Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 44


Thanks to everyone for all your supports and all those comments, they encourage me a lot…. and Keep guessing  next part as it gives me immense happiness to read them.

A reminder: I will update all other story of mine just after finishing this one, and pardon me for my snail speed. Married life isn’t  easy i get to realize now.

Now enjoy…..

Part 44

They were all wrong who said losing love stops life. If u have reason you can still be alive and God always gives reasons to his children to live. She also got another chance to live when she met her son. Her son, only her. Ayush is a lovely kid who is mixture of sweet and naughty. He loves to trouble his nanny but never go overboard. He loves his mummy and nanny Maria a woman who is sweet at 60 yrs. She lives with Geet and Ayush as a full time maid and nanny to ayush. Her own daughter is married. She works at this age not for money but love for Geet and Ayush keep her with them. She is a mother figure for Geet and she respects as one.

“Ayush mummy ko tang mat karo, you need to have this milk”

“I hate milk mama you know it”

“This is good for your health baby”

“no Mummy I won’t take it”

” Ayush mummy ko office jaana hai please Tang mat karo”

Reluctantly the young boys drank the milk in the meantime an older lady comes out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee and offered to her.

Maria: geet you always do everything then why you give me salary I am the Nanny and I can take care of Ayush and you know it.

Geet: you are not only a nanny but you are our Guardian Angel. I know you can do everything but whatever little time I got with Ayush I want him to know that i love our moments.

Maria: he knew you love him. you are the only one he got as family.

Geet: he has u too. If it wasn’t you we wouldn’t have survived.

Maria: nonsense.. Now stop these melodramatic dialogues and go to work I am sure your friend or Boss as you say would get an heart attack if you don’t arrive on time to save his butt.

Geet: ok I will take Ayush to his nursery on the way of my work.

Maria: what should I make for dinner?

Geet: anything Maria you know me and Ayush love your food more than anything.

Maria: umm hmmm,

Geet looked at her beated up car, again it won’t start today. she knew Maria is giving her the look that she always give whenever the shitty car broke down

Maria: why don’t you buy a new car? by god grace you can afford it with the healthy paycheck your boss pays you.

For some time geet was lost in her thoughts. Her old days when she liked to change her cars like clothes. A small smile played on her lips,, now her old memories doesn’t hurt as much as it used to do. Her father’s smiling face encourages her.

“Geet beta one day you will realise the real value of life and that day these materialistic happiness won’t bother you.”

Geet: if you have said those words to the young geet, she would have grabbed your words but today my baby’s need and his future holds more importance than my luxury.

Maria: you are a true mother geet

Geet smiles sadly: don’t wait for me at dinner and pick up Ayush on time..

The nursery was a few mins road so she took ayush by walking there, after that she took a bus to her office. Her boss or rather say her friend Parth opened “the wedding bell” a wedding planner company a few yrs back. She was jobless and badly needed to do something new, so He offered her to manage the office. Though she could stay far away from wedding but Ayush came first on the priorities so she kept aside her pain and took the job. Now the company is floating and she is the manager of her beautiful company.

In this 4.5 years geet had made a life of her own in the beautiful city Kolkata. A life dedicated to her son, a life without her Maan. she has struggled from scratches and made a name without the influence of Handa or Khurana. The struggle taught her a lot of things, smiling through everything is one of them. she has fallen a lot of times but every time she stood up with dedication to reach a point where she can give every happiness to her son. Ayush. Her world.

Yes now Maan is a word snuggled deep in her heart never to voice loudly but still loving and placing him in a secure place of her heart hoping his happiness with every ounce of her blood. A name that still has the power tear her heart.

Geet was running late for her office. she knew buying a car would have made her life easier but her son’s future held more important to her then a mere luxury. May be another year and she could save enough money to buy a car without touching the money she had saved for her son. Nowadays education is so expensive specialy with Ayush’s condition she should save money all she could. Growing up Ayush will need all. And for her Ayush is the priority, a dream or a future isn’t the plan anymore.

Geet burst in the office of her boss without knocking or waiting for a reply.

Geet: Sorry sorry my car broke down once again

Parth: Kya yaar Geet, this is the 5th time in 1 month, why don’t you change the shitty car.

Geet: I can’t and you know it.

Parth: why do I pay you so handsome amount if you can’t buy a car?

Geet: You know very well why u pay me, because I am the only one who could save your sinking boat.

Parth: Sometime I hate you so much

Geet: try Always?

Parth: can we discuss some work now?

Geet: I have already done the blueprints of the Mehta project. Decoration, curtains, flowers, menu all according to his Gujrati preferences. We will creat a mini Gujrat in Kolkata. How is that?

Parth: wonderful. I trust you fully, But…. here is another project for you, have a look.

Geet: Parth you know I take one project at a time and I hate to leave my work in midway.

Parth: I agree Geet, but this is a huge contract. One of the most influential person wants our company to manage his sister’s wedding. Can you believe it? If we get to do this The Wedding bell will be famous not only in India but worldwise.

Geet: how did u score the project?

Parth: that is the fun, this client came himself. His sister saw our arrangements once and he wants best for his sister.

Geet was silent, her heart was raising a little fastet, she got the glass of water and sat down.

Geet: who is the person?

Parth didn’t heard the small voice and continued his own: and they want a destination wedding. You know where? Geet shook her head, a little disturb to see her friend’s enthusiasm. Maldives.

Geet took a steady breath. A slight pain entered her heart, once it was her dream to take her wedding vow on the Maldives beach. She remember how excited she was to tell her father she found her dream destination for her wedding. She was only 13 maybe. Her father was looking at her with a smile and gave his promise to let her marry there when she is grown up.

But it never happened and the dream took place in the deep drawer of her closet. She had every thing about Maldives collected in a file. Maybe this girl could use it.

Geet: Good. I will draft everything to ruby and she will manage there. I am sure you will be there to help her, so

Parth: hey, hold on a min. Geet Ruby can’t handle this big of a project and beside that the client asked for you. His sister saw you there and they had specifically asked you to handle this.

Geet gulped the water again: But what about Ayush and Maria, you know i don’t leave them for anything and this will take a month maybe more. Did this client know about Ayush?

Parth: No, but he is ready to take all our employees expenses whoever go there. Beside when he will know you have a kid so small he will surely agree.

Geet: hang on Parth. You can’t disclose your employees personal life to a stranger.

Parth smiled a little too sweetly: If this project take place babe you won’t be a employee anymore, you will be a partner as I had promised.

Geet: 1st don’t call me that ever if you want to keep your nuts, and your father won’t allow it.

Parth held one finger: to hell with him, I have taken over as sole owner last month and if he as much as raise finger on you or Ayush I will kick his house and leave.

Geet smiles fondly at him, a partner in the firm will surely be a bonus in her check. If the client is as huge as Parth is telling not only Wedding bell will nourish but her son will get a better future.

But her heart still was beating heavily. Strange, this never happens to her. Whenver she gets any project she takes it with great enthusiasm then what is wrong with this project. It’s not like first time someone had asked for her or she had faced any destination wedding. Its normal but why today it does not seems to be normal.

Geet forgot to ask the client name but Parth told her she can meet him in 2 days, but it never came as Ayush got flu and she nursed him back to good health. For a whole week she looked after Ayush and Parth never insist her to do otherwise as he knew how much precious he is for Geet. In this 4.5 yr he got to know Geet from a very personal level, even his house is only 5 min walk distance from Geet’s house. Ayush and Geet is the only reason he stays in that house and with his overbearing parents.

Nursing a 4 yr toddler isn’t as easy as it looks. Geet was exhausted. For a week she had not slept much, Ayush is cranky and always in a need of Geet. He is purely a mumma boy and when he is down with any disease he turns to Geet only. She is not complaining. Ayush is a very sweet and jovial kid she could ever asked for but only when his health isn’t good he cries for her till he gets her. Maria stays as a helper only for cooking and cleaning.

After 1 week when Ayush fully recovered she decided to start her work. Next day she will see the client. So she started some work. Thankfully she went to Maldives once, so she knew few beaches there. But without meeting the bride she can’t make the arrangements. Its good that the bride is coming with her brother and will meet her in the office if she can reach on time.

Next morning Geet was again late for her office, no one stops her as she rushed in Parth’s cabin.

Geet: sorry Parth, again the traffic jam caught me. And the bus driver was slower than a snail.

Parth: and your car.

Geet sheepishly: again in the garage.

Parth: how many time I have told you to sell that garbage and buy a new one, but you won’t listen to me.

Geet: You know why,,,,,,

Till now she hadn’t knew someone was in that cabin. Her heart got stuck as she looked at the girl sitting with an amusing smile plastered on her face.

Parth: ohh i totally forgot, by the way this is Mihika Khurana, i told you about a week ago. Mr Khurana is coming. Ohh here he is..

Her eyes met him, he was still the same yet something has changed. A little more define jawline with more stubble than she saw years before. But those eyes still held the same intensity. Though it lacks the mischievous smile he owned a few years before.

The world was dizy for Geet and for a moment she lost her foot. Everything was hazy, her throat was burning, she felt the numbness around her heart. Someone was shouting, someone was holding her. No, HE is holding her. Though she could not keep her eyes open but her heart could say its him.

“BREATH” He whispered in her ear.

Geet took the breath with difficulties and pushed him away as Parth held her, supported her. Her eyes were misty and breathing was difficult. But she did not missed the fiery look he possed in that moment. He is angry, very very angry as he snatched her in his arm then lifted her.

“MAAN” She whispered before going blank


4 yrs he had to wait for this day, to meet his Geet again. When she left him he had searched for her like a madman. He went to London and all other places she had friends but none knew where is she. Pari and Siddhant cursed him all they can but Geet never went to meet them. He knew it because with all grudges Sid still talked to him with only one hope he might find Geet. Pari seldom talking to him. After 1 yr his search got slow and slower after that. He accepted his fate that he had lost Geet forever. Never in his imagination he thought he will finally find his Geet.

It was pure coincidence that Heer saw Geet in kolkata in one of her friend’s wedding. Upon questioning her friend told that she is a wedding planner and they got all info about the company she work for. He is proud on her upon learning how she made a name of her own in Kolkata as a wedding planner. But again guilt was so swift. He remembered she wanted to be a interior design and join her father company. Yet again she left her dream for him.

On reaching Kolkata when he inquired about The Wedding Bell and Geet, all he got to know about her work, nothing personal ever came up. Everyone told him that Geet is a very quiet and closed person. She is very polite and does not have any friends or enemy or a social life.

To hear his Geet spends her life like this is a knife twisting in his gut. She has changed so much yet did not changed physically. Her face is the same but the sparkling eyes, they maybe died 4yrs back. She has a polite smile that never reach her eyes. Her arguement with Parth Sengupta was just a force lightness for the sake of friendship.

He knew her too well to be fooled with her outer appearances. She is his Geet yet he doesn’t know this Geet anymore. She is someone new with the same face. She is hard yet polite. And yet again he saw a glimpse of his old Geet when the realization of him being so close to her had drawn in. For only a few second she was his old Geet.

Now lying unconscious she looks so troubled. Parth looked worried as well. Friend or something more, yet to be find.

Parth: it never happened from the time I know her doctor. 1st time i have ever seen her like this.

Maan: how much time you know her?

Parth: more than 4yrs.

Doc: do you know her medical history?

Parth hesitated: not something like this. What happened to her?

Doc: looks like panic attack.

Maan: F***. In past she used to have the medicine i show you.

Doc: for how many yrs she had taken them?

Maan: I don’t know about the last 4 yrs but she used to take them from the age of 15 and that if extremely necessary.

Parth: I have never seen her take them in these yrs doc. If something like this ever happened in her home, Maria would have told me.

Maan wanted to know who is Maria and how much he knew about her life, he wants to know every small thing that happened in her life. But his concern for Geet never let him take his eyes away from her.

She was juggling between wakefulness and unconscious state. She wanted to stop Parth from saying anything about her life to Him. Maan will flip out, or maybe not. If he is a happily married man then why will he want to know about her?

She wanted to clear the fog of sleep but darkness never want to leave her. Maybe her mind does not want to face the fact that maybe its purely coincidence he is standing there, concerned for her. If he is happily married then why will he come for her. Or its his guilt for abandoning her that pulled him to her.

With lots of difficulties she opened her eyes only to come face to face with her dream. Her Maan. She thought she is ready to face her fate but looking at him so closely only breaks her heart even more. This man isn’t her anymore but still this heart beats for him.

Maan was watching every frown on her face and knew what demon she was trying to win. She knew he knows her too well to read her demons. That she tries to suppress infront of everyone but not him.

Ps: sorry for not making twins here, i have my reason you all will know in a few parts. This story was preplanned yrs ago and i am not changing anything…..

@All Copyrights Reserved. Tich-Mg. 2017


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  1. Wow awesome update geet has become strong and independent but still her heart yearns for maan but accepts that he now belongs to another little knowing he never married and still his heart belongs to her waiting for the shock to hit maan that he is a father and has a great son waiting to read next awesome love it happy raksha bhandan


  2. Finally maaneet met in kolkata.is ayush maaneet s baby??geet made her life as a wessing planner.heer got her.geet thought him married.hope dis time maan wont leave her at any cost


  3. Nice update dear Mann found out we’re Geet is as Heer seen her I one of her friend marriage and told to Mann Geet is working as a wedding planner in her friend company Parth she have a son Mann came to Kolkata and meet to Geet and she fainted seeing him


  4. You made me cry again :(:(:( A leap of more than 4 years…I suspected that Geet would be pregnant. She did not go back to anyone she knew. Not even Sid & Pari. All alone without the one soul she loved beyond herself…Nobody with her to call her own…What a struggle she had gone through…How hard she must have struggled to survive & sustain herself without taking any help from the people she knew. How she went through her pregnancy alone…From the princess that she was for her dad, Maan & friends…what she became…I will never forgive Heer, Maan & everyone involved for what they did to Geet. She left everything & everyone for him…The only reason for her to live is Ayush…the symbol of her love…the only one to call her own. The only person she has left in the world…

    She doesn’t know what happened after she left s she is still thinking that Maan is married…feels that its his guilty conscience is what is making him help her. More importantly she does not want him to find out about Ayush. She has no idea how he went mad searching for her & how he endured enough to live like in these 4 plus years. But I do hope that Ayush & Maria pop in to see her while Maan is there. I want him to know coz she will try her best to hide it…she may even try to reject the project now that she knows whose wedding it is…So I want Maria & Ayush to come to see her after knowing that she is unwell…And there Maan will get the chance to see Ayush.

    By the way what is Ayush’s medical condition that Geet is very worried about? Super worried now for Ayush…Why do I get this feeling that Maan is going to marry Geet in her dream wedding destination…is that what he is planning? And the reason why he chose Maldives?

    Any chance of another update dear? On the happy occasion of Rakshabandhan:):):) I know I am pushing my luck:):):) Excitedly waiting for next update my dear:):):)


  5. Posted by cuteeagle65 on August 7, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    Awesome update maaneet meet lovely waiting 4 next when maan knows about ayush too loved it


  6. Nice part.
    Finally maan found geet.
    Geet is changed now.
    Continue soon


  7. Awesome twist.


  8. Awesome update…finally maan found his geet but still geet thinks maan is married man and maan wanted to know geet life but unable to get any information of her life in 4 yrs…


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