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Love For You Part 92

Part 92

Maan took geet to Jaiselmer in his private jet where everyone was waiting for them. Geet rushed to the hospital to meet Kunal who was going under surgery.She met brij, who was distraught. Juhi cried hugging Geet, and Geet herself was a mess. In all this maan was her rock. She never thought this day will ever come in her life when she will lean on him again but fate played upper hand. Truthfully she was glad to have him here or else she doesn’t know what she had done.

Maan without a word gave his support, she didn’t have any strength to deny him and he took it as a scrap of hope. He knew she was hurting, fear was so visible in her expressive eyes and that made the guilt worse.

After 8 days of continuous hospital trips and with doctor’s word Geet agreed to take kunal to their home. They took Maan’s jet to fly Delhi as per Maan’s request. He believed that wiith the medical facility Kunal would get better than their own palace.

Again Maan surprised her and she felt a small part of her vault that was holding her anger so intact melt in his warmth.

On reaching delhi Geet saw a anxious Naina with dev and little yuvraj. Maan left the airport as soon as it touch the ground. With a little push from dev she met Kunal and awkwardly hugged him for the first time in life. Geet could see Naina was scared. But one look of yuvraj shread thousand worry from Kunal. The strong man was nearly on his knees to hold yuvraj. With miraculous warmth Kunal showed sign of recovery. Guilty concious made Geet uneasy. Till now she didn’t said a word about her kids, how will Kunal and Brij will react she had no idea but Naina will be really hurt.

Dev informed geet: it was Maan bhai who forced Naina to see him, he was the one who melted her inner ice for the Rathodes.

Naina was a stubborn girl like Geet but she could be sensible if right pressure uses. Maan knew it too well. On the other hand Kunal and Brij gave a warm response to naina which further melted her anger and she showed sign of craving a family for so long.

Her bubble of happiness brust when her cell rang and she left the airport fuming.


Maan was leaning on his chair hearing Tiasha his assistant briefing him about his schedule.

Maan: cancel my next 2 meeting or shift them and call aadi in my cabin.

Tiasha: ok sir.

When Aadi came to his cabin Maan was going through some file.

Aadi: sir the investors of Rathode group,,

Maan: cancel those deals aadi and tell them no need to take out money from the industry, I am investing in them. I hope that’s enough for them to trust on Rathode Group. If necessary then buy the shares also.

Aadi: but sir all your strategy will be

Maan: useless. I know Aadi, but sometime we should hear our heart not the business mind.

Just then they heard a mocking voice.

Geet: you have a heart. News of the century.

On turning towards the door Maan cursed under his breath.

Maan’s face was granite: listen to me first.

Aadi sensing the atmosphere left the duo to their own.

Geet: why should i listen to u or precisely what should i know more than this. You are incredible Maan. One side you played the hero who was holding us safe in the worst nightmare a person can see and then i got to see the real face of yours. All the time i was thinking you are helping me, being my rock and behind my back you were plotting to destroy our family business. How could you stoop so low to backstab my family just because i sold your stupid dream.

Maan: Enough.

His voice was thunderous, for a moment it stilled her and time stood still between them. In two long strides he was infront of her pulling her towards him with a little rough hand, all happened in only 5 second flat that she didn’t have time to react.

He was mere inches away from her and unknowingly her breath became heavy. Sexual frustation was so thick between them that might be easy to cut with a knife.

Geet gulped and Maan folowed her movement and suddenly the spell broke.

Maan left a ragged breath: Don’t talk without knowing the truth.

Geet: i know your truth, i know to get revenge from me you are destroying Rathode Enterprise, tell me i am wrong.

Maan: you are wrong.

Geet pushed him away, fire was so accurate in her eyes.

Geet: Don’t lie to me Maan, i know the truth. You are buying our investor, and they are pulling their money from our hotels. what more to know about your doing.

Maan: sometime looks can be decisive, who know more than you Geet.

Her jaw sat stubbornly and Maan felt the urge to turn her face kiss the rage away, but he knew her better.

Geet: Then tell me whatever i said was wrong, u aren’t bribing them to pull out their money.

Maan looked away and Geet smiled mockingly. She was leaving the place right then. One moment with him and she doesn’t know how much harm she could do to him.

When her investigator told about the situation she wasn’t ready to accept that Maan could do such a thing and then she cursed herself for being so stupid not to see his intention. Ofcourse he could do it to take revenge.

Again Maan pulled her closer to him, this time he forced her to sit on the chair and he trapped her in that. Forcing her to see his eyes.

Maan: listen to me first. Yes i told those investor to pull there money and yes you were right. I was angry and wanted to hurt u as much as u did to me.

Geet tried to say something but maan placed his fingers on her lips, both shuddered a little. taking breath Maan continued.

Maan: For you those songs, my dream could be stupid, but they were the only thread that held my life with a string. I was living for it, with it and suddenly you pulled the rug out of my feet, tell me how do u think i could react. The only wy i knew it will hurt you and may be i wanted this ice queen to break her ice shell.

Geet: i never thought,,,

Maan: i am not finished Geet. For a second he saw the old geet in her anger but she masked it instantly. Maan ignored it. Yes for a moment i did all that to hurt you but later i realized i can never destroy Kunal and Brij Rathode not only because you r their sister but also their father was my father’s best friend. I could never hurt my father like that.

And yes i was selfish because in all these i always thought maybe now you will come to me Geet, i always wanted you to lean on me but again u run to rudra. Again in my life i felt useless. I just wanted one chance to make u see i could be your pillar but you as usual strong minded, never really needed me.

There was silence for few minutes, both didn’t know what to say. Only then Geet pulled up herself.

Geet: your stunt could have hurt bade bhaisa, i could have lost him.

Maan: i know and i am sorry for that. I never intended to cause such trouble.

Geet: but u did. Now u tell me how could i trust u enough to lean on u? You were never there. I can never trust you after whatever happened between us.

Maan: it will be always Rudra between us. Because you have Rudra and It will be always him you will run. I was never enough nor will be Geet.

Geet: not again Maan. You know

Maan: Tell me Geet even when we were together didn’t you run to him for all your problem? Did you ever turn to me?

Geet swallowed hard: I I,,,

She couldn’t even muster a word. How could he say something like that. After all the years, all the hurt he had cause, again he is blaming her. But a small voice inside her head search event that she could point when she had turn to him for support not rudra.

Maan: even Rudra was the 1st person to know about your pregnancy, not me. He was the 1st person hold my babies, not me. He was the one to be beside you when you needed someone and the irony is i will be never enough for you to lean on me, not then, not now.

He turned away, emotion was such thick between them. He fought to control and then her words sliced him open.

Geet: i did, i did turn for you when i learned about pregnancy. I wasn’t even aware.i never told Rudra, he told me. I needed you when i waited for you in dehradun, i called you. I turned on every ray of light looking for you. I wasn’t the 1st person to hold our babies in my arms because i wanted it to be you. When my craving stuck i turned my other side of bed to see you, to tell you i wanted pineapple, i wanted it to be you but you.

Tears were running her face like a dam being finally broken, and she didn’t even knew about it. She had supress so much in her heart that once broken she couldn’t collect her shattered soul. Maan was looking in her eyes and she stared back.

Geet: I even called you when i was in labor. But some girl took it saying you are busy. Her voice grated my nerves. I was so hurt, so torn up. After everything i still wanted you to be there.

Maan was shocked beyond thinking, he held her closer to him.

Maan: i always regretted it. U were always right. My repentance was enough for the pain i gave you but it was always you. I,,,,


Both turned to see Rudra standing there fuming like volcano. And like that the past rushed back.

Geet closed her eyes and when she opened she was again the harden Geet. But again when she opened her mouth she showed the glimpse of His old Geet.

Geet: Not here Rudra, i hope my kids are fine or God forbid,

Rudra: how could you do this to her again Maan. Karan told me everything that happen here.

Maan: and you barged in to save your best friend.

Geet gave him a fire filled stare: i hope my babies aren’t here to see this.

2 little voice shouted: we are already here. Their eyes sparkle with mischief.

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Love For You Part 91


Part 91

Geet closed her eyes leaning on the wall as Maan leaned forward. His breath was touching her lips which still has it’s effect on her. Her breath was heavier with his each step, he was plastered on her. She could feel every hard inch of his abs and she can’t deny, it still effects her.

Geet: Don’t pls. Her reply was breathy, she was vulnerable, just the way he wanted but still it pained him. His lips brushed her cheeks as she turn away from him.

Maan: You still cares for me Geet.

Geet: I don’t.

Maan: yes you do. You do have feelings for me Geet.

Geet: I told you its just hatred.

Maan: chalo atlst kuch to hain, for now I’m loving your hatred.

He smiled looking at her flush face, she closed her eyes tightly before gathering her strength to push him. Maybe he sensed that move because before she could do anything he crossed her legs with his tightly pinning on the wall. She left a frustated huff.

Geet: What do you want Maan? I am really sick of your mind games.

Maan: I just want a chance? For us, for our kids.

Geet: Don’t. They are my kids and you lost ur all chances when u called them b******.

Her pain, her anger all came back as she stared at him with all memory of 7 yrs. The hurt that cause her relations. Maan shut his eyes for a moment, gathering himself and when he opened it she saw it, she saw the remorse that shook her. She had imagined this day, when she could only see his remorse in his eyes. As always she never expected words just the real emotion. And when the day came the thought of delight victory never reached her heart. She is as empty as him. Human feelings that she burried with their love is trying to surface. She blinked her eyes and gulped hard trying to sooth the knot.

Geet: why now? Why after 7 yrs? You never remembered them in those yrs, you called them,,

Maan: I was insecure, I was selfish. I know I messed up and u can’t forgive me, but still you kept them.

Geet: They are my babies.

Maan: they are a part of me too. You still love them, you still never told them what happened between us, not because you never thought I would reach u ever but u knew I would regret all those words. You knew me too well.

Geet sighed: I can’t believe I am having this discussion in a locked washroom.

Maan chuckled lightly: only you could walk and sit in a room with me. You trend to runaway the place I walk in, you wouldn’t trust me.

Geet: you didn’t earned it either. You just barged into my life and destroyed everything that I have joined in these years. You want to rip me apart by ripping by babies away.

Maan: you know I can’t do that. If I wanted I would have taken them with me. But I waited for you in Boston, but your fear set u on running.

Geet: I can’t trust you. Not with my heart and my kids.

For a moment he was still, she didn’t said anything that he didn’t know but it still hurts. Her insecurity cut him deep but he doesn’t have a choice.

Maan: I know. I won’t expect much just a chance.

Geet: is it because you know they are your children?

Maan shook: I believe that 7 yrs back when I run behind u after hearing Naina.

Geet closed her eyes, so he came because Naina told him the truth. And he believed her. Does that mean if she had stayed, only if she had tried harder, maybe they would have been togther, her strubbon heart waited for him, and for what? To seek forgiveness. Does she even wanted those heavy remorses? She had always wanted her Maan to love her, nothing more but those scars were too deep. Only if she could block those memories. He had hurt the only way he could rip her soul and it took several years to be whole and this time he has every power to destroy her in every sense.

Geet isn’t dumb, stubborn yes. She knew she still has feeling for this gorgeous bastard. She could deny all she want, she even tried but one look at her babies with him once via webcam and all the hidden dreams had surfaced. She had wanted it so bad. But what if he rip her again? What if he is playing another game? Cruel game, for his kids? She wouldn’t survive it. She can’t risk her heart.

And there is another confession, he did came after her then why couldn’t he reach her in those years? Did he really came for her to apologise? Did he really wanted to recolonisation.?

Maan touched her cheek with his finger, delicate and soft caresses woken her sleeping desire.

Maan: If they weren’t my children then also I would have come for you Geet. I am too selfish to be you worthy but I’m yours only. And you r mine to keep, to love and cherish. We are destined to be together.

Geet shook her head: Too much time have past, too much things have happened. I have destroyed your dream,

Maan: You, Tammy and Mann are my dream, always were.

Geet: you said you wll destroy me, is it your plan to destroy me Maan?

Maan: I can’t, you are a part of my soul. For years it was ripped apart, I can’t do more damage to it.

Geet: I don’t know what to believe, so many years has passed.

Maan: and you still couldn’t hurt me.

Geet looked at his eyes, does he know she retrieve those files that she leaked? Did he got to know how she mananged to bribe the maid to borrow the file and her computer geek friend to hack his rival’s system to delete those songs? But it isn’t possible cz she did it only hours before.

Before they could say further a loud ring broke the atmosphere, Geet pulled out her phone and the id made her take the call immidiately. Worry was all that written on her face and it brought shadow of guilt on him which Geet unknowingly missed.

Geet: hello Bhaisa.

Whatever she heard momentarily shook her and Geet fell back on the wall. If it wasn’t Maan who held her weak body she would have crashed down with her all dignity.

Maan took the phone but it was already disconnected, it worried Maan to see Geet like this.

Maan: Geet.

Geet: Badhee Bhaisa..

Maan: Bhaisa kya Geet? What he was talking?

Geet shook her head then looked at Maan, first time in all these month he had seen her frighten. Trully fearful.

Geet: He is in hospital, heartattack.

Her voice chocked and for the first time in years she trully broken down. It’s fate that the person once broke her today held the power to gather the broken pieces now. Maan engulfed Geet in his embrace as she sobbed, so much volted inside her shield today had broken it’s restrictions. She couldn’t hold the cry that escaped but Maan hugged her tighter. Forgetting her trust issues and heartache she leaned on the comfort that his embrace gave her. Kunal was her weakness that today brought her closer to her one enemy she swore never to be engage.

Ps: missed u so much gals.

Precap: the truth. (not the awaited lol)

Love for You Part 81


Part 81

Maan: what happen Tammy?

Tammy: mommy

Seeing the panic on tamanna’s face tore Maan apart. His heart squeezed in fear, what if Geet came here? What if she decided not to share their kids? What if she pulled a restraining order over him. He stopped his track right there. He has to cool down before forming anything in his mind. He is MSK, he has a brain to pull a company over a night, he can deal with Geet for it. But then this is Geet and his children. Suddenly he felt the fear of losing everything came back and he kneeled down infront of his babies. He looked at the 2 cute angels of his life. The innocent look they gave him somewhere strengthen the father n a lover’s instinct stronger. He took a deep breath.

Maan: ok Tammy so tell me where is ur mommy?

Tammy looked confuse then looked at the cell in her hand then with other hand pointed the phn.

Mann: mommy phn me hain? But how can be she fit in that tiny phn?
Mannat looked genuinely concern and confuse and Maan has the sudden urge to laugh so loud. Tamanna rolled her eyes on Mann.

Tammy: duh Mann, mommy isn’t in the phn. She called bodyguard uncle and he brought this to me.

Maan looked at the man, Rudra’s Chief security officer. He stood there unapologically. Maan asking question to the man will be futile as his loyalty lays only for Geet. So he just nodded his head and Maan looked away arrogantly.

Maan: ok Tammy so what have mumma told u? Did she scold you?

Tammy looked even confuse: why she will scold me? she just behaved weird. She told me she will be here soon. And,,, and she asked me if u said anything wrong or behaved rudely? Daddy why mommy feels that about you? You are not rude and she know it na

The uncertainty in her voice nearly tore him away. He felt someone suddenly squeezed the air away his lungs.

Mann: papa you love us na?

Maan suddenly held the 2 princesses close to his heart: yes baby papa loves u. Loves u a lot.

Tammy: then why mommy,,

Maan: mommy is angry with me. She doesn’t want u to get hurt by me.

Mann: did u hurt her?

How can he lie to that innocent angel. The hope in her eyes that he will deny the fact he can ever hurt their mommy hit him so hard. He felt the pain but couldn’t lie seeing their innocence.

Maan: yes.

His voice was dry n broken. He felt two cute chubby hand wiping the tears from his cheeks that’s when he realized he has been crying. The pain was nothing infront of the pain in his angel’s eyes.

Mann: I m sure u didn’t hurt her intentionally. Maybe you did wrong but u can make up for that.

Maan: I have hurt ur mommy a lot and I don’t think she can ever forgive me baby.

Tammy: she will. She couldn’t stay mad for long. Buddy always manage her to forgive him for our prank.

Maan smiles sadly: your buddy has the charm and she loves him.

Tammy slapped her forehead like Geet always did in past: uffo she loves u too. Kiss her and patch up.

Maan: Accha? And how do u know she loves me?

Mann: she loves us that mean she loves you.

Tammy: you are our dad that means she loves u.

Mann: if she hates u how can she love ur children. Think smartly na

Suddenly the blur of the years cleared so smoothly. His angels innocently cleared all the fog around his mind. Geet loves him n his parts that’s why after everything she couldn’t think about abortion or leaving their babies. Her love was always stronger than her hate. And if she loves his part, his children she has to love their dad also. A new zeal of confident and excitement ran through him.

Tammy: I think she wants to come here but when I said that she told me she has some work.

Maan smiles smugly knowing if she comes then he can take them with her to India but knowing she is smart enough not to do that. She must have planned something for him. That’s why she is still in India. He looked at the 2 innocent kids of his. They are so naive, so forgiving and so loving. His heart hurt painfully but somewhere be that rather selfishness but he was happy and relieved his angels love him so much. When he had decided to come here he had dreaded the moment he will meet his kids, he was afraid of their reaction. He was worried they will hate him for leaving them but here his children made the situation so helpful.

The moment Maan arrived the house he came to face Rudra’s restless pacing and cursing. Mannat n Tamanna went to him straight and chucked him by launching at him. Rudra smiles and took their appearance fully like assuring himself about theirected safety. Maan tried to ask him something but he signaled the kids.

Rudra: Tammy Mann go to your room nd finish the home work.

Mann: but buddy.

Rudra: angel, daddy and buddy need to talk on something so will u give us sometime?

Mann: ok.

Tammy and Mann agreed half heartedly and left the place.

Maan: what’s the matter?

Rudra: I think she has arranged the 250 cr.

Maan looked at him blankly then realization drawn upon him.

Maan: how?

Rudra: I don’t know. She just called to inform we don’t need to worry much. You will be back in 24 hour. I don’t know what that’s mean.

Maan leaned in his couch smiling: she will plan something I know the moment I left Delhi but whatever she do won’t be enough to make me leave my kids. Not this time Rudra. And she is dealing with MSK not Maan, she doesn’t know me so well.

Rudra leaned on the coffee table looking straight in his eyes.

Rudra: And you don’t know her Maan. She is not the Geet you left, she is not even my Mishty, she is mother and a cruel business woman. You don’t have a clue what can she do to u. You think just because you r the father of her children she won’t do anything drastic, mark my word she can destroy anyone who try to snatch her children.

Maan: still she didn’t do it. Maybe she will destroy me but not the father of her children.

Rudra smiles rather mockingly: just wait and watch what she will do to u and see the destruction with ur own eyes.


Brij: you really think it will bring Maan India?

Geet smiles smugly: if I had said I want to break the contract by giving him money he wouldn’t have come here, rather aaditya would have handled the project as C.E.O
But now whatever I have found it will destroy him.

Brij: don’t you think it will effect you also.

Geet: c’mon bhai sa I m already breaking the merger so how will it affect me?

Brij: you know I m not talking about the company. I m talking about your personal issues Mishty.

This is first time after 6n half years she is feeling happy n content to hear her name. Maybe because she had waited much longer and this time she can’t be angry on her brother for something he didn’t do at all. When her friends call her Mishty she always associated it with Maan but when her brother call her she can only remember her childhood, the happiness and love of her parents.

Geet: this is what will break the contract. He will be furious and it will be easy.

Brij: you know what I mean.

Suddenly Geet turned serious. She looked so hard and distance.

Geet: it can’t be them bhai sa. He didn’t knew about them that time.

Suddenly she heard her older brother: it was you. It was his dream then.

Geet looked at her handsome brother. Tall dark handsome and a true king of the state Kunal Singh Rathode stood there head held high. He has an aura to make anyone shiver and his love ones to feel protected.

Geet: He destroyed Geet now Geet will destroy his dream.

Kunal stood in front of Geet towering her: you were not like this. I never thought the person called me 3 days back will turn to be so cold. You were my choti, Mishty what happen to you.

Geet smiles bitterly: Kisi ne jeene ka nazariya badal diya. Hamara ashiyana hi tod diya.

Brij sighed feeling defeated but Kunal didn’t changed his stare.

Kunal: Usne apka nazariya badal diya kyun k apne Usse wo haq diya, wo taqat di lekin humne kya kiya tha Mishty Jo humse itna ruth gayi?

Geet: you know its not like that.

Kunal: I know but was this state or our reputation bigger than u, our sister. Ek baar kaha hota hum sab kuch chod dete. Tamanna and Mannat wouldn’t have stayed without their family. They had everything and nothing. 6 saal pehle kaha hota to hum Maan ko bhi manwa lete. Jarurat padhti to uske pao pakad lete.

Geet: thats what I didn’t wanted ever. If I had said a word u both would have did that aur Hamare samman kaha jata. You both are my pride and I know how much you love me but your responsibility towards the state and Babasa was more important to me. I know I did great mistakes in life but sadly I regret very little if I had said anything to you n Brij bhai I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. I did wrong in one thing. I should have talked to u in these 6 years and my kids deserved to know their uncle and so did Naman. My nephew needed to know his aunt..

Geet looked at the 7yr toddler Naman, Kunal and Juhi’s son running towards her.

It was strange for Geet to tell everything from starts to end specially when her one brother is hot headed Brij who instantly wanted to kill Maan and other was Kunal who looked sad and defeated. She knew her brother will help her without asking anything. When she had called Kunal she just said she needs money and he asked how much. She told the amount and Kunal started collecting the money. Then she took a flight and landed Rajasthan. She got grand welcome from both proud brothers and her sister in law who can’t be more happier to see her. Her nephew actually ran to her which was unexpected but then when she reached the palace she saw how Naman knew her. Her grand picture hung on every wall along with naina’s. After so many years she had cried holding Kunal hiding her face in his chest like a baby and both didn’t knew how many hours. Finally she told about Maan n her and then about Tamanna and Mannat. Kunal looked pained knowing she didn’t had her family with her when the 2 princesses came to this world but then he looked proud and the 5 of the family member rejoice and celebrated the news but Brij made sure none other than family knows the news not even the servants.

After knowing that Maan went to Boston to meet the kids Geet was somewhere frighten. Frighten of his rejection, feared that he will hurt her angels. She couldn’t belief he can actually belief the fact that they are his children but when she heard Rudra saying what he had seen Geet started fearing more. What if he want to take the custody. If the case came to Indian court no doubt he will win but she was fearing more for her children. She doesn’t want them to get hurt so in between she needed to make plan and rest happened for the good she thinks.


Precap: how do u know I m your father?

For more than 2 month I was busy with my exam so I had disappeared. And for that I m sorry and when I came my net ditched me. I m so frustrated with it. Anyway thanks a lotttttttt for waiting for me and loving my fictions

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Love For You Part 74



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Part 75



A week had gone Geet had landed India and all she had thought only about is Maan. Every waking moment of her life has begun with Maan and has ended with him only. Nowadays He is taking extra care of her need but whenever she say about shifting he will dismissed the conversation further. She had visited KM frequently but couldn’t stay as maan always arrived on time to take her. She thought ppl in KM will doubt it but none said a word against maan’s demeanor glare. She is pissed on him and wanted to talk about it to Rudra but she couldn’t. Knowing Rudra’s temper he will arrive right then and maan will get to know about kids. She tried to keep her tone less frustrating when she talked with kids but the sharp devil sensed something is wrong so she tried to communicate less and wrap up the work soon. Maan had given a new responsibility, a new contract for the company, she found it difficult to work for another company but he is giving her fair share. 60% of profit, it amazed her to the core. But still she wanted to give the 250 cr and leave the place so she is trying to pray other company and bank loan but knowing she stays in abroad none helped her and she couldn’t go Boston knowing maan will let arrest rudra. She felt trap and cursed maan her every waking moment.


Maan: If your cursing program has come to an end shall we leave for office? He asked casually lifting his juice glass then gulped a large amount before picking the files and placing them in his bag. Geet had noticed he didn’t have his meals on time, neither he bother to show when he took his last meal but always made sure she took her. It’s not like she would care but maybe some corner felt uneasy to see him so careless about his health. Then her eyes roamed on his perfect abs which is now cling to the shirt, well if he had neglected his heath then how come the perfect body came. He is muscular than previous, 31 yr age and still very very hot. She cursed her mind which always went on wrong track which started only when he came close to her.


Geet observed his pace coming close to her and then forced to look at his eyes which were twinkling in mischief which is rare to see nowadays.


Maan bent over to her side and whispered in her ear: you can drool all day as much as you want but right now I think time for you to be in office.


Maan was suddenly gone after he took an apple from her side then left chuckling and leaving her fuming. She took her bag and followed him. It will be 1st time she will work from his office as his partner. Till now she had preferred to work behind closed doors but they have meeting and the client maan want like anything. It’s so frustrating. When she came here she thought to find a way out but now she is trapped here, she have to work for him, after confirming it from rudra geet finally managed to work without creating a fuss. Yeah she still didn’t say to rudra that she is working with maan but he knew she is hiding something. Respecting her space he left everything to her and started wrapping his all shoots and concerts as soon as possible to join her in India, anyway the new company had signed him for good number of shows.


The moment maan entered the office everyone was numb and running here and there. Geet saw everything with amused expression and others also saw her with wild expression. They had never seen their boss with a female client leave any girlfriend, he never associate with girl except his Part time secretary tiasha. One glare from maan was enough to stop the stare towards geet. she walked through the corridor without hesitation or awkwardness. She had seen ppls looking at her. so it’s not new for her, but still the way they are gaping at her and then maan says something else. Does they think she is his another mistress? She wouldn’t blv the fact that he hadn’t date after her departure. It’s so unlike maan, knowing his Casanova side she knew till now numerous girl had warm his bed. Thinking that only bring nausea to her, she want to close the washroom door and throw up but couldn’t. So instead she plastered an arrogant smile, her business smile.


Maan’s powerful voice echoed the hall right then: I hope you all remember we are receiving our new partner. And here she is our new partner, Geet…. before he can complete full name she intervened.


Geet: GR. you all can call me mam or GR nothing else. She eyed maan with fierce and for a moment maan became numb. The girl once was so full of warmth today spitting coldness only.


Maan: shall we go to the meeting? His voice was measure and clipped but geet nodded.


The meeting was another torture for maan, from the moment geet took the charge of the presentation his client Mr Ranawat was staring at geet’s legs then her face and the way she talks, the man was undressing her mentally and maan felt like punching him straight to the eye. But then he looked at geet who was unaware or say so much involve in her work that didn’t give importance to that rascal. Maan’s eyes roamed on her shapely legs, the denim was hugging her so rightly. Her full sleeve shirt didn’t give anything but the hint of her flesh peeking frm the first 2 open button was enough to make his mouth go dry. He was least careful about his gaping at her and seems like geet couldn’t feel his stare. She had gulped the glass of water and again avoided his gaze. But nothing interrupted her presentation. At last everything went well and Mr Ranawat signed the deal not to forget, after the sign he shook her hand a little too long and invited her to his party which she politely declined making maan smirk a little. Still Mr Ranawat pressure maaneet to come to his party and finally they agreed to him. Geet hated the glamour party but couldn’t say no as he is important client so she agreed. She had noticed him staring at her and the way maan was boring hole in him. It made her smile wickedly.




Maan was groaning like a wild animal, he hated the fact that they have to go to the party, it’s been 2 days and Maan had completely forgotten about the party, he was happy in his own world with geet and wanted her to cocoon in his safe world. He hated the outer world and it’s ugliness but Geet had some other plan. She had witnessed his possessive side in these days. The way he always plastered her to his side, never let her to talk to another person which according to him lusting over her. She hated his possessiveness. It was his jealous nature that had drifted them apart still he was same. She doesn’t want to remember anything but his every gesture make her remember those days when she had cherished his obsessive nature.  But maybe only that familiar sense only can make her realize his love for her or so he thought.


Maan: geet we don’t need to attend the party, we can always give an excuse. He banged her door loudly still fuming while geet was enjoying his uncomfortable restlessness to the core. She chuckled and didn’t said anything. She was busy clasping the broach of her blouse behind her back, when maan again banged the door.


Maan: geet.


Geet shouted: Maan stop it. Give me 5 min of peace and I will be ready. Maan’s frustration gave up and he banged the door so hard that the door fell open, apparently she didn’t locked it.


Geet stared at him wide eyes through the mirror where he was staring at her open back. The velvety smooth skin of her back made his throat dry. He looked at her eyes through the mirror then her shivering hand. Without uttering a word he followed the path and came close to her.


She wanted to curse him, shout at him, glare him and say so many nasty things that will make him crumpled but she only stood there numb, staring at his deep chocolate brown eyes. So many emotions flickered over his eyes that made her shudder. She knew it’s not good for her to stay numb but she couldn’t move her tongue. She shivered under his gaze and left the hook undone only to clasp her blouse with her arms. Her chest rose up and down in god knows what? Was it fear? Loath? Or anticipation? Or Lust?


She tried to hide her bosom when he touched her undone broach together. He clasps the hook as she arched her back. He was hard just looking at her arched back. Giving to the temptation he kissed her nape. He was ready to feel her jerk but she took a breath sharply. His courage boosts up and he placed wet kisses on her spine. She tried to stay in one place but his intense kisses made hard to stay straight and she felt her legs becoming jelly. He held her stomach from behind as he continues kissing her shoulder softly. Lastly he placed a small sensual kiss behind her earlobe.


Maan whispered: I don’t want anyone see this back. Don’t go geet.


It snapped her from the dreamland and she jerks him. He sighed knowing her reaction but she spitted fire more than he could think.


Geet: why? Do you think I will warm another person’s bed in that party?


Maan held her hand bringing her close in a jerk, his eyes matched her fire and he brought her face mere inched away from her then spoke in a dangerous tone..


Maan: I don’t want anyone lusting on your back or any other part on your body. Do you get that geet?


Geet: you r a jealous bastard.


Maan: Yes I m. For you.. For my Love For You.


He left her and headed towards the exit, she hated how he reacted but couldn’t forget his words. How easily he agreed that he is jealous. How many men can admit their fear in front of the person who can tear him apart? She just followed him and rest of the journey went without word.




Maan was right, not a person was there who didn’t look at her almost bare back. Her saree wasn’t thin that will give a look of her cleavage thankfully but her milky white neck had drawn attention from many. She felt suffocated and cursed the time she decided to wear a saree. Maan was always besides her protecting her but never once met her gaze or touched her. She was both relief about the fact and another side little disappointed though she won’t accept it to her heart. After a brief introduction from Mr Ranawat to his family which include his 2 children but no wife and his mother who became really fond of geet. Mr Vikran Ranawat wasn’t much older but only 39 yr middle built up man with good looks and friendly smile. She got his intention clear when he introduced her to his family and his children. Though she loved the boy and little cute girl who made her arch for her own children still she wasn’t comfortable around Vikram.


On the other side Maan was gulping his drink and fuming inside still didn’t say a word. He tried to prey geet in a dance just to avoid the family classing around her but geet wasn’t ready to risk herself against him, so she thought to take the safest way which went as she should declined his offer to dance and she did. Soon she regretted her decision when she saw Maan’s secretary Tiasha approaching him for a dance. Maan looked at geet for a moment before accepting her offer. Geet nearly knocked the tray full of wine which was a waiter carrying. She somehow composed herself but couldn’t help to go to the bar.


Geet: Tequila.  Well it certainly drew attention from many men in the row. A beautiful Woman sitting between chunks of men gulping alcohol certainly draw good amount of stares. But Geet ignored all and gulped down the liquid burning her throat but didn’t flinch in fact she ordered another shot. Her eyes glued on Maan and the way his secretary was whispering in his ear and Maan also seems like enjoying her attention. She gulped another shot down her throat then ordered another.


Maan wanted to take geet out from place instantly. His appearances here with her had a motive. He wanted the ppl to know She is his. But apparently his plan backfired the moment they entered the party. He didn’t touch her waist the way he wanted but that didn’t prevent him from gluing her to his side. It was till Mr Vikram Ranawat made his way up to them with his family. Maan hated the man to his guts. He knew Vikram Ranawat too well. Never he was serious with a women in life. He tried to make them comfortable and in family so they happily give in to him. But this time he had mess with wrong person. Maan Singh Khurana doesn’t let his possession to let go so easily. He tried to peruse geet to dance with him but again she declined, just then Tiasha his part time secretary came towards him approaching him and he agreed just to give a good dose of jealousy to geet well that worked. He can see geet’s fuming gaze on tiasha’s back and it amazed him knowing she still harbor the feeling for him. Well jealousy is better than nothing.


Tiasha wanted to discuss one client who was taking incapable interest in their new company and she give the information to maan which made maan come to his professional demeanor and he started discussing some important facts with her just then his eyes went on geet and he nearly cursed seeing Geet sipping the alcohol so effortlessly and then his eyes went on her side. Dark chocolate eyes darken more as he saw the person sitting beside geet who was obviously unaware. His eyes drifted to the glasses and clearly she had taken 5 tequila shots and 4 large vodkas. One glass of scotch on the way in her hand. He shook his head thinking how she can empty so much alcohol. Smoothly he excused himself from Tiasha to join his drunken little atom bomb.


The moment geet realized vikram was beside her sitting she became stiff. Alcohol isn’t started working yet she guess as she can still identify that he is not Maan. She cursed herself in her mind, maybe because She can never forget His smell, his gaze, his passion ever in her life. Maan is a drug that once away can detach the habit but consuming again after ages will make you same weak like first time you take it and you need the drug again and again to survive your life, or to forget it’s pain.


Something cripple in her skin as vikram touched her arm, she glared him and snatched her hand. Wrong, alcohol maybe started working as she is reacting to his touch. She had faced lots of this in these yrs and came out without dirtying her hand but today she felt the need to slap this guy and burn his hand. Instead she did something different.


Geet turned towards Vikram ignoring what he was saying: Listen Mr Creepy Ranawat, I am warning you first and last time, stay the hell out of me, and take your hand away from me before I break it to so many pieces that doctor could never join them again. And I mean it every word if you r thinking I am drunk or anything. But no I am capable of doing it very well. And stop preying Girls if you found them amusing and concentrate on your children who apparently need you more than you need a keep for u. You don’t realize how adorable your children are anyone can love them if you let them. But you only think about your own libido. I will suggest for some moment zip your pant and give your time to your children rather than entertain some slut of your. Your children need more time in play ground more than those whore in your hotel room.


She swiftly returned to her next drink while vikram’s face was red. Other ppl around the bar also distanced them from the atom bomb and went to their respective partner while Vikram looked at her with true respect.


Vikram; I am sorry Miss Geet.


Geet: GR, I think I had cleared myself, now if you excuse me I would like to go and do some constructive work than entertain u.


She stood up and instantly stumbled, before Vikram can hold her there was her knight, holding her possessively close to him. Maan looked at Vikram with red eyes which were enough to make him take several step back. Maan plastered geet against his body and exits the party without uttering a word to anyone,, the only thing he was caring was about Geet who was tripping in every step. He was tempted to swift off her feet but couldn’t as it will draw many unwanted attention to them. So he quietly took her towards their car and his bodyguards followed behind.



Precap: ‘u r drunk?’ he shouts over the phn

‘nope I am Geet’ She giggle like 6 yrs kid enjoying some cartoon. Apparently her kids were enjoying the conversation while laughing hard and it definitely caught someone’s ear.




Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



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