Devil’s Darkest possession Part 5

Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 5

by Tich Mgon Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at 8:02pm ·



Part 5



Maan’s dadima informed maan n geet that she and rano had talked about geet for maan, dadi 1st saw geet in the marriage house only and she really liked her, she was just hoping maan will like her too and this marriage will be turning point for his life, least she knew which turn of game destiny or rather say the devil is playing.


Geet is cursing her fate but seeing her mother’s happiness she can’t even say anything, for the 1st time she saw her parents are talking nicely because they thought this alliance will be a very good start of her life,, ofcourse becoming Mrs MSK is the biggest dream any girl can have least they knew Her real Dream.

She held gulgule in her hand and started cribbing to him.

Geet; abb kya karu gulgule, show me some path, I don’t want to marry the selfish person, I just hate him, but.

Gulgule looked at her with cute eyes showing his interest to carry on her talk, he is also sad because if this alliance got fix he will left alone.

Geet: But will He agree to break this marriage, grrr I hate that man.


Just then a whisper fell on her ear: Hate me as much u want darling, but u have to come to this Devil only.

His whisper made her shiver and she turned to see Maan standing over her door with a smirk, she heard her mother’s yelling,

Rano: geet tu taiyar hoja.

She was shocked with the speed of events. She saw dadima entering her house and headed straight towards her mother, she wanted to follow her but felt a manly grip on her stomach, her eyes widen feeling his hot palm on her waist that is now encircling her stomach under her heavy dupatta. Her back touched his toned chest. She heard his groan near her earlobe, a shiver ran through her spine.

Geet: what the hell r u doing. She said in a low tune but firm.

Maan whisper back: what do u think I m doing huh?

Geet felt frustrated and tried to remove his hand from her waist but he nuzzle close to her neck, they were far from family members, a little hiding as she was leaning on a pillar and geet’s parent was busy talking with savitri devi and anjali’s mother who came with savitri devil.  Its really amusing till last day they were accusing geet for misbehaving but now knowing she is would be daughter in law of khurana, they started showing their affection. Geet felt irritated with the surrounding. But maan was rejoicing her helplessness.


Soon his smirk turn in to growl as some sharp thing bite his palm over her stomach. Everyone gave their attention to him and maan gave dangerous glare to geet who is now smirking.

Bhuao bhao, woowww.

He looked at the small creature holding tight on geet. He forgot she was holding her puppy who is as possessive as him. his eyes were red in fury that can make anyone gulp their saliva, gulgule was no exception, he hide his face in geet’s neck. Now its enough for maan to crush that creature. He wanted to grab it and throw somewhere else, but geet held it tightly more pressing to her bosom, some kind of fear came on her face.


Every member ran to maan and saw his bleeding hand. geet’s father gave her a stern look but she care a damn about it. he eyed rano who understand the situation.


Rano: I m so sorry beta, don’t worry geet will do the 1st aid. Hain na geet? (gulgule is vaccine proof )

Geet was shocked to hear that: but mamma main kaise

Papa: abb tumhari wajah se huya hain to tum hi dekho

Dadima: aur waise bhi aap dono to ek dusre se pyar karte ho, and now we are fixing your marriage so no need to get shy bête. She smiles but geet looked at a smirking maan. who had forgotten his wound, the small pain is worth of her closeness then he is ready to take thousand of it. (abhi se itni kashish hayee)

Geet had to take him to her room for the bandage and maan flowed her smirking. As soon she reached her room gulgule jump from her hand in fear of maan and maan with swift moment closed the door with his leg. Geet turn to see the events and feared but she put a brave face knowing he can’t do anything in her house when their family is downstairs.

But before she can say anything maan pinned her to the door underneath him. her heartbeat rose as he nuzzle close to her neck.

Maan groans: do u know how wild thought were running in me seeing u leaning on the pillar? Her eyes widen in shock, he placed her wet lips on her exposed skin. Your deep cut neck that was showing ur skin, I was feeling devouring u right there. She tried to free her hand couldn’t handle the intensity in his voice. It won’t work. he bite the skin hard making her flinch in pain. Stop wearing this deep neck suits, only I have the right to see your skin. Every corner of your body is mine.


It was enraging geet to the core: and who gave u the right ha?

Maan whisper on her earlobe: your breath. He nipped her earlobe and she closed her eyes. Your existence gave me the right because now I possess u and no one has a right to see u like I m seeing.

Geet: u r no one to me Mr khurana. Just leave me alone.

Maan; how can I sweetheart, don’t u remember your parents said to take care of me, and that’s mean u have to bandage my hand.

Geet tried to shove him but he only smirks at her futile attempt.

Geet: Move.

Maan gave a wet kiss on her cheeks and then a little gap was enough for her to run away. She held her breath and ran to her cupboard.

Geet: babaji why he is behind me, what he want from me?

Maan: you.

She closed her eyes cursing his hearing strength.

She turned to see maan comfortably leaning on her bed. She gave him the box and he raises his eye brow.

Geet: don’t expect me to do that.

Maan: ok don’t do it, I will go like this only, and your family,,,,,,,,, he left his line there.

Geet grabbed his hand tightly and started cleaning the wound roughly. She expected him to flinch in pain least she know pain also feared in front of MSK,, a sexy smirks was playing on his face and his hand went on her waist to pull her close, she was almost on his lap.

Maan: I want u to be close to me every second.


It was enough for geet to snap herself. She pushed him forcefully. And stood up. the bandage was almost done.


Geet: don’t touch me, what do u want ha, why u r doing all this? I know u r not in this marriage then why u r encouraging them. My family and your family will be shattered to know your real intention. I know u will throw me out after using me as your body satisfaction then why this marriage ha? Say u want to sleep with me for a night like every other rich man, but mind u Mr MSK I m not interested becoming a keep for your personal use,

Before she can say further she felt her soft chest pressing on his rock hard chest, she looked at his eyes which is showing anger and only anger.  She tried to go away but his hand held her waist but the grip was not soft or passionate but the grip was so strong that she nearly cried in pain..

Maan: SSHHHHHH,,, he placed his index finger on her lips. She looked at his eyes, fear engulf her seeing the rage filled red eyes. Never ever say that Geet. Never compare yourself with anyone. Your destiny has changed the moment u met MAAN SINGH KHURANA.  His tone was very low, calm and deep.  Yes I want your body but as mine only, u will be mine, and I m marking as mine because I don’t want to share u with anyone, u will be mine FOREVER.  If I wanted to have u I would get it by any hook or crook, but I need u for myself only. I can’t see another person touching u like I will touch u.

She winch in pain when he grabbed her hair pulling her head back making her cry in pain. He lowered his face on her.

Take one thing straight in ur mind, U are bound to be with me in my hell, so forget leaving me or having a free life. And if u want to say NO to this marriage, I have better plans for u.

Her tears came out due to pain, he loosen his grip but brought her face close to him, he licks the tears and came on her lips.

Ur everything is mine geet, ur tears, ur breath, ur words, YOU R MINE, MY POSSESSION.


Some kind of warning was in his words. She couldn’t say anything because his face has so much intensity, she feared he will not think a min to rip her.  just then they heard a knock on the door. Geet pleaded with her eyes to let her go, maan smirks on that, he liked her begging to him. he came more close.

Geet: let me go, she said in a whisper, but her captured her lips.

She was too shock to react anything, but felt him groaning in the kiss. He sucks her bottom lips slowly and gave a peck. Then left her. she was confuse with his behavior.

Maan: what happen sweetheart, don’t tell me u want to carry it further.

Her eyes widen as the mare thought and she hurriedly went to open the door but before it she gave a murderous glare to him. to which maan only rolled his eyes.


Geet saw her sibling standing over the door, she let them come in. nandini geet’s step sister is 4 yrs younger than her, both shared a good healthy relation where Brij is 8 yrs elder than geet but nice person at heart, humorous and genuine, geet loves her brother but they never shared a health real brother –sister relation.


They greeted maan who looked really disinterested, nandini teases geet for hiding such a good news but maan was least bother, he saw the uncomfortableness on geet’s face and declare they should get down.


Geet was shocked with the turn of situation, dadima wanted a small marriage with their family and few frnds, that will be after a month, she can clearly see the anger in maan for the delay but his expression changed as they got to know engagement is after 4 days and roka is today only.. geet was in panic, how can her life take a turn in 36 hours. Its being very less time she met maan and he already started ruining her life. Tears came out as the realization of the fact its not a nightmare but reality. She wanted to tun away from here, but where she can go leaving her mother’s reputation, yes she hates her father but she can see his eyes bowing in shame. She looked at the man leaning on a pillar hands crossed on his chest with a smirk looking at her intently. She hate this man who had turned her life upside down in few moments. No she can’t marry a person who is ready to made fool of the auspicious relation of marriage just for his body pleasure. she have to do something but what.


Her mother saw her keenly, she wanted to talk with her daughter but mohindar came in front of her and  nandini took geet with her to make her ready. Geet was unusually numb. She kept thinking of everything, till now she didn’t realize the seriousness of situation but now she knew how much serious maan is for this alliance, but why? Why he want to marry her? he can get many beautiful girls for his bed then why the hell he is hell bent on ruing her life, maybe because 1st time someone had hit his ego, someone refused to be his one night stand. Maybe that’s why he is doing this. she have to talk to him regarding this, she have to make him agree to break the marriage. But How?

She was lost in thought least knew she is already his possession, without realizing she had made an entry in his life and this devil is not going to leave her in this life. But why?





Rano: do u happy with the relation geet? U never said anything about maan.

2nd precap: He pushed her on the bed and pinned her hand above her head, blood started oozing out as few bangles broke and pierced her wrist.


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  1. Loved your story a lot, beautifully written


  2. Posted by sunrise on July 13, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    nice story line waiting for next update


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