura nahi kar paayi geet…….

dekhte dekhte 3 saal beet gaye maan ko gaye huye… wo sp ban gya tha…. he was really great at his job and very dedicated to his nation and its duty…….

main v apne journalism me aage badhne lagi, part time se full time aur pehchan jaida milne lagi…. main ek crime reporter thi….. is douran maan v ghar aaya tha lekin 2 din k liye.. wo fir chala gaya…… (i m not posting where when etc etc as my main concentration is on the actual incident)…..

aur fir wo din aaya…. main dobara ranjeet se mili….. 3 saal pehle jab main usse mili wo sirf ek proffesional event me tha, aaya chala gaya lekin is baar wo aaya to hamari puri zindegi ujar di…..

main usse mili ek party me, journalist ka party me jana koi badhi baat nahi aur wo political leader tha, us party ka main reason wohi tha….. uske party ki jeet huyi thi to celebration to tha hi…… hum mile, wo acche se behave kiya…


ranjeet: hii miss bindiya.

bindiya: hello sir, apse dobara mulakat hogi socha nahi tha….

ranjeet: ohh plss miss don’t call me sir, main itna buddha hu kya…. u can call me ranjeet….

bindiya: but aap itne badhe leader hain, aapko naam se,,,,

ranjeet: leader v insan hote hain, aur unka v dost hote hain, agar aap mujhse dosti karle to aap v mujhe naam se pukar sakti hain….

bindiya: oh to ye shart hain?

ranjeet: nahi, guzarish……

bindiya smiled: ok to mujhe ye shart manjoor hain…. so be frnds? she take her hand out and ranjeet accepted with grace,,,,

ranjeet: hmm… but aur ek baat ye aap aap nahi karogi tum se kaam chal jayega,,

bindiya: same apply on u………

uske baad hamari mulakat hone lagi… newspaper me aksar hamari baate chapne nagi….. dono hi famous ban gaye…. in the mean time ranjeet pe ek case file huya…… rape case…..

main ek dum hil gayi thi…. mujhe believe hi nahi huya,,, ranjeet ne mujhe apne pyar k jaal me is kadar fans liya the main to jaise andhi ban gayi thi…. maine uspe believe kiya… maan ka v phone aaya, wo kabhi ranjeet ko pasand nahi karta tha hala k wo kabhi usse mila nahi tha…..

maan: ye kya hain bindiya? ye sab kya sun raha hu? ye ranjeet, uspe rape charged huya hain…..

bindiya: sab galat hain maan. main ranjeet ko acche se janti hu wo ye sab nahi kar sakta, ye usse fasane ki sazis hain jo

uske opponent kar rahe hain….

maan: meri baat mano bindiya wo accha insan nahi hain, aur wo ladki jhoot kyun bolegi, usse isse kya faida…

bindiya: maan log paiso k liye kuch v karne ko taiyar rehte hain to ye kyachees hain…..

maan; whatever bindiya, mujhe sirf itna pata hain k jo v karna soch samajh k, karna…..

they hung up…….

ranjeet politics me hone k karan jail nahi gaya. uski bail hogayi jail gaye baigar… main bohot khus thi… usse mili main…..

bindiya: oh i m sp happy ranjeet she said while hug him tight……

ranjeet: wo to hona hi tha, maine kuch kiya hi nahi bindiya pata nahi kyun mujhe sab fasana chahte hain….

bindiya; main janti hu ranjeet, koi tumpe trust kare na kare main to karti hu…..

ranjeet: bindiya ek baat puchu tumse?

bindiya; kya?

ranjeet: mujhse shaadi karogi?

bindiya was puzzled for a moment so ranjeet continue

ranjeet; dogi sath mera zindegi varke liye.. karogi mujhpe varosa zindegi var k liye?

bindiya just noded her head in acceptence and hug him; ha ranjeet. i really love u…

ranjeet; love u too…..

case ka date kareeb aata raha, main crime reporter thi to ranjeet ko kafi support mila kyun k maine sare scandle me uska sath diya aur us ladki ki character ki saare chitthe khol diye…..

case ranjeet k favour me gaya, us din ranjeet party kar raha tha aur main ghar pe thi as i was not feeling well…..

aur wo kali raat agayi….7 month pehle, wo ladki mere ghar pe aayi…

nakul; bindiya bitiya koi aapse milne aaya hain….

bindiya: jee kaka usse aap mere kamre kamre me le aayo….

that girl knocked at  her door…

bindiya; yeah come….

bindiya: jee aap kon?

rupali……….. mera naam rupali hain…. main wo hi hu jiski zindegi aap ke boyfriend ne barbaad kardi,,

bindiya snapped at her: ranjeet ne kuch nahi kiya tumhe jisnae vejha tha kya usne tume pure paise nahi diye apni ghatiya acting k liye? bindiya smirk while rupali smiled at her…

rupali: pyar me insan kitna andha hojata hain… tum to ek reporter ho na, journalist… jinka kaam hain sacchai ko samne lana lekin tum to khud sacchai dekhna nahi chahti, to tumse kya umeed karu..

bindiya: oh cut the crap, jab tum ranjeet ka kuch nahi kar payi tab yaha aayi ho mujhe usse dur karne…. lekin tum apni maqsad me kabhi kamiyab nahi hopayogi…..

rupali: abb kamiyab hone k liye rakkha kya hain.. meri puri zindegi sapne sab khak k mil gaye… tabha hogayi meri zindegi…. bindiya main yaha tumse kuch mangne ya kuch sach batane nahi aayi hu bas ye kehna chahti hu, apne aas pass dekho sacchha khud ba khud samne hogi, apni zindegi ko meri jaise tabha mat karo….

rupali goes from there leaving a thoughtfull bindiya bindiya….

next morning…..

bindiya: nakul kaka meri newspaper do na…

nakul came with the newspaper and breakfast….

bindiya; aare kaka main niche sabke sath breakfast kar lungi aap yaha kyun laaye?

nakul: beta sab to bahar gaye hain aapke maa k family ka koi bimar hain so sab waha dhandiwall chale gaye, sab so rahi thi aur apko kaam v tha to mere pass msg chod k gaye k aap free hojayengi to waha chali jana…..bindiya took the

breakfast and newspaer: hmm thik hain…..

bindiya look around the paper to search something when her eyes got widen in shock……..


bindiya’s whole world come crashed down… she was shaking and that reminded her last talk with rupali……… thats mean, after their talk she commite suicide but why?

bindiya: iska jabab to mujhe ranjeet hi de sakta hain…..

she decided to visit ranjeet at his place, but she forgot to call him……

bindiya reach there at the right moment, all the gaurd knew her so they didn’t stop her…. bindiya goed upstair where ranjeet was talking with some maan while drinking…….

ranjeet: aakhirkar saali marhi gayi, ufff kitna pareshan kiya tha usne… scandle hahaha kya huya is scandle ka…. sab mere hi paksh me nikla na,, saali ko kitni baar kaha maan ja meri baat, jo main chahta hu dede mujhe lekin nahi wo pati brata nikli, shaadi jo hone wali thi uski….. paraye admi ko chune nahi dungi. huh, chuya to maine bohot baar…. kya karari chees thi wo, maja hi agaya…..kitni tadpi thi mujhe aur maja dene k liye hahaha….

another man: but tujhe buri tarha fasaya v tha, wo to teri girl frnd kya naam uska ha bindiya wo thi to tujhe rahat mili,, usne to us ladki ka dhajiya udha diya,, tune jo plant kiya wo usi pe biswas karti thi,, tuj jaise kameene ko hamesha acchi cheese kyun milti hain yaar…. bhagwan humpe maherban kyun nahi hota…….

ranjeet: aabe saalo, maherban to main abb bindiya pe hounga, jab use bistar par layungi kamini ne abb tak chune nahi diya mujhe… aur ha bebekhuf to wo hain warna meri baate sunke ek ladki hoke ek ladki ki izzat ka faluda karti kya wo? aur journalist huh, bebekhuf journalist….. jisse sahi galat ka koi farak nahi pata….. chod usse, usse to main waise v issemal karke faik dunga waise v bohot pakati hain lovy dovy baate karke………..

bindiiya whole world got shattered,, she heard all the thing standing behind the door…. bindiya stands to go but a vase slipped and made some noise….. but till then she was gone…

ranjeet came to know later that bindiya was there and he can guess she might heard all the conversation…..

maine decide kiya jis journalism pe wo mere mazak bana raha tha ussi se usse haraungi,, rupali to mar chuki thi aur koi rupali na paida ho iska kheyal rakhna tha mujhe main joro soro se is case par kaam karne lagi, jaldi sabko pata chal gaya hum dono ek sath nahi hain, sab story assume karne lage, ranjeet ne mujhse break up kar liya hoga to main usse badla lene k liye sab kar rahi thi, baate v kyun na banate , failayi to ranjeet ne thi… jis tej se reputation utha tha ussi teji se ghat raha tha.. hamare channel ki trp gir rahi thi, meri naukri khatre me thi, fir v main rupali ko naiy dilane ki kosish me thi,, saare saboot mere pass aageye the, dono kaise mile, hadse k din ranjeet kaha tha sab kuch, sab prooves mere hath me the….

dekhte dekhte 2 mahine beet gaye,,, fir ek din ranjeet ka call aaya wo mujhse milna chahta tha, sharminda tha apne kiye par…. lekin main janti thi wo kaisa hain maine mana kar diya…

ranjeet: agar tum mujhse nahi mili to tumhare ankho ki tara, zindegi se v pyari sapna ka kya hoga mujhe khud nahi pata…

bindiya: ranjeettttttt, dare u touch her, i’ll kill u with my bare hands..

ranjeet: uff itna gussa….. hmm to fir mujhse milo shaam k 4 baje mere farm house pe….

main gayi usse mili lekin kabhi na loutne k liye, ek andhere kuye me jaane k liye……

bindiya: main yaha aato gayi ranjeet lekin ye mat soch na tum kamiyaab hogaye,,, main tumhara parda faas karke rahungi abb tum dekhoge ek journalist kya kar sakti hain…..

ranjeet: bindiya meri jaan tumhe jo karna hain wo karo lekin pehle ujhe jo chahiye wo to deti jao,, tumhare piche maine der saal barbaad kiya aur mere hath me kya aaya,,

bindiya understood his intension: aage mat aana ranjeet, tum jo chahte ho main acche se janti hu. lekin tum mujhe kabhi hasil nahi kar payoge,,,

ranjeet: oh hoo bindiya chase ha? i like it……

before bindiya can make a exit from there ranjeet came close to her and started pushing her to a bedroom… he snacth her duppata,, and hold her from the hair….

ranjeet: tumhe kya laga tha main tumhe bhaagne dunga..

bindiya: ranjeet mujhe jaane do, aisa mat karo… kabhi tumnemujhse pyar kiya tha, uss yar k khatir mujhe chor do….

ranjeet smiled evilly: pyar? wo kya hota hain? maine tumse kabhi pyar kiya hi nahi, infact pyar kya hota hain mujhe pata hi nahi, tum abhi tak mujhe nahi samjhi….. now cmn baate band karo,, let me enjoy baby…..

bindiya scream scracth him to save her sanity, but in vain the monstar was so powerfull thet the fragile bindiya couldn’t save herself….. ranjeet bite her neck and lips, he forcefully takes off her cloths and his too…. she cried but he didn’t budge….. he continue his assult, and entered her, bindiya scream in pain and slowly the pain full moan spread the room…. and faded away when he finally stopped………

bindiya was staring at the ceiling completely nude…..

ranjeet: mujhse takrane ka anjam dekha darling? abb zindegi me kabhi kisise nahi uljhogi khaas karke mujhe,, he smile evilly and goes from there… bindiya try to stand but fall back due to the extream pain….. though she manage to reach home but that bindiya dies someweher………

some days later, bindiya couldn’t forget the incident she was shattered…… she was like a statue, doesn’t eat, doesn’t sleep… doesn’t talk………. the case really got lost somewhere……..

after 2 months……….

it was sapna’s 16th birthday…….

sab bohot khus the main v kosish kar rahi thi,, us incident k baaat maine kisise nahi ki…. kisse kehti parents ko kis muh se bolti jispe varosa kiya usne mujhe tod diya,,, aur maan to yaha tha hi nahi aur agar usse bolti to wo ranjeet ko jinda nahi chodta………

sab enjoy kar rahe the lekin main andars e ghut rahi thi… aur achanak faint hogayi….. party me family doc v aaye the…… kaha k main pregnent hu……… ek baar fise main sabke samne sawal ban gayi thi,,, kya kehti……. ranjeet waha aaya aur usne kaha ye baccha uska hain…..

mujhse kisine kuch nahi pucha……. wo ek baar fir mahan ban gaya tha…

bindiya: main tumse shaadi nahi karungi…

ranjeet: ha mat karo. aur iske baad jo tumhare family k sath hoga uski zimmedar tum hogi.. ek baar pehle v kisiki mout ki zimmedar bani ho aur kuch lag jayenge to kya hoga….aur ha sapna? uska kya hoga? bechari jindegi var kunwari rahegi……… koun karega usse shaadi…. actually tum chaho to main kar sakta hu, buri nahi hain wo v…….

bindiya: tum kitne niche gir sakte ho… kitni ghatiya soch hosakti hain tumhari?

ranjeet: abhi tu janti hi kitna ho?

bindiya knew well ranjeet can’t do anything without reason but couldn’t guess what is that……

in the mean while maan called her to get shocked about the marrige,,, her family want to get her married to ranjeet……

maan couldn’t let that hapen…… he called his home and tell everyone this marrige is not gonna happen…… his family accepted but bindiyas mom didn’t liked it but she knew well how detarmind maan is,,, ek baar kaha to kaha and he wants to handle all the thing by himself….

so he is returning after a week…

but bindiyas mom want to get her married in this week so she made a plan…

bindiyas mom went to dhandiwall with bindiya and her father with a exuse of some property problem. but they didn’t know sapna will accompany them….

jab mujhe is shaadi ki baat pata chali to main hairan reh gayi… saare arrangements hogaye the,, main kisiko phn nahi kar sakti thi,,,, maan ko v nahi… but somhow sapna called them and told them everything……. uncle aunty waha se nikal gaye the aur maan v. lekin unke pounchne se pehle shaadi suru hogayi thi….. aur meri zindegi khatam horahi thi….. sapna ne meri himmat badhayi kaha shaadi ho v gayi to kya divorce to hosakta hain na… wo mere sath thi like a pillar,, wo 16 ssal ki bacchi mere samne aise khari thi jaise koi maa apne baache ko pe aane wali musibat k samne khari hoti hain, jabke meri khud ki maa meri zindegi tabha karne par tuli huyi thi……

shaadi khatam hogayi lekin maan nahi pouch paaya…… suhagraat k sej pe baithi thi lag raha tha chita pe baithi hu,, actualy mout v usse behtar hoti hogi lekin abhi main akelinahi thi mere andar ek aur jiban tha…. usse is rakshash se kaise bachati…..

lekin kismat ko kuch aur manjoor tha, ranjeet kamre me aaya kisike sath, kisiko jakra hya tha.. uske baal pakre huye the….. maine ghunghat uthai to zindegi ka sabse ghinona sapna sach hone wala tha… usne sapna ko pakra huya tha aur wo roh rahi thi….

bindiya: ranjeet tum ya kya kar rahe ho, chodo gudiya ko……

ranjeet: kyun chodu? ye khud mere pass aayi thi keh rahi thi tumhe chordu, azad kar du tumhe abb tum keh rahi ho isse chod du.. tum baheno ka problem kya hain? chodunga to pakrunga kisse? ek kaam karta hu tumhe to taste kar liya aur puri zindegi hain tum kaha jaane wali ho,,, aaj isse taste karke dekhta hu… mirchi lagti hain hahahaha…..

sapna; di mujhe bachao,,,

bindiya: ranjeet tum peeye huye ho, ye bacchi hain. meri gudiya ko chor do.. tum jo kahoge main karungi, sari zindegi gulam banke rahungi bas meri sapna ko chod do…..

ranjeet; wo to tujhe rehna hi hain..

isse pehle main kuch kar paati kuch log aake mujhe khichne lage aur ranjeet sapna ko bed pe dhakelne laga.. main har pal mar rahi thi lekin kuch nahi kar parahi thi…. bas jaise taise karke maine sabko push liya a ranjeet ko hath me jo aaya ussi se maarne lagi….. ranjeet peeya huya tha ussne ssapna ko dhakka mara aur mere aur badhne laga lekin ek awaj ne hume rok diya ohi pe…


sapna khoon me lat pat thi ranjeet k dhakka dene pe wo room ki balcony se gir gayi,, aur mout hogayi meri meri gudiyaki……..


part 14

mere ankho k samne meri sapna waha se gir gayi aur main kuch nahi kar paayi, insab me uska kusur tha….. maine to sirf pyar kiya, mera kya kusur tha aur maan,,,, jiska insab se koi wasta nahi lekin sabse jayada bhugatna usse padha, uska kya kusur tha…. bolo na geet……..

sapna k niche girne k baad ranjeet bhokhla gaya, usse pata tha main sab sahen kar sakti hu lekin sapna ko kuch hogaya to main kisiko maaf nahi kar sakti….. wo niche gaya, lekin tab tak sapna ja chuki thi, mujhe chodke, maan ko chod ke, hum sab ko chod ke….. meri duniya khatam hogayi thi, isse pehle waha koi pochta ranjeet ne sapna ki body ko rail way track me faik diya taake ye ek accident lage….

main kuch nahi kar parahi thi,,,, dimaag kuch kaam hi nahi kar raha tha, patthar ban gayi thi….. lekin ussi raat mujhe hosh aaya, sayad sapna ki himmat mujme v kahi agayi thi,,,,main akeli thi room me….. aur phone dikhayi diya,, sab kuch itni jaldi huya k ranjeet ko v ye hosh na raha uska phn kamre me hi reh gaya….. maine maan ko phn lagaya, lekin uska phn not reachable tha to maine aadi ka phn try kiya….

bindiya: phn uthao aadi……

aadi: hello….

bindiya: aadi sapna,,,,,,

aadi: bindiya? kya  huya? maan poucha waha? wo bohot pehle nikal gaya tha pochta hoga, u don’t worry…….

bindiya: aadi sapna, hamari sapna…………

bindiya was sobbing so aadi coudn’t made what she is talking about, while he was getting concern for her…..

aadi: kya huya bindiya? kaha hain sapna? tum roh kyun rahi ho… kuch batao pls….

bindiya manage herself : aadi usne sapna ko maar diya, meri sapna, and narrate all the incident,,,,

aadi sank in chair, their sapna is no more, her lil kiddo is now gone and his sister bindiya is in danger, but where is maan, did he know it? how he will tell him their sapna is gone…… life is so unfair to them, to them……

in the mean time ranjeet reached there and saw bindiya talking with someone in the phn….. he hold her by hair tighty and slapped her hard…bindiya lost her sense and fainted, too much in one day and continuous trauma is unbearable…ranjeet called his men and ordered them to take her in the other room……

aadi came out from the pain the trance, and tried to call maan  but phn was not reachable,, so decided to go there….

aadi was a childhood frnd of all of them 1yr younger than bindiya,,, and a caring brother of sapna though he never told her behind the teasing and leg pulling he love her as a brother, he called her kiddo…. now his kido has gone, his eyes were moist finally the boundry of the flood came heavier and let himself drown in that, but maan have never cried….. not that he didn’t feel the pain, truth is the pain was so powerfull that broke him apart….

when aadi finally reach maan through call he was in dhandiwaal but couldn’t find bindiya or sapna…. he knew marrige was done but he can do something to break that and he came here for his sisters only but where were they,,, no one knew… he was frustated, in that time aadi  called him…

maan: ha aadi bol, yaar bindiya aur sapna ka kuch pata nahi, kisiko kuch pata nahi ya bolna nahi chahte bas itna pata chala bindiya ki shaadi us ranjeet se hogayi, uska yaha pusteni haveli hain, lekin waha gaya to koi nahi tha, sirf noukar the, kuch samajh me nahi araha hain kya karu kaha dhundu unhe….

he said all this in one breath, but aadi didn’t utter a word, howw could he….. and now the biggest question is how he will tell him the truth…. after some time he manage himself…

maan: aadi tu kuch bolta kyun nahi aur kaha hain tu?

aadi: maan meri baat dhyan se sun…… bindiya dhandiwall me hi hain aur sapna,,,,,,,

maan: aur sapna? wo kaha hain? aur tujhe kaise pata bindiya dhandiwall me hain?

aadi: hamari sapna abb nahi rahi maan……………..

maan was total blank for sometime…..

aadi: maan? maan? tu hain waha pe? maannnnn……………

maan: tu ye sab kya keh raha hain aadi?

aadi in chocked voice: bindiya ka phn aaya tha, tera phn nahi lag raha tha to usne mujhe phn kiya, sapna ki body ko ranjeet k admi railway track pe faik rahe hain…… hume waha jaldi jana padega…….

maan didn’t say anything he just cut the call, he knew aadi will not say anything wrong and baseless… he might get in touch with bindiya, but he is blank, his gudiya is no more, how is this possible…… he had seen her a week ago and now she is no more…………

maan has reached the railway track where those monstar had thown gudiya’s body to make it as an accident…….  but he couldn’t save her that guilt was slowly built up in him when he saw her body totaly soaked in blood… thank god the train was late otherwise they couldn’t have see her in one piece…he shouted  top on his voice SAPNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….he wanted to cry hold her to never let go but all he can was hug her tight in the middle of the track, and singing the lori  he and bindiya sang for her once she  was a kid……




he took her body in his arm, and lift her……

maan came to bindiya’s parents house with sapna in his arm,, with a hard face….. everybody in that hose was shocked to hell… bindiya’s parents and maan’s parents and some few reletive were there….. maan’s parents reached there sometime ago, to only see their angel’s dead body……. aadi too came there, when he saw his kiddo ‘s blood soaked body…….

bindiya’s mom: ye kya huya sapna bitiya ko? maan baba ye khoon kyun hain….

maan’s father: maan sapna ko kya huya? tumne doctor ko bulaya? yaha kyun laaye hospital le chalo. jaldiiii maan,  the old man was sobbing so the other ppls…. everyone loved her, she was the pearl of every eyes……

bindiya’s father: maan baba aap kuch bolo na. gudiya bitiya ko kya huya?


bindiya’s mom: maar diya humne, aap ye sab kya bol rahe ho? bitiya ko kya huya?

she wanted to touch her but maan didn’t let her……

maan: chuna mat…. koi nahi chuyega isse…. aap sabne meri gudiya ko maar diya….. aab kya karna chahte, thodi to shanti do uski atma ko….

maan’s father hold his angel in his hand and cried bitterly.. aadi too came their and hold his uncle who is broke down….. but in all this there was one person who couldn’t react to anythinf, that was maan’s mother… so mr, khurana maan’s father took sapna to his wife but she didn’t budge, she was a like a stone, and finally colapsed… doctor came and declare sudden heart attack to cause death…… everyone was shattered….. mr. khurana didn’t quite understand his fate, in one day he lost two beautifull ppl from his life……

the last ritual happened, mr khurana lit the fire to his his beloved wife and maan lit the fire of his sis…… (mujhe pata nahi hain 16yrs ki ladki ko aag de sakte hai ya kabar dete hain so i pressemed this, sorry to hurt anyone)

in the night……….

mr khurana called his son…..

father: maan, beta idhar aayo….

maan came close and sit on the floor holding his father’s hand…

father: beta maine aaj sab kuch kho diya bas ek beti hain jisse nahi khona chahta….. bindiya….. main sapna ko kho chuka hu abb bindiya ko nahi khona chahta…… pata nahi wo kis halat me hogi… ek beti khone ka dard kya hain main jaan chuka hu lekin dusri beti nahi khona chahta.. beta meri akhri khwaish yehi hain k bindiya sahi salamat ho aur lout aaye,, tum usse laayoge na? meri beti ko un darindo se bachaoge na? promise me maan tum bindiya ko kuch nahi hone doge usse aur uske bacche ko sahi salamat wapis laoge…. promise me…

maan noded his his in yes and said:  promise dad, main apni dusri bahenko kuch nahi hone dunga…. main bindiya ko wapis layunga….. promise………….

next morning……

maan went to his father  only to find mr khurana was still sitting on the chair in the same position.


mr khurana too accompany his wife and his angel sapna to the heaven……………………..

some reality is good when they doesn’t come true….

part 15

maan did the furenal, aadi was present there….

maan:aadi tujhe kaise pata chala sapna k baare me…

aadi: bindiya ka phn aaya tha, wo tujhe try kar rahi thi lekin phn nahi laga so usne mujhe phn kiya wo yehi par hain maan…

maan: i know aadi, wo yehi pe hain, ek baar ranjeet mere hath ajaye aadi main uski zindegi aisi bana dunga wo maut k liye tadpega jaise tadpi meri gudiya, meri bindiya aur meri puri family…………

maan got a cottage for himself and soon some stuff was posted at dhandiwall as commisnor was a dear frnd of maan’s father…… so he took extra care of the whole matter……….

flashback end……

geet was shocked to react anything…. what could she talk, her mind become numb, as she was feeling pain of those who r became soul to her,, she is trying to unstand the pain of bindiya but she knew she can’t ….. no one can….. everyone could give their concern, console the person but they can’t understand the real pain while the person who was surfacing all this can only think hows it to feel…..

geet was thinking who’s sorrow is bigger sapna? aadi? bindiya or maan? everyone lost there every thing in this battle, especialy bindiya and maan…she could never imagine, the sorrow was so powerfull that geet hugged bindiya tightly and the two girl cried their heart out,,,,, in these 4 month bindiya was crying to her heart out with some one…… as a girl geet could try to imagine the sadness in bindiyas life but maan,, he lost his every thing,, thats why he was so angry when geet was talking about her jism,,, the closeness and the accusation was unbearable for maan,, oh god, have i did….. accuse him for no reason, not even his fault..

aadi leave the two girl to cried some more and to made them self lighter but he knew he can’t do anything for maan…….. but he was hoping geet could do something,,, that could be eaiser for him to make maan like before………….

I M SORRY thats all geet can manage to say,

bindiya: nahi geet tum sorry kyun bol rahi ho, it was natural, or in months me pehli baar kuch accha dekhne ko mila, mere

maan ko apna kehne wala koi mila….. main janti hu geet tum maan se pyar karne lagi ho, aur sayad maan v, lekin agar tum maan ko apnayogi to uske pure dard sath apnana…..

geet: bindiya main aur maan.. bas,,,,,,

bindiya: kuch mat kehna geet accept nahi kar sakti lekin inkaar to mat karo….

geet: bindiya maine maan ko galat samjha, tumhe v, main bohot buri hu……….

geet was sobbing hard, realisation hit her hard……. the pain which was in maan and bindiya is unbearable….

bindiya: nahi geet tum buri nahi ho,, balke tumme to mujhe hope nazar aayi hamare bikhre huye khusiya sirf tum samet sakti ho, pata hain isse pehle maan ko control koi nahi kar sakta hain not even me n sapna…… sapna k jaane k baad wo naahi roya naahi kisipe gussa nikalta tha lekin wo tum thi jispe usne apna gussa dikhaya, tum pe haq jataya… maan aisa sirf apne bohot kareebiyo k sath hi karta tha, and that was only person sapna me and aadi……… tum wo pehli insan ho jisse maan ne 2 hafte me itna kareeb bana liya……… pls geet maan ko chodke kabhi mat jaana, he needs u more than anything, geet noded her head while her eyes were still moist…………

geet: bindiya main maan se kaise nazre milaungi….. maine unhe kitna kuch keh diya, main,,,,,,,,,,,,

bindiya: sshhh geet, wo gym me hain jao usse milne……….


geet goes to meet him………….

maan was practising his thai chi from the time he left geet’s room…………only anger was shown on his face but there was pain too that was perfectly hidden in the mask of anger………..

geet came there,,,but on seeing the rage his face she couldn’t mustered the courage to speak anything……….. so hide behind the piller……….. maan could sense something in the air, the sweet aroma was filled the small gym….. maan was sweating so he took the towel and wiped his face and chest… geet tried to see to behind the piller, her mouth went dry and breath became heavier….. but she didn’t came out….. maan could guess geet was there, sometime later when geet thought that maan has gone from there she tried to come out slowly without making any noise….but she felt a tug in her dupatta..she turned to see and only she can see maan was standing holding her dupatta and head was sideway, he was looking at her but with corner of his eyes…….

geet: maan…………………….

maan just gave a look but that look doesn’t have anger or pain anything, its has something else that geet can’t understand…..without a word maan came close to her so close that he could heard her unstedy heartbeat, geet was having difficulties to stand so close to him, his smell his muscling body which is now covered with sweat and a towel on his neck was just made the atmospheare more vunerable for geet, she forgot why she is there, maan ever so gently rest the dupatta on her shoulder………….

maan: sambhal k geet,,,

geet: maan main aapse,,,,,,,,

but before she could complete her sentence maan was gone leaving geet in tears, the guilt was slowly making geet weak, very weak, but the new sensation that maan was building in her taking her to the new lebel of regretness…… as she has understood that she was so wrong about judgementing ppl, her guilt was eating her, but she couldn’t do anything……. the remorses of the words she had told him was big and she knew she can do anything for his forgiveness…………..


part 16

next morning……………

geet went to meet rahul at his place, she told bindiya about it and went to meet him as she can’t come with him……..aadi came to breakfast table and inquired about geet,,,,,,

aadi: bindiya geet kaha hain, breakfast nahi karegi kya….. maan just came in right time, and heared their conversation…………..but aadi and bindiya were unknown about it as they were busy in there talk……….

bindiya: aadi wo apne frnd k ghar gayi hain wo kya naam tha ha RAHUL,,,, now this is a blow to maan’s anger, just last night

geet was there like she wanted to say something, like she was ashamed of something her eyes her tears her breath was only talking about her apology or he just imagined that???

maan couldn’t stand there a next min and goes from there without listening the whole sentence of bindiya………….

bindiya:wo rahul ko yehi kehne gayi k wo hamare sath wapis jayegi, un logo k sath wo nahi jasakti….

at rahul place…………..

geet: hey guys, hii rahul…………

one of the frnd: hey geet, whats up gal, kaha thi tu itne din.. pata hain rahul tere liye kitna pareshan tha…. he said with out teasing smirk and looked at rahul……..

rahul: shut up tony, come geet, so where is ur bags? hum kal yaha se nikal ne wale hain so tab tak yaha enjoy karlo…….

actually the grp is thinking rahul n geet is a couple in love, and when geet came to her hometown rahul missed her so the teasing smile n all come out from the frnds…………

geet: nahi rahul wo main yaha ye kehne aayi thi k but before geet could complete maan came there…………. (abb acp ainvey to nahi huya na… he can manage the adress) maan hold geet’s hand, and everyone gets confused who is this guys…

girls in the group was just staring at him with open mouth as they could eat him alive, maan was wearing a white shirt with 1st 3 button open… and the angry look on his face was giving him a HAWT look…………….

but the boys r petrified to see the anger in his eyes, they couldn’t say anything………….but rahul knew him so he mustered the courage to speak to him…..

maan: chalo yaha se,,,,,,

geet: maan wo but maan gave a threatning to look to geet to which she got confused only as she has told bindiya why she is here, she thought maan knew about it…..

rahul: hey maan, aram se, itna gussa kyun horahe ho,……wo geet to mere sath,, before he could complete maan said……

maan: geet kahi nahi ja rahi tum logo k sath,,,, chalo yaha se abb geet……….

one of the frnd: and who r u to say that? tum kon hote ho geet k jo tum decide kar rahe ho wo jayegi ya nahi?bodygaurd to nahi lagte,,,, and all the boys lauged on this line,,,

maan: main jo v hu ye tum logo ko janne ki jarurat nahi, bas geet tum logo k sath nahi ja rahi hain ye jaanlo…..

geet: meri baat to suniye?

maan gave an another look which was enough to shut her mouth……….

rahul hold geet another hand only boil maan’s blood a lil more……

maan just wanted to punch him right then………..and to see the look on his eyes rahul takes his hands off….

one of the girl: geet tum usse kuch keh kyun nahi rahi ho, tum to hamare sath jane wali ho na? and who the hell is he………

geet couldn’t answer her she just follow maan staring at his back…….. who was tightly holding her wrist,,,they came out from the bunglow but maan didn’t let go her wrist…………

geet: maan mujhe dard ho raha hain.. let me go……..

maan: maine kaha tha na geet tum inke sath nahi jayogi fir v tum yaha agayi……… tum sirf apna soch sakti ho geet dusre koi maine nahi rakhte na tumhare liye, dusre kya sochte hain kya chahte hain tumhe koi pharak nahi padhta……… his each word was spit in fire………

geet: lekin main to yaha ye kehne aayai thi,,,

maan: kya huh? kya kehne aayi thi tum? yehi k tum mere sath nahi inke sath jana chahti ho, wo rahul jo tumhara sabse accha dost hain uske sath, pata nahi sirf dost hain ya,,,,,,,,,,,

geet: ya??? kya huya maan aage complete kijiye, dost hain ya? aur kuch huya v to kya, apko kya farak padhta hain?

maan: GEETTTTT,,,,,,,,,,,, now he was holding her arms tightly, so tight that anyone can find his marks on her like he was claiming her….

geet can see the fire in his eyes,,,,,,, like he can’t tolarate anyone name with her and don’t know why she feeling happy, the pain which cz of his holding doesn’t matter to her…… he let go her and order to sit in the car….. geet noded silently and have her seat,, the journey was silent, and when they reach the cottage,, geet just goes to her room without ven looking at anyone…… bindiya follow her,,,,

bindiya: geet tum maan k sath? but her eyes caught the marks on geet………… she panicked….

bindiya: geetttt, ye kya huya? kaise huya,, maan ko bataya tumne?

geet: kisse batati bindiya jo khud wajah hain isska…………

bindiya: maan? usne ye sab kiya? lekin kyun?

geet: kya batati, wo to sunna hi nahi chahta the?

bindiya couldn’t control herself, she immideatly went out and goes to maan’s room………

bindiya: MAAN ye sab kya hain? tumne geet se kaise baat ki……

maan: kya huya bindiya?

bindiya: maan tumne geet ko kya kaha?

maan: kuch nahi, kyun usne shikayat lagayi kya?

bindiya: wo shikayat karne wali ladki nahi hain……..

maan: ha sirf kisiki baat wo nahi maan sakti, jab tak apni khud ki na chalaye usko chain nahi padhta, khudgarg hain wo ladki……….

bindiya: MAANNNNNNNN………… khudgarg ha is liye wo rahul se ye kehne gayi k wo hamare sath jayegi un logo k sath nahi, khudgarg issi liye ek ajnabe pe believe kiya apne frnd wajaye,, wo agar khudgarag hoti to kabka yaha se chali gayi hoti, tumko mere sath dekh k v tumse kuch nahi pucha, yehi khudgargi na? ek ajnabe pe itna varosa kiya k akele tumhare sath rehne chali aayi ye v khudgargi thi? aur tumne kya kiya usse takleef di? jab k wo tumse pyar karne lagi thi…..

maan looked at her shocked………

bindiya: don’t tell me man tumhe pata nahi chala geet v tumse pyar karti hain… aur tum usse hi itni takleef de rahe ho……. manti hu k geet ne tumpe khafi iljam lagaye honge lekin anjaane me aur wo sirf uska pyar hi to tha…………….

maan: bindiya wo kaha hain?

bindiya: apne kamre me……..

maan goes to geet room but he doesn’t knock the door he just enter the room……

geet was applying a ointment where maan leaved his finger’s mark………geet didn’t saw him, she realize when he took the ointment and started to apply on her, geet coudn’t say anything she just looked at him with all her love in her eyes,, maan was drown in them and came close to her to meet her eyes but doesn’t have the courage……..geet to was feeling guilty as she was doubting on him and accuse him unknowingly,,, geet look down……..

SORRY both said……………

maan cupped her face he wanted to kiss the eyes that was having tears only cz of him… wanted to hug her and pour all his inner turmoil that has to face all the time alone,,, wanted to cry but coudn’t do anything,,, he only stairs at her with intense eyes…………

geet has a weired feeling to hold him to hug him like she knew he want her…………. maan came close to her and kissed on her arms where the marks are……….. one drop of his tear fell on them and geet closed her eyes with it……………

maan: bohot dard horaha hain?

geet noded her head in NO……………

maan kissed her eyes following with forehead, then her cheeks……… and when was close enough to kissed her lips his phone rang……………. (i know u all wanted to throw ur chappals on me :p :p)both came out the trance and maan attend the call…… after the call maan turn to see geet but she was not there………

at rahul’s place……………

kya yaar rahul wo to chali, us admi k sath wo v tera sath chod ke, hume to laga tha tum dono sath ho aur geet tumhari baat kabhi nahi taal sakti…………

rahul: aisi koi baat nahi hain tony, usse to meri baat maanni hi paregi, tabhi maine maan k samne kuch nahi kaha, waise v uss acp k samne main kuch nahi kar sakta tha, wo acp bohot akhru aur angry young man hain main ya tum kuch karte to abhi tak hospital me hote hum…. gussa nahi dekha tha uska…………

vikas: ha yaar, gussa to naak pe tha…

sonia: naak nahi aknho me tha wo v geet k liye. kash mujhe aisa hottyy milta, pata nahi ye geet me hain kya jo har koi uske liye pagal hain yaha ye rahul aur waha wo,,,,,,,

rahul: sonia geet to sirf meri hi banegi, aise thodi na delhi se yaha aaya hu….. geet ko to main hi leke jayunga by hook or by crook. and gave a dirty smirk anyone can guess he was having a plan to set……………………..


part 17

maan turned to see geet but geet was not there, and sometime later he found her giggle from the kitchen….. she was not alone, bindiya was there and both of them were laughing on something……. aadi too accompanied them…. maan goes to the kitchen, on seeing him aadi and bindiya laughed aloud…….. but geet was smiling but wanted to hide something so she turn around and now maan was having geet’s back………… soon bindiya and aadi leave the two but geet was unware of it……. she gets busy preparing lunch….

maan came close to her, geet can feel his presence but couldn’t think what to do, she became nervous and maan came more close,,,, her back was close to touch his well built body….. his breath fell on geet’s shoulder, time just stoped there for her……..her mouth went dry and breath became heavy, she couldn’t move, just stood there like statue………..maan’s right hand come around of her and and just passed her hand barely touching,,, maan took the coffee mug and whisper in geet’s ears….

maan: kya huya geet, tum log badha has rahe the, mere aate hi ruk kyun gayi? he came more close to her like crushing her body without touching her…….. his breath was fanning on geet’s ear and some hairstand was disturbing maan’s view of her clear face………. he gently with one finger remove the stands that gave a chill down to geet’s spine…… unknowingly a whisper came out from geet’s mouth…

geet: maan…………..

and that was really a soothing feeling for maan….. like her one word, the way she called his name it was only her right to call him like that………….

maan: hmm? bolo geet? kis baat pe itni has rahi thi tum?

maan left hand was coming towards her abdoment and geet can sense it but she knew if he come so close she will deffenately loose her control……..

geet: hum wo

maan: hmm? his one finger touched her abdoment part

but aadi came there and suddenly turned around : he he he he (typical aadi style….)

maan n geet both drawn back,,,both were embaressed……. geet goes from there and aadi enters the kitchen with teasing smirk but the look on maan’s face (obviously he will be pissed off na, ye aadi ko galat timing hi sujhti hain ufff) he suppressed his smile……..

aadi: main wo main yaha wo

maan: (shouted) kya hain aadi?

aadi became petrified: main to yaha geet ko ye kehne aaya tha bhook lagi hain jaldi khana banaye aur rahul ka phone aaya tha, wo usne milne shaam ko yaha ayega………… he said all this in one go………….

maan has a serious look on his face and goes from there,,,,




maan came at the dinning table,,, bindiya was giving him a teasing smile, he understood aadi must have told her something about them………….

bindiya: aayo maan aaj to tumhara favorate bana hain PASTA……… aur ye geet ne banaye hain…..

maan was shocked at 1st then surprised and atlast he has a beautifull smile……bindiya whisper to maan: blushing ha…..

maan: bindiyaaaaaaa

bindiya: ssshhhhh

both giggle and geet was happy to see maan’s happiness, 1st time he was smiling…….

maan: accha tum log kis baat pe itne has rahe the?

aadi: tujhe nahi pata mujhe to laga geet ne sab bata diya tha, tu is tarha interogation jo kar raha tha………….

geet got embaressed……… she wanted to hide herself somewhere……….and maan was enjoying her red face………

bindiya: aare tum log v na, geet ko pareshan karna chodo……. maan hum tumhari bachpan k baate kar rahe the,, wo sheena aur tum,,,,,,,,,,,

maan chocked in his food…….geet gave the water and patted his back with love in her eyes which was clearly vissible in her act…… both were lost in each other, bindiya coughed to get their attention…… and both came back to senses….

maan: tumne kya bataya bindiya sheena k baare me?

bindiya: yehi k wo tumhari girlfr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

she knew maan will be irritate with that name and she used this as for her teasing session…….

maan: but wo meri girl friend nahi thi bas frnd thi samjhi tum….. aur geet,,,,,,,,,, but geet looked at the door,,,

geet: rahul????? tum to shaam ko aane wale the na? aadi bhai ne bataya…….

rahul: yeah geet but there is one person who wanted to come here as soon as possible……. a skinny girl came from  back…….. isse millo ye hain sheena….. meri sister ki frnd aur meri v, mujhse badhi hain…….. he clarify the last line as geet might be in confusion or think her as his GF,,,,,

sheena has perfect look to be a model actually she is a model,, and a big name of glamour world, an old FRIEND of maan…… geet heard the name two time in one day…..

geet: hii sheena, come……..

maan’s anger was on high now, his one look can murder anyone….. and sheena knew it very well………

sheena: hey maan, how r u? itne din baad hum mile,,, won’t u give me a hug? she came close to hug him but maan didn’t let her touch him……

1st that rahul higly irritating and now this sheena….. she was his collage mate and a good frnd but thing goes wrong when they became dance partner in one event and from that time their frndship was no longer……. (will tell u in next update) maan’s anger boiled just seeing that girl and that jerk rahul who just need to a chanch to snacth his geet from her…. (tich wonder usne abhi kiya hi kya? sirf kabhi kabhi baat karne se itni possessive ufff)

maan: ye kya horaha hain,, ye mera ghar hain dramashala nahi, jo koi v kabhi v muh utha k chala aata hain………

rahul: ohh to ACP k ghar mehmaano ka is tarha swagat hota hain???

bindiya: come down maan….. don’t creat a scene infront of geet…..

geet was hell confused,,,, sheena the name she heard 2nd time… the name on which they were laughing making fun of it, she was there infront of her, maan who was clarifying was angry now,, whats going on……

bindiya: come rahul,,, and sheena how r u?

sheena: hiiii long time ha…………

maan was not liking it but for geet he have to tolerate this……….

geet: sheena aap maan aur bindiya ko pehle se hi jante hain?

sheena: jante? huh….. geet maan ko mujhse jayada kon janta hain, ek time pe hum bohot kareeb the…….

geet was not liking her talking stlye and the way she was looking at maan she didn’t approve that to anyone,,, her rage was slowly going high………

geet: but maan k baate sunke to aisa nahi laga…

aadi: he he he he

bindiya wanted hide her smile and maan’s anger was slowly coming down to hear his sweet geet’s statement……….

rahul: geet tum maan ko janti hi kitna ho, sirf kuch hi hafte huye usse mile aur ek ajnabe k mamle me aise dhakhal andaje nahi dete…. some where this pinch geet hard, she knows maan well but does she… ek insan ki history jaan lene se insan ko thodi na jaan lete hain…… and her relaship with maan is unknown to everyone even for them…. akhir lagte kya hain dono ek dusre k, kabhi dono ne pucha hi nahi………… she doesn’t have any word to say or she didn’t know what to say……maan was hoping geet would say something….but she kept mum….bindiya sense the tension……..

bindiya: rahul sheena tum loo ne lunch kiya? chalo hamare sath hi karlo…..

rahul: arre nahi hum ghar jaake kar lenge, sheena ko recieve karke sheedha yehi aaye hum, use maan se milna tha to main le aaya yaha………….

sheena: but mujhe bohot bhook lag rahi hain,, i was thinking main yehi ruk jaayu….. u know maan se v baat hojayegi aur kuch purane yaad taja karenge………. geet was pissed off now… but choose to kept numb, but maan didn’t like her attitude…………he goes from there..

geet: maan aap khana nahi khayenge,?? but he was gone………..

bindiya: geet tum jao aur usse baat karo…….. geet went t meet maan in his room….

when she enter the room maan just locked it and pulled her towards him with a jerk that cause her to fall on his chest and her hair falls on her face…….his one hand came around her waist and one hand came to her face to make the hair proper and to clear his view………maan was leaning on the door and geet was top of him having difficulty to stand properly without leaning on him but her cleavage was touching his chest as he was pressing her close to him as time passing… there was no gap betwwen them, thousand butterflies were dancing in her stomace….she wanted to pull out but knew he would not leave her….. so she thought of diverting his mind…

geet: maan aap waha se aise kyun chale aaye…

maan: aur kya karta, tumhari chuppi dekhta?

geet: isme main kaha se agayi maan…. wo apki dost hain aur aapse milne aayi hain….aap dono ka rishta hamre rishtey se gehra hain aur agar main kuch kehti to agar aapko bura lagta to,,,,,,,,,,,,,, now maan’s anger have the higest lebel…. his hand tightly clutches geet waist crushing her in him, and one hand hold her hair from back and press her close to him….. her nose was touching his…….

maan: kya kaha tumne, wo kuch v kahegi aur tum chup chap sunogi,,rishta ha? kya janti ho hamare baare me aur tum apne aapko hamesha kam kyun samajhti ho? frnd ha, dekhna hain frnd kaisi hain?? main agar kisi aur k pass jayu to tumhe koi fark nahi padega na geet, geet was in pain but not so much as maan wasn’t holding her to hurt her……geet noded her head in NO….. maan instantly let go of her and make his way to dinning room…. and take the seat beside sheena, this is new to geet, she didn’t think maan would do something like this, this is childish so she thought………..

part 18…………….

maan took a seat beside sheena, he began to converse with her, and geet to joined them on the dinning table…..

sheena: hey maan. abhi bhi gussa ho kya?

maan looked at geet who was listening all this but didn’t dare to look at maan who was smirkining now to see the affect on her……..

maan: no sheena, main tumpe kaise naraz reh sakta hu, hmm lunch kare, tum v bhuki hogi itne dur se jo aayi ho, aur tumhara fav pasta v to bana hain that will be mouth watering na?

now geet is regreating about making pasta for HIM…….. and more over let sheena stay over here……… (ladkiya kitni jaldi

jealous hoti hain :/ ) geet took the pasta bowl to serve maan but he snatch it from her and serve sheena,, rahul has a victorious smile on his face…. and bindiya aadi has worried look on their faces…..

maan: geet pehle mehman fir hum…….

sheena: maan be formal hum isse kahi jayada close reh chuke hain,,, and this is the limit, 1st maan took the seat beside sheena instead of her, didn’t let her serve him now that closeness didn’t couldn’t handle by geet….. she just went to the room with out touching the food…… bindiya gave a stern look to maan to which he just ignore…. everyone gets busy in their lunch…..But maan doesn’t touch the food at all, how could he, when his geet didn’t eat anything,…………

after lunch…………

rahul gets up to take a leave, but sheena doesn’t want to go……….

sheena: rahul main to yaha hi rehna chahti hu,, tum jao….

rahul: lekin sheena maan ko problem hosakti hain,,,

maan: rahul u can leave and sheena tum yaha reh sakti ho………..

sheena got excited and hugged him and geet saw this……….. geet was coming to the hall as she was feeling thirsty,,, when she saw the scenario, she became furious and made cute angry faces…… maan could saw the effect and his plan was going perfectly……..

geet straightly goes to bindiya, and cribed silently making few faces to which bindiya smiled and assured her through her eyes that everything will be alri8……she went to her room with the bottle but a gave side look to maan…….

in geet’s room….

she throw herself in the bed and cried like a baby hiding her face in pillow,,,,

geet: khota pehla kaha wo dost nahi hain, chid v raha tha uske naam se aur abhi dekho gale laga raha hain…… babajiiii meri madad karo na, us chudail ko yaha se bhagao…. wo micro mini skirt wali chipku….. ye rahul v na,, kamina kya jarurat thi usko yaha laane ki………. sorry babaji for the language ha, lekin aapko pata hain na main jab gussa karti mujhe kuch v hosh nahi rehta aur aapko kya jarurat thi wo sheena ko yaha bhejne ki,,, waise galti meri v thi na main usse rehne ko kehti na ye hota……… abb kya karu? ho gayi galtii,,,, plsss babaji madad karo……..agar ye aisa hi chalta raha to main gusse se pagal hojayungi,,,,, aur ye to kuch din k liye rehne aayi hain, pata nahi kab tak aise chipakti rahegi……… main kya karu, aisa chalega to main to uska murder v kar sakti, i hate her arrrggghh……..

KYUN GEET,,,, TUMHE ITNI PROBLEM KYUN HORAHI HAIN came a deep and husky voice that was close enough to her to understand that he was very close to her and ofcourse who is the owner of this manly voice………… maan was standing over the door……. when geet went her rooom maan came behind her as she still not ate anything but when he heard geet was cursing him sheena and herself,, he wanted to listen more……….

geet slowly turn to see him but eyes were down not looking at him……… maan was leaning over her but when she turned around they were now in semi leaning position……. maan came close to her

maan: kya huya geet…. sheena k yaha rehne se tumhe problem hain? but tumne hi to,,,,,,,,, he said this and slowly stood up from the bed,,, geet to got up….. and tried to go from there but maan hold her hand and pulled her toward him…. she fell on his chest instantlly with a thud….. her face was on his chest…… she looked at him and frown…..

geet: aap yaha kyun aaye, mehman ko bura lag jayega…… unhe chodke aap yaha………..

maan: ssshhh geet,, tum aise yaha agayi bina lunch kiye……. chalo kuch kha lo pahle,,,,

geet: mujhe kuch nahi khana, she tried to free herself but maan’s grip became tighten…… aahh mujhe dard horaha hain

maan, chodiye….

maan: mujhe v dard hota hain geet…….. geet instantly looked at him and all she can see pain and love……. she leave her struggle…….. and looked in his eyeds intently, maan came close, his face was was an ince away from her, they could hear their heartbeat,,, their sweet aroma that was filled in the room,, maan traces his index finger to milky white skin,, her stands which was diturbing him to see her face he kept this behind her ears………..

maan: geet usse tumne hi to roka abb tumhe kyun problem horahi hain, bolo?

geet: wo main,,, mujhe kya problem hogi….. she didn’t dare to meet his eyes…..

maan: wo to mujhe dikh raha hain,, uss bechari ko kitni galiya padh rahi hain……

geet became furious now: bechari huh? wo mujhe dikh rahi thi, kaise chipak rahi thi wo khotti, aur aap ne v kuch nahi kaha… maine kaha mehman hain thodi der rahegi koi problem nahi hain lekin wo to yaha joke ki tarha chipak gayi aur aapne kya kaha wo mehman nahi huh? to kya hain wo? geet was so angry that she couldn’t understand what she was doing,, she was coming towards maan and he was going backward untill he hit the wall…… geet was furious and that could burn him alive,,, and thats shy she was not understanding the proximity………. she was pointing a finger to him and took one step ahed,,,,,, ha bolo kya lagti hain wo? main ne khaya ya na khaya ye puchne ki time v nahi hain aapke pass aur wo sheena k pass baith kar khana kha rahe the aap….. tab kaha thi aapki ye concern jo aab aaye hain khana khalo kehne…………. nahi khana mujhe…….

maan: hogaya????

now geet could see how close she is, so she took two step backward but maan pulled her to him by her waist…and accidentaly her’s lips touched his cheek……. time froze for both of them….. both looked at each other…… both didn’t know what to say,,, maan release her,,,, she wanted to go from there but couldn’t move an inch from there,,,, sheena came there and saw both of them staring at each other……

sheena: maan tum yaha? mujhe tumse baat karni thi, chal sakte ho abhi?

maan: ha main aata hu tum chalo……

geet didn’t liked it so she goes from there………


in the living room……

sheena: i m sorry maan, kya hum beeti baate vul ke aage nahi badh sakte? pehla jaisa sab thik nahi hosakta….. geet was in the kitchen,, can see them from there, maan and geet both of them perposely stealing glances of them and both of them knew it…… at a time their eyes met…. geet was cutting the vegetables……. but to hear the convo she stopped in her track and hold the knfe in her knife closely….

maan: sheena tum kya baate kar rahi ho….

sheena: maan i know i have hurted u but beleave me we could be the best pair like in our collage,,, humare bich jo kuch bhi tha wo tum kabhi nahi vul sakte ye main bhi janti hu aur tum bhi, i know u still like me like before…………

geet’s mind stopped working and her heartbeat thudding like a volcano, can blast in any moment,, she hold the knife in her palm tightly to stopped her rapid heartbeat which was feeling a stange pain like thousand niddle pince her hard…… she was in pain but for not the cut in her palm but the sords sheena was telling him…. they were together sometime,,, is that possible maan has forget her and did he love her? geet eyes were clouded in tears and blood was oazing out from her palm,,,, drop by drop there was a poll of blood in the white marble flooor…….. maan was looking at her eyes, he can feel she is in pain……

aadi came there and shouted to see the amount of blood…..

aadi: geetttttt,,, ye kya huya. on seeing aadi geet dropped the knife from her hand but maan has seen her dropping that…… he instantly goes to kitchen and wanted to take her hand but geet didn’t let touch him….. and leave from there………………………….

part 19……………….

geet was in her room looking at the sky,,,,,,,,bindiya came there with the 1st aid……..

bindiya: ye kya kar liya geet,,, maan ne mujhe bataya k knife se hath cut gaya tumhara…

geet: nahi bindiya main thk hu, chota sa cut hain…wo sabzi kat te waqt lag gayi…

bindiya: cut chota ho ya badha takleef to hoti hain na….aur mujhe pata hain sabzi katne ka cut kaisa hota hain…….

geet didn’t say anything,,, but when bindiya took her hand she stopped her midway…

geet: bindiya,,  isse aise hi rehne do, takleef hoti hain lekin atleast iske bahane thode roh to sakti lekin wo takleef jo dil me hoti hain but keh nahi sakti uske liye ye kuch nahi kar sakti,, roh v nahi sakti,,, kis heysiyat se royu, jab khud ko pata nahi dukh kis baat ka hain….bindiya mere sath ye kya horaha hain mujhe khud samajh nahi araha,,, kya maan mujhe samajhte hain…. aur samajhte hain to aisa kyun kar rahe hain?

bindiya: sabse pehli baat kya tum apne aapko samajhti ho, kya tum usko samajhti ho? kya tum dono k rishtey ko samajhti ho?itne takleef tumhe kyun horahi hain ye sirf tum samajh sakti ho geet? apne aap se sawal karo…… kya tum nahi janti maan tumhare baare me kya sochta hain????aur geet zakamh ko khula chodogi to nasoor bante der nahi lagegi, time pe dawa lagaogi to zakamh v tumhe takleef nahi dega,,,

bindiya said all thid while done her 1st aid completely…………. geet to lost in her words…. she knew what is bindiya trying to say….. she have to question herself instead of maan………bindiya did her work and goes from there……..

geet was looking outside of the window… staring at the blank, the sky which is now black…….maan entered her room, he have heard all the convo of them,, he was feeling guilty but he knew he have to do this……..geet knew he was there behind

her, she can smell him…..but didn’t say anything…….maan took a seat beside her…….

both were silent for 30 mins and after that maan became restless,

maan: geet,,,,,

geet: maan mujhe akele rehna hain…

maan: agar main kahu k main tumhe akela nahi chodna chahtea….. geet looked at him not want to understand why he talking like this….geet stood up to go from there and that angered maan…..

maan hold her hand and pulled her, she fell on his lap……

maan: kahi nai ja rahi ho tum,, samjhi…..

its not the 1st time she was seeing but this rage was new,,, he was not harsh on her… maan puleed her more close, slowly carasses her face……

maan: geet, tumne bataya nahi main agar kisi aur k pass jayu to tumhe pharak kyun padhta tha…..

geet: maine kab bola mujhe pharak padhta hain…

maan: tumhari ankhe to koi aur kahani bata rahi hain,,, jo mere liye roti hain…….

geet wanted to stand up: yea aapke liye nahi tha…….. but maan didn’ let her move…..

geet: maan, she was on his lap, maan take her face in his palm and gently carasses,

maan: tum itni ziddi kyun ho geet, nahi manogi na tum main tumhari zindegi me kya maine rakhta hu…. kyun tumhe dard hota hain jab koi aur mere kareeb aata hain…

geet was having difficulty to hide her tears……. atlast it roled down….. but maan kissed it away……. one by one he kissed her both eyes,,,, and came to her earlob and whisper

maan: geet, tum chaho ya na chaho main tumhare har saans me basta hu main, tumhare har ehsaas me rehta hu,,, tumhare dil dhadkan me mera naam sunai deta hain, meri takleef tumhari ankho se behti hain…ye kya ehsaas hain geet? kya lagta hu main tumhara k meri takleef tumhe apni lagti hain….. tum lakh chupalo pyar tumhare har ek ek mahek se jhalakti hain….. aur agar koi mere kareeb aaye to tum usse maar v sakti ho (he was smiling) but agar main usse khush hu to wo tumhari sar ankho par sajhti hain, lekin ek baat kahu geet, tumhari har ek ansu ki bund mujhe kitni takleef deti.hain ye tum v sayad nahi janti…. in 3 hafto me tumne meri zindegi me wo jagah hasil karli jo sayad hi kabhi koi kar paaya…..pata nahi ye kya ehsaash tumne mujhme jagaya hain geet lekin iss ehsaas se mujhse pyar hain….

geet wanted to stood up but maan was helding her tightly….. making her nerves go weak,, leaning on him……. somehow she manage to stand up…….

but maan didn’t let her move away from him…… he was around her,,, looking intently at her…….

maan: geet tumhe kaise batayu k tum kya maine rakhti ho mere liye, lekin hawa ka jhoka v jab tumhe chuta hain to mujhe usse jalan hoti hain k wo tumhe chu sakta hain bina kisi jhijhak k, bina shikawat k,,,, lekin main, main nahi chu sakta tumhe…. kyun geet batao na kyun nahi chu sakta tumhe…..

geet just staring at him without blinking,, is she having a dream? but dream jab tut ta hain takleef v utni jayada hoti hain….. agar geet ye sapna tut gaya to,, she can’t afford this…….

geet: maan ye sab aap kya keh rahe ho….. apke life se meri koi wasta nahi….

maan’s anger was going high, he just can’t tolerate geet’s painfull eyes, she loves him he knew it but she is not ready to accept that…. he just kept his hand on the glass window which was broken last week, maan’s blood was aozing out and he kept his hand on that tightly……..

geet was having her back on him: maan mujhe nahi pata ye ehsaas kya hain, pyar kya hota hain,,, lekin itni jaldi koi kaise kisise pyar kar sakta hain, hum dono ek dusre ko thik se jante tak nahi…. ye sirf infatuation v to hosakti hain…… aur isse pehle v to aap aur sheena,,,,,,,, she couldn’t found words to described what she want to say…….. but when she turn around her heart just stopped, maan’s hand was bleeding like anything…….

geet: maannnnnnnnn,,,,,,, ye kya huya, kaise huya,, aap plss us kanch se hath hataiye,,,

maan in angry tone: kyun geet abhi tumhe takleef kyun horahi hain,,,, tumhe to ye infatuation lagti hain,, to tumhe itni jayada parwa kyun horahai hain…… sirf thoda khoon hi to beh raha hain, behne do…..

geet was crying, she couldn’t see maan in blood…….

geet: maan plsss, meri baat suniye, hath hataiye, kitna khoon beh raha hain maan… plsss…..

maan takes his hand away but hold geet’s arm: itni takleef geet? jab tumhe maine uss halat me dekha, hath khoon se bhada huya tab mujhe kitni takleef huyi pata v hain tumhe, tumhe to infatuation aur pyar me farak hi nahi pata….. ohh sayad ye takleef jo tumhare chehre pe dikh rahi hain wo v sirf chota sa concern hi hoga,,, but ye khouf kyun hain geet tumhari ankho me,, his grip became tighten and he was pulling her toward him like crusing her,,, the grip was giving pain to geet but that pain was nothing infront of maan’s pain….. though she didn’t know what pain is bigger that he was having due to the cut or pain causing of her, she was denaing her true feeling that she herself was not sure…….

geet: maan pls, khoon bohot beh raha hain, pls main medicine laati hu, but maan didn’t leave her instead of pulling her more close

maan: kya huya geet, bolo na…. tumhe takleef kyun horahi hain jab k tumhe mujhse koi wasta nahi,, main jeeyu ya maaru tumhe kya farak padhta hain…


geet slapped maan,,,,,,,,



geet: maann,, she was holding his collar….….



aapne ye sab kaha v kaise,, apne socha v kasie main aapko kuch hone dungi, bhagwan ko v aapke samne aane se pehle mujhse guzarna hoga,,,, aur aap v chahye to apne aapko mujhse alag nahi kar sakte,, ha mujhe farak padta hain, apke har ek takleef mujhe dard deti hain har ek khoon ka katra mere sarir se jaise girta hain…… apko koi chuye to mujhe accha nahi lata, apko agar koi mujhse dur karna chahe main uski jaan v le sakti hu……

maan: kyun geet?

geet: kyun ki main aapse pyar karti hu maan,…….



geet: nahi jee sakti main aapke bina….. I LOVE YOU MAAN

maan just hugged her tight: I LOVE U GEET……………



Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Tere Ho Gaye Hain Hum

Teri Kasam

Oh Ho Ho

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Tere Ho Gaye Hain Hum

Teri Kasam

maan kissed her forehead follwing by her eyes, her tears……………

geet take him to her bed and took care care of his wound,,,,, she has done the 1st aid, and then kissed his hand with fresh tears,, but maan jerked her and hugged her,,,, they stayed like that for sometime…….



Ye Duniya Kare Sitamb

Tujhpe Mitnege Hum

Teri Kasam

Oh Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Tere Ho Gaye Hain Hum

Teri Kasam

Teri Kasam

geet stood up to go but maan to got up and turn her to him,, she was near him can feel her breath, her sweet aroma….. her lips were inviting him….. but gently carasses her lips with his thumb…. geet’s breath became heavier,,, her mouth went dry……maan was close enough to close the gap between them…….he wanted to take the lips but need the acceptence of geet,, but geet’s eyes were close, anticipation was going bigger but she dare not open her eyes as she was feeling too shy…….. but when maan was nowhere coming near to her lips she opened her eyes to look at the most desirable eyes in the world…. she knew he was waiting her assurance,, her one look gave the invitation to maan…….

maan slowly close the gap and took the lips in his mouth,,,,,,at first the kiss was gentle smoocth but and when geet reciprocate it it became passionate,,, maan was at command, he was demanding and geet was giving him all he want….. their life is complete now……

 part 20 

i love u maan.


i love u too geet…………

geet slowly freed him,, and look at his eyes which was full of desire like her,, the new sensation was so powerfull for both of them that they wanted to drown in it forever…. geet close her eyes, and maan came close to her ear and whisper…..

maan: kya huya geet, tumne ankhe kyun band karli…

geet: maan aap mujhe aise mat dekhiye,

maan: kyun geet? kyun na dekhu? aaj pehli baar tumhe aise dekhne ka mouka mila hain…..

geet with closed eyes: mujhe kuch hota hain maan……..

maan smirk: kya hota hain geet?

geet tried to get up from the bed: aap bhi na maan

but couldn’t do that as maan pulled her towards him, she lost her balance and fell on him completely…….

maan with a teasing smile: tum to jana chahti thi lekin laut ki mere pass hi aayi,,,, geet gave a frown,,

geet: wo to aapne mujhe

maan: maine kya geet

geet can feel his hand was moving on her waist and he was squeezing it,

geet: maan………………………..

maan: hmm

geet: ye aap

maan: umm? main kya with an innocent face………

geet: aap acchi tarha jante hain main kya keh rahi hu……

maan: accha leti ho tum mujhpe aur mujhi ko control karne ko keh rahi ho…..

geet tried to get up from him but he rolled down and now she is beneath of him and he is on her……geet was struggling to free herself from his grip…..

maan: tum chaho bhi to apne aapko mujhse dur nahi kar sakti

geet stop middway: agar main kabhi dur hona hi nahi chahu to? main apse kabhi dur nahi hona chahti maan…. a small tear rolled down from her eyes but it could reach more down maan drank it…….

maan: abb ansu ki koi jagah nahi hain, sirf pyar ki hain, without any warning he captured her lips in his,,, at first geet was too shocked to do anyting but aftersometime she was responding with equal favor……. the heat of passion was increasing by every min……… they kissed untill they feel breathless, and then maan came down, he gave wet kisses to her jaw, following he smooth neck…… geet’s anticapation was going higher,,,, maan came to her shoulder, he pulled down her kurta’s stap and hungrily kissed her… and then he was back to way her lips…. maan’s hand was reaching geet’s kurta’s jipp…….. but geet didn’t stop him…. she was waiting for him more than anything, she love him so much that she can go any extent of it, and the thought of lossing him was making her shiver and insecure…….. maan slowly open her jip, and the kurta came down,,,, maan was kissing her madly, deeply, and geet too was moaning his name that was giving him the power to go further,, his one hand came geet abdoment part with out taking the kurta, he just took the kurta side way and kissed her naval portion, geet was continuously massaging his hair, and his neck in anticipation…… when he kissed deeply in her naval portion geet dig her nail in his sholder and a loud moan came from her mouth MAAN………

maan can sense it they are going very far, he came to her neck then lips and finally forehead and then her earloab, he sensually kissed her earloab and whisper

MARRY ME GEET…………. i couldn’t live without you,,, main janta hu main bohot aage badh gaya but plss geet maary me……. i don’t want to hold my self again………

at 1st geet couldn’t think what was going what have he said, but then her eyes bream freash tears of happiness,, geet accept his proposal with a beautifull kiss without any hesitation, and maan can understand what she want, the kissed was blissfull for him…….


they hugged each other, maan cover themselve with a white bed sheet,,,,,

both stayed like that for a brief hour…..


bindiya was making dinner,, sheena came there……..

sheena: hii bindiya. kya kar rahi ho? aise halat me kaam?geet hain na wo kar legi……

bindiya: nahi sheena usse aram karne do, ye chota sa kaam to main v kar sakti hu….

sheena: tum logo us ladki ko kuch jayada sar pe nahi chadhaya hain,,,,, maharani ki tarha rehti hain,,, aur maan v kuch jayada hi uski parwa karta hain,,,

bindiya: sheena abb to wo maharani banne wali hain wo bhi maan k dil ki,, she was smiling but sheena couldn’t tolerate geet’s name with maan…..

sheena: huh, maan aur wo,, give me a break,,, aur tumhara wo so called pati kaisa hain, sheena wanted to hurt her and she knew it very well that one word about ranjeet will bring thousand of memories back to bindiya, and that will give her immensly pain….maaneet came on right time, they have heard all the convo and could see the painfull face of bindiya………..

maan: sheenaaaa,,, i think tum yaha mehman ho,, mehman banke raho to hi accha…. hamare life me kya hota hain usme dhakal naahi do to tumhare liye accha hain…….

sheena: maan tum ek ajnabe k samne mujhse aise baat kar rahe ho?

maan: ajnabe? mujhe to yaha koi ajnabe dikhayi nahi deraha….. he looked at geet with love in his eyes……….

sheena: lekin ye geet………………….

maan: wo ajnabe nahi hain sheena aur naahi mehman jiske samne main tumhe kuch kahunga to tumhe bura lage………

sheena came close to maan : but maan kabhi hum itne kareeb,,, but maan didn’t let her complete,

maan: ha agar ek saalki frndship aur ek mahine ki dating ko kareeb rehna kehte hain tab to main bohoto k kareeb raha hu,,,,

geet glare at him and aadi who has just come gave his typical smile hehehehehehe

sheena felt insulted,,,,

maan: sheena hum collage me sath padhe aur dost bane, accha laga to decide kiya hum dating karenge lekin tum tp tum nikli, maan was smiling,,, tum to idhar udhar najaane kaha kaha muh marti fir rahi thi, mere sath rehke bhi kisi aur k sath,,,,, chi mujhe kehte huye v sharam aati hain,,, itni badhi model huh,,,, ye karne k iye najane kis kis ke sath kya karti rahi…… aur akhir me mere pass aayi ho, kya laga wo 1 month k relationship k liye main aaj bhi baitha hu, haa give me a break……….

geet was amused ye tha inka past,, she was talking about this,,,,

maan: collage me tumhe popularity mili meri wajah se, hum couple ban gaye lekin kya hum kabhi couple k jaise the? ye to tumhari karamati thi jo pure collage ko ye galat faimi lag gayi thi………

sheena: ha aur ye 3 hafte ki relationship bohot maine rakhti hain na,,, jisse thik se tum jante tak nahi…… aue ye kisi aur k sath

maan: tum apna ganda muh aur dimag naahi lagao to accha hain sheena,, geet k bare me aur ek shabd kehne se pehle ye janlo i love her, and we r getting married really soon………………

aadi and bindiya looked at them surprised and geet’s face became due to blush…… the same colour has sheena’s face but due to anger, she leave from there…….

aadi n bindiya: congrats,,,,,,,

maan looked at them and smiled,

aadi: oye hoye kya news sunayi saale,,,

maan: abhi to tu mera saala banega…… both hugged each ather and geet hide herself in bindiya’s embraces……..

dinner table……….

maan got a call and he signaled aadi to come with him after the dinner…….

maan: aadi hume jaldi hi kuch karna padega thakur ko pata lag gaya hain bindiya hamare sath hain, aur geet bhi……..

aadi: lekin kaise maan?

maan: do i need to tell u that?

aadi: lekin ye to jaldi hogaya maan, hamare plan me itni jaldi ye sab nahi tha….

maan: i know aadi, but i think ye sab uska kaam hain…..

aadi: hmm, but uska mohra abhi hamare pass hain, hum jo chahenge wo hi hoga…….

maan: hmm……….

aadi: time to see the drama now……..

maan: but isme geet aur bindiya ko khatra hosakta hain,

aadi: jab tak hum hum hain

maan: tab tak unhe kuch nahi hosakta………………….


in sheena’s room………………

sheena: main kya karu, ye to usse shaadi karne pe tula huya hain,,, aur maan to mujhe gaas bhi nahi daalta………….

on the phn: tumhe main ye news dene k liye london se yaha nahi bulaya,,,,,, i need my work done, kaise bhi karo but i need the result fast………….

sheena: i’ll give my 100% aage apki kismat…..

phn: ye faltu baate k liye time nahi hain mere pass, i need my work done….

hung up the phone……………


next morning geet wake up to only see a smiling maan was seated beside her and admiring her beauty……

precap: none……………

ok they didn’t do anything wrong,,, that was just a paaionate moment, and nothing happen ok 🙂

picture of bindiya

part 21……………

next morning geet wake up to only see a smiling maan was seated beside her and admiring her beauty……

geet: maan, aap is waqt yaha?

maan: ha apni sleeping beauty ko dekhne aaya tha……

geet: good morning,,

maan: meri morning to ek chees se hogi,

geet looked confused at him: wo kya

maan: bed tea

geet: lekin aap to coffe then her eyes fell on on his eyes which was staring at her  lips……

maan with a smirk: aaj to mujhe wo tea peeni hain,,

geet became too shy: maan aap bhi na and hugged him,

maan slowly carasses her hair and arms: geet tumne meri har subah khubsurat bana di, abb hamesha ye chehra dekhke meri subah ho bas yehi khawish hain…..

geet: maan ab se aapka aur mera har din ki suruyat aise hi hogi,,, abb zindegi ki har subah aapse suru aur har shaam aap pe khatam…. (line kuch suni huyi hain na?)

maan kissed her forehead: geet aaj kuch kaamse main aur aadi bahar ja rahe hain may be dhandiwaal se bhi bahar jaana padhe, tum apna aur bindiya ka kheyal rakhna,, maine kuch gaurds yaha bahar rakkhe hain…… tumhe koi pareshani nahi hogi….

geet with a teasing smile: aur sheena?

maan looked at her and frown,,, and then he could tell geet is in a teasing mood, so decided to play with her…………

maan: uska to aur bhi dhyan rakhna, itni khas mehman hain meri usse kuch hogaya to mera kya hoga,,,

geet gets angry on this and started to throw all the cussion and pillow at him, and their pillow fight began but soon it has end with a sweet kiss…….

3pm……..after lunch

maan and aadi was gone for their misson, and sheena bindiya and geet was in the cottage……three were in the samll living room…….

sheena: ye sare gaurd kya geet k liye hain,,

geet: nahi sheena ye to sirf maan ne couleges hain, maan aur aadi nahi hain so maan ne unhe hamari safety k liye yaha rehne ko kaha hain,,,

sheena: safety? yaha kon ayega jo tumhe safety ki jarurat padh gayi…

bindiya: sheena tum do din k liye aayi ho kyun khamokha apne dimag ko takleef de rahi ho….

sheena goes from there irritatedd by their answer,,,

geet: ye aise hi hain kya,,,

bindiya: kaisi?

geet: idiot,,,,,,,,,,,

both the laughed their heart out…….

in the evening…..

rahul came there…bindiya greeted to to come inside…..

rahul: hey geet, how r u? hi bindiya…

geet: we are fine rahul, tum yaha is waqt?

sheena came there: aare usse maine bulaya, hey rahul…..

geet: tum to jane wale the na rahul to yaha?

rahul: geet tumse baat karni thi, isiliye aaya hu……

bindiya went to kitchen to make tea snacks for them………

rahul hold her  hand geet main tumhe lene aaya hu, main janta hu tum kis halat me yaha aayi ho, tumhari bhai tumhe maarne ki kosis bhi ki, mere sath delhi chalo geet, tumhare zindegi me koi gum nahi rehne dunga main…..

geet snatch her hand from him: ye kya keh rahe ho?aur tumhe kisne bataya brij veerji k baare me?

rahul became nervous and tried to give some reason,,

rahul: aare geet tumne hi to bataya tha…..

geet:maine shaadi k baare me bataya tha, mujhe marne ki baat nahi……………….

sheena: uff geet tumhe ye janke kya karna hain usse kaise pata chala atleast ye dekho wo tumhari kitni fikar karta hain, tumhare liye delhi se yaha agaya aur tum uss maan k pyar me pagal horahi ho…..

rahul came close to geet: plss geet meri baat manlo yaha tumhara rehna safe nahi hain,,, kuch bhi hosakta hain…..

geet: rahul plss dekho main abhi nahi ja sakti, maan bhi yaha nahi hain aur don’t worry maan jab tak hain mera koi kuch nahi kar sakta…….

sheena: maan maan maan ufff yeh ladki ki zuban ye naam lene se jara bhi nahi thakti…… kya naseeb hain tumhara geet sare ladke tumhare piche pagal, maan rahul aur,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bindiya came there and sheena stopped in


geet: sheena mujhe nahi lagta tumhe koi haq hain hamare mamle me kuch bolne ki aur maan ka naam to geet k sath judh chuka hain,, chaho bhi to tum usse alag nahi kar sakti…………

bindiya: ye sab kya baate horahi hain,,,

sheena: kuch nahi bindiya bas rahul apni geet ko lejane aaya tha lekin geet to kisi aur k naamse naam jodna chahti hain, bindiya and geet both glare at her….

geet: rahul ki geet nahi sheena maan ki geet………….. aur tumhe bimari hain kya har waqt insult khane ki uff, har baat pe tang arati ho…. rahul i think tumhe mujhe nahi sheena ko lejana chahiye, main maan k sath ajayungi, sheena waise v do din k liye aayi thi…. do din beet gaya abb tum usse le ja sakte ho……

sheena: aur ye tum decide karne wali hoti kon ho? kis aukad se mujhe yaha se jaane ko keh rahi ho?

bindiya: maan ki hone wali patni ki aukad se,,, aur MRS GEET MAAN SINGH KHURANA ko ye haq to jarur hain na?

rahul excuse himself from the ladies as his phn was ringing continuously……

sometime later he came back,,,,,,

rahul: geet tumhare papa ko heart attack huya hain, wo yehi dhandiwaal me hain….. tumhe chalna chahiye………………….

geet was too shocked to react,,,, so was bindiya…… geet darji and family could be orthodox but she love her papaji,, he was the only one who supported her to study and also in the city like delhi  which was totaly unknown to them………….

part 22

rahul: geet tumhare papa ko heart attack huya hain, wo yehi dhandiwaal me hain….. tumhe chalna chahiye………………….

geet was too shocked to react,,,, so was bindiya…… geet darji and family could be orthodox but she love her papaji,, he was the only one who supported her to study and also in the city like delhi which was totaly unknown to them………….

rahul: mujhe abhi phone aaya tha, he is serious,, wo tumse milna chahte hain,,,,

geet: lekin kaise, i mean,,,, main maan se baat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

rahul: abhi baat karke time kyun waste karna chahti ho,,, chalo, raste me kar lena usse baat…….

bindiya: lekin aise kaise ja sakti hain wo jasakti hain, tum 2min ruko main abhi maan ko phone karti hu,,,, bindiya dial

maan’s no but that was not reachable…….

bindiya: phn nahi lag raha,,,,,

sheena: waha geet k dad mar rahe hain aur tum logo ko abb bhi maan se baat karni hain, wo to bindiya baadme bhi kar

sakti hain ya fir geet k pass bhi to phn hain wo kar legi abhi to jane do usse………….

bindiya doesn’t want to beleave them but she can’t do anything as maan was not reachable……..rahul take geet with him….. and then bindiya’s cell ring….

bindiya: aadi,,, tum dono kaha ho? main kabse maan ka cell try kar rahi hu…..

aadi: bindiya, kya huya tum itni tense kyun ho? wo hum hospital me the to signal,,,,,,

bindiya: hospital????????

maan smacked his arm,,

aadi: ouch,,,,,,,,

bindiya: kya huya aadi?

aadi: nahi kuch nahi wo deewar se takra gaya tha, ha hum wo hospital haaa ek case k silsiley me aaye the,, kuch der me ghar pouch jayenge….

bindiya: aadi maan kaha hain,

aadi: aare wo yehi hain lekin abhi baat nahi kar sakta, hum ghar jaake baat karte hain na, byeee

bindiya: aadi suno to helloo hello…….

aadi hung up the phone…….

aadi: yaar aaj tu mujhe marwata, bindiya aur geet dono hi do taraf se maarti…. but maan jab hum ghar pouchenge tab kya bolega tu, ye chot kaise lagi….

maan: pata nahi aadi, dono tension me ajayegi aur geet waise bhi dari huyi rehti hain ye pata chalega k mujhe goli lagi hain to wo to pata nahi kya karegi………..

aadi: ACP Maan Singh Khurana ko Geet ek mamuli ladki se dar lagta hain?

maan: wo mamuli nahi hain aadi, wo meri zindegi hain………..

aadi was very happy to see his frnd in so much love………..both took a leave from the hospital…….

bindiya was intension as no one is reacieving her call.. geet aadi n maan none of them… atlast maan and aadi reached maan’s cottage…. bindiya was in panick to see maan like that,,, his one hand was bandaged where he has been shot a bullet , and his forehead was covered in bandage……………

bindiya: maannnnnn yeh kya huya? kaise huya? aadi ne to kaha tum dono hospital case k silsiley me gaye th lekin ye to,,,,,

aadi: sorry but meri koi galti nahi, maan ne mana kiya tha…. tum dono tension karoge iss liye…..

maan: bindiya aadi sahi keh raha, he took a seat,, kuch nahi bas goli lagi thi abb thik hu…..

bindiya: GOLI???? maan tum to itne casualy bol rahe ho k goli nahi chota sa kanta chubha ho…

maan with a smile: aisa hi samajh lo….. but ye geet ko mat bolna waise bhi wo mujhe iss halat me dekhegi to pata nahi kitna sunayegi…….

bindiya: maan main issi liye tum dono ko phone try kar rahi thi,,, rahul aaya tha….. geet k papaji ko heartattack huya hain, geet rahul k sath gayi hain aur tab se uska phone nahi lag raha…..

maan became serious: bindiya tumne usse jaane kaise diya? tum janti hona yaha geet safe nahi hain, kis halat me main usse yaha laya tha aur uske piche wo uske bhai padha huya hai, to wo kaise ussi ghar me wapis ja sakti hain,,,,,

bindiya: samjha karo maan. wo uske papaji ki baat hain… unki sitution bohot serious hain, so rahul geet ko apne sath leke gaya, but abhi tak usne ek phn tak nahi kiya…..

aadi: maan abb kya karenge?

maan: aadi hume abhi nikalna hoga,,, pata nahi geet kis halat me hogi…..

bindiya: tum log kya baate kar rahe ho, rahul uska dhyan rakhega, tum thoda rest karo…… ye halat,,, maan cut her middway

maan: bindiya main thik hu, aur abhi geet ko dhundh na jayada jaruri hain,, uske sath akeli hain….

bindiya: janti hu maan, maine sheena ko bhi kaha tha unke sath jaaye lekin wo mere wajah se ruk gayi taake main akeli na rahu…..

maan: sheena yaha hain abhi tak?

bindiya: ha apne kamre me…..

maan straightly goes to her room,,, aadi followed him and then bindiya who confused of maan’s behavour……

sheena was on a call……

sheena: hmmm to wo waha pouch gayi, accha huya, abb maan ko samajh ayega mujhse aise baate karne ka kya anjaam hota hain,, ok i’ll talk u later, take care of her, i know u will…. jayada takleef mat dena……. she hung up the phn……..

maan: takleef to abb tumhe hogi sheena……kaha hain geet?

sheena: umm mhogi apne ghar me, wo uske dad,

maan: shenaa mujhe sach sunna hain tumhara drama nahi, jitna jaldi bologi utna tumahare liye accha hoga…..the rage the fire in his eyes could burn anyone on the moment….

sheena: tum mujhe aise kyun dekh rahe ho, maine kya kiya, maine thodi na usse rahul k sath veja, wo uske dad ko heart attack but he just hold her throat in his palm and squeez it,,,

maan: sheena i think tum mujhe abhi tak jana hi nahi, isse pehle tumhari gardan bilkul alag hojaye jaldi se batao geet kaha hain…….

sheena: she was having difficulty to talk maan plss mujhe chodo main nahi janti wo kaha hain, but maan squeez her throat little more,

sheena: aarrgghhh batati hu, chodo…..maan leave her instantly and she land on the floor,,, wo geet uske pass hain,


on hearing this bindiya just held her breath, she was shocked to hear it, she can never forget her life in that hell, she was losing her balance when aadi hold her to fall and make her seat……

sheena: i don’t know us ladki me aisa hain kya jo har koi uske piche pagal hain, rahul tum aur wo ranjeet, usne to mujhe london se yaha issi liye bulaya take main geet ko us tak poucha saku… hmm but abhi uska maqsad pura, ab tak to wo geet k sath, she was smiling and right then maan slapped her hard, that made her lost her balance and she land on the floor again…….

maan with anger in his eyes: GEET KO EK KHAROCH BHI AAYI TO MAIN ISS DUNIYA AAG LAGA DUNGA AUR ISME JALOGE TUM AUR WO RANJEET, tumne socha bhi kaise main mere geet ko kuch hone dunga, ranjeet k chune se pehle main uska puri hasti iss duniya se mita dunga…..aur mita dunga tumhe bhi…. bhagwan se yehi mango k geet k ek baal ko bhi kuch na huya ho warna main tumhari aisi halat karungi tum apne zinda rehne par bhi afsosh karogi….. duniya k kisi bhi kone me chup jaye wo ranjeet main usse jinda rehne nahi dunga……………

maan made a call and few female office came and took sheena away….

bindiya: maan plss geet ko bachalo, us sheytan se usse bachalo, main janti hu wo mahine maine kaise bitaye us ghar me, main nahi chahti geet ko,,,

maan: geet ko kuch nahi hoga suna tumne……..

bindiya cried bitterly: meri sapna ko to nahi bacha paayi lekin geet k liye main kuch bhi karungi maan,, wo sheytan usse kuch nahi karega na, maan bolo na plss, usse kuch nahi hoga na, meri geet ko kuch nahi hoga na???

maan hug her tight: kuch nahi hoga geet ko,,, kuch nahi kar payega wo….

bindiya: tum nahi jante maan main kaise rahi wo mahine us char diwaro k bich,, wo andhera mujhe aaj bhi darata hain…. wo har din mujhe marta tha, torture karta tha aur kabhi kabhi to maan didn’t let her complete,

maan: sshhhh bindiya, kuch nahi hoga, main hamari geet ko kuch nahi hone dunga, believe me……..

aadi: maan hume rahul ko track karna chahiye……. lets go….

maan: hmm..

aadi: but bindiya?

maan: maine gaurds laga diye hain aur bhi force aane wale hain…

bindiya come out from his embrace: maan tumhe kaise sheena pe shaq huya?

aadi: bindiya hum aaj issi liye gaye the rahul aur sheena pe hume pehle hi shaq hogaya tha…. aur sheena ko rahul nahi,,,, rahul ko sheena laayi thi yaha, ek mohora banake…..

bindiya looked at him shocked…

aadi: bindiya jab pehli baar rahul yaha aaya tha tabhi maan ko shaq hogaya tha….. aise achanak wo yehi aaye ye koi ittefaq nahi hosakta tha, dhandiwal koi outing ki jagah to hain nahi k wo ghumne aaye, aur usse kaise pata chala geet k shaadi k baare me jab k geet ne kisi ko bhi kuch nahi bataya tha….tab maan ne usko track kiya aur hume pata chala k rahul ko brij ne phone karke yaha bulaya tha, wo brij jo ranjeet aur thakur k liye kaam karta hain, uske liye badhi baat nahi geet k frnd ka pata lagana…..fir rahul yaha aaya, brij se mila lekin usse nahi pata tha is sabke piche ranjeet ka hath hain…… hume bhi ye bohot baad me pata chala, pehle hume brij pe hi shaq huya, lekin aaj jab hum gaye to brij ko tackle karne gaaye the, usse humko pata chala ranjeet ne hi uske jariye rahul ko bulaya….. rahul collage k waqt se geet se pyar karta tha, aur ye usse baat karke pata lagana muskil nahi tha…. brij tha isme ranjeet ka sathi kyun ke isse uske kaam asan hota, what a shameless brother, apni bahen ko bech k apni future secure kar raha tha, aur rahul unke baato me agaya, wo dhandiwaal aaya aur brij se mila aur jab jab yaha wo aata tha ari news brij ko milti thi,,, aur wo ranjeet ko jaake batata tha………..

bindiya: aur sheena?

aadi: ranjeet ne hi sheena ko bulaya london se, paise deke, ranjeet ne bohot badha game khela hain……. usne pehle maan k background ko jana jo k pehle hi tumse jayada tar jaan liya tha,,, fir sheena k jariye wo in dono k bich ladai karane ki kosis ki lekin bazi ulti padh gayi aur maan ko geet se pyar hogaya…. rahul bhi kuch nahi kar paaya,, hala k rahul bhi geet se pyar karta tha aur usse laga brij uski madad kar raha hain aur geet se uski shaadi karayega lekin usse bhi nahi pata tha k brij ranjeet k liye ye sab kar raha hai…………

bindiya who was shocked to heard this, she can’t figure it out why he has done all this….

bindiya: lekin usne ye sab kiya hi kyun?

aadi was hesitent but then he tell her: bindiya geet ki shaadi jisse hone wali thi wo ranjeet tha…………

part 23……………

aadi was hesitent but then he tell her: bindiya geet ki shaadi jisse hone wali thi wo ranjeet tha…………

aadi: ranjeet ne geet ko delhi me dekha tha aur uske baad dhandiwaal me……. kisi shaadi me aayi thi wo, ranjeet k liye uske family k khoj bin karna koi muskil nahi tha, brij yaha dhandiwal me hi kaam karta tha so, uske liye aur asan hogaya,, brij se mila aur geet se shaadi karne ki baat ki…. geet k parivar hosiyarpur k wo parivaro me se hain jo ladkio ko pair ki jooti samajhti hain, jinke liye ladkio k rajamandi koi maine nahi rakhi….brij ne sabko yaha bulaya aur shaadi ki baat ki, sabne ranjeet ki family wealth n background dekhke saadi k liye maan gaye fir unhone geet ko yaha bula liya……… aaj humne brij ko pakra to usne hume ye sub bataya,,, kal hi maan ko pata chala, ranjeet, thakur aur brij koi sazish kar rahe hain as they r too silent…. humne brij ko chameli k madad se uske kothe pe bulaya (place for all the prostitute) aur aha rate daal diya, wo jagah v ranjeet k paise kamane ka ek aur jariya tha,, hum waha se bohot saari ladkiyo ko women right associate me vejhna chahte the lekin ranjeet ko pata chal gaya so usne maan pe hamla karwaha, main bhi tha waha, he got shoted aur balance bigadne e zameen pe patthat se chot lag gayi,, wo behosh hogaya but all the other police men arrested them and sealed the area,, ranjeet hath me nahi aaya lekin brij agaya,, maan ne 3rd degree torture se usse sab bula liya……………..

bindiya was limping on the couch beside her,,, she knew him too well, he can do anything with her……their was only fear on her face…….

maan sit on his knees and hold bindiya’s hand: main usse kuch nahi hone dunga…. u believe me na?

bindiya noded while her eyes are full of tears….

aadi: chal maan, pehle iss rahul ki khabar lete hain,,, kash geet abhi tak uske sath hi ho…….

both bid bye to bindiya…..

aadi got a call and when he hung up his face was all serious and he was in great tension…..

aadi: maan brij bhaag gaya……

maan: janta hu, abb wahi hume ranjeet tak pouchayega…… uske kapre me maine ek chota sa device laga diya tha,,,, microphn…. aur usme GPRS bhi hain so usse trace karo dekho wo kaha hain…

maan sat on the driver seat while aadi on the passenger…….they took the turn around to go rahul’s place…. but the guards stopped him to go inside,, but as a ACP who can stop him,, he make his way to rahul’s living room where rahul was talking with his frnd and making arrangements of going out from this place….. (bechara thodi na pata tha kisse panga liya hain)……

maan roared in anger: RAHULLLLLLL,,,,,,rahul turn to see a boiling maan standing over his doorstep like a lion standing over his pray…he was petrified to see maan there but more of his anger that could burn him alive…………

rahul: maan tum yaha?


rahul: wo wo to apne papa k ghar chali gayi, usne kaha hain tumhe phn karegi….


rahul: common maan maine kaha na before he could complete his sentence he found himself on the ground with a bleeding nose…………maan held his collar and punch him hard on the same spot, rahul couldn’t handle anymore,,,, maan geet ranjeet l pass hain, meri ko galti nahi hain, main nahi janta tha wo ranjeet ne ye sab sazis ki hain mujhe to brij ne bulaya tha aur kaha tha get se meri shaadi karwayega,,, maan gave one more punch on his stomace,,

maan: shaadi k liye aaya tha, galti nahi hain, pyar karta hain, pyar ka matlab bhi samajhta hain tu??

maan could kill him with his bare hand aadi stopped him and whisper brij ka pata chal gaya hain,

rahul: main jab geet ko yaha laaya tha hamare aane se pehle ranjeet k kuch admi yaha baithe the, hum pouche to ranjeet bhi piche se aaya aur forcefully geet ko legaya, brij nahi tha lekin bohot sare log the main kuch nahi kar paaya, ranjeet ne mujhe kaha brij uske liye hi kaam karta hain aur wo geet se shaadi karna chahta hain,, main kya karta itne sare log the main akela….

maan: punch him once more akela? kya karta? geet se pyar k daabe karta tha na? ye tha pyar? pyar ka matlab bhi tu nahi janta, tujh jaise aadmi ko to ,,,,,,,,,

aadi stooped him: maan hume chalna chahiye,,,,

maan leave him and goes from there with aadi…..

aadi: wo abhi unke haveli me nahi hain, brij se hume jo signal aaraha hain wo uske haveli se 10 kilo miter dur kisi cottage me hain….

maan: lets go,,,

they reach the destination in 30mins, (abb MSK jayega to 45 ka 30 to banayega na) there was a godown, where all the charas n ganja were stored….. the place was completely silent what was unexpected, maan’s men were not yet reached there……

aadi: abb kya kare maan, should we go inside….

maan: aadi tu yehi ruk main andar jata hu,

aadi: maan ye jagah thik nahi hain, i m going with u….

maan: meri baat sun aadi, main andar jata hu agar 30mins me wapis nahi aaya to force leke andar ajana..

aadi: lekin maan

maan: thats an order inspector Aadiraj…….

aadi: yes sir…….


maan went from there and goes inside…there was darkness every where, maan pick up his revolver in his hand and goes slowly one end to another, one wall to another, there was no one,,,but suddenly he heard some noise like someone was crying…..maan speed up and follow the sound and he found a man in pool of blood lying there crying in pain, he reached there, and turn him,

maan: BRIJ?

brij: ACP geet yaha se 20 km dur ranjeet k farm house me hain, jaldi jao usse bachao………

maan: held him in his arm: lekin tumhari ye halat kaise huyi?

brij: ranjeet ne mujhe goli maari hain, waqt kam hain mere pass, accha bhai to main ban na saka lekin ek insaniyat to abh

bhi bachi hain mujh me, jisse main maarne gaya tha wo ladki mere liye apni zindegi barbaad karne chali gayi,, maan wo tumse bohot pyar karti hain tumhari zindegi k liye usne apni zindegi kurban karne se pehle ekbaar v nahi socha…….wo ranjeet usse aaj hi shaadi karne k liye legaya hain..

maan: aisa nahi hosakta…..

brij was in so much pain he couldn’t talk properly,,

maan: tumhari ye halat huyi kaise?chalo main tumhe doctor k pass le jata hu…

brij: main custody se nahi bhaaga tha mujhe uske aadmio ne bhagaya tha, main jab uske haveli poucha to usne phn karke yaha bulaya, ye hamara gupt sthan hain jaha charas aur ganga market me jaata hain, jab main yaha poucha dekha geet pehle se yaha hain, bohot dari huyi thi…main janta tha kabhi na kabhi ranjeet uss tak pouch jayega,, main khus tha abb un dono ki shaadi hogi lekin main nahi janta tha ranjeet itna kamena niklega…


brij: ranjeet tum geet ko leaaye aur mujhe v churaya shukriya, main janta tha tum apne saale ko jarur bachaoge…

ranjeet smiled: hmm brij saala ha? maine tujhe bacha to liya lekin abhi tujhe mujhse kon bachayega….

brij: matlab?

ranjeet came close to him and goes backward whisper: maine tujhe bachaya taake main khud tujhe maar saku brij,, brij was shocked so was geet, she was frightend so much that she was sweating like anything,,,

brij: ranjeet,,,

ranjeet: brij maine tujhe kaha se kaha laaya aur tune kya kiya mere sare plan ka vanda phod diya uss ACP k samne… mere sare addo k naam pata bata diya mera itna bada nuksan kar diya,, his voice was on high and he held a knife in his hand and punch brij with it in his back, brij cried in pain,, aarrrrggghhh……..

geet: veerjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

ranjeet throw him and held geet by her hair: itna dard huya geet? lekin ye insan to tumhe marna chahta tha, tumhe, iss gadhe ko itna malum hona chahiye tha na k tum to meri hone wali ho, sirf meri, mere sath shaadi,,,

geet: khabardar jo ek labz v aage bola,, maan tumhe maar dalega…..

ranjeet laughed loudly: maan, bohot ishq hogaya bas 3 hafto me? wo dekho tumhara veer zameen pe padha hain, waise hi maan v padha hoga lekin zinda nahi,, tum samajh rahi ho na geet?

geet: tum kuch nahi kar paoge,

ranjeet: kar to main bohot kuch lunga geet….. pehle tumhari veer ko marunga fir tumhare maan ko lekin maan se pehle bindiya ko aur uske bacche ko, he whisper wo akeli hain ghar pe aur gaurds ko to kabhi bhi kuch bhi hosakta hain…

geet: nahi tum unhe kuch nahi kar sakte,, wo tumhara bhi baccha hain….

ranjeet: baccha huh,, tumhe lagta hain main ussko apna baccha manta hu,, usse shaadi bhi is liye kiya tha k sapna ko apna bana saku lekin wo bhi hath se gayi, lekin tumhe main hath se nahi jane de sakta…pyar jo karne laga hu tumhe,,

geet: pyar? tumhare jaise janwar k muh se accha nahi lagta ye shabd….

ranjeet: ye janwar aur bhi bohot kuch janta hain geet.. tumhe apne bistar par lana mere liye muskil nahi tha lekin main tumse shaadi karna chahta hu,,,

brij: ranjeetttttt he wanted to hit him but ranjeet held him and punched him hard making him land on ground again…

ranjeet: brij brij brij kyun chahte ho k main geet aur meri shaadi se pehle tumhe maar du…

geet: tum veerji ko kuch nahi karoge, brij looked at her amaused, then proudly and then his guilt,, he couldn’t match her eyes………………..

ranjeet: tab to tumhe ek souda karna padhega,, brij k zindegi k badle tumhe meri banna padega,

geet looked at him disgustedly: kabhi nahi…..

ranjeet shot a bullet to brij,

geet: veerjiiiiiiiiii

brij was lying there in pool of blood couldn’t move….

ranjeet: abb yehi hasar maan ka hoga,, geet looked at him frightend,, geet janti ho isse pehle bhi maan k upar attack ho chuka hain yakeen nahi aata to brij se pucho,, geet looked at brij who noded his head….. geet main chahta to usse wahi marwa deta lekin mujhe sirf tum chahiye,,, isse pehle maan ko goli sirf chu k nikal gayi lekin iss baar sidha dil pe lagegi, abb tum hi socha jab insan hi nahi rahega to dil aur dil me base logo ka kya hoga? faisla tumhe karna hain, kya chahti ho maan k ACP ka mout ya tum janti ho main kya kehna chahta hu, aur ha maan k baad bhi ye kissa jari rahega bindiya jo hogi he laughed eviily…..

geet cried bitterly but she agreed to marry him but with a promise he will let of  go brij and he will not harm bindiya aadi n maan…….

flashback end,,,,,,

brij: wo usse leke chala gaya,,, jaldi jao maan saab geet ko uss aadmi se bachalo, tum agar usse bacha sake main samjhunga mere paapo me se kuch maaf hogaya, sayad tumhe ye sab batane k liye hi abhi tak mujh me jan bachi thi,, abb jao maan saab……………..

part 24

brij: wo usse leke chala gaya,,, jaldi jao maan saab geet ko uss aadmi se bachalo, tum agar usse bacha sake main samjhunga mere paapo me se kuch maaf hogaya, sayad tumhe ye sab batane k liye hi abhi tak mujh me jan bachi thi,, abb jao maan saab……………..

maan wanted to take him hospital but before that brij’s breath became heavy and that was his last breath…..maan came out from the godown and found a tensed aadi standing over there….

aadi: maan tu thik hain na? geet kaha hain? maan ye khoon kiska? (as he was holding brij in his arm and he was in his lap)

maan: aadi ye geet ka bhai brij ka hain,,, ranjeet ne usse maar diya aur geet uske farmhouse pe hain, tu gadi me baith baki main baad me kehta hu………….

they silently made their way to the car…… maan told him everything and now he is driving  the car in full speed….

they reach the farmhouse n waht they can see a beautifull house decorated in simple manner but maan knew it very well in what occasion they have made this kind of arrangement..

inside the house…..

geet was in a room, sitting in a dark corner of the room… scared,, crying ,,, with a lil hope that may be maan would come and take her away with him…. but her mind was playing with her, will he believe her, will he accept her, will he love her like before,,, she was here with thats monster, quite a time spend, will he able to believe the truth which will no one can understand…. what if he mis understand her, what if he didn’t believe her, what if he think she is not worthy of his love…… akhir seeta ka bhi to agni pariksha huya tha na…………

there was knock on the door, but she didn’t budge from her place…. ranjeet came with the spare key,,, behind him there was few men who was carrying dresses and jwellery,,,,

ranjeet: geet tum waha kya kar rahi ho,, he goes near her and whisper, kuch hi palo me tum meri hojayogi geet, fir ye darna darana sab khatam….

but geet went far corner and didn’t let him touch her, she was treating him like some filth was touching her,,,and that made ranjeet furious, he held her from her hair and pulled her up,,

ranjeet: maine tumhe rani banana chaha aur tum mujhise dur bhaag rahi ho,,, dekho geet main tumhare liye kya kya laaya hu, ye saare jwellery, kapre sab tumhare liye, tumhe jo chahiye pahenlo…

geet: mujhe kuch nahi chahiye,, tum jaise ghatiya admi k liye main taiyar hu, huh kabhi nahi…..

ranjeet: taiyar to tumhe hona padega geet warna main,,,,,, tumhe taiyar karr dunga, and beleive me geet abhi tak to maine tumhe ek baar bhi nahi chuaha aur tumhara ye halat hain lekin tumhe taiyar karne k liye main tumhe chu bhi sakta hu, bina shaadi kiyee, aur wo tumhare liye itna accha nahi hoga……..

geet became pertified, she agreed to do all the “shringer” that usualy a would be bride do for his husband….. how can she let him touch her, he is a monster and she loves maan before her life…..

ranjeet went from there and geet cried her heart out holding her knee in her chest……

there was only few people, but that few was very powerfull as therethe panchayat  who was the chamchas of thakur,,,, and thakur father of ranjeet himself…geet was taken to the mandap,, she sat beside ranjeet motionlessly,, he whisper in her ear: bas geet aur kuch waqt fir tum hamesha k liye meri, aur koi kuch nahi kar payega,,

after he get out geet close the door and stand there……

outside the bunglow maan and aadi having a great war with ranjeet’s men,,,, slowly one by one maan done with all the guard who was standing outside,, some get  head injury so some get their final good bye by breaking their bones of the right place……and right then maan make his way to the hall…..

some one came behind and wanted to hit aadi with a award but maan took it in his palm but that slide down by cutting his palm…..maan sit on his knees and and powerfull punch of him was enough for the man to hold his breath out of his mouth……

aadi: maan tu andar ja baki k force agaye hain, we will take care of them…… maan went inside with a revolver in his hand……. when he entered the mandap ranjeet’s men took the gun to shoot him but before that maan shot him a bullet,,, that noise echoed in the hall and everyone looked him him petrified to his state and the rage in his eyes to see the picture infront of him…..

ranjeet saw him, and so was everyone,, maan’s eyes were spitting fire……… the moment geet saw him her face became lighten but still there was some pain inside…..

ranjeet: tum yaha but before he conclude anything maan hold his throat like like any insect in his palm that was bleeding

furiously….geet’s eyes were ther where the blood was oazing out, she was in pain but for him…..thaur came from behind

thakur: ye kya kar rahe ho,,,, sasura humrihi ghar me aake humrihi ladke ka gala daba rahe ho, tumka hum chodenge nahi, he took his gun but maan make ranjeet infront of him…

maan: chalao thakur, aaj tumhare ladke ka anteem sanskar tumhare hatho se hi kara deta hu,,,

maan was holding ranjeet from his back and his one arm was hanging around his neck that he could break anymoment……. kya huya thakur hath kanp rahe hain, itne zindegi badbaad karne se pehle to kabhi nahi kanpi……

panchayat: ACP saab usse chod do, ye tumhara delli nahi ye hamara dhandiwaal hain jaha hamara kaida kanoon chalta hain,,,,

maan: kanoon, aur tumhara ? tum to iss thakur k chmache ho,,,

panchayat head: ACPPPPPP

maan: chillayo mat sayad tum jante main kya kar sakta hu panchayat,,, aur kanoon to mujhe mat hi shikhayo to accha hain, meri baheno ko jab ye ranjeet apni basna ka shikar bana raha tha tab nahi tha tumhara kanoon aur abb iss ladki ko,

panchayat head: tumhare pass koi sabut nahi hain

maan: ye samne khari meri sabut, meri geet

panchayat: tumhara rishta najayaz hain,,, ek binbihayi ladki jo 3 hafte se bina koi ristey se tumhare sath thi usse tum gabah banayoge? tum vul rahe ho acp aaj bhi tumhara kanoon hum panchayato k upar jaane se kanpta hain kyun wo agar hamari baat nahi manega to kal tumhara saher aag me jal jayega,,,,

maan throw ranjeet away but he was hloding his revolver infront of him……

maan took his hand and fill geet’s mang with his blood……..

maan: LO HOGAYI WO MRS. MAAN SINGH KHURANA…………… abb naahi ye rishta najayaz raha aur naahi tum sab iss ristey ko jhukla sakoge,,,

geet was standing there with shocking eyes, all the event were so eventual for her, so sudden that she couldn’t make what is happening…. but inside she was happy, she was relieved, she was proud to be say that she is MRS. GEET MAAN SINGH KHURANA……….

maan was looking at geet at the panchayat and ranjeet took the chance to hold geet and make her to his pray but geet


their eyes met and in fraction of second they exchange their look like assurence each other……… and next moment everyone found ranjeet lying on floor in pool of blood…

geet bite ranjeet hand and make herself free and in that time maan hit thr trigger to them, geet was out of his grip and the bullrt hit his heart, preicing it…….

part 25………………………

their eyes met and in fraction of second they exchange their look like assurence each other……… and next moment everyone found ranjeet lying on the floor in pool of blood…

geet bite ranjeet hand and make herself free and in the mean time maan hit the trigger to them, geet was out of his grip and the bullet hit his heart, preicing it…….

everyone was dumbstuck with the event that took place in the few min,, no one could do any thing,,, he is ACP MAAN SINGH KHURANA, if he did this that mean no one can say or point a finger towards him, he always done his work with perfection whether its right or wrong no one can found a tit of fault in it,, so was this case…………..

geet ran to maan and hugged him but soon maan’s winning moment came crushed down when she fell on his arms unconcious…….

aadi and all force came downstairs where the wedding was suppoos to be done,,, aadi took charages of everything…….

aadi: geet ko kya huya?

maan: pata nahi aadi wo aise hi,,,

aadi: maan khoonnnn,,,, geet k muh khoon nikal raha hain,, both look at each other…

maan: aisa nahi hosakta,, geettt tum aisa nahi kar sakti,, uthhoo,,

aadi: maan usse doctor k pass leja, i think bohot time beet gaya hoga, jaldi kar……

maan took her in his arms and make his way to the hospital…….

after some few hrs,,,

doc: acp humne sare poison wash out to kar diye but difficulty abb bhi hain,,,, she is really critical, poison liye huye 3hrs beet chuke the jab aap yaha usse laaye…

maan while his eyes looking at geet from the mirror: wo thik to hojayegi na…

doc sighed: main aap ko jhooti tassalli nahi de sakta,,, i m sorry to say Mr. Khurana agle 48 hrs me usse hosh nahi aata to hum geet ko hamesha k liye kho denge…….

maan sank in the couch beside him, doc patted his back: hume umeed nahi chodni chahiye………..

maan was in all tears….. bindiya came there with aadi….

bindiya: ye sab kaise huya maan? geet kaisi hain?

maan kept mum,, aadi knew he will not utter a word so he goes to the doctor to know the details,, some time later he came and told bindiya evrything………maan completely broke down and hugged bindiya,,,

maan: wo thik hojayegi na? main usse nahi khona chahta,, wo meri zindegi hain…..kyun kiya usne aisa, geet ne mere baare me ek baar bhi nahi socha….

bindiya: wo tumse bohot pyar karti hain maan, aur tumhare bina wo kisi aur ki nahi hona chahti thi………

maan: usse mujhpe varosa nahi tha kya, usne socha bhi kaise main usse kuch hone dunga… i’ll not forgive her….

aadi was far from them, crying silently, once again he is in the same position where he could lost his only sister, last time destiny didn’t gave him a chanch to save his gudiya but this time how could destiny be so cruel…………

after 28 hrs, maan was in the same position, beside geet’s bed, she lying like lifelessly, pale…. maan was tired his pain cause of that shot and the head and hand injury was making him weak,, doctor wanted to take him away from her but they couldn’t,,, as maan was so abdament that no one can take away him from his geet…….

maan: geet kab tak aise saja dogi mujhe? plss geet mujhe chodke mat jao, dekho na sab chale gaye, sapna mamma dad, sab abb tumbhi mujhe akela chodna chahti ho… main nahi jee sakta tumhare bina, kya haal kar di hain tumne meri, dekho abb ek pal bhi tumhare bina jeena gabara nahi,,, tumne kaha tha na geet, zindegi ki har subah ek sath hogi aur har shaam ek sath khatam hogi, to fir kyun tum mujhe chodke jaana chahti ho, kyun? bolo na geet… kuch to bolo…..

geet: main apna vada nahi vuli maan,,,,

geet was alive, how could she left her maan alone in the cruel world,,, she can die for maan so how can she not wake up for her maan from the deep slumber that called death,, death itself can’t snacth her life from her as her life is someone else’s,,, her maan……….. maan saw his angel wake up from the sleep,, he hugged her tight,,,

maan: kyun chali gayi thi geet mujhe chod ke, tum janti hona main tumhare bagair nahi reh sakta… fir kyun ye sab

geet: i m sorry maan. i m sorry…….. they were crying,,, and so was the nurses standing outside,,, aadi gave a side hug to bindiya who was in tears to see the love of them, that has the power to overcome death over life…….

doctor came inside and chech her and he was amazed to see she all fine and ready to go home,he make her dischared paper,,but before that he call maan in his cabin…

doc: maan geet abb bhi thod weak hain so she needs lpts of rest and care and ofcourse love that i m sure u r gonna give her fully, he smiled at him…..u can take her now………

they reached their cottage,, when they were entering bindiya stoopped maaneet to enter the house,, she goes from there and take a arti thali to do the arti of them..maan was holding geet in his arms,,,

maan: jaldi karo bindiya, ye itni bhi halki nahi jitni dikhti hain,,, aadi gave his typical laugh to which he got a deadly glare from geet,,, maan whisper in geet’s ear

maan: sach hi to kaha maine, tum utna halka nahi jitna dikhti ho, usse bhi kahi jayada halki ho,, phoolo ki tarha aur tumhe to aise main zindegi var utha sakta hu………….

geet blushed furiously on his cmnt…..bindiya places a kalash with rice and beside that a kumkum that….

maan: ye sab karna jaruri hain? tum janti hona geet abhi bhi kammjor hain,

geet: maan main itni bhi kamjor nahi huyi, aap niche utariye mujhe…..

bindiya: ye rasam hoti maan jo hume nibhana padta hain,, aunty hoti to wo ye karti but abhi main hu to tumhari bahen k naate main ye sab karungi…. maan’s face become sad on mentioning his mother’s name…. everyone knew how much he is missing them but life is hard we have to bear it….. geet hold maan’s hand and make way to to the house after doing all the rituals,, maan took her in his room as she was feeling tired….

maan make her lyied in his bed,,, but his face was showing anger anyone can make it,,, after geet settel there maan was leaving the room when geet hold him by his hand….

geet: kya huya maan,, aap achanak aise kyun hogaye, aur aapko bhi to rest chahiye… pata hain hospital k saare nurses keh rahe the k main bohot lucky hu k mujhe aisa pati mile jo mere liye itne pareshan the,, aur aap mere pass se hate bhi nahi itne ghante mere sath hain apni chot ki parwa na karte huye,,,,, she was smiling

maan: but tumhe kya farak padhta hain geet? tumhe to sirf apni padhi hain,,, main kya sochta hu, kya chahta hu tumhe kya fark padhta hain..

geet: ye sab aap kya keh rahe ho maan?

maan: mujhe takleef huyi ya na huyi tumhe to isse koi farak nahi padhta na akhir mere dard se tumhara kya vasta..

geet: vasta? aapke har takleef se mujhe vasta hain, apke har dard pe mujhe dard hota hain maan,,

maan: kyun dard hota hain geet?

geet: kyun ki main aapse pyar karti hu maan….

maan: nahi karti pyar tum mujhse geet,,, karti to ye sab nahi karti…. geet is in confusion what he is trying to say…….. nahi karti pyar mujhse..

geet: kya kaha, main aapse pyar nahi karti? issi liye aur koi aur chuye mujhe ye gabara nahi, issi liye maine aapna jaan dena manjur samjha kisi aur ko apne aapko soupna gabara nahi samjha,,

maan: aur apni jaan leke mere liye pyar sabit kar rahi thi,, kabhi nahi socha mera kya hoga, main kaise jeeyunga?

geet can understand now what he wanted to say………..

maan: kabhi nahi socha tume kuch hogaya to mera kya hoga,zinda laash banke reh jayunga main…… geet put her hand on his mouth…..but maan take it ,,,,, tum meri zindegi ho geet mout bhi tumhe mujhse dur nahi kar skati,, aur tumhe mujhpe yakeen nahi tha? ya varosa nahi huya mere pyar pe, main kaise tumhe kisi aur k hone deta…… bhagwan ko bhi tumhe chune se pehle meri izazat leni hogi to insan ki kya aukad,,, geet is in tears to hear all this, se was in so much dilemma that she couldn’t make it that maan will not allow a single hair touched by ranjeet…….she was guilty but that time she couldn’t think beyond it,,, she couldnn’t let anyone touch her other than maan…

geet: maan main wo, mujhe laga k aap, mera matlab main utne time se waha thi, ranjeet mujhe agar chta to main nahi jee sakti thi, aur main aapki badnaami kabhi nahi banna chahti thi, main janti hu main galat thi, aapke pyar pe mujhe varosa tha lekin

maan: lekin kya geet? tumhe yehi laga na main time time pe nahi pouch payunga, aur poucha bhi to tumpe tumhare character pe believe nahi karunga,, geet was not having the courage to meet the questioning eyes of him…. maan hold her from the waist,,,, TUM SIRF MERE LIYE BANI HO GEET, SIRF MERE LIYE,, KISI AUR NE HIMMAT BHI KI TUMHE AANKH UTHAKE DEKH NE KI YA TUMHE CHUNE KI, AAG LAGA DUNGA MAIN USSE, JALA DUNGA ISS DUNIYA KO, aur ye haq tumhe bhi nahi hain geet k tum mujhse apne aapko dur kar payo…. rtumhari zindegi tumhari har dhadkan har sans SIRF MERE LIYE HAIN,,,,,,,,, ispe SIRF MERA HAQ HAIN………… samjhi tum……..

part 26

maan was holding geet’s arms, and geet was lost in his words, his eyes, his love… some time later maan noticed geet was lost in him and just staring at him, he leave her and goes out from his room…

geet (self thought): i m sorry maan, maine aap pe nahi apne naseeb pe varosa nahi kiya tha, aap to meri zindegi ho aur maine apko hi itni takleef di, ye kya hogaya mujhse,,aaj se aap hi mera naseeb ho,,,,,, geet was sheding tears not for maan’s anger, but her guilt and his love, that shows the entire world in his eyes only love for her…….

next day 9am…..

maan aadi bindiya were in the dining table and discussing something,,,,geet came there…. she was looking pale like she has not sleep the night……

bindiya: aayo geet, have breakfast….

geet: nahi bindiya mujhe bhook nahi hain,,,

aadi: ye kya geet, aise to kamzor lagogi, ye nahi chalega… have something…..

geet: wo aadi bhai,,

maan: chod usse aadi, usse dusro ka sukh chain accha lagta hain jo hain nahi khaane k liye…

now aadi n bindiya mature enough to understand that something went wrong between them….geet made a cute complaining face……

geet to aadi: waise sukh aur chain utna tasty nahi hota, aur sayad kisine usse bohot baar chaka hoga, meri to aise khusnaseebi huyi nahi k mujhe mouka mile isse try karne ka….

aadi: he he he he he…………………….bindiya hide her smile with her hand,,,,maan glared at aadi n bindiya then at

geet,,,geet too glared at him like ” what have i done?”

maan: ha waise bhi tumhe to masale me dubo kar khana khana accha lagta hain,

geet: kyaaa, masale me dubokar, but apke khane me to masala naam ki cheese hi nahi hoti, pastaaaaaaaaa,,,, fikaa, chiiiii

maan: wo sahet k liye accha hota hain

geet: kya khak hota hain, acche bhale admi ko bimar bana de……..

aadi n bindiya were enjoying there cute fight……. but there came some few men,,, (rang me vang daalne k liye)

aadi: aapko kuch kaam hain?

one of them: aapko panchayat ne bulaya hain…. abhiii

maan: aap jaiye hum aate hain,,, geet’s face was showing confusion with fear….. (amazing combi)

they went from there,,

aadi: ye panchayat wo ranjeet,,

maan: hmmm… geet tum ghar pe raho, bindiya tum bhi…..

geet: mujhe aapke sath jana hain,, the facial expression of geet was saying clearly that she will come with them…..

maan: geet tum abb bhi puri tarha se thik nahi huyi ho,, tum waha jaake kya karogi?

geet: jiske liye aapko bulaya….mujhe sath rehna hain aapke…

aadi: maan hamare force aas pass rahenge geet ko nahi hoga aur usse hum sambhal lenge abb chal,, i m sure wo log ranjeet ka case hi utthayenge,,,

maan: thik hain, waise tune uska case banaya kya hain…

aadi: encounter aur kya? uske naam pe FIR banaya fir arrest warent nikal tha, but wo surrender k wajahe teri biwi ko kidnap kar liya aur tujhpe attack kiya, tune self defence me usse goli maar di,, so hogaya case band…

bindiya was listening all this, her face became sad but then happy,, atlast she got her justice through her brother as death is the only justice she can ask……….

maan: saale tu bhi, accha case banata hain, issi liye mera sagird hain,

aadi: jee gurudev, waise wo saale,, i m taking that as a compliment of relation…

maan: but baki k gabah like panchayat aur wo baki k log?

aadi: hmm baki bole to thakur aur uske admi jinke criminal record ki list ginte ginte saal guzar jayegi so unki gabahi maine nahi rakkhegi aur panchayat, hmm unpe v thoda case thok denge,, hahahaha…

geet looked at them suspiciously: kya karoge tum log?

maan: dusre ki baat sunni buri baat hain,, jao taiyar hoke aayo….

geet: main dusre ki baat thodi sun rahi hu, main to apne bhai aur pati,,,,,,, and bite her lips, maan so wanted to taste the juicy lips but couldn’t and aadi eyes didn’t miss the lookn on maan’s face and he get the chance to tease maan to which he only gets slap after slap on his head……..

panchayat sabha…………

one of the panchayat: acp sahab aapne jo kiya accha nahi tha,,

maan: main aap logo ka mohtaj nahi hu kuch bhi kehne sunne ka, case ban gaya hain aur delhi court ye case dekhega,, ranjeet delhi ka kabhi mla reh chuka hain to bharat sarkar ne unhe apne kanoon me insaaf dega,,



panchayat head: hum acche se jante hain kya insaaf hoga….. lekin hum uske liye aapko yaha nahi bulaye hain,,,,,,,, aap yaha ek abibahit(unmarried) ladki k sath itne dinse reh rahe the lekin usse koi rishta aapka nahi tha,, vale hi aapne sabke samne uski mang vari hain lekin vidhi vidhan k hisab se ye shaadi nahi hain,

maan’s eyes were spitting fire but next moment he came calm…..

panchayat head: to hum chahte hain aap dono ki shaadi hum yaha dhandiwaal dhoom dham se kare,,,, geet ko hum yaha pyar to nahi de paaye lekin ek maike ka pyar dena chahte hain aur bindiya se maafi chahte hain k humare rehte huye unke sath itna sab hota raha, lekin yakeen maniye hume ranjeet k baare me kuch nahi pata tha, pata hota to kabhi hum uska sath na dete……… hume to wahi pata chala jo thakur ne bataya tha jo k bilkul alag tha sacchai se…..

panchayat head came to maan and fold his hand : hume maaf kar dijiye,,,,

maan: ye aap kya kar rahe hain,, main janta hu aap sach bol rahe hain, aur rahi baat shaadi ki ,, he was looking at geet,, wo hum delhi jaake karne wale hain, daadi k samne….

panchayat: lekin,,

maan: sarpanch jee, mujhe maaf kijiyega lekin jaha meri baheno ka ye halat huya waha main shaadi nahi kar sakta,,,, everyone knew it is hard to forget and forgive so they let go of the matter…..

all went back tomaan’s cottage………..

maan: aadi hum kal wapis jayenge intezam karle sab…….

aadi goes from there,,,,

geet: daadima kon hain?

maan: wo meri buya daadi hain lekin mujhe apne pote se badhkar samajhti hain, aur hamare sath hi rehti hain………

geet: hmm…. unhe hamare baare me pata hain,,,

maan: nahi kyun, kya hoga batake..

geet confused: matlab? aap aise hi jaa k shaadi ki baat karoge?

maan was walking toward his room……

maan: shaadi ki baat? ye kyun? i mean wo pehle tumhe dekhle fir shaadi na?

geet: agar unhe main pasand nahi aayi to?

maan: to?

geet: shaadi cancle?

maan: cancle……

geet: kyaaaaaaaaaaa,,, aap aise kaise baat kar sakte hain?shadi cancle, lekin hamari shaadi to hogayi thi na to aap aise,,,,,, he was in the room and so was she,, geet forget her track as she was blabbaring herself that she forget to see where she is and what maan was doing, when she enter the room maan locked the door,….. now she has realized what was playing in his mind as his mischevious smile and eyes says it all……

maan slowly came to geet and geet started going back utill she hit the wall….she wanted to go but maan blocked her way as he put his both hand eather side of her……..

maan: maine kaha tha na tum chaho bhi to mujhe se door nahi ja sakti, sirf mere liye bani ho… maan came to her lips,


she closed her eyes… she can feel his breath was faning on her lips but he didn’t touch her lips, but he slowly carasses her lips with his thumb…….like teasing her,,, next moment he was near her earlob whispering : shaadi to hamari hogayi geet koi maane ya na maane….. geet opens her eyes and a drop of tear was falling down from her eyes when maan took it in his mouth…. kissed it away….

maan came to lips and kisses it….the kiss was smooth first slow gentle and soon it became hot and passionate….they were movng with the kiss untill the fell on the bed…

both had missed each other like anything…… the fear of loosing his and her was very powerfull,, maan wanted to sure she is ok, she is fine, last some days went like a hell for him.. his life was in danger his geet…. maan was in command his kisses become hot and demanding more n more,, he was agreessive like punishing geet to even think about going away from him…and geet was willingly ready to surrender herselg in his passion..both were in the bed rolling one over one….he traces kisses down her neck…geet’s breath was on fire… the moment they wanted to break all the barrier…..maan came back to her lips and She opens her mouth…Maan enters her mouth…..Maan slowly massage her back…pushing her toward him…his mouth moving down to her neck,,,,Maan makes her lie down while trailing kisses all over her upper body…Geet hugged him tightly…his hand comes to her kamiz’s hook, and next moment he open it, the dress slide down exposing her chest a slight,,, maan came to back and kissed there,, slowly moving down shivering geet,,, they were drowing themselve , in pain of seperation in the moment, in their love..



Bekhudi me hum to jeeye ja rahe hain

pyar k khatir har zaher peeye ja rahe the,,

tumse mile to jana bekhudi ka surur,

hum bhi tumse pyar abb kiye ja rahe hain….

tanha dil jeena nahi humko

aapke bekhudi main jeena hain sirf humko

nasha kaho ya deewanapan

aapka hain abb hamara har dhadkan……..

mohabbat k gali me hum aage to badhe

abb isse ishq kaho ya mohabbate

jeeyenge sirf teri baho me

marna pade to haske bichayenge jaan teri raaho me…..

bekhudi ka alam hain joro pe

bekhudi tere ishq ka chaya hain abb hum pe…..

geet was moaning his name uncountable time as the passion is too high,,,,slowly her kamiz slide off fully, now her upper body is nake but the only barrier is her bra….. maan came down to her navel portion and kissed it bite it like claiming her…..she is just his.. and geet too knew it so she gave in..he make her lying on him.. geet slowly kisses his collar bone and trails sweet kisses on his broad chest that was awaken the demon inside of them….he then take her beneath him..and looks at her face…there were still tears coming out of her eyes…he kisses them away again…both were in semi-naked.position…. maan wanted to break the barrier but he knew geet wanted to get married first…….

maan: i love u geet but main shaadi tak rukna sakta hu,, geet open her eyes, she knew maan is doing this only for her as she too wanted it only after marrige……

geet: maan i love u too,,, aap ye mere liye,,

maan: tum bhi to meri ho…. geet smiled and kissed his lips,,, maan take a bed sheet and cover themselves……..

maan: tum bhi to meri ho…. geet smiled and kissed his lips,,, maan take a bed sheet and cover themselves……..


next day………….

4 of them decided to go delhi that very day,,, and distance was no so far so they decided to go by road…..

they reached delhi in 6hrs,,, and stepped out onfront of khurana mansion….big bunglow,, geet’s eyes popped out from her socket and she looked maan with suspicious yet cute look on her face….. to which maan only smile, he wanted to hug her and bite those red cheek with is due to his staring……

maan: andar chale?

aadi: tu ja main ghar jaata hu, shaam ko milte hain,,, rest katlo tum log,, maan noded…..

maan geet and bindiya make their way to the mansion but stopped by daadi,,

meet savitri khurana, strict, yet elegant love his children but couldn’t tolerate indicipline,, widow,, she was the one who handle all the khurana companies as her brother(maan’s grandfather),, husband, son, were in army and maan’s father who was like her own son was police officer,, and so is maan so she have to take care of the wholle empair….she has only maan and bindiya now, with whom she live as her own son was always on border….. (total kharus)

daadi: wohi rukiye,,,, itne din baad aaye hain arti to karne dijiye,,, she came with a arti thaali and did arti to maan and bindiya but stopped infront of geet,,, ye kon hain?

maan: daadi ye geet hain,,, maine isse dhandiwaal me ,,,,, shadi ki hain………….

daadi looked at him: shaadi? shaadi koi gudde gudiya ka khel hain jo kisiko bhi ghar pe utha k laaye aur kahe ye hamari khandan ki bahu hain….

maan: ye koi bhi nahi, geet hain, uski ek pehchan hain….

dadi: andar ayiye….. they made their way to the big hall…. baithiye….. pehchan ha? to geet boliye kya pehchan hain aapki? aapke papa ka naam kya hain aur kya karte hain? aur aapka khandan konse gharane se hain aap?

geet was not sure how to talk to her, what to tell her,, and what she wanted to know…

geet: jee mere papa but maan interupt,,,

maan: aap ye suru kar rahi hain,, hum itne dur k journey se aaye hain aur aap…. and more over geet need rest,,, geet tum upar chalo….

daadi: upar?

bindiya: he mean to say upar k guest room me,, maan eyied her but she assured him….

all goes to their respected room….. bindiya took geet with her and suggest the room beside maan,,, geet silently goes to the room…

maan: thanks bindiya u r a sweetheart…..

bindiya: u r always welcome……she went to her room…..


in geet’s room,, she was blabbering after taking a refreshing shower,,, she was in her bathrob that was coming till her knees and she was standing over her cupboard……

geet: kya pehnu main? jo bhi pahenna, kuch accha hona chahiye warna daadi fir se gussa hongi,, pehle se hi wo mujhe pasand nahi karti,, but ainvey kuch pahenke gayi aur daadi ko firse pasand na aayi to,,, babajiiii madad karo….but unhe kya pasand napasand wo kaise pata lagayu

a voice came from behind: main madad kar sakta hu…

geet was shocked to see maan infront of her like that,,, and that too shirtless…..

geet: AAPPPP? yaha kya kar rahe ho? mere kamre me kaise aaye,, she totaly forgot that she was in bathrob…………aap yaha kaise aaye,,, maan take few step towards her slowly making her shiver….his eyes are making her nervous, that has only mischieve in it…. maannnn…

maan: hmm,, kya huya geet?

geet: aap aise mat dekhiye na….

maan comes realy close to her: kaise geet…….. he slipped his hand on her waist and pulled her towards him…. their face was marely inches away tumne kaha nahi,, kaise na dekhu?

he was teasing her senses she knew it still she couldn’t hold herself infront of him…..

geet: maan aap yaha kya kar rahe ho? aur andar kaise aaye? geet tried to free herself but fail miserably and land on his his…

maan: maine kaha dur jao? nahi na,, to aise hi raho…

geet: maann…. she slapped his hand which was on her waist…..

maan: ouch,,, ufff main romantic horaha hu aur tumhe padhi hain main kaise aaya, jaise bhi aaya hu, chodo na, tumse milne k liye mujhe zameen asman ek karna pade to wo bhi kar sakta hu…..

geet: wo main samajh gayi…… but koi agar dekhega to kya samjhega…

maan: maine door lock kiya hain so koi chahe bhi to nahi asakta aur dusri baat, tumhe problem mere karib aane se nahi, koi ajayega is baat ka tha??? hmmm chalo i have solved ur problem, abb to kareeb asakta hu,, he came close to her neck to kiss it but geet slipped away….

geet: maan apne khud kaha tha sab shaadi k baad, to abhi aap jao..

maan: aare maine wo sab shaadi baat kaha tha wo bhi tumhare liye kyun tum wo chahti ho lekin ye to kar hi sakte hain…

geet: ye??

maan with a teasing smile came close ye romance in our stlye and winked at her,, but geet throw a cussion at him and go far away,, now the chase began,, maan after geet but soon that land on the bed,, geet on top of maan……….

geet: maan aap bohot bure ho….

maan take her beneath him: accha?? lekin maine kya kiya geet?

geet: aapne abhi tak nahi bataya aap yaha aaye kaise?

maan was touching her hair and her neck with his nose that was tickling her senses….

geet: maannnnn…. bataiye na..

maan: geet ye room mere room ke bilkul pass hain,,, aur dono room ek door se jude huye hain…….. issi liye bindiya ne tumhe ye room diya hain,, taake main kabhi bhi tumse mil saku…. sabko iss room k baare me pata nahi… daadi ko bhi nahi.. geet looked confused,,, arree daadi buya yaha hamesha nahi rehti,, bas kabhi kabhi aati hai,, jayada tor indiya k bahar rehti hain kaam se… ye mere papa ne banaya tha aur is room k baare me kuch khas logo ko pata hain….

geet: ohhhh,,

maan: abb tumhari interogation khatam huya to main thoda pyar karlu? he nuzzle his nose in her crook of the neck and geet giggle…

geet: maan abhi nahi,, chodo but maan is maan no means he nuzzle more close to her making shiver her under him…. he was giving wet kisses that was making her weak…..

bindiya knocked at geet’s door,,,

geet: maan hatiye bindiya hain,,,

maan: usse baad me aane se kaho….

geet: maannnn…. chodiye, maine abhi tak change bhi nahi kiya,,, hey babaji main iss halat me hu….

maan: babaji se nahi mujhse pucho tum kis halat me ho….

geet was  red in blush and anger: aap jayiye abhi k abhi….

maan get up from the bed though he didn’t want to accha main madad karne aaya tha wo? konsa dress pehnogi ,,

geet: aap jayiye, mujhe madad nahi chahiye…

maan: thik hamari to koi kadar hi nahi hain,,,,and he goes to his room….geet open the door after changing in her dress…….

part 28…………………

maan: thik hain hamari to koi kadar hi nahi hain,,,,and he goes to his room….geet open the door after changing in her dress…….

bindiya: kitna der karti ho geet? pata hain na daadi kitni strict hain,, unhe late aana bilkul pasand nahi…

geet made a cute complaining face: maine kya kiya ye to wo m,,,,,,,,,,,,,

bindiya: maan? maan aaya tha yaha?

geet: nahi mera matlab hain k,,

bindiya: jhoot kehne ki jarurat nahi hain,, i know wohi aaya hoga….. aur abhi bhi wo hamari baate sun raha hoga,,,

maan was leaning on the room from his room to hear bindiya’s statement he strainghten himself….. but bindiya shouted abhi thik se kyun khare horahe ho, baate to sabhi sunli…. meri galti hain maine geet ko yaha rakkha,, aaj hi main tumhe yaha se before she could complete maan was there holding geet in one hand,,,

maan: don’t u dare……..

bindiya: agaya na line pe, sach samne agayi na,, tumhe hi the yaha aur issi liye geet ko late huya ready hone,, maan keh rahi hu sudhar jao…..

maan caught off gaurd….. ha main tha kya karogi tum? arree meri biwi hain wo..

bindiya: abhi tak puri tarha se bani nahi…. pura vidhi vidhan baaki hain abhi…. waise bhi daadima to,,,,,

maan: daadima kya?

bindiya: umm wo kuch nahi tum dono niche chalo…. she wanted to leave but geet hold her hand and make her sit in the bed and she herself sit infront of her in the floor…..

geet: tum itni tense kyun ho bindiya? aur mujhe pata hain daadima mujhe pasand nahi karti…

maan: aisa nahi hain geet….

geet: maan mujhe pata hain daadima mujhe pasand nahi karti,, aur kare bhi kyun, unhe na meri pehchan malum hain, na meri parivar… kuch bhi to nahi pata mere baare me,, kaise wo apne pote ko kisi aise ladko soupe jisse wo thik se janti tak nahi…..

bindiya was deep thought and unknowingly she said: janna chahe tab na….

maan: kya??

bindiya: kuch nahi,, geet ne thik kaha,, i think hume geet ko daadi se acche se milvana chahiye aur impress karwana chahiye, hain na geet? geet noded her head in yes…..

maan: tum ladkiya kaha kaha se idea dhundke laati ho, both the girl took two cussion and throw to him,, dimaag hogi tab jaano ge na both said in union…. and giggle,, maan was happy to see the most importend women in his life laughing and giggling…..three of them make their where daadi was waiting for them…..

all off them were in the dinning table,,, a huge dinning table with 12 chair set……….. maan was seated in the middle,, daadi has seated beside him… and geet either side , right side of maan….

daadi: apko pata hain na hume late bilkul pasand nahi….

maan: sorry daadi,

daadi.. hmm, suru kijiye… there was 3 kind of pasta and noodles,, maan was looking at geet who’s eyes like any moment could be out from her socket…… and her face was showing completely YUCKKKKKK

bindiya knew it geet doesn’t like italian or noodle she hate it….. she like only indian masaledar khana……

bindiya: geet main kuch aur layu khane k liye?

daadi: kyun kya huya? iss khane me kya burayi hain…. ye maan ki bhi favorate hain…..

maan: daadi geet ko ye khana pasand nahi,, she hate continental….. he was smiling but daadi was fuming….

daadi: pehle batana chahiye tha, hum kuch aur order kar dete….. aur continentel me kya burayi hain,, aur aap hi to hamesha naraz ho jate the jab bhi kisi din aapka fav pasta nahi banta to…..

maan: daadi to geet ke liye kuch aur bana dete hain……

geet: nahi maan, main ye kha lungi,,

maan: nahi geet mujhe pata hain tumhe ye bilkul pasand nahi,, kuch aur banwa lete hain…..

daadi: jab wo khud keh rahi hain wo ye kha sakti hain to tumhe kya problem hai,,,,

bindiya: lekin,,,,,,,,,,,

geet: main kha lungi,, don’t worry…….

geet was trying to digest the food,, the smell she didn’t like…but have to bear it for her love….maan hold her hand under thr table and squeej it,,,geet was lefty and maan hold her left hand, so geet couldn’t eat with right hand,, she was having difficulty to hold the spoon in her right hand,,, she was pleading maan with her eyes to let of her hand….

daadi: aap aise kyun kha rahi hain geet? aapko spoon pakadna nahi aata? ya aapke ghar me hath se khaate hain?

bindiya: nahi daadi geet lefty hain…

daadi: to left hath se spoon pakde, right se kyun pakda huya hain?

bindiya : koi chode tab na wo left se khayegi……

geet was giving maan deadly glare and that was enough,, maan let go of her hand…but geet didn’t like the food she played with the food for sometime and when all finished their food she also get up to go the room…. but daadi stopped them,,

daadi: maan aaj tum ghar pe hi rehna, rest karlo… aur shaam ko meri frnd shaila aur uski poti aslesha arahe hain,, to ghar pe rehna,, daadi was giving geet a meaning look… geet understood what she wanted to say but maan was lost in something else…. bindiya saw the pain in geet’s eyes…

maan: daadi mujhe aaj hi report karna hoga, commisnor,,,,,

daadi: maine unse baat karli hain,,, aur wo maan gaye hain……… go and take some rest……..

geet silently goes to her room and bindiya wanted to go to console her but maan stopped her…

maan: bindiya mujhe kuch kaam hain tumse,, chalo…. bindiya looked at the retreting figure of geet….. but decided to talk to maan about it,, but he was too busy in his world to listen to her….

sometime later maan goes to geet’s room…..geet was reading something, actually she was lost in her thought and book was just a thing to show that she is lost in the book…..

maan: geet,,,,

geet: hmm….

maan: ye lo?

geet: kya hain maan?

maan: logi to janogi na….

geet take it from his hand ,, a tray full of food,,,

geet: paratha and dahi….

maan make himself comfatable in her bed beside her : hmm, maine dekha tha tumne kuch nahi khaya tha….

geet: lekin ye banaya kisne…

maan took a bit af the paratha and dip it in the dahi and hold it infront of geet….geet open her mouth without breaking

her eye contact with him..

geet: ye aapne banaya?

maan: nahi wo bindiya,,,

geet: maine bindiya k hath ka khana kha chuki hu, ye uske hath se nahi bana aur daadi k samne kisi noukar ne to nahi banaya hoga….

maan took another bite and fed her: hmm, bindiya ne madad ki, tumne kuch nahi khaya tha…

geet was in tears: maan aap mujhse itna pyar karte ho,,, aapne ye sab, itni takleeq,,

maan: sshhh geet,, maine kaha na tum bhi meri ho to apno k liye itna to chalta hain,, aur main kaise sehta tum aise bhooki rako,,, waise bhi tumabhi kamjor ho,, and then he slowly come close to her and whisper mer sath itni kamjor geet nahi chalegi u know, tum jaldi thak jayogi he was smiling like teasing her and geet smacked his hand with the pillow but accidently she hit his hand where he get a burn mark…

maan: ouch

geet: kya huya maan dikhaiye,,, ye kaise huya?

maan: kuch nahi geet jarasi,,,

geet: ye jara si hain? kis angle se ye aapko choti lagti hain,,, ye huya kaise…

maan: wo main,,

geet’s eyes were moist: ye parathe banate waqt huye the na?

maan: nahi geet…

geet: main bohot buri hu maan, mere liye aapko kitni takleef sehni padhi main but maan sealed her lips with his,,, geet muffle in his mouth but he didn’t let go beside he waited patiently for her response,, soon she repond…… their passion their love was bigger to remove slight pain of their hand or any tension that she is going through….. but there was someone who was witnessing there cute fight,,

bindiya was standing outside of geet’s room: i hope tum dono k pyar ko kisi ki nazar na laage,, main tumhare duniya me dukh nahi dekh sakti… aise hamesha ek dusre ka hath thame rehna…..she goes from their….

inside the room maaneet’s kiss was to passionate that they forgot about the time,, maan slowly takes her dupatta off and came to her neck,, her milky white skin always invite him lavishly…. he bite her neck like claiming her, geet moan in pain and passion,,, her hand goes his neck,, she was pulling his hair slightly slightly giving pleasure to him….. he slides down his hand in her kurti squeezing a little… and came back to her lips,, passionately sucking her lower lips….. and she his upper lips,, both were not geting enough of each other….. they were drowning again in their plessure……they were kissing for the last 30mins still they didn’t want to part from each other….. (tich thinking ye dono saans lene ki jarurat nahi hain kya :p)

slowly they control each other and finished the kissed with a peak on the lips……..

maan: geet ye khana finish karo,, mujhe kuch kaam hain aur shaam ko taiyar rehna…

geet noded her head….


daadi’s guest were coming,, maan wanted to go to geet but daadi stopped him to recieve the guest…. geet was feeling low as she could understand why this get together was happening now……geet comes down clad in white anarkari suit looking like a pari,,, though daadima was little impressed by her choice and as she was looking not lesser than a angel herself…. but her fat EGO stopped her to looking at the angel, and she recieve the guest aslesha and her daadi shaila,, savitri devi’s frnd….. aslesha was wearing a red dress coming to her knees,, looking sexy…. she sensually walked to maan and extent her hand to him but maan’s eyes were glueded in geet who was coming to next to him…. he was blown away to see the beauty of her…and aslesha too noticed that so she decided to stand next to him so that geet have to stand infront of him… maan was angry and anybody can guess that but daadi ignored his look….bindiya stands next to geet…

all of them cames to the living area and get their seat…this time maan was clever enough to sit beside geet, and bindiya seated aslesha beside her to which she only get glare from daadi….

daadi: so aslesha done with ur graduation…

aslesha: yeah daadi… now i m doing modelling,, two big company is ready to sign me…..

daadi is little dissapointed but she manage to put up a proud smile….aslesha’s daadi eyed her to what she is telling them…. and aslesha manage to cover up…

aslesha: mera matlab, offers aaye hain lekin main soch rahi hu,, dad ki company join karu, bohot hogaya ye modelling…..

daadi was relief now: hmm aapke soch bohot acchi hain……. aap hamare ghar pehli baar aayi hain, aapko gharka tour dete hain…

aslesha’s daadi: savitri hum abb old ho chuke hain, inhe hamary compant acchi nahi lagegi, baccho ko ek sath jaane do hum yaha baithte hain…

daadi: hmm ye thik hain…. maan aap aslesha ko ghar dikha dijiye…

maan: main?

daadi: koi problem hain?

mischevoious thought played in his mind: nahi daadi, main dikha deta hu…. chalo aslesha,

both stand up to go then maan said: geet chalo, yaha kya karogi?

geet’s face was dull like she was thinking something….

maan: geet,,,,,

geet: ha?

maan: chalo,,,

geet: aap jayiye, main kya karungi aap dono k sath?

maan: hum dono nahi bindiya bhi hogi aur tum bhi to nayi ho,, is bahane tum bhi dekh logi… lets go…..

bindiya: chalo geet…….aslesha doesn’t like the attension she was getting from maan.. but she can’t say anything right now…..

part 29

geet and maan were walking beside and aslesha and bindiya was on the othe side..maan slowly takes her hand in her hand… geet looked at him shocked and embaressed… bindiya was talking with aslesha whom eyes are on maan who was seenig geet continuosly…… (kitna lamba line hoga lol)

maan slowly whisper to geet: bohot khubsurat lag rahi ho,,, to which geet only smiled and her cheek become red due to blush…maan pulled her close to him…

geet: maan chodiye na,, aslesha dekhegi to kya sochegi….

maan: sochne do, hume usse kya,, geet smiled sadly…. ye to kabab me haddi ban gayi hain,, abhi ye nahi hoti to hum kamre me,,,,

geet: maannnnn……………

aslesha: kya khusur phusur horahi hain,, hume bhi to pata chale…

maan: none of ur concern aslesha….aslesha was feeling a sudden jealousy from geet…..

bindiya:  ye hamre dadaji ka kamra hain… isme bohot khubsurat cheese hain… their was antiqe furniture and his paintings….

aslesha: huh ye purani fatichar jagah kya hain…..

maan: asleshaaa….. ye hamare dadaji k room hain,, tumhe nahi dekhna to yaha se ja sakti ho….

aslesha has to cover up soon: oh i m so sorry maan maine suna nahi tha…. hmm really its interesting…. the ashtray is nice…

geet: ye ashtray nahi candle stand hain……

aadi just make his way right then: hahahahaha candle stand ko ashtray,, wah……

aslesha: ha main janti hu bas tumhari kwonledge dekh rahi thi……

geet suppress her smile goes to the paintings collection… there was a spark in her eyes… she was touching every painting with her finger like she found a treasure….

aslesha: yuck kitna dhul hain….

geet: its beautifull,, sunset when moon is coming…. dark yet light……

maan could saw she was loving it,, he goes near her : ye dadaji banate the… he used to made painting for me…aur kuch dekhna chahogi? geet looked at him with questioning eyes..

aadi and bindiya was talking to aslesha to busy her with them… aadi was appreciating her style and she completely forgot about maan n geet……

maan take geet to a old book self,, that was huge….. a little dusty yet beautifull….. geet was too happy to see it as she loves reading…..

geet: maan its huge… her eyes were big and sparking… she was happy….

maan take her in his embrace: hmm thats why tumhe yaha laaye hu,, mujhe laga jisse dadaji k paintings pasand ayenge usse books bhi pasand ayenge…. geet tum yaha se kabhi v koi v book le sakti ho…

geet was smiling: sacchiiii?

maan: mucchiiii… but ek shart hain..geet face become dull

geet: kya shart? maan looked her mischeviously and took a step towards her and geet understood his intension…. maannnnn……….geet run away from there and hit aslesha by mistake…

aslesha: what the hell u b,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but stopped middway to see the rage in maan’s eye……..

geet: i m really sorry,,

aslesha: its k….. she goes to maan hey maan chalo na tumhara room dekhe,,, she was touching his arm and that was not tolerable for geet,, she made a cute angry face to maan, to which he ignored…..

maan: lets go…. he knew the only way to get geet close to him is jealousy……

geet to aadi: dekho na bhai wo kaise maan se chipak rahi hain….

aadi: but maan bhi to mana kar sakta tha na,, kya jarurat thi,,,,

bindiya: but bechara karta kya, daadi k guest hain.… all were having fun to see the jealous geet….all went to maan’s room….

aadi made him self comfatable in maan’s bed, and maan slapped him in his head and told him to behave in his room….bindiya took a seat in the couch as she was feeling tired cause of the pregnancy..geet help her to sit and made herself comfatable…. aslesha was impressed to see his room but geet was slightly hesitating as this is the 1st time she come in his room….

aslesha: nice room maan,,, the room was huge,, in center there was a king size bed… one corner there was 3 cupboard,, and another side there was his piano….. aslesha goes near the piano and tried to impress maan by playing but that horrible,, soon aslesha realized she couldn’t tolerate herself anymore…..

aslesha: maan ye kaisa piano hain, thik se bajta nahi,,

aadi: isse bajana padhta hain……

everybody laughed at her and so was geet, she was giggling and that was not acceptable for aslesha…

aslesha: itna has rahi ho geet tumhe khud bajana bhi aata hain??

geet: nahi wo mujhe but maan grab her hand,

maan: main sikha dunga,, he made her sit infront of it and he hold her hand from behind… geet was angry with him as he let her enter the room but maan hold her hand tight and nuzzle close to her neck infront of aslesha to fuel her anger…….. maan slowly started the piano with a sweet rythm…. they played fro some time…

aslesha: ye to tum mujhe bhi sikha sakte the na,, then main bhi play karna sikh sakti thi but then they heard the piano sound all looked at it to see who is playing and there was geet playing the piano like she was lost the rythm… a beautifull rythm that can melt anyones heart.. daadi heard the sound from downstairs.. and was surprised as its coming from maan’s room.. and this is a new DHUN….. she was loving it but didn’t know who is it….. suddenly geet stopped and her eyes were moist……

maan could sense something went wrong with her…..

maan: kya huya geet? tum roh kyun rahi ho?

geet: maan ye dhun mujhe papaji ne sikhayi thi,, unki bohot yaad arahi hain……….

maan hide her in his embraces like sheidling her from the world,, sshhh geet mat roh,, wo thik hain aur bohot jald tum unse milogi….. okk he cleared her tears with his thumbs…geet noded….

bindiya: chalo abb sab dinner k liye chalte hain..

all were coming down by the coridor,, aadi bindiya and aslesha were together and maan geet behind them….

maan saw the sadness in geet’s eyes…. and he knew how to divert her mind from there…

maan: bindiya tum aslesha ko niche le jayo main kuch vul gaya kamre me,,, wo leke aata hu….

aadi understood his intension,,, maan goes from there,, the coridor was huge,, and aadi make them busy in there talk while geet was behind them lost in her world, suddenly someone pulled her,, before she could utter a word he rest his palm on her mouth….geet was pulled in a dark room… but she was not scared as she knew the touch too well…after pinning her to one of the wall he takes off his palm…

geet: maan…. ye aap kya kar rahe ho…

maan: romance,,,

geet: aap pe romance ka bhoot kuch jayada nahi chadha hain?

maan: nahi to,, kya geet itne time baad to tum kareeb mili ho,, kuch pyar karogi lekin tum,,,, he was coming close to her lips but geet stopped him… and poked his arm

geet: ye sab kya hain maan, aise saitaniya aapke dimaag me aati kaise hain…..

maan: tumhe dekh k,,, geet takes her eyes down…….

maan comes close to her earloab: itni khubsurat lagogi to main kaise sambhalu apne aap ko? geet blush furiously,,, uff geet main jab bhi tumhare ye laal gaal dekhta hu to mujhe inhe,, inhee

geet looked at him curiously: inhe?

maan slowly whisper: kha jaane ka man karta hain,, geet was smiling…. maan kisses her cheek sweetly,,, geet closed her eyes,, he then one by one kisses her eyes….geet rest her hand on his heart…..

maan: geet ye dhadkan abb sirf tumhari naam ki sunayi deti hain….. geet meet his eyes only to see love…..

unconditional love where there no place to jealousy or any other thing in the world…. she hugged him tight,, only she knew, wht he meant to her, she doesn’t want to losse him,, till the time aslesha came she was finding difficult to say anything to anyone,, mostly daadi but ow she knew what she have to do,, no matter what happen she couldn’t let him to be alone.. she can fight with anyone to anything only for his happiness……………………

part 30……………………

maan: geet ye dhadkan abb sirf tumhari naam ki sunayi deti hain….. geet meet his eyes only to see love….. unconditional love where there is no place for jealousy or any other thing in the world…. she hugged him tight,, only she knew, wht he meant to her, she doesn’t want to losse him,, till the time aslesha came she was finding difficult to say anything to anyone,, mostly daadi but ow she knew what she have to do,, no matter what happen she couldn’t let him to be alone.. she can fight with anyone to anything only for his happiness……………………

they were in the hug for past 10 mins…. but none of them wanted to break the beautifull hug….slowly geet came out from his embrace…

maan: kya huya geet,, tum itni udas kyun ho, kabse dekh raha hu,, tum kahi khoyi huyi lag rahi…

geet: kuch nahi maan, bas tabiyat thik nahi lag rahi hain,,,,

in the mean time aslesha realized that maaneet were not behind them….

aslesha: hey bindiya geet kaha hain,,

bindiya: wo usse kuch kaam tha wo apne kamre me gayi hain,,,

aslesha realised there is fishing something….. she goes to geet’s room and the room is near where geet and maan is….when aslesha was near the room,, aadi called her more to inform maan….

aadi: aslesha chodo na, geet ko rest karne do……..

to hear this maaneet break apart and hide behind a pillar…..aslesha came to the room door but not finding anyone she goes to geet’s room but she was not there………

maaneet was in a corner, very close,, hugging each other…….feeling each other,, maan was holding her tight by her waist and she was holding him by his shoulder,, actually to balance herself as he was pulling her close to him and she was leaning on him…. geet was feeling butterflies in her stomace,, every time maan touch her she feel a new sensation passing through her spine…..he has touch her many time many place but every time was new… though they are not in a compromising position still they feel their heartbeat rise……

geet: maannn,, chodiye na plsss…

maan: pakda to tumne bhi mujhe,,,

geet: maan sab niche intezar kar rahe hain,,

maan: karne do…..

geet: koi yaha ajayega

maan: aane do,

geet: kya sochega

maan: sochne do,,,,, mujhe to bas tumhare kareeb rehna hain….. he was coming close to her lips they heard a familier voice,,,

daaima: MAANNNNNN kaha hain aapa?

geet: daadima….

maan: daadima?

geet: daadima aapko bula rahi hain,, jao jaldi..

maan: but wo

geet: wo kya? jayiye na

maan: mera kiss?

geet: maan

maan: ok ok jata hu lekin mujhe wo chahiye ha…..maan goes down stairs,,,, and some time later geet to goes there… aslesha was fuming and so was daadi….

daadi: kaha thi aap geet?

geet: main wo,,,,

maan: room me thi…

aslesha: wo room me nahi thi aur naahi tum….

maan: maine kab kaha wo apne room me thi,, wo to mere room me thi…

aslesha’s daadi’s eyes poped out: tumhare room me and she looked at geet digustedly……

maan: hmmm mujhe geet se case k baare me kuch punch na tha jo case main yaha discus nahi kar sakta…. and its better k hamare mamle me koi jayada dhakhal andaazi naahi kare to accha hain….. he said the line looking at daadi and then aslesha…..daadi knew when said something like that he really meant that so she decided to change the topic…..

daadi: aage se case discuss karna ho to koi time pe karna, mehman aaye hain so unhe bhi time dijiye….

maan: ye mehman jinke hain wo to unhe full time de rahe hain na….

daadi knew this will be going far so she called everyone to the dinner table…aslesha wanted to sit beside maan but maan took the seat beside geet…. and the other side bindiya made her self comfatble…aslesaha was angry but couldn’t do anything….

the servents serve the dinner, aslesha look at the dishes evilly,,,

aslesha: maine suna geet ko masaledar khana pasand hain,,

maan: tumhe kisne kaha?

aslesha wo daadi,,,

daadi: ha nakul ko pata tha so usine geet k fav khana pakaya,,,

maan: chicken curry and rice,, yummy,, geet looked at him in awe, he doesn’t like to eat oily and spicy food but now he is relishing it……

aslesha: maan maine suna tumhe italian food pasand hain, ye spicy food nahi….

maan; kisne kaha ye,, mujhe ye khane ka maza pata nahi tha jab tak geet nahi aayi meri zindegi me….. lo suru karo,, i m feeling hungry…..

geet wanted to take it but maan took it and serve aslesha,, geet was confused so was aadi but bindiya was smiling and both daadi were happy…..

aslesha’s daadi: aare ye to iska bhi fav hain, ye to akele hi saare kha sakti hain…

aadi: lagta to nahi hain ye itna kha sakti hain he he he…..

aslesha: maan main wo,,

maan: are aslesha ek baar taste karke to dekho bohot accha hain,, i m sure ek bite se tumhe takleef nahi hogi,, atleast for my sake..aur daadi ne bhi to kaha ye tumhara fav hain…aslesha couldn’t denied as her daadi is too happy to see

maan’s polite,,and on the other hand aadi took the curry to serve geet but maan snatch it and pass her a fruit salad and soup to which geet only made cute angry faces… maan hide her smile and said

maan: doctor se baat huyi…..spicy khana band sirf yehi milega……

geet: but subah,,

maan: abhi ye hi khana padega…. common….. and aslesha take the bite na,,, what r u waiting for,, aslesha take the curry and rice with shaking hand,, and one bite is enough for make her cry….

daadi: kya huya bete? aap roh kyun rahi hain?

aslesha just take the glass of water,,, mirchiiiiiiiiiiii…. ye bohot spicy hain, mujhe ye sab nahi pasand…

maan: aab dusro ko mirchi khilana chahogi to thode apne naseeb me bhi ayenge na….

aslesha looked at him shocked and maan gave his famous smirk…… and joined geet in her salad from her plate only to shocked everyone….

daadi: ye aap kya kar rahe hain,, uss ladki ka jhoota kha rahe hain,, aur ye kaise baate kar rahe hain aap aslesha k sath?

maan: wohi jiske ye layak hain, geet k khaane me mirchi milane se pehle usne ek baar nahi socha, usse pata tha ye sirf geet ko pasand hain aur hum dusra khana khane wale hain…

aslesha: nahi main wo but maan stands up from his seat

maan: jhoot mat bolna aslesha,,,

daadi:maannnn,, usse jhoot bolne ki kya jarurat hain, aur aapne khud dekha usse aise karte huye k aap yunhi,

maan: MAAN SINGH KHURANA bin dekhe kuch nahi kehta daadi,,, maine kitchen me aslesha ko mirchi milate dekh liya tha aur usika dao uspe feka,,, aap janti hain agar ye khana geet kha leti to kya hota? wo fir se hospital pouch jaati, kyun k doctor ne kaha hain geet digestic systm abhi bhi weak hain… aur kuch bhi galat khana usse takleef de sakti hain…

daadi: aap ek mamuli ladki k liye humse aur hamare guest se aise baat kar rahe hain,, aslesha jo aapki hone wali fiance hain, usse aise treat kar rahe hain…..

maan shouted: daadiiiiiii,,,,,,,,, geet kya hain maine aapko pehle bhi bataya hain,,, ye meri fiance banne wali hain na? lekin geet meri wife ban chuki hain…. aur aapko to kya kisiko bhi ye haq nahi geet ko mujhse alag kare…….

aslesha and her daadi was shocked to hear this and they look at savitri devi with the look of  accussation,, that made daadi furious

daadi: ye kal ki aayi huyi ladki k liye aap humse aise baat kar rahe hain…. apni daadi buya baat nahi man rahe hain… akhir ye ladki me hain hi kya jo aap ko pure duniya ki fikar nahi rahi,, waqt aane pe sirf apne hamare pass rehte hain maan, dekhna ye ladki bhi apni asliyat ek din dikhayegi,, ye aapse pyar nahi karti sirf doulat k liye aapke pass hain,,geet looked at her with tears and pleading eyes,, that is not like what she is thinking….. aisi jhooti ladki ko hum acche se jante hain, inhe sirf ameed ladke chahiye phasane k liye,, pata nahi apse pehle aur kitne ladko k sath,,,,

maan: DAADIIIIIII,,, ek aur labz nahi geet k khilaf,, aap janti hi kitna hain uske baare me…. aap ko kuch nahi pata daadi, ye geet jisse aap itna galat suna rahe hain wo geet apke pote k liye ek baar jaan dene se bhi piche nahi hati, puri zindegi kurban karne chali gayi thi aur ye jo aap keh rahe the dusre ladke,,, kisi aur k chune se pehle hi meri ne khudkhusi karna manjur samjha,,,,, geet was crying silently with her hand on her mouth……daadi was shocked to hear this….. as she could never ever imagine a girl would be like this, can she destroy her life for her love?? aur aap to kya bhagwan bhi aake mujhse kahenge k meri geet galat hain to main unki baat bhi nahi manunga….geet looked at him with tears in his eyes and there is only love for him,, maan couldn’t bare to see tears in her eyes, he so waned to hugged her, console her, kiss her, love her……..

part 31………….

geet looked at him with tears in his eyes and there is only love for him,, maan couldn’t bare to see tears in her eyes, he so wanted to hugged her, console her, kiss her, love her……..

aslesha was shocked to see the immense love maan has on geet,,, she was feeling jelous but can’t do anything,, she have decided to make daadi herside,,, on the other hand geet just leave from there….. maan too wanted to leave but

daadi stopped him..

daadi: aapka matlab kya hain maan? ye ladki,,,

maan: ha geet ne mere liye marna manjur kiya tha daadi, zindegi aur maut me se kisi ek ko chunna tha, usne zindegi chuni bhi to mere liye… kyun ki main usse bohot pyar karta hu…. maan went from there……

after their departure bindiya and aadi narate all the thing which was happened in dhaandiwall. maaneet meeting, the circumstances.. only for maan she was willingly to get a knot with ranjeet and after that she was in hospital as she ate poison,, only because she loved maan and she would not allow anyone to touch hear the whole story daadi buya took a seat beside them but aslesha took the chance to give a fuel to the fire as she thought daadi is not believing bindiya and aadi….

aslesha: kya bakwas hain, kisi k liye zindegi de rahi thi ya ranjeet se uske najayat rishta ban gaya tha so issi liye,,, SLAPPPPPPP aslesha was shocked to see the face who slapped her so tight….. daadii?

daadi: hum ne tumhe maan k liye compatible samjha tha lekin tumne apna asi chehra dikha diya,,, accha huya ye chehra hume pehle dikh gaya,,,,, itni ghatiya soch rakhti ho tum,,, ek ladki hoke dusre ladki ki izaat k baare me bolne se pehle ek baar bhi nahi socha tumne,,,

shaila: savitri,,

daadi: mujhse bohot badhi galti hogayi shaila k maine isse apne pote k liye chuna ye jante huye bhi k wo geet se pyar karte hain, hume laga wo ladki sayad maan se itna pyar nahi karti, gareeb khandan se hogi to maan k paiso k khatir se shaadi karna chahti hogi lekin isne dikha diya ameer insan bhi paiso k bhuke hote hain…

aslesha: ye aap kya keh rahi hain main to uski asli,,,

daadi: asli chehra mujhse tumhara dikhayi de raha hain,,, galat the hum k us pyari bacchi ko galat samjha jisne apni zindegi ki parwa na karte huye hamare pote ki jaan bachayi….. uski asli pehchan na jante huye bhi maan se pyar kiya bina kuch sawal kiye huye, bina uske khandan uske status dekhe huye… aur tum jo sirf yaha is ghar ko dekh k impress hoke maan se shaadi karne ki liye razi hogayi sirf paise dekh kar,,,, chali jao yaha se isse pehle hum aur kuch keh de,,, shaila le jayiye isse yaha se,, abb ye rishta nahi hosakta…

aslesha was cursing geet under her breath and her daadi was cursing her………..

daadi: bindiya geet kaha hain?

bindiya: pata nahi daadi, dekhte hain, sayad kamre me ho….



in the garden geet was siting in a bench, sobbing when maan came to her and hugged her from behind,, geet instantly wiped her tears but that was not unnoticed by maan….

maan: tum roh rahi thi?

geet: nahi maan bas..

maan: ankho me kuch chala gaya,, yehi na,, tum jhoot nahi bol sakti geet……geet turn around and hugged him…

geet: maan daadi mujhe pasand nahi karti,,,,

maan: sshh geet, koi pasand kare na kare shaadi to main tumse hi karunga….

geet broke the hug: nahi maan badho k asirwad k bina koi relation sukhi nahi hota,,

maan: lekin wo agar mana karegi to kya tum mujhse shaadi nahi karogi…

geet goes little far from him…

geet: agar main na kahu to…

maan: geettt,, he was angry and that was showing his red eyes,,, how can u say something like this? hamari shaadi ho chuki hain aur tum,

geet: wo puri shaadi nahi thi maan, na vidhi vidhan na mantra na phere na badho ka asirwad kuch bhi t nahi tha…

maan: to kya wo tumhare liye shaadi se kam tha?

geet: maan aap meri baat kyun nahi sun rahe ho?

maan: maine pyar kiya hai tumse, kisike chahne ya na chahne se kuch nahi badlega,,, shaadi to main tumse hi karunga, daadi maane ya na maane..

geet: lekin main aisi shaadi nahi chahti,,

maan’s eyes were spitting fire: iska matlab tum mujhse shaadi k liye na kar rahi ho,

geet: maine aisa nahi kaha maan,,

maan: aur kuch kehne ki jarurrat bhi nahi hain,,, tumhe shaadi nahi karni na, thik hain mat karo….main dubara ye topic nahi uthaunga,, he goes from there leaving geet in tears,,, she slpped on the ground on her knees….

geet: kyun babaji ye sab mere sath hi kyun? maine kya galti ki hain jo mujhe ye saja de rahe ho, bas itna hi to manga k jaha mere parivar mere sath nahi kamse kam unke parivar sath ho? hume ek sath rehna ka ashirwad de… kya itna badha gunah kar diya?? she was crying bitterly,, and some one rested a hand on her shoulder, geet looked at the person… daadi?


daadi: hume maaf kar dijiye geet,, but geet her her from the waist, daadi to engulf her in her embraces, leting her cry…….


daadi wanted to talk to maan but maan is on high temper,,, its being 2days now,, maan was busy n busy…. he didn’t come home after that night….. its being the 2nd day, daadi called him in the police station…

maan: hello maan singh khuran here,,,,

daadi: pata hain hume….

maan: daadi aap? is no pe phn kiya? sab thik hain na?

daadi: ye kya maan aap 2 din se ghar nahi aaye aur humse punch rahe hain sab thik hain na,,,, aur apka phn bhi switched off hain to karte bhi kya so issi pe phn kiya…aap ghar kab arahe hain?


maan: daadi mujhe kuch kaam hain so sayad aaj bhi main nahi ayunga ghar,, sab thik hain na ghar pe,, daadi looked at geet who was looking at her with hope,,, ha sab thik hain, hosake to aaj ajaiyega ghar, hamare liye nahi to kisi aur k liye and she hung up the phn… maan knew geet is ok there, his inforformer is everywhere..( bindiya aur kon) he knew geet will be upset but he told bindiya to take care of her,, but geet ka haal to wo hi jaane….. geet has putting a happy face infront of everyone but inside she was crying every mins,,, it is 2 days now, still maan didn’t come home for a min…. she was crying the whole night,,, what can she do,, she loved him but he didn’t even wanted to talk to her,,, she tried to call him on his cell but its switced off then in aadi’s cell but he didn’t take it,, PS but he was not there….. she was breaking inside her health too was suffering,, infront of bindiya she took everything but she couldn’t eat properly and bindiya could see this… she called maan and inform him that geet is not taking anything…..

maan was worried for her but he was angry on her,,,,, but nothing is bigger than her health….maan made way to the mansion at 8 pm… everyone is on the dinning table,,, geet too but she was lost,, staring at the black, playing with the food…. maan heart wrenched to see her like this,, geet didn’t saw him yet,, he took the the seat and that time geet saw him….she so wanted to talk to him but he was no near to look at her…. half heartedly she ate some thing….

daadi: aare maan aapne to kaha tha aap nahi aane wale,,,

maan: utna jaruri case nahi tha so chala aaya….

daadi: accha kiya,,,

all finished their food and goes to their respected room… geet followed maan to his room…

geet: maan mujhe aap se baat karni hain,, but maan shut his room’s door infront of her… geet went to her room crying… in the mid night geet heard some noise from the left side room from the terace,, she followed the sound,, and she saw maan was doing his exircise vigorously….

he was angry and need something to take on the anger…. he was doing his kick boxcing,, geet couldn’t bare al this she goes to stopped him but that time he broke 3 layer of ice plate with his bare and,, blood was driping from his hand,,,

geet: maannnnn,,, ye kya kiya aapne, she takes his hand on her kitna khoon beh raha hain…..

maan: behne do, waise bhi tumhe kyun takleef horahi hain? iske maine hi kya hain tumhare liye…

geet: maan aap ye sab kya keh rahe ho,, kitna dard horaha hain aapko plss maan khoon aarah hath se….

maan hold her arms tightly causing her winch in pain,,, but geet is in pain only for him…

maan: yehi khoon se tumhari mang vari thi lekin wo to abb tumhari liye koi jagah nahi rakhti geet to main konsi jagah rakhta hu tumhari zindegi me,,, he throw her and she land on the floor,, he was leaving but geet stopped him…

geet: aap to meri puri zindegi hain maan,,, agar aap hi nahi to meri zindegi ka kya faida….


maan was giving his back to her: ye sab kitabi baate hain geet, agar main tumhari zindegi hota to tum mujhse shaadi k liye mana nahi karti, sirf ek dikhave k liye samaj ka dhuhai nahi deti….

geet: maine apna parivar kho diya maan, aapko apke parivar se dur nahi karna chahti thi,,, khud yaha se daadi se dur nahi hona chahti thi……

maan comes near her: lekin kabhi nahi socha tumse dur hogaya to main apni zindegi se dur hojayunga,,, tum meri zindegi ho geet,, tumse dur rehne k wajahe main marna pasand karunga,,

geet rest her palm on his lips: aise baate kabhi mat karna ,,, i m sorry maan, maine kabhi apka dil dhukhana nahi chaha tha, but pata nahi kaise apko aur dukh de diya.. i m really sorry,,, aahhhhhh

maan: geetttt,,, geet has accidently stepped in an ice stone,,, ans her feet is bleeding now… maan immediatly held her and lifted her,,

 kitni baar kaha hain dekh ke chalo… abb dekha kat gaya na… bohot dard horaha hain kya,,, geet noded her head in point at his wound,, maan smiled,, he takes her in his room and lied down….. then comes with a 1st aid but geet took it and apply on maan’s hand,, and he too applies it on her feet,, and after that he kissed her there…

she closed her eyes and mumble: main sirf aapki hu maan,, aur aapki nahi to kisi aur ki bhi nahi,,

maan: sshh geet main janta hu, dulhan to tum sirf meri hi banogi… and takes her lips in his,, geet too gave in… she was longing for him for 2 days,, he then takes off her dupatta,, and slowly came to her neck,, and sensualy kissed her,,, giving her light peak but that was mixed with emotion,, both missed each other, longed for each other cried for each other and now the time is loving each other…..

maan was all over on geet,,, he open her hair,,, kissed her soulder,,, geet was holding his shoulder tightly….maan make her sit on the bed,, takes out her bangle and kissed it…geet stands up from the bed and and goes near the balcony, where rain just started… she extent her hand and maan too, holing her arm to her hand,,, the waterdrop was falling on geet’s face, making her beauty more glorious, and making maan weak on his senses,, he lost himself completely,,, he slide down his hand to her waist to her abdoment…

and nuzzle his nose on the crook of her neck,,

geet shivered in his touch… he was squeezing her abdoment,, only to make geet’s breath uneaisy…he kissed her neck,, geet turn and hugged him… he was massaging her every part of the body,, to control himself but it was making geet weak on her knees…. she kissed his cheek….. and the forehead and eyes….. maan was slowly pinning her on a wall beside…. he kisses her on the lips,, geet open her mouse and he enter her mouth,, maan was exploding her mouth’s corner and geet too gave him… she was holding his hair….. pulling him more close to her….

geet was in the middle of the wall and maan,, there was no space,, they broke the kiss to catch up some air,,,maan was kissing her on the neck…. slowly they made their way to the bed,, geet was top of maan,, she kissed his neck and gave sensual wet kisses to his chest,, he couldn’t hold him self, he pulled her to takes  beneath him and takes her hand  over her head,,, and kissed her lips again,,, maan let go of geet’s hand and move her around and open the zipp of her kurti… geet’s breath caught in her throat….. maan kissed her back,, and was going down… he stopped at the hook of her bra,,, and took it off through his teeth….. geet gasp,,, but maan was nowhere to srop,,, he lied her in the bed and open her salwar ,,

geet whisper : maan but maan comes close to her lips

maan: pls geet aaj main apne aap ko rokna nahi chahta,,, sama jana chahta hu tumme….. aaj mujhe mat rokna…

geet can see the emotional turmoil maan was going through,, his eyes only speaks for love and desire…

geet: main to aapki hu maan… and sealed his lips with her that gave the permission to maan…. he deepened the kiss…. and takes of her kurta and salawar along with his cloths… he kisses her neck and chest,, bite it claiming her,, comes down to her curves,, sucking biting… he took one curve in his mouth and other slowly rubing with his thumbs,,, teasing her and geet was continuosly moaning his name, that was giving him the power to go beyond and give her the pleasure,,, he took the other curve and suck it,, bite it,,,

geet: maan plsss,, but maan was no where to listen,, he comes to her abdoment and kisses her on the naval portion,,, deeply making her shiver,, a sudden rush was going through them…. maan kisses her long milky leg, from her thigh to her feet…… geet clutches the bedsheet,, then massage his hair pulling him closer,,, maan came to her lips and her eyes said all

geet: maan i love you,,,

maan enter her v*****,, geet screamed in pure pleasure,, maan was slow gentle… he was going back forth smoothly,, not wanted to hurting her,,, he kissed her lips, loving her every moment giving her pleasure than ever….but the time passes,, their passion speaks,,, the room was getting hotter and maan was speeding up,, he rythm was fast,, and geet was maoning his name uncountable time,, screaming in pain n pleasure…… and maan hit the climax, geet screamed but he closed her mouth with him and collapsed on her chest….panting listening their heartbeat…. I LOVE U GEET….. I LOVE U TOO MAAN………..



some time loves speaks volume that their is no place for guilt, sorrow or misunderstanding….

part 32


morning ray hit maan’s back… he was holding geet tightly in his embrace….geet’s slight movement was enough to wake him….geet turn and nuzzled more close to him… she was on his chest now, and maan slide down his hand to her back,, rubbing it, carassing it,, its was giving geet a ticklish feeling….

geet in her sleepy mood: maan, sone dijiye na….

maan: maine kab tumhe uthaya….


geet: ye jo harkate aap kar rahe hain usse meri neend kharab horahi hain,,

maan: kyaaa,,, abb dekho neend kharab kaise hoti hain,,, he started tickling her and geet started stuggling,, he takes her beneath him and started kissing at her her neck….

geet: maannnn… chodiye,, subah hogayi hain aur sab intezar kar rahe honge….

maan: geet sirf 6 baje hain….. ahbi tak koi bhi nahi utha hoga…… so let me love u na…

geet: bilkul nahi, mujhe sona hain… apne mujhe bilkul nahi sone diya,, and bite her tounge,, maan get the naughtiest plan…

maan: accha geet? but maine kab mana kiya sone se?

geet: aapne to,,,,

maan: hmm maine kya? kya kiya geet…. now geet become red due to blush,, she hide herself in maan’s chest….

he kisses her milkey white shoulder, making her shiver….its just few hours that they had made love but the urge is so powerfull that was giving the strength to continue the night of passion…..

maan was kissing her madly,, and she was resiprocating equally… his hand was rubbing her thigh…. she bite his shoulder making him groan…. then he captured her lips in a sloppy kiss… the kiss turned as hot as their body,, they were arching to be in,, maan is passionately kissing her and his one hand was making a pattern on her thigh to her tummy……he comes down to her chest and takes one curve ih his mouth and one hand sllightly pushed her thighs up,,,, he comes down and trails kisses under the naval portion… geet couldn’t control hersef.. but maan is making his own paradise of love, he rubbed her other curve through his thumbs and continue to traces his lips downwards…..geet was moaning his name and he comes to her lips without breaking his assult on her body with his hand…. geet parted her legs and he entered her,, but this time its their passion,, both wanted it to be harder,,,she was maoning his name to give this consumation to a new level as maan was high in his rythm..she dig her nail in his shoulder in ancipation,, he comes down and bite her one curve makin her scream….. he hit the climax geet shivered and scream in pleasure,, he collapse in her chest and gave a kiss to her chest… both are panting………………

maan: are u ok?

geet: hmm…..

both dozed off for a little while,, geet on maan’s body and covered in a bedsheet,, its nearly 10 am when maan open his eyes,, he saw his watch and without disturbing her,, lied her on the bed covering her and makes his way to the washroom… geet slowly open her eyes and saw him coming from the bathroom rubbing his hair with the towel,,she slightly wake herself and rest her body on the bed stand behind….

his bare solid chest was making geet to gulped her saliva,, she looks away from him and maan saw her through the mirror,,

he can see the blush kept on her cheeks…. he smirk and goes near geet,,, and carasses her cheeks…

he comes close to her ealoab : Gdmrng and gives a sensual kiss on her cheek…. ,, geet closed her eyes,, she didn’t knew why this feeling is so powerfull that every time it makes her weak…. they had made love twice but still the urge is very strong,,,

geet: Gdmrng…. she was looking at the ground as she is too shy to meet his intense eyes…..maan make her meet his eyes,, and geet hugged him… maan’s hand comes to her bare back slowly making patterns….

geet: maannnnnnn….

maan: tum aisa karogi to main dur kaise jaayu?

geet: maine kya kiya, ye aap hi,,,,, she hide herself more in him……..

maan: main har subha tumhe aise hi dekhna chahta hu,,

geet: aise?

maan: ha koi problem hain?

geet: aap bhi na maan,, she tried to push him and tried to get up but maan hold her hand,,

geet: abhi to jaane dijiye na..

maan: mera bas chale to hamesha aise hi rehne du,,,,

geet: maannn….

maan: are shaadi k baad to aise hi subah hogi, ussike baare me baat kar raha tha,, geet some how manage to pull her hand and cover herself in the sheet, and goes to the washroom…maan smiled…

geet locked herself in the washroom,, and hide her face in her palm but slowly remove that and looked at herself in the mirror…. she was standing naked infront of the mirror,, and saw the mark causing of the overnight love session…. she was feeling shy to see herself,, but was glowing like a new bride….. then she takes a hot bath for 30mins and suddenly realize she didn’t bring any cloth with her,, just a bath rob…

geet comes from the bathrob,, hiding herself, making sure there is no one….when she confirmed that no one is in the room she comes out fully and goes to the door which is joined with her room but suddenly some one pulled her towards him,, the scent is enough to say who is it?maan hold her from the waist,,

geet while struggling to free herself: maan aap yaha,, lekin main jab andar aayi tabhi to nahi the…


maan: tab nahi tha abb agaya, aur sahi time pe aaya hu….. he was tracing his finger through her waist to back bottom,,,

geet: maan kitna time hogaya hain, koi dekhega to kya kahega,,,


maan: koi dekhega tab na? daadi apne frnds k ghar gayi hain aur aadi aaya tha bindiya ko check up k liye doc k pass le gaya hain…

geet: aur aapka police station? sare case band hogaye kya?

maan: abhi to ye case pe dhyan de raha hu,,, baki case baad me,, he nuzzle close to her crook of neck but geet pushed him,

geet: maan mujhe kapre change karne hain plss jao na….

maan: kya jarurat hain? aise thik lag rahi ho,, balke jayada khubsurat lag rahi ho….

geet was walking back and maan comes forward…..

maan crushed her between him and the wall behind her…he was just going to kiss her but a knock comes to his door….

maan: kon hain?

servant: sir main naveen,, wo aslesha mam aayi hain aapse milne… daadi bhi nahi hain..

maan to geet: abb ye kya karne aayi hain? i think i made her clear about us…

geet: maan niche chale,, usse mil lena chahiye… warna bura lagega……………………


maaneet makes there way to the living room…where aslesha was waiting for maan…. they takes their seat….

maan: hi aslesha,, tum yaha?

aslesha: wo maan main yaha tumse maafi mangne aayi thi…..

maan: mujhse kyun aslesha,, jisse manga chahiye usse mango…. he was looking at geet…

aslesha looked at geet: i m sorry geet, mujhe us din waise behave nahi karna chahiye tha….

geet: its ok aslesha,, umm aap dono baith k baate karo, main kuch khane k liye laati hu…. geet goes from their..

aslesha: to abb bhi tum dono k bich jhagra hain? i mean maine suna tum dono me ,,,

maan: hum dono k bich kabhi jhagra huya hi nahi aslesha, tumhe kisine galat information di hain….

aslesha: lekin maine dekha tum 2 din se ghar nahi arahe the aur pata laga tum geet se gussa ho…

geet comes there with some cheese sandwich and omlet…. maan pulled her and she land on his lap….

maan: tumhe kisine kaha kaam karne ko? nahi na,, ghar me servant hain…

geet: maan mujhe laga aapko mere hatho ka khana chahiye… maan smiled

maan: ha wo to chahiye tha, he comes close to her ear aur bhi kuch chahiye tha,, geet has a beautifull smile more like a blush on her cheek that was not gone unnotice by aslesha,,,, geet understood his intension so she straighten herself and take her seat…

maan: aslesha tum hamari ghar k kuch jayada khabar nahi rakhti? aur hume dekh ke aisa lagta hain kya k hum dono k bich man mutao hain?

and that time daadi and bindiya enters the house…..

daadi: tumhe fikar karne ki jarurat nahi hain aslesha,, maan aur geet k bich me sab thik hain, aur bohot pyar hain,, maan was surprised to see his daadi was supporting them and was smiling while she said all this….

aslesha: i m sorry daadi wo maine us din…

daadi: koi baat nahi bete,,, aap hamari frnd ki poti hain hum aapse naraz nahi hain,, aur ha maan and geet me apko hamari madad karni padegi…

aslesha: JIIIIIII?????????????


part 33………………………..

daadi: koi baat nahi bete,,, aap hamari frnd ki poti hain hum aapse naraz nahi hain,, aur ha maan and geet me apko hamari madad karni padegi…

aslesha: JIIIIIII?????????????

daadi: ha aslesha humne faisa kiya hain iss mahine k 28th ko geet aur maan ki shaadi hogi…. geet was happy to here this,, he cheek becomes pink… bindiya come close to her

bindiya: congragulation………….

geet shyly: thank u…

maan was shocked to here,,, its nothing like that he is not happy, he is the most happiest man in the world right now, but daadi’s changed mind was unexpected to him…aslesha was so pissed off,, she leaved from there….

maan: ye sab kya hain daadi? aap itni jaldi maan gayi?kuch din pehle tak to aap,,

daadi: wo kuch din pehle tak ki baat hain maan,, tab hume geet k baare uke pyar ke baare me pata nahi tha,,lekin bindiya aur aadi ne hume sab bataya,, aur hume apni galti samajh aayi, hume sirf aapki aur is ghar ki khusiya chahiye thi..aur sayad geet k roop me hume wo mil gayi…..

somewhere maan knew her,, she is a person of her ethics,, whatever she feel, she speaks,,, waht ever she want she could have told that,, never hide anything,bad or good…… she is a strict women and choose people before mending with them….

aadi: aare wah shadi ki taiyari suru….

daadi: aadi bete aapko hi ye sab karna padega….

butttttttttt,,,, here comes the big shock,,,

bindiya: to abb se geet mere room me rahegi…..

maan was sipping his coffee, he spilled it……

maan: kya? kyun? i mean wo to waise bhi alag room me rehti hain,,, tumhari kamre me rahegi to tum

dono ko hi problem hogi na…. he was in his best to sound logical…..

bindiya: janti hu wo kitni akeli rehti hain..aur ek hafte hi baat hain,, wo mere sath rahegi,, shaadi k pehle

ladki ko akele kamre me nahi rehna chahiye na…. maan knew she is in her best mood of teasing him and testing

his patience….

daadi: bindiya geet itne din tak to akeli reh rahi thi na, usse kya problem hogi….. rehne do usse wohi aur ek hafte k baad to wo maan k room me hi shift kar legi…..

bindiya: but daadi,,

1st time he wanted to kiss and hugged his daadi: ha daadi apne sahi kaha…………….

geet was silent all the while,, she was missing her family badly…. they have declare her that she doesn’t belong to them,,, as because of her they brij was murdered…. her papaji wanted to come with her but he couldn’t go against his father…. so geet came with maan….. maan saw the sad face and so was daadi and bindiya…. and they knew she must be feeling lonely, as her family is not here with her….geet goes to her room…… and daadi followed her….

daadi: hum andar aasakte hain bete? geet looked at her..

geet: are daadi apko puchne ki kya jarurat,,, aiye na… she made her sit on the bed and herself sit beside

her….. aap yaha kyun aayi, mujhe bula liya hota….

daadi: geet bete, hume maaf kar dijiye,,, hume kabhi apko samajhne ki kosish hi nahi ki thi,,, lekin abb hum jante hain aap hi maan k liye sacchi jeevan sathi hain…. geet was looking at the ground,,,, bete hum jante hain aap apne parivar ko miss kar rahi hain, lekin hum aapse kuch kehna chahte hain,,, hum aapki daadi banna chahte hain,,,, apko khusiya dena chahte hain….vale hi apke parivar yaha na aaye lekin abb ye parivar bhi to apka hain,, maan bhi to apka hain….. geet faces becomes pink…..daadi smiled and continue,, she was carassing her face,, bete humne kabhi apke chehre ki masumiyat pe dhyan hi nahi diya… wo kya hain na bete, humne zindegi pe jispe varosa kiya, jisse pyar kiya wo hume chodke chale gaye,, pehle hamare pati fir beta aur fir pota bhi humse dur rehta hain…… mere pati aur bete ne desh k liye jaan de di,, mujhe uss baat ka garv hain lekin mujhe chod gaye, akele jeene k liye,,, abb sirf maan hain hamari zindegi me, hum unhe koi dukh me nahi dekh sakte,,, lekin abb hume varosa hain aap hi unke liye sahi hain,,, apki masumiyat vale hi pehle humne mehsoosh nahi ki lekin abb apke sacchai ne hamara dil jeet liya….. hum apke daadi banna chahte hain daadi saas nahi……… geet was having tears and hugged daadi tightly…….. daadi to got emotional and hugged her back,, she wiped her tears with geet…….

maan was leaning on the door,, and listening their conversation,, he was releived that daadi and geet slowly started to get along with each other…..he enter the room…

maan: are wah aap dono ek team me mil ke mujhe hi vul gaye,, mujhe bhi hug karna hain…. he straight goes to them and hugged them both,, his one hand goes around geet’s waist ticking her….

daadi: maan geet ko pareshan karna band kare,

maan: maine kya kiya? daadi held his ear, humne apne baal dhoop me safed nahi kiya… geet smiled

maan: ouch daadi dard horaha hain….

daadi: badmash hum nahi chodenge tumne…..

maan: plss daadi,,,

daadi: bilkul nahi aap geet bohot pareshan karte hain na?

maaneet in the same time: nahi daadi…. daadi looked at them and smiled

geet: nahi daadi aisa nahi hain,,,

daadi: ha wo to hum samjh rahe hain,, geet hide her face in her palm as she couldn’t see her teasing smile…maan too smiled and snuggled closer to daadi,, she patted both of their faces and stood up to leave but stopped mis way,,

daadi: aacha geet aap shaadi tak bindiya k room me ya fir guest room me reh sakti hain,,, maan was confused to hear this,,,,

daadi: kyun ke ye room waise bhi naam ke liye alag room hain,, maan ka ye 2nd room hain, uske room se juda huya… yaani one way door… jo waha hain she pointed at the door… maan got up from the bed…

maan: daadi apko kaise pata chala?

daadi: bete hum aapki daadi hain…

maan: lekin ye to dad ne banyi thi,,,

daadi: to? apke dad hamre bete jaise the,, wo humse sab share karte the… wo kuch bhi ho, choti si choti baat,, to ye kyun nahi,,,,,

maan: lekin main aur geet,,,,,

daadi: aap dono hamesha se yehi the lekin humne kuch kyun nahi kaha?

maan was confused and his face could tell u that… but geet was smiling as well she is feeling lil shy….

daadi: hum jante the aap yehi kamre me geet ko rakkhenge,, aur hume usse koi farak nahi padta,, aur padhega bhi kyun, aapne unki mang vari,, adha rishta to wohi judh gaya tha,, aur hum hum dono ki pyar ki takat dekhna chahte the,, ye sach hain ke aslesha ko humne bohot din pehle pasand kiya tha lekin geet ko apne dil se patni bana liya tha…. but maan bete sach kahe to hume geet pe pura varosa nahi tha,, issi liye humne wo sab kiya, aslesha ko ghar pe bulaya,,, aur wo sab…. khair chodiye, hume aab pata chal gaya hain k geet se behtar jeevan sathi aapko nahi mil sakti…accha abb hum chalte hain, thoda thak gaye hain…. aap rest kar lijiye aur ha kal geet dusre kamre me shift hogi, rasmo riyaz k liye… agle hafte shaadi hain…..

daadi leave from there…… and maan come close to geet who was looking at the direction where daadi went and she was smiling…… maan slowly came by her side and kissed the nape of her….

geet: maannnnn…. but maan pinned her to the bed,, and comes closer

maan: tumne suna nahi geet, kal hum dono ko alag rehna hoga…

geet: ha to?

maan: to? to ye geet, dur kal se rehna hain na, aaj to nahi before geet could understand he nuzzle close to her

neck licking it giving a chill to her spine….

geet softly moan: maan…

maan comes to her lips and slightly touch with the tip,, he was licking her rosy lips urging her to want more…. her breath  become heavy,,, and she was holding him tight,,close to her…. maan’s one hand came around her kurti’s knot and he untied it…. and turn her,,,, his finger was tracing all around her back and she was arching to have him near her…. he traces her back with the tip of his finger and then with his lips,,, passionately sucking every part of her body,, in no time maan takes off her dress along with him and came on her shielding her body with him… he slowly parted her leg and started to play with her asset,,, with his finger… geet was moaning his name loudly, he came to her lips and sealed it with a hot and demanding kiss,, then took the curves one by one,, rubbing biting teasing and the moment came,, he entered her,,,, at 1st she srceamed in pain n pleasure and the rythm of their heart took the way,, and the carnival of their love began to expload the unknown sensation that was like heaven to that moment…. maan speed up in his rythm,, he was fast and geet has to reciprocate with it,, she was panting nearly fainting when he hit he climax with sudden rush,,, both leid there panting……………… and the heartbeat of their raising heart filled the room with the sweet aroma of there love……………..

part 34………….

and the heartbeats of their raising heart filled the room with the sweet aroma of there love………………

next morning,,

geet open her eyes and saw the most peacefull face in this world,, she slowly carasses his face,, admiring him… then she comes close to his eye lids and kiss them upon followed by his cheek and forehead… she was tracing his face with her hand and when she came towards the lips,, she shied and withdraw her hand but maan catch it and kissed her palm….

geet: maan aap to,,,

maan: jab itne pyar se mujhe niharogi to kon kambaqt sona chahega….

he hold her from the waist to back, entangling in his arm and took her on him…

geet: maan,,

maan: bolo geet,,,,

geet: kuch nahi, mujhe washroom jana hain….

maan: to jao, maine kab mana kiya,,, aur agar tum chahti hoke main tumhe le jau, to wo bhi kar sakta hu,, chalo…

geet panicked: maan nahi…….

geet clutches the bedshit tight to her chest : maan plss apke side pe mere kapre hain de dijiye na….

maan with a devil smirk: kaha hain geet…..

geet : waha dekhiye na maan….

maan: tum khud aake lelo…

geet frown: main aise nahi asakti,,, dijiye na…

maan: nope,, mujhe to tumhe aise hi dekhna hain……

geet: aap kitne besharam ho maan..

maan: besharam? main to apni biwi ko dekh raha hu, kisi aur ko nahi.. geet’s face become red in blush and then anger….

geet: kisi aur ko dekhne ki himmat bhi mat karna…..

maan: accha jii jealous…. but geet took a step to close to him and with a threatning voice

geet: kisi aur ko kabhi dekha to,,,,,,

maan: to,,,, he was enjoying the possessive side of his wifey cutey…..

geet: maar dalungi usse,, maan was shocked to hear this,as he acpected she would say aapki ankhe noch lungi type but she can be that possesive he didn’t think about it… geet was looking at him without blinking……


maan slowly carasses her face with his finger: mujhe nahi pata tha meri geet itni posesive hain, now geet realize she has blurted out what that time was in her heart….

geet: wo main,,,maan slowly kissed her forehead,,

maan: maan to sirf geet ka hain…..and hugged her…….. his hand was on her bare shoulder,,slowly making pattern,, geet’s eyes flattered open..

geet: maan daadi ne kaha tha aaj mujhe dusre kamre me shift karna hain,,, mujhe abhi fresh hoke niche jana padega…..pllss mere kapre de dijiye…

maan got his wicked plan he made him self leaning on her headdstand with his hand backward: kapre to tumhe yaha aake lena padega, side se  aayo ya fir mere upar se lelo,, geet knew him and his wicked plan too well.. she slapped his soulder…

geet: mujhe aur tang mat kijiye na,, kapre dijiye na, aap jante ho main waha iss halat me nahi asakti..

maan innocently: kis halat me geet?

geet: maannnn…. she knew he woudn’t budge a little so she have decided to wear the bedsheet around her around her and then she could take the clothes but that will make maan naked as he is under in it…. geet started to snatch the sheet but maan didn’t let her as he started to snatch it from the other side…. they both are on the bed…..

geet: maan ye to chod dijiye,, main iske bahar nahi asakti,,,, maan pulled the sheet and she land on his chest….. her hair fell on her face,,, and lips slightly brushed his chest…maan slowly make her face to see him and comes close,,, geet tume cover iss kapre ki kya jarurat,, main to tumhe iske bina bohot baar dekh liya,,,, geet shied and hide her face in his neck,, maan sensualy kissed and sholder….

geet: maan….

maan: hmm…

geet: hume niche jana chahiye,, hatiye na,,,

maan: uff geet, baadme chale jana, abhi mujhe tumhare pass rehna hain, fir wo rasam suru honge to tumhare body gaurds mujhe 1inch bhi pass nahi aane denge,, geet looked at him questioning eyes…..

geet: bodygaurds….

maan: aadi bindiya and daadi….. geet smiled sweetly and pushed him,, she wanted to get up but maan hold her and pulled her towards him once again and in no time she is beneath him… he stared kissing her jaw and neck tickling her senses…. geet is giggling n luaghing but a sudden sound stop them,, the sound came from the door… it was like may be a vase slide down on the floor… but a dupata caught geet’s eyes and that time she saw that the door was not fully closed,, she panicked…..

geet: maannn…. koi tha waha…

maan was too busy in her: koi nahi geet chodo na,,,

geet: nahi maan maine kaha na… koi tha,,she thought if anyone would saw them in this state what will be she thinking about them,, too much concious she is now,,, but somewhere she knew its not bindiya,,, or daadi, or any servant, as bindiya and daadi didn’t even comes to her room in the morning,, daadi’s knee problem and bindiya knew it is useless to come her room correction maan and her room as she knew maan too well,, and the servants are always in their uniform…….. apne door lock nahi kiya tha,,, and then maan realize his mistake…

maan: wo maine haa,,, daadi gayii thi to door lock karke gayi thi to maine time waist karna thik nahi samjha,, he has a teasing smile on his lips and geet’s eyes were on angry mode she started hitting maan with the pillow beside her but maan pinned her hand over her head and kisses her chest,,, geet was in no position to fight with him as her inner desire was taking them in the paradise of their love and passion…….

after like ages they comes down,,, and saw the beautifull arrangement was going on…. the mansion was in full swing in the preparaition,,,they got the reason to be happy again…..geet forgot the door locking matter and maan sighed in relief…..

bindiya to maan: kya huya tumhe tension me kyun the?

maan: yaar kal door lock karna vul gaya tha,,, bindiya was sipping her tea she coughed in it and looked at maan in

utter disbelieve,,, she knew he was staying with her,,, ofcaurse one way door ka yehi to matlab hota hain… and she is always ready to help maan in any matter…. whether it could be dangerous but still, she is a loving sister of her brother and mature enough to understand her brother….they are speaking like whispering to each other…

bindiya: maan r u nuts,, how can u forget that,,,

maan: vul gaya tha yaar,

bindiya: thank god daadi nahi gayi aur servants,, wo to jaate hain na,,, tumhe carefull hona chahiye tha,,

maan: bola na yaar sorry,,, accha that is not the matter,, geet ne subah kisiko hamare room k bahar dekha,, do u think kisi servant ne

bindiya: nahi ye nahi hosakta,,, servants waha tabhi jaate hain hain jab hum usse tum dono ko bulane k liye vejhte hain……… in the mean time a voice comes from the back….




DI DI….. geet knew who could be it,, she turn instantly and her eyes got moist to see the person…..

geet: Nandini,,,,,

nandini came from the back and hugged her geet too hugged her where both the girl was sheding tears maan was smiling,,,,

geet: tu yaha kaise? aur akeli aayi hain?

nandini: hmm akeli nahi aadi bhaiya k sath aayi hu,, wo raat ko mujhe lene gaye the aur maan jee se ghar pe sabse baat karvai video calling k jariye….. geet looked at maan in shock and surprise…. wo papa mammi,,, aur mohinder chacha aur chachi sab shaadi k din ya agle din ayenge, unho ne mujhe yaha vej diya aapse milne…. taake aap akela na feel karo…geet was stairing at maan with moist eyes and nandini notice it, she shook her diiii aap mere baat sun bhi rahe ho ya abhi se khayalo me kho gaye….. bindiya smiled and

aadi laughed in his typical manner…..

geet: ye sab maan ne kiya? aur mujhe bataya kyun nahi? maan comes close to her and hugged her from the back

maan: bata deta to surprise kya rehta,,, ye achanak jo khushi tumhare chehre pe cha gayi wo kaise dekhta….but iss kaam me sabne madad ki,,, daadi ne khud uncle ji se baat ki, but geet,,,, darjee nahi maane……

nanadini: ha didi wo bohot naraz hain…..

daadi: lekin jo kuch bhi huya usme geet ki to koi bhi galti nahi thi fir bhi,,,, geet is in tears,, when she got a call on maan’s cell….. he handed it to her..

geet: hello

papaji: geet puttar,,

geet couldn’t hold herself anymore she cried on the phn: papajii

papaji: puttar rona band kar, abb to tere khusiyo ka din hain, ek hafte me shaadi hain..

geet: lekin aap nahi ho yaha…

papaji: janta hu puttar is waqt mujhe tere pass hna chahiye tha lekin tu daarjee ko janti hain na,, apne papaji ko maaf karde puttar..

geet: aisi baate mat kariye papaji,,, aap shaadi se pehle ayenge na?

papaji: hanji puttar jii hum jarur ayenge aur issi liye humne bhai sahab se kaha nandini ko tere pass vejne ko take tu kuch din uske sath rehke hamare hone k wajood ko mehsoos kar sake……

geet: maa kaha hain?


maa: puttar main yehi hu, sab yehi tujhe sab sun rahe hain,,,

geet cried: maaaaa…. rano her mother got emotional…

rano: beta apne sasural ko sirf sasural na samajhna, ye hi abb tera sab kuch hain aur maan bete se accha jevan sathi tujhe nahi mil sakta, wo tujhse bohot pyar karta hain…… aur humne daadi jii se bhi baat karli,, wo bhi bohot acchi hain, tu khush rahegi waha…..

geet: aap ayoge na shaadi me?

chai jee: ha hum jarur ayenge magar abhi tu rona band kar, warna damat jii sochenge humne unke hone wali biwi ki ankhe suja dii,, geet smiled through her tears….. puttar hume maaf kar dena,, humne tera varosa nahi kiya, wo to damat jii ne humse baat ki aur sab kuch samjhaya,, brij k kartut abb samjh aaya….abb hume sab pata chal gaya,,, maff kar dena outtar…

geet: nahi chai jee, mere karan veerji ki mout hogayi, mujhe maaf kar dijiyega maine kabhi nahi chaha tha mere karan mere parivar ye sab dekhna pade,,,, chai jee, chacha jee hain?

chachi: bete wo yaha yaha nahi hain,, aur brij k sadme se abhi tak uvre nahi to sayad wo nahi apaynge,,, geet was feeling guilty,,

they hung up the phone,,

maan took his one hand to her waist and pulled her towards him: abhi bhi pareshan ho? chaho to main dur kar sakta hu,,,, geet could saw that mischief is playing in his eyes…. she smiled and her face becaomes little red deu to blush….

part 35

face becomes little red maan took his one hand to her waist and pulled her towards him: abhi bhi pareshan ho? chaho to main dur kar sakta hu,,,, geet could saw that mischief is playing in his eyes…. she smiled and her due to blush………………….

maan got a call from PS….

maan: hmm main abhi araha hu….. he hung up the phn….

maan: geet mujhe jana padega,, nandini i m sorry tum aaj aayi aur tumse thik se baat bhi nahi huya,, but its really important…. lout ke dher sare baate karenge…. nandini smile……

nandini: koi baat nahi,, kaam pehle hota hain,,, apna dhyan rakkhiyega,, maan smiled…

maan: daadi aap iska dhyan rakhna mujhe PS jana padega…

bindiya: maan kab tak aisa chalega…. 1 hafte me shaadi but tum to yuhi ps ghumte rahoge…

maan: kya karu bindiya kaam hain, wo bhi bohot jaruri…… main change karke aata hu….

nandini: di di unhone to apse kuch bhi nahi kaha…. geet smiled at her polite but then maan shouted from his room…..

maan: geet jaldi yaha aana…. maine ek file laayi thi, kaha rakkhi hain tumne?

geet wonder: file? maan wo

bindiya: geet yaha se chillane ka koi faida nahi,, uske kamre me jaake file dhund ke dedo….geet goes upstairs….

daadi: ye maan bhi na, apne tarkibe nikal hi leta hain…

nandini: tarkibe?

daadi: hmm tarkibe,,, usse geet baat karni thi but sabke samne nahi so usne usse upar bula liya,, aur ye bindiya uski madad k liye hain na,,,, dekho na geet ko upar vejh diya….. bindiya smiled…..

bindiya: daadi dono ek sath hi acche lagte hain…..

daadi: so to hain……

geet enters the room and suddenly maan comes from behind and hugged her from the back….

geet: maan aap…. maan kicked the door with his leg and the door shut with a thud…. maannnn…. he nuzzle close to her neck,, living the moment in her scent….. tickling her,, kissing her,, sucking the milkey white skin….

geet: maan ye aap kya kar rahe ho,,

maan slowly whisper: pyar kar raha hu…

geet struggle in his grip but he tighten it,, and pushed her to the wall,,, he was pinning her hand upward….

geet: maan aapko kahi jana tha na…maan comes close to her ear, slowly nibling the earloab,,,

maan: hmm… jana hain,, to?

geet: to aap she was finding difficult to find words as he was continuously nibling her ear loab to her neck and then her chest,, passionately,,, geet wanted to protest but only his name was coming from her mouth that was sounding like a moan only………..

maan: geet main aaj sayad ghar nahi apayunga,, geet’s eyes flattered open….

geet: matlab?

maan comes to her lips not touching it yet his breath was fanning on her lips that was giving a chill down to her spine……

maan: kuch kaam se mujhe aaj hi delhi se bahar jana hain geet,, geet’s eyes covered with unknown fear….. and maan sensed it……..he carasses her lips with his thumbs….. bohot urgent kaam hain,, warna ye din main tumhe chodke jana chahta kya?


geet: hmm…. he sealed her lips with him,, kissed her never before….. at 1st it was gentle,, nibling the lower lip of her then the upper lips….. she open her mouth and he got the full access of her mouth exploding evry corner of it,, geet hold him closer to her not leting him go away, and maan sensed her tension her insecurity… he held her from the waist tightly,, and deepend the kiss,,, she held his hair pulled curning making a fist with it,, only to show the desired in her,,, he knew whatever happen with her in the past made her insecure,, and only he can comfort her, by helding her close in his arms……. geet to drown in the passion,, she kissed him aggressively to show that she doesn’t want to parted with him…. she captured his bottom lips,,, and kisses it sucks it, nibble it and bite the corner of his lipe making the blood rushed out,, and then licking it through the tounge… at 1st maan was surprised to see her like that so bold, as every time its he,, who would process further in their intimacy but he understood its her insecurities and lonelyness that she wanted to wash out through shower her love and authority on him… slowly the kiss comes to end…her eyes were closed feeling the scent of maan,, he leaned on her,,

maan: geet,,  i love you…


geet just hugged him tight and tears made their way out…… he can sense it as it was wetting his shirt, he instantly pulled her and made her face to face…

maan: tum roh kyun rahi ho jaan…. a small smile crept her lips as the jaan word is 1st time he used to address her…..

geet: aap jaldi ayoge na…maan hugged her….

maan: bohot jald, sirf tumhare pass….. but tum promise karo,, tum royogi nahi,, i can’t see tears in ur eys geet….

geet slowly pouted: jaan,,, maan smiled at his wife’s cute demand to be called jaan….

maan: accha jaan….

geet: apko abhi nikalna hain?

maan naughtily: chaho to kuch der ke baad bhi nikal sakta hu, agar,,,,,,,, he looked at her lips naughtily,,, geet shied at hide her face in his chest,, mannnnnn…..both comes down….. geet looked dull and pale…. she is not all happy….

daadi: maan aadi bhi ja raa hain tumhare sath?

maan: nahi daadi,, wo yehi rahega… geet looked at him worriedly,, but maan assured her nothing will happen to him… accha aur ek baad, main sayad aaj nahi apayunga, aur kal ka bhi pata nahi.. delhi se bahar jana hain….

daadi: but maan ye tumhari shaadi hain,, dher sare intezam karne hain,, tum itna der se loutoge to,,,,,

maan: daadi kaam bohot important hain, aap jante ho humara kaam…..

bindiya: jaldi lout ne ki kosish karna..maan noded…

nandini: jaldi aiyega… hum sab apka wait karenge…… maan smiled and looked at geet who was quiet all the time,, he knew she will be sad till he come back to her…….maan cupped her face and kissed her forehead infront of everyone,, daadi and bindiya smiled….

maan: main jaldi loutunga,, geet hugged him not leting him go but atlast she reluctantly let him go…..

its being 4hrs maan had leaved from the mansion,,,, he was at incharge of home minister’s safety……the home minister is in a processer to find the original culprit of some illegel isue,, and she can only trust maan for her safety and the work could only done by him without any partiality….she is women in her early 60s…and a very humble and loyal person…. she wanted to visit at some village place to see the position of them and the situation in they are struggling for their life…. its being quite a time, there was a explotion that deserted the area,,, and took some of the family members life in it,, however goverment promised to help them with food shelter and job they required but none of the promise kept alive,, they are living in a live hell…. the home minister mrs Kavita Deshmukh wanted to throw the leader who are at the fault of their condition as they have promise to give everything but they only fulfilled their own needs by creat a false chart that shows all the villegers are well living,, but the truth is,, they are in a very bad condition…the money which was provided by goverment for them,,, goes to the politician’s bank account… so now home minister herself wanted to go their and find out the truth and then she can have the evidents to show the political parties to their place……….

geet was in her room,,, when nandini comes to her room,, geet was still quiet,, she was missing him,, 4hrs passed and maan called her only to say he reached their safely and he will be busy in the work so shall not call her…

nandini: dii,, aap yaha kya kar rahi ho? niche chalo na…..

geet: nandini,,, tu ja, mujhe abhi nahi jaana,,,

nandini: to thik hain main bhi apke pass baith ti hu….

geet smiled: teri studies kaise chal rahe hain, thik hain di,, soch rahi hu, agle semters yaha se suru karu, cities like delhi me facilities and oppurtunities jayada milte hain….

geet: ye to acchi baat hain….

nandini: dii aap apni study continue nahi karengi shaadi k baad?

geet snapped: kyun nahi,, jarur karungi,,

nanadini: lekin maan jii ko agar problem huyi to, waise bhi shaadi k baad studies thik se kaha hoti hain,,, kitni sari jimmedari padh jati hain……

geet smiled: maan ko mere studies me koi problem nahi hogi,,, aur ye parivar to mera apna hain aur maan bhi,, mujhe ye jimmedariya pyare lagte hain, jaha tak rahi shaadi k baad studies ki to maan usme mujhe pura support karenge, mujhe pata hain….

nandini: di wo apse sach me bohot pyar karte hain na?

geet: bohot…. beinteha pyar karte hain wo mujhe….

nanadini: aap dono to sirf kuch hi din huye mile, shaadi ka faisla kar liya? aap jante hi kitna ho unke baare me….

geet: bas itna pata hain, main unhe unse jayada janti hu aur wo mujhe mujhse jyada…..

nandini: ye pyar vyar sirf kehni ki baate hain, dekho na wo waha gaye aapko pata tak nahi hoga kaha kiske sath,,

geet shouted on her: nandiniiiii,,, jiske bare me pata na ho wo nahi kaho to accha hain, aur pyar k bare me tum janti hi kitni ho? bas ek baat yaad rakkho mere aur maan k kisi bhi baato me dhakal kisi aur ka dhakhal dena mujhe pasand nahi,, chahe wo meri apni bahen hi kyun na ho,,, geet stood up to leave but nandini stopped her…

nandini: main to bas mazak kar rahi thi, bas apka pyar dekhna tha unke liye….

geet: nandini pyar koi mazak ki chees nahi hain,, sayad tumhe ye sab tab samajh ayega jab tum khud kisi se pyar karogi…..

nandini: sorry didi…..



geet was looking sad,, daadi bindiya are worried for her but couldn’t do anything….

daadi: kya baat hain bete aap itni udas kyun hain?

geet absent mindedly: maan kaise honge,,, phone nahi kiya dubara mujhe,,,

bindiya: ohhh to is baat ki fikar hain?

geet : nahi wo main…

bindiya: uff geet tumhe apne hone wale pati ji ki fikar horahi hain,, to isme chupana kya. she giggle,,,

daadi: bete fikar mat kijiye, busy honge, time milega to phn kar denge..

nandini: but daadi itni bhi kya kaam jo apne hone wale biwi ko ek phn nahi kar sake…..

geet: wo jauri kaam me busy honge nandini warna jitni chinta mujhe hain usse kahi jayada chinta unhe meri hain……

daadi: geet bete shaadi 1 week me hain to hume shooping abhi se suru karni hain…to geet aap kal bindiya aur nandini k sath jaake shopping kar lijiyega,,,,

geet: daadi mera bilkul bhi man nahi hain..

nandini: kya didi,, main itni dur se aayi hu mujhe delhi ghumna hain, aur shaadi me kya ye sab kapre pehnungi,,, chalo na di,, plsss…. aur apko bhi to dresses chahiye honge,,, kitne sare funtions honge, bade bade log ayenge… her eyes were sparking when she was talking about this geet coudn’y denied her so she accepted…..

kavita deshmukh: maan hum apke avari hain apne itni madad ki,, in logo haal bat se battar banta ja raha hain aur koi kuch nahi kar raha,, hum waha ac office me baith kar ye sab to nahi dekh sakte aur koi sahi report de iska varosa nahi kar sakte,, aap apni shaadi k pehle hamare sath yaha aaye hum sukruguzar hain apke….

maan: mam ye to mera duty tha,, aur mujhe bhi yaha ke halat ka pata der se chala aur issi liye apko bataya, dusre minister to apne jebe varke ka intezar kar rahe hain, he smiled so was mrs deshmukh….

kavita deshmukh: abhi humne inke bayan aur kuch picture chahiye so tum ye sab lelena aur fir delhi loutke hum actions lenge uss ministers k khilaf jo inlogo ke is halat ke zimmedar hain….

maan: jee mam…

kavita deshmukh: by the way congragulation,, ek hafte me apki shaadi hain,, aur humne adhiraj(aadi) se suna hain apki hone wali biwi bohot pyari hain,, maan smiled probably blushed a bit…

maan: is duniya ki sabse khubsurat ladki hain…she smiled…

kavita deshmukh: pata chal raha hain pyar bohot ghehra hain….. accha hain maan,, usse duniya ki sari khusiya dena aur ha hume apni shaadi me bulana vulna nahi…..

maan: ofcourse mam…..

part 36 

Next day,,, 12.30 o’clock…….

Geet  bindiya and nandini are in a shopping mall,,, geet looked still lost in her thoughts….

Bindiya: geet,, geet,,, she shook her from her thoughts,, geettt….

Geet: huh? Kya huya?

Bindiya: tumhe kya huya,, konse khayalo me khoyi ho?

Geet: kuch nahi wo main sirf,,

Bindiya: maan ke baare me soch rahi ho? Geet have down her eye lashes… geet maan ek ACP hain,, aye din kitne kaam k liye najane kaha kaha jaana padhe, agar har baar tum aise khoyi rahi, dukhi rahi to kya maan ko accha lagega? Wo apne kaam me dhyan de payega? Bolo? Geet was guilty,, yes its true,, he is on duty and he would go like this very often and if she reacted like this everytime maan will get weak and she doesn’t want to be his weakness…..

Geet: sorry bindiya,,, main apne aap me baki sab vul gayi thi,, I promise main dobara aisa nahi karungi,, I’ll try to be happy…… bindiya smiled and they hug,, nandini comes there…

Nandini: di di ye dekho mujhe kon mil gaya?? A man in a suit comes out from her back…. He was smiling to geet,,,,

Geet: Vikram?

Vikram: ha geet,,, thank god tumne mujhe pehchana to sahi…. Geet was not so happy to him not so sab,, actualy it doesn’t matter to her if he exist or not,,, he is just a friend of nandini and through her he met with geet and formally introduce themselves…..

Geet: hii,,,

Vikram: how r u geet? So long,,, hoshiyarpur se kya gayi,, tum to hume vul hi gayi,,,

Geet: aisa nahi hain vikram…..

Vikram: so u are here?

Geet: shopping vikram,, wo next week meri shaadi hain so issi liye….

Vikram: shaadi?? U r kidding right?

Geet: main mazak kyun karungi vikram aur wo bhi tumhare sath?

Vikram: I mean,, how? Whom? And where is ur parents…

Geet: it’s a long story kabhi baad me bataungi,, abhi thoda busy hu,,, shopping bohot baaki hain,, chale bindiya,, she noded… but vikram interfere….

Vikram: if u don’t mind,, may I help u,,, ye shopping complex meri h hain…. Aur shaadi me tumpe kya accha lagega,, ek ladke se behtar kon bata sakta hain,, geet wanted to denied,, refuse to take him with him but nandini held his hand,,,

Nandini: chalo na vicky,, tumhara choice bohot accha hota hain…. Tum hamari madad kar sakoge…. He looked at geet and headed towards the store….

Geet and bindiya were busy in selection over the saris,,, as geet wanted to but for daadi and bindiya 1st,,,

Bindiya: hum to le lenge but dulhan ki chesses sabse pehle,,

Geet: nahiiii pehle,, aap dono ki…

Bindiya: daadi to yaha hain nahi,,, tum unke liye kuch choice karo, main waha apne liye kuch dekhti hu…..

Geet was busy on them when vikram come near to her and rest a sari on her shoulder,, she just jumped over it,,,,

Geet: ye kya kar rahe ho vikram?

Vikram: geet ye sari tumpe bohot acchi lagegi…..

Geet: mujhe jo chahiye hoga main lelungi, aur main abhi daadi ke liye le rahi hu,, apne liye main baad me lungi…

Vickram: to geet ye main tumhare liye pack kar du? Mere taraf se gift….

Geet: nahi vickram mujhe aise gift nahi chahiye,, tum agar sirf shaadi me aake mujhe aur maan ko happy married life ki wish bhi karoge to bhi chalega…..

Vikram: but geet ye sirf,,,, but nandini somes there…..

Nandini: wow what a beautifull saari dii,, it was a purple color net saari with stone work,, it was looking like very expensive…….. diii ye aap pe bohot accha lagega……

Geet: nahi nandini mujhe ye nahi lena….. maan ko ye color pasand nahi….. (tich wonder when did maan told her he doesn’t like this color :/)

Nandini: but dii unhe pasand nahi to aap ye nahi logi,, ye color to apko bohot pasand hain na? sirf maan jii ke liye aap apni pasand chod denge?

Geet smiled: maan k liye ek pasand to kya main puri zindegi chod sakti hu nandini… and I think I have cleared it out that I don’t need it,, so pls excuse me…. She makes her way from there…

Nandini to vikram: dii ko sayad pyar ka bukhar kuch jayada hi chad gaya hain….. don’t worry jaldi niche utar bhi jayega…..Vikram smirks evilly….

Bindiya took some saaris for her and daadi buya……and they have decided to go to a boutique to get her lahenga for the wedding and other dresses to wear in other functions,,, nandini comes there and choose a very beautiful  lahenga for her,, its green and blue embroidery work…… but none the dresses liked by geet…. She is missing maan badly,, its their wedding, she wanted to be dressed,, to do “Solah Sringer” according to him… she randomly picked some dress but hang them in their places….

Bindiya: tumhe kuch pasand nahi araha hain kya? Geet sadly nodded her head in denial,, geet ye last shop hain….. chalo main kuch pick kar rahi hu wo hi jaake try karo,,, fir dekhenge accha hain ya nahi…she picked up some beautiful elegant lahengas,, and that was very  expensive anyone can guess that….

Nandini: wow dii,, ye to bohot accha hain,, ye sky blue wala main try karu…..

Geet: nandini I think tum pehle hi kuch lahenge le chuki ho,,, and they are quiet expensive too…. Nandini  looked at the ground…

Nandini: jii didi..

Bindiya: koi baat nahi geet nandini aur kuch lahenga le sakti hain na,, after all ye uski didi aur jijaki ki shaadi hain,,,

Geet: but

Bindiya: no but,, nandini jao waha se lelo..

Nandin tried to snatch the sky blue one from geet but bindiya held her hand….

Bindiya: nandini ye brides k liye hain,, tum waha se lelo,, ye bohot bright hain aur geet pe jayada suit karega,, nandini half heartedly goes from there…….

Geet: bindiya tum bhi chalo na mere sath,,, agar kuch jarurrat padhe to aur hook n all she make a baby face pointing at a dress which is backless,, only a string could found…..

Bindiya smiled: ok chalo main bhi aati hu,, bahar rahungi jarurat padhe to awaj dena main andar ajayungi…. Vikram stop them in midway….

Vikram: bindiya is boutique me aur ek amazing one piece collection hain if u want u can see it…

Bindiya: but geet…

Vikram: geet ko jaane do,, tum wo lahenge leke uske trail room me chali jana,, bar baar ghumna nahi padega…..

Bindiya: ok….. geet tum jao mian wo lahenge leke abhi aati hu,,,,

Geet: but…

Bindiya: 5min me ajayungi don’t worry…geet goes to trail room and onne lady took bindiya with her….

Geet in the trail room having difficulty to tie the knot backward….. the dress is sky blue in base and heavy embroidery with dark blue and peacock green… looking extremely beautiful and ofcourse the back is breathtaking…… she heard some noise and thought it could be bindiya….

Geet: bindiya plss ye andar aayo, mujhse ye nahi horaha hain….. she unlocked the door and was having her back to the person….. though she is standing in front of the mirror but her eyes glued on the ground as she was trying hard to adjust the dori…… her hair was coming to her face…… and then a cold hand touched her bare back… she shivered with the touch… her heart was pounding like any moment it could be blast……..her eyes goes widen,,, its not bindiya,,, he comes close to her ear making her shiver and only one name comes from her mouth…..

MAAN………..she said in confusion, what he is doing here… he brushed hi finger on her skin and his lips on her earlobe….

Maan: missing me?


Geet turned and hugged,, he too passionately held her in his arms,, massaging her back…..she kissed him on his chest and his grip becomes tighter like he wanted to held her like this for eternity…… she looked at him with tears…

Geet: I missed u…. she don’t know why she was feeling like this,, its only a day before he gone….he just took her lips in his and pushed her towards the wall beside,,,, he nibble her bottom lips  ans sucks her lower lips passionately,, showing her much he has missed her… his hand was travelling evrypart of her body like he was making sure she is ok,,, but her tears were itching him to feel her beyond her skin,, in her soul…geet was tracing her hand to his head to torso and his whole body…. Like he is safe and with her….. geet muffle in the kiss,, he slowly whisper..

Maan: what happen? Roh kyun rahi ho geet,, he was feeling restless to see her state,,,,her blouse was slipping but she doesn’t care,, all she care is maan is in her arms,, she is happy to see him, feel hime hug him,, all her tension her insecurities flew away….

Geet nodded her head in no while her eyes were still moist but a sweet smile was playing in her lips….

Geet: missed u she slammed her lips on his,, maan was surprised to see her like this,, so vulnerable but this is not the time to think about all this,, it’s the time to console her, love her making her believe that he is here close to her…. He deepens the kiss while his hand was pulling the material down to her shoulder,, exposing her white skin….  He comes down nibbling her skin there,,, she hold him close to her,,, his long tongue was making its  own place,,, playing with her skin and his saliva making her moan his name uncontrobly,,, she was pulling his hairwith pleasure ,,, maan comes her lips,, whispering and kissing her madly…

Maan: I miss u geet,, love u,,, ye ek din kaise bitaya sirf main janta hu,,, love u jaan,,, kabhi tumse dur nahi jana chahta,, love u so much…. The words were soothing her,,,, she smiled and kissed his lips…..

Geet: mujhe chodke kabhi mat jana….


Maan: kabhi nahi… they hugged each other,,, it was like ages they didn’t comes out….. and then nandini knock the door…..

Nandini: di di,, aap kab abahr ayogi? Dresses pasand aayi ya nahi,,, sab try kiya ya problem ho rahi hain?

Geet and maan comes out the hug,, geet back was still hanging and he was holding her tightly in his embrace,,, geet heard nandini’s voice….

Geet whisper: maan,, nandini bahar hain kya kare…..

Maan: use jaane ko kaho hum baadme ayenge, he nuzzle close to her tickling her,, she giggle…

Nandini: di di aap has kyun rahe ho?

Geet: kuch nahi nandini, tum jao main abhi aati hu,,,,,

Nandini: ok,, she goes from there….

Geet: maan aap yaha aaye kaise,, aur aap wapis kab aaye?

Maan: geet relax,,, main kuch hi der pehle aayah hu, aate hi daadi ko phn kiya to unhone kaha tum log is mall me aaye ho so agaya,, aur yaha aate hi bindiya se mulakat huyi…. Usne kaha tum trail room me ho to maine socha tumhe surprise dedu,, he smiles naughtily,,, geet lowered her lashes and smile,,,,

Maan: accha chalo,, abb main tumhari shopping karwata hu,,, akhirkar meri dulhan meri rang me hi to rangegi….. she so wanted to tell him that exactly she was feeling but she knew before she could say he knew her in n out……………………………….

part 37

Maan: accha chalo,, abb main tumhari shopping karwata hu,,, akhirkar meri dulhan meri rang me hi to rangegi….. she so wanted to tell him that exactly she was feeling but she knew before she could say he knew her in n out……………………………….

Geet shied at his claim,,, and the urge of kissing her again could be see on maan’s face,,, and she hide her face in his arm,,, maan slides his hand on her bare back….

Geet: maan plss aisa mat kariye na,,

Maan: kaisa geet…

Geet: maannnn……  plss hume bahar jana hoga, warna sabko shaq hoga…..

Maan: to hone do, main apni biwi ko dekhne aaya tha,,,

Geet: uff maan aap bhi bade filmy ho….. maan frown and geet giggle to see the face…. Aacha abb ye bataiye,, isme se kya lu? Mujhe to kuch samajh nahi araha…. Maan take a look on each of them but didn’t like anyone…..

Maan: geet bahar chalo, aur bhi kuch dekhte hain….geet looked at confused he didn’t any one of them… but sweetly noded her head….

Geet: aap chalo main aati hu, maan looked at her questioning,,,  ye change karke aati hu she said while her face become little red….

Maan: oh to tum change karlo, fir sath me chalet hain,,, her eyes widen in shock,, she knew if he will be here with her they will end up making love over here……maan wanted tease her a little more… but to see the shocking face he laughed a loud and geet wacked hi arm playfully… maan wait for her outside of the changing room…. After some mins she comes out holding a bunch of dresses making baby face… maan took that from her and both make their way to bindiya and nandini….

Nandini was shocked to see him like that,,,holding a bunch of dress in one hand and his one hand was on geet’s waist,, bindiya sweetly smirks at him,, and he rolled his eyes….

Nandini: aap yaha,, is waqt?

Bindiya: maan to subah agaya tha, aur sabse pehle yaha agaya apne geet ke pass…. Maan handed the dresses to the boutique owner….

Owner: sir aapko koi bhi dress pasand nahi aayi?

Maan: ji nahi, isme se koi dress bhi itni kabil jo meri geet pehne,, kuch special hain to wo dikhaiye…

Owner: ek min sir,, aisa ek dress hain…

Owner: ye lijiye ye madam pe accha lagega,,,but nandini caught the dress…

Nandini: its so beautiful… apne ye pehle kyun nahi dikhaya,,,

Maan: kyun ke ye mere hatho se apni geet pe sajna tha, issi liye,, geet blushed furiously and the owner who is

60yrs old lady smiled at them and blessed them to be happy married couple forever…….

Maan: accha geet ye try karlo, fit hain k nahi, tab tak hum baki function me kya pehnogi wo dekh le…..geet smiled and goes with it….

Here nandini choose something for geet but maan reject that instantly,, then his eyes fell on a blue sari,,, he takes  it… nandini comes there….( uff ye nano har jagah kyun ghusti hain)

Nandini: wow,, maan aapki pasand bohot acchi hain,,, wish mujhe bhi koi aise guide karta….

Maan snapped: 1st of all,, u can call me jiju,, kyun ki tumhari di di se pehle hi meri shaadi ho chuki hain,, so jiju would be comfatable for u ya fir jijaji,, aur rahi baat pasand ki,, agar koi kisise pyar karta hain to uski har pasand dusre ko pasand hoti hain aur uspe acchi bhi lagti hain… then he smiled aur waise bhi meri geet hain hi itni khubsurat,, us pe to har rang har dress acchi lagti hain….. nandini face become little sad but she quickly cover it….

Nandini: to thik hain aap bhi mere liye kuch pasand kar dijiye na….

Maan: but maine suna tum pehle hi le chuki ho..

Nandini: wo to mujhe utna pasand nahi hain, hum wo na leke kuch accha aur pretty sa lete hain,,,but her

words didn’t reach hi ear as he was staring at some where and nandini looked at the direction and found geet is coming out from the changing room wearing the bridal dress looking ravishingly beautifull,, maan just didn’t take her eyes from her,, he just wanted to take her in his arm and love her…. And geet blushed to see the reaction on his face,, she could tell he loved it on her…. Vikram enter the boutique once again and 1st thing he saw geet wearing the bridal attire looking extremely beautiful… he goes to her….

Vikram: geet wow u r looking he reach his hand to her arms but before him maan stands next to   her and put his one hand to her waist…..

Maan whisper: beautiful………

Vikram was confused to see him and geet understood his confusion…

Geet: vikram ye maan hai,,, mere hone wale pati… maan ye vikram hain, nandini ka dost…

Vikram to geet: kyun tumhara dost nahi, geet smiled uncomfatably and that sensed maan,, and then he looked at maan hii main vikram…..

Maan extent his hand: Hello I m ACP Maan Singh Khurana………..

Vikram: suna tha apke bare me,, aaj milne ka mouka bhi mil gaya…

Maan: aab aap hamari saali sahiba ke dost hain to milna to rahega hi… but now excuse us, we have to go now,,, but I hope aap shaadi me aur baki function jarur ayenge… nandini aapko card dedegi..

Vikram smile: wo to jarur ayunga, agar aap card nab hi dete tab bhi… geet goes to change in her normal and all of them made their way to mansion…

Daadi: aap log agaye,, shopping hogayi?

Bindiya: aapke pote ne apni dulhal ki dress khud select ki hain…..

Daadi: are wah, dikhaiye to sahi…. Bindiya excitedly shows her all the shopping…. After that… daadi tells maan to go to his room ,, as he must be feeling tired.. least she knew what can make him fresh (wink)….. maan noded and signal geet to come… suddenly geet feel butterflies in her stomace…… she denied silently,, and that angered maan, and he leave immediately,, geet can sense he is upset with her and she too wanted to go,, but here everyone is discussing something how can she come right now,, what will see tell if daadi ask something….. maan goes to his room and shut the room with thud… that sound reach the hall and geet jumped  with it… she gulped her saliva to see the rage..….

Nandini saw the restlessness of geet,,

Nandini: kya huya di di, aap itni pareshan kyun dikh rahi hain?

Geet looked at her nervously smiled : nahi wo kuch, bas thoda thak gayi hu,,

Daadi: aare beta to andar jaiye na, rest kar lijiye….

Nandini smiled: waise bhi maan ji sayad apse thoda naraz hain,, unke chehre se lag raha tha….

Geet snapped: nandini wo tumhare hone wale jijaji hain, to tum unhe naam se na bula ke us rishte se bhi

bula sakti ho, jo kuch hi din me jurne wala hain…. Aur maan mujhse naraz hain ya nahi wo sayad tumse behtar main janti hu….. next time unhe naam se bulane se pe ye rishta yaad rakhna….Nandini noded her head silently,,, daadi main thoda rest kar leti hu….. daadi nodded….

Geet was mumbling to herself, she knew, maan would be angry.. she has denied him to come….and maan is maan,, muh fula ke baitha hoga….

Geet: babaji maine kar dega, maan kitna gusse me the,, she reach her room and slam it with a thud and jumped,,, uff maan ka asar mujh pe bhi hogaya….. main kya karu babaji unhe manane ke liye…..chalo pehle dekhti hu wo kar kya rahe hain….. she sneaked in maan’s room through the join door… maan was lying on his bed and doing something in his laptop,, but his all attention was on geet, he knew she will be here soon…. And he was right geet peeped through door….

Geet: maannn… maannn… but he didn’t answer it,, she gather a little courage and goes to him… maan aap naraz ho? Maan looked at her and then at his laptop… kuch to boliye pls,, wo daadi thi aur baki sab the, waha se aise aana accha nahi lagta na… but maan walked pass her, he goes to the washroom.. geet sank on the bed….

Tears were threaten to fall,, and a drop makes it way when maan took it in his palm… she looked at him with tears full eyes and maan felt a prang in his heart…. He immediately held her and make her stand…

Maan: geet tum roh rahi ho… ( tich wonder wo kab nahi roti)

Geet: I m sorry maan wo

Maan: sshh, geet he hugged her, main to bas mazak kar raha tha, I know tum kuch hi time me ajayogi yaha….

Geet: to aap mujhse naraz nahi ho, she cutely looked at him…

Maan was falling for her innocence once again…….aap waha se aise agaye, aur maine aapko bulaya to apne jabab bhi nahi diya,, aap to gussa lagte ho…. Maan was having a wicked plan…he leave her and turn his back to her….

Maan: gussa to tha, main itne dur se sabse pehle tumse milne aaya aur tumhare pass mere liye time hi nahi hain…. Geet hugged his back,,

Geet: nahi time ki baat nahi hain,, maine bhi aapko kitna miss kiya, waise ajati niche se to sabko shaq  hota,,I m sorry, main dobara aisa nahi karungi, aap jo bolenge wohi karungi….. maan realize she is still crying as his shirt is wetting ( maine kaha tha wo roh degi lekin ye maan to ufff)

Maan instantly rest his finger on her lips:   shhhh,, pehle rona band karo geet, tumhare ye ansu mujhe kitni takleef deti hain tumhe nahi pata….aur jaha tak kuch bhi karne ki baat,, mujhe pata hain tui kya kar sakti ho mujhe manane ke liye… geet looked at him confused but his teasing look which is placed on her lips she understood his intention.. she stumbled backward but maan was pacing forward and she fall on the bed with him as she wanted to balance herself but end up with falling with him on her…. Maan slowly comes to her face, tracing his fingers on her face and kept the disturbing hair stand to other side…. Geet can sense the heat going on her nerves…. She closed her eyes and parted her lips,, and he took it ever so gently,, I was a sweet and gentle smooch but soon it turn to passionate and hot,, its showing how much they have missed each other….. the hunger was engulfing them making the kiss hot….. the sensation that they both have missed becomes more powerful……   they kisse like there is no tomorrow,, they wanted to live only that moment,,, she open her mouth and maan explode her mouth, drinking her saliva,,,, he comes to her jaw and the neck,, geet too pulled him so closed there is no space between them,,, he make her lie on him and slowly unzip her kurti,,, geet kissed his exposed chest,, and takes off his shirt open his button,, he can feel her touch was making him more harder…. She kisses his well tone chest from his jaw to to his naval….. and feel the muscle through her hand,, he groaned and makes her lied under him,, he aggressively kissed her neck and then takes of the bra hook,,, in no time both are off from the cloths and he was kissing her every portion of body making her moan and want more…. He was rubbing her curves,, and sqeez it,, she screamed and he sealed her mouth with him…. And then he enter her,, moving slowly in rhythm…. Making the room their loving heaven, and drifted to sleep in each other arms…….

part 38

Its 4 pm when geet open her eyes to see the most peachfull face on this earth,,,,,,, maan…he was sleeping ever so peacefully,,, she wanted to touch his features but she knew her one swift movement is enough to wake up maan,, and she didn’t want to disturb him… but what is unknown to her that her one stare is enough to realize maan what she is upto… geet tried to  remove his hand slowly that was rested on her tummy securely,, she slightly move her finger and traces his forehead and then his eyes to his cheeks,

and when she touch his lips she herself shivers,,, but quickly removes her hand and move his hand a little bit from her tummy,, but he grabbed her and that cause to fall back on the bed,, maan on top of her…she just startled…

Geet: aap jage huye the? Maan looked at her and nodded naughtily,,,, maan aap bohot bure ho,, agar jage huye the to bataya  kyun wo main and she shied ,,,

Maan: bata deta to itna pyar kaise milta,,, aur geet tum  aaj bhi itna sharmati kyun ho…. Jabke  we

have made love for god knows how many times…..

Geet: maan plss,, sab niche intezar kar rahe hain,, hume jana chahiye…. But maan pinned her her to the pillow,,



Maan: koi intezar nahi kar raha, its being 4 pm.. sab to rest kar rahe honge….

Geet : ok but mujhe abhi uthna hain, to chodiye na….

Maan: nope…. Geet are u afraid of touching me, she looked at him astonished,, that probably the silliest question,, she denied of that and then he bend down and teasingly looked at her,, then r u shied to touch me, geet has a smile on her face understanding his meaning but choose to shut her eyes…. And he whisper to tum mujhe chune me sharmati ho geet,,, she nodded in no… then why u have stopped when ur finger reached my lips…. Her cheek become red,, and he bite that..

Geet scream: aahhh maan…  u monster…

Maan: accha? Ye monster aur bhi kuch janta hain,, he started to tickle her,,, she was laughing like a maniac….and the duvet they were in slide of exposing her curves…. Maan just lick the skin and geet moan..

Geet: maan….  maan was sensually kissing her neck and jaw,, it was impossible to hold back for geet, she clutches his hair pulling him close to her… he knew she has sore in her down as the previous  powerful love making was wild and aggressive…  so he has decided not to fetch it…. He comes to lips and kissed them,, geet 4 baj gaye hain, tumne kuch nahi khaya tha,, bhook lagi hain,, she cutely noded her head…..

Maan smiled: tum fresh hojayo main khana lata hu,,

Geet: hum niche chalet hain na….

Maan: nope, mujhe niche nahi jana, yehi sirf tumhare sath baithna hain,, she smile and nodded her head, and he was leaving when a naughty idea came in his mind,,, on the second thought u don’t have to be fresh… tum waise bhi fresh lag rahi ho…. U r looking more beautiful in birth cloths.. she hide her face  in her palm..

Geet: maan just go……. Maan laughed aloud and left from there….. geet goes to have a warm bath……

Maan was in the kitchen only in his black vest and track….. he has warm up the food,, and placed the food on a tray when nandini comes there….

Nandini: are aap yaha kya kar rahe hain,, kisiko bula liya hota wo khana garam kar deta…

Maan: mujhe apna kaam khud karna aata hain nandini,, he was busy in his work ,, didn’t gave a second look to


Nandini: but kuch kaam ladkiya kare to hi accha lagta hain, dekhiye na yaha agar aap ki jagah didi aapke liye khana garam kar rahi hoti aur apko serve kiya hota to aapko bhi to kitna accha lagta,, maan smiled at her and so process further,  accha aap table pe baithiye main apko serve kar deti hu, didi to sayad kamre me rest kar rahi hogi, she just stepped one feet to touch his hand to stop him but maan snapped it….

Maan: main janata hu nandini wo rest kar rahi hain, wo mere kamre me hi hain,, so hum dono ek sath lunch karna chahte hain, aur har biwi apne pati k liye aisa karti hain lekin pati apne patni ke liye kare to wo aur jayada romantic hota hain…. He was leaving when nandini said

Nandini: hone wale pati,, aapki shaadi abtak huyi nahi,,

Maan: lekin hum pati patni ban chuke hain, he looked at her with a smirks and nandini stairs at him…. Nandini wo mere room me hain hum dono itne time se ek sath hain,,, aur baki zindegi bhi aise hi sath rahenge…. Nandini turn her head and meekly smile…. He left with the food….

Maan enter the room,, and geet comes from the bathroom, dripping droplet from her hair…. Maan just looked at her mesmerized,,, the divine beauty was driving him crazy…but she didn’t saw him as she was busy in tying her back dori….. (girls hold on, she has wearing her usual salwar,, so don’t run ur mind :p) she just walked to the dressing table but her face was down and she was trying har to tie the knot but failed…. Maan comes to her and brushes his finger on her neck; she shivered with the touch…. Maan comes close,, his breath was fanning on her neck and she closed her eyes….slowly he tied the knot but more like a torture to her,, as he was coming closer and then withdrawn himself from her,, she was tempted to hug him tight,, but froze to her step when she feel his warps on her skin,, he slightly brushes his lips on the neck and rested his hand on her tummy and pulled her closer… (tich scratching her head khana thanda hojayega,,, pehle kha lo fir romance)

He touch her  crook of the neck with his nose,, nuzzling close to her,,, she can feel the heat was taking place,, he kissed her back,, slowly tracing down….

Geet: maannn….

Maan turn her around: tum hamesha mujhe itna weak kyun kar deti ho? She barely understand what he is mumbling …. Mujhse tumse ek pal ke liye bhi dur nahi jana geet….. I can’t stay a sec without you….

Geet: main bhi to aapse dur nahi reh sakti,, aur aap kabhi mujhse dur nahi jaate,, main to aapke dil me rehti hu… to main dur kaise jaungi?

Maan just kissed her lips without any word….. I love u… the magical word she always want to listen… no matter how many time he said this she wanted to hear more, no matter how many times they have made love to each other still the urge to feel each other is grew stronger… they wanted to be in the arms of each other, every moment….

I love u maan…



They finish their lunch with little teasing little romantic and little naughtily,,,, its 6 pm when finaly maaneet manage to go downstairs…..

Bindiya: agaye aap dono,, uff in love birds ko ek dusre se fursat hi kaha hain jo hume time de,, geet face flushed in bright red… everyone laughed at her, and maan didn’t seem to stop his teasing session,, aadi enters the mansion…..

Maan: tu agaya….. kaha reh gaya tha yaar? Meri shaadi hain 5 din me aur tu abhi tak koi arrangements nahi kar raha,,,

Aadi: excuse me,,, ye meri bahen ki shaadi bhi hain,, aur geet ke shaadi me main koi kami nahi rakh sakta…. He said while grab a seat beside geet….

Nandini:  5 din me shaadi hain, sab kaise hoga…. Hum koi wedding planner bulaye?

Daadi: ye accha idea hain,, hope is short notice me mil jaye…

Nandini: daadi mere friend vikram ki event management company hain,, maine usse bulaya hain agar thik lage to usse iss shadi ka contract de sakte hain….

And then vikram comes to the mansion,, everyone greet them… he extend his hand to geet..

Vikram: hii geet,, but maan grab it and gave a little squeeze…

Maan: hello vikram, geet nodded her head with a little hii….. I hope ghar dhundne me problem nahi huyi….

Vikram: no, not at all……  so kahiye main apki kaise madad kar sakta hu, nandini ne urgently bulaya….

Nandini: wo vikram, shaadi 5 din me hain lekin sab puri tarha se taiyar nahi hain, so can u arrange,,, but her words cut by aadi…

Aadi: wo actually maan maine bhi issi liye ek wedding planner ko bulaya tha,, she is new in this field but very talented….

Nandini: shaadi sirf 5 din me hain aadi, aur ye bohot badhi shadi hain, vikram ek wellknown company ka malik hain and u r saying we can hire a new comer in such a condition, ridiculous,,aapko koi chinta hain bhi ya nahi …… aadi face become lost and that made geet furious..

Geet shouted: nandiniiii,, apne badho se kaise baat karte hain ye bhi tumhe samjhana padega kya,,, nandini got petrified to see her rage,, she has never seen geet in such a temperament…. Aadi bhai se aise baat karne ki himmat bhi kaise huyi tumhari,, for ur kind information jitni fikar tumhe hain iss shaadi ki usse kahi lakh guna jayada fikar aadi bhai ko hain…. Aur jo kaam ek professional kar sakta hain woe k new comer bhi kar sakti hain, if she has talent…. Aur vikram ko bulane se pehle tumne kisise pucha? Nahi na, to fir kis haq se bhai se ye sab keh rahi ho,, ye mat vulo nandini ye ghar jitna maan ka hain utna hi aadi bhai ka bhi hain, wo iss ghar ke bête hain aur unhe pura haq banta hain mere shaadi me faisle lene ka,, wo bhi tumse jayada……. She finished her talk while nandini’s face lost its all color….

Nandini: wo didi,,,

Maan: hum pehle aadi ke laaye huye planner se milna chahte hain,,

Aadi was overwhelmed to see the love geet have on him… she is indeed a good sister and he is sure she will be a great wife of his best friend and a great daughter in law of this house….. she sincerely thanked her through his eyes while she was potraying how much sorry she is feeling.. aadi assured her he doesn’t mind all this….

Maan: aadi,, wok aha hain?

Aadi: yehi hain bahar..

Maan: to ander bula… he got up to call her but she made her way to the hall…. And was startled to see the mansion.. its is huge,, her cute eyes gone big like mary go round and her cute chubby cheeks were spread further when she smiles like she is happiest person right now….

Aadi: aare ye to yehi hain…. Ander aayo pinky… maan got from his seat to greet the sweet girl who was holding

a chips packets in her hand.. but one person is in confusion is it the same pinky?

Pinky: sorry aadi, itni badi mansion,, haayye main to dekh ke hi mar gayi…

Aadi: pinkyyyy,,, abb choro ye sab aur  inse milo ye hain maan,, mere dost aur jinki shaadi hone wali hain,, she looked at him while he extent his hand, she grabbed it

Pinky: sach me apki shaadi horah hain ? everyone suppress their smile and maan too….aadi tried to distanced them…

Aadi: ha pinky sach me inki shaadi horahi hain, unse,,, wo dekho baithi hain,, before he could utter she said..

Pinky: GEET??????

Geet has turn to see the girl who was flirting her maan but the voice was so recognizable…

Geet: PINKYYYY?????

Pinky just leave maan’s hand straightly goes to geet: ye tu hain geet, I can’t believe my eyes….. she hugged her.. kaha chali gayi thi, pata hain main kitne ohone kiye kitni parishan thi main… sabse pucha tu kaha hain lekin koi nahi janta tha,,, I missed u geet… she started crying like a baby and geet too couldn’t hold herself from crying…. Its being so long they aparted…

Geet: sshh pinky, mat ro na,,, dekh main bilkul thik hu…. I missed u too… I m sorry oinky plss tu rona band kar…

Pinky: mujhe chod ke kyun chali gayi thi tu? Main kitna pareshan thi tere liye,, tu thik hain na..

Geet: hmm…. Accha ye sab chod tu aadi bhai ko kaise janti hain?

Part 39…………

Pinky: mujhe chod ke kyun chali gayi thi tu? Main kitna pareshan thi tere liye,, tu thik hain na..

Geet: hmm…. Accha ye sab chod tu aadi bhai ko kaise janti hain? They took the seat and pinky began…

Pinky: geet main wo khanna uncle ki beti ki shaadi me busy thi, mujhe nahi pata tha venue me problem horahai hain,,, jab pata chala tab jaake dekha kisi don ki shaadi ke liye wohi jagah select ki gayi hain, unho ne hume chale jaane ko kaha, abb tu bol 2 din me shaadi thi venue kaise decide karte,, konsa venue late, cards diye ja chuke the sab set tha…. Main kuch nahi kar parahi thi,, wo jab main park me baith ke roh rah thi tab meri mulakat aadi se huyi….

Aadi: main duty se lout raha tha…. Uss hrs me park me isse baitha dekha to mujhe laga koi musibat me padh sakti hain… so maine pucha kya huya aur ye baccho ki tarha rone lagi…

Pinky: aur main kya karti,,, tab kuch sujh nahi raha tha,, uncle kya sochte mere bare me…. Geet looked at her then at maan and smiled….  Hmm then maine aadi se sab kaha aur wo mere madad ke liye ready hogaya,,, usne kya chakked churaye wo don ke,,, huh bechara mujhse mafi mang raha tha….. aur shaadi acche se nipat gayi….

Geet: aur ye sab se chal raha hain?

Pinky absent mindedly:  shaadi ke baad se hi,, wo mera matlab tab se mujhe koi problem hota hain to main aadi ko bula leti hu…

Aadi: geet hum tabhi se dost ban gaye… maan looked at her with one brow up….

Maan: lekin tu to kisi ladki se dosti nahi karta na?

Aadi in typical manner: he he he he wo main wo,,, pinky bohot acchi thi hum ban gaye dost,, he gulped one glass of water,, and maan smiled slyly…..

Daadi: lekin geet aap pinky ko kaise jante hain?

Geet: daadi hum bachpan ke dost hain, hum dono hi hosiyarpur se hain aur delhi me sath me rehte the,, lekin mujhe padhai ki wajah se hostel me rehna padhta tha aur uske wedding plans ke liye idhar udhar jana padhta tha,,, wo to ye shokh ke liye karti thi but I think abhi isko thoda seriousness aaya hain, maine to kabse kaha tha wedding planning shoukh ke wajah career choos kar but nahi ye to sirf maza karna chahti thi….

Pinky: actually geet ye aadi hi tha jisne mujhe kaha main isme acchi hu aur isse professionally expand kar sakti hu,,, so here I m am… but mujhe nahi pata tha aadi ke wajah se main tujhse mil paayi…

Bindiya: tum dono to sath me nahi rehte the na….

Pinky: aap bindiya ho na? bindiya nodded… wo bindiya dii hum dono sath me nahi rehte the lekin aisa koi din nahi jata tha jab na milte the,,, we are like soul sister…. Bindiya was startled to her exclaim,, “dii” after sapna’s death she is 1st one who said dii to her,, she recalled all the memory of sapna that brought tears in her eyes and maan notice that,, he knew she had missed the word….. aadi too notice that….

Geet: kya huya bindiya?

Bindiya: bohot din baad dii labz suna…. Sapna ki yaad aagayi….

Pinky: I m really sorry mujhe apko is naam se bulana nahi chahiye tha,, I m really sorry…. Aadi ne mujhe bataya tha fir bi,,,, she looked at the ground with a sorry face….

Bindiya: nahi pinky,, I m happy k tumne mujhe dii bulaya,, aur main chahti hu tum wohi naam se mujhe bulao….. her face literally got up….. she is cute and instantly click with everyone…. Her cute talk and chubby look melted everyone in a moment….except one nandini….

Nandini: lekin pinky ye bohot badha shaadi hai,, tum kar payogi ye sab..

Pinky: kyun nahi kar payogi,,, ye mere best friend ki shaadi hain,,, ye to mere liye sabse bada toufa hoga meri dost ko,,, uski zindegi in sare palme sanjona chahti hu main,, vale hi ye contrac mujhe na mili fir bhi ek bahen banke har kaam me main rahungi,,, yaha aane se pehle vale hi ye sirf ek profession tha but geet ki shaadi profession kaise ban sakta hain mere liye,,, geet’s eyes become moist… she hugged her..

Geet: tu hi sab karegi meri shaadi me,,,  tujhse behtar meri pasand koi nahi janta,,, aur  ye pal maine apne  sabse acchi saheli ke sath guzarna chahti hu….

Nandini: but didi iske kaam me to hamesha blunder hoa hain,, abhi issi ne to kaha…. Aur maine vikram ko keh diya tha k,,,

Geet: mujhse pucha tha ekbaar kehne se pehle,, aur nandini ye meri aur maan ki shaadi hain to I think hum ye sab decide kare to accha hain aur humse bhi badhi yaha baithi hain,, daadima… wo hain ye sab fainsla lene me,, tum mehman ho, kuch din ke baad chali jayogi to ye sab mamle me na paro to accha hain….

Nandini: but di di, main to sirf aapka bhala chahti hu,, ye pinky ye sab sambhal nahi payegi,,, ye to shaadi ke khaane me hi nazar garake baithi rahegi,,, pinky looked down with tears and nandini was laughing,,

geet shouted: nandiniiiii,,, mujhe lagta hain tum apna had baar baar vul rahi ho…. geet’s blood shot eyes were enough to to make nandini shiver…. Maine ek baar keh diya hain agar ye shadi koi arrage karega to wo pinky aur ek baat,, mujhe lagta hain tumhe abhi hp wapis chale jana chahiye aur sirf shaadi ke din hi wapis aana chahiye… everyone was shocked to see her rage…. Maan tried to calm her….

Geet: nahi maan,, ye apna had hamesha vul jaati hai,,, pehle aadi bhai ki insult ki, abb pinky ki,, why she is doing all this,, she turn to her aur sayad ye vul gayi pinky meri bahen se bhi badhkar hain,,, wo mujhse tujhse bhi jayada payar karti hain, aur ye tub hi janti hain nandini but still,,, still u are doubting on her….

Nandini: I m sorry di di,,, dubara aisa nahi karungi promise,,,

Geet: main aaj tai ji phn kar rahi hu, wo tujhe le jayenge…

Daadi: bête aise chote mote baat pe gussa nahi hote… wo bacchi hain…

Nandini: really sorry di di,, abb kabhi aisa nahi kahungi..

Vikram: geet I think tumhe usse maaf kar dena chahiye she doesn’t mean to hurt u or anyone..

Geet shouted: u just kept out of it vikram,,, ye hamare family ki baat hain aur mujhe koi bahar wale se suggestion nahi chahiye chahiye…. Vikran wake up..

Vikram: then I think I should leave…..

Geet: plss

Vikram left from there,,,

Pinky: geet tu gussa mat karna,, wo to pehle se hi aisi hain,, wo mujhe pasand nahi karti…

nandini goes to her: I m sorry pinky… pinky asuured her through eyes…

Pinky: geet ye teri shaadi hain, aise gusse me koi faisla karke ye sare pal pe khattas mat la…. Main to tujhe sir fkhush dekhna chahti hu,, aur nandini chali jayegi to tub hi khus nahi reahegi,,, plss gussa mat ho… geet calm a bit…

maan comes to them: Maan mujhe to mere Sali ki baato me dum laga,, everyone looked at him even more shocked,, and nandini smiled.. but her smile was lost when he said hmm pinky ne sahi to kaha,, itna gussa accha nahi hain,,, geet looked at him understanding his words… he is talking about pinky…. pinky abb jab geet ne keh hi diya hain to kyun na tum yehi ruk jao, shaadi tak…aur mujhe aur ek saali mili hain to mujhe uske sath bhi to time spent karna hain…usse geet ke secrets bhi to leni hain…. Pinky instantly hold his hand sure jiju,, mujhe aapko uske bohot sare secret batane hain…geet looked at her warning  with her eyes…. Pinky just hide behind maan,, and he shield her… geet just looked away hiding her smile….

Aadi: to fir tum yehi ruk rahi ho pinky,, he was asking but more like he was confirming himself,, pinky nodded cutely….

They had their dinner together….and settle down in the hall.. except daadi as she was not feeling well…

Pinky: accha sun,, sirf 5 din hain to kal se decoration suru kar denge,, aadi tum meri madad karoge,, she said with authority that made aadi blush a little and gave a chanch to maan to tease him…

Maan: ha aadi, meri saali saheba jo kahegi wo karna….

Aadi: maan but mujhe report dena hain,, ps me tu janta hain….

Maan: wo sab main sambhal lunga…. Geet smiled at him….

Pinky: ok aap logo ne engagement ring li k nahi,, they gave her a blank look…

Bindiya: nahi pinky abhi tak kuch nahi huya,,,

Pinky: oh god kitna sab kuch karna padega….jiju kal aap aur geet bhi chalo,, ring lena hain,,

Geet: thik hain pinky….

Pinky: hum parso engagement rakhte hain uske agle din haldi then mahendi and sangeet,,, aur uske agle din shaadi…

Aadi: but pinky itna sab hopayega,, it will be really hectic,,,

Pinky: sab hoojayega aadi, ye mere best frnd ki shaadi hain, main kaise uske shaadi me kuch kami rehne du…. Wo sab fikar mat karo.. bas guest list bana ke mujhe dena,,,,kal subah  card chapwana hoga… uff kitna sara kaam hain,,, aadi was looking at her in awe and maaneet werelooking at each other and then aadi pinky….

geet smirk at maan

Pinky: geet mere pass cards ke kuch sample hain,,, ye le she give her some beautifull card…. Choose karle,, kal dedenge chapane ke liye… aur engagement ke liye phn karke sabko personaly bulayenge…

Geet was busy with the selection of card… she was holding a white and red mix and a pink and red card…..

Geet: konsa de maan, main confuse hu,, maan rest his hand on another one,, golden yellow…

Nandini: ye jayada accha hain,, geet made a face and pouted…. Maan looked at pinky for help she instantly looked at the white and red one… and maan understood…..

Maan: nahi mujhe wo white and red wala accha hain,, geet looked at it smiling,, happy ,,, maan sighed thanking pinky,, and she giggle…..

Geet frown: tu has kyun rahi hain?

Pinky: nahi kuch nahi, main kaha has rahi hu….

Geet: thik hain tu abb rest karle,,, bindiya tum jao restkaro…..

Pinky: kya yaar itne din baad mile aur tu sone ja rahi hain….

Geet just looked at maan and he smiled….

Maan: to tum dono ek kamre reh jao,,, sare baate kahatm karo….

Pinky: ye accha idea hain, chal geet,, but geet looked at him worryingly,,, he nodded and she goes with pinky smiling….

Aadi: main bhi ye hi ruk raha hu,, kal bohot kaam hain….. maan gave his famous smirks but aadi leave from there…

Nandini goes to her room……….

Bindiya: pinky bohot acchi ladki hain…

Maan; hmm aadi ke liye thik rahegi,, bindiya looked at him amazed,, kya don’t tell me undono ke bich jo chal raha hain tumhe samjh nahi aaya..

Bindiya: r u serious?

Maan: very much,,,

Bindiya: ye to bohot accha hoga maan…..ok chalo abb sone jao,, gdni8….

Maan : gdni8….  

Maan tried to sleep at his best but couldn’t,, he was in a habbit of holding geet in his arm securely…. He twist and turn but couldn’t sleep a min… his restlessness was evident to see the condition of the bed…..

part 40…………..

Maan tried to sleep at his best but couldn’t,, he was in a habbit of holding geet in his arm securely…. He twist and turn but couldn’t sleep a min… his restlessness was evident to see the condition of the bed…..

It’s being more than 2hrs,,, and still maan was tossing on the bed….

Maan: uff geet tumne ye kya kiya hain,, mujhe neend nahi arahi tumhare baigar,,, a hand came around his torso

Geet: to mujhe vejha kyun apne se dur? Maan just jumped on the bed,, dim the light and see the beutiful smile, on the prettiest women in the world…. She was lying on the bed where maan was sitting…

Maan: geet??? Tum  yaha,,, tum to aaj pinky ke sath rehne wali thi…

Geet sits up:  aap hi ne vejha tha…. She cutely pouted,, maan just wanted to take her in his arms….

Maan: mujhe laga tum apne frnd ke sath rehna chahti ho,,

Geet frown: apko laga main apke baigar  reh payungi??? Hey babajii mujhe laga tha ye mujhe samajhte hain lekin ye to ,,,,,  chaddo, main pinky ke sath hi raat ko so jayungi… she tried to get up but maan jerk her and she landed on him… and he lied on the bed,,, her hairs fell on her face across his face…he caresses her face that gave a chill down to her spine….

Maan: main apne geet ko tumse bhi acchi tarha janta hu…he grip her waist in his hand…. Lekin pinky bhi tumhare sath time spent karna chahti thi…. To main kya karta…

Geet frown: to aapne mujhe vejh diya, ye nahi socha main kaise rahungi aapke begair,,  mujhe bhi to apke baho me sone ki adat hogayi hain….. she said and bite her lips to see the teasing smile on his face….

Maan: he tighten his grip on her waist but it was not hurting….. she settle herself on his chest….. lekin mujhe to laga tha main tumhe sone nahi deta,,, wo raat ko,,

Geet hide herself in his chest and started hitting him: maannn aap bohot bure ho….. chodo,,,,  mujhe nahi rehna aap sirf mujhe tease karte ho….she started to move and maan in one jerk land her on her back and came on her

Maan: accha?? Sirf tease karta hu? Fir mere pass aur bhi kuch hain karne ko,, geet just shut her eyes tightly not wanted to see his teasing smile that was making her blush even more….. maan was looking at her smiling face intensely,,, like he was living every moment…  maan was remembering every moment,, how she walked  in his life and made it so beautiful….

Geet slowly open her eyes to see he was staring at her contently…

Geet: kya huya maan,, aap aise mujhe kyun dekh rahe ho?

Maan: dekh raha hu tumne meri puri zindegi kaise badal di… geet looked at him with a questioning look on her face…. Maan smiled,, kabhi nahi socha tha zindegi itni khubsurat ban sakti hain… tumne samjhaya mujhe ye life kitni beautiful hain, sapna ke jaane ke baad aur mom dad k guzar ne ke baad kabhi nahi socha tha firse life haseen lagegi,, main bhi jee payunga but tumne samjhaya mujhe isme jeene ke liye bohot kuch baaki hain…. Main jeena chahta hu tumhare sath….. geet’s eyes got moist on his words,,,

Geet: I love u maan… aap ne meri zindegi puri kardi,, I feel complete now,,, you made me feel complete…. He captured her lips in a passionate kiss,, it was hot sloppy kiss…. They wanted to show each other what place they have in each other heart though its not needed,, they knew they only belongs to each other… their heart soul only belong to each other….. geet increase the fervor of the kiss and maan increase the pressure on her body… he rest his all weights on her….

He took off her dupatta,,, and comes down to her neck,, nibbling the milky white skin…. Loving her soul…. His one hand goes under her kurti,,, making patterns on her waist to belly bottom…. She moan against his lips…. He took the bottom lips in his mouth and sucks it….. she was pulling him more close to her,,, and he gave in,,, once again he comes to her neck,,, crook of her neck and the  collar bone, making her want more…. He was kissing her chest and in one hand he open the zip of her kurti….. she kissed his shoulder,, and bite it in anticipation….. he groaned and pinned her on her stomach,,, tracing his finger on her spine,, making her shiver in his touch….. his finger soom replace by his lips and then tongue,,, making her gasp…. She moans his name uncountable time…. He slide of his vest along with her kurti,, now she is in her bra and salwar… he turn her  around,, geet just shut her eyes in shyness… he drank her beauty with his naked eyes…. He whisper to her ear..

Maan: ankhe kholo geet…. Main chahta hu tum mujhe dekho,, hamare iss pyar ko dekho… her face is pink in blush…. She nodded her head in denial… plsss ek baar,, main chahta hu aaj main tumahare anko me dekh ke tumse pyar  karu…. How could she denied his demand…. She slowly open her eyes,, and saw the dark desire in his eyes… for  a moment it scared her,, the sensation of his passion is too high, she could be drown in that….  But then she can see the immense love, the pure love was there,, she looked at his eyes…. And he comes to her naval without breaking the eye contact…… he lick the skin around the naval and she hiss in pleasure but couldn’t break the eye contact…. She clutches the pillow in her hand making a small fist… maan take out her salwar string with his teeth making her gasp…. And then slide of it,, kissing down the valley….

Geet: maan plss….. she was screaming in anticipation but maan continue his assult…. Like he wanted her to want more…… maan…

His one hand goes on her curve, she was still wearing her b**…….. but maan takes it off instantly and kissed it.. nibble it until she scream,,, he rubbed the other one while he bite it ,,, she dig her nail deep in his shoulder,,, and kissed his neck biting it……. Maan goes to the other curve in cupped it, and sucks that hard…. She was rubbing her knees on his privet part that was making him insane in pleasure…. He groan and pinned her hand,, then kissed her lips hard making a small cut n her lips,, blood oozed out and he lick it while nibbling the lower lips…. But his hand was roaming all around her… she was twisting her leg and her feet on the bed….

He rest his weight on her, crushing her petite body,,, kissing her madly,,, and then sucking her all body parts, like he got some treasure…. he hungrily kissed her curve and she was urching for more,, she slightly arch her back to give him more access…. That was making him crazy… he takes off her panty,, and parte dher legs,,, playing with her privet part,, with his finger… she scream his name and bite his lips….making it bleed and then licks it off…. He enter her gently but then it was rough, aggressive… geet was so much in need that she too wanted it to be hard…. She continuously moaning his name and saying to go harder…. He was in his best to give pleasure to her… he rocked her back and forth,,, the climax would come any moment still they want to continue,,, he was fast in his ppace,, and she was moving her hip to support him…… atlast they hit the climax together,,, he collapsed on her chest panting and she was breathing heavly taking oxygen as as she can…

Maan: I love u geet,, I love u so much he kissed her chest….

Geet: love u too maan…..she kissed his forehead,,, and both of them drifted to sleep….

Its 7am and maaneet were still in sleep…. (too much exhausted u see wink) sunray came to geet’s face,,, they were in white duvet,,, geet on her back but maan was on her chest ,, his hand was entangled with her waist,, its imposible to move for his grip….. her slight movement wake up maan… she smiled and he comes to her lips… kissing her lips slowly…

Maan: good mrng…. He lied on his back taking geet on his chest….. she traces her finger on his well toned chest,, making patterns,,

plss imagine it they are under duvet….

Maan groaned: do u know ur one touch is enough to wake up the demon….ya u want to repeat last night??

Geet stopped at her track and looked at him and tried to get up… but maan held her…and brought her on his chest,, maine uthne ko nahi kaha…

Geet: maan sab hamara intezar kar rahe hain aur yaad hain na aaj ring lene jana hain,, bohot kaam hain, jaane do na plss…

Maan: noo…

Geet looked at him unbelievingly: but maan,,

Maan: sshhh, I have some other plan…..

Geet: maan mujhe nahane jana hain,,, pinky wait kar rahi hain… but he jerk her and took her in his arm while wrap them both in the duvet….. maannnn ye kar rahe ho aap?

Maan: hmm a little more romance…..

He take her to the bathroom… and started the shower… the cold water touch her skin like burning them… the duvet slipped on the ffloor,, and he  just push her to the wall,, where the shower started pour water on them….they were standing nude in the shower…. Geet gasped when she feel his hand around her waist,, she tried to look at him,, but the water were making everything blurted out….. he kissed her neck,,, licking the water from the skin… she was burning more from his lips were touching  the parts…

She kissed his toned muscle body,, tracing her lips,, on his chest,,, licking the ater…. She was kissing his upper body to his torso… and that was giving him immense pleasure…. He hold her hair and licked her throat,,, and goes down her curves… cupping them, teasing them….geet couldn’t hold herself… she didn’t know what the power they posses,, they got never bored of each other or their body….. he hold her one leg up and entangle her legs with his waist…..  and then enter her,,, touching her deep,, her soul,, their soul mingle,, and the unstoppable moaning began….

After  a while they stop panting,,, but the shower was still on so the sweat take off from the body with the cold water….. maan wrapped her with the towel and for himself as well and comes out from the bathroom holding her in his hand,, she was tired and that was evident by her features,,, he made her lie on the bed and takes her cloths and place it on the bed,,, geet wears them….. and she tried to get up maan hold her..

Maan: kaha jarahi ho?

Geet: niche she said in confusion,,, as she doesn’t know why he is stopping her…

Maan: kahi nahi ja rahi ho,,, yehi rest karogi,,, shopping hum sham ko karne jayenge aur tum yaha se hilogi nahi…. Samjhi tum,,,

Geet nodde with a cute pout while he smirk,,,

Maan: aur agar itni energy hain to mere pass aur kuch idea hain tumhe exhausted karne ka,,, her eyes goes big in shock as she knew what he is trying to say…. Maan laughed a loud and  she hit him…. Accha geet mujhe abhi PS jana hain,, kuch kaam hain but sham tak ajaunga, tab tak tum pinky ke sath busy rehna,, he comes close to her aur main to hu hi raat ko tumhe exhausted karne ke liye, she hide herself in his chest in shame…

Geet: aap kitne besharam ho..

Maan: tumne aab jana? Mujhe to laga pehle hi jaan liya hoga….. she smiled in his embrace…

Maan comes down,,,, everyone was there….

Pinky: hii jiju, aap kahi ja rahe ho kya?

Maan: ha saali saheba,,, PS jar aha hu,,, sham ko aap sab se milunga aur tabhi shopping ke liye jayenge.. ok?

Pinky: ok,,, but aadi bhi jayega kya… maan looked at her one brow rise and with a teasing smile…..

Maan: ha main soch raha thaw o bhi chale to accha hoga,, wo kya hain na pinky, bohot sara kaam pending hain aur aadi ka kaam bohot jayada hain, he said while looking at aadi…. Who has chocked his coffee just to see maan’s teasing face…..

Pinky’s face become dull…

pinky: but kal to aapne kaha tha aadi meri madat karega taiyari me,, her face was so cute, anyone could melt easily,, aadi doesn’t stand her sad face….

Aadi: main kahi nahi jaraha maan, main pinky ki madad karunga uske kaam me,,, waise bhi bohot sari taiyari baki hain…maan just slapped his head hard..

Maan: main janta tha kamine tu aisa hi kahega….

Daadi: hmmmmm language…

Maan: sorry….pinky giggle…. Thik hain aadi yehi rahega..

Pinky: geet kaha hain?

Maan: wo rest kar rahi hain, usse abhi jagana mat….

Nandini just came there: kyun kya huya di di ko,, unki tabiyat to thik hain na…..

Maan: wo thik hain, u don’t have to be worry,, bas wo abhi so rahi hain…. So let her sleep…..

Nandini took a seat on the dinning table: lekin itni der tak sona nahi chahiye di di ko,, kuch hi din me unki shaadi hain,, abhi ye ghar unhe sambhalna chahiye,, aur wo itne der tak so rahi hain,,, daadi ye thik nahi na….. shaadi ke baad,,,

Daadi: shaadi ke baad to unhe sanmbhal nahi padega,, tab tak to unhe shanti se rehne dijiye,, ye din unke hasne khelne ka hain….  Shaadi ke baad tp bohot sari zimmedariya ajayenge,, tab tak wo ye life jee le,,, apne hisab se…aur ye ghar geet ka sasural hi nahi maika bhi hain…. Maike me to ladkia aise hi rehti hain, aur hum chahenge shaadi ke baad bhi wo aise hi rahe…. Kyun maan???

Maaan smiled and so was aadi pinky……..

Part 41

Its being 4hrs maan has gone to headquarters as he got an urgent call from commissioner….  Geet was in her room,, oops correction in maan’s room…. And rest of the family except daadi was present in the hall….

Nandini: ye di di kaha reh gayi,,, kab ayengi wo?

Bindiya: let her rest na, waise bhi abhi aake karegi kya sare kaam to pinky hi kar rahi hain…

Pink y has already on her work done,, atleast half of them,,, she has started the decoration and with aadi she has manage to call the guest personally…..she took the seat beside aadi,, feeling tired and exhausted…..

Aadi: pinky tum kabse kaam kar rahi ho, thoda rest karlo….

Pinky: nahi aadi bohot kaam hain,,, dekho na kal engagement hain aur kitna kuch baki hain, caterers ko phn karna hain, flower wale ko batana hain, dj ka kaam bhi nahi huya,, she started crying,,, aadiiiiiiii sab kaise hoga, itne kam time me, jiju will get upset with me na if I fail to it…….and that time maan enters the  mansion….

Maan: kisne kaha jiju will be upset with u?pinky’s face literally lit up, she got her huge smile on her face…..she stood up…

Pinky: jiju aap itni jaldi mujhe laga aap sham ko ayoge abhi to 1.30pm baje hain….. 

Maan: ha wo pinky maine socha tumhari madad kar du, aur jayada kaam tha bhi nahi… commissioner sir ne mujhe abhi leave par vejh diya hain….. kyun ke unhe lagta hain agar maine abhi chutti nahi li to meri hone wali biwi bhaag jayegi….. itna kaam karungi to biwi ko to bhaagna hi hain,, he sigh and geet who was standing over the stairs made a big O,, as her mouth itself gone like a O…….. she barged in the hall…

Geet: hawwwww maan aap kitne bure ho, maine kabhi apko kaam karne se roka? He looked at her confused… kabhi apko kaam chodke aane ko kaha, his confuse face now visble to everyone….. kabhi kaha aap itna kaam karoge to main bhaag jayungi? Everyone giggle and maan lips automatically went on smirks…..

Maan stands up and now he is facing geet : geet maine kab kaha tumne kaha, maine kaha sir ne kaha, now she is confuse,, her confuse face is only inviting him to grab her and kissed her insanely…..

Geet: huh?

Maan: ha geet sir ne kaha ke tum ye kabhi nahi kahogi ke tumhe itna kaam pasand nahi ayega aur tum bhaag sakti ho, to tumhare kehne se pehle maine keh diya matlab sir ne keh diya… now geet is highly confuse with his no sense talk… she made a confusing yet cute face…..

Geet: hey babaji main pagal hojayungi,, maan aap ye sab kya bol rahe ho aapko pata bhi apki baate mere samh me bilkul nahi arahi hain, mere kya kisi ke bhi nahi,, pinky giggle to see the sight…..

Maan: tumhe samjh ne ki zarurat bhi kya hain,,, tum bas bhaago mat issi liye main aaya hu take he looked at her with a teasing smile taakkeeee tumhe zayada se zayada time de saku, tumhare pass reh saku he was inching closer and geet understood his intension and actual meaning of his words…. He wanted to spent time with her,, no matter how many time they have love each other still the urge is very strong….. geet’s cheek went red in shyness….. and maan entangle his finger with her…..she dipped her head in shy….

Pinky: accha ab bohot huya aap dono ka isharo me pyar,, abb meri madad karo…

Maan: sure Sali saheba, issi liye to aaya hu,

Pinky: abhi to kaha geet ke sath time spent karne aaye hain aur abhi meri madad ke liye?

Maan: aap bhi to meri aadhi gharwali hain,, he said and took the seat beside her holding her hand and that was annoying aadi….

Aadi: accha abb hume kaam pe dhyan de thoda…… geet looked at him and saw that he is restless……

Pinky: uff aadi tum bhi na, abhi tumne hi to kaha tha toda rest karlo abhi keh rahe ho kaam karo…. She made a big face…

Aadi: are pinky main to bas yunhi,,, matlab wo ha abhi sare kaam khatam nahi huya na, bohot kaam baki hain so isi liye main keh raha tha,, pls gussa mat ho na,,, geet raise an brow and looked at maan who was looking at them confuse…..

Pinky: accha thik hain,, chalo abb kaam pe lagte hain, workers sare decoration kar llenge hume abhi caterer se jaake milna chahiye aur flower wale se bhi….. aadi noded…..

Geet took a seat beside maan,,,, pinky and aadi got busy in the house works and in the phn calls……

Geet to maan: maan apko nahi lagta ye dono ke bich kuch chal raha hai,,, maan looked at her confuse,,, ufff maan apko sach me samjh nahi aata ke aadi bhai pinky ko pasand karne lage hain,,,

Bindiya: mujhe bhi aisa hi lagta hain,, jis tarha se ye dono ek dusre ko dekhte hain mujhe bhi aisa hi lagta hain…

Geet: aur abhi to aadi bhai maan se jealous ho rahe the,, maan’s eyes popped out…

Maan: kya mujhse???bindiya and geet giggle..

Geet: hmm jab aap aur pinky baat kar rahe the hath pakad ke tab aadi bhai ka face dekha?

Maan got a hint now,, at first day he was drooling over her now this,,, he has a smirks on his face and evil smirks…

Geet: aap kya soch rahe ho,,, he smile

Maan: in dono ko milane ki,,, geet smiled… but ek baat samajh nahi aayi ye mujhse jealous kyun feel kar raha tha,, meri to shaadi bhi tai hogi…. Aur pinky she is a kiddo….

Geet smiled: maan yehi to pyar hain, apke pyar koi aur chuye ye aapko pasand nahi aata valehi aap unpe jitna bhi trust kare ya fir aap jante ho dusra insane galat nahi hain,, fir bhi hume ye pasand nahi aata hamara pyar kisi aur se aise baat kare…..

Maan frown: sabko aisa lagta hain?

nandini: di di iska matlab aapko bhi bura laga hoga jab maan ji I mean jijaji ka hath pinky ne pakra tha?

Geet: bilkul nahi,, mujhe pata hain maan ne uska hath sirf apne saali ki taur pe pakda tha aur more than that I trust maan, she said while looking at him deep in his eyes….. and maan could saw the selfless love in her eyes…

Nandini:lekin di di agar waha pinky ke jagah aur koi hota aur jijaji ne uska hath pakda hota ya fir uss ladki ne inka hath pakda hota to? To aap kya karti , kya aap itna hi trust karti? Kuch nahi kehti jijaji se?

Geet looked at him: to main inka murder kar dungi he gulped his saliva, he knew she is possessive about him.. nandini smiled satisfied but her smile not lasted long,, when geet said aur uss ladki ka chote chote chote chote tukre karke crocodile ko khila dungi,, nandini looked at her unbelievingly…. But geet laughed a loud but mujhe pata hain mere maan kabhi aisa karenge hi nahi…… he looked at her to see the depth of her love….. but could see something else beyond her answer…… she could never harm him,, and he knew it….

Daadi came there….

Daadi: aare tum log abhi bhi yaha ho, engagement me ring abhi tak nahi aayi… aap log jaldi xyz jewelers ke pass jayiye aur ring dekhiye jaake,, humne unse baat kiya hain…aap sirf jayiye aur dekhiye jaake…. Aur ha pinky aap bhi in dono ke sath jayiye…..

All left to the jewelers to pick up the rings and some jewelry… bindiya wanted to go but she was feeling uneasy…..   nandini adi pinky were accompanied maaneet…..

Jewelry shop…………….

The owner welcomed them,, he is a good friend of maan’s daadi…….

They keep looking at the rings…. But none was impressing maan,,, he wanted it to be special ofcourse it will be wear by the prettiest lady in the world so how can he compromise in it…….he was looking at every ring still he is not satisfied….

Geet: maan ye aap kya kar rahe ho?

Maan: kya?

Geet: aap har ring ko dekhte ho fir wapis rakh dete ho,, abb shop ki ring khatam hone ko aayi aur aapko abhi tak kuch pasand nahi aaya…..

Maan: uff geet main kya karu, mujhe kuch pasand nahi araha aur sabse badhi baat ye us ladki pe bhi to acchi lagni chahiye jo duniya ki sabse khubsurat ladki hain,, he said with all love in his eyes and geet blushed in her own way…..

Geet: accha to aap ring choose karo main thoda waha ghumke ati hu…. Maan nodded with smile and kept looking at her retreating figure…

The sells girl looked at him and smiled: engagement?

Maan smiled: hmm….

The girl: love marriage?

Maan: aapko kaise pata chala?

The girl: apke face se pata chalta hain,, aap usse bohot pyar karte ho……  maan smiled at her and carry on his process of choosing the rings….nandini comes there….

Nandini: aapne koi ring choose kiya? Maan was looking at the rings…

Maan: nahi, kuch accha nahi lag raha… maan was reaching a ring when nandini goes to touch it….

Nandini: ye kitna accha hain na,, maan took it from her slowly buy kept that that place..

Maan: utna bhi accha nahi hain…. Mere geet ke kabil nahi hain,,, nandini looked at and frown….

The sells girl goes to the somewhere for some time and when she come back she hand over a beautiful blue diamond ring which is really unique in sense, and very beautiful…

Sells girl: I think aapko ye zaroor pasand ayegi, ye hamare yaha to kya pure india me bohot rare milta hain, kuch khas khusnaseeb hote hain jinhe ye naseed hota hain I thing ur fiancé is the lucky one..

    same ring diff angle,, (don’t know u guys will like it or not but i really like uniqe and smple thing)

Maan : actually the ring is the most luckiest thing in the world that it got the chance to touch my geet and get the pleasure to be with her 24 x 7………..  all the sells girl and boys and the shop owener himself was dumbfounded to see the love in his eyes and the word he have said….

Nandini: jijaji but ye didi ka size ka hain bhi ya nahi dekhna padega na ,,

Maan: hmm but geet hain kaha, he was looking here and there when nandini said

Nandini: ek kaam karte hain na, geet di di aur mera size ek hi hain, mujhe pehna ke dekh lijiye agar fit huya to ye lelete hain,,

Maan looked at her annoyed: nandini wo hamre sath hi hain abhi ajayegi we can wait for her,,, and then smile ye ring to sirf geet ke finger me hi jayegi,, kisi aur ke nahi…

Before nandini could say something geet comes there,,,

Geet: hogaya ring select???

Maan: mera to hogaya,,

Geet: mera bhi she cutely smile,, all the sells girls and the boys were already flat to see her beauty,, she was wearing a patiyala suit but she was looking ever so elegant and beautiful,,

now all can understand why he is head over heal in love but they were only seeing the outer beauty…. Maan maine le to liya but aap ek baar pahenke to dekho ye fit hota hain k nahi… he extend his hand and she slipped it in and it was perfect,, she was so happy and that was evident from her smile and everyone was looking at her smile that was enchanting  his beauty only for better…..

Maan: hmm abb tum bhi try karlo,,he hold her hand and slipped the ring on her finger she looked at it amazed,,, it was indeed beautiful and she liked it from the bottom of her her,, he has a great taste…. But this is geet…. (tich sighed)

Geet: maan hum kuch aur le sakte hain??? Maan looked at her puzzled,, didn’t she like it……the sells girls were shocked to see that she is denying to take it where every girl desire her would be husband could get it for them….

Sells girl: mam apko ye pasand nahi ? its so beautiful  and one in a piece,, apko ye is town me to kya pure india me nahi dikhegi,,,

Nandini: di di kitni pyari ring hain,,  aapko pasand kaise nahi…

Geet: maan hum kuch aur dekh sakte hain na….maan was understanding her polite,,, he cupped her face and made her look in to his eyes,,, the sells girl smiled at them..

Maan: geet kya baat hain? Tumhe ye ring pasand nahi hain?? Geet can not lie to him looking at the eyes which pour love care and authority…. Bolo geet tumhe ring pasand nahi?

Geet: maan,, wo….. ye bohot expensive hain, main isse nahi sambhal sakti…. she was looking ever so cute,, he smiled at her, he knew his geet very well that’s why he ask that though he knew her dilemma….

Maan ever so gently takes her hand in his and slipped it in the ring finger…… everyone clap for them, actually they are so drown in maaneet love they even forget its not the actual engagement,,, the girl and whoever was thinking that geet might be some arrogant who wanted to show her dominance by rejecting the ring,, understood her turmoil….  She was so pure and her face was glowing like a new bride…… she was looking at him intently,, couldn’t understand how much love he has for her or how could he understand her so much…..

Maan: geet ye ring sirf tum sambhal sakti ho, kyun ke isme mera pura pyar basa hain jo sirf tumhare liye hain, abb batao kya mere pyar ko aise thukra dogi… she rest her palm on his lips..

Geet: kabhi nahi….. he smiled and kissed her palm, her cheek turned deep red in shy,,

Sells girl: sir kya main isse pack kar du? Maaneet nodded…. Pinky came there…

Pinky: oye geet jaldi kar, sirf ring select huyi abhi thode kaam baaki hain,,,  aur daadima ka phn bhi achuka hain, jewelry ghar se lenge,, jeweler ghar pe aaya hain… aur ha jaane se pehle hume jiju ka sherwani bhi lene jaana hain… so chal abhi…..

All were just going when geet’s fell on a pendent necklace…. She was hust staring at that when maan noticed she is looking at something….  But he thought she is looking at a diamond necklace,, he comes closer to her and whisper..

Maan: bohot khubsurat hain na?



Geet absent mindedly: bohot pyara hain,, he smiled and signal the shop keeper to show that,,, but geet was still looking at the pendent which is not the one maan ordered to show,,, she feel a cold metal is touching her bare neck followed by his warm touch,, she shivered in his touch and close her eyes,,, maan was tying the necklace in her neck and then showed her the mirror,, and whisper close her earlobe

Maan: ankhe kholo geet, necklec ki khubsurti nahi dekhogi jo tumhare gale me jaake aur khubsurat hogayi hain….. geet felt her cheek is burning as his gaze is buring it….. she showly open her eyes but her eyes got widen as she didn’t saw that necklace anywhere near…..

maan thought she is looking at it….

Geet ask in confusion: maan ye kya hain?

Maan looked at her equally confused: necklace hain geet,,

Geet: maan mujhe pata hain, lekin ye mere gale me kyun, I mean ye mujhe,,

Maan: sshhh geet he rest his finger on geet’s lips,,, I know tumhe ye expensive cheeso me dar lagta hain k tum sambhal payogi ya nahi etc etc but tum isse itne pyar se dekh rahi thi I thought tumhe ye pasand hain so maine pehna diya and don’t worry ye tum…

Geet takes off his finger and shouted: maannnnnn,,,, chup bilkul chup…………….. apko kisne kaha ye mujhe pasand hain, he looked at her with one brow raising…. Mujhe itna vari necklace nahi pasand,, I don’t like it….

Maan: but tumhi to

Pinky comes there: jiju geet sahi keh rahi hain, usse vari vari gehno se allergy type hain, she didin’t like all this stuff,,

Maan: but yehi to isse dekh rahi thi,,,

Geet: maan main isse kyun dekhne lagi, mujhe jab pasand hi nahi how could I look at it,,, then the sells girl comes to them and takes off the pendent and shows them which geet was looking at………….

Sells girl: sir I think mam ye dekh rahi thi…….

Geet looked at it and her face was glowing more than the moon…. Maan could see this,, he takes the pendent and come close to geet,,,

Geet: maan ye,

Maan: ssshhhh… he just tied the necklace on her neck, and she feel the butterflies flying in her stomach,, and heartbeat juse rose with his each tracing finger… he was tracing the finger tip on nech line pretending to tying it….. both comes back to senses….

Sells girl: shall I pack this? Maan nodded………. But he didn’t let her remove that……..

In the car…….

maan was sitting with aadi in the front and geet , pinky, nandini were in the back…. Geet was continuously touching the necklace with her finger….

Nandini: didi aap to keh rahi thi aapko ye nahi lena aur abhi uspe se apka hath hi nahi hath raha…..

Geet smiled: aur kabhi hathega bhi nahi,, kyun ye sirf mera hain,, she was sounding crazy but her inner meaning couldn’t understood by anyone…

Pinky: oye geet tujhe ye itna pasand aaya?? Itna ke jiju ka diya wo expensive haar ko bhi itne baar ghurke nahi dekha tune jitni baar isse chuya hain,,, aisi kya khas baat hain isme?

Geet smiled: isme maan base hain,, everyone looked at her puzzle,, even maan couldn’t understand her meaning… she said it while looking at the pendent she was touching,, 1st time he looked at it through the the front mirror and saw there is some later… its his name M…….

see the M latter

geet smiled….. and then pinky looked at it closely..

Pinky: oye teri,, isme to jiju k naam ka M hain, aur issi liye tujhe ye itna pasand aaya,,,,

Maan was looking at her with intensity like piercing in her heart…… she was just smiling the smile that only shows the love for him…………….

Part 42………….

Maan was looking at her with intensity like piercing in her heart…… she was just smiling the smile that only shows the love for him…………….

They reach the mall to buy sherwani for him…. One of the sherwani caught geet’s eye where maan was rejecting any and evrey sherwani…… geet was roaming in every corner of the shop but maan was just relaxing sitting in one corner….. all the girls and some women were drooling over him,, but maan didn’t even notice that…….geet comes to him holding some sherwani in her hand,,,, geet’s eyes caught the attention he was having…. She directly handed the cloths to him,

Geet: maan ye sab try kar lijiye…

Maan: geet ye sab try karna padega,, she was looking at some girls who were drooling over him,, he tap her shoulder to get the attention,,

Geet: huh?

Maan: maine pucha sab try karna padega?

Geet: ha maan jaiye na, try kijiye…… he goes from there, how could he denied his princess demand….. after he left a girl came to geet,,,

Girl: hii,, mera naam leena hain,,

Geet looked at her annoyed, as she saw her drooling over her husband ( tich scratching head husband ya would be husband)

Leena: wo mujhe puchna tha, wo ACP maan singh khurana the na?

Geet: hmm…

Leena: wow,, akhir maine unhe dhund hi liya,, geet looked at her blank and the girl continue,,, actually its my dream to meet him, he is such a hero,,, kitna kuch kiya hain unho ne… geet has a smile on her face,, yes she is proud to have a husband like maan,, he has done a lot of thing for her also…. Actually not only meet, I wanted to hug him,, geet’s eyes popped out….

Geet: kya????

Leena: u know he is so hot,, every girl would die to touch him a once,, geet could murder her right now with her bare hand,,, and the burning eyes were saying all…. The girl was confused as she didn’t knew she is MRS MAAN SINGH KHURANA….. geet tried to say something when maan comes from the changing room, leena’s attention automatically goes there,,  where his eyes on geet’s fuming face….. he can guess what is the scenario…  maan immediately hold geet hand,,

Maan: kya huya geet?

Geet looked at him, if look can kill anyone she could murder many people,,, leena looked at him confused….

Maan to leena: hmm sayad aap meri biwi se mili hogi, the girl’s face naturally lost its color,, but then to her misery geet’s burning gaze were killing her,, she gulped hard…..  maan assuered her and then takes geet from there..

Maan: geet please chalo na mujhe ye choose karne me problem ho rahi hain,, geet goes with him but didn’t speak a word, she kept looking at the sherwani…. maan made her looked at him  but geet jerked his hand,, then he pulled her to the changing room and lock the door,, then he pinned her to a wall beside…

Maan: geet, tumhe ho kya gaya hain? why r u behaving like this,, kya huya hain jaan he caresses her face,, she  could melting in his word and his touch that was giving a chill down her spine…..but she just straighten herself and move her face away….and maan didn’t like it at all… he jerked her and made her face him,,, he comes close to her lips,, slightly touched with the tip of his nose…..

Maan: kya huya jaan? Gussa ho?

Geet: umm wo, she could barely talk, as he was filling her with unknown sensation,,, maannn….. he comes to her lips,, the juicy lips were only inviting him,, his hand automatically goes to hold her slender waist under her kurti….. she gasp at his contrast between his hand and her skin….. she closed her eyes in anticipation,, he slowly touch the belly bottom making patterns around her naval portion,, it was tickling her yet it was awaking her sexual needs….. maannn, she screamed…. Maan captured the juicy lips in his and she hold his shoulder to support herself,,, he was leaning on her and she was on a wall, crushing her body in his rock solid chest and the wall,, he squeezed her waist and pulled her more close,, there was not an inch gap between them….

His tongue was exploding her mouth’s every corner,,, he nibble the lower lip and then the bottom,, their tongue were making a love paradise…. Geet was aggressive,, it was demanding, it was authorized.. he is just her only her…. They parted to inhale some air, as they both are breathless cause of the long kissing session….

Maan: huya kya jaan,,

Geet: aap sirf mere ho…. She said in one breath,  maan was smiling at her statement,, he like it when she said he is only her…. Yes he is only her. But when it’s comes from her mouth it feels heaven….. geet closed her eyes in shyness…

Geet: maan wo,

Maan: geet, main  tumhara hu, aur mujhpe sirf aur sirf tumhara haq hain….

Geet: I m sorry maan, wo ladki ne apko aisa dekha to mujhe accha nahi laga aur main,, he rested his finger on her lips….. her eyes were closed,,, he just kissed her lips softly,, nibbling it slowly… and in between the kiss he spoke

Maan: main janta hu geet, tumhe accha nahi lagta koi mujhe dekhe ya chuhe, geet just bite his lips making him groan, and turn the kiss to a passionate kiss,,,

Geet: jo apko chune ki kosish karega main uske hath kat dungi…

Maan smiled: ek ladki to chuh chuki hain she stopped kissing him…. But then he spoke naam nahi janna chahogi? Wo ladki hain meri jaan, meri geet…. She blushed furiously….. and started kissing him more passionately….

They comes from the shop in some hrs….. they were in the parking when maan bump to someone,,,

Maan: sorry, then he saw it’s dev, his friend in IPS,,, they became friend when they met in the examination hall and till now they are very good friend…. They both are in same branch for 1yr in banglore and then maan got the opportunity to get back delhi with his dream post…. And dev stayed back in banglore…..

Dev: maan?

Maan: dev? Both hugged each other…..

Dev: how r u yaar?

Maan: main thik hu, tu bata,, yaha kaise?

Dev: bas agaya apne dost ke pass,, mujhe bhi delhi me transfer mil gaya,,,

Aadi: hey dev,, bilkul sahi time pea aye ho,, he hugged him…. Kaisa hain yaar?

Dev: I m fine as usual…. Sahi time matlab?

Aadi: aare maan ki shaadi hone wali hain 4 din me aur kal engagement hain,

Dev looked at maan: maan? Ye sach hain kya? Tu shaadi kar raha hain…

Maan smiled: ha…

Dev: kisse? Kaise,, oh my god,, mera friend the great maan singh khurana shaadi kar raha hain, jo kabhi bhi kisi ladki ko ghas nahi daalta thaw o aaj shaadi kar raha hain,, ( tich wonder to kya usne sari zindegi shaadi na karne ka theka liya tha)

Aadi: yes the great MSK shaadi kar raha hai, aur dulhan wo rahi,,, he looked at the direction at geet, who was standing with pinky and nandini,, dev understood only only she can be the girl who just stole his frnd’s heart… her warm smile and the slight pink cheek said it all…..

Dev: that girl na in purple dress,,

Maan: uska naam geet hain, dev looked at him with one brow raise..

Dev: nice name,, maan weds geet, hmm, maan ka naam to geet ke sath hi accha lag raha hain….  accha formal introduction nahi karwayega?

Maan: kyun nahi,, he called geet, geet isse milo mera frnd dev…. Aur dev jaisa tum jante ho ye hain geet meri fiancé…

Dev entent his hand: hello, but geet was reluctant to hold it and dev could sense her reluctance,, he smiled and folded his hand,, Namaste bhabhi jii… geet blushed a little..

Geet: Namaste…

Dev whisper to maan: hmm bhabhi to mujhe acchi mili hain, maan knew he is really a humble person,, he smiled….

Maan: accha bata tu tehra kaha hain? aur yaha aaya kab aur sabse badi baat mujhe ek baar phone nahi kiya?

Dev: aare main aaj hi aaya hu, aur abhi hotel me thaira hu,,, quarter abhi ready nahi huya…. Aur tu mujhe bol raha hain maine phn nahi kiya,, tune to mujhe bataya tak nah teri shaadi horahi hain,, aur mujhse expect kar raha hain,,, ke main tujhe phone karu, wah….

Maan: dev maine phn try kiya tha but tu banglore me tha nahi aur cell bhi nahi laga… accha sun tu abhi hamare sath chal raha hain….

Dev: but..

Maan: no arguments….. tu mere sath chal raha hain,, yaar pehli baar delhi aaya hain to obviously hamare sath hi rahega….

Dev: maan sun yaar pls ,, main waha nahi reh sakta….. but geet entrupted

Geet: please dev,, aap agar hamare sath rahenge to hume khusi hogi aur kuch hi din me shaadi hain so agar aap ayenge to mujhe accha lagega…. Dev was so overwhelmed to hear her words he couldn’t denied her,,,but he has a reason to denial but still he goes with them…………

when they reach mansion  geet was shocked to see the arrangements,, it was breath taking but to her misery something caught her sight that actually hold  the breath…..

part 43..

when they reach mansion  geet was shocked to see the arrangements,, it was breath taking but to her misery something caught her sight that actually hold  the breath…..

daadi: are ayage aap sab, geet idhar aiye,, ye sab jewelry dekh lijiye,, apko konsa lena hain, fir sari bhi dekhna hain,, she goes towards daadi….. and dev enter the house….

Aadi to maan: firse shopping? Yaar ladkiyo ka shopping kabhi khatam kyun nahi hota…… pinky stamped her shoe on his feet…

Pinky: kyun ke ladkiya fasionable hoti hain,, ladke to jo hai jaise hai chale aate hai muh uyhake… maan  rest his hand on her shoulder..

Maan: to hum to pehle se hi handsome hote hain, hume ye kapre make up ki jarurat nahi padte…

Pinky: huh, handsome,, is mamle main apko chod sakti hu lekin aadi ko dekho, kis angle se ye apko handsome lagta hain, aadi frown at her and everybody laughed at him…. He cribbed like a baby..

Aadi: geet dekho na ye pinky meri insult kar rahi hain….

Geet warned pinky: pinkyyyy,, mere bhai ko tang mat kar..

Pinky: oye bhai ki chamchi, jayada ankhe dikhane ki zarurat nahi hain…

Maan: accha accha ye sab chodo, dekho to sahi kon aaya hain..



Daadi: Dev??? Aap yaha? Aap to banglore me the…

Dev: wo daadi aaj hi aaya hu,

Maan: aur hotel me rehna chahta tha,,, hum isse yaha leaaye,,

Daadi: bohot accha kiya… Ye kya dev, aap humse mile baigar hi ja rahe the aur  maan ki shadi hain 4din me.. aap aise kaise ja sakte hain,,

Dev: sorry daadi….but  abhi agaya hu, main bhi aap sabki madad karunga….bindiya was not there till the time, and when she come down from the stairs she saw,, dev was there smiling, laughing with them….

Bindiya: dev??

Dev turn to see bindiya was standing there, looking ever so beautiful, clad in a pink sari… he stood there numb, she has a cute bump on her tummy, but the glow on her face was worth watching….

Bindiya smiled: to aap agaye apne friends se milne,,

Dev: kaise na aata,,

Bindiya: lekin aap itne din se kaha the, na koi khabar na koi phn… she goes to daadi, and sit beside her but a slight arch in her abdomen flich her, and immediately dev run towards her…

Dev: tum thik to hona,,,

Bindiya smiled: ha main thik hu, bas ye thoda satata hai mujhe she looked at her tummy…. Dev smiled… hmm to itne der kyun laga di,,,Dev looked at her, he has some pain in his eyes,,,

Dev: bohot der hogayi kya? Bindiya didn’t knew why she saw some kind of pain guilt in his eyes,, but she was not sure…  and then he smiled hiding his eyes,, sorry but tumhare bhai ne koi khabar nahi di thi ye to accha huya main yaha delhi me agaya warna mujhe to pata hi nahi chalta….

Maan : bilkul nahi, main tujhe waha se bula na leta…. Everyone gets busy in their chat where geet saw something that no one bother to see, she saw some kind of spark in dev’s eyes when he talk to bindiya,,

Bindiya: accha to kaise hain aap dev? Aur banglore kaisa raha? Hamari yaad aayi ki nahi she joked,, but dev looked at her intently..

Dev: yaad to usse kiya jata hain jinhe kabhi vul paaye, tum sab to to dil se kabhi dur gaye hi nahi, to yaad kisse karte,,,

Bindiya: uff dev, maine aapko ye baate bohot miss kiya,, aap to baato ke badsha hain,, pehle bhi aap aise hi paheli me baat karte tha…now geet is sure something is in between them….and she have to help dev….

Dev smiled sadly: kash maine kabhi paheli me baat kiya hi nahi hota… suddenly daadi broke their gaze with her talk,,,

Daadi: are aap sab to apne hi baato me lag gaye aur hum hi sirf  ye sare kapre and gahne dekh rahe hain, geet bête ab jaldi se ye sare select kar lijiye,, geet gulped hard to see the big jewelry,,, she looked at pinky for help but she looked away…..

Geet: daadi itne vari jewelry pahenna jaruri hain?maan looked at her confused and then pinky who was giggling…. Geet looked at her angrily,,

Pinky: wo kya hain na, geet ko vari jewelry pahenna bilkul pasand nahi,, isse to actually isse agar kaho k bina jewelry ke shaadi kare to jayada khus ho jayegi… bindiya laughed at her..

Bindiya: ye kya baat hui geet,,, gahne to tumne pahenne hi parenge,, geet made a cute cribbing face….

Everyone help her to decide everything…..

at night…. Geet was lying on the bed with a book and maan was resting his head on her tummy….. (bacche aur kuch kheyali pulao mat pakao)

maan was playing with her her finger and geet was trying to snatch it but couldn’t as his hold is too strong…

geet: maan aap ye kya kar rahe ho?

Maan: kya kar raha hu?

Geet: kyun pareshan kar rahe ho?

Maan: wo to tum kar rahi ho,, geet gets up and pushed his head off….

Geet: main pareshan kar rahi hu?

Maan: ha geet dekho na ye moti si kitab leke baithi ho, mujhe pyar bhi nahi karne deti, he cribe and pouted like a baby,,, she could melt with his words and to see the sweet cribe, but she hide her smile….

Geet: maan ye story bohot interesting hain mujhe abhi ye padhna hain…..

Maan: lekin mere pass aur bhi kuch interesting karneko hain,,, she looked at him with one brow up and he looked at her with naughtiness written on his face….. she rolled her eyes….

Maan comes really close and started licking her neck,, giving her tickling ,,she giggle at his act..

Geet: maan aap kya kar rahe, please chodiye na… but maan pinned her to the bed and strted giving wet kissed all over her neck, jaw line,, chest, her breath become heavy and maan smirk….

Maan: abhi bhi rokna hain? at 1st she was too drown to response and then shied and looked away but maan didn’t stop to get her answer,, he was kissing her bare body madly, and she clutches hi hair in a fist…. He comes to her lips and sealed with a kiss, first it was small peak and it trun to a slow kiss,, but then it has become hot and demanding, he enter her mouth and started kissing lavishly,,, where his hand was busy in exploding her body…… he broke the kiss and comes to her neck,,, his hand was busy untying the zipper of her kurti….  She moan his name and he continue his sweet assault ,,, the dress slide down from her shoulder and her gave a bite mark on that portion,,,  she scream and he sealed his mouth with his…..

There dress was lying on the floor shattered and they both are nude lost in each other,, geet on top of maan,, she kissed his bare chest, shoulder and his torse,, then came down to his waist line, maan could hold himself he groan and takes her beneath him and started kissing her aggressively taking all the command,,, the cupped her curves and squeeze it a little,, she dig her nails in his bare back and lick the crook of the neck….. he suck and bite leaving his claim,,, and then he enter her,,, the moaning spreads all over the room leaving a sweet essence of their love…..

After 1 hr….

Geet was resting her head on his chest listening his heartbeat… and then kiss it..

Maan: geet do u want repeat my last work, he smirked and she hit his chest playfully….

Geet: maan mujhe apse kuch baat karni hain,,

Maan: hmm…

Geet: wo baat bindiya ko leke hain, maan looked at her with a questioning look…. She took a deep breath,, maan mujhe lagta hain dev bindiya ko pasand karta hain….. she looked at  him to see his reaction but couldn’t see anything,, he stares at her only…she took herplace and rested on the head stand with a duvet on her bare body….

Maan: geet tum kya keh rahi ho, he confuse as why she is talking like that…

Geet: maan aaj apne dev ke ankho me dekha nahi kitni fiqar kitni sadness thi unki ankho me….

Maan tought for a sec: wo to itne din humse dur rehne ke liye tha, dekho dev actual dev Mumbai ka rehne wala hain aur is duniya me hamare siva uska aur koi nahi hain,,, meri usse mulakat traing k douran hui fir uska transfer delhi me hogaya jab ke mera pune n then banglore,,, aur maine daadi se kaha jab tak dev delhi me hain tab tak wo yehi reh jaye, KM me,, so that way he comes really close to all…. And jab bindiya k sath wo sab huya thaw o yaha nahi tha… usse pehle hi uska transfer banglore me hogay tha,, jab usse pata chala to wo yaha aya tha lekin bindiya ka kuch pata nahi chal raha tha,, maan was sounding low as he was living the momeries once again and geet could feel his hands going cold,,, she held his hand and bring him close to heart,,, he rest his head on her chest between her bossom….  Dev ko wohi baat ka  bura lag raha hoga, aur issi liye wo itna concern tha…

Geet: nahi maan, ye sirf concern nahi tha,, kuch to hain,,,

Maan: geet tum kuch jayada hi sochti ho,,,

Geet: dekhna maan main ye apko ko bhi dikha ke rahungi ke dev k man me sirf concern nahi hain,, she smiled and saw maan was peacefully sleeping on her chest,, she kissed his forehead and drifted to sleep….

Dev’s room…

He was talking with a photo…

Dev: kash main tumhe bata pata,,, kash main tumhe chodke kabhi jata hi nahi, meri zindegi sirf kash banker eh gayi hain bindiya….. he was talking with holding a snap of bindiya,,, aaj tum kitni pass ho lekin fir bhi lagta hain kitni dur ho,,, I m sorry bindiya ye sab meri wajah se huya, agar main time pe apni dil ki baat tumhe bata deta to ye sab sayad nahi hota,, agar main delhi chodke kabhi jata nahi to sayad tumhe wo din nahi dekhna padhta… ye sab meri galti hain,, one single tear escaped from the corner of his eye…. Lekin kash main tumhe bata pata ke aaj bhi main tumse utna hi pyar karta hu jitna pehle dinse karta tha jab tumhe pehli baar dekha tha maan ke sath hamre prom night pe,, kitni khubsurat lag rahi thi tum, lekin us din se aaj tak sirf tumhe dekhta hi aaya, kuch kehne ki himmat hi nahi huyi,, dekho na aaj jab himmat hui tumhara dard ne meri himmat tod di… aaj agar main tumhe apni dil ki baat kahunga tumhe lagega main tumhe sympathy de raha hu, kabhi nahi samajh payogi ke main tumse pyar kartu, karta tha aur karta rahunga…. Tum jo ho jaisi ho mujhe tab bhi pasand thi aaj bhi pasand ho…..

Next morning….. engagement day…..

All are set,, dev aadi pinky made really this special,,, and their efforts anyone can saw… dev didn’t allow bindiya to touch a single piece of work,, and that was not unnoticed by geet who was continuously showing it to maan…. And now maan was having doubt on him…

7pm KM…………….

Maaneet comes down from the stairs together….

Everyone clap for them,, they are looking like Jodi made in heaven,, every men’s eyes on geet…. And that was angering maan a lot, but somewhere he was feeling proud also,, as now every man will feel jealous with him…. Where every girl was envying geet as she was holding maan’s hand they were looking perfect….. maan was looking extremely hot where geet was looking like a Goddess of beauty…… both walked down ever so elegantly….

They took blessing from daadi,,, and geet hugged bindiya and pinky,, maan goes towards dev and aadi… 4 of them were discussing something when someone comes fro the behind and whisper to geet ear,,,

HII GIRLFRIEND……. Geet turn to see who is this and so was everyone,,, maan saw the guys clad in black suit rest his hand on geet’s shoulder,, his anger was boiling… and then he saw geet was smiling….

Geet: ABHAY???? OMG,,, I can’t believe my eyes u r here…. They hug each other, now maan is confused as why the hell she is so happy and suddenly hugging this guy….

Abhay: hmm, tumhari engagement hain, main na aayu, ho sakta hain kya? Miss u yaar….

Geet: me too,, ok inse milo but before she said anything abhay said

Abhay: ACP Maan Singh Khurana…..geet smiled,,, aur ye hain bindiya, aadi, dev… pinky ne mujhe sabke bare me itna bataya abb main sabko pehchanta hu,, hello maan… but was looking at his hand angrily…. Abhay gulped hard….  Are ACP sahib aise mat dekhiye,, she is only frnd of mine, and as she is a girl so she is my Girlfriend…

Aise baate karoge dulhan k sath to dulha to aise hi gussa karega na…A voice came from the behind….

Geet: PIYA??? Aww main kaise vul sakti hu jaha abay waha uski piya,,,maan is now relief to hear this…

Geet:  inse milo guys, Piya raichand, abhay’s wife…. Maan hum 3no collage se ak sath hain… aur ye dono tabse ak dusre se pyar karte hain,,

Piya: aur agar geet na hoti to hum kabhi nahi mil paate,, abhay kabhi apni dil ki baat mujhse nahi kehta..

Abhay: hmm,, geet meri sabse acchi dost hain,, I was used to be very reserved ,, it was geet made friendship with me, and we become best of frnds…. And I m very thankfull to her only because of her me n piya are married now….  Maan got his smile to here this and geet look at him with a teasing smirk….  Pinky goes to abhay and punch his stomach,,,

Abhay: ouch teddy,,, ye kya tha,,

Pinky: sirf geet teri dost hain main nahi?

Abhay: are nahi re jaan, idhar aaja,, he hugged her tight,, aadi frown at him and whisper to maan…

Aadi: ye to shaadi suda hain to dusri ladki k sath chipak kyun raha hain….maan smiled at him…everyone greeted the couple….

Daadi announce that the moharat of engagement has started,, so everyone gathered the middle of the hall… but there started a chaos,, where is geet’s family….

One guest asked daadi where her family is. And followed by another lady who is daadi’s friend….

Pinky: abhi tak to nandini k alawa yaha koi nahi hain…

One guest: lekin iske parents kaha hain,,, itna badha function, sagai hain aaj aur mat pita hi nahi,,, geet was feeling really low… maan couldn’t see the sadness on her face…

Maan: enough….. sagai meri aur geet ki hain, isme jo hain wohi thik hain naaki jo nahi aapye unke liye sagai ruka rahe, aur jo sabse badhi function hain hamari shaadi usme wo sab arahe hain, itna hi khafi hain…. everyone knew maan’s anger so kept their mouth shut….. engagement was going to start when some people enter the hall with nagada and dhol….

Maan: ye kon hain?


part 44

Geet turn to looked ,, and saw a grp of people entering the hall, with dhol… her face lit up literally ….. her eys search for one…. Abhay piya pinky smiled at her where maan being confuse look  here and there to find her view…..

Then someone enter the hall wearing a sherwani walked upto her……

Hii gorgeous…. Geet has a cute smile on her face on seeing him but still was searcing someone else….

sid aka siddhant modi

Geet: sid tum yaha? Kab aaye…

Sid: aaj hi aaya hu pinky ne bulaya abb jab tere sare frnds ko bulaya to siddhant modi ko kyun nahi bulata… acche ye maan hain na? maan who was confuse got the hint that he is her friend,,, so many friend and they boys,, gosh he could burn them whenever they touch his geet,,, whether it would be a friendly touch or hug…..

Sid: hello maan,, main sid hu, geet ka frnd more like a brother,,,

Maan smiled: hii…..

Sid: abb jab geet k family agaye hain hain to ceremony suru kare?

Geet: sid wo,,,,

Sid: wo bhi bhi hain, lekin vao kha raha hain….tu janti hain na…. grand entry marega…. She giggle….

And then all heard the sound…..

Ishq hai,

A group of people with dhol enetr the house……….. and a guy comes out

Teri aankhon ke matvaale

Kaajal ko mera salaam

Zulfon ke kale kale

baadal ko mera salaam

(He comes towards geet and started dancing with her……his shoulder was touching geet,, like back forth and then he goes to the center…)

ghayal kar de mujhe yaar

tere paayal ke jhankar

hey soni sone,teri soni,

har adaa ko salaam

Salaam-e-Ishq.Ishq Ishq

Salaam-e-Ishq,Salaam-e-Ishq Ishq


(he bend down like doing salam and one his leg was moving up n down)

Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-


Salaam-e-(2)Ishq hai….

Geet whisper : ARMAAN……..

Sid whisper to maan: her best buddy,, but maan tried to go towards her ,, and then suddenly a girl comes out from behind……..

Ho teri mastaani anjaani

bataon ko mera salaam

Rangon mein doobi doobi

raaton ko mera slaaam

(She goes towards geet and smiled with a teasing smile….)

Khwaabon mein kho gayi main

deewani ho gayi main

soney soney aisse soney

har adaa ko salaam


Salaam-e-Ishq.Ishq Ishq


(she goes to armaan and join him in the dance)

Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-



Ishq hai….

The group came and dance while singing the song….. sid abhay piya too join them….

abhay n geet

Geet to maan: riddhima,, his girl frnd… and smiled… he hide his face in embaressment…. He knew she could read his eyes,,, he was little jealous…. Geet tried to go from there but maan held her hand…..and just then piya comes there

Oh tere hattha bich mahendi ka rang khila hain

                                                         tujhe sapno sa changa

                                                            Mehbooh mila hain

She pulled geet and riddhima pushed her towards maan,,, who just catch her on right time…

Meri banno pyari pyari

                                                             Sari duniya se nyari

                                                            Isse doli me tu leja doliya     


Both the girls hugged geet and hugged maan side way,,, and took a promise to take care of her.. and maan assured with his eyes…..both of them goes towards  their respective partners….. maan comes close to her from back….

Teri meri nazar jo milli pehli baar

ho gaya ho gaya tujhse pyaar…

(he make her turn to see him)

dil hai kya dil hai kya

jaan bhi tujh ko nisaar

maine tujhe kiya aitbaar

(geet looked at his eyes which has only love,, she blushed and sang)

ho main bhi toh tujhpe mar gayi

deewanapan kya kar gayi

meri har dhadkan betaab hai

palkon vich tera khwaab hai

( maan pulls her)

Ho jaan se bhi pyaari pyaari

jaaniya ko salaam

Salaam-e-Ishq.Ishq Ishq

Salaam-e-Ishq,Salaam-e-Ishq Ishq


All the frnd comes over there and dance the signatured step,,, they bend down doing salam,, while maaneet were only looking at each other…..

Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-


Salaam-e-(2)Ishq hai….

Geet goes towards dev and pulled him in the dance,, he did some step and then goes towards bindiya….

Main tere ishq mein do jahan vaar doon

mere vaade pe kar le yakeen

keh raha aasman keh rahe hai zameen

tere jaissa dooja nahin

He was looking at bindiya,,, and when she looked at the pair of eyes which is trying to convey something yet she fail to understand or her past doesn’t give the permission to gave a second hope…..there was so much pain what arched dev’s heart…geet comes there and so was pinky.

Ho aisse jaadoon na daal ve

naa aaon tere naal ve

jhooti tereefein chodh de

ab dil mere dil se jod de

Aadi comes there

ho jo abhi hai dil se

nikli uss dua ko salaam




Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-


Salaam-e-(2)Ishq hai….


Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E…(2)

Ishq hai

The light went off,, and maan sits on his  infront of geet on his one knee,, and extend his hand

sorry for color of dresses 😦

Rab se hai iltija maaf kar de mujhe

main toh teri ibaadat karoon

Aye meri soniye na khabar hai tujhe

Tujhese Kitni mohobbat karoon

( She hold his hand he stood up,, her eyes was filled )

Tere bin sab kuch benoor hai

Meri Maang Mein tere sindoor hai

sanson mein yehi paigaam hai

Mera sab kuch tere naam hai

(Maan sang)

Ho dhadkanon mein rehne

waali soniye ko salaam

Armaan comes there

Teri aankhon ke matvaale

Kaajal ko mera salaam

Zulfon ke kale kale

baadal ko mera salaam

They were spining aroud maaneet one by one,,, piya sang

Khwaabon mein kho gayi main

deewani ho gayi main

And then abhay sang

Oh ho soney soney aisse soney

har adaa ko salaam

all the grp started dancing in the middle except bindiya as she is expecting can’t dance that much… and ofcourse dev would not alow her,,, daadi pinky aadi bindiya was watching them and maaneet were in the center dancing enjoying…..

Salaam-e-Ishq.Ishq Ishq



All of them hugged each other,, specialy armaan gave a tight hug to geet…..

Geet: abb chodega?

Armaan: ek baar chod diya to dekh tujhe kisi aur ne leliya,,, maan looked at him shocked,, and all other laughed at him…. Geet too giggle,, where riddhima just smiled like hiding something…..

armaan and riddhima

Armaan looked at maan top to last and gave a warm smile……

Armaan: geet ka dhyan rakhna,,,

Abhay: abb apni geet ko uske maan ke pass deraha hain,, thoda emotional hogaya na,,

Piya: aur nahi to kya,, thank god geet ko apna maan mil gaya warna ye armaan ne to iska bodyguard banne ka contract liya tha jaise, har waqt geet geet geet………… abb to tu riddhima riddhima bol sakta hain….

Riddhima: are tum log ye kya baat leke baith gaye chalo engagement ceremony suru karte hain,,,

Sid: hmm ab to geet k asli family bhi aagaye,, hum…………

Maan noticed there is something in riddhima’s eyes,, as she is sad,, and wanted to hide something….all of them move from there while maan stop riddhima….

Maan: hi riddhima,,,

Riddhima smiled: hii maan…. Chalo mohurat ka time hogaya…..

Maan: I wanted to talk to u,,,

Riddhima: hmm?

Maan: kya huya, tum khush nahi lag rahi ho,,, tumari ini acchi frnd k engagement hain aur tumhara face itna gam chupaye huye hain, she looked at him, with little tension….

Riddhima: aisi koi baat nahi hain maan,,,

Maan: sayad tumhe pata nahi, main ACP hu,,, logo k face se jhoot pata lagana mere liye koi mishkil baat nahi hain,,,one single drop of tears made its way but she quickly wiped it as armaan comes there…

Armaan: hey maan, lets go na, she is waiting for u….. his voice was little low….. maan node and goes to them where geet was waiting for him with a beautiful smile,,,he forget every thing and was looking at his angel…. They sat on the couch and pandit chanted some mantra and they exchange their ring,,, everyone clapped for them….


Riddhima: why u behaving like this?

Armaan: what maine kya kiya,,

Riddhima: sabko dikh raha hain armaan…

Armaan: oh plss, meri wajah se nahi tumhari wajah sse,,,  wo tum ho jiss ki wajah se maan ko shaq hote hote reh gaya,, thank god main time pe agaya,,, nahi to..

Riddhima: nahi to kya,, geet ko sab pata chal jata ? accha hota, atleast usse apne sabse acche dot ki dil ki baat to pata chalti… jisse wo sabse jayada jaane ka dawa akrti hain…

Armaan: riddhimaaaa,, ek aur labz nahi,,

Riddhima: ha janti hu, tumhe uske khilaf ek baat bardast nahi,, lekin maine job hi kaha sab sach kaha….

Armaa: just stay away from her…. He walked out leaving riddhima in tears… they were in the terries..   riddhima turn to leave when she met maan, who was a silent spectator of all this…..

Riddhima gasp: maan,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Maan: ye sab kya hain riddhima?

Riddhima broke in tears,, and hugged maan,, he too tried to console her…..


Maan comes to geet,, to talk to her but she was busy in her frnds,, so he made some excuse and called her in the room….

Geet didn’t knew that it him,, who made that excuse to call her as bindiya said she needs something…. When geet enter the room maan just grabbed her arms..

Geet was too shocked to react but she doesn’t need eyes to see him,, she can feel his touch…

Geet: maan aap yaha?

Maan: tumse kuch baat karni thi,,

Geet put her arms around his neck…

part 45

Geet: to ye apki saitani hain? Mujhe bulane ke liye aapne bahana banaya hain… she inches close to him and maan narrowed his eyes to see her naughty smile….. he forgot his all words and hold her waist,,, geet looked at his grip which is now tighten….

Geet: maan…. now she can see the naughtiness in his eyes…. she started moving back… while maan pulled her to him that she didn’t move at all…

Maan: kyun geet aab piche kyun jarahi ho? Meri saitani nahi dekhni tumhe,,, automatically geet’s cheek become red….. maan comes close and kisses her red cheek….. she closed her eyes in anticipation and maan kisses her eyes and then forehead….. geet tum bohot khubsurat lag rahi ho…. she smile hiding her face in his chest…. hugging him…..

Geet: maan apne mujhe yaha kyun bulaya tha,,, maan eyes instantly shot open….

Maan: mujhe tumse bohot jaruri baat karni hain….

Geet: huya kya hain?

But before maan could say anything a knock comes to the door….

Bindiya: love birds aab bahar aane ka man hain ya nahi? Daadi tum logo ke baare me puch rahi hain aur hum jhoot bolte bolte thak gaye…

Dev: ha abb agar aap dono bahar nahi aaye na to hum daadi ko andar vej denge…

Geet to maan: dev?

Maan: dev? Lekin usse kaise pata,,, k hum….

Geet hit his hand: bindiya ne kaha hain,

Maan: bindiya ki bacchi aur kis kis ko bataya hamare baare me…

Dev: kisiko nahi bas mujhe hi….. bahar ayega k hum andar aaye….

Maan: arahe hain ruk… his face clearly indicating how much he is irritated…. geet giggle to see his condition while bindiya and dev too smile….

Both comes down,,, bindiya took geet away from them,, and dev was teasing maan continously…..

all her frnds gather the hall and maaneet are in between the,, when someone tap maan’s shoulder,, he turn to see,

maan: rajveer? Tu abb araha hain? he hugged him,,

raj: atleast aato gaya na,,, mujhe laga tha main teri shaadi hi miss kar dunga…

maan: oye capt rajveer singh shikhawat,, main janta hu tu bohot busy insane hain lekin apne friend k liye tere pass itna sa time nahi hain..

rajveer: tere liye to meri jan hazir hain,,, aur issi liye badhi muskil se 5 din ki leave mili hain…..

maan: chal tujhe geet se milata hu…. Geet who was smiling to see maan’s happy face now give the attention towards rajveer…. Raj ye geet hain aur geet raj mera bohot accha dost,,, defense  me hain…. geet smile at him…

raj: hello geet….

Geet: hii….

Raj: bohot suna tha apke bare me,, aaj dekh liya and I must say maan ki kismat sach me bohot acchi hain….

One by one all the guest leaved for their destination but maaneet’s friend didn’t go right then… and maan didn’t let them go either,,, the mansion is quite big,,, and it’ll be fit for everyone,, all of them agreed to stay there… geet got her family and the happiness her face has right now,, something is for maan to give a satisfaction in his heart….

Then they get there seat in the table which was kept in the middle…..they didn’t want finish this night so soon,, daadi took their leave and goes to her room…. Dev tried to convice bindiya to take some rest but bindiya said she wanted to enjoy here.. with her new found friends…so dev accompanied her… they all are meeting after ages so they have decided to spent the night in their cit chat…

Piya: yaar its becoming so boring,,, kuch karte hain na?

Abhay: lekin kya?

Raj: truth and dare?

Piya: ye sahi rahega, lekin kya sab sach kahenge? Ya fir itna daring hoga koi, she said looking at abhay,,, abhay understood her teasing,,,

Abhay: abb dekhte hain kon daring hain aur kon sach bolne ki himmat rakhta hain…

Geet: pia waise bhi ladke sach bolne ki himmat nahi kar paate,, so don’t expect much….

Maan: accha? Thik dekhte hain kismet kitna dum hain….

Now the sitting postion is all the girls are one side and the boys are another, but as the table is round manner so bindiya and dev are sitting side by side…

They spin the bottle and its stop at piya….

Abhay: so piya,, abb batayo truth or dare….  He looked at her with evil grin and piya gulp hard….

Piya: dare…

Abhay: ok then tum ek sexy sa dance karke dikhayo,,, piya was shocked to hear it,, and abhay knew she will never agree to do it as at the 1st day of colg ,, the ragging session, she refuge to move an inch and never in her life she done a sexy no……

Geet: abahy tum jante ho piya ye sab nahi kar sakti…

Armaan: to haar maan raahi ho? Tum ladkiya na…

Riddhima: hello,, hum ladkiya kabhi haar nahi maan sakti,, kyun piya… piya who was dumbshock to hear abhay’s word tried to gain the moment…

Piya: huh….. ha thik hain….. abhay narrowed his eyes…..

Piya stood up… and went to the stairs…..

And then she turn and move her hip…. Raj’s mouth went a O… and the reaction was enough to tease abhay,,, piya move her body ever so smoothly looking red hot…. She dance in the song  EYAI RE EYAI RE MILKE JHOOM MACHAY RE… from rangeela…. Abhay stood up and drag her towards the table…. Everyone clap for her and girls are happy to see abhay’s red face which is due to anger….

Piya: kya huya abhay? But abhay only give her an angry glare….. everyone gets busy in the second turn… its on armaan….

Maan: so armaan,,

Armaan: dare…..

Raj:daring ha….

Geet: armaan to pehle se hi daring hain,,

Raj: geet tum aur armaan colg se sath me ho?

Abhay: aare nahi…. Ye to doctor hain aur riddhima bhi… ye to ek incident me hum sab dost ban gaye,, kabhi fursat me batayenge….

Maan: its play time now…. So armaan,,, tumhari life me sabse jayada important kon hain?

Armaan looked at him confuse: matlab

Maan:  matlab,, tum sabse jayada pyar kisse karte ho,, apni girl frnd riddhima se ya kisi aur se?

Everyone look at him amazed…..

Armaan: ofcourse main usse bohot pyar karta hu,,, riddhima looked at him but he didn’t met her eyes,,, just smiled looking at everyone….

Maan: to agar main tumhe option du ke riddhima ya geet me se kisi ek ko chuno tum kisse chunoge?

Armaan: dono hi mere zindegi ka atut hissa hain main kisi ek ko nahi chun sakta…

Raj: so diplomatic yaar….. accha main acche se puchta hu,, socho geet ne kuch aisa kiya hain aur is liye riddhima ne usse ek thappad mar diya to tum,,, but armaan didn’t let him complete…

Armaan: meri geet kabhi kuch galat kar hi nahi sakti…. Riddhima looked at him with moist eyes but she hide that tear which fall on her lap only…..

Maan clenched his teeth….

Geet: amy raj ye kehna chahta hain ke agar sach me meri galti huyi to? Aur main bhi to galat hosakti hu na,,

Armaan: maine kaha na tum galat nahi hosakti,,, aur  tumhe agar koi bhi hurt karega to main usse kabhi nahi maaf karunga,, usse jeene layak nahi chodunga,,, maan could saw the rage in his eyes which only he can understand….

Raj: ok ok, hum samajh gaye….. now spin the bottle…. And its stop on dev,,

Geet: dev,, truth or?

Dev: dare….

Geet: hmm,, to app yaha me se kisi ek ladki ko propose kijiye….

Dev: whatttt… geet ye kaisa dare hain,, ye mujhse nahi hoga…..

Geet: kya dev, to aapne haar manli, chalo ladke haar gaye then…..

Raj: oye dev, kya kar raha hain….  naak katayega kya?

Dev: but main….

Raj: go for it now…..

Dev look at every girl and then turn to face bindiya….he took her hand in his….. geet signaled maan with her eyes,,, but maan ignore her….

Dev: bindiya,, aaj main tumse kuch kehna chahta hu….. bindiya who was shock as his choice,, saw his eyes which is showing some hidden feelings…..  aaj main wo kehna chahta huu jo sayad mujhe bohot pehle kehna chahiye tha,,, lekin kya karta ,,, kabhi himmat hi nahi huyi,, sochta that ha tumhare jaise itni khubsurat aur acchi ladki mujh jaise langur ko kaise pasand kar sakti hain,,, everyone laughed at him but bindiya remember it was the 1st word she used to address dev, when he enter the mansion… “SAPNA YE LANGOOR KON HAIN RE” a small smile got her lips,,, sochta that um sayad jannat ki koi pari ho aur main sirf ek  mamula sa insane jo pari k khwab to dekh sakta hain lekin haqekat me usse kabhi nahi pa sakta…..  maine najane kitni baar apne dil ki baat batana chaha, lekin tumhe dekhte hi sare shabd jaise kahi kho gaye,,, jab tum hasti thi mere pura jahan jaise gungunane lagta tha aur jab in ankho se mote mote moti girte the meri duniya jaise ujar jati thi,, jaise kisine meri zindegi ko mujhse chin liy aho….. kabhi tumhe ye sab baate nahi keh saka,, kyun darta tha, pyar k liye ek dost nahi khona chahta tha… atum janti ho,, aaj jab tumhare chehre ki ek muskurat dekhne k liye meri ankhe tarasti hain,, tab tumhari photo dil se laga kar sota hu,,, kuch nahi keh pata lekin ye dil najane kitne baate sunna chahta hain,, lekin tum aaj bhi khamosh ho….. pata hain abhi kaise main jeer aha hu, tumhe aise dekh ke,, meri wo dost kahi kho gayi… abb sochta hu maine kitni badi galti kit hi,,, tab kuch na kehke,, dost ruth ti mana leta,, aaj ye gumsum chehra na dekhna padhta….apne aapko tum dosh deti ho jab ke sabse badhi galti to merit hi, main tumhe kabhi keh hi nahi paya k main tumse kitna pyar karta hu bindiya…… more than anyone, more than anything I love u bindiya……

part 46



more than anyone, more than anything I love u bindiya……

there was a complete silence for sometime…. Bindiya was looking at dev in awe,, and so was geet,, her eyes was widen followed by a grin on her face…maan was little angry and to see his facial expression anyone can say dev is in trouble,, he is his friend and a good human being no doubt on that but the brother heart can’t think anything right now… riddhima was gaping at dev without blinking,, she was thinking how could a man propose someone like that, and that too infront of her brother…..  raj saw the rage maan was holding,, but he couldn’t understand why….finaly he broke the silence and the eyes contact between bindiya and dev…..

raj: wow,, kya proposal tha,,, maan gaye dev,, tumne to sach me sabke chehre ka rang uda diya…. Girls dekh liya na boys kuch bhi kar sakte hain….

piya: kitna cute proposal tha… dreamy,, main hoti to jhat se ha kar deti,, abhay narrow his eyes…..

riddhima: ha kitna accha proposal style tha,, dev apko to koi ladki na nahi karegi, jab aap real me kisiko propose karoge wo ladki kabhi mana nahi kar payegi,, dev smiled at her plight.. bindiya gain her conscious and understand it was only a dare,, she smiled sadly…

geet: I hope ye sirf dare tha,,, she smiled at him naughtily and maan look at her dangerously…. But she ignore him totally…..    bindiya stood up to go to her room but dev holds her hand,,, she looked at him shocked,, and so was everyone….

Dev: tumne jabab nahi diya bindiya…… she was confuse what he want to know….

Bindiya: dev, tum kis bare me baat kar rahe ho….

Dev:  bindiya koi agar tumhe  propose kare wo bhi sabke samne to tumhe bhi ans dena chahiye na…

Bindiya: dare to tumhara tha mera nahi….

Dev: lekin agar main kahu wo mere liye dare nahi tha to? Now everyone is hell confuse as well as shocked… maine kab kaha ye mere liye dare tha,,,, itna hi janti ho? Main kabhi aisa dare le sakta hu? Pyar proposal koi khel nahi hain…. aur aaj bhi maine jo kaha wo sab mere dil ki baate thi jo kabhi main tumse nahi keh paya,,, aaj geet ki wajah se wo tumhe keh saka,, he looked at geet who passes a smile to him,, and he too smile at her….. bindiya look at both of them…..

Bindiya maine hamesha tumhe pyar kiya bas keh nahi paya, rejection k dar se nahi, is liye k tumhari jaisi ek dost nahi khona chahta tha…. Main ek anath tha kabhi kisika pyar nahi mila aur jab tumhari dosti mili to pyar na naam deke usse khona nahi chahta tha….  Please bindiya say something….

Bindiya open her mouth but a chocked voice comes out from that,,, her tears were flowing, and she couldn’t say anything… now that is enough for maan,, he directly clutches dev’s collar,, that shocked everyone,,, raj tried to stop him but his rage can’t stoppable for anyone…. He was angry on dev as because of him bindiya was crying once again,, he doesn’t want to suffer her like before….

Maan: teri himmat kaise huyi bindiya ko rulane ki…. Tu janta hain ye matter kitna sensitive hain,,, ek baar wo tut chuki hain abb dobara main usse wohi dukh me nahi dekh sakta…..

Dev: maan meri baat sun…..  

Maan: kya kehna chahta hain tu? Huh,, yehi k tu usse dukh nahi de sakta blah blah,, geet tried to stop him but he is in no mood of listen….

Geet: maan dev ki ek baar baat to sunlo…

Maan: u just keep out of it,,, she taken a back at his snap….. she didn’t expect this much fury in him…. Ye sab tumhari wajah se huya,,, na tum ye stupid dare usse deti na ye sab hota,,,  mazak banake rakkha hain tum logone isse,,, jab chaha jaisa chaha keh diya kar liya…..

Geet: maan main to bas

Maan: match maker ban rahi thi hain na,,,  but no thanks main hu abhi apni bahen ko dekhne k liye aur uske khusiyo ke liye,,, geet’s eyes welled up with his words,, she knew he is afraid with everything related to bindiya as before that he couldn’t protect hi both sister,, but can’t he trust her also? She looked athim with lots of question in his eyes…..

Armaan: maan tum usse aise kyun baat kar rahe ho,, isme geet ki kya galti hain….

Maan: ohh main kaise bhool gaya uska FRND yaha hain jo uske khilaf ek word bardast nahi kar sakta…

Geet: maan,,, there was so much pain in her voice…..

Dev: maan ye sirf mere aur bindiya k bich ki baat hain,,,

Maan shouted: aur wo meri bahen hain, ek baar pehle bhi uski zindegi barbaad ho chuki hain abb dusri baar main aisa nahi hone dunga..

Geet: aur abb barbaad tum khud kar rahe ho,,,,,  maan looked at her fire in his eyes,, but geet didn’t scared of his rage….. ha maan abb zindegi tum barbaad kar rahe ho jabke koi saccha chahne wala usse apnana chahta hain….

Maan: kheyraat(charity) nahi chahiye geet…. Main abhi zinda hu apni bahen k liye…

Geet: pyar koi kheyraat nahi hain maan,, for god sake don’t u see the love in his eyes? His true love…

Maan mocked: true love,,, agar itna pyar karta tha to tab kyun nahi aaya jab bindiya muskil me thi jab usse uski jarurat thi,,,

Dev: maan tum jante ho main aaya tha,,

Man: yeah jab wo yaha nahi thi,, usse wo narak me le gaye the tab….. dev closed his eyes,,, bindiya who was standing was sit there and cried…. Geet goes to her….

Maan: ye ansu bhi tumne diye hain geet,, geet looked at him shocked….. na tum ye sab karti na bindiya wo sab yaad karna padhta,,, geet just stood up,,

Geet: agar tumhe aisa lagta hain to I m extremely sorry maan, galti hogayi mujhse ke maine bindiya ko apna samjh ke uski valai chahi,,, galti hogayi hain mujhse k maine usse uske sacche sathi se milana chaha,, jo usse pyar karta hain, wo jaisi hain jo hain usse wo waise hi pasand hain…. aur bindiya agar ye ansu ki wajah main hu to mujhe maaf kar dena ,, lekin usse pehle ye soch lena ye ansu ki wajah kya hain,, her voice was chocking and it finally broke,, when she turn to go but stop at the end… and turn,, maan agar dev ka pyar bindiya k liye ek kheyraat hain to aapka pyar bhi to mere liye kheyraat hi huya na….. maan’s expression changes drastically,, he was so blind in his rage he forgot that his words may be hurting her….. maan aaj tak apne jo pyar diya mujhe wo bhi to ek kheyraat hi hui na,, kyun apne bhi to mujhe tab apnaya jab sabne mera sath chod diya tha,,, samajh ne mere character pe ungli uthai thi,,, to wo kya tha,,, he can saw the pain on her face…. Badhi asani se tab kaha tha ye parivaar mera hain lekin jab parivaar k ek hissa ka khusio ki dhyan rakhne ki izazat nahi hain mujhe tab kya adhikar hain mera is ghar pe ya iss parivaar pe ya aap pe,, she said the last word and the tears which she was fighting for long finaly makes its way,, and slipped from that hazel eyes…… she just went up, lifelessly,, and lock the door of her room once she step in….  she sank on the ground…..

Maan closed his eyes,, in pain… he knew he has hurted her badly.. but didn’t do it intentionally…..

Dev: ye sab meri wajah se huya,, sayad mujhe apni dil ki baat batani nahi chahiye thi….. ye pyar apne dil me daba kar hi rakhna chahiye tha…

Bindiya: nahi dev, ye tumhari galti nahi hain,,, galti meri kismet ki hain jo kabhi khusiya bardast  hi nahi kar pata,,, aur mere aas pass job hi hota hain usse bhi barbaad kar deta hain…. she said all this while her voice was choking,,, dekho na aaj  firse apne bhai ki khusiyo ki bich agayi jab ke ow to sirf meri khusiya chahta tha…. Agar main sahi waqt pe tumhe apni dil baat keh deti to ye sab kabhi hota hi nahi….. and that was a turning point of expression of everyone…. Maan looked at her shocked…. Ha dev maine bhi tumse pyar kiya tha bohot pehle se lekin kabhi nahi keh paayi mujhe laga tum mujhe kabhi pyar nahi kar payoge,,, fir tumhara transfer hogaya,, aur mujhe wo

Dev: bindiya….

Bindiya: ranjeet mil gaya ,,, aur mian naye se zindegi ki shuruyaat karne lagi,,, her tears were flowing and she didn’t want to stop that….  Maine time pe kuch nahi kiya na tab bol paayi aur na abb jab geet ne mujhe apne pyar ko kubul karne ko kaha….  Maan looked at her….

Bindiya: ha maan geet ne pehle hi mujhse pucha tha aur maine usse sab keh diya,, lekin ye bhi kaha abhii dev mujhe nahi apnayega jab ke main khud ko nahi apna sakti,, usne mujhe bohot samjhane  ki kosish ki lekin main nahi maani aur isse liye usne ye sab kiya,,, dev k muh se uski dil ki baat mujhe sunayi,,, dev was amazed to see the love geet has for them…. He didn’t knew anything of this…..  tumne geet ko ye sab keh ke thik nahi kiya maan, tum bohot lucky ho ke tumhe geet mili, jiskedil me sab k liye itna pyar hain….wo sirf meri khusiya chahti thi….

Raj: dev bindiya ko sach me bohot pyar karta hain maan…..

Dev: maan agar tumhe lagta hain k main bindiya k liye sahi nahi hu to tum jo kahoge main wo karne ko taiyar hu sirf ye sabit karne k liye k main sach me bindya se bohot pyar karta hu….. apni jaan se jayada… maan looked at his eyes… geet was right he was indeed in love with bindiya, he truly loves her…. He closed his eyes and all he can remember geet’s painfull eyes…. His eyes instantly shot open….

Maan: I m sorry dev,,, tum usse utna pyar karte ho aur main ye sab…

Dev: nahi maan, u have the right to choose the good and only best for ur sister…..

Raj: maan I think tujhe geet ke pass jana chahiye….. maan looked at him and raj assured him with his eyes….. maan ran to his room…..

Geet sank before the door,, sitting folding her leg to her chest and cried her heart out but that was not enogh for her she went to the terries..  maan eneter her room through his room… but couldn’t find her…. He knew she is really upset and he have ruined her dream day,, their engagement….. her painfull eyes was flashing infront of his eyes… the words “maan agar dev ka pyar bindiya k liye ek kheyraat hain to aapka pyar bhi to mere liye kheyraat hi huya na…..”   was echoing in his mind….  He thought for  some min and then ran towards the terries…. And she was there sitting on with folding legs to her chest and drenched in the rain…like the sky was crying with her…. Maan didn’t know what to say…… he just goes towards her and scooped her in his arms without uttering any word…. At first geet was shocked then she saw maan was carrying her,, she didn’t fight to free her self,,, just hold him from the neck to support but she was shivering badly… maan took her to the bathroom and fill the tub with  hot water,,,  and placed her in the tub…. She sits like a statue…

Maan took her jewelry one by one,,, but geet didn’t move an inch,,, she was stiff….. maan saw the indifference,, she has react on his slight breath but now she is not blinking her lashes on his touch….  Maan took off heair hair pins and open it,,,, he one by one all her cloths but still geet didn’t react on his touch,,, he took off his cloths and sits on the tub behind her,, now geet is resting on his back…….  She closed her eyes,, relaxing,, maan could feel her body was relaxing…. He didn’t do anything just lied ther,, takinh her in his arms……. After like 40 mins maan open his eyes,, geet was sleeping on his chest….. he took out some towel and wrap both of them then took her to his room,,, and lied her on the bed, covering with blanket….. geet  has drifted to sleep….. maan slipped in his track and goes from there…..

Geet heard some noise and due to it she sit up in the bed and saw she has nothing to wear,,, only a blanket is covering her,, then she remember the previous night…. It was too tough to bear for her…. She was in maan’s room, actually it’s their room as she always sleep in this room…… she saw the time was 2 am,, and maan was not there,, and the sound was  quite audible…. She wrapped a bed sheet around her her follow the sound it was from the gym…. The next room from her room… she neter the room and saw maan was doing his exercise vigorously…. His whole body has covered in sweat… making him extremely irresistible…..  he was practicing his kick boxing…. He has a bandage on his palm making a fist and was punching the hot sand bag…. And now his hand was truning red to the hot touch of the sand….

Geet’s eyes fell on his back where some brushes are present but it was not there before today,,, it is fresh,, like some one has beated him,, and then her eyes fall on the stick lying on the floor,, cover in red color,,, covered in his blood..

He has punishes himself for hurting her,,, but this is only the physical torture and inner turmoil are yet to see… geet wanted to go from there but her leg refuse to move…. The bandage on his knuckle now turns as red color,, as his blood covered the bandage…. Her tears which seems to stop before now once again started flowing,, un knowingly she walked upto maan….. and stood behind him,, he stops at his track…. And slowly turn to look, he have smell her long back when she just enter the gym…..  he looked at her eyes, which are blank now but yet there was pain, but only for him,, the words seems to fade away with his each wound,,,, she saw his eyes,,, only pain and regret was there….. his wanted to touch her,, so extend his hand but geet took one step back…

Maan: I m sorry jaan….. but her tears didn’t stop,, she was gaping at his hand… he once again tried to step further and geet goes back ward,,, but this time maan didn’t stop…. He walked to her and she back until she hit the wall… maan comes resting his hand either side of her….. I m sorry geet,,, please mujhe maaf kardo,, I didn’t mean to hurt u,, but geet didn’t show  any interest,, she kept her lashes to the ground…. Please jaan ekbaar mere ankho me dekho,,, he face her holding her chin his the tip of his finger…. But geet closed her eyes,, blocking everything….. maan eyes welled up to see the pain her face is holding….. he dropped on his knees and hugged her from the waist… I m sorry…. I m sorry…. Geet wanted to touch him… she tried to touch his shoulder for support but she couldn’t,,, maan could sense her refusal.. she is blocking everything… kuch to bolo geet,,, I can’t bear this silence of u…. tumhe jo saza deni hain dedo but aise chup mat raho….. I really love u..

Geet: kya is pyar pe mera haq hain maan? That is the 1st thing she wanted to ask? Doesn’t she know how much he loves her and his whole existence is for her…. Maan stood up and face geet…

Maan: sirf tumhara haq hain geet,,

Geet: lekin aap firse kabhi na kabhi ye haq bhi leloge,,,

Maan hold her from the waist : kabhi nahi jaan….

Geet: phirse sawal karoge, maine ye faisla kyun liya wo faisla kyun liya…. Isme mera wajood kaha hain maan…. Main kya hu? Main kon hu? Aap jab chahoge mujhe sare adhikar doge jab chahoge unpe shaq karoge… jab chahoge usse leloge…

Maan was seeing the broken geet,, he hed never imagine, his some simple words can break her so much,, he never thought about these while he was saying that,, it was only concern for his sister… he loves geet more than anything but now he has break her self confidence……

Maan: mujhe maaf kardo geet,,, maine kabhi ye sab nahi chaha,, aur naahi ye sab socha,, please geet try to understand….  Wo sirf meri bahen k liye,,,,,,

Geet: apki bahen meri kuch nahi lagti? bindiya meri kuch nahi hain? kya main uski khusiya nahi chahti?

She was now pouring her heart… maan just dipped his head,,, he didn’t think once before accusing her,,, he was lost in his anger….

Maan: main apne gusse me andha hogaya tha,,, mujhe maaf kar do geet… that one set of words he was repeating again n again,,, I m sorry geet…… geet doesn’t want to hear it,,, she turn to go from there and then she notice the blood strain on the floor which was coming from his hand… she looked horrified,,, immediately she took the hand on her,,, maan looked at her amused….

Geet: kis kis baat ke liye sorry kahoge aao,,, now the pitch of her voice a moment astonishment of maan…. Tabse ek baat sun rahi hu sorry sorry,,,  aap thakte nahi galtiya karte aur naahi sorry bolte bolte….ye kya kiya,, kitna khoon…

Maan: apne aap ko saza di tumhe takleef dene k liye… tum to kuch nahi bol rahi thi,, iska pain uss chuppi kam tha….. geet closed her eyes and tears just followed by her cheeks…. Maan comes closer and kissed it away,, she pushed him but he grip her waist… she wriggle continuously to get free and no effoct of maan,, he was too strong for her… sometime later she stop her struggle…

Geet: aap bohot bure ho,, mujhe apse baat nahi karni….. he didn’t say anything just stars at her….. suna apne aap bohot bure ho, bohot bure, and then she hugged him tight as she could…and he too..

Maan: aur tum bohot acchi,,, u r too good for me geet,,, I m sorry,, I love u… geet just cried her heart out…..

Geet: ye kya kiya ye sab,,, she was muffling on seeing the wound on his back,, he has beat himself for hurting her…… but his heart was bleeding more than this wound when he saw her pain full eyes and then her silence….. they broke the hug, but she was looked at his wound only,,,, maan cupped her face…..

Maan: in ankho me ansu dene ki saza li hain maine….

Geet: lekin ye zakahm mujhe kitni takleef degi ye nahi soche…

Maan: daba bhi to tum hi dogi geet…… suddenly he took her lips in his,, she didn’t understand what happen to him….but then she doesn’t need to understand anything,, his passion just took the moment…… she kissed him with equal fervor,,, but it was a commanding and a demanding kiss,,,, geet was at command,,, she was aggressive, wanted to show something,,,, her sorrow her pain  she just pour in  that kiss….he sucked her lower lips,,, and she bite his lips to bleed and then lick it off,,, he hold her from the waist, pulling her towards him,,,, her sheet was covering her from above the chest….. she enter his mouth and explode the hidden corner that he never knew exist or not…. Geet hand was safely wrapped on his neck when accidentally she touch his wounded back,, he flinch and that was enough to break their eternal bliss…… geet’s eyes instantly shot open… she hold his hand and makes their way to the room…. After entering the room she locked it and makes maan sits on the bed….. and then took the 1st aid kit,,, and done the bandage of his hand,,, it was having some cut,,,, and then the punching got its worse….. and the goes to the bathroom,,, maan was curious to se what see is doing but she didn’t gave a chance to him,,, he came with a small tub content with warm water… and a cloth…. She was looking ever so beautifull in her bedsheet,, wrapping perfectly on her body… (I m imagining maan’s face lol)

She was so much inviting him…… he was gaping at her without blinking and she didn’t look at him for once,,, he tried to lying him….. but he hold her hand,, she looked at his eyes with a questioning look…. But maan didn’t said anything….

Geet: maan…..

Maan: I don’t want to feel anything except u…… her cheeks went red in blush when she understand his meaning,, still she compose herself….

Geet: maan pehle meri baat maniye,, she lied him on the bed and turn his back,,, he did whatever she want….. then the took  the cloth and dipped it in the warm water and sqeez it ,,,, then she place it on his back,,, maan flinch at the 1st contact of the warm cloth on his bare back….. he tried to get up but geet hold him and slowly the rubbed the soft cloth on his muscles,,, he was relaxing ….. she turn him and now his back was resting on the bed,,, he looked at her eyes,, which was having pain for him,,,, she  done the same for the chest,,, but dare not looking at his eyes…. After doing that she tries to get up but maan hold her hand and jerk to cause her fall on his chest…..

Geet: maan apko chot lagi hain….

Maan: aur maine pehle bhi kaha hain iski daba sirf tum ho….. there was a eye contact for long…. Maan traces his finger on her face to her neck down from her chin to her chest….. and stop at her knot of the cloth….. but geet didn’t let him open it,, she hold his hand and bring her face to his face,,, and then her finger dance its own way,, she was tracing his chest to the torso and then the waist line,,, maan groan in anticipation but geet smiled naughtily,,, 1st tim till the event she smiled properly,,, he clutches her hair and make her face to him….

Maan whisper: let me love u…. geet shaked her head…..

Geet: its time for ur punishment…….  His eyes goes widen in shock…… what does she mean,,, maan aaj apne mujhe jitna rulaya apne aap ko hurt karke mujhe jo takleef di, uske liye apko punishment to milni chahiye na….. she smiled naughtily and maan gulped hard….. he knew she torture him with her own sweet way…….

Maan fell back ward on the bed relaxing,,,, geet comes top of him,,, but her body weight was on her hand which she was resting either side of maan,,, her hair fell on his face,,, he tried to touch her face moving the hair but she didn’t let him do it,,, she just pinned his hand and takes her hair on one side of her shoulder and comes down on his crook of  the neck…. Slowly sucking the skin…. And gave sensual wet kisses from there to his chest,, and moving down,,, maan tried to hold her and it was not so difficult for him but she was making his senses going weak,, when she came down on his waist line,,, licking upward,,,she has left his hand and he hold her shoulder to make her face him,,,, but she kisses hi chest upper his heart,, they can feel, hear the raising heartbeat of each other… maan sat up on the bed and geet goes to his back,,, moving her lips to his shoulder,,, he wanted to stop her and hold her in his arms but she continue her sweet assault,,, her hand was massaging his whole body…. She kissed on the portion where he has the wound,, slowly,, not hurting him….. and that was giving unknown sensation to him,,, she comes to his face giving slow kisses and then he grabbed her waist and took her under him….

Geet: it ur pun,,,,,, but her voice got in his mouth when he just took her mouth in a full mouth deep kiss….. he enter her mouth and twirled his tongue in her mouth…..  she hold him from the neck, massaging there…. And maan hand automatically done its job,, he opens the knot of her cloth,,, making it fall on the either side,, making her nude under him…. She shivers as his warm skin touches her soft part…. He rest his body weight on her,, while doesn’t leave the lips from his mouth,,, it was showing the hunger for her,,, the pain both shared some time before,,, and now both of them wanted to feel only love…..

His hand was roaming all over her body,,,, he sucked the lower lips of her,, taking the bleed out and licking it,,, both break apart to catch some fresh air,,,, he comes down and kisses her hollow of the chest,,, she arch her back to give him more access…. he cupped her curves and sqeez it little,, she scream in pleasure and bite his shoulder…. Only moan was coming  from her lips,,,,he comes down to her cleavage,,, sucking and biting it,,, she was pulling his hair…. His one hand goes to her thigh, sqeezing massaging it,, to only flowing her wetness more….. she was pleading now but maan is in no mood of giving up so soon….. he taste her flesh from her waist and belly bottom… she clutches the bedsheet….. and scream when he bite the skin there….he lick the thigh going down her valley…… she pulled him on her and makes her self on top of him….. panting heavily……

she started kissing his neck and chest vigorously showing she is at command,, and he squeez her waist holding tightly,,, she sits on his private parts making him groan in anticipation….  Rubbing his body with him….. and then maan makes her to make love to him…  she  slowly slipped on his manhood… moving slowly, gradually….. they are taking their own sweet time…. And the time passes she moves in fast pace….. he support her holding her slender waist…. The heavy moan covered the whole room,,, she can feel they are hitting the climax with load moan…. After sometime she was on his chest panting,, breathing heavily, listening his rapid heartbeat…….

part 47

The morning brightness was filled with their love,,,, geet was on top of maan,,, covered in red duvet…. Maan slowly open his droopy eyes,,, then his attention divert to the sleeping beauty,, her hair is all messed up…. Some skins are red in his passion as the bite marks are clearly visible…. He make her lied in the bed,, and  takes the hair behind her ear… caressing her face along with her jaw…. The duvet was sliding off from her neck to her shoulder exposing her milky white skin,, he looked at her intently,, her face is glowing at the contact of the sun ray,, his hand didn’t seem to stop, as his other hand took her in his embrace,, she cutely pouted at the continuous changing position, yet she is sleeping In his arms,, didn’t want to move from there.. he remember the words he has said to her, her painful eyes, her tears, it still pricked his heart,, how could he say something like that,, still she loves him madly,, last night also, she forget her pain in his pain,, she was hurt but more in his hurt…. Maan kissed geet’s forehead, waking her up,, she finaly open her eyes with a smile, but her smiled vanished when a single tear rolled down from his eyes and it drops on her cheeks…

Geet: maan kya huya?

Maan: I m sorry geet…. She could sense the words he had said earlier he could not put out of his mind… he is guilty and that is clearly visible in his eyes,, but she can’t bear a single apprehension in him…. She pulled him on her,, and suck his lower lip, convincing him everything is fine….. he has not the courage to take the charge but yet she made him at command,, she slipped her tongue in his mouth,, and twirled it with his tongue,,, his hardening was visible very much….. she takes his hand and move it on her body making him groan,, she knew he can’t control over her….. then his hand knows what to do,, he pinned her to the bed and kisses her with equal fervor, till now she was at command but now he won’t spare her.. she smiled in the kiss,, his hungry mouth want more access,, she happily gave in… both are breathless,, still didn’t wanted to break the contact between their lips…. He comes to her neck, giving wet kisses… the kiss were hot and demanding, claiming her to ease the pain that she have to suffer,,, it was sweet tender as well as passionate…… she let out a moan that driven him crazy with desire…..

She knew his inner turmoil is slowly fading  away,,, he wanted to show her how much he love her, how much he crave for her,,, and she let him do whatever he want to do to show his love….. she hold his neck pulling hair, that was giving more power to his love,,, his claiming was going higher and higher with each passing moment,, he kisses her on the mark he has left on her last night, he lick the portion and gave wet kisses there trying to soothing the pain…. She let out a cry in passion and happiness,,, but the tear couldn’t reach down as he drank it,, he looked at her in concern but her smile said it all,,, he took the juicy lips in a relishing kiss…. But his hand roam around her body endlessly,,, he cupped her curves his palm and squeeze it a little, she moan in his mouth,, then he took the charge of sucking that,, his one hand was constantly rubbing itt while his mouth sucks the other curve….. it was not rough yet it was arousing her like never before,, she wanted to feel him inside her but he continue to shower his love on her mercilessly ignoring her plea,, he wanted to feel her special like never before,,, she bite his shoulder in anxiety and anticipation,, but he sucks her other curve aggressively..

Geet moan his name unaccountably: maan pls,, he comes to her lips and sealed it with his,, the next moment she find herself in ecstasy  of passion and love that he filled in her…. He move in her in fast pace as they could hit the climax any moment,, she was moaning louder and louder,,, he came to her lips and sucks the lower lips,, she didn’t feel any pain but only she want it more harder and he gave her all she want,,, he squeeze her curves and bite it in his passion making her scream but that was feeling heaven to her….. at last they hit the final destination,, he collapse on her chest and then rolled down next to her taking her on his chest….

She kissed his chest,, and rifted to sleep as she is very much tired with their nonstop claiming session,, he caresses her back and notice she is fast asleep…. He kissed her forehead and decided to catch some sleep…..

Armaan: I think he is not a good choice for her..

Riddhima: please armaan she loves him, and he loves her a lot….

Armaan: yeah and that’s why he has accuse her like that,,

Sid: wo gusse me tha yaar..

Armaan: so what, gusse me tha to kuch bhi keh dega, kal gusse me tha to ye sab kaha,, kal fir gussa hoga, to fir ye sab kahega……

Riddhima: u are overreacting armaan,,, they both love each other and whatever happen its between them so just let them decide what they want to do…

Armaan: geet abhi immature hain, she doesn’t know what is good for her,,

Riddhima: and u are mature enough?

Sid: god please tum dono ladai mat karo,,, ye un dono ki bich ki baat hain..

Riddhima: exactly my point side,, armaan gave a threatening look to her,, but she ignore him….

Sid: ok mujhe kuch kaam hain, main abhi aata hu… he leaves from there….

Armaan: whats ur problem ha, tum janti ho maan uske liye thik nahi hain then why r u supporting him after hearing all his rubbish talk….

Riddhima: tum uski shadi geet se is liye nahi rokna chahte k wo uske sahi ya galat hain,, u wanted this marriage to stop as U LOVE HER AND CAN’T TOLERATE ANYONE TAKING HER AWAY FROM U…… armaan instantly raise his hand to slap her….

Armaan shouted: RIDDHIMA……. She looked at him shocked,, tears come up instantly in her eyes…

Riddhima: ruk kyun gaye armaan,, maro,,, sach karwa laga? Her voice was choked and broken…

Armaan closed his eyes and tried to say something but riddhima continue: main janti hu armaan tum usse pyar karte ho,, aur aaj se nahi tab se jabse usne mini ko bachaya tha,, tumne usse pehli baar dekhte pyar kar liya but kabhi keh nahi paaye, lekin isme uski kya galti hain, wo to bechari tumhe sirf accha dost manti hain… she loves only maan… armaan closed his eyes as he remember his first meeting with her……


Doctor please isse jaldi se admit kar lijiye,, she is really very serious,,

Dr: aap hume mat sikhaiye, ye serious hain k hum, hum doctors hain sab jante hain, aap jaake pehle police station me FIR dijiye fir yaha ke formalities puri kijiye, fir hum inhe attend kar sakte…..

Aap doctor hain? he looked at her in confusion…. Aap to insaan kehne k bhi layek nahi hain,, ye yaha mar rahi hain aur aap keh rahe hain pehle FIR then formalities,,, tab tak ye mar jayegi,,, ye sab to hum baad me bhi kar sakte hain na…

Dr: dekhiye miss, ye to rule hain agar ye nahi maana gaya to I m sorry main kuch nahi kar sakta…

Aap sach me insaan nahi hosakte, ek janwar me bhi isse kahi jayada dard hota hain, she is a kid, she can die anymoment and u r saying aap kuch nahi kar sakte… aap jaise log is desh ka ye haal bana rakkha hain….

Dr: mind ur tongue miss,, najaane kaha se chale aate hain, jaiye kisi  govt hospital me jaiye, ye ek rutated hospital hain jaha rules and regulation mane jaate hain…

RULE N REGULATION  TO AAB APKO SAMAJHNE HONE DR SHARMA….. here came a deep voice with a sweet and charming look…

Dr: doctor ARMAAN…… aap ye…

Armaan: ye itni serious yaha padhi hain aur aap rules n regulation samjha rae hain, hamari rules logo ki jaan bachana hain,,, so just move,,, nurse iss OT me shift karo, main isse khud attend karunga… he is a senior doc of a well known hospital sanjeevani….. its  a great acchivement that at a age of 28 he is a senior doc in sanjeevni,, and a very good surgeon,, a heart specialist…. he goes to attend her and she waited outside….. after half n hour he comes out from the OT….

How is she doctor?

Armaan: she is fine,, not  serious injuries,, waise aap inki kon lagti hain?

Jee koi nahi…

Armaan: matalb? Aap?

Hii,, I m GEET,,, I was just crossing the road and see the kid was running behind a bus to catch up but piche se ek dusre bus ne,,,,, she couldn’t say after it as a tears were rolling down her cheeks, instantly armaan  tried to wiped it but she backed off…

geet: usse kuch hoga to nahi na? she is so small… sayad 11 12 saal ki hogi,, she said while looking at the mirror where everyone cleaning her wound… main collage ja rahi thi,,, aur ye dekha to,,,

armaan: u r a college student, she looks like that only,,,

geet: yeah I m doing 2nd yr….

armaan; that’s great,, ok aap yehi baithiye main mere serior doc ko inform karke aata hu,,,

geet: umm doc,,, wo mera aaj exam hain, can I go? I’ll be here after my college… he looked at her amused

armaan: apka exam hain aur aap yaha hospital me wo bhi kisi aur ke liye… hats off to u…

she smiled at him,,, a warm smile: ye meri duty thi agar uski jagah meri khud ki bahen hoti to bhi to main wohi karti….okto main apse sham ko milti hu, aap pls iska dhyan rakkhiyega….

Armaan: don’t worry I’ll…… she left from there….

After some hrs the small kid gains her conscious and they ask her whereabouts and found her parents…. They are so great full to geet that can’t praise her enough….

Armaan: hii beautiful.. the kid smile at him….. mini?

Mini: yes….

Armaan: aap kuch hi din me bilkul thik hojaogi….

Mini: wo kaha hain jisne mujhe yaha laya,, mummy ne kaha wo angel hain,, he smiled at her..

Armaan: yes wo angel hain aur us angel ka naam Geet hain…

Mini: wo mujhse dobara milne nahi ayegi…

Riddhima: sayad nahi…..

Armaan: ye tum kaise keh sakti ho?

Riddhima: common armaan, usne isse yaha tak laya yehi bohot badi baat hain abb insab jhalemo me kon padhna chahega….armaan think at thoughtfully

Mini: to wo nahi ayegi? She looked sad,, and then someone patted her back

Geet comes from the back: kisne kaha milne nahi ayungi….mini’s face instantly glow up……

part 48…….

Mini: to wo nahi ayegi? She looked sad,, and then someone patted her back

Geet comes from the back: kisne kaha milne nahi ayungi….mini’s face instantly glow up… dekho main agayi…

Riddhima smiled at them, she liked her at the 1st moment…

Geet: hello doctors…. Hiii mini, she sat beside mini,, who hod her hand in her palms,,,

Armaan: is doctor ka naam armaan hain,

Riddima: aur main hu riddhima, u can call me ridz…..

Geet: hii armaan and ridz,,, umm mini kaisi hain abhi..

Armaan: bilkul thik hain, itna k abhi doud bhi sakti hain, geet looked at him puzzled,, ridz hit his arm..

Ridz: geet abhi wo thik to hain but we have to keep her under ovservation,, so ye abhi 2 din yehi rahegi,, geet slowly caresses mini’s face,,, waise sach kahu to mujhe nahi laga tha tum ayogi,, matlab ye sab..

Geet: main samajh sakti hu tumhari baat but itni pyari bacchi se kon dur reh sakta hain,, mera exam bhi khatam hogaya tha, abhi hostel jaake karti bhi kya so yaha agayi….

Armaan: u are staying in hostel? Tumhare parents?

Geet: wo hosiyarpur me hain, main wohi ki hu but studies k liye yaha rehti hu…. Ridz’s pager ring and she excuse herself…. One doc came to give injection to some children but being scared they didn’t let him do it,, the whole ward become a crowdie fare,,  all were running her n there when geet stopped one child and ask what happen, they told that they didn’t want to have that injection….

Geet: ok agar main aap sabko ek raja aur billi ki story suna to aap sab injection loge? The children looked unconvinced….. but mini said behalf of them,,

Mini: pehle story suru karo fir dekhte hain… geet rolled her eyes where armaan hide his smile and geet gave an angry look to armaan….

Geet: ok,,, to suno,,, ek king the bohot bade state ka king,,, aur state jaise hi bada tha uska pet,,, all the children giggle,, she smiled,, hmm wo king itna khata tha itna khata tha kya batau, usse modak bohot pasand the,, lekin dheere dheere usne dekha modak kam ho rahe hain,,, rasoiya ne kaha maine to pure banaye the pata nahi kaise kam hogai,, aur abb ye roz ka kaam hogaya, roz king ko modak kam padh jate the,, fir usne ek din dekha uske modak maharani ke billiya kha jate the,,, all of them laughed with it,, raja ko gussa agaya aur usne sare billion ke desh ke bahar phek diya,,, abb sab modak uske hisse aane lage lekin kuch din baad usne dekha, uske baki ke sara khana kam hone lage,,, abb ye kaise huya?

All the children listening her with very interest but armaan was looking at her cute expression and her face which has only innocence,, ridz enter the ward and tried to say something but armaan didn’t let her…. Geet continue….

Raja ne billio ko to bahar phek diya lekin abhi state me chuha guss gaye, aur wo bohot jayada the, aur raja ke sara khana kha lete the,, abb raja kya karega,,, chuha to hath me bhi nahi aata… fir usko ek idea aayi…….. she stop at her track…

One child: didi age kya huya batao na,,,

2nd: batao na jaldi…

Geet: bataungi agar aap ye injection laga le to,,,

1st: isse bohot dard hoga didi…..

Geet: bilkul bhi darad nahi hoga,,, main hu na..

Mini: ye to shahruk khan ki film hain..

Geet: mujhe pata hain, abb chalo main story tabhi sunaongi jab tum sab injection lagwa loge…

1st one sadly: thik hain didi, hum laga lete hain… geet smiled and continue her story while she signaled armaan n ridz to carry their work, all the nurses and doctor rushes to gave injection to the children…

Geet: fir raja ne un billiyo k queen se madad mangi aur wo queen ek shart par raji hogayi, k unke barabar ka modak diya jayega,, raja maan gaya,, fir sare billiya lout ke chuho ko kha gaye……… the children laughed with her and she giggle nonstop,,,

Soon her laughter echoed in the whole hospital… everyone started praising her for her kindness… and armaan started falling for her… but on the other side geet got her whole family in the hospital, she met sid, who always behave like a brother to her and the all of them loves her,, armaan become really protective and possessive for her as she is very naïve,, easily trust anyone,, she is angel for them and they can’t afford to lose her,,

One day there was a guy who used to eyeing on her but as usual she didn’t gave any attention to it,,, one day geet was returning from her college when that guys grab her shoulder and tried to miss behave with her, armaan saw that and punched that bustard so hard that he crashed on the ground bleeding….. geet got petrified to see his rage but somehow she control him,, but armaan shouted on her and tried to say his feeling for her,,

Armaan: dammit tum kar kya rahi thi uske sath,,,

Geet: maine kya kiya,, wo hi tha jo,

Armaan: tum hi thi  na jisne kaha tha, wo accha ladka hain, sirf dost hain blah blah…

Geet: ha to mujhe laga tha she is a nice guy, aur maine uspe waise hi trust kiya jaise main tumhe karti hu, tum bhi to naye ajnabee the jab mere frnd bane, fir hum best buddy bane na, abb mujhe kaise pata chalega logo ke man me kya chalta hain,, babaji mere hi palle aise insane kyun bhejte hain,, then armaan realizes she is still very naïve and innocent she doest have the feeling for him which he posses,,, stil he tried once, to get the feeling for him……..

They usually always meets  mini,,, not only geet n armaan but also the whole gang….

Mini: kya dekh raha hain hero?

Armaan: hero?

Mini: hmm,, tu hero jaisa dikhta hain na?

Armaan: hmmm,, heroine ko dekh raha tha,,,

Mini: wo angel hain, heroine nahi,,, armaan looked at her amused,, tune kya samjha mujhe kuch nahi pata,, mini ko sab pata hain..

Armaan: pata hain tu sabki naani hain,, but angel mere liye nahi hosakti kya,, she is not perfect for me? He asked looking at geet who was busy with mini’s mom….

Mini: maine ye kab kaha? Tu uske liye perfect nahi hain, his smiled vanished from his face,, he look at her with killing look, mini giggle to see his reaction,,, dekh, tu hero hain tere liye heroine hi thi hain she sadi looking at ridz who was stealing glance of them,, and angel…

Armaan: hmm to angel ka kya hoga?

Mini: angel ke liye to Prince charming ayega…. Aur sabse chupke usse lejayega,,,,,

Armaan shot open his eyes and remember her words,, ANGEL K LIYE TO PRINCE CHARMING AYEGA AUR SABSE CHUPKE USSE LEJAYEGA…..

Ridz: past ko vul jayo armaan, ye sirf tumhe takleef degi,,, she walked away leaving a teary armaan….

Maaneet were still sleeping in their room,, its already 10 am, and no one wanted to wake or shall I say move away from each other… and the over night love making exhausted them very much…. Maan was tightly holding her in his embrace while she snuggle close to his neck,,, her lips were touching his skin making him shiver in his sleep,, its strange they have made love for so many time but still there is something new everytime,,, his hand goes to touch her spft skin of her waist…. She blushed in her sleep…he opens his eyes and and see she is smiling in her sleeps,, he makes her lied on the pillow and came on top of her,, admiring her,, her innocence, her sweetness, and her love that is unconditional…. How can someone love him that much,, sometime he thought did he deserves all this but then her love her dominance of last night flash in his mind,, she loves him and even he didn’t have the right to snatch himself from her…. He traces his finger on her face,, she makes cutes faces….. clearly visible that she is disturbed,,, but maan traces his finger down,, tracing her collar bone and then down over her cleavage,,,,

Geet jerked open his eyes: maan….

Maan smiled and nibble her lower lips making her astonished in his usnsaid words…

Maan: I love u…

Geet smiled in the kiss: I  love u too…. And kissed him with equal passion….  Slowly the kiss ended with a slight peak…. He was looking at her intently like , he is falling for her again n again,, she saw it and look at him with questioning eyes,,,  he notion nothing has happen and continue to stars at her,, she blushed and hide her face in his embrace..

Geet: maan aap mujhe aise kyun dekh rahe ho?


Maan: kaise?

Geet: maan aap jante ho main kya bol rahi hu,,, aap pls aise mat dekho na,,

Maan: geet tum mujhse bohot pyar karti hona?

Geet: maan ye kaisa sawal hain… ofcourse I love u very much,,,

Maan: maine tumhe kitna kuch kaha fir bhi tum mujhe utna hi pyar karti ho,,she looked at him annoyed,,,

he cupped her face, itna pyar kaha rakhti ho jaan?

Geet: dil me rakhti hu,, apni rooh me rakhti hu…. Aap mere har nas me samaye ho,, aur apke liye pyar usi ke khoon me doudta hain,, maan closed his eyes,, relishing her words her love,, yes its true,, she loves him unconditional, and he is her life….. he hugged her tightly,,, possessively,, his eyes are moisten to see the love in her eyes,,, he kissed her forehead….. he kissed her whole face,, it was showing his love, he gently kisses her eyes, and then both cheek,, she let him do whatever he want….. he comes her lips and nibbled it,, he sucks her lower lips and then the bottom lips…..  her hand roam on his bare body,,, he comes down to her neck and licks the skin but it was slow, sweet… he just wanted to love her,, sweetly tenderly…. She moan his name,,, and he comes on her lips….

Maan kiss her lips: main dobara aisa kabhi kuch nahi kahunga…. Kuch nahi karunga,, I m sorry,, really sorry he said while kissing her full face….. she sense the tension and cupped his face…

Geet: mujhe pata hain aap aisa kabhi nahi karna chahte the,, he kissed her palm…. Main aapse bohot pyar karti hu maan aur ye bhi janti hu aap bhi utna hi pyar karte ho mujhse, sayad mujhse bhi jayada… aur jaise main bani hu sirf aapke liye waise aap bhi bane ho SIRF MERE LIYE…… aur ye haq apko bhi nahi hain k aap apne aap ko dukh do taqleef do,, kyun k jab aap hi mere liye ho, to apki har dard har takleef bani hain SIRF MERE LIYE….. she sealed his lips with an eternal kiss…..

part 49

She kissed him in passion, some time later they broke apart,,, maan nuzzles in the crook of her neck, playing with her finger….

Geet: maan,,,

Maan: hmm?

Geet: niche chale? Sab intezar kar rahe honge….

Maan: mujhe nahi jana….

Geet: maan pls na,, chaliye na, its already 10…. He sighed and agreed to her,,, geet gets up and covered herself in the bedsheet…. Maan narrow his eyes,,,

Maan: geet tum hamesha aise sharmati ho jaise main tumhe pehli baar aise dekh raha hu….her face become red due to blush…. she looked at his eyes, and then looks away when she saw maan was coming close to her… he comes close and put his finger under her  chin,, kya huya geet? Tum itna kyun sharmati ho mujhse? He was coming close….

Geet: maan….

Maan: hmm?

Geet: mujhe fresh hona hain…..

Maan: hmm to?

Geet: mujhe jane dijiye….

Maan: maine tumhe kab pakda hain geet? She looked at him and saw he is quite far from her she tried to move but he comes close,, she is now between him and the wall…

Geet: maan aap aisa kyun kar rahe ho? Why u r teasing me? She made a cute face,,, he can eat her alive,,

Maan: but maine,,

Geet: mujhe paata hain apne kuch nahi kiya,,, aap kabhi kuch karte kaha ho bas mujhe aise dekhke najane kya kya karte ho,,, he raise his one eye… she gulped to see his smirk,,, she just pushed him and ran to the bathroom…

Maan shouted : are geet main kya karta hu ye to batati jao,,,

Geet too shouted while banging the wash room door… aap ko pata hain aap kya kya karte ho…. He laughed a loud….

Maan got a call from the head quarters,,, he have to repot there urgently… as some problem is going around in a important rally…. He have to be there to give protection to the minister…. He goes to freshen up in her bathroom….. after sometime geet comes out from from the bathroom and was relieved to see there is no sign of maan… she gently wiped her hair and goes to her room….. maan comes out from the wash room,,, wearing a jeans and wrapping a towel on his shoulder…. She froze on her track,, maan saw geet’s flushing cheeks in the mirror,, as his back was facing her…. She looked here and there,,, he smirks,, and walked up to her….. geet tried to run away but he hold her waist and pulled her towards him,,, her back thump on his rock solid chest…… and whisper in her ear…

Maan: abb kaha jaogi geet….

Geet: maan apko hamesha saitani kyun sujhti hain? he nuzzles close to her shoulder….

Maan: geet main saitani kaha karta hu,,, main to kabhi kuch nahi karta, he said whith deadly smirk,,, she felt helpless….  He lick the skin and she closed her eyes and that time his phone buzz with a loud ring…. She jerk his hand,, he let go off her he he picked up the phn frustratingly,

Maan: who is this?

Adi: maan tu kaha hain? jaldi aja,, yaha kuch na kuch to hone wala hain,,, I m suspecting some,,, kuch na kuch gadbad hoga,, jaldi aaja..

Maan: ok, aadi I m coming,,, he is all serious now,,,,

Geet: maan kahi ja rahe aap? Maan walked wupto his room and she followed him,,

Maan: geet ek rally me minister ko protection dena hain,, he is very important for us….she knew he is very responsible for to his duty,,, she choose his dress and kept it on the bed….. he saw this and feel proud of her,,, he cupped his face… I m sorry jaan, mujhe pata hain ye din hume sath rehna chahiye, aur kal hamari sangeet hain, aaj kitne kaam the, but,

Geet: sath rehne ke liye sari zindegi padhi hain maan, abhi u need to go for our country na? I m proud of u maan, aur mujhe pata hain aap sab thik karke jaldi mere pass ayoge,, she smiled… maan kissed her forehead and goes to change the dress mean while geet comes down to make his breakfast…. Everyone in the hall looks at her with sorry face as they knew she would be sad for previous night…(least they know what she is feeling)

Armaan riddhima and all the other friends were there also…. Armaan wanted ot talk to geet but she straightly enter the kitchen makin food for him….. and that time nandini enter the hall….

Nandini: hii everyone…

Piya: are tum nandini ho na?

Abhay: tum thi kaha nandini? Engagement me nahi dekha tumhe,,, but geet ne kaha tum agayi thi but,,

Nandini: wo main kuch kaam se bahar gayi thi aur traffic me fas gayi thi aur jab tak main wapis aayi dekha maan jijaji geet didi pe gussa kar rahe the, to main bina bataye apne kamre me chali gayi, she was sounding unconvincing….  But that time maan comes down from the stairs,,, everyones attension goes to him….. he is looking normal….

Bindiya: maan mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hain…..

Maan: bindiya I m really getting late,, please wapis aake baat karunga….. he was heading towards the main door when geet called him…

Geet: maan ek min,, he turn to see she was running with a plate….  Pehle ye kha lijiye…. Aur ye apka lunch le jaiye….

Maan : geet mujhe late ho raha hain, but she forcefully enter a bite of paratha in his mouth….

Geet: bhukhe pet nahi jaate maan,,, maan was thinking ye ladki meri koi baat nahi manti ulta apni har baat manwa leti hain…. before he gulped the bite geet force some more in his mouth,,, he tried to say or move but geet didn’t let him,, that was quite funny scene,, they were standing at the entrance of the house and dadima saw them and smiled,,, she thought someone is there to take care of him…. Armaan looked ta maan with angry face where riddhima smiled and looked at armaan tried to make him understand their love …. He look away…. After some more feeding maan held her hand tightly…

Maan: bas jaan, aur nahi,,

Geet: but

Maan: noooo….

Geet: ok to ye lunch box le jaiye….

Maan rolled his eyes and gave threating look to everyone who were giggling, they instantly stop their smile…. He cupped geet face and kissed her forehead,,,

Maan: main jaldi ayunga…. Love u..

Geet: me too….

After his exit,, everyone looked at her like she has two head….

Geet: aap sab mujhe aise kyun dekh rahe ho?

Nandini: didi,,, kal jijaji ne itna kuch apko kaha aur aap,,, but geet said

Geet: kal job hi huya wo mere aur maan k bich ki baat hain,, and I don’t want anyone’s else interfering in that… she is right she doesn’t have to reason or give clarification to anyone of their personal matter……

Riddhima: we are happy that everything is fine between u guys, she hugged her and geet blush a little,,, riddhima teases her  a bit… waise geet maan ne tumhe manaya kaise? Geet’s face become red in shy and piya join riddhima to tease her more………..

The rally was coordinated as per maan’s instruction… it was held for a bill that newly passed by the government ,, but it is against of the lower class farmer as that was they will losses their money and they can’t get any share of profit,,, but it was a good deal for the high class business mans,, as they will gain profit but they have showed the chart according to the benefit of the lower classes and government passed that bill without any fuss but later when the truth revealed it was an blow to the hole state, as the farmer went to strike and there is so much violence in every corner… and that reach delhi also although it was not a direct case of here,, but the minister ,MR KANTILAAL one of the good politician wanted to help the farmer and that way the country which is going on fire will be at peace….. he held an ANSHAN for them to change the bill by the government and then the rally was suppose to help them,,,  but now some of the corrupt politician didn’t want to change it as their bank account got some blank check from the business mans,,, so they tried to stop the ANSHAN and went up to mr kantilaal,,, at first they their to be reasonable but when failed they offered him bribe also,,, but mr kantilaal didn’t move from his decision…. So now maan and aadi is the incharge of his protection as they can harm him,, he has became danger for them….

Maan called aadi to tell him the exact position….

Maan: aadi what happen, sab thik hain na?

Aadi: maan mujhe kuch admi pe shak hain, kantilaal ka most trust worthy ladka ramesh gayab hogaya hain kal se,,,, aur abhi kuch naye member aaye hain,,, I have full doubt on them….

Maan: nazar rakh unpe,,, sabko check kiya?

Aadi: hmm kisi ke pass kuch nahi hain…

Maan: hmm…. 

Armaan: geet tu thik to hain na?

Geet: ha armaan, main bilkul thik hu, mujhe kya hoga?

Armaan: kal raat, maan ne wo sab…

Geet: armaan maan ne job hi kaha wo gusse me kaha aur main unhe janti hu, wo mujhse bohot pyar kare hian,,, itna ke main kabhi soch bhi nahi sakti thi…..  aur main bhi unse bohot pyar karti hu…. They were in the terries,,, armaan wanted to confirm that she is ok and that too from her only, and now he can see she is happy with maan and he doesn’t want anything else apart from her happiness….  After geet left riddhima comes there…

Riddhima: I hope abb tumhari sari tesion dur hogayi… he tried to walk away…. But riddhima held his hand….please armaan,,, geet usse bohot pyar karti hain,,, she felt he is numb,,, she comes infront of him, his head was low, one single drop comes out from his eyes,,, he hugged her…

Both stayed in that position until the tears of the sky soaked them completely hide their sorrow in each other……

Geet tried to call maan but his phone is unreachable,,,daadima tried to divert her attention…

Dadima: geet bête, apke mahendi k liye humne kuch kapre aur khandani jewelry rakkha hain, aap unme se kuch choose kar lijiye aap kya pahenna chahti hain….

Geet: dadima aap hi select kar dijiye na, waise bhi mujhe jewelries me koi khash choice nahi hain…

Sid: chaliye daadima hum apki madad karte hain,,, he is a funny guy and always entertain everyone… he cracks jokes and everyone laughed their heart out,,, geet got busy in their talk when someone switches on the tv and there news flash,,,

There is a heavy bomb explodes in the eastern area where a very important rally was held,,,  but as a great effort of maan singh khurana Mr kantilaal is saved from it…… geet eyes instantly goes to the sscreen,,, but there was some guns shot,, some internal sources reveals that may be some bullet was shot to ACP Maan singh khurana as well….. geet’s whole world crashed down underneath of her…..

part 50





There is a heavy bomb explodes in the eastern area where a very important rally was held,,,  but as a great effort of maan singh khurana Mr kantilaal is saved from it…… geet eyes instantly goes to the screen,,, but there was some guns shot,, some internal sources reveals that may be some bullet was shot to ACP Maan singh khurana as well….. geet’s whole world crashed down underneath of her…..

Geet sank in the ground with a thud, armaan sid rushes to to catch her….  She is numb,,, they tried to patted her cheeks but she was not responding just staring at the screen… and pointed her hand towards the screen…

Geeet: maan…………………..  mere maan ko kuch nahi hosakta… arman’s eyes become moist to see her vunerable state…. she faints the next moment…..  armaan checked her pulse and its only for stressed,, he takes her to her room and did other check up…. Abhay caleed maan and aadi numerous time but no one picked that up….. everyone was tense,, dadima and bindiya was crying continuously…….. armaan checked geet,, she is just stressed out…..  he have an injection to her…. She gains her conscious in next 15 mins….. till then abhay was on call trying to reach maan and raj has gone for his search……

Geet meekly: maan,, maan kaha hain?

Armaan: gee two thik hoga tu stress mat le….

Riddima: geet raj gaye hain maan ko dhundne,,, u don’t worry…. But her eyes are only searching maan and that is in fear only……  and that time abhay receive a call  from raj….

After the call

Abhay: maan ka pata chal gaya hain,, he is in the hospital… geet just heard the name hospital…. She tried to stand up but arman held her….

Arman: what r u doing geet?

Geet: mujhe maan k pass jana hain,,

Riddhima: tum abhi kamzor ho geet,, wo log

Geet screamed and cried: mujhe jana hain bas abhi jana hain,, mujhe mere maan ke pass jana hain… please mujhe mere maan k pass jana hain…. arman closed his eyes at her heartrending cry…. He held her hand..

Arman: chal main le chalta hu…..


Both sits in arman’s car…. And he drove off to the hospital…… as they enter the hospital,, she look here n there for his search,,, arman enquire from the receptionist about maan, but before she tell anything raj called him and geet saw this,, she just clutches his collar and jerk him…

Geet: maan kaha hain? kaha hain mera  maan,, bolo na…

Raj: relax geet he is in the but before he could complete she saw maan,, walking through the corridor,, he was coming to them only…. But geet ran to him and hugged him tight infront of everyone crying bitterly…. Clinging like a lost world she get in her hand one more time….. he has expected something like that but he can’t see the tears and fear on her face,, his whole world was burning to see her condition… he held her tight in his embrace….  Assuring her he is there right in her arms….. she breaks the hug and  looks at his face,, he has a bandage on his head, but she checked if anything else has happen or not,,, her hand roams all around him making sure he is ok,, she cupped his face and kissed all over his face,, she was so frighten only hearing of something may happens to him,, she couldn’t keep the track of place time and what is she doing…. Raj and armaan saw this,, raj was happy that his friend has got the true love of his life, and he understood no other girl can love him like the way geet loves him… where as armaan was boiling in his own misery,, geet loves him so much….. the whole hospital was witnessing the love they possess for each other…. Geet’s tears were not stopping at all…..  everyone saw her unconditional  love for him,, the way she was clinging to him,, the way her tears were flowing and the way she was kissing his face without giving a dam to the world  can only a true lover could do….

Maan held her strongly making her face look upto him…..

Maan:geet main thik hu jaan… dekho mujhse kuch nahi huya…. Geet scan him to top to bottom,, he hugged her and patted her head…. I m ok,, don’t cry please,,

Geet: main kitna dar gayi thi, she said in between her sobs and hiccups….

Maan: I m sorry jaan…. Mujhe kuch nahi huya hain jaan,, see, I m perfectly fine, she looked at his bandage…. He follow her gaze,,, ye ? ye wo girne ki wajah se chot lag gayi…nothing much jaan….

Raj and arman comes there: abb ghar chale warna teri biwi pure hospital ko yaha crowded kar degi,, then they realize where were they and the whole hospital was seeing them… geet took two step back from maan, in shy with his words, but maan didn’t let her go,, he held her waist firmly and shot a eye to everyone and that was enough to make everyone disappear…

Arman: ghar chalke baat kare? Everyone  nodded……

All are in te hall,, discussing and thanking god that maan is safe…..

Dadima: hum kitna dar gaye the bête,, aur khas karke geet,,, unka kya haal tha kya bataye,,, he looks at geet who was sitting beside him, holding his hand… still upset with the incident…..

Raj: maan tujhe ye chot kaise lagi aur tv pe bata rahe the tujhe bullets…..

Maan: raj, some of goons entered the rally in disguise,,  the rally was going fine,, but mujhe aur aadi ko ek admi pe shaq huya and before we could catch him he just blast that near the stage where kantilal was seated,,, but time pe main waha pouch gaya aur unhe waha se nikal laaya,, kuch goliya bhi chalai gayi but our men were cleaver enough to dodge them…. But someone shot at me and one of the constable just pushed me I hit the stone… but the constable died on the spot, he said in sorrowfulness……

Pinky: aadi kaha hain? maan smiled at her..

Maan: wo kuch kaam me phasa hain,, he is trying to find out who is the main culprit….. pinky smiled proudly..

Pinky: wo thik hain na?

Maan: ha Sali sahiba,, wo thik hain…. sham tak ghar ajayega….

Abhay: thank God u r ok maan…. We were really worried for u,,, and geet she just fainted when she heard about u,, maan looked at her worriedly,, but she was only concern for him…

Pia: don’t worry she is fine now….. she smiled…

Maan to riddhima: is she ok now? Nothing to worry na?

Riddhima smiled: maan she was just stressed out, armaan ne check kiya tha aur maine bhi…. 

Maan: to thik hain …. abhi geet tum andar jao, rest karo,, we will talk later,, but she was not convinced enough to take rest….  He sighed,, lets go…. Guys sham ko milte hain…

He held geet’s hand and drag her to upstairs but suddenly nandini bumps into him,,she tried to hold him to prevent fall but he just held her wrist making her stand properly,,,geet looked at the grip and cutely pouted,,

Geet: nandini sambhaal ke chala karo….. he let go of her hand… nandini mumble a sorry and maan gives his attension to geet but she walked upto her room locking the door,, she wanted to lock the join dorr but maan held it from the other side… she looked at him but try to avoid the eye contact……

Maan: kya huya geet?  Tum waha se aise kyun chali aayi? She back off a little……..  but he held her from the waist,,, geet,,, he eyes were moist… he caresses her face, there was so much fear in her,, she can’t afford to losse him,, she just hugged him tight…..

Geet: main aapke baigar nahi reh sakti maan,,, I can’t live without u….he held her with equal passion….

Maan: jaan main tumhe chod ke kabhi kahi nahi ja sakta…. He cupped her teary face and kissed her lips,, it was smoothing luscious,,, it was soothing both of them,, he nibble her lower lip,, the kiss turn passionate as the time pass… he sucks her full lips in urgency, wanted to feel her,, is she really ok,, and she wanted cherish this moment and forget all the sorrow she have face when he was not here…. Their kiss came to an end,,, he cupped her face and kissed her forehead…..  they sits in the balcony cuddling with each other,, she wanted to hold him close to her,,, time passes into hrs,, geet slowly drifted off cuddling there, maan saw she is sleeping on his shoulder, the whole day stress was enough for her,, he scooped her in his arm and makes her lied in the bed,, she hold his neck in a firm grip, he kissed her forehead and that cease her,, he come out from the grip…

Maan: I think geet ko bhook lagi hogi,,, its already 5…… maan enter the kitchen and make some quick food for them,, he takes all the bowl in the tray when arman enter the kitchen… he looks at arman who was sipping his juice….

Armaan: is she ok?

Maan: hmm… bas lunch nahi kiya to ye khana,,,,

Armaan: tum log niche kyun nahi aaye?

Maan smiled: wo niche aane deti tab na,,, ek jagah se hil hi nahi rahi thi….

Armaan: bohot dari hui thi….

Maan: hamare profession me to aisa laga hi rehta hain… pata nahi kab tak geet aise hi darti rahegi…. He said in concern

Armaan: wo aisi hi hain, choto choti baat pe bhi rone lagti hain,, darti hain,, kisi anjane ko bhi takleef ho to usse dard hota hain…. maan looked at him contently….

Maan: aur uske dard se tumhe dard hota hain,, armaan taken aback with his sudden words….  Armaan, I have experienced life very well,, and in this profession we have to read a person inside out,,, I can sense what u think about her…. But I wanted to say one thing,,, tumhare jo jazbad hain main usse dur nahi kar sakta lekin geet tumhare bareme aisa nahi sochti, aur ye tumhare liye accha hoga ke tum  apni zindegi me aage badho,,, wo khus hain abhi aur agar tum usse apni dost samajhte ho to uski khusi me khus rehna sikho,, yehi tumhare liye aur uske liye accha hoga,, kyun jo feeling tumhare andar usko lekar hain wo sirf tumhe takleef denge…. Aur usse bhi agar usse ye pata chala to… armaan didn’t say anything just looked at him with guilty face but still this heart didn’t want to believe him….

Maan turn to leave he he saw riddhima was standing there,, her eyes were moist and praying sorry to him only but he smile with a assured smile…. He was crossing her when he stopped and looks at armaan…

Maan: hum sabko zindegi me saccha pyar milta hain armaan bas hume unhe sahi time time pe pehchanna padhta hain…. lekin ye saccha pyar chala jaye to dukh ke alawa kuch nahi rehta takdeer me…. Apne pyar ko pehchano arman,,, he left from there leaving a baffled arman…..

part 51

This is really a short update ,, I m really sorry about that…….

Maan: hum sabko zindegi me saccha pyar milta hain armaan bas hume unhe sahi time time pe pehchanna padhta hain…. lekin ye saccha pyar chala jaye to dukh ke alawa kuch nahi rehta takdeer me…. Apne pyar ko pehchano arman,,, he left from there leaving a baffled arman…..

Maan eneter the room and saw his geet is still sleeping,, though he didn’t wanted to disturb her but he have to as she have not ate anything till now…. He sat on her bed and slowly caresses her face,, she smiled at his touch,,, in her sleep also she can recognize his touch…. He saw her changing expression and knew she will not get up,, his mind played an evil plan…. His finger goes to her neck,, caressing her jaw, then lower,, down on her throat,,, her senses sot open instantly,,,, before his finger can go more down she held it and open her eyes….

Geet: maan ye aap kya kar rahe ho?

Maan innocently: kya kar raha hu geet? She frowned at him and get up from her lying position…. Waise geet tumhe jagane ka ye accha tarika tha,,, hain na?

Geet: aap bohot bure ho maan,, her face was little pink ,,, he saw the pink glow and tried to tease her more….

Maan: geet main to khana laya tha, tumne kuch kaha nahi tha na…. chalo abhi kha lo….

Geet: maan mujhe abhi nahi khana… baad me kha lungi, she tried to lie down but held her hand,,,

Maan: ok then main khila deta hu,,,  tum sirf baithi raho….she nodded…he brought her paratha dipped in dahi and feed her,, but intentionally  he apply some dahi on her chin with the finger but she didn’t notice that….. geet kaise kha rahi ho,, dahi laga di,,, she made a cute face,,,

Geet self tht: khila rahe hain ye mujhe aur dahi lag jaye to meri galti? Maine kya kiya,,, maine dahi ko kaha tha kya aaja mere chin pe lag ja….. maan smirks at her irritation….

Maan: accha thik hain main  saaf kar deta hu… he comes close to her slowly removing that dahi with his thumb,,, but his eyes were on her full supple lips… she follow her gaze and shied a little,, then she understood it was his mischief…. She pushed him playfully….

Maan: aare I was cleaning that,,,,

Geet: mujhe sab pata hain…. aur main khud kha sakti hu… she tried to make a bite by folding the paratha but maan didn’t let her touch it,,, he again did the same,, samr feeding in her mouth and some applying on her face or down that portion….

Geet: maan ye aap kya kar rahe ho,,, firse aap hi saaf karoge,,,, he smiled at her and that was a evil smile,, geet understood that and gulped hard….

Maan: ok geet tumhe mere hatho se saaf karne se aitraz hain na,,, mere pass aur ek idea hain…. he started licking it from her cheek,,, she giggle feeling ticklish with his tongue….

Geet: maan stopped na….. and then by mistake the she hit the dahi and some of the curd land on his hand and then his face has some mark of his as well,,, the instant sliding of the curd make some marks of it on his face and his expose chest… she laughed at him,, his expression was worth watching,,, she could tell he was getting irritated by her teasing smile….

Geet: aap ruko main saaf karti hu…. She tried to get a napkin but he held her hand,,

Maan: main janta hu isse kaise saaf karna chahiye,,, he brushed his face to her face,,, his stubble roughly squeeze her soft cheek….

Geet: maan aahhh… but he was no where to stop..

Maan: bohot hasi arahi thin a…. abb dekho…he pinned her to the bed and rubbed his cheek to her neck,,, she was giggling continuosly… he did the same with her othe neck,, shoulder ,,, and then he found a sensitive spot…. His hand accidently brushed his down waist line,, she gasp at that…. He realized her weak point,, and started tickling her there…..she couldn’t controlled her self and pushed him,,, and escaped from his grip….

Maan smiled: that was ur weak point…

Geet shied: nooooo…. Its just umm… wo…..

Maan: dodn’t even try geet,, u can’t lie…. He was coming towards her…. She tried to run away from there Maan held her hand and pulled her to him,, she was struggling to free herself but he was nowhere to stop,, he pinned her to the wall and started ticling her with his one hand,, slow torture…. She was giggling enough loud,,,  arman was passing the door when he heard some giggling…. He recognize its geet’s voice,, he notice the door is slightly open…. He didn’t wanted to peeped in but the sight itself burn him,,, maan was holding her by waist and trying to kissing her neck….. he hold the knob that could break any moment….

Geet: ok plsss aur nahi,,,

Maan: nahi,,, I wante more…

Geet: maan…. But he comes close to her lips and fill the gap between them,,, armaan didn’t dare to stand and stare at them,, he could burn everything in his rage..

He was going for some fresh air, on the terries but her voice caught his attention….. and he followed… but it was his badluck thahe has to see their intimacy….  He left from there immediately….

Maan was kissing geet lost in his world when he heard some sound,, he broke the kiss and look behind,,, but couldn’t see anything….

Geet: maan koi tha kya waha…

Maan: I don’t know geet….

Geet eyes goes big: apne door lock kiya tha… he looked at her little nervously

Maan: wo main,, vul gaya tha….

Geet: maan how could u,, ye dusri baar huya jab apne door lock nahi kiya…

Maan: jaan, ye hamara room hain, aur kisiko yaha aan ese pehle knock karna chaihiye,,, chahe door lock ho na ho… she gave a angry look to him….

Geet: bahane to koi apse sikhe,, she pushed him and goes near the bed…. Abb ayiye,,, apne bhi kuch nahi khaya han,, aake kha lijiye,,, he sit near her… and she fed him lovingly….. some where still the mischief hanging in his arm and he started his naughtiness with her,, by slipping his hand in her kurti…. She tried to snapped but her bring her more close….. slowly making pattern to her abdomen….

part 52

Geet tried to break his contact from her skin but the voice didn’t came out as he was making slow pattern in it,, and it was seducing her also..

Geet: maan,,, she wanted to protest him it came out like a moan,,, he slowly pushed the plate aside and pulls her to him…. caressing  her face and then her lips with his thumbs,, she saw the raw desire in him.. she shied a alittle,,, it not more than 24 hrs they had shared their intimacy but the desire the love of them was so powerful that they always longed for each other…. He place his lips on her in a slow and sweet kiss,,, nibbling her upper lips then lower…..  she followed him on his path,,, sucking his lower lips,,, his hand are in her kurti,,, the warm skin was burning in desire…. She closed her eyes in anticipation,,, their kiss turn to passionate and hot kiss,,, she open her mouth to give him more access and he enter her mouth relishing it like a feast…. He explode every inch of her mouth,,, he kissed her in urgency,,, not leaving her lips at all,, he sucks it making it bleed a little,, but still can’t leave it… his hand were busy exploding the white milky flesh,,  pushing her more to him,,, and they landed on the bed on her back,,, he come near her chest giving her shower of kisses,,, his one touch was driving her to insanity,, his lips were hot and molten of wetness between her thigh started to flood away… he gave her wet kisses around her neck and cleavage,, she was moaning continuously…. Pulling his hair…. Both were breathing heavy….

Geet: maan… he looked at her to see her concern face,, then she look at the door that was shut but not lock…. He smiled at her,,, her face was red in shyness…. Maan gave a peck to her lips and got up to lock the door,, after  that he walked to the bed,, she tried to get up but he came on top of her…

Maan: sshhh,, door is lock now….

Geet: don’t u think everyone is waiting for us? Maan’s teasing smile told that he is not going to leave her….

Before he caould say anything he sealed it with his…..  its not the time to remember us,, he said between the kiss…. She gave up knowing maan that he is never going to leave this moment…. In a fraction of sec he undress her and started giving shower of wet kisses to her body…. She arch her back to give him more access,,, he licked her skin of her shoulder…. Leaving no place to claim her with his kisses…. He slowly came down to her naval without touching her curves,,, her skin and his hot breath mingle perfectly…. She cried to be touched and he fulfill her with his hunger-full mouth….. he took her curves in his mouth,, sucking biting it….    They enter the pleasure of insanity together,,, and the uncountable moan covered the room,,, they sweats and panted,,, maan collapsed on the bed,,, taking her on his broad chest… her softness pressed his hard chest,,,, she was too tired to see anything,, she dozed off and he caresses her back,,, looking at her pure and beautiful naked body,,, he drag the bedsheet on them and drifted to a soothing sleep…

After 2 hrs maan slowly opens his eyes,,,,,

Maan: god itni der hogayi,,, sab niche wait kar rahe honge,, he saw his sleeping beauty,, she traces her face and gave a peak to her forhead…. She open her eyes with a smile on her lips…hume niche chalna chahiye…..

Geet: hmm….. she wrapped her self in the sheet and goes to the washroom,,, maan got freshen up in her room…. Both of them came in the hall,,, geet looks at the worried face of dev…. Maan was so lost in her that he didn’t even notice anyone,,, he held her from her waist…and led her to the living area,, geet felt the warmness of maan,,, she looked at him and smiled,, both sat on a couch….. geet tried to distance from him but he tugged her closer,,, she gave a uncomfortable look,, but he simply ignore….  Piya teases geet and soon riddhima too joined her…..  geet tried to remove maan’s hand that was on her waist but he only tihten it,,, she gave a complaining look to him,, with a pleading eyes but he smirks at her…

Geet: dust danav she murmured,,,maan gave threatening look to her,,,  armaan arrived there,,, and saw the proximity of maaneet….  He took the seat opposite of to geet….. and then he notice her swollen lips,,,  and the look they were exchanging,, he felt a pang in his heart,, a tint of jealousy from maan,,, his eyes fell on his hand that was on her waist,,, geet was trying to remove that and maan was clutching her more to him….

Raj: ummm hmmm he coughed,,,, look like someone doesn’t like to be parted away from his beloved….. maan looked at him,, and saw his teasing smile…

Abhay: abb kya kare,,, love birds ki shaadi hone wali hain lekin fir bhi romance hain ke jata hi nahi….

Piya: sab tumhari tarha nahi hote….

Abhay: excuse me…..

Piya: yeah sab tumhare tarha nahi hote,,,  shaadi ke baad kabhi tumne ek romanctic baate hi? Nahi just business business and business, meri shouten hain ye business… she made a grumpy face… atleast maan geet ko itna pyar karta hain,, ek min bhi dono ek dusre se dur nahi reh sakte….. maan looked at geet proudly and pointed piya’s point with his eyes,,, to which geet just made a cute ignoring face…. he frowned at crushed her fragile figure in his arm….

Arman was just staring at them,, the way they were signaling each other with their eyes…. The love the were pouring for them was unbearable for him…..

Piya: kash tum bhi ye sab business n akarke maan ki tarha police me ya raj ki tarha army me hote ,,, sayad itna boring to nahi hote….

Raj: piya agar tum mujhe pehle mili hoti na to sayad main hi tumhe propose kar deta,,, abhay fumed in anger and piya smiled evilly….

Geet: ok enough kyun bechare abhay ke piche padhe ho? Piya u know na he loves u very much and its because of u that he is handling the business as u wanted it….. and now u are complaining…..

Piya made a sorry face: sorry abhay,, but he looked away,,, she hold her hand,, hum to bas mazak kar rahe the,,, still he didn’t look at her,, she cupped his face and kissed him on his cheek,,, raj whistle and sid maan and adi who just came there clap for her,,, her face turn red in embarrassment and she hide her face in abhay’s embrace….he smiled at her and warned everyone do not tease her further…. Still the girl tease her like anything…..  geet wanted to talk to bindiya who was quiet for a long time…. but the bindiya announced they should join the dinning table,, today dadima will not accompany them as she is at her friend’s place…..

geet made bindiya relax on a chair and herself started serving the food… but accidentally her dupatta slips a little,, exposing her neck that has some love bite…. No one notice it but armaan did…. He clutches the glass tight that could break any moment….. and then he saw maan squeexing her hand under the table,,,some how she snatches her hand but when she turn,, her back showed some red brushed,, love bite was so visible that was hidden in her long hair,,, riddhima saw the changes of expression on his face… he follow his gaze and saw the love bites on her neck and back…. She can see the pain in his eyes,, and hint of anger was clear there,,, piya coughed,, and pulls geet towards her…

piya: geet u should be more carefull with ur love bites,, she smiles with a teasing smile but geet was in panick,, she hurriedly cover her neck with the dupatta,, maan saw this and understood her plea… he made her sit beside him… giving a warning look to piya….. she muffle her laughter…  that’s it armaan leaved the place instantly…. Geet tried to talk to him but riddhima assure her he is ok,, she will talk to him,, riddhima too joined him… on the other hand geet looked at bindiya who was seems to be disturb….

Riddhima: arman what are u doing? Tum kyun nahi samajhte,,,,,

Armaan: k wo usse pyar karti hain…..

Riddima was shocked to hear this from him…..

Armaan: but main kya karu riddhima,,, I can’t forget her,,, I just can’t,,, pyar itna asan nahi hota hain k ek pal me pyar kiya aur ek pal me vula diya…..  I love her damit……

Riddhima: and she loves maan…… armaan looked at her painfully…. Please armaan, try to understand she loves him only,,, she held his hand and led to the window,,, where they can see the the ground clearly….

Geet was standing beside the pool,,, suddenly maan comes from the back and slide his hand on her belly,,, crushing her to his rock solid chest,,, kissing her earlobe…. Geet shied and smiled…. She settle down her head on his chest backward and her rest his chin on her neck,,, slowly kissing the nape….

Riddhima: wo dekho geet,, armaan pyar to wo hota hain jo apne pyar ko dekh ke khush hota hain,,, if u have truly loved her then be happy in her happiness, and she is happy only with maan…. He is her life…. Lekin agar tumhe apne apne pyar ki khusi se jayada apna gum pyara hain then I’ll say tumne kabhi usse saccha pyar kiya hi nahi….  He looked at her with a hurt face… if u really love her then try to move on,,,  agar geet ko ye pata chala ke tum uski wajah se apni zindegi ko bandh ke rakh rahe ho,, she can’t forgive herself… abb tum decide karo,, uski friendship chahiye ya uski gi=uilt vari nazre….  Kyun jab usse sach pata chalega to guilt ho sirf guilt,,, uske chehre pe…… she loves u as a friend try to respect her as a friend…. She left the place leaving armaan in deep thought…. Armaan lift her eyes to aonly see maan and geet cute romance,, they were arguing on something geet trying to hit him but he was on his naughty plans,, making her land on his chest,, tickling her sense,, she was laughing. Giggling enjoying life,, happiness surrounded everywhere… her eyes showed how much she loved maan…. Only maan,,, HER MAAN………………….

Part 53

Armaan lift his eyes to only see maan and geet cute romance,, they were arguing on something geet trying to hit him but he was on his naughty plans,, making her land on his chest,, tickling her sense,, she was laughing. Giggling enjoying life,, happiness surrounded everywhere… her eyes showed how much she loved maan…. Only maan,,, HER MAAN………………….

The night flew away in seconds for maaneet,,, but it was a hard for armaan,,, he have tried to block her thought but somewhere it linger in his mind,,, he knew its not right,, geet takes him as her best friend,, nothing else,,, if she loves him she have told him much before,,,, he closed his eyes to remember the painful thoughts……


Geet has become best friend of armaan,,, not only him all the doctors and patients loved her for her sweetness…. Riddima started loving her like a sister,, protect her from evil eyes,, they have a group of 6 ppl, abhay piya arman ridz geet sid,,, abay and piya was from her collage and rest of them she met in hospital,,, they hang out together,, sometime did party also, though gee was not a kind of party animal as she doesn’t have to,,, her friends love her like that only,, they were sometime got over protective for her as she was too innocent…. Soon armaan started falling for her seriously,, and to know her feeling he often flirted with nurses or doctors or her friends,,, sometime geet gets irritated, sometime she frowned and sometime just laughed at him… geet didn’t liked those girl with whom  he flirted,, armaan thought its her jealousy but one thing he didn’t realize it was not her jealousy,, it was concern for her best friend,,, she doesn’t wanted him to be involved with wrong person,, she wanted the best for her friend,, in these confusion armaan sometime hit on riddhima also,,, only to fuel geet,, he wanted to hear her feelings 1st,, but he didn’t knew his small flirting was taking riddhima to the edge,, she started falling for him with his antics….  Geet asked him, does he like riddhima or not he agreed that they are a couple shocking everyone including riddhima too.. she didn’t knew what to say,, he have never ask her or anything just declare that they are a couple…. Armaan pleaded her with his eyes not to open her mouth and she agreed,, without trying to find why he have said this,, just followed him blindly…..

And then the time came when he tried to express his feelings for geet,,, armaan was really nervous and geet  sensed his tension….

Geet: kya huya hain tujhe?

Armaan: nothing,,, its just,, umm wo…. Main…

Geet:  bhakri ki tarha main main kyun kar rah ahain,, jo kehna hain saaf saaf bolna….

Armaan: I wanted to ask u something…

Geet: propose karna hain? armaan’s jaw fell on the ground…. And face became red like tomato….. he didn’t knew what to to say….. kya huya??? Main janti thi tu aisa hi karega,,, ladka hoke bhi Sharmata hain..

Armaan: what do u mean by ladka hoke bhi sharmata hain,, sharmane ka kota tum ladkio ke pass hi hain kya,, he saw the teasing smile she has on her face,, he was all embarrassed,,, so look away instantly…..

Geet: oye hoye arman malik sharmata hain,, breaking news,,,, she laughed whole heartedly and armaan lost in her laugh,,, then she realize he is not saying anything,,, accha sorry,, nahi hasungi… but beaing a guy u should propose na,, u know ladkiya,,,,,,

Armaan said quickly: yeah I know, I should confess 1st,,, armaan was thinking geet knew his feeling but wanted to hear from him…. he tried to say something when geet stopped him…..

Geet: ok sun,, abhi kuch kehne ki jarurat nahi hain we will decide a place and then we will sorted everything,,,  ok she hugged him and turn to leave when armaan held her hand,,

Armaan: what will I get? Yes or no?

Geet smiled: no girl can say no to u… he felt an unknown happiness and smiled covered her heart…..

After 2 days geet called him….

Geet: armaan I want to meet u at ***** coffee shop at 6pm,,

Armaan: huya kya?

Geet: tu sawal kiye baigar kuch kaam kar sakta hain?

Armaan: okk meri maa,, main ajaunga……


Armaan enter the coffe shop but it was pitch black,,,

Armaan: hellooo koi hain? light nahi hain kya?? Aap logo ne inverter chees ka naam nahi suna kya?? But not hearing any reply he gets little worried… I guess main galat address pe agaya,, ye geet mujhe kaha kaha phasayegi…… he was leaving when a spot light came on him…..  a voice came from the back,, and a screen lit up…….

He recognize the voice its geet…. A small smile crept on his lips…

Geet:  abhi kaha ja raha hain,, abhi surprise baaki hain,, maine socha tu to apne dil ki baat kehne se raha so main hi keh du…. He raise his eye brow…. Hmm abhi girl itni modern hogayi hain k apne dil ki baat khud keh sakti hain,,,, he smiled wider…. Then his eyes caught the screen where a message flash….

U are 1st person who taught me the meaning of friendship….

U are the person who taught me to enjoy life…

Whenever I was sad u were there to bring a smile on my face,,,

I was alone in the path of  life when u hold me to protect from the evilness of world…

U are the true friend I always wanted to cherish,, and u are the one who gave the meaning of LOVE in my life…..

Armaan has a big smile on his face,,,

I know it will be silly to ask u something like this when I know u will fulfill my every wish

But still

I want to ask u mr Armaan Malik

Do u hold me in every path of happiness and sorrow the way I wanted to hold u?

Do u love me forever knowing that I may not hold my beauty the way I have now?

Do u conquer me the way I conquer u?

Do u love me the way I LOVE YOU?

Armaan has no bound of his happiness,,

Armaan: YES,,,, I love u the way u are,,, I’ll give u company even in hell,, he smiled shyly,,, I’ll conquer u till  my last breath… I LOVE U more than anything….

The light comes on,,, someone was standing in front of him,, having tears in her eyes,, but armaan get shock of his life,,,

Armaan: riddhima,,,,,,,  everyone thought he have complete the line I love u morethan anything riddhima,,, but sadly it gave him only hollow in her heart…. He looked at her confused and then noticed geet walking towards them,,,

Armaan: ye sab?

Geet: maine kaha than a, surprised hoga she said and hugged riddhima,,, dekha armaan aaj k ladkiya sab kar sakti hain propose bhi,, I know tu thoda shock hain,,, but accha tha na?? riddhima keh rahi thi pasand nahi ayega but sach bolo mera idea kaam kiya na?? armaan was just looking at her  with a puzzle look…..

Armaan: mujhe kuch samajh nahi araha,,

Geet: are buddhu,, isse pehle tum RIDDHIMA ko propose karte maine riddhima ko kaha tumhe apni dil ki baat keh de,, ye sare arrangements maine kiye lekin tumhari pasand na pasand aur ye notes sab riddhima ne decide kiya…. She loves u a lot,, and understand u more than anyone… armaan was gaping her continuously,, he can’t believe that she have arrange this only for riddhima and him,, if she loves him how could she did this? And her eyes the way they are sparkling,, its said it has only friendship and happiness for her frnds…

Armaan: but I thought tujhe mera dusri ladkio se baat karna pasand nahi,, he spat the words without realizing anything but there was someone who understood the hidden meaning of his word,, riddhima has tears in her beautiful eyes,,,  she looked at him with painful eyes,, but he seems lost in geet…

Geet: arre yaar,, mujhe to teri wo rina meena tina wo chote chote skirt wali pasand nahi,, na baat karne ka dhang na koi respect badhi ke liye,,, unme se koi bhi tujhe sach me pyar nahi karti thi lekin riddhima un jaisi nahi hain…. she loves u a lot,, and I m really very happy to see my best friend are in love with each other… a single drop of tear escaped from arman’s eyes but he hide it quickly and plastered a smile but what that smile means only riddhima can understand…. She felt a lump in her throat to see him in pain,, she understood he didn’t love her anyway,, he just love geet… bur unfortunately geet never understand this……..

Flashback ends………..

Armaan comes back to reality when he heard a loud knock,, he was seating in that position from the night,,, he wiped off his tears and opens the door only to see the bunch of boys entering his room….

Sid: itni late kar diya door open karne me?

Abhay: sayad yaha bhi bad luck chal raha hain,, and then enters a fuming maan,,, armaan was shocked to see their faces,, some sad some boring and maan with anger written on his face…

Armaan: kya huya? Tum sab ka chehra utra huya kyun hain….

Abhay: sare ladkiyo ne apna group bana liya hain,, aur hume bilkul vao nahi de rahe….

Armaan: matlab?

Adi: aaj haldi hain,, aur sari ladkiyo ne kaha hain aaj se ladkiya sirf geet ke sath rahengi shaadi hone tak…

Raj: aur issi liye maan ka mood itna kharab hain,, he teases him with a cheesy smile… maan only fumes on it…..

Sid: hmm or hume isko haldi lagana hain,, and then shagun ke haldi geet ko lagenge…

Armaan: to accha hain na? ye hi rasm hain,, maan looks at him,, he saw a glimpse of real armaan,, the friend of geet…. Armaan looked at maan and smiled at him that assured him further….

Raj: hello,, isse haldi??? Pagal hain mujhe apni haddi nahi turwana,, ek baar mazak me lagaya tha mere piche padh gaya hain,, maarne ke liye….

Armaan took a seat beside maan: but abhi  iski shaadi hain wo bhi apni dreamgirl se,,, abhi to shoukh se lagayega,,, maan smiled at him….

Adi: oye hoye blushing and maan singh khurana… accha hain,, maan gave a deadly glare to adi, enough to shut him but next min armaan n maan laughed together leaving a shocked aadi…

Its time for their haldi,, dadima told everyone to come at the hall where all the arrangements were done…. At 1st it will be maan’s turn and then everyone will apply it on geet….  But the condition was maan will not see geet,,, he was fuming in anger as he can’t see her….  He excuse himself by making a fake phone call……

Maan was searching geet in the whole mansion but couldn’t find her,, then he bumped with someone,, she was going to fall when he held her…

Maan: riddhima sambhal ke,,

Riddhima: excuse me,, takkar apne mujhe mara aur main gir rahi thi to apki wajah se aur aap hi..

Maan: oye hello ek to maine tumhe bachaya aur upar se tum mujhe hi suna rahi ho…

Riddhima: jisne galti ki sudharna usiko chahiye…. Aur kaise nahi bachate akhir saali hu apki,, she snorted her nose with her finger in attitude…

Maan: huh, saali? Meri koi bhi saali meri kuch kaam ki nahi hain….

Riddhima: hawwww…… aap pehle kaam to bataiye fir dekhiye main kaam ki hu ya nahi…

Maan: oh really?

Riddhima: hmm…

Maan: then tell me where is geet?

Riddhima: wo to,,,, but she stopped and smiled at him,,, wo to main nahi batane wali,,, maan looked at her with fire in his eyes….. but riddhima only giggle….  Ok ok batati hu….  Lekin ye sirf apke liye nahi meri sweet frnd ke liye hain,, bechari bhi bohot sad hain apse kuch der ke liye bichar ke,, she laughed at him and maan frown at her…. They were giggling laughing,,, maan never felt so comfortable talking to a girl…  but riddhima is sweet and friendly girl,, who can gel with anyone… but there was someone looking at them who didn’t quite loving it,,, don’t know why he was not liking her to talk to other person,,, armaan clenched his hand when he saw maan was heldin riddhima in his arm,, and then they were talking so comfortably…. She was giggling with him….

Riddhima: wo outhouse me hain…. aaj se shaadi tak wo outhouse me hi rahegi,, maan’s eyes got big…

Maan: what??? but wo to abhi 3 din baad…

Riddhima: uff seems like someone is getting impatient….  Okk aapko usse dekhna hain na?? he looked at her with hope…. She smiled….  Abhi sayad uske room me koi nahi hain,, aap jao,, usse milke aayo….   He gave her a full smile.. and cupped her face…..

Maan: thank u so much,, tum sach me bohot acchi ho,, I don’t know uss idiot ko ye baat kab samajh ayegi,, she smiled through tears… he kissed her forehead and hugged her,, patted her back…. Hey everything will be ok… he wiped her tears,,, wo pagal hain jo aise sweet si angel ka pyar nahi dekh paraha,,, but don’t worry jaldi hi sab thik hojayega….

Riddhima: I m sorry,, mujhe aise din pe ansu nahi girana chahiye,, akhir meri best best friend ki shaadi hain….. she smiled at him…. aap jao,, wo apka wait kar rahi hain….. he was going when she held his hand,, that was enough for armaan to merge in….

Armaan: yaha kya horaha hain? riddhima looked at him horrified…. Don’t know why he is so angry… maan hum sab tumhara intezar kar rahe hain aur tum yaha iske sath gappe maar rahe ho,,,  maan watch some kind of jealousy on his face….. he get a wicked plan…. He just hold her hand more to his embrace….

Maan: main apni saali se baat kar raha hu,, tumhe itni problem kyun horahi hain? armaan fumed in anger and riddhima looks at them in confusion…

Armaan:  riddhima I think tumhe geet ke pass jana chahiye… maan smiled and gave a smirks to him only to irritate armaan further…. Armaan just looks away,,, and then thought about something,, riddhima I wanted to talk to u…

Riddhima: ha bolo….

Armaan: yaha nahi,, come with me…. He tried drag her by holding her hand,,

Riddhima: ek min armaan,, she gave a packet to maan,,, maan ye haldi hain,, wo sabse pehle tumse haldi lagana chahti hain,,, go now,, maan smiled and takes it from her and goes from there but before that he winked at armaan who just rolled his eyes…..

Geet was in her own world lost in the thought of maan and her togetherness,,,, she was missing him,, she wanted to apply haldi on him before anyone can touch him….. then heard a creaking sound,, without knowing she got worried,, and scared… she was alone in the room,, so thought who can be here at this hour, she never gave a thought that maan can be here….   She got up and realize it was coming from the window… she held a vase in her hand walked to the window,,, and when it open she just hit it without seeing who is it….

Oouchhhh…. Oops that was maan,, who was now holding his head….. geet dropped the flower vase and put her hand on her mouth…..

he just walked to the bed.. and sat on it….

Geet: I m sorry maan… maine wo dekha nahi tha apko,, mujhe laga chor hain.. maan just looked at her amused,,

Maan: geetttt,,, chor is waqt aise andar ayega????

Geet: sorry maan,, aap window se aaye na, so maine socha chor hain, kyun wohi to khidke se aate hain na,, ap pehle police wale ho jo apne ghar me khidki se andar aate hain she giggle softly,, it was melting maan,, he so wanted to capture those rosy lips….. he just grip her hand and pulls her towards him….

Maan: bohot hasi arahi hain na???

geet shook her head in no,,, he came dangerously close to her,, looking at her lips,,, her cheek was turning red due to blush…..  ha to tum kya keh rahi thi? She looks at him nervously….

Geet: maan…. Aap yaha, aise,, she was having difficulty to talk as he was so near her face….  His breath fans on her lips… making her craving for his touch,, he brushed his lips on her lightly,, not so touching it….. she closed her eyes in anticipation….

Maan: tum kuch keh rahi thi geet,,, that brought her back,, she looks at him and his smirking face,,, and cutely pouted her lips,,, twisting it…. She turn her back to him…

Geet: aap yaha kyun aaye ho? Hum sangeet se pehle nahi mil sakte…

Maan: lekin geet mujhe to laga tumhe aaj mujhse milna tha,,, wo rddhima ne to mujhe yehi bataya…

Geet: nahi to,, maine aisa kab kaha…. Ye riddhima bhi na,,,  accha aap jao, mujhe taiyar hona hain sab niche but before she complete he turn her with a jerk and sealed her mouth with his,, she was too shock to react but slowly calm her sensed and started responding him with equal passion….. he nibble her lower lips and she opens her mouth to give him more access…  he tasted the sweet essence,,, and his hand roamed around her waist,, and then her bare back….  She moaned in the kiss…. He twirl his tongue with her,,, leaving no place to dance around in her mouth…..  she accepted all his naughtiness,, slowly their kiss has ended with a slight peck on her lips….  Both were breathing heavily… maan rest his head on her forehead….

Geet: maan aap yaha,, kisine dekh liya to,, but he puts his finger on her lips….

Maan: geet ke chehre pe haldi lagane ka pehla haq isrf aur sirf maan ko hain,,, he said while a pince of mix haldi he applied on her face…

she took it in her hand and applied on his face

Geet: aur maan pe sabse pehla haq sirf geet ka hain….  he pulled her to a sweet hug…. And kissed her forehead……

And then came the disturbance….. knock knock………………

Riddhima: geet main hu,, darwaja kohl… maan looks at her frustrated….

Maan: tumhare bodyguard tumhara picha kab chodenge? Pehle jab araha tha tab sab darwaje pe the abhi ye riddhima arahi hain…. geet smiled at him,, but her eyes pleaded him…..

Riddhima: abhi darwaja kholna hain? ya sabke aane ke baad???

Geet: arahi hu….. 

Part 54

Riddhima: geet main hu,, darwaja kohl… maan looks at her frustrated….

Maan: tumhare bodyguard tumhara picha kab chodenge? Pehle jab araha tha tab sab darwaje pe the abhi ye riddhima arahi hain…. geet smiled at him,, but her eyes pleaded him…..

Riddhima: abhi darwaja kholna hain? ya sabke aane ke baad???

Geet: arahi hu….. maan please aap jayo na….  kisine dekh liya to kya sochega,,, please maan go now…..

Maan: no way geet,,, I don’t want to go,, ye kya riwaj hain shaadi hume karni hain aur hume hi dur rakkha jar aha hain…. he said all this while nuzzling close to her,,, geet was looking at the door only where maan was busy making plans to seduce her…. But his all plans went in to drain when a loud bang came on their door….

Riddhima: darwaja kohl rahi ho ya sab todke andar aye?

Maan: ye meri saali nahi kisi janam ki dusman rahi hogi,, he said in utter frustration but geet giggle at his comment…

Riddhima: oye hello,,, ek to aapki madad kar rahi hu upar se aap hi mujhe baate suna rahe ho,,, agar dadima ne aap dono ko aise dekh liya na to apki to khair nahi thi,, lekin aapko to meri kadar hi nahi,, chalo fir dadima ko hi khabar lene do…..  she was going when geet opens the dorr,,, riddhima gave her a teasing smile but then she saw maan was still there leaning on a wall,, she gulp hard to see him so relax…..

Riddhima: he is still here? She asked geet….

Maan: jee Sali ji main abhi tak yah ape,,, apne kya socha tha, main aise hi apse darke chala jaunga? Huh,,, maan singh khurana kisi se nahi darta……

Riddhima: huh,, jab dadima ayengi tab dekhenge kon darta hain kon nahi,,, geet was in panic as she heard daadima’s voice….  Riddhima smirks but her smile fade away when maan just gave his smirks…. She became a little tensed…. Kya huya jijaji? Abhi kaha jayoge?

Maan: kahi nahi,,, apni hone wali biwi aur saali ke sath hi rahunga… geet and riddhima made an O,,, their mouth felt open in big size…. Muh band karo makkhi ghus jayegi,,, both the girls looks at him in awe…. Aree  tum aise dekh rahe ho as I m the 8th wonder in the world,, sach hi to kaha maine,,, dekho dadima ayegi to mian aur kya keh sakta hu, aur waise bhi yaha itne saare bodyguards ke bich me aana asan nahi tha,, koi helper to chahiye than a,, he smirks at riddhima,,, aur tum thi meri saali jiii,,, agar main daat kahunga to aapko bhi mujhse jayada sunna padega….. she stares at him like from where he gets this kind of idea,,, no wonder he is ACP……. He smiled slyly and came close to geet,, holding her waist,,, geet gave a uncomfortable smile…. And riddhima hide her smile…

Riddhima: uff look like kisiko shaadi ke besabri se intezar hain…..

Maan: hmm wo to hain,,, in the mean time they heard daadima’s voice who was coming in their room with lots of other girls,,, if they saw the three they will definitely murder them with their talk and giggles…

Geet: maan please aap jaiye na… sab andar arahe hain….

Maan looks at riddhima: no way…. Now riddhima is in panic if all the girl will get to know about her, as she brought him here they will not leave her….

Riddhima: geet sab arahe hain yaar,,, both the girls looks at him and he chuckle ok,, jayunga but isse kaho meri madad karneko , he point a finger towards riddhima…

Riddhima: kya help chahiye aapko?

Maan: wo baad me kahunga,, 1st promise me u’ll agree to help me,, she looked at geet who was pleading her with her eyes….

Riddhima: ok,,,,, ye zarur mujhe phasayenge she said under her breath…..  thik hain abhi aap chup jayo… please…. Dadima knock the door,, and geet abruptly open it… maan hide behind a curtain where he can see geet and the rest but only geet and riddhima can see him…..

Dadima: geet riddhima aap dono yaha kya kar rahe hain ,, niche chaliye nach gana kijiye,, yehi to din hain khusiya manane ka…. Dadima didn’t notice the slight haldi on geet’s cheek as the mark was on much lower portion,, and very light….

Geet: jii dadima hum abhi aate hain…. dadima turn and then something caught her eyes,,, she turn instantly and touches geet’s cheek….

Dadima ye kya hain bête? Geet became conscious and maan saw this,, he smile at her ,,,, riddhima saw this and came to rescue her…

Riddhima: dadima wo mere hatho se lag gaya geet ko,, main haldi mix kar rahi thi maan jiju ke liye…. Fir geet ko tease karne ke liye thoda laga diya,, sorry,, meri galti ki wajah se pehle hi geet ko haldi lag gayi…. Maan looks at her in pure respect,,, how much she teases him but she loves geet more like a sister…. Dadima smiled at her…

Dadima: beta ye to accha shagun hain,,, kon kehta hain hamesha ladke ko hi haldi lagni chahiye,, ladke ke naam ke haldi ladki ko lag ke fir ladke ko lage to ye aur bhi subh shagun hain…. geet shied,, and pinky came to tease her a little more,, her red face was really sparkling,, she was looking like a perfect dulhan….

Then pinky saw some shadow behind the curtain, she was going to scream when riddhima and geet pressed her hand tight,, she looks at them and understood she shouldn’t shout but she fail to see maan there,, dadi told them to come downstairs as soon as possible…and she made her way out with other girls…

Pinky: waha kon hain? she sad raising his brow,,,, geet looks at riddhima who was watching maan,,,

Maan comes out from there,, pinky’s eyes widen in shock….

Pinky: aap???? She spat enough loud to make a loud noise.. but soon geet press her hand on her mouth…. Pinky blinks her lashes to assure she will not shout… she let go of her mouth….

Maan: hii meri choti saali sahiba…..

Pinky: aap yaha kya kar rahe ho? Kisine dekh liya to?

Maan: koi nahi dekhega,, main abhi ja raha hu,, tum geet ko niche leke jao,, sabka dhyan uspe laga rahega aur main piche ke door se chala jayunga…

Pinky: uff jiju aisa koi karta hain kay,, itna risk leke yaha aane ki kya jarurat thi,,, aise bhi aap dono kal sangeet pe mil rahe ho,, itni bhi kya betabi thi,, she said in a teasing voice….

Maan: pinky,, betabi to thi,, apne geet ko sabse pehle haldi lagane ka haq sirf mere liye hain…. pinky saw the love that two love birds posses,,, she sighed….

Pinky: ok ok,, main abhi isse leke niche jaati hu,, ap bhi jaldi jao,, apko haldi lagne ke baad geet ko lagnge,, though I know aaoki haldi to pehle hi ho chuki hain,, she said pointing his cheek…. Riddhima and pinky giggle,,,

Maan: haslo haslo,, mera bhi din ayega jab tum dono ko shadi hogi,,, tumhari dulho ki kya halat karta hu dekh lena…… geet smiled at their sweet childish crib…..

And that time nandini came there,, but maan was enough smart to hide.. geet looked at her little tense,,,

Nandini: arre aap log abhi tak yaha kya kar rahe ho?? Niche chalo…. And didi apke liye surprise hain…. geet wonder whats the surprise now,,, but maan and riddhima gave a silent high five…. Pinky looked at riddhima suspiciously…. Nandini took geet forcefully.. after their leaving pinky asked them what was  that,, and riddhima said something to her ear,, and her face literally showed how much she was happy…

Maan sneaked behind them….

Maan: ok now its ur turn to fulfill ur promise I have done my part… geet bohot khush hogi apna surprise dekhke,, and now its my turn to be happy…. Riddhima looked at him nervously,, and so was pinky but maan smirks at them………………

Nandini takes geet down in the hall…..

Geet: nandini surprise kya hain?

Nandini: aap chalo to,, mujhe bhi aaj hi pata chala,, they were heading towards the center when she heard her someone…

Geet puttar….   Geet looks at him … papa…. Her eyes got moisten… she run to her papa and hugged him breaking down after meeting him…. he patted her head….

Geet: I missed u papa….

Papa: humne bhi apko bohot miss kiya puttar jii…..  

Geet: maa kaha hain???

Maa: hum yaha hain geet,, dekh chichi bhi aayi hain,, geet hugged both of them and cried her heart out….

Dadima: bas bas aur nahi rote geet bête,, aise acche din pe rona acchi baat nahi…..  aur  maan ke gift pe itna ansu girayengi to unhe bhi bura lagega….. geet saw her in awe,, it was maan’s effort that they are here…. Ha bête  apke parents to shaadii ke din arahe the,, maan ne phone karke request ki ke wo log haldi aur sangeet se pehle ajaye,, apko bohot accha lagega… geet thanked her babaji to bring maan in her life….  Accha abhi chaliye sab,, maan ka haldi suru hogaya hain,, aur riddhima pinky aap jaiye apne jijaji ko haldi lagaiye…. Some more girls came to her and said they wanted to go with riddhima and pinky but being perfect saali’s and best frnds of geet they didn’t allow any other person…

Riddhima: ye sirf hamara haq hain,, aur koi nahi…..

Nandini: but didi ko kon lagayega?

Dadima: nandini bête, ye log maan ko lagake bindiya ko sath me layenge yaha fir usi haldi geet ko lagayenge….

Nandini: main bhi chal sakti hu?

Riddhima rolled her eyes: nanidini tum geet ki sagi bahen ho so tum ye rituals nahi kar sakti,,, hum to frnds hain…. tum yehi baitho hum jaate hain… come piya….. they makes their way to the mansion…..

Maan was sitting quietly in the middle,, all other boys were teasing him…..  armaan’s eyes fell on riddhima,, who was loking absulately beautifull in her red suit…. Aadi gaped at pinky and abhay at piya, now its maan’s time to repay them,, he started teasing them like anything…

Riddhima: hum yaha maan ko haldi lagane aaye hain,, so be ready….

Armaan: I think he is ur jijaajjiiiiiii,,, he emphasized on ‘jijaji’….  She looked at him with one eys up…. And then ignore him….

Riddhima: jijaji to shaadi ke baad honge na,, abhi to maan thik hain… armaan looked pissed off ur her retort….

Bindiya applied haldi on him 1st,, and then riddhima,,, she applied with her hand full,,, testing maan’s patience,, he glared at her and she giggle softly,,, armaan’s eyes burn to see the sight… don’t know why he was feeling something burning in him and maan saw this,, he then looks at pinky and dragged armaan infront of riddhima,, but as she didn’t knew about their mischief she touches armaan’s cheeks with haldi… he saw her frighten eyes,,, but somehow he likes her touch,,, but couldn’t tolerate the fear in her eyes,, he remember once she touched his hand he just shouted on her,, she still feared him….. armaan took some pinch from her hand and applied on her cheek,,, maan whistled to see this and all other boy clapped and teases armaan,, riddhima shied at their comments and decided to leave there…  but maan didn’t let her go so easily…

Maan: someone forgot her promise,,, riddhima remembered she has promised him…

Riddhima: nahi main nahi bhuli,,, kahike aapko kya chahiye?

Maan: good question,,,

Armaan: promise kaisa promise?

Maan: hain kuch armaan,, ruk to sahi…..

Riddhima: ha ha boliye to sahi,,

Maan: I want to see geet now,, main usse haldi lagte huye dekhna chahta hu…. All the hall that only his and geet friens were present,, that went mum,, too silent…. Riddhima was looking at him with her big hazal eyes,,, her face was showing how much she is shocked….

Riddhima: aapko aise idea aate kaha se hain? aap jante ho na dadima ne mana kiya hain,,,

Maan: tumne promise kiya tha..

Pinky: but…

Maan: no but,,, I want to see her and u guys will help me….

Pinky: aap usse milke aaye ho na? fir bhi and that time maan looked at her with his big eyes,,, she gulp hard and meekly said sorry…. But now all the guys looked at him mischievously…

Raj: ok so aap unse pehle hi milke aaye hain,,,

Abhay: aur hume kaha tak nahi

Sid: now u have to see the consequent…

Maan; kya chahiye?

Aadi: abb to humbhi challenge.. 

Maan: no way,, meri geet ko koi dekhega..

Raj: oye hoye possessive hubby,,, don’t worry,,, teri geet ko dekhne nahi ja rahe hain lekin waha aur bhi to ladkiya honge,, he said while looking at riddhima,, armaan cleched his fist,,, maan knew he got his plan to get armaan riddhima together….


Geet mom’s tai ji and bindiya applied haldi on her,, obviously she was looking more beautiful than an angel… her white skin glowed in the touch of haldi,,, he blush was giving the extra sweetness on her face….

Some girls were dancing in the middle,, when,, riddhima came with music,,,


 Yeh galiyan yeh chaubara, yahan aana na dobaara

Yeh galiyan yeh chaubara, yahan aana na dobaara

Her dupatta was tied on her waist and she danced in rhythm,, pointing her hand to geet…

Ab hum to bhaye pardesi ke tera yahan koi nahin

Ke tera yahan koi nahin  (she comes close to geet and hugged her side way)

Leja rang birangi yaaden, hasne rone ki buniyaaden

Ab hum to bhaye pardesi ke tera yahan koi nahin (once again she went to the middle)

Ke tera yahan koi nahin

Armaan saw her dance and a small smile crept on his lips,, maan was only gaping at geet,, all the boys were hiding behind some pillars and curtains…..

Riddhima pulls geet in the center… maan got excited… after some effort geet started dancing


Mere haathon mein bhari bhari choodiyan

Mujhe bha gayi hari hari choodiyan (she takes bindiya’s hand)

Dekh milti hain teri meri choodiyan

Tere jaisi saheli mere choodiyan

Tune peesee woh mehndi rang layi  

Meri gori hakeli rach aayi (bindiya got some tears in her eyes,,, her mind went in to her dark past)

Teri aankh kyoon laado bhar aayi

Tere dard bhi shehnaayi (she looked at her with some emotion but geet assured her with her eyes)

She comes to the center,,,

Sawan mein badal se kehna, pardes mein hain meri behna

Ab hum to bhaye pardesi ke tera yahan koi nahin

Ke tera yahan koi nahin

She danced moving her waist in rhythm,,, and riddhima accompany her… geet noticed her mother standing there in tears.. she hugged her,,,

Aa maaen milne gale, chale hum sasural chale

Tere angan mein apna bas bachpan chod chale

Kal bhi suraj niklega kal bhi panchhi gayenge

Sab tujhko dikhayi denge par hum na nazar ayenge

Aanchal mein sanjo lena humko (geet’s tears were making maan restless,, her cried holding her mother)

Sapnon mein bula humko (her mom caresses her face and kissed her forehead)

Ab hum to bhaye pardesi ke tera yahan koi nahin

Ke tera yahan koi nahin (geet shed some tears holding riddhima,, who hugged her with all the girls)

Riddhima pulls her in the middle,, and pinky pia too accompany them… nandini saw the guys and calls dadima,, she saw them and pulls maan’s ears,,, riddhima came there to rescue them and she led them to the function….

Geet comes close to armaan

Dekh too naa humein bhulaana, mana door humein hai jaana (armaan saw the happiness in her eyes,,)

Meri alhad si ankheliyaan, sada palkon bhi basaanaa  (her smile catches all the eyes)

Jab bajne lage baje gaaje, jag lagne lage khali khali (she swings)

Us dam tu itna samajhna meri doli uthi hai phoolon wali  (she did the step to show the doli)

Thode din ke yeh naate the kabhi hanste ke gate the,, (pinky came to her and sang)

Ab hum to bhaye pardesi ke tera yahan koi nahin

Ke tera yahan koi nahin

Yeh galiyan yeh chaubara, yahan aana na dobaara (riddhima’s eyes moisten up but still she sang)

Ab hum to bhaye pardesi ke tera yahan koi nahin                                       

Ke tera yahan koi nahin

Ke tera yahan koi nahin

All the girls hugged each other…. Their eyes were moist but the beautiful smile no one can denied they are happy…….

Part 55

All the girls hugged each other…. Their eyes were moist but the beautiful smile no one can deny they are happy…….

Geet was exhausted with the dance and her constant chatting with family and friends,, the day was exceptionally beautiful,, she enjoyed every bit of it….. it was night when geet feels thirsty,,, according to the ritual maaneet got separated… maan is staying in KM and geet in the outhouse with all the girls and her family…. The outhouse is quite big for everyone…

She was heading towards the kitchen,, and took the bottle of water,, gulping that and before she place it on the counter top someone slipped grabbed her hand and pinned her to the wall,,, the room was dim, so she can’t see the person’s face properly, but she was so much frighten that she open her mouth to shout…. But the person just shut her mouth with his palm…. Then she heard his manly voice…

Geet main hu maan,,, don’t shout,,, she looked at him with confusion face and then signaled to open take off his hand,, he did so…

Geet: maan aap yaha kya kar rahe ho,, kisine dekh liya to? She said in a hush tone…

Maan: koi nahi dekhega geet,,, he said a bit loud but geet covered his mouth,,,

Geet: dheere maan, sab soye huye hain,, jag jayenge to hamari shamat aajani hain…. he signal geet to come close,, she give him her ear to speak slowly,, maan smiled naughtily,,,

Maan: I was missing u, he said and kissed her cheek,, geet blushed in his touched,, geet tum aaj bhi blush karti ho,, she turn her face from him, now he was having her back,, he comes close to her and held her waist tightly, while his stubble was rubbing to her soft cheek and neck,, his breath fans on her bare neck…. She leaned on him, rest her hear on his chest,, maan nuzzle close her neck touching the flesh with his nose,, she shied and smiled… he kissed her earlobe,, she immediately turn and hugged him….

Geet: please maan,, he knew his one touch is enough to melt her…. they stood there for a long time…. and a sound caught geet’s attention… maan waha koi hain… he broke the hug and looked around and saw some shadow was coming near them…. Maan grabbed her hand and lead her to her room without anyone seeing them….. maan aapko yaha nahi aana chahiye tha,,, hum kal mil to rahe hain…. geet said giving her back to him and her hand was on her hip…. Maan slipped his hand on her abdomen and rest her chin on her shoulder; he sees her cute pout…..

Maan: maan apne geet k bina ek second dur nahi reh sakta aur tum kal raat ki bat kar rahi ho? Dekhte hain to dekhne do maan singh khurana kisi se nahi darta,, she wacked his arm and freed herself,,

Geet: oye hello mr maan singh khurana aap kisi se nahi darte but main to darti hu,, aur waise bhi kal jab sab apko tease karenge tab aap hi mere pass ayoge, maan looked at her with big round eyes….

Maan: Geettttt,,, main yaha romantic horaha hu aur tum baki sabki baate bich me larahi ho…..

Geet: romantic to aap har waqt hote ho,,, aur abhi main sirf baate larahi hu kuch hi time me wo log bhi ajayenge,, maan aap kya karte rehte ho, jao na please,,, agar but before she could utter a single word more he slammed his lips upon her… geet was baffled,,

He increased the pressure and geet goes back with the force,,, he pinned her to the wall and sucks her lips in a lavish kiss,, she struggle in his grip,, she doesn’t want to give up to his passion..(tich wonder whom she is fooling, she will give up eventually)

Geet tried to hit him with her small fist,, but he held her hand in his one hand and pinned above her head,, she looked at him with cute anger and he smirks while continue the kiss,,, she was angry on him,, on his way of shutting her chatter,, she wanted to resist but he was making her weak,, he knew her sensitive spot, her weakness to well….. he wanted to enter her mouth but she was not opening,, his hand goes under her kurti and her her eyes shows how much she is shocked,, he knew this devil knew how to make her weak..  he was making pattern on her waist to to belly bottom,, her one hand was free from his clutch,, she wanted to use that for freeing herself but instead she clutches maan shirt,, his motion on her waist finally broke her trance of denial,,, he squeeze her waist and she gasp,, took the chance maan enter her mouth,, smiling against her lips,, geet couldn’t take anymore she closed her eyes,,, giving in his passion…

His tongue captured her pink soft one,,,  dancing in their world, he leave her other hand and she clutches her neck in both her arms,,, maan crushed her petite body in his body,, loving every corner of her mouth,,, she responded with equal fervor but in more passion,,, she sucks his lower lips making it bleed, he winch and he lick the blood from the tip of her tongue,, she smirks at his facial expression who was now I’ll kill u,, he pulls her more close wrapping his arms around her waist,,, he broke the kiss and came down her jaw giving her shower of kisses.. her throat went dry, he bite her soft neck as the time pass their body heat just increased…. She scratches his scalp in anticipation and he kisses her chest making her moan…..

They were lost in the bekhudi when heard a loud knock,, both parted right then,, then geet’s eyes caught the vase that was now broken, they must have thrown in their passionate love… maan was irritated and frustrated and geet was frighten…..

Geet: is waqt kon hoga?

Maan: tumhare body guard, I wonder ye log vampire to nahi hain na, hamesha galat time pe tapakte hain, I mean look at the watch its 1am…

Geet wacked his arm: yeah its 1in the night,, is waqt sab sote hain koi kisike kamre me is waqt nahi tapakta,, she gave him deathly glare,, and he rolled his eyes… main darwaja kholne jarahi hu,, maan tried to stop her…. no maan,, u just hide behind the curtain,, the person who was standing on the door surely wanted to break that as he was banging continuously,,  geet started panicking… abb kya hoga,,, hum kya karenge,, maans ab kya sochenge,, maan can’t see his angel like this… he cupped her face and kissed her forehead, she smiled, she knew her every tension will flew away…

Maan: kuch nahi hoga tum darwaja kholo…. Geet again looked at him and he assured her with smile…. She goes to open that and when the door open riddhima pinky straightly enter in the room…

Pinky: tu thik hain na geet,, geet looks at them with fear and panick and then looked at her back to see no one was there,, maan was gone but how? She was confuse and riddhima jerked her….

Riddhima: kya huya? Humne kuch awaje suni,, koi andar to nahi aaya na? tu thik hain na? get sighed in relief to see the open window, maan had gone with it…..

Geet: ha,, main, main thik hu,,

Pinky: wo sound kaisi thi?

Geet: wo, wooo ha wo vase gir gayi thi, khidki khulli thi to sayada hawa ki wajah se vase gir gaya..

Riddhima: lekin tu thi kaha,, hum kab se hum door knock kar rahe the…. Where were u?

Geet looks here and there: umm wo main ha main so rahi thi to suna nahi,,,

Pinky: tu itni ghehri neend me kabse sone lagi,, door knock nahi suna vase gira wo nahi suna…

Geet: ye dono to sach me CID ban rahe hain,, she murmer under her breath….

Riddhima: kuch kaha tune?

Geet: arre nahi, wo main bohot thak gayi thin a,, to so gayi,, ankhe hi nahi khul rahi thi,, but tum log yaha kya kar rahe ho? Itn eraat ko?

Pinky: hum kitchen me gaye the, waha kuch awaj arahi thi and then dekha to koi nahi tha,, aur fir tere room se kuch awaj aayi,,,

Geet: accha abb sare confusion khatam hogaye na to main sone jayu?

Pinky: lekin wo awaje?

Geet: kuch awaje nahi thi, main kitchen me thi,, paani peene gayi thi and wo gir gaya hath se, bas wohi thi,,, pls tum log abhi jao, mujhe sona hain….

Pinky was convinced with it but riddhima was not so persuade,, they were leaving when riddhima’s eyes caught geet’s neck that has love bite on it….. her eyes goes widen,, and then she smirks at geet who started sweating,, and smile nervously….

Riddhima has a wicked plan: pinky tu ja apne kamre me,,, main aaj geet ke sath reh jaati hu… now geet panic to see her teasing smile…. But she pleaded with her eyes and riddhima agreed to going but with a silent warning, that she accepted instantly…  after their leaving she breath in relief….

Its morning now,, and geet have to dress according for the function,, its her mahendi,, they have held mahendi and sangeet in one day….  Maan will come there and both of them wil seat in the middle where everyone around them will dance and have lots of fun….

Geet was clad in red dress above her chest,, it was beautiful red dress and its selected by maan,, at first geet was uncomfortable with it but later she blushed thinking about maan’s reaction…. Geet came with all the girls where maan was seated with his frnds,,, just a look of geet made him stare at her with out blinking,,, everyone saw his direction of view and smiled in their own way,,, older guys are happy to see maaneet r in so much love where all frnds of maaneet started teasing them like anything….

The function start,,, geet’s mother applied a small amount of mahendi in maan’s hand like a circuler motion,, its their tradition that groom have to have mahendi on bride’s name… and then it was time for geet,, and as ritual it will be from maan’s family,, so he expect bindiya to start that,, bindiya held geet’s hand who gave a full smile,, bindiya was going to apply the mahendi when some woman started their nagging…

Woman 1: are iska pati kaha hain,,,, ye maa banne wali hain na?

Woman 2: ha lekin bacche ka pita?? Kabhi kisine dekha nahi, aur inke family se puchne wala bhi kon hain,,,

Woman 3: pata nahi kiska baccha hain,,

Woman1: maine suna hain iska pati mar chukka hain,,, iske bhai ne hi mara tha,,, lekin ek bidhwa(widow) kaise ye rasm….

Maan’s blood was boiling he wanted to shout at that very moment but before him geet blasted…

Geet: agar aap logo ka hogaya to hum apni rasam suru kare,, her mom scold her for being so harsh,, but geet was nowhere to stop now,,, nahi maa ye log hote kon hain bindiya par ungli uthane wale,, wo jo hain jaisi hain in logo se acchi hain,, kisike pith piche uski burayi to nahi karti,,, aur mujhe lagta hain, aap logo ko to aur koi kaam hota nahi, sirf gossiping and faltu ki backwas karna jante hain…aur bindiya ko kisi bhi cheese k clarification ki jarurat nahi hain…she was very rude and harsh,,, armaan signal maan to stop,, he knew when she gets emotional she can say harsh word too… maan composed himself,, bindiya was in tears,, but she presses geet’s hand to calm her….

But geet just left from there,, leaving a baffle audience…..

Part 56

Geet was in her room when maan enter there,, he tried to lighten up her mood with his sweet talk but that rubbish statement was making her angry, as bindiya had to heard all this cause of her,, atleast she thought so…

Maan: jaan aise waha se chale aane se koi problem solve hogi kya? Unlogone job hi kaha usse mujhe bhi bura laga but…

Geet: but maan ye sab mere wajah se huya,, bindiya ko kitna bura laga hoga,, main,, she was hiding her tears,, maan cupped her face,,,

maan: tumhari wajah kuch anhi huya jaan,, wo log aise hi hain bina baat ka batangar banana inhe accha lagta hain,, please inke liye apna mood kharab mat karo….. but geet was still upset,, he kissed her forehead and she hide her face in his chest,,, wiping her tears silently without his notice, least she knew he knows her too well.. and then they heard the knock,,, but before they can parted away,, dev coughed,, geet wiped her tears instantly and maan straighten himself,, bindiya and dev entered the room together…  geet took the step towards bindiya.. murmurning sorry when bindiya touched her face lovingly…

bindiya: janti ho aaj tumne mujhe kitna dukh diya,,, geet eyes got full permission to flow,, but bindiya stop her tears by removing them,, ye ansu dikhake,, aaj k din ye ansu ka kya kaam geet,, mujhe ye dekhke itni takleef hoti hain tumhe nahi pata,,, geet cutely nodded and wiped that,,, she hugged her,,, geet ye sab baate abb mere liye koi maine nahi rakhti,, jitney muh utni baate abb sab to sath me leke nahi chal sakti na…

dev: ha geet,,, aur waise bhi ye sab jayada nahi chalega,,, main waise bhi dadima aur maan se aaj baat karna chata tha,, I wanted to marry bindiya….  Geet and bindiya looked at him with wide eyes,, maan looked at him sternly,, dev was little tense…. Please maan I can assure u I love her more than myself and I want to marry her…. but suddenly maan broke into laughter….

Maan: dev I know u are the best for my sister… aur maine dadima se baat karli hain wo maan gayi hain,, dev hugged him tightly,,, and geet smiled with full teeth,,, showing her cute dimple,, but bindiya was hesitant…

Bindiya: dev u should ask me 1st and maan..

Dev: ohh common bindiya,, kis liye puchta wo tumhari rubbish baate sunne ke liye? Bindiya frown at him and he came close to her, holding her arm…. Bindiya tumne bohot baate karli abb aur kuch nahi,,, janti ho geet isne mujhse kitna jhagda kiya tha,, I was so depress…. He said in a complaining voice ,,,

Bindiya: maine kab?

Dev: kyun tumne kaha tha na, hum kaise shaadi kar sakte hain, duniya kya sochegi blah blah blah…. Geet looked at her unbelievingly… she saw the distance between them somedays ago,, and that was correct…

Geet: what was that bindiya,, ye sab tumne kaha tha?

Binidya: geet tum janti ho,,, sab dev ko kitne baate sunaynge,, mear past,,, main khud usse nahi vul sakti kya dev wo sab vulke mujhe… but maan din’t let her speak

Maan: how can u say this bindiya,, aise to tum sirf apna hi nahi dev ke pyar ko bhi niche kar rahi ho,, don’t u trust ur love,, tumhe kya lagta hain main geet dev ko kyun support karte hain? kyun k humne uske ankho me saccha pyar dekha hain tumhare liye..

Bindiya: maan issi liye main nahi chahti wo apni zindegi barbaad kare mere sath,,, ek rapist ka bacha accept karna itna asan nahi hain…

Dev: itna hi jaana hain mujhe tumne? He sounds how much he have hurt with her words… god dammit I love u and I love this child,, kyun k ye tumhara hissa hain… agar maine apni feeling ye sab hone se pehle kehta to tum mujhe accept karti na?? she nodded then why not now?? Kya mere pyar pe varosa nahi? Ya mujhpe nahi?

Bindiya: apne kismet pe nahi,, she said in chocked voice,,,

Dev: to fir apni kismat mujhpe chod do,,, please try once, give ur destiny a 2nd chance… she said nothing only stares at dev’s eyes… karogi mujhe varosa??? He asked in a pleading voice… how can she refused the man who loves her more than anything…..

Bindiya: ha dev… he hugged her and geet wiped her tears of joy,, smiling looking at maan who gave her a cheeky smile…

Dev: accha abb bahar chale,, mahendi ki function hold pe hain….




Everyone gathered the hall where mahendi function started with bindiya applying mahendi on geet hands,, maan was having some chat when he saw her excitedly looking at the design…. All the girls were around her and niharoying the name,, of course teasing geet whose cheek turn deep red… the design was almost done and every lady wanted to see that,, giving their best wishes.. everyone was busy when a sweet voice melted in the gathering…

Try to tune the song choti choti rate from Film TUM BIN

Arman came and sanf standing with frnds…

Chhoti chhoti raatein lambi ho jaati hain – 2

Baithe bithaaye yunhi neendein kho jaati hain

Dil mein bechaini aankhon mein intezaar hota hai

Jab kisi ko kisi se pyaar hota hai – 2

He twirl and dance in slow rhythm taking back and forth step,, his one hand was on his head and then it comes to heart….

Ridhhima came there wearing a red lahenga….

Chhoti chhoti raatein lambi ho jaati hain

Baithe bithaaye yunhi neendein kho jaati hain

Dil mein bechaini aankhon mein intezaar hota hai

Jab kisi ko kisi se pyaar hota hai – 2



Geet’s mahendi was done and it was dried now so all of them drag her to the dance floor,, she shied with their insistence,, but maintain to stand rooted,, where everyone dance round,, she was in the middle… then maan sang

Chhoti chhoti raatein lambi ho jaati hain


Deewanon si haalat hai apni

Poochho na kya chaahat hai apni

he looked at her with love and stretch his hand to her and she held it instantly…then she place her head on her chest…

Thaam li maine teri yeh baahein

In baahon mein jannat hai apni

maan hold her in in jerk and slipped his hand on her waist, then he touched her cheek with his knuckles ,, giving a sensual caressing to her cheek,, she shied..

Phool sa khilke maheka hai yeh dil

Phir tujhe chhooke baheka hai yeh dil


she wrapped her arms round his neck and sang

Dil ka kya hai yeh to har pal beqaraar hota hai

Jab kisi ko kisi se pyaar hota hai

Jab kisi ko kisi se pyaar hota

Chhoti chhoti raatein lambi ho jaati hai

bindiya turn saw the happiness in maaneet’s eyes  and then saw dev was looking at her intently passing a loving and longing look,, she knew he have waiting for her for years…

Biniyda sang

Panchhi banke udta hai yeh dil

Milti main jab sapnon ki manzil



Armaan saw riddhima’s involvement with everyone,, she was laughing and danching,, and then she saw geet who was lost in maan

Sapne to phir sapne hote hai

Sach hai yeh kab apne hote hai


riddhima came in the middle and danced placing her hand on her eyes and then she signal her heart,, looking at armaan,,

Jaagti aankhen dekha kare sapna

Jab koi dil ko lagta hai apna

raj came to riddhima and twirl her with one hand

Na dil pe qaabu na khud pe ikhtiyaar hota hai

Jab kisi ko kisi se pyaar hota hai  (both dance in the middle with same step) Jab kisi ko kisi se pyaar hota hai 

geet came close to armaan and pushed him with her shoulder and he slides infront riddhima….

Chhoti chhoti raatein lambi ho jaati hain

Baithe bithaaye yunhi neendein kho jaati hain

maan signal riddhima to go close to armaan she was afraid then he pushed her and maaneet danced around where armaan and riddhima lost in their eyes…

Dil mein bechaini aankhon mein intezaar hota hai

Jab kisi ko kisi se pyaar hota hai – 2


La la la, la la la, la la la, la la la – 4

La la la

There was a huge clap… maan hugged geet from back,, and she shows him armaan riddhima’s staring session….

Geet was sitting in her room looking at the mahendi lovingly,, she was finding maan’s name in it and she saw it easily, how can’t she,, her heart beats on his name…. and then she heard him…

Maan: mera naam khoja jah raha hain? she looked at him shocked…

Geet: aap yaha? Is waqt? He sat on the bed beside her…

Maan: hmmm,, kisiki bohot yaad arahi thi to hum agaye,,, he said with a smile,,,

Geet: aap kuch hi der pehle hi to gaye the aur sangeet start hone me bhi abhi time hain,, maan rest his finger on her lips,,

Maan: sshhhh geet,,, I don’t want to leave the sight of a single moment of ur smile,, and the happiness inviting us,, main hare k pal ko tumhare sath bitana chata hu…. She put her head on his chest, close to his heart.. he was busy in the color of her mahendi,, he wanted to find his name and geet saw his hard face, he was engrossed in her hand…

Geet: mila?

Maan: nahi,,

Geet: main bolu kaha hain?

Maan: nahiiiii,, he said sternly,,,  main dhund lunga…. She giggle to see his condition and he gets irritated,, geet ek baar mujhe ye dhund lene do… fir dekhna tumhari halat main kya karta hu, he said with a smirks,, geet gulp her saliva… he took her hand in his and traces her mahendi line,, geet felt ticklish but he was nowhere to remove….  He traces her arm as the mahendi line was gone to her elbow,, she was feeling his breath on her hand,, he leaned on her design hand,, it was his trick to tickle her,, he acted like he is discovering his name there but his touch was creating havoc inside her….. she closed her eyes when her kissed her palm,, pointing a point,,, it was joint with her both palm,, the name was joint there… she smiled at him… maine dhund liya,, she smiled at his cute excitement full face… she nuzzle close to him…

Geet: hmm aisa koi kaam nahi hain jo maan singh khurana nahi janta ho…they broke in laugh with that,, she saw his cute full smile (guys just like GC laugh always) and admire his face intently,, he seems to be so happy…. I love u maan, she said suddenly,, he felt she is getting emotional…

Maan: love u too jaan… he kissed her forehead,, thank u geet,, she looked at him in confusion…  for being in my life…

Geet: thank u maan for completing my life….. she kissed his cheek,, and he looked at her amused…  but she shied and hide her face in his chest,, maan held her close and they remain like that for long……



Geet came wearing a green saree, looking ever so beautiful,, her hair was curled…. All the girl was giggling with her,, and they led her in the hall.. geet’s eyes caught maan’s… he was wearing a black sherwani… his stubble was giving him a hot and sexy look.. all the girl was already drooling over him him and some of tehm was sad as the most handsome bachelor was going be married in 2 days… he winked at geet and she blushed furiously…. Riddhima started teasing her….

No one was leaving geet’s side where all the boys was on maan’s supportive hand,, bindiya felt some weakness so dev lead her to the couch,, and strictly told her not to move….

Dadima: aaj to ladkiya qayamat dha rahi hain,, bachke bête aaj ladke harne waae hain,,,

Riddhima: wo to hamesha hi harte hain….

Armaan: oyeee,, harte tum girls ho aur fir rote ho,,, ladke to born winner hain…

Geet: accha ji issi liye ladkiyo k aage piche ghumte rehte ho…

Maan: agar hum apko na dekhe to to aap hi ko complex hojata hain k aap khubsurat anhi lagte, iska matlab to yehi huya na, ladke ladkiyo ki compliment hain…

Piya: bilkul bhi nahi,, hum ladkiyo ko aap ki appreciation ki jarurat nahi padhti….

Abahy: issi liye aaj har 5 min me mujhse puch raahi thi ‘ main kaisi lag rahi hu baby?’ pia turn her face angrily…hume dekho hume kahi aapko kuch puchne ki jarurat nahi padhti…

Riddhima: accha agar itna ghamad hain to aaj sangeet me sirf aap ladke dance karoge,,, all the boys passes their look,,,

Raj: that’s not fare,, hum hi kyun aapko entertain kare? Aap dance nahi karne wali…

Bindiya: thik hi kaha riddhima ne,,, abb apko itna gurur hain to,,,, she laughed at maan who seems really angry,,, but ek kaam kar sakte ho,, agar apko ladkiyo ko dance karwana hain to apne style me impress karo,,,

Dev: that’s not fare,,, maan tumhe geet ko impress karne ki jarurat nahi,,, usse dance karne pe majbur kardo… maan smirks with dev…..

Try to listen the song,,  chammak challo from Ra. One

Light went off and then a spot light came on geet and then on maan,,,

Hey, hey, hey, hey


Wanna be my chammak challo,

Where you go girl I’m gonna follow

What you want girl just let me know

Oh oh ohh

You can be my chammak challo

Ooh ohh

He came close to geet, sliding her arms to to her hair and then he moved from there….

Shawty I’m gonna get ya

You know I’m gonna get ya

You know I’ll even let you

Let you be my chammak challo

He winks at geet and dance holding her waist…

Kaisa sharmana aaja nach ke dikha de

Aa meri holey aaja parda gira de (he slides his finger in steps)

Aa meri akhiyon se akhiya mila le (he came close to her and shows his eyes with finger)

Aa tu na nakhre dikhaa… (he came really close touching her lips,, everyone gasp,, and then going far away)

Wanna be my chammak challo

Ooh ooh ooh ooh

Wanna be my chammak challo

Ooh ooh ooh ooh (he dance on the steps of the film,,)

Wanna be my chammak challo

Ooh ooh ooh ooh

Wanna be my chammak challo

Ooh ooh ooh

Hey hey hey hey


He dance with a random girl…. who seems to enjoy MSK’s company,, and this works perfectly,, geet cutely pouted…

Tu meri chammak challo

Teri picture ka main hero

Give it to me girl mujhko de do

Ho hoo hooo

You can be my chammak challo oh

He came to geet then,,, he held his ear and pulls her in his embrace,, tracing her cheeks and lips….

Shawty I’m gonna get ya

You know I’m gonna get ya

Baby I’ll even let you

Be my chammak chammak challo

Other boys too accompant him in the steps

Kaisa sharmana aaja nach ke dikha de

Aa meri hole aaja parda gira de

Aa meri akiyon se akiyan mila le

Aa tu na nakhre dikhaa

Wanna be my chammak challo

Ooh ooh ooh

Wanna be my chammak challo

Ooh ooh ooh

Wanna be my chammak challo

Ooh ooh ooh

Wanna be my chammak challo

Ooh ooh ooh


Ooh ho ooh ooh hoo

Everyone gets shock when geet came there with ever so sexy move,,, she has a smile with teasing smirks..

Unnai thottal En Ullathai

Norukka maattiyo

Ennai pola pennai parthu

Mayanga maattiyo [she sits spread her leg and then again match them,, sitting and standing positing]

Kannil kannai pootti vittaal sirikka maattiyo

Ennai unnil sooti vittaal

Ottikka maattiyo

She comes close to maan holding his collar,,

Kaisa sharmana tujhe nach ke dikha doon

Mera ho jaye jo mein parda gira doon (she sang signaling her hand with the steps of imaginary curtain)

Aa tujhe akhiyon mein apne basaa loon (she said pointing her eyes with both hand)

Aa tu na nakhre dikhaa (she sang moving her waist and the boys were looking at her with mouth open)

Wanna be my chammak challo (maan grabbed her hand and both danced looking at each other)

Ooh ooh ooh ooh

Wanna be my chammak challo

Ooh ooh ooh ooh

Wanna be my chammak challo

Ooh ooh ooh ooh

Wanna be my chammak challo

Ooh ooh ooh ooh


Every frnds accompanied tehm happily forgetting all fight just enjoying the night,, the dance….

Wanna be my chammak challo… oh oh oh [x4]

Oho oh hey

Oho oh hey

Oho oh hey

Oho oh [x4]

(Hey) [x4]


The song finished when maan hugged geet and whole mansion broke in appreciation…… but there was someone who really doesn’t like the sight…..

I’ll never let them live in peace…

Calm down sweetheart….

No I can’t vikaram,, I just wanted to snatch her all happiness,, specialy maan who is her life,,

Vik: nandini,, what will u do? Shaadi sirf 2 din me hain,,,

Nandini: dekhte jao vik,, main kya karti hu,,, she said with smirks…

Part 57

I’ll never let them live in peace…

Calm down sweetheart….

No I can’t vikaram,, I just wanted to snatch her all happiness,, specialy maan who is her life,,

Vik: nandini,, what will u do? Shaadi sirf 2 din me hain,,,

Nandini: dekhte jao vik,, main kya karti hu,,, she said with smirks…


It was the day before of their marriage,, the day went quite boring for maan as he couldn’t see geet at all,, she was busy in some rituals that have to done only before the marriage day,, he was frustrated with everyone, its his marriage and everyone is enjoying accept him…. on the other hand all the boys are thoroughly enjoying his plight.. time to time they irritate him to the core.. geet knew how he must be feeling, an dshe too doesn’t like the separation from him…. but its only 24 hrs, and then she will be only his, the mare thought gave a blush on her face, and all girls started teasing her….

Day went well and its the evening when abhay and raj enters his room, to see a grumpy face of maan,,

Raj laughed a little: oye maan tera mood itna kyun kharab hain?? maan glared at him and he laughed more loudly,, ok ok apna mood thik kar aur chal hamare sath….

Maan looked at him confused: kaha??

Abhay: are maan kal shaadi hain to, khisiyo k kuch hi pal baaki hain,, jeena nahi chahte,, maan rolled his eyes,, to aaj humne tumhare liye bachelor party rakkhi hain,, bohot sare hot chiks aane wale hain,,, sid got exicted…

Sid: oye to intezar kya hain? chalo….

Maan: mujhe kahi nahi jana,, aur main aise hi thik hu..

Raj: lekin hum nahi,, chal abhi natak mat kar…

Maan; bola na nahi jayunga…

Arman: to thik mat ja, udhar ladkiya to bohot maze kar rahi hain, aur yaha hum hain k sad hoke baithe hain… 

Aadi: ha maan dekh na ladkiya kitna maza kar rahi hain,, aur tu devdas hoke baitha hain…. maan sighed, yes they are saying the truth…

Maan: ok chalo,, tum log kaha jaana chahte ho?

Raj: uski tention tu mat le, humne uski taiyari kar liya hain…

Armaan: but geet ko pata chal gaya to? Maan was confused as he thought whats wrong about parying with boys,, least he knew what is going on the boy’s devil mind….

Nandini enter the room, where all the girl was discussing the mahendi and sangeet function, all girls was admitting maan and geet’s love and geet was sharam se laal pili…  nandini smirks at her and then walked up to the girls with a concern face….

Nandini: di di,, apko to kuch pata bhi hain,

Geet: kya huya nandini, tum aisi kyun baat kar rahi hu, riddhima and pinky just rolled their eyes,,

Nandini: wo maine boys ki sare baate suni, wo bachelor party k liye ja rahe hain,,, geet was not so fond of this kind of talk so she just blink her lashes and ask innocently..

Geet: party karne ja rahe hain, isme kya hain,,

Pinky: geet ye bachelor party aisi waise party nahi hain,, isme ladkiya nagni pangi banke ghumti rehti ahin aur ladko pe dore daalti hain… geet’s eyes goes like any moment they can came from their socket…

Riddhima: jiju aise nahi hain

Piya: lekin baaki sab to hain…

Nandini: kahi ye sab us ladki ko jijaji k sath

Geet got furious: nandiniiiii main apne maan ko janti hu,,wo aisa kuch anhi karenge jo unhe nahi karna chahiye,,

Pinky: but adi to hoga na waha

Riddhima: armaan bhi….  All girls were looking annoyed to just think about the scene where girl in micro mini skirt dancing around boys, only geet was sitting with a  confuse face,, (koi itna duffer kaise hosakti hain tich scratching head)

Then all the girls decided to trace the boys so they will go for their search,, geet finding no way accompany them… and on the other hand maan got ready half heartedly to attend the party…

The bachelor party was going smoothly except the part of maan being engrossed in the bar only,, raj has hired some cheeky girl to entertain them and specially maan, least he knew how much boring he felt their touch,, this kind girl can never get MSK’s attention even they open all cloths of their body where his geet one blush is enough to hard him….  he was sipping his drink when a girl patted his back, he ignored but the girl was not in a mood of listen,, she sat on his lap and that time geet enter the disc… he was annoyed and tried to pushed her but his eyes caught the furious red eyes of geet, he almost fumble in his step and the girl slipped from his lap and land on the floor, she looks around in embarrassment but then followed his gaze,,,geet’s eyes were tomato red,, all the boys attention goes to the girl specially geet… maan tried to talk to geet but she just went away from there,, maan almost ran to catch her, nandini smirks to see that and gave a thumbs up to that girl who was sitting on maan’s lap…

Maan reached geet and held her hand to stop but she gave a glare to him…

Maan: pls geet meri baat sunlo…

Geet: aapki himmat bhi kaise huyi,,

Maan: geet aisa kuch nahi hain, wo to

Geet: aap jante ho na mujhe sharab bilkul pasand nahi,, to aapki himmat bhi kaise huyi uss cheez ko hath lagane ki? Maan was dumbfounded to heard this… she was annoyed to see him with glass of whiskey not with that chik… what is with her, how can a girl like her to be in this world, and that to with him…

Maan: tum mujhe uss wajah se naraz ho?


Geet: aur nahi to kya,, she came close to him and held his collar and comes closed to his lips, maan unknowing broke into smile, but that not stay for long… dekha kitna badboo hain, yuckkk… aap isse peete kaise ho,, main keh deti hu maan shaadi k baad agar aisa kiya na,,, she said pointing a finger and he held it with his..

Maan: to? He started moving towards her,, to kya karogi geet,, she was finding it difficult to stand in one post, he was coming closer to her and she move back,, and then hit his car,, he leave her finger and leaned on her, she tried to run away but he puts his both hand her either side… and came close to her,, geet just closed her eyes, can’t take the smell, he backed off a little but she felt his lips were touching her forehead… she open her eyes and saw he was standing a little far… he smiled and lowered his head.. I m sorry jaan,, I shouldn’t came here at the 1st place, aur bas tumhari yaad agayi to drink karne laga… sorry.. he said with a cute puppy face… geet hugged him instantly…

Geet: aap aisa kabhi mat karna,,, maan felt like he got an angel for him who only knows how to love him and only him…

Maan: geet kabhi kabhi lagta hain last life me maine jarur kuch accha kiya hoga jot um mujhe mili,, tum itni acchi kaisi ho? Geet frown at his statement…

Geet: maan main utni bhi acchi nahi hu,,, agar next time aisa kiya na,,

Maan cupped her face: geet,,, tum chaho bhi to buri nahi ban sakogi,

Geet: accha??

Maan: sach kaho, uss ladki ko dekh ke tumhe bilkul jealous feel anhi huya?

Geet got annoyed: uss ladki ka to main chote chote chote chote tukre karke kutto ka khilana chahti hu, she tried to go to snatch that girl face but maan just held her from the waist and she land on his chest…  he turn her around…

Maan: itna trust karti ho mujhe geet?

Geet: maan, ye puchne ki kya baat hain?  apko kya laga uss mini skirt wali k liye main aap pe shak karungi,, with her each claim maan felt he is again n again falling for her… maan kissed her forehead,

Maan: do u know geet tum world ki aisi sirf one piece ho?

Geet: kya matlab hain aapka,

Maan: yehi matlab hain k, I love u he whisper and geet only blush at his statement,,, he feels it amusing, how can she manage to blush every time he say I love u…  he hugged her tight but she jerk him…

Geet: u smell horrible,, she laughed to see his angry look on that,,, but soon she find him close to her, capturing her lips, she hit his arm to free herself but gave up as she knew he would increased the pressure….

Their friends find it amusing relation, how every time geet supports him and how maan never ever look beyond geet, its like their love only increased with each passing day.. but only one person was there who was frustrated to see the love between the two….

She throw all the thing from the glass table and then the glass too join them on eth floor…

Vikram: what r u doing nandini,,,

Nandini: I hate her vikram,, main jo karti hu wo usse ulta kar deti hain, i hate her vik, I hate geet, she always snatches all my things that I deserve… bachpan se dekhti arahi hu sab usse jayda pyar karte hain, meri apni maa bhi, brij veerji k marne baad mujhe laga wo usse nafrat karenge lekin nahi fir bhi wo unke liye best beti hain, uffff kya hain usme even daarji was always impressed by her… jinhone kisi ladiko padhne ki izazat tak nahi di unhone geet ko HP se bahar jaake padhne k liye raaji hogaye,, aur maine jab kaha main aana chahti hu yaha unhone meri ek baat nahi maani…… hamesha sab kuch geet ko yaha tak ki maan bhi….

Vikram: tujhe maan se pyar kab huya?

Nandini: jab usse pehli baar dekha tha,,, wo ghar pea aya tha, brij veer ji k mout k baad jab sab ne geet ko disown kar diya tha, I mean daarji ne, wo uncle se geet ko milane ko laya tha but wo mil nahi paaye, maine tab usse dekha tha, but he didn’t saw me, then I saw him on video calling with my family,, I was like in heaven when he said I can come to delhi to spend some time with him,

Vikram: with geet.

Nandini angrily: geet k liye mere pass time kaha tha, main to bas maan se milne aayi thi but, pehli mulakat aisi hogi kabhi nahi socha tha,, vikram narrowed his eyes… they were on bed vik making love… vikram’s eyes popped out..

Vikram: how did u see that,

Nandini: main sirf pouchi thi yaha aur dadima ne kaha geet apne kamre me hogi,, but usike sat hey bhi kaha maan ka room uske pass hi hain, main usse dekhna chahti thi but the I saw they were laughing giggling,, I just hate the sight of geet being so close to him, but I can’t do anything, maan to mujhe ek look tak nahi deta, pata nahi kya dikhta hain usse geet me..

Vikram smiled cunningly: wo to mujhe pata hain,,

Nandini: shut up vik…. I don’t want to see another geet jhap person…. He smirks,,

Vikram: all ur plan had back fired till date what will u do next,, she didn’t say anything but just show him a picture,, he raise his eyes brow…..

Geet was thinking about maan when maan was restless, he traces the sides of her, that is now empty…. Her cute innocent face and talks were making him more restless to have her with him… but only one more night and she will be here with him… the mare thought burn her cheeks, geet remember their long passionate night, his sneaking in her room,, his morning kisses,, its only less than 24 hrs and then she will be only his, she will belongs to him… though she is his, she already belongs to him, but the name Mrs Maan singh khurana was giving her a chill down to spine.. she blush furiously and hide her face in eth pillow, on the other side maan was rolling over her side, taking the pillow in his arms,

Maan: I m missing u jaan.

Geet: I miss u maan…

Sometime later both dozed off with a sweet smile…

Morning ray bring lots of happiness for everyone, not for everyone actually, there is hidden cold war between boys and girl,, only two person who was not affected is raj and sid,, as they din’t have any GF,,, riddhima, pia, pinky was not talking with their respective partner at all.. the previous night proximity of the boys with that nangi pangi girls had made a bad impression, piya cried hitting anything and everything on abhay where pinky increased her eating snacks crushing each chips packet in front of aadi, and riddhima just ignored armaan.. though boys have tried a lot hit but girl didn’t give any important…

Geet was enjoying her chuda rasam that was done by her mama who just arrived there, and then she got the surprise that she never ever thought she can see that…. Her daarji was standing there with a sad face,, she walked up to him,, tears were threatening to spilled but daarji stop that…

Daarji: na geet, aise subh din pe ansu nahi,

Geet: daarji aap?

Daarji: kaise na aata apne poti se milne, jab k wo apni nayi zindagi suru kar rahi hain… aur maan ne to koi kasar nahi chodi hume yaha bulane k liye… she looked at him with amazed expression.. ha puttar maan to mujhe hamesha phn karta raha jab tak main maan nahi gaya,,, aur akhir kaar mujhe aana padha, apni bacchi ko ashirwad dene k liye,, manta hu jo maine kiya wo thik nahi tha, brij k mout k liye wo khud zimmedar tha aur main, he dipped his head in shame but geet grip his hand crying, he hugged her and broke in tears…. After some more rona dhona finally everyone was calm and ready for the ceremony,, dadima gave her the khandani jewelry and cloths, and brigade of beautician enter her room,, though she was annoyed but in dadima’s supervise she felt helpless… on eth other hand maan was selecting his sherwani and then threw them instantly, this is a special occasion, he needs everything perfect… he will standing with her angel who is looking like goddess of beauty…. But then bindiya go through all the attire and select something, he was narroyin that like its ok ok type, then bindiya told him that geet has selected this and maan immediately picked that and got ready in no time, bindiya laughed at his plight…

Baras was in a distance of 10 mins,  its from KM to outhouse.. they arrived and welcome by geet’s family….  Girls was in a good mood so they didn’t charge anything to come in and that was amusing for boys,, they felt something is fishy, girl were smirking at them, and boys got more tense, they were afraid of girl’s thinking and that’s why they forgot to enjoy the wedding rather than they were keeping a eyes on girls only….

They were calling maan for since like ages but his eyes was glued on something or someone, then they notic geet was coming down, the bride was looking like beauty of epitome,,, no girl could match in beauty with her today, its her only her day….


Ankhiyan Milaike Channa

Aavi na judai veee


Ankhiyan Milaike Channa

Aavi na judai veee


Ankhiyan Milaike Channa

Aavi na judai veee

Maan was looking at her intently lost in his world and she saw that, blush spreads on her rosy cheeks… time like stop at the moment she stop in front of him…

Tare hai barati,chandani hai yeh barat

Saatho fere honge abb haatho mein lekar haath

Saatho fere honge abb haatho mein lekar haath

Jeevan saathi hum diya aur baati hum

re Jeevan saathi hum diya aur baati hum


Everyone was teasing them but who cares when they are lost in their own world, remembering their ever so sweet love story…  he remember the 1st time he saw her frightened eyes, he could saw her eyes only but next moment he saw her beautiful face, that was like the bliss for his eyes..

Tare hai barati,chandani hai yeh barat

Saatho fere honge abb haatho mein lekar haath

Saatho fere honge abb haatho mein lekar haath

Jeevan saathi hum diya aur baati hum

Jeevan saathi hum diya aur baati hum


She was remembering the time she enter in eth house and how flirtious type talk he was doing,, and she was just staring at him…

Tare hai barati,chandani hai yeh barat


Their frnds knew its useless to disturb the lovebirds who was not responding the way they wanted, but everyone was admiring the couple, some girls brought jaymala,, and maaneet picked that,, but who will put 1st that was a confusion, but after much effort maan put the jaymal on her neck, when she was putting that on him his frnds unknowingly lift him… and then brought him down but she couldn’t place it 2nd time also as they pulls him again,, geet looked sad and cutely pouted…

maan bend down to support his geet, she looked at him with love , and put that on his neck, everyone clapped for them where the boys whistle at the moment…

Ganaga jamuna se bhi pawan

Tere mera bandhan

Tera prem phoolwari aur mera prem hai agan

Whole family lead them to the mandap where holy fire and mantras were chanting by one pandit,, maan was sited by himself but geet was finding it difficult as her lahenga was heavy,, but maan entend his hand to hold her hand, she put it and other girl help her to sit properly…

the mantra was chanted by eth pandit and he asked the father to do the kanyadan and daarji did that per teh insistance from his family,, maan took her hand and bow it,, touching it with his head,

Janmo janmo ka hi sajni tere mera saath

Saatho fere honge abb haatho mein lekar haath

After some time pandit said to take the phera and maaneet stood up…they started the phera with the 7 bachan…

Jeevan saathi hum diya aur baati hum

Jeevan saathi hum diya aur baati hum

geet was looking at maan when he was in front of him, walking ahead, her she remember the 1st time he touch her, he completes her…. the nok jhok they share, the way he care for her, his anger and then punish himself.. her eyes got tears of joy…..

Tu hai jeevan mein jo preetam (after that they took their sit once again)

Aur nahi mangu duja

Arthi teri karthi hoon man se teri pooja


He took the sindoor and applied in her mang, a small amount of sindoor fall on her nose that indicated her husband will love her more than anything, but she doesn’t need these signal as she knew her maan, he will love her till the earth stand and beyond that..

Mein to dharm hi samjhu teri kahi hui har baat


He tied the mangalsuta around her neck.. and looked at her with pure love…

he bend towards her and whisper,, u r looking beautiful, a small drop fell on his hand he looked at her with worry but she smiled at him indicating nothing

Saatho fere honge abb haatho mein lekar haath

Jeevan saathi hum diya aur baati hum

The rituals got complete without any more delay and the stood up to take the bless….

Jeevan saathi hum diya aur baati hum

Jeevan saathi hum diya aur baati hum

Jeevan saathi hum diya aur baati hum

Jeevan saathi hum diya aur baati hum


Tare hai barati,chandani hai yeh barat

All the time geet’s eyes looks at her husband with proud and happiness ran through her face….

Ankhiyan Milaike Channa

Aavi na judai veee


Ankhiyan Milaike Channa

Aavi na judai veee


Ankhiyan Milaike Channa

Aavi na judai veee


They took blessing from elders and then one by one all their friends hug them…. The marriage was done, and a new life, new beginning was waiting for them,, but with that new stroms new face was standing with some evilness… yet when maaneet are together no evilness can take their love with it, now they are together and more stronger to deal them…..

Part 58

They took blessing from elders and then one by one all their friends hug them…. The marriage was done, and a new life, new beginning was waiting for them,, but with that new storms new face was standing with some evilness… yet when maaneet are together no evilness can take their love with it, now they are together and more stronger to deal them…..

Time for bidai,, and maan just wanted to steal her with him for eternity,, but he can’t see her tears like that,,

he was doing everything to make her happy,, she cried holding her family,, her father took promise from maan to keep her happy forever and he assured him… after reaching Khurana Mansion, the 1st thing was the rituals,, though maan didn’t wanted to but dadima and bindiya made him do that… geet was still emotional,, though she was staying with maan for quite a long time but the emotional state is reason for her meeting with her family after so many days…. But soon their friends make her like before…

She enter the house with maan after pushing the kalash full of rice and then her arti took by dadima,, after that she placed her feet in the kumkum thal,, placing mark on the floor of her foot step she enter the mansion…

Dadima: geet abb uss diwar pe apne hath ki chap dijiye,,, apko is kumkum k thal pe hath ko rakhna hain fir waha lagana hain, she nodded but before she place her hand maan lift her in his arms,, she was shocked but maan smirks at her…

Bindiya:ye rasam hain geet,, she smiled at her and boys whistle, he cheeks was red but she held him tight..

Maan: geet tum vari hogayi ho,, pehle to aisa nahi thi…

Riddhima: oye jiju, ye wo nahi uska dress aur jewelry ki wajah se vari hain,, aur aap to aise bol rahe ho na jane kitni baar usko god me utha chuke ho,, geet smiled at her and riddhima gave a cheesy smile to maan,, who ignored her teasing…

she placed her hand on the wall

she was smiling and of course when her maan is with her how can she be sad for long,, maan slipped his hand in her waist from back and pulls her close,, they were sitting in the couch, raj teases maan a bit and geet blushed furiously….

It was time for a game as a part of the wedding rituals…. They sat the middle where all friends in a circular beside them,,, bindiya held one ring and a bowl with milk and rose petal in front of maaneet,, she said the one who can take the ring 1st will rule the home and on eth partner…. Geet was very excited and maan was happy to see her like that… the game begins and with lots of difficulty geet win the round,, the bowl was heavy and the quantity of milk and petal was great….as the 2nd round begin maan found it but he didn’t show that,, he continue to play but with geet’s hand,, he captured her hand and entangle with him,, she blushed and tried to free but maan was not ready,,, everyone was engrossed in the game that they didn’t notice their cute romance,, atlast with lots of plead maan let go of her hand…but the round own by maan,, geet frown at him and twisted her lips…. Then there was the 3rd round, girls were encouraging geet and the boys were on maan’s side… maan saw her struggle and her disappointment, the ring was in his hand the time when he enter the milk,, he held her hand suddenly, she looked at him questioningly and he took out both of their hand entangle where the ring was on top, both of them were holding that,, geet looked at him shocked and lovingly and others were admiring the love of the two… boys started teasing maan and he only gave his famous angry look to see that boys burst in fit of laughter… after much more time dadima said she wanted to take leave for her room, as she is really tired..

And then came a packet on geet’s name,, it written confidential and urgent…. Geet looks at it with confusing look,, who can send this, though she doesn’t wanted to open it but with the insistence she unwrap it,, and some picture slipped from the packet… there was a pin drop silence for sometime,, riddhima was shocked to see the scene,, and geet was blank.. there was some pix scattered in the table,, armaan clenched his fist,, that was maan and riddhima’s pix,, maan was kissing her forhead but the next pix was from riddhima’s back so the pix was not clear,, next one was they were hugging,, riddhima was crying and he was wiping that,, the next some pix was not so in good pose,, it was presentable as a ugly pose,, clearly indicating the forged photography,, but that was not looking great,, riddhima was in tears to see arman, who eyes held anger and disgust… geet was numb,, maan tried to say something but nothing came out as he was too shocked… aadi was sure its tricked photograpy and so was raj as they deal with this kind of false thing some day or any day… but not others, not everyone can make out the trick… maan was afraid of geet’s outcome,, and someone was enjoying the sight from the upstairs… nandini looked at them wickedly…. And vikram who was standing beside her jut patted her back,,

Vik: good job….

Geet went away from there,, she didn’t heard anyone,, but she went to maan’s room, shutting the room door loud…. Maan was tensed and riddhima was crying silently,,armaan wanted to say something but couldn’t say anything, he just walked behind geet to console her….

Aadi: I m sure its trick,,

Abhay: but

Piya: what but abhay, tum maan pe shaq kar rahe ho? She asked in angry tone, abhay dipped his head and looked away..

Bindiya: what is it maan? how can the take ur pix with her? and when did this happen

Maan: I don’t know bindiya,, he said in frustrating tone,, and I swear If I found that bustard I’ll not leave him…

Pinky: its mean the pix is false right??

Maan: not all of them, now everyone looked at him in utter shock and disbelief…its that day when riddhima just came here,,

Riddhima: he was just consoling me,, I was little down and that’s why I hugged him, but the other pix its so,,, trust me its not….. she sobbed miserably.

Maan: u don’t have to give any explanation riddhima….

Bindiya: but maan geet ko kya kahenge,, no wife can see her husband like this be that false or tricked.. maan rubbed his temple in frustration and worry….

Riddhima: I can talk to her… but before that armaan came there and called her,,he was calm and that was shivering her more…

Armaan: geet wanted to see u.. Maan was going to see her when armaan said, tum nahi maan, she just wanted to see riddhima,, u stay here…

Maan: but,

Armaan: please, he said and left from there..

Riddhima enter the room with shivering step….

Riddhima: ge-geet I m so-sorry… wo pix

Geet: why u r stammering riddhima,, she asked in a compose voice,, geet was standing in front of the window,, the light was dim,, only moon light was coming there… but she can see some glitter on her cheek… geet smiled and wiped that..

Riddhima: r angry on me ?

Geet: yes… riddhima suppress her tears and bite her lips to control herself,, she can’t see disgust in her best friend eyes… geet touched her face,, yes I m angry, kyun ki tune mujhse kuch nahi kaha,, sare baate maan se ki? She loked at her in confusion… riddhima I know u both,, aur tune socha bhi kaise main tum dono k wajah uss nakli photos pe believe karungi? I trust u both more than myself,, I know agar koi biwi aise pix dekhti to najane kya karti lekin agar usse apne pati aur apne best friend pe varosa hain to wo believe kasie nahi karegi,, huh? Mujhe bura wo pix dekhke nahi laga,, but mujhe iss baat ka fikar tha k tu roh kyun rahi thi aur aisi kya baat hogayi ke tu uss tarha roh rahi thi k maan ko jaake sambhalna padhe… kya huya tha uss din?

Riddhima: wo,, uss din..

Geet: armaan k wajah se?

Riddhima looked at her in fear: nahi geet, wo I was feeling restless,

Geet: aaj bhi usse bachayegi? She looked at her with tears,, armaan told me everything…. She hugged her… both girl stayed in each other arms for a little more time..

Riddhima: tu itni acchi kyun hain geet? I m really sorry, mujhe nahi pata tha koi hamari pix le raha hain,, aur believe me all the pix were not true….

Geet: sshhhh,, I said na, I believe u both…. Yes I was angry on u both as u didn’t said anything to me, but after talking with armaan, now I know why why had hide this from me,,tu nahi chahti thi meri aur armaan ki friendship me koi farak pade,, but I m sorry, meri wajah se tujhe kitna sab sehna padha,, mujhe nahi pata tha armaan mujhse pyar karta tha… she looked at her guiltily…

Riddhima: no its not ur fault, maine hi kuch alag soch liya tha,, but usne to mujhe saaf bata diya tha that he loves u only… but geet tell me truly u didn’t even doubt me and jiju,, to see that ugly pix…

Geet smiled: do u really think the photographer is enough smart to gave false distraction to Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana….. both the girls giggle,, and maan who was listen all their convo just leaned on the door feeling relief…. Geet saw him and twisted her lips,, and turn around giving her back to him,, he frown and looked at riddhima who just smiled at them…. Riddhima did u forget ur rite,, riddhima and maan looked at her with confuse expression…groom have to pay before entering the room…  maan looked at her disbelievingly and riddhima only grin…. Next moment maan found in a circle of all girls,, asking for money… he gave them angry glare but no use…

Raj: bête de de jitney paise chahti hain warna aaj ke raat bahar hi rehna padega, aur SR to vul hi ja,, he looked at geet for her help but she turn other side,, frustratingly he gave them all the money that he have in his pocket….

He enters the room and locked that… geet was looking at the moon and he hugged her from behind, she jerk his hand and made an angry face..

Maan: abb maine kya kiya… but she was hell angry…. How will he manofoying his wifey cutey now….

part 59

Warning: its having a raw intimacy,, so please stay away if u r not comfortable with it…

Maan: abb maine kya kiya… but she was hell angry…. How will he manofoying his wifey cutey now….

Geet was going to other edge of the window,, maan tried to touch her but she was so angry that she jerk his hand… not one or twish numerous time, after geeting fed up maan pulls her towards him,, and she land on his rock solid chest,, he held her bare waist,, her breath was in her throat… she looks at him lost,, he came close to her ear,,

Maan: kya huya jaan?? Mujhse gussa kyun ho?

Geet came back to senses,, she just remember she was angry, no she is angry on him… she tried to push him but he held her tight,, she tried and made futile attempt…

Maan: GEEETTTTT what happen? She looked at him with baby face..

Geet: apne mujhe pehle kyun nah kah aarman aur riddhima k bare me?

Maan let go of her slowly,, and cupped her face: main tumhe koi pareshani me nahi dekha sakta geet,, aur I know he was just infatuated with u,, agar tumhe sach bata diya hota to tum apne apko dosh deti wo sab k liye and I don’t want u to be guily or worried..

Geet: but wo mere dost hain maan..

Maan: geet kuch baate sirf 2 logo k bich rahe to hi accha hain,,, dekho agar hamri bich me problem hoti hain to tumhe accha lagega k main kisi dusri ladki ka help lu? Geet nodded in no… he smiled, then apni jagah riddhima ko socho,, usse kaisa lagta apni problem me tumhe samil karke aur more over she doesn’t wanted to break ur friendship with armaan,, so uss waqt usne jo chaha maine wohi kiya,, galat kiya? She made a thinking face then nodded in no…. to abb gussa chod do na jaan, dekho hamare shaadi aur suhagraat me itna adventure thik tha,, aur nahi,, she shied and walked away from him..

Geet: but fir bhi main apse gussa hu,, he looks at her helplessly… she hide her smile, atleast aap mujhe bata sakte the fir ye bhi samjha dete to main kuch karti thodi na,, aur waise bhi aaj sab thik bi to meri wajah se huya… she made a cute cribbing face and looked at the sky,, though she was looking at him with the corner of her eyes.. he came and hugged her from back..

Maan: janti ho geet tum iss duniya ki pehli ladki hogi jo apne SR pe kisi aur ki setting kar rahi thi,, she made an O and hit his hand..

Geet: mujhe apse baat nahi karni,, aap bohot bure ho.. maan kissed her cheek

Maan: aur tum bohot acchi ho geet.. aaj tumhare wajah se sab kuch thik hogaya,, u made my life complete geet,, u have made it a living worthy… geet was smiling at his plight,, aur agar aaj tumhare jagah aur aur ladki hoti to, now this is the limit.. she jerk his hand and held his collar..

Geet: kya kaha apne,, koi aur ladki ha? Abhi shaadi huyi aur apko aur ladki k sapne aane lage.. aap sare mard ek jaise hote ho.. babji meri to kismet hi phuti hain, dekho aaj shaadi huyi hain aur ye,, but her words got stuck as he sealed her mouth with his.. she was shocked and gaping at him without blink,, he smirks at her… she tried to shove him with her strength but that angered maan,, he didn’t let her go, instead he pinned her to the wall, kissing her hungrily… she wriggle in his grip but he increased eth pressure,, and at last she held his shoulder to support her,, he was creating a havoc inside her… she felt her lashes were shutting down,, and she gave up… she kissed him back with equal fervor, showing him she want this as much as he want… he was tasting her god knows for how many times but still an urge he felt always to lift her to the edge of insanity,, and taste her senseless… maan let go of her hand… and cupped her flesh of her creamy white skin of waist…and she held his nape and bring him more close to her,, he nibble her lower lips,, and sucks bottom lips… she slipped her tongue in him and twirl with his tongue,, he groaned to see his wild geet.. her each sense was mad to hold him…. he broke the kiss and lift her….


Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain

Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain

Jaane kya bole mann dole sunke badan

Dhadkan bani zubaan


He took her to the decorated bed and placed her in the middle… she clutches her knees to her chest, to control her wild heartbeat…

he saw her nervousness, she was gluing her lashes to the ground only,, he came and sat beside her…

he kisses her head over her veil,, then cupped her face,, she met his dark eyes that was full of desire,, she felt her rising heartbeat, just to see his gaze she felt her heart can explode any moment,, she hugged him tight not wanting him to piercing her like that… he held her tight…

Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain

Jaane kya bole mann dole sunke badan

Dhadkan bani zubaan

Baahon ke darmiyaan


he lift her chin with his index finger,, her closed eye lids,, he cupped her face,, his touch was filling her with utmost desire… she placed her hand on top of him,, and he kissed her eyes lids…and then some wet kissed on her cheeks… her breath became heavy… he took off her veil, and kissed her forehead with his soft lips..

Khulte badn hote labhon ki ye ankahi

Khulte badn hote labhon ki ye ankahi

He came to his lips, and traces with her finger,, maan closed his eyes to feel her aroma,, he kissed her fingers,, and they looks at their eyes,, to find only love,, immense love… he cupped her jaw and pressed his thumbs on her lips,, slowly rubbing that, to awake her desire… she came really close in anticipation…

Geet: maan a moan came from her lips,, but he immediately stop that with a kiss… he kissed her passionately… she sucks and nibble his upper lips,, he held her body close to him,, rubbing her waist and tummy,, making patterns in her bare flesh… she moaned in his mouth,, but he continue his assault… she cluthes his hair pulling him more close… her palm was massaging his nape sensually…. The kiss was hot and sloppy,, they exchange their saliva,, their tongue was playing and heart was filling with desire and love….

Mujhse keh rahi hai ki badhne de bekhudi

Mil yoon ki daud jaayein nas nas mein bijliyaan


she hugged him tight and he pressed his body on her,, she lied on the bed holding him on her,, she doesn’t wanted to leave him in that moment…. He lied on her…

Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain

Jaane kya bole mann dole sunke badan

Dhadkan bani zubaan

Baahon ke darmiyaan


He looked at her, and his hand was busy in doing its magic,,

he was tracing his finger on her jaw to her arms,, an dthen down to her abdomen… she closed her eyes in anticipation…

traces her belly bottom with hsi finger and unlock her waistband,, and trail of kisses on her tummy,, she clutches his hair in her fist…. He gave wet kissed deep in her naval and then bite the area,, soon licking with the tip of his tongue… she moaned his name and he came on her chest…

Aasmaan ko bhi ye haseen raaz hai pasand

He held her necklace and untied it,, removing with a kiss on her chest and jawline,, she moved her neck to give him more access,, and he licks the slender neck,, the sensual wet kisses were even deep in the hollow of her neck,, he looked at her heavy chest and then her lips that are parted… when he didn’t move she open her eyes and saw him admiring her… she smiled at sat up on the bed.. before he could hold her she went to the window,, pulling eth curtain, as  she was so shy that she doesn’t wanted the starts to see them…

Aasmaan ko bhi ye haseen raaz hai pasand

He held her hand and pulls her close from back… he kissed her earlobe and take out the earrings one by one… her hair falls from the pins,,

Uljhi uljhi saanson ki aawaaz hai pasand

Moti luta rahi hai saawan ki badliyaan


the cool breeze were shivering her,, but more than that his passion was making her shiver… he kissed her nape, and then down her back,, she held the curtains,, but he goes down and unpin the dupatta fully… he kissed her waist,, making her moan,, she leaned on the wall, he came up, and turn her to see her eyes closed….

Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain

Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain

Jaane kya bole mann dole sunke badan

Dhadkan bani zubaan

Baahon ke darmiyaan

Maan: geet…. But she didn’t said anything… tum ankhe nahi khologi… he was talking huskily… she just nodded her head in no…. he pressed his body on her,, and with one hand he caresses her face and one was cupping her back,, ready to rip her blouse… please geet I want u to see me today, I want to see ur beautiful hazal eyes.. ye ankhe jisme mere liey itna pyar hain,, main chahta hu aaj wo hamara pyar dekhe… she smiled and hide her face in her palm…

Geet: no maan please…

Maan: tum mujhe pyar nahi karogi aaj? How can she deny him… and more over she wanted ot feel him badly…

He held her hand she looked at him lovingly… she came close to him and kissed his cheeks,, she placed her hand on his heart, and then kissed it… he captured her lips,, and she unbutton his sherwani… next moment he ripped off his cloths,, and lift her to the bed… he unhooked her blouse, and she slipped out of it…he ripped of her remaining cloths,, she was in her bra and panty.. he looks at her full fledge mount… that was barely covered with the thin sting materials… and his hand cupped one to tease and squeeze… she was on top of him,, giving him wet kisses on his chest… her simple touch was making him groan… he rubbed her body,, and she was kissing him madly.. she licks his nipple and he tighten the hold,, the time passes and the heat was increasing… both were madly in love and desire…. He pinned her to the bed,, couldn’t take anymore,, he came to her collarbone, and sucks furiously…

she was arching her back to give him more access,, and he cupped her br****, she screamed when he squeeze that harshly,, he came to her bossom and licks the line…  and then with his teeth he take down the strap of the bra down… his mouth capture its life and his hand unhook the button backward…. She dig her nail in his shoulder… and moaned his name uncountable time… he played with her br**** with his lips and tongue.. and other one with his finger.. he teases her nipples and that applied it to the other one… she was breathing heavy,, to contrl her urge she bite his shoulder… he came to her naval and gave some his marks on there.. his hand was pressing her thighs,, and then he found her wetness… his long slender finger enters the hot wetness of her,, she almost scream in pleasure to found his 2 finger in her… he sealed her lips with his…. kissing her hungrily,, she bite his lips, making it bleed… and then licks the oozing blood… he was hard, but still he wanted to give her the pleasure of heaven,, she was pleading him but he continue to slipping his finger…

she was becoming wild in passion… she came on him and started kissing him more passionately… looking at his eyes…

maan: I love u so much….

He pinned her to the bed and held her hand above her head…. She looked at him angrily,, he was teasing her to the madness of pleasure. He came to her lips and smirks… she felt him lifting her thighs,, she closed her eyes and felt his tongue on her wetness… she gasp and held his hair tightly… he blow her and she moaned in pleasure… she heartbeat was rapid,, and the room was hot… she held his manhood and lighty rubbed with it… he moan her name,,, and kissed her bosom… he bite her curves and sucks it urgently….

Geet: maan please… he knew this is the time to fulfill her demand.. he enters her with a long thrust… he goes deep in her,, she let out a loud gasp… and then he began to move back forth, he was quick and rough,, but she wanted him to be like that as her needs were to by, because him… he was driving her to the edge and then coming back, not tried to hit the peck… after some times he gradually speed up,, and hit the climax together… she screamed loud but he shut her sound in a beautiful kiss… then collapse on her chest, panting…. She kissed his forehead.. and smiled in fulfillment… thank u maan….

Maan: love u..

Geet: love u too…..

Both drifted to sleep with smile on their face… though it not the 1st time they made love but it was truly special as they have touched each other’s soul with the relation and promise to be fulfill each other lifetime…

Part 60

Both drifted to sleep with smile on their face… though it not the 1st time they made love but it was truly special as they have touched each other’s soul with the relation and promise to be fulfill each other lifetime…

Geet stirs her eyes only to see her handsome husband admiring her,, she realize both are in same duvet entangling with each other,, his dark eyes which is full of mischief admiring her beauty in her sleep,, she blushed and hide her face in his chest..

Geet: maan aap mujhe aise kyun dekh rahe hain?

Maan: apni biwi ko dekh raha hu,, tumhe kya proble, hain? he nuzzle close to her neck, giving some sweet kisses…. Geet shudder in his touch and moaned his name… She looked at him but then feel shower of rose petal on her,, she sat up closing her eyes to feel it,, a smile curved on her face,, he looked at her smile that was so perfect on her…. he had arrange the rose on the ceiling and just by one remote he showered this on her… he hugged her from back,, touching her bare back with his bare chest… his breath on her neck…. Kaisa laga surprise?

Geet: maan apne ye sab kab kiya? Aur itna sab karne ki kya zarurat thi..

Maan: itna sa karne pe agar mujhe tumhari itni pyari smile dekhne ko mile to main ye har subah karne ko tayyar hu, her eyes widen and her kissed her earlobe… jab tum apne neend me muskurahi thi tab kiya ye sab…

Geet twisted and hugged him: I love u maan…

Maan: love u too…

Geet: but mere pass to koi rose nahi hain,, maan looked at her lips then eyes teasingly,, she knew what he is saying, she blushed furiously…

Maan: geet tum abhi bhi itna blush akrti ho, jab k hum itne baar..

Geet: maannnn…..

Maan: waise I love ur blush,,, mujhe isse kaccha jane ka man karta hain, she hit his chest but he held her tiny wrist and brought her close to him and captured her lips without wasting any more time…

It was sweet tender. He cupped her neck in one hand and other was on her waist,, she held his shoulder to reciprocate the kiss,, as time passed the kiss turned hot and demanding,, he pushed her on the bed and started kissing her jaw-line,, she moaned his name while her hand was busy massaging his hair… and then a loud bang came on the door… both parted breathing heavily….

Maan: abb ye kon hain…. he said in total frustration…. (tich scratching head,, time to dekho pehle abb aur kitn ahem ahem chalega)

Geet quickly covered herself with the sheet and rushes to the washroom, leaving maan nude on the bed,, he shouted but she only showed her tongue and ran…. He fell back on the bed smiling…. And then again the loud bang…. He groaned and slipped in his pants and picked a shirt, buttoning the shirt,, and then he collected all their shattered cloths,, places them safely… he looks at the room quite ok,, and then opens the door, a bunch of girls enter the room…

He was irritated: ye kya horaha hain mere room me? girls giggle at him,, there was riddhima piya, pinky and nano…. Umm nandini…. (tich lollzz)

Riddhima: oye hello tme dekho jiju, geet ko lene aaye hain hum…

Maan: oye guspetio hamare room me ghus ne ki kya jarurat thi,, can’t u we newly married so we have the right to be late…

Piya smiled cheekily: ha ha pata hain last night was special night but now that has over,, aur aaj geet k liye bohot kaam hain,, so hum usse leke tabhi jayenge…. Maan clenched his jaw,, some other girl also enter the room,,

Great abb ye zoo ban gaya hain koi bhi andar araha hain,, he mutered under his breath,,the girls were drooling over maan’s exposed chest, oops he didn’t button all,, nandini’s eyes caught the marks on his lower chest and then his neck… she was angry, but what can she do,, it was officially their 1st ni8 bt unofficially they had many more…

Just then geet enter the room wearing a red anarkali suit,, she didn’t wear saree as that will reveal her love bites (tich smiling slyly) maan was lost in her beauty,, where eyes were red in fury,, he didn’t know why she is angry,, then he saw the other girls were drooling over him,, he gulp his saliva and turn to leave for washroom…..

Girls were teasing geet with the marks and she was blushing evidently, her cheeks are red in embarrassment… they were in the hall and geet was sitting with dadima,, then maan came there looking hawt as usual,, and the girls started drooling again knowing the fact that he is married now… geet gave him a threatening look to which he only frown…

Maan (st): abb maine kya kiya? Ek to ye sab ne meri subah kharab kar di upar se madam gussa horahi hain mujhpe…

His chain of thought broke when dadima spoke to geet to make some sweet for everyone,, so she goes to the kitchen,, everyone was engrossed in each other, dev taking extra care of bindiya and armaan niharoying riddhima who was busy chatting and giggling with girls… raj was teasing maan who wasn’t even hearing anything,, his eyes were on geet only,, her moving and entering in the kitchen…. After sometime maan got a call from PS he excused himself and left to attend the call…. He was in the corridor talking on something…. After sometime he turn to back but his eyes caught a beautiful sight… geet was working in the kitchen.. her hair was over one shoulder, and dupatta was tying on one side of waist… she was looking here and there, remembering something, and then caught a box, maybe sugar, she mixed it on the bowl on the gas… and then she took a spoon and took some batter on her finger, licking it, checking the sweetness… her eyes twinkle and a smile former on his face..

She was engrossed in her work when two strong arm wrapped on her waist, she jerk herself but fell on his chest thud…. And then she noticed his naughty smirks…

Geet: maan aap? Yaha, kya akr rahe ho? Kisine dekh liya to?

maan kisses her neck and whispering huskily,,,  

Maan: mujhe koi pharak anhi padhta koi dekhta hain ya nahi, main apne biwi k sath romace kar raha hu, kisi aur k biwi k sath thodi na…. she frowned at him…

Geet: kisi aur k bare me sochna bhi mat….  she said in a cute angry face,, he raises his one eye and came close to her neck, hugging her from back…

Maan: waise geet tum gussa kyun thi subah? And then geet remember the girl’s drooling session…

Geet: ha abb main gussa bhi nahi hosakti, aur aap jo harkate karte hi wo,, woo

Maan: kya keh rahi ho geet… tumhe khud kuch samajh araha hain ye ulta sidha bol rahi ho…. She frowns at him

Geet: main ulta sidha bol rahi hu? Aur aap jo kar rahe the?

Maan: main kya kar raha tha?

Geet: aap un ladiko ko apne aap ko ghurne de rahe the,, she blabber out and then bite her tongue but maan was confuse at her… and she said, wo subah ladkiya wo apko dekh rahi thi..

Maan looked at her blankly and then hit the reality,, she turn the gas off and tried to leave but her held her form back, then rest his chin on her shoulder…

Maan: jaan main kya karta agar wo log dekh rahe the,, she tried to push him but he gripped her tight, actually main to main to apni pyari si biwi k khubsurti me khoya huy atha,, zamane ko dekhne ka mouka kaha mila,, she smiles at his statement… he touches her soft cheek with his rough stubble making her giggle… waise bhi meri biwi itni pyari hain k uske same puri duniya ki khubsurti fika lage,, man kart ahain sirf usike baho me lipta rahu…. She twist and hugged him…

Geet: bas maan,, main to aise hi….

Maan: but maine jo kaha wo aise hi nahi kaha geet,, no other girl can make me feel the way I feel just to see ur one smile… u r the one for me geet, aur chahe koi bhi dekhe aur kuch bhi hojaye meri zindegi tumse suru hoke tumpe khatam hoti hain……  I just only want u, aur koi nahi asakta hamre bich…..


Aapne to kaha tha koi nahi asakta hamre bich maan fir ye dooriya kyun agayi? Kyun dur hote gaye aap mujhse… kya galti thi meri? Aaj pure 2 months baad aap ghar arahe ho,, aaj hamari anniversary hain maan, kya aapko yaad bhi hain? sayad ye meri hi galti hain, maine hi apko apne aap se dur kar diya maan,, kitne khush the hum, lekin sab badal gaya… kyun huya ye sab hamare sath maan….

She turn the page of the album where she saw a pics and a small smile came on her lips,,

it was the day everthing started.. once she has al happiness but now only empty hollow is waiting for her….

Today is their 1st anniversary and maan is not at home, infact he had gone Mumbai 2 months ago and till now she is waiting for him, just like the day he walked out the mansion…

Part 61

She was in her thought,, looking at the album and tracing her finger on it, when someone has enter the room, but she was engrossed in her thought that, he didn’t get any attention… he looked at her painfully…  he knew how much she loves him but he was not wrong either…. He loves her the way she was, the way they were before 1yr back,, but she pushes him away…

She was engrossed in the photo so much that didn’t saw his presence,, he stop at his track just behind her, an saw their pics that she was looking for so long,, she is lost in the photo… he remember the day….


after almost 1 month of their marriage all the guest took their leave permanently,,, armaan had proposed riddhima in front of everone, and riddhima accepted it with teary smile,, nandini and vikram tried to creat some misunderstanding but they have to leave them as well,, geet’s family had return after 1 week their marriage with nandini…. But they again got the entry after sometime…. It was 5 month back, they were so happy in their sweet world, after their marriage everything seems so perfect and happy,,

It was the day when he got the beautiful truth of his life…. It was his birthday when they were so happy and contented,, maan wanted some gift from geet but she was making faces only….

Maan: geet mera gift kaha hain?

Geet: maan I said na sham tak ka wait karna padega….

Maan grabbed her and pinned her to the wall: I said I want it now,, he said looking at her lips,, she is looking really tempting for him…. she cutely pouted…

Geet: maine kaha na abhi nahi,, mere pass abhi gift nahi hain,, sham ko milegi….

Maan: geet then give me what I want na, he said teasingly that intention was very well knew by her… she tried to push him but his grip was much stronger…. He came close to her lips,, geet, he said huskily and she closed her eyes feeling him too close,,, maan loved to see her red cheek, no matter how close they are she always feels like the 1st time… she parted her lips to say something bt he sealed that with his lips… her eyes were widen open… they are in the corridor, and house is full of guest.. she tried to shove him but he came more closer, tugging her waist close to his chest… he nibble her lips and bite it, slowly se forgot everything and enjoyed their sweet turn passionate kiss in the middle of the corridor,, her hand was in his shirt from back pulling him closer, maan smirks at her and gave him angry glare, and punish him by biting his lips, he winched but she winked at him,, he pulls her more close that air couldn’t pass between them,,, after long time they break apart due to have air for their lungs….

Geet: maan,, abb apko apka gift mil gaya to main jao, she was going when he held her elbow and pulls her…

Maan: itna chota sa gift no way….

Geet: maan pls koi dekh lega,, ghar me kitne sare log hain..

Maan: u know I hate guest….

Geet: bindiya and dev bhi aaye hain…. maan’s eyes twinkle in joy….

Dev had married bindiya one month back,, that was unusual wedding, their son was 1 month old and they were taking the wedding picture with their baby, yes ‘their’ as dev had clearly told that deven will be their son only….  He loves him more than bindiya,,, whole the wedding he had clutches deven to his heart, like he is a treasure…

Geet: chale milne unse?? Maan nodded with a smile….

It was almost 4 hrs but geet was too busy with the guest and now it was the time for her gift as she said she will give him at 7 pm…. Maan searched for her but she was nowhere to seen… bindiya told him to go upstairs..

He enter the room where geet had lived before marriage, the one which is attached to their room,, he was surprised to see the décor, the pictures, he was confuse what to think or what to say, he was mesmerized with the gift….

He called out: Geet,,, Geet.. kaha ho tum…. and then a cot his foot,, he looked at it and sat on his one knees, it was a decorated cot… his eyes were sparking with joy… he saw geet coming towards him slowly… geet ye sab…

Geet smiles: happy birthday maan,, he pulls her close to him…

Maan: tell me u r not joking… she shies in his embrace… kya main sach me? she nodded and freed herself, he was lost in the picture of a baby… when she came from back and whisper something…

Geet: happy birthday maan,, aur ye sirf mere taraf se nahi jr maan bhi apne papa ko wish karna chahta tha…  yes u r going to be a papa….  She kissed his cheeks and tried to escape but maan held her hand and she land on his chest with a thud… her eyes were closed in shyness… he cupped her face and kissed it madly… leaving no place untouched… the kisses followed on her cheeks, nose, eyes one by one and then her forehead…

Maan: thank u geet, thank u so much, this is the best gift of my life, tumhe nahi pata tumne mujhe kya diya hain?? she looked at him with tears of happiness to see him so happy…

Geet: I love u maan, thank u for coming in my life… thanks for completing me…

He captured her lips in a soulful kiss… nibbling her full lips with such a passion that she can’t match his pace…. she held his neck in tight fist,, massaging the hair and pulling him closer….. he entered her mouth roling his tongue in her and tasting her sweet essence… his hand was on her waist,, pulling her more close… she kissed him with equal passion, and he started massaging her waist and then came to her belly,, he stops the kiss at once and she looked at him in confusion… he slides down on his knees and sat in front of her flat tummy…. Kissing it in the process…. She smiles at his gesture and he started making pattern on her abdomen… he kissed it slowly,, and then again n again kissed it like maniac… he was showering his love on the fetal but in the process it was tickling her senses… she clasp his hair in a fist and rubbed his nape…

Maan: papa loves u… she looks at him while tears started falling… she sat on her knees and hugged him… love u geet, I really love u, thanks for the wonderful gift… he kissed her neck thousand time.. she just cringed to him like she belongs to there only…

Geet: love u too maan… she kissed his cheek softly, sorry bohot intezar karaya na gift k liye? He nodded cutely… she kissed his other cheek, sorry… but he smiles mischievously… he stood up lifting her in his arms and walked towards their room, and then lies her on the bed…. He came on top of her…

Maan: mujhe intezar karwane ka saza to apko milke rahega geet singh khurana.. she shies with his gaze and lowered her lashes.. Today I want to make love with the mother of my child, she felt a lone tear fall down from the corner of her eyes, he kissed it tears away… and then he follow the path coming to her neck, he was placing light kisses all over her jaw and earlobe, the soft skin behind the jaw… her grip was tight around his back in anticipation.. maybe the hormones was high to ride to the path of ecstasy…

He pulls out her sarre in mater of secs and kisses her chest coming down her naval… she moans his name, the sensation was making her crazy… she wants him to cherish the moment, it was his gift that matter… his emotion that he never showed to anyone except her…

He licks the lower line of the abdomen and pulls out the skirt….. she help him to get rid of his sherwani… she tried to feel him with her hand but he pinned it down, she looks at him annoyingly but he only smirks kissing her neck vigorously… her eyes were blurred in passion and his urges were in demand… soon her blouse join other materials on the floor and he was kissing her curves madly… her full curves always invites him to have them his own way, he held one and squeeze that while other one was in his mouth, between his teeth… he kissed her bite her making her scream in pleasure…. After long time of teasing he finally enter her and began with slow rhythm but soon it joins with heavy flow and he started pushing deep n fast… her moan was louder and he sealed that with a beautiful kiss… soon the reach the climax and maan collapse on her panting…. Both were breathing hard when he lied beside her taking her on him…. he kissed her forehead and stroke the bare back and arm… soon both drifted to sleep…

It was 2 month from the day,, geet is 4 month pregnant, though her tummy was flat but she always caresses it like she can feel it,, its true that a mother can feel a fetal in her womb whether it got or or not…. Not only geet but maan also talked to the unborn baby,, sometime they fought about the child’s sex,, geet wanted a boy and maan always said it’s a girl…. they were happy until the fateful day came..

Nandini came to KM with lots of police,, everyone was confuse and then she showed geet some picture…

Automatically geet hold got lighten from his,, maan looked at her shocked as tears started follow… it was some snap maan with..  the police said she has filed a case of molestation… the snaps were indicating that maan was on top of her on the bed, trying to snatch her scarf, and then one was there he was pinning her to the wall…. One was there he had slap her and she was crying… one was his hand was on her arm and she might be trying to stop him…

And the bigger truth it was not forge,, it was true picture… geet sank in the ground.. maan was in pain to see her like that, doctor has already said her pregnancy has some problem so it might get complicated and now as she is stressing herself it will be worse..

The whole police department was in shock,,, they knew their officer can never think of that.. they were afraid to arrest him, but maan was in dilemma,, he looks at geet who was blank by face yet tears were spilling out from her eyes,, she was on the floor… did she misunderstood him, did she believes the snap more than her love?

Without uttering any words he went away with the men… she kept looking at his retreating figure….

It was the hearing day in the court and the defense lawyer was not present there… maan was looking for geet only but she couldn’t saw her,,  if he want he can decline the case before it takes place in the court but geet’s absence just broke him, she didn’t came to meet him in the jail and when he got bail she was not there in the KM,,, bindiya said she has gone to HP….

The case clearly indicating that he is guilty but before the judge can pronounce the verdict, defense lawyer entered the court… maan saw his friends who was just behind him,, armaan riddhima raj aadi all were there still his eyes search for the one person who’s face can bright his darken self… but she was not there…

The defense lawyer started to proceed and crossed check the photos and the main protagonist nandini who was showing her tears to the world….

Part 62

The defense lawyer started to proceed and crossed check the photos and the main protagonist nandini who was showing her tears to the world….

Maan’s eyes were searching for geet only who was nowhere to come, he looks at his friends who just smiles at him weakly….

Defense lawyer mr sharma gave some remarkable point that can’t be ignore…. He handed some documents to the judge and nandini looks at him nervously….

Mr sharma: ur honor main adalat ko pehle kuch papers dikhana chahta hu jisse bohot sari hakeeqat samne asakti hain… judge gave him the assurance.. miss nandini n mr maan ki picture jis room me khici gayi wo room XYZ hotel ka karma no 110 hain,, pure waqeeye ko dekhke to lagta hain jarur mr maan ne hi miss nandini ko waha bulaya hoga,, kyun miss nandini sahi kaha na…

Nandini: jii, inhone mujhe kuch kaam se bulaya tha, kaha tha di di ko surprise dena hain…

Mr Sharma: surprise? Lekin surprise k liye apko ek hotel k room me q bulayenge, ghar pe vhi to bula sakte the,, apko isme koi shaq nahi huya?

Mr bakshi(opposite lawyer): yehi to baat hain, mr maan ne issi liye waha inko bulaya take apne maqsad me kamiyab hosake,, ghar me to inki biwi hain waha kaise bulayenge,, he said with a sly grin…

Mr sharma: aur miss nandini aap chali gayi? Itni asani se wo bhi kisi ko bina bataye?

Nandini: nahi wo main kaise unpe shaq karti, aur waise bhi ghar pe koi nahi tha main kisse batake jaati…

Mr Sharma: ek note likh sakti thi aap, ahhh ghar pe koi nahi tha?? He asked in concern but then took his pitch high,, lekin mr mohinder handa to ghar pe hi the, wohi baithe the jaha apne phone uthaya tha,, hall me aur unke sath unke friend mr abasthi bhi the…. To fir apne q nahi bataya..

And now she doesn’t have anything to say…

Mr Sharma: accha kher jaane dijiye, ye bataiye, hotel aap kaise pouchi? Aur andar jaake kya kaha? Aap pehle gayi ya mr maan??

Nandini: wo taxi se,, and andar jaake inka naam liya to keys mil gaye… main pehle gayi thi…

Mr Sharma: lekin aap taxi se kaise ja sakti hain, us din to taxi strike pet hi, not only taxi buses bhi… then how miss nandini, ye mat kahiye sapne me aap taxi me gayi…

All the crowd laughs at his comment…

Judge silenced the court…

Mr Sharma: ha to miss nandini kaise gayi thi aap?

Nandini: wo main wow o

Mr Sharma: wo main wo mujhe yaad nahi,, hain na??? kher chodiye,, ha ye bataiye room me kaise gayi, ohh bataya to mr maan ka naam liye keys mil gayi, lekin nandini jii  room to mr maan k naam book hi nahi huya tha… wo to apke naam pe book tha so hotel walo ne apko maan ji k naam se hi keys kaise de di?

Nandini was sweating babdly: mujhe nahi pata..

Mr Sharma: nandini ji aapko pata hi kya hain, yehi bata dijiye…. Wo room apke naam pe book tha but bill payment kisi vikram k naam se huya,, kya main sahi keh raha hu??

Ur honor agar mr maan ko aisi koi harkat karni thi wo inhe apne privet ghar par bhi bula sakte the lekin ase yun hotel me apne naam k sath bulaya bachpana hain ur honor, aur mr maan k jaisa intelligent police officer k liye ye plan karna koi muskil nahi hota…

Mr bakshi: I object ur honor,, yehi baat hian, mr maan itne satir hain k hotel room ki booking n payment kissi aur naam se ki… the case is as simple as its looking…

Mr Sharma: nahi mere kabil dost, case itna sidha to nahi jitna dikh raha hain.. ur honor maine jitney papers submit kiye hain unme vikram ka sara profile maujood hain… wo nandini ji ka bohot accha dost hain,, but jab inko itni jarurat hain unki wohi yaha maujud nahi hain… miss nandini aap janti hain wok aha hain? she shook her head in denial… wo abhi iss desh me hi nahi hain ur honor… aur unke naam aur bhi kuch sabut lage hain jo maine apko pesh kar diya hain….

There was illegal work was going on, and he was in every bad work or name…

Mr bakshi: iss kya sabit hota hain?

Mr Sharma: isse ye sabit hota hain miss nandini k tallukat kiss tarha k insane k sath hain…

Nandini: mujhe nahi pata th aow ye sab kar raha hain..

Mr Sharma: ohh really, chaliye apki baat maan lete hain,, to fir ye bataiye agar aapko ye sab k bare me pata hi nahi tha,, to ACP MAAN SINGH KHURANA ko ek hotel me apne kuch sabut dene k liye kyun bulaya? Nandini looked at him shocked, kahike nandini ji aapne ye kyun kaha k apke pass vikram k khilaf sabut hain aur aap maan ji se milna chahti hain, apke jaan ko khatra hain so isse liye wo maan gaye apke kahe mutabik jagah milne k liye…

Nandini: ye sab jhoot hain

Mr Sharma: ye sab jhoot hain to kya apke phn bills bhi jhoot hain jo keh rahe hain ACP Maan ne aapko ek bhi call nahi kiya walke aapne unhe 10 baar phone kiys awo bhi sirf 1 ghante me… kya ye bhi jhoot hain miss nandini?

Mr bakshi: I object ur honor,, ye sab baate sirf case ko idhar se udhar le ja rahi hain,, meri request hain k mere kabil dost main mudded pea aye jo ki hain ACP ne miss Nandini par rape attempt kiya hain…

Mr Sharma: rape to tab sabit hoga jab koi medical report samne ayegi,, aur unke kuch hisse pe kuch zakamh k alwa aur kuch nahi paya gaya so ye rape kaise sabit hosakta hain,, aur main ye sare baate iss liye samne lana chahta hu take hume nandini ke betuke ilzam ki asli wajah mil sake…. Aur asliyat ye hain k miss nandini pehle se hi mr maan se pyar karti hain jab ke wo janti hain wo inke bahen ka pati hain, aur ye apne patni se bohot pyar karte hain,, inko jab laga e khud to unhe pa nahi sake to kyun na inke khusal zindegi me aag laga de,, aur inhone and mr vikram ne milke Acp Maan ko fasane k liye ye jaal bichaya…. Kyun miss nandini main sahi keh raha hu na, he shouted on her…..

Maan looked at her shocked and baffled… but still couldn’t say a word as his eyes were on the gate as that was searching his geet, did she misunderstood him, no that can’t be…

Nandini: nahi ye sab

Mr Sharma: jhoot bolne se kuch faida nahi hain miss nandini hamare pass apke confession ka tape hain jo apke bohot acche dost vikram ne kiya tha take kabhi jarurat pade to wo ye use kar sakte hain… aur sukar hain hume wo mil gaya… he handed a tape that content her and vikram’s conversation that she was planning to trap maan…. aur ye jo tasveere hain ye sab apke natak ka hissa thi….

Nandini: nahi,

Mr sharma: mr maan ne apko molest karne ki kosish nahi ki walke aapne khud khud pe apne aapko thoda u have tried to throw urself on him and when he was denying that someone took the pictures… unhone apko thappad maara q k aap hosh me nahi thi aap kya kar rahi thi, ya main ye kahu job hi karna chahti thi pure hosho hawas me kar rahi thi aap… mr maan tried to snatch his hand from but u cringed to him like a magnet, m I right miss nandini he asked with a smile…

Nandini finally frustratingly said: ha maine ye sab kiya… bachpan se sab geet geet n geet aur jab kisi insane ko pasand kiya wo bhi gee geet karta raha, kya karti main, nahi dekh sakti itna khush unhe, main khud jal rahi thi unhe kaise haste huye dekh sakti thi, issi liye kiya maine ye sab…

Mr Sharma: nandini ji pyar pane ka naam nahi hota, apne aap ko kho ke apne pyar ko khusi dena ka naam hain pyar… apne aap ko jalake apne pyar ko roshan karne ka naam hain pyar.. apne pyar k bekhudi me khud bekarar karke apne aapko soupne k anaam hain pyar…

Soon the judgment came and the verdict came on maan’s favour where nandini got imprison ment for harassing a police officer and helping vikram in his illegal work…

Though maan was free but his face was dull,, he was missing his life,, but somewhere his heart has a fear, but he doesn’t know what is it, but he was feeling pain inside, he scan the crowd to get a glimpse fo geet but couldn’t see her… raj came and hugged him… he looks at him with question filled eyes… h elooks nervously at maan…

Maan: geet kaha hain?

Armaan: wo nahi asaki…

Maan: usne bhi mujhe galat samajh liya? He said in a cracked voice…

Mr Sharma came: jante ho maan, maine jo last line adalat me kahi wo mujhe kisse kahi thi, maan looked at him in confusion… he smiles, geet ne.. maan looked at him surprised…

“ pyar pane ka naam nahi hota, apne aap ko kho ke apne pyar ko khusi dena ka naam hain pyar… apne aap ko jalake apne pyar ko roshan karne ka naam hain pyar.. apne pyar k bekhudi me khud bekarar karke apne aapko soupne ka naam hain pyar…”

Mr Sharma: mujhe ye apke patni ne sikhaya,, pyar parivasa unse behtar to koi jaan hi nahi sakta…. Bohot pyar karti hain wo apse… jaldi jaake miliye unse, kah der na hojaye….

Maan looked at him horrified and he took their leave… he turn to see a teary riddhima…

Maan: kaha hain meri geet riddhima? Wo thik hain na?

Riddhima: maan,,, wo,, wo hospital me hain….

Maan: kya huya usse? He asked in a shaking voice….

Aadi: jab kisine tujhpe varosa nahi kiya usne kiya tha, sabko chillake kaha uska maan aisa kabhi nahi kar sakta,, aaj agar nandini ka asli chehra samne aaya wo bhi sirf uske wajah se lekin…

Man: lekin?

Aadi: iski bohot vari kimat chukani padhi teri geet ko…. Uske pass ja maan, she needs u….

Maan couln’t hold himself anymore and ran towards the car… he quickly took the address of the hospital and ran towards her room…

The sight itself gave him tears to see her like that.. Lifeless, her tears seems to get dry and she was looking at the ceiling only….

Part 63

The sight itself gave him tears to see her like that.. Lifeless, her tears seems to get dry and she was looking at the ceiling only….

For sometime he couldn’t take his step towards her, just standing at the edge of the door like a statue,, aadi came there and patted his shoulder… he instantly ask him what happen to geet…. He was going to held geet when aadi stop him and dragged outside…

Maan: aadi ye sab kya hain, geet ko kya huya, please bol wo thik hain na?

Aadi’s tear came out: maan, geet… wo thik hain lekin,,

Maan: lekin kya aadi? Wo yaha kaise aayi?

Aadi: maan tere jail jaane k baad she became numb, we tried to converse with her but she kept mumbling ur name, and then nandini came in KM…. usne bohot kosish kiya sabko tumhare khilaf bhadkaane ka, and she was almost succeeded but geet came there and slapped her…

Geet slapped across her cheek turning that red.. she land on the floor and looked at her shocked..

Nandini: di di aap mujhe varosa nahi karke wo maan pe,,, but geet cut her

Geet: ek aur shabd nahi mere pati k khilaf.. warna main vul jayungi tu meri bahen hain… tune socha bhi kaise main tujhpe varosa karugi apne maan pe nahi…. I can see his truth in his eyes… sirf 2 photo dikhake tu pure duniaya ko dhoka de sakti hain lekin mere pyar ko nahi… abb nikal ja isse pehle main kuch kar baithu tere sath….

After her leaving KM geet came to aadi and said she need raj and arman here…. Aadi inform everyone…

Geet: armaan main janti hum era maan aisa nahi kar sakta….

Arman: I believe him geet… u don’t worry main uske medical reports check karunga….

Geet: raj I need ur help, tum vikram k bare me sab information collect kar sakte ho??

Raj: wo to main kar lunga geet but tum vikram k bare em kyun pata lagana chahti ho?

Geet: pata nahi kyun raj mujhe lag raha hain in sab me nandini akeli nahi hain… so we have to find out everything…  aadi bhai aap mere sath hosiyarpur chal sakte ho??

Aadi: geet ye bhi puchne wali baat hain kya,, I can do anything for u n maan…

Geet and aadi left for hp and then she collect all the information about nandini’s phn call as she talk to her father he cleared everything,, aadi and raj was connected with the case over phn, raj informed him about everything… but in theses fiasco geet told everyone that she is leaving for hp but why she is leaving she doesn’t cleared that as she was afraid if nandini or vikram gets to know about it they might trouble them..

Geet manage to contact her friend’s father for maan’s case… mr Sharma was father of mayank Sharma who was geet’s friend…  she reached delhi the morning of his hearing and handed every details to mr Sharma,, but just last moment a car came and and tried to hit mr Sharma…. Geet saw it and pushed him aside but unfortunately its hit her and she landed on the road with pool of blood…

Maan’s whole world just slipped realizing what she went through,, and the harsh reality was coming to hit him… he looked at aadi with fear…

Aadi: maan the baby….

Maan: aadi,

Aadi: usne apna baccha kho diya maan,, tum dono ne apna pehla baccha kho diya aadi said in one go closing his eyes and maan left his hand taking few step backward… aadi saw his friend sinking on the ground… just then arman riddhima raj comes there….

Riddhima hugged armaan crying bitterly who himself was shedding tears… raj sat on his knees and tried to console maan who’s face was blank… he tried to say something but maan looked at geet’s direction…. They have shifted her in a privet room,,, the accident was in the morning and now its almost 7 pm, she was all alone, he cursed himself neglecting the absence ob geet.. she was not with him more than 7 days and when he tried to call her her phn kept switch off.. she doesn’t wanted to involve him in this but now he will feel guilty whloe life as it was only his mistake to believe nandini….

Raj: maan tujhe apne aapko sambhalna hoga….   Tu hi agar tut jayega to geet ka kya hoga?? Wo bilkul bikhar gayi hain maan…. usse sambhal le isse pehle bohot der hojaye…

Maan looked at him with little confusion….

Armaan: maan geet,,,

Maan: kya hain armaan?

Armaan: uske pregnancy me complication thi and after this miscarriage dobara maa banne ka chance sirf 5% hain,, na k barabar… u can say wo kabhi maa nahi ban sakti….

Maan heart missed several beats, thinking about geet, her pale face, her dried tear and looking at the celing….

He tried to collect his shattered heart but was failing miserably… he wanted to shout at the world for being so cruel to them but couldn’t do anything just staring at her room helplessly….

Maan entered geet’s room… and saw her starting at him… tears were dropping down..  she was half lying on the bed and her face was white like all blood has drained out from her beautiful face…

He sat on the bed and tried to took her hand in his,, she cried silently….

Geet: I m sorry she whisper…. Maan didn’t knew what to do or what to say…. Ye meri galti thi maan,, maine apke girt ko kho diya, I m sorry… but maan slammed his lips on her….. initially she was shocked but she doesn’t has the gut to shove him… he didn’t deepen the kiss just lingered on her soft ones….

He entangled her hair with his hand and gave slow massage to her nape and hair…. He sucks her lips slowly and she cried in the kiss, he was trying to wash her sorrow with his love…

He broke the kiss and cupped her face: don’t u ever say sorry geet…. I should say sorry 1st…. I shouldn’t leave u alone there… she hugged him tightly nuzzling in his neck sobbing miserably….

Both stayed in that position for long…..

It was almost most 1 n half month but geet was feeling lifeless,, empty from inside… sometime when maan returns from his duty he got to see her caressing her belly and looking at the sky,, mayve her tears were dry but her blank eyes were hurting him more… he has tried his level best to encourage her but she was nowhere to listen anything….

And then some time in family function some old ladies started taunting geet,, she can’t bear child now and that has became their talk of the season… people need a talk but if we give them importance it will show our weakness only…..

But the continuous ringing was breaking her bit by bit but the damage did dadima when she said abouthe locality,, they need a baby to hold their generation… she wanted to get maan married for second time, it was only few days she has lost her baby and now dadima wanted her to leave her life her maan… but then dadima said they can have a surrogate mother, and geet doesn’t need to leave maan also, thought it slides her heart but to think about she tried to reasoning her heart and maan…

Maan: tum pagal hogayi ho geet… do u know what u r talking about?

Geet: maan think about the family,,, is parivar ko apna waris chahiye…

Maan; nahi chahiye mujhe baccha geet, u r with me I don’t want anyone…

Geet: maan samajhne ki koshish kijiye… dadima ki age dekhiye,, she needs her par pota…

Maan: I m done with it geet.. mujhe baccha nahi chahiye..

Geet: par mujhe chahiye maan… he looked at her painfully…. Main chahti hu koi mujhe maa bulaye…. I want a child maan..

Maan: geet  hum baccha adopt kar sakte hain..

Geet: but I need ur child maan… apka bacha, hamara baccha.. aur aap jante ho main kabhi apko ye khusi nahi de sakti….

Maan cupped her face: geet jab tak tum mere sath ho mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye…

Geet: aur agar main na rahu to? Maan’s anger was just rising…. Maan agar apko suroget mother se problem hain to dadima apko dusri shaadi k liye kahegi, fir?

Maan: kisike kehne se kuch nahi hoga, geet I only belongs to u and no one has the right to decide anything…. Geet hugged him tight to suppress her hiccups….

They were happy with them only but one heated argument with dadima and gave a her a mine stroke,, she wanted him to get married or get agree for surrogate mother…

The heated argument was also because of that and now it was making geet really weak… maan was frustrated with dadi’s nonstop chaos and now geet, he was just fed up….

Maan: what do u want geet? Vul jayu tumhe aur hamare pyar ko aur kisi aur se shaadi karlu?

Geet’s heart cried with the mention but she can’t see her family broken,, dadi’s health was getting worse and then she took the step that she had to regret later….

Geet: maan mujhe ye baccha chaiye aur agar aapne mana kiya to aap mujhe hamesha k liye ho denge… n I mean it….

Maan held her arm angrily: what do u mean?

Geet: agar aap surrogate mother k liye raaji nahi huye then u have to leave me and apki shadi,, the words didn’t came out as maan roared in anger..

Maan: Geetttttt…. He pulls her harshly, tumne socha bhi kaise main kisi aur se shaadi karunga? Chi geet tum aisa soch bhi kaise sakti ho? Bas itna hi pyar karti ho mujhse??

Geet: apse pyar karti hu issi liye to ye chahti hu maan…  main apko khush dekhna chahti hu, thik waisa jaisa aap hamare bacche k news sunke huya tha…

Maan: if u want my happiness then shut the disgusting topic…. Mujhe koi baby nahi chahiye… aur tum agar mujhse pyar karti ho to ye topic nahi layogi dobara…. Maan was leaving the room but geet said the words…

Geet: maan apse itna pyar kiya issi liye hi to sab khone ko raaji hu… apse itna pyar kiya, apko sab kuch diya bas badle me ek baccha mang rahi hu wo bhi nahi de sakte aap…

Maan: tum kehti ho tum mujhse pyar karti ho aur ye hain tumhara pyar kisi aur k sath mujhe,,, chiii

Geet was losing her patience: apke pyar ne mujhse mera sab kuch chin liya maan… sab kuch, maine apna sab kho diya lekin ek uff tak nahi kiya aur aap mera pyar ka maap (measure) le rahe ho… apke pyar me maine apni zindegi kho di, apna baccha kho diya maan… sab kho diya maine….

Maan stumble on his feet: mere pyar k wajah se tumne apna baccha kho diya, wo sirf tumhara kab tha geet, wo to hamara pyar tha na? he said in a low tone but that hold so much pain and anguish… geet looked at his painful eyes and thought about her words.. what had she said in the moment of grief… he had loved her immensely and she just accuse his love…. Though she said all this not in her conscious mind or meaning the words, its just spilled without realizing the consequent…

Geet: maan mera matlab wo nahi tha.. but maan was taking his step back… pointing to shut her talk…

Maan: tab to mera pyar tumhare kabil hi nahi hain geet… main,, I… words didn’t came out from his mouth, he just walked away the room… the mansion for whole 2 month…..

Geet tried to call him but his colleagues said he was on a case in Mumbai, so the whole 2 month geet was waiting for his one word one look…. His touch,, without that she was feeling lonely….

She knew she has hurted him a lot but that was only for him still it was not a reason to hurt him.. there was no single day she has not cried for him….

Eventually dadima saw the sadness in the house and the lifeless soul of geet.. she was no interested in anything, just waiting for maan looking at the door… she had realize her mistake….  She wished to rectified everything but nothing seems to put on right place….

Geet was losing her life every moment without maan and then he came after 2 months looking as pale as geet….

Part 64

Geet was losing her life every moment without maan and then he came after 2 months looking as pale as geet….

Man saw her caressing their picture looking lost,, his heart cried to see her like that….  Her face was showing how much she is in sorrow… her almond eyes were looking dry,, maybe her tears also got dried in these month,, he regret his decision of leaving her like that, he knew she was doing all this because of him and his family yet he left her all alone.. he knew she might be broken till he return but yet was so engrossed in his rage that didn’t give any importance to his heart…. Now he has to take care of the situation, but still he is angry one geet… how can she say something like that….

Maan walked passed her and she saw his image in the mirror, her face literally lit up in happiness, she stood up and ran towards him….

Maan open his shirt’s button and tried to take the towel as he wanted to freshen up 1st… but geet hugged his back tight…

Geet: maan… his body got stiffen but heart feels so peace….  She stayed like that for few min, feeling him in her arms is so good… she missed her life, he maan…. mano unse dur jaake unke pass rehna ki ehmiyat pata chali….

She was rubbing her face on her back that was melting him with his desire… he wanted to embrace her taking away from the whole world but he couldn’t do, his ego just stopped him… his hurt self just stopped him, her words were making it impossible to forget the day but in all this he forgot her state…

Geet: kaha chale gaye tha aap, aise bhi koi gussa hota hain kya,, apko pata bhi hain itne din main kaise rahi,, kyun karte hain aap aisa, apko pata hain na main apke bina zinda nahi reh sakti, maan turned instatntly and held her arms…

Maan: kyun geet us din to tum mujhe apne aap se dur karne me lagi thi to aaj kya huya? Sirf 2 mahine dur nahi reh saki, tumne to zindegi var k liye dur rehna ka faisla kar liya tha…. Uska kya? Geet sobbed silently,, his grip was so tight that was turning her white skin into red n blue, she didn’t utter a single words, just staring at his painful eyes, she knew what must he have gone through in this 2 month, he can’t stay away from her a single min but his anger and her pushing him forced them for 2 month separation…

It was unbearable to see her tears and pale face for him, his heart was cutting into million pieces as he talk harsh with her…. but to his astonishment geet didn’t say what he expected…

Geet: I love you maan, mian apke bina nahi reh sakti…. I m sorry…. Big fat tear rolled down from her eyes,, his grip automatically loosen and she hugged him tight… crying bitterly… maan closed his eyes feeling miserably to hurt her,, she was thinking about him n his family but instead of taking care of her as she herself was feeling so vulnerable, he accuse her and left her alone to fight with herself…. I m sorry maan, mujhse galti hogayi, please mujhe chodke mat jana… how can he leave her when his heart is with her only… he can feel his shirt was soaking in her tears… she had suffer enough in theses months, he can’t afford to give her more pain that will only break her further…

He held her close to his body,, he had missed her like his life has snatched away brutally… maan hugged her tightly, crushing her in his body…. His hand was moving around her waist and bare back, rubbing it to sooth her pain, she dipped her face in his neck, but the hot water was nowhere to stop.. she has faced a lot and now being so close to him made her realize her loss as it will be the 1st day she have cried her heart out… unknowingly maan’s tears came out to see her condition… soon he felt she is limping and saw her fainting in his arm… maan panicked to see her like that and carried to the bed…

He called dadima and bindiya who ran to him,, dev called the doctor immediately…

After examining like an hour the doctor finally comes from the room…

doc: she is ok now, and this emotional trauma was hectic for her, I m glad she has broke the barrier that has created for 2 months,, maan was shocked to hear that, somewhere his heart was covered with fear fo losing her… agar ye abb nahi roti to sayad nervous breakdown bhi hosakta tha and we had to loose her also…

maan: what r u talking about, he asked in a shaking voice,,

a voice came from behind: she could have died in this month… he said bluntly, maan turn to see armaan and riddhima standing there…

doc left the place shaking his hand with arman… maan saw riddhima who was clad in red saree,, hands were full of red bangle, a mangulsutra tying up on her neck and small amonut of sindoor on her head…

riddhima: atlast u came maan….

maan: riddhima ye sab..

riddhima: humne shaadi karli maan but tum nahi aaye,, hume karna padha kyun k geet chahti thi,, aur usne tumhe phone karne ki bohot kosish ki, lekin tum apne gusse me itne andhe the k uska phone tak nahi uthaya,, maan remember her continuous call before one month but he didn’t picked her call then, he cursed himself neglecting her calls…

armaan: atleast tum uske zinda rehte agaye yehi kafi hain, that prick his heart like thousand niddle…

maan: armaan just think what u r saying…

armaan: u r telling me to think maan? did u thought about her health when u were leaving her alone here,, I know what she had said was not correct but did u thought about her condition.. dil dimag k bich pisti reh gayi lekin ek uff tak nahi kiya… tumhare jaane k baad ek zinda laash banker reh gayi, kabhi tumne socha jisse wo apne jaan se jayada pyar karti thi usne us insane ko apne aap se dur karna munasib samjha, kyun ke uske bansh ko wo zaruri tha, iska matlab bhi kabhi samajh paaye tum, kitna pyar karti hain tumse wo kabhi samajh paaye tum? Jab tum bacche k liye chup chup k rote the, uske crib k pass baith ke usko yaad karte the tab geet ko wo sahen nahi hota tha,, kitne rate wo sirf tumhari fake smile dekh k guzarti…

maan dipped his head in shame and sorrow, it was his fault that he had never tried to confront her instead of showing he was ok…

armaan: do u know in this 2 month what she had gone through,, har subah har sham wo sirf darwaja dekhti rehti thi k tum kab ayoge… sochti rehti thi k tumhe kaise manayegi,, bolti thi aur kabhi kuch zindegi se nahi mangegi… lekin uske har khwab tut te gaye har ek beet te huye palo me… tum nahi aaye aur uski halat din ba din bigad ti rahi, humne tumhe contact karne ki kitni kosish ki lekin tum unavailable rahe.. she was going to break down any moment and if that happen we might have lose her…

maan: armaan he said hoarsely,, kuch nahi hota  meri geet ko… he said as he stepped in the room armaan tried to stop him but riddhima held his hand to stop him,, he understand geet needs only maan…

all member left the two to sort their problem,, dadima dipped her head in shame and guilt… tears were following continuously,, bindiya and dev tried to control her and took her to her room….

Maan saw his beautiful wife sleeping with a small frown,, his each step was small and with each step his tears began to follow, her frighten expression told him that she is having a bad dream,, her sweating forehead is telling him that she is afraid of something… maan sat beside her and touches her face with his hand, her curves of the face got relax… he kissed her forehead… geet opens her eyes and sat up.. maan tried to lying her but she cringed to him like if she left his hold she will lose him,, he can sense her tension and hugged her urgently..

Geet: u will leave me again…..

Maan: nahi jaan, main kahi nahi ja raha hu,, not in this life,, not in next life, he kissed her head, and she freed his shirt that she was holding tightly… she cupped his face…

Geet: aap kahi nahi jayoge na? he shook his head in denial, and she kissed his cheeks one by one, and then his forehead… I missed u, she said ever so slowly,, he immediately capture her lips before she can withdraw,, she was dumbfounded with his action but couldn’t help it to think beyond something… both had missed it like hell…

Maan kissed her senselessly,, and his hand was roaming around her back freely… his tongue was in hurry,, the sweet nectar was driving him crazy,, his nibble her lower lips, she too reciprocate with the kiss and surrender herself complete… after long time they broke the kiss,, maan dropped his head in her neck,, feeling her around him,, he had missed her equally.. he cursed himself for neglecting her…

Geet sensed his restlessness….

Geet: kya huya maan,, she tried to hold his face but he came more close giving kisses to her neck..

Maan: I m sorry geet, I shouldn’t had left u like that… I m sorry jaan… geet can feel his sadness and insecurity of losing her…

Geet: maan it was not ur fault,, maine hi apko itna tang kiya k aap,, her voice was cracking with emotion,, maan kissed her cheeks deep…

Maan: I will never leave u again…

Geet: promise? She said with cute pout.. he nodded

Maan: promise…. He sealed her lips with his, kissing her madly… I love u geet..

Geet: love u too she said in the kiss…. I will never push u maan, I can’t survive without u… he made her lie on the bed and came on her kissing her forehead and eyes one by one,, her soft pink cheeks and and capturing her lips in a soulfulness kiss… her tears rolled down to have him near her…

He kissed her jaw and collarbone, a moan came from her mouth…. Her hand slipped in his loose shirt scratching his back, they had missed each other and now its time for completeness of each other… the tiredness they felt in their absent was pulling them so close that there is no place of anything in this world…

He pulls her saree pin aside and started placing hot demanding kiss on her chest and came to her stomach… giving feather kisses on her belly bottom.. he remember their child, one drop of tears fell from his eyes..

Maan: I miss u… he said to the baby who has no longer to hear anything.. geet  cried remembering their love when the baby was there, he was no careful yet didn’t left one place to please her… maan knew he has to fulfill the empty ness in her heart,, that once he has created… he wanted to love her that will erase her all sorrow…

He came on her face, licking all her tears and placing wet kisses on her face and neck… she held him tight, breathing heavy…  he bite her neck softly only to make her moan his name… he marks her each and every part with his love, she felt complete with his touch.. she needed him as much as he needs her… he unhook her blouse and bra taking of the saree as soon as he can,, and placed his hungry mouth on her curves… she arched her back to give him more room and he sucks with an urgency… soon he got rid of his cloths with her that join on the floor.. he kisses her lips again n again… she digged her nails when he entered her with the deep thrust… his each stroke was powerful and deep, but with utmost care… tears of joy rolled down and he kissed that away.. With each passing second their movement became rapid and strong… she scream in pleasure as he reached the peak… he collapsed on her chest panting.. and then rolled over the bed beside her but taking her on his chest… she kissed his chest feeling content…

Part 65

Both laid on the bed feeling content….

Geet: I m sorry maan for pushing u that day,, I know I shouldn’t had did that….  Wo mujhe pata nahi kya hogaya tha…

Maan: maine bhi to ek galti ki thi, us din tumhe chod ke mujhe jana nahi chahiye tha, I know what must have u gone through….. he said as buried his head in her neck,, feeling her intoxicating breath on his shoulder as he took her one him…. he played with her curl….

Geet: leking aap mujhse dur nahi jaate to mujhe kabhi samajh nahi aata main kya galti kar rahi thi, aur agar armaan ne mujhe apke jaane ke utne zor se data an hota to sayad main,, he rolled over her,,

Maan: how could he? He said in anger,, uski himmat kaise hui tumhe daatne ki,, no one has the right to say anything to my wife… she smiles at him remembering the day armaan was yelling at her…


Armaan: what was wrong with u geet,,, 1st u said all this to him, and 2nd jab wo jar aha tha tumne rokne ki kosish nahi ki, and now u r telling me all this,, wo 1 week pehle gaya tum mujhe abhi bata rahi ho,, sayad wo bhi nahi batati agar main yaha na aata,, look at ur self, r u planning to finish ur self? Aaj bhi agar tumhari halat na dekhi hoti to mujhe kabhi pata hi nahi chalta ye sab… and god damit what is the hurry in planning baby now,,,  there is still little hope na, to itni jaldi kyun thi,, it was not 2 month and u have started cribbing for surrogate mother, and what does dadima think, tum maa nahi ban sakti to kyat um abb maan ki biwi banne k kabil na rahi,, what rubbish is that….

Geet: dadima ki halat bohot kharab this armaan, main kya karti? She sobbed but armaan was really angry on her..

Armaan: kya karti matlab,, u could have tried to make her understand,, how can u say maan to do 2nd marriage, shaadi koi khel hain kya? And there is still hope, maybe we don’t need surrogate mother, or test tube baby…

Geet looked at him with hope: kya sach me?

Armaan dipped his head: we can try geet,, there are lots of treatment medication, we can try geet, but 1st we maan to be here…

Geet cried: maine unhe apnea apse dur kar diya…. Armaan hugged her instantly…

Armaan: nahi geet, wo jaldi ajayega, he loves u and I know u both can’t live without each other…

Geet: armaan mujhse galti hogayi,, main unke bina nahi reh sakti,, jab main unse wo baat ekar rahi thi, main hi janti hu mujhpe kya beeti, lekin lekin main jaanti hu,,, unhe mujhse bhi zayda dukh huya hoga…

Armaan pulls her out from the hug: then u have done that geet, his pitch was a little high… jab itna pyar karti hain to kyun dur kiya,, she sobbed silently…

Geet: because I can’t see him sad, I want a baby for him…

Armaan: god geet he loves u more than a baby,, and u want him happy na then be with him like this only.. don’t try to change anything…. She nodded…. And he hugged her again to sooth her pain…


Geet: armaan ne hi mujhe samjhaya maine kya galti ki,, wo sab kehte huye bhi mera dil kanp raha tha,, to apko sunte huye kaisa laga hoga,, she said in low tone…

Maan heard everything and kissed her forehead,

Maan: aisa laga jaise someone just stabs me thousand times, her tears rolled down but he licks it away… sshh jaan, I m sorry to bring that… ha ye sach hain bohot bura laga, itna k tab yaha se jana hi thik samjha, gusse me andha hogaya tha…

Geet: aap baby se bohot pyar karte the na, she asked in a chocked voice.. the memory of all good time brought tears in both of their eyes…

He kissed her lips: hmm,, but uski mamma se zayada nahi… she smiles as tears rolled down,,, she still felt empty in her stomach but her heart is in peace being with maan, in his arm…

Geet: maan kya kabhi main,,, maan didn’t let her complete as he knew what she want to tell…

Maan: kya hum baby bina nahi reh sakte,, her tears comes out… he rested his forehead on her,, we will try…. She smiles and kissed his lips…  he groaned with her simple peck and took her to another round of passion…

After 3 yr…….

Maannnnnnn…….. maannnnnn…. Kaha ho aap…

Maan: kya huya geet, he came out from the bathroom… looking as usual hot in the track and a towel wrapped around his neck…. Water was dropping from his wet hair… it is their 4yr anniversary yet she finds herself blushing whenever he looks at her teasingly…. Geet saw him coming from the washroom but couldn’t say anything, her tongue caught in her throat… he can see her blushing face,, with a smirk he walked up to her… and with that she took one step behind.. but she could take few more step he held her from her waist and pulls her close…

Maan: mujhse bhaagna itna asan nahi hain geet, he whisper in her ear…. She closed her eyes feeling his aftershave that always drives her crazy… her chest was going up n down with the proximity…. He traces her face with his knuckles,, geet tum mujhe kuch kehna chahti thin a? he said husily, geet who was lost in his scent couldn’t muster any word….

Geet: ummm….

Maan chuckle and came close to her lips: I don’t mind to capture those rosy lips, fir tumhe kuch kehna bhi nahi padega… he was going to kiss her when she came back to senses and pushes him.. he smiles at her slyly and pulls her again…

Geet: maan please let me go…

Maan: abhi tumhi khoyi hui thi geet…

Geet: uff maan apse baato me koi nahi jeet sakta, please niche sab intezar kar rahe hain. lets go na…

Maan smiles disappointedly: anniversary hamari hain celebration baakiya kar rahe hain….  she giggle and wacked him… aur iss liye tum itna excited thi…

Geet: are accha yaad dilaya,, armaan riddhima aaye hain maan…. u know what,,, riddhima is pregnant… maan can saw her brighten face… she is really happy for her… maan smiles widely…

Maan: so abb armaan ki baari hain hume treat dene ki…  geet giggle at him… maan can saw a slight glint in her eyes.. geet turn to leave the place, but he held her hand, he make her face him… her tear rolled down… he immediately hugged her..

Geet: maan,, kya hamara baby,,,

Maan: sshhhhhh,, sab thik hojayega… she sobbed in his embrace and unknowingly tear rolled down from his eyes…

Riddhima: we should tell them the news armaan…

Armaan: hmm ye news unke liye aaj ka gift hoga…

Riddhima: I m happy for them….

Armaan: and I m happy to see u happy… he kissed her forehead, and gave a flying kiss to their baby, who is just 3 weeks old fetus…

Both leave the couple alone to feel their presence in each other arm,, and headed towards the hall…. Both were there to talk to maaneet but seeing them lost in each other arms they decided to break the news in front of everyone…


Maaneet cut the cake and fed each other lovingly, 4 yr of togetherness yet it feel like they had met yesterday…

these years were blissful for them… geet saw the cribbing baby in pinky’s arm,, she felt empty… yes adi and pinky got married 2 n half year back and they got a beautiful present as rehan.. their 1 yr old son… life is really beautiful for geet as in every phase maan was there, she had never took out the topic of test tube baby or surrogate mother.. she can’t afford to lose maan who loves her insanely, but she can see his longing for a baby,, she can sense that when he played with deven, bindiya n dev’s child who is 4 n half yr old,, and when he held rehan his face always glowed like a diamond, she can see his sad eyes when they went their respective house… sometime she cries but not for herself or her emptiness,, its for maan who can’t show his sorrow with the fear of losing geet…

But today is special,, she knew something is gonna change…

Armaan: ok abb sabne apna gift de diya hian to hum apna gift de…

Dev: neki aur pooch pooch, jaldi kijiye mallik sahib…

Riddhima takes out a envelop and handed to geet, who was smiling but her heart was throbbing loudly, and her hand was shaking… maan came forward and took that with her hand entangling… armaan wrapped his hand around riddhima and gave her a light squeeze….

Geet opens the envelop and saw a paper,, she tried to read with shaking hand, maan caught her shaking her and squeeze it as it say what happen… both read the paper and geet’s eyes beamed with tears…

tears of joy…. She looked at maan who himself was in tears,, she hugged him tight….

Aadi pinky bindiya was confuse but dev was smiling at them….

Aadi: kya hain paper me?

Riddhima: congratulation mr & mrs Khurana, u r becaming mamma n papa….

The mansion just lit up in happiness…. Bindiya got tears in her eyes so was pinky… aadi hugged raj… riddhima cried to see their love….

Armaan: the treatment goes successful and she is now pregnant also….

In these one thing that they learned is having faith and determination… riddhima has worked hard on geet and her case.. and they got every possible way to cure her.. it was hard but geet was determine to give maan happiness so she went for every pain to see him happy,, not only she maan was always with her.. he didn’t left one stone unturned…  his care and love always gave her special strength and now they got the beautiful gift of loving each other….

Armaan: she is 27 days pregnant…. Geet’s eyes were moist but a sweet smile was playing on her face.. and so was maan… finally they will r becoming parents… there will be someone who will call them mamma papa.. the words they were craving to hear… now the dream is coming in reality….

Part 66

Maan’s hands were securely wrapped around geet’s waist,, a sweet smile is playing on her face, feeling her husband’s warmth she feels heaven… but soon her sleep got disturb as maan was continuously stroking her belly and talking with the jr khurana inside… she opens her eyes to see maan leaning on her rising tummy… trying hear something… its not new for her, every morning she has to watch this scene only…. She ruffle his hair and he came on her lips to give a sweet peck…

Maan: good mrng jaan….

Geet: good mrng she said sweetly showing her dimples… maan aap har subah kya baat karte ho baby se….

Maan: kuch nahi bas yehi kehta hu k jaldi se ajaye ye dono aur iss ghar me aur khusiya le aaye….

Yes they are going to be parents not only of 1 its twins,, at 1st geet was shocked that she is bearing twins then she was the most happiest person,, maan’s happiness also has no bound to hear that… she is in her 6 months,, and these months was a treat for her… its true that morning sickness has made her life hell but for her love and the 2 angel she can do anything…

Geet: main har subah apka yun muskurata huya chehra dekhke hi uthna chahti hu….

Maan kissed her forehead: ye khusi aur bhi badh jayengi jab hamare 2 angels sath honge…. Lets go now,, my babies are starving, get up now… she made a O….

Geet: maan aap jante ho ye dono mujhe kitna satate hain,

Maan: mere babies hain, mujhi par jayenge na… he kissed her tummy

Geet: ouch,, firse nahi… he kissed again and again OUCH….

Whenever maan kissed her tummy the baby kicked alternately and geet would give him dangerous glare….

Maan kissed her cheeks….

Maan: kya karu agar mere bacche footballer banna chahte hain to….

She hide her smile,, he captured her lips in a soul searing kiss.. maan has became more protective towards geet…

Maan: get up now, my angels are hungry, she frowns at him and he smiles broadly… don’t frowns, utho abb otherwise, mujhe koi problem nahi tumhe uthake washroom le jaake ek accha sa bath dene me,, her eyes widen in shock as he came near her and whisper, and u r inviting me so much geet…. She just pushed him and sat up on the bed…

Geet: main khud kar sakti hu,, aap pehle ready hojao, PS jana hain ke nahi…

Maan haf heartedly: hmm jana to hain, new case aya hain, uff I can’t even spend time with my wife and babies.. kal bhi jab aaya that um sogayi hi…

Geet: hmmm because u came after 2 in the morning… maan took her face in his palm…

Maan: sorry jaan, it was really important and,,,, she placed her fingers on his lips…

Geet: maan aapko ye sab kehne ki koi zarurat anhi hain, I know aap aaj kal bohot busy rehte ho firbhi hamare liye time nikalte ho.. and we love u for this.. apko pareshan hone ki koi zarurat nahi hain hum hamesha aapke sath hain harm or pe…. He kissed her lips and she surrender herself….

Maan: love u geet… she smiles… ok I m going for shower and u take rest here now… she agreed.. she is not feeling well for quite a days and today she has an appointment with her doctor…


After the check up geet was patiently waiting for the doctor to say something..

Geet: what happen doctor?

Dec: geet apka case doc riddhima handle kar rahi thi but now she herself is in maternal leave…

Geet: is there any problem

Doc: mrs geet,, there are some certain problem, u r still very weak and the twins has a good growth,, geet didn’t understand, and she looked at him with hopeful eyes… dekhiye main apko darana nahi chahta aur issi liye maine kaha tha apke husband ko leaayiye…

Bindiya: its ok doc aap hume bhi bata sakte hain,, maan PS me kuch kaam k liye jaldi chala gaya so here I m…

Doc: bindiya u all knew that though she can bear child but the twin made it difficult.. she is very weak and there are some complication… her becoming a mother is itself a miracle but it was dangerous too…

Geet: lekin abhi to main thik hu na doctor.. then why this sickness..

Doc: u are not fully good.. there are some risk in ur delivery…

Geet’s world just spins around her,, there is some problem in delivery, what risk? What if her babies are in danger…

Doc: dekhiye geet main apko sab clear karna chahta hu… 1st it will be a C section and then there is no guarantee it will be safe process…

Her tear rolled down..

Geet: aap kehna kya chahte hain, mere bacche, doctor please do something…

Oc dipped her head: geet as a woman I know how it felt to know that ur child is in danger but the problem is u are in that equally….main ye nahi keh rahi hu ke it will be 100% not success but main yeh kehna chahti hu ke delivery me sayad hum kisi ek bacche ko kho sakte hain ya fir tumhe bhi….

Binidya’s heart flinched to hear about it…

What is happening with them, after so many yrs they got the perfect happy family and now this,, why fate always wanted to play with them…

Geet: doctor mere baccho ko kuch anhi hona chahiye…

Doctor: we will try our level best geet but 1st priority will be u only…

Geet: nooooo,,, main ek baar apna baccha kho chuki, bhagwan ne mujhe wo kami puri akrne k liye isbaar dono ko sath me veja hain, main in dono me se kisiko nahi kho sakti… please…

Doctor: for now I can’t say anything, but u need to take care of urself.. no stress at all…. Apna dhyan rakkhiye aur hosake to mr maan ko mujhse milne aane ko kahiye…

Geet: nahi doctor aap maan ko ye sab nahi kahengi,, he will be shattered… apko nahi pata indono ka intezar mujhse zayada unko hain….

Bindiya: geet tum ye kya keh rahi ho,, he loves u more than them…  aur usse ye sab jaane ka pura haq ahin hain…

Geet: main janti hu wo mujhse sabse jayada pyar karte hain lekin ye baate unhe sirf tod dega bindiya,, aur waise bhi abhi to ahamare pass time hain… we can manage this all later….

Doc: I m prescribing some medicine,, ye time pe lijiyega, aur mujhe har week me miliye check up ke liye….

Both nodded and come out….

Geet was in tears and bindiya just hugged her….

Bindiya: kuch anhi hoga tumhe, tumhara maan tumhe kuc nahi hone dega…

Geet: agar maan ko ye sab pata chala wo kabhi ye sab bardast anhi kar sakenge,, hum 3 no unki jaan hain, agar…..

Bindiya: kuch nahi hoga geet,, bhagwan pe varosa rakkho…

Geet: unpe to hain lekin apni kismet pe nahi….


It more than 2 week but geet didn’t said anything to maan.. he was happy in his own world, whenever he was around geet never showed her grief, she always smiles, talks, doing everything just like before…. She wanted to enjoy this time with him… kal ka kisse pata jeena hain aaj yaha, to jeelo jee varke ye duniya…..

Maan nuzzle close to geet’s neck slowly kissing it…

Geet: maan kya kar rahe ho, mujhe gudgudi horahi ahin…

Maan: u r became so ticklish geet… he nuzzle more close to ear and stared kissing there more vigorously… she moans his name…

Geet was reading some novel when maan started playing with her senses… it was her 6 month and 3 weeks… the tummy was usually big… but still they made love ever so gently… her hormones was more vulnerable than usual…

Maan throw her novel and pulls her in a hug….

Geet: maan aapko kya hogaya aaj, subah subah aap itne romantic mood me…. she giggles at hm

Maan: pata nahi geet,, I m feeling some unknown insecurity… pata nahi kyun mera dil tumhe chodne ka man hi nahi kar raha… her heart sink hearing his words… his love is so strong that it can feel the negative vibe… maan kisses her nape sensually moving his tongue on her skin,, she closed her eyes blocking every sorrow.. she gave in to his passion…

She was in her thin material silky night gown with thin strap,, and the back is open… he rolled down her strap over her shoulder to arm with his tongue… she moans his name…. his hand was busy in moving seductively on her thighs, squeezing and rubbing making her groan in anticipation… he slides her hair over one shoulder and planted some wet kissed around her neck and earlobe… she held his arm than is coming from her back and dig her finger in his skin…   he slowly roled her night dress over her head and throws it on the floor… he was very gentle yet it was driving her crazy… he makes her lie on the bed and kissed her tummy slowly stroking it…..

Maan: will u be alri8? she assured him with her eyes…..

He came on her lips and took it in his, slowly serenely kissing her cherishing the moment… he nibbles the bottom lips and then the heat was turning him on… his hand was busy in cupping her asset…. She was nude under him and his bare chest was rubbing her bare body… after sometime he came to her jaw and chest, placing several wet kisses…. She moans his name louder as he captured her one mount in his mouth and other in his hand,, sucking and biting making her insane in pleasure…. her full curves always makes him want more n more and she gave in happily….

He came to her abdomen and started showing his love… he kissed there again n again… tears rolled down from her eyes as she saw him so affectionate towards their babies….

She clutches his shoulder and he enters her not putting any weight on her abdomen…. He move slowly and smoothly… not wanted to hurt her and as the time pass the passion and heat was rising only…. After a long time both hit the climax and he collapse beside her…. she snuggles close to his chest an dhe tugged her body with his tightly holding her….

Maan: love u jaan…

Geet: me too…. he kissed her forehead and realize her eyes are droopy as the love making was long and tiring for her… he patted her to sleep and she dozes off…. Sometime later he got a call and his face muscle got tightens….

Maan: hmm I m coming….


A man was tying with rope in a chair and some man was  around him holding wood stick….

Ready for 3rd degree, said someone, the person on the chair only gave a mocking laugh…

The person on the chair: jitna maarna hain maarle saale, ek baar main chut gaya to sabse pehle tujhe udhaunga aur teri bahen ko apne rakhel banaunga,, that’s it…. All started hitting him with hard stick when HE enters the room… all the man stops at his track…

ACP sir ye kuch nahi bol raha,, humne 3rd degree bhi di lekin…

Maan: isse tum 3rd degree kehte ho?

The person laugh: ye saalo me itna hi dum hain,, kash iske wo chikni bahen me isse jayda dum ho….

Maan hit his privet spot and he screamed in horror n pain….

Maan: bohot soukh hain aurato ka,, abb mard hone pe ghamand hain, abb dekh tere mardangi ki main kya halat karta hu….

The person with greeted teeth: ACP ye mat vul mera bhai abhi bhi bahar hain aur tere ghar pe bhi 2 khubsurat aurat hain,, jisme se teri biwi to pataka hain… pet se hain to kya lagti kamal ki hain..

Maan slapped him so hard that his one tooth came out: RAKAA…. Ek labz nahi aur ,, warna iske agle pal bolne k liye teri zaban nahi rahegi….

Maan: Isse apne style me tang do upar,, all looked at him with big eyes like they had seen some zombie… Didn’t u guys hear me he shouted on top of his lungs…. All were petrified with his voice and di that what he told…

Now he was upside down by his head and his leg are parted but tied with rope in different direction but its in upside… his hand was tied too together down… his head was hanging a sand bag….

He was felling pain between his leg as the force was heavy and he was feeling like his leg will part away… and then he saw maan came only in vest n track,, his handing was banded in white cloth like he is going to punch the sand bag…

Maan punched raka straight on his nose that is now bleeding…. He screamed….

Maan held him: main tujhe goli se bhi udha sakta tha lekin fir tujhe wo dard kasie mehsoos hota jo inspecter rakesh ka huya jab yune usse torture karke mara… he again punched his stomach and blood oozing out…. tujhe bohot shouck hain na rape karne ki abb tu kabhi uss kabil bhi nahi rahega ke ladkio ko dekh bhi sake,, he hit his privet spot with his leg spinning around… he shriek and maan only smirks… itne me hi ye haal hain abhi to tujhe bohot khatir daari karni hain…

One constable came and gave maan the receiver…

Maan: yes sir…

but sir raka to hamare paas nahi hain… raka tried to shout but maan’s men held his mouth… ji sir agar hume mil gaya apko to sabse pehle batayenge…. Jii he hund up the phn…

maan: ye minister bhi sirf ye gundo ke talwe chatna jante hain…

raka: bohot vari kimat chukayega ACP….

Next he found himself puking blood as maan has hit him hard….

Atlast he felt unconscious…

Maan: isse hosh me lao firse torture karo… and make him confess his all action…

Aadi: maan maine iske addo ka pata lagaya hain,, hum aaj raat hi raid maar sakte hain…. kuch red zone bhi hain,,(prostitute area) wo thoda tough hoga…

Maan: aadi kuch bhi kar,, rakesh ki biwi ka pata laga, I m sure is kamine ne usse uss gande talab me jhok diya hoga…

Aadi: sach me yaar bechara rakesh, desh k liye jaan de baitha aur hum uske biwi ki rakh wali bhi nahi kar sake….

Maan: isse to main tadpa tadpa ke marunga, aur iske bhai ko isse bhi bhayanak maut dunga… but kheyal rakhna ministers ko ye jagah pata nahi chalni chahiye naahi iske bhai Saga ko…. He nodded….

Aadi: abb head quarter chal report karna hain….

Raka is a hard core criminal knowing for drug and sex racket… and his brother Saga is a mafia don,, and both have became the terror in criminal world…. Maan was behind them for a long time and now when he caught one of them he doesn’t want him to be rescue with the record with ministers and politicians…

And this raka has killed maan’s one of the honest police officer, not only that he has raped his wife and sold her in a red zone and maan wanted to find her but raka was not opening his mouth….

Aadi got a call and after attending it he was excited very much…

Aadi: rakesh ki biwi ka pata chal gaya.. wo XYZ are a me hain, we have to go toni8…

Maan: let me call geet that I will be late….

He informed her and started the jeep for the destination….

Precap: attack on maan….

This part doesn’t have much of geet,,, its has some cruel truth,, so read at ur own risk… weak hearted ppl stay away from this part…. It has some ugly truth of world…

Sirf mere liye

Part 67

Aadi got a call and after attending it he was excited very much…

Aadi: rakesh ki biwi ka pata chal gaya.. wo XYZ area me hain, we have to go toni8…

Maan: let me call geet that I will be late….

He informed her and started the jeep for the destination….


Maan n aadi reached a deserted place, after few block there is the red zone but its pretty difficult for 2 to goes in and tried to come up with a girl of their property, yes a girl if enters the zone once she has to become their property…

Maan’s whole force was coming but a single wrong move can harm rakesh’s wife as they knew police can come for her rescue….

Aadi: force are coming what should we do,, wait or just attack?

Maan: lets find her 1st…. till then if force came we will attack them warna we have to wait there only…

They proceeded and somehow maan n aadi manages to enters the area,, they were in disguise so no one can found they police, though it was very protected area…. The aunty that deals girls with men for one night(I don’t know what they exactly call by name) check maan up to down….

The lady: iss area ke to nahi lagte saab…. Yaha kya kar rahe ho…

Aadi interrupt seeing the rage in maan’s eyes: aare mousi ye delhi me naye hain,, main to yaha kabhi kabhi aata tha lekin bohot pehle… the lady watch him suspiciously but then maan handed her 50 thousand ruppes bundle… the lady’s eyes goes big….

The lady: arre saab hume kya karna hain jaanke aap kaha se aaye ho,, aap jao kamre me, main sabse acchi maal vejhti hu… maan greeted his teeth….

Maan: kya main khud chun sakta hu?

The lady narrow her eyes and then agreed…

Maan n aadi enters a room where lots of girls where standing like a puppet.. some are smiling at them some drooling over maan, he was in mustache and beard… he saw some of the minor like 13 or 14yrs girl was standing bowing there head, some were crying… maan’s blood boiled to see that but he couldn’t do anything just stares at them helplessly… the lady saw him staring at a cute looking 12 yr old girl…

The lady smiles slyly: kya saab kacchi kali chahiye… maan closed his eyes in sheer rage and disgust… if he was in his uniform and this was not a lady he had been punching the person…

Aadi looks away feeling disgust…

Lady: sharmao mat saab,, ye to kacchi kali hain, sirf ek baar hi baithi hain… he looks at the girl who was horrified with the fact that she has to bear everything that she doesn’t want to… her tears were sliding continuously… maan can feel the pain of her,, the sadness was clear in her eyes…

He didn’t knew what to do, he wanted to search the person for whom he is here but seeing her he is breaking his rule and shot the goons that is standing behind him…. somehow he manages….

Maan: aur kuch nahi hain…

The lady looks hesitatingly… and then : aap ruko ek naya maal aya hain,, main usse laati hu…

Maan was feeling terrible to leave that small girl, what if she has to sleep again with someone, but right now he have to concentrate on his plan…

The lady brought rakesh’s wife rohini,, the exact maan thought….

Rohini knew maan from before,, she called him bhai and he has promised her for protecting everytime, rohini saw him but with his look she doesn’t recognize him…she was struggling to free herself but the grip of the lady was strong… maan clenched his fist when the lady slapped her and she landed on the ground….

Lady: agar tereko zinda rehna hain to wohi kar hum keh rahe hain…

Rohini: nahi rehna zinda, maar daalo mujhe…

Lady laughed: thik hain tujhe to hum maar dalenge, she came and whisper: but teri beti jo k tere maa baap k paas hain usse le ayenge,,, kuch saal baad usse yehi baitha denge… tears rolled down from her eyes,, what a life she get, can’t even death come for her rescue…

She quietly agreed for everything….

Maan signal aadi something….

Aadi: mausi isse mere saath vej do, aur bhai k liye wo ladki…

The lady smirk: mujhe pata tha tereko wohi pasand aayegi… thik hain… aay chotu saab ko upar leja,, main in dono ko bhejti hu,, saab pass me karma chahiye kya? They nodded and left…

On the way…

Maan: keep the phn on… he whisper and enter the room…

Some time later the small girl thrown in the room and someone locked the room… maan tried to catch her as if she may got hurt but the girl only cried…

Girl: mujhe jaane dijiye please….

Maan’s heart cried,, she was like his sister sapna, exact feature when sapna was 12 or 13….

Maan: aapka naam kya hain?


Palak: mujhe ye sab accha nahi lagta please mujhe jaane dijiye…

Maan: dekho palak main aapke aur tum jaisi ladkiyo ko ayaha se churane aaya hu… mujhse daro mat aur paani peelo,, she gaped at him for sometime…. And then hesitantly took the glass.. palak aap yaha kaise phas gaye…

Palak: pata nahi, main to mummy daddy k sath Punjab ja rahi thi, train ek jagah ruki hum sab niche utre, mummy kahi gayi thi sayad,,fir ek aunty ne kaha mumy mujhe bula rahi hain to main ek store me gayi unhe dhunde fir mujhe kuch yaad nahi,, jab aankh khuli to dekha ayaha hu….

Maan knew maybe they put some cloth with chloroform and take her here…

Palak look at him suspiciously….

Palak: aap sach me mujhe lejaane aaye ho? He nodded his head in yes and sh smiled a little…

Maan: accha ek baat batao, yaha aur kitne log hain mera matlab kitni ladkiya hain tumhe pata hain?

Palak:  bohot hain… meri 2 dost bhi ban gayi…

Maan: apko aaye huye kitne din huye?

Palak: 4 din,,, aur kal,, she again started crying,,, maan immediately hugged her soothing her pain…

Maan: apko abhi aur rone ki jarurat nahi hain baccha… she wiped her tears..

Palak: aap mujhe ghar poucha doge..

Maan: hmm…..

She wiped her tears with the back of her palm, and he smiles at her….

His cell buzzed, he knew its aadi….

Maan: hmm….

Aadi: she is ready… eagles are in the sky…

Maan: let the game begin….

They hung up and maan took palak with him and went to the small balcony… they knew the place and its hide out as they already did a map about it… he saw aadi coming to the balcony and signal him…

Maan was going to jump from the balcony to the next floor as it was 1st floor when palak said where he going… maan just told her to stay inside the room locking it… she did so…

Aadi was nowhere to be seen… before maan can reach more down  a gun shoot at him… he instantly sat on his knees….

Some men was in the ground and saw him coming from the balcony and talking with palak,, they guessed he is running away with palak… and that is the impossible thing…

Maan instantly took his gun from the shoe and started the gun shot… in swift moment he jumped on the ground in front of everyone…. They were shock to see him as they never though he will come to die himself,, least they knew what is Maan singh khurana.. he just shot the two in front of him in 2 second… and it hit his head….

But at the time more than 15 ppl came and circle him… he was ready for it so it was not a big thing…. He sat on his one knees and the firing started..

His team was shooting at a speed that no one get the chance to think anything…

Some more men came and started hitting maan’s police men,, it was from back so they were not prepared… maan shoot some of them and then he throw his beard and just punch straight to the face of a gon who was holding his one man….

The goons can recognize now, he is ACP one of the whisper…

The main lady came out holding palak’s hair and putting a knife on her neck… maan’s world stop seeing the girl pleading eyes….

Lady: to ACP khud aaya bachane apne dost ki biwi ko… chaa mujhe tabhi shaq hona chahiye tha jab tune jhat se usse pasand kiya,, leking koi baat nahi abb ye to hain, mujhe pata hain tujhe iske liye bohot hamdardi hain…. abb dekh mmain iska kya haal karti hu….

She started cutting her neck slowly…. Palak shriek in pain…

Maan: STOP he shouted….

Lady smirks: to bol wo ladki kaha hain? kya naam hain haa rohini… kidhar hain wo? Wo tere dost kaha hain?

Actually maan was driving everyone’s attention towards him and that’s why aadi can take her from other tunnel… and now they are far from their clutch ….

Maan: wo abhi yaha nahi hain,, tum bhi nahi bach sakti, palak ko chodo…

Lady made a face: mujhe bewakoof samjha hain, isse chod dungi to yaha se bahar kaise jayungi….

In the mean someone attacked maan from back,, he hit his head with a stick and he held his head in pain…

His men wanted to fire but seeing palak he told them to stop… some more men came and started hitting maan specially…

Lady: mere duniya me aake meri cheeso pe haath di… someone hit his hand with his shoe….  He closed his eyes and geet face flashed in front of him….

MAANNNNNNN…. Geet shouted jerking from her sleep…. Bindiya dev dadima all ran to her…

Bindiya saw her crying…

Bindiya: kya huya geet….

Geet was sleeping when she shouted,, it was nearly 9 pm and she was waiting for maan in the room, but dozed off feeling tired….

Geet: bindiya maan kaha hain? mujhe unke paas jana hain..

Dev: geet abhi tak maan nahi aaya,, mujhe usne phn kiya tha 3 baje,, he said he will be late… tum so jayo…

Geet: nahi wo kisi musibat me hain,, mujhe unke pass jana hain….

Dadima: geet bête apko iss halat me itna stress nahi lena chahiye,, please aram kijiye, maan ajayenge… geet was not convinced and pleading to let her go…

Bindiya: apne baccho ke bare socho geet… ur condition is not well also… u trust him na?

Geet nodded… to chinta mat karo, maan apne geet ke liye wapis ajayega…

Bindiya made her lie on the bed and patted her to sleep… she keep mumbling maan’s name and bindiya sat there all time….

Maan’s were droopy but still he has the strength to fight…

Lady: tujhe iski badhi chinta thi na,, 12 saal ki,,, are hamare yaha to isse bhi choti ladkiya hain,, tujhe unhe bhi churana hain kya?

Maan: wo bacchi hain,, usse chod do..

Lady laughed mockingly: bacchi? Kali khil gayi hain ACP,, aur inka demad to sabse jayada hain…. customer to bhagwan hota hain aur jisse customer khus wo hamare sar ankho pe…  chod denge isse jab jab iska ras nichod lenge…. Maan closed his eyes couldn’t control his anger,, the pain was nothing in front of the anger of him…

Palak cried tried to free herself but the lady mercilessly held her hair and then pushed her to someone… he was a middle age man..

Lady: ye dekho, ye hi kal the iske sath,, aaj bhi agaye iske liye, aab tum hi bolo ACP kaise chode is kali ko…

Maan saw the maan lusted eyes,, he clenched his jaw and then saw around,, the lady did the big mistake now… he signals his men and in fraction of second he stood up,, and kick the man who was beating him… the lady was shocked to see the turn in the event and before the man can drag the girl maan held his throat and squeeze it…

The man was shivering in fear to see the angry eyes of maan, the blood was dripping from his head and that was giving a look of more dangerous…

He saw palak bleeding neck and red eyes due to crying and then hit the man with his bare hand…

Before the lady can escape maan’s men came and held her…

Maan started beating the man who raped palak,, his devilish form can make anyone fear from him… he kick his stomach and then punch his face… the man was in pain but maan was nowhere to stop today,, the lady shiver to see him like that….

Maan beats the man turn him to beg for mercy, but maan was maan… he kicked his privet spot and sat on his stomach, punching his face again n again,, turning it red in blood….

The whole area stood rooted to see the sight… everyone was gulping to see maan’s rage….

Atlast he stops but not to leave him, he saw the big stone and tried to lift that….

Everyone’s eyes was looking at him in fear…. He was going to put it on the man when his men tried to stop im but he gave them a glare… he again tried to throw the stone on him when palak came…

Palak: bhaiya isse mat maaro.. ye mar gaya to apko jail hojayegi…..

Maan looked at her and then her words hit him…

Maan: bhaiya?

Palak nods her head in yes and he throw the stone other direction… the man was almost dead…

Maan hugged the girl who hugged him hiding her face in his waist…

The whole area got sealed and maan take palak with him.. he doesn’t wanted her to go in custody… the whole racket got flashed and it was a breaking news… after reaching safely rohini left for her home and aadi was already in PS… he had reported everything to commissioner….

Maan reached the PS and aadi ran to him…  he hugged him…. and then saw his state.. he took him n palak to hospital and got them treated…

After that they reached KM and saw geet was in the hall pacing up n down… though bindiya tried to put her in sleep but she was adamant and from then she was waiting for maan in the hall… bindiya an ddev also were there only….

Geet saw his state,, his head was bandaged,, the hand was bandaged and then saw the shirt was dipped in blood… she ran to him and hugged him…

Maan: geet smabhal ke, baby… but he couldn’t say anything as geet started crying vigorously…. He patted her back and she tried to calm her self… she was 6 month 3 weeks pregnant,, with a huge belly it was not comfortable to hugged him so tight… he made her relax and sat on the couch…

Geet saw palak and then looked at maan….

Maan called palak to come and she does so…

Maan: palak ye geet hain apki bhabhi… geet smiles at her and palak only gape at her stomach..

Maan laughed seeing her…

Part 68

Life was a bliss..maan has rescued most of the girls but still Raka’s brother Saga was not in his clutch… he had shoot Raka and said it was encounter, his men gave the final touch and everyone believes that only.. everything was great,,  palak was more attach to geet and often she cutely caresses her belly… maan never left a chance to pamper geet and palak,, like he has got his life in palak,, she was his small sister just like sapna… and geet was giving him the most beautiful thing in the world…. His 2 angels.. they often fight with the babies name and sex… geet wanted it to be 1 boy n 1 girl but maan wanted 2 girls…

Geet: maan it will be boy only…

Maan: I said na its 2 girls…  i have list for her name also…

Geet: maan I have already decide that…

Palak: ufffooo aap log to baccho jaise ladte ho… twins hain na, then ek ka naam bhabi rakhegi aur ek ka naam aap rakh lena…

Maan looked at her with understanding smile: okk geet to kya naam rakhna hain tumhe?

Geet looks at him with a smile: SAPNA…..

Maan looks at her with tears… she wiped the tear and held his face….

Geet: she will be our sapna… ur sapna….

Maan hugged her immediately….. kissing her hair then face madly…..

Palak giggles at them and it brought them back from there sweet dream land…

Geet placed her hand on her tummy: accha laga apka naam,, baby kicked.. maan also placed his hand and it again kicked… geet made a baby face and maan laughed to see her like that…

Geet: ok now its ur turn…..

Maan smiles at her: GEETANSH…. Geet’s eyes just stares at him without blink,, he smiles at him and touches her face… he is will be our ansh, issi liye Geetansh…. Geet’s tear fall and hide her face in his embrace…

Geet(st): aapne mujhe har khusi dedi maan aur akri pal me hamare pyar ka ansh bhi apne mere naam kar diya… leking main in dono k siwah kuch nahi de sakti..

Palak: aare was dekho aap ladki chahte ho fir naam ladke ka kyun socha? Aur bhabi ne bhi ladki ka naam liya…  agar twins boy huye ya fir girls to?

Maan: it will be a baby boy n baby girl only… geet smiles at him…

Bindiya got tears in her eyes, only to think about geet’s state she was having volcano in her heart what will happen when maan will come to know about it….


It was her 7 n half month pregnancy and dadima wanted do godvarai and so they had arranged everything for the function… geet’s parents also came and gave her blessing…. Geet was wearing her jewelry that dadima gave her for the function ,,, but she was having difficulty to tie it around her neck… when maan entered the room he saw her struggling with the knot… he chuckle at her and stood behind her silently then took the thread and started tying it… then only geet saw him…

Geet: are maan aap yaha?apko to niche hona chahiye,, everyone must be waiting for u..

Maan came close to her ear: everyone is waiting for u jaan… she shies looking at his intense gaze…. Geet u r looking like a new bride… bilkul uss din ki tarha jis din tum meri zindegi me meri dulhan banke aayi thi…. But ek difference hain… she saw him through the mirror with questioning eyes…. He smiles and whisper… aaj tum aur bhi jayda khubsurat lag rahi ho…. Geet bite her lower lips feeling shy and maan turn her to see his eyes that hold truth…. Geet stares at him with love and he as having some naughty plans,, before geet can understand he took her lips in his taking her to a different level of ecstasy… she held on his shoulder and his  one hand goes towards her belly caressing and an done hand was on her neck pulling her more close….  He slipped his tongue in her mouth showing the affection, love and admiration he have foe her….  she smiles in the kiss and held him tight… after sometime they broke the kiss and he kissed her forehead….

Maan: I love u….

Geet: love u too maan….

They did the rasam and the function went well,, riddhima an darmaan couldn’t come as she herself was 7 month pregnant…. They talked on the phone and through video chat….

All was going fine in maaneet’s life until the day comes and palak has to go,, it was almost 8 n a half month of geet’s pregnancy… palak was very attached to maaneet but maan knew they had to find her parents also.. with much difficulty finally her parents came to the mansion claiming their child… geet has cried a lot and so was palak… maan offered them to say at the outhouse and he can manage their job in delhi but they politely refused and thanked him numerous time, her mother’s condition was not well sinch the time palak has been kidnapped… they promised to came here often and for her higher study they will send her to them only… geet got agreed with tears…

Geet’s due date was coming but another storm is waiting to steal their moment…  geet started getting blank calls,, she was feeling really uneasy that day.. maan saw it and came by her side…

Maan: kya huya geet? Itni pareshaan kyun lag rahi ho?

Geet: maan mujhe kuch dino se blank call arahe hain.. lekin ye kon hosakta hain?

Maan was in deep thought: geet don’t worry ye koi mazak kar raha hoga… u don’t worry about it,, main dekhta hu… though geet was not convinced but maan was successful to convert her mind with the baby talk…

Later maan has traced the id but it was from privet number so he started working on that with his men… it was after 2 days maan got to know the location of the caller and he went for the address…

Maan and aadi was in the room and their men were outside the area… maan saw the house frowm ehre the person was giving blank call to his geet… he was thinking it must be related to him as he has so many enemy but the view shocked him to the core… the whole house was full of geet’s pictures… the wall was decorated with geet’s fav flower red rose and with her picture from her childhood to her marriage pix, but not with him.. her alone snaps… maan was the big poster that has blood mark on his, writing something….


Maan’s blood boiled to see the snap,, he instantly erase all the marks with his hanky rubbing it again n again…

Aadi: maan hume upar dekhne jaana chahiye sayad koi ho…..

He nodded and headed towards the upstairs but there was no one,,, suddenly maan saw something… it was a letter.. he took it and read….

Main janta tha ACP Maan Singh Khurana tum yaha jarur ayoge…. Hmm kuch nahi mila mere bare me? milega bhi nahi… tumhare liye itna janna accha hain ke geet sirf meri hain,, aur aaj main usse apna banana jar raha hu…. Himmat hain to rok lo….

Geet’s lover….

Maan immediately called home and bindiya took it….

Maan: geet…

Binidya: maan geet to tumse milne gayi hain….

Maan: what mujhse milne?

Bindiya: tumhare kisi admi ka phn aay atha PS se,, wo keh rahe the tum hospital me ho aur geet ko bulaya hain…

Maan: bindiya aur tumne usse jaane diya? God damit she is 9 month pregnant r u out of ur mind?

He was shouting and bindiya was in fear….

Bindiya: iska matlab wo tum nahi the??

Maan: nahi,, maine kabhi aisa kiya hain,, agar kuch hota main khud ghar ajata…. U guys r good for nothing, can’t u handle one person….

Bindiya: maan geet bohot roh rahi thi, humne bohot mana kiya, rokne ki bohot koshish ki fir usne kaha wo akele hi chali jayegi agar humne usse support na kiya….

Maan closed his eyes thinking what can happen now….

Bindiya: but dev hain uske sath… maan’s expression was little relax still not fully….

Maan: kaha gaye hain hain wo?

Bindiya: XYZ hospital………

Maan hung up the phone and said to aadi that they have to rush the place… both enters the jeep and maan drove off in full speed… maan enquired about that hospital and they said geet was not there,, aadi was tracing geet’s GPS… and they got the signal….

His men were following him.. after full 50 mins they reached the place but geet was not there neither was dev….

The sun has set and maan’s heart was beating rationally,, geet’s state and her fearful eyes were flashing infront f him…. he closed his eyes and cursed himself for falling in that bas****’s trap….

Maan: naahi main waha jaata aur naahi wo kamina geet ko yaha laata…

Aadi: but dev is with her, wo kaise yaha asakte hain…

Maan: aadi main andar ja raha hu,,, u guys spread around the area.. it was a small old bungalow….

Aadi: main bhi tere sath chalunga… maan looked at him with rage for not following his order… wo meri bhi bahen hain maan… he knew its useless to argue as aadi will be coming with him no matter what happen…


Geet was sitting in a corner of the sofa with fearful expression… her face was covered with sweat beads and her hand was securely wrapped around her belly…

Geet: maan tumhe chodega nahi…. Wo kabhi bhi yaha aate honge VIKRAM…..

Vikram: ohhooo geet firse Maan… ek hi naam kab se jap rahi ho, kaha tha tumhara maan jab main tumhe yaha la raha tha..

Dev: usse chod de vikram…. Vikram turn to see dev was struggling to free himself from the rope that his men has tied around him….

When they arrived at the hospital vikram’s men tried to convey like there are maan’s colleagues and maan has sent them, dev was clever enough to know they were lying… but it was late.. someone hit his head with a rod and bring both of them there…  geet was so frighten to do anything she just follow them with out any hassle as she didn’t wanted her babies to get harm in any struggling… but she knew he will come for her….

Vikram: do u know how much I have waited for u… wo maan mere liye itna tight security taiyar karke rakkha tha k main 4 saal tak india wapis nahi apaya… lekin abhi jab yaha hu to ek pal bhi barbaad nahi kar sakta…

Geet: vikram for god sake I m pregnant with man’s children, how can u still think something like that..

Vikram: geet tumhare bacche mere bhi bacche huye na,, aur chaho to tum usse maan k pass bhi chod sakti ho aur mere sath chal sakti ho… geet looked at him shocked and with disgust…

Dev: tu pachtayega vikram, ek baar maan yaha ajaye…

Vikram: nahi ayega wo.. agar aabhi gaya to accha hain,, main maar ke fir geet ko apna bana sakta hu….

Geet: vikram please let me go….

Vikram looked at her with anger but couldn’t do anything to see her clutching her stomach and herself …

Vikram: tumhe darne ki jarurat nahi hain geet, main tumhe thodi na kuch karunga,, ha iss dev ka kuch karna padega…

He walked upto dev with a hockey stick and started beating him furiously… dev groaned to free himself but was helpless…. Geet was frighten to see that,, a pain was slowly rising her stomach, she tried to be calm but it was going to be hard she thought….


Maan saw some goons was sitting on the gate,, he and aadi came from back and in few mins all were knocked down… maan held one of the goon mouth and twist his neck…. They have to enter the house without any noise otherwise it can harm geet… after few mins they heard voice of dev.. he was shouting as vikram was beating him mercilessly…. Maan wanted enter immediately but aadi held him and pointed geet who was surrounded with goons… but in a safe position…

He checked with his men that no one has left in outside and they confirm… vikram has thrown the stick and he was having a knife in his hand and just then maan shot him….

Precap: what do u think???

Sirf mere liye

Part 69

Maan saw some goons was sitting on the gate,, he and aadi came from back and in few mins all were knocked down… maan held one of the goon mouth and twist his neck…. They have to enter the house without any noise otherwise it can harm geet… after few mins they heard voice of dev.. he was shouting as vikram was beating him mercilessly…. Maan wanted to enter immediately but aadi held him and pointed geet who was surrounded with goons… but in a safe position…

He checked with his men that no one has left in outside and they confirm… vikram has thrown the stick and he was having a knife in his hand and just then maan shot him….

The knife fell on the ground and he groaned in pain as the bullet hit his hand.. dev smiles with blood on his face… geet turn to see who is it and saw her husband maan was standing with aadi and few men behind him…. she smiled through tears… the whole gang approach him but not one single person can touch him because of aadi n his men,, maan ran to his geet and hugged her tight who was now sobbing miserably… he kissed her forehead…

Maan: kuch nahi hoga geet tumhara maan agaya hain, daro mat…. I m here jaan…

Geet: wo dev….

Maan turn to see a half dead dev tying with rope… he ran to him and undid his rope but soon heard a gun shot… he turn to see someone holding geet hair with pointing a gun on her temple sideway…

Maan stop at his track seeing Him…

Maan: Saga…

Saga: tune kya socha tha ACP, mere bhai raka ko goli se uda dega aur mujhe pata tak nahi chaelga? Sabko akaha ye encounter hain jabki ye tera plan tha.. abb dekh mera plan bilkul phull proof tha… mujhe pata that u teri biwi ko bachane jarur ayega… geet flinch in pain and held her stomach…

Maan: usse chod de saga…

Vikram came infront: saga geet ko chod de,, humari deal hui thi…

Saga: deal,, hahaha he laughed aloud… tujhe kya laga main is heroine ko tere liye utha raha hu, tu to bas ek mohra tha,, mujhe to iss ACP ko yah abulana tha, ittefaq se tu mujhe hongkong me mil gaya aur main jana tera bhi dusman ACP MSK hain… tere madad k bina ye muskil hota magar namumkin nahi.. lekin abhi maine apna irada badal diya hain.. mujhe pat achala ACP ki kamjori hain usi khubsurat biwi, to kyun na main isse hi maar dalu… ACP khud ba khud mar jayega iske bina aur mujhe kuch karna bhi nahi padega…

Maan: tu aisa kuch nahi karega saga, teri dusmani mujhe hain meri biwi baccho se nahi… saga just laughed on him but then his facial expression changes drastically…

Saga: mere bhai ki kya galti thi? Usse bhi to tune maar dala…

Maan: wo koi massom nahi tha saga…

Saga: mujhe wo sab nahi janna acp, abb jo kiya hain uski saza bhi tuhi bhuktega… he pulls her more and geet scream in pain.. maan could handle the thing he started taking step towads them… na na acp ek kadam aur badhayega to teri biwi ko diwar se phatak phatak ke marunga… maan clenched his fist in anger frustration and pain… he looks at geet who was in so much pain….

Though vikram is a bad guy but still he loves geet, no matter what happen he can’t afford to see her in pain… and that too in this situation…

Vikram: waise tumne sahi kaha saga, hamara sabse badha dusman to maan hain,, aur usse to hum abb kaise bhi maar sakte hain fir geet to meri hosakti hain na? saga looked at him frustrated…

Saga: maine kaha na main isse pehle marunga….

Vikram speed up his track and fell on his feet,, saga taken a back where maan was finding it reasonable, he was getting vikram’s point…

Vikram: please saga mujhe meri geet chahiye… I can’t live without her.. itne saal maine akele guzare hain sirf ek khwaish me ke geet meri hogi… aura bb jab mera sapna pura horaha hain to tum keh rahe ho tum geet ko marna chahte ho,, dekho main khud maan ko marunga lekin geet mujhe chahiye. Please saga….

But saga was cleaver enough,, he hit vikram with his leg but vikram caught him,, he pulls him but with him geet too was falling.. maan ran to hold her and before she can land on the hard floor maan took her in his arm still a strong gush of pain hit her stomach inside…

Geet: Maannnnnnnn…… she screamed in pain n horror… maan saw her water has broke.. and she was screaming in pain… maan was in panick what to do… aadi saw that..

Aadi: hume abhi nikalna hoga hospital ke liye maan… she needs to be in labor..

Maan: but how?

Vikram: maan go with her we will handle.. maan looked at the man who was in blood because saga has shooted him, but yeah that called love no matter how bad u r but true love actually recognize its place but sometime its too late to apology… maan lift geet in his arm, she was heavy with twin weight but it nothing compare to the pain he is going through…

Maan’s men also signal that they will handle everything,, aadi somehow took maan with him where dev also followed him but took another car because his condition was not so great that he can accompany them,, he called bindiya and told everything… she was in tears both bindiya and pinky went to the hospital….

Maan saw the liquid was coming out, but there was nothing to hold it, he was in panic but only geet’s face was visible for him….

Maan: kuch anhi hoga geet, I m here jaan… hamare baache bhi thik honge,, they will come any moment, u have to be strong jaan… he tried to divert her mind with his soothing words, and geet knew it, she smiles through tears and whisper in his ear..

Geet: I love you maan,, don’t forget that ever,, main aapse bohot pyar karti hu aur apne baccho se bhi…. He didn’t understand why she is telling all this but he felt a something is snatching away from him…

Aadi rushes their car and arrived in 30 mins….

Maan shouted for doc and they cam erunning….

Maan: doctor my wife…

Doc: geet,, u must be ACP maan… he nodded, don’t worry I will handle everything…. Aap form var dijiye…  aadi did it after taking sign from maan…. bindiya pinky daadi also joined them… maan saw them and hugged bindiya breaking down fully….

Daadima: kuch nahi hoga maan,, everything will be ok beta, hamari geet ko kuch nahi hoga…. Bindiya didn’t said anything but her tears were flossing continuously… soon dev joined them, bindiya hugged him and cried her heart out…

Aadi: bindiya geet thik hojayegi I m sure bhagwan hamare sath hain dekhna…

Bindiya: nahi hain bhagwan hamare sath aadi…

Maan looked at her questioningly but then doctor came….

Doc: actually we need a sign of ur mr khurana waise bhi geet ne sign kar diya hain lekin hume apki bhi permission chahiye…

Maan’s heart engulf with a  fear: kaisi permission…

Doc with a hesitant voice: apko nahi pata? Maan nodded in no… actually maine geet se pehle hi kaha tha jab wo six month ki pregnant thi,, this delivery will have major complication and her state is worse now,, we want ur pwrmission on a paper that whom u want u save.. geet ne pehle hi apne baccho ke naam li hain, I know as a mother it her heart saying so but we have to get ur signature as well.. everything was far to understandable for maan…  he looked at the doc blankly…

Maan: what do u mean…

Doc sighed: hum maa aur baccho me se kisi ek ko bacha sakte hain, agar aap bacche ko chunte hain aisa bhi hosakta hain ke 2 baby me kisi ek ko hi hum bacha paaye…

Maan’s whole world came crashing down, his geet has hided the truth that he can lose her…

Maan: how is that possible…

Doc: she was having problem to conceive one baby and these 2 had lead major complication mr khurana,, hume bhi tab pata chala jab geet 6 months ki pregnant thi apki bahen bindiya bhi sath thi uski… maan looked at bindiya with anger but she was only crying hugging dev….

Maan: u knew it bindiya? She nodded with tears…

Bindiya: geet ne mujhse kasam di thi kuch na kehne ko (guys I don’t when but she did ok,, ye geet bhi na ufff)

Maan’s world was spinning…

Doc: please mr khurana u have to sign this, warna hum aage nahi badh sakte….

Maan: please save geet…

Doc looked at him helpless: I m sorry mr khurana but its not in our hand now..

Maan shouted: to kiske hath me hain? u are doctors aur aap log hi keh rahe hian k aap kuch nahi kar sakte….

Doc: we will try our level best please sign this papers 1st….

Maan took the paper and signed it but threaten the doc: I want my wife save that’s it….

Doc: she wants to talk to u….

Maan immediately rushes towards the OT where geet was screaming in pain…

Maan held her hand: tumhe kuch nahi hoga jaan,, u will be fine…

Geet: I m sorry maan,, she said as tears rolled down..

Maan: kyun nahi bataya mujhe?

Geet: kyun k main nahi chahti thi ye thode din gum me beete… aap mujhse naraz mat rehna please…

Maan: I love u geet,, he kissed her forhead…

Geet: I love u too….

Maan: u have to be back,, u have come back for me… SIRF MERE LIYE….. geet tumhe mere liye wapis aana hain…

Geet smiles through tears: main to sirf apke liye hi hu maan,, lekin ek vada kijiye… karenge? She asked with a pain visible on her face,, she bite her lips to control her pain… tears rolled down from maan’s eyes….

Maan: ha manunga, har baat manunga geet…

Geet: promise?

Maan: u have to come back then I will promise…

Geet: please maan, promise kijiye…

Maan: promise…

Geet: u will give every happiness to our kids… unko kabhi meri kami mehsoosh nahi hone denge… promise kijiye….

Maan: geettttt,,, tumhe kuch nahi hoga…aisi baat emat karo jaan…

Geet: maan mujhse abb ye dard sahen nahi horaha…. Please promise karo aap unhe mujhse bhi jayda pyar doge hamesha…

Maan with broken voice: promise….

Geet smiles broadly…

Maan: ek baat puchu?

Geet: hmm…

Maan: kya tum mujhse jayada baccho se pyar karti ho?

Geet smiles: maan aapse jayda to main bhagwan ko bhi pyar nahi kiya, lekin ye bacche mujhe mere zindegi se pyare hain lekin SIRF AAPKE LIYE… kyun Mere Liye to aapse badhkar aur apki khusi badkar kuch bhi nahi tha aur naa kabhi hoga…. Aaaaaa she screamed as the contraction become rapid… the doctors an dnurses came…

Doc; sorry mr khurana u have to go now…

Maan: geet… tear rolled down from her eyes and he kissed her forehead then lips….

Abruptly maan exit the OT and sank on the ground feeling broken: kyun karti ho mujhse itna pyar geet,, kyun itna pyar kiya ke mere khusi ke liye mujhiko apne se dur kar diya…. Nahi jee sakta main tumhare bina,, meri zindegi adhuri hain geet please laut aayo mere pass…

He heard her scream,,, he was in pain he can’t bear that, he was hating himself for that… he was thinking he is at fault for it… it was his happiness for geet did so much, but how can he tell her its her that always matter for him… he can’t survive without her then where will he taken the happiness to treasure?

They were sitting there more than 8 n half hour,, only geet’’s screaming sound was there,, maan was getting worried and tears were coming fluently but he didn’t tried hold it back also,, he let go of his barrier,, and then after 3 hr he heard his angels crying voice,, a small smile tease his face…. A nurse came running… maan went towards her…

Maan: geet kaisi hain? and babies?

Nurse: they are one boy and one girl….

Maan smiles through his tears… the nurse again ran in but the doctor came after 15 mins…

Maan: how is my wife doctor..

Doc: mr khurana,, we did our level best… but

Maan: but? Wo thik hain na….

Doc sighed: u know the complication…. I m extremely sorry mr khurana…

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Last part



Maan: but? Wo thik hain na….

Doc sighed: u know the complication…. I m extremely sorry mr khurana…

Maan stumble on his feet : kya matlab hain apka?

Doc: she has gone to coma…. we can’t do anything now… maan wanted to punch the doc but she is a lady that’s he couldn’t do anything… he just rushed towards the OT….





Maan entered the room and saw the lifeless body of his beloved on the bed with lots of string and tubes…  tears were continuously flowing and he didn’t do anything to stop it…

Maan: Geet…. He called her to get some response but nothing came, he cried calling her name still she didn’t budge… wake up jaan,, dekho hamare bacche tumhara intezar kar rahe hain… a nurse came and saw maan was sitting beside geet holding her hand… she felt sad to see the sight, anyone can say how much maan loved her and she the same…. Maan saw the nurse…. Nurse please bring our babies… geet unhe feed karayegi… its necessary na warna babies ko takleef hogi, aur geet ko unki takleef bardast nahi hoti, dekho na unke liye mujhe tak chodne ko taiyar hogayi..

Nurse with meek voice: sir geet ji ne babies ko pehle hi feed kar diya, aur uske baad hi wo coma me chali gayi… maan cried more…

Maan: kyun geet kyun kar rahi ho aisa? Tumhara maan nahi jee sakta tumhare bina.. lout aayo geet… please…

Nurse: sir aapke babies incubator me hain, shall I bring them…

Maan: no, I don’t want to meet them, unke wajah se meri geet ki ye halat hain…

He felt some kind of shudder in geet’s body and her breathing was becoming heavy… maan was in panic and the nurse ran to call the doctor… doctor came in no time….

She checked her but disappointment written all over her face…

Doc: mr khurana it was a massive attack,, she was hyper if this continuo further we can lose her…

Maan: but geet kab tak hosh me ayegi doctor?

Doc sighed: mr khurana she is in coma but can hear u feel u but can’t talk to u…. aur ye coma se kab bahar ayegi ye koi nahi keh sakta… kabhi kabhi ye 1 month me thik hosakti hain kabhi 1 saal to kabhi saari zindegi aise hi rahegi…. Maan looked at geet blankly…. All the doctor excuse themselves …. Maan fell on his kness….

Maan: kya galti hogayi mujhse geet ke tumne mujhe itni badhi saza dedi.. bolo na geet main kya karu take tum firse mere pass asako… ajao geet, tumhara maan adhura hain tumhare bina.. nahi je sakta tumhare bina….

Usne ye sab aapke liye kiya,, a voice came from back, maan turn to see riddhima was standing with her big bump, her eyes were swollen and face was pale… maan stood up and riddhima came infront of him…

Maan was crying looking at geet: mujhe kuch nahi chahiye bas wo lout aaye….

Riddhima: lekin usse aapki khusi chahiye maan… zindegi me agar usne sabse jayda kisise pyar kiya to aap ho… aur abhi usko aapki bohot zarurat hain, agar aaphi aise tut jayenge to geet kya karegi, kaise ladegi mout se wo… wo wapis ayegi maan agar apke pyar me wo shiddat hui to,, lekin tab tak apko uska aise hi dhyan rakhna hoga… vale hi geet abhi coma me hain lekin wo apko mehsoosh kar sakti hain, dekha jab apne kaha apko baccho se nahi milna hain tab geet ki sanse tham gayi thi, usne ye sab apke khusi ke liye kiya aur aap hi aise behave karoge? Kamse kam uske pyar ke liye to apne aapko strong kijiye… dekhna apke pyar ke sahare hi wo wapis ayegi ek din…

Maan: main uska intezar karungi puri zindegi… tears couldn’t stop from both eyes… maan leaned on geet and kissed her forehead, u have to come back to me,, u have to… tumhara maan tumhari raah dekhega geet… jaldi wapis aana….


Riddhima hugged armaan crying bitterly… but soon her labor started, she was 9 month pregnant and the continuous crying and tension lead her to early labor… armaan shift her her to labor room, maan was thrill. Some kind of fear was in him because of geet, what if same thing happens to riddhima… no she is his baby sister, he can’t afford to loose her also….


Armaan console him that everything will be fine though he himself was in tension….

Armaan: u should meet the babies first,, maan nodded…


He entered the room and saw his angels, the pink cottons wrapped in pink and blue soft towel,, it was looking like a bundle of petal… his eyes was filled with tears and happiness, now he can understand why geet choose them over herself… being parents u can’t think of urself or the partner its just the symble of ur love, the little lives are more important than anything… he saw her sleeping in the incubator… he gave him a flying kiss..

Maan: mamma loves u angels… more than daddy, but now ur daddy will give u all the happiness,, and the love of ur mamma… a nurse came there…

Nurse: sir do u want to hold them? Maan looked at them nervously… but nodded his head because now only he have to do everything for them….

Nurse bring the joy of bundle and gave to maan who very securely held it on his both arm…

Maan: they are too small… nurse giggle to see him like that,, he kissed one by one….

Maan: u r my sapna, he kissed her forhead, and my Geetansh… meri geet ka ansh ho tum…. Tears came out holding the two angel feeling proud of his lovable wife… bindiya was watching them with tears…. Maan signal her to come, and she came to hold them…

Bindiya: I m sorry….

Maan: isme tumhari kya galti hain bindiya, geet to hamesha apni marzi ki malik hain,, dekho na uske wajah se hi to hume do do khusiya mili…. Lekin inme meri jaan kho gayi… bindiya cried holding sapna in her hand…

Bindiya: I m sorry baby….

Maan: bindiya sapna is elder by 3 mins,, dekho yaha bhi sapna 1st aayi,, hamari sapna hamesha 1st aati thi aur yaha bhi agayi…

Both smiles and then saw sapna’s yawning in sleep her toothless smile…. Maan smiles through tears…

Maan: aaj se ye meri zindegi hain, aur inke liye geet ko bhi wapis aana hoga…

Main itni jaldi haar nahi manne wala,, geetansh looked at him with her cute eyes… maan msiles..

Maan: hain na geetansh, hum apni geet ko wapis layenge, hamara pyar usse wapis layega… geetansh gave a toothless smile and maan kissed his forehead….








Meri wajah se mom ne  dad ko n sabko chod diya…sabko chod diya mannyata…

Maanyata: Geetansh,, ur mom loves u and ur dad a lot….

She hugged him tight shedding her tears… geetansh too hol her tight to his embrace…

Geetansh: but I found myself guilty for that… ye sab mere wajah se huya…


Nahi geetansh its not only your fault,, I m too at fault…

Geetansh: Sapna….

Sapna was in tears, she was there all the time…

Maanyata broke the hug and sapna came their looking at her mother’s portrait… GEET MAAN SINGH KHURANA….


Pagal hogaye ho tum dono? Everyone turn to see a handsome guys in his 50 and with an elegant lady standing over the entrance…

Maanyata: Mamma….

Sapna: Riddhima aunty aap?

Riddhima: have u all gone mad,, apne aapko dosh deke apne geet aur maan ke pyar ko chota kar rahe ho,, for god sake u are 24yrs,, now atleast behave like a mature person…

Armaan smiles at them and came forward to hug sapna and geetansh: bête ur mom n dad loves each other a lot,, that’s why they always stays together, no matter geet is awake or sleeping her maan was always there to hold her just like now… did ur father ever potray that he is unhappy around u all…

Sapna shook her head: never… he gave us all happiness that mom wanted for us….

Geetansh: unhone mom ki kami bhi mehsoosh nahi hone di….

Maanyata: but mujhe ye sab kyun nahi pata tha,, waise bhi main dad se bohot kam hi mili hu, wo hamesha shimla me hi rehte hain… London to wo bohot kam hi aate the…

Riddhima: wo iss liye kyun ke geet shimla me hain aur wo hamesha uske pass rehna chahte the….





Back to flashback



That day riddhima gave birth of a baby girl… maan was happy for his sister, he always saw riddhima as a sister…

Maan: iska naam socha hain?

Riddhima nodded: MAANYATA…. Maan loked at her confusingly…. She smiled through geet chahti thi… usne bohot pehle hi ye naam socha tha,, she said she can’t name her girl this because she want sapna for her, but agar main usse izazat du to wo apne MAAN ka naam isme dekhna chahti ahin, that’s why MAANYATA…. Maan got tears in his eyes…. Riddhima continue  aaj meri ye khusiya sirf geet ki wajah se hain aur issi liye ye naam bhi usike liya tha…


Later maan got to know vikram had surrender himself and saga was dead… aadi took care of everything but maan can’t handle anything right after that… he decided to leave his job and took his family business and went to London after 3 month with his kids and geet… he thought he can find some treatment for geet there but nothing work,, she didn’t wake from her deep slumber…


It was 2nd birthday of geetansh n sapna… bindiya was there with them and so was dadima… dev was busy in his work in india.. dev and bindiya has decided to stay in india but dadima can’t risk the 2 angel’s life so she accompany to maan…

It was then armaan and riddima came with baby maanyata… her birthday was next day but they celebrate all3 kid’s birthday together with geet… later at night maan was holding geet’s hand… he did everyday,, shedding his tears only infront of her…

Maan: geet janti ho aaj humne bohot masti ki, geetansh bohot saitan hogaya hain,, but we missed u, he kissed her back of her palm…. Geet I m doing everything u said please come back jaan… ur maan is feeling empty…. Please come back…. he lied beside her hodling her waist kissing her cheek and drifted to sleep with her dreams… that what he is doing everytime…


It was 8yrs still geet was in coma, everybody left the hope to see her alive again, maan was not at all bother about others…  doctors also said she can never awake… maan was frustrated.. he broke everything but no one can convince him that geet can’t be awake again…

Maan: Geet don’t do this to me,, 8 saal… main 6saal se akela hu please abb to apne maan ke pass lout aayo… please geet… he cried holding geet’s hand sobbing hard… dekho na geetansh and sapna bhi tumhara pyar chahte hain, come back jaan….  Aur agar nahi laut sakti to mujhe bhi apne sath le chalo… I can’t take all this anymore…


Just then armaan and riddhima enters the room…

Riddhima: ha chale jao aap bhi aur akela chod do apne geet ke pyar ko… hain na maan…

They just came from india with a surprise and saw maan like that…

Armaan hugged maan to console him where riddhima hugged geetansh and sapna who was scared with all this…

Armaan: maan tumhe abb apne bare me nahi apne baccho ke bare sochna hain…

Maan: main kya karu armaan,, geet to mujhe indono k zimmedari deke aram se soyi hain,, lekin main abb thak chukka hu,, I can’t survive now…

Riddhima: aur agar geet wapis ajaye tab bhi nahi?

Man looked at her shocked… and the follow her eyes, geet’s eye balls are moving… maan instantly goes towards her and held her… he wanted her to awake but alas that didn’t came…

Armaan: wo khud bhi tumhare pass rehna chahti hi bas thoda time do usse maan… he nodded holding her in a hug….

Riddhima: maan I think aapko geet ko leke shimla jana chahiye… Maan looked at her confuse… u know that’s her fav place,, and u both went to there for ur 2nd honeymoon.. maan smiled looking at geet, yes its her fav place…

Armaan: maan hum ussi wajah se yaha aaye hain, we got a center of this kind of patient where the atmosphere and nature helped the patient to recover their disease,, though geet’s case is not the same but u can try…

Maan: lekin bacche? What should I do with them?

Riddhima: aap unki fikar mat karo, armaan aur maine hamesha k liye London me settle hone ka faisla kar liya hain… we will be starting our duty from here and we can take care of the kids, aap dono ke bacche mujhe apni bacchi se bhi jayda pyara hain…

Maan: I trust u riddhima but ky wo samajh payenge…


Sapna: dad aap mom ko leke india ja rahe ho? He nodded silently…. Aap jao main hu na geetansh ka kheyal rakhne ke liye,, hum apka intezar karenge…. Aap mom ke wapis leke hi loutna…

Geetansh: and I will take care of sapna…

Sapna: I m older than u…

Geetansh: only 3 mins…

Sapna: so what I will take care of u…..

Maanyata came: uffff shut up both of u… we will take care of ourself together just like mamma taught us… hain na mamma… riddhma smiles and nodded her head…

Maan: thank u riddhima….

Riddhima: bahen bhi bolte ho aur thank u bhi dete ho,, ye dono aaj se mere bhi bacche hain…





From that day maan settle his business in india, he coordinate everything from shimla, bindiya too accompany him in business…daadima took her last best after 2 yrs.. but she was happy to see Maaneet together though she couldn’t saw geet like before but she rest in peace knowing maan will brought her alive very soon…. Geet was actually recovering.. she opened her eyes from her deep slumber… that day maan was really happy…. But his happiness doesn’t last long because geet was still looking at the space… he made her sit on eth wheel chair and she did but strangely she was not talking but responding his touch with her eyes… but it took long time… maan doesn’t lost his patience but his love oly increase in these days… he often went to London to see his kids and behind him bindiya took care of geet…geetansh n sapna also came to india but couldn’t meet geet because somewhere they were afraid that if they saw her they will break and geet will not be able to handle that,, more over maa doesn’t wanted to give any tention to them… deven was also fond of geet, he called her badhi maa.. and whenever he called her that some movement can see in her…. like she would tried to move her finger or tears will follow from her eyes… but for study deven can’t be with her always though he tried maximum time…


Time passes,, geetansh and sapna came to know about their parent’s great love story and they felt proud to be called their kids… they love their mom and dad and admire their love for each other.. they never felt alone because riddhima and armaan always took care of them more like parents of them,, soon geetansh and maanyata fell in love and riddhima was waiting for that day only,, because she and geet has decided that long before that they will marry their children… she couldn’t be more happy of this.. riddhima called maan and told him everything he was very happy but sad also because geet can’t see her son’s marriage… but armaan said she will be more than happy… with insistence of geetansh and maanyata they got married in a small afire with of course maan’s blessing.. he fly to london for their marriage and arrange Skype and through it geet can saw their marriage… that day she has shed a lot of tears and showed her movement also… maanyata was too lost to see her mother in law so she never got the chance to see geet…








This is their 2nd marriage anniversary and they are here in india finally… and mainly its for sapna, she has insisted that she wants to meet geet only after that she will marry to the man her father chosen..  sapna is here for 1st time though geetansh maanyata and armaan often came here but except armaan they couldn’t meet geet because of maan…. but now they are here for sapna now… she wanted to meet her mother now….



Riddhima: ok u all take some rest we are going to shimla tomorrow….

Maanyata: we can meet mom… geetansh smiles at her… yes mishty… he called her mishty with love… she was really happy… after knowing the person who was epitome of beauty and love she finally will meet her…





It’s the day,, after long 18 yrs geetansh and sapna will be meeting with their mother… the entered the house with is on the hill,, whole house was beautifully decorated with flowers and maaneet’s picture,, there are geetansh sapna maanyata and deven’s picture as well, armaan riddhima and other’s picture were there also and of course dev n bindiya’s too… riddhima was holding armaan’s hand tightly… she has came here but its long yrs now, she is meeting her best friend after 10yrs now, though armaan has met with her very often but riddhima couldn’t see her like that so she decline the offer going india numerous time…. dev had also accompanied bindiya in this,, he got retired few day ago so now wanted to enjoy his last life with his friend maan n geet….


Geetnash was hesitant but maanyata held his hand guiding him to go further… where as deven also came there to guide them the place….



The bungalow is beautiful but not so big as the mansion of delhi still it posses love and only love….


Every walked towards the garden that on the back of the bungalow, from there whole city can be see,, it was beautiful… it was on a hill so cold as well…

Sapna saw the couple sitting on a bench… her eyes were getting moist…

Sapna: mom…

Geet heart skipped a beat…

Sapna: sorry… MAA… tears followed from geet’s eyes…


Geetansh saw his mother beautiful face, no wonder she is more beautiful than the portrait…then their eyes went on maan smiling face…

Geetansh: dad Maa is really beautiful.. maan chuckle at his son’s antics…

Maan: what about ur dad ha?

Sapna: ofcourse u r the most handsome dad in the world.. and both are made for each other… maan signal them to come near… geet was seeing her children from so close for the 1st time… geetansh sat on her feet sheeding his tears…

Geetansh: missed u maa…

Geet took her hand and caress his face crying silently….

Armaan and riddhima was shocked to see her like that, they looked at maan who was smiling but hiding his tears…

Maan: she can move her upper body part now, but can’t fully.. her legs are still under process and she can’t talk still now.. she had never called my name till yet… geet looked at maan with pain but he looks at her with a  sad smiles…sapna and geetansh were seeing the unconditional love of their parents which grew with time….

Geetansh signal maanyata to come and she did,, sitting on geet feet…

Geetansh: maa ye Maanyata, aphi bahu… maanyata blushed with it… geet looked at riddhima and armaan who smiled through tears….  Geet caresses her face….

All decide to go in the house…. They discussed the marriage proposal of sapna.. geet was really happy.. sapna was resting her head on her lap….

Sapna: I missed u maa… geet tears fell on her cheek… like she want to say she had missed them more… geetansh came and adjust himself on her lap pushing sapna…

Sapna: what r u doing geetansh..

Geetansh: hat na mujhe sona hain…

Sapna: I m elder

Geetansh: ohh yeah by 3 mins only… hat yaha se

Sapna: dekho na maa ye hamesha aisa kart ahain…

Geetansh: maan ye hamesha badhi hone ka dhosh zamati hain, grrr I hate her…

Geet was diturb and she held his ear… everyone was dumbstruck  to see that..

Maan: aisa nahi bolte, she is ur sister na…

Sapna shows her tongue to geetansh who made a grumpy face…

Riddhima: shaadi hogayi lekin baacha hi rahega…

Geetansh: lekin apne maa k liye to baccha hi hu na.. geet smiles where her heart filled with sorrow,, she had missed their childhood… maan came by her side and kissed her forehead….

Maan: we will be together from now…

Maanyata: can we shift here dad?

Maan: yes darling,, geet was super happy…

Armaan: but maan geet improvement bare me hume kyun nahi bataya..

Maan: she doesn’t wanted it.. we wanted to surprise u all…. Ye kuch mahino se apne emotions show kar pa rahi hain jabse isne suna um sab yaha arahe ho… maanyata looked at geet with thoughtful expression but didn’t say anything…








Sapna’s marriage has fixed with an Indian guy of course.. its geet’s doctor Vikranth sherawat….  Geet actually treats him like her own son and he was an orphan.. so he lived with them… he saw sapna’s photo and fell in love with her,, but for sapna her mother’s happiness was much more so she agreed to marry the man…. But when she saw his care towards her mother she fell in love with the person.. he was very humble and caring… maan knew everything about him, they met in the hospital where geet was nder treatment… vikranth took her case and she improved a lot under his treatment…


The marriage was quite a peaceful and low afire because both the bride groom wanted it to be like that… they were happy being with their closeness… geetansh was finding maanyata’s behavior a little fishy,, she was doing something but no one knew that…


And then he heard the fire alarm… the sound was coming from lawn where maaneet were enjoying their little time in a beautiful decorated big place.. maan has done that specially for geet,, it was decorated white curtain and red candle her fav..….

Everyone gather the area and saw maan n geet surrounded with fire.. the curtain caught fire and now maaneet are in the middle… geetansh and vikranth tried to go but it was huge and moreover maanyata held them on their spot…. Geetansh was shocked to see that but she was firm…

Bindiya: geet….


Here maan was finding difficulty to deal with the fire because it caught all eth curtain and geet n he was in the middle doing dinner and spending time with each other… geet eyes were frighten… she can’t move her body but her mind was screaming like hell… somehow maan scope geet in his arm and placed her in a safe corner but suddenly she saw one burning wooden was hanging just above of maan’s head… she wanted to signal it to maan but he was too busy to find a way to go with her….

Geet tried to say something but nothing came from her mouth… the wood fell and geet shouted and ran towards him….

Geet: MAANNNNNNN…………… she pulls her and crashed her body into him…


Everyone was hocked where armaan ran towards them with more men to save them…

Geetansh looked at a smiling maanyata…

Maanyata: idiot jao unhe waha se nikalo, mera muh kya dekh rahe ho…

Geetansh: huh?

Maanyata and sapna: DUFFER GOOOO…. He ran to them and saw armaan was doing his job… they putted the water pipe their and brought maaneet out…. geet was shivering in maan’s embrace…

Geet: maan aap thik ho na, she broke the hug and check him up and down… her tears couldn’t stop where maan was watching her only… armaan came on maanyata’s side…

Maanyata: mission accomplish… he smiles at her where geetansh only gape at her with wide eyes…

She giggle where he gave her angry glare…

Geetansh: how could u do this?? he shouted on her, maanyata was taken a back so was other… agar maa n dad ko kuch hojata to,, tum kabhi apne bachpane se bahar nahi asakti na? har waqt apna brain lagana jaruri hain,, u know u r useless to talk… maanyata got tears in her eyes…

Maan: usse kyun data rahe ho… can’t u see ur mother is talking and she can walk also, and its all because of her only… geetansh looked at his mother who was gaping at her leg and then maan…

Geet: apko kuch huya nahi na?

Maan chuckle: geet mujhe kuch nahi huya jaan… it was our plan.. maanyata is a physiatrist… the day she came here she follow ur metal condition, she had checked ur progress report all day.. the she said u can be cure fully because there is nothing more for ur treatment… it just some fear of ur that was holding u in ur shell.. and today we gave u more fear so that u can overcome ur all fear… and now see mujhe khone ka dar tumhare sare dares badhkar nikla… u are safe geet u are like before geet… geet looked at her self then maan.. yes she is just like before now… geetansh ran to her and hugged her so did sapna… in all that everyone forgot maanyata… sometime later geetansh saw maanyata was not there..

Geetansh: maanyata?

Maan: tumne bohot kuch suna diya usse,, jab ke uski koi galti bhi nahi thi ye mera aur armaan ka plan tha…

Geet looked at her son angrily u know what main socha that um mere jaise hoge lekin tum bilkul apne dad par gaye ho, kuch kehne se pehle kabhi nahi sochoge… rula diya na meri bacchi ko…

Geetansh: sorry maa…

Geet: abb mujhe kyun sorry bol rahe ho, jao usse kaho… ufff tum baap bête na.. chaddo main hi jaati hu.. but before she can go geetansh ran inside searching maanyata.. where maan lift geet infront of everyone…

Maan: gusse me to wo bilkul apne ma ape hi gaya hain, now don’t think tum thik ho to jitn amarzi ghum fri sakti ho, u need rest…. Abb chalo…

Geet: kaha?

Maan: room me… I missed u a lot. He said winking at her.. her face grew red in embarrassment where everyone laughed at them…


They left the place…


Armaan: ye maan kabhi nahi sudhrega. Romance to aisa kar rah ahin mano kal hi shaadi huyi ho…

Riddhima: atleast tum jaisa boring to nahi hain..

Armaan: main aur boring, basket….


Sapna: there go the never ending fight…

Vikranth: now can we go to our room, our SR is still on.. sapna hide her face in her palm and he lift her to their room…



Geetansh on his knees holding his ear: sorry baby,, maaf kardo,, please.. pata nahi gusse me mujhe kya hojata hain.. please mishty maaf kar do…

After lot of effort finally maanyata smiles at him and hugged him tight feeling his essence…








Maaneet in there room sitting on the window pane….

Geet: thank u maan…

Maan was massaging her leg stretching it and folding it..

Maan: thank kis liye geet?

Geet: for loving me so much.. she puls her leg down and hugged him…

Maan: then I also should say thank u, because its u who taught me the meaning of love…

Geet: kyun karte hain mujhse itna pyar,, 24 saal main ek bejan murti bani rahi fir bhi ek pal k liye apka pyar mere liye kam nahi huya… he tears fal and he wiped that, kissed her cheeks…

Maan: geet u complete me,, tumne mujhe zindegi jeena sikhaya,, 24 saal to bohot kam hain 24 janam bhi tum waisi rehti firbhi main tumse utna hi pyar karta ha is 24 saalo me tumhe wais edekhke najane kitni moute mara hu, meri dhadkan to tumhare liye zinda thi… abb mujhse kabhi dur mat jana geet, main thak chukka hu apne kismet se ladte ladte jo har baar mere chahne waalo ko mujhse dur le jata hain.. abb kabhi mujhse chodke mat jana geet…

Geet: kabhi nahi jaungi maa… he sealed her lips with a soul serene kiss…

Maan; u still taste just like young..

Geet: what do u mean am I old now..

Maan: nope bilkul nahi.. sirf 49 yrs ki to ho tum abhi to hume aur ek honeymoon pe jana hain..

Geet hit his arm: maan.. aap bohot besharam ho…

Maan: accha? Thik hain main kisi aur le jaunga, tum rehne do… she pulls him close holding his collar..

Geet: khabar daar jo kisi aur ke bare me socha,, aap SIRF MERE LIYE ho, samjhe aap? Aap sirf mere lye bane ho…

Maan: leaned for a kiss,, aur tum sirf mere liye…




Teri zindegi abb bani hain SIRF MERE LIYE….



The end…


Don’t know what to say,, can’t express my feeling finally this sweet journey came to an end,, wil miss it…. It was my 1st ever ff and close to my heart so thought about a dramatic end… hehhe sorry bore kar diya to… with this story I made a lot of frnds,, thanks guys fro supporting me and one person I want give my all love is SUMI,, without her it couldn’t be possible, I still remember she was going Dhaka and was in train when I said I m thinking of writing a story,, though I thought it will be OS but was in dilemma should I write it or not, she said u have to write it,, I want to read it going in the train J look that small sweet journey has became so big…. She was my strength throughout the journey, and this end is possible only because of her, if she din’t gave me the idea of COMA I couldn’t have did a happy ending…. Love u sumi jaan….


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  1. Posted by afrin on February 29, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    whre is next parts??


  2. Posted by afrin on March 7, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    me waiting eagerly..


  3. Posted by afrin on March 20, 2012 at 10:41 am

    hey yaar wen r u updatin part 67??


  4. Posted by Priyamvada on March 26, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    wheres nxt part….????? couldnt found on fb even…


  5. Posted by afrin on March 27, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    nice parts darling…. reality can lik dis socha nai tha…. log bchhiyo ko bhi nai chodte chiiii… but i lik d way u represented… ua wonderful…. n a request plz don leave writin on maneet i hav to say don stop writin never.. became ua fan… love u but ua stories more…


  6. Posted by afrin on April 1, 2012 at 6:36 pm

    wen r u updatin SML??


  7. Superb, Mind Blowing, Amazing, Emotional too,, as ur this is 1st FF again STOLEN my ❤ Tich!!!
    The Journey of SML is Like HATE to LOVE & LOVE to HATE but u carried very Brilliantly…
    Start with Prologue to last part..
    I must say U ROCK this FF..
    The Whole story & twists (twist master =P)…
    the way the MET,
    the way they fall in LOVE,
    the way they spread love around their WORLD (Armaan & riddima),
    the way u SHOW hate to Society rituals 7 acts…
    their ENDLESS LOVE MAKING Sessions BEFORE & AFTER marriage 😉 😉 hehehe
    the VILLIANS… I HATE THEM ALL Ranjeet (culprit) for suffering Bindiya like that & coz of him SAPNA is no more in this world..
    then NANU(CHUDRAIL) & VIKRAM (Pyscho lover) grrr dono ki waja se Maaneet baby aya hi nhi…. 😥
    then Brij, saga, raka, thakkur… shuru main to DADI Bua bhi buri lag rai thi but then GEET ka JADOO un pe bhi chal gaya =D 😉
    3 yrs Leap .. again Happiness in their sweet world but again TWIST after delivery the babies Geet goes to COMA.. (DIL to kia ek KANTAPP DOONN)… but this was this LAST PART MADE ME CRY BITTERLY…
    sachi muchi ke itne MOTE ansoo Uff…

    SUPERB journey i live in this FF tich…
    Each track u put in this FF have their own charm…
    chaye wo bindiya track ho…
    Palak wala ho, chaye wo nanu ka jhoota case ho…
    chaye wo topic maan ki 2nd marriage ka ho… separation ka ho

    SAPNA & GEETANSH .. are so understanding to his father as ap MAA KHAYAL RAKHO….MAA KO WAPIS LE KE LOUTNA HOGA APKO…
    MAANYATA ne kamal kardia.. GEET is STANDING on her feet…
    MOST HAPPIEST MOMENT FOR ME that at thi phase Maan still caring her & at the END MAAN ka PYAR RANG laya as still SHE came back for HIM…. SIRF MAAN KE LIYE

    Sorry itna time leya tmhra mene BUT U ROCK TICH!!!


    • ohhh GOD diiiiiii i love u sooo much,, u read it one go and ur comments shows ur love for this ff,, yes its my first ever ff,, and i had just learned writing through out this journey,, ur comment really matter me the most, love u…


  8. awesome,superb,emotional and mindblowing updates
    i read from part 49 to till now
    loved all updates
    loved ur first ff
    will miss this ff


  9. Posted by Mayapari on August 3, 2012 at 7:03 am

    wow di….. awesome……………
    was waiting in IF
    i din know yu ve posted it here………
    loved it thanq sooooooooooooooo much………….
    sorry for late comments…….
    yu r a gr8 writer di


  10. good morning all f. b & g


  11. Very interesting story. Enjoyed it


  12. Posted by Khushboo on January 18, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    It ws one of the most beautiful creation_can’t describe the emotions_em speechless & u r rocking yaar_i ws so lost in d story that I forgot about my mathematics examination :p

    Well u descried everything very beautifully_d bst part ws innocence of geet & her cute wala luv for maan_armaan’s concern & care for her_evn vikram he ws like gentleman & real lover in the end though I hated wen he planned against geet with wicked nandini_dev ws like super hero as he accepted bindiya without any complains_yaar I really luved ur work I don’t know how many times I cried bt it really touched my hrt_ ❤

    U r bst_ :*


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