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Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 22


Part 22

When Geet left the place behind Maan none noticed, all were consumed in that moment. Yash saw her leaving behind Maan, he knew she is going to console him and for the 1st time he didn’t worry about geet and her feelings, or if Maan will hurt her, maybe because he knew only Geet can reach his brother or maybe because deep in his heart he knew only Geet can console Maan which somewhere made him jealous, he wanted to be the one whom his brother can confined, but Maan never did that.

Geet half expected Maan to runaway 1st thing, but he was there, sitting in that small garden looking lost. She sat besie him in the swing. None said a word. Strange but the silence was confronting. She didn’t tried to console just sitting there she gave a lot of thing none ever tried. She waited for him.

Eventually Maan’s shoulder relaxed he leaned on the swing chain still not looking at her.

“First time it didn’t hurt to hear her words, maybe because first time I felt loved.”

His soft voice made the lump in her throat larger but she stayed numb, giving him space to talk. She can wait eternity for him to bare his soul, but what he said made her chest arch even more.

“If u don’t mind can I,, can I put my head on your lap Geet? I always wanted to do that, but it was always Mom, she never had time for me.”

His voice was small, lost, in that moment it showed how much vulnerable he is and he is ready show it to her. She just nodded


Her mumble didn’t clear the knot in her throat or the teary eyes but Maan was so lost in himself to see her, she stayed there placing his head on her lap. She threaded her hand in his hair.

“I always wanted her to see me, it enraged me when she choose Yash every time, but I never tried to see my fault, maybe it was my fault,,”

Geet didn’t let him complete “it isn’t, u needed love which they never understood.”

“Do they really love me Geet?”

So much pain, in that small voice of him that squeeze her heart
, how can anyone left their heart not to love him? But his uncertainity tore her heart.

“Yes they do, just open your heart to recieve them, can you do that Maan?”

Her voice was merely whisper but so was his and they understand each other not only with words but eyes.

“Don’t cry,” he wiped her tears that she was unknown “everything will be fine.”

How ironic, that’s what she wanted to say but only manage to give a watery smile. They fell in a comfortable silence and none knew how much time they spent like that, when Geet opened her eyes Yash was in front of them. She immidiately looked at a sleeping Maan, her legs were numb but she couldn’t slide past him, she gesture Yash to be quite but then another figure came across. Geet was stiffen seeing Anisha there. Right now she doesn’t care what anyone think of her, her first priority is Maan who was sound asleep like he had never slept like this in a long time, least she knew how correct she is.

But Anisha did what none expected, she signaled Geet to be quite and with Yash help she slides in Geet’s place so Maan won’t be disturbed. Geet was worried but seeing the pain in Anisha’s eyes she let her hold Maan, Yash walked her inside the mansion but not before covering Maan with a blanket as it was already 10 mins past 9.

“Don’t look at me like that Geet, he is my brother, and I love him.”

Geet gave him a cute smile “I knew that already say something new.”

Yash shook his head smiling and sliding his jacket on her shoulder, they both slides inside the mansion and Yash went to kitchen for her food.

“I am not hungry.”

“I don’t see why is that, you haven’t eaten your dinner.”


“Geet, trust me, I will make sure he eats but now you have to take this,”

There was 2 sandwich with orange juice,, at the sight her stomach grumble and she looked embarrassed, Yash couldn’t himself but laugh at her cute pouting face, and then pinched her nose.

“Eat this, I will make some for Maan and take out. Mom haven’t eaten anything too.”

“And you?”

Somewhere she knew he also haven’t taken anything, his concern shows on his face which made her smile so soft, yash looked at her for a moment longer he would have liked, her smile was so like,,,, he stopped himself thinking of her.

“I have some work, so I will take these in my room. You better take rest.”

“Yash,, ummm can I stay here, I mean I will lie on the couch, I m not feeling good to go to bed now.”

Yash looked at her for some moment then nodded “okay.”


Maan opened his eyes only to see same color eyes as him staring back, immidiately he straighten up and started looking for Geet but she was nowhere, how could she leave him.

“Geet needed rest Maan, she was sitting here for 3 hours.”

He was asleep for 3 hours straight which never happened, and the thought she stayed in one position, in this chilly night only for him did wonder to his heart.

“When” only one word came from his mouth, when his mother came here. Though he couldn’t said full but Anisha understood, maybe for the first time his unsaid words are being listen.

“Just over 20 mins”

Maan was hurriedly straightening to leave when his mother’s desperate word came on him.

“Maan please don’t leave, give me a chance,, give us a chance.”

It halted him and Geet word came in view “Yes they do, just open your heart to recieve them, can you do that Maan?”

Yes he can, not only for Geet, he wanted to it for himself. His eyes fell on the window on ground floor, curtain had been pushed and someone was standing in the dark, his eyes locked with the hazel and he found himself immobilised, how could he say no to the pleading eyes of Her,, Geet. She didn’t left him, she was always there just like she promised everytime.

He sat down beside his mother, both didnt said much.

“We always loved you maan, love you but,,,,” she sighed like a older woman feeling defeated. “Give me a chance Maan, please I beg you. I m sorry for everything, words can never defy what I did, can you please give us a chance.” Her words were broken whisper, the pain she felt reflects in her voice, Geet’s words affected her and the family so much. True, they failed him in many ways, will he ever forgive them for what they did.

“Don’t go.. move here, move in the Mansion.”

“I, I c-can’t

Who can believe the MSK world knows for his anger and ruthlessness can be so vulnerable in front of his mother, his family. His eyes met Geet, it’s like her hazels were given him strength.

“Please Maan, at least stay here till your father gets well, he needs you too Maan like me. Let us show how it could be, what you always deserved, Just give me a chance.”

Maan looked at Geet who’s eyes were on him in concern, her every word follow him,, “give them a chance” her heart whispered maybe.


Precap: Maan and Geet spending the night…

“Can I sleep with you?”
“Uhh-huh I don’t think it’s a good idea.”
“I promise I’ll behave.”

Maan’s eyes went wide hearing her innocent word and cute pout, then looked down at himself “I don’t know if I can behave” his murmur made her more confuse which made her pouty confuse face edible for him and a groan worked deep in his throat….

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Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 21


Part 21

After 3 more days doctor discharged Aman which was a relief for the Khurana family and so for Handa’s who reached the hospital at the same day Geet’s group arrived. Rano hugged Geet where she found her peace, Geet looked a scared kitten, she never liked hospitals so Daarji agreed to go with Geet and Aniee to KM, dadima also went with them as she wasn’t feeling well. They alternate the visiting hours, Yash was the one who stayed with his father the most.

Maan was nowhere to be seen which agigated Anisha, Dadima too was hurt with Maan’s behaviour but the one person who was worried for him was Geet. She tried to rech him only to realize she doesn’t have his number and her own mobile, she lost it,,, again. In that moment of haze she forgot to even ask aniee or other to give her his number, partly because she didn’t wanted to get attention on Maan’s absence which was absurd.

Finally when Aman arrived home and everyone sighed a breath of relief and it was Dadima who broke the fake peace.

“Where is Maan? In these 3 days I didn’t even felt his presence. ”

“Because he was never there maa. He never cared about his family ever, not yesterday, not today, definitely not tomorrow.”

It was Anisha who lashed her anger and hurt. She had expected atleast in this condition where she needs her both son, Maan would come to support them but again she felt alone. Nothing sort of happened which made her angry and bitter, her husband’s sudden face to face with death made her bitter and she lashed it seeing Maan standing with one brow up.

“Not again the family drama.”

Maan said in an amused voice, Geet stared at him wide eyed. She hadn’t seen him in these 3 days and her heart went for him as she saw the flicker he tried to mask.

“Maan.” This time the stern voice ws Dadima’s which stiffen Maan, he walked towards his dad who was sitting on the half lying sofa, his eyes trained on Maan but there wasn’t bitterness or sadness for not seeing his son in theae 3 days. Its yearning and pain,,, regret.

“I want your sign here dad.”

Yash came forward looking at the file “Wht is it Maan?”

Man gave his sly smirk “Property papers. What do u think it is Yash? I want the property before the old man die.”

Everyone gasp including rano and anisha,, Man just shrugged looking unfazed. He sighed dramatically “Hurry dad, I don’t have the whole day for you. Read it, sign it.”

Yash looked at him blankly, Aman looked pained, he was weak to say anything but before he can say anything a tight slap shut everyone making the room silent, just the sound of hand smacking skin filled the room. Anisha looked at Maan with rage that she had never felt before, his words pushed her all buttons.

Maan cocked his head still giving a sly smirk which made her more furious.

“Do u atleast care for your dying father Maan? I can’t believe u can be so selfish. U didn’t showed up at the hospital, we waited days, counted hours mins just to see your face and what u did, never once ask how is your dad? Is he alive or dead all u did ask for property?”

“Mom listen” Yash’s voice couldn’t hold Anisha, she was mad, Aman’s weak protest couldn’t supress the lava.

“You know what Maan, the person lying there your dad whom u don’t have enough time to ask about his health was the one to fight for your life when everyone gve up on you.”

That made everyone shut and stare at her and Geet with breath in throat, and to Maan stare at Anisha with blank eyes.

“You weren’t normal Maan when u were born, Yash was safe but u, ur heart were sinking. Doc had to put u on life support. They doubted u won’t make it. They said either if u make it u wont be normal and u weren’t, u were so angry all the time. But u know who fought for u? It ws your dad, he shouted on the doctor for saying something like that, he fought day and night to keep u alive and u did but whatever he did never satisfied you, we had no choice to put u in boarding because of ur anger just to make you a better person but guess we failed. U failed us.”

“Stop it mom.”

Yash finally shouted, he turned to look at Maan who has a blank look. He looked at his dad who was shaking his head trying to say something.

“Make him sign that.” All he said before leaving. For a brief moment his eyes met Geet but he diverted it soon.

“What was that Yash?” Anisha said angrily.

“Today if Dad is alive and fine its because of Maan. That special doctor from Callifornia came over night because of Maan, he made it a point and threaten everyone to make HIS DAD’s health good. Luckily it was mild but that time I was with Maan when he was flipping the world just in front of my eyes.”

Anisha stared at Aman who nodded with tears in his eyes. She tried to say something but nothing came, her eyes fell on the papers.

“Papers and he said.”

“He was pushing dad to react because I had told dad everything which made Maan vulnerable. So he said it’s property paper, when its the reason he had the heartattack. Someone filled a fraud case against his company, so Maan can only handle it as it own so he said dad to write the power of attorney on his name, he was going to take the blame Mom, he loves his family. It’s his only way to show that and not make himself vulnerable. ”

Everyone looked baffled, Aniee sniffed but Anisha couldn’t, her heart tore away remembering her own words, but she could just stare at him.

“Guess he didn’t fail you, you failed him. You all failed Maan. You said he never loved his family but in this small time span I never felt he was ever loved by his family, then I fear even to think what he felt for years.”

Geet’s voice ws soft and it hit the target s Ddima, Aniee, Aman wiped their tears nd Anisha looked, deafted.

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Tere Ishq ko Sajdah Part 20


Part 20

They all went to Delhi straight from Amritsar. Geet was scared, she had never watched anyone dying. She has a vague thinking about death, she believes whoever had suffers heartattack dies. It’s unfortunate that whenever she heard about a heartattack and hospitals it was her frnds losing her dad or mom or grand parents. It has somewhat scarred her believes in hospital as her innocent mind thought about Maan’s father. Some how she liked him, though he behaved rudely to Maan but he is his dad and she doubt he can hate his own son.

*tich thinking when she ever think any person can be bad? Erm*

Geet’s sudden cry broke the tense and silent car, Maan, Yash Annie and Geet were heading towards hospital in one car, though Brij protested saying he want to take Geet with him and a small part of him wanted to go with both the girls in that car, but Annie pleaded him not to while Geet just sit in the car after Yash and Maan reached the car at the same moment. Maan took the driving and Yash sat beaide him so the girls took back seat. Maan had arranged another car with driver which Brij took half heartedly with Roshni and Nikhil Maan and Yash’s relative.

Hearing Geet crying Maan jerked from his revere and looked at Geet through rear view, Her face was red with agony, everyone got tensed and Annie hugged her. Maan wanted to be there, holding her, supporting her head on his chest. But what made her cry so suddenly?


It was Yash who talked facing her while Geet hugged Annie who looked wide eyed confused and scared.

“Is Aman uncle dead?”


It was Annie and Yash, both looked shell shocked and shouted in unison, Geet just looked at them with crying baby face, none said a word, Maan just rolled his eyes which Geet didn’t missed, she pouted angrily and Maan’s lips twitched up a little, he shook his head clearly amused. Geet heard Annie and turned her attention to her expectantly.

“God Geet,, no Dad isn’t, not even close, mild heartattack, didn’t you hear Yash in the flight, he informed us that dad is fine.”

“Ohh” what all Geet said.

“Ohh? It that all u want to say? Geet u were beating yourself thinking about that in that whole journey? U could have asked.” Yash said with a shake of his head, they all are amused apparently and laughing silently. Geet childishly wiped her face with the back of her palm. Then glared the three, mostly Maan.

“Seems its proven”

Geet squeezed her eyes hearing Maan.


“She doesn’t have brain which function thinking.”

Yash and Annie laughed at Maan’s word but Geet scowled, she actually scowled which Maan found extremely cute. Rest of the journey to Hospital were in silent as Geet made a big face huffing and humping.


Aman Singh Khurana looked so frail lying on the hospital bed, his features were so alike Maan and Yash but the age clearly had an affect and then the heartattack though it was mild. Dadima was looking lost sitting outside the door and Anisha Singh Khurana Maan’s mother look tired and alone. Aniee rushed towards her mother and Geet sat beside Dadima both crying, emotional baggage made both hysterical. Maan rolls his eyes but Yash gave him a stern look. He just shrugged and walked away not even went in to see his fathet. Yash stood there for a moment looking at his retreating back, then walked in.

Anisha hugged yash crying softly then she explained how she found him in the study pass out. Apparently for an emergency they came back to delhi as the same day they left for Amritsar, but what emergency can bring Aman Singh Khurana on his nearly death bed. Maan watched his family hugging, crying consoling, even Geet fitted the family, she hugged Aman who smiles weakly and patted her head in fatherly affection, he saw evverything from far, a sardonic smile played on his lips,, without saying anything he left, not even his father’s health can bring him to his family, he is too far gone in his loneliness.

Precap: do u atleast care for your dying father Maan? I can’t believe u can be so selfish.

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Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 19


Part 19

Geet was blabbering half to him half to herself. But Maan’s heart stopped on her last words, how could she think she isn’t his worthy when the truth is he isn’t the worthy one.

‘Do u really think u aren’t worth of my friendship? For God sake do u really think so?’

An angry frown was visible on her face making her cuter if it possible and Maan felt his heart will come out with the speed of it’s hammering.

‘What was I supposed to think? U left. Didn’t u? and then never came back. I waited for ur call but u never did call me. What should I think of that?’

‘But I did call u, I was there, the  night when they brought u home, I,,’

Geet gaped at him ‘u did what??’

Maan shifted his weight on his other foot but Geet only gaped at him with open mouth then closed it with another frown. Maan felt like he can eat her right then. How can a person look so adorable with a frown?

‘when? I mean why didn’t u told me? And why can’t remember it? I’

Then she remembered the day she felt Maan but opening her eyes, he wasn’t there and she thought it was an illusion.’

‘when did u called me?’


Again her mouth fell open. She tried to say something but couldn’t. Then her eyes widen some more.

‘Blank calls?’

Maan just nodded clearly not comfortable. It’s not everyday that someone got to question MSK. And here standing the person utterly confuse and edible. Maan shook his thought away.

‘But why? Why couldn’t u call me like as a normal person. U don’t have to behave as invisible. I don’t understand.’

Maan held her chin, rubbing her chin with his thumb.

‘Because u r too sacred for my touch, bcz I didn’t wanted to scarred ur innocence and I didn’t wanted to shadow ur innocence by my darkness. I m a beast that doesn’t deserves the beauty.’

A sardonic smile tugged his lips which made Geet sad, she shook her head.

‘You aren’t a beast. And if u r then every beast deserves a beauty to protect her.’

‘Be the cost of destroying her?’

Geet shook her head ‘To complete her inner beauty. If she can’t love a scarred beast, then she isn’t a beauty.’

He looked at her dumbfounded. Her words were simple, her expression was soft nothing coy. Did she even understand what she said. No. Minding her innocence she can’t even see the definition of love in her own voice.

‘What do u  think of me Geet? A beast? Or a’

He couldn’t complete his words when Geet spoke.

‘A friend. Dost. Will you be my friends Maan? Mujhe dosti karoge?’

Frnd? could he become her frnd? Just frnd? Probably not but if he get her frndship, as the 1st stage, he is ready to take the risk. He knew his feeling for her run deep. He desire her for sure but with that a protective instinct works through him, to solve his feeling he need to be close to her. To know what he feels for her is lust or,,, Love…  He have to be close to her and if it need to be her frnd first then be it.

Maan accepted her hand ‘Friends’
I think we will be much more.


Geet was awfully in a good mood. Yash wasn’t happy seeing Maan in Geet’s room. Not  jealousy but the protecting instinctive. When everyone returned after knowing from Aniee that Geet went to the hotel with Maan, Brij wasn’t either thrilled to find him who didn’t even acknowledge which only indicates he doesn’t care. But He was extremely relieved seeing his baby sister so happy. Asking about why they left the temple Geet narrated her stupidity at the way she jumped in the pond.

‘Why did u come here Maan, it isn’t like u really believe in God. U never once went Gurudwara ever then why now?’

Yash’s question baffled Geet. They were sitting in the lounge having their breakfast. Finally Yash asked what he was itching to do. He was worried specially after the way Maan talked with Geet that night. He remember her sadness, though none can say how happy he was to see his brother but Geet’s happiness also matters which right now seems to be on Mount Everest.

Geet gaped at Yash, so did Aniee but Maan didn’t even spare a glance to him.

‘Had some business Yash.’

‘What business?’

Amusement flickered in Maan’s eyes as he looked at Yash, it was good that He isn’t angry yet, right? But Yash knew that means trouble.

‘It was never your business ‘BRO’ then why you are poking ur nose?’

Geet looked at Maan then at Yash then again Maan to Yash. Her happiness evaporate sensing the silent war. Sadness gripped her and she became silent. Maan saw that and glared Yash. Yash looked at Geet with regret and tried to lighten the atmosphere but Geet was drawn not participating in their banter.

Just then a girl barely covered in a pink dress came out from the elevator and walked straight towards their little grp, then sat beside Maan. Geet’s mouth fell practically on the ground, annie narrowed her eyes seeing the girl and Roshni snorted like she knew some secret. Nikhil was practically drooling over her bare leg of the girl.

‘Ohh so Sasha accompanied you, so it really was business huh?’

Something like a mocking smile spread on Yash’s face, Brij barely spare a glance to the girl.

‘Purely business Yash, that’s why my PA needed to come with me.’

Maan’s eyes were trained on Geet clearly indicating his words towards her, was he clarifying that the girl doesn’t matter to him, and was is for Geet? She can only wonder but one thing was clear. Geet didn’t liked that girl one ounce and seems like feeling was mutual. Sasha was just glaring Geet head to toe.

‘who is that girl MK’

Yash sheathed in anger ‘None of your concern Sasha.’

‘Isn’t it Yash, I worry about MK and she doesn’t looks like she belongs to your family, more like a maid.’

Sasha raised her one brow like challenging, but her smile vanished the moment Maan looked at her.

‘Our family shouldn’t concern you Sasha, you are just an assistance. It’s better to focus on your job, or u won’t sniff the change of position like an assistant to a Jr in cleaning department.’

Sasha greeted her teeth but said nothing, Maan gave her some file which left her no option than leave. Geet avoided meeting his gaze, but she felt his undisturbed stare on her. She shifted uncomfortably. Just then a shrill sound of ringtone broke the unease.

‘What? But. Mom We are coming.’

Yash’s voice alerted everyone. Yash looked so frightened that Geet stood up along with other. Yash just stared at Maan for a few sec.

‘Dad is in Hospital, He got an heartattack last night in Delhi.’

‘Oh God.’

Aniee’s devasted gasp alert brij,  Geet stood there with wide eyes, horrified was right word maybe. Maan just stared at somewhere lost.

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Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 18


Part 18

Geet noticed the expensive suit that Maan made her wear, then at her own state, Only then she knew why Maan was furious. Her yellow anarkali was dripping wet, it was hugging her body like 2nd skin and it did nothing to hide her curves that prominently stood pointedly. On instinct Geet tried to cover herself but Maan tighten the coat around her then brought her closer to him. She looked everywhere to see anyone saw her like that but none paid much attention to them. She tried hiding behind Maan and unknowingly held his hand. Maan again felt the flip in his chest then it dropped in his stomach. He was confuse cz he never felt like this for anyone ever. Then he felt the stir in his groin. He cursed under his breath realizing his own desire for Geet but he did only clenched her hand in his and brought her closer. He heard Geet murmuring to herself and couldn’t help the smile that spread lips.

‘Jhalli kya soch rahi thi tu? Why ur pea size brain work before knowing anything. Kya zarurat thi waha jaane ki and pray karna ki. Dekha kya hogaya. Abb Brij veerji dekhenge to kya kahungi main?’

She looked down at her wet dress and curse herself in her mind. She was so busy in her cursing program that she didn’t knew exactly when they reached the place they weren’t supposed to go,, Geet saw she wasn’t infront of her friends, rather it was maan’s car. Geet looked at Maan with confuse face.

‘Get in the car Geet,’

‘Where are we going?’



Maan rolled his eyes before roaming his eyes on her wet dress. Geet again became concious shifting one foot to another. Maan left a impatient sigh.

‘Get fast. I m not letting you go there like this.’

Geet opened her mouth to say something but shut it immediately. It happen for few times more. As they sat in the car Geet said only one word.


Maan thought something then looked at her. Her eyes were pleading but he didn’t tried anything to say. Lastly he took out his cell and dial one number that will help him.

‘Aniee I m taking Geet to the Hotel. Inform everyone to meet her there.’

‘What? But Bhai when did u find Geet? And why u are taking her? What happen?

Maan closed his eyes feeling frustrated but its his baby sister that he can’t snap at.

‘Aniee Geet’s dress is wet, she was in that pond. Meet us in the Hotel. Ok?’

Aniee understood everything now so she just agreed. When Maaneet reached the Hotel every eyes turned towards them. Some eyed Geet’s dress and the receptionist only stared at Maan in confusion and then his arm. Some were confused with him being all well but apparently they were thinking him as Yash. Maan did nothing to dismiss their pondering thoughts but took Geet in her room after knowing her room number.

Maan sat on the sofa facing the window while Geet quickly went to change her dress. When she comes out from the bathroom with her wet hair and his dress coat clutched to her chest it did amazing things to maan’s imagination. Geet’s eyes met him and hold them captive innocently. World vanished around them as Geet walked towards him.

Their eyes stuck on each other, roaming everywhere hungrily. Both felt desire for each other but he knew his passion can scare her innocence. On top of that he has lots of work to do and the first thing was to know about her feelings for him. His eyes fell on her luscious lips that was trembling and the arch in his groin tighten. He coughed to take control over his own desire and it broke the spell. Geet came to her conscious.

‘your suit is ruined. I m sorry, I’

‘I will take care of that Geet.’

‘Why you went the Golden Temple Maan?’

She asked the one thing that was troubling her thought for so long and them immediately shut it. Maan stared at her for few seconds and Geet didn’t break that.

‘What do you think I was there for?’

Geet shrug her shoulder ‘I don’t know but do u believe in Babaji that u went to there?’

‘I was there for you Geet.’

His admittance made the room silent, they stared at each other for god knows how much time, it may be seconds or hours but neither wanted to break the moment. Geet’s breath was burning her chest, that’s when she realized she wasn’t breathing.

Cursing under his breath Maan held a swaying body of Geet.


His one husky word made her gulp the large share of oxygen that came in her way, eyes hold his gaze then travel down on his sensual lips, again came upto his eyes. His eyes were smiling so was his lips, a little quiver all it take to make her heartbeat run fast like a horse.


She heard herself asking him why her? Why he came for her and then cursed herself mentally. He came for apology of course. Nothing less nothing much. But suddenly it made her sad. She doesn’t need or want his apology, his anger was her, as weird as it seems to Maan’s anger shows his soul to her but then she was angry because he left her in hospital never to look back. Then why now? Why concern for her now?

Maan saw the myriad of emotion passing on her face, confusion to sadness then anger. Whatever going on her little but innocent cute head will of course leave him twist in his guts. So he didn’t waste his time.

‘I came for you, because I need you Geet. I need you like a man need breath. I can’t stay away from you.’

Though his words, his desperation made her heart arch still she couldn’t forget those night she spent crying and those unknown waiting staring at her balcony door waiting for him. She didn’t knew why She waited for him or rather say stared at the balcony door but she did. She was so lost in him once she thought she will die not seeing him but she survived.

‘why now? What change your mind? Why always you needing me? What about me? Why didn’t u thought about me when were u leaving me? U didn’t came to see me for once, not even asking am I alive or dead.’


His face was so dangerously close, her breath came in frantic and so was his. Fury spill from every pour as He dig hole in her eyes. Suddenly Geet was breathing so hard that if she move any more her lips will touch his. He was so close to her that their chest collide. Rage was last thing Maan wanted to feel at the moment but her words made him furious like a caged animal. Right at the moment all he wanted to drag her with him, lock her and show how much he missed her, how much he care for her, her life was the one thing giving him breath now. If anything happen or touch a hair of her he will burn this world with his bare hand.

Her eyes expressed so much, yet lips were sealed. Warmth of her body snuggling close to him made him hard and the passion only increased. But he fear, his anger his passion will destroy her if he wouldn’t control it. But how? How can he control his desire when she look at him like her breath depend on him. He brought his face so close that she stopped breathing. Again.

‘Your life is mine. Don’t ever say that again.’

His word only made her shiver. He felt it, his hand went on her waist bringing her closer to his body desperate to feel her every inch closer to him.

‘ I knew you were alive, I knew you were seeing this world with perfect health. I knew you were breathing, living there in other part of the world because somewhere I was breathing. I knew jab tak Maan Ki saans chal rahi hain, Geet zinda hain. Usse har haal mein hona hi hain.’


Her lips cried, again the same arch, pain. It want him to do something, her hands held him desperatly. He placed a wet kiss on her earlobe and heard her intake of breath from her. Feeling courageous he placed few more kisses on her jaw. Sighing he roamed his hand on her back.

‘Don’t ever say that, don’t ever think I do not care. I never left you Geet. I never left because my heart was with you. My dead heart that finally felt alive with your warm touch.’


‘I needed that. I wanted to let you free. I had to. I can’t destroy you Geet.’

‘but you said you are my friend.’

‘did I?’

Suddenly she pushed him. Her anger amused him but what tore his heart was the tear that left her eyes. It is the only reason he felt the need to distance himself. He can only make her cry. That’s what he did till now but wasn’t that should be her decision?

‘What do u think of yourself? Jab chaha dost mana, jab chaha dur kar diya, jab chaha paas bula liya. You said we can be friends, you said u will never leave me. I just asked for your friendship. But,, but dost aise nahi hote, dost ko Kabhi chodke nahi jate. You left me, you decided what I need instead of asking me what I want. You thought to come back in my life, accuse Yash and me for god know what and then again came to meet me and behaved nothing has happened. Isme meri galti kya hain agar aapko Har baar aise hi chale jana hain bina mujhse puche. I can only wait for you to disappear Maan. How can I trust you again if u run away every time you feel I am not a proper girl or isn’t worthy for your friendship?’

Maan’s heart stopped at her last word. Her every word,, doubt was right but does she think herself unworthy because he left her. He knew he is selfish but with his own reason, he did that to protect himself and her but he can see how wrong he was because he delution only broke her, made her doubt on herself.

Precap: Mujhse Dosti Karoge???

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Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 17


Part 17

Maan’s eyes stared at Geet like baring her soul. Yash saw his brother standing all with his rough arrogant attitude, there eyes met, a little smile touched Yash’s face but soon he winced with pain as he tried to stand. Maan’s eyes followed the blood on his brother’s forehead and lips. His strong jaw trickled with anger, his clenched jaw only made him looks more ferocious.

Soon one person tried to touch Geet from another side. Without a word Maan held that wrist before it can touch her then again twisted it cracking the bones. His leg met that man’s stomach with one strong kick and he fell on the ground. Suddenly Geet shrieked, someone placed a sharp knife on her neck from behind and took a step back. Others also left Yash and stood behind Geet and the person. Geet only stared at Maan with teary eyes, then a whimper left her lips as the pressure on the knife dug her skin borrowing blood.

Geet whispered: Maan.

His face void any emotion, just stared at her as the goons took a step forcing her to accept. Maan nodded his head a little and a sharp noise explored. Geet nearly shouted but then felt herself pressed on maan’s body. She hide her face in his neck, Maan’s arms instantly wrapped around her securely, one hand on her waist and another on her head. She closed her eyes hugging his neck, one sob escaped, then another and with every painful whimper increased his grip on her. She was plastered on his body, he didn’t even tried to loosen it instead he just tighten his grip.

After some time hearing few voice Geet finally opens her eyes. The first thing she saw was the person’s dragging body by well built man. Maan’s bodyguard. Geet’s eyes widen seeing the blood leaking from the person’s arm. Panic and bile rose in her throat. She again dug her face in maan’s arm and felt a calm aroma engulfed her. They heard a grunt, Geet was the first to break their hug. Maan looked at her first then his eyes fell on Yash who was standing with a man, His face showed pain as he held his arm. When someone had hit him on the shoulder to make him fall on ground it apparently dislocated his shoulder.

Geet suddenly left maan’s arm to reach Yash. Maan only stared at Geet blankly, his eyes followed her concern face. How can someone’s one touch can make his restless heart at peace? How can her one breath makes him alive again. When he held her so close to him, he felt he got some lost treasure. So many day’s restlessness evaporate with her mere touch. Some day he had forgotten he has a heart also but today when he felt the flip just seeing her made him believe yes he possess the heart which maybe not belong to him anymore.

Then Geet left him, realization or say reality fell on him like a bucket of cold water. He was witnessing his Geet being concern for Yash, his brother. Again Yash. Another person of his life selected Yash over him. For never in life he felt so much insecure like today. All his happiness, relief seeing Geet vanished in the thin air. His face left any emotion he felt and anger took place which always helped him to make this life easy. His anger is his only friend which is why he is still alive cz when anger came it destroyed any other feeling.

Maan turn to leave the place when he heard Yash calling his name, he greeted his teeth to bite his anger but nothing work when his Geet is touching another man specially Yash.

‘Maan thanks, thanks for saving geet.’

He turned a sardonic glance at them, Geet’s worried eyes met him. It was sad and fearful, concern for Yash. Her would be husband.

‘If Romance was so important then you both should have taken the safety of your hotel room. This place and time doesn’t seems perfect for your little adventurous meeting. Isn’t it?’

‘you know it isn’t. Geet,,,’

Yash stopped to take a painful breath, then his eyes fell on Geet who stood there numb. He felt his protective guard came on, he squeezed her hand and her eyes left Maan to meet him. Too many emotion ran in them finally dropping at the ground. Yash felt like punching Maan for doing this. He turned his head towards Maan staring at him hard.

‘You know what, its none of your business.’

Yash left the place with Geet, only then Maan realized he didn’t even saw his brother. His eyes were train on one object Geet who looked miserable. He recalled his words and cursed himself. His all resolution of staying away from Geet went into drain as he remember her every stance. Her fear, her cry, her relief seeing him and something else, and then guilt. Why guilt? Is this guilt because she felt something for him where her fiance laid injured or? Was it pain because of his word. Was she hurt? But why? She was here with his brother, at this hour and clearly worried for yash more than him then why she felt hurt with his word.

Maan heard a painful grunt, his eyes fell on the goons lying on ground and some in custody of the police. He nodded his head towards the person incharge who just nodded meakly.

After 15 mins drive Maan arrived at his destination, the grounded place. As he entered the place he heard painful moan n grunt but that did nothing to sooth his burning rage. Everyone looked at him then nodded and left the place with Maan’s bodyguards.

‘Hum to inhe custody me lene hi wale the, Lekin yaha kyun laaye? Aur MSK ne sabko dismiss kyun kar diya?’

‘Tu Apna aankh kaan muh sab band karle aur samajhle hum ne un logo ko sidha custody main liye. MSK se insab ka koi wasta nahi, aur tune agar muh khola samjhle MSK tujhe kahi aur pouch dega.’

Officer and constable talked in themselves about MSK till he reached the place and every eyes turned blind, ears deaf and mouth dumb. Maan walked straight towards the only aim his eyes trained, the door. Everyone knew what they will hear but some were confuse as they were new. There wasn’t many of them, only one subinspector and 5 constable in which 2 is new.

Very few ppl knew maan’s power over ppl and his influence which runs deep, minister politicians his hands were everywhere which gives him immense power.

Maan walked through the line of those beaten down goons and signaled the one person standing keeping an eye on them to untie their rope, then left the place without uttering anything. Maan took a seat infront of them, his eyes were lethal. Those 5 goons were already in pain and looked at Maan with fear which Maan ignored. His silence was killing the atmosphere. He recalled the blood that was trailing on his brother’s forehead. His hand fist something and other person sitting infront of him shriek as the salt that Maan spread on his wound burned him.

Maan took a knife the very slowly slight his wrist which again earned another person’s shrill voice, then it broke as the salt touch him. Maan was slowly killing them and left it like that. He wasn’t satisfied. He took out his coat and loosen his sleeves. His eyes fell on the person moaning with his broken wrist. He was the one that touched Geet. His Geet.

Next everyone outside the place heard the shout and painful moan, they tried to be deaf but it was horrifying for everyone present there. Their life and career was on stake if MSK did anything to those goons still they kept they mouth shut. On the other side Maan took out his all pent up frustration anger on them. It was ugly but he didn’t showed any mercy. Their crying only made him remember Geet’s tears, her fearful hazel haunts him. Atlast after a few hour he stopped not because he was exhausted but their was no life in those men. If Maan wanted he could have taken easier way to punish them, even take their life but it was more painful and they only deserve the hardest pain.


Next morning everyone saw the brushes and plaster on Yash’s shoulder. Geet apologise with teary eyes but none said a word as Yash had warned them. Yash informed them what happen in details. Brij pondered only on one question, how did Geet get to go there. Aniee wanted to accept her doing but Geet stopped her, when aniee tried to say anything it made Geet only teary as she held herself responsible for the incident. First thing in the morning they did was fill the complaint against those goons bcz without that police won’t do their work least they know what punishment Maan already decided for them.

Journey towards Golden Temple was silent for Geet. Everyone tried to cheer her but she was lost somewhere. Nikhil tried to flirt with her which earned glare from Brij and Yash but Geet was still numb. When they reached the holy place Geet didn’t stopped for anyone. She just went in which only made Yash and Brij worried.

Only Geet knew what turmoil she is facing deep in her heart. Her innocent heart can’t take everything that is happening around her, and with that whatever her heart felt for Maan her mind was screaming that is wrong. Those words from her daarji came back to haunt her but her treacherous heart won’t let her live in peace. Only she knew what she felt seeing Maan after so many days. If she was living all these days then now she knew it was just breathing not feeling.

After so many days she felt alive, and it made her confuse, somewhere guilty. On top of that whatever Maan was thinking about her and Yash only made her feel worse. She is Yash’s fiance, she shouldn’t feel for Maan she knew it and it’s making her feel the worse.

Atlast she sat infront of her Babaji asking so many question through her innocent eyes yet her mouth was sealed. She wanted to cry, to hold someone and pour her all confusion and pain but she is alone here. Being with family did nothing to ease the arch. She closed her eyes while dipping her head in the holy water of the lake.

‘Kyun aise horaha hain Babaji? Why I m feeling this? Is love so painful? Is it even love that I am feeling. And for whom Maan? Then why I feel so concern for Yash? Those question in maan’s eyes wasn’t his fault. I know somewhere he is hurting. But why? He doesn’t love me then how?,,,’

Geet didn’t complete her thought but opened her eyes and then it stuck. The most intense pair of eyes was looking at her with so much passion. Geet shuddered as Maan came near her. Unknown to world she comes out from the water but before she can say a word maan’s eyes turned red in anger. All rational thought went out from the window of Geet’s brain and she pouted.

‘Abb Maine kya kiya Babaji?’

Her eyes widen, hand came on mouth realizing she said the words loud. Maan couldn’t help but shake his head in amusements. A little sound came out as his chuckle. Geet cutely pouted again.

‘Why u always get angry on me? Mera kasoor ho ya na ho daant mujhe hi kyun khani padhti hain?’

‘I didn’t said anything Geet.’

‘Aap ko bolne ki kuch zarurat hain? Apke ravan jaise ankhe sab bol deti hain’


Maan stern voice made her step back. Before she fall again in the water Maan held her without thinking about his expensive shirt that now soaked with Geet’t wet dress plaster on him.

‘who, main, main, apka, shirt.’

‘When I left you your best friend ‘stammering’ also left you, when I returned it returned with vengeance.’

And with that Geet remember how he left her without a word. On instinct she tried to shove him but Maan didn’t leave her. She tried hard and Maan noticed the pain to hold herself within, her struggle actually showed a mirror of her feelings. Maan never felt the urge of taking someone in his arm as he felt for Geet. He didn’t left her till he made her wear his jacket. She tried to refuse but maan’s stern look stopped her.

‘I left because I thought it was right not because I don’t feel for you. I had never explained my action to anyone neither I will do for you. Buy remember Geet I can feel your every breath because it’s breathing in my heart.’

Ironicaly he did explain the best he did ever that too for her and with that accepted the fact he do have a heart which belongs to her yet he always said to have a cold heart or be heartless.

Precap: Maaneet spending time in Golden Temple at night and?

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First of all sorry if I had hurt any religion feelings by using Golden Temple’s some scene to make a plot. My intention wasn’t to hurt anyone I m clearing this. I should have placed a disclaimer in previous part.

In the previous part About time of the Place’s opening, someone told me it is open till 2am but maybe he was wrong as another Frnd of mine said its open from 2 to morning. So I m little confuse so leave it as I m taking Writer Liberty here.

About Golden Temple being safe, of course it is as it’s one of the exclusive n old place of our country. Here also I have taken some liberty and the place Geet sat and looked at the temple wasn’t in the premises but far away from it. That’s why showed the pic.

Lastly I know nothing about Golden Temple but thank u for Accepting the plot and Sorry if you feel I disrespected anything but it was unintentionally then. I can never hurt any person or religion knowingly.

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Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 16


Part 16

Journey to Amritsar was fun for others, Nikhil Roshni Annie Brij Yash and Geet went together in a car. Annie was literally flowing to spend the time siting beside Brij which wasn’t reciprocated. Though Brij often stole some glances at her without anyone’s knowledge. But there was one person who observed everything. Geet’s eyes widen when she caught her brother’s eyes looking at aniee who was pouting not getting any attention from him. She wanted to say something but then thought it won’t be appropriate right there.

Yash tried his best to distract her and somewhere succeeded in it when they reached Amritsar. It was already night so they can’t enter the temple and Aniee Roshni were hell tired so everyone decided to take the room they had booked and take some rest but again Geet’s eyes fell drastically.

‘Mujhe Abhi jana hain Golden temple dekhne. It looks so beautiful at night. Please veerji let’s go now’

Brij himself looked tired after the drive and then his eyes went on aniee who look like can sleep standing. He shook his head at Geet.

‘I don’t think it’s a good idea. Everyone is tired gudiya. We are going tomorrow na. And you also need rest.’

‘I don’t need rest. I want to go now. Please veerji chaliye na.’

‘Geet Kal hum Sab sath me Ja rahe hain na.. Can’t you wait just one night please. We all are tired.’

This time it was Annie who said it in a tired voice. Geet was suddenly loosing her mind. She just wanted to visit it now as she felt it will give her peace. The moment they entered Amritsar an unknown feeling started creating havoc in her. Ek pehchani halchal mano usko chu gayi ho jaise. Kuch anjani kashmakash ne dastak di ho jaise.

‘Veerji sabko lejane ki kya jarurat? Sirf hum dono chaste hain na.’

‘Ohh God Geet you don’t wanted us to come with u. If that was the matter you should have said first. We wouldn’t have taken so much effort and pain to come with you.’

Roshni’s frustrated words did nothing but irritate Geet. She looked at Brij who’s eyes trained on aniee’s who looked a litter different.

‘You should have said that Geet.’

There was so much pain and hurt in aniee’s voice that whipped Geet’s head towards her. She didn’t meant it like that. Geet can never say or feel so selfish ever. She felt guilty for behaving like that. Before Geet can say a word she heard Brij’s harsh words.

‘Geet I told u we will go tom. What had got into you? You are not like this, why u are behaving like a selfish brat? I have never taught u this? Where is your manners?’

Geet looked at Brij then at Annie who’s eyes are now wide in horror. She looked at others. Roshni and Nikhil were smirking teasingly while yash looked genuinely sympathisiesed. Geet couldn’t see more as the tears stung the back of her eyes. She turned to Yash pulling the scraps she felt in her throat before uttering any word.

‘C-can I take a separate room.’

She heard Brij’s meek voice.

‘Gudiya no, please listen to me.’

Geet didn’t turned but only looked at Yash silently. Her eyes were slowly welling up. Finally Yash handed her his keys speaking softly

‘You can have my room. I will stay with Nikhil.’

Geet nodded and said very weakly with a small teary smile.

‘Thank you.’

She slowly went into the room with her small bag without uttering a word to anyone. Brij tried to stop her but Yash stopped him.

‘Let her stay alone.’

‘Yash u know we could have booked separate rooms for girls but I thought about the security so if 3 of them stayed together it would be safe and Geet doesn’t like to stay alone.’

There was a desparation in Brij’s voice which Yash recognized. He gave Brij a hard look.

‘Right now I think she want to stay alone and about safety, this is the top hotel and my security is in 2 room away. She will be fine, let her be alone now and don’t talk to her for sometime. Anyway u already did the damage.’

Brij looked at Yash angrily. He wanted to disagree with him and go to the room where his Gudiya might be upset but he knew he is the reason for it. His anger was the protectiveness about his sister made him harsh. He didn’t wanted ppl talking about Geet and think she is selfish or stubborn. He knew his sister can never be that so before other say anything he said the harsh word he said ever but he can’t deny seeing the hurt look in aniee’s look somewhere pushed him too. He silently went to his room so the others.

Geet didn’t took her dinner and stayed in the room locked, she denied talking to anyone. Her eyes were glued on the sky which looks fresh and the freezing air flew her hair shuddering her a little. She liked this feeling but not when her tears stuck to her cheeks.

Then she heard a small knock. She didn’t response which made the person persistent. She ignored first few knock but then again it came. She opened the door.

‘Yash go away.’

Yash chuckled as he came in to the room. Their relationship has increased tremendously close. Geet knew his most of the moves so well now. So she knew he won’t leave her until he talk to her. She childishly wiped her face doesn’t wanted to show her tears as he will think her as some weak dumbo.

‘crying session over or u have more?’

Geet looked at him angrily. He always managed to distract her, she would forget why crying was so essential for the moment and when Geet think she can cry in peace after he went away,, actually she will forget the reason she was crying for. So now she doesn’t wanted to forget the reason so she didn’t answer him. Yash bite back his smile seeing her angry pout.

‘Ohh I forgot cry baby ka quota abhi pura thodi na hoga. Ok rolo aur thoda till then I take a nap.’

Yash stretched on her bed then took her heart shape pillow snuggling close to it. Geet walked towards him then poked his arm. Yash waved a hand dismissing her. Geet’s mouth fell open as a O.

‘sone do Geet. Wake me when you are done with your fountain’

‘hawwwwww. How mean friend you are. Ek to main roh rahi hu and instead of asking me how I m feeling u are sleeping. Yash uttho, uthhooo.’

She started slapping his hand over her pillow then his arm. Yash laughed and finally left it. He sat on the bed holding her hand.

‘Abb thik ho Geet?’

Yash asked sincerely. Geet nodded still not looking at him.

‘Geet you know he didn’t mean it. He didn’t like other saying so many thing so he said instead and Brij always worry about your safety. It isn’t good to go out at night.’

‘ Mujhe kya hota waha Yash. Anyway he would have been there and I know veerji would not let anything happen to me.’

Yash sighed and murmured ‘ you are so naive Geet.’

‘Kuch kaha tumne?’

Yash nodded in no. So Geet continued.

‘Pata hain Yash dusro ki baaton ka bura nahi laga Itna jitni taqleef apno ki berukhi se hota hain.’

Yash smiles ‘then why you always felt bad about maan’s behaviour Geet? Why you got upset knowing Maan didn’t came to meet you? Kyun tumhari chehre pe wo khusi nahi dikhti mujhe jo Maan ke rehna ke waqt hoti thi? Wo tumhara kon hain Geet? Wo to apna nahi hain? Who is he Geet? Apna ya Begana?’

Geet stayed silent. She didn’t know what to say him. She doesn’t herself know it. And whatever she think she feel for Maan she can’t say it. The familiar arch came back with a force. Maan’s face flashed in front of her eyes. The first time she saw him, the way he was looking at her, their meeting in gym and his looking at her so intensely. Their little conversation in the garden of her backward and then their hideout in the picnic all flashed one by one making her restless.

Yash saw the torment expressions on her.

‘Yash I m feeling tired. I want to sleep.’

‘but dinner.’

‘Please Yash.’

Yash sighed and left the room hesitantly.


Yash looked at Nikhil who were clearly not going to sleep as the loud music he kept increasing was making his sleep disturb. Finally he gave up his sleep and went to the balcony. His thoughts were only on Geet and her expression. He had noticed for some days Geet isn’t the same only bubbly Geet anymore. She tried to be happy he can clearly see she isn’t. Is it because the marriage is coming closer or the fact she is going away from Maan. He shook his head to clear the thought. If Geet felt anything for Maan she would have said to him, he is her friend now, a close friend that she share everything. Isn’t it? Then why she never talk about Maan anymore instead she became gloomy and lost in thoughts.

Just like tonight he thought. The mere mention about Maan made her lost somewhere and what about those expressions? What she was thinking that showed a rainbow of emotions on her face.

Yash sighed sadly. It’s becoming difficult. Not that he started loving Geet but as a friend he is worried for her and it had became so hard to read her nowadays. Yash took a step back to return to his room when a petite figure caught his attention. He looked attentively towards it only to recognise it to be Geet.


Yash took his sweater, then slipping in it he ran towards the exit but before that he contacted his bodyguards who had no clue about Geet sneaking out. Then one guard confirm it in a CCTV footage and Yash only cursed his fate. At night for a girl like Geet going outside will be dangerous. But she wouldn’t know that. She hardly knows her beauty and innocence.


Geet finally reached the place. It was already 2:30 at night. Not that She can enter the place but can only admire the beauty from far. The glowing Golden Temple’s one sight made Geet relax.


The lights flicker through the darkness and Geet sat on the grass feeling tired. Still her eyes showed the happiness. Her face was glowing in the white dupatta she wore on her white anarkali suit. She stayed there for sometime looking at the temple and remembered her time with Maan. Her heart suddenly shuddered.

Cool breeze touched her face as she looked everywhere. It was dark and she was alone. Suddenly the place didn’t seem to be safe. But her car was a little away so she have to walk a little. The car she came was arranged by aniee. When everyone fell asleep Aniee came in her room to apologise though she was never at fault. Geet never let her dwell on the guilt but asked a favor to arrange a car which aniee agreed after a lot of persuasion from Geet. But she took promise from Geet that She will return in one hour which Geet accepted.

Now looking at the place Geet’s heart did a flip. One part doesn’t want to go but another part fear about the darkness and about aniee. What if veerji get to know about her sneaking. Geet looked at the temple for the last time and closed her eyes remembering Maan’s face. A smile touched her lips then a giggle. It was same angry hot MSK. Geet bite her lips and first time in so many days she smiles from heart.

Suddenly she felt she wasn’t alone. Looking back she felt a gaze on her and then a touch. She jerk back the touch in fear and came to face 5 people staring at her. She gulp hard seeing the ugly looking men. The grip on her wrist tighten to the point of paining her. She cried and tried to lose but it was futile. He jerk her close to him, Geet nearly gagged with the awful smell of whisky.

‘Aaj to party karenge. Mast item mili hain.’

Geet heard someone saying close to ear and more laughing voice but all she felt was panic. She tried to shout but her lips were seal and throat was dry. Tears fell silently as she struggle to get free.

‘Please chodo Mujhe.’

‘chod denge itni jaldi kya hain.’

Then they heard another voice.

‘leave her hand.’

Geet’s heart flipped as she heard him. Turning her head she left a sigh of relief as Yash held the other man’s hand nearly twisting n breaking his bone.

They warn him to go away but Yash replied by slapping the guy. Soon Yash tackle 2 more guys kicking in his stomach and another’s leg,,, they were five and well built. Yash couldn’t take all of them. Soon someone smacked his leg with a hockey stick and Yash fell on the ground hissing. Geet shrieked and tried to reach Yash but another person held her forearm. She struggle her best which didn’t budge the laughing man.

Another person smack the stick on Yash forehead which earn the skin split and blood came gushing out. Till then Geet was crying hysterical. She called for help but none came. Yash didn’t even came with his bodyguard so now nothing seems like can help them until they heard a crack sound but it wasn’t Yash or Geet.

Geet felt the man holding her forearm touching her neck, pulling her veil. She closed her eyes crying and feeling disgusted but never her dupatta left her side but the painful grip loosening. Then a Crack sound. Opening her eyes she came to face the most Intense yet furious pair of eyes looking at her. Her heart shivered like the same she felt looking at the glowing Golden Temple.


Her lips quivered. She heard the man beside her yelped as more bones cracked in his hand. Before the tear drop on her cheek from her lashes the man was on the ground crying. Not once Maan looked away from her all the time.

Precap: Maan’s Anger

I know nothing about Golden Temple at night visiting hour but I m sure it won’t be open at 2:30 as according to my friend Tanu. Seeing pic and all I tried to give a touch as I haven’t ever went there but hope someday I will. Finger crossed….

Well did anyone thought about this entry? Yeah I planned it from so many days but didn’t get time to pen it down..

Updates are from cell so a lot of mistakes are there. Sorry for them.

This part was entirely for Geet and Yash’s friendship and Geet’s feeling.

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