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Love for You Part 94


Part 94

Geet looked at her brothers and her other family members. With all courage she looked at Kunal.

Geet: Bhaisa, Di, this is Tamanna and Mannat. Your nieces.

Naina: huh? Come again.

Tamanna: I think she was quite clear Maasima.

Mann: Quiet tammy. Let mommy talk.

It took sometime for Naina to come to her senses: will you say something Geet? That means you never had any miscarriage. You told me, you said… ohh

Something drawn upon her as her face gone paler: you never said those words, you just said none needs to think about the baby as it is in a safe place now. I just assume you mean to say heaven. I totally mistook it. It was my fault. Oh my God. I thought you wanted to stay alone for sometime and do not want to come back to India. But then you never call me back. Never try to tell me that i have 2 wonderful nieces. I never tried to see myself that you were okay or not. I was not a good sister to you. a lousy sister who could not take care of her baby sister. So engrossed in my own life.

Naina was sobbing so hard that Geet had to hold her as tight as possible.

Geet: shhh, calm down. You are the best sister I could have ever asked for. It was my own fault di. I was so scared, so emotionally torn up that i did not wanted anyone to enter in my and the kid’s life.

Naina angrily pushed her away: you had no right to take them away from me Geet.

Geet: I am sorry. I was broken Di and the only way i could survive was to run. Forgive me please.

Brij: Itne din yaha reh kar bhi aapne kuch nahi kaha Geet. Kaise humse chupaya yeh sab.

Kunal sat on the sofa numbly staring at the kids. They so looked like Geet when she was at their age.

Neha shook Maan with tears in her eyes: Bhai yeh,,,

Her emotion never let her say a word further but Maan nodded with emotion clogged in his throat. Neha hugged them both and showered her kisses on them.

Tammy & Mann was tormented with the scene as their mother was crying so hard. They weren’t used to see Geet like that. Neha took them both outside and they agree only after taking permission from Maan.

Outside the villa….

Mann: aunty why they were all crying.

Neha: they were happy tears. We got you back after almost 7 yrs. You are tamanna?

Mann giggle: no Mannat but mommy calls me Mann. She stressed on the last ‘n’

Kunal sat on the couch with heavy sigh and holding his heart with his hand. Everyone feared for his health but he assured that he is okay.

Kunal: humne nahi socha tha aap hume itna paraya kar degi. Hum sochte rahe kya huya hoga ke aap 7 saal se bahar reh rahi hain lekin yeh, aap to humse chup(hide) rahi thi. Kyun kiya aise Geet? Itna bhi varosa nahi tha humpe?

Geet sat down on her knees and held Kunal’s hand: nahi bhaisa. I trust you more than anyone. Aap log hi to ho jo mujhe taqleef dene ke bare me soch bhi nahi sakte. So much had happened. I was very badly broken. I was scared, i let you both down. So I ran away.

Brij angrily: Rudra you should have tell us. Hum tumhari shaadi ke khilaaf thodi na hote vale hi papaji ka promise thodna padta. His promise to Maan’s dad to marry them both isn’t bigger than the love of our sister.

Rudra: Bhaisa

Maan: Tamanna and Mannat are my kids Bhaisa.

Brij: What?

Kunal: to Geet se shaadi kyun nahi kiya aapne? Was it the reason she left us maan? Chup mat rahiye. Tell us.

Brij: do you knew about the kids Maan?

Maan nodded with a sigh: only a few months ago.

Kunal: fir aapne kyun nahi bataya?

Brij: why u did not bring her back if You knew she en was pregnant with your child?

Anger was so evident in their voice, Geet tried to intervene but Maan stopped her.

Maan: It’s time to tell them the whole truth Geet. She visibly paled and so did naina.

Maan: I refused to accept them as mine and forced her to leave my life.

His words may be hard and direct but Geet couldn’t helped but notice how much control it took for him to say those words without breaking. His eyes said it all. His regret, pain, torture everything was there in those words. his eyes asked forgiveness as he stares at her. None notice the slap coming Maan’s way as Kunal hit him hard. Maan did not backed away. He took it with his eyes closed. Ashamed that he felt alive after so many years. Someone is punishing him that means that anger will come out, and he maybe ask for forgiveness from Kunal but Geet, how could he make her forgive him?

Kunal: I have never imagined you will do this.

He was raising his hand once again but Rudra stopped him.

Brij: I will kill him today. Rudra stopped him by coming infront of him.

Rudra: He maybe deserves all this but look at him. Do you see any happiness? He had suffered for 7yrs too. He maybe the person responsible for all of this but he is the only person who forced her to come back to you after all these years. God knows how many times I have told her to go back to India but she threatened me to leave with the kids but see now he is the one who forced her to come out of her shell. He was immature at the age of 24 but he had repented every damn second of these 7 yrs for his mistakes. You all had each other for solace, even Geet had me, who was there for him? His own family left him.

Geet looked at Maan who was staring at her(self thought): lekin main bhi to akeli thi, kaise kar diya mujhe paraya Maan. (But I was alone too, how could you leave me)

Maan (self thought): maine to meri kismat khud hi barbad kar di, kismat ne hi mujhe paraya kar diya Geet.

Brij: Whatever you did I will never forget it Maan but it is not me or bhaisa to forgive you in the 1st place. It’s only Geet’s right.

Kunal looked at Geet: kya aap dono kabhi shaadi nahi karna chahte?

Brij: Bhaisa,

Geet had gone one shade paler: I,, I can’t trust him.

Nanina snorted: Yet he is the one to bring you back. He is the one with whom you left your kids for days now, and you can’t trust him? I am sure telling us about them is his demand not your choice.

Geet: I agree all of this but the truth is 7yrs is not enough for healing the loneliness. It’s not enough for the damage he did to my heart that can’t trust anyone. His remorse is not enough.

She left the place. Maan looked away only asking how much more time he should give her. Rudra followed Geet.

Rudra: when will you stop punishing yourself Geet?

Geet: go away Rudra, I know suddenly you and him have bonded so well that all i can see in you is a brother of Maan. All you want to get rid of me. Did you get tired of your friend Rudra?

Rudra shook her: really? That is all you see? After 7yrs you tell me that? So tell me when was the last time WE had spent some time since Maan came in your life after all these yrs? What is left to US since he came back in your life. Is there any US left? Don’t you think i feel insecure whenever I see him with the kids. It is like after 7 yrs he came back to snatch all from me. Do u think i will like that?

Geet shed silent tears and looked at him wiyh pleading eyes.

Geet: you know you have every right on them. I am sorry to make you feel insecure Rudra. I am really sorry.

Rudra: leave it Geet.

He was leaving when Geet hugged him: I am so messed up right now Rudra. I need u pls don’t leave me. Nobody can take us away from you. You are part of us. I am sorry if I neglected you.

Rudra held her hand: You were never mine Geet. You were always HIS. and he came back to bring the best out of you. Give him a chance.

Geet was still unsure but just like a magnetic pull her face pulled towards the place Maan was standing with Neha. They stare at each other.

Neha: Bhai, do you still think,,

Maan: I know I don’t deserve her but I can’t help it. I can not live without her.

Neha: She still loves you.

Maan: how do you know?

Neha smiles: girl’s thing.

Maan: Do you still love him.

Neha looked at Karan who was playing with the kids: True love hard to die.

Maan: are you gonna do something.

Neha: I will. But we were talking about you and Geet. The real question is what are you gonna do?

Maan: Sometime I feel I shouldn’t have infere in her life. I should have let her go. She deserves better.

Neha looked at Rudra: You know bhai, HE deserves better that you both. She pointed towards Rudra.

Maan looked at Neha as she smiled sadly: in everything he is the one who lost the most. His love, his brothers, his friends, his,,, s,,,

Suddenly she sucked her tongue but it was too late, Maan gave her a stare that immobilised her.

Maan: Do you have something to tell me?

Neha: yeah, i found out a few weeks back but i couldn’t reach you as you were busy. Seems like Rudra won’t be happy to find it.

Maan: this better be good…


At night…

Geet was telling bed stories to Tamanna and Mannat but they were far from sleep.

Tammy: mommy we want to play with Naman.

Mann: yes mommy.

Geet: but you played the whole day, aren’t you tired?

Mann: no mommy. We had a great time.

Tammy: Mommy why u never told us about Naman and yuvi?

Mann: Yeah mommy, and we like India more. We want to stay here.

Geet’s gut twisted painfully hearing the pleading and yearning in their voice. Seeing so large family who showered their love on them only raised their yearing for a family. Geet knew she was falling in the trap ever so slowly but she can’t help it. She doesn’t want to leave her family either.

Geet: We will think about it baby.

She watched as the door clicked open and juhi stood there with Naman.

Juhi: your nephew doesn’t want to sleep without his sisters.

Geet smiled and all the 3 children laid together while Geet read them stories and they drifted to a deep sleep.

Juhi: Ruk jaiye Geet.

Geet looked so tormented.

Juhi: your brothers miss you. And I don’t want Naman to miss his sisters like that. His small heart would not take the pain like your bhaisa does. He miss you and naina so much.

Geet: I am so sorry bhabisa.

Juhi: Aapka dard samajhte hain hum lekin Maan ka dard bhi ek baar samajh ke dekhiye. He only have you and his kids. He won’t survive like last time.

Geet’s ears perked up: Last time?

Juhi: Naina told us about the accident he faced when you left. 6 month he was in coma right after you left us.

Geet vaguely remember Maan telling her about his accident in that bathroom but she chugged it then. So he was telling the truth. He did came after her.

Geet: he said truth, he came after me. Her words were mere whisper as she sat on the porch.

Juhi: i have heard everything from you, naina and neha. They were there. The accident was bad geet. And i can tell one thing if he hadn’t faced that accident he would have come behind you. Men tend to talk rubbish when they are in anger but they can’t remember it after. It’s like anger is a drug to them. Once high they do stupid things but you should not judge them by one moment. They have the nicest way to make up to u. And Maan is working hard, give him a chance he will work harder to have you back.


I want to thank Riddhima for pointing out something which i wanted really badly. Yes I need to work on the scenes transactions. And in last update i forgot that. Thank a lot dear. Your comment was valuable for me.

Some of you have noticed the story is going in a fast pace. Yes i was always en a slow pacer but now i think a little fast pace will do good for future story as i really badly want to take the story further. I need the characters and the story to grow.

Thank u everyone for waiting for me and for standing with me through my good and bad time. I missed writting and now i feel alive.

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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 32


Part 32

Warning: 18+.contents..

It wasn’t the toughest thing to pacify anger, it tears a person to see his love one’s indifference. Same happened to Maan when Geet was politely indifference. She doesn’t showed anger on him but answered everything with polite distance. It’s being a week that maan had seen her smiling at him, not that she is crying or angry just the opposite. She was smiling talking doing everything with others, specially Dev and Mihika, but when Maan came into the conversation she will withdraw herself. Maan was fedup with himself and the distance between them. He was ready to do anything to have his geet smiling again.

On the other hand Geet was going depressed day by day, she was restless and couldn’t find her anti-depression pill which was known by a very few to none. Maan had seen her struggle and knew what she wanted. It was the thing that once pushed him to be rude to her. When he got to know about her pills from sid he was devastated but knew very well how stubborn she is, so he delibaretly pushed her buttons and their bitter argument started taking place fluently just to keep her mind on him not the pills.

Seeing Geet restless he got to see how much he had pushed her and now he was determined to get his geet back without the shadow of sadness.

Geet was frustated, though she never needs the pill still she always made sure to have them because of her anxiety attacks. Somewhere she knew it’s maan who might have taken them but she needs it. She knew he is ashamed about his words to her but she is hurt, somewhere it’s her depression that was making her stubborn to forget those words. Forgiveness is easy to give but forgetness hard to achieve though maan knows his way, she is 100% sure about that.

Again after a futile attempt she left her room when a masculine hand grasped her elbow, pulled her in a shadowy walkway. Geet was ready to punch his gut when the sensual mouth fell on her neck and she was smashed between the hard wall and brick wall like chest. A moan escaped her lips.

Geet: Maan.

Maan: why u r avoiding me Geet? Why can’t u face me and say how much hurt u are? U never hesitated before. So why now. Talk to me. Hit me, curse me do anything just stop ignoring me.

Geet closed her eyes with his every breath that fell on her neck. His chest was pressing her back, heat surged through the filmsy material. No matter how much hurt she is, angry with him but her tratious body seems to gave in always. Maan lowered his lips and touched her nape. A shiver worked from her toe and settle between her thighs.

Maan: Mishty pls, forgive me. I know how much i have hurt u but trust me i m repenting those words, every moment i see those hazel loosing their shine. Come back to your Maan. I love u so much, I m sorry jaan.

Not knowing what to say a tear slide on his hand, he cursed and twisted her. She was holding tight, not wanting to give away, she never had showed her weakness and he knew how much have cost her to do it.

Maan: can’t u forget that?

His voice was soft and so with remorse. Geet stared at him for a moment. And with broken voice she opened her lips.

Geet: she is my maa too.

Her shaky voice tore his heart and he pulled her closer to him sealing her lips. He didn’t deepen the kiss just lingered to show his grattitude to show her how much she means to him. But Geet showed every anger, every hurt, every love in that kiss. Her teeth mercilessly bite his lips then his tongue. Her hand dissapeared in his hair pulling closer to her. With a groan he answered her all pain, all accusation. When he tore his lips his forehead rest on her forehead.

Maan: she is ur maa more than mine. Everything is yours, everything.

Geet: Never ever say those words again. I can’t,,,,

Her words caught in her throat when maan again stole her lips and pushed her on the wall harder. She felt the hardness pushing at her abdomen which tore a moan from deep in her chest. He groaned feeling her hand on his chest roaming towards his torso carefully avoiding his wounded places. His hand went on her thigh lifting her and cradling her like she weight none.

Geet was oblivious from everything when his tongue delve in her mouth and she nearly groaned feeling his hardness pressing her core. Soon she find herself entering a dark room; she was least interest who’s room it was. Her back met a soft mattress and on top was his hard musculer body.

She nearly tore his shirt and placed her lips on his colarbone earning a pleasurable hiss.

Maan: Geet.

Geet: not now.

Maan almost chuckle hearing her growl. She flipped him on his back and carefully came on top still pressing her weight on her elbow and knees. Her lips touched the hard yet soft skin, her tongue darted tasting him and licking cleaverly. Maan groaned and fisted her hair roughly pulling her on top of him. She pushed his hand which earn another growl.

Her teeth sank on his nipple as his hiss vibrated the bed and in seconds her top and bra was on the floor. Before she can say any word maan came on top of her and took her mouth carnally. His hand pinched her hard bud, then replaced it with his mouth sucking her roughly the way she like it. Her moans filled the room, her nail scratched his back which earned her more sucking and then his finger found her hidden place between her folds. She nearly came when he flicked and twitched her nub all the while sucking her hard. Her moans were heaven to him when he pushed two fingered in her. His each stroke made her clenched around him, he flicked her bud with his tongue. Then his mouth came crashing on her when he felt her thighs shaking uncontroublly and spams of climax hit with force. Her scream died in his mouth and afterward he held her to came back to earth. Her mind was numb from the earth shattering climax.

Her drowsy lust filled eyes fell on him, Maan’s fingers touched her jaw tentetively. Her eyes felt on his hardness and then gazed at him which Maan waved with a shake of his head, he was going to collect her dress when she suddenly flipped him on his back…

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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 30


Part 30

Maan stepped out from the car only to see a huge mansion standing in front of him. He missed a beat seeing the beautiful glowing mansion. It was already dark so whole mansion surrounded by lights was looking like stars shining in the dark sky. The gate open a round path to reach main entrance and in between there was large fountain again surrounded with lights. It looks like pink water flowing and little stars jumping from the water. Maan was mesmerized seeing the beauty but somewhere it seems cold. He felt a light tug on his hand and saw Geet struggling with his weight. He chuckle and instantly cursed as the rib hurt because of the brushes.

Geet glared: Good you deserves it. Aur haso mujh pe Mr.

Maan: who’s house is this? And why u brought me here?

Geet: kitna sawal karte ho tum ufff. This house is Mr & Mrs Khurana’s, they helped us and when I told them I don’t have a home to take u Mrs khurana said we have to stay with them till you become perfect and healthy.

Maan: but..

Geet: I know and I tried to tell them to give us the outhouse as it can cause them trouble but Mr Khurana didn’t hear anything. So I told them we will stay till our family does’t come for us. I still didn’t inform anyone in fear of,,,

Maan didn’t let her complete that bastard’s name. He cup her face..
Maan: its ok jaan. We can stay here n I will see other arrangements. Geet smiles sweetly. Just then Gauri opened the door with a big smile.

Maan stared at her for few sec not knowing who she is but still felt warmth like a mother. He missed priti a lot. But somewhere a far memory nagging in the corner of his brain which instantly caused him pain n he flinched. Geet held him close to her. Gauri too came close but Maan shrug her hand unknowingly. Geet looked at him feeling confuse and then her eyes went on Gauri who looked hurt. She thought it hit her ego but then a fraction of pain touched gauri’s eyes before it become blank. Then again she plastered a smile.

Gauri: andar aaiye aap dono.

Geet: I m really sorry aunty.

Gauri: ahh Geet stop it now and stop being so formal. Maan still feels buzz so he need to take rest. Maine inka room saaf kar diya hai. U can take him upstairs left 2nd room and the adjoining room is yours.

Geet: thank u aunty. You don’t know how much its means to have a home at this time.

Gauri: I m telling u for the last time stop being so formal. Aap dono hamare bacche jaise hain.

Maan was feeling tired and Geet felt that in his limping. He looked here and there to search something but what he is searching his brain refused to acknowledg. Geet saw the worry line on his face and declared he have to rest now. Maan couldn’t stand for long as his body was giving up but also his heart wasn’t in it. So he excused himself and Gauri apologies on her children’s behalf as her 3 children are busy n didn’t arrived home yet. Maan barely nodded his head where Geet smiled weekly..


Once maaneet entered the room Geet helped him to get on bed but Maan held her hand. Geet looked at him worried, Maan gave her a cheesy smile indicating a kiss on lip. Geet pouted in anger n playfully slapped his lips.

Geet: u shouldn’t have behave like that with Gauri aunty, she was just helping.

Instantly Maan’s mood shifted towards the petite woman. She was beautiful and kind no doubt and she didn’t faked her concern for sure then why he didn’t feel it’s right to let her help. Somewhere in deep in his heart he felt odd like her touch reminds him of something. Like he is betraying his mother.

Geet saw the flicker of emotions on his face. She wasn’t sure what he was thinking but it’s stressing him, she can see the pain on his face as he tried force something. Geet instantly placed her soft fingers on his forehead. Maan’s eyes snapped on her then it soften.

Geet: Itna hard sochoge to jaldi buddhe hojayoge. See so many wrinkles already on the process to stay here.

Maan held her wrist: Accha?

He said with mock anger, then pulled her closer to him which made Geet giggle.

Maan: You have no option other than be mine, old or not.

Geet suddenly stilled in his arms then stared at his eyes: I m already yours only yours.

Maan cupped her face in his hand then kissed her forehead. He nodded in acceptance. Geet is and will be always Maan’s only. She placed her face in his neck, both stayed like that for a moment. Maan was twirling her locks and other hand was on her waist playing with her dress. As his finger touched her skin Geet slapped his hand which made Maan jump.

Maan: Geet.

Geet: no badmashi Maan. Pehle thik to hojayo then,

Maan: then,,,

Geet: Maan.

Maan: Geet

Geet: Maan you are not as strong as u think.

Maan: Ohh yeah I can prove that.

Geet looked at him with a confuse face but soon her eyes widen as his lips landed on her. She forgot her protest with one stroke of his tongue on her lips. Geet moaned in his mouth and Maan lost his control. More than anything or any medicine he needs her. Geet didn’t pressed her weight on him as she was partly above him.. Maan’s hand played with her flesh in her kurti while they were lost in the kiss.

Geet’s soft curves pressed his hard muscle, growl of appreciation left his lips. The pressure in the kiss increase. It was like a chase of tongue. Both desparate to show their inner turmoil, their fear in that one simple kiss. Geet was first to break it breathing hard on his face. Her eyes met his which was dark with hunger.

Geet: Maan.

Maan: hmm

Geet: I missed you so much.

Maan heard the weight in her voice. She wasn’t an emotional girl but all the things happened only made her insecure. Maan kissed her nose then eyes.

Maan: I won’t leave you ever.

Geet: Promise?

Maan nodded then kisse her lips: promise.

They heard a knock and immediately Geet straighten up. Maan saw his Geet getting frustrated with the interference, he chuckled only to get glare from her. Geet opened the door with frown but it turned blank when a girl merely younger by 1 or 2 yrs or as same as her age entered the room.

Geet: yes? The girl stared at Maan with a open O then suddenly looking at her with a grin.

Girl: You must be Geet. And this is Maan. Well it have to be. Mom said you are staying here and where is Maan there is Geet. Awee you 2 are so cute together. Ohh main to bhul gayi. I m Mihika, apple of everyone’s eyes and daughter of this house.

Geet instantly liked this girl. She has a positive vibes around her that attracts others to her. On top of that the cute admiration and curious doe shape eyes made her look much younger than her age.

Maan also liked the girl. Something about the girl reminds him of Heer. He immediately stiffen remembering Heer his baby sister. Geet witnessed the look but she wasn’t the only one.

Mihika: Maan Bhaiya Do you need someone?

Maan’s eyes shot up hearing her addressing him as Bhaiya her brother. He just stared at her. Mihika looked unsure and guilty.

Mihika: I m sorry. Wo actually. You are elder and I couldn’t call you by name so I said whatever came to my mind. If u don’t like I won’t call bhaiya.

Maan: no no its ok. U can call me that.

Maan’s immediately reaction made Geet looked at him in surprise and Mihika to smile so big it hurt just to look.

Mihika: ok Maan Bhaiya. Mom was talking about dinner with Geet. she turned towards geet,,, It’s clear he can’t come down so I thought to ask u if u would like to have dinner with us after u feed your Maan.

Mihika’s teasing eyes landed on Geet as she talked with a cute smile, Maan chuckle seeing the dazed look in Geet’s eyes.
Maan: She will have dinner with your family.

Mihika: Ohh really. She squealed in delight and Geet narrowed her gaze on Maan.

Geet: Ohh really?

Maan nodded sweetly. mihika informed her that she will come with maan’s dinner here then she can join them. Geet just nodded still glaring Maan. After her departure from the room Geet blasted.

Geet: what the hell was that. I wanted to have dinner with you.

Maan smiles and brought her grumpy face closer to him.

Maan: you only said they helped us so much so it would have been rude declining their offer and Mihika was so excited.

Geet: but.

Maan: Geet I m already tired so it will be great if u take out your blubbering yet sexy ass outside of my room.

Geet’s mouth fell open and then she started wacking him lightly. After feeding maan his soup and some light dinner as per doctor’s instruction Geet went to join Khuranas. The surname disturb her some times but she shruggs it off every time.

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Kagaz Ki Kashthi luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 107

Part 107

The journey from KM to the airport was full of excitement and cheering for geet and saanjh while maan shiv and little maahika founded it to be amusing only. Maan watched her face which was glowing due to happiness to convert shrill and next her eyes widen to see the aircraft. He noticed her hand was shivering while her eyes took every corner of the jet. Noticing the panic he held her closely with one arm still carrying maahi with other one.

Maan: what happen? Why r u shivering?

Geet looked at him wide eyed: Is this really yours Maan?

Shiv chuckled hearing while his own eyes followed Saanjh like a love sick puppy. But soon it died in his throat hearing Geet.

Geet: we always saw this kind of luxurious private jet in movies or read in novel. Kabhi aise sachi me dekha nahi aur sachi kahu to I know Maan is rich infact one of the richest man in the world but seeing it now it feels weird.

Shiv looked at Geet curiously wanted to know further but Saanjh completed geet’s word.

Saanjh: Maan never behaved like a billionaire well except the part he tried to bribe Geet not to marry him.

Maan looked all but happy. He stood there stiffen while Geet glared Saanjh but she smiles showing she is teasing.

Saanjh: well I never thought u will be so duffer I mean c’mon u gave her a company but u still didn’t know Geet will never see the billionaire MSK. She never got a chance to see it n frankly I know she will be happy if u were a beggar also.

Maan looked at Geet somewhere realizing he never actually showed the extent of his power. Well actually infront of her the shrewd MSK looks like failed every time while the the hubby who loves his wife stood up always with head high and suddenly he felt proud for the 1st time in himself for Geet his soulmate his wife in life.

Suddenly the thick air tore with a sharp cry. Maahi cried grabbing everyone’s attention.

Geet: she is hungry. Now?

Maan smiles: it’s already in the air so u can take out the seatbelt and walk with her in the cabin. Geet looked at his dumbfounded. Shiv shook his head in amusement and chuckle vibrated his chest making Saanjh glare him and shifting uncomfortably in her seat. It hit him like a bullet neither Saanjh has ever felt the luxury n somewhere its making her and Geet uncomfortable. They had always seen the sweet soft side of their love not the World’s richest businessmen.

Shiv n Maan was communicating through their eyes and Shiv only glared Maan. Somewhere Maan also understood what he was saying. He never took Geet out with him. They never had the time to know all of this about each other. They knew all serious and sincere things but still somewhere not everything.

Geet looked at the room incredulously and it tore maan’s heart to see the uncertainity. Geet took a deep breath smiling apologetically.

Geet: sorry Maan. All of this umm a little too much to digest to pls give me some time. I mean I have been in KM n I should have been more prepared but all those wealthy treatment in the terminal n all of this,,,, she gesture her hand towards the room n and the furnish.,,, is a little overwhelming..

Maan: I m sorry Jaan. I don’t know what I was thinking. I thought it will impress u but

Geet: what??? U were impressing ur own wife.

Maan has the gut to look sheepish: well I thought u will be flatter.

Geet gulp a little then whisper: I m 

Maan looked sceptical: really?

Geet: Maan I m not just accommodated with all of this but that doesn’t mean it’s not flattering. Of course I love it n beside it help maahi to get her feed.

They both looked at sleeping maahi who looked exhausted. Maan gesture Geet to put maahi in the cradle beside the bed which again surprised her. The peace color cute cradle was complimenting the room which was covered in peace and white color. The bed has satin sheet in peace color and there was curtain in white color hiding the windows and 2 white lather sofas in between a coffee table with orchids flowers.

Maan saw her looking at everything trying to soak every little thing. He hold her close and she laid her head on his chest. Both laid on the bed and Maan was caressing the smooth skin of her back. Geet nuzle her face in his neck.

Maan: Geet we should have known each other better. I should have taken u on HM last year and I behaved like a jerk.

Geet: aur HM pe jaake kya krte gilli  danda khelte?? Maan did u forget our circumstances never allowed us still we know more than any old age couple know about each other so we pretty much did a good job. Now stop sulking hubby and show me what I m getting on my HM. I never tried love-making-in-the-air u know.
Maan shook his head in disbelief and amusement: I feel like u r drunk way to much.
Geet pinned him with a heated gaze: well I needed it as my hubby is extra wild when it comes to love making.

Maan: Ohh really should I show u.

Geet: hmm I was thinking the same but no biting. Maan pouted like a child and Geet shook her head. Saanjh will kill me by teasing n then she will call nt bhabhi n aniee aur hrishita bhi to hain.

Maan: well Jaan keep practicing cover up cz I m planning to leave a lot of things in these months and don’t worry about ur sweet sexy moaning, this room is soundproof but I accept our daughter isn’t, so don’t wake her.

Geet whacked him on the biceps but soon he smashed his lips like a hungry lion…


Shiv: well I just hope they didn’t started. Saanjh looked at him confuse and he smiled at her sheepishly.. I mean u know the reason of the trip. Madhumash… Honeymoon….

He gave her a wicked naughty glance and suddenly she spits the juice she just took a sip. Shiv burst out laughing and a little corner of her mouth quirk up.

Shiv whispered bending over her a little: Saanjh

Saanjh: hmm? She answered unconsciously.

Shiv: don’t look at me like that. Saanjh looked at him feeling confuse and he again bent over her one ear. Like u want to do all stuff they are doing in the close cabin. I can take u to the another room if u wish and that’s soundproof.

For a moment Saanjh was confuse then realization drawn upon her and her cheeks heated in the color of fiecre red. She threw a napkin on his face and click out the belt while Shiv jumps back on his seat laughing hysterically seeing her red face.

Saanjh: u r still a jerk u know that right rat?

Shiv only laughed louder making her irritated: only for you chuiya (mouse)

Rest of the journey went not so interestingly for Saanjh and maahi but Maan made sure to wore out Geet while Shiv made sure the red color didn’t leave saanjh’s face by staring at her sometime or commenting something which made her blush. And as for Maahika,, she was either sleeping or crying for food n her mumma, Geet suspected maahi doesn’t like flight and it makes her sick. Maan juggle between the 2 princesses of his life….

Atleast in last hour Geet joined Saanjh who only glared her for leaving but Geet gave that sheepish smile which always melts everyone.

Shiv: thank u so much Geet for giving so much privacy.

He winked at Geet which she returned with a mischievous smile.

Geet: I hope u have utilized it. She winked at him and heard a growl. Both turned to see Saanjh glaring at them n Maan was shooting dagger at Shiv.

Maan growl: stop flirting with my woman.

Geet and Shiv looked at each other in amusement. Shiv’s eyes were big in surprise but mischievousness was dripping out and as for Geet she was looking at Maan dumbfounded. Maan saw the look in Geet’s eyes and just shrugged like he couldn’t help it. Geet shook her head in disbelief.

Saanjh: ok now will u say where are we going? U haven’t even disclose the name only that we wll stay for a week.

Geet looked at Maan hopefully: ha Maan hum Kaha jarahe hain? Aur next week Kaha jayenge?

Shiv smiled mischievously: one at a time only. Geet pouted and Maan bent down close to her.

Maan: don’t tempt me again Mishty. I haven’t forget or had enough of your flavor. Geet’s cheeks turned a deeper shade of pink and Shiv coughed to get their attention where maahi was looking at her parents with doe shape eyes. If she wasn’t so small Shiv could have said she looked so angry.

Saanjh: gross guys give it a break till u reach ur hotel room. We have a baby here and jeez she is my sister that u r talking dirty n she is turning red giving a clear clue what u must have told.

Maan looked smug: that’s the point. She is my lawfully wedded wife n hell I can do anything right now. Geet blushed furiously and Shiv laughed louder. Saanjh looked incredulously at Maan who was grinning. Maahika made a sharp cry and instantly Maan took her in his hand. Last few mins went with dada n princess catching up left over.

Geet: Shiv Atleast u say something. Kaha hai hum?

Shiv: u will know less than in an hour. Geet sighed and emerged herself in Maan n Maahi who were talking something animatedly.

They checked security for the final time and come out from the airport and Geet finally looked reveal. Next her eyes felt on the large holder few ppl were carrying and she read the place excitedly “Welcome to Bangkok”….

Geet’s eyes went wide to see the black limousine waiting for them with a sign of Khurana & Kapoor.

Saanjh: it’s yours?  Her voice was mixed of shock and awe. Shiv slides his hand in her waist pulling her close.

Shiv: yes baby ours.

Geet looked at Maan with same awe but happy expression. Maan kissed her lips in a hungry growl without giving a look to anyone.

Maan: Welcome on Honeymoon wifey.


If the place n limo awed Geet the resort and the luxury awed her even more. She looked excited and ran here to there. Seeing the happiness actually made maan’s heart hurt a little. He should have given this happiness way before but atleast now they can enjoy,, he can enjoy her happiness. His revere broke with Geet touching his shoulder n tapping lightly.

Geet: Maan Maahika to kab ki  sogayi u r still cradling her. Where r u lost?

Maan place her on the small cot placed in the far corner of the room. Then stood behind Geet who was looking out from the window to the beautiful sea.

Maan: are u happy.

Geet smiles and angle her neck to see him while leaned on his muscular chest.

Geet: more than happy.

Maan nuzle her neck giving light feather kisses: are u tired?

Her breath was already heavy due to his hot breath hitting her skin n making her shiver. She moan n barely nodded in no then giving full access to his exploring mouth.

He growl: good I need to taste u now. He turned her and smashed her lips with his in an urgent scorching kiss and his hand tore away the kurti she was wearing.

Geet whine: Maan my fav kurti.

Maan left her lips to come on neck close to her ear: I will give dozen don’t stop me now n I m not planning to fully dress u in a while. Geet smacked his shoulder but stopped the protest when his lips touched her collarbone sucking n nipping the soft skin, his hand unzipped her jeans n pushed it down in record time. Kneeling in front of her his tongue tasted her naval and groan left both the voice.

Warning Mature Content

His fingers took out the thin material of her panty and traces her each curves with his thumb. He slowly traces a path from her inner calf to her inner thigh then in her folds. A low growl left his throat seeing the juicy wetness and Geet threw her head back on the wall. Moans left her lips as Maan dipped a finger deeper in her channel. Her hand fisted his shirt nearly breaking the material with his skin but he didn’t care either. He left her fold and she left a protested cry. Maan chuckled hearing her protest which made Geet pouty. He urgently kissed her lips assuring the love and lust.

Maan: I don’t want to hurry it so soon Jaan.

He took out his shirt and pants with boxer. Her eyes widen to see the erect member while hot flashes her cheek.

Maan bite her left cheek: I n my all parts are yours. He grins and Geet bites her lips stopping the blush go further. But he kissed it again. I love when ur cheeks shows the passion of our love. Suddenly she felt the last thread of her body going to the floor. She was as much naked as he was. He scooped her in his arms and started heading to the bathroom. Geet looked confuse as he didn’t went to the decorated bed but to the one sided bathroom partly hidden from the bedroom,, her tongue got tied when she saw the arrangements of the bathroom. Every corner was decorated with scented candles. A large red heart shape jacuzzi and rose petals everywhere. She loved it and appreciate it thoroughly. It proved by her kiss which fumble Maan. He slides her in the water then joined her from behind.


She placed her head on his shoulder and he kneaded her shoulder slowly, he cupped some water in his palm then dropped on her shoulder before placing his lips on her shoulder. His tongue traces the milky white skin. He placed soft feathery kisses on her neck. Soon the soft kisses turned fierce and urgent. His hands founds the treasure points. His one hand went straight towards her c*** n starting rubbing slow n delicate strokes and his other hand kneaded her hard ni*****. Geet cried in pleasure as his lips showered fierce kisses on her neck. The fingers created magic n she felt herself hot n wet for him.

Geet suddenly turned to face him and he found her flushed glorified body. He traces the hard ni***** then lowered his mouth on one sucking slow n sensuously. His hand clasped on her thighs making her sit on his hardness by her legs either side of him. Both moans n groans feeling the flesh rubbing. His tongue teased her mercilessly till she couldn’t take anymore.

Geet: I want u now Maan. Her voice was raspy n sexy. Maan urged her to come on him. She looked unsure with the position but he didn’t gave her choice. Get slowly lowered her opening on his hardness. Maan kissed her lips with so much passion she felt she will explore now. He helped her pace with holding her waist and thrusting deeper each time she lowered. They kept their pace slow but after few mins both couldn’t stop to feel closer to each other more n more and soon they find the pleasure heaven. As Geet collapse on Maan he held her closer placing small kisses on her neck soothingly. His breath was hard as her, then his eyes went towards the small screen which showed maahi’s asleep face. He sighed in relief then washed both of them. Geet was feeling sleepy n tired so Maan scooped her again. After drying her hair he joined her in bed, whole time Geet was asleep. He kissed her forehead and continue check his mails then called KM to inform them. After few chitchat and giving excuses of geet’s tiredness he finally joined the sleep.

Precap: HMM tour. Surprises for Geet from Maan and???

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