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Love for You Part 94


Part 94

Geet looked at her brothers and her other family members. With all courage she looked at Kunal.

Geet: Bhaisa, Di, this is Tamanna and Mannat. Your nieces.

Naina: huh? Come again.

Tamanna: I think she was quite clear Maasima.

Mann: Quiet tammy. Let mommy talk.

It took sometime for Naina to come to her senses: will you say something Geet? That means you never had any miscarriage. You told me, you said… ohh

Something drawn upon her as her face gone paler: you never said those words, you just said none needs to think about the baby as it is in a safe place now. I just assume you mean to say heaven. I totally mistook it. It was my fault. Oh my God. I thought you wanted to stay alone for sometime and do not want to come back to India. But then you never call me back. Never try to tell me that i have 2 wonderful nieces. I never tried to see myself that you were okay or not. I was not a good sister to you. a lousy sister who could not take care of her baby sister. So engrossed in my own life.

Naina was sobbing so hard that Geet had to hold her as tight as possible.

Geet: shhh, calm down. You are the best sister I could have ever asked for. It was my own fault di. I was so scared, so emotionally torn up that i did not wanted anyone to enter in my and the kid’s life.

Naina angrily pushed her away: you had no right to take them away from me Geet.

Geet: I am sorry. I was broken Di and the only way i could survive was to run. Forgive me please.

Brij: Itne din yaha reh kar bhi aapne kuch nahi kaha Geet. Kaise humse chupaya yeh sab.

Kunal sat on the sofa numbly staring at the kids. They so looked like Geet when she was at their age.

Neha shook Maan with tears in her eyes: Bhai yeh,,,

Her emotion never let her say a word further but Maan nodded with emotion clogged in his throat. Neha hugged them both and showered her kisses on them.

Tammy & Mann was tormented with the scene as their mother was crying so hard. They weren’t used to see Geet like that. Neha took them both outside and they agree only after taking permission from Maan.

Outside the villa….

Mann: aunty why they were all crying.

Neha: they were happy tears. We got you back after almost 7 yrs. You are tamanna?

Mann giggle: no Mannat but mommy calls me Mann. She stressed on the last ‘n’

Kunal sat on the couch with heavy sigh and holding his heart with his hand. Everyone feared for his health but he assured that he is okay.

Kunal: humne nahi socha tha aap hume itna paraya kar degi. Hum sochte rahe kya huya hoga ke aap 7 saal se bahar reh rahi hain lekin yeh, aap to humse chup(hide) rahi thi. Kyun kiya aise Geet? Itna bhi varosa nahi tha humpe?

Geet sat down on her knees and held Kunal’s hand: nahi bhaisa. I trust you more than anyone. Aap log hi to ho jo mujhe taqleef dene ke bare me soch bhi nahi sakte. So much had happened. I was very badly broken. I was scared, i let you both down. So I ran away.

Brij angrily: Rudra you should have tell us. Hum tumhari shaadi ke khilaaf thodi na hote vale hi papaji ka promise thodna padta. His promise to Maan’s dad to marry them both isn’t bigger than the love of our sister.

Rudra: Bhaisa

Maan: Tamanna and Mannat are my kids Bhaisa.

Brij: What?

Kunal: to Geet se shaadi kyun nahi kiya aapne? Was it the reason she left us maan? Chup mat rahiye. Tell us.

Brij: do you knew about the kids Maan?

Maan nodded with a sigh: only a few months ago.

Kunal: fir aapne kyun nahi bataya?

Brij: why u did not bring her back if You knew she en was pregnant with your child?

Anger was so evident in their voice, Geet tried to intervene but Maan stopped her.

Maan: It’s time to tell them the whole truth Geet. She visibly paled and so did naina.

Maan: I refused to accept them as mine and forced her to leave my life.

His words may be hard and direct but Geet couldn’t helped but notice how much control it took for him to say those words without breaking. His eyes said it all. His regret, pain, torture everything was there in those words. his eyes asked forgiveness as he stares at her. None notice the slap coming Maan’s way as Kunal hit him hard. Maan did not backed away. He took it with his eyes closed. Ashamed that he felt alive after so many years. Someone is punishing him that means that anger will come out, and he maybe ask for forgiveness from Kunal but Geet, how could he make her forgive him?

Kunal: I have never imagined you will do this.

He was raising his hand once again but Rudra stopped him.

Brij: I will kill him today. Rudra stopped him by coming infront of him.

Rudra: He maybe deserves all this but look at him. Do you see any happiness? He had suffered for 7yrs too. He maybe the person responsible for all of this but he is the only person who forced her to come back to you after all these years. God knows how many times I have told her to go back to India but she threatened me to leave with the kids but see now he is the one who forced her to come out of her shell. He was immature at the age of 24 but he had repented every damn second of these 7 yrs for his mistakes. You all had each other for solace, even Geet had me, who was there for him? His own family left him.

Geet looked at Maan who was staring at her(self thought): lekin main bhi to akeli thi, kaise kar diya mujhe paraya Maan. (But I was alone too, how could you leave me)

Maan (self thought): maine to meri kismat khud hi barbad kar di, kismat ne hi mujhe paraya kar diya Geet.

Brij: Whatever you did I will never forget it Maan but it is not me or bhaisa to forgive you in the 1st place. It’s only Geet’s right.

Kunal looked at Geet: kya aap dono kabhi shaadi nahi karna chahte?

Brij: Bhaisa,

Geet had gone one shade paler: I,, I can’t trust him.

Nanina snorted: Yet he is the one to bring you back. He is the one with whom you left your kids for days now, and you can’t trust him? I am sure telling us about them is his demand not your choice.

Geet: I agree all of this but the truth is 7yrs is not enough for healing the loneliness. It’s not enough for the damage he did to my heart that can’t trust anyone. His remorse is not enough.

She left the place. Maan looked away only asking how much more time he should give her. Rudra followed Geet.

Rudra: when will you stop punishing yourself Geet?

Geet: go away Rudra, I know suddenly you and him have bonded so well that all i can see in you is a brother of Maan. All you want to get rid of me. Did you get tired of your friend Rudra?

Rudra shook her: really? That is all you see? After 7yrs you tell me that? So tell me when was the last time WE had spent some time since Maan came in your life after all these yrs? What is left to US since he came back in your life. Is there any US left? Don’t you think i feel insecure whenever I see him with the kids. It is like after 7 yrs he came back to snatch all from me. Do u think i will like that?

Geet shed silent tears and looked at him wiyh pleading eyes.

Geet: you know you have every right on them. I am sorry to make you feel insecure Rudra. I am really sorry.

Rudra: leave it Geet.

He was leaving when Geet hugged him: I am so messed up right now Rudra. I need u pls don’t leave me. Nobody can take us away from you. You are part of us. I am sorry if I neglected you.

Rudra held her hand: You were never mine Geet. You were always HIS. and he came back to bring the best out of you. Give him a chance.

Geet was still unsure but just like a magnetic pull her face pulled towards the place Maan was standing with Neha. They stare at each other.

Neha: Bhai, do you still think,,

Maan: I know I don’t deserve her but I can’t help it. I can not live without her.

Neha: She still loves you.

Maan: how do you know?

Neha smiles: girl’s thing.

Maan: Do you still love him.

Neha looked at Karan who was playing with the kids: True love hard to die.

Maan: are you gonna do something.

Neha: I will. But we were talking about you and Geet. The real question is what are you gonna do?

Maan: Sometime I feel I shouldn’t have infere in her life. I should have let her go. She deserves better.

Neha looked at Rudra: You know bhai, HE deserves better that you both. She pointed towards Rudra.

Maan looked at Neha as she smiled sadly: in everything he is the one who lost the most. His love, his brothers, his friends, his,,, s,,,

Suddenly she sucked her tongue but it was too late, Maan gave her a stare that immobilised her.

Maan: Do you have something to tell me?

Neha: yeah, i found out a few weeks back but i couldn’t reach you as you were busy. Seems like Rudra won’t be happy to find it.

Maan: this better be good…


At night…

Geet was telling bed stories to Tamanna and Mannat but they were far from sleep.

Tammy: mommy we want to play with Naman.

Mann: yes mommy.

Geet: but you played the whole day, aren’t you tired?

Mann: no mommy. We had a great time.

Tammy: Mommy why u never told us about Naman and yuvi?

Mann: Yeah mommy, and we like India more. We want to stay here.

Geet’s gut twisted painfully hearing the pleading and yearning in their voice. Seeing so large family who showered their love on them only raised their yearing for a family. Geet knew she was falling in the trap ever so slowly but she can’t help it. She doesn’t want to leave her family either.

Geet: We will think about it baby.

She watched as the door clicked open and juhi stood there with Naman.

Juhi: your nephew doesn’t want to sleep without his sisters.

Geet smiled and all the 3 children laid together while Geet read them stories and they drifted to a deep sleep.

Juhi: Ruk jaiye Geet.

Geet looked so tormented.

Juhi: your brothers miss you. And I don’t want Naman to miss his sisters like that. His small heart would not take the pain like your bhaisa does. He miss you and naina so much.

Geet: I am so sorry bhabisa.

Juhi: Aapka dard samajhte hain hum lekin Maan ka dard bhi ek baar samajh ke dekhiye. He only have you and his kids. He won’t survive like last time.

Geet’s ears perked up: Last time?

Juhi: Naina told us about the accident he faced when you left. 6 month he was in coma right after you left us.

Geet vaguely remember Maan telling her about his accident in that bathroom but she chugged it then. So he was telling the truth. He did came after her.

Geet: he said truth, he came after me. Her words were mere whisper as she sat on the porch.

Juhi: i have heard everything from you, naina and neha. They were there. The accident was bad geet. And i can tell one thing if he hadn’t faced that accident he would have come behind you. Men tend to talk rubbish when they are in anger but they can’t remember it after. It’s like anger is a drug to them. Once high they do stupid things but you should not judge them by one moment. They have the nicest way to make up to u. And Maan is working hard, give him a chance he will work harder to have you back.


I want to thank Riddhima for pointing out something which i wanted really badly. Yes I need to work on the scenes transactions. And in last update i forgot that. Thank a lot dear. Your comment was valuable for me.

Some of you have noticed the story is going in a fast pace. Yes i was always en a slow pacer but now i think a little fast pace will do good for future story as i really badly want to take the story further. I need the characters and the story to grow.

Thank u everyone for waiting for me and for standing with me through my good and bad time. I missed writting and now i feel alive.

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