Blessed to Have You Epilogue Part B



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Epilogue part B



It was their wedding day, maan couldn’t see her once from the morning but remember her act of last night. Her smirking face showing whatever she said was right, she will definitely take her revenge on their SR, maan cutely cribbed thinking how she will torture him. it is excited and scary also, but excitement was far more greater than fear.


Maanvi was from maan side to go to temple for the rasam of ghari gharoli, in this sister from both side go to temple with a ghara(pot) to take water and with that water the bride and groom takes bath, and then get ready for the marriage. It was 1st time maanvi was attending some Indian marriage so she took the responsibility as maan doesn’t have any sister. Vicky thanked her numerous time because if she wasn’t there he was sure maan had sent him to take this making him wear girl’s dresses. With his remark everyone broke in to laughter. Maan heard the laughing sound of geet who was talking with Vicky as he told her he will be with her throughout the marriage, 1st maan was giving fake angry glare to vicky saying he is dal badlu but seeing geet and vicky’s frndship he only thanked his star because all he want is geet’s happiness and her smiling face.


Its priya, brij’s wife from geet’s side as geet doesn’t have any sister. So she is like a sister to her. Vicky was going with priya and virat was going with maanvi but the the family members also accompanied them, maanvi was dancing throughout the journey. Everyone was happy and contented to see maaneet together and that was showing in the rituals. That’s why only in 3 days with all hustle bustles they arranged everything. But it won’t be completed if Vicky and virat wasn’t there. they made sure every thing is fine.


After ghari gharoli rasam maan and geet takes their bath in their respective places and then its time for chura.  Where geet’s mama (maternal uncle) will make her wear bangles for the marriage. Geets uncle came and took out the bangles which was drown in milk and water mix.


geet’s bridal accessories




Geet was all the while smiling and blushing. Vicky was doing the video of her every ritual where virat was doing that for maan. priya helped geet to get ready in the bridal attire. Geet’s eyes popped out seeing the heavy red lahenga. She made baby faces but priya teases her saying its from maan’s side as he made sure whatever she wears is only of his choices. He took every details of her jewelry and dresses. Geet blushed when someone says thank god inners aren’t his choices that made geet turned in to deep shade of red.


On the other side maan was thinking when she will see all his choices things what must be going inside her, maybe she is blushing. The mere flashes of her flush face of last night made him hard instantly. He doesn’t know why he is feeling so teenager, its very exciting for him. like he will get some treasure tonight. he checked himself in teh mirror looks dashing in a red sherwani matching to her ,,  he get ready as the barat will start moving in 1 hour.


Maan’s sherwani



Geet’s dress




Geet got ready in maan’s desired dress and jewelry. But something naughty was already playing in her mind. She blushed thinking what will maan do when he found her revenge. Very soon a girl met her and gave her a packet, she took it very silently smiling and signaling a thanks with her eyes. Everyone question her what is it and she said surprise for maan. her bhabhi and her frnds teased her like hell, she took it all gladly. Well its every girl’s dream to get a marriage like this. her bhabhi tied kalire on her wrist where her chura was dangling.. geet’s frnds sat on their knees in front of her and she clasped her both hand. a small portion fell one of her frnd’s hair. Everyone clapped for her saying next turn is her.



Maanvi tied the sehra on maan and then they took the ghori(horse), though its few feet away from mansion to outhouse but they are doing all rituals, maanvi was infront of the barat dancing her heartout. Everyone was watching her amusingly. Virat saw his parents also happy to see her so jolly and lively, they still didn’t knew her as their love interest. But maanvi make an entry in their heart.


Geet heard the sounds of crackers and the giggles from her frnds saying maan is looking so handsome, she concludes finally barat had come. In the main entrances geet’s frnd kasak came forwards to ask the shagun for entrance as per as Indian wedding groom have to pay an handsome price to enter the hall to marry his would be wife, but here maan’s frnd and specially maanvi told they will not. Kasak was fighting with her saying its shagun and they have to give but maanvi wasn’t ready, everyone laughed as kasak cribbed cutely and then to her rescue come Vicky. Maan was looking at him with fake anger but he said geet is his best frnd and he will be with her only, and then came the ditcher as virat also came by his side. Everyone laughed where maanvi gave threatening glare. Maan saw the little eye lock between kasak and Vicky and he knew there is something cooking, he happily gave a bundle of notes to kasak which she gasp, she told they means shagun and its way too much. Maan and dadima was bowled by her sweetness and innocent. They just saw a mini structure of geet who is as simple as her. maan told her its her and her frnd’s right, she happily took it. she leads them to the marriage hall where geet’s mother did the arti and tilak and then brij took him to meet everyone formally.





Maan was sitting restlessly waiting for his bride when his eyes fall on the angel descending from stairs. His breath swallowed and he forget to blink seeing her in the bridal attire. She is looking an epitome of beauty and her small smile with red hue on cheeks added the serenity of the atmosphere. Everyone teased the pair who was lost in their eyes, geet saw her handsome would be husband who is lost in her. the color of her cheeks become more deeper. Finally they are standing in front of each other. their family member gave them garland to put each other’s neck.


whenever maan tried to put it Vicky and virat sprung her above making maan angry. He again tried and this time they held her above only, geet clutches Vicky and virat’s neck tightly. Maan smirks, and then looked at maanvi and then kasak who was by the time in his side. Next when they brought her down maanvi has winked virat who stood their rooted, and kasak looked at Vicky with most innocent and cute smile. he lost there and geet found herself pull by maan then he put the garland in seconds,





she was baffled and the hall broke in to laughter and applause, Vicky and virat broke out from dreamland looking annoyingly to girls but who can be angry with those cute looks. And they felt themselves head over heal falling in love with them. When it comes for maan’s turn everyone expected him to be tease geet but he bend his neck submitting himself forever for her. she skyly put the garland and the hall again applauses.





The mantras takes place, and maaneet took the oath to be stand beside each other in every hurdle and odd. They will fulfill each other with every needs, they will be belongs to each other and never think about any fear, they will be one with mind body and soul, they will think about each other happiness before their ownselves, they will lead a life of happiness no hindrance will be there, they will trust each other never misjudge each other, and they will love and summon themselves to each other when they leave the life.


Maaneet took the oaths taking 7 phera around the holy fire and then maan tied the black bead with gold chain call mangalsutra around her neck, she closed her eyes feeling his finger caressing her nape. She blushed as his heated gaze fell on her flushed face and then he took a pince of sindoor then filled her maang.




She closed her eyes as few portion fell on her nose, everyone said her husband means maan will love her forever and immensely, he saw a tears slipped from her corner of the eyes. He looked at her concern but she shook her face saying she is feeling blessed to have him. he assured her with his eyes, its him who should feel blessed to found her beside him.


They took the blessing from everyone and after that settle themselves on the dinning table with family members, as both are fasting for each other dadima said them to feed each other. with shy look and shaking hand geet brought a small morsel to his lips, he naughtily took it but not before kissing her fingers without noticing anyone, geet’s eyes went wide with it, she gave him pouting look which he smirks only. And then his turn, he brought a large portion in front of her mouth, it’s a sweet as it ritual to break the fast with sweet. She looked at him cribbing while other family member enjoyed their little romance. Vicky whistle and maanvi teased them, geet warned him with her eyes but he shrugged it off. he brought it more close and she took it biting his finger.


Maan: ouch. Geettt

Geet: main kya karti jitna hosaka utna liya, abb bich me aapki ungli agayi to mera kya dosh?


Everyone laughed their head off seeing the cute bride while maan gave her warning looks.


After the meal it was time for bidai. Though it few feet away still geet couldn’t hold her tears, she knew after a week her family will go back to their house. She is feeling the same sadness every girl feels when she left her house for her in laws house, maan’s mother came and promise to kept her as her own daughter which geet’s family very well knew they will be. maan took blessing from geet’s father and brij warned him to take care of his little gudia, he gladly accepted….




Geet entered the mansion where large plate with red water (kumkum mixed with water) kept, and beside it there was a small vessel contain rice in it, she have to push it to scatter the rice and the make the entry, it say Laxmi the goddess of wealth and prosperity come in homes. She pushed the Kalash and mover her feet in kumkum thaal. She left her foot print on the floor and then maan’s mom took her to the mandir in the mansion to do a small puja. Geet did that. after it they bring her to a wall where all khurana bahu printed their palm with haldi mixture. Geet did that. maan was observing all with great interest and loving eyes. Before today he had never loved this rituals but today he is really loving this. after it maan wanted to go for his room as now the desperation is going beyond. But again to his misery maanvi and Vicky had their own plan. They come with a large vessel contained milk and rose petal. The famous RING game Maan thought and sighed. But again though its same but the feeling are very knew to them.


Dadima hide the ring between the rose petal and maaneet started searching it. geet was playing with concentration but maan was having naughty idea. He held her finger locking it with him, the vessel was enough big to hide their hands. She gulp her saliva to come out the grip but he held it tight. She some how manages to come out from his grip but couldn’t find the ring, she felt dejected and everyone was astonished not to find it in the vessel, dadima put her hand in it but it was not there, they enquired from maan but it was not with him. and then he lifted geet’s hand and everyone gasp seeing the ring was in her ring finger. He had put it on her finger way long time. everyone clapped and dadima blessed their love. Maan wink at geet who was shying and turning red with his teasing gaze.



After giving a good amount to maanvi maan finally entered his room, he fell on the bed feeling tired but not to missed the crawl of his lovely wife, she was taking steps backward and his face expression changes as he saw a LONG veil covering her almost fully, it was almost on her toe. No body part was coming out. he thoughts it weird still shrugged off thinking its some custom. He touched her feet above the cloth when she took it more to her, her shrugging just made him mad.


Maan: geettt,, why u r crawling back? I know u r shy but u know I was waiting for this moment for a long time. he felt her tossing and putting her hand on her mouth, maybe to muffle her gasp. Ha janta hu its few days only but still I want to hug u, feel u close to my,,,, he again found it weird to see her ruffling and tossing, he completed, close to my HEART.


He felt something is really weird, and then saw the toe. its not his geet he conclude He just jerks out from the bed.




Just then they heard a musical laughing, his head turn to see geet coming out from the washroom with kasak and Vicky. His eyes widen in shock and then looked at the person on bed, he immediately pulls out the veil only get a short heart attack. He saw virat sitting with his hand tied close to his mouth and a white cloth on his mouth tightly. He looked at geet and then maan compliantly where geet was laughing her head off seeing the flushed face of maan, and then the cribbing face of virat. Vicky came and untied his both hand and mouth,, virat took a sigh relief.


Virat: kya khatarnak friend ho yaar tum log, god dushman ko bhi aise frnds na de. Main yaha apni izzat k fikar me baitha tha tum dono has rahe ho.



It made them more laugh, virat looked at maan apologetically. Maan fumes in anger but he knew its her revenge and he can’t be angry on his cute Barbie doll who is happy to make trouble for him, he looked at geet with murderous glare but she smirks.


Virat: ek min k liye to laga meri izzat ka faluda ban jayega.


Vicky: yaar agar tu pehle maan jata we would never tied u but


Virat: yaar Standing in front of MSK and that too in his SR, he would surely murdered me,


Vicky: what do u thought he won’t do now?


Both gulp hard seeing the angry glare, and decided to make a run. Vicky held kasak’s and ran away bidding gdni8 and best of luck, unwantedly a smile came on maan’s face, geet saw it and its make her smile broadly but soon it died as he grabs her waist pulling her close to him. her breath become heavy and maan smirks seeing his single touch can make her breath swallow.



warning 18+



He nuzzle close to her ear: bari hassi arahi thi na? he whispered huskily close to her ear and kissed the cheek softly.  Hmm now tell me why u did that ha? U know how hard it have been to control myself, the time I saw u on mandap I thought to steal u from the world and mark u as mine, I wanted to kiss ur supple lips endless till they become sour and mark ur body red with my passion.


His remarks were leaving goosebumps all over her body, she thought how can he make her crave for him with mere words. His hot palm held her smooth bare waist but then felt something poking his hand, he looked at her heavy ornaments and the way they are hurting her delicate body. He slipped his hand on her hair taking out all the clips one by one and kissing her,,  placing feathery kisses all around her neck. She held his shoulder with pleasure come rushing in her vein, he took out her veil.


Maan: practically u should have been on bed covering it and I would have been reveal it first, then do some sweet yet emotional talks. Geet looked at his desirable eyes which spoke more than words, its showing love passion. She lowered her lashes blushing hard. He whispered, but for that we have full life and tom morning, I don’t want to waste any moment of tonight. He freed her silky hair from the braid. He kissed her hair and took her on the bed. She sat comfortably on it, he lifted her lahenga from her toe and saw the heavy gold anklet there hurting her skin, he slowly took it off kissing one by one and then revealing her white skin coming up and pulling the lahenga up with his teeth. His stubble touched her skin making her gulp her saliva. He kissed her way up to knees and then heard her moan.

Geet: maan.


He heard her hoarse voice knowing he is affecting her very much, he came on her face and looked at it intently. Her eyes were close and he kissed her eyes one by one. she opens them only to find him staring at her intently, she moans as his hand slipped in her waist taking out the heavy waist chain while his lips kissed her earlobe taking out the earring and placing soft kisses around her ear and back of that. she felt shuddered.


Maan: u had teased me like hell geet, but u called trouble by urself. She was confuse but soon felt his sharp teeth nipping her skin as he took out the neck piece and kissed it way down.  He took out the next piece of earring and rubbed her lips to wiped the lipstick. But it was arousing her more. she smiled at him and a tint of naughtiness played on her face. he wanted to captured the rosy lips in his mouth, as he proceeded she put her finger on his lips stopping him further. He groans and looked at her eyes helplessly.


Geet: remember ur punishment? Maan looked at her confuse. Last night’s punishment for teasing me, his eyes widen as she bite her lips making a distance. Virat’s part was just starting, the real game start now.


Maan accepted his defeat, he badly wanted her now and after this teasing looks from her is making him more mad for her.


Maan: ok I m accepting my defeat, tell me fast what I have to do?


The naughty smirks saying he had made a big mistake saying that. he can’t back out now.


Geet: u can’t back out. he nodded desperately waiting for her real intension. Ok the punishment issss,,,,, U WILL NOT TOUCH ME till I wanted.


Maan looked at her for a brief min feeling blank, and then it draw upon him what she asked, is she want to play this on their SR?


Maan: common geet can’t u play some other day, its our SR.


Geet: don’t act like a desperate hubby jaan. U can’t touch me till I will say it


Maan smirks: u will repent ur wordx geet, tarsogi and u will beg me to touch u, she smiles at him.


Geet: lets see who will beg.


Maan: but what about our sr? he made a cute puppy look.


Geet: when I said to stop that, I said u aren’t allow to touch me not I,


Maan smirks: ok, lets see how will u carry the game by urself, u will need me jaan.


Geet: hmm lets see. Maan sat on the bed comfortably leaning on the pillow waiting for her to proceed. She smirks, I m coming in few mins, till them lock the door at least. She ran from there leaving a confuse maan. he sighed and went to lock the door, he mentally kicked himself 1st for not locking the door then agreeing her terms, but then it will be fun to see her struggling with him. he smiles slyly.


But all his smile washed away as he saw her coming from the washroom, wearing 1 piece nighty which is barely covering her body, the length was too short, her milky white skin and slender thighs was very much visible to his nake eyes to feast, and then his eyes went up to see those beautiful mount showing some portion making her utterly desirable.


geet’s nightdress



He felt hard in his groin just to see her like that. his whole body caught a warm sensation which only could be feel by her body. He made a fist and his nails dug in his palm, he cursed himself for giving her consent where he couldn’t control now only. He want to cherish her every soft skin with his rough palm making her moan his name but now what will he do? Her long hair was covered her arms but soon she placed them over one shoulder and moved to the bed, he saw her bare back, it was covering her hip only as the cut was really deep. He felt his throat went dry just with the scene, what will be the feeling of those forbidden places to touch. He had touched her every skin still the desire she woken just now only with the look is unbearable. He walked towards her in a trance, her face played a naughty smirk, he tried to touch her face but geet backed out.


Geet: u can’t touch me maan, she said coming closer to his earlobe whispering in a sexy voice, making him mad for her. she softly kissed his cheek, he closed his eyes to control the desire to take her right then. she kissed and licked his earlobe, he tried to touch her but she shoved his hand. U CAN’T. he groans as she kissed his cheek and the coming down on his neck.


Maan: just let me free from ur words geet, I will u rip u.


His hoarse voice was adding the fuel to her red cheeks. When she was wearing the red nighty the 1st thing came to her mind was maan’s reaction, and seeing him so dazed she knew he must be feeling hard to control himself. And now this open raw words were making her more nervous yet excited.


Geet held his shoulder dipping her head in his neck kissing his exposed skin.


Geet: I said not to touch never said u can’t kiss me or love me. she whispered against his lips and captured his M shape lips in an urgent liplock, he couldn’t hold himself and parted his lips, with the chance she entered his mouth, he was baffled with her boldness but knew it will be difficult to handle her. her lips latches on his making him groan in pleasure, he wanted to hold her petite waist to pull her more close to him but couldn’t. she traces her index finger on his chest snapping the button of his sherwani where her tongue was busy to explore his mouth. they were sharing open mouth deep kiss. Both eyes were closed feeling each other’s soft lips. He felt her lifting his sherwani.


Geet: I hate ur sherwani, its way to heavy. She said against his lips.


Maan: ur wishes my command. He took out his sherwani in a swift. Her eyes feasted his well toned body, those bulging muscle and abs reflecting above the black vest. She smirks and again came near his lips but gave a peck going down on his chest.


Maan moans: geettt,, she smiles and continue her sweet assault.


Geet: its just the starting maan. she bite his chest making it red and then licked it soothing the pain. She touched his back sliding down her arms between his waist and arms, he couldn’t handle her torture and sprung her twisting and pinned her to the wall with his body.


Geet: maannnn.. she shriek, but his heavy breath fell on her lips. She was breathing hard but the desperation was clearly visible in his uneven sighs.


Maan: u said I can’t touch u with my hands but I can love u with my lips. Her eyes went wide as he slammed his lips on her. his both palm was on wall of her either side pressing her full body with him. her bulging curves were touching his chest. He parted her legs with his knee and placed his throbbing manhood on her core perfectly over their cloth. She gasp seeing his hardness, her breath swallowed seeing the desire in his eyes. With the intense gaze he is claiming her shows how much he is craving to touch her. his teeth nipped her soft lips making her moan in the kiss. But he doesn’t showed any effect but increased his pressure on her lips. He pushed his tongue inside her tasting her full mouth making her breathless. He felt her short of breath and left her lips only to savor her neck. Geet hugged him closely, her hands were making fist in his hair stilling pulling him more close and he kissed her skin harshly. She was wet between her leg, she felt his manhood caressing her soft moist place above her panty. She bite his neck to control the urge to feel him inside her. he came on her cleavage and sucks the above portion that was showing above the thin nighty. He rolled down the thin strap with his mouth kissing her full shoulder nibbling it with his lips and tongue. Geet tried to gather herself but it was difficult still she want to show him who is on command. She pushed him with force and rolled above him .


Maan groans frustratingly and tried to hold her, geet smirks and pushed it, then ran to the bed. He watched her back, which was showing her hip slightly as the dress is too short. He made a fist to control himself from ripping her. she sat on her knees on the white satin bed covered with red and pink rose petals. The scents of candle and the shimmering moon light was illuminative the room with an extra sensual atmosphere.  He saw her eating something. His eyes widen as he saw the strawberry with white cream going in her mouth and she sound fully licking her fingers, his throat were burning to see the cream on her lips. The swollen red lips with eth juice of strawberry and white cream was making her extra hot and sexy. He went towards her and she offered him, he shook his head in no then indicate towards her lips. She licks it making him mad and then giving him a sly smile. she jerks him on the bed and came above him sitting on his lower point perfectly on his manhood. Both moans with the contact but she can’t let him go so easily. He touched her wiasts pulling perfect on his lower parts more deeply, she came on his chest kissing it and in fraction she took off his vest. He reciprocate with her but the next moment his eyes widen in horror as she effortlessly tying his hand with the bedpost.


Maan: geettt what r u doing?


Geet kissed his chest: revenge of last night.


Maan: u can’t do this? please.


Geet shook her head: I have just started. U should thank me that I m not blind folding u.


Maan: ohh really I m so glad of u, he said in sarcasm,


she smirks: yes ofcourse. She came on his lips. If I tied ur eyes how will u see me, she said while slipping her one string from her silky smooth shoulder.


His eyes popped out seeing her stripping her dress, if he was in nice condition, he would have crushed her under him and devour her skin endlessly. She sat comfortably but with slowly rubbing his sensitive spot making him insane. He held the rim as she came on his chest licking every portion with her pink tongue. She placed wet kisses around his chest and then coming on his torso, biting it a little. He closed his eyes feeling her lips on his every skin, but soon his eyes widen feeling something cold on his chest. He snapped his eyes to see ice cube on his chest and her tongue was guiding it up on his throat. He groans with it.


Maan: geetttt,,,


She was returning his torture adding her touch. Her hand was caressing his waist line feeling his sensitive spot near the underwear line. The ice cube slipped and she licked his nipple, she slipped out after kissing his upper chest enough, then she took another ice cube and placed it on his abs, but this time he felt her smooth skin above it, his breath almost stopped seeing her taking out her small nighty leaving her in bra and panty. She shied a little seeing his eyes on her only, she kept it active and came on his lips taking in her, her tummy touched the ice cube and so his abs, rubbing and dancing in their own land. She bite his lips and he felt something in her mouth, he felt something creamy and then he realized its chocolates, not only that its his favorite chocolate moose. He chewed her lips with that feeling her melting in his mouth,


Maan: u taste better than it.  geet smiles but her hands were doing something else, maan bite her lips, don’t do that geet, u will pay for it, it won’t be easy for u.


Geet: I want u raw. She smiles and came down on his pants, taking it out from her view, he saw her cleavage and felt his palm want to touch that smooth velvety skin. Soon his thought died as she stroked his manhood with her soft palm above his boxer.


Maan: geet its not fair, u r still covered, geet narrow her eyes brow,

Geet: do u really think so.

Maan: yeah

Geet: don’t u want to do that ? his tossing said it but she want him to feel the same that she went through. She took out his boxer and his hard manhood poked out, she gaped at it forgetting everything,


Maan: geet oh god. He growl as she rubbed the tip of it in a circuler motion, he felt something moist on it but not his spe** at least, he looked at it seeing geet still rubbing it and squeezing it. he cried out in pleasure. what r u doing geet please,


Geet: I m making it more tasty. he saw her applying honey jelly on it,   His eye brow switched still nothing entered his mind as its clouded with pleasure. he knew what she want to do.


Before he can say anything she took the whole length in her mouth pleasuring him like anything, she took it in out and in her mouth with speed rolling the tip of his p***** with her tongue, her fingers were caressing it with her lips. Maan only growls and whimper then felt he will release anytime, she caresses his b**** with her fingers. Before he can splashed the orgasm he freed his hands from the scarf and held her hair pulling her on him then rolled over her pressing her with his body weight. He dipped his head in her neck biting it harshly as he felt his orgasm. His groans and her breathing sound echoed the room. He relaxed on her as she scratches his back. her long nail were piercing his back making him arch for her more,


Maan: u have done whatever u wanted.


Geet smiles and took his lips in her kissing him madly. He hugged her closely still kissing her lips till the point it bleed. He came on her neck devouring it with his mouth and hot saliva. His urgency was showing in his action.


Maan: geet I love u so much, she closed her eyes feeling his love with a smile, her hands were on his nape, maan came down on her stomach kissing it and nibbling it. his rough stumble was making brushes on her soft skin. She moans his name and he took out the bra that was a long time barrier for him. her back arched to feel his touch. He kissed her lips and rubbed her breast with his palm, another one he took in his mouth sucking it hard. He felt him going hard again against her core. His fingers kneaded her hard bud. While her other breast was feeling the heaven under his saliva dipped mouth. he bite it harshly.


Geet: ohh jaan,, she moans louder. he felt her warmness under his finger slipping the thin panty, her breath caught in her throat as he rubbed her labia lips with his forefinger and thumb. He teased it pinching and rubbing where his lips took another breast devouring it making her squirm. He rubbed her lower lips more sensually and speedily then entered her va**** with his 2 finger. She cried in pleasure but he sealed her mouth in a soul serene kiss, his fingers were going in n out with a slow rhythm then took a speed. Maan please, I need u now. I can’t wait, I will die if u continue this teasing, please. He silence her lips, after few min he came down to take the warm juice making her mad. He licked her lower lips with his tongue, the warm juice were dripping like anything, he knew she couldn’t wait anymore, so he placed the tip of his manhood on her core. She held his hand and placed it on her breast. He squeezed it hard.


Maan: r u ready?


She nodded and he slowly pushed his manhood in her va****. She let out a scream as he tore her virginity. He kissed her breast softly teasing her, she couldn’t concentrate on the pain as he was giving  multiple pleasure. he pushed his manhood more in to her, few tears rolled down from her eyes, he licked it.


Maan: m I hurting u jaan? He asked in concern, she smiles and pulls him in a kiss saying him to go further.


He kissed her lips getting the permission and thrust deep in her, gradually the pain faded as pleasure took place, both moans together to reach the height of ecstasy. He lift her hip and she adjusted her pelvis bone to give him more access for a wild love. He kept trusting till both felt tired. He kissed her nipple taking them in his mouth and sucking them, she arched her back to reciprocate with his passion and entangle her leg with his hip to pulls him more in her. his whole length was inside her penetrating in a rhythm. Both was sweating but couldn’t stop at their track its over whelming. He hugged her and kissed her full mouth as she comes out with shivering body. She closed her eyes tightly feeling her orgasm and followed by her he too hit the orgasm few min later. He rolled over his side taking her on him. he kissed her forehead.


Maan: did I hurt u? is it paining?


Geet smiles and kissed his chest: u can never hurt me maan. thanks for loving me, thanks for fulfilling me with ur love, he saw her eyes moist.


He took her lips in a serene kiss: I m blessed to have u geet, I need this blessing all my life and beyond it.


Geet: I love u maan, she kissed his forehead and he again pinned her to the mattress.


Maan: when u r not so tired, I think we can take another round ha? Now it my turn to torture u,


Geet blushed profusely: Maannn, but he was nowhere to listen as he took her swollen lips again in his mouth.





So here completes a love story with happy ending, well what happened to Vicky and kasak is still mystery, their love is just blossoming, they need time to grow. One line or word wouldn’t complete their journey so we should leave them on time. about maanvi and virat, virat need a lot to make his parents agree for the marriage, but who can say no to out sweetheart maanvi? Maan will be her brother as she is an orphan, and will do her kanyadan. That will be sweet to see. But leave them on destiny. They should spend some more time to know each other. about Avanti, hope she will get her real love and life partner very soon, we can only pray for her.


About Maaneet’s baby/babies, ofcourse they will come  but 1st let them enjoy their wild passionate night and don’t forget HONEYMOON.. abb iss speed se gaye to HM k baad hi khush khabri leayenge.


So all is well that end is well.



Bye till then, we will be back with another os but not this long, will be short.


Tich sighing off from this story, thanks for reading it ….


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Meena on August 15, 2012 at 3:23 pm

    awesome end


  2. Posted by monikaseth on January 10, 2015 at 3:59 pm

    wow superb rocking


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