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Love For you Part 93


Part 93

Maan: how did u manage to bring them in India?

Geet cleared her throat: I gave him a letter of permission on emergency medical ground.

Rudra: even if she wouldn’t, i could have managed somehow.

Maan can feel Rudra’s anger through his greeted voice but he knew Rudra wouldn’t loss his cool infront of the kids. He hugged his girls as they rushed towards him and showered love on him with their kisses.

Geet called Aadi to the cabin and instructed him to take the kids to the cafe for some snacks.

Maan: so you collected the courage to tell everyone about them?

Geet visibly paled and looked at Rudra for support which earned her a mocking laugh from Maan.

Rudra: I hope all this isn’t your doing because Bhaisa is like a brother to me. If I get to know all is your doing God know what will I do.

Maan waited for Geet to tell that is exactly his doing but strangely she looked at him with alert. He felt happy inside, unknowingly Geet silently supported him.

Geet: it isn’t his fault totally.

Rudra: then why aren’t you looking at my eyes. I know you and Maan a little too well for you to lie. And you Maan, I never thought you will stoop so low.

Maan: it wasn’t my intention.

Rudra: it never has to be.

Maan: Look i am sorry, you atleast know it.

Rudra: Itold you, this time you hurt her, i will break your face.

Geet: From when you both strted talking so nicely? I think I am missing something. Anyway you wanna meet bhaisa Rudra?

Rudra: and the kids?

Geet gulped: I think Maan can handle them for a few hour. I am sure he wants to spend time with them.

Maan: Iam not sure till when you started showing so much trust on me with them.

Geet just shrugged. Because she doesn’t have any choice. She couldn’t let them to meet bhaisa and give him another shock.

Maan: You should take them to meet Kunal and Brij bhaisa.

Geet: Are you out of your mind Maan. Bade bhaisa doesn’t need another shock.

Rudra: I think Geet, Maan is right. One day you have to face your family and tell them about the kids. Tell them the truth Geet.

Geet: you both know a small stress can make bhaisa ill again and i don’t want to risk his health.

Maan: or you are afraid to face him.

Geet: think whatever you want.

Yes she is afraid but she doesn’t need to tell them that. Is she?

Tammy & Mann: but we want to meet him. Please mommy.

Geet: You will but not today. He need to recover first.

Rudra met other family members and they thanked him for taking care of Geet for 7 yrs. Somehow she managed that situation but Rudra and Maan both are not happy with her. Rudra never said the words but his every gesture told what he wanted her to say. For 2 weeks Geet prepared herself to tell everything but she couldn’t get the courage to face her brothers. Words never were her forte.

In the mean time Geet never forget to meet the kids every now and then. Living without them has become a struggle for her.On the other hand Maan took the kids to meet his Dadima. Who was recovering really well. Geet also met her and with tears dadima embraced her. And like that 7 years of seperation went away. Everyone was happy to see her recovering so well. On the other hand Geet was trying to get the courage to tell her brothers and family about Tamanna and Mannat. In next 3 week Kunal had recovered really well and Geet knew she had to tell them now.

Geet: bhaisa i need to tell you both something.

Brij: Geet bhaisa want to return home and we all want you and naina to come Jaiselmer.

Kunal: ha Geet, Naina ne hume itne saal baad accept kiya hain. I want her to come with all the family member to our haveli.

Juhi: 1st listen to Geet, she wanted to say something.

Geet: I will call Naina jiji here, I need everyone of you.

Brij: kya baat hain Geet.

Geet: i hope u will forgive me bhaisa.

Brij and Kunal smiled reassuring her.

Brij: you will never do something that will make us angry.

She fears disappointments. Geet only pray he is right. Or else she don’t know what would she would do. She can’t lose her family again yet she wants her kids to have this family as well.


Geet: I have called Naina to come to visit Bhaisa and i was thinking to tell them about the kids.

Maan: are you sure?

Geet: as sure as i can be. With some hesitation she said “Will you be there?”

Maan looked as surprised as she was feeling but he nodded without any sarcastic comment.

Geet changed the subject as soon as possible: where is Rudra?

Maan: In the record room.

Geet: I was thinking to ask him to come with the kids. What do you think?

Maan: as you like Geet, i wasn’t going to snatch his any right. He has his right on them as much as u and me, i believe.

Geet was realizing this man has really changed, he isn’t the same 24yr self centered guy. He has changed a lot. He has become mature and sensible, well if u do not anger him.

They were lost staring at each other and thinking about their past and the stupid decisions they both took in anger and hurt. He knew he was the reason for this hard Geet but in the few days he saw the glimpse of his Geet now and then.

Suddenly their eye contact broke due to a angry sound and they both looked at the door where Rudra came with a glare.

Maan: Now what happen? He was so nonchalant that made Rudra mad even more.

Rudra: your songs are urgghhh.

Maan: Inever knew that was a word.

Geet looked away to stop her smile which did not go unnotice by Maan.

Rudra: will you stop ogling her and see my problem.

Maan: my eyes my choice. But my ears are open, u can tell your problem.

Rudra: There are so many problems, mainly the tempo and my voice isn’t right for this.

Geet: Rudra I have checked them all and they are good.

Rudra: Geet you know my voice have high scale which isn’t suitable for those songs.

Maan: who said that.

Rudra: your music directer. He did not let me finish half song and started telling which pitch my voice needs to go and blah blah.

Maan immidiately called the music directer to make them stay there at the record room and took Rudra there. Geet only followed them feeling amused.

For the next 2 hour Maan monitered the songs and gave Rudra all room for improvisation and the free hand to change his voice as he like. Whenever he find any word difficult Maan was there to help him. And rudra too looked at Maan through the 2 way mirror for his approval and Maan nodded his head.

Maan to the music directors: You 2 are fired. And he walked out with a laughing Rudra.

Rudra: you know they were doing their job.

Maan: which was never done and they wasted my whole day.

Geet stopped to go behind them as they laughed and bickered about the director. She knew if she doesn’t do something she will again fall for this man. She can feel the ice around her heart melting ever so slowly.


Finally the day come when she have to face her family with the truth. She did not want any drama with anymore so she called Rudra Maan and the kids together at one time. She wanted to face her family and tell the truth once and for all that doesn’t mean she isn’t scared as shit. And now sitting here in between her family and collecting the courage was real hard for her.

On the other end Brij Kunal and Naina was chatting about their hotel and Naina told them she want to take responsibility in their business, that might help their hotel business which made the brothers very happy. Dev supported her too. At the other end Neha was looking after Naman and yuvraaj. A soft glow was shining on her face that was missingfor 7yrs that made Karan skip his heart. Maybe finally he will have his neha back.

Geet was sipping water throughout the hour but her heartbeat did not stopped trying to erupt from her chest. Another sign that the coldness around her heart has broken with the warmth of her family because in the last 6 7 yrs she had forgotten all these emotions. Her eyes fell on Rudra who came alone which earn a confuse face from Geet. He assured her everything is fine and the kids are coming. Geet coughed to get their attention.

Geet: I need to tell something to you all that i have hidden for 7 yrs now.

Brij: What is it Geet?

Nanina: Is it the reason Misti you were so nervous for past hour?

Geet: you knew Iwas nervous?

Neha snorts: what do u think of ur family Geet? Everyone knew, that something is making u nervous and for past hour you have taken 20 glass of water. I am amazed your bladder is intact.

Juhi tried to hide her laugh with a cough and nodded.

But Kunal sat beside her placing his hand on her head: Gudiya you can tell us anything and you don’t have to be so nervous.

Geet: what if i tell you I did something i shouldn’t have in the 1st place and then did another mistake to hide it? You won’t forgive me for it bhaisa.

Kunal wiped her tears: 1st tell me do you regret the 1st ‘mistake’?

Geet was silent for sometime and then nodded in negetive: Never. That was my fav mistake which gave me the strength to live 7yrs in an unknown country alone.

Kunal: If it was never a mistake then how can u commit another mistake for it. Yes you might have to go to some extend to save it because you were hurt. Your heart automatically tried to save it from the same hurt.

Geet looked at her brother with tears.

Kunal: do u think your brothers don’t know their little gudiya. We know something big happened 7yr before but we also know you have to come out of it on your own to tell us. If u want us to know. We are glad finally u are able to tell us. Yes we might be hurt and angry for sometime but let us process and we will overcome it. And this heart is stronger when i have my whole family with me.

Brij: abhi to bhaisa ko teri shaadi aur bacche bhi dekhne hain.

On the right cue they heard the kid’s voice.

Tammy & Mann: hum to pehle se hi yaha hain.

Geet’s eyes went on them as Maan was trying to hold them. Her eyes fell on him which did tell he had listened everything.

Tammy: Mamashree right?

Mann: yeah Mamashree.kinda long but we were practicing for last 2 days.

Tammy: can’t we call uncle. Mamashree sounds really old and historic.

Mann: yeah we saw some hindi movie too. From there we heard it.

Geet’s eyes were spitting fire and Maan shrugged like saying he had nothing with all this. Rudra looked everywhere other than Geet which explained who taught them.

Tammy: yeah mommy Buddy taught us.

Mann: quit staring at him like that.

Naina: What the hell is happening here? GEET?

And Geet knew she will have a hard time to make her di understand.

Yes I am finally back, ye this is written by me after 3 long years.

Ps: I missed you guys.

Pss: there will be some changes in my writting as i am starting after such a huge gap. If you do not like something pls let me know.

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