Kaise Kahen Ssn 2 (Part 6)



Part 6

At the end of the week veer’s father finally was well and permitted geet’s departure though not before expressing his will to see his son’s marriage soon. Geet was not prepared for the conversation and veer knew it, he had seen the solemn look on her face every time the marriage talk take place. Though geet had agreed for the marriage but veer knew she isn’t well prepared. She just thinks she can handle the new relation though he had clearly said he doesn’t expect her to fulfill all wifely duties, he is always ready to give their marriage time which it needed but still geet isn’t ready. And maan’s arrival has a vital point although she denied it.

Veer: geet now we can head off Jaiselmer, Dadisa will be so happy to see u there.

Geet was lost in her own world, she didn’t thought time will come so soon to face maan, she isn’t well prepared. After the holi she just vanished as soon as she heard babasa wanted to meet her. Apart frm that she wasn’t ready to meet maan and one more reason, she didn’t wanted to involve him in her problems. She didn’t want to risk his life and the more he stayed in Jaiselmer, that much the risk of his life in danger proved to be strong. Again veer understood her unsaid words.

Veer: He will be fine geet, I heard he is doing well.

Geet: but why isn’t he leaving Jaiselmer? Her frustration was showing on her face and the words. Veer shook his head in amusement.

Veer: u know why?

Geet: bullshit.

Veer groaned: Language Princess.

Geet: why this language problem comes with Princesses why not prince? Huh I had heard u cursing a lot lately but why didn’t u stopped.

Veer: ummm,, because, um

Geet: don’t tell me about boys and girls differences, I m not in a good mood and I can’t guarantee about the safety of your any body part. Veer gulped hard, he knew how much she hated the differences and anyone pointing it and her anger too very well known. So he chooses to keep mum.

At last geet took blessing from veer’s parents and unnati tagged her to Jaiselmer Palace. Once they reached the palace geet’s heartbeat started beating wildly like the day it had beat on Holi when maan had entered the place. She had seen him on his first step and silently accepted the arrival through Krishna. She had wiped all her emotions form her face, the arching palm was tightly gripped the puja thal so that she didn’t do any stupid thing and finally she had succeeded but not quite in the room.

But what now? She accepted the tika from dadisa who was beaming in happiness. Dadisa took arti of all three and just then they heard a loud voice of something crashing down, looking up everyone saw Sonam biting her nails and making a crying face and huge flower vase had smashed on the floor.

Aadi: this is the 4th vase sonam. There was a silent before geet burst out laughing. It was sonam’s habit to bump into anything and everything. She used to break every signal show pieces in collage even in dean’s office. The musical laughter was key of the palace’s happiness. And everyone felt the happiness in her laughter. Sonam made baby faces but she was happy, extremely happy to see her friend happy. Just then geet’s laughter died in her throat looking at the magnificent persona standing right in front of her only ten feet away leaning on the wall. Her eyes popped out and heart did a summersault seeing maan in tight fitted shirt and waist coat and black pant, He is the King and it showed in his every attitude. Their gaze was locked for a brief time but geet didn’t ignore the look in his eyes. A very small smile was playing on his perfect lips, her cheeks warmed up thinking about those lips. Damn what the hell she is thinking, how can she still feel the heat between them? She gulped her saliva seeing maan coming towards her in small strides. Before she can take a step back he held veer’s hand in a handshake, who was standing beside her and greeted him. He didn’t look at her which made her irritated but why? Well she is confused, with his behavior and her feelings.

After talking for some time with veer about those attacks and further investigation maan declare he was going Delhi for a surgery. Geet knotted her eyebrows together and suddenly her lips open to blurt out her thinking.

Geet: It’s quite a long journey to Jaiselemer to Delhi and Delhi to Jaiselmer, till when u will arrange tickets for that, I think u should stay at Delhi and work from there.

There was silence for some time. Then maan broke the silence.

Maan: there is a thing called Helicopter and I have one personal chopper so I will take that and come back, no need for waiting and of course tickets. His tone was full of sarcasm and it irritated geet to the core. She didn’t think he will answer her back, well whom she is kidding; she knew the silence wasn’t permanent. It’s not like he regretted leaving them behind. He is happy in his life, with his career right?  Then why he doesn’t look like that? Just then maan looked at her straight. And I had decided to move here. My men had arranged everything to build the hospital I had aimed for so I need to do the supervision.

It made veer stiff. Geet saw that stiffness but didn’t said anything, her rage was boiling like hot lava, any moment can jerk on anyone.

Geet: aapne kaha tha, you will never come back to this place.

Maan kept silent for few moments before he look ahead: I have changed my mind.


Well that broke the damn of her patience. Geet looked like an angry pit which was a amusement for maan. He knew she has temper but it has increased ten folds in these years where he was thinking as a Princess she might have controlled the habit of her. Geet looked at Veer who didn’t said a word but worry was written all over his face, Sonam looked like she won a lottery after 100yrs and Aadi, well aadi is just happy. Geet saw maan looking unaffected by all this. His glance was kind of challenging.

Geet: Kabhi to apna koi wadah rakh lijiye maan, at least fulfilled the promised u made someone which includes you will not come in our live. U only said you didn’t have interest in the state well fair then why u came back? Just to show how good king u would have been so that ppl again start falling for foul hopes and u can trash their hopes under your ambitious feet? Why u r doing this?

Maan saw the desperation in her eyes, though she masked her pain in anger but how can he miss the pain in those hazels, she said her heart in those words. Not the ppl but she is worried for her heart. Does that mean she still feels for him? How can that be? After whatever he did, he said she should have been forgotten him long back and started loving veer but does that mean he still wants her back in his life or the concern is just for her? Maan knew he won’t find those answer, but deep inside he knew his heart started having the feeling that he can have geet again in his life which is not good for her as well as him and others.

Maan: what if I say, I Have interest now, in Jaiselmer and in the ppl here.

There was a irk silence, geet felt she missed several beats looking at maan’s eyes. Unknown to all she was looking at maan without blinking and maan reciprocate her. She heard a thud sound and looking at sonam who left her spoon on the floor with a TING sound, Geet instantly looked at veer whose face was blank, She looked at dadima’s hopeful smiling and teary eyes, and back to maan and left the place making everyone look at her direction .


Maan: I don’t see the reason why anyone will attack her Instead of me. Everyone knows she will marry off to other state one day then.

Veer: no one knew you will return, its more than 4 yrs u came here and u had clearly said u have no interest in the state so that mean after marriage also geet has to look after the place. Whoever this is, either want this state or some family rivalry.

Maan: you said my life is in danger,

Veer: we have received some letter which says whoever will try to take the kingdom will face danger that means including you who is the true heir of this state.

Maan: Geet was with you when all that happen, how could u not see that coming veer. She was your responsibility, u clearly showed it in your gesture then how could u fail in it. Is that mean u aren’t sufficient to take care of her, her security veer?

Veer saw the anger in those words, But with that he saw something else, similar to his feeling and that’s why he know it. He smirks looking at maan who was literally fuming now.

Veer: Are you worried that she was not safe with me or u think it’s your opportunity to take her back in your life maan? Was that lame excuse for a way to find a place in her life? Isn’t your Girlfriend satisfying you or u left her because u think u can have geet to yourself now? And that’s when maan held his collar nearly choking him. Veer held his wrist tightly without wiping the smirk frm his face. You know maan she is happy with me, and she doesn’t change her decision. And I will make sure she will be satisfied with me so that she doesn’t need you. And a punch straightly landed on veer right cheek. Maan was fuming with so much anger that he can burn alive veer. Veer wiped the blood from his face and smiles. You still love her aren’t you?

Maan suddenly lost his color and looked away, he isn’t suppose to show his feeling to veer, not anyone then why it pinched him to hear geet being with someone else? Suddenly he heard veer’s serious voice, gone the sarcasm and smile.

Veer: sochna bhi mat maan, u had hurt her a lot, only I know how many years I had to take to bring her back. Some time I thought I will lose her forever, I had seen her dying every moment, I had seen her crying to sleep, hell I was there with her watching her suffering but I couldn’t do anything. I loved her always, more than you but she was so lost in maan that never had seen anything beyond it, and then also, I was there beside her but she only looked for you in every corner. 8 month tak wo sirf aapki raah dekhti rahi, sabko kehti rahi Maan will come back. Saal beet gaye aur aap nahi aaye, humne hamari geet ko hi kho diya, she is not herself anymore maan. She has changed so much. Hum usse dobara nahi khona chahte, stay away from her maan. If u hurt her this time hum aapko maar dalenge.

Maan knew veer loved her from very beginning and that’s why he hated Veer. Somehow he knew the extent veer can go for geet but never let her know that. He was selfish, he knows that and that’s why he always made sure geet stays near him only. He had made her feel only he is her world and then left her feeling empty and alone. Veer’s love although wasn’t new to know but the intensity he has now in his eyes maan knew not to mess with him. Maybe he can kill for her and he wouldn’t let her go. But who console the heart which only takes those painful words about her life, he felt like running to her and pouring his heart out, loving her till the end of the world. Whom he is kidding, now if he try to say a word to her geet will not take a moment to burst out, but he need to bring his misthy back. Though veer had clearly said he won’t let him go close to her but heart doesn’t stop by boundaries right?

And once maan feel the need to be with mishty maybe then he will do anything to bring her back in his life, we can wait for that day of course. 😉

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


17 responses to this post.

  1. awsem geet coming back with veer cute sonam maan declaring his stay in jaisalmair geet outburst veer maan confrontation maan deciding to be close to geet but will veer let him


  2. Posted by rdhanya83 on August 24, 2013 at 3:51 pm


    Thank you a lot for updating this ff. my favourite ff. I love the confrontation between maan and the veer .


  3. good one maan will get geet feel sorry for veer’s unrequited love


  4. superb update
    so maan decided to stay in Jaislmer now but geet n veer are not happy with his this decision
    there r so many complications in maan, geet & veer’s life don’t know how will maaneet will be ending together


  5. ye tu bilkul os kahavat ki tarhan he . . Ek anar sau bimaar . . But geet k case me . . Ek anar 2 bimaar. . Loll
    Maaneet fight and geet was hell angry
    Veer warned maan to stay away from geet
    Waiting for next


  6. Here we can see confused state of all three leads.Tho Maan decided to cm bk because of Geet’s safety but a ray of hope to have back is yet not dead in his heart.

    Geet’s love for Maan in shape of her concern is coming out in form of anger,to know that Maan’s not safe here.She is not being able to move forward with Veer in real terms.

    And Veer who very well knows about Maaneet’s love,though sure that he wont let Geet go,but smhw know the reality too.He’s also insecure smwhere.

    All are struggling and their ‘Kashmakash’ making the story very interesting.

    Loved it.


  7. Nice one,Maan taking responsibilities,geet’s outburst,cuteness of sonam.dey bot love each otr madly,hope maan will soon do smting to bring back in his life,waiting for nxt part


  8. Superbbbb update di…
    Maan decided to stay back in Jaiselmer..
    Geet totally angry on Maan as she doesnt want him to face any danger..

    I just loved the way Veer talked to Maan..tht shows how well Veer understands Maan ..& Geet also..
    Maan decided to bring his Mishty back..
    Waiting fr nxt update di..


  9. Posted by mmradhu97 on August 26, 2013 at 3:52 am

    Fabulous update… loved it very much…
    Continue soon


  10. Posted by khwaishfan on August 26, 2013 at 10:31 am

    superb update. Maan gonna stay. Geet worried! well written:)


  11. Posted by angelickushi on August 26, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    loved the update
    loved the way veer said to maan to stay away from geet
    will maan be able to
    wat will be next


  12. awsm part..bt i dnt know whoms side to take…


  13. Posted by nikita0109 on September 20, 2013 at 11:34 am

    awesome n painful update tichu……..so maan ne decide kr liya k wo jaisalmair me rhega……mujhe smjh me nai aa rh h mai kya kahu…..bas i m eagerly waiting for next update


  14. Hey yaar tich..its awesome…now only read all updats…wat was wit maan..y he left geet..wen he loved her so much???…


  15. Posted by anamikasb on April 13, 2014 at 5:53 pm

    Oh loving the progress of the story ❤


  16. Posted by anamikasb on April 13, 2014 at 5:53 pm

    Only 6 parts no more parts 😥 me sad 😦


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